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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  August 23, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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[cheers and applause] >> you guys sound fantastic. what is he going to be playing? >> sandra: good morning, breaking news, one of the most influential figures in the conservative movement, billionaire b19 has died at the age of 79. his brother charles announcing the news in a statement saying "it is with a heavy heart that i announce the passing of my brother david. anyone who worked with david surely experienced his giant personality and passion for life. david like to say that a combination of money and doctors, state-of-the-art medications and his own stubbornness kept the cancer at bay. we can all be grateful that i did because he was able to touch so many more lives as a result. david and his brother charles coowned coke industries, a chemical company since 1983.
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last year, step down in his influential political network americans for prosperity foundation citing his declining health. the justice department just releasing stunningly new numbers on federal arrests showing the majority of them are actually noncitizens as the trump administration ramps its efforts to crack down on illegal immigration. the good friday morning, i'm sandra smith. >> jon: and good morning, i am jon scott in for a bill hemmer. at 64% of federal arrests are noncitizens, an increase over the last two years. this report coming just after the department of homeland security's move to and times. live with more now. >> interesting new numbers from the bureau of justice statistics. not only were they non-u.s. citizens, but federal arrests of
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non-u.s. citizens has more than tripled in the last 20 years and while they only make up 7% of the nation's population, here's how their accounting for this. 25% of all federal property arrests and 28% of all federal fraud arrests. when it comes to prosecution, 57% were u.s. citizens and 43% were non-u.s. citizens. this comes as you mention the administration issuing a new rule that withdraws the administration from the florida settlement agreement. and that prohibits officials from holding migrant children for more than 20 days. if that will replace it with a new standard expanding holding them indefinitely until their court hearing. if this is approved by a federal judge, it would take effect in 60 days. democrats are blasting it out on the campaign trail. senator elizabeth warren tweeting "donald trump's latest attack on immigrant families just to keep their kids and parents in cages indefinitely.
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violence and persecution don't belong in filthy reasons. i will fight this policy and all attacks on immigrant communities but the border patrol chief is defending it. >> the administration moving forward on the florida settlement agreement but depending on what the judge says here, we still need congresses support in that realm. we need to make sure that these families are not putting themselves in harm's way by coming to this dangerous border. >> as for legal challenges, it's already underway, california's governor gavin newsom announcing yesterday that early next week, they will join a lawsuit challenging this new set of regulations. >> jon: think you. we are going to have much more on this story throughout the morning. a former acting ice director joins us with his reaction in the next hour. meanwhile, a top house democrat directly calling out members of his own party along with the president over the rising anti-semitic language being used
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in congress. congressman jerry nadler tweeting "the growing anti-semitism in our political dialogue is repugnant. if president trump's comments about disloyalty are vicious and a vicious and dangerous anti-semitic trope. and it cartoon can be read for its vile underlying message. editor in chief at the "washington examiner," good morning to you. he did see him take on the president, republicans on the issue but directly targeting those two congresswomen. some may not have been expecting that, but he went there. >> was a very good thing that he did. anti-semitism which is one of the oldest forms of racism and the most destructive historically is on the rise and is on the rise as much on the left as it is on the right. jerry nadler was a little tougher on the president that he was on his own party colleagues but it was good to see him attack them both.
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as with many things with donald trump, he blundered into that more with some xena's then deliberately but he use the word disloyal and it's an allegation that's been used against them for a century. there's a difference between that and what the democrats have done. they have allied themselves and we are going to go to israel with an organization that repeats the liable and talks about the destruction of israel. if that's a deliberate position which is anti-semitic and then they also distributed this cartoon which was drawn by someone who did well in a holocaust denial competition organized by tehran. so there's a difference between what president trump did and what those two democrats have done. >> sandra: that surely developed as a big story throughout the week, that feud continues and we will see where it goes. meanwhile, another big story is will they or won't they address
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payroll taxes with a cut? you've heard from the white house initially a denial that was being considered and then the president said it was off the table. meanwhile, larry kudlow had this to say about potential taxes. >> we are developing tax cuts 2.0. >> i thought he took the off the table yesterday. >> more tax cuts before the election? be met before the election, yes. >> sandra: so will we or will we not see a payroll tax cut for any other tax cuts from this administration? >> i think it's quite likely that we will see a tax cut of some sort. i don't think it will be payroll taxes because the effect of those things is temporary and rate cuts are much more popular. it's very interesting to hear that they are considering this idea which is to give a middle-class tax cut equivalent to the extra high prices that people are paying now because of
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the tariff war with china. that's really significant because it helps if they were to do that offsetting the higher prices, it would allow him to continue the terraform but ameliorate the problem is that it causes to consumers. obviously, that tara for his continuing with the chinese raising tariffs on $75 worth of american goods just this morning. it? you bring that up and that is huge news affecting the markets come already triple digit sell-off. but the news is china has just announced retaliatory tariffs on $75 billion of u.s. goods. this is huge news, where does this go next? >> talks continue today and then there will be a continuing in september. the thing is, this is a very high-stakes game of chicken that president trump is playing with
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china. from his point of view, what he has to lose with this is the tariffs already having some impact on the economy, a transition going on from 3% growth to 2% growth and a lot of economists attribute that to the impact of higher prices but for the chinese, this is a really bad time too. their currency has devalued and they are losing their supply chains around the world because they are not sending as many goods into the united states so both of them have a huge amount to lose and china's action today in raising tariffs on $75 billion worth of goods such as that they are not backing down yet. so the talks are very high-stakes. to make very interesting stuff from a huge week of that and an announcement from china a few moments ago. great to have you here this morning. we are going to continue this conversation in just a moment with the white house trade advisor peter navarro. he will be coming up at the bottom of the hour live here in "america's newsroom" ," obviousy a lot of news to get to.
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>> jon: meantime, the taliban reportedly claiming responsibility for the deaths of those two green berets killed wednesday during combat operation in afghanistan. these as tensions heightened around resumed peace talks there. president trump sang a trip with withdrawal is well overdue. >> talking to the government of afghanistan, talking to the taliban, and talking to others looking at different things. if we have been there for 18 years, it's ridiculous. we are more of a police force over there and we are not supposed to be a police force. >> jon: lucas tomlinson is live at the pentagon with the latest on that. they met the deaths of two u.s. special forces soldiers this year means more u.s. troops have been killed in afghanistan thisr than any time in the previous five years. master sergeants pictured here and jose gonzalez not pictured at the request of his family
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were killed in the province to each days ago. they are due to arrive at the air force base this afternoon. four u.s. troops have been killed in combat in afghanistan this year, exceeding last years total. if there are 14,000 u.s. troops deployed. at the height of the war in 2020, nearly 500 u.s. troops were killed and 100,000 were deployed. this all comes as the ninth round of peace talks are underway in qatar. many morning president trump not to repeat the mistake of barack obama when he pulled all u.s. troops out only to have to send troops back to fight just years later. >> jon: there are some new threats today from love you even in russian. >> president putin today warning of a tit for tat with the u.s. government after the pentagon earlier this week testfired a missile previously banned in the imf treaty with russia. >> i ordered that ministry of defense of the russian federation, the ministry of foreign affairs of the russian
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federation and other core offices to analyze the level of the threat to our country created by the activity of the united states and to undertake comprehensive measures to prepare a symmetric response. >> the missile tests, long-standing missile in the u.s. arsenal was previously launched from u.s. warships. the imf treaty did not bar u.s. military from watching any ships from ships or bombers, this missile is previously on the arsenal and was just launched from the ground. >> jon: lucas tomlinson reporting live from the pentagon, thank you. >> sandra: a lot more coming up on all of that, all of our top stories happening this morning and throughout the week, it's been a big one. >> jon: quite a friday, and we have more for you. >> sandra: now continuing its search for two firefighters last seen heading out on a fishing trip with ago. to be speaking to one of their close friends about the difficult decision to call off that search last night.
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>> jon: also, a new reaction to san francisco's effort to soften the language used to refer to criminals. is this political correctness run amok? >> sandra: and alexandria ocasio-cortez getting heat for calling the electoral college erase a scam. >> think of how many people follow her on instagram and think the electoral college is racist because she drives to a rural area of the united states and she thinks that it's okay to say that these people don't matter, the people that live here don't matter. dawn is for more than just dishes. with 3x more grease cleaning power per drop, it tackles tough grease on a variety of surfaces. try dawn ultra.
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>> jon: a city with one of the highest crime rates in the nation now looking to change the way it refers to criminals. the san francisco board of supervisors voting to replace words like felon and convict to help people overcome labels that it says have negative connotations. the spring and a host of the michael knowles show podcast. so what is this effort going to do to reduce crime in san francisco? >> that's the question we are all asking. just as a point of fact, the new term for criminal which they are now calling justice involved person is literally not true. it is the opposite of the truth. the criminals are by definition in justice involved person. if this would be like san francisco referring to the epidemic of drugs and excrement on the streets and sanitation involved sidewalks. it is just not reality but this is what political correctness does.
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they realize that instead of actually solving the problem which is crime, it's a lot easier to just change the language. if the left has done this for many years. when barack obama came into office instead of ending wars in the middle east like he said he would, they became overseas contingency operation. that's one way to solve a war. as future americans or undocumented americans. therefore we don't have foreign nationals because in a sense, they are american according to tcu. i think people are waking up to this. it's an offense both the language and constituents because not simply to ignore them. >> jon: the board of supervisors does this language is not mandatory. if you don't make it mandatory that what good is it going to b be? >> the languages and mandatory
6:18 am
but with the political correctness sensors usually do is just pressure you to use the new language, so this is true of a lot of different terms. if you refer to a human being is a person of color, that is the preferred term in every other term is offensive so perhaps they won't force us to refer to. but if you use the term felon, this will be frowned upon and ostracized and politically correct for grade will suggest very strongly if not force you through the culture to use the new term. >> jon: kind of interesting because the guy who authorized e white house because he called it like it was. he didn't pull any punches. >> this was president trump's biggest appeal beyond the border wall, beyond the economy,
6:19 am
beyond trade he said political correctness is killing this country because political correctness is so offensive to people. you know when people are using politically correct jargon, they are simply trying to deceive you. politically correct language or soft use of euphemisms and president trump breaks the vet and his very blunt the way. people are responding even if they may not like these things, he's at least picking them in an honest way which is the opposite of what you're saying in san francisco. >> jon: so what is this going to do to reduce the crime rate? that city has all kinds of problems, homelessness and people on the streets, syringes everywhere. what is it actually going to accomplish? >> exactly. the way that san francisco has so-called dealt with crime is either by decriminalizing certain behaviors like on the street are using certain drugs or they change the language. they haven't actually address the problem. in this country, we have 10,000
6:20 am
prisoners who leave state and federal prisons, how do we bring them back into society and how do we stop them from going to prison in the first place? a lot of that starts at home and in the culture. if people who grow up in fatherless homes are much more likely to commit crime as used and as adults. it would be doing to fix that problem? that is difficult and it involves a culture and our politicians coming together for solutions. that's too difficult a problem for the politicians to the going to close their eyes and bury their head in the sand and use pc language to pretend the problem doesn't exist. >> jon: michael knowles from the michael knowles show, thank you. >> sandra: for more than 2,000 fires burning in the amazon rain forest with smoke you can see all the way space. the latest on the global response to that. >> jon: plus, why a watchdog
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>> jon: fox news alert now, smoke spotted from space, nasa capturing images of dark plumes from the raging wildfires burning in the amazon. admitting he does not have the resources to control them. the environmental impacts parking global reaction. french president emmanuel macron saying the brazilian president is not doing enough to change deforestation. hitting back on twitter saying he is overreacting for political reasons. >> we are coming to you live from the electoral college, many votes here, as you can see.
6:25 am
very efficient way to leadership of the country. >> sandra: that was alexandria ocasio-cortez, the democratic congress woman catching heat in the heartland over that instagram video where she is calling the electoral college of racist scam. this is the federal judgment deals a major blow to progressive efforts to replace the electoral college with a nationwide popular vote. let's bring in the former counsel to the senate judiciary committee who joins us now. good morning agreed to have you here this morning. you heard the democratic congressman there make that point. what did you think? >> i think it is part of a series of efforts that are increasingly popular on the progressive left to go after the fundamental parts of our constitutional structure and delegitimize them and use inflammatory terms. obviously, there are complicated but sound arguments for the electoral college which were
6:26 am
laid out in "the federalist" papers by our founders. i think this serves the country well for a variety of reasons, certainly reckless to call them racist. if you would like to change the electoral system, she is free to advocate for constitutional amendment to do so but this kind of language is really, really destructive coming from a member of congress. >> sandra: meanwhile, expand on what we are seeing from this federal court as you see on the headline undercutting progressive efforts to nullify the electoral college, where electors can vote freely. what was the decision made? >> this is about faithless electors and the right of members of the electoral college to vote their conscience which is the original constitutional design and lots of folks on the left who don't like the system have been looking for ways where states can maybe force the hand of their electors and that is not going to work most likely. if you want to restructure the system, you need to think about
6:27 am
using the tools the founders gave us which is article five of the constitution and the amendment process. obviously speaking out in particular, the senator reacting to what she heard there, she said actually tweeting directly at her, eliminating the electoral college would silence our voices here in iowa and many other states across the country. she then made the case and that tweak, this is just more evidence of how out of touch the democrats have become. what are the implications of all of this is you look at the legal aspects of what is being discussed as we quickly approach 2020? >> it is just unfortunate that we see these two sides of the country coming apart and the left casting much of the federal structure, the existence of the senate, the existence of the filibuster, the separation of
6:28 am
power, all legitimate and all part of a conspiracy we need to find ways to come together as a country which is what that structure is meant to do. it is meant to create a system in which people from great concentrations of wealth and power the city of new york where congresswoman comes from. if it is meant to make them appeal to the broad swath of the country to rural areas as well as urban and hopefully the same would happen vice versa. >> sandra: it is back and forth in the discussion and at the bay that doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. thanks for coming on this afternoon. >> jon: the prosecutors looking into jeffrey epstein's suicide are now issuing subpoenas for corrections officers. what are they looking to find out? plus, there's this. >> today, we tell this president climate change is not a hoax, it is a threat to the entire planet, and we are going to address that threat.
6:29 am
>> sandra: you heard it there, senator bernie sanders saying his new $16 trillion climate change proposal will pay for itself. and create millions of jobs, but not everyone agrees with that. if jason chaffetz is here to respond i. "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. we're the rivera family and we plan to be with usaa for life. see how much you can save with usaa insurance.
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>> sandra: 2 minutes into trading on wall street and you were looking at the dow down 133 points at the market is reacting to big news out of china this morning announcing retaliatory tariffs on $75 billion worth of u.s. goods as early as septemben the fed. if we are expecting to hear from fed chairman jay powell, he will be speaking next hour from jackson hole at a symposium there. of course, to go big stories. in trade and the fed. you've heard a lot from president trump about that, driving markets.
6:33 am
peter navarro, head of trade and the trump administration was on with maria bartiromo when this news was breaking this morning saying this is not something the stock market should worry about. obviously, there are some concerns they are an building. we will be speaking with him in just a few moments. when mikey still wants lower interest rates and leaning on the fed to get them. >> sandra: back to our breaking news this morning, one of the most influential figures in the conservative movement, billionaire david koch has died at the age of 79. david along with his older brother charles financed with in the most powerful political networks out of the modern era. doug mckelway live in washington with more on that. >> 79-year-old david koch succumbed to cancer overnight. in a statement, his older brother said, and i quote here, 27 years ago, diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and given a grim prognosis of a few years to live.
6:34 am
like to say that accommodation of brilliant doctors, state-of-the-art medications, and his own stubbornness kept the cancer at bay. if we can all be grateful that i did because he was able to touch so many more lives as a result. if one of the two koch amassed a fortune, they were listed by "forbes" magazine as the world's wealthiest. the two were often derided by liberals and democrats as the money men behind all kinds of nefarious conservative causes. in reality, they were huge champions of limited government, the free market, and libertarianism. and huge contributors causes and candidates who embody those ideals. david was known to support women's rights, a woman's right to choose, gay rights, same-sex marriage, and stem cell research. they also contributed considerable amounts of their huge wealth to higher education,
6:35 am
hospitals, and the advancement of medicine as well as to the arts. the family statement also noted that koch industries had a presence of countries, 30,000 people worldwide, 67,000 in the united states. and that is it from here, back to you. >> sandra: david koch dead at 79. doug mckelway, thank you. >> we are not just going to meet the recommendations of climate scientists. we are also going to create some 20 million new good paying jobs. people are telling me that the plan you've just released a combat climate change is expensive, but the cost of doing nothing is far more expensive. >> jon: senator bernie sanders announcing has more than $16 trillion green new deal plan
6:36 am
to combat climate change saying it will pay for itself in the next 15 years. critics are not so sure. joining is now, jason chaffetz, former utah member of congress spent a fox news contributor right now. so you've heard his numbers, do they make sense, today out of? >> $16 trillion. if you spent a million dollars a day every day, it would take you 3,000 years just to get to 1 trillion and he wants to spend 16 of that was. he's a self-described democratic socialist, he wants government to control everything from health care to the government, the private sector over there to everything to do with how we produce energy in this country. we can't afford to do it. it is just so expensive. it is unbelievable. >> jon: i want to put on screen some of his numbers that are broken down in his green new deal. he proposes .4 trillion of this
6:37 am
package will come from the fail of clean energy, 1.2 trillion from military spending, 3 trillion in litigation from fossil fuel companies, i guess he's going to sue them, and you .3 trillion raised from taxes on the new jobs created. that is awfully optimistic, is in it, to imagine that you're going to create that many new jobs that you're going to have to .3 trillion above the jobs you just eliminate it in fossil fuel industry. >> am living the age of the flintstones. remember that as well. it's about 1.3 trillion. the other part of it nearly 4 trillion is on automatic pilot for the discretionary budget, the department of the interior, department of justice, each year we spend about 2.3 trillion but
6:38 am
bernie sanders is proposing $1.6 trillion per year. in order to make those numbers work, taxes would have to be skyrocketing in order to do that. if not spending much, but spending more. if the numbers absolutely don't make sense when you have to put that on top of what he wants to do to take over health care everything else. >> jon: as you point out, airplanes don't run very well on electricity at this point, the airline and travel industries is one of the biggest in the nation and it's going to interesting to see you fly a 747 on something that doesn't involve fossil fuels. stay back i don't know how you get to hawaii, but good luck to our friends in hawaii. >> jon: want to point our viewers to an op-ed available on today, and you say that democrats are subverting democracy to win elections and embracing fascism as they try to resist
6:39 am
president trump. a couple of points on that? >> i really do believe this, this is what they are doing. they are trying saying donald trump, he practices fascism. but he doesn't. with the democrats are actually proposing is to do those very things. when bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and these democrats propose these massive changes to the way we do things, look at what aoc just ran a story earlier, wants to change the electoral college, they want to change everything at top to bottom so they can grab more power. they want more government control, is exactly what they're trying to do. >> jon: jason chaffetz, i would point them to your op-ed on, thank you. breaking news, meanwhile china officially retaliating in the trade war with the u.s. beijing now set to impose more tariffs on american goods as the
6:40 am
president gets ready to take his economic message to france. white house trade advisor pete navarro will be joining us next with his reaction. >> it's been really fantastic. if you look at the world economy, it's been really fantastic.
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6:44 am
killing americans with china made fentanyl. china continues actions like today simply reinforces the tough stand that this president takes. from a market point of view, it's nothing that they are well signaling, really important today and tomorrow, if jay powell and the federal reserve assures america that he has their back, it will finish up three or 400 points. the european central bank follows through on the promise to lower interest rates and engage in easing and that's great for america because a stronger europe will mean more exports sold to europe and more growth for america, there are some things that are going to be really important. >> sandra: two big things i want to bring your audience along with you.
6:45 am
we are 14 minutes into trading, the dow is off 91 points, not a huge laugh. not a huge reaction to the news but i wanted to point out and get some clarity on this because they understand that you learned of this slap back from china this morning about the same time that we all did although you were anticipating it, is that fair? >> the chinese site had clearly signaled to us that they would retaliate in some way. the problem that they have is we have a far more bullets in argonne than they do. they tell us close to $6 billion in exports and ours is a little over 100. >> sandra: what does that say about how far this battle, this trade war could go? >> this is not a trade war. it's when two countries are fighting over lowering their tariffs.
6:46 am
but what we are fighting about is to have them stop stealing your intellectual, taking our tech technology, manipulating currency and having their state owned enterprises rampant and around the world. >> sandra: that is completely fair and you're getting credit from both sides of the aisle for that. republicans, democrats, a tough stance on china, many saying it is time but even the farmers who say we back the president on this push on china are talking about the payment they are feeling and in this news, this announcement from china, it's an extra 5% on soybean imports, it's an extra 10% tax on the imports of u.s. pork. they met president has the backs of the american farmers, they will not be hurt. we have a large program to make farmers hole, and we are using some of the money collecting the tariffs and it goes right to the farm belt.
6:47 am
the big picture here in terms of macroeconomic effects it is we've had tariffs in place for over a year, we know that china is bearing the burden of those tariffs by having to cut their prices, cut the value of the currency, seeing their supply chain hemorrhage out of china coming back here going to vietnam other places and we have seen no impact on consumers. so the people in this country are behind president donald trump with his tough stand on china. >> sandra: now he makes his way to france tonight, the g7 meeting with the president's message there. >> the message is simply that the trump economy is based on a great model. tax cuts, deregulation, unleashing the energy sector and having fair and reciprocal trade and the president wants to show some leadership there in terms of moving europe towards that
6:48 am
paradigm after the g7 was created to bring together the large economy to talk about how to grow. some of the individual things and i love watching this president interact with these leaders, boris johnson, going to be important by october 30th that we have a resolution of brexit. that means we'll be able to move swiftly towards trying to get a good trade deal with the u.k. the german economy, it'll be interesting to hear what the germans have to say about that. >> sandra: let me fire off a couple of things, will there be a tax cut before the election, larry kudlow seemed to hint that one. >> from the moment the first tax cut was done, we've always envisioned tax cut you point out not as a maneuver worried about slowdowns, but simply to get the tax code right, the corporate
6:49 am
tax still higher than we like, so i don't know whether we will have a tax cut before then. it will be very difficult with this congress. >> sandra: it's being considered though. >> my point is there's nothing new about that. we have always talked about 2.0 but it shouldn't be interpreted as a sign that the economy is struggling. we have a very strong economy. i have five seconds left. >> fed chairman does the right thing instead of dragging us down 2% like the fed is doing so let's get it done, jay powell, have americans back and it will all be good. >> sandra: we will hear from him next hour, so we will see what message he puts out there. always great to have you on here. thank you very much. >> jon: while it started out as a joke, now millions of people say they are planning to storm the infamous area 51.
6:50 am
a small county science and emergency declaration because of it and a local official joins us to explain why next. rental which led to the discovery that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. expedia. everything you need to go.
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>> jon: it's been the focus of several conspiracy theories involving aliens and ufos, an area 51. now more than 3 million people have rsvped to an event on facebook saying they will storm the military site in southern nevada. officials there are taking this very seriously. joining us now is one of them, county commissioner. things were getting up early to spend some time with us today. 3 million people, if they really showed up in your county, what would happen?
6:54 am
>> we would have to have a state of emergency in the county. >> jon: what is the population right there? >> the population is about 35,000 people and it's only about 2500 people. >> jon: so you don't have toilets, lodging space, food for the people who say they're going to show up. >> was talk about a basic resource, water. if we don't have the water. when maxim was the federal government helping you out? what kind of health have you applied for? >> our sheriff and our department of emergency management kyle lewis have been working with the government and they've been in talks with the test site, talks with the state, and they have an excellent plan detailed but i can't discuss at this particular moment, but we have a plan in place working on contingencies taking the threat very serious.
6:55 am
>> jon: there is a ufo expert, former member of the british ministry of defense who says that area 51 is probably not even a storehouse anymore. listen to this. >> nice things that if the u.s. government has extra terrestrial history, and i don't know if they do, but if they do, it's probably been moved somewhere else by now. once you start name dropping it in tv shows, it's kind of game over so it's probably been moved somewhere we've never heard of. >> jon: it is an active military sites of people who trespass would not be warmly welcomed. >> no, they wouldn't. we had a case nine months ago where we had a gentleman who stormed through mercury and there was an unfortunate event in the loss of life there so it only as the seriousness of this event in my we are taking it so seriously.
6:56 am
>> jon: here is your chance to talk to some of the 3 million people who have signed up to storm area 51, what do you tell them? >> we understand people have rented hotel rooms and i'm looking forward to coming. if you do come, we ask you to be peaceful and change her mind. we don't have the resources to have you there. the most basic issue is water, it is a desert and it will be very taxing to the residence there. if one-tenth of 1% of the people decide to show up, that is 3,000 people and double the population of the small town. >> jon: thinking. and we will be right back with more on "america's newsroom" ." it works great on bathtubs. and even stainless steel. try new clean freak from mr. clean.
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headache and sore throat may occur. haven't you missed enough? ask an asthma specialist about fasenra. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. fox news alert, 2020 candidates descending on california. if bernie sanders unveiling a $16 trillion climate change plan, welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i am sandra smith. >> jon: i am jon scott in for bill hemmer. the self-described democratic socialists as his plan will create 20 million jobs and pay for itself. critics beg to differ. they met what we need to do is have an aggressive federal government saying we are going to produce a massive amount of electricity from solar and from wind and from other sustainable energies and we are going to make money doing that.
7:01 am
but you can't nibble around the edges anymore. we need to transform our energy system and that means a massive increase in sustainable energy. >> the discretionary budget is 1.3 trillion. what bernie sanders is proposing is $1.6 trillion per year. in order to make those numbers work, taxes would have to be skyrocketing. >> jon: jeff paul's in san francisco with the latest on all of this. >> we are just learning one of the people that just because now made a major announcement, announcing he will not be running for president and that would be congressman seth moulton who now joins the likes of governor jay inslee and former governor john hickenlooper ending their bid for the white house but there is still plenty of democrats that are aiming to get into the white house, one of those people senator bernie sanders who yesterday announcing his $15 trillion plan to stop global
7:02 am
warming. to enter that plane, use the backdrop of the campfires who killed 86 people last november, deadliest fire in california's history. runs of a new deal when speaking about the plan saying 20 billion jobs. a grant for them to weatherize their structures and that you trillion they face in electric vehicles and replace gas fueled calls and trucks and rebuilding that great. but also saying if the plan would've stopped buyers like the one that devastated, here's what they had to say. >> what i can say is we have billions of dollars to strengthen local abilities to move aggressively in cost. you can't have them combating these terrible fires even with state help.
7:03 am
to be going to put a lot of money into strengthening our firefighting capabilities. >> climate change that to be a big topic of discussion here but that was one of the decisions made by the dnc on thursday which sparked protests from activists who could be heard chanting but the dnc insisting there are a wide range of topics to focus on and if they choose one, it could set a very default precedent. >> it seems like the base wants this, that candidates want this, the energy is behind it but the dnc leadership is saying no and just trying to figure out why. >> a debate for every issue area, and there are more than 12 issues of the democratic party believes are important and more than 12 issues of the american voter wanted to hear from them about.
7:04 am
we met we are being told congressman seth moulton who has dropped out is still going to speak here and more formally explain his decision, but notably joe biden and pete buttigieg will not be here. instead, they will be out campaigning in new hampshire. >> jon: thank you. mark that is interesting in and of itself. let's bring in the 18, juan williams. fox news contributor, and ed rollins former reagan-bush 84 campaign manager and also a fox news contributor. if that is a friday atm for you. great to have all of you here. so this bernie sanders far left proposal, you and i have already had a chance to discuss this. he puts it out there, going to pay for himself. >> i was taken by what congressman chaffetz said which is that we just do away with the discretionary budget, and from bernie sanders perspective,
7:05 am
repairing damage health care system that has left so many people without health coverage and despite the high spending as a nation. the best quality health care. >> sandra: is a truly get a? and you implement these ideas? >> that's what he is advocating. all the things he talks about, energy free cars and all the rest of it takes electricity. it is created by coal, oil, gas, what have you. you are not going to do it, so that does not work. >> jon: nuclear power is the only major source of energy that doesn't contribute to global warming on a large-scale and nuclear energy is not possible. >> he is not known for his accounting expertise. the numbers just kind of come out of the air. and whether or not he is going
7:06 am
to be able to generate enough money to fund this, complete revamp of our energy infrastructure by taxing energy companies. kind of hard to imagine, but he is putting this issue front and center in the democratic campaign was very interesting to watch. it probably hasn't gotten quite the attention it deserves in this campaign yet. >> sandra: was in it bernie sanders bernie sanders who confused revenues with profits and suggested they were the same thing? that being said, i think it's very clear who is going to pay for it end. he read through it and he talks about he was going to directly target hedge fund managers and big banks. he is pretty specific when it comes to that so to say is just going to pay for itself. >> are u.s. and her supporters? because the american people think that's a good idea. i know it might shock some folks
7:07 am
but the american people say yes, and especially for people on wall street, the hedge fund managers, the big banks, the people who got bailed out after, it comes back to the idea this is what john is touching on. the democratic candidates are saying we may have ideas, may not be fully formed are fiscally responsible, they have ideas for dealing with climate change. and what of the republicans hav have? >> jon: has an op-ed piece, missing a plan. notes the senator from massachusetts and presidential candidate faces democratic primary concerns that she is unelectable too extreme to win nationwide in november. the campaign understands a clear committed plan for medicare for all would add to that liability. in other words, not putting the
7:08 am
health care plan out there, might cost the election. >> on the editorial page, is a good colleague. but elizabeth warren is not short of ideas or specific policy measures. >> jon: she's got a plan for that. we like it would be good for us to ask her to respond to that column because he would get a very robust response from elizabeth warren think she does have a plan and here is what it is. she has been fairly articulate about that. if there's one thing that she is not short of, it is policy descriptions. not left enough, she is very forthcoming. >> she is talking about medicare for all, we take in $4.2 trillion every year in tax revenue. we are a trillion dollars short every year in the foreseeable future.
7:09 am
the health care they are advocating for would have to eliminate every single budget. the whole premise of those two candidates who are both socialist as you go out and work hard and give all your money to the federal government and they'll decide what to do with it. that is not a sellable program at any time you talking about raising taxes. >> sandra: elizabeth warren claims to love the free market and capitalism is not a self-proclaimed socialist. >> she is not but her policies are socialist than she is following the medicare for all, enormous cost programs in the take the money from the rich in tax these guys is not enough and that does damage of the economy. the reason we fed tax reform is to make this people produce more and got to make the most productive people produce. >> sandra: how about aoc saying the electoral college has to go? it is a racial injustice breakdown from a severe racial
7:10 am
disparities in certain states. that effectively holds them as opposed to one person one vote system for all our votes are counted equally. mike huckabee check that audited tweet and said this. aoc didn't take civic sense of wanting to get rid of the electoral college. the college we need to close as the one who gave her a degree. she will not watch this but hope you will, the electoral college is good for democrats and republicans. >> the argument would be states with lesser populations have some voices in the election but it is definitely not the case and this is what alexandria ocasio-cortez's point, not one man, one vote. you do not have an equal vote if you are living in new york or miami or even in california versus somebody who is in the populations they state like wyoming or montana.
7:11 am
it disproportionately influences the election i think the founding fathers did not have that in mind. they have the house of representatives there to make sure. >> is a longtime college professor who teaches presidency and the constitution, our forefathers deliberately set the system up so that the big states were not control the system. the foreseeable future, it will always be offset by small mistakes. this is mashed up congressional. so why should montana affect congressional numbers? this is the way it's set up. three quarters of the state to change, it will not happen in my lifetime or aoc's lifetime.
7:12 am
>> jon: the senses helps people who are not americans, and i mean congressional seats going to states like california and federal dollars loving with congressional needs. >> it is the popular vote went to hillary. he did not get a majority of the votes. if that's the way the system works. want to come back to something they said earlier, it's about to hit $1 trillion and they're talking about all sorts of spending programs, this facet under a republican administration but you do not hear this being discussed. national security issues, social issues, probably transcends them all, it was the amount of debt. it's a missed opportunity for someone to come up with a proposal, with an idea, with a discussion point.
7:13 am
you just can't keep spending forever. some of the reactions, the senator tweeted this outcome a reaction to aoc calling to get rid of the electoral college. eliminating it with silence our voices here in iowa and many other states across the country. it is more evidence of touch the democrats have become. so she took it there. >> final thoughts again, this is going to occur three or more times, republicans can't win a popular vote in the foreseeable future but we can win the electoral college to you're going to see more and more of this in the future, not just this last election, so that's the way it was set up to be. >> i think it's unfair. everybody gets to senators and that's proportionate to the population but shouldn't every americans feel that their vote counts equally? >> sandra: see you completely
7:14 am
side with aoc on this? >> not completely because i agree with ed that those smaller states are going to block it because it would take an amendment to the constitution and that's not going to take place but do i think that you can say your vote is not as valuable as my vote, that's wrong. >> jon: it's been around for more than 200 years and worked pretty well, but big changes. >> the reality is if you want to change your whole political session, then the with the genius is going to have a constitutional amendment? >> jon: thank you, are 18. this could be a big day in the jesse smell that case, could appoint a federal prosecution about why charges were dropped. he is accused of staging are racist and homophobic attack against himself, following this from chicago. >> a veteran judge here in
7:15 am
chicago have called for hearing this morning that is set to begin in about 20 minutes, he has summoned all parties including jussie smollett's attorney is an the thought is this judge names exactly who the special prosecutor will be in the jussie smollett case. the task of any person or office that played any role in the criminal case, that obviously includes smollett himself and state attorney kim fox whose office was slammed for suddenly dropping smollett's case. the special prosecutor can bring the same or even new criminal charges against jussie smollett. any charges against kim fox or anyone in her office for impropriety. he ruled that a special prosecutor is necessary in this case because state attorney kim fox broke state law when she recused herself and then appointed her right-hand man to investigate smollett.
7:16 am
it said she did not have the authority to designate the alternative prosecutor and went on to say only in her imagination to that authority exist for just a minutes from now, a major new phase of the jussie smollett saga is set to begin when we expect to see them name with the prosecutor will be and fresh eyes on this entire case. >> jon: thank you. >> sandra: now firing back on the ongoing trade battle saying it will impose new tariffs on u.s. goods. all of this is happening right now, markets are reacting, the fed chair is speaking, a lot of moving parts. jay powell just pledged that the fed will act as appropriate to sustain the u.s. economy. charles payne will be here to respond to all of that later this hour. >> jon: now a new report said 64% of all federal arrest last year were non-u.s. citizens. former acting ice director is here with his reaction.
7:17 am
>> sandra: and former vice president joe biden purporting to double the capital gains tax on the impact that would have on many americans. >> just like president trump inherited everything else, he inherited a growing economy. st now he's in the process of squandering it. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah, and now business is rolling in. get started at
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>> sandra: 64% of all federal arrests in 2018 and we are were non-u.s. citizens. that is according to the bureau of justice statistics. the new report coming of the trump administration is criticized for its decision earlier this week to hold migrant families together in dissension detention centers until they were asylum are decided. join now by former acting director of vice and the former acting deputy commissioner of customs and border protection. so 64% of federal arrests in 2018 non-u.s. citizens, what more can we add? >> it's important for people to realize that if you secure the border and add resources to the border, more cases of the justice department for prosecution for things like identity theft, drug smuggling muscle when you add resources to the border and you prioritize securing the border, going to
7:22 am
get more cases coming out of the justice department and more defendants and people in jail not from this country. >> jon: they are sanctuary cities around the country where police are prohibited from cooperating with federal authorities like ice when it comes to incarcerated prisoners. does this suggest that that's a huge mistake? >> think about the people they are trying to protect, somebody who commits a crime in their community after having come to the community illegally from how does that make sense? >> sandra: these are some big numbers, the 64% of all federal arrests in 2018 for non-u.s. citizens but that's an increase of over 200% over the past 20 years, and also the statistics
7:23 am
revealed that federal arrests of non-americans for 244% from 98 to 18. just trying to get an idea of the trend that is happening here and what we are doing about it. >> in 1996, there was a major revision of immigration and nationality which gives them homeland security additional authorities for criminal aliens and drug smugglers and other people and started adding resources and large waves like in 2005 and six, so adding those resources of the border puts more pressure on the justice department and prosecutors and they prioritized securities of many more cases being referred in the justice department. >> jon: a lot of criticism has been directed for incarcerating children, for instance because the trump administration is now saying we are going to hold children together with their families, now critics are saying
7:24 am
that's not fair because you're going to be holding them longer so what is the administration supposed to do? >> they are in a pickle. over 400,000 people come to the border this fiscal year. it encourages the people or send their children to the border. the role getting published today is an important step of the administrations to try to close that loophole in that way, they will stay together in a residential center which was purposely built for their custody so they could have their immigration hearing while they were in custody. >> sandra: wanted to ask you about the u.s. customs and border protection saying that they are in charge of these migrant detention centers and have no plans to vaccinate detainees against the flu. why not? >> like the dna testing everyone
7:25 am
should be working to get people out of there as fast as possible. adding tasks inside of the booking process, short-term detention just means people are in custody longer. it's better to do that in the outpatient setting for those folks that are going out the longer term detention ice custody, better to have the care and custody, even the medical care done. >> sandra: these micro detention centers are crowded, in close proximity and this is a prime condition for that type of illness to spread and spread easily. is there concern that that could lead to a growing outbreak of influenza in these detention centers? >> it is a set concern and why they've added medical staff to those processes but those short-term detention centers are designed for short-term care and custody. ice facilities are more equipped with medical staff, all the
7:26 am
things you need to care for people longer-term. the families getting released can get their vaccinations in an outpatient setting. we should all be working to get them out of custody as soon as possible either into long-term detention for the case now in families being. having vaccinations over other tasks is not a good idea. >> sandra: appreciate your time this morning. >> jon: growing alarm about the world's largest rain forest has massive wildfires range in the amazon. they turn into a global political issue next. >> sandra: plus, an american man charged in manslaughter for a death in the caribbean, the worker's family want him behind bars. but he says he was acting in self-defense rated so will he get a fair trial? >> my family and i were in the wrong place at the wrong time
7:27 am
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aim to be there more. talk to your doctor about aimovig. >> jon: the international community voicing growing concern over the massive wildfires burning in the amazon rain forest for the president of brazil is rejecting calls for global response. following this story from londo london. >> there have been several calls for action between european leaders, british prime minister boris johnson singh he is deeply concerned about these fires. at the amazon is the world's largest rain forest and they were already more than 80% more fires burning now than at the same time last year. also, international pressure welding on the brazilian government to act urgently. a french president emmanuel macron has accused brazil of not doing enough prevent environmental issues such as deforestation. in a tweet he said "how health
7:32 am
is burning literally. the amazon rain forest, produces 20% of our planet's is on fire. it is an international crisis." strong words they are but satellite images show how serious this really is. the u.n. says it is these forests that help counter the impact of climate change and more needs to be done to protect them. brazil's president said he may send an army to fight the fires but he has accused french president macron of playing politics saying they are a domestic matter and has called on world leaders not to intervene. but the e.u. and germany are backing the french leader saying they want to do more to help brazil fight these fires in the g7 leaders are expected to discuss what they are calling concrete messages on dealing with these fires on this meeting in france this weekend whether
7:33 am
brazil likes it or not, the international community is seeing this as a serious issue. >> jon: we will keep an eye on that story. thank you very much. >> the stories you've read and heard are not what happened. someday i will be able to tell the real story in a legal setting. the sooner that day comes, the better. >> sandra: after hearing yesterday saying he is looking forward to clearing his name as he awaits his next court hearing on september 9th. the connecticut man is charged with manslaughter in the death of a hotel worker during a vacation with his family last april. he claims he was acting in self-defense. we are going to get a former federal prosecutor on that in just a few moments but first, we begin with ted williams, former d.c. police detective, fox attorney anna fox news contributor. i was looking for him right now? >> is questionable as to how it's looking.
7:34 am
i can tell you, and i think fred might be able to say the same thing, i don't know why this man has been charged with manslaughter. this is what we know. he is in his hotel room with his two daughters, this guy knocks on the door and gets in by saying he's coming in to fix the sink. he winds up pulling a knife and trying to watch this guy. the guy defends himself, you can see the photos of a violent struggle. down on the ground holding the guy down and all of a sudden, a hotel worker comes in and says that he saw a knife, the hotel worker also says that he told this guy to get off of mitchell, but he said i'm holding him down here into the police come. and it's unfortunate that kenny mitchell died, but i don't know where you get manslaughter out of this. >> sandra: it is quite a story
7:35 am
into your point about his injuries and how there are photos of a violent struggle, i know we have those for our viewers, certainly going to come into play in the courtroom and a whole lot more that he is able to bring forward. we have invited him to come on the show to talk about this, not doing tv at the moment but it is something in the is watching and we want to ask fred now, former federal prosecutor on this, what can you add? >> what is very troubling to me, i agree wholeheartedly. in this country, this man would have never been charged with the crime. if you get to go back in time and parse out what happens when someone is defending their two young children from an assailant who has a knife. you can't sit there and say he should've let him go earlier it shouldn't done anything. it was self-defense, literally fighting for his life and what bothers me is i see these
7:36 am
politicians now yelling and screaming for this guy to be charged with manslaughter. politics and criminal justice never should mix. >> jon: we sit here today covered by the u.s. justice system, this is going to be the angle and that is not the same thing. >> does not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling about this guy's chances because i don't know what the child is going to be like, whether or not they're going to be honest or fair, i don't know. maybe they will and maybe they won't but this guy should've never been in charge the first place. >> sandra: want to move on to a couple of other big courtroom stories we are watching. accused of murder have his fiancee due in court today. here's the latest we are learning on that. >> the prosecution filed a motion asking to determine whether this guy is going to point the finger at someone else and obviously this woman who
7:37 am
originally testified his testimony was that he took his girlfriend and wrapped her head and a sweater and said we are going to do a thing about candles and then be the life of out of her, he is a horrible human being and it is a terrible crime. the young child has been left motherless and now he's going to come in a point the finger. it is not atypical of defense because their job is to get the jury to look everywhere but the evidence. but years ago, the governor of delaware, his secretary was killed by a guy and he tried to point the finger at his girlfriend and i didn't work either. to back those of the charges against him. >> jon: trying to point the finger at this woman who allegedly helped him. an alibi defense that someone else did.
7:38 am
>> sandra: was amazing in all of this is when there's children involved, he mentioned the young child now left motherless, the daughter was left in custody during the three week search for the mother. an update on that, now in the custody of the mother's parents who are now writing to become the guardians of that little girl. >> one thing is trying to do is have conversations with someone from health and human services and trying to suppress the statements there. >> jon: when other case we are looking at some of the student who was shot to death apparently by a guy she had possibly dated, his attorneys have requested a psychological evaluation and withdrawing a request that he be
7:39 am
released on bond. that sounds like the opposite of what they usually do. >> it depends, the bond issue accused of shooting this woman multiple times. as far as the evaluation is concerned, that's typical. they're going to find all the kind of evidence that they tried to hide himself, try to throw away evidence, lied to the police, all those things that he knew was doing was wrong. in fact they didn't elaborate on what that new information was which is why they are asking for that evaluation. her friends and family continue to speak out, too young, 21
7:40 am
years old. she was at summer school, her friend said she was the light of any situation. >> sandra: my heart just breaks. her parents must be devastated and for what? there is no need for this. >> sandra: great to have you here, thank you. >> jon: teasing tax cuts to point out. the personal tax rates could easily be lowered and probably the brackets could be shrunk. >> jon: more on that including the potential timing and what it might mean for the health of our economy with our moneyman charles payne. medications seem to be the number one cause for dry mouth. dry mouth can cause increased cavities, bad breath, oral irritation. i like to recommend biotene. biotene has a full array of products that replenishes the moisture in your mouth.
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7:45 am
the federal reserve chief is also speaking. if that is a market moving activity speaking out in jackson hole so watching the headline that comes with that. and continued questions about the health of the u.s. economy. charles payne thankfully is here to take us through all this. first breaking news on the screen, president has just tweeted about jay palace making in wyoming this. set as usual, the fed did nothing. it is incredible they can speak without knowing or asking which it will be announced shortly, we have a very strong dollar and a very weak side. i will work brilliantly with both and the u.s. will do different. there's a second part of that tweet, he writes my only question is, who is our bigger enemy? jay powell or chairman she? >> let's start with -- where should we go? >> sandra: i want you to
7:46 am
respond with the president just tweeted. they put a lot of pressure on the federal reserve without some sort of message about the timing of that, how many there might be by the end of the year. if the president clearly putting out a message. we met no necessary clarity, trying to sort of balance a few things, i think the overall frustration but hasn't articulated the powell doctrine. want to get this job and has their own approach to monetary policy and their own sort of velocity that they bring to the table. last time they got together to talk about rates. they said we don't see any reason to cut rates. we have two members who thought we should be cutting rates. that is a huge role. and typically have all of the fed chair is to be able of almost any organization is to
7:47 am
kind of whittle down more consensus. summed up particularly earlier this year, every time he talks from the moment he got the job even before, he brags about the federal reserve he takes ownership of that as the literate >> sandra: lineage of the federal reserve. he is going to act appropriately to sustain expansion. i've always read that this meant no recession. he says everything's that make it feel like maybe we will stall and weight and with wall street is that the fed has always been
7:48 am
behind the curve. by the time they decide this disaster, you can see there already on fire. not talking about tax cuts, joe biden is saying a tax increase typically to capital gains. we shouldn't be giving them any more breaks. the stock market is a great equalizer, most people watching the show are investing in the stock market through a 401(k) on the round and also it's a reflection of society. if the stock market were to start to fall back, it would mitigate strong jobs market. it doesn't matter if people don't spend that money. they are spending that money right now, the markets at an all-time high and that is called the wealth effect. we don't want to derail or hurt the wealth effect. joe biden's plan is to supported reportedly hurt the rich. >> sandra: i am still digging through the comments by jay powell.
7:49 am
he did comment on business investment, something we've been talking about that has been weakening, pointing out a lot of other strong indicators. jobs way to spending he's got a commitment to keep the expansion going. that's what i'm clinging to, that he is committed to not go through a recession. >> sandra: reacting to that, and the news i'm trying this morning. the next step from the white house from that tweet, i don't know what it's going to be. we are on the air for another hour and 10 minutes. >> jon: dale earnhardt jr. is headed back to the racetrack. after surviving a fiery plane crash. upbeat music♪ no cover-up spray here. cheaper aerosols can cover up odors in a flowery fog.
7:50 am
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7:53 am
>> jon: a return to the track for a nascar great, dale earnhardt jr. confirming he will compete in next week's race at arlington. after they survived a fiery plane crash landing last week. jared max is here with fox news headlines 24/7 channel 115 on
7:54 am
sirius xm. so it is back in the saddle for dale jr. >> great news for racing fans. he will be riding a vehicle that also honors his late father but dale earnhardt jr. in this plane crash, just less than two weeks ago and now he's going to be going again but he did say yesterday, some question of whether he would take part in this race on the 31st then he cleared it up on twitter last night and that's plan he does have a plan but he doesn't want to worry about that because there is a sore lower back and some bruising. getting in a race car is a pretty dangerous thing. >> jon: if you are whipping around the track at 200 miles an hour, it's a plane crash. >> if you've been in a vehicle accident before, you don't get back in that so quickly sometimes. i bet he will be back to his
7:55 am
regular self and you would never think. to my wonderful news for his family, his wife, his baby girl, and it's hard to believe. we met that was amazing footage as well, seeing them hopped out. it was that close, so it will be great to see him back on the track as well. >> sandra: a huge welcome for his return, i'm sure. fox news alert now, ordering a reciprocal response to a u.s. missile test. our echoes of the cold war getting louder? they will join us live next hou hour. memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere.
7:56 am
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8:00 am
both and the u.s. will do great. my only question is, who was our bigger enemy? jay powell or chairman she? that was the president just a few moments ago. california once again squaring off with president trump over an immigration that would end time limits on detaining migrant children but would keep them together as they await a court date. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." news is moving fast. >> jon: i am jon scott in for bill hemmer. gavin newsom sang a lawsuit against the trump administration is imminent. follows a decision this week to scrap a regulation that limits the government from keeping my grandchildren migrant children. >> here is the irony, the obama administration detained families
8:01 am
indefinitely. they didn't have a problem with it then and now they say president trump is legalizing concentration camps. to stop the administration from overturning the floor as a rule enforces federal officials to release migrant officials until they ignore the court date. >> it's an assault clearly, it will be protected by the courts in the court of law. >> california sue the trump administration 56 times, several times, trump supporter's day they are being disingenuous, a policy they want supported. >> what joe biden said yesterday, this is not who we are. the so-called cages which i don't recall cages weren't built under his administration.
8:02 am
>> speaker nancy pelosi claims the administration is seeking to codify child abuse plain and simple. this inhumane and utterly unconscionable rule circumvents the conditions set in the settlement. it worked under president bush, obama, and trump says purposely convolute two separate facilities. processing centers versus actual shelters built under obama. >> built for families that have child psychologists, pediatricians, schools, and also it's of medical and educational tensions, 300 bucks a night. for a person to say in these facilities. >> 's new detention policy is supposed to take effect in about 60 days but that will stop that. in the meantime, border agents telling me coyotes, migrate with your kid before they lock you up for good. >> in los angeles, thank you.
8:03 am
>> the scientific community tells us we have a handful of years in which we must act boldly and transform the police to move away from fossil fuels and energy efficiency. or else the planet we will be leaving for our children and future generations will be a planet that is increasingly unhealthy and uninhabitable. declaring a national emergencies outlining an aggressive approach to fighting it. chris wallace is the anchor of fox news sunday. great to see you on this friday morning. new things coming in from the president, saying there is some sort of an announcement, a response to the china terrace this afternoon, want to get there before we learn more on that. first, you look at bernie sanders in the $16 trillion climate change plan
8:04 am
and says it's going to pay for itself. >> been around this town a long time and anybody who says that any huge spending program or a tax cut is going to pay for itself, i always get very nervous and the fact is, $16 trillion is a lot of money. i take his point that you certainly can argue climate change is a crisis, the most important crisis that faces the planet long term but $16 trillion talking about dramatic increases to taxes on carbon emissions, a whole reworking of the economy is going to be a very heavy lift and while he says it's going to create new jobs and able to tax the new jobs. these things are going to pay for themselves very seldom do. >> sandra: here are some of the details of the plan, filling them up on the screen.
8:05 am
2.3 trillion raising the taxes paid on new jobs created, jason chaffetz joined us earlier with his reaction, here is the former congressman. >> the discretionary budget, the department of defense and department of interior, department of justice, all of that we spend about 1.3 trillion. what bernie sanders is proposing is $1.6 trillion per year. in order to make those numbers work, taxes would have to be skyrocketing in order to do tha that. that was the former congressman. if i could move on to what we are hearing from the president. >> let me real quickly say on this one subject, i don't think it's a coincidence, doing this under the banner of the 2020 campaign, that jay inslee who
8:06 am
has the primary climate change candidate just dropped out of the race yesterday and bernie sanders has been languishing in the polls somewhat, elizabeth warren seems to be stealing some of his thunder and maybe this is an effort by bernie sanders to say i have a plan too plan to try to take some of the attention away because he is dropping a little bit in the polls and i suspect he wants to sure that up. >> sandra: i want to dig into these tweets because i read off at the president was reacting to hearing jay powell, out of jackson hole. he was saying the fed is doing nothing, questioned who is the bigger enemy. he has moved on to more tweets and what he has just tweeted is on our american companies, i'll read them as we put them on the screen. our great american companies are here by ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative
8:07 am
to china. including ringing your company's home and making your products in the usa. i will be responding to china terrace this afternoon, and as i mentioned, he has touted there would be an announcement this afternoon and it sounds like that is the direction we should expect it. your thoughts? >> we are just all learning of us at the same time, but the best i can tell, the american president can't order u.s. companies how they're going to do their sales and where they're going to have their supply chains. we have a free-market capitalist system. i don't think the president can order a car company to move some of its factories from one place to another. he could impose tariffs or make it economically untenable but can't sit there and order the ceo of the board and my guess is most people in this country wouldn't want to see the president be able to do this. we have to drill down on the statement, who was a bigger enemy to this country? the head of the federal reserve
8:08 am
jerome powell who was appointed by president trump, or chinese president xi? >> sandra: who he has called a friend and says he has a good relationship. >> it's interesting because this all comes amidst obvious concern and legitimate concern about the strength of the economy and whether or not we are headed for downturn, no signs yet of a recession but certainly signs of a slow down in growth and one of the things that a lot of people in the white house have been saying just last week on "fox news sunday" that you have larry kudlow boning the economy and saying don't be afraid of optimism and things are going to be better than you think and the economy is strong. when you have the president of the united states flailing around this way and ordering companies to move back to the u.s. and saying that the head of the federal reserve is the enemy of the country, is not going to create more consumer confidence about the state of the economy or not? >> sandra: you got it down at
8:09 am
the bottom of your screen. then on down to watch since retaliatory tariffs were announced we market this morning and now these tweets from the president taking a sharp turn lower down 300 points. a portion of them tweeting a few moments ago, said we don't need china and frankly, far better off without them. i go through the tweets and even debrief the economy because of the gains, much capitalized larger than that of china. let me tell you, we just talked to peter navarro last hour at the 9:00 hour on this program have larry kudlow this week has said or hinted that china is going to go to washington to meet with the trump administration i meet with the president over making a deal.
8:10 am
so what do these tweets tell us about the state of negotiations with president xi and china? >> obviously not good. i know that peter navarro was on in here in the studio, one of the great things about working in the foxborough as you never know who's going to be walking down the hall and i talked to him myself and he said exactly the same thing, that talks with china are on track, not saying there's going to be an agreement anytime soon. going to retaliate with her $75 billion in american goods that they will have tariffs on there. but the president isn't responding well to this and all of this is happening as the president is going to get on a plane at ten or 11:00 tonight to france for the g7. china is not a member but last year they were in canada and the president blew up the conference disagreeing with all the other six economic partners on a number of issues, this could be a bumpy ride this weekend at the g7.
8:11 am
which leads me to a very good tease, a lot of reports on "fox news sunday" and also going to have an interview with a top white house official about all of that. so going to be a lot of interesting developments on the u.s. and global economy over the course of the next 48 hours. >> sandra: the dow up right now, we will certainly be watching fox news sunday this weekend, appreciate your time. minnesota senator amy klobuchar and that interview right here on the fox news channel. always great to see chris wallace, thank you. >> jon: russian president vladimir putin ordering his military to riding a response to a u.s. missile test my tensions between russia and moscow are escalating in a fever pitch. ric grenell joins us five for his reaction. >> sandra: plus, federal prosecutors looking into jeffrey epstein's suicide issuing
8:12 am
subpoenas for 20 corrections officers. the answers they are looking for next. >> soon i will be in a position to report the congress and the public the results. i will say as i said before, we have found serious irregularities at the center. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah, and now business is rolling in. get started at who need money for their family. veteran homeowners with our service, veterans like us earned the powerful va home loan benefit that lets us borrow up to 100 percent of our home's value, instead of just 80 percent like other loans. at newday usa, that can mean a lot more money, especially if your home has gone up in value. on average, our veterans take out 54,000 dollars. the newday 100 va loan lets you refinance your mortgage, consolidate your high rate credit card debt, get cash
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summer's not the time for making bucket lists. bookers know summer is for booking it. (chime, slam, chime) like booking a beachside resort and ordering two more tacos than you need to. check. showing the deep end who's boss. check. starting a scooter gang with the fam. check. awesome. bookers know summer won't last forever. you're going to thank me. so be a booker at the world's #1 choice for booking accommodations. >> sandra: we are watching the market for you, the dow and sell-off mode and just took a
8:16 am
turn further to the downside on a tweet from the president of responding to china's tariffs. the retaliatory tariffs announced this morning, who is your biggest enemy jay powell, chairman of the federal reserve, he also put out an announcement about companies ordering them to immediately start looking for an alternative to china, u.s. companies. so all of this is brand-new news that the market is digesting on a friday morning, so right now dow was down 307 points and we are watching this for you going to have more coming up shortly. >> jon: prosecutors in paris say they are opening a preliminary investigation of alleged crimes in france. this is federal prosecutors subpoenaing 20 corrections officers from the metropolitan correction center. as part of their investigation,
8:17 am
the former case manager for the bureau of prisons. seems like lots of blame to be shared here, lots of finger pointing going on. how unusual is it? >> not unusual based on the nature of the high-profile nature of mr. epstein. what i imagine as they subpoenaed everybody working on that morning watch night at 8:00 a.m. it's a skeleton crew that watches a federal prison, so making the assumption that everybody who was on duty that night just to get to the bottom of it. >> jon: the reports where there were a couple of guards assigned to watch and check on him every 30 minutes and apparently both of them fell asleep and then to make matters worse falsify their records to act as though they had checked on him when in fact they have any. if that's the case come up with face charges? >> everybody is trying to feed into the conspiracy theory about
8:18 am
a potential criminal investigation. if you believe reports and they did not do their 30 minute checks, that's inattention to duty. falsify the records and that's a crime and that could possibly something they are looking at. >> jon: the highest levels of the justice department are investigating this case, has called for an investigation and he says not everybody is helping him out, listen. >> had an investigation by the fbi in the inspector general at the department of justice. unfortunately, there have been some delays because a number of witnesses were not cooperative. >> jon: why would they not want to cooperate with something like this? >> the internal review would be an internal prisons review, your obligated to cooperate.
8:19 am
there are obviously subpoenas issued and now everybody is flared up so this is not a surprise to me that this has gone beyond an internal investigation and is now criminal and exercising their right on attorney's advice, to not cooperate about the potential to be charged. >> jon: here is a guy who was known worldwide, a multimillionaire, he is in jail on very serious child charges essentially, and despite his earlier suicide, he gets taken off suicide watch and ultimately succeeds. >> you understand why the conspiracy theories are flying fast and furious on this. >> i understand it from a layperson's perspective but if you work in a special housing unit, it is far from the truth. i have been consistent in every program i've been on that it is
8:20 am
not surprising that after somebody is clinically taken off suicide watch by a licensed psychologist that they go into a regular setting and it can be done. >> jon: what he was supposed to have a cellmate and his cellmate was taken out of the cell a day or so before he committed suicide. >> let me address that because i'm a policy person and from that perspective, you do want to place someone in the cell but what people don't understand is it's not 24/7. it still might have a social visit. i don't buy that narrative. >> jon: formally with the bureau of prisons, thank you. >> sandra: top house democrat directly calling out the president and members of his own party over the rise of
8:21 am
anti-semitic rhetoric. governor huckabee will be here. >> jon: nasa spending the search for those two firefighters that went missing on a fishing trip. >> we are suspending our active trip. it is a extremely tough decisio decision. when i showed my mom the dna results,
8:22 am
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take your business beyond. uh, well, this will be the kitchen. and we'd like to put a fire pit out there, and a dock with a boat, maybe. why haven't you started building? well, tyler's off to college... and mom's getting older... and eventually we would like to retire. yeah, it's a lot. but td ameritrade can help you build a plan for today and tomorrow. great. can you help us pour the foundation too? i think you want a house near the lake, not in it. come with a goal. leave with a plan. td ameritrade. ♪ >> we have simply reached a point where our computer modeling and our ability to search a given location are no longer allowing us to search within a reasonable degree or probability of success. >> sandra: that was a coast guard calling off the massive multiagency search for
8:25 am
those two missing firefighters who left for a fishing trip off the coast of florida we could go and have not been seen since. joining us now, jacksonville firefighter and rescue chief powers. good morning to you and thank you for being here. what led to the decision to call off the search? >> obviously, the coast guard with the lead agency in this and we rely on their information and computer modeling to let us know where we needed to search, and when the modeling started predicting that any chance of survivability would be off the coast of north carolina yesterday, now it's off the northeast part of the country. there just was no sense in exposing the firefighters and the civilians that were volunteering their time to search in this area anymore. it was just becoming fruitless
8:26 am
here. >> sandra: we understand it was a huge undertaking and a huge effort on the part of everyone involved. thank you for what you do. i know that that family had high hopes at one point when that tackle back that was a family item that one of them must've thrown over, there was an indication that perhaps they were out there trying to survive and they threw that out there so anyone looking for them would say they are here, let's keep looking. what happened with that? >> as the coast guard said yesterday, that was just an absolute miracle that a searcher found that. that was 50 nautical miles off of st. augustine and 100 miles from where they originated their fishing trip. and to find it was a miracle in itself but it gave us a clue and allowed us to convince the search back down to a 13,000 square mile area.
8:27 am
saturated that area with the volunteer resources, firing rescue personnel, everybody saturated that area but when nothing else was found, the search area started expanding again and as it expanded, it grows and grows and this morning, the area is about 250,000 square miles. >> sandra: we understand that the vessel they were in belong to his late father, and the wife had said it did have some mechanical problems in the past. we do know it was a single engine vessel as well and they were pretty far out there. the family must be devastated. have you been able to speak with them? >> yes, ma'am. i speak with them a couple of times a day. i spoke with stephanie last night right before bedtime and obviously, she had to tell her children yesterday my six and
8:28 am
eight years old, they are heartbroken, she is heartbroken. the entire jacksonville fire and rescue families heart is broken right now. we have brothers and sisters going through the same things the justin walker family. so it is heartbreaking. >> sandra: a tragic loss. we appreciate your time this morning. thank you for what you and your team are able to do. >> jon: now fox news alert, the dow down triple digits of the wake of china's plans to retaliate against u.s. tariffs, down 335 points at the moment. just moments ago, president tweeted he is ordering u.s. companies who do business in china to come home. the president also saying he will respond to china this afternoon. ric grenell with more on that next. don't get just one pair of perfect glasses.
8:29 am
buy any pair at regular price, get one free. really. visionworks. see the difference.
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>> sandra: fox news alert, president trump saying he will respond to the latest round of tears from china, going to make that announcement later today after those retaliatory tariffs came in this morning. this is coming as china announced the $75 billion of tariffs that move markets down 365 and falling on the latest headlines from the president. he has been tweeting in the last few moments, the last half an hour or so saying that he is now ordering american companies begin looking for an alternative to doing business in china. ric grenell is the u.s. ambassador to germany and joins us now. it's great to have you on the program this morning. first, from a global perspective, respond to what you are seeing here. markets down 366, the president tweeting out that he will be ordering u.s. companies to stop doing business in china at a time when a lot of these
8:33 am
economies are suffering. germany is one of them. >> what we hear consistently is that it was a mistake to allow china into the wto. they haven't played by the rules. the ideal and letting them in was that they would play by the rules, the engagement would lead to following the rule of law, capitalism and we haven't seen that. it's been a mistake, so thank god we have a president who's got the courage to stand up and fix this problem and what we hear pretty consistently is this is a festering problem that needed to be confronted. we have a president who has improved the u.s. economy where we can take this challenge on and show china that we are manipulating the market. we are not playing by the rules. hear that all over europe, companies here in europe and in
8:34 am
germany constantly say ip theft is rampant, that there is no rule of law, so if they have a dispute with the chinese government, decisions are made and that's it. no appeals process. a lot of people are frustrated and they know this is a problem. i would say things got the president is confronting this issue. >> sandra: he just tweeted my only question is, who was our bigger enemy, jay powell or president xi? those that you are hearing from our backing the president tough stance on china? >> i am saying that people understand across the board whether it's in europe or in the united states around the world that this is a real problem that needs to be confronted. companies want to go in because it's a big market. they realize once they're there that there is massive problems.
8:35 am
they realize that the research and development they do come in the money that they spend is immediately stolen and that is not a fruitful market for them and they pulled back. >> sandra: watching markets while you're speaking. not only is the market reacting to what we are hearing from the president on china and growing uncertainty over what happens with that trade war. what has happened, our u.s. dollar has strengthened considerably. the president has made it very clear that that's something he wants to see. that obviously affects our impact and export market and affects business around the globe. >> what we see here in germany and throughout europe is that we
8:36 am
have companies that recognize, got some move and grow in the united states. the problems that europe is putting on our companies, i hear it every single day that that's just not a place where they're able to grow. they look at the united states and they see the strengths and they know that that is not where they need to be so i think we're in a perfect position, the president has led us to this point where we can confront the festering problem of china and i have to tell you privately what i hear from ceos across the board, they are very pleased that this is something the president has made a priority. >> sandra: the president will be leaving tonight for france, the g7 meeting will be happening. what does the world want to hear from the united states president as he embarks on that visit and that important meeting?
8:37 am
>> we are very excited to welcome the president into europe. we have a lot of problems between certain countries, specifically germany, the defense funding issue is a really big issue and i think with the president is going to want to hear is more progress. we have made some progress, between europe and canada we have increased defense spending by $100 billion because of the direct pressure from the president. in previous administrations, we have asked europe and others to increase their defense spending but it's largely gone unanswere unanswered, and this president has been able to shake and cajole and to push and we have seen the benefit of that. $100 billion in increased defense spending is a huge progress. so i think what the president is going to be looking for is more progress along that line.
8:38 am
we know germany is not up to 2% which is the obligation of nato members, this was an obligation that in 2014, all members signed inside from 2014 to 2,024, we are going to reach 2% commitment in those ten years. gripping up towards 2024 and we have many countries that have not been able to take that seriously. what we are asking for is credible plans from all the countries that are members of nato and i think the president is going to make very specific requests yet again that european allies share the burden of defense. >> sandra: the most recent from russia and vladimir putin directing the most recent u.s. missile test, the president speaking specifically on that, this was wednesday discussing
8:39 am
russia potentially returning to the g7. here's the president wednesday. >> it has come up, did we put russia back in? we spend a lot of time talking about russia in those meetings and they are not there. it would be a good thing of russia where they so we could speak directly, not have to speak by telephone. >> sandra: your response to that, ambassador? >> he always has this dual track and it's a developing trump administration doctrine which is a dual track approach. if you have the toughest sanctions on russia try to change their behavior but we are also trying to engage them to let them know that if they change their behavior, there is a path to get back to the society of nations. doing the same thing in north korea, trying to do the same thing with iran.
8:40 am
sitting down with the regime and talk. we have tough sanctions on all three of those countries, may be the toughest ever and also offering the opportunity to speak. >> sandra: we really appreciate you coming on "america's newsroom" this morning, thank you. >> jon: a leading democrat calling out president trump and members of his own party. did congresswoman omar and tlaib go too far with one tweet in particular? governor mike huckabee joins us to wake anna coming up. >> the democrats have gone very far away from israel. i cannot understand how they can do that. they don't want to fund israel, they want to take away foreign aid from israel and do a lot of bad things to israel.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
>> sandra: walmart has announced plans to reopen the walmart in el paso, texas, after
8:44 am
the shooting rampage that killed 22 people. the retail giant is planning to honor the victims by building an on-site memorial. planning to have the store later to reopen later this year. >> jon: a leading house democrat calling out members of his own party as well as president trump accusing them of ramping up anti-semitic rhetoric. house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler tweeted this. "they have growing anti-semitism in our political dialogue is repugnant. vicious and dangerous anti-semitic tropes, and the cartoon forwarded by representative rashida tlaib and ilhan omar can surely be read for its viable underlying message." joining us, mike huckabee former arkansas governor and fox news contributor. i suppose if congressman nadler is going to criticize members of
8:45 am
his own party, it helps him politically to lump the president in with them, but what did you think about bringing in those two members of congress? >> it's what you can expect from congressman nadler who hates president trump. it's not anti-semitic, and congresswomen tlaib and omar r. going to go to israel sponsored by a very anti-israel organization and go and make trouble. and said you can see your grandmother and said i don't want to after all if you can't go in and scream and yell at the very people who are hosting me which is absurd. the president is not anti-semitic and the fact is, he's got a jewish son-in-law and a jewish daughter in jewish grandkids and is done more for them in american history bar none. he knows that, he is not that
8:46 am
stupid. just had to lump them in with the two very genuinely anti-semitic members of congress. >> jon: i know that you yourself have a soft spot for israel, let a lot of delegations over there. what are they saying in israel about the president and his approach to that nation during his time in office? >> i think they're overwhelmed with gratitude that he move the embassy, recognizes jerusalem as the eternal indigenous capital of the jewish state and recognizes the fact that there should be a jewish state, something neither of these two congresswomen would either acknowledge. so does he say some things sometimes that seem in artful? yes, he does. but you have these two people who are truly genuine rapidly anti-semitic, anti- anti-israed the purpose of going to israel was to cause trouble but the fact they wouldn't even
8:47 am
acknowledge that it was israel. they kept calling it palestine. that is absurd and deep down they have to know that but they're not interested in trying to bring some level of understanding and it's a matter of trying to be showboat's and they got called out for it. >> jon: here's the question, he's got the bully pulpit and the biggest megaphone in the land. when he twisted them or retweets, amplifies on their tweets, is the only enhancing their standing within the democratic party? >> what i think he's doing is showing the contrast between what he stands for and what most republicans stand for and the fact that the democrats won't even call members of their own party out. he is the first do something like this and even he had to do it by building a big wall around them by attacking donald trump first. and it shows that there was a different democratic party at work today.
8:48 am
it used to be the democrats were reliable supporters of israel and sometimes even more so than republicans and i know longer is the case. the sad fact is these sad members of congress who are the face and voice of the democratic party when it relates to the issue of israel policy and it ought to be true moran pelosi, but it's not, it is these two people. they have co-opted their own party and it is tragic not just for the party but for the world and for really any understanding of any result of issues in the middle east. >> jon: you think the freshman tail is wagging the democratic dog right there? we make absolutely. i want to make clear one of the reasons they were not originally going to be able to go to israel is because of the 2017 law that prevents people coming into the country who support bds, and out to be that way. they don't invite people to come
8:49 am
in and trash their country and do things that would hurt not just the israelis but quite frankly, nothing has been more destructive to the future of palestinian families than the bds movement. i have seen it firsthand. the soda stream factory that employs 1100 people, 600 were palestinian and 500 is really, they work side-by-side. if the palestinians got the best paycheck they never had in their lives, and what happened is the bds movement caused them to shut the factory down to 600 palestinian families went from upwardly middle-class and frankly headed towards prosperity back in the property. how does that help the people who are supposed to be helped? it's absurd. >> jon: the story that doesn't get told enough, thanks for sharing it with us. >> sandra: a seriously fearsome sleeping giant, why a super volcano deep underneath yellowstone national park could be the greatest natural threat to life on earth as we know it.
8:50 am
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>> jon: scary story about one of my favorite places, underneath yellowstone lies a super volcano. in the unlikely event that should erupt, the sources of all those geysers and fume roles that you see, the devastation would be catastrophic or as "the new york times" is calling it, it could end human life on earth as we know it. here with fox news headlines, here on sirius xm. he is a volcanologist. it is a good, scary end of the
8:54 am
world story. hollywood has probably done it, these bad volcanoes are the scary gert, earthquakes, all we heard about are these scary earthquakes. this super volcano underneath yellowstone over the past 2.1 million years has a rep times that it's about every 700,000 years and it -- the last one was 640,000 years ago. 60,000 years away. it could be incredibly tragic but scientists warned us about these things a lot and rightfully so. we shouldn't be scared to the point we don't want to leave our homes we want to go high somewhere but if you live in whatever the area surrounding this toxic cloud would go out, you should be prepared for something like that. probably get a little bit of a warning with some sort of earthquake. one that we are talking about a
8:55 am
massive eruption that would blanket several states with ash. >> is someone who flies, that's also an issue with air travel because once it gets into the atmosphere, you can't fly through it because it will do terrible things to jet engines, went out from the icelandic islands. >> jon: there is a warning about bluetooth and you should turn it off. >> the beauty of bluetooth as it is so easy, it bears with your headphones on your laptop in your speakers. but because it is so easy, it is a security risk. we have seen this with the airdrop feature, commuting and you look at your airdrop and you may actually see people around you sending files without them saying yes. that sounds like a pain but you should probably keep the bluetooth off if you are not using it.
8:56 am
>> jon: good advice, thank you very much. >> sandra: fox news alert now, on dow watch this morning as you can see it down more than 430 points after china this morning said it would retaliate over u.s. tariffs. president trump meanwhile sending out some tweets moving markets ordering u.s. companies who do business in china to come home. the president also saying he will respond to china this afternoon. marcus will be watching that, the dow down for 40, more on that coming up next say hello to your fairy godmother, alice. oh and look they got gain scent beads and dryer sheets too! is it to carry cargo... greatness of an suv? or to carry on a legacy? its show of strength... or its sign of intelligence? in crossing harsh terrain... or breaking new ground?
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>> sandra: it's august 23rd. it's a friday. we had a lot of news this morning, didn't we, jon? the president tweeting away, moving markets. >> jon: the dow is down 460 points right now. it's been dropping at a pretty good pace ever since the president suggested he is going to be talking about china this afternoon. perhaps battling back in this trade war going back and forth. >> sandra: he suggested in one of those treats, so many of them in the last hour or so, that he
9:00 am
would be making an announcement and giving his response to those retaliatory tariffs from china. those were announce this money. a lot of back and forth. we will be watching it on fox news channel. jon scott, have a great weekend. "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, president trump going on the offensive on two economic fronts come here and overseas, as his comments causing some major turbulence in financial markets. look at that. we are down almost 500 points, friends. this is to is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. here today, fox news contributor and host on fox nation, rachel campos-duffy. cat temps, a host of "sincerely kat" on fox nation. love it. also contributed. fox news contributor jessica tarlov. joining us on the couch, tom homan. former acting director of ice and fox news contributor. he is "outnumbered." i've so many questions for you on a day like today. i'm so happy that you are here.


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