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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  August 23, 2019 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> melissa: fox news alert, we are awaiting president trump's response to china announcing it will raise tariffs on $75 billion worth of u.s. goods. this, as the president compares the federal reserve chief to the head of the communist nation. this is "outnumbered overtime." i'm melissa francis in today for harris faulkner. the dow plunging today as the u.s.-china trade war escalates. president trump saying he is ordering u.s. companies to find an alternative to china on the heels of beijing unveiling a new round of retaliatory tariffs on the u.s. as we are watching the outcome of the president also had some very harsh words for federal reserve chairman jay powell earlier today, comparing them to the head of the communist party there in china. after powell, in the speech this morning, refused to indicate whether the fed would lower interest rates further. the president tweeting, "as usual, the fed did nothing. it is incredible that they can speak without knowing or asking
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what i am doing, which will be announced shortly. we have a very strong dollar and a very weak fed. i will look work violently with of the u.s. will do great. my question is, who is our bigger enemy? kevin corke is live with the latest on this one. it's been quite a day, kevin. >> quite a day indeed. we consider what our sources are telling us, if he's meeting with his treating him at this hour, this on the day of incredible market volatility as you pointed out in your open. let me tell you why we have the other $75 billion in chinese tariffs set to hit the u.s. we are talking about exports like cotton, coffee, tea, grapefruit, electric vehicles, just to name a few. it's the latest escalation in the ongoing tree dispute between the world's largest economies. only this time, instead of a terrorist being used to nudge them back to the bargaining table, this latest round from
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china has really spooked the markets and obviously angered the president, as well. on twitter he said our great american companies are hereby ordered to look for an alternative to china, including bringing your company's home and making products in the usa." as we take a look at the big board, still in the negative. done by more than 500 points at this hour. obviously the market not helped by powell's comments, which frankly seem to express a bit of disinterest in going far in a rate reduction. to be by, say, have a basis point. i don't know. this is happening with the g7, as you know. interesting times of the white house. we will see what exec at the president might say about it later today. for now, back to you. >> melissa: no doubt. kevin corke, thank you. for more on all of this, let's bring in deirdre bolton. wow! it's been really volatile. can i start with this idea? when chairman powell was talking we were getting remarks.
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the market was going up. it sounded to me like listening to being read out life that he was being accommodating. you know? >> as you rightly point out, yes. i think that's how most investors took those comments. that the fed chair was not going to announce a rate cut right there from jackson hole, wyoming, . but he was doing a lesser telegraph in his own way that cuts would be coming. we know from what investors expect, almost 100% of the market participants expect a 25-basis point cut in september. i feel like president trump described the might, essentially, virtually, from the fed chairman. you read that tweet, of course. that was highly critical of the fed. i almost feel like president trump just took over that narrative and pushed as far as possible, really, against china. we see of course the market reaction. >> melissa: let's put up that tweet you are referencing.
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"great american companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to china, including ringing companies who are making our products in the usa. i will be responding to china's tariffs this afternoon." let's look at that and two pieces. the first one, "start looking for alternatives." what companies haven't already done that? i know he can't order it. >> i was going to say, i think the legal framework is a big question. can the president ordered that? >> melissa: of course not. >> we spoke with diplomats earlier, that if you wanted to go the national security route you could say company should be in china. but you cannot mandate that as such. i think for a lot of tech companies that maybe have been thinking about it -- and take as an example, per the many ring putty manufacture facility be in on. the fastest i've seen references a few months. there's a lot of business leaders, even if the with president trump, how my going to give the sun?
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>> melissa: if you bring companies in, they talk about how they release or work on plan b. and they've already started implementing it. because it's gone on so long. as much as this seems like an outrageous thing to treat, and he cannot order companies to do this, >> it's not without difficulty. ibm has been in china for decades prints without a very quick turnaround. you allude to the second part of that tweet, which is even more important. which is there's more details this afternoon. i can only imagine, it's kind of a parlor game. what else could be coming? clearly there's more coming. >> melissa: look at the market reaction. we are now down 503 points. you think that's a reaction to the second part, where he says to wait until this afternoon? and everybody's like, "oh, no!" or is it about attacking powell when it seems like powell was already on his side and doing what he needed to do? what you think the market
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responds there is about? >> i think part of it is a cliche, and it's a cliche for a reason. uncertainty. if you are a business owner, you are just thinking, "i've no idea what's coming." but clearly the tension has gone higher. whatever is coming might actually cause a lot of difficulty. either supply chain, employees, herring or firing, but at the end of the day's insurgency. just feeling the tension going up. of course, this is all ahead of the g7. [laughs] what an amazing timing. for the first time in history, even the french president, of the host country, is saying "we won't bother to have a communique." in other words, "we are having this meeting but we expect nothing as far as consensus on any of these issues." trade certainly being one of them. as a reminder, we banned some of the chinese infrastructure that companies. banned them at different times in different ways. europe uses them freely. the u.k. and germany in particular saying, "we know china is spying on us through this equipment, but it is cheap and we are going to use it
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anyway. >> melissa: yeah. what about the few real quick of the president could declare victory on china at any point in time? we've seen become expand. his critics say that, that he could do it anytime. is it possible he is buying time here? >> i think the chinese are trying to buy time. i think it might be established on their part. i think they are factoring in the possibility that president trump may not win back. i think that's incorrect but they're factoring that in. thinking, "we might get somebody easier who will back down more." president xi jinping's president for life. he doesn't have to go through elections as we do. so they are playing the waiting game. >> melissa: interesting. deirdre, thank you. make sure to tune into fox news sunday this weekend. chris wallace has an exclusive interview with somebody who is right at the center of all of this. treasury secretary steve mnuchin. amid the stream or with china,
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concerns about the economy, and president trump's criticism of e federal reserve. you can't afford to miss this interview. i will be a big one. federal prosecutors have reportedly subpoenaed up to 20 staff members at the prison where jeffrey epstein died. the move suggesting that authorities maybe pursuing criminal charges against employees at new york's metropolitan correctional cente center. jacqui heinrich is following the story for us. jacqui? >> melissa, the manhattan federal court is not confirming or denying that subpoenas were served. but the union representing those guards tells fox news they were notified that some employees would be receiving subpoenas. the report from the associated press indicates this 20 prison staffers could be forced to answer to a grand jury over epstein's death. it follows a "washington post" report claiming at least eight prison officials, including high-level supervisors and managers, knew that epstein was a suicide risk and should not be
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left alone. that order reportedly ignored before his death. fox news confirms some prison officials were initially not cooperating with investigators, and last week the ap reported some staff had still not been interviewed by the fbi. all this as french investigators announce their own probe into epstein and possible coconspirators in the alleged sex trafficking ring. epstein had a residence in paris and was flying back from there when he was arrested. court documents implicated a prominent french modeling agent, in the litigation. he was accused of procuring miners for epstein and denied any wrongdoing. he did not return a request for comments. prosecutors didn't say whether they were targeting brunel, only that they are looking into multiple charges of rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse of children under the age of 15, sexual assault of minors over the age of 15, a criminal conspiracy to commit crimes.
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meantime, the massachusetts institute of technology is going to give the $800,000 in donations it received from epstein over 20 years to charity, supporting his accusers and other victims of sexual abuse. epstein made donations to several institutes, including mit and the university saying the gifts elevated his reputation undistracted from his horrifying acts. students are never reportedly calling for the leader to resign. melissa? >> melissa: new statistics out whether this will pressure congress to come together on immigration reform. plus, house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler taking a swipe at members of the squad, accusing them of spreading anti-semitism. could this drive a new wedge in the democratic party? ♪ wow!
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>> melissa: a father saving his 8-year-old son in rural colorado after he was attacked by a mountain lion. officials telling fox at denver it is the third big cat attack on people in the state this year. the mountain lion let go and took off running as the father approached, and the victim's mother quickly called 911. take a listen. >> a mountain lion did what and that? >> attacked my son. >> attacked your son? in his head? >> yes. >> is was unconscious? is actively beating bleeding? >> melissa: wow. the boy was hospitalized in serious but stable condition. wildfire cruise reportedly euthanized two mountain lions in the area. a brand-new report from the justice department shows a dramatic uptick in federal arrests of non-u.s. citizens. the data from the bureau of
10:16 am
justice statistics shows they jumped him over 200% over the past few decades. though most of those arrests were for immigration offenses, non-u.s. citizens now account for about a quarter of all federal drug and property crime arrests. let's bring in alfonso aguilar. he is former chief of the u.s. office of citizenship under president george w. bush. he is also president of the latino partnership for conservative principles. thank you for joining us. what do you make of these numbers? >> thank you for having me. i think we have to put them in perspective. we see a dramatic increase is due to immigration offenses. 95% of that increase is arrests over immigration offenses like entering the country illegally or overstaying their visa. but we have to recognize, as you mention, 25% of all drug and property offenses, arrests over
10:17 am
drug and property offenses, are of noncitizens. that's a significant number. however, when you look up more serious crimes like violent crime, noncitizens are committing that type of crime at the same rate or are less likely to admit still not committed as u.s. citizens. we can conclude the majority of noncitizens, whether undocumented or legal in the country, are not actively involved in criminal activity. but a significant number are, and that shouldn't be underestimated. >> melissa: what are the implications of that? >> well, we certainly need immigration reform. especially when we continue to arrest people over immigration offenses. for entering illegally into the country, or overstaying their visa. we need to fix the system, which
10:18 am
leads to people staying in the country illegally. so we need a more sensible reasonable common sense system. hopefully this will lead republicans and democrats to work in congress, to beef up border security. but also to reform our illegal immigration system. >> melissa: you think by virtue of enforcing the laws more actively that you believe our system is encouraging people to make the way it set up, it's encouraging people to come break the law? >> absolutely. we have to step up border security, because still too many people are coming through the border illegally. too many people overstaying their visas. but we also have to find a way to legally bring the people that our economy needs. the vast majority of them are coming here to work. >> melissa: why do you think the government haven't done my cousin does not? i don't mean to cut you off, we
10:19 am
don't have a lot of time left. he served in the bush of administration i do been along for a while. why do you think that problem has been around so long and lawmakers have not fixed it? >> sadly, when you meet with lawmakers, republicans, democrats come in private, you can reach a consensus. but it's become so political that and public the debate is totally polarized. it's impossible to find consensus. you find them playing politics with the issue. it's what >> melissa: thank you for coming on. >> thank you. >> melissa: leading customer cut jerry nadler calling out ilhan omar and rashida tlaib along with president trump for allegedly spreading anti-semitism. all of them. could his criticism further divide democrats to make will talk to chris stirewalt. plus, the 2020 race heats up as the dnc kicks off its summer meeting in san francisco. now, under the candidate is dropping out. a live report ahead. ♪ rin regimen,
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>> melissa: billionaire philanthropist and prominent republican donor, david koch, has died at the age of 79 after a decades long battle with prostate cancer. he and his older brother, charles, became well known nationally for pushing conservative causes. david also ran as the vice presidential candidate for the libertarian party back in 1980. he spent the latter years of his life investing heavily in cancer research and the arts. the democratic national committee kicking off its summer meeting in san francisco. all of the 2020 democrats were invited to address the committee, but front runner joe biden skipping it to campaign in new hampshire. this, as massachusetts congress becomes the latest candidate to drop out of the presidential race. jeff paul is live in san francisco. >> melissa come as you can
10:25 am
probably hear, things just getting underway here in sf. the news being that seth moulton has decided no longer to pursue a bid for the white house in 2020. he joins the likes of jay inslee and former governor john hickenlooper, who have all decided to bow out in the past previous days. but there is still plenty of people trying to challenge president trump in 2020. one of those people, bernie sanders, who spent some time yesterday, about three and have hours north of here in paradise, california. the backdrop of the campfire, which happened in november. the most devastating wildfire in california history. took the lives of 86 people. he used that as a backdrop to push is $16 trillion plan to help stop global warming. he was asked if his plan would help present dell might prevent such a devastating wild side he sees he can't make any promises but there is a need to strengthen communities be better prepared.
10:26 am
he referenced president roosevelt's new deal. he set aside more than churchill endorses need-based grants to help businesses and homeowners prepare their homes. another $2 trillion of aid in electric cars to phase out gas-powered vehicles. also, billions of dollars to help rebuild the country's power grid. >> this issue -- what the fossil fuel industries have got to understand, and those people supporting the fossil fuel industry, they've got to understand that for the sake of their children and their grandchildren in the future of the planet, we cannot continue the status quo. >> one decision that sparked protest among some activists is the choice by the dnc to not have a debate solely focused on climate change. the dnc insisting there are a wide range of topics to focus on. if they choose one, it could set a difficult precedent. senator elizabeth warren
10:27 am
speaking here in town last night didn't mention anyone by name but says the democrats can't play small pair they have to swing big. >> some democrats believe the only way forward is to make change incrementally. a few tweets here, some nudges there. no. this is a time of crisis. when you are in crisis, when your back is up against the wall, the last thing you do is back down from the big fight. [applause] >> while joe biden and mayor pete buttigieg are all campaigning in new hampshire and other candidates aren't here, they are all given the option to record a video message, which the dnc will be playing throughout the day. melissa? >> melissa: jeff paul, thank you. he leading house democrats now slamming squad members rashida tlaib and ilhan omar, as well as president trump, for allegedly spreading anti-semitism. judiciary chair jerry nadler
10:28 am
pointed to this controversial cartoon that the congresswomen shared. the artist has been accused of promoting anti-semitic imagery. now they're also slamming the president for calling jewish democrats disloyal to israel, and their people. tweeting, "the growing anti-semitism in our political dialogue is repugnant. terms, it's about disloyalty are vicious and dangerous anti-semitic true. and the carlo latuff cartoon by tlaib and omar can certainly be red for its vile, underlying message. chris stirewalt's fox news politics editor and the host of "i'll tell you what" podcast. can you help me sort this out? everyone is yelling, "anti-semites." it's a lot. >> it is a lot. it's pretty un-american. one thing americans have a hard time recognizing in our european cousins is the degree to which
10:29 am
people's race or ethnicity or faith plays in politics. because that's what they've got. they are a descendant from a feudal system that even ties you to the land. is not what america is when it comes to politics. in america, we don't care whether you are jewish or whether you were muslim or where they were protestant or whether you are catholic. we care about your ideas. we care about your participation. we care about whether you can get elected or not. with or you can affect real change. that's why when we see the growth above, rebirth of some of don't like ugly discussions used to have about what jews ought to vote like and how it's been over and behave, it rankles us and makes us feel disquieted, because it's profoundly un-american. >> melissa: one thing very difficult to swallow about this is it seems like it's not even sincere, dealing back and forth. it's everyone trying to grab the spotlight for their own political benefit.
10:30 am
which is not something that is new, but doing that at the same time that you are incorporating that really ugly conversation that you were talking about. i think that's what makes this whole thing more distasteful to most people at home watching, versus the normal yelling back and forth and name-calling were in politics. feels ickier. >> you're right, the cynicism of it makes it more despicable. the reality is we have a lot of people -- i listen to elizabeth warren in the previous segment talk about how it's a crisis. we have politicians in both parties who sell crisis as their brand constantly. everything is a crisis. everything is an extreme. and this allows us to excuse more and more extreme conduct, extreme language, extreme other things. but the reality is a lot of it is cynical and a lot of it is designed to keep you afraid, to keep you scared, and to tolerate political behavior that you would otherwise think was unacceptable. >> melissa: right. we are also in a new era.
10:31 am
obviously, the president engaged in a lot of name calling to his own benefit. that was a whole new campaign the last time around in the presidential campaign. now it seems like a lot of those people who said that was horrible, somebody like that doesn't deserve to be in office, are battling back with the same behavior. >> that's right. >> melissa: is this the new normal? do things quiet down at some point? >> democrats are having a debate amongst themselves right now. are they going to listen to elizabeth warren and bernie sanders and say it is a crisis, and that we must go absolutely bonkers? it is time to fight bonkers with bonkers. "we've got to go totally off the deep end versus joe biden who says, "we've got to be cool, that voters want us to comment down." >> melissa: chris stirewalt, thank you. fighting reproach and ordering his military to prepare for a response after u.s. missile test. we will have a live report.
10:32 am
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so, give that just saw a puppy look and whatever that look is. look like you with fewer lines. own your look with the one and only botox® cosmetic. >> melissa: russian president vladimir putin ordering his military to prepare for a response after the u.s. carried out a cruise missile test that was previously banned under a defunct u.s.-russia treaty. lucas tomlinson joins us live from the pentagon with more. lucas? >> melissa, russia and the u.s. are each blaming each other for the demise of the decades-old inf treaty, which banned ground-based intermediate-range missiles. the u.s. pulls out of the treaty earlier this month. today, president putin responded. >> translator: i ordered the ministry of defense of the russian federation to analyze the level of the threat for our country, created by the activities of the united states,
10:37 am
and to undertake comprehensive measures to prepare the symmetric response. >> putin ordered the tit for tat after the pentagon release this video showing the tomahawk cruise missile, which for decades has been deployed aboard u.s. warships and submarines. recall the 1987 inf treaty only covered land-based missiles in this range. but putin believes the launcher you see here could be deployed to romania and poland, within striking distance of moscow. the u.s. has any deployment there would only be for defensie purposes, to shoot on rest and ballistic missiles. an exclusive interview with the new defense secretary, my colleague jennifer griffin asked mark esper about russia's alleged violations of the treat treaty. >> the united states was in compliance with the inf treaty up to the day we left it, which was august 2nd of 3 weeks ago. russia was in noncompliance for many years, going back to the obama administration. right now, russia has popular nuclear-tipped inf cruise-range
10:38 am
missiles facing toward europe. that is not a good thing. >> ambassadors from russia and china called for security council meeting in new york yesterday, blaming the u.s. for starting a new arms race. esper says china is also a new reason that the u.s. walked away from the treaty. >> we want to make sure that, as we need to, we want to deter attorneys by being her bite being able to strike at an intermediate range. >> china was never a party to the inf treaty, giving them decades to build up a large arsenal of intermediate-range missiles. melissa? >> melissa: thank you so much. in the meantime, world leaders hoping for no drama at the g7 summit as president trump gets set to travel to france. the president has made some headlines recently, suggesting among other things that russia be readmitted into the group. and spying with denmark over wanting to buy greenland. he has been outspoken on his support for a no-deal brexit.
10:39 am
let's bring our power panel. michael o'hanlon is a director of foreign policy research at the brookings institution. christian whiteness of former senior advisor in both the trump and bush in those regions. thanks to both of you for joining us. michael connelly start with you. these meetings, filling the g7 meetings have gotten to the point, at least outside view, of being diplomatic to the point of being almost meaningless. that they would sort of get together and take pictures and smile. but it felt like not a lot was achieved. the president comes along and kind of blows of the normal protocol for these sort of things. and then later he says as a result of him calling them out, they are paying more into their funds. objectively, what do you think has been the impact of the president's completely different approach to this type of meetin meeting? >> hi, melissa. certainly, transatlantic relations are very strained in this presidency. it doesn't necessarily affect the core fundamentals of a lot of our security provisions. for example, in your earlier
10:40 am
piece about putin, he recognizes nato is still pretty strong unified against him, as is the european union, with their sanctions. he feels the need to push back against what we are doing, which is as a result of russian noncompliance. if he saw divisions within nato, i think he would try to exploit those. instead, he's just getting up on his high horse and taking us all on together. so that suggests that mr. trump's rhetoric, even if divisive or sometimes because the strange in the alliance, makes them unpopular in europe, it doesn't always affect the fundamentals of the strength of the western alliance. frankly, on the greenland thing, my own view is the europeans should have sort of laughed it off and shrug it off. obviously we don't have to sell greenland if they don't want to. why take that kind of idea so seriously? even if esther trump takes it seriously for a day, i think he can get over being told "no, thank you." so i'm surprised they engage them as they did on that issue. that's my take. >> melissa: christian, if you look at the situation of russia, we had our own ambassador from
10:41 am
germany on earlier saying that this fits with the president's kind of 2-pronged approach. if you look at what's going on with russia, on one hand he puts a tremendous amount of pressure on those he is trying to make changes with it in the case of russia it would be through sanctions. his second prong approach is trying to encourage dialogue. by virtue of saying something like, "we should let russia back into the g7. at least they can meet face-to-face and have a conversation while keeping the pressure on. what do you think of that interpretation of how the president does business? is it accurate, and does it work? >> yes, melissa. i think my friend ric grenell is right about that. what donald trump is doing is giving the g7, hopefully the g8, a chance to be relevant. we are always told these are our greatest allies. but if you look, what about the crisis with china? are these people doing to help us? even our allies, they are working against us with a random
10:42 am
for example. tough sanctions there. they coach their companies, along with germany, on how to evade u.s. sections. they feel because those countries would rather do business with the u.s. then with iran. look at the g7, it's absurd. look at their agenda. they want to talk about gender equality, sustainable development, climate change. okay, fine. that's not worth our time to do. hopefully there is something real that comes out of this. >> melissa: michael, what about that? that reflects how a lot of people look at this group. is not that accurate, we just heard? speak i think these issues are important. nonetheless, i take the broader point that we need to be serious with getting russia to mark stabilizing level where we do have interaction that is meaningful. i think it's fine to raise the prospect. things be clear conditions on putin as well. i think you start to turn it path back toward broader dialogue. >> melissa: we are out of time. christian, i hope you an extra
10:43 am
one next time. i'm so sorry. >> [laughs] >> melissa: california filing yet another lawsuit against the trump administration. white democratic governor gavin newsom wants to go to court this time. plus, a chicago judge naming a special prosecutor to look into the handling of the jussie smollett case today. could this mean for new charges against the actor? ♪ let's see, aleve is proven better on pain than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills. so why am i still thinking about this? i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain. why fingerstick when you can scan? with the freestyle libre 14 day system just scan the sensor with your reader, iphone or android and manage your diabetes. with the freestyle libre 14 day system,
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>> hi, everyone paid i'm julie banderas and for dana perino to the predarling up the trade war with china. the president say he's ordering american companies to look to close up shop overseas. but can he do it? that's a question. will try and answer it. coming up, we are lurking don't like looking at what could be the first death tied to vaping. if your kids don't show up to school, should you end up on bars connect some democrats have pushed for it. i will ask a former substitute teacher, tyrus. he actually was a teacher. that's coming up on "the daily briefing" ." >> melissa: california stepping up its legal fight against president trump, governor gavin newsom announcing that the state will file yet another lawsuit as early as next week. this one seeking to block the admission efforts and how long they can keep migrant families detained. william la jeunesse of life in los angeles with more. william?
10:48 am
>> melissa, california has sued the of administration 56 times so far. many of those cases do with immigration, but here's the irony -- california did not complain when president obama built migrant detention centers and detain families definitely. now, however, it does paid last night governor newsom saying he and other blue states will try and stop president trump from overturning flores. i hope migrants, knowing that the majority will never go to court. >> it's an assault on the flores decision. i think it will be rejected by the courts. california will once again assert itself in the fort >> that court would be the circuit, home to contaminate pro-immigrant rulings. they are saying hypocrites are being hypocritical, opposing policies they want supported. >> when joe biden said yesterday, "this is not how we are, this is not the country want to be," he seems to forget we did this under his administration. the so-called "cages," which i
10:49 am
don't call cages, were built under his new restriction. >> officials who worked under both of administration say that when migrants know they will be detained and likely deported, most don't come. democrats say the obama-term policy, however, is child abuse. >> i think the trump measures that surround every day thinking of new ways to be cruel to these migrants. that's what they do. >> families will stay together in a family residential center, which was purposely built for their care and custody. they will get removed if they don't qualify for release. >> the policy will be decided in court, but the democrats don't like republican democrats support open borders since they seem to be holding migrants together or apart. back to you. new line thank you for that. new developments in the jussie smollett case. a chicago judge naming the
10:50 am
special prosecutor will not investigate why officials abruptly dropped charges against the actor. despite accusing him of staging a hate crime attack against himself. matt finn joins us from chicago. matt? >> melissa, we are basically back to square one in the jussie smollett saga. as if all the prior legal proceedings had never happened. this new special prosecutor is now tasked with investigating any person or any office in the jussie smollett case. that means the special prosecutor could bring the same or a new criminal charges against the actor or anyone inside of kim foxx's office. special prosecutor named today is dan webb. he's a former u.s. attorney here in illinois that also served as counsel on the iran contra tria trial. the judge michael tommin appointed webb and says webb is immensely qualified. >> this is important. judge tommin has made that clear to me. he thinks the public confidence in criminal justice says it's
10:51 am
effective. i intend to move very quickly. >> that special prosecutor says he will take guidance and material from agencies that already investigated, including the fbi and chicago police. he will interview witnesses. from illinois appellate justice sheila o'brien can be credited with a special prosecutor being appointed today. justice o'brien filed the petition in court after kim fox's office dropped the charges against smollett. she since the public deserves the entire truth, no dresses o'brien says she hopes kim foxx will testify under oath and is not concerned with whether smollett is charged again. >> if mr. webb decides not to bring charges, what i be disappointed? no. i'm not concerned with the outcome. this was all about the fairness of the process. >> in a statement a short while ago, kim fox's office indicated they will cooperate with the special investigator and
10:52 am
jussie smollett maintains he's innocent and had nothing to do with the hoax. melissa? >> melissa: matt finn, thank you. the connecticut banker accused of killing a hotel worker on a family vacation in anguilla maintaining his innocence at his first hearing. but can you get a fair trial on the island? we are going to dig into the case, next. ♪ >> i'm grateful for the opportunity to appear in these courts that a every court appearance means we are one step closer to putting this nightmare behind us. a nightmare for my family but also the people of anguilla. ♪ but what i do count on... is boost® delicious boost® high protein nutritional drink has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. boost® high protein. be up for life. enterprise car sales and you'll take any trade-in?rom that's right! great! here you go... well, it does need to be a vehicle. but - i need this out of my house. (vo) with fair, transparent value for every trade-in...
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>> an american man charged with manslaughter for killing a hotel worker while on vacation returns to the caribbean island for its first hearing. scott hapgood has said he was protecting his daughter and he would do it again. as he fights to clear his name but the nightmare could be far from over. "the new york post" reporting that he may not face trial for
10:57 am
three years, since anguilla only has one judge. let's bring an attorney, jenna bluhm. i think it's amazing to a lot of americans because this man's life is on complete hold. he has these charges hanging over his head and it could be a very long time. >> in the united states it often takes time for matter to go forward to go to trial so that's not very different from here. what is interesting is in the united states we use the grand jury process. in anguilla they have a preliminary hearing which is similar but a judge, or a magistrate, makes the decision of the matters going to proceed. so it's probably possible these charges could be dropped. we know there's conflicting accounts of what actually occurred here. >> so what you think could happen in this case because it was withheld for a while, the toxicology report from the man who was killed who the person
10:58 am
accused of this point side came in the room and attacked them and it turned out that he had all kinds of alcohol and drugs in the system according to the toxicology report. does that make for a better defense when you combine it with the picture of mr. hapgood as well? you think this is something the judge would let go at this point? or do you think this is going to end up moving forward? >> it might go forward because there are such different accounts of what happened. we knew that hapgood held down the alleged victim after the altercation between the two of them and i think that's going to work against his at least initial process. meaning i think he will be indicted, the charges will go forward because of that. he even admits to that. he claims that he did it in continuing self-defense. it's a question of whether he's going to get a fair trial here. we do know that the post got the toxicology report before the defense attorney, which is pretty shocking. >> does that make you think you won't get a fair trial because if you look at the interests of
10:59 am
the area itself, they depend a lot on tourism. on one hand they don't want people to feel like it's not safe to come visit. on the other hand, it does feel like it's a local against somebody from the outside and that's the fear amongst the defense. >> that totally makes sense, especially because they didn't get the crucial piece of documentation and it went to the media first. there's a concern about whether that's going to continue to happen. also just in and guyette you have a right to a trial by jury so we're going to see of whether he waves that right and then it would just be one person, the judge, making the determination. judges are supposed to be neutral but just like anyone else they tend to have biases so it's going to be a hard judgment call as to whether they should have the locals which are outraged as to whether he's out on bail or go with a judge. >> deborah bloom thank you so much for that and before we go we want to say a very special goodbye and thank you to our
11:00 am
longtime director, peter snyder. he has been with fox news since 1997. he's retiring to california, good for you, peter. thank you for everything you've done for all of us and you will be greatly missed. i'm missing melissa francis, daily briefing starts now. >> julie: we begin with the trade war with china hitting a new level this afternoon. president trump is huddling with a straight team as we speak after saying that he is ordering all american companies with operations in china to look into another place to do business. hello everyone i am julie banderas in force before today is "the daily briefing" ." so in addition to calling on american companies to close up shop in china, literally the president saying he is ordering all u.s. carriers, fedex, amazon, ups can you name it, and the postal service to boot, to seek out and refused shipments of fentanyl from china and o


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