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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  August 23, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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longtime director, peter snyder. he has been with fox news since 1997. he's retiring to california, good for you, peter. thank you for everything you've done for all of us and you will be greatly missed. i'm missing melissa francis, daily briefing starts now. >> julie: we begin with the trade war with china hitting a new level this afternoon. president trump is huddling with a straight team as we speak after saying that he is ordering all american companies with operations in china to look into another place to do business. hello everyone i am julie banderas in force before today is "the daily briefing" ." so in addition to calling on american companies to close up shop in china, literally the president saying he is ordering all u.s. carriers, fedex, amazon, ups can you name it, and the postal service to boot, to seek out and refused shipments of fentanyl from china and other
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nations. it's not clear yet whether this is an official order, whether the president has ordered anything just yet, or whether he has the power to even do all of this. this comes after china announced billions in new tariffs on american goods. well tariffs which analysts have said will make things you buy more expensive. the effect of items include bathtubs, razor blades, coffee, tea, tuna, grapefruit and the list goes on. the president is also promised more of a response sometime this afternoon. as we wait for that we go to rich hudson who is reporting live from the white house with all of this. >> good afternoon, julie. frustration in the middle of a long unresolved trade fight with china. the president just unloaded on china this morning across four tweets. some of that he writes "we don't need china and frankly we'd be far better off without them. the vast amounts of money remain and stolen from china by the united states year-over-year for decades will and must stop.
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our great american companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to china. "we are still trying to figure out exactly what that meet under what authority the president can do this or what exactly he's talking about here. we have no response and no clarity under what authority the president of the united states can actually order companies to close operations in another country. the president also says "i am ordering all carriers, including fedex, amazon, ups, and the post office to reach search for and remove all deliveries of fentanyl from china or anywhere else." we do have a response from ups and fedex saying they work under all laws and regulations to try and intercept any types of illegal shipments. >> julie: so the president also suggested that his fed chair might be a bigger enemy than china's president. what's that all about? speak up part of the tweets
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today, he asked whether our bigger enemy is jay powell or chairman. powell is the chairman of the federal reserve, the very one that the president selected. he claims there's restraining economic growth in the major policy speech for a fed conference in wyoming to come up powell threw it back on the trip president's trade policy saying "wild monetary policy is a much powerful tool that works to support consumer spending, it cannot provide a settled rule book for international trade." he also says that uncertainty about trade policy is what is playing a role in the global economic slow down, weak manufacturing, and business spending. >> julie: and now all of this as he's about to head to the g7. >> he's heading to the g7 and france, this in the middle of this gent can take trade fight between the united states and china. the president maintains that the economy in the united states was strong, growth is really
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emblematic of places around the world. he says the rest of the world is not doing so well. there are concerns about global growth. analysts here say there is some trouble economic indicators but it's usually the case that the u.s. of the bright spot in the global economy. senior officials say the core of this g7 in france will be global growth in the president will push his domestic agenda to try to bring that worldwide. lower taxes and the regulation and also the president since the do while he travels abroad, push american products, selling american products overseas. >> julie: rich hudson, to you very much. let's bring the experts. vilma karen fox news contributor and main street columnist for "the wall street journal" and sedro bolton of the fox business network. the president is always promised the tough talk on trade with china and he is following through. box checked today. he's been talking but that since the campaign trail into a new 16 and before. what is china texting now? >> china is threatening to tax come up by the way on the same
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two dates that we are threatening to tax markham chinese goods they can probably see the pattern. september 1st and december 15th. the main thing they turn its threatening u.s. cars and then u.s. auto parts. that means anyone, any business in china, any individual in china wants to buy anything auto related that has anything to do with the u.s., they will pay 25% more on the car or 5% more in any component or part. >> julie: while there are a lot of products. i went through some of them but there are many products that are being affected by this and we can but the up on the screen. talk to us about what is going to become that much more expensive. he mentioned intellectual property like music, movies, tv shows, et cetera. can you explain more about the products that are being affected? >> i think a lot of products will be affected. with the president is doing now in his order about reconsidering, removing out of china. there are a lot of supply
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chains, meaning if you sell something in the united states can parts come together and a lot of the note put together internet and that exported. it's very comp get a process. you can't just say i'm going to close to my operations and chins on and i'm going to move to vietnam. it's very complicated, it's very disruptive for business. i think the president has a legitimate beef with china. china has a lot of terrible behaviors. the problem is i'm not sure this is a way to fix it. >> julie: told him what his question mix because that's the question. the dilemma is countries have found it hard to find a way to punish other countries for bad behavior without doing more damage to themselves. in the past, i think when japan, remember when japan 30 years ago was accused of these things? wrote really heard japan as the world came together and lowered tariffs and put pressure on their inefficiencies. i think will present better to do that cancel things like the trans-pacific partnership, which would get together other people
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that have issues with china and again, raise the cost of chinese inefficiency. now we are in a war of chicken where they are going to escalate it we are going to escalate. >> >> julie: bill brings up a great point. apple is a huge example if you look at that stock is down more than 4% because it does all of its assembly in china. we know tim cook has been talking with the president trying to keep apple out of this because to this point it actually ends up hurting both the comments announced at the question of which economy loses less and i think even from our standpoint it's a lot of business people who don't really want to think about that in those terms. that's why we are seeing the market sell-off. >> remember in war of the roses when daniel devita tells michael douglas there are no winners in this divorce and michael douglas says i have more square footage. that's what we are at now. this is going to hurt a lot of size and a lot of innocent people. >> julie: i want to read the statement about the u.s. chamber of commerce on escalating trade tensions and it goes like this,
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"what we share the president's frustration we believe that continued constructive engagement at the right way forward. time is of the essence, we do not want to see a further deterioration of u.s.-china relations. we urge the administration of the government of china to return to the negotiating table. who's going to stand to be heard tomorrow at the end of this and what will it take for the u.s. and china to sit at the table? >> sitting at the table together and actually coming to an agreement, that's just going to take a while. it's a cup get it issued so a lot of issues for saying president trump is ratchet up the situation, there are a lot of people who say we understand this point of view and his frustration because china does continue to steal. >> julie: did the president have any choice in this tariff? >> yes. i think tariffs are a terrible idea. i think milton friedman said it it's like minding your own harbors. >> julie: i just want to play a quick response to your comment, not directly to your comment but the president talking about not only that
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somebody had to do it, but now he calls himself the chosen one. in other words this was his duty. let's listen. >> somebody had to do it. i am the chosen one. somebody had to do it. i'm taking on china. i'm taking on china on trade. you know what? we are winning. >> julie: let up his next question marks because the dow is down 500 points, not that we have to measure anything in text. i think for more than the tick tock of the market today today i think what this does the business owners is it does a tremendous onus on their shoulders. if you are putting together products in china, even let's say you have a backup plan to put some machinery in vietnam come i'm just picking something randomly. as an 18 month project minimum. at most i think 18 months to five year is a normal kind of rearrangement of your supply of your manufacturing. i do think it's tough.
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>> these are complex decisions. they have contracts, they have other obligations. we just put a lot of questions, how can you make a decision on what is the best price, what is the best, when so much as in the air question mike you can't. >> julie: you're going to have to wait and see. the president is a businessman. i guess we will at the put our faith in him. >> even his critics to give him a shout out for trying to take this on. >> julie: something has to be done, that's the bottom line. >> people always say something had to be done. i lived in hong kong for ten years i'm very familiar with china. just because among us me that does mean you do the wrong thing. it does help you. you bring yourself down in the process. >> julie: film agrarian, great to see both. up next we are going to see don my care from farmers who are on the front line of the trade war with china. another democratic presidential candidate has bowed out of the race, we will tell you who. (woman) somebody would ask her something and she would just walk right
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>> the u.s. china trade were deepening. the dow is down 513 points, it's been sort of wavering around that 500 down area. as president trump files a strong response to a new round of chinese tariffs and of course wall street is responding in a negative way. the battle also hitting u.s. firms pretty hard with beijing's decision to cut back on buying american soybeans and that's where peter doocy picks up the story. he joins us live from des moines, iowa, with what's going on there. peter. >> julie, when china stops bank iowa soybeans in bulk that means that a lot of iowa soybeans don't get bought by anybody. it's because a train is a huge customer. they have a lot of people in
11:16 am
china and they were taking one row of every three rows that we plant of soybeans. that's a lot of soybeans that they were taking it. to lose that market last year has hurt us and i think will hurt us for a while. it's going to take us a while to recover from that. >> julie: for that reason when democrats running for president were here in iowa this week they all took turns going after president trump's approach to trade with china. >> you know, folks, is crushing american farmers in my state and yours in particular throughout the midwest. >> there are a whole bunch of farmers out there that a lost contract that will never come back because this presidents ego was too big. you are not going to get china to switch their fundamental economic problem overnight by imposing this tariff. >> because these farmers are not at the table with anybody in d.c. or in beijing, there is an expectation that things could
11:17 am
get worse before they get better here in iowa. that does not mean they are ready to throw in the towel on improving trade with china. >> on the other hand, i understand we got so far the other way i fully understand how he got elected. i would support what i've seen so far and of course that's very brief. i would support his policies again. >> so it does seem like the ongoing trade talks are going to have an impact on the 2020 election but it's not clear exactly what that impact would be because again, some of these farmers that are most affected are willing to give president trump a little more time. >> julie: thank you very much. meanwhile another democratic candidate has called it quits. three term massachusetts congress and chemist seth moulton, i will officially announce the end of his white house bid very soon at the
11:18 am
dnc summer meeting underway in france san francisco. we could hear from him later this hour. moulton becomes the third 2020 helpful to exit the race than just this past week. he is expected instead to run for a fourth term as congressman. so russia is responding to a u.s. missile test, it happened after the coast of california. the pentagon confirming it was on monday. it was a modified ground launched version of basically a navy tomahawk cruise missile. moscow is saying that those were banned under a u.s. russia treaty. here's how russian president vladimir putin is really responding to that. >> i ordered the ministry of the fed of the russian federation, the ministry of foreign affairs of the russian federation, and other core offices to analyze the level of the threat for our country created by the activity of the united states and to undertake comprehensive measures to prepare a symmetrical
11:19 am
response. >> julie: vladimir putin adding that he doesn't want to get involved in a costly and destructive arms race. so they think, it may have finally turned deadly. what health officials are now saying. also how many suspects are caught in a major conspiracy to steal millions of dollars through false online interactions? that's next. to speak of these scams target a variety of vulnerable population. it might be a church community, it might be elder fraud, it might be individuals likely to fall for romance scandals. balanced nutrition for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy.
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>> julie: illinois pointing to vaping and a possible factor in a recent death. if true it could be the very first of its kind here in the u.s. mike tobin is following this is cory. high mike. >> julie just like you did there we need to emphasize that this could be the first that the nation a sink tied to vaping. illinois department of public health assess a person would recently baked was hospitalized with severe respiratory illness and he ultimately died. a spokesman for the agency would be the death first death will connect activate bank.
11:24 am
the number of debate related illnesses has doubled in recent weeks. >> julie: as of yesterday i understand were reportedly 153 cases of vape being related illnesses. >> 153 cases spread across 16 states. the cdc says most of these cases are going to be associated with phc, that is the active chemical in marijuana. the symptoms of these respiratory illnesses people are coming down with include difficult breathing become a shortness of breath, and there's a host of digestive problems associated with it but the illinois health officials say the cases appear similar but they don't have a common link at this stage. in fact even though you were getting similar symptoms with a lot of these cases they can't say it is a single problem. it is important to note that as of yesterday the cdc says there were no vape related that's at the illinois department health confirms the one here, it would be the first of the nation. >> julie: mike tobin, thank you so much.
11:25 am
so a major cyber scam cracked on to tell you about now. u.s. authorities have charged 80 people with conspiracy to steal millions from victims. officials saying suspects use business and romance stamps to lure them in. david lee miller is following this from our new york city or newsroom. how big was this scam anyway? >> julie, 32 confirmed victims lost a combined $6 million. the losses here might have been much worse. authorities say the crooks attempted to steal as much is 40 million. 14 people were arrested by the fbi, 11 of whom lived in the los angeles area. most of the other alleged scammers are believed to live in nigeria. federal authorities have charged 80 people in a 250 count indictment. authorities say the scammers used a variety of different schemes. some targeted people and dating sites and ask for money. others used face email accounts to trick people into wiring funds.
11:26 am
the u.s. attorney in l.a. says many of the victims were chosen because they were considered easy prey. >> some of the victims in this case lost hundreds of thousands of dollars this way. some of the victims of the romance of scams and other online frauds were targeted specifically because they were elderly or otherwise vulnerable. >> authorities warned when looking for love's, business opportunities, or taking part in what might seem like a routine real estate transaction on the internet, you should trust but verify. >> julie: what more do we know, david, about how these skimmers operated in the first place? >> according to the authorities, so-called moneyed mules were used it open back accounts to try and trick victims. the purpose also allegedly filed state businesses with the l.a. county registrar using names to mere legitimate companies. investigators say that all thule defendants in this case, both
11:27 am
nigerian citizens oversaw an extensive money laundering operation. in addition to allegedly taking part in the elaborate scam, three of those arrested place additional charges for trying to cover their tracks. they destroyed their phones when the fbi instruct ducted a search warrant. one of the suspects broke their phone in hand while the others through their phones at the window. >> i certainly have some desire to throw my phone out the window many times. well we are getting an update on house democratic impeachment investigation give me as they are still at it. with judiciary commission during the others now asking for it. plus democratic congresswoman ilhan omar and were sheba to leave now facing criticism from their very own party. what have they done next? it's over a cartoon that summer labeling as a vial. >> imagine that somebody on the right had tweeted out a cartoon
11:28 am
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>> julie: house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler condemning anti-semitic rhetoric in washington. and slamming this cartoon. take a look closely at what we are talking but here it was shared by both congresswoman ilhan omar, and rashida tlaib. now they're calling up the freshman democrats along with president trump following the heated back-and-forth over omar and sleeps trip to israel. saying the growing anti-semitism in our country is problematic. and ill on can surely be a red
11:33 am
for its underlying message. it's just getting uglier. zach friend is a former obama america spokesperson, don bronson, david bronson and national review contributor. the date of the mister with you. you know it's bad when you are a democratic member of congress you're getting less by members of your own party, especially when it comes anti-semitism because of further complaints overly come from the republican side when it comes to these congresswoman. how far are to leap and ill hunger going to take this before it seriously causes damage to the democratic party? >> is already caused damage to the democratic party and i think they will be continuing in their behavior until the own party actually puts teeth into the sanctions. congressman nadler get did something very politically expedient, he did condemn them as he should have but he has not touched their committee assignments and until democratic
11:34 am
leadership is willing to touch their committee assignments it's all kind of moot point. he blended in with the kit criticism of president trump so he kind of play to both sides of it in the real kind of rank attempt at what aboutism. ultimately i think what they are doing is having an impact with the american people because they obviously know that they can get away with this to whatever degree they want. >> julie: zach i want to read part of a statement that came up from the jewish telegraph agency that put this out and basically they are trying to explain what trumpet meant by using the term disloyal. what trumpet really meant by calling to his democrats disloyal, disloyal is a curse interims famously limited rhetorical vocabulary. he has deployed it against fellow republicans who don't chilled him deficient fealty, loyalty, against corporations that oppose his. the president once disparaged hillary clinton of disloyalty because she undercut bernie sanders. with that said, what do you
11:35 am
think trumpet meant when he called jewish voters disloyal if they vote democrat? >> honestly i don't sometimes know what the president ever means that with some of the things he says. everything we are responded to a different tweeter committee made. i do know it was very offensive. with someone of jewish heritage even my own family responded in a negative way to the comments the president made. i have to agree with congressman nadler everybody should be called out if you say something appropriate you should be called out. we are at one of those worlds now or you can only attack the other side but if your own side says something that they shouldn't be saying to, i appreciate the congressman now there was willing and able to collect his own party as well. >> and i want to turn out to impeachment talks because jerry nadler once again, he's staying on that trail even though it doesn't look like statistically they have any shot of this going anywhere. now there has asked other house chairs to provide records that would basically help the panel and making a decision on impeachment. this is still happening anyway. what is your prediction on both of you and so this on how you believe this will go?
11:36 am
>> i don't think that it's going anywhere. what i really don't understand is why they would even want it to. perhaps this move by congressman now there, who is a reasonably intelligent operator, is meant to diffuse the blame on why it isn't going anywhere. bring other committee heads into it so we can spread out the decision. the reality is, 65% of americans did not support going anywhere with this impeachment claim, but 65 percent do have a problem with the trade war. >> julie: at the cut you off i have a breaking story coming and that we have to read about. justice ginsburg, justice ruth bader ginsburg has undergone more to cancer treatment according to the supreme court. justice ruth bader ginsburg today completed a three week course of what is called seo
11:37 am
tactic ablated radiation therapy. this happened at memorial sloan cancer center here in new york center. this is all coming from the supreme court. they add that the focused radiation treatment began on august 5th and was administered on an outpatient basis to treat a tumor on her pancreas. the abnormality they say was first detected after a routine blood test in early july. the biopsy performed on july july 31st at sloan-kettering confirmed a localized malignant tumor. as part of her treatment, bile duct stent was then placed. the justice tolerated the treatment while they say, she canceled her annual summer visits to santa fe, but has otherwise maintained an active schedule. that tumor, which i repeat was found to be and make malignant, was treated definitively and there was no evidence of disease elsewhere in the body. justice ginsburg will continue
11:38 am
to have periodic blood tests and scans, no further treatment is needed at this time they say. so when you are diagnosed with a malignant tumor, there are many different avenues in which oncologists will treat this sort of cancer. when you are diagnosed with a malignant tumor the first thing they want to know is was that metastatic? that it spread? in this case that they know. that is a very good prognosis for someone at her age who has dealt with health issues in the past. for her to have been basically told that no further treatment is needed at this time raises many metric all questions and i can't speculate but i will say for my personal knowledge either been treated and it has been controlled, and she could potentially be in remission. if there was no treatment and you have a malignant tumor, and less that tumor is fully removed and there was no other cancer cells attached to it, you can continue to live a normal happy
11:39 am
healthy life. however if that cancer then attaches itself to other organs or those cancer spread cells spread to other parts of your body that's where things go downhill pretty quickly. reading between the lines, the fact that she does not have to have further treatment sounds like good news. hopefully we can get a medical expert on the phone to talk to me more about this and break down what exactly is going on. justice ruth bader ginsburg, she has not been heard from or seen in public eye for quite some time after having a fault many months ago. with her health deteriorating she has come out of the background and reminded her followers, her supporters, that she is doing okay and that she still has a say, i have a in the justice department and has been weighing her opinion on many different cases. behind the scenes that she has been suffering. back in july she was told that she had in fact a malignant tumor. it justice ruth bader ginsburg, if you are just now tuning in,
11:40 am
today completed a three week course of what's called seo tactic ablated radiation therapy. this happened in memorial sloan cancer in new york city. this is one of the lead to cancer hospitals in the country. the very, very best are treated there. the doctors there are excellent and this is where she has been treated from the very beginning when she had her first diagnosis of cancer. this abnormality was first detected according to the supreme court after a routine blood test early july. when you get a routine blood tests it doesn't necessarily mean that you have symptoms of cancer, but a routine blood test is what many of us get at a regular doctor checkup. at her age she was in for a regular checkup and that's what they are telling us. this is huge news coming out of new york city, it has huge implications in washington. zach i will go to you first on
11:41 am
your reaction to this news. >> i think we are all going to be praying for the notorious rbg. she is a legal line as many in my party support her and she is also supported across both sides. one of her best friends with justice scalia. irrespective of what it whether you agree with her legal stances she is well respected in the legal field, well respected on both sides of the aisle. she's an absolute remarkable person. she's broken a significant amount of barriers. obviously in the country should be praying her, should be praying for her health i hope that we have nothing but the best outcome of an forward for her. >> julie: she has reached into the center of the aisle which is something that when you see liberal justices do it sort of teaches a lesson to many of us and many in washington about how she has really led the race when it comes to coming to i would
11:42 am
say bipartisan place, even though they are not supposed to be political. she has in fact with justice john roberts for example met him in the middle and a lot of people were surprised by that. she has been very supportive of some of the left leading justices in the supreme court. we are going to have much more after the break we are trying to get all of this information together and we will bring it to you and the most concise form we can. we will be right back
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>> julie: fox news alert we have just learned that justice ruth bader ginsburg underwent three weeks of cancer treatment, bret baier is in washington he takes over the coverage from here, high brett. >> high, julie. we are getting word from the court about this make malignant
11:47 am
tumor being removed from the pancreas. justice ruth bader ginsburg. she has had before issues with cancer and she's had radiation therapy before. this is radiation therapy at memorial sloan kettering cancer center in new york city and it began we are told on august 5th, was administered on an outpatient basis to treat her tumor on the pancreas. she is said to be recovering well. she was last seen in court in june. since then she's had some public appearances in which she did an interview with npr. she had been out and about and seen but this is something that obviously is a major concern for her health. she obviously is one of the oldest members of the u.s. supreme court and someone who in the past has had health issues. she had a fall in which she was recovering from months ago.
11:48 am
this malignant tumor has been removed and the courts says she is spent recovering and is expected to come back. shannon bream is the anchor of fox news at night, she joins us now on the phone, she is also cover the court for us for years. chana what about this news and what you know about it? >> it's interesting to come of the court will often tell us things about how often it after they and handled to preserve privacy. if you talk over the last few months there have been significant health issues for justice ginsburg. she has bounced back from all kinds of things really for a lot of people it would be extremely difficult and so to be able to see that she has progressed through another talent is something that is another moment of survival for her and show us how tough she has. we talk about the workouts she has come out that push-ups she does come of the trainer she works out with.
11:49 am
you could somebody who really likes to stay fit. i've seen her at the court several times in the spring and leading up to the recess for the summer and people always ask me how is she, how was she bankrupting back from these things. this spring when i saw her after she had the treatment for the lung tumor, she seemed in the strongest voice and healthiest place that she had been. she is of course well into her 80s is the oldest member of the court. she's going to have challenges just like anybody as we get into older age but she continues to be strong. she shows up and last i saw her she seems very strong in voice and body on the court. >> i mentioned that interview with npr three weeks ago, they've interviewed her many times. i saw pieces of that and you're right, she did seem fiery as she always is. she said at the time that she was healthy. we are learning now that this treatment had been going on as an outpatient treatment to take
11:50 am
care of this tumor. >> yes and i think that she has wanted to make, she's had appearances, public events in the months after the fall that of course entered her ribs and led doctors to discover this other issue with her lungs. she made a point i think to be out there. she's on a very hectic schedule outside of the court she's out involved in a number of things as all the justices are. she has been out there, she's done interviews. she recently asked about the new art justices had very kind things to say about them. she spoke highly of them and she is very much involved in everything the court is doing given as she's been going through treatment they do have things that happen over the summer when they are not formally sitting in their term care and emergency petitions and all sorts of other things they've been handling it she's been a part of all of that. we've never had any indication from the court that she wasn't voting on those matters or weighing in in any way. she has been making sure that she's out and about publicly and
11:51 am
speaking out and saying as far as we can tell 100% plugged into the work of the court despite undergoing this treatment that was very quietly done over the last few weeks. >> people may have seen the documentary, rbg, which was really fascinating about her life and how she approaches her job every day. there is zero indication that she would step down voluntarily retire, is there? >> no, not at all. she very much thinks this is her life's work. it is a mission come at something she has been completely dedicated to. you're a member a couple of years ago during the 2016 election that there were a number of folks on the left, there were some liberal law professors and others who were publicly saying k, there is a chance that hillary clinton doesn't win this election and so we want you to go ahead and step down to make sure that seat can be filled. they were all court sorts of pressure on her and if anything that made her more determined to
11:52 am
stay exactly where she was coming to obtain a position that she's always been in, she proved again and again that she is not going anywhere. she immediately backed down any rumors about retirement and i think she very much wants to signal this is her place, she feels very strong call to be right where she has. it's been a few years ago but when her husband passed away, i was in court the next day for oral arguments and i was actually surprised to see her there on the bench. the sentiment was he was my partner, he would want me to be here that i have to be strong even despite personal loss. it was incredible to us but that's the level of dedication she asked of this job. >> all right, shannon, think is much. we will see you there later here. doctor, we're just getting the word from the court. briefly if you can, can you hear me dr. marc siegel? just briefly can you give me what you make of this malignant
11:53 am
tumor being removed? >> brett commit all depends on how severe the pathology is. she is the fourth one, she had pancreatic cancer over a decade ago. judd: canceled, she had cancer in the lungs that we just talked about. the key here is how aggressive this tumor as, whether they got it all out, whether the radiation will actually work. that's the key. how malignant, how aggressive is the tumor? they won't be able to know that for several weeks now. as shannon says, she's so vital and she rebounds, she's actually recovered from pancreatic cancer before so i would be hopeful that she can continue to work with this but again they're going to have to follow-up down the line and see if they've got this completely under control. very hard to do in this particular part of the body. >> dr. marcus siegel we wanted to check in with some medical expertise before he wrapped up. julie banderas with today's other big news after the break.
11:54 am
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>> one of the most influential figures in the conservative movement, billionaire david koch that fuelled the right-wing movement has died at the age of 79. his brother charles announcing the news today. jackie deangelis joins me now with more on this breaking story. tell us more about his life. >> good afternoon, julie. a little about david koch. he retired as the executive vice president of coke industry in 2018. he's worth more than $50 billion. he was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer 27 years ago. he managed to keep that cancer at bay. he was a philanthropist. he donated more than $1.3 billion to charity.
11:59 am
while he was on liberal on same sex marriage and abortion, he helped shape american politics giving countless dollars to conservative causes. in 1980, he was the libertarian party's vice presidential candidate. charles koch, his brother's, koch chair and ceo said this -- >> mr. koch leaves behind his wife, julia and three children. this is his wife's statement. julie? >> thanks very much. and thank you at home for joining us today. a lot of breaking news. we want to leave you with a lack
12:00 pm
at the dow. we've been talking about china tariffs affecting wall street. the dow consistent has remained down around 500. down 540 right now. and justice ginsberg and her condition. >> trace: president trump firing back after china makes another move in the trade war. the president giving new orders to american companies and asking whether the federal reserve chief is a bigger enemy of the u.s. than the leader of children. we're watching the markets in the final hour of trading. a warning about shopping on amazon. thousands of products reportedly too dangerous to sell in stores. we'll talk to a journalist that broke the story and hear how amazon is responding. plus, how a dad faked his son's life when a mountain lion attacked. >> the mountain lion was on top of his son. >> i'm trace gallagher in


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