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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 23, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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he is a chunk. that's the kind of house cat that will eat you. just be careful. they are like tigers. >> jesse: that's it for us. be back here on monday. have a great weekend. i know i will. >> bret: welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. tonight, serious counter punching taking right now and what's become a full-fledged trade war with u.s. and china. within the past hour president trump has announced another major tariff increase on more than a half trillion dollars of chinese imports. he tweets, starting on october 1st, the $250 billion of goods and products from china currently being taxed at 25% will be taxed at 30%. additionally, the remaining $300 billion of goods and products in china being taxed from september 1st at 10% will now be taxed at 15% ending with
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thank you to your attention for this matter. this comes this morning worried that beijing hit the u.s. was $75 billion worth of new tariff tariffs. the president responded by urging american firms leave them a world's most populous country. that earlier message sent the markets reeling. the dow plummeting today 623 points. the s&p 500 lost 76. the nasdaq plunged 240. for the week, the dow lost one percentage point. the smp drop to 1.5. the nasdaq lost a little less than two. today's events put an exclamation points to the federal reserve's comments, the trade situation is completing his ability to deal with one of president trump's favorite topics, interest rates. correspondent rich ads and starts us off tonight a busy day on the north lot of the white house. >> the president promises to
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respond and here it is. another escalation in this trade fight between united states and china. the president says he met with his trade advisors today, the result is this and that means announcement and the global relation between the two countries only gets dominik koy today. if you saw president trump's twitter feed today, you know the president has had enough with china. a series of tweets, we don't need china and would be far better off without them. setting off an initial market drop, and the president of the united states. trump says american companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to china and trump tweeted in order that all carriers including fedex, amazon, ups, and the post office commit to search for and refuse all deliveries sent from china or anywhere else. ups and fedex responded saying that they work with authorities and follow laws and regulations
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to intercept illegal shipments. white house trade advisor peter navarro defended the administration's stance. >> we know they are killing americans offense and all. we know they manipulate their currency. when americans understand that, when china tries to bully us, that only strengthens our resolve. >> administration officials described china as the united states' most significant challenge in adversary. despite that, the president asked, who is our biggest enemy, jay powell or chairman xi? trump claims they are restricting growth. >> do not play checkers in hs world but central banking around the world is a chess match. >> speaking before a conference in wyoming, powell threw it back to the president, saying uncertainty around trade is playing a role in the economic
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slow down and, while monetary policy is a powerful tool that supports consumer spending, business investment, public confidence, it cannot provide a settled rule booked for international trade. even as the markets tanked, the dow jones industrial average spending the day hundreds of points in a negative, the president kept weeding even joked, the dow is down 573 points, on the news that representative seth moulton, whoever that may be, has dropped out of the 2020 race. the white house and set trade negotiations are scheduled to resume next month with china. as for the president ordering companies to disengage with china, the white house has offered no clarity on what authority the president of the united states has two compelling american business to move their operations out of another country. bret? >> bret: rich, thank you. meanwhile the president is heading to the g7 tonight. we'll talk about it with the panel.
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supreme court justice ruth gaeta bends for is said to be cancer free tonight after undergoing therapy for a malignant tumor o. questions on when and if the 86-year-old will retire and the inevitable political battle, if that happens, on her replacement. chief legal correspondent and anchor of fox news at night shannon bream is here with details. busy day once he found out to the court. >> absolutely. to that we find a new's health challenge to the court's oldest justice. the justice announces she's over gone successful radiation therapy and counseling one summer trip, evocation, maintain an active schedule maintaining this, there is no evidence of disease, elsewhere in the body, no further treatment is needed at this time. this marks the fourth time in justice ginsburg's history that she's faced cancer, once dealing with another instance with her, and late last year. the discovery of long cancer when she fell in her office and
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broke three ribs. she undergoes routine blood tests along with periodic scans too. >> bret: knowing all these issues, is there a sense from justice ginsburg about her future whether she stands on the quarter not? because she is tough. every indication is she's working this summer as of the justices do. she's been handling emergency petitions, one less one must let a stay of execution, they are gearing up for the fall term as well. oral arguments start up october 7th but the work of reading, the briefings, preparing for the term starts long before that. she has also been making public experiences. she does this at georgetown law, supreme court institute there at july. she talks about serving on the nation's highest court weeks ago. >> the matter where we are, the one thing that each of us feels deeply is that you want to leave that institution as in good of shape as we found it to.
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we do not want to do anything to tarnish the court's reputation because it's unique in the world. >> there's been pressure from the left to retire during a democrat administration so that hersey would never be at the mercy of republican president. she has resisted the call, it would be difficult for a democratic president to get someone with her background, very progressive, confirmed to the court in this day and age. no secret that if her seat opened up during a republican administration, any replacement would have a significant impact on the court's makeup. back in 1993, she was confirmed 96-3. hard to view that scenario in 2019. >> bret: most of the democratic presidential field is in san francisco tonight for the party's summer meeting. one notable exception is the man at the top of the polls, correspondent jeff paul tells us
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why tonight. >> they hit the stage one by one at the dnc's summer meeting in san francisco, making their individual cases that they are the best person to challenge president trump in 2020. but the one democrat the polls and say has the best chance is a no-show. front runner and former vice president joe biden as well as south bend mayor pete buttigieg skipping out on the bay area. >> there's some pretty qualified people running in this debate on the nomination should be about the future. what are we going to do, what is our position? >> across the country back in san francisco while it doesn't answer the cattle call of the dnc, one candidate is bowing out. massachusetts congressman seth moulton fared failed to hit the funding mark for the. >> we need to stay founded in what it's going to take, all kinds of voters, including
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obama-trump voters, and beating the hateful politics of donald trump. >> jay inslee and john hickenlooper who ended their bid in recent days, but michael bennet saying he'll continue on despite not qualifying for the next debate, blasting the dnc for a primary process. >> we are rewarding celebrity followers, billionaires who buy their way on the debate stage, and candidates who have been running for president for years. >> what the remaining candidates will be doing, having a debate based solely on climate change. the dnc saying there are at least a dozen issues to focus on, and zeroing in could set a vehicle president preset end. >> tomorrow they'll get a hold will be in milwaukee when they nominate a candidate at convention.
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>> bret: thank you for your growing concerns about the environmental impact and who is to blame for massive wildfires in the amazon rain forest. president trump tweeted moments ago that he has spoken with his brazilian counterpart and offered u.s. assistance. reporter kitty logan looks at the situation tonight. >> it is the world's largest rain forest and a record number of fires are burning. satellite images show the smoke billowing across brazil. and the inhabitants of the amazon face the most immediate risk. >> we are sad because the forest is dying every moment. we feel the climate changing the world needs a forest. >> french president emmanuel mike rohn says the fires are of international concern, tweetingg literally. the amazon rain forest belongs, which produces 20% of the
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planets oxygen, is on fire. it's an international crisis." brazilian president jair bolsonaro hit back at president mccraw on accusing him of playing politics. he blamed nongovernmental organizations are starting a fire to make him look bad. but the u.n. is backing the french leader saying the amazon fires have global consequences. >> sustaining the forest is crucial in our fight against climate change. >> environment to say that they are intentionally lighting fires with the government turning the blind eye. only time will tell if this will reduce the normal levels as rain presumes. seven leaders say they'll discus after the summit in france this weekend whether brazil likes it or not, they see this as an international issue.
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>> kitty logan in london. kitty, thanks but we've been showing you how the economic, political, and economic crisis in venezuela has led to a massive exodus from the socialist state. ellison barber is sharing how the u.s. military hospital ship uss comfort has been helping out. tonight she reports about how difficult it has been for some venezuelans to leave home. >> translator: there are people dying in needs of basic medicine and food. many kids eating from the garbage. >> eduardo santana left the left venezuela with his family last year. they traveled by bus from caracas, they went through less roaches , cross into columbia, and took buses more than ten hours to santa marta, one way people flee venezuela and cross into columbia without documentation.
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>> you need to pay in order cross. >> the trails are difficult and dangerous in part most because are patrolled by a militia. 1,557 people died in venezuela hospitals over the course of four months, according to a national survey of hospitals, they died because hospitals like basic medical supply. she's blind and said it could've been prevented. >> when i was 13 i lost my left thigh. i lost my other eye because of medical negligence. >> she left venezuela with her son. >> i was earning $3 per month. >> 1 of 2 set up by the uss comfort, hoping to make sure that he did not inherit the same disease that still her sight. >> are you able to see well?
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>> i'm still seeing a bit cloudy. >> are you happy with your classes? >> yes. >> this morning a group of about 20 people were lined up waiting just passed those cinder blocks down there near the road, a colombian volunteer told me he asked them where they were from, they said venezuela. they heard the comfort was coming to columbia. they needed medicine, so they decided to walk for days from caracas, venezuela, to columbia. they took a bus so they could come here to try and get medical service from the u.s. navy. this morning, they got it. bret? >> bret: allison barber, great reporting this week. thanks. up next, what the u.s. is doing to get in the middle over a nasty fight between two of its most important asian allies. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. box 40 in san francisco saying more than two dozen people were injured in a light rail train
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derailment. sacramento fire captain says 27 people were injured including 13 transported to hospitals. none of the injuries life-threatening. 213 fox a woman accused of hacking capital one and 30 other organizations must remain in custody until trial. prosecutors say former software engineer paige thompson is a flight risk and threat to public safety. this is a live look at chicago from our affiliate fox 32. the big story they are tonight, a chicago judge has named a special prosecutor to look into why state prosecutors abruptly dropped charges against actor jussie smollett. the cook county states attorney counted charged him with 16 counts of disorderly conduct for purportedly orchestrating the incident. in toronto, all the charges a month later with little
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so give us 10 minutes. if we can't offer you faster speed or better savings than your current internet service, we'll give you 300 dollars for your time. call now to get your comcast business 10 minute advantage. comcast business. beyond fast. >> bret: an explosion near
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westbank sentiment has killed a 17-year-old israeli girl and wounded her brother and father. israeli authorities say is a palestinian attack. prime minister benjamin netanyahu is promising to strengthen the israeli cinnamon in the west bank. the leader of gaza's hamas rulers described the attack as a heroic operation. russian president vladimir putin is ordering his military to come up to a response to the test of a new u.s. missile. bands under the now defunct arms treaty. sunday, a modified ground lodge version of a u.s. navy tomahawk cruise missile accurately struck its target more than zero to 10 miles away. the test coming after moscow and washington withdrew from the 1987 intermediate range nuclear forces treaty. the u.s. is trying to play peacemaker between two of its major asian partners today. south korea and japan are in the midst of an escalating conflict over trade that is now spilled over into other sectors.
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here is correspondent gillian turner. >> south korea has announced its terminating in intel sharing deal with japan, the latest move in a trade tif that kicked into high gear just a few weeks ago when japan sharply cut exports to south korea. south korea's diplomat and saying he's not feeling good about these events. >> we are disappointed to see the decisions that the south koreans made about that information sharing agreement. we are urging each of the two countries to continue to engage and continue to have dialogue. >> a pentagon spokesperson also expressing concern and disappointment. trade tensions between japan and south korea date back decades as they bubble to the surface again this week. secretary pompeo also said the u.s. would be happy to step in and play mediator. >> assured interest of u.s. and south korea are important and important to the united states of america. >> their shared interest include facing off against kim jong un's regime in north korea.
3:22 pm
ongoing negotiations to get him to give up his nuclear weapons program. a top-tier priority for president trump. in tokyo earlier today, japan's prime minister said his government is doing everything possible to ease tensions with south korea. but so far, their western neighbor is been playing ball. >> south korea continues actions with damage japan. >> south korea says it's not the problem and seeing an opportunity to cozy up to the u.s. >> our government will make efforts to upgrade the south curia-u.s. alliance to another level and make it even stronger rather than leaving it to the common weekend. >> president trump will come face-to-face with prime minister abe, and tells fox news the south korean trade spat is on their agenda. nearly every nation is now dealing with trade woes of their own. >> bret: thank you.
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we will talk live with an injury secretary rick perry in a few moments. correspondent phil keating looks at how the fossil fuel industry flourished under the trump administration and how that's going over with critics. >> whether it's natural gas, coal, or oil, u.s. production of each has only increased under the trump administration. it's such a priority, the white house calls this strategy unleashing energy dominance. according to the u.s. energy and association, exports of u.s. col are the highest they've been in five years. domestic natural gas production is a record high increasing 12% in 2018. petroleum production rose 16% the same year. when it comes to oil, the u.s. has become the largest producer of crude oil in the world. >> this is certainly a golden era, that there is only poised to continue. >> mike summers is the ceo of
3:28 pm
the petroleum institute which are prisons more than 600 600 countries, including refining and extracting oil, more drilling is coming. the interior department will dramatically open up the gulf of mexico, opening up all available unleased areas in the western and central planning districts. that's 80 million acres. >> we will continue to look offshore and ensure we have the resources we need to keep energy costs low for the american consumer. >> also since trump took office, environmental regulations rolled back including the obama era stream protection rule and the clean power plan, which the president called a war on coal, getting licenses to drill on public land has also been fast tracked. since 2016, the amount of the nation's resources available for oil and gas companies shot up more than 600%. >> the administration's energy strategy is bad for the
3:29 pm
environment. but frankly, it's also bad for individual people. >> marc brownstein is with the environmental defense fund and disagrees with the administration's more drilling, more mining, more pumping and strategy. >> the rush to develop more resources while wasting what we already produce is bad for the u.s. economy, it's bad for the environment. you begin to ask the question energy dominance? who is being dominated here. >> when it comes to renewable energy, solar and wind, it's on the rise. however the demand for fossil fuels by four remains the strongest. according to the energy department, 2017 and 2018 will record production years for natural gas. bret? >> bret: thank you. let's get reaction to our series and talk about the energy situation with america. joining us tonight is energy secretary rick perry. mr. secretary, thanks for being
3:30 pm
here. >> bret, it's good to be with you. >> bret: give us an interview if you were to tell somebody sitting on a couch how you look at the energy situation in this country, what is it? >> here is the great story. a decade plus ago, they told us we had found all the oil and gas resources that there were in the world. they didn't say here's what you're going to have to transition too. they just said this is all there is, there's not going to be any more. through innovation technology, there are people, some of them, some texans, george mitchell comes to mind, father of hydraulic fracturing, he didn't give up. he stayed with it. literally change to the world. today not only is america leading the world in energy-related emissions, but we are also helping drive down the cost of energy in the european theater. i think some $1 billion have been saved for the economies over a year just because of
3:31 pm
american energy goes and competes with russian gas. the countries in the european theater are loving the united states there as a solid secure -- you can count on us, ally, when it comes to liquefied natural gas being late in helping them deal with not only the russian side of things but also with their economic needs. >> bret: i want to go through each one of these the pieces to the week, i want to ask broadly in the midst this trade war with china, a lot of people saying on the energy size, the u.s. is exceeding exponentially under this administration, do you think you're seeing a slow down because of what we are seeing between u.s. and china what we've seen today, the increase of tariffs on a number of thing things. >> i think the president needs to be applauded for standing up and saying, no more from china being able to come in and do what they do to our economy. this is hardball.
3:32 pm
we use our positioning in the world, but thank god we have an energy industry that allows us to be able to lean into this, if you will, the world needs american energy. when you look at who we are from the climate, who we are from the economics, americans, particularly american natural gas, is an incredible natural part of this strategy. the president, he's playing hardball people quite frankly, it's about time an american president leaned into this and did the things they need to do from an economic powerhouse. >> bret: here is a little clip from our series on the window. take a listen. >> the newest source of electricity from the grid. >> critics say the cost is all just spin. >> the subsidies when energy are going away, when these subsidies go away, people stop building
3:33 pm
industrial wind turbines. >> bret: was the thought about renewables. you got wind and solar, critics saying the subsidies are what's popping that up. where do you see it as energy secretary? >> we saw it in the state of texas, the number one when energy producing state. we needed and all the above strategy. some looked at it as a way to be able to supplement what's going on and this is back, when natural gas was at 14-$15 outcome having these alternatives in, the market will drive this. if the fossil fuels, which all of the above, that's what we look for, the cold, the nuclear, all of that together, the market will find the right place. i happen to think that you need all of those in the basket, if you will, in your toolbox to be
3:34 pm
able to have the national security aspect covered because if you do not have that coal, the nuclear the baseload's, the sun doesn't always shine, you need the baseload's to be able to give people assurances whether it's for national security or your manufacturing securities. this is about all the above strategy. the president gets it, he's promoting that, we are blessed to have quite to have a cornucopia, if you will, of energy sources. >> bret: when you talk to critics, and i know you do, around the country, does this administration believe in climate change and what is it doing to fight it, how do you answer? >> well, i tell him look at the results. i said on multiple occasions that, yeah, the climate is changing, man's going to have an impact on it, but who is really bringing the technology to the
3:35 pm
table? not one of the signatories on the paris accords that is lowering their emissions. we are doing something about it. having a cocktail in paris and toasting the signator on to a document is one thing, but the united states is delivering. if you want to have access to our technology, have access to our liquefied natural gas, america is who wants to what you want to do business with. and america is delivering on the mission side. the debate and all the time that gets spent with people fantasizing that we are somehow going to go into the zero fossil fuel position in 12 years is just -- it's nonsense. it doesn't make sense when you really look at the practicality. because of its technology, because of the massive amounts
3:36 pm
of resources that we have in leading the war in reductions in emissions per that's a good >> we begin to appreciate your time. >> we look forward to having you down in texas one of these days. >> up next, whatever happened to? we've got a segment on the boeing max airplane that have been involved in two fatal crashes, plus breaking news from that just now. for severe illness. help prevent this! talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough. ♪ at progressive park! insurance themed fun ♪
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3:41 pm
the justice department said they'll continue to investigate epstein's death, the sex crimes, all around that he's accused of committing. in tonight's whatever happened to segment, the boeing 737 737, the crown jewel of the boeing collection. instead, two terrible accident has put its future in doubt. now here's correspondent mark meredith. >> the crash of line air flight 610 was the first major accident involving the boeing 737 max. in march, strategy truck tragedy struck again after a boeing 737 max took off after takeoff >> the crashes killed my wife, my mom in law, and 341 others.
3:42 pm
>> victims families told congress this summer they wanted answers as investigators look into whether software meant to prevent the plane from stalling, was flawed and connected to both crashes. boeing says it's testing a software fix to address the problem in hopes to get the jets recertified by the faa soon. >> the entire company is fully engaged and dedicated to doing whatever is needed to enhance safety and regain the trust of the flying public. >> for now, the 737 max remains grounded, the decision impacting three u.s. airlines, united, southwest, and americans all have the plane in their fleet. since march, all three carriers have been forced to cancel hundreds of flights creating headaches for travelers in the busy travel season. the crashes and fallout have created a logistical, financial, and p.r. nightmare for boeing. >> quite frankly i think the name has to be changed on the airplane because the damage that has been done, i mean, it's
3:43 pm
tremendous. >> sales of the max jet have tried up and the company is facing multiple lawsuits over the disasters. this as the new head of the faa said last week he doesn't know when the jets will be cleared to fly. >> this plane will not fly in commercial service again until i'm completely assured that it is safe to do so. >> the faa says it'll invite pilots to sign up for some later tests as part of the process to return the plaintiff service. boeing tells fox news in estimates that all happened early in the fourth quarter. >> mark, thank you. up next, the friday lightning round. as we head to break, millionaire conservative donor and winterfest david coke koch has died. it was politics that made the koch brothers heroes to some, villains to others.
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at >> we know they are killing americans with vents and all, we know they manipulate their currency. when americans understand that and when china tries to bully us, that only strengthens our resolve. negotiations will continue behind closed doors, we are going to resume those talks in september. i'm very concerned about this trade war. certainly hurting our economy, the way the president's handling these trade negotiations is not in our economic interests. it's clear that china has violated trade rules, but the united states has isolated ourselves with our traditional trading partners. >> bret: this is a big back-and-forth day for the chinese and on $75 billion of additional tariffs, the dow took a major hit when the president responded to that on twitter and
3:49 pm
the series of tweets after that. late in the day, the president said in fact he was going to increase the tariffs on the chinese on hundreds of billions of dollars of goods. let's bring in our panel. matthew continetti, editor in chief of the washington free beating. susan page from washington bureau chief at "usa today," and "wall street journal" calmness at the manhattan institute. there's a lot of volatility. >> neither do ceos and companies. they want stability. they are not worried about monetary policy. i don't think they are worried about that on the interest point, i think they are worried the trade war. i think ceos, they don't know if they can invest, they can hire, they want certainty. the president comes out and says we need to cut the payroll tax, next day he walks it back. that's the last thing the markets want to hear.
3:50 pm
that's uncertainty. i think it's hurting. springwood >> bret: a speech out of jackson hole, it's incredible they can speak or asking what i'm doing which will announced shortly, we have a very strong dollar, very weak fad to, i will work brilliantly with both. my only question is who is our bigger enemy, jay powell or jammin chairman xi? here is the president. >> we lose hundred and millions of dollars to china. president xi is a good friend of me, and until such time, if there is a deal, we will be taxing the hell out of china. >> bret: we've talked about it a long time. is he a good friend or enemy? >> china is an enemy and we are
3:51 pm
in, economic competition with them. hard to understand what you call the chairman of the federal reserve who by the way you appointed to the job is an enemy. and maybe i'm easily shocked. i did find that shocking today. >> bret: there are a lot of supporters, matthew, who say let's stick with it. let's take it to china because they've been sticking it to us. you hear that around the country. there is feeling like there is worry but they also say, go get them. >> to date, the effects of the trade war showing up more in the stock market than they have in the employment figures which are critical to president trump's chances for reelection but all this is a reminder that the only economy is the global economy. this trade war has affected the chinese economy which in turn has affected the germany economy which is brought on europe and an has blowback in terms of our business people operating in this climate of uncertainty. they don't know actually where the supply chains will go and they do not know where the tariffs will remain. >> i think that's why and i
3:52 pm
think trump knows it's having an effect. that's why subsidizing farmers that are responding to retaliatory tariffs, that's what he wants to delay some of these trade sanctions under the shopping season is over. he does is having an effect. >> bret: i should point out that it appears north korea fired a ballistic missile, get worried over the wires. we will monitor that. it'll be after several these tas have happened in recent weeks. we will take a word down the 20 2020 candidate casino. there are fewer debate on this week. you have $100 in chips. >> i put $40 on elizabeth warren come , and put $5 each on cory booker and amy klobuchar. >> i put 50 on biden, 20 on warren, and 20 on sanders.
3:53 pm
but after today, i put it all on gold. >> 15 on the sanders, harris 10, and buttigieg 10. i think biden is still pretty good after a couple of lackluster debate performances, not defending his record very well. hyde amendment, bussing, so forth. he's ahead in iowa and he's ahead nationally. >> bret: winners and losers really quick. >> my winner is joe biden who rebounded in the latest polls and has seen three rivals drop out for the last couple of weeks. my loser is elizabeth warren who continues to insult both native americans and american intelligence. >> my winner is greenland who we never pay attention to the largest island in the world. my losers, governors who want to be president. that's our traditional path to the presidency but we've had four governors run for this nomination dropout in recent days. >> bret: the winner is
3:54 pm
chuck schumer, he has my loser is the chicago teachers union delegation to venezuela. clearly they flunked government, economics, ethics. >> bret: my winner is the panel for getting around the horn. when we come back, notable quibbles notable quotables. wake me up if you see anything. [ snoring ] [ loud squawking and siren blaring ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> bret: it is friday. that means notable quotables. >> and they are burning an enormous bonfire of amazon logs had been piled drying in the thr several months. >> these family receiving hot meals. you see them watching cartoons. >> i'm looking forward to them getting away from politics for a while. >> he raised interest rates. fast and furious. >> it's great to have the mainstream media covering the economy but they only cover it
3:59 pm
when they can use the word of the day, recession. >> these bull [bleep] purity test for people who appear woke up what's a history class. >> why would i come back to be cage? >> if you vote for a democrat, you are being very disloyal to the jewish people and being very disloyal to israel. >> i'm clear that i'm not going to be carrying the ball, i'm not going to be the president, so i'm withdrawing from the race. >> president trump has canceled his state visit to denmark. >> harry truman had the idea of greenland. i had the idea, other people had the idea. >> setting fires. >> this new yorker of volunteers to get rid of him for you. >> i am the chosen one. >> bret: that's one week in
4:00 pm
washington covering this. thank you for inviting us in your home tonight. that's it for "special report." fair, balanced, unafraid. big fox news sunday with "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: 's be 29, good to see you. the former ceo of says that he was intelligent asset that was tangled up in the origins of the russian investigation and put his fingers to some very prominent individuals here on the book with the story." >> peter strzok or lecture say james comey and say the name catherine byrne, former director of the cia. >> bret: tonight, some are calling his bluff


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