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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 25, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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we hope to see you right here next week. ♪ ♪ eric: putting china in a corner, president trump announces new trade deal with japan that is, quote, down in principal and expects to sign it in the coming next with the second one on the day at g7 summit in france the president says another massive trade deal could come soon with great britain after brexit and the president and the first lady are now sitting down for a lavish french dinner among the world leaders there. hello, i'm eric sean an this is brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. >> and i'm molly in for arthel neville, the trade deals after foreign minister mohamed made surprise visit at the summit amid heightened tensions between tehran and washington, chief white house correspondent john roberts in southwest france and
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he has the latest, john. >> molly, good evening from saint-jean-de-luz, france, away from g7 leader and leader of other nations invited to the summit by french president emmanuel macron have gathered for lavish dinner biarritz, the body language between president trump and macron appearing to be fine this evening despite the fact that macron blindsided delegation, you mentioned at the top of this, invited the iranian foreign minister to biarritz for talks in the sidelines of g7 as he met with macron, macron saw fit to invite him here, president trump simply said no comment. the president did have a lot more to say, though, about the agreement in principle for new trade deal with japan, the president hoping to sign that deal at the united nations' generally assembly in new york city late september.
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the deal will see japan see increase agricultural products like corn, beef and wine, listen here. >> we are hard down the line, we agree today every point and now we are papering it and will be signing it at a formal ceremony and i just want to thank prime minister abe and the japanese people, you've been fantastic friends and we very much appreciate it, this is a tremendous deal for the united states. >> while president trump got the trade agreement he was looking for with japan, new trade deal with china remains i lawsive -- elusive and the escalating trade war causing anxiety here at the g7 over potential effects on the global economy, but having breakfast with new uk prime minister boris johnson not in favor of tariffs and said he would talk to the president on
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dialing back on the trade war, president trump insisting that no ally has asked him to back off. listen here. >> presidents and administrations allowed them to get away with hundreds of of billions of dollars, the answer is nobody has told me. >> and some confusion at the breakfast this morning when the president was asked if he had any second thoughts about escalating the trade war with china, he answered in the affirmative saying, yeah, sure, why not, might as well, might as well, i have second thoughts about everything. when stories started circulating that the president regretted escalating the trade war the white house was quick to come out and say the only thing that the president regretted was not raising tariffs on china higher than he did. a talk with the president's chief domestic adviser steven miller earlier today, listen. >> i can tell you, john, with absolute 100% confidence that the only second thoughts the president was having is whether
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to be even tougher and even more aggressive with the tariff schedule on china, this comes straight from him, when i tell you that the president was saying maybe we should have gone even tougher on china. >> president trump again floated the idea to other leaders at the g7 about bringing russia back into the fold and resurrecting the g8 after russia invaded crimea, the president is hosting next year's g7 summit and as we saw this year with emmanuel macron, the president can invite anybody he wants to in addition to the other g7 leaders to this summit, so it's possible that he could invite vladimir putin, molly, i'm not sure it's the sort of thing he might want to do in an election year but he could if he wanted. >> a little tit for tat, tease in the future, excellent reporting, great interviews that were fabulous for clarification, john roberts, thank you very
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much. >> thanks, molly. eric: possible putin visit later on in our newscast, meanwhile back here at home, 2020 democratic candidates hitting the campaign trail this weekend. senator kamala harris holding rally and bernie sanders holding one in kentucky and several candidates taking podium at an event in new hampshire. all comes as candidates are making rounds again on the sunday morning public affair shows earlier this morning, mar mother -- meredith following it all, hi, mark. >> they are eager to talk about several issues including the economy after roller coaster week we saw on wall street, vermont senator bernie sanders accused the president of having no strategy when it comes to trade. >> you do not make trade policy by announcing today that you will raise tariffs by x percent and next by y percent by attacking the person that you appointed as the head of federal
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reserve as enemy of the american people. >> trade is likely to come up when democrats head back to debate stage in more than 2 weeks from now and some candidates have left the race, 21 remain, but one sanders supporter and democratic congressman says in his opinion the race is already down to 3. >> the race has come down to senator sanders, senator warren and vice president biden, 3-way race, i think iowa and new hampshire are going to matter incredibly. >> but minnesota senator amy klobuchar says don't count her out, the senator told fox news she's still in the race and despite low poll numbers she has no plans to drop out any time soon. >> i've always known that i wasn't going to jump to the front of this pile right away, there's 20-some people, i look at it this way, i've made the playoff, all right. >> this weekend 2020 democrats are reflecting on the anniversary of the death of republican john mccain, former vice president and fellow senator joe biden released statement on sunday honoring the
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late republican statesman, this is what he had to say, quote, one year we lost political gint and genuine american hero, friend, frequent opponent john mccain, we still feel kinly for his life in public sief. south >> even though my values and ideas are very different than his were, i do think that he had the capacity to see across the aisle, partner with others, something that's on desperately short supply in the republican party right now. >> several candidates to remain on the trail leading to labor day holiday. >> so sos that we lost senator mccain, it's been a year, molly. >> on the republican side president trump will have another primary challenger former congressman joe walsh, announcement taking aim at the president's character and qualification.
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>> it stuns me that nobody stepped up, nobody in the republican party stepped up because i will tell you what, george, everybody believes in the republican party, everybody believes that he's unfit, he lies every time he opens his mouth. >> massachusetts governor bill weld announced he's in the running in the primaries as well. >> well, powerful gas explosion rocked shopping center outside of washington, d.c. this morning, destroying office complex in maryland, witnesses said they felt like the shock was more than a mile away, garrett tenney more from colombia, maryland where that happened and i tell, garrett, thankfully it happened on sunday morning and not on busy weekday. >> the images of destruction here are just incredible, but even more incredible is the fact that at this point it appears nobody was injured, just take a look at some of the images of the destruction this explosion left behind, fire officials say they had just finished evacuating the area this morning
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after getting calls about a large crack in the parking lot, hissing out gas when the building exploded sending shock waves that people felt miles away, here is how they describe it. >> sounded like a sonic boom, you hear boom, it sounded like, literally first i thought was that a gunshot, no, it was too loud to be a gunshot, it shook the building. >> all of a sudden big bang and it was so loud and hard that shook the house, shook the house and was so loud that i was sure somebody hit the house or a plane hit the house or something like that. >> the two-story strip mall is home to more than 2 dozen businesses, the worst of the damage appears to be the family-owned coffee shop, you can see how the windows and walls were almost completely blown out and the ceiling now, any other day the wall would have been filled with customers but sundays are the one day a week they are closed, earlier
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today the fire chief as bad as the damage is the situation easily could have been a whole lot worse. >> none of the businesses were open, the building was evacuated, the area was evacuated before the explosion happened, could have been a normal workday the evacuation and clearing of the area would have been harder, and we definitely would have had a different circumstance. >> as for the building itself fire chief said it is likely a total loz and could collapse at any moment which is why investigators are now very carefully going through the scene trying to figure out what happened. in colombia, maryland i'm garrett tenney fox news. >> opera legend placido domingo standing ovation after accused of sexually harassing women, two u.s. opera houses have planned appearances since report of accusations. eric: first deal with japan, next comes great britain as the new trade deals pile up, would
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that put beijing in a box, what it all means for future of china trade negotiations, we will have that next.
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eric: well, the third round of pga tour championship has
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completed in atlanta, suspended yesterday because of powerful thunderstorm, look at that, dangerous, spectators were injured and thankfully it was dramatic yesterday, none of the injuries we are told are life threatening. >> principal still expect the chinese team to come to the united states in september, so both countries seem to be protecting their turf here but the talks and negotiations continue and i think that's very positive. >> national economic director larry kudlow voicing optimism that trade between u.s. and china can be struck despite sanctions against the two nations this as president says he wished he had raised tariffs even higher, for more on that dominic at diversified financial consultants, thanks for joining us. i've had a chance to hear larry
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kudlow, talking about -- trying to put a positive face on all of this, progress is being made, at the same time a lot of white house advisers, folks representing the president have kind of made it clear that we still have the tough stance, where do you think we stand on the negotiations? >> friday we took a bad turn, the negotiations seemed to have broken down and president trump reacting to tariffs that china was imposing on us as countermeasures that we were imposing on them. pretty good tweets from the president, markets were down 3 and a half percent, i understand the white house trying to put positive spin on this. >> the white house on sunday seek to go kind of clarify something that the president said there, the room was noisy but essentially asked about whether he had any regrets about the escalation with china as far as the tariffs are concerned and he said this. [inaudible] >> yeah, for sure.
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>> you had second thoughts about escalating -- >> i have second taughts about everything. >> so the white house to clarify the remarks saying that the answers have been misinterpreted and president trump responded in the affirmative because he regrets not raising higher. >> so i think that's what -- i think he was sincere, he we wanted to raise them maybe more and maybe effort as olive branch, i don't know about that, china's reaction was not positive as we had hoped. >> japan and the u.s. appear to have -- cusp of new trade deal, is this something that china should be concerned about? >> he's doing unilateral decisions here. he's going china, potentially big deal with the uk coming down the pipeline, the problem is that really u.s. should have done this using europe and putting pressure on china, not
1:18 pm
doing it alone. china has to be worried here, this is really going to affect and is affecting economy dramatically. >> as you mentioned the uk, potentially brazil has been spoken about recently, here we have the whole group of countries together, most powerful economies in the world, why can't they put something collectively to put something on china? >> their economy is borderline recession, barely positive, they are very concerned, their interest rate policy marginal and so they don't want this trade war because anything that china -- slows down the chinese economy ultimately means less sales by their countries in the chinese economy, they are not happy about the strategy. >> even just you saying that to certain extent how powerful the chinese economy is and exports. the u.s. also -- the u.s. usmca, you know, potentially could be signed at any moment, all of the
1:19 pm
things, brazil, uk, talking about japan, deals with méxico and canada k that collectively as well as the president hereby ordering as you mentioned some of the tweeting, companies to pull away from china find other venues, collectively, could that have the impact, the pressure need today change the ways? >> it's actually happening today, so manufacturing is moving outside of china, moving to india, big recipient of new manufacturing, vietnam, the far east sector but that takes time and although china is definitely feeling the pinch here i think suddenly they are hoping to get to november election next year, maybe they are dealing with a different president, maybe a president that's a little bit more favorable. i don't think trump will allow them. i think he will continue to ratchet up the pressure, i think he doesn't want this to be an election issue so watch for the volatility continue. >> you mentioned time, who has the time, do we have the time, the president keeps talking, now is the time where our economy is very strong, this is the time to
1:20 pm
push this on china. >> look, if you're going to start something like this you want to do when your economy is the strongest as it can possibly be, our economy is not growing as aggressive as it was a year ago but plus 2% economy which is quite decent, the american consumer is helping as they have been in a long time, unemployment low, earnings up, fuel prices low, so americans have more money in their pocket and they're spending, we saw wal-mart sales and home depot, real good positive economic growth, but that could change in a dime. >> yeah, and we heard some of the economic advisers talking about how america's economy is humming, we see germany in slowdown and china in slowdown as well, fears of global recession, the recession can ultimately come to the united states as well, what is that as we look into the next month potentially? >> that's the pressure both countries are feeling, certainly president trump doesn't want to slow -- at least our economy to slow down anymore.
1:21 pm
china obviously had its own population to deal with, own grown issues to deal with and they don't want this to happen and the europeans, in the middle, we are big buyers of their products, so in tend it's all mad, mutually assured destruction, needs to get resolved, no one wins. >> we don't want to hear that do we? thank you so much for joining us, appreciate it. >> have a great day. >> you too. eric: well, iran's prime minister making sus prior visit to meeting in france, our washington think tank has taken tehran on p. her brand
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>> leader of lebanon's militant group hezbollah vowing retaliation after two members were killed during israeli air strike in syria yesterday in rare confirmation israel says the attack took out iranian
1:26 pm
drone sites there set up to target northern israel. trey yingst with the latest. >> hey, molly, something that was plan today hit israeli citizens, they actually say that the group there was planning to go launch a major attack against their country, now iran's revolutionary yard was going killer drones benjamin netanyahu tweeted, iran has no immunity anywhere. if someone rises up to kill you, kill them first, iran denied any forces were hit last night as syrian state media side assad regime air defenses took down multiple hostile targets, war monitoring group said that one iranian and two iranian hezbollah militants were killed in israeli strike, today
1:27 pm
hezbollah is warning of military response in response to drones that crashed overnight with one exploding and causing explosion in hezbollah office. prime minister netanyahu said forces are preparing for any scenario. >> ii want to emphasize this is iran's initiative, it is iran's command and iran's mission, i want to stress that we will not tolerate attacks on israel from any country in the region, any state that will allow use of territory for attacks against israel will bear the consequences and i stress the state will bear the consequences >> speaking tonight the leader of hezbollah hassan to retaliate for those attacks yesterday just north of their country meanwhile in the south tonight we have seen 3 rockets fire from gaza strip into israel by iranian
1:28 pm
fascists there. molly. >> iran's foreign minister invite today g7, trey yingst from the latest in jerusalem, thank you. >> he would not set preconditions to those negotiations, i'm not going to make any more comments of who is here and who is not here and what conversations may or may not be going on. eric: treasury secretary mnuchin reacting to surprise visit, plane touched down bringing him to brief meeting with french president emmanuel macron and aides, the white house reportedly was not given proper advance notice of the drop-in and that prompted former u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley to tweet this, quote, this is completely disrespectful to donald trump and to the other leaders at the g7, iran supports
1:29 pm
terrorism at every turn and continues to pursue death to america, macron to do this and very insincere, #notwhatfriendsdo. military analyst and president of irs independent research firm joins us, dr. grant, you think this was last-minute invite to try and undercut president trump or to encourage possible new talks between washington and tehran or is macron just thinking about the money that his country can do with deal with tehran? >> well, eric, i think now we know why president trump and president macron have very long lunch at the beginning of the g7 and, i would love to have been at the dinner when macron announced that they were showing up, here is what i think, you know, he was expect to go try to come and find g7 in disarray and divided, instead they may be rattled but fully functional and
1:30 pm
i think it's very wise of president trump to let macron who has been talking to iran a lot in the past few months to try to have another go to see if iran is ready to seriously talk about deescalating. eric: do you think in any way possible to deescalate, they have gone over guidelines and requirements of the nuclear deal, the supporting hezbollah and hamas, number one state sponsored or terrorism, still targeting and threatening israel and iranian drones that israel has been trying to blow out of the sky before israel gets attacked by the iranian forces? >> here is the thing, iran is running out of military actions, they've created all the mischief, all the things you listed out and more, but the fact is that they have not managed to split britain, france and germany from the u.s., they don't have an alternate mechanism to continue to defy the sanctions, so the sanctions
1:31 pm
are really working, president trump said something so interesting at the g7, he said iran is not the same country that was 2 and a half years ago. i take that to mean he see it is intel briefs and he sees the impact of sanctions. he has said all along, president trump has that he's willing to talk when iran is ready and at some point iran will be ready, will it be soon k macron pull it off, who knows, we will see. eric: baby step to that possibility, what struck me was that he comes in, has that meeting which the french foreign ministry tweeted out with macron and his aides, then the guy left, they didn't meet anybody else, it was like come in for a photo-op time. >> well, we have to remember that macron is in favor of assertive french and eu foreign policy, so in a way this is macron having his moment on the stage as well, again, i think it's wise of g7 leaders to go
1:32 pm
ahead and try this, what we have seen over the past few months is that iran will boss rude to britain and horrible to germany k macron do it, macron is trying to find the bait that would lure iran into serious negotiations, you'd think they'd be about ready but it's hard to say, but i think president trump has got this right, really cool, stepping back and letting macron have a go in getting iran to talk or not. eric: you think the pressure is working? >> yes, i do, i think the military pressure is absolutely working and that, of course, backs up the main thing which is the economic sanctions, now what happens next, there's all sorts of potential branches and sequels, maybe this goes to the un, maybe we agree to a temptrary -- temporary easing on the sanctions, who knows, bottom line it's not just about nuclear
1:33 pm
aspect, they have to address ballistic missile development by iran and also iran's support of all the terrorism activities in syria, lebanon, yemen, all that they do, it has to be more than that to really achieve stability, macron did say he agrees no nuclear weapons for iran and that we've got to have better stability around iran in the persian gulf region. >> speaking of civility iran is talking americans as they have in the past, mark prominent critic, think tank foundation of democracies and iranian regime reportedly slapped sanctions on mark and fdd, what do you think about that? >> well, and i know mark and his work and i have great respect for him, i like what the state department said and that is they take this very seriously, it's absolutely wrong and the state department has said they will hold iran accountable for compromising any security of
1:34 pm
americans, i don't remember, eric, ever seeing this happened, fdd is a great think tank, super research and what iran has done is completely wrong, macron has to keep that stuff in line as he works with them. >> video of mark, the ceo of the fdd, tehran claims that they are engaged in, quote, economic terrorism and they spread lies about the regime, fdd, look at their name, foundation for the defense of democracies and mark is saying it's a badge of honor to be in the list, this is what he tweeted out, this is a direct threat evens fdd me and iranian and noniranian friends, these threat wills only strengthen resolve about truth of iran and burning desire of the vast majority of iranians for freedom, you know, finally dr. grant, seems like the iranians no no boundaries, i mean, here they are targeting the private group, going after a private american citizen publicly in their way, they have allegedly tried to assassinate
1:35 pm
opponents, critics among the -- the iranian resistance to bomb one of the meetings in france as well as assassinate a critic and the saudi arabian ambassador in restaurant where all the big wigs in washington go in georgetown, seems no, no, no bounds when it comes to trying to reach out their tentacles of murderist terror. >> this is why iran cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons and why president trump was right to back us out of this and get us on course and we are on course now with europe as well as to try to find a different situation, the world cannot be secure if iran has access to that technology. terrible regime, time to draw the line. eric: stupid diplomats that they
1:36 pm
are. we will be on the list next after, badge of honor. dr. rebecca grant, independent research as always, thank you for your insight. >> thank you, eric. eric: of course, molly. >> nfl super star shockingly walk get away of the game at age 29, just 2 weeks before the start of the season, next a look at andrew luck's surprise retirement and what it could mean for the future of the nfl. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. we really pride ourselves on >> temaking it easy for youass, to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers.
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eric: stunning news out of national football league as andrew luck announces retirement, mental fatigue on decision. >> the most shocking professional sports retirement since michael jordan left the nba in '93, happened last night
1:41 pm
after indianapolis colts played preseason game against chicago bears, luck ruled out because of ankle injury and made shocking announcement in press conference, the original plan that he would make announcement today, four number one pick and fourth time probowl didn't make the decision likely but because of cycle of injuries love for the game was stolen, luck led colts to playoff in each nfl seasons but shoulder injury in 2015 sidelined him, he missed 26 games and shoulder rib and kidney injuries, earlier this year he missed off season activities and part of training camp due to injury, early idea of retirement struck him two weeks ago, it was an emotional 25 minutes. >> i told the guys earlier in the locker room, it's been the honor of lifetime to represent the horseshoe and the city of indianapolis both on and off the
1:42 pm
field. my friends, thank you and my wife, nicole, thank you, i love you. >> luck is walking away from more than $31 million in annual salary and 33 million in perspective roster bonuses over the next 3 seasons, although he could have to pay 12.8 million because of early retirement, some outlets are reporting colts owner jim surrendered his right to recoup the money leaving open the option if luck wants to resume football career, after luck made announcement some fans booed him as he made his way off the field and luck later said that that hurt. >> and you're starting to hear the reaction of some of the fans, it almost to me sounds like some of the fans are booing. >> now, the colts will turn to jacobe, 26-year-old to be acquired from new england
1:43 pm
patriots following the announcement reportedly lengthen the odds of colts winning super bowl and afc south, eric. eric: well, personal decision and i guess it should be then respected, jackie, thank you. molly. >> for more on this pretty shocking sports story let's bring in sports caster jim gray, jim, thanks for your insights on this, football, it can be tough, it can be brutal for sure and there are plenty of players who play for a long time, tom brady, for instance, who is still out there, but, you know, how unusual is this kind of early retirement, we've got a couple of names of early retirees, jim brown, kelvin johnson, andrew luck, all retiring between 29 and 31, is this fairly unusual in the sports world has this been viewed as impulsive? >> well, i don't know that it's been impulsive because he's been in such pain, you listed all of the injuries, the kid knee, shoulder, the ankle, concussion that is he suffered, but it is
1:44 pm
very, very unusual for a guy at the top of the game, top player to have year, joy to watch, he's just a terrific player. so much greatness in him and i don't know knows how he feels and he's felt terrible for a long time and dealing with this and he said he was going to get out of the cycle of injury, pain, rehab and if e ever went through what he had to go through shoulder injury when he missed entire season, he said he wasn't going to do that again, he put himself to that test and made commitment to himself and step get away, it's a very sad day for football fans, this guy is a great quarterback and as tom brady always said there's 100% injury rate in the national football league and this guy has suffered more than that 100% seems like it's been 2, 3, 4, 500%. >> there's been quite a bit of sympathy by former, current
1:45 pm
players. former linebacker, 10 years with tennessee titans, reporters and fans can't believe andrew luck mentally checking out and retirement, i commend him for coming forward and be truthful, personal health is more important than league or team, they don't care about well-being when it's over. research about impact on football on the body, even on the brain, you know, is that part of this, kind of looking down the long road as you mentioned he's already feeling pain and in press conferences he seems exhausted. >> well, he said he's mentally exhausted and lost the joy of the game and loves to play football, you look at lineage and father, oliver luck and -- and andrew and just being the number one draft choice in the league, this has got to be pretty substantial for him to be willing to walk away from this,
1:46 pm
you talk about other people in football injuries and what they go through, this is an individual's choice and let's look at it as that, it's not a collective thing, i don't see -- you don't see a lot of players, very few as we discussed walk get away from the types of salaries, types of jobs and spent lifetime of train to go get to this point, so this decision and we saw him in tears and these guys love what they do, they love being the team, they love winning, one of the greatest comebacks ever against the chiefs, so this -- this does not come lightly and i just think that, you know, everybody needs to take a pause, these guys put themselves through such terrific mental distress, physical distress and it's really -- it's impossible to play the game. if you sit down on the sidelines -- i'm sorry, molly. >> i mean, what does it mean for the teams?
1:47 pm
>> well, we see a few of these happen a year, 1500 play nester the nfl, you can count on one hand the guy that is walk away, i don't think we will start seeing mass exodus, substantial pain, wasn't going to go through the cycle anymore and he decided to walk away, i'm going to view this as an individual, they'll be other individuals who will do it, they'll be other who is will look at the collective trauma to the head and they'll say that it's not worth it, by in large i don't think you will see mass exodus, great player, he didn't win the championship that payton brought to indianapolis but conducted himself with class and dignity and distinction an we should all wish him well. >> wishing well in next adventure whatever that might be and jim thank you for your insights. >> good to be with you. eric: best of luck to mr. luck,
1:48 pm
of course. the report of a police officer shot by sniper, that sent the community into a frenzy in search for the shooter and now authorities say the officer admits in making it all up, details next. sir, you're a broker. what do you charge for online equity trades? uh, i'll look into it. (phone rings) lisa jones! lisa: (on phone) hey carl, what are you charging me for online equity trades? (nervous chuckle) lisa: and do i get my fees back if i'm not happy? like a satisfaction guarantee?
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eric: surprise story we have been following, authorities in los angeles county say the 21-year-old deputy who claimed to have been shot shot by sniper lied about the assault. investigators say they believe he made the whole thing up, the report set massive manhunt in lancaster, california, hour north from downtown los angeles, kristina coleman has been following the story from west coast news room, hi, kristina. >> well, the mass shoot negotiation dayton, el paso and gilroy that killed more than 30 people weeks ago and have had communities on edge have apparently not stopped the rooky deputy angel reynosa from coming up with big lie about sniper on the loose in northern los angeles county, take a listen. >> there was no sniper, no shots fired and no gunshot injuries sustained to his shoulder. completely fabricated. angel reynosa admitted that he
1:53 pm
was not shot at from apartment complex area as he previously claimed. >> at this point no one knows why deputy reynosa made up story on wednesday, in follow-up interview yesterday authorities say he con fezzed to cutting two holes in shirt with knife to make it look like he was shot but didn't say why, days before he claimed to have been shot in the chest while walking to car at sheriff station, he said bullet proof vest deflected bullet causing to hit shoulder and leave bruise, take a listen to dramatic 911 call as he reports phoney story and tries to blame at someone in apartment complex near the sheriff station that house it is homeless and people with mental health issues >> shots from north. [inaudible] >> hit in right shoulder. from apartment complex. >> authorities took reynosa
1:54 pm
serious but say things didn't add up. the manhunt did not turn up a suspect as we now know a suspect did not exist, also no ballistic evidence and no witnesses and no one heard any gunshots. >> we are incredibly disappointed to have to report to you that the reported sniper assault was fabricated by our deputy. the investigation is ongoing and criminal investigation has been launched. >> reynosa was relieved of his duties, eric. eric: just a shame, kristina, thank you. molly. >> bound for land, the latest on the tropical storm dorian next. -and...that's your basic three-point turn.
1:55 pm
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mollie: tropical storm dorian is tracking through the caribbean. adam: winds 40 miles per hour. still a ways to go null hit the lesser antilles. from there it continues to strengthen. we see this running up to a category one storm running close to the island of puerto rico before running over the
1:59 pm
dominican rub. dominican -- republic. still several days before we get to that point. all of the tropical models just south much puerto rico, probably not making landfall before make landfall to the dominican republic. it isn't the only system we are currently paying attention to. there is a center of low pressure beginning to make a little bit of movement there. the good news with this system is it will stay far enough off the coast we likely won't see that much in the way of rain or wind. i can show you a future forecast and give you a better idea. there is your center of circulation. definitely some rough seas.
2:00 pm
but this won't be making landfall. it's going to start to get this. geric: molly, good to have you. >> some people are exhausted. >> people are just getting exhausted. >> it becomes exhausting. >> the maga hats. >> the country is just exhausted. i think most of people are exhausted by his behavior. behavior. greg: trump did say you would get tired of winning. gregg * as the combined ages of


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