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tv   Scandalous  FOX News  August 25, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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that's it for today. have a great week, and we'll see you next "fox news sunday." ♪ ♪ >> when she lost that baby, she was devastated. >> she couldn't believe her
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relationship was being put out there with the public to see. she was relaced in the ad. >> marilyn monroe, creates a sensation wherever she goes. >> by mid-1961, marilyn monroe settled back in hollywood, taking up residence in the beverly hills hotel. >> her life was in a downward spiral. the misfits was a disaster.
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the audiences didn't like it. >> after a horrible experience at the new york psychiatric hospital, her psychiatrist was out of the picture. but her reliance on doctors continued. >> she chose a man that was like a father. both their marriages had failed and she was look for a father figure she could trust. enter dr. grayson. >> grayson's treatment modalities were considered highly controversial. >> he basically adopted marilyn. he allowed her direct access to his family. she often stayed with them and ate with them. >> he did not establish
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boundaries. and someone with with such a disordered requires boundaries. >> the doctor made recommendations to marilyn. one of them was to hire as her personal physician, hyman engelbert. >> he was prescribing a lot of pills for her. >> their concern is marilyn would pill shop and go from doctor to doctor and obtain mult. he sleep -- sleep sedatives. greenson's role was to meet with
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marilyn at her home and he would remove whichever meds he thought were dangerous. >> one doctor didn't know what the other doctor was doing. over 900 pills over a 90-day period. >> a bar by the rat taken with alcohol can result in slow breathing and potentially death. >> in 1962 that was the norm. in today's era, dr. engelberg and dr. greenson would probably be brought up on criminal charges. in the last six months of her life she meant with dr. engelberg 29 times. despite the treatment she continued to suffer from severe episodes and she was found in
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her apartment from an apparent overdose. >> greenson thought she needed to be hospitalized. so he created a partial hospitalization program by bringing people into her home. >> in november of 1961, marilyn monroe hired a woman named eunice murray. >> why did you accept a job as a house cooper when you were more known as an interior derek ray tore. >> dr. greenson employed me because he knew marilyn would be able to trust me and that was a special need for her at that time. >> i can't get a handle on maria. she is a slippery personality. >> you were not a house cooper and you never cleaned marilyn
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monroe's house. >> i did. i did everything. i did cook, in order to keep other people out. >> did your qualifications extend that way beyond that of a housekeeper? >> yes. >> eunice was the kind of woman who said whatever people wanted to hear. she admitted she often said what she thought sounded right. >> dr. greenson recommended marilyn establish permanency and residency in los angeles. >> in january 1962 marilyn found her dream home in brentwood, los angeles. for their lynn it was love at first sight. >> eunice murray helped marilyn
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>> as the ink was drying on the ink to her new home, she was completing talks with fox to star in her 30th motion picture, "something has got to give." the doctor suggested she take time away from shooting. she went to mexico and was accompanied by eunice murray. >> we were looking at furniture and decorations for marilyn's new house. >> where she went, controversy followed. her trip south of the border added to her growing fbi file it was reported she spent time with members of an american communist
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group. >> in the early 1950s when the department of justice was prosecuting top communist leaders, they were fleeing to mexico. >> a confidential memo to j. edgar hoover stated that manio associated with certain members of the communist troop in mexico he who shave sympathies with the soviet union. >> they were not an active group. they were an association of people who shared sympathies with communism. they weren't very organized. the fbi report seemed particularly interested in the time she spent with a notable member of that circle. >> he had been disinherited from
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the vanderbilt fortune. >> he had been associated where a wide number of communists and left-leaning causes throughout his time in america and mexico. >> as the memo continued it seemed less concerned about the political aspects and more about the romantic as it became clear that a relationship was developing between field and monroe. one of the most of intriguing aspect of the report may be the source. eunice' churchill. it led many to believe she was using an alias. >> she has leftist leaning because of her marriage to arthur miller. >> this is a political climate
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in the 1960s where you could damage someone's reputation or even their life. >> for some inside the fbi marilyn's alleged communist ties were alarming given the circle she had begun to associate with. she was introduced to peter lawford. he was the brother-in-law to john f. kennedy. >> he was a strange hollywood guy. he was kept around because of his connections. frank sinatra called his brother-in-lawford. >> lawford always had his beach house open. the president would visit. bobby kennedy would go there. i went to malibu to photograph lawford and bobby kennedy. little did i know i would see marilyn monroe standing in the
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[♪] aishah: live from "america's news headquarters." i'm aishah hasnie. mixed messages about trade from the white house as world leaders gather in france for the g-7 meeting. the white house said he only regrets not raising tariffs higher. the president is using the summit to tout what he calls are imminent trade deals with japan and the u.k. no details about those deals. another day of violence as tensions continue in hong kong protesters confronted police. officers had to pull out their
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guns. at least one warning shot was fired. protesters are demanding more autonomy from mainland china. i'm aishah hasnie. >> it didn't take long for rumors to spread about hollywood's biggest star and the most of powerful man in the world. >> their schedules are so public it's easy to document their lives almost on a daily basis. the on time they could have been alone as far as i know is when they stayed in palm springs. >> sinatra planned to host the president for the weekend. but because of his alleged ties to organized crime, bobby urged him not to attend. and it was changed to bobby
5:22 pm
kennedy. >> early in the day he met with former president eisenhower. >> a large group of hollywood notables were in attendance. marilyn monroe is among the overnight guest. it is there she and the president allegedly shared time alone. >> there is no other documentation that can put marilyn and the president alone that's verified at the same time. if anything happened it would have been a one-time thing. >> regardless of the status, her relationship with the kennedy brothers raised eyebrows with the fbi. two separate letters to hoover document their concerns. and reportedly challenges mr. kennedy proposed to her by miller. another memo reports that marilyn asked the president a lot of socially significant questions concerning the
5:23 pm
morality of nuclear testing. if she is being used by the communist party, it's not general knowledge among those working with the movement. >> there is no indication anything else comes from that. there was nothing illegal about her lunch with peter lawford there will be was nothing criminal about her trip to mexico or her marriage to arthur. it's simply reporting of what has been brought to the bureau's attention. >> marilyn always saw herself-worth in the eyes of the men she could attract. there was almost something shakespearean about her last year. she was the beautiful queen going mad, looking to the king and his brother, the prince to prove she was still the queen.
5:24 pm
>> marilyn had more of a relationship with bobby kennedy than she ever had with jfk. >> she looked at him as a savior of that period. >> in the decades that followed rumors would swirl around marilyn and bobby's relationship. it is confirmed the two met up in several locations. >> i met him once at the house. and marilyn invited him to come see her new kitchen. >> i went out to mayor behind to show her some of the pictures and i saw bobby kennedy. he came by the swimming pool. and she jumped in and started to swim toward him. i said marilyn, i will catch up with you again. i don't think i wanted to stay, looking back. sometimes mysteries in life are more interesting than all the answers. >> in april 1962 shooting began
5:25 pm
on what was to be marilyn's 30th motion picture. a remake called "something has got to give." >> elizabeth taylor was filming cleopatra and was making all the headlines. because the script was flimsy and marilyn needed a hedge, she fell back on one of her resources that never failed, and that's her body. >> she devised a publicity stunt with the help of the photographer. >> i was hired to photograph marilyn again. i'm out at the house going through the script. and she looked at me and said what would happen if i went into the swimming pool with my bathing suit on but i came out with nothing on. as we started that day she went into the swimming pool with that
5:26 pm
nude colored bathing suit. but each time she came to the edge of the pool she had less of the bathing suit on. i think 90% of the cameramen didn't know what was happening. she came up to the edge of the pool and flipped her right leg over the edge of the pool. as my daughter would say many years later, daddy, that's a picture that shows nothing but says everything. >> marilyn's relationship with the studio was continuing to erode. >> she was going through a lot of problems that summer so they would soot around her. where she used to be late maybe hours. now she was late for days. they were saying we have to get this film done. in the middle of it she took off one day of shooting and she flew to new york to sing happy birthday to the president.
5:27 pm
because the studio was so far behind, they said no, no, no. but do you think marilyn ever took no for an answer. >> in 1962, 15,000 people packed into madison square garden for a democratic fundraising events. performers included ella fitzgerald, and jack benny. marilyn monroe would be introduced by peter lawford. >> this lovely lady is not only beautiful, she is punctual. >> it was a running joke that marilyn was late. he would introduce her and she wouldn't show up. >> marilyn monroe. and marilyn monroe. marilyn doesn't come out.
5:28 pm
lawford takes a deep pause, and out of the corner of his eye, there is mayor continue in a tight dress. >> ladies and gentlemen, the late marilyn monroe. >> she comes out with an extra emphasis on that little voice of hers. >> happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday, mr. president ♪ ♪ happy birthday to you >> a lot of people like to say she went on stage drunk and floundered around with his performance. actually it was rehearsed exactly the way she wanted it to come out. there was an after party in new
5:29 pm
york. the president and marilyn are photographed together. this is the only documented photograph of the three of them in the same room. >> while her appearance was being celebrated in new york, it was not so well testified by studio bosses in hollywood. out of 33 shooting days, she managed to show up only 12 times. >> 21th century fox thanked "something's got to give" and "cleopatra" with elizabeth taylor. they can't get control over either of them. >> on marilyn's 36th birthday, the cast and crew threw her a party. >> they gave her a party with
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>> as the summer sun set over the brentwood section of los angeles. she has just 24 hours to live. her doctor had written a prescription for nembutal. and another doctor a drug meant
5:36 pm
to wean her off the prescriptions. she was seeing both doctors separately every day. aside from them, her circle was small. >> multiple people were around marilyn the last knew days of her life. one of them was pat newcom. she was a loyal protector of marilyn>> after dinner friday n, pat decided to stay overnight. senator kennedy was in gilroy, california. he was enjoying a quiet weekend. the kennedy family settled in and marilyn and pat newcom got ready for bed.
5:37 pm
friday night turned to saturday morning. the last morning marilyn would ever see. >> there are a lot of different accounts about what happened august 4. even the people that were present contradicted themselves over the years. >> ways known is that marilyn monroe spent the day in and around her spanish bungalow:mrs. murray. >> mrs. murray documents marilyn's last day. she woke around 9:00. remained in her house coat. had may not shah howard or bathed. she was spiritless. hadn't eaten. she was pulling weeds in her garden. toward the end of july, marilyn and pat newcom and i were in
5:38 pm
serious discussions about doing the cover of "playboy" magazine. i didn't want to keep hefner hanging. >> marilyn told schiller that pat didn't have the authority to make that call. >> it was like a light switch. somebody had thrown a light switch. and all of a sudden she was referring to herself as just a piece of meat. then the light switch would go back and she was polite. >> it was at this time that newcom had woken up. >> i hi she was upset because pat interfered where she shouldn't have interfered. even though they were good friend, marilyn had boundaries.
5:39 pm
>> she wasn't ready -- a normal average day. >> peter lawford was league dinner party that evening, but marilyn had yet to confirm she was going. here is where the story gets murky. some people believe lawford paid an unannounced visit to the house along with his brother-in-law, robert kennedy. conspiraciy theories are kennedy left gilroy by helicopter and flew to los angeles. the rumors were that robert kennedy came to the house to break off the affair or to obtain marilyn's diary. >> this is the most of controversial aspect of the case, whether bobby kennedy had any interference or cause of her death. that brings up the most of
5:40 pm
triggering emotions for people. >> a cryptic recorded phone call service, the call was to marilyn's psychiatrist, dr. greenson. because of the hippocratic oath, he couldn't say anything about what happened. >> there is no actual evidence the attorney general visited that afternoon. >> marilyn's neighbors reported they did not see robert kennedy that day. >> even though people have tried to insert bobby kennedy into this day. if he had come there there was no way he could have walked on
5:41 pm
to that property without being noticed. >> but just days after losing her 21th century fox contract, marilyn made several phone calls to his office. >> we only know of the durations of two phone calls. one was for the duration of a minute, and the last one was 8 minutes. >> the truth about rfk's visit may never be known. but what happened next is clear. by mid-afternoon marilyn was not doing well. >> american called dr. greenson because she was in distress. and he asked mrs. murray to stay the night. >> she told mrs. murray she just wanted to sleep. >> she had eaten anything that day. she is taking narcotics.
5:42 pm
that's kind of a cocktail in itself why where she is unstable.
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>> marilyn retired to bed and received a phone call from joe dimaggio, jr.
5:47 pm
he was going through a breakup with his fiance. and she was supportive. she didn't like his fiance. >> peter lawford called the house to see if marilyn was going to come over for dinner. and she sounded groggy. >> he had concerns about how marilyn sounded on the phone. he thought she sounded overmedicated. >> she said supposedly say good-bye to pat and the president, he's such a nice guy and the phone went dead. >> the word say good-bye to the president and say good-bye to yourself are legendary as the last words she ever said. no matter what was said -- >> he told other guests about
5:48 pm
the phone conversation. one of the persons he spoke to was his agent milton evans. evans contacted dr. greenson's brother-in-law. >> that call came in at 8:25 w.m. eunice murray told police it was 9:00 p.m. when the phone rang in marilyn's house. >> it was a phone call from marilyn's attorney and he asked if marilyn is all right. i said as far as i know she is. i went into the room and the telephone cord was under the door. these were indications that she was sleeping. >> if you think about eunice murray's disposition. she wasn't one to make waves. if marilyn was in her room and didn't want to be disturbed, she was walk on egg shells.
5:49 pm
>> there is only one thing that is known for sure. marilyn monroe would never be seen alive again.
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>> according to the initial police report eunice murray said approximately 12:00 a.m., she saw a light on under the door, went to the door and tried rouse her.
5:54 pm
at 3:00 a.m. she went to the door and found it locked. she went to the window and saw marilyn lying on her stomach and looked unnatural. >> the doctor came in and finds her dead. she was nude. but as time went on, the timeline shift. >> the other story is she woke up in the middle of the night and it was closer to 2:00. >> i thought something was wrong. so i tried the door and it was locked. i knocked at the door and called marilyn's name several times. >> there are many versions of how, when and where marilyn died as there are witnesses. times of death run from 10:30a.m. to 12:30p.m.
5:55 pm
the follow-up report sphield two days later states that dr. greenson arrived at the house at 3:45 and by that time rigormortis set in. >> the timeline was still hazy years later when investigators questioned dr. engelberg.
5:56 pm
>> there is a lapse of time between when they discovered the body and when they called the police. was it three hours or an hour? it's not really clear. >> when the call finally came into the west los angeles police department it was answered by a sergeant. he decided to investigate. greenson lead him to the bedroom where marilyn's corpse is and there the investigation begins. >> i was shown the night stand by her bed, it was about 8 or 10 empty bottles that contained
5:57 pm
medicine. he said she must have swallowed them all. >> here is the issue with any doctor prescribing that amount of medication. it's either a disaster waiting to happen or a death sentence. >> there were quite a high volume of pills discovered. >> dr. engelberg went on record saying he never prescribed choryl hydrate to marilyn. he actually did. it was a direct lie. >> it's a lethal combination. it really was a case of medical
5:58 pm
negligence. and i think we should try to get her destiny to change. >> the early morning sun starts to dip into the darkness. the world would soon know that marilyn was dead. >> it was tragic. but she obviously was being chased by a lot of demons. far from allowing her to rest i- in peace. the scandal soon kicked into high gear. >> know other star can command that kind of attention even after her death. >> the official version of her death raised startling
5:59 pm
questions. >> the marilyn myth. >> any time you have a controversial figure in life and they have an untimely death you have conspiracies. >> i think there were large motives for her to be murdered. >> she ier jects the cia and fbi into it. >> there was a calculated attempt by criminals to set up robert kennedy. she had information in her about the plot to kill castro. >> marilyn was stretched out face down on the bed. obviously she had been placed in that position. >> marilyn died by injection and did not swallow the capsules as
6:00 pm
reported. >> he claimed to have been forced to sign the autopsy report. >> death was with her all the time. steve: welcome to the next revolution. it's my birthday so the gift to myself. we'll be hitting some of my favorite themes and i will tell you what i think about president trump's latest move on china. hint, i like it a lot. let's start with a big argument at the heart of positive populism. president trump: after years and years building up other countries, we are finally building up our country, standing up for our jobs, our workers, and standing up for our dignity.


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