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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  August 26, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> said let's get back to the table. i think they'll want to do
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something. it'll hurt very badly, but they understand it's the right thing to do. very positive development for the world. >> sandra: kevin corke is live from france with more on this as we await the president this morning. it continues to make all the headlines here at the g7. this of course of the president announces renewed talks with the chinese following that tariff back and forth on friday that really set the markets tumbling. >> they mean business, they want to make a deal. very important, very important for them. it's going to be great for china, great for the u.s., great for the world. >> great for the world says the president. those comments coming as the summit continues, a summit which
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has already seen the president announced a major trade deal with japan and also offer to boost the u.k.'s economy. with a major trade deal in the wake of what looks like we'll be no deal brexit. if that will be happening in october. it still a deal with china would boost more than the assembled countries here. it would be a boon for the global economy. he says china is willing to resolve its trade dispute with the united states through common negotiations and resolutely opposes the escalation of the conflict. the president during his time here also met with indian prime minister, trade and security partner. steven mnuchin agreed that the back-and-forth with the chinese has and will continue. if the president was also asked if you stood by his suggestion that u.s. firms consider leaving china during the trade dispute. >> depends on whether or not we make a deal. if we don't make a deal, i like to see a move to china,
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absolutely. >> do a great job. of the president also pointing out the chinese economy continues to suffer during this trade dispute. he said that should be motivation enough to resume talks. meanwhile, the president also met with germany's chancellor, 14 years on the job and going strong. if discussing a wide range of issues including tariffs, e.u., u.s. trade, anti-tariff cooperation and illegal migration. also, what we are told they discussed iran, syria, and russia's impact on the global economy. we will see if that produces an eighth fruit during the president's comments as they come up later on today. we will have my colleague on that duty but for now, back to you. if >> sandra: a busy beach scen. >> sounding off on president drums trade strategy.
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>> we need a rational trade policy today, not what he is doing by tweet. >> looking in the eye with tariffs isn't working. >> i don't think that's good for getting an agreement with a country like china. that negotiating by tweet hasn't been working. >> peter doocy's life in washington with more on that. >> trade war by tweet is harmful to the u.s. economy, harmful to u.s. farmers, harmful to u.s. consumers, it makes no sense at all. i could put out a coherent trade plan, that's the direction we
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need to go. >> 's over democratic candidates, trade is top on the trail at this time specifically the impact of trade war might have on individuals that consistently rank the economy up there with health care as their top concern setting into primary season. a specific focus on farmers down in north carolina. they've got soybeans rotting in bins. which they grew based on a market they had been with decades to sell those soybeans to china and now that market is cut off. >> joe biden's whole entire campaign is based on criticizing president trump's policy and personality so it's surprising he didn't have much to say at all about the latest developments in the trade war while the president is in franc
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france. >> i never criticize the president's foreign policy when he has a broader. i mean that sincerely. he adheres in some way to the old adage that politics stops at the water's edge. >> peter doocy from washington, thank you. >> sandra: treasury secretary steven mnuchin saying trump will not retreat from the trade fight with china after the president suggested he had second thoughts about the ongoing situation. at the white house now saying the president's comments were misinterpreted. >> the president is determined to have fair trade with china and this morning's comment was meant to say that he is determined as ever on this issue. he wants a good deal, he wants free, fair, and reciprocal trade. >> sandra: hugo gurdon is chief executive of the "washington examiner." almost have to keep track of. markets can hardly keep up down big over the weekend, up now this morning.
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so is this messaging working for the president and his team while at the g7? >> it's interesting. people talk about mixed messaging and use that as a criticism, but i think there is something consistent about with the administration and president trump are doing. if when they have the opportunity to say something complementary or something ameliorative as they have this morning. if they wish to do it but at the same time, they will respond very tough lee when provoked. i think the chinese realize that they went too far in raising tariffs on $75 billion worth of american goods last week because it produced immediate reaction from president trump. what we are watching here is brinkmanship but behind that is something really fundamental that is happening, the way in which china reacts and behaves and relates to the rest of the world is changing. in the past when the economy was much smaller and it was a
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developing economy, theft of intellectual property but it didn't matter so much and currency manipulation didn't matter so much, but now it's the second biggest economy in the world and it will inevitably overtake the united states. and what these negotiations are highlighting is the fact that united states is the only power that has the ability to force china to give up some of those allowances it had has a developing nation and behave like the other nations and trade on a fair basis. >> sandra: the united states making it clear where it stands this morning as you heard from the treasury secretary there, steven mnuchin. the president and his own words at that bilateral meeting with angela merkel later today. >> it's a really good chance, probably in a much better position now than in any time during the administration was something meaningful. and i don't think we could've gotten here without having to go through this process and maybe i'm wrong, but i think we are probably in a stronger position
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now to do a fair deal for everybody. >> sandra: have a china responding this morning? >> china says that it wants to de-escalate this tariff war, this trade war. it wants to resolve these issues, but it's playing cat and mouse. get saying it wants to resolve these things but it's also saying he doesn't want to go back to the deal that it almost agreed to two months ago. i think we are going to see a lot of back and forth. i don't know whether it will be resolved in a month or several months or at all. but the united states, i think it's very difficult for president trump to say okay, you nearly agree to this deal which was a proper deal two months ago but now we are going to let you get away with more intellectual property theft, so we are going to see a lot of back and forth for quite a while. >> sandra: we also heard speaking more broadly on the g7, here's the president again. >> i also think that unity is
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very important. you saw me with angela merkel and we have a relationship is great. no fights or arguments, no ange anger. it's been great unity here and the papers haven't reported. >> sandra: there's a president speaking about unity and how important that is in the great relationships he has, we are about to hear and see a joint press conference with emmanuel macron. but we await the headlines as the president will be returning to the united states a short time from now. what will the headline be out of the g7? >> i expect they will not be very favorable to president trump, but that will be par for the course. i think the thing about having an annual gathering of the biggest economy in the world is that if you didn't have one, then people would think something terrible is happening, they are not meeting but it's also important to remember that
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not every year is a lot going to be achieved. not a lot has been achieved. it hasn't been a disaster for president trump nor has it been a great triumph for him but one of the things to remember is president emmanuel macron who sets the agenda has been trying to pull himself out from record low popularity so what he's doing is taking issues that are popular in france like pay equity and it has caused some frustration for the united states which wants to talk about the bigger issues such as trade. >> sandra: very interesting stuff, so we await those two holding up joint press conference a short time from now. we will take that live for everybody. great to see you this morning. interesting to hear the president and his team, the president is determined as ever to get a deal done with china when asked about any regrets, his regrets were he wishes he would've gone tougher on china with these negotiations. so the optimism is playing out
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in the markets this morning. >> jon: meantime, the reported sniper shooting of a sheriff's deputy now being called a hoax. if the latest on the made-up attack that triggered a massive manhunt. >> sandra: also, warnings issued in the caribbean, as tropical storm dorian continues to churn off a short and more on the development of that storm's path. >> jon: the iranian foreign minister makes a surprise visit to the g7 summit amid ongoing tensions between the u.s. and iran. retired four-star general jack keane joins us on that next. >> we will see what happens with iran. he spoke to me, he asked me, i said if you want to do this, that's okay. i don't consider that disrespectful at all especially when he asked for approval. even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem.
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>> sandra: tropical storm dorian strengthening as it reaches the caribbean and forecasters warning it could become a hurricane status by the time it reaches puerto rico. as of this morning, it was center just east of barbados moving west at about 14 miles per hour. the national weather service saying it is too soon to speculate on whether that storm will hit florida. >> jon: president trump denying reports that he was caught off guard by a surprise visit to the g7 summit saying french president emmanuel macron asked for his approval before inviting iran's foreign ministe minister. despite reports of a divide, president trump says they agree on at least one thing when it comes to iran. >> i will tell you, we have had great unity, even with iran. coming to a conclusion more or less. if the biggest part of the conclusion about nuclear weapons.
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>> jon: let's bring in retired four-star general jack keane, fox news senior strategic analyst and chairman of the institute for the study of war. what does it mean when the president of france invites a guy like him to show up at the g7 summit? how do you take that? >> it certainly is odd. i think it has more to do with emmanuel macron's self-promotion for his domestic audience than anything else. i think it's kind of small on his part, frankly. he knows the united states is embroiled in a major international crisis with the iranians and trying to get them to change their behavior for everybody's benefit in terms of their aggressive and maligned and malicious behavior in the middle east. over the weekend, we have israel attacking iran in three different places because of their preparations to attack an approach on israel and obviously a prime minister johnson is one of the members of the g7.
6:18 am
so to do that at this time with this group and bring them in there and run them right back out all within 24 hours i think had more with a political stunt than anything else. >> jon: seven of the most powerful economies in the world, they are democracies, western thinking democracies. if iran is certainly not among that powerful economic membership and certainly not a democracy. so why allow him to come to the table? >> the rules of the game are that the hose could invite other countries, and you saw egypt's presidents they are, a couple of other countries as well from africa. it so that kind of tolerance is there for the host and we will see that played out next year in the united states is the host as well. if so there's no violation of any rule in bringing him in. the appropriate of it was
6:19 am
certainly off. >> jon: let's talk about north korea, they launched short-range missiles over the weekend. president trump does not seem particularly bothered by it, so they're not violating any resolutions but our friend prime minister abe of japan is very bothered and says that they are. so was is all about north korea trying to drive a wedge between allies? >> that's part of it. clearly, they are reacting to the exercises that the south koreans in the united states have participated in which have now come to a close and they always do react to these exercises, although we have canceled some of the largest exercises in deference to the negotiations. i think prime minister abe has justifiable concern here, short-range missiles can range japan and the backdrop of this, one of the closest relationships with president trump and any world leader has told them time and time again if we make a final deal with the
6:20 am
north koreans, we've got to make sure the denuclearization includes all of their short-range missiles, which can range all of south korea and japan and that's why he has publicly objecting to it because he does not want the short-range missiles to be excluded from the final deal if there is a final deal. >> jon: obviously, those missiles with south korea in the range japan and range of a north korean attack, and that's with those leaders are upset about. >> that's what i was just saying, that's critical to them. i think it's also a violation of u.n. resolution. >> jon: so you disagree with the president on that. >> i do think the president should have spoken out right from the very beginning when the short-range missiles were used. i know that does not violate the agreement. medium-range, long-range and ballistic missiles.
6:21 am
does the president met with kim jong un at dmz in june. the fox news senior strategic analyst, thank you. >> good talking to you. >> sandra: a global call for action, g7 leaders now bowing to help fight fires ripping through the amazon rain forest. how they plan to ask next. >> jon: also a california police officer said he was shot by a sniper. now authorities making made the whole thing up. >> there was no sniper, no shots fired, and no gunshot injuries.
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>> sandra: authority saying the los angeles county deputy and that frantic radio call lied about the whole thing. last week, the 21-year-old claimed he was shot by a sniper while walking to his car prompting a huge police respons response. he now faces a criminal investigation. william la jeunesse is live in los angeles with the latest. >> you remember the shooting happened last wednesday about three in the afternoon and only on saturday night to the sheriff's admit the entire story was a hoax and now that x deputy is in big trouble. >> the investigation is ongoing and a criminal investigation has been launched.
6:26 am
we intend on relieving him of his duties. they met all last week, the department acted as if this massive manhunt was still under way when in fact detectives working in the case suspected this was a lie about six hours after it happened. why? a crowded parking lot not a single witness. also claimed two shots were fired but detectives found no bullets, no casings, no ricochets, no one heard in the apartment complex a shot. he admitted to using a knife to cut holes in his shirt to look like a bullet hole but investigators say the ribs were too big for an entry wound and finally, detective said he sounded too normal and that 911 call. if they to hear more adrenaline voice. >> there was no sniper, no shots fired, and no gunshot injuries to his shoulder. completely fabricated. he admitted that he was not shot
6:27 am
at from the apartment complex area as he previously claimed. >> we know the how, but not the why. apparently, he struggled during his probationary training and thought this incident could help him. if the share of claims the department is disappointed, embarrassed, and angry. he has been fired and is likely going to be prosecuted for filing a false police report. the mayor, as you recall, has not retracted his statement that it's insanity to have a mentally ill facility across the street from a police station. >> sandra: watching that one, william la jeunesse, thank you. >> jon: we are awaiting a news conference with president trump and french leader french leader emmanuel macron as the g7 summit comes to a close. when it begins, we will take you there live. plus, the stock market about to kick off its week of trading amid renewed optimism about the u.s.-china trade war. president trump says beijing wants to go back to the
6:28 am
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♪ tum tum tum tums >> sandra: here we go. we are awaiting president trump and french leader emmanuel macron as they are set to speak a little bit later this morning at the close of the g7 summit. it was expected now, but running a bit behind. we will bring that to you live when it begins but it has been a market moving summit. the comments from the president and world leaders, a triple digit sell-off on the escalating trade war with china. then came positive comments from president trump about negotiations with china this morning. it now, a minute and a half into trading, up 276 points from the doubt. let's bring in former economic advisor in the reagan administration. as we see a lot of volatility and movement in the markets.
6:32 am
that disappointed markets and now, there was going optimism based on a few things the president has to say this morning. >> it's true. and what you see is the stock market is an unbiased arbiter of information. it tells you the way it really is without having human problems on at all and what happens is when trade things go bad, stock markets dropped. the real cost of a trade war is number one, the stock market dropping, dropping huge amounts of u.s. wealth and foreign wealth and number two, the real problem is the follow on policies. we have had the tariff which was terrible in 1930 but the real problem came when herbert her hr raise the income tax rate on january 1st, 1932. he put the inheritance tax and it's all the silly nonsense that follows the stock market
6:33 am
collapse that is equally as bad. >> sandra: we are not dealing with the collapse, right now just a wild ride on wall street is what we've been seeing. that limits games based on optimism's let me get in here with what the president tweeted about, great respect for the fact that president xi and the representative wants com resolution. so impressed that they are willing to come out and state the facts so accurately. this is why he is a great leader and representing a great country. talks are continuing. so with that messaging leading to those big gains this morning. >> what he's trying to do is negotiate to get a good deal with china and a good deal with china is needed and once it comes into play, they're going to see this market go to the moon. everyone can see the response of the markets to a trade war into a trade deal and that trade deal
6:34 am
i say could knock this dow up five, 10,000 points. it's a huge plus. he also announced japan, a deal with japan is imminent. that is also a big deal. >> sandra: is a heck of a market rally 2 minutes into trading. lindsey graham went on the show this weekend, senator lindsey graham on the face the nation with a message from president trump. >> you've got more bullets than they do. if they sell for a lot more stuff than we sell them and the goal is to get them to change the behavior. the chinese government and the chinese army and the chinese business community are one and the same. they are very mercantile. the chinese communist party runs everything in china and until they feel the pain, they are not going to stop. >> sandra: you heard the senator they're telling the president listen, you've got more bullets than they do and in fact, you sort of heard that from the president if he was asked if he had any regrets, he
6:35 am
said i actually wish i would've been tougher. be back i don't know about being tougher. this is not a macho thing from my perspective. china and the u.s. have a lot to gain by cooperating with each other, putting down those trade barriers. if china would be far better off if they got rid of intellectual property stealing, got rid of forced transfers of technology, that would help china and the u.s. it's a win-win, not a lose-lose. you don't want war. what you want is your going to be a lot better off with a free trade deal with the u.s. and we are going to be a lot better off with a free trade deal with china. in that's where it's all, and china should not be our number one enemy. it should be our greatest trading partner on the planet if only they get rid of the seven deadly sins, we could be in great shape with china. if both of us prospering. >> sandra: you look at the words from the president this morning, look get back to the
6:36 am
table, they want to do something, they have been hurt badly talking about china's economy, went on to say this is a very positive development for the world. you have to think as we are awaiting president trump and emmanuel macron at this joint news conference a few moments from now, you have to expect this is going to be wide ranging and he was breaking. final thoughts as we await that. >> i surely hope it will be because the stuff of china is really important. the stuff with iran that emmanuel macron is trying to do is very important and the stuff with japan, the wild swings in the market but what you can see is how important these policies are given how quickly and how much the market responds. it really does tell you what's going on and if we could get a good deal with china where they win and we win, it's better for the whole world. >> sandra: forward thinking and forward-looking auto monday morning.
6:37 am
>> it tells us what will become a know it has been. >> sandra: appreciate your time this morning, thank you. we might thank you very much. >> jon: this fox news alert, following reports -- stay like that we can that killed two of its fighters. if employed an additional defense system to their part of the country.
6:38 am
you can see over the shoulder, this is the ms. missile defense system that will intercept any missiles from israel including lebanon and syria, also the distance those mountains, that is syria off in the corner, the country of lebanon. all this coming as tensions continue to rise in the middle east. on saturday, strike a target in syria that was trying to launch a major attack against the country. the revolutionary guard was reportedly going to use killer drones to target israelis. less than an hour after the strike, prime minister benjamin netanyahu tweeted i read has no immunity anywhere. our forces operate in every sector against the iranian aggression. if someone rises up to kill you, kill him first. also overnight, targeted a base in lebanon run by militants. the reason for this strike is unknown. the story was breaking and panic consumed with gaza after three rockets were fired into israel. they scrambled for safety as
6:39 am
they were intercepted by israel's missile defense system. across the middle east, there was a single event could spark a much larger conflict in the region. >> jon: trey yingst reporting live from israel, thank you. >> sandra: laurie mcelroy capturing the biggest cash payout in golf history. there you have it, surging past brooks cap got in the final round of the championship to win the fedex cup. and get this, a $15 million grand prize. it they are now the only two players to win the fedex cup twice since it began back in 2007. if that is a very nice payday. >> jon: how many parents do you think went out and bought golf clubs for the kids over the weekend? 15 million, big payday. >> sandra: congratulations to
6:40 am
him. >> jon: president trump set to hold a news conference room with french president emmanuel macron at the u.s. and china make major news on the trade front. art laffer talking about it when the two world leaders actually speak. >> sandra: also, a push on capitol hill to be tougher on domestic terrorism under federal law following those deadly mass shootings in ohio and texas. it our next guest andy mccarthy says move is unnecessary. going to join us to explain why. >> we need to make texas a better place, a safer place. we need to take whatever action needs to be taken to make sure that our state is going to be safer, all members of our community. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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(blender whirring) ♪ (baby laughing) ♪ pampers is here to help every parent love the changes a baby brings. ♪ >> all of a sudden, there was a big bang. that shook the house, it was so loud that i was sure something hit the house or the plane hit
6:44 am
the house. >> sandra: folks in maryland that leveled a strip mall in suburban baltimore. he sang happened yesterday morning, it could be heard for miles. no one was injured since none of the businesses were open on a sunday. police are investigating the cause of the blast. >> jon: you can imagine if it was that loud on a sunday morning. if >> sandra: thankfully no one was there and hurt. >> jon: mass shootings in el paso, texas, leading some lawmakers to put forward bills calling for a federal domestic terrorism law. if our next guest in a new op-ed, andrew mccarthy is the former u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york, he is also a fox news contributor and also has a very interesting take on the news of the day. let me read part of that piece that you've written in the hill,
6:45 am
quiet domestic terrorism law is a terrible idea so we know where you stand. we should never have to wait for foreign powers to attack before taking action to thwart them. with our own citizens, however, the line we draw is the planned or actual use of force. you are saying that americans essentially get more protections than those foreign nationals who might come after us. >> the history we have is that terrorism, which i used to prosecute too many years back that either of us would like to talk about that. terrorism has really bound up with political dissent association, a lot of the things that we refer to in the law is constitutionally protected activity and importantly, we already have a plethora of laws on the books that allow us to prosecute domestic terrorism including calling them domestic
6:46 am
terrorists. it's been on the laws, it's been on the books since the civil war and precisely allows us to prosecute people who consider themsethemselves to be at war we united states and who plan to use force against our citizens and the public. >> jon: the argument is that federal law has given us a definition of domestic terrorism, but it doesn't criminalize it. is that true? >> we have lots of laws that criminalize terrorist activity. if we do have a law that gives us a domestic definition of terrorism, but we don't have a domestic terrorism and crime like we have international terrorism crimes because we need the international laws in order to give us jurisdiction to go
6:47 am
after people who operate and attack us from outside the united states. we need a legal vehicle to do that because otherwise, their activities are mostly extraterritorial. when you're dealing with in the united states, going after terrorism. >> jon: let me flip this over, would be the harm in adding one more? would be the harm in saying it's illegal to commit domestic terrorism. >> the harm would be if you are doing in order to do something that allows you to do something the law doesn't allow you to do now, if you are going to use your surveillance authorities and other authorities. if you're going to have the kind of scandalous activities that you had in the 1960s and 70s where our law enforcement and intelligence services were investigating americans with their political attitudes and
6:48 am
political activism and that did not end well. if it is odd to me that we would think about doing that when we e in the wake of a scandal where our counterintelligence powers were actually used the interviewer with a political campaign in an election. i don't think that's a road we want to go down. >> jon: so you're worried about the fbi and local police and spying on american citizens because they are suspected of planning and executing domestic terrorism. >> i'm not only worried about that, i'm worried that the fear of being perceived as doing that will paralyze the police on the law enforcement and intimidate them from doing the kind of investigations that they should be doing that have to be doing if we are going to thwart terrorist attacks. >> jon: andrew mccarthy, a fox news contributor. thank you. >> sandra: escalating violence between police and protesters in hong kong.
6:49 am
officers pulling their guns and firing a warning shot after being attacked by demonstrators there, a live report on that straight-ahead. >> jon: plus, awaiting a landmark ruling on the opioid crisis that could lead to the biggest judgment in u.s. history. the potential implications of this next. >> this company cut and ran, they took the money and they ran and they left! us here holding the buybacks.
6:50 am
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6:52 am
>> sandra: a verdict expected today in a historic opioid trial. the state of oklahoma accusing johnson & johnson of helping fuel the epidemic through deceptive marketing. if it is asking for $17 billion in damages.
6:53 am
this would be the biggest judgment in u.s. history. here to talk about it is professor of medicine and a fox news contributor. if this really could set a precedent, this case. this is huge historically. if we make it a very fiery case. a subsidiary that dealt with opioids say they are being scapegoated. they are saying they are basically forcing this on an unsuspecting public who hadn't no idea what was happening and they are calling this a public nuisance, a public health issue. that j&j affected the public health of millions. they have one extended release opioid that was a billion dollars a year drug they were marketing, still marketing fentanyl. whatever happens here will have been down the line, there's another case coming up in the fall with 2,000 manufacturers involved. still have 70,000 people dying
6:54 am
of drug-related overdoses most of them from opioids. it is still going on. here is the key question. who is at fault? is it only physicians? physicians and pharmacies or drug manufacturers also involved for greasing the wheel and by flooding the market and false advertising. that is the question it looks like and the state mental health commissioner broke into tears saying only the state of oklahoma protected the citizens and j&j was basically the villain here. that seems to be swaying the judge in the case. >> sandra: here's the way it was framed in the trial in july, this is the attorney representing the attorney general's office. he >> the defense of johnson & johnson in this case defies logic. where did the crisis come from? did we just have a bunch of addictive, troubled opioid use disorder victims lying around and wait in the state and somebody poured water on it in
6:55 am
1996 and they just sprouted and grew? where did they come from? it's a ridiculous argument with revisionist history. to back that was oklahoma ag's office through their returning they are making their case. now, here is the defense attorney for johnson & johnson at that trial in july. >> this is not a problem with a simple answer. this problem of untreated chronic pain afflicts people here in oklahoma. these drugs help these patients function. >> here's where it came from. the institute of medicine said they were 100 million chronic pain sufferers almost two decades ago, we bought into that, suddenly j&j and other companies came along and gave us the means to the end and advertised and took doctors out to dinner.
6:56 am
they are not in a sit in my opinion and it's a multifaceted thing. if the state has a point of view that it was doctors, pharmacists, pharmaceutical companies and they can't be let off the hook, so this is where this is heading. effects of the defense sounds weak in this situation. >> sandra: we will see if johnson & johnson will be held liable when you look at how big of a problem this is in this country. thank you very much. >> jon: there is renewed optimism on wall street on this monday morning, we've been watching the dow up 171 points right now. also going to be hearing from president trump and french president emmanuel macron as the g7 summit wraps up in france. and we will take you there live when that news conference begins, and you will hear the presidents thoughts. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
6:57 am
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6:58 am
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6:59 am
and find a perfect place. a place for mom. you know your family we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice.
7:00 am
>> sandra: fox news alert now, trade talks taking center stage at the g7 summit as we await a joint news conference with president trump and president macron of france. welcome to a brand-new hour, monday morning and "america's newsroom" ." >> jon: i am jon scott in for bill hemmer. president trump and president macron taking the stage any minute now as the u.s. keeps up the pressure on china. president trump saying leaders in beijing are ready for serious negotiations after days of escalating tensions.
7:01 am
>> they mean business and what they want to give a good deal, it's very important that -- it's very important for them. it's going to be great for china in the u.s. and the world. >> jon: chief white house correspondent john rogers is traveling with the president in. what does the president have to say? >> good afternoon to you where the g7 summit has been taking place. let me point out that the idea that the president may be taking the stage any moment is open to a little bit of interpretation, we were expecting him a half an hour ago and looks like things have been pushed back until 10:30 eastern time because it is running a little bit late. what china has been saying first of all came from the vice premier this morning who made the following statement. "china is willing to resolve its trade dispute with the united states through com negotiations and resolutely opposes the escalation of the conflict." that broke earlier this morning here in china where the
7:02 am
president when he was meeting with egypt reacted first of all to it and then spoke again about it when he was in his bilateral meeting with german chancellor angela merkel. listen here. they met they lost a lot of jobs and they want to see a sensible solution. it's a really good chance. we are probably in a much better position now than at any time during the negotiation. i don't think we could've gotten here without this and maybe i'm wrong, but i think we are probably in a stronger position now to do a deal, a fair deal for everybody. >> that bilateral meeting, he referred to some phone calls that happen last night between u.s. and chinese officials with a spokesman for the foreign ministry in china saying he knows of no phone calls that occurred over the weekend. so the president takes the stage here a little bit later this morning, we hope to ask him for some clarity on that.
7:03 am
he was asked about it earlier today and said he didn't want to talk about it. if we will find out the reasons why or at least try to find out the reasons why. >> jon: a moment ago, we were talking with general keane, he put an appearance at the g7 and that cause some commotion there. >> that was a real surprise and apparently this is something that was cooked up by french president emmanuel macron after he met with them on friday. he decided that meeting went really well and let me see if i can get him over here to the g7 to get him into an environment where he can meet with some of the other world leaders so he invited him to come down yesterday afternoon. we had thought initially that the united states delegation including the president had been blindsided by this. in fact, the president's former u.n. ambassador nikki haley tweeted out "this is completely disrespectful to donald trump and other leaders at the g7. iran supports terrorism at every turn and continues to pursue death to america. manipulative to do this at a
7:04 am
very insincere." but after those criticisms began to percolate here, president trump was told about this at the dinner on saturday night and earlier today, the president did confirm that he had been prewarned by emmanuel macron that he would be on his way. listen here. >> he was here and we will see what happens but he spoke to me, he asked me. i said if you want to do that, that's okay. i don't consider that disrespectful at all especially when he asked me for approval. >> the french foreign minister was here just a few minutes ago. we asked if the plan was to try to put him in president trump in the same room at the same time and he said no, that was never a part of the plan. something else that may be announced when the leaders take the stage is france's godless digital services tax that it wants to implement which would really hurt u.s. tech companies. threatened a tariff on french
7:05 am
wine if they are to go ahead with that tax. if there is news out this morning, just spoke with the finance minister a second ago about whether there might be a deal on that. only told me things are moving in the right direction, but reuters is reporting that a deal has already been struck so we will hear about that in a few minutes. >> jon: john roberts, chief white house correspondent in france. >> sandra: let's bring in our "america's newsroom" letter 18. former senior advisor and chris stirewalt, fox news political editor. so you heard the set up, awaiting the president, negotiations are ongoing. markets are moving, what do you think? they make the most important things that come out of these summits are when trade deals get done and in that respect, the fact that we are having principal and agreement with japan to have them buy more corn for less tariffs makes the size of a
7:06 am
success. >> sandra: can't claim success just yet. >> to a pretty extraordinary degree at this point, the president's political future is in the hands of the ruler of china, their autocratic regime. if he wants to make sure that donald trump doesn't get reelected, he just has to keep piling it on and drive our economy over a cliff because you can take it, and we won't. american consumers and american voters will not tolerate recessions that are fueled by trade wars. his president knows it so he has a choice to make. does he want to wreck donald trump or prop him up and keep the good economy going? >> jon: he argues that he's got more bullets than xi does. >> here's the big shift you've seen in the last week. first you look across the board, china saying you want to trade more? go ahead and bring it on. if then you have ceos of all kinds of businesses calling donald trump and saying you are wrecking our business and our
7:07 am
economy with these tariffs. now the g7 except for trump brings in the prime minister of iran to this. so now you start to see people are standing up to donald trump and historically when you do that, he backs down. if that means going into this negotiation, xi does hold all te cards even though he says he's in a stronger position, doesn't seem to be the case. >> it shows how we are so dramatically different as a country. we just heard two explanations of how terrible the economy is at a time when we have more jobs than we have workers, wages are up, consumer confidence is up. >> sandra: businesses are concerned about the level. >> and i just said how good the economy is. >> a little critical of this economy, sorry. it's very different view and as you go into 2020, americans view the economy are going to be a big determination as to whether president trump and in today,
7:08 am
he's in a good position. >> jon: let's talk about the president's potential competitors, joe biden still on top, 31% if you look at his numbers, that's the same number he had in march, 31% of democratic voters. the interesting part is what's happening in the number two position. elizabeth warren has jumped up 16% from 4% to 20% from march. is she the one who is going to be there in case joe biden? >> here's the challenge, when you dig into that fox news poll and you look at why he has 31%, he is a staggering 81 support against african-americans. their precious few african-american voters. they are in south carolina. he has to win those first two contests or he doesn't make it to south carolina and who was right on his heels, elizabeth warren?
7:09 am
>> sandra: pence a piece on, banking on electability but hot on his heels in iowa and new hampshire, is that the case? >> i have a hard time they would jump off that bridge. i want to say she is she is unelectable but is the dream candidate if you are donald trump. you have somebody who is -- has all of the problems except for corruption that hillary clinton brought with her from an electoral standpoint that hurts democrats both with the rust belt blue-collar working-class voters that were problematic in 2016. she would be a mess, but may be mary and is right. maybe people do jump off or jus just. >> sandra: would donald trump rather take on joe biden or elizabeth warren? >> i read of maryann's pieces, that i think she may be a swing
7:10 am
voter come the next election. i think we have a chance. if the challenge is elizabeth warren is getting more crowds than he is getting which makes them look vulnerable. he has had a good first quarter fund-raising. the key is if there is any dip in his fund-raising, it only contributes to the narrative that he's on his way down. if the other candidates are doing more to build momentum and go up in the polls and the front runner, only one place to go which is down in less you win. he's got to wait and when it gets to iowa. >> jon: in the meantime, president trump has another challenger, bill weld already announced that not getting a lot of traction but now joe walsh says he wants to take on the president and a primary. what does that mean and signify? >> there was a myth that exists in american politics that incumbents who face primary challengers go want to lose in
7:11 am
general's. the reality isn't about the challenger, it's about the appetite for a challenger. when pat buchanan challenged george w. bush in 1992, it wasn't about pat buchanan, it was about conservatives were furious. when kennedy challenges carter in 1980, it wasn't that people just love teddy kennedy so much, it was that jimmy carter had betrayed a lot of liberals and his party and there was base to satisfaction. i don't see any of that right now with donald trump. >> sandra: despite his latest favorability rating, fox news poll showing republicans opinion of the president favorable 85%, unfavorable 14%. joe walsh in his own words why he is going to run. >> if he is our nominee in 2020, the republican party is going to get because young people don't like trump, women don't like trump, and people who live in the suburbs don't like trump. i heard you earlier, the republican party right now is at a real crossroads. because of trump, they are in
7:12 am
trouble. >> sandra: somebody needs to step up and there needs to be an alternative. >> sandra: the majority of republicans don't agree with joe walsh and the over under on him getting a single delegate to the convention is less than half a percent. >> jon: you could add to that list joe scarborough doesn't like trump. >> first of all, i'm disappointed it's not the guy from the eagles. you can see joe walsh is really going for. >> jon: he did run for president wants. >> he would probably do better than this one, if he thinks it's going and could totaling with the morning joe crew who all agree with him that donald trump is terrible. if i don't know whether this is a stunt or not, i don't know whether this is sincere or whether this is a staunch but at this point, it doesn't matter. >> sandra: you guys are so good, can you stick around for more later this hour? we would appreciate that. >> we cannot fulfill the immigration process within 20
7:13 am
days, so in essence what that's led to its a significant part of what we refer to as catch and release. if the new regulation changes that. that's why it's a game changer. with this new regulation, we can hold families together in a healthy safe environment while they go through the immigration proceeding. >> jon: it allows the government to hold migrant families longer than the 20 days step forward in the 1997 flores agreement. joins us now. there has been an awful lot of criticism directed at this new rule. had you answer those who say it is somehow cruel to be holding families together more than 20 days? >> they were a couple of false narratives out there. the first being that it's cruel rate of what's really is the fact that congress has a lot to do the job to fix the loopholes in the immigration system and
7:14 am
stop these individuals from risking their lives. and risking children as pawns to do it because we know right now you grab a kid, that's your passport to the united states to be released and never be heard from again. what this new regulation does is they are going to hold you not indefinitely, just long enough to go through the immigration process which in past history has shown between 40 to 60 days. not holding indefinitely or giving high-level care and family residential centers. that is what i think we need to do. >> sandra: how was it a game changer in terms of deterring those migrant families from coming across the border? >> that's the question. we have to go back to the previous administration in 2014, 15, and 16 when the family residential centers were actually created under then secretary jeh johnson and when families were held together never to be heard from again.
7:15 am
we saw the numbers drastically go down. because you were moving that incentive. right now, that incentive is so incredibly strong, you know your grabbing a kid and keeping them together, going through immigration and when those claims are found to be meritless, removing it back and that's going to get to them and it's going to remove that incentive. >> sandra: you immediately heard democratic opposition to this, nancy pelosi immediately responded was saying this an administration seeking truth codify child abuse, plain and simple. >> it is just not true. we just heard a story recently had conducted over 4,000 rescues, that's of people trying to enter illegally into the country, thousands of dollars to the cartels and smugglers who don't care a thing about them, taking advantage of these individuals because of the loopholes in our system and that's what we need to stop.
7:16 am
we need to deincentivize that and stop risking our lives to come into this country. this will do that. >> jon: the court battle is almost certain to happen immediately. how does your site answer the legal challenges that are sure to come? >> you are absolutely right. it was published on friday, so it began as a legal process. we have to go back to the subtle agreement and the plaintiffs and walk and present our case. but i will say is this regulation, it had over 100,000 public comments that had to be answered and we went to painstaking efforts to make sure not only did it meet the settlement agreement, the conditions within the agreement, it actually exceeded it, the level of care and these residential centers, actually exceeds what is required by the agreement. so i feel very strongly that we are going to prevail in the litigation. >> jon: even the mexican
7:17 am
government has expressed concern over migrant families being held together for long periods of time. what do you say to the government they are? >> what i would say is again what history has shown us is we have to make sure we are being intellectually honest. we are not holding kids families indefinitely. we are only going to hold them long enough to go to the immigration process and history has shown us when we did this in the previous administration, the same exact thing we are talking about was about 40 to 60 days. >> sandra: as far as mexico stepping up to help stem this crisis as well, i want if there were a few stats up on the screen. this is their efforts to curb immigration. total apprehensions at the southern border and saw over 132,000, in june that number dropped to 94,000 and most recently in july, 72,000. if what are you seeing as far as those efforts?
7:18 am
>> so the government of mexico as well as the northern triangle countries have stepped up unprecedented ways. they are actually stepping up to be true partners with the united states and they are actually seeing this as a regional crisis. it's not just a crisis of the united states. unprecedented support, they've devoted 25,000 troops at their southern border, u.s.-mexico border as well as increasing and strengthening interior enforcement. it's been a game changer. >> jon: when you go home at night, do you ever ask yourself why speaker pelosi in so many other democrats seem to be completely against enforcement of border laws? what is the rationale? >> every single day. i don't understand it. with over 32 years of governmental service, 25 years of law enforcement service, i don't understand and i don't have a good answer. all i know is congress knows what they need to do to come up
7:19 am
with meaningful legislation to address the loopholes in the immigration system and they have refused to do so, refused to protect our borders and safeguard this country. i don't have a good answer for that, i just don't understand it for what i can tell you is mexico, the micro protection protocol right now, over 37,000 individuals are waiting in mexico as they go through asylum process. if that is 37,000 people that would be in our holding facilities into the interior united states. that's another example of how mexico has stepped up and that's a direct result of this president's negotiation efforts on this administrations initiatives and that's why that's happening. >> jon: mark morgan, border patrol, thank you.nt >> sandra: waiting for some breaking news, expected to speak at a moment at the g7 summit, he is expected to talk trade including new developments with china. we are going to bring this to you live when it begins any moment now.
7:20 am
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7:23 am
>> jon: a fox news alert, tensions on the rise once again between police and protesters in hong kong after officers they are pulled their guns on demonstrators who were chasing them with sticks and polls. if police firing off at least one warning shot. kitty logan joins us live from
7:24 am
london with the situation there. >> this is significant because it's the first time police in hong kong have used live fire on the pro-democracy organizers. according to reports, there was just the one warning shot, no one was hurt. if police also pointed guns at protesters during these new clashes as they tried to clear streets. it's a sign that they are prepared to have a tougher response to this latest violence. also, over 80 people were arrested during those protests over the weekend. police also using water cannons for the first time to try to break up those crowds of demonstrators. it government officials have it defended these tactics saying they were blocking roads and attacking officers and some of those officers were injured. today, hong kong police that the use of live weapons was a necessary response. we met we have seen an increase in the intensity of violence
7:25 am
used by protesters. in their radical acts have intensified with more dangerous and sometimes deadly weapons used, including bricks, metal posts, long sticks, and bombs. >> authorities say this increased violence could become dangerous for hong kong but protesters blame police for the escalation and still say they will not back down on their demands for greater democracy in hong kong. if they say that the peaceful protests they've been using so far have not worked but of course, the concern is the worst this violence becomes, the more likely that china could be tempted to intervene to crack down even harder on these demonstrations. >> jon: a very concerning situation. kitty logan in london. >> sandra: we're expecting president trump and president macron of france to speak any moment now as the markets have been watching the
7:26 am
back-and-forth on chinese trade news very closely. overnight a big sell-off and this morning on optimism a rally on the opening bell. off those highs of the day, the dow up 119 as soon as that news conference begins, going to take you there live difference.
7:27 am
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7:30 am
>> anything is possible, we are having very meaningful talks. much more meaningful than any time. for the most part, we are doing very well. they are going to other countries. >> sandra: as we await the joint news conference of the g7 summit happening any minute now, wall street is higher after the president said this morning china is ready to make a deal. if there the dow off the session highs. charles payne is here off of the fox business network, far cry from what we saw last night on growing uncertainty surrounding this deal is with the president getting closer to a deal with china? >> i think wall street would be happy just that they were moving
7:31 am
in the right direction. what we saw was not a reaction to the trade war. we have been in a trade war officially for a year and a half and unofficially for decades. if when president trump use the word order, i'm going to order companies, that specific word scared the heck out of wall street and the business community and then when he continued to talk about it talking about the emergency powers act 1977 and things like that, that's way over night the futures were down almost 1,000 points bracing for the worst. i think he reacted in anger to china and powell on friday and that unsettled them markets. the one thing he saying that continues to be underscored is how badly china's economy is being affected. i don't know that its currency manipulation as much of the facts as they can control it. now there's a report they have $2 trillion in debt tied to the dollar. so they've got to repay this debt and dollar.
7:32 am
>> jon: the president made headlines that he was didn't really have that power. >> that's what i was saying, when he went further and said the economic emergency powers act and things like that, didn't have all weekend to spend to delve into that but that's just it, don't know necessarily. but we don't want the president ordering american businesses to do things particularly when it comes to this particular issue because in a court of public opinion, shouldn't have to. the business roundtable last week said prophets no longer are the most important thing. if we but what are doing so much business? the world's number one polluter. there is no due diligence. if we say it's not because
7:33 am
profits number one. to make a huge customer base for american companies. >> that was right from 1977 until this year but the business roundtable just said that's no longer true. >> sandra: we are going to pause for a moment to let our fox nation join us now that the president and macron have begun speaking. >> translator: ladies and gentlemen, following this g7 meeting we have just held, we have been discussing for two days now. going to report back to the first one, would like to think. >> sandra: this is fox news coverage of president trump and the g7 in france. i am sandra smith in new york. we are told they will each take two questions, then
7:34 am
emmanuel macron will exit and president trump of the united states will answer additional questions, could be a wide ranging news conference happening at france at the conclusion of the g7. let's watch and listen together. >> translator: i couldn't say what we are really keen on to convey positive and joint message following our discussions. the discussions are several. we have negotiated a one page declaration, but they will be different things in it but it's just one page that covers some of the key items that were addressed. we have decided to hold this joint conference, going to give the floor to president trump and
7:35 am
they will proceed with their own press conference, other discussions will take place, summing up the different options in which they have agreed number topics on which they make headway, biodiversity amongst others. we will hold this joint conference together because next year, it is the united states of america that will host the summit and going to go together. i just wanted to say for the last two days, we have worked a lot together. if on several common points. if we have a lot of things in common, but one thing we have in common is they don't like to waste our time and like to achieve concrete results and to
7:36 am
provide momentum and as soon president trump arrived at the u1 to one lunch we had together, it's a most productive and interesting conversation they've had together and from that point onward, we set the pace and kept the ball rolling to be as efficient as possible to the very end. the few things that are expected from both countries. as far as iran is concerned, we have had discussions in the last few weeks to clearly in the last couple of days and agreed that they need to comply with obligations and have responsible behavior and work with us. they were two very clear things that matter to us. iran should never have nuclear weapons and should not threaten the stability of the region.
7:37 am
france has taken a lot of different initiatives and informed president trump on them to be able to get the technical means to move forward because the decision that the u.s. has taken in the last few months has put a lot of pressure and put us in a situation where it is indeed necessary to improve the security situation of the region. so we coordinated our efforts and we reached a decision to bring together the foreign minister of iran to have a meeting and a road map -- but nothing is absolutely set in stone, and we will have to move ahead together to find an outcome. this morning, president rouhani said that he was prepared to meet any political leader in the interest of his country. and that is what i told minister
7:38 am
zarif, and this is what i mentioned to president rouhani on the phone as well that if they agree to a meeting to president trump, my conviction was an agreement could be met. we know the terms, we know the objectives, but we now sit around the table and make that happen. i hope in the next few weeks based on our discussions, we will be able to achieve them. the meeting that we just mention between president rouhani and president trump and myself and the partners who have a vote was negotiations will also be fully involved in these negotiations, so i think this meeting is very important and in the last few days have clarified the situation, a lot of messages conveyed and work has been done between ministers, would like to thank our ministers who have been totally involved in these discussions and have set the
7:39 am
stage for these discussions and for an agreement. of course, i want to be very cautious and very modest, but i think that this is going to lead to putting an end to escalation and reaching a profitable solution. if the meetings that we had on sunday afternoon and then there been very fruitful, and our purpose is to ensure the stability of the region. the idea is that iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon and have more visibility in the long term. as far as trade is concerned, we have also shared a lot of analysis and observations, i will go into the details of that but we can say that our discussions have clarified what is legitimate and what the united states feels is an unfair situation. we have international rule in
7:40 am
international trade, and in this one-page document, said that it is very good to have a single organization that governs national trade but so far, this collective party has not been very efficient in raising trade barriers. it has not been efficient enough in solving problems when they occurred. it has not been efficient enough in protecting the intellectual property of our industries. it discussions are underway currently in particular between president trump and president x president xi, and we have seen in the recent past that an agreement can be reached. so we want to reaffirm our desire to change the rules that govern international trade going into revamp them so that no one is dealt with unfairly. so that they are protected and
7:41 am
the situation of the past is put to an end. and this is something that we need to work on together. a lot of nervousness because of misunderstanding and powerful economic players said what about this digital tax that france has imposed? we have reached a very good agreement and once again, solid work that has been done has really helped us to make progress. in our economies, we have a very unfair situation. where some don't pay taxes. so there is unfair competition for other players. large multinational players that don't pay taxes, should reach a significant instability in economic front. of course, we are pushing for international rules on this and at the level in ten countries in france, italy, even the u.k. is
7:42 am
getting ready to do so and has started to do something at the national level but it is not against any company in particular, it is just to solve a problem. a lot of french companies will be impacted by this tax and some have probably heard me say a few months ago this is only to find a solution and the aim ultimately is to find an agreement internationally by 2022 revamp international tax systems within the framework to combat harmful trade practices which are also harmful to the u.s. economy through this digital tax, we have worked a lot financially as well and have reached an agreement to overcome the hurdles. so finding a solution together. the international tax exists on
7:43 am
digital services, france will do away with its national tax. everything that is already being paid under french tax tax system will be reimbursed. so the idea is that they need to find joint agreement that in order to address joint international problems, it is very negative and the tax system needs to be modernized and i think we will work together in cooperation on this. as to syria, north korea, hong kong, you will see in the one-page document we have made considerable headway in in the spirit of unity, and we have also reached and done some significant work as well as the amazon region is concerned,
7:44 am
relations with president bolsonaro and we have taken a very ambitious initiative that the president said this morning after the government of the region as president trump president trump had wished as well. if i don't want to go into the details, but just wanted to highlight a few things that i just mentioned. i just wanted to say that we work together hand-in-hand with president trump over these two days and during this g7. i would like to thank all of my colleagues for this, we have managed to reach a convergence of unprecedented levels on several issues and i will continue this work in the weeks and months to follow with a lot of energy and north korea knows how strongly he is committed to this issue. they are going to work hand-in-hand on all of the
7:45 am
different issues. i would like to thank you, president trump for your involvement in the last couple of days. i would like to thank the first lady who was by your side and was very active. and my own spouse has honored us in our country, she knows how popular she is in our country and resident who will be hosting the g7 summit next year, i'm going to give him the floor so that he can tell us how you intend to organize the g7 and i will be there by your side with the same determination and the same desire for unity, thank yo thank you. [applause] >> president trump: i want to thank you very much and more importantly, i wanted to come up here to say that because the job that president macron and your wife, who was a great lady, would like to think bridget.
7:46 am
she has been spectacular, spent a tremendous amount of time with melania and had a great tour of the area and it's a beautiful area. i wanted to think you for the incredible job, it was a truly successful g7. sometimes, i read a little bit of false reporting and i will tell you, we would have stayed for another hour, nobody wanted to leave. we were accomplishing a lot but more importantly, getting along very well. seven countries and it really was the g7 and you have been a spectacular leader on this. i want to thank you and i want to thank the great country of france. thank you very much. [applause] go ahead.
7:47 am
>> i just wanted to say, will take two questions from each side. and then say good-bye and leave the room. >> president trump: if you like, we can both do to reach, would you prefer that? i just don't want to have the president of france standing here while i'm answering these absolutely wonderful questions. so why don't we start with a question for france. >> for questions about g7 and the relations. >> president trump: and he is going to have his own press conference after this, so that will be fine. go ahead. to france. >> thank you. president macron, china was not on the official agenda but certainly a big part of the discussions here at the g7.
7:48 am
are you concerned that the trade war that exists now between the united states and china could harm the global economy? if you are, did you talk to president trump about that? and are you at the same time concerned that china's current trade practices go unchecked that a decade from now, we could be in a very terrible situation? >> translator: on the subject, we obviously had lengthy discussions. during the session of the world economy yesterday morning on both subjects. the discussion is under way between and the united states of america. obviously, as you clearly see, create uncertainty which disturbs markets and investors and during the negotiation will create tensions. we saw this on different stock
7:49 am
markets, and now it is what the result of these discussions will be and that is why we considered it was so important agreement be found between the two greatest economic powers in the world. president trump clearly showed us his willingness to arrive at an agreement. we saw just a few hours ago a very positive and encouraging message that could be distilled from this. we see that things are moving. our deep wishes for an agreement to be found within the united states and china concerning trade because that would be positive for everyone. neither the united states nor china is industrial naive. it has to be a balanced agreement that will be good for everyone. and we will be vigilant to see it's good for the whole world. in that context, are different parameters will be taken on board and that was one of the subjects of our discussion. what is bad for the world economy is uncertainty in the
7:50 am
quicker and agreement is arrived at, the quicker that will dissipate. in that's what we discussed yesterday and that is the american presidents wish. in terms of trade practices, i said the sort this earlier. the most effective way forward in the most strategic way forward in settling our trade relations with china is to develop trade. to ensure that that trade is part of your international trade rules, the problems we sometimes had were very familiar with the chinese economy, a major economy where there's been lots of investment from the united states, european countries, canada, and japan. the problem is respecting intellectual property, dealing with excess capacity which sometimes unbalances some world markets, and the ability to deal
7:51 am
rapidly with conflicts they have and with unfair situations. we are obliged to see that when this type of trade happens outside of wto, things don't work very well and we are not properly protected and following wto rules haven't allowed us to be protected by the subjects of what we decided together yesterday morning was to accelerate with a very realistic agenda and to say we are going to change the rules of world trade. to that everyone can have free and fair trade, balance trade, and that the subjects that i just mentioned that have sometimes been bad for our economies can be settled in an international framework which we wish profoundly to change, and we had our different ministers and the different context we are putting forward are going to share these political goals. in my way of thinking, the way to deal with the practices you mention it, certainly a positive
7:52 am
agreement that will be arrived at and also the renewal of our international trade rules as we said yesterday morning. >> are you satisfied with how these reforms will go? you've spoken about the need for that. >> president trump: we are getting there. >> do you believe that china is sincere about what it said this morning or do you think they are just trying to calm the markets and play for time? our sister network has been told by chinese sources they have no plans and going back to where they were in terms of negotiations the spring on intellectual property, forced technology transfer and ownership. so you trust that they are sincere? >> president trump: i do. i want to make a deal very badly. that was elevated last night very late in the night. i saw an alert or as you would call it, breaking news at the
7:53 am
vice chairman, not talking about someone from china at a low level, the vice chairman of china came out that he wants to see a deal made. he wants it to be made under calm conditions, using the word calm. i agree with him on that. and china has taken a very hard to hit over last number of months and they've lost 3 million jobs, soon will be much more than 3 million jobs. the chain is breaking up like nobody has seen before and once that happens, it's very hard to put it back together. if i think they very much want to make a deal and the longer they wait, the harder it is to put it back if it can be put back at all. the tariffs have hit them very hard in a fairly short period of time. the united states has elected over $1 billion in tariffs. reporters failed in the media failed to acknowledge it but if you look at the goods coming in from china, talking about china,
7:54 am
not other countries. that power is only good for so long, and they have manipulated their currency, devalue their currency and put a lot of cash into the system. because of that, the prices have not gone up or if they've gone up, it's been very little because they want to keep people working. they are not going to be able to compete. it's a brilliant market and brilliant market. the world market, a lot of markets are brilliant and frankly, i think that china -- i don't know, maybe they cannot, maybe they can't. i think they are very smart and i think president xi is a great leader who happens to be a brilliant man, and he can't lose 3 million jobs in a very short period of time, and that is going to be magnified many times over and it's going to break down the chinese system of trade, and he can't do that. so when you say maybe they want to and maybe they don't, i think
7:55 am
they want to make a deal. i'm not sure they have a choice. i'm not saying that is a threat, i don't think they have a choice. in the meantime, the united states who has never collected $0.10 from china will in a fairly short period of time be over $100 billion in tariffs. so i think they want to make a deal. very badly. go ahead. >> translator: second question question. >> translator: mr. president, you've just declared you created the conditions for a meeting between president trump and president rouhani. does that mean that france may be a mediator in that meeting and more concretely, what did you discuss in terms of that possible agreement with iran? then a question for mr. trump, are you ready to lift or to soften american sanctions on iranian oil exports, and would you be ready to meet
7:56 am
president rouhani? thank you. >> translator: on the first question, the terms of the discussion are quite simple. an agreement was signed in 2015. and that agreement set forth guarantee is for the international community including the focus of that agreement saying iran would no longer enrich uranium over a certain period of time. i'm simplifying this, but in exchange for reopening many economic sectors and massive investments largely made by the united states. that agreement had a twofold advantage. stability and security and also the opening the economy which was good for iran. this agreement also have
7:57 am
drawbacks and shortcomings. fetched negotiators in 2015 where the most determined and france was the country that hesitated most to sign this agreement because we considered we needed as many guarantees as possible. president trump during his campaign made a commitment to those to be more demanding and tough because he considered this agreement was insufficient which caused him to leave it. today, because of the sanctions made by president trump, the iranian economy is having serious consequences and a serious slow down, and that situation very clearly is the positive side of things from one standpoint creating pressure and therefore the necessary conditions to improve the terms of an agreement. on the other hand, it's leading to reactions in iran but those who have signed it are not respecting its terms and trying
7:58 am
to enrich uranium and saying they're going to go further still. given the two goals that we have, where we going with this? we need to be sure that iran will never get a nuclear weapon and that they will be no flareups in the region. so what we discussed very concretely was to see how we could improve very considerably or build a new nuclear agreement with iran. president trump was very clear saying that we would need a much longer time frame for it, i needed to be surveillance of many more sides and this is how we can build a much further reaching agreement in terms of our security demands. on the other hand, we need to convince the iranians to go in that direction and we can do that it would give them economic compensation. if if we make movement in terms of reopening certain economic sectors. i can't tell you today publicly
7:59 am
more about this because anything i will tell you in detail will jeopardize the conversations we are going to have, but this is what we are discussing on the basis of our initiative, also a japanese initiative talking and total transparency with the president that we agreed on a strategic goal and i want us to go further in this framework and to make a proposal. at a given point in time, there has to be a meeting between the american and the iranian president and i would wish in the coming weeks, such a meeting would take place. france will play a role together with the other who were partner partners. but after that, creating the necessary conditions and visibility for this agreement to be signed and sealed and for this to take place. so i would about concerted initiative rather than mediatio
8:00 am
mediation. we have exchanges and sometimes we say we don't agree on methods but want to have an agreement. i think there has been a true change. this morning, he showed himself to be opening and saying for weeks that he is being demanding and putting forward talks but ready to have a meeting to make a deal and i think we are making progress. i want this meeting to happen and i want there to be an agreement between the united states and iran and all of the other signatory powers from the members of the security council. >> president trump: iran is not the same country they were two and a half years ago when i came into office. i randomize the number one state of terror in the world, there were 18 sites of confliction in the first week when i spoke with the folks at the pentagon
8:01 am
including lots of generals and lots of other military experts, 18 sites of confliction, meaning 18 sites of big problems and every one of them is backed by iran or in some cases, using iranian but at a minimum, iranian wealth much of a given in their ridiculous deal where they were given $150 billion plus $1.8 billion in cash and use that money for some bad purposes. with that being said, i think iran is a country of tremendous potential. we are not looking for leadership change. we are not looking for that kind of change. to this country has been through that many times before. if that doesn't work. we are looking for no nuclear weapons, no ballistic missiles, and a longer period of time, very simple. we could have it done in a very short period of time. and i believe iran can be a great nation. i would like to see that happen. but they can't have nuclear
8:02 am
weapons. excuse me? if the circumstances were correct, right, i would certainly agree to that. but in the meantime, they have to be good players. you understand what that means, and they can't do what they were saying they were going to do because if they do that, they're going to be met with very violent force. so i think they're going to be good. i really think they would like to. and president macron told me every step he was making yesterday. some of you said -- he told me long before he came in what was happening. things had to be worked out first, but president macron told me exactly what was happening, who was coming, what time they were coming, where they were going to meet and after the meeting, he told me exactly what happened. he had a very positive meeting.
8:03 am
he was also very much involved and knows everybody there, so he was a very positive force. i have to tell you, they've done an excellent job and you're going to see how it all turns out. maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. maybe it works, and maybe it doesn't. but had 150 billion, 1.8 billion and they've got nothing. it expires in a very short period of time. with a country, you don't make a deal that short. countries last for a long time and you don't do short term especially when you're paying that kind of money. so i had good feelings about iran, i have good feelings that it will work. i know many iranians who live in new york city, have friends from iran, they are incredible peopl
8:04 am
people. so the last thing i'd like to say is a big problem, but we have to do what we have to do. go ahead, please. you first. >> thank you. president macron, did you seek president trump's permission before you invited foreign minister zarif or did you simply inform him that he was coming? >> to be clear, we decided to remain. so we are very much interested in a situation as a sovereign country. that's why we want this to move. on the other side, as president trump made it very clear over the summer, we never spoke on behalf of all the countries. we just tried some solutions to
8:05 am
see if we can find in agreement with different countries. so we took initiative to make a proposal, a technical one. i got the reaction from iran that zarif would visit friday morning. after the discussion we had at the dinner on saturday evening, i thought it was very clear where we can go together. so the day after, i decided to invite a friend, minister zarif. so i informed resident that it was my idea not to involve the united states, not to say this is on behalf of you, but to say as france, i think it would be a good idea to ask him to go back and try to negotiate some thing
8:06 am
things. so i did it on my own, i informed before making this decision, was informed each minute about this situation. and the idea for me was in case of a move and an appropriate solution perhaps to have meetings, not at president trump level because -- this is a french initiative that is made by the president before. information as well was the europeans. they appreciate together something more. >> president trump: i have to say it was a bad deal.
8:07 am
it should not have been entered into a lot of things, could've happened that would've been much different. they are allowed to test ballistic missiles, not allowed to go to various sites to check in some of those most obvious sites the creation of a making of nuclear weapons and those things have to be changed and other things have to be changed. and i will tell you, we are going to do something and may not be immediately, but i think ultimately, we are going to do something. iran is a much different countries and it was two and a half years ago. and we can get that back and i would encourage it. i had friends years ago in the real estate business and in iran and building houses and building housing and holding office buildings and apartment buildings and they made a lot of
8:08 am
money and to this day, not exactly the youngest developers. they made a lot of money and they loved what was going on. and it's a country with tremendous potential. i also say that with respect to north korea, kim jong un who i've gotten to know extremely well, first lady has gotten to know kim jong un and she would agree with me, he is a man with a country that has tremendous potential. in between china, russia, and south korea. people want to get to south korea, they've got to get there somehow, have to do anything other than essentially fly, they want to go through, so many things want to happen ther there. i think that north korea has tremendous economic potential, and i think that kim jong un sees that he would be the leader and he sees the tremendous
8:09 am
potential. with respect to iran, same thing. incredible people, incredible country potentially, a location that is a rough neighborhood but eventually is going to be a beautiful neighborhood. i think it's going to work out and i really believe that those countries that went to the original deal, that more and more are agreeing with what i did. but i think those countries are going to be saying thank you someday. i hope they're going to be saying it. including france and the president because i know we did the right thing. if for no other reason, it's too short, almost expiring. someone said you will make an extension. no, look at what they did to get the deal. look at what they did to john kerry and president obama, look what happened. plane loads of cash, 757 757's7
8:10 am
coming in loaded up with cash. what kind of a deal is that? so i think a lot of good things are going to happen and i just want to say this because i have spoken a lot with the president this last two and a half days, never had a better relationship. we had a lunch that lasted for quite a while that many of you got to see, it was the two of us, no staff, no anything. if he wasn't trying to impress his people, i wasn't trying to impress his people, just trying to impress each other and it was the best period of time we've ever had and we accomplished a lot. he's a very capable man, he's doing a great job for france. did an incredible job for the g7 that i just want to thank you and you go ahead to your news conference. a very special, very unified two
8:11 am
and a half days and i want to thank you for it. [applause] they met thank you. i will leave the lower and leave the floor to president trump and wait for the end of your own rest conference. >> translator: i don't want to give anything away, but i saw the first lady drink a glass of french wine yesterday, so can you perhaps give up on your threat to put sanctions on french wine? if we've understood correctly, you have arrived at an agreement on taxing digital firms, could you confirmed there has been an
8:12 am
agreement? >> president trump: i can confirm that the french lady loved your french wine. she loved your french wine, so thank you very much, that's fin fine. >> thank you. i will wait for the end of this press conference. thank you. >> president trump: he's worse than you are come i believe it. >> sandra: you have been watching president trump and emmanuel macron on france, the two leaders taking the stage there at the conclusion of the g7 summit in france. the two leaders will now go want to each have their own news conference. he was the president.
8:13 am
>> president trump: thank you very much. >> you recently been saying that china wants a deal but you're not necessarily ready and you like the tariff revenue coming in. are you now ready to make a deal? >> president trump: only if it's a good deal and a fair deal to the united states, otherwise i will not make a deal. we have billions coming in and i think we are going to get there. i believe it more firmly now than i did a while ago. we are going to have a fair deal. remember this when you say fair, china has been taking out of this country 500 plus billion dollars a year for many, many years. it was time to stop. as a private person, i used to talk about it. and we are in a great position, unemployment numbers are the lowest they've been in over 50 years. unemployment numbers for african-american, asian,
8:14 am
hispanic are the best they've ever been. historic numbers. we are in a very strong positio position. walmart just announced numbers that were mind-boggling numbers which is a great pole right there. so doing pretty well and i think that going to make a deal with china and i think probably eventually going to be dealing with iran. >> why are you optimistic they will change their behavior? >> president trump: i don't think it's about behavior. if they don't make a deal, it's going to be very bad for china. i very much appreciate the fact that they came out late last night and said they want to make a deal, wanted to be under common circumstances. i thought it was a beautiful statement, i think indicated a lot. go ahead. here we go. >> i have a question for you on next years g7 summit but can i clarify something you said?
8:15 am
but we do the clarification and the question. you talked about a breaking news alert, i'm trying to understand what specifically you heard from china and on next year's g7, you dropped several hints about miami and hosting next year's g7 at your property. what reassurances if any can you give the american people that you are not looking to profit off the presidency? >> president trump: i have spent -- and i will come in a combination of lost an opportunity cost me anywhere from three to $5 billion to be president. and the only thing i care about is this country, couldn't care less, otherwise i wouldn't have done it. people have asked me what you think it costs? i used to get a lot of money to make speeches and i give a lot of speeches and i get in on come on that's. i don't want to do them because the deals i'm making our great deals for the country and that's
8:16 am
much more important. that happens to be within miami, it's a city, a wonderful place, very successful area of florida. it is very importantly only 5 minutes from the airport, the airport is right next door. one of the biggest in the world, all of these people with all of their entourages. my people look at 12 sites, all good. some allow this or didn't allow that, having a series of magnificent buildings and bungalows. very luxurious rooms with magnificent views, had incredible conference rooms and incredible restaurants, they didn't even have to do the work that they did here and they've done beautiful jobs.
8:17 am
what we have also is miami. and we have many hundreds of acres so in terms of parking and in terms of all the things you need, among the biggest in florida and the best, brand-new, and my people wanted it. i'm not going to make any money. in my opinion, not going to make any money. i don't care about making money. i wouldn't worry about 3 billion to 5 billion because at some point, i'm going to detail that and it will show, but is just a great place to be. i think having in miami is fantastic. having it at that particular place because of the way it is set up, each country had have their own villa or their own bungalow and they have a lot of units in them so it just works out well. and when my people came back, they took tours and went to different places. it we will have a list because
8:18 am
they look of a presentation on it fairly soon. they went to places all over and they said this is where we would like to be. we have military people, secret service people, we had people that really understand what it's about, it's an not about me. go ahead, jonathan. >> thank you, mr. president. president macron said he'd like to see talks between you and president rouhani within weeks. does that sound realistic to yo you? >> president trump: i don't know the gentleman. i think a little bit just by watching, it's a great negotiator. i think he's going to want to meet. is that based on a factor based on gut, they want to get the situation straightened out.
8:19 am
their inflation as you know because i saw you reporting on it is through the roof, the economy has tanked entirely, the sanctions are absolutely hurting them. they are great people. i don't want to see that. but we can't let them have a nuclear weapon, can't let it happen. so i think there's a good chance we will meet. >> thank you, mr. president. another follow-up from what the president of france said, said there might be a need for compensation to iran. given all of the criticism you've made have the money that they god, would you be open to giving iran compensation if it met the criteria? >> what he's talking about is they are out of money and they need a short-term letter of credit or loan. if we are not paying. we don't pay. but they need money to get over
8:20 am
a very rough patch and if they do need money, and it would be secured by oil which is great security, and they have a lot of oil. so we are talking about a letter of credit type facility. >> from the u.s.? >> president trump: it would be from numerous countries. and it comes back. it would expire and be paid back immediately and very quickly. >> thank you very much. with a japanese newspaper. >> president trump: just met with your prime minister, a great man. we met the u.s. and japan have an agreement in principle which is a tremendous trade deal for the united states. if >> president trump: and for japan. >> are you still considering
8:21 am
imposing sanctions to tariffs on japan's older exports to the united states on national security grounds? >> president trump: not at this moment, no. if the something i could do at a later date if i wanted to but we just want to be treated fairly. they have had a tremendous trade surplus for many years long before i came here. if will now tell you something, we are transforming our country. taking these one-sided, foolish, very dumb, stupid if you like to use that word because it's so descriptive, taking these trade deals that are so bad and making good solid deals out of them. and that is transforming our country. that will be transformative and very exciting for our country, please go ahead.
8:22 am
>> thank you, mr. president . >> president trump: i actually said the woman behind you. you've been asking questions. don't say i don't give you access. >> why do you think it's appropriate to invite russia to the g7 given that they've meddled in the 2016 election and are you worried that if russia does come to the g7 and it might hurt you politically because it's only going to be a couple of months before the 2020 election? >> president trump: i don't care politically. a lot of people don't understand this. i don't care politically. i think i'm winning based on poles that we see, whether i win or not, i have to do the right thing. i don't do things for political reasons. a lot of people are smart. having them inside the room is better than having them outside the room. there were numerous people in
8:23 am
the g7 and we didn't take a vote or anything but we did discuss it. my inclination is to say yes, they should be in. i'm not blaming him, but a lot of bad things happened with president putin and president obama and one of the things that happened is what happened was a very big area, a very big and important area in the middle east where the ratline was drawn and president obama decided that he was not going to do anything about it. if you can't draw a redlines in the sand, you just can't do it. and the other was ukraine having to do with a certain section of ukraine that you know very well where it was taken away from president obama. not taking away from president trump, taking away from president obama. if president obama was not happy this happen because it was embarrassing for him, very embarrassing for him, and he wanted russia to be out of what was called the g8.
8:24 am
and that was his determination. he was outsmarted by putin. president putin outsmarted president obama and i can understand how president obama would feel. he wasn't happy. i'm only thinking about the world and thinking about this country in terms of g7, i think it would be better to have russia inside the tent then outside the tent. is it politically popular for me to say that? possibly not. i think a lot of people would agree with me but possibly not. i do nothing for politics. i know a lot of you aren't going to smile at that, i do nothing for politics, i do what's right and people like what i do. but i just do what's right. if i wanted to go strictly by politics, i would probably pulled out and say i don't want russia in.
8:25 am
but i think it's good for security of the world, good for the economics, building a pipeline going right up to germany and i said to angela who i have a great relationship with, you pay russia billions of dollars and we defend you from russia. >> a statement that they outsmarted obama when the reason why russia was kicked out was very clearly because they annexed crimea? what are you repeating what some people with the is a clear ally? >> president trump: it was annexed during president obama's term. if it was annexed during my term, i would say i made a mistake. president obama was helping ukraine, crimea was annexed during his term. it's a very big area, very important area. russia has its submarine, that's where they do their submarine
8:26 am
work and that's where they dock large and powerful submarines but not as large as ours and they have their submarines and president obama appeared outsmarted. they took crimea during his term. if that was not a good thing. he could've been stopped with the right -- a could've been stopped. president obama was unable to stop it and it's too bad. go ahead. >> you were allowed to invite other countries even though they are not necessarily part of the overall group, would you consider inviting vladimir puti vladimir putin? >> president trump: this is a tough circumstance. he was a part of g8 and all of a sudden, he is not in. i think that's a pretty tough thing for him. he is a proud person. what i invite him?
8:27 am
i would certainly invite him. whether or not he could come psychologically is a tough thing for him to do. you have a g8, now i g7 you invite the person that was thrown out by president obama and really because he got outsmarted. if president obama, pure and simple. and don't forget, it was not just crimea, it was a redline in the sand and obama said never violate the red line in the sand and now they went ahead and they killed many children with gas. it was terrible that he did nothing about it. i did, but i was there years later. i did something about it, but i was there later. go ahead. >> can you help us understand the timeline on the china calls? were you referring to the statement by the vice president? >> president trump: we have had many calls. secretary mnuchin is here and have had many calls over the last 24 hours but certainly over the last 48 hours, we have had many calls, not just one.
8:28 am
these are high-level calls. they want to make a deal. and i think adil is going to be made him a but they make a deal. the chinese are not saying that. let me explain something. the vice chairman of china, do you get higher than that other than president xi? the vice chairman made the statement that he wants to make a deal, that he wants to see, that he wants to see it happen. we can't find any phone call. he released a statement. i didn't really say, he released a statement. we met but there were phone calls. >> president trump: numerous phone calls. and not only was steve, there were calls with other people. just so you understand, china wants to make a deal. whether or not we make a deal,
8:29 am
it's got to be a great deal for us. i told this to president xi who i really respect my have great respect and he is a tough guy. i have a lot of feelings for president xi, very outstanding and so many ways. but i told him very strongly, i said he was starting up here and making 500 billion a year and stealing our intellectual properties. went down on the floor lower than the floor, trying to make a 50/50 deal. they have to make a deal that's better for us and if it's not better, don't want to do business. taking in tremendous amounts of money. now when i raise and he raises, we have to balance our trading relationship at least to an extent. and they were unwilling to do that.
8:30 am
it's going to happen because they have to have a deal. and as far as phone calls are concerned, secretary of the treasury and other people have been receiving many calls. back and forth many calls. if china wants to make a deal and if we can, we will make a deal. go ahead. >> if i could ask you about your china strategy, president macron talked about instability and the worry in the markets and around the globe about instability. one of the things that that comes from. >> president trump: talking about global economic instability. >> when it comes from is the back and forth and the changing of statements from yourself. as max sorry, it's the way i negotiate. >> president trump: is it a strategy to call president xi an enemy one day and then say relations are very good another day? >> president trump: it is doing even better for the country. and i do think that -- look,
8:31 am
here's the story. i have people saying just make a deal. they don't have the guts, and they don't have the wisdom to know that you can't continue to go on where a country is taking 500 billion. not million, 500 billion with a b out every single year. $500 billion. he just can't do that. somebody had to do this. it should've been done by president obama, it should've been done by him and sleepy joe, it should've been done by bush, should've been done by clinton. it should've been done. i'm doing, should've been done along time ago. i'm doing it, i'm doing a lot of things that i shouldn't have to be doing. please, go ahead.
8:32 am
>> president trump, you have met our new prime minister boris johnson yesterday. you said he was the right man for the job on brexit. do you think theresa may was the wrong woman, and do you think that boris johnson can actually get a deal with the e.u. before october the 31st? >> president trump: teresa wasn't able to do the deal. i gave her my ideas as to doing the deal very early on, i would've done that. she chose to do it her way and i didn't work out so well. i think she's a very, very good person and a good woman and i really believe that boris johnson will be a great prime minister. if we like each other, and we had a great two and a half days. i've been waiting for him to be prime minister for about six
8:33 am
years. i told him what took you so long to mackey's going to be a great prime minister and especially after spending a lot of intense time with him over the last couple of days, he is very smart and very strong and he's very enthusiastic. and he loves your country. he really loves your country. >> boris johnson is very keen on a trade deal with the usa. you sound keen on it. some of his critics say you're going to do over the u.k. >> president trump: i love the u.k. i have no idea how my property is doing because i don't care, but i own in aberdeen and i own in ireland, great stuff. i'll be honest with you, i think that he is going to do a great job as prime minister. it takes a lot.
8:34 am
if so many different elements to being a great prime minister and i think his time is right. this is the right time for bori boris. go ahead, right here. say who you are with. >> from itv in the u.k. as well. if you had a good few days with president macron you appear to be doing business with. after brexit, who do you think will be your more important relationship? president macron, or boris johnson, prime minister of the united kingdom? >> president trump: france is a great nation, it is being run, a lot of things happening. it's not easy what he's doing, it's a very hard thing to do. i'm going to let him sell his
8:35 am
ideas but a lot of people don't disagree with these ideas but it's a very hard thing to do, you love your country but you want to do the way you've been doing it for a long time. maybe that's not working and maybe they have to do what he has to do. i think he's going to do a fantastic job but it's very tough for him. he's just been having a hard time and nobody would have an easy time. boris is different, it's a different kind of deal. he has to try to do something with brexit. it's very tough. i deal with the e.u., that's a very strong group of people. if they have their ideas and they are not easy to deal with. we are very close to making a deal with the e.u. we made a great deal with japan and we are very close to making a deal with the e.u. paris, it's very simple. they don't want to tax cars, mercedes-benz, bmw, they don't need a 25% tax but we are very close. i think we're going to make a
8:36 am
deal without having to go that route. we are going to have a really fair deal but the e.u. is another one losing $180 billion a year for many years. that's a lot of money. how much can you take out of the piggy bank? >> president trump: but >> willt with friends of the e.u.? >> president trump: we have been with england, what is happening with england, they don't use it too much anymore, it was very interesting. but the united kingdom is a great, incredible place, it's an incredible nation, and it has been one of our tremendous allies and one of them happens to be australia, he was also here and he is fantastic. we are honoring him in a very short period of time.
8:37 am
excuse me? at some point, i will. also, germany. angela asked me to visit germany and we will do that also. i think they are very different and are going to be going after it but it probably works out. they may have to get out and make a deal. the european union is very tough to make deals with. very tough. just as theresa may. >> thank you. i was hoping you could clarify last year you left them feuding with the summit host this year, seem to be different here talking about that, what is different and also, passing you that the todd now leaving you this multilateral institution on the platform of america first. now that you have a mandate, what are you going to do with that? >> president trump: we had a
8:38 am
very good meeting, headed out with one or two people, but we had a pretty good meeting last year. i would say was a big step above in terms of unity and in terms of agreement. we have really great agreement on a couple of really good subjects. i think they might've been a little underrated. >> what is your agenda? >> president trump: going to do something hopefully special and build on what we have now. we are going to be going in with some great unity. if there was any word for this particular meeting of seven very important countries, it was unity. most importantly, we got along great. go ahead. we might thank you very much. with shanghai media group. if you mentioned that china is
8:39 am
willing to resolve this issue through common negotiation. if >> president trump: i didn't say it, he did. >> when will the negotiate in this matter? >> president trump: yes. that was an easy answer. >> so the u.s. will negotiate in the same manner? >> president trump: absolutely, great respect for china and for the leadership of china, absolutely. we met the other question is you will invite putin to join next year's summit? >> president trump: i haven't said that but i think having president putin and what was the g8, a member of the g8 and i heard he was a good member of the ga and having him in is more of an advantage, i think it's a positive for the world and for russia and a big positive for russia. it is something the group is discussing. people feel very much like me,
8:40 am
many people. we met just a few hours ago, russia's foreign minister is saying it is not their foreign policy pursued to return to g8. what is your reaction? >> president trump: i know one thing. if they were invited back, they would be there and if not, that's okay too. i think they would be better inside than outside. i think they would be an asset and it would be a good thing. some of the things yesterday in particular we were discussing and russia was literally involved in all of those for five manors and a few people looked up and said why are they here talking to us about it? take it easy for a day, i'm not doing that, i don't take it easy. but what are we going to do? go home and call them up at the end of the week? we had numerous things it was
8:41 am
discussing and could absolve those things. speaking about some things and frankly, not very complicated. it would be easier if they were in the room. go ahead. >> there was a significant talk at the summit about climate change. i know in the past, you have harbored some skepticism of the science of climate change. what do you think the world should be doing about climate change and do you still harbor that skepticism? >> president trump: i feel the united states has tremendous wealth. the wealth is under its feet. i have made that wealth come alive. we will soon be -- in fact, we are doing it now, exporting but are now the number one energy producer in the world and soon, it will be by far with a couple of pipelines not been able to get approved for many years.
8:42 am
if that will have a huge impact. i was -- the largest site in the world for oil and gas. i was able to get them approved. nobody was able to do it, they've been trying to do it since before ronald reagan. the number one energy producer in the world and soon it will be by far the number one. it is tremendous wealth, and it's being sought after all over europe and all over the world and more of it with anything else and i'm not going to lose that wealth on dreams and windmills which frankly aren't working too well. so in a nutshell, i want the cleanest water on earth, the cleanest air on earth, and that's what we are doing. i'm an environmentalist. a lot of people don't understand that. i have had more environmental
8:43 am
impact statement said anyone, done many of them, more than anybody who was ever been president or vice president or anything even close to president and i think i know more about the environment than most people. i want clean air, clean water, i want a wealthy country, i want a spectacular country with jobs, pensions, so many things and that's what we are getting. we want to be very careful. at the same time -- you weren't called. at the same time, it's very important to me we have to maintain this incredible place that we've all built. we have become a much richer country and that is a good thing, not a bad thing because that great wealth allows us to take care of people. we can take care of people that we couldn't have taken care of in the past because of the great wealth. we can't let that wealth be taken away.
8:44 am
clean air and clean water, thank you very much, everybody. >> sandra: there you have it, president trump wrapping his news conference going solo there after holding a joint news conference with the president of france, both making a lot of news there. specifically when it came to iran, it can be a great nation, i want them to be, i have a good feeling about iran, i have a feeling this will work, but they cannot have nuclear weapons, something the president of france agreed with him on. he said i think they want to make a deal very badly when it came to ongoing trade negotiations with china. he said we have many phone calls and i believe we are sincere about a deal. when we heard from the president of france earlier on the g7 meeting specifically and other world leaders, we have made considerable headway in the spirit of unity. so both world leaders wrapping their news conference just a few
8:45 am
moments ago, the president will head back to washington a short time from now. i think you for joining us, please stay tuned to fox news channel and this fox nation for continuing coverage of this story. in new york, i am sandra smith. chief white house correspondent john roberts asked each leader their first question. welcome back, joining us now live with more. he's got an opportunity to really get in there. >> i thought it was kind of surprising. i thought he would likely call on one of the french reporters but he has known me from a couple of times before so maybe recognized me which was nice, but i thought the most interesting thing that macron had to say this morning is there has to be a meeting between president trump and president rouhani of iran sometime in the next few weeks. president trump was asked about that later in the one on one session and he suggested there could be a meeting. wouldn't mind doing a meeting so
8:46 am
could it be that we may see for the first time since the iranian revolution a u.s. president sit down with an iranian president? we sought for the first time since the korean war ever, a u.s. president sitting down with the north korean leader. so now macron raises the idea and president tromped back them up on it that we see in meeting post-revolution. and that would be quite extraordinary. macron also said he is concerned about the instability that the current trade war between the united states and china is the grading on the global economy. but very optimistic this morning after a statement that china wants to come back to the table. i asked the president do you believe they are sincere or just trying to calm the markets and play for time? in the president said he does believe china is being sincere,
8:47 am
they may have been a change as a result of what's going on with china's economy and what's going on with china's currency, what's going on with job losses in china that they do not want to come to the table. as the president likes to say from time to time, we will see what happens. >> sandra: very interesting stuff. john roberts in france at the conclusion of the g7 summit. going to have a whole lot more on what we just heard from both world leaders and just a moment, karl rove will join us, we will be right back.
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
>> the only thing i care about is this country. people have asked me what you think it cost? in between opportunity, use a
8:51 am
lot of money to make speeches and now i get nothing and that's good. i did a lot of great jobs and great deals that i don't do anymore. i don't want to do them because it's making great deals for the country and that's much more important. >> sandra: joining us now is karl rove, good morning to you. i know you are listening to the president there and the g7 wraps in france, your thoughts and as he listened onto the president making a lot of news there. >> big news on two issues, china and iran. we talked a little bit earlier about china, president wants a good deal, thinks the chinese want a good deal. i thought one of the overlooked points that's very important is macron's question same to the president we hear your concerns, we share your concerns about the training is feeling intellectual property and we are ready to work with you to make certain they abide by international
8:52 am
norms to the wto. i hope the president heard that and take them up on that because we do have a huge problem with china stealing technology and it is better if the world says to china to stop it, then just have the united states doing and signaling to the other leaders that they were willing to stand by the president to modernize the world trade organization rules on intellectual property to explicitly and the chinese practices, and i was a important moment to focus on the chinese markets responded positively, the market was up 185 points when i last looked. drop 600 points on friday, but we are back up now 180 points and that is good news. >> jon: as you well know, china was admitted to the world trade organization with this worldwide belief that they would behave themselves and conduct
8:53 am
themselves like other nations in the world do and they have not done that, so what would this new pressure from president trump in president macron, how would that accomplish that? >> the rules of the wto has in place were developed in the early 1990s when intellectual property and technology were not the centerpiece. they began to do their forced technology transfers in the late part of the first decade of the century and have gotten this thing going in the last governor eight years where they basically say if you are a u.s. company and you want to sell in china you have to have a chinese partner, the chinese partner has an unlimited license to your technology. if you want to sell to the chinese government, you have to have the plant in china and share your manufacturing processes. they were not really good rules regarding this because it's a new practice but do you think the germans, the brits, the italians, the french love having
8:54 am
their technology stolen? no, it's happening to them just like it's happening to us and it's better having gotten them in the wto to say it is time for two things to happen. one is for us to modernize our rules on intellectual property which is exactly what macron did and second of all, the other thing was we brought china in as a developing country. they are no longer a developing country and should no longer be given the leeway that a developing country has to be more protectionist in their policies. they had to be treated as a major economic power just like every member of the g7 is and i got the sense today he explicitly said there's a strong hint that this is one of the two biggest economies in the world, we need to treat you as such. >> sandra: charles payne was sat with sn thought the same, that's huge to hear him say tha that. the comments that we just heard from president trump on that, he was asked about inviting
8:55 am
vladimir putin back to the summit next year and of course, the united states will be hosting the summit. the president responded i would certainly invite him, but suggested that he may not attend. so certainly, those comments will be spread around the world. >> the g7 -- the g8 toss them out because he violated international norms and invaded his neighbor and stole territor territory. granted, it's a problem. i hear the president when he says talking about a lot of things that concerned russia and now going to have to talk about our club if you will, on the other hand i think it would be terrible for the president politically to invite them next year particularly if it's at his club to come to the g7 and make it the g8 again over the opposition of his partners in the middle of a presidential election. this is a controversy the president does not need to be defending vladimir putin in
8:56 am
2,000 over being projected over his invasion and illegal use and invasion of crimea. he just doesn't need it in the middle of an election. >> sandra: karl rove, thank you. >> jon: the president made a lot of news during that news conference both with emmanuel macron and on his own. we will be covering that and the hours ahead. back in just a moment. or atopic dermatitis, you feel like you're itching all the time. and you never know how your skin will look. because deep within your skin an overly sensitive immune system could be the cause. so help heal your skin from within, with dupixent. dupixent is not a steroid, and it continuously treats your eczema even when you can't see it. at 16 weeks, nearly four times more patients taking dupixent saw clear or almost clear skin compared to those not taking it, and patients saw a significant reduction in itch.
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for just $399 a month with credit toward your first month's payment at the mercedes-benz summer event. hurry in now. >> jon: president trump since he very merit once a make do with china. he expects president xi is the same frame of mind for the market seems like what they heard out of that presidential news. >> sandra: absolutely. the president saying that they want to make a deal very badly. "i believe they are sincere about a deal," talking about ongoing negotiations. he said he had a president last night with the best premier of china. the vice chairman, i should say. he said he wants to make a deal made. the markets are interpreting it
9:00 am
as a big positive. >> jon: could there be an iran meeting in the offing for this president? code be front page news. speak we will see you here tomorrow morning. "outnumbered" starts now. >> shannon: we begin with a fox news alert. president trump just wrapping up a news conference at the conclusion of the g7 summit in france. the president saying china wants to come back to the table to reach a deal to end the trade war. this is "outnumbered." i'm shannon bream. here today, fox business network anchor, dagen mcdowell. fox news contributor, jessica tarlov. host of "the evening edit" on fox business network, elizabeth macdonald. joining us on the couch, lawrence jones. editor in chief of and a fox news contributor. he is "outnumbered." we are glad you are! happy monday! >> jon: to >> lawrence: busy news day. >> shannon: it was a busy news weekend. >> dagen: welcome, shannon bream!


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