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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  August 26, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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the play was not stopped for the day so when play is not stopped all the concession stands and everything stays open. we were running low, thankfully we were selling out. i left on the car to go back to the compound and come back and that's when i got hit. >> shannon: thank you so much. "the daily briefing" starts now. >> dana: president trump taking a softer line on his trade war with china. i am dana perino end of this is "the daily briefing." ♪ president trump sounding optimistic at the close of the summit in france today calling chinese president xi jinping a great leader after calling him an enemy of the united states. president trump says china is feeling the downside of an extended trade war and he thinks leaders are sincere with wanting to reach a deal. >> they have manipulated their
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currency. they have devalue their currency. because of that the prices have not gone up or when they have gone up it's been little because they want to keep people working. her neck when to be able to compete. >> dana: john roberts is live at the summit in france. i saw you there, getting the first question. why don't we start with china. where do things stand? >> the president was asked about the shifting rhetoric and this idea of calling xi jinping an enemy one day and then three days later calling him a great leader, he made no apologies and he said that's the way i negotiate and it served me well in the past. it's difficult to tell at this point if this is a real change in china's attitude. i asked the president as we were beginning the press conference this afternoon if this was just a way for china to try to placate the market and stabilize things or if they really meant it. listen here. >> do you believe that china is
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sincere about what it said this morning? >> we will see. >> do trust they are sincere? >> i do. i think they want to make a deal very badly that was elevated last night and china has taken a very hard hit over the last couple of months, they lost 3 million jobs. their chain is breaking. their chain is breaking up like nobody's seen before. the longer they wait the harder it is to put it back. if it can be put back at all. i believe they want to do a dea deal. >> if this is real on the president believes it is and we will see when the talks between the united states and china resume sometime in september this could be a market change from three days ago when the united states and china were both going at each other with ted for tat tariff increases, and crazy is that so spooked the
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market dropped by 600 points and you can see where we are up to day because today it's all about optimism whereas three days ago it was all about b is as pessimistic as you can. >> dana: there was also a discussion about iran. i thought that was fascinating. the president indicating he is possibly ready to talk to them. >> it's really fascinating how this all unfolded as well. midafternoon on sunday we started getting the above is that an iranian plane had touched down, we found out it was the foreign minister who had been in paris for talks with emmanuel macron on friday. everybody was saying, what is he doing? nikki haley the former u.n. ambassador tweeted that that was a real slap in the face with president trump. he met with him along with the foreign minister, tweeting some photos and he is all smiles, look at me sitting down with the
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french leaders. everyone was thinking that president trump was going to walk out of the g7 but then we found out this whole thing was talked about by the president trump and president macron because he got this idea that it would be good to have two meet with some leaders and i think you wanted to meet with president trump but that likely wasn't going to happen, but i kind of sets the stage for possible meeting between president trump and the iranian president sometime in the next few weeks. watch this. >> this morning president rouhani said he was prepared to meet any political leader in the interest of his country. that is what i told them and this is what i mentioned to president rouhani on the phone, he agreed to a meeting with president trump that my conviction was the agreement can be met. >> if the circumstances were correct i would agree to that. in the meantime they have to be
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good players. >> it was extraordinary this afternoon. president macron assange i want to see this happening, it has to happen and president trump right behind him saying -- maybe we can put this together. the if of it is very much in question, but the wet and is a real possibility to be in new york towards the end of september because september 24th begins the leaders debate with president trump and president rouhani and president macron. if president trump or to sit down with president rouhani it would be the first time since the 1979 revolution that an american president has sat down with an iranian president. it would be really remarkable. >> dana: indeed and we will see what happens and keep in touch. thank you. for more on this, marc thiessen, former speechwriter for president bush and a fox news contributor. could you have you with us.
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let's start with china because i think the trade issue is the biggest one. let's take a listen to one thing president trump side and following it up with something lindsey graham had to say about the possible difficulties for america going forward. >> remember this, china has been taking out of this country 500 plus billion dollars a year for many, many years. many, many years. it's time to stop. >> the democrats for years claimed that china should be stood up to and now trump is that we have to accept the pain that comes with standing up to china. how do you get china to change without creating pain on them and us? i don't know. >> dana: the rubber is starting to meet the road. >> everybody agrees that china needs to be confronted. everyone agrees that china is an economic predator that is stealing our intellectual property and treating us unfairly and closing markets to
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american businesses and forcing them to hand over their trade secrets. all of which is a violation of international trading rules, no one until president trump has made them pay a price for it. president rouhani is very copacetic about all of this because he knows that despite the recent turbulence in the market, the u.s. economy is strong and we have the lowest unemployment rate and our biggest problem is that we have 1.6 million more jobs opening that we have unemployed workers so we are in a strong position. the chinese are not in a strong position. their economy has slowed and some would say contracting. he pointed out they lost 3 million jobs so he is perfectly comfortable -- he thinks we can right out the trade war and absorb the pain an they can. >> dana: for the chinese it's the first time and 27 years that they have had a pullback in their economy and one of the biggest concerns is when people lose jobs they get restless and instability is one of their
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biggest fears. let me ask you about something else. president trump has been talking about the possibility of inviting russia back into the g7 to make it the g8 again. listen to president trump on russia and what he said about that. >> i'm only thinking about the world in this country in terms of the g7, i think it would be better to have russia inside the tent than outside the tent. >> dana: that could be true, but what has russia done to show that they deserve to be back in? >> absolutely nothing. they have done nothing. they have pulled back, have a stop there violations? have they stopped what they are doing in syria? nothing. they don't deserve to be back in the g8, it should stay the g7. something president trump said that he was correct on, the reason they were kicked out is because they completely outmaneuvered barack obama.
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there was a pbs reporter who challenged him and said he was lying which was shocking in the middle of a press conference. barack obama failed to enforce the red line in syria and turned to vladimir putin to give him a face-saving way to get out of it with a phony deal that syria was going to give up their chemical weapons which they didn't because president trump had to enforce the redline twice. after demonstrating that weakness, that was one president putin invaded crimea so it was a direct result and that is why they were kicked out of the g8 so president trump was 100% correct. >> dana: last question about this possibility on president trump in the first president to sit down with the iranians here in new york a month -- less than a month from now. >> it wouldn't surprise me at all. he was the first president to set down with a leader of north korea. he is in a position of strength. he said today we are in no hurry.
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it's the iranians who are desperate for a meeting. our sanctions are crippling them. we cut their oil imports by 80%, they have renewed their budget by 40%. that means they have no money to give to has blocked, no money for the revolutionary guard so we are squeezing them right now so trump is perfectly happy look. if they want to negotiate he is happy to do that and if they want to live under the sanctions he is happy with that as well. >> dana: if there were to be a meeting -- he didn't say it benchmark, but that is how i think about it. marc thiessen, a delight to see you. thank you. big moves for 2020 democrats. who is gaining and who is leading and how this has become a three-person race. ♪ >> tech: at safelite autoglass,
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>> dana: things are shifting in the race where the white house white house where elizabeth warren is drawing big crowds as she climbs in the polls while joel biden is making electability the issue. peter doocy is live in washington. you are able to leave iowa and now you're back in washington. how is the team dealing with all the interest in her campaign? >> they were having to find bigger venues. the campaign counted 12,000 in minneapolis last week and 15,000 in seattle this weekend. >> i just think it's a sign that people are ready for change in washington. they understand we have a government that's working great for the billionaires but not them. they know that to change that it's going to take all of us. no one gets to stay on the
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sidelines. >> she has no head of joe biden in a new poll that shows her and sanders at the top, 20% each, joe biden 19% is found to have dropped 13 points since the last survey in june, but said he still has an overall lead in the real, clear politics average. some allies are trying to cast this as an outlier. >> dana: there was other news over the weekend and i'm wondering on a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the most, how concerned are trumps allies about a primary challenge from joe walsh? >> publicly they would be a one, not publicly concerned and the reaction from the trump campaign was what they said about the challenge and that was whatever and that's a quote. they trump campaign has been preparing for some kind of primary challenge for several months assuring up concern to
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make sure that nobody is aiding if a primary challenger tries to wrestle the nomination away with a surprise on the convention floor and that is something that's going to make it very difficult for someone like walsh to become the nominee. >> dana: peter doocy in washington. thank you so much. senate judiciary committee chairman lindsey graham says he and william barr want the doj inspector general report on fires of use to be declassified. michael horowitz is in the final stages of repairing his report with alleged abuses with the surveillance act, during the 2016 election. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has more from washington. this is something people have talked about for a while. is it getting closer? >> what we anticipate based on our reporting is that it will be sometime in september. senator graham told us late last
11:18 am
week that he had met with the attorney general william barr about the investigation and he said william barr along with the inspector general are all the same page. the senator said they want the record declassified and this is the keyword, the fullest extent possible. that is in weeks and not months. >> i want as much of that out as possible and i think the attorney general shares that view. we want transparency and that would serve the american people well and the goal is to understand what happened to make sure it never happens again. >> michael lee horwitz has recommended prosecution or what they call criminal referrals for a handful of fbi executives we found went over ethic rules were left cantor in the process. they are among the most high-profile investigations today the justice department has
11:19 am
not brought any prosecutions and critics say that matters because law enforcement is held to a higher standard. here senator graham's response to critics who say they may be a double standard in these cases. >> the people have been fired because of misconduct and that's a level of accountability. criminal prosecutions should come only after a good, hard look. i don't want people to be let go because of their political connections and i don't want people to be prosecuted because of their political standings. >> we have been able to confirm a decision on whether to prosecute andrew mccabe is in its final stages and that was first reported by "the new york times." >> dana: there was one other thing. the house committee is continuing on this bush to look for anything they can as they seek whether they are going to do impeachment proceedings and they've issued a new subpoena for a former white house aide. >> the democrat sent out a
11:20 am
statement confirming the subpoena for former white house aide rob porter. he resigned last year after allegations of domestic abuse and resurfaced in the counselor report as a principal witness to allegations of obstruction of justice by the president. those instances had done began with allocations to replace robert mueller. they recently went to court here in washington to enforce the subpoena and the expectation is that the white house will continue to advise current and former officials like rob porter not to comply citing executive privilege among other issues. >> dana: catherine herridge. thank you. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg making her first public appearance since the court's announcement that she had recently completed radiation therapy for cancerous tumor on her pancreas. today at the university up the local, she referred to her health only briefly saying she confirmed a year ago she would be there today despite her
11:21 am
health challenges. she also said she was amazed at her growing popularity. >> it was beyond my wildest imagination that i would one day become the notorious rbg. [laughs] [applause] i am now 86 years old, yet people of all ages want to take their picture with me. amazing. >> dana: the 86-year-old justice getting an honorary law degree from the university at buffalo bulls the immigration debate heating up, new legal action against a trump administration and the latest movies on the flow of migrants to the southern border. that is next. ♪ consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank and lower your payments over 600 dollars a month.
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11:26 am
immigrant children. california is being joined by 18 states and the district of columbia sandy trump administration is violating the two decades old floor settlement which does not allow the detention of minors beyond 20 days. it also requires detained children to have basic necessities such as food, water, medical assistance and supervision when out with her parents. something he said he trump administration has not been doing. >> the actions by this administration are just morally reprehensible, as i said they are illegal. children will become subhuman simply because they are migrants. all children are god's children. they are our children and they are america's children in america never should treat them otherwise. >> the state says it is asking for a preliminary injunction against a recent public charge role which affects those are you living here and try to get a green card as well as immigrants who want to come to the u.s. under that rule, any immigrant
11:27 am
who receives one public benefit like food stamps or medicaid for more than a year will be considered a public charge and could be denied a green card. he says they are not going to stop taking on the administration. >> unfortunately close to 60 times this administration has taken action which would harm the people of the state of california and in most of the cases we filed we have been victorious so far in the ruling. i think we are proving that you should not try to change the law by breaking the law. >> president trump has repeatedly tried to circumvent the agreement in an effort to address the immigration crisis and he is repeatedly meeting with legal challenges like this one. >> dana: christina coleman in california. thank you. the fcc sending any warning to senior citizens, the fed saying they are seeing an uptick and calls to those on medicare. david in washington about what is being done. the fcc already has its hands full trying to stop robocalls that are annoying everybody you
11:28 am
know this? >> another thing on their plates. i get several a day and the same with our viewers. two hours ago the fcc put out this morning after noticing an increased number of consumers coming forward with claims of potential medicare fraud. fcc officials warning the unrelieved to pay attention to phone calls involving medicare, if they ask for your information it is likely a scam. scammers calling for all of the united states and the world using spoofing techniques. that is when a foreign number is masked or spooked to make it look like a local number, possibly a hospital number. unsuspected victims answer the phone and give them information. lester medicare patience begin receiving cards with unique numbers in place of social security numbers so they are: for those new numbers on the card. i sat on the fcc chairman here in washington late this morning and he said they are finding methods that are becoming more sophisticated and more convincing than ever before.
11:29 am
listen. >> they start with very conversational questions, they make it seem as if this is a person you can trust him especially when they are talking about things that many elderly people might relate to, we understand you got a new medicare card, can we see a number to confirm it? >> in the last two years they have find robo callers $250 million. it's a problem. back to you. >> dana: if you have parents that are watching or medicare, be careful. thank you. a member of the so-called squad ramping up ongoing feuds with president trump and why rashida tlaib says the president is afraid of them. ♪ jill has entresto, a heart failure medicine that helps her heart so she can keep on doing what she loves. in the largest heart failure study ever,
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>> dana: a new twist on president trump's ongoing feud with the squad, one of them rashida tlaib of michigan said she thinks the president is scared of the squad and that he is afraid of women of color like
11:34 am
them because "we are not afraid of him and were not afraid to speak up." joining me now, actually strong, former spokeswoman and advisor to paul ryan. she is joining us from los angeles. actually, you are in montana. tell us what you think about this. the full quote from rashida tlaib. she said, it's been very clear to me that he is scared of us. he is afraid of women of color because we are not afraid of him and we are not afraid to speak up and say we have a white supremacist in the white house who has a hate agenda. he is afraid because we have a real agenda. a real agenda for the american people." that is one way of looking at i it. >> i'm pretty confident that president trump is not afraid of the so-called squad. if anything i think he has properly elevated the squad and their left-wing policies and to
11:35 am
make them the face of the democratic party. this is politically smart. the policies are not popular, whether it is anti-israel, medicare for all, the green new deal, they are out of step with the vast majority of americans. the president has elevated them to make them the face of the party and that being said i would suggest if i was advising the president to stick to the debate rather than personal, i think he is on with an issue that is winning. >> dana: what about that in terms of the president using his skills to be able to say, this is the face of the democratic party. forget this 2020 democrats that are running over here. focus on these four. >> i agree. i think it's a political tactic. one of my pet peeves and politics is demonizing women as a political tactic and i often tell democrats that i'm not
11:36 am
going to demonize melania tromp or ivanka trump for existing because i saw it down to mrs. obama when she just wore a sleeveless outfit. >> dana: he has specifically focusing on the policies. >> he could elevate a lot of different people and politics, various views and he chooses very tactically to go after the squad's whether he is choosing to go after the squad and set of bernie sanders were other people who have different views, i don't agree with congresswoman to rashida tlaib on everything but she is a moth, a congresswoman was representing a consensual and see and we should remember that and that america wants better politics. >> dana: she has had a chance to say that, highlighting her comments. let me ask you one other thing about the question about
11:37 am
president trumps possible challengers, former vice president joe biden has a different approach on how he wants to make himself look delectable. look at what he said about the whole deplorable phone. watch this. >> everybody knows who donald trump is. even his supporters and i'm not being critical. some of you voted for donald trump. my party stopped talking to you. >> dana: what to think about that as a tactic to set himself apart from hillary clinton? >> i think that says a lot about the state of our current politics, it's newsworthy of a candidate reaching out to vast losses of the american public and that seems baselined and necessary. that is what you need to do to would make an election so it's interesting that is newsworthy, over this history we have seen whether its deplorable comments
11:38 am
or comments about americans clinging to their religion and their guns, the democratic party has in some cases had a history of offending in making why generalizations about people in middle america for the rust belt states and frankly i think joe biden is wise to reject that path and i think he is wise to take on some of the rhetoric. >> dana: you know vice president biden. he worked for him. i would imagine he was frustrated during the 2016 campaign when hillary clinton said the word deplorable. it was something that he would not have said initially. >> i think she expressed regret. i think for joe biden it's personal because he is from scranton, pennsylvania, and so when you grow up in a place where they voted for president obama and they voted for president trump you know that tromp voters are not deplorable, they are not racist and bad people, but they were misled and so now this is the
11:39 am
reason we have elections every four years. voters get to see if indeed president trump has delivered on his promises and i think absolutely, ashley is right that i was a time for the democrats to be talking to all voters. no one should be off the table. >> dana: not if they want to win. thank you. a new poll shows a dramatic shift and what younger americans value most and why the stark divide among generations? we will take a look, coming up. ♪ let's see, aleve is proven better on pain
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>> a sheriff's deputy says a sniper shot him. the whole thing was a hoax. we will tell you how he faked a bullet hole in his bullet resistant vests. that and the rest of today's happenings as fox news rolls on and the next hour. >> dana: americans used to have a lot of agreement on what we value the most but a new wall street journal poll shows patriotism and religion rated lower on younger generations than older folks. let's bring in the philanthropist of capital authority, founder of freedom with unnecessary negative which aims to deter crimes and negative behavior. i'm glad to bring you two together because we have had you on the show before. you are famous for a lot of reasons. you've been trying to figure out, what do people have in common? people still value -- the majority people value hard work
11:45 am
and tolerance for others and community and you two are in agreement. you agree. tell me about that. >> what he is doing in memphis and what i've done and detroit, it's very similar. abandoned buildings, drug homes, we need to turn around these inner cities and take care of americans that are forgotten about. where is the love and generosity? >> dana: tell me about what you have been trying to do. you see people value this hard work and they love the community, but they are frustrated on other parts of their lives. >> when we talk about guns, there are a lot of things we don't talk about that leads up to people picking up the gun. he of homelessness, teenage pregnancy, we get stopped talking about politicizing it and we don't look at the symptoms of it, so i go on the street and i try to find the problem.
11:46 am
that is what i want to have a community conversation and memphis bringing both sides together, let them have a conversation about why you don't like police and by the police doesn't trust the community. we need to do more and that is what i'm about to. we have to clean up our schools. but a program called clean pathway, we clean up around hundred 20 schools every day day. be safe walking back and forth. >> i can understand. >> dana: that is how frustrated people are. i wonder if that leads to people -- younger generations may be feeling not as patriotic. they feel at the community has left them behind. the majority of people said they are satisfied with the economy and if you couple that with hard
11:47 am
work and now we know that unemployment is so low, does not make a difference? >> in st. louis where we just knocked on a bunch of homes, a big pilot area. 428 years somebody had been waiting for a building to get torn down by the government. >> dana: 28 years? >> wouldn't you be thinking, what is going on? that is what has been happening. they have a right to be upset. >> dana: people are frustrated with the government especially washington, but when you get down to community and grassroots, can you find common ground? >> the average person doesn't care about what's going on in washington where they want the building gone. they watch that tv on that segment. what they do care about is how they will feed themselves. walking to and from school. >> dana: let me show what
11:48 am
people consider very important, hard work and tolerance for others. the two most important things that we all value and that is across the board. what else would you think needs to be done to bring the other things up? for example patriotism. >> we need to start loving each other again. people giving hundreds, thousands giving money, before social security and some of these both care programs the community took care of each other and it's time the people rise up and start taking care of he picked other. >> dana: this idea that government can solve all your problems. >> you said the same thing. we have to go out there and get hugs and stop criticizing. >> dana: if you are out there every one will give you a hug. thank you for being here. out of this world allegations, the first ever case of crime
11:49 am
committed from space and involves a nasa astronaut locked in a custody battle. phil keating live in miami. >> if these allegations are true it would be the first time a crime has been committed by an astronaut orbiting earth. it all centers on a very bitter custody dispute and breakup between the astronaut and her estranged wife. they custody battle over their 6-year-old boy. nasa flight engineer and reported to an interview last week with the inspector general, her ex accuses her of accessing her bank account and using her password and investigating her spending activity on a nasa computer. over the weekend she defended herself, there is unequivocally no truth to these claims. we've been going through a personal and painful separation that is now unfortunately in the media. i appreciate the outpouring of support and will reserve
11:50 am
comments until after the investigation. i have total confidence in the process. on june 24th she came back to earth landing and comics don, her estranged wife in the air force intelligence officer -- he became suspicious during the spatial mission when she claimed to have discovered that she had access to her bank account to check on how she was spending money. she reportedly alleged cybercrime from space to a nasa which is investigating. >> she has been in use in the state of texas laws and family court to be my own personal terrorist and to terrorize me and try and manipulate me into signing over some sort of legal possession to her of my son and i refused to do so. >> nasa was not weighing in on this saying it's a personnel matter. as for maclean, she almost made history this past year on a
11:51 am
less notorious note, she was slated to become involved with the historic first ever all-female spacewalk, however she ended up being pulled from that spacewalk so she didn't do it. >> dana: we will see what happens. thank you. we are waiting for a decision and a potentially groundbreaking trial to decide if a company can be blamed for fueling the opioid crisis. ♪ we called and got 55,856 dollars. i called and got 63,400 dollars. we called and we got 58,800 dollars. to get more from your va mortgage benefits, call newday usa. lat]rax00é0x?ñxúz is that for me? mhm aaaah!
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ensure, for strength and energy. >> dana: fox news alert. we are awaiting a decision in the first major opioid decision in the country. the judge is expected to make the rolling in a civil suit filed by the state against johnson. how do you see this case going? obviously a lot of attention about this issue. we know that a hundred three oh. opioid deaths are recorded. and now johnson & johnson saying
11:56 am
this, the fda label clearly set forth the risk of addiction. don't tell me that doctors weren't aware of the risk. we take the challenge on, because we believe we are right. what you think is going to happen here? >> while, dana, this is certainly a creative use of the states public nuisance law to address a public health problem. whether or not this rises to the level of being a public nuisance is for the judge to decide. regardless of what the judge decides, there will be an appeal. if the state wins, this is going to be a road map. a blueprint if you will and going after manufacturers and their attempt to go after this problem and its very source. on the other hand, if johnson & johnson are successful, any other big pharma companies that may be sued will use this as a blueprint for their defense. so, while this could go either way, and it does remain to be
11:57 am
seen, this is certainly a creative effort by the prosecution, at least, to try to get to the problem of the opioid prop, crisis >> dana: was there a different law, a different avenue they could have used? >> i think that if this fails on a public nuisance theory, they are going to revert back to more traditional court claims, such as negligence. if you compare and contrast with the tobacco issue, consider that tobacco does not have any legitimate medical use. on the other hand, opiates do. they have been authorized for prescription roosts. >> dana: and they have helped a lot of people. they do help a lot of people who are dealing with pain.
11:58 am
>> in this particular case, there have been settlements. i think that the reason why the other defendants, is because of the uncertainty involved. if the judge buys into this theory 100%, this could be the largest in the nation's history. this could have very deep financial ramifications for this company, for sure. >> dana: well, it is very interesting. this is oklahoma. other states will be following. they are asking for $17 billion. how does that rank in terms of the biggest you've ever seen or somewhere in the middle? >> this would be among the biggest, if not the biggest bench trial verdict, in terms of the monetary punishment that we've seen. if you look at some of the other settlements, they were in the millions of dollars. i don't think they got into the billions. that's literally what's at stake. you have to keep in mind, even
11:59 am
if the defense loses, they can appeal on the theory of liability and they can also appeal on the amount. regardless of which side wins, dana, i think we are going to see an appeal. this is literally the first step in a row that could be much longer. >> dana: it philip, thanks for helping us understand it. we appreciate it. >> happy to do it. >> dana: a 3-year-old mashup you massachusetts boy. the boy affectionately called, the mighty quinn. members of the dropkick murphy's celtic fans. [singing] [laughs] >> dana: the good news is his parents say all the visits and positive energy have helped
12:00 pm
mighty quinn through his illnes illness. kick off this week with the daily briefing. we will see you on the five. who knows what will get up to. thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 on wall street. president trump said he believes china wants to cut a trade deal. the president, now heading home from the g-7 in france. he says the next summit may be one of his properties here in the u.s. he may invite vladimir putin, who got kicked out of the group. plus, the toxic algae, blamed for the death of dogs across our nation, has turned up in one of the most popular spots on the planet. health officials say kids could be in danger as well. reporting begins now. >> shepard smith reporting, liom


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