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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 26, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> it's not very manly to get towed by a jet ski while navy seals -- >> you were pulling the tugboat. >> yes. >> that's what you are doing. >> aren't their riptide's? >> yes, it was horrific. >> well, that was fun. is up next. hello, bret. >> bret: hello, greg, i want to hear more about that. president trump says china has no choice but to make a trade deal with the u.s. and he thinks one is coming. elizabeth warren packs them in as her popularity surges in the presidential democratic race in the surprising new national poll. and a nasty custody battle and athletes to the first criminal investigation in space. this is "special report." ♪ good evening, welcome to washington, i am bret baier. president trump says china has made new calls to the u.s. about a possible trade deal and what he terms "serious talks" will
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soon begin again. if the president wrapped up a long weekend at the g7 summit in france by saying he believes china is sincere and has no choice because its economy is in trouble. the trade war between the two largest economies in the world cast an unsettling shadow over the meeting. chief white house correspondent john roberts has been traveling with the president in france, joins us tonight. good evening, john. >> good evening, bret. for most of the weekend here, the other g7 leaders were sweating the global economic uncertainty caused by the escalating trade war between the united states and china. one that saw the dow dropped a 600-point clip on friday but is monday dawned here in france, a new sense of optimism over this summit. the final day of the g7 was dominated by what appeared to be an about-face in china's position on the trade war. vice chairman leo hard telling chinese media china is willing to resolve its trade dispute with the united states through call negotiations and resolutely
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opposes escalation of the conflict. the statement came as markets in asia took a nosedive this morning and while it is too early to tell whether this represents a sea change in china's attitude, president trump is optimistic. >> you trust that they are sincere? >> i do. i think they want to make a deal very badly. i think they very much want to make a deal and the longer they wait the harder it is to put it back if it can be put back at all. i'm not sure they have a choice and i don't say that as a threat. >> on friday president trump labeled chinese president xi jinping an enemy. today he called him a great leader and made no apologies for the ping-pong rhetoric. >> the way i've negotiated has done very well for me over the years and it's doing even better for the country. >> another big development today, after the surprise visit of iranian foreign minister to the g7, the summit's host, french president and emmanuel macron said it's time for the u.s. and iranian president to end their standoff.
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>> that's what i told the minister and that's what i've mentioned to the president on the phone as well, that if you would agree to a meeting with president trump, my conviction was in agreement can be made. >> he set a meeting should take place within three weeks. all three leaders will be at the u.n. general assembly in new york at the end of september. could such a meeting take place? >> if the circumstances were correct, i would certainly agree to that, but in the meantime, they have to be good players. >> the joint news conference between president trump and mccrone was to hand off the g7 torch. president trump will host the event next year, most likely at his sprawling golf property in miami. the choice raises big ethical questions, but president trump is unmoved insisting white house advance teams, military and secret service said it was the best location. >> my people wanted it. from my standpoint, i'm not going to make any money.
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in my opinion about going to make any money. i don't want to make money, i don't care about making money. >> want the big questions asked president trump to part of the summit today, will russia be back in the fold? president trump raised the issue of resurrecting the g8 and claims while some leaders said no, some said yes. >> i think that having president putin in what was the g8, he was a member of the g8 and i heard he was a good member of the g8. having him and i think is more of an advantage. i think it's a positive for the world. >> is the host of next year's summit, president trump has it within his purview to invite vladimir putin to the summit as his guest. fox news asked the president whether he thought about doing that, the president said he thought that would be a tough sell to putin and putin is a proud man and would probably only attend as a full member of the g8. bret. we went john roberts early tuesday morning in france, thanks. ♪
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breaking tonight, drugmaker johnson & johnson says it will appeal a landmark ruling by an oklahoma judge assessing a penalty of more than a half billion dollars for culpability in the state's opioid crisis. correspondent casey stegall has the breaking news from dallas. good evening. >> good evening. it late this afternoon's one is ruling came down from oklahoma district court judge thad bultman. again ruling against pharmaceutical giant johnson & johnson, further saying that the company did in fact help contribute to the state's opioid epidemic. the art of the drugmaker pay a little more than $572 million in fines. far less in the 17 billion they could have been on the hook for. the oklahoma attorney general says this verdict means his team was successful, improving how johnson & johnson used "pseudoscience" and "deceptive marketing practices" downplaying
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how addictive these prescription painkillers were and pushing doctors to prescribe more just to boost profits. >> what we showed during our seven week trial and what the judge confirmed today is what we know now for certain. johnson & johnson was the kingpin behind the nation's ongoing opioid crisis. >> the drugmaker immediately said it would appeal today's ruling. lawyers representing johnson & johnson all along arguing their company did not cause the opioid crisis saying in fact follow the u.s. food and drug administration and drug enforcement agency's own guidelines back in 2009 when it came to the marketing of opioid opioids. >> we have sympathy for all who suffer from substance abuse, but johnson & johnson did not cause
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the opioid abuse crisis here in oklahoma or anywhere in this country. >> legal analyst has said today's ruling could have far-reaching consequences setting legal precedent for thousands of other pending cases against opioid manufacturers and distributors. bret. >> bret: casey stegall in dallas, thank you. the stock of johnson & johnson jumped on the news, rising more than 2% after the markets closed. stocks had a positive trading day today, maybe on the china news. the dow gained 270. if the s&p 500 finished at 31, the nasdaq jumped 102. we have no information tonight on the investigation into the investigators who ran the probes into hillary clinton's email case and then-candidate trump and the russian interference in the 2016 election case. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has an update tonight.
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>> a source close to the matter tells fox news that federal prosecutors appear close to a decision over whether to charge former fbi deputy and acting director andrew mccabe for lying to investigators. mccabe, a frequent critic of the president, was fired last or just after michael e horwitz found he lacked candor under oath over his role in a media leak about the clinton foundation case. he is now suing the fbi and justice department for wrongful termination and recently joined cnn as a contributor. mccabe told the network earlier this year if the allegations are false. >> i never lied, never deliberately misled anyone, not in the ig's office, not in the fbi, and certainly never a director of the fbi under any circumstances at any time. >> senator lindsey graham, the republican chairman of the senate judiciary committee told fox he recently met with attorney general william barr over the forthcoming inspector general report into alleged surveillance abuse and targeting of the trump campaign. senator graham said all three
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are on the same page and want the records declassified to the fullest extent possible. >> i want as much of that out, and i think the attorney general shares that view. we want transparency and that would serve the american people well. i want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly so this never happens again. >> even before the pending investigation, inspector general horowitz included a handful of executives violated ethics rules by accepting gifts from journalists, misleading investigators or leaking. among the former director james comey. but earlier this month media reports suggest of the justice to permit would not go after comey. >> attorney general barr will do what's right according to the little to rule of law. we are not at my to not out after revenge, we are after accountability. >> the investigation into the surveillance began over a year ago like the clinton email report, it was basically done when new information came to light late in the process, delaying the public release. the report is now expected sometime in september, bret. >> bret: we will follow it
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all, thank you. defense attorneys in the trial of former obama white house counsel greg craig say they plan to call the defendant to testify. prosecution is expected to rest its case tomorrow. craig is charged with one count of lying to federal investigators about his work on a report paid for in part by the ukrainian government. politics 2020 style, the democrats battling each other for the right to take on president trump next year, are either preparing for the next debate cycle in september or pushing hard to try to qualify. one candidate who appears to be gaining momentum is packing the crowds in at campaign rallies. correspondent peter doocy shows us tonight. >> even elizabeth warren's campaign says 15,000 people showed up to see her in seattle, the senator made her standard offer. >> i will stay as long as you want, we will take selfies. >> that line was four hours long and reflects the movement in a new monmouth full of democrats that shows the former vice president joe biden is now the former front runner in at
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least one pole. is 19% support is 13% less then he had in the last survey in june and it puts them behind both warren and bernie sanders, who earned his first national union endorsement today. the united electrical radio machine workers of america, or you e. in 2016, sanders tried hard to contrast himself with hillary clinton, something warren is starting to do in 2020. >> nobody is getting behind on the debate stage and doing that thing, that's not happening. it's not going to happen. >> while warren remembers the general election debate, at least ten other democrats are scrambling to make the democratic primary debate. they've only got until wednesday to meet bowling and from raising thresholds. >> if you're going to gwen about the criteria, you want to complain about a little bit earlier in the process to make sure it seems like it's not purely self interested. >> hypothetical had to head matchups shall distill strongest
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to strongest candidate is joe biden, who laid off the president during g7. >> i never criticize his foreign policy when he's abroad, and i mean that sincerely. >> less than 10 minutes later resumed his normal criticisms. the 76-year-old raise eyebrows this week when he said this in new hampshire. >> i love this place. what's not to like? >> he knows his fumbles make front page news but insists it's nothing to worry about. >> i want to be clear, i'm not going nuts. >> despite a ruffle today, biden still leaves the real clear politics average of polls but the surging warren leave the field in a new metric, selfies at events. her campaign says 50,000 selfies so far, so we may soon find out what's more important, high name i.d. or the selfie. ret. >> bret: 's the biden folks are pushing back on apple saying it's kind of an outlier or something. >> right, they're pointing to every other poll that has him with a sizable lead over the rest of the field, but it is
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entirely possible if he was going to go in a different direction other than up it would have to start at some point. >> bret: there you go. peter, thank you. president trump is in a republican challenger tonight, and he is not pulling any punches, calling the president and unfit con men. tonight correspondent doug mckelway looks at the field of g.o.p. primary opponents and possible opponent opponents. >> i helped create trump and george, that's not an easy thing to say. >> conservative radio talk show host and former congress meant joe walsh is the latest republican to announce a primary challenge to donald trump. >> if someone in the white house who we all know is unfit. someone who lives virtually every time he opens his mouth. >> he joins former massachusetts governor who announced his challenge in april, promising to restore fiscal discipline to washington. >> they are spending money in washington like drunken sailors. >> delivering a similar message, mark sanford. he says he'll decide whether to
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primary drum around labor day. we will attend a vice president pence event in south carolina today. >> i believe we are about to go over a cliff that would cause a whole world of hurt to folks here and now as well as our kids coming down the line. >> and fanning the flames of intraparty discontent is former white house communications director anthony scare moshe. his 11 day tenure in the west wing was his was a short as his disdain for the president is long. >> he's acting in a way that's completely unstable. >> already late to muster money and a ground game. a recent fox news poll shows trump carries an overwhelming 88% support among republicans and each challenger has baggage. a nonfactor in 2016's libertarian ticket, trump could easily target his laid-back patrician style is low-energy. sanford might face a renewed #metoo scrutiny about his lying of an extramarital affair when he was governor. and a mother lode of trump-like
3:15 pm
offense is accusing president obama being muslim and tweeting "obama got elected because he's black, not because he's accomplished anything significant." while almost no one expects any of these three to be trump, they may be able to inflict damage by changing minds, especially among swing state voters who may be exhausted by the near daily drama of the trump residency. >> bret: thanks. sean duffy is giving up his job next month. duffy says he will step down september 23rd. our baby due in late october, he and his wife's ninth child has a heart condition and that will require extra care. duffy is the 13th republican of the current congress to leave office or forgo a run for reelection. duffy is married to fox news contributor rachel campos duffy we wish them well. the grandson of the late senator robert kennedy says he is going to possibly prepare for a run for a senate seat from massachusetts.
3:16 pm
congressman joe kennedy has filed a statement of candidacy with the federal elections commission, a possible primary challenge against incumbent democrat senator edward markey. the 38-year-old kennedy is in his fourth term in the house and had previously indicated plans to seek reelection next year. markey is 73 and running for a second full term in the senate after serving more than three decades in the house. up next, investigating what may be the first ever crime in spac space. we will explain. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. box 53 in pittsburgh where federal prosecutors want a man accused of killing 11 people in a synagogue to face a death sentence. the u.s. attorney's office in pittsburgh has filed a notice of intent to seek the death penalty against 46-year-old robert bowers. he has pleaded not guilty and awaits trial. fox 5 in new york as movie mogul harvey weinstein pleads not guilty to an indictment that adds two new charges of predatory sexual assault to his
3:17 pm
upcoming new york trial. prosecutors say the new indictment was needed to lay the legal foundation for sopranos actress to testify against weinstein. she claims he raped her in 1993. if this is a live look at santa monica pier from our affiliate out that way. los angeles, one of the big stories there tonight, the l.a. county sheriff's department says the rookie deputy who claimed he was shot by a sniper last week completely fabricated the incident and will be relieved of his duties. officials say he eventually admitted making up the story and using a knife to cut two holes in his shirt. we will face a criminal investigation. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> bret: are nasa astronauts had to be in consideration to become the first woman on the moon is facing a huge challenge back here on earth tonight. it involves an unprecedented situation. correspondent phil keating fills us in for miami. >> first down is nasa's and mclean. >> in a first, an astronaut is accused of committing a crime while in space.
3:22 pm
nasa flight engineer and mclean is under investigation for allegedly hacking into her estranged wife's bank account all while opening earth. this all centers on a bitter custody dispute between the astronaut and her wife over a young boy they've been raising. she reportedly submitted to and under oath interview last night with nasa's office of inspector general's. >> tries to use that against me. >> her ex accuses her of accessing her bank account using her password and investigating her spending activity from on board the international space station. over the weekend, mcclain defended herself via tweet. "there's unequivocally no truth to these claims. we've been going for a painful personal separation that's now unfortunately in the media. i appreciate the outpouring of support and will reserve comment until after the investigation. i have total confidence in the ig process. on june 24th, mcclain came back to earth landing in kazakhstan on board -- her wife, former air force intelligence
3:23 pm
officer became suspicious during the mission and accused mcclain of identity theft. >> she has really been using the logs in family court to be my own personal terrorist and just to terrorize me and try and manipulate me into signing over some sort of legal possession to her of my son, and i refuse to do so. >> nasa declined to comment on this quarrel and possible crime as it's a personnel matter. mcclain, who graduated west point, almost made history on a less notorious note earlier this year when she was pulled from a spacewalk, which would have been the first all-female spacewalk. brad. >> bret: thank you. up next, we will tell you why israel is launching new strikes against iran-backed militants. first, beyond our borders tonight, brazil's president says an agreement by g-7 nations on fighting the amazon fires treats the region like a colony. response came in a tweet after french president emmanuel macron
3:24 pm
announced a $20 million firefighting fund as well as a long-term initiative to protect the rain forest. russia's state, whether an environment monitoring agencies have released new details about a brief spike in radioactivity following a mysterious explosion at the navy's testing range. the incident earlier this month has been surrounded by secrecy and fueled fears of increased radiation exposure. the agency says the brief rise in radiation levels was caused by a cloud of radioactive gases containing various isotopes that drifted across the area. if the agency insisting it has found no trace of radiation in air or ground samples since the day of the accident. hong kong police are defending their actions during weekend classes with pro-democracy demonstrators. police used tear gas, water cannons, and raised their guns during those protests this weekend. lawmakers on each side of the political divide there say the other side bears responsibility for this new violence. just some of the other stories we are following beyond our
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3:29 pm
correspondent trey yingst has the latest tonight from northern israel. >> the lebanese militant group hezbollah is bowing to retaliate against israel after strikes this weekend killed two of its fighters and small drones attacked a community, communications office in beirut. >> i can say to the israeli army on the border, starting tonight, be cautious and be on standby on the border and wait for us. >> on saturday, israel struck an iranian cell in syria that was allegedly preparing to launch a drone attack against the countr country. less than an hour after the strike is really prime minister benjamin netanyahu equated twer forces operate in every sector against iranian aggression. if someone rises up to kill you, kill him first." in the past week, israel has reportedly targeted iranian proxies and weapons smuggling groups with drone strikes in iraq and an air strike in syria. now the israelis are preparing for possible retaliation.
3:30 pm
a defense system over my shoulder at a strategic location at the intersection between lebanon, israel, and syria. in the event that a missile is fired over the border into the northern part of the country. overnight, iranian-backed militants fired three rockets in gaza towards southern israel forcing concertgoers near the border to scramble for safety as israel's missile defense system intercepted two of the projectiles. the strikes in iraq are being called a declaration of war by a group of iraqi parliament members for holding the u.s. responsible and demanding the withdrawal of american forces from iraq. for decades, the united states was known to mediate broader tension across the middle east, but now, with the trump administration siding heavily with israel, the chances of deterioration in the region are increasing. brad. >> bret: trey yingst on the ground in northern israel, thank you. back here at home, if you are an elderly american, take care of one, or even no one, please pay particular attention to our next story.
3:31 pm
if tonight the federal government is talking about a growing threat, people using a w way to separate seniors from their money. here's correspondent david >> the fcc out within the warming today. scammers are using sophisticated and convincing technology to target elderly consumers. >> don't answer the phone if it comes from the spoof number. if you do answer the phone, do not give out personal information, hang up immediatel immediately. >> chairman and chief i oversee the fcc and is urging those with medicare to pay close attention to colors prime for personal information. sometimes the other end of a line is a recording, but many times with a live person that begins with a conversational approach. >> yes, we understand you just got a new medicare card, can we see her number just to confirm it? that's the kind of thing that lures in unsuspecting consumers. >> medicare will never call unannounced asking for personal information over the phone. he says spoof furs are calling from phone numbers that may just
3:32 pm
be one or two digits off from the real dr. numbers office. last year medical card stitched social security numbers for unique numbers. they want those card numbers. fake medicare calls are just one part of a larger pie full of robocalls the fcc is working to combat. >> over the last two years we composed almost $250 million in fines against robo callers across the country and we're looking forward to more enforcement actions along these lines. >> the famous do not call list, i signed up several times, is only effective with legitimate telemarketers. he says those illegitimate companies they constantly call from overseas ignore the lists and are out of u.s. jurisdiction. his office continues to combat the calls and we will of course follow-up. >> bret: david, thank you. president trump says china cannot afford not to strike a trade deal that benefits the u.s. in a very newsy g-7 news
3:33 pm
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♪ >> actually what he was intending to say is he always has second thoughts and he actually had second thoughts about possibly a higher tariff response to china. >> very, very good calls. very productive calls. they mean business, they want to be able to make a deal. i think they want to make a deal. i'm not sure they have a choice. >> bret: talking there about china and trade heading into the weekend. obviously a lot of volatility surrounding the tweets and the back-and-forth between tariffs on what's happening between the u.s. and china. the president tweeting before the news conference today "great respect for the fact that
3:38 pm
president xi antennas are presented as one call resolution. if so impressed that they're willing to come out and state the facts so accurately. this is why he is a great leader and representing a great country. it talks are continuing," something he reiterated, the president did, at the news conference at the g7. it let's bring in the panel as you look at the dow bounced back from low after the weekend. bring in our panel. chris stirewalt, politics editor here at fox news. leslie marshall, democratic strategist and lanhee chen, fellow at hoover institution, we welcome you aboard. thoughts on the president of the back-and-forth? he obviously is exposing some optimism. >> he's expressing optimism. the question is the chinese to date at least, their posture seems to be that they want to wait out the president and the president seems to be saying if we can get them to the table we might be able to come to some agreement. the challenge is who is going to stop waiting for us, who's going to give up first, who's going to give up leverage first? now it looks like the chinese are saying we want to come back to the table because in fact the chinese economy has really been hurt i think by what the
3:39 pm
president has done. >> bret: you don't hear that a lot. we don't hear a lot about the internal china feeling of their economy and what they're getting hit by. >> their economy is weakening significantly and you know it if you visit china, if you're on the streets there, you can see that there economy is hurting. the question is how much is president xi willing to tolerate? the biggest threat is not external, it's internal. it's what happening within china. the more unrest there is more about the economy is, the worse he is. >> bret: chris? >> he has an autocrat autocrat essentially at this point. >> bret: talk about president xi. >> yes, president xi. >> bret: i just wanted to make clear. i wanted to make clear. >> they have abolished term limits for him. they have a million muslims in prison camps. i definitely agree with you, lanhee emma that his position as a little more tenuous than we think, but he has the tools at hand -- that americans are going to tolerate and trump knows it. i think what is working his way
3:40 pm
up to a sort of what he did on the wall. if you just say it's built, i did and be wander that happen? you say we were doing at all time. we won the trade work, and get out. >> bret: i does the world leaders have a lot of concern. president macron expressing some of that at the news conference. >> the discussions between china and the u.s. have triggered uncertainty and troubled investors and markets creating tensions. we saw it on various stock exchanges. the question is what will be the outcome of these discussions? >> we don't even know if there are going to be discussions. and i say that because the president one day is calling the leader of china and enemy. at the next, he's a great leader. we had to go phone calls. beijing is not confirming that. is there really going to be a sit down? like you said, turn it definitely needs to sit down, but was going to blink first? >> bret: you did have the treasury secretary stand up and say i talked to them. >> it wasn't just the president, correct. >> but it does come down to who was going to blink first. i think the president sees what
3:41 pm
happens with the markets, but then again, we have -- despite the economy, our governments are so different. i mean, in china, in addition to what's going on with hong kong as well. >> bret: they did sign or agree to a preliminary deal with japan. if the president and his administration can get a couple of these trade deals across the finish line, even if it's short of china, that makes an impact. >> i do think that makes a big impact and remember there's a lot of skepticism about these trade deals going into it. with everything that's going on with brexit coming up japan. for the president of able to land japan and presumably able to make progress, he still needs that deal as far as the u.s. economy is concerned. they are the two biggest players, no doubt about it. >> bret: meanwhile, france orchestrated the meeting with iranians at the g7. take a listen. >> at a given point in time,
3:42 pm
there will have to be meeting between the americans and the iranian president. and i wish in the coming weeks such a meeting will take place. >> they have to be good players, you understand what that means, and they can't do what they were saying they were going to do because if they do that they are going to be met with really very violent force. we have no choice. president macron told me every step that he was making yesterday. a lot of you said he came in -- he told me long before he came in what was happening. i didn't think it was appropriate to meet yesterday too soon. >> he was informed about the solution, the situation. >> bret: a lot of process there about who told who what, but the bottom line is they are pushing for this meeting with iran and the president says he's open to it under conditions. >> sure. and as we've seen with north korea, as we have seen multiple instances, trump is not -- he is not about telling -- he does not want to be the police man to the world. he is against aggressive intervention. i'm sure he would like to engage
3:43 pm
iran and the kind of weight -- i'm sure it makes john bolton's mustache girl a little bit, but i think the president is very open to this kind of stuff and he's demonstrated not just with kim jong un, but around the globe, he'll do it. >> bret: leslie, there is a difference when these world leaders stand next to the president and speak to the press and the coverage of it prior to that. a big difference. macron pretty much said that's not true, here's the deal, i told him all the way along. >> i don't know when france has become an enemy. quite frankly -- they are a strong ally and even though we are very different government, very different leaders with very different styles, there is a certain level of diplomacy and respect for the office of the presidency and whoever has held that offense historically because they are elected by the people. when it comes to iran, quite frankly, this is a scenario where i would like trump to sit down. i don't like the fact that he has -- certainly president obama in the past. he's even talked about some kind of a short-term loan for iran to
3:44 pm
try and help them out during this time. i think what we've seen, very similar with north korea, is that shut, just sanctions and just threats to work. sometimes if you sit down and get into a room and say what do you want, this is what we want, how can we meet halfway? >> bret: that's how he talks about his style of making deals. in both china and iran, lanhee, the u.s. is putting some serious pressure on those countries and iran is really feeling it. >> iran is feeling in particular. if iran were to come to a table, it would be under a different set of terms than what was the previous negotiation, the previous administration. the question is are they actually going to come to the table, are they actually going to have a legitimate conversation. is this just play acting by the iranians? there's no question there feeling a tremendous amount of pressure from a similar way china is feeling the internal pressure as well. are they going to come to the table, is this going to be a genuine negotiation chemicals or questions. >> bret: is the pressure to get out of the iran nuclear
3:45 pm
deal, the jcpoa? >> i think so. i think this deal is going to be on the u.s.'s terms, they got to come on the uss terms, not on the previous version of this. >> bret: thank you. you. shifting the 2020 race, is it shifting on the democratic side? will be back. ♪ if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight
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>> the race has come down to senator sanders, senator warren and vice president biden. it's a three way race. >> i just spoke at dartmouth on health care at the medical school -- i guess it wasn't actually on the campus, but people from the medical school. i want to be clear, i'm not going nuts. >> just not working for them. they know that to change that it's going to take all of us. nobody gets to stay on the sidelines, and that's what i'm seeing in these crowds. >> many of the ideas i talked about four years ago that everybody said were crazy are now being talked about by every other democratic candidate. >> bret: he is right. they are indeed buried senator sanders, senator warren, former vice president joe biden, a new poll out today seems to be shaking things up. we don't know if this is an outlier or not but monmouth usually has pretty good polling.
3:50 pm
monmouth university has bernie sanders and elizabeth warren essentially tied with joe biden, a big shift in where it was back in june 2019. just to give you the real clear politics average of the latest polls, still has joe biden up about ten and a half over the others, but, you know, could it be shifting? you see a lot of big crowds on the trail. we are back with the panel. chris, you think outlier, or what do you think? >> i know what it's like to have a pole. fox news has had some polls where you are -- what's the joke, outstanding in a field by yourself? >> bret: you don't want to be the one. >> you don't always feel good when you're out there by yourself, so i sympathize. if that's the state of this race, if that bull is just ahead of the curve and everybody else has been wrong, if that where the state of the race, joe biden will be out of the race before halloween. he will not persist -- if the reality for joe biden is that he is fighting for second place, then he is on his way out, because his core argument is
3:51 pm
electability and if he's not the front runner, he's been none runner and he will have to get out of the race because what democrats desperately need is a viable alternative to warren or sanders. that got to have it and that got to have it now. >> bret: because you add those up and they are of similar mind-set when it comes to ideology. you've got 40% and essentially doubling what biden has. in this bowl and in other polls as well. >> attorney dominic bernie sanders, as he had in the beginning of 2016, during the hugging time with tyler, he still has that with elizabeth warren. they are good friends of them all out of respect and eight definitely share voters in the mind to. he's a socialist and she says she's a capitalist. they are the more progressive wing. if you and i were talking about the makeup room. >> i don't wear makeup, i don't know what you're talking about. >> you said i think it's an outlier. i would agree with everything you just said and i'm hoping it's an outlier, because otherwise joe biden is not going to be the nominee and i've said it before, although i like senator sanders and senator warren, i just don't think that they are going to
3:52 pm
have the centrist democratic support and other going to have the independent and swing voter needed to win the election against donald trump. >> bret: would put the pictures of the ten candidates who qualified so far for the september debates. debate, rather, in houston. we still have until august 28th until its final but they were looking at essentially the field. if that's the case, it's tough to believe that some of it comes from outside that mix. >> it is, but then the issue is, who occupies that center left space? amy klobuchar hasn't had a lot of traction so far. deciding to flip over and say i'm going to be the centrist no now. >> bret: everyone should have medicare. >> this would be nothing new. the interesting thing about biden's i tend to think that this pole is a preview of coming attractions because what you see is you see someone who has high name identification who people sort of think has a case, right? he can maybe say he beats, but
3:53 pm
really what there, his support to me has always felt sort of a mile wide, but not very deep. as other candidates continue to define the candidacies he's going to come back to earth and if that's the case may be is the scott walker or jeb bush in 2020. >> bret: on policy issues, obviously elizabeth warren and bernie sanders track together. on the issue of trade, take a listen. >> you do not make trade policy by announcing today that you're going to raise tariffs by x percent and the next day by y percent by attacking the person you appointed as head of the federal reserve is the enemy of the american people. >> donald trump has no plan. if this is just chaos. and of trade whereby tweet is comparable to the u.s. economy, harmful to the u.s. farmers. it's harmful to consumers. it makes no sense at all. >> bret: what they're not saying is we should kind of agree about pushing back against
3:54 pm
china pretty hard they just wouldn't do it that way. >> exactly. stylistic distances. for most of the democratic electorate, getting tough with china and tariffs are there jam, they like it. this is an area where trump is, in disagreement with his own party and in agreement with democrats, the problem with elizabeth warren's you hear it there, you hear it in other places, her radicalism, the degree to which -- that she is outside of the mainstream, she does a pretty good job of masking it, pretty good job of covering it up, but man it is there and it is real. >> bret: "new york times" headline, where elizabeth moran is quietly telling democratic insiders, which essentially is i spent a lot of money on democratic candidates, i want to unify the party. >> we need to be unified and we are not buried not just within the race, but outside. sort of like are you an aoc squad cam, are you a nancy pelosi can come are you in the middle, to the left neck majority of democrats are in the middle. i say it is a woman, i said as a
3:55 pm
feminist who wanted hillary clinton to be my president, america doesn't seem to like, except on the edges of this nation, very strong, intelligent women and when you're going up against somebody like donald trump, i just don't think -- for president, i'm sorry, that's the way it is right now. it's sad. if elizabeth moran is not going to be the one, i don't feel, that could be him. i'm hope i'm wrong if she gets the nomination. >> bret: if you're wrong i'm going to play back the tape. >> if i'm wrong -- i'm sure you're well. if i'm right you will. >> bret: thanks for being here. when we come back, one of washington's biggest names on the mend marveling at the attention she brings. which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase. and i don't add trup the years.s. but what i do count on... is boost® delicious boost® high protein nutritional drink has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals.
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4:00 pm
>> it was beyond my wildest imagination that i would one day become the notorious rbg. >> bret: the notorious rbg live and in person. that's it for this special report. fair, balanced and unafraid. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: notorious is a good title. president trump tells the g-7 crowd to buckle up. it's going to be a bit of a bumpy road ahead with china, folks. >> sorry, if the way i negotiate. the way i negotiate has done very well for me over the years and is doing even better for the country. >> martha: mr. trump did say he is open to a deal if it puts the united states on better footing than where we started. >> it's a 50/50 deal. this has to be a deal that's better for us. and if not better, let's not do business together. >> martha: as the president said, the chinese economy under some pressure and now you've got device saying "we are willing to
4:01 pm
use a calm attitude to solve problems by n


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