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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 27, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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into the g7, calling xi jinping airport to get a cardio workout, an enemy, praising him as a taking strides on a luggage conveyor belt in key west. great leader and revealed beijing call the trade team twice over the weekend to resume negotiations, the president sounding optimistic of a deal. unclear whether the lizard made >> he wants to make a deal very it through security. the ugly. gate agents at a different florida airport holding a contest for the worst drivers badly, that was elevated last license photo during a fight delay. asians at orlando international night, china was very hard hit, gave the so-called winter a voucher. lost 3 million jobs. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". have a great day. "fox and friends first" continues now, goodbye. >> china's foreign ministry spokesman was not confirming those calls and threaten they >> tuesday, august 27th, the will continue to retaliate if president returns to washington donald trump continues to escalate the fight, the white striking a different tone with china. his critics don't see this as a triumph in the ongoing trade war. >> live with the house is reversing new tariffs september 1st. 2020 democrats on the campaign trail including former vice administration's new warnings president biden found not to criticize the present while and trouble in presidential paradise for joe biden as a new overseas, they are blasting the poll shows he is not a sure president's trade war. thing. >> the president is not been >> we will tell you which candidates are gaining steam and fiscally careful and has sparked this trade war. >> is trade war with china is why there support could cost the
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democrats in 2020. blowing up in his face. >> is an immigrant i feel like >> donald trump has no plan. we are the people that make this country. >> it means that you want a trade war by tweet is harmful to world where we are all treated the us economy, harmful for us farmers. >> with the president back in equally. the white house we will see if he has more to say and also how markets react after a bumpy ride in the last week. we see asian and european >> probably expected political markets reacting somewhat positively to the news of a possible deal. punches thrown at the mtv video music awards. >> thank you so much. >> controversial comments come with others who say hollywood needs to call down. "fox and friends first" continues right now. 19 states and washington dc suing over the trump administration's decision to remove the floor as agreement which would allow migrant families including children to be detained indefinitely. the trump administration says this will keep children safe from smugglers, reduce modeling ♪ and cut down on fraudulent families and another crackdown immigration officials no longer allow people to stay in the united states without the risk of deportation while they or their family members receive
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>> back together. it has been a long time. you were on vacation and i was off a week and a half. good morning, you are watching "fox and friends first" on life-saving medical treatment. tuesday morning. the house judiciary committee subpoenas a former white house aide as part of an impeachment inquiry against donald from. todd: action makes the heart rob portable testify over grow fonder. the president waking up in the whether the president obstructed white house today, home from a newsmaking g7 summit. allies on china and a potential end to the trade war. justice during the russia probe as the committee asks to expedite a lawsuit for a subpoena against former white house counsel don began. they argue the white house is jillian: why the two sides may delaying the investigation which expires in january. >> federal prosecutors plan to not be on the same page. >> good to have you back seek the death pen people at a pittsburgh synagogue last year. robert bauer facing 50 charges together and we will find out and was said when talks resume in september, no shortage of drama in his high-stakes standoff, the latest the killing of vulnerable victims, hostility towards the jewish faith and premeditation sign from the chinese place premier, china is willing to is justification for capital punishment. bowers is pleaded not guilty. resolve its trade dispute through a negotiation that pres the russian government is refusing to allow senator ron johnson into the country for a bipartisan congressional trip. the kremlin denying johnson's request for a visa. he was planning to speak with
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diplomats and business leaders on the trail. the wisconsin republican same regardless of this petty a front i will continue to advocate a strong and resolute response to russian aggression. johnson has been outspoken critic of russian election interference. >> congressman sean duffy is resigning. the wisconsin republican stepping down after eight years as his family prepares to welcome their ninth child who has a heart condition. duffy's wife and fox news contributor rachel campos duffy supports his decision. >> i'm proud that sean has decided to do this. is popular in wisconsin but he made a decision that based on what we have coming up, he will take a pause, take care of family stuff and we will see what happens next. >> the duffys join "fox and friends" at 7:20 eastern. >> joe biden losing steam as the
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front runner in the race for 2020. according to the latest poll from monmouth university the presidential hopeful thinking to 19% while bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are at 20%, that is a 13% drop for biden since the last poll in june, several candidates criticizing the dnc, with one day left to qualify for the summit. 10 candidates have qualified for next month's debate. new paul numbers don't spell trump over joe biden, politics editor chris r wald claims these numbers spell trouble for all moderate democrats. >> if that is the state of this race, if that is ahead of out the race before halloween. he will not persist. if the reality for joe biden is he is fighting for second place then he is on his way out
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because his electability, if he is not the front runner he is the nuts runner and he will have to get out of the race because what democrats need is a viable alternative to warren or sanders. they've got to have it and they've got to have a now. >> biden's campaign responded by christening the credibility of the new polls. he hits the crucial swing state of virginia today. >> tropical storm dorian churning through the caribbean overnight. >> puerto rico declaring a state of emergency as dorian could turn into a category one hurricane as soon as today. too early to tell if the storm will hit south florida later this week. >> janice dean tracking the storm, quite a few days away. >> we got the 5 am advisory and good news, the latest track does not make this a hurricane. that's not to say it won't become a hurricane but we are leaning on the fact that there is a hostile environment,
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atmospheric conditions as it continues to move closer to puerto rico. we will have to see what happens but as i mentioned the upper level winds are not conducive for a lot of strengthening. a very small storm and a lot of time to go through over the next couple days. will interact with land? interact with hispaniola, if it does it will tear the storm even further apart. there is the tropical models, the bottom line is we have to watch the next couple days. as we get into the weekend we will have a better idea if it is going to come close to the us and at what strength. here's the future radar and this shows good news as well. the center of this thing according to this computer model remains offshore from puerto rico. they are going to get rain but hopefully not a lot of flooding rainfall. we don't need another big storm hitting puerto rico like maria a couple years ago. looking at a tropical depression, this thing doesn't look good either which is great
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news. most computer models show it remaining offshore. future radar showing this system offshore in the atlantic and we have to watch what happens with dorian. very warm across the south, summertime temperatures and 76, mostly sunny in new york, beautiful conditions in nyc. unless you like it hot. more of this. >> you were missed. i miss you every day. >> i missed you after a few hours. >> the producer is like we've got to go. we will talk after the show. >> i'm in the middle of these two. >> a love triangle on "fox and friends". we will stay out of trouble now. 10 minutes after the are, waving the white flag, iran and china
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say they are ready to come to the table to negotiate with donald trump. these are big stories. how big a win is this for the administration was a guest coming up says it highlights this country's unrivaled superpower status. >> young americans putting god, kids and country on the back burner. a lot to say about this one. we are coming right back on tuesday morning. ♪ we switched our detergent to one that's clean. ♪ ♪ and if you make the switch you'll see what we mean. ♪ ♪ tide purclean, because it's made with plants. ♪ ♪ tide purclean, gets stains out his pants. ♪ ♪ tide purclean, it has nothing to hide. ♪ ♪ it's made with plants and ♪ ♪ has the cleaning strength of tide. ♪ the first plant-based detergent with the cleaning power of tide.
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summer's not the time for making bucket lists. bookers know summer is for booking it. (chime, slam, chime)
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like booking a beachside resort and ordering two more tacos than you need to. check. showing the deep end who's boss. check. starting a scooter gang with the fam. check. awesome. bookers know summer won't last forever. you're going to thank me. so be a booker at the world's #1 choice for booking accommodations. >> we are disappointed and disagree with the judge's decision. we believe it is flawed. >> johnson & johnson will appeal a ruling in a landmark trial, to pay $570 million for fueling the opioid crisis in oklahoma, far less then what they wanted in a massive lawsuit.
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johnson & johnson sparked the opioid epidemic by over supplying painkillers and using aggressive marketing tactics. kim jong un different court battle comes to a end, the state supreme court ruling records about oxycontin must be made public. the courts denying to keep records sealed after kentucky news station asked them to be released. >> donald trump hitting a breakthrough with iran as china announces it is seeking a resolution to the tariff war. their economy has tanked, sanctions are absolutely hurting. we can't let them have a nuclear weapon. there is a good chance of that. rob: china and iran, wins for the trump administration and what they mean for americans at
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home. mohammed joins us to talk about that. these are two big countries that all of a sudden decide they want to talk. that's got to be some kind of progress. >> the sanction, having an impact on the domestic economy. >> when you look at iran the fact that in order to come to the table to talk they want sanctions lifted off of tehran i would argue that is not going to happen. is there another way donald trump can get them to the table? >> we have to realign with the trump administration is doing. in the old days there were two conventional wisdom is. one, get your allies on board before you impose sanctions. the us has enrolled iran and china and succeeded so far. the second convention was used to the rule-based system.
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on the one hand we are showing the us is a superpower, has pressure around the world and on the other hand these are early days. in iran and china, nowhere near enforcement verification but a step in the right direction. there could be steps back. it is a very fluid process right now. rob: let's look at the response from rouhani. if i am sure that having a meeting with someone will develop my country and resolve the peoples problems i will not hesitate to do so. let's take a look at how much pain has been inflicted. it has been a dramatic amount. assets frozen, ban on us trade, investment with iran and we'll sales and shut out of the international banking system. a number of sanctions on other things. people are very angry.
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iran is a country that knows how to put together a revolution. the people at the top must be worried. >> the average iranian is being hit in different ways, the economy is contracting. less income. 40% to 50% if you can find the products and also shortages and foreign-exchange is hard to get so enormous pressure but they have gone through a lot in the last few decades. early days but the sanctions are biting. jillian: let's listen to what the president says on china. >> they want to make a deal and i think a deal is going to be made. better for us. we have to balance our trading relationship to an extent. jillian: what does a deal look like with china and what does it look like with iran?
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>> one, no more intellectual property theft, 2, do not force us companies to transcript technology. 3, fair competition. we are not the only ones looking for that. europe is looking for that too. the problem is i don't think we will get a deal in a short-term. we are not going to get a deal for two reasons. the us is looking at this not just as an economic issue which it is but national security. on the other side the chinese made a strategic mistake upfront, they didn't follow the example of mexico and canada making concessions early. i find it very hard to believe, we get cease-fires every once in a wild but the underlying dynamic is escalation of trade countries. todd: they cheat, they lie and don't want to stop it. thank you so much, appreciate it. jillian: 19 after the are. a massive fire burned out homes and businesses leaving thousands
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rob: two children killed in two others hurt after a crime spree ends in a horrific crash. police officers were attempting to catch a stabbing suspect when he stole an anti-police cruiser, the suspect running into two cars outside the dayton metro library, one of those vehicles
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had 7 kids inside. the suspect is in custody, two officers were also heard. jillian: a massive brushfire under investigation oregon, buildings and homes destroyed overnight. a black cloud of smoke lingered over portland. firefighters evacuated homes and shutdown three. the fire spread to a nearby car lot burning dozens of vehicles. more than 120 firefighters responded. rob: kentucky fried chicken going from poultry to planks. they are testing plant-based chicken today. rob: you were in on it early. tracy carrasco from foxbusiness here with where to travel it for free. >> kfc trying out a new plant-based trend with plant-based chicken nuggets and boneless wings. they are testing this at a location in atlanta, depending
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on the feedback they will consider testing at other locations across the country. it is made specifically for kfc, made with wheat protein coded in breading. they are trying to make it like chicken nuggets. jillian: we will see how it tastes. some of the -- >> are you ready for fall? rob: starbucks, what is this? >> lattes are back. >> it is august but in starbucks it is fall. pumpkin spice lattes starting today, they have a new drink, the pumpkin spice cold brew including pumpkin flavoring
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along with pumpkin cream on top. jillian: i don't believe in taking a sip of these until fall. >> that have the vaulted caramel mocha and other pumpkin items, the pumpkin scan, pumpkin cream cheese muffin. i went to give you crazy stat, since this debuted in 2003 starbucks has sold 24 million pumpkin spice lattes. this is the most popular seasonal drink. rob: we will have another 400 million. pumpkin spice, there you have it. enjoy your coffee. >> 26 after the hour. a bitter pill for johnson & johnson to swallow. the landmark decision holding the pharmaceutical company responsible for fueling the drug crisis. what does this mean to a man directed affected by the opioid epidemic. >> surrounding the, pushing me, trying to get through, stop someone from taking my hat and i get sick or punched. rob: mauled over approach from
2:24 am
hat, a portland, oregon man who claims his would be date night turned into a brawl. ♪ why can't we be friends ♪ why can't we be friends ♪ why can't we be friends cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean! cascade platinum.
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to become part of the mercedes-benz family. lease the c 300 sedan for just $399 a month with credit toward your first month's payment at the mercedes-benz summer event. hurry in now. jillian: a look at top headlines, donald trump and chinese leaders return to the negotiating table to enter the trade war. china's vice premier it says they're willing to resolve the dispute through a negotiation. this comes days after china and the us threaten to raise tariffs. rob: the fed could decide to prosecute andrew mccabe. lawyers for the fbi director met with the doj attorneys which could indicate a possible indictment. a source says mccabe has a
2:28 am
target on his back, the clinton email investigation and surveillance warrant against the trump administration. jillian: tropical storm dorian fiercely traveling to the caribbean, puerto rico declaring a state of emergency is dorian could turn into a category one hurricane as soon as today, too early to tell if the storm will hit south florida but janice dean is on top of that and continue to track it. rob: harvey weinstein pleading guilty to multiple sex crimes, prosecutors filed their fourth indictment against the hollywood producer which adds to charges of predatory sexual assault. these would give weinstein a longer sentence if convicted. 's trial set to start next month, has been delayed until january to give his legal team time to file motions, weinstein denying all accusations. jillian: 60 miles of brand-new wall on the arizona border,
2:29 am
customs and border protection releasing this footage. they expect to complete 450 miles x 2020. the president of the national border patrol council joined us earlier to weigh in. >> not accepting no for an answer. he has the legal authority to use funds to build these walls but you have democrats constantly pushing back on him. i can't tell you how effective these walls have been in the past and how effective they will be in the future. >> it has started working, apprehensions on the southern border dropping 21% from june to july. 100,000 people celebrating god and country at the harvest crusade. the late billy graham called the evangelist of the future, delivering powerful messages during the 3-day event. >> you can go from hopelessness to hope, emptiness to
2:30 am
fulfillment, guilt to forgiveness. because hope has a name and it is jesus christ. jillian: the 30th annual event in anaheim kicking off the jesus resolution through crusades in southern california and boise, idaho. rob: serena williams dominating the tennis court once again. >> never really had a chance tonight. rob: an exciting first round matchup, williams cruised to an easy victory over maria, the 19th time williams has beaten her russian counterpart. the next match will be tomorrow against american katie mcnally. watch out for that. jillian: johnson & johnson vowing to appeal after a judge ruled the company paid $572 million for fueling the opioid
2:31 am
epidemic in oklahoma. >> we are disappointed and disagree with the judge's decision. johnson & johnson did not cause the opioid abuse crisis here in oklahoma or anywhere in this country. rob: author of american 6, inside the opioid addiction crisis and how to end it, and survivor of the opioid crisis brian hampton joins us now with how bad this epidemic really is. thanks for coming on this morning. the judgment, $572 million by the state of oklahoma. they were looking for $17 billion. are you disappointed? >> the basic principle of accountability and justice is a good thing so let's start there. the language and details are incredibly important. if you asked me how i felt about the verdict i would probably
2:32 am
tell you i'm somewhere between 4 and 5 and i think i could speak on behalf of a lot of members of my community and people impacted when i say that. i met 4 or 5 because the state determines what they needed was $17 billion over the course of 30 years to actually curb this crisis and clean up this mess the johnson & johnson and other drugmakers created. $572 million sounds like a big number to a normal person, the judge said this in his verdict yesterday, only the cost for a 1-year abatement, one year worth of services to curb this crisis. that still leaves us with 2, three, four, five. what are we doing with that $572 million? how is the state of oklahoma going to make sure this doesn't happen again and another drug
2:33 am
epidemic doesn't bloom and explode? that is the important question we should be asking. as someone who was addicted and spent ten years on heroin and opioids i can tell you how hard it is to find life-saving services, recovery supports we need to find and maintain long-term recovery but also as someone who understands the heart wrenching, earth shattering, heartbreaking experience of getting the phone call from a friend or loved one or someone you care about has died of a drug overdose i just got one of those phone calls last night. no verdict, no number is ever going to be good enough to make that right. >> this expands beyond oklahoma. we are focused on oklahoma for this segment because of this
2:34 am
ruling, but you talk about 10 years of your life being addicted. how did you come out of that? what is your message to other people battling this and parents whose kids are battling this? >> bottom line i lucked out. i was able to get services because of luck. i was able to lean on recovery support services, get treatment. it started with public treatment. i was able to plug into a community that helped save my life. i want to end on this, $572 million, not spent toward services like that, front linec includes recovery support, treatment, prevention, harm reduction, and that every single penalty and a dollar less will be spent on that all this work that we recovery advocates have been doing to support these lawsuits and attorneys general will go to waste. the amount of money is important
2:35 am
but equally important, if not more important in my opinion is how we spend that money and every penny. >> $572 million from a $330 billion company, thanks so much. 38 minutes after the hour. taylor swift taking aim at the white house at the video music awards. >> voting for this video means you want a world where we are all treated equally. >> carly shimkus here with political punches from last night's award show. ♪ who used expedia to book the vacation rental which led to the discovery that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. expedia. everything you need to go.
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rob: political punches thrown at
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the mtv video music awards. >> as an immigrant i feel like we are the people that made this country. >> you voting for this video means that you want a world where we are all treated equally. >> carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with online reaction. >> there was a sprinkling of political reaction during the video music awards, during her acceptance speech for video of the year taylor swift called out the trump administration for failing to respond to the quality act petition. 500,000 people signed a petition which he points out is 5 times the amount required for white house response. french montana and allison bree took a pro immigrant stance when presenting the award for best latin music video.
2:40 am
this parking mixed reaction on social media. is there any way we all could leave the political mess out of all the awards shows? another twitter user says i much prefer the political taylor swift over the nonpolitical taylor swift. another person tweeting this response, french montana, stick to the script. some people like it, others hate it, the political messages at the video music award, we will wait and see how many people watch because on a whole, ratings have been trending down for awards shows the last couple years. jillian: whether you like her politics or not she inspires so many of the young generation to get into politics, care about issues. >> a lot of people registered to vote after she said she was supporting democratic candidates
2:41 am
>> steve returning to blues clues, this takes me back. >> you are a big blues clues guy. rob: i told you to talk to it. >> nickelodeon is rebooting blues clues and the channel released a sneak peek, will feature a political face, the original host, steve. see if you can spot him. >> maybe i should call my cousin on my handy-dandy notebook. >> finding clues is what i do. >> it is me, josh. >> hey, josh. >> steve has no idea. joe made a guest appearance, 4 million people watched that clip on twitter, it was just released
2:42 am
yesterday. one person said am i 20 years old yes? steve asked to talk to his friends and the new blues clues trailer, this means a whole lot to many people and the reboot will premiere november 11th. i know what you are doing that day. >> you can add wrapper to his resume. bret baer performing rappers delight on stage with rascal flats in front of a ton of people. take a look. ♪ >> country group asking him to perform the sugar hill hit song at a concert in virginia over the weekend. rob: he went viral when he performed alongside the sugar hill gained during the special report holiday party last year. i remember seeing that video.
2:43 am
jillian: our young people dropping god, kids and country? new numbers say so at an alarming rate. rob: veteran and family man graham allen says with the current climate in america it was only a matter of time. he joins us to tell us more. jillian: time to check what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> bret baer should change the name of his show 2 special rapport, shouldn't he? we have the winner of a grilling contest, thousands of people across america. >> what did i win? >> nobody knows. price waterhouse over there. >> did i not see? >> it was after jillian
2:44 am
presented her special ravioli. can you make that? coming up, lindsey graham of south carolina will be with us talking about the president's trip. mark morgan on the southern border, congressman sean duffy announced he is retiring from congress to tend to his upcoming child. apparently his wife is pregnant and the child -- we will talk about that plus two marine veterans showing no man is ever left behind, john nelson cost on camera carrying his fellow marine to the top of the mountain on his back. those two heroes here live on their incredible journey. 121/2 minutes from now, the channel people trust for their vegetarian ravioli. jillian: see you soon, coming
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>> hope you're having a good morning. a new poll showing a serious shift in america's values with fewer americans prioritizing patriotism, religion and having children and those numbers show a decline in support among younger americans in particular. what does this mean for the future? the next generation of leaders? graham allen, host of the year america podcast joins me, appreciate your time. let's start with patriotism and look at this poll many consider
2:49 am
patriotism very important and you see these numbers 18-38-year-old millennials, 42% consider it very important and 55 years old, 79%. a huge difference in numbers. >> i agree. can i just say something you don't often see in 2019? i am dating proud to be an american. i know we live in the greatest country in the world. hard times make strong people, good times make week people, this is a direct result of living in the greatest country of the world, the other generation has never had to endure, never had to experience the hardships many older generations have so they've gotten into this mentality of entitlement. they don't understand what it means, to be blessed to be living in this country and you see a direct result of that, people caring about it less and less. >> how do we get it back on
2:50 am
track? >> good question. we want to maintain this amazing country we live in and the time this goes back to the family. love of country, love of jesus, love and family in general starts at home and it is time parents quit worry about that and the real parent and teacher generations to respect and enjoy the privileges we have. >> looking at pictures of you in your service uniform, thank you for your service, let's talk about religion, whether it is considered very important, look at these numbers, 18-38-year-olds may considered important, 30% as compared to 67% of 55 years old, what do you think is making those numbers change. >> again, i think we are in this society now, that we care more about not hurting people's
2:51 am
feelings or care more about everyone feeling included then we care about actually showcasing and being persistent in the core values this country was formulated in the first place. one of the best things about this country is you can practice whatever religion you believe, whatever god you worship, whatever religion you believe, you can do that here and the younger generations don't understand that not every country has that. the ability to say that you can believe what you want to believe, practice what you want to practice, that is a blessing we having this country and it goes back to the home. it is dependent on parents to instill these values in this respect in the younger generation. >> let's talk about how many people considered important, young adult, look at 18-38-year-olds, 54% but i
2:52 am
attribute this to people having careers, people focusing on their careers, it is a different time than when our parents and grandparents were growing up. that is what i attribute that to. >> the darker side of that argument, it seems in 2019 in america we seem to be classifying children is more of a burden instead of a blessing. i said that over and over but it is true. you have the attack, abortion and these things come up every single day. i personally believe i have 3 children myself, the greatest blessing -- children make us and prove that we can be better and certain circumstances for
2:53 am
certain people their careers are important but children are great. >> we will end there, we are out of time. thank you for joining us. we will see you soon. we are coming right back. let's do it. ♪ . . my mom washes the dishes... ...before she puts them in the dishwasher. so what does the dishwasher do? cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean! cascade platinum.
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rob: time for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. we start with the good. in north carolina a teenager using popeye's new chicken sandwich to register people to vote. approaching people in the drive-thru to sign up. jillian: man is signed up after he said he was attacked after wearing a maga hat in a bar. ambushed. told him to wear the hats in multiple bars to see how people treat him.
2:57 am
two people under arrest. rob: number survey shows 25% of americans willing to name their kid pumpkin spice to get free coffee for life. 28 percent said they would stand in line at the bmv once a month. we have got to go, bye. ♪ ♪ it's another good day ♪ when i see you ♪ and you got something like i ain't never seen before steve: speaking of a good thing, on this tuesday morning, august the 27th, it's a really good thing for brian kilmeade today because for the first time in starbucks history they are releasing the pumpkin spice latte this early. brian always orders it when he goes across the street to four bucks, i mean starbucks and today it comes out. brian: very exciting. almost as exciting as two years ago when they decided to put real
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