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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 27, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. tucker will be back tomorrow night but if you want to see me in prison, november 16th and san antonio, texas. fox and friends tomorrow, we have the manager of the little league winning team baseball team and studio as well as newt gingrich could have a great night everyone. here's the great sean hannity ready to go. >> sean: all right brian, thank you. welcome to "hannity." buckle up tonight. we are going to expose a shocking level of corruption surrounding sleepy creepy crazy uncle joe biden and members of his family. we are talking about new clams tonight of nepotism and possible influence. we will let you decide. it should make you sick to your stomach. how do all these people go into government and get so rich and their families get all these special deals with countries that they are governing and doing deals with? the hills don solomon, he will be here in a moment. he has a full reports. also, we have the very latest blunder from bernie sanders,
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elizabeth warren, and yes, robert francis beto bozo o'rourke. whose campaign is now on life support but tonight, we begin with the breaking developments surrounding convicted jeffrey epstein including a new link between epstein and of the prince of england. this is getting, well, more and more salacious every day. with more, we have our own trace gallagher in our west coast newsroom tonight read his connections deep, trees. >> yeah, you talk about another epic fail on the part of the facility. there are now at least two cameras that are in the hallway outside of the cell where jeffrey epstein hanged himself with "the washington post" reports that one camera and video footage that is unusable. there apparently is clear footage that was also captured but no one is saying what the clear video might reveal or why the bad video is too flawed for investigators to use. and in the case with no witnesses, video is paramount. meantime, 16 women who say they
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were sexually abused by epstein appeared in court today. calling him a coward and manipulator. one alleged victim said not being allowed to face her predator in court eats away at her and finally prince andrew has gotten heat for visiting epstein after he became a convicted sex offender. the prince calls the meeting a mistake but now the fbi is conducting a forensic sweep of all epstein emails, meaning potential exchanges between epstein and his friends, including the prince. that could very well play a prominent role in the ongoing under age ring investigation. >> sean: trace, it seems to have spent a lot of time with epstein. on the campaign trail tonight, sleepy crazy crazy uncle joe, he has to be well-known for the all the wrong reasons. now his head scratching gaffes are now a constant consistent and very spent day. it he didn't remember what sadie was in this past weekend. of course his awkward and
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touching and hugging is beyond courage where they. pretty gross to me. his small calls in new hampshire or iowa are now causing major concern inside the democratic party establishment. his debate performances are beyond lackluster and tonight, we are going to expose something much more troubling for joe biden and his 2020 ambitions. now while millions of americans struggle to make ends meet under the anemic biden obama economy, remember, 13 million americans, food stands, 8 million more poverty, lowest labor participation rate since the 70s, that was their record. while, his family members were allegedly profiting off of his powerful position. many of them. in 2014, at the very same time, vice president biden was leading the obama administration's policy in ukraine while his son hunter took a lucrative position on the board of a major ukrainian gas company. he was reportedly making $50,000 a month even though he had zero experience in the gas industry,
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no experience in the country of ukraine. now the arrangement was beyond sketchy and according to john solomon, the "washington examiner," well, john kerry's stepson worked with hunter biden in the investment industry and cut all business ties with his former partner. he wanted no part of this. and that's not all. in may of 2016, the ukrainian entry or energy company that shelled out a fortune to hunter biden was facing a major corrupn investigation by ukraine's top prosecutor and in response, vice president then vice president joe biden's threaten to withhold over a billion dollars in u.s. loan guarantees. your tax money, using leverage s looking into that gas company that was paying his son all this money. ultimately, ukraine relented to biden's demands and sleepy creepy crazy uncle joe bragged about the whole thing on camera. watch this. >> we are not going to give you
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the million dollars. they said you're not the president, the president said. i said call him. i said i'm telling you, you are not getting a million dollars. you are not getting a billion and i leave in six hours. if a prosecutor's not fired, you are not getting the money. well, he got fired. >> sean: all, the guy that was investigating the company that was paying his son a fortune for no experience? by the way, that's not the only thing that i told you about the journey and puts another corruption. peter schweizer's book owens to great deal about that end according to portico, joining biden's younger brother james received a generous half a million dollar loan from a wealthy donor also with deep ties to ukraine. now, moores recently james biden was accused of offering medical companies special acts acts to s own brother. here now with more as investigative reporter and the
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executive vice president of the hill, john solomon. by the way he has a big story out tonight about how the president can avoid a g.o.p. fumble on health care. it's at sean hannity in twitter. we will be 29 out there john come start with this appeared in the ukraine, he did a really good job talking about his son hunter on air force too. no experience in the hedge fund business either so to speak and yeah, he gets a huge massive payday two weeks after traveling with his dad to china. talk about ukraine first. >> will commence very important because joe biden is running in the primary where the democratic party says it's against big money but it is evidently apparent now from the records that are already in the public domain that his family was cashing in while he was the vice president in china and in ukraine and in the health industry. just about anywhere that they could get their hand out for money. that is going to be a problem. a conflict for a guy that wants to had a party that wants to make ethics an issue in the 2020 election. i can report on my own friends
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that the documents you are talking about, we have had some favorable discussions and bylaws do with the justice department, i would expect in the next ten to six weeks we are going to get the first document showing with the biden's are doing at the state department and at the embassy and calves. there's going to be some major revelations i had for the biden family. none of them are going to be flattering. >> sean: that now brings us between that issue and do we know what the status -- could you have been reporting on the issue of ukraine good having evidence. so then admitting that they help influence the 2016 election, does it really matter if it's ukraine or russia? does it matter if obama tries to influence the outcome of the year easily israeli election and has his people working against our allies president benjamin netanyahu? a lot of double standards here but on the issue of ukraine, what were they offering the united states in terms of information about 2016 and their
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support of hillary clinton to impact the election? >> multiple pieces of information. some related to joe biden and his son, some related to the democratic national committee's efforts to get help from the ukraine embassy in washington to find dirt on donald trump and third, evidence that people in ukraine sent to nellie ohr and other people in the fusion dps world to try to help the term collusion narrative blossom in the united states even though they really didn't have a factual basis for it. three separate chains of information that the ukrainian government has claimed since late last year. they tried to get to the trial justice department and nobody there seems to be interested in. >> sean: unbelievable. amazing. you know, they are interested in russia collusion but only if it's tron. not a dirty russian dossier that was used to spy on a candidate or transition team and a president. pretty interesting. full of lies and of course, we had premeditated fisa abuse with multiple warnings that you wrote about.
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john solomon, thank you. make no mistake, biden is no shooting for this democratic nomination. as a matter of fact, i would say is not the odds-on favorite as of today. it recent polls now show the devout socialist bernie sanders is gaining ground. today he praised his fellow socialists in china for saving the world from extreme poverty. okay. remember, he took his honeymoon in the former soviet union. take a look. think of what we have to say about china and his leadership is if i'm not mistaken, they have made more progress in addressing extreme poverty then any country in the history of civilization. they've done a lot of things for their people. >> sean: one child policy, forced abortions, remember, china's socialist policies implement it in the 1950s about 45 million people died from starvation, bernie. or working conditions, government sanctioned beatings
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and a case bernie forgot, that's how china deals with extreme poverty. today china's massive working class remained some of the poorest people on this earth. bernie sanders wants to bring that system right here to the usa. great. the very least he wants the high tax socialist system in finland where the government of finland just collapsed. how many democrats, how many socialist, liberals have you heard over the years that we need to be like finland? yeah, their government class, why? because of the extreme cost of their entitlement programs. it sounds like the new green deal already tried and failed. i think about how many people on the democratic side of the aisle has praised finland for years to that system that just collapsed. and sanders socialist policies, well, they are terrible here they won't work. they will lead to poverty but according to the staff at one iconic san francisco restaurant, well, his personality is just as bad as his politics because the owner of john's grill reported that during a recent dinner with his campaign staff bernie sanders was rude, cranky,
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didn't want to shake anyone's hand, they didn't want to take pictures with any of the staff. it seems like him on an average day when i watch him but some one might want to remind him that is running for president not the supreme leader of the communist dictatorship right now he's running neck and neck with fellow socialists was with warren. yes, 11,024. pocahontas is a president called her. and according to political, or fake fraudulent lifelong claims of native american ancestry is weighing her down as it turns out, the american people do not trust somebody who lied for decades about their own race and claim they are something that they are not to gain position. as bernie and warren now battle it out with sleepy creepy crazy uncle joe, way down at the bottom of the pack is comrade de blasio. lac came on the show. i have to give them some credit. but then you have robert francis beto bows her work. it boring some kind of music
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miracle, his campaign is essentially dead and gone and buried. he is now pulling close to 1%. in order to garner any kind of attention, he is now while being desperate political hail marys and on the campaign trail he actually put his full support, pay attention, this is an about abortion, has full support for quote abortion. it's not really abortion p that would be called murder infanticide. all to one day before full-term delivery. in other words, he would support infanticide of a fully grown baby that can live independently. he would make that perfectly legal. and beto bozo also blamed the u.s. for an ongoing drought and guatemala. we are responsible because everything that is america's fault. right robert francis gaucher might take look yourself. >> suffering one of the greatest droughts in the recorded history because not by god or by got her own mother nature both by you
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and me and by all of us and our admissions and our excessive actions in the face of the facts and the science and the truth. >> sean: how you think you've seen and heard all it all from mr. beto o'rourke but think again. we all know that congresswoman aoc gets a lot of attention for posting her pointless videos like the one right there when she is making friends with the penguin. so nice. naturally, well, bozo beto is trying to emulate her success with pointless videos of his own. here he is making a cheese burger on an english muffin. while not agree that'll get the nomination. he once said that his entire life was a generous charitable contribution to we the american people. we should be grateful. all these dumb videos, skateboard, drumming, working out, getting a haircut, and of course, how could we ever forget the dig trip to the dentist question mike this is a guy who wants to be president. he's living his life on
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facebook. whatever happened to the government democratic party customer journey is not, fox news contributor ben dan bongino, fox news correspondent laura geraldo rivera. for although his lefty not the hardest. i'm looking at this cast of characters and i'm thinking if i'm donald trump i am sitting back tonight. what's going on on hannity tonight? not stressing it all question. >> not stressing it all. i think that elizabeth warren is the most interesting of the political stories that you have mentioned because she really has in substantive terms surgeon most meaningfully and if you listen to her, she makes a lot of sense. and that you also to what is her deepest darkest problem, her biggest deficit, or origin story. i don't think she can get past the pocahontas label that the president has promised to brand her with. you know, it is unfortunate.
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it's tragic. it was a mistake she made decades ago but i think it will come to haunt her. >> sean: she fought it and fought it forever. she wouldn't admit it. >> i got that. i think that it is a telling error that probably will prove to be the most consequential but take joe biden. joe biden's got a lot of other issues going on but you can't blame joe biden for his brother james or his bad boy's son hunter. there is no allegation as far as i know when i listen to that -- >> sean: slow down. wait a minute. you can blame him if he is leveraging our tax dollars to fire a guy that's investigating the very gas company that's paying his son with no experience 50 grand a month. you can blame him. and if he's taking his son to china and two weeks later he is
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doing these multibillion-dollar deals, yeah, you can blame him for that, too. and if his other family are getting special treatment, of course he's knowing what's going on. >> well, hunter's a bad way, he had alcohol problems, drug problems, he got thrown out of the navy. his son has plenty of bad things going on but that's on his dad. >> sean: dan bongino? i'm talking too much. >> i'm the facts. joe biden goes over to ukraine i believe it's april 2014. he goes there physically to ukraine. you can look it up yourself. just a short period after that, his son with exactly zero experience whatsoever and natural gas gets there is a lucrative position on the board of breslau, this natural gas company and right after joe biden leaves and then joe biden is on tape with sean just played calling for the guys
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should be fired school was investigated to hire him after he was in ukraine. >> sean: but is in a proof that he doesn't have a feeling f guilt about it? the former vice president chris markey frankly -- >> he doesn't even know what state he's in on any given day. he thought he was in new vermont when he was in new hampshire. >> you can't walk through the quarters in washington, d.c., without running into the sun, the daughter, the brother, the ants, the somebody. >> overall the, hold on, time out. you're the vice president of the united states. you think you may want to tell your kid it's probably not a good idea to join at this natural gas company with these shady connections right after i leave u can't he wait a few months? come on man. you are giving this guy a pat on the bag grade are you serious? you are a lawyer man. >> i am saying when you come
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back to me and tell me that joe biden did something then i will accept that allegation and we will see if it's true or not. >> overall though, did you miss the opening segment question my keys on tape asking for the prosecutor looking into the company to be fired are the united states won't give him a billion dollars. >> the former vice president made clear that the prosecutor was a bag i that was the proble problem. >> who was conveniently investigating the company who hired his kid. you can't be a serious man. >> sean: hold out. hold out. in one second. all right. he leverage the building pass taxpayer dollars and said you are not getting the money and less you fire the prosecutor. that's the prosecutor investigating the company that's paying his kid 50 grand. you are telling me that that is
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okay with you and you don't think that he knew about that? >> i think that the issue is a factual issue that must be proven. the mere innuendo that because joe biden took some innovative actions against a prosecutor therefore he did it for his son because he was -- i think that's up for debate for the company with crops. >> it's called google, man. just look it up for the connections here are endless. he is investigating his son's company. >> right, but you can assume that i haven't done the same research that you have. lineal connections that you are arguing. >> i'm not even scratching the surface about the joe biden stuck for this is a shorter segment. if i had an hour i could go on about the china stuff and the other suspicious connections this guy had beer this is
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endless with biden. he plays this lunch bucket joe image and he's corrupt like everyone else and you are giving him a pass because -- 's to go that is not fair down here that is not fair. joe biden, what you know that i don't know? what do you know that the american people don't know? don't vote for him if you don't like him for various substantive reasons. >> sean: her all the, let me jump in. why would a book vice president of the united states, why, just give me any reason you have, and by the way, i will direct you to do peter schweizer's book on the china issues. why would the vice president of the united states hold back a build in dollars, demand a prosecutor in ukraine and get fired or he's taking his money and he's going home. why why would any of vice president do that? >> you have premium dictators
6:21 pm
that run out of the country. >> sean: focus. why would any vice president do that? >> because he was distressed. i don't know what's in the case all i know is what he said what he says is that he didn't want to do business with this prosecutor because this prosecutor is a bad person. the fact of the prosecutor is also going after -- >> yeah. all right, i'm gonna leave it here. all right, this is a really interesting opening segment. thank you both for good to see a great all right, directly ahead, we have another bombshell reports tonight about the democrats witch hunt against the president. the catherine herridge is here with a full report also reaction tonight tom fitton, gregg jarrett. later, my take. this is unbelievable. andrew luck, he says i'm ouch. my fear is a gladiator sport like football and i love the octagon, are we going to water down the sports?
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i'm gonna tell you that was the best $150 i ever spent in my life. life line screening. the power of prevention. call now to learn more. >> sean: breaking tonight, we have new information that the democrats began pushing their impeachment probe before robert mueller was even finished with his russia reports. you know, the one that said no collusion. and on top of that, no obstruction. a fox news intelligence chief correspondent catherine herridge joins us from washington with the latest breaking development developments. >> sean, according to these records, the house judiciary committee laid the foundation for impeachment proceedings against the president in march. that's weeks before the special counsel investigation officially ended. the records state on march 4th 2019 the dhea committee opened an investigation into threats to
6:27 pm
the rule of law. encompassing alleged obstruction of justice. one critical purpose of the committee's investigation is to determine whether to recommend articles of impeachment against the president. the timing matters because days later in mid-march, house speaker nancy pelosi told "the washington post" that she was against impeachment. unless there is compelling sing and overwhelming evidence because she said it would divide americans. earlier this month, house judiciary committee jerry nadler made the impeachment investigation official on cnn. the new court record suggests it began months earlier. >> this is formal impeachment proceedings. we are investigating on the evidence, and we will at the conclusion of this hopefully by the end of the year boat to articles impeachment to the house floor or you won't. speak of same as democrats asking for an indictment of the subpoena for the former white house counsel.
6:28 pm
stealing great reporting and watching it tonight. thank you for joining us now through action, author of the upcoming book, the sequel, the second in the series. witch hunt. on the heels of his number one best seller, the story of the greatest mass delusion and get america history beer that it is, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett and tom fitton. we'll start with greg. you had a great column about annie mccabe and his rise to power today. we are still awaiting whether or not he is going to be indicted for lying and leaking. i don't know what the problem is but all these other people that lied and leads, they ended up, let's go to the list, general flynn, set up by the way that i mccabe and kony in a way that denied him i believe his miranda rights. and we've got men a fort and cohen and cohen and papadopoulos but why would not apply to mccabe and call me? >> all, you are right. look, andrew mccabe is a guy who is helped put people behind bars
6:29 pm
for lying. the same legal standard ought to apply to him if there is any justice in our system of justice. this was a criminal referral by a neutral party and the inspector general and department of justice. they said he led not only once but four times. he said he never leaked information to the media, "the wall street journal." in fact, he did. he said he had no idea who authorize that leak when in fact, he's the one who authorized it and then, he was allowed to correct the record and in a tape-recorded interview continue to spew his folk's denials. so again, if we are going to apply an equal standard of justice and not selective prosecution based on politics, andrew mccabe on to be criminally prosecuted. >> sean: one of the things that a very good friend of mine told me earlier today that is very close to all of this is that one of the problems you
6:30 pm
have if a democrat is indicted and the trial takes place in d.c., odds are a thousand times better that the democrats get better treatment than a republican. it and one of the things that i keep hearing is that they are waiting for the full story before they move forward. there are criminal referrals with any legal action an indictment and the grand jury. your thoughts on that? >> will, the idea that you might have a democratic jury i think is just excuse making if that is the standard, no democrat will ever be indicted for corruption here in washington, d.c. it can't be the excuse again because that's a get out of jail free card for the democratic liberals data diminishment running this town even though trump is president. you know, i don't understand the idea that you would wait for the big stuff while exonerating them
6:31 pm
and refusing to prosecute them for the little stuff for the response ought to be that we are considering this part of a broader investigation and we are going to defer our prosecution decision until we have all the flies of material and if indeed that is the real reasoning here but you know, mr. mccabe, you know, we just had documents come out a week or so ago. i think we talked about it here. 14 leaks exposed at the senior levels of the fbi. fbi special agents. now one prosecution and one of those leaks highlighted these documents that we received and to the and the detail is, cancel lack of candor under oath and lack of candor it not under oath. both of which could be crimes if any other american committed it especially when you look at mccabe's desire to go after flynn and ambushed flynn with those fbi agents sent over with stroke. the idea that flynn who did not lie to the fbi then according to the evidence that this man would be allowed to get away with
6:32 pm
lying to investigators both under oath and not under oath, both of which are crimes, i can't -- it would be terribly disappointing to millions of americans of the justice department and -- >> sean: i agree with you. it has to be justice, equal application of our laws or we might as well just to shred the constitution. we can't have a dual justice system in this country and look at all the people that papadopoulos, manda ford, cohen, general flynn, which i want to ask you, when mccabe, when general flynn said well, i will need a lawyer mccabe told him no and then comey brags about doing something he wouldn't do in the obama or george w. bush administration that took advantage of the chaos and sent his guys and when they had already unmasked general flynn, they had a chapter and verse on everything he said. remember, the fbi guys didn't think flynn was lying. so then he addressed the question, well, why would he admit that he's language michael number one, is going bankrupt, number two, they are threatening
6:33 pm
his family. they are saying we are just going to have to go after your son, too. i think that's why he said i will fall on the sword for my family. that's what he did. that's how we treat a 33-year-old that that serves in combat. >> sean: mccabe is instrumental in that because he was essentially lying and deceiving and trying to entrap michael flynn to pursue the russia hoax against donald trum donald trump. >> sean: did he denies flynn his basically recommend a miranda rights by saying no, you don't need a lawyer question my >> he did and then you hear on tape called me saying it we would never try that with anyone else in any other initiation. these two guys are the symbol of malevolence and corruption and it should be frightening to all americans that comey and mccabe rose through the ranks to become director of the fbi come both of them. >> sean: should he would just withdraw that?
6:34 pm
>> absolutely you should root withdraw thoughtfully and i suspect he should. >> come the president can cut that's all shred by pardoning them. i would pardon flynn in a heartbeat if i were him. stu and i grew at a hundred percent. i agree with both of you but who is going to listen to little old sean hannity? well, we need equal justice. eventually, all of this has to be made public pair this has to come out. all right, only come back on the mainstream media mob, yet they had an even lower low. washington columnist saying the country needs to burn down the republican party. i wonder if i said that about the democratic party or donald trump said it what the reaction from the mob would be. spicer, charlie hurt, next. it ♪ chair is just a chair. that a handle is just a handle. or... that you can't be both inside and outside.
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>> sean: now they hate trump media mob is finding more and more ways to destroy their credibility as if they have any left. "the washington post" columnist that claims he's a conservative, no. never trumper, hates all things donald trump and anybody who likes donald trump. jennifer rubin actually calling for the president's allies to be damaged from quote polite society. i don't want to be a part of that society. take a look. >> what we should be doing is shunning these people. shunning him shaming these people is a statement of moral indignation. that these people are not fit for polite society. i think it's absolutely abhorrent that any institution of higher learning, any news organization or any entertainment organization that has a news outlet would hire these people did it it's not only that trump has to lose but that all of these enablers have to lose. we have to collectively in essence burn down the republican
6:40 pm
party. if we to level them because if there are survivors, if there are people who weathered the storm, they will do it again. >> sean: all, she is saying that on a network that lets he, for two and half years, has called lie after lie, spread conspiracy after conspiracy theory, hoax after hoax, and there she is. look, i will admit. i guess i am a proud smelly walmart shopper. i like walmart. i think if you shop at walmart you are smart. if you shop at costco, you are smart. you save money for the same stuff. good idea. same with target, kmart come all the stories. and i guess we are all deplorables and we all like obama said are angry and cling to our god, our guns, but because we believe in the second amendment and our bibles and religion. guilty. to the extent possible. and i'm not that interested in her polite society.
6:41 pm
not one washington correspondent son meeting have i ever attend and in my entire time here and fox tried to mandate i go year after year. i got sick every year, same time. never went. also tonight, "new york times" self-righteous columnist bret stephens is being mocked after having a full on meltdown. can't even take a little tap after presser calls him a metaphorical bedbug. in response to a piece about an actual infestation at the times office. stephen is so upset he actually emailed the professor's boss and then went on msdn c, the conspiracy theory channel to air his grievances can bring the whole thing to attacks by totalitarian regime. he is in the wrong business. take a look. >> yesterday, professor george washington university described me as a metaphorical bedbug just in the context of
6:42 pm
"the new york times" having a bedbug problem in our building. i think that kind of rhetoric is dehumanizing and totally unacceptable no matter where it comes from. i wrote a personal email which i think was very civil saying that i didn't appreciate it, that i would welcome him to come to my home in new york and meet with my family and see if he would comey a bedbug to my face. >> loved is that the worst thing you have ever been called? >> is a bad history of being called -- being analogized to insects that goes back to a lot of totalitarian regimes in the past. i've been called worse. i wrote this guy a personal note, now it's out there for everyone to see. >> sean: what a poor hypersensitive soul. he's on a bedbug coming is more like a baby bedbug. it was reaction, first action senior advisor, sean spicer, and the author of the book still winning, fox news contributor charlie hurt. you know, you are both laughing. shaun, what are you doing going on that stupid dance show, what are you thinking?
6:43 pm
why would you do that? i mean i admire the courage. speak lime and have some fun for goodness' sakes. i need your vote. let's get out there and show these people. let's show them weekend -- i would have some fun and it's about time i enjoyed myself and have a show that i can encourage my kids to watch. i give you credit. listen, you've taken a lot of. i take it every day. you're in the wrong business. if you can't take a little baby bedbug tab, you don't belong offering your commentary. people vote, you know, you of these worriers that are negative in there but basement firing off one shot after another. take it. >> i think if that's the worst thing that he has been called, my goodness, take a look at my twitter feed any day. i welcome that he calls him a
6:44 pm
bedbug. other people will share it with me but i'll tell you, the thing that so interesting about this is these guys can't take a punch. i agree with brett in the standpoint that i don't think we should be using that kind of language but it's amazing when folks on the left end of those never trumpers that claim to be from the right go out and demonize everyone who supports this president to look, the matter the fact is the president got got her into six electoral votes. instead of demonizing us in so trying to ostracize us, they might want to learn from us because as you point out, there is a lot of hardworking men and women out there that the president's message resonated with and it's about time we started listening to these people more instead of trying to push them further and further away. >> sean: one of the things i admire most about the president, he gets hit harder than anybody i've ever seen in politics. any fights back. and he doesn't stop.
6:45 pm
and they can handle it. >> you he never gives up, it's amazing. i don't know where the guy get the energy to do that but watching the clips that you showed, sounded like i was watching cnn. on the income of these have lost their mind. they have become completely mentally unhinged and i think for them the idea of the president trump one in 2016 is absolutely -- they still haven't gotten their brains around that and on on te fourth at one half years later he is still winning on a daily basis, he is racking up huge accomplishments and all of the regular and normal america is finding things to complement about him and these are people that cannot stand him. >> sean: aired, displayable, smelly walmart people, saying to god, buns, bibles, religion. i want to hang out with those people. i'm never going to washington. it's now in my contract that it don't have to go.
6:46 pm
done. they won't even ask. i refused. every year. all right, thank you both. good luck, sean. i think you are nuts. we come back, all right, i'm i'm concerned. andrew luck of the colts announced his retirement. he gets booed, causing massive opera but gladiator sports, why do we love them? herschel walker, joe theiss mentor next. ♪ i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it like it's supposed to. trulicity is for people with type 2 diabetes. it's not insulin. i take it once a week. it starts acting in my body from the first dose. trulicity isn't for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away
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>> sean: andrew luck's shock to the sports world over the weekend returning from the nfl at the age of 29 setting chronic injuries which he has had critical star explained that the confident injury took the joy out of the game for him adding that he had not been able to
6:51 pm
live the life you wanted to live. a lot of fans got angry. they were booming. anyway, to the credit of the indianapolis colts, they still are paying him his full salary. former nfl quarterback super bowl champions joe theiss along with us herschel walker. two personal friends of mine. you know, i don't know why the fans booed. i get it because they invested a lot in franchise quarterback. the video of you in your career ending hit when lawrence taylor took your leg out, very hard to watch. it's a real -- the brain trauma issues are real. but isn't that why we like football? >> you going to very well, sean. it's a gladiator's game. we are gladiators in an arena and sometimes you have to take that type of mentality. you know, with the rules that
6:52 pm
are continuing to change in the game, when is the integrity of what you and i think fans like to see, the contact aspect of it, to change? it's a tough game. i think it angers case, i admire him. i admire that he made that decision. and i think with his fans, it was flat wrong the other guy gave six hard years of his life, seven years of his life to the organization. he did everything he could, came back from injury in 2017, missed an entire year, i got into the playoffs a year ago, for him it's like a train going down a tunnel and there's no light at the end of it. when you constantly have to rehabilitate yourself it's tough. >> sean: listen, a player that i know it doesn't get their rebel wrong, the played ice hockey, as you know, you actually taught in the octagon. i'm a huge mma fan. you got in the octagon. that's a gladiator warrior sport. i am worried -- one of the reasons we admire
6:53 pm
athletes so much as they are willing to put it on the line including their physical safety. >> well, i think one thing you have to think about is that athletes are not going to be able to put it on the line for a long period of time. you know, when he gets out of his game he's very young and instead of doing andrew luck you should applaud him. i think every athlete in america should applaud him. this guy has given up a lot and it's not easy. even though he didn't know he was going to give up this amount of money, what he was doing for his family. i think they should applaud that rather than blew it. it's a gladiator sport for you know one, it's still a sport and you still have a life and i think that's what andrew luck is talking about. he wants to have a good life. >> sean: and someone like tom brady, 40, he is an anomaly here there's nobody better. >> shot coming of god drew brees, philip rivers, eli manning, there are guys that have played a long time but they haven't gone to the things that andrew has gone through and i think you just have to say
6:54 pm
listen. if it becomes too much for you, if it becomes overwhelming, if people start to ignore the mental part of it and all they see as the physical part of it but the mental beating you take when you try to get yourself ready to go on a continuing basis, that becomes too much and it's like how much can i take? how much more can i take? he was done and i admire him. >> sean: i agree with you but i have to give a shout out to my friend herschel walker. so he knows i traded mixed martial arts and he does how many push-ups today? >> about 1500 push-ups a day. 3500 sit-ups. but at the same time -- >> i don't. >> sean: you inspired me. >> that's a start. sean is in shape, don't let him fool anyone. he is in shape. >> sean: we have done push-ups together so he knows i'm not faking appeared all right, guys, you are the best.
6:55 pm
love you both. thank you for being here. i love these gladiator sports. these guys are, they are tough. that's what we love about them. coming out, disturbing story out of merrill lynch. illegal immigrant allegedly a 15-year-old girl at knife point in her own bedroom. trace gallagher has that shocking report next. ♪
6:56 pm
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6:58 pm
will will
6:59 pm
>> sean: truly disturbing story out of maryland, chris gallagher with the story. >> laura: prosecutors say that an illegal immigrant from el salvador and also the father of ten walked into the bedroom of a 16-year-old girl whose family he was staying with, put a knife to her throat, told her to undress and brutally her. also he brought the knife to the home meaning the rate was premeditated. the judge says nobody and i.c.e.
7:00 pm
has placed an inmate gratian detainer. including an 11-year-old girl. we will never be the media mob. let not your heart be troubled. >> i have to tell you that this is just miles from here. where does aoc play the squad? where the heck are they. these brutal are occurring and one girl whose life has been shattered as too many in the united states of america. this is a travesty. >> at some point all those who don't want to secure the border will use their logic. what point if you are in a sanctuary cities -- >>


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