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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 28, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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plan is staggering. on the eve of hurricane season, is stunningly reckless. dhs says this is intended to increase detention beds which >> as hard as i could, both they are lacking in supporting asylum policy which is growing hands. thin but not uncommon for a single department be trained bill: air ran into a wall making that giant hole. the couple not seriously injured. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues now. goodbye. between agencies as the fiscal year ends. here's how it breaks down, $117 billion would single adult detention beds and $155 million towards migrant protection protocols. the chairwoman of the house jillian: wednesday, august 20th. fema funding fury, the white appropriations security house not backing down after diving millions in disaster subcommittee, lucille allard money to pay for border security. says it is not justified. >> he says i deck to the use of funds for that purpose because heather: overnight demands from democrats. a bombshell report democrats the department provided no substantiation this transfer is necessary. official impeachment probe actually began before bob former acting ice director disagrees. mueller finished his russia report. jillian: new evidence just revealed. the gloves are off. rob: bernie sanders throwing punches and taking hits quite literally. >> they would not be able to "fox and friends first" continues right now. hold two adults. most of this year we have been releasing families at the border and have bed space for single
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adults in custody at cvp for too long which is not a good sc ♪ i have the tiger ♪ feel of the fight >> reporter: with dorian tearing down donald trump has declared a state of emergency for federal assistance to the island. they are recovering from hurricane maria two years ago. ♪ our valor ♪ and the last known survivors in the night rob: thank you very much. jillian: the official impeachment probe may have started before robert mueller submitted his report. a new house judiciary filing ♪ of the tiger ♪ rob: you got the are of the tiger today, a boxing match. suggests the probe was opened at the beginning of march weeks before the report was finished, jillian: something i never thought of. rob: i think of it every single one week after the probe began nancy pelosi told the washington day. good morning on "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. post democrats, quote, should not go down the impeachment path. jerry nadler formally announced it began earlier this month. today marks the deadline for jillian: i am jillian, the trump administration, $150 million in disaster funds to ramp up 2020 democratic candidates to qualify for the primary debates. security at the southern border. ten candidates qualified for
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next month's debate, new data rob: the move in raging democrats. suggests many in the party and mainstream media seem to be tropical storm dorian bears down turning their backs on joe on puerto rico probably going to biden. hit today. >> someone else would have to, we don't know who that is. >> reporter: the timing is fueling criticism. speaker pelosi taking issue, dh >> biden has to figure out which state he's in first before fighting donald trump. he is campaigning in new hampshire and thinks he's in pockets of disaster relief funding to fund an appalling vermont. >> i can take you back to the times before trump when inhumane family incarceration everything was fine and people with color don't agree with that statement. >> biden's leaders narrowing with more coverage going to bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. rob: the president mocking three potential challengers for the gop primary, the president
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tweeting i have 3 stooges running against me, mister appalachian trail and 1-time bad congressman from illinois, the third is a man who couldn't stand up straight when receiving an award. this refers to former south carolina congressman and governor mark sanford. former congressman jill walsh and former massach deutsche bank confirms it does possess tax returns tied to donald trump, the judge forcing the bank to disclose that fact after refusing to answer the question last week. this is in response to a subpoena from house democrats for records related to members of the trump family and trump organization. the bank would not say if the returns they hold belonged to donald trump himself or his kids. jillian: abortion law blocked hours before going into effect. a federal judge putting a temporary hold on a missouri policy banning the procedure at or after weeks of pregnancy. the judge ruling the law can't start when it is being argued in
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court it could take months. he noted the lawsuit filed by planned parenthood in the aclu might succeed in blocking the law. rob: jeffrey epstein, sharing stories in open court after he committed suicide the problem of chance to get real justice. >> i want to thank the judge for letting us speak and reach closure. all i will say is today is a day of power and strength. rob: the women calling for an investigation into epstein's co-conspirator to continue as the judge considers dropping his latest sex trafficking charges. one victim, prince andrew to come clean, saying epstein forced her into a sexual relationship when she was 17 years old. the duke of york denies that accusation. jillian: donald trump declaring
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state of emergency as tropical storm dorian heads toward puerto rico allowing federal aid to arrive more quickly to help the island recover. rob: leaving a mess on the island of martinique, heavy rain washing out entire roads. florida is bracing for an impact that could happen on labor day weekend. >> trending the wrong direction at this point. the path continues to move a little bit. before it shifts its way of water the more it has time to pick up a lot of heat and build steam and get stronger. we are talking puerto rico later today running back over open water maybe getting as much as a category 2 hurricane. this is a very wide cohen of uncertainty meeting a lot of indecision with this. we have more time to watch and see what will happen the next couple days. this is one we will be paying attention to with puerto rico just beginning to see those out of bands move across the island.
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we are not talking landfall until later this evening. it is going to be during a lot of potential rain. the future forecast taking to 4:00 pm with heavier rain working its way and i think not until 8:00 will we see the heaviest rain with this system but it drops a lot of rain, winds 60 to 70 miles and as far as rainfall numbers go we are getting over a foot in some cases. this is early but you see that is getting up to 12 inches causing flooding in areas that don't handle that much water because of the topography of that region. this will be a tough spot. the tropical models taken out over the island and we spend so much time over warm water turns into florida, that is getting into sunday. i think there's indecision with the florida part of this, things are going to be tough in the next 12 to 24 hours in puerto rico. >> those models are very united at this point.
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>> we are still days out from a potential florida hit. donald trump nominates eugene scalia, the son of antonin scalia as the next labor secretary. he served as legal officer for the the labor under george w. bush. if confirmed by the senate scalia will replace alexander a costa who resigned under criticism over handling of jeffrey epstein's case when he was a us attorney in florida. rob: mike pence will appear the 101st american legion national convention to discuss veterans issues before participating in a roundtable at the indiana state police museum. mike pompeo spoke in indianapolis, told thousands of veterans donald trump is committed to bringing jillian: rising tennis star
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winter u.s. open debut in dramatic fashion. >> 15-year-old sensation through the opening round of the u.s. open. >> coming from behind after dropping in her second grand slam tournament ever. rob: she is a kid. 15 years old, youngest person to reach the round of 16 at wimbledon earlier this year. just an unbelievable story and here she goes again. jillian: gifted teenager. rob: the 2018 election was the year for women, now republican women are stepping up for 2020. the next guest, illinois congressional candidate will join us live next.
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rob: 21 lung disease cases linked to theying being probed in utah reported by the health department one week before. the cdc investigating 190 see cases of respiratory illness in 22 states. jillian: an investigation into the death of ten veterans who were patients and west virginia facility.
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the family of felix mcdermott claims he died after he was injected with insulin despite never being diabetic. his death is ruled as a homicide. the other patients died after being wrongfully injected. rob: a surge of women running on the republican ticket expected to flood the ballot box in 2020. jillian: the goal to turn the house red. one of them is valerie ramirez of illinois who joins us now. we appreciate it. let's take a look at the number of women in congress. there is no balance to this. 127 democrats, 21 republicans, that number has got to shift. >> my opinion is a lot of women on the republican side have been in hiding over the last 25 years. when i first got involved in politics at uc berkeley, we went into hiding.
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our country fought over social issues and that divided us as a country and as a party. over the last 25 years i feel we have tried to resolve those social discussions and we are shifting to the fiscal side. as a woman, as a mom, a business woman, someone who runs my household, what i care so deeply about, other women like me, republican women like me have a chance to come out and say i am a republican too. rob: tell us about your district on the north side of chicago. is this a close race or an impossible dream? >> it is beautiful. i have been bouncing coast-to-coast between california and new york and washington and connecticut. i've been going east and west, east and west was my husband and i and our family came your
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couple years ago and why didn't someone tell me about this before? the district in terms of competition has been predominantly republican pre-2010 when the census was redrawn to take out core republican towns. since 2010 it has gone back and forth, republican and democrat and i hope with the diverse city the district offers with my background as a businesswoman from humble beginnings on the west coast as a single parent changing my lifestyle and investing in education my story can resonate with our district and my experience and background can be a better voice at the table to help the district. it is a beautiful place. >> let's look at the statement from the are in c, quote, the republican party consistently has rockstar women candidates running for office across the country and encouraging more women to get involved in politics remains a top priority and i will ask what is the difference a woman can make as
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our representative today? >> it comes down to perspective or experience. i've always been careful not to play identity politics because up until my low 30s i didn't see a difference in who i was based on a woman or someone else being a man or mexican american. i was always on performance but when you say why do we want more women at the table? it gives a perspective and the topics we are talking about around reproductive health, family and education and safety, climate, those are things i feel someone who has a different background, different professional background comes from somewhere else. gives a perspective that others don't have.
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rob: running for congress in illinois, thank you for your time. >> appreciate the opportunity. jillian: parents, listen up. kids water bottles recalled over a choking hazard. do you have one in your cabinet? stick around. rob: remember the school that said it would punish kids with tuna if they couldn't pay their lunch debt? this morning an update on that story coming up. who used expedia to book the vacation rental that led to the ride ♪ which took them to the place where they discovered that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. ♪ flights, hotels, cars, activities, vacation rentals. expedia. everything you need to go. expedia. alice loves the smell of gain so much, she wished it came in a fabric softener too. [throat clears] say hello to your fairy godmother, alice.
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jillian: an update to a story we told you about a few weeks ago, a new jersey school district confronted over controversial proposal to give tuna sandwiches to kids with lunch debt. >> your horrified, has to be --
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jillian: the district faced mounting pressure from parents over the plan which requires students with $10 of debt to be fed tuna sandwiches, students with $20 of debt wouldn't get a meal at all. they are working on a new policy. a foxbusiness alert. take your kitchen cabinets, 6 million kids water bottles are recalled over a choking hazard. rob: what parents need to know this morning. >> they are voluntarily recalling 6 million of these water bottles, the kids cleanable water bottle, it can fall off into your child's mouth and become a major choking hazard. these were sold at target, costco, walmart, april 2018 through june 2019. the company says to contact them they will send a replacement, stop using it immediately, take it from your child, there has
2:22 am
been no reports of any injuries. rob: if you ever thought of moving to vermont this is your moment. >> vermont made headlines when they said we would give you $5000 to move to our state and remote remotely for another company outside the state. they did this to attract younger workers. they have $125,000, inquiries about this, they have blown through that money. they have $375,000 set aside to give the people. you can get thousands of dollars to cover your moving expenses, cover those costs associated with setting up, working remotely in vermont if you want to move to vermont. there is that opportunity available. they are working on other opportunities to lure in younger workers. this is all to keep up the younger generations in vermont.
2:23 am
rob: it is beautiful up there and you get bernie sanders screaming at your kids to get off the lawn. jillian: and $5000. rob: illegal immigrants accused of sexually assaulting a teenager as she slept. this is the fifth time something like this has happened in one sanctuary county in this country. the question is when are people going to wake up to this problem? jillian: the white house moved fema funds to be for border security, democrats calling it cruel. live next. frustrated that everyday activities cause wrinkles and there's nothing you can do about it? downy wrinkleguard is a fabric conditioner that helps protect you from wrinkles all day. pants washed with downy wrinkleguard and detergent are virtually wrinkle free. try downy wrinkleguard.
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toward puerto rico. severe flooding and damage devastating other islands on the caribbean and on track to hit florida over labor day weekend, it to pack hurricane force winds when it hits mainland united states. jillian: today is the deadline for democratic candidates to qualify for the third primary debate. ten candidates qualified for the debate in houston, 130,000 individual campaign donors registering 2% or higher in four qualifying polls. rob: the trump administration ramping up security at the southern border, dhs will reallocate $270 million in funding for fema and other agencies as the pentagon approves 20 miles of new border wall construction in arizona and california. moving fema funds to take care of border security on the southern border, tom homan,
2:28 am
there's a lot of anger especially with dorian about to hit puerto rico. what do you have to say? >> a couple things. this isn't new. in the last decade money has been appropriated to ice for 10 years. every year under the obama administration, congress never funded ice at the level it should have. i talked to appropriators for many years and always a fight to fund ice detention beds. if they help secure the border we you won't be going through this. jillian: this statement from chuck schumer is a response, quote, taking critical funds from disaster preparedness and recovery efforts weakens the government's ability to help americans in the wake of natural disasters. your response to that? >> chuck schumer -- this has never been an issue for him in
2:29 am
the past. what he's trying to do to secure the border. i've seen it happen every year at ice headquarters so this isn't new. rob: we will talk something else, disturbing story. and illegal immigrant from el salvador living in maryland raping a 16-year-old girl at knife point after coming through a bedroom window as she slept. the fifth time and illegal immigrant has been arrested on rape charges in montgomery county, maryland. this past month, this is a sanctuary county. what do you think of the problem they are seeing in montgomery county. is this a surprise? >> absolutely disgusting. this is going to keep happening in montgomery county. the county executive has chosen to provide sanctuary to criminals.
2:30 am
when you make yourself a sanctuary city the only people you're providing sanctuary to is people in violation of the law. the president sitting in the county jail made a decision to take this person at liberties away and put him in a jail cell so protecting the immigrant community, an example how long that is because these illegal aliens victimize the very communities they live in, the immigrant community. you are only protecting the criminal. i hope taxpayers in montgomery county say admit you made a mistake, let us work with ice to remove dangerous criminals from the community. this is another preventable crime. a shame another little girl's life is ruined. disgusting on every level. >> listen to what the officials on montgomery county say about this. >> the county executive is aware of the concerns of the community.
2:31 am
we received numerous phone calls and email. we are reviewing and evaluating those concerns. >> how far can the community push? how far can they show their frustrations to make change in the area where they live? >> they can make their claims at the ballot box that they need to stand up and i suggest -- calling the county executive. in the immigrant community if you go to the immigrant community and would you rather have ice operating your community they will sit in county jail. most immigrant communities may be in violation of the law. most try to support the families. they don't want someone in that community -- do your job and stop resisting immigration enforcement.
2:32 am
your jobs protecting -- he should be doing everything he can legally to protect this community and he is not. rob: a lot of these crimes are being committed against other immigrants in the same community. other headlines. the search for a man accused of killing a minor league baseball player's wife and child and with the suspect running naked outside. that is matthew bernard, his hands around a man in virginia. the 18-year-old is arrested and charged with murder. he is accused of killing his mom, his sister and his young nephew. two of the victims, wife and son of blake bivins. his team canceled games tuesday saying thoughts and prayers are with the family. we will keep you posted on this.
2:33 am
>> a woman falls off the balcony when doing extreme yoga. she slept doing this pose using her weights and legs to hold herself up on the railing. the college student in mexico falling 80 feet to the ground. she survived but broke 110 bones. doctors say she has a long road to recovery. officials are investigating the cause of a massive fire 115-year-old church. 100 firefighters on the scene in west philadelphia. part of the building collapsed. huge clouds of black smoke could be seen a mile away. the church house the day care and shelter for senior citizens. everyone made it out safely. rob: fishermen get up close and personal with a big shark. >> coming right up to the boat. look at the size of that.
2:34 am
rob: appears to be a great white. the men were fishing for lobster off of cape cod. they said the shark was feeding off of the dead humpback whale. >> taylor swift had a message for the president, the white house has responded. >> if you say it on the street that is a knockout. if you put it in a tweet it is a copout. i love it. that is washington in a nutshell. rob: carly shimkus has reaction from social media, kellyanne conway's swift response. ♪ when a criminal has your personal information, they can do all sorts of things in your name. criminals can use ransomware, spyware, or malware to gain access to information like your name, your birthday, and even your social security number. - [announcer] that's why norton and lifelock are now part of one company,
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jillian: welcome back. the white house responding to taylor swift after her plea for equality. rob: carly shimkus with serious
2:38 am
xm 115 here with the online reaction. >> reporter: taylor swift called on the trump administration to back the equality act and the white house is responding saying the trump administration opposes discrimination of any kind, supports the equal treatment of all but the house passed bill in its current form is the with poison pills that threaten to undermine parental and conscience rights. at a moment sure to get washington and hollywood talking counselor to the president kellyanne conway responded like this on fox news last night. >> i like the new taylor swift song you need to calm down. if you say it on the street that's a knockout. if you put it in a tweet it is a copout. i love that. that is washington in a nutshell. jillian: has for what is in the building would make it illegal
2:39 am
on a national level to discriminate against someone based on sexual orientation but critics say it could force parents into giving their children hormone therapy if they want to change their gender at a young age. a lot of people are talking about this on social media. stephen says whether you like her or not the white house is acknowledging an anti-does, is word bill is big for the lgbt community. taylor his power we love. this twitter user wonders why only now taylor swift is speaking about this issue that has been going on so long. swift has a lot of rage but the vmas are at an all-time ratings low for the third year in a row. jillian: she's only in her 20s. not like she will come out as a teenager and speak on behalf of these issues she doesn't know about yet. she's at the age she feels comfortable.
2:40 am
rob: beto talking about guns. >> we have a tendency to violence. the only thing that can save america is the lord jesus. the only one -- we will let you have the microphone. >> that man believes the recent uptick in violence could be solved by more people going to church which is a popular opinion among some, this facebook user says amen. another person pointing out did you see how fast he wanted to grab the mic after he said jesus was gun laws will be on top of the agenda when congress gets back in session after labor day. jillian: a chicken war at popeye's, let's look at that. >> i'm not stupid. >> we apologize.
2:41 am
>> guess what. these popeye's chicken sandwiches are sold out nationwide. if you want one you have to wait. because of all this stress, some employers putting out the spot, the war between chick-fil-a and popeyes still raging. there is a sign from chick-fil-a that says we don't run out of chicken sandwiches and popeyes responded eat on sundays. >> you think they just invented the chicken sandwich last week. it has been around as long as the chicken has. >> capitalism at its finest. the consumer wins. rob: they got to be really good. 44 minutes after the hour.
2:42 am
an american flag on the ground on a busy highway doesn't stop him. james dealing with why he ran into rush-hour traffic to save the flag. jillian: time to check in with brian kilmeade with what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> reporter: thanks to both of you, can you hear me? can i talk directly to you? can you relay simultaneous translation to jillian? tell jillian we are going to talk about immigration and the crimes committed by illegal aliens in the president's sprint to build the wall. the washington post is he telling everybody just build it. i will get out of the way. we will be talking about the debate stage, 10 democrats. is that enough? will be other ten dropout?
2:43 am
we will discuss that and joe biden's problems including his family issues when it comes to his younger brother and his son. we will have newt gingrich, judge janine and bounty hunter will be on live and pam bondi and tommy laren and a come back and victory. louisiana team that won the world series, the coach a couple players will be here. it was a sunny come back, that is coming back. let me urge everyone to get dressed. back to you guys as we go to break. you'll take any trade-in? that's right! great! here you go... well, it does need to be a vehicle. but - i need this out of my house. (vo) with fair, transparent value for every trade-in...
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>> 2020 candidate in new york city mayor bill diblasio defended a proposal to get rid of gifted and talented programs in public school. varsity panel claim to promote racial inequality since the program consists of white and asian students. the move sends the wrong message. >> this is a problem we are seeing across the country where schools are teaching to the lowest denominator and that's a big problem and we've got to address this issue. >> the diversity panel recommends the city scrap academic admissions. rob: the controversial adversity score getting dropped from the sat. it was meant to supplement the
2:48 am
college admissions exam to give context to a student's performance considering factors like what types of neighborhood a student came from and determine economic hardship and give the score to someone who had a tougher life but after heavy criticism college board says they will instead provide admissions counselors with detailed information about a student's background in addition to the scores they got on the sat and let advisors make their own analysis. jillian: a 33-year-old man from boston risking his life to rescue this american flag from russia traffic. rob: james deal he waited for the right opportunity to cross the highway. jillian: in a political climate that is controversial james daily joins us with why it is so valuable to him. you drove past flag like many others and then turned around. >> i did. i was driving back from my job
2:49 am
in franklin, massachusetts and driving home at 5:00 and i drove past the flag initially and saw it and had a bunch of thoughts through my head after i passed the flag. it was in the middle of the highway and i decided to get off my offramp to go home and decided to turn around and pick it up. rob: that is pretty cool and pretty bold at 5:00 on a massachusetts highway. i'm sure there was a lot of traffic and when you made this move you got some support from people driving by the top flag lying there as well. >> i did. i waited 15-20 minutes for there to be a break in the traffic. in massachusetts it is busy at that time. it was a 3-quarter mile stretch so i could see down the highway. there was a break across the highway and picked the flag up.
2:50 am
a lot of people drove by that were waving, beeping, some woman gave me a thumbs up which was really nice and reaffirming to see what i did was a good deed. jillian: i understand you want this to be a teachable moment for your son, what do you hope to instill in him? what do you tell him about the flag and what it means to you? >> he is almost 2 so he doesn't understand much. he learns these things every day but i try to tell him it was the right thing to do. he was excited to see the flag, it was on a big pole. he's excited for that. in the future when he gets older, to explain to him that sometimes in life there are two paths you can go down and
2:51 am
sometimes it may not be the better path at that time or the more enjoyable pass but it is the right thing to do. might take more time and effort and it is the right thing to do and after all it will make you feel good for doing it. rob: you can hang it outside the house. >> the pole is a little beat up. not something -- i have the flag with me as well. i don't plan -- i have to get it dry cleaned and display it at my house. rob: a great story. appreciate your time, thanks for getting up early. 54 after the hour, the gloves are officially off. jillian: bernie sanders hits the campaign trail in the campaign trail hits back. the video that might prove he is a funny contender. [music playing] (vo) this is the averys.
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play it cool and escape heartburn fast with new tums chewy bites cooling sensation. ♪ tum tum tum tums snowe higsnowe>> cleopatra ♪ ♪ jillian: washington, d.c., new york city. wherever you are waking up, good morning to you. have you got that coffee
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going? rob: what year was this song? '99. jillian: definitely 90's. rob: taking me way back. way back. jillian: time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first up the good. college football players in arkansas surprised their coach battling cancer by shaving their heads. watch this. >> all for you, coach. all for you, coach. >> look at that defensive coordinator hugging each player thanking them for their support. rob: that's cool. >> three rub home run nearly sends baseball fans right over the edge. >> oh, had it, then dropped it. oh, no. a little battle. between the yankee fan and a mariner fan. >> yankees fan beat out the opposing fan the girl on the left there what is the device she had?
2:57 am
i don't know what that is. something to grab those home run balls but she didn't grab that one. jillian: finally the ugly, 2020 hopeful bernie sanders is feeling the burn. best shot at a punching bag when it comes right back knocking him in the face. this video now predictably making its rounds online. steve: boxes first time ever. did it happen to you. rob: did not have. a speed bag. ace learned in the past a speed bag will punch back if you are too close. it can happen. jillian: have a good day, everyone. ♪ good morning ♪ good morning ♪ good morning ♪ the rest of my life is going to start today ♪ steve: good morning, new york city. and america. ainsley: it's foggy out there. steve: looks like the possibility of rain later today and throughout the northeast. folks south of florida have
2:58 am
an eye to the sky tropical storm or hurricane could be heading their way. ainsley: heading for puerto rico. steve: indeed. brian: good morning. just starting to rebuild. a huge show straight ahead. you have democrats lining up maybe for the last time on one -- for the first time on
2:59 am
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