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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 28, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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that is the story of wednesday august 28th, 2019. but as you know, tucker's up next. musical is ♪ >> tucker: good evening to end welcome to tucker carlson tonight. it wasn't even a year ago. it was the middle of the brett kavanaugh support hearing hearings. if you've got 2x chromosomes, the democrats told us again and again, we are going to protect you from predatory men. watch this. >> survivors of sexual assault were watching this body of powerful people and what will happen. this toxic culture, this permissive patriarchy in this country, has to stop. >> i am angry on behalf of women who have been called to sit down
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and shut up one time too many. >> we need a change in our culture in terms of how men treat women. >> tucker: so, there's dominic those are strong words. do they actually mean any of them? it's pretty easy to find out. here's the question. how do you treat people you really care about? would you leave your children home alone with the front door unlocked? probably not. that would be crazy. it would endanger their lives. only a cruel and stupid person would do something like that. these democrats are intent on doing the very same thing to our country. they brag about it. speak on day one, i will make sure that number one, we end ths and border policies that are violating human rights. >> knock it down. >> offer a home to refugees. that is who we are.
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that's our values. that's part of what we do. >> so, instead of building a wall or closing the border, we should choose compassion instead of cruelty. >> immigration is not a security issue. it is an economic, security issue. >> i think people need to have a means by which they can be covered when they are sick. it's just common decency. >> tucker: you hear that? immigration is not a security issue. that's what they are demanding new belief. has there ever been a more bitter life? this he was rating a teenage git knife point. it's an awful story, but unfortunately not uncommon ther there. he was arrested for rate dominic
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to dominic to it is a sanctuary for criminal aliens. the chances of him being deported are essentially dangerous. they are denying it now, of course, but they absolutely did it. when it came down to the safety of their own citizens, they wanted to feel like moral heroes, even if it meant that women got. those were their real prioritie priorities. he joins us tonight. mr. archer, thank you very much for joining dominic coming on. maryland has consistent to consistently made the point that we are not cooperating with immn authorities. >> he banned ice from coming into the jail. he banned his officers from
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communicating with ice and said they want going to honor detainers. >> tucker: so, five illegal aliens arrested in one month in one county. and now, they are telling us that their policies had nothing to do with this whatsoever. >> that's completely false. the fact is that individuals come to counties where they know that they are going to not be turned over to ice. montgomery county has one of the strongest policies that i can think. it's ridiculous. >> tucker: so if you are the family of one of these victims, do you have a case against the people running montgomery count montgomery county? >> arthur: unfortunately you don't. sovereign immunity is going to protect him. against any claims like that. they are not responsible for the rate that took place there even though they opened the front
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door that allowed these individuals into their county. >> tucker: in a just world, they would pay the price for this. is there any hope at this point, again, five in a month, that this policy will change? >> andrew: they actually tried to backtrack. even then, they only say that they'll allow serious crimes. notify ice about serious crimes. not about nonserious crimes. but again, that definition is not very clear. sue >> tucker: if you were puttg the safety of your own citizens first, would you adopt this policy? >> andrew: never. most of these people are released back into immigrant communities. if you really cared about
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immigrant communities, you would let ice take them out of those communities. >> tucker: at this point, we know the line that we've been fed for the last couple of years. immigration is not a security issue. i mean, these are all lies. do you expect the left can tell mike to continue to say that even though data is not true? >> andrew: absolutely. if these crimes had been committed by a united states citizen against a will dominic housewife, these would be front page crimes. >> tucker: thank you very much much. senator kristian gillibrand has announced that she is dropping out of the the presidential ra.
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>> after eight incredible months i am ending my presidential campaign. i know this isn't the result we wanted. to know how to best serve your community and country. i believe i can best served by helping us dominic unitas to beach donald trump in 2020. >> tucker: she was looking back at perhaps the worst candidate ever to run in the history of this country. she, in fact, represented the worst trends of the modern left all in one package. for starters, she's a phony. as a congresswoman in new york, she supported gun rights. she said she wanted to secure the border. then, almost immediately after being handed hillary clinton's
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seat, she emerged far to the left on just about every issue. it wasn't just that. because she cared only about power, she was happy to be friends with bill clinton and hillary. but then later, when it was politically expedient, she denounced of them, but only one she was certain they want to be useful anymore. there was no proof al franken had done anything wrong. it was that unfair. but that's kirsten gillibrand in a nutshell. she is happy to talk to you about your feelings and your privilege. watch this. >> the first thing i'm going to do when i'm president is i am going to clorox the oval office. we need to pass a green new deal. this should be. if you don't take climate change seriously, you don't care about the world, the country. you don't care about people.
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as president of the united states, i wanted to use the detention system at all. we would delight be delighted e people. if your son is 15 years old and smokes pot, he smokes pot just as much as a black boy in a neighborhood and a latino boy in america. the black and brown boy is four times more likely to be arreste arrested. your son will most likely not have to deal with that, because he is white. >> tucker: self-righteous, dumb. the last clip shows what gillibrand stands apart. that was gillibrand, the united states senator, lecturing a woman in youngstown, ohio. have you ever been to youngstown, ohio? she was saying that no matter how much washington abandons her, that woman should be
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ashamed of her white privilege. that's kirsten gillibrand in one clip. really, the worst candidate ever. good riddance, christian children. i sympathize with candidates when they get out. but with christian with kirsten gillibrand it can't come a moment too soon. i can't think of anyone crueler, nastier, more self-centered, dumb her can you? >> yeah. i mean, mirror de blasio. she is a complete hypocrite, as you said. she was a blue dog democrat. she got high ratings from the nra. and then, when she became senator, she said that she was embarrassed of her 98% white home district. she was glad to embrace the woke philosophy of the new left.
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but remember, her senatorial seat was essentially orchestrated by her former republican senator aldo . so, she will very much stay and opportunist. she dropped f-bombs every 10 minutes. yeah. she's pretty egregious, i would say. >> tucker: i guess, what bothers me is that washington is full of phony people. that's politics. there are some falseness. right? there's falseness in television too. she's mean. that's what i don't like about her. she scrolled. to lecture that woman in youngstown, ohio, of all places about her privilege. the way she treated al franken, who i don't like, i don't agree with. i don't like al franken at all. she was so mean to him.
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>> seth: she said she would be the emissary for white women. she was going to explain to them why their sons were spared police brutality because of their white privilege. so, essentially she campaigned saying, elect me, and i'll make sure your sons get shot. >> tucker: was there anybody in the united states senate, and a large group of voters, was anybody ever for this candidacy? >> i don't think so. her staff was even embarrassed that she was keeping this up. i have to say, i did not think that she would drop out before mayor de blasio. it felt like she had more of a claim, or more of a pass. i guess, reality intruded. >> tucker: yeah. i mean, i think, here have been beating up on her. i do think she's sharper than
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mayor de blasio. you can stay forever in the senate, even if your kirsten gillibrand customer >> seth: people say that she could be susceptible from a challenge from alexandria ocasio-cortez. that may be in the cards for her. >> tucker: man. i would support ocasio-cortez over kirsten gillibrand any day of the week. >> seth: you may have something there. >> tucker: great to see you. we've seen a lot of people whose lives were destroyed. andrew mccabe clearly made a series of false statements against investigators, but he's fine paired why is that? plus, over at msnbc, one of the prime time shows wrote a completely bogus story last night. the anchor has apologized. remarkable. that's next. devices are like doorways
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♪ >> tucker: well, a lot of people pushed the russian pollution hoax. if you pushed harder than fbi director andrew mccain. thanks in part, to his efforts, many had their lives destroyed some are accused of making false statements to federal agents. he faces life in prison in a trial that starts in november, for that crime. but according to an inspector general report, even as he was leading the effort to destroy the lives of others for align, andy mccabe was himself lying. will he get the same treatment that his victims are getting customer federal prosecutors are
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weighing that question right now. and how about jim comey? a lot going on. he joins us now. tom, thanks for coming on. first to the andrew mccain question. >> i don't know. you raised these other ones that were targeted. he was referred in april of last year. so he's all ready gotten special treatment. the justice department has been agonizing. this guy lied three or four times to investigators. we just received documents both under oath and not under oath. if you talk to the fbi and you lied to them, it's a crime. >> tucker: what would happen to you or me or your average
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fox news bureau for doing the same thing? would we be getting the same benefit of a doubt? see five he was prosecuted within months. according to "the new york times," they are worried that they might get a democratic jury and they won't get the prosecution. i'll tell you what, the justice department needs to speed up justice, not in an improper way, but justice delayed here suggests that there is a double standard. that if you are associated with trump world, you get targeted. if you are anti-trump, you get protected. stu that's right. lowest runs for you even now. what do we know about the comey report? >> tom: he admitted to leaking
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documents. the ig reportedly has found that that was wrong. he also lacked candor in talking about it with investigators. now, supposedly the justice department has rejected the referral for prosecution. i don't know if that's true or not. but i'll tell you what, if both andrew mckay and james coleman lie, it is confirmation that the deep state rules. >> tucker: so, if you are 67 years old and facing life in prison because you have been accused of lying to investigators, not about anything of substance, but just because you lied. how can you look over at these guys who lied in the course of actually wrecking the country and watch them get away and think this is justice? how does that work? >> tom: it doesn't work. if i was the president, i would
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be pardoning people like stone in a heartbeat. we're just talking about relatively minor crimes compared to this coup that took place. i understand there is a u.s. attorney that's looking at this. but i haven't seen any indications of a significant criminal inquiry into the most significant corruption scandal in american history, the spine on president trump that was illegal. is the ig going to come out on the pfizer gait report? saying that there was something improper there and nothing is going to be done again? this is a sign that the justice department has been terribly corrupted and hasn't been fixed yet by the attorney general. >> tucker: i think a lot of us are very cynical, unfortunately. great to see you. >> tom: thanks. >> tucker: well, it's been almost six months since the russian falluja story has been
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unmasked as a hoax. last night, lawrence o'donnell. here's part of it. >> deutsche bank is in possession of documents that show that donald trump has obtained loans with cosigners. he would not have been able to obtain those loans without cosigners. the cosigners of his loans are russian billionaires close to vladimir putin. if true, that would explain every kind of word donald has ever said about russia and vladimir putin, if true. >> tucker: you. that man has a harvard educatio education. the source, if true. yeah. a single unverified source to vacate wild accusation. basically, it's the same standard that the trump dossier has faced.
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now, less than 24 hours later, after a threat from the president's lawyers, that man had to retract his claim. "last night, i made an error in judgment by reporting about the president's finances that didn't go through our rigorous." [laughs] he is talking about msnbc news. speaking of the president. "i shouldn't have reported it and i was wrong to discuss it on the air. i will address the issue on my show tonight." in other words, please watch. this wasn't an error in judgment. there was no rigorous verification process that nbc news. if there was, we would have had two years of the russia hoax. because the story, the one that they are retracting has precisely as much evidence to back it up as the that they
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force-fed us for years about russia. unbelievable. he is a radio host. the host how does this slip thre neck of msnbc knows? how did this even possibly get on the air? >> who is a part of this rigorous standards process? brian williams? or julie swetnick? tucker, these people are like a dog that's been chewing on a bone for weeks, and there's no meat left on it, but they are still nine on it. they can't let go of it. all these people. msnbc, cnn, "the washington post," "the new york times" ." this got to be some journalistic equivalent of a 12 step program, apologizing to the person they wronged, which is donald trump.
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he did the crossover with rachel maddow. that means it was the lead stor story. when rachel maddow said to him, that's a scenario i've never contemplated. when rachel maddow has never contemplated the scenario, you know you are on very thin ice with the russian hoax. >> tucker: what's so funny is that this anchor, famously, because he talks about it quite a bit, is a harvard man. they are the most impressive specimens that our system produces. does that make you wonder about our system a little bit? >> he is not a journalist. he went to saint sebastian's, which is a finishing school for rich little boys in the suburbs. then he goes to harvard. he didn't work for a newspaper or a local tv station. he worked for the harvard
5:27 pm
lampoon. he has no experience. i thought he was satisfied with being a fake msnbc tough guy like donny deutsch. but now, he wants to produce fake news. he's as much a journalist as al sharpton or joy reid. again, he calls it an item. he did it as a crossover with rachel maddow. that means it's the lead story. it's the equivalent of the top of the front page of a newspaper. he says, if true. if true. talked to mike tucker, that's a conversation you have with the city editor. you don't go on live national tv and say, "it's true." >> tucker: yeah, i've never written the lead with that phrase in it. thank you. >> howie: thanks, tucker. >> tucker: new reports say
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that congresswoman ilhan omar, hired by her campaign. the question is, what an arrangement like that break laws? will investigate. she is back from her military. she joins us from her first interview. is a
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>> tucker: congresswoman ilhan omar is back in the news. in newly released divorce papers, the claim has shown that she has had a long-term affair with a political consultant. it may have violated the finance loss. he joins us. peter, thanks very much for coming on. >> good evening. >> tucker: so, typically we don't jump into people's
5:33 pm
personal lives. it's nobody's business. but in this specific case, you have an allegation that a relationship like this could violate the law. how would that work? >> peter: well, the problem here is that private actions may have resulted in violations of the law. in this case, you have representative of ilhan omar's campaign, paying for travel. that opens the possibility that campaign funds are being used for personal purposes, which is strictly prohibited, and defended the careers of many politicians. representative duncan hunter may be on his way to jail for using campaign funds for personal use,
5:34 pm
including facilitating extramarital affairs. >> tucker: interesting. so what would you need to show that? >> peter: well, we've asked for an investigation. these are violations of law. it could trigger an investigation by the justice department. we do hope that takes place. but in our complaint, we cited two things. number one, the failure to itemize travel by this consultant, named tim my . you have to report any amount over $200. your hotel, your airfare, whatever. but omar, on her report simply reported lump sum payments, which is a clear violation.
5:35 pm
now, that sounds technical. but as an ethics group, we always look for technical violations in hopes of finding out the more serious improper activity that they are calculated to conceal. >> tucker: stuff hangs on technicalities. that's what it is. so, omar, in addition to being, i would say, ideologically on the wrong side, seems very sleazy. i mean, every time you press a little bit into her personal life, that might not even be her real name. she might have married her brother. you have this. has she shed any light on this at all? has she responded to your questions? >> peter: i understand today, that she denied everything. that was curious, because the violations about reporting the travel, they are straightforwar straightforward violations. any expert would tell you that. now, the more serious matter of
5:36 pm
whether she was having an affair with tim, and used campaign funds to facilitate his traveling around the country with her, we can't state that we know that personally, but we are saying that there's enough circumstantial evidence for the fcc to launch an investigation. we hope that they do. >> tucker: thank you very much for joining us. now, you would think that the democratic party would be eager to hear more from gabbert. but she stands alone in opposing force. therefore, the democratic party appears eager to sideline. the democratic party has done well in a number of polls, but they do not recognize those poles and may use her to keep her off of the debate stage. congresswoman, thanks very much for joining us.
5:37 pm
tell me if i'm misstating this. the dnc is refusing to recognize as valid poles that put you, that would qualify you for the next debate. >> here's the situation. there's a whole bunch of different poles that have come out. the dnc has only recognized some of them as being qualifying poles for the debate. the whole thing gets a little bit confusing and you've got to jump back into the weeds of the numbers and the statistics. i think the bigger problem is that the whole process really lacks transparency. >> tucker: right. >> people deserve having that transparency. ultimately, it's the people who will decide who our next president commander and chief will be. when you see that lack of transparency, it creates a lack of faith and trust in the process. i think this also points to a bigger issue and challenge,
5:38 pm
which is the government itself. there's people who are increasingly losing that faith and trust in the government, because they see a lack of transparency there. they see that we don't have a government that is of, by, and for the people. really, what they see as a small group of really powerful political elites, the establishment, making decisions that serve your interest, maintaining that power, while the rest of us are left outside. the american people are left behind. so these are the deeper seated issues. i think it's important that we recognize. i would seek to change those issues. that we would actually fulfill that vision that are founders had for our country. making it so that the people can trust that our leaders are listening to them and making
5:39 pm
decisions not based on partisan issues, but based on serving their interests. >> tucker: you did it jump aboard the hillary clinton expressed immediately. then, subsequently, we learned that there was some activity that looked a lot like rigging going on behind the scenes. i mean, parties do this. they have for a long time in order to steer one candidate towards victory. are you worried that that could be happening again? >> tulsi: i've got some concerns about the process, and i think a lot of them go to that lack of transparency. because when you have transparency, people are able to say, okay. here's the process. here's what's going on. that's not really what we're seeing right now, especially around all these polls and anon qualifiers for the debate. for me, i could just say that whether i'm on that debate stage or not i'm going to try to connect with the voters and
5:40 pm
recognize that no matter what the powers that be in washington say, the power lies in the hands of the people of this country. when we exercise our voices, that's how we can really bring about the kind of big systemic change that we need to see that goals far behind just the next election. it goes back towards what i was talking about, is actually bringing the voices of the people to the forefront. >> tucker: i hope that your voice is heard. i agree with everything you say, but i think you've got really interesting and important views on foreign policy that are underrepresented in washington for reasons that i don't understand. most of the country actually agrees with them, but nobody is watching. so i hope that you can tell the country about what you think. congresswoman, thanks for joining us. >> tulsi: to be continued. thank you tucker. >> tucker: she is still playing a direct role in the current migrant crisis. the latest edition of her memoir. a story you may not know anything about it, but it's worth knowing about.
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it's interesting. we'll tell it to you next. ♪ in the human brain, billions of neurons play in harmony.
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>> tucker: jeffrey epstein, of course, is dead. but we are still learning interesting things about him. new footage shows even more evidence of his lifestyle, best described as predatory. chris gallagher has more on tha that. trace. >> tucker, we scanned more than an hour of video from a 2005 police raid on his oceanfront compound. it would begins with detectives entering the six and a half million dollar home. the officers then combed the entire mansion, where they came across numerous pictures of young girls in various stages of undress, including a photo of a girl who appears to be about 15 in a bikini and another showing
5:46 pm
a naked girl on the beach. it's interesting, because there are numerous pictures of epstein's former girlfriend, gaylene maxwell. she is the one who orchestrated the under age sex trafficking. the pictures range from her lying on the beach to her as jeffrey epstein, and what appears to be the room. we don't know if any of these photos have been verified, but we do know that he had long-standing ties to bill clinton. in 2001-2003, he took at least 26 trips on his private plane. he says he knew nothing of his crimes. legal experts say that if authorities decide to go after gaylene maxwell, she may decide to cut a deal in exchange for ge powerful people that epstein surrounded himself with, like prince andrew, for example, who was seen with epstein even after
5:47 pm
he was labeled a sex offender and got out of jail. tucker. >> tucker: trace, thank for that. we spent a lot of time talking about the crisis of an the mexn border. one of them involves hillary clinton. way back in 2009, it was overthrown in a coup. ever since then, honduras has been in chaos. we've seen the same thing in a lot of other countries. hillary was secretary of state. she defended this in her memoir called "hard choices." here's the interesting part. she removed that defense from the paperback version. recently, she interviews. she joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. >> of course. >> tucker: this is one of those stories that i know it's complex. we don't have a ton of time.
5:48 pm
but talk about briefly for viewers who don't know anything about it >> the reason she removed that section of the booe she must be quite ashamed of the legacy that he left in the country. we are talking about, and i spoke with zelaya on the tenth anniversary of that coup. that crisis is directly tied to u.s. foreign policy, specifically u.s. regime change policy, which has resulted in the doubling of poverty in honduras. we are talking a country now, which is experiencing 65% poverty, with about 42% of the country classified as living under extreme poverty. but more than that, the two men who have seceded jose manuel.
5:49 pm
he some salve has served two terms, despite that the constitution forbids a second term. both of those men stand accused of funding with money made off of the drug war. current president juan hernande hernandez, his brother is currently sitting in a u.s. prison cell for his role in the drug. he is a coconspirator in this case. again, he was here in washington just yesterday. >> tucker: what you're saying is, it turns out once you dump the old guy, you don't necessarily get a better country or better leadership. doesn't this evoke memories of what happened in libya?
5:50 pm
it precipitates the migrant crisis in europe. >> anya: exactly. that is what's driving the international migrant crisis, tucker. it's something that both parties, for some reason support. republicans and democrats alike. both allowing one hernandez, a coconspirator in a cocaine scandal, supported by the u.s. government. both parties answer to a small elite in this country, which actually benefit, not only for these countries, like honduras, being opened up to international corporations. but they also benefit from the flood of labor, cheap labor into this country. >> tucker: well, that's the story right there. i couldn't agree with you more. great to see you tonight. >> anya: thank you. of course. >> tucker: he's walking away though. we'll tell you why.
5:51 pm
we will explain why he's leaving the u.s. congress. ♪
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♪ >> tucker: congressman sean duffy is a frequent guest on this program. he will probably stay there pretty much as long as he wants. he's a great representative for the state and popular. but duffy, unlike a lot of people, realizes that there's something more important than wielding political power. family. he and his wife are expecting their ninth child. she will have significant medical issues. he has announced that he is resigning next month so he can fully dedicate himself to his family. congressman joins us tonight. congressman, thanks very much for joining us tonight. congratulations on the birth of your ninth child. tell us your thinking here. >> duffy: our little baby is going to be worn in the middle
5:56 pm
of october. 2-6 months. she's going to need open heart surgery. there are a couple polls that she has in the heart that separate the left from the right chamber. i'm not a doctor, but that's what they told me. it's a big enough job as a fox news contributor. i have eight children. i needed to take some time and be with my wife and my kids. take care of this little one that's going to need more time for me. i didn't die. i'm still around. but i just need to focus on family. we always say, tucker, you know what? our families come first. if we don't live what we believe, what good are we?
5:57 pm
it's a great time from god to say, this is just too much on your plate right now. take a break. find something else up with a better schedule and spend more time with your kids. >> tucker: amen. it's the kind of thing that seems obvious, and yet people don't do it. in fact, it's a joke in washington. you actually are. you may be the one guy who really is doing that. >> duffy: tucker, i've got to tell you, i was just going to say i'm going to spend time with my family. that's pretty cheap. everyone says that. no, actually have an issue here that i have to address. have a great wife. she has been a rock. and though we have these complications, every baby we've had has been a gift from god. we take every gift we are given and this little one will be a gift as well. just a little more complication. i'm just so happy. i have eight little kids at hom home. those hands will wrap their loving arms around her and get her home and to brace her. she one goat for you. we all get old so fast.
5:58 pm
on your way out, is there anything you're going to miss about carter's? >> duffy: i like the people. i mean, they are dysfunctional, but. i'm going to miss being a congressman. some people have taken shots at me, but in my community, they have been really kind for to ms i've left. it shows the kind of people who are willing to put aside the politics. good for you for going home. this speaks volumes about the people i represent. it's a greater honor to be there. there's 430 members of congress. there's only one dad in the duffy household. and so, those congressmen can do
5:59 pm
their work. i'm going to go do my work. >> tucker: are your kids excited? >> duffy: they are. tucker, i told them i would have to move them out to a tent outside the house. i lost my job. they freaked out. they want their dad at home. i want to go see some hockey games and go to baseball practice. i want to see the stuff that we so often miss as members of congress. it's a great service to the country, but you always have to have that balance and look for signs from god about what's right in your life. i'm looking forward to seeing more hockey in my life. >> tucker: you can't see this, but as you've been talking, we've been putting pictures of your family on the screen. when you look at those, i'm thinking, what matters more than that? nothing matters. when you're old, you're going to be grateful that you did this. anyway. god bless you, congressman. >> duffy: god bless you. take you for having me. >> tucker: that's all that matters. that's it for us tonight.
6:00 pm
the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, smugness, and groupthink. good night from washington. but it's not over. sean hannity life from us tonight. >> sean: all right, tucker. i hope you get more vacation than me. this is not fair. i've been here longer. i hope you have a great time with your family. you deserve it. welcome to hannity. we begin tonight with a fox news alert. we have been telling you that we have been expecting the results of four investigations into the deep state. breaking tonight, according to our sources, the first of those reports is set to be released soon. maybe as early as tomorrow. doj inspector general's official finance findings are now in. we are told that the former report will strongly rebuke his utter lack of candor. that means line.


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