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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 28, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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giving up information on powerful people and epstein surrounded himself with like the prince who was seen after he was labeled a sex offender. >> sean: trace gallagher very disturbing. they had the video. we will never be the medium up and let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham in washington i know you have a bg show. >> laura: fantastic show tonight, sean and waiting for the ig report. thank you so much i am laura ingraham the "the ingraham angle" and we are hours away from what we expect to be the first of many doj inspector general reports looking into the corruption and the obama deep state. the fisa courts, all of it, first on the docket a previously unknown report on jim comey conduct written by i.d. mike borowitz. rudy giuliani and pam mangino -- dan bongino will be here to respond. two weeks after epstein suicide sean talked about this, but why does alan dershowitz now believe
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he is a victim of the meat too movement. here is the mikey is here to tell us about it but michelle obama in a new showtime series. but who might play the other first lady? and "good morning america" succumbs to advance in twitter mob, raymond arroyo will be all over it from "seen and unseen." but first from burlington to beijing that is the focus of the first of tonight's angle. in the media world that we live in with connectives hopscotch and across the country making multiple appearances a day, it is easy to miss the most revealing moment. case in point, speaking to the hill, bernie sanders praised china. >> they have made more progress in extreme poverty than any country in the history of civilization. they've done a lot of things for
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their people. >> laura: [laughter] yes, they've done a lot of things for their people all right, bernie including the ongoing brutal violation of basic human rights. crushing political dissent, lipids, bulldozing churches, and interning a million muslims and controlling all information and media. the prc enforced a one child policy. you know about that. by physically dragging women to abortionists. and people say, well, trump has said some nice things about china too, but that was in the midst of trade negotiations. but bernie sanders, he wanted to take it a step further and train it addressing extreme poverty. of course, he left out that it was largely through a brazen 20 year stretch of cheating on trade. and stealing our intellectual property. but it really shouldn't be that
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surprising, i guess, that bernie has a soft spot for the chinese thug. socialism ultimately leads to more power for the state. analyst power for you and your family. from what type of car you will drive to where you set your thermostat and how you will be allowed to defend yourself. heck, if they have their way, they would penalize you for having too many children. and wasn't bernie the guy who honeymooned the soviet union and even praised redline? >> sometimes the american journalist, people lining up for food. that is a good thing. in other countries, people don't line up for food, the rich get the food and the poor starve to death. >> laura: so ration cards and justice for all, okay. republicans will muster mind young voters. there is no such thing as free health care, free college tuition, for universal pre-k or income inequality.
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it is all a scam. all it does is to grow the government in your dependence on it. and the green new deal, it all sounds so clean when you consider what you would have to trade for it. your freedom. and that is when feeling the burn becomes a socialist thing. >> speed to bag meat windbag and that is part 1 of the angle. in joining me now with judge dominic judge jeanine pirro host of justice with judge jeanine and author of the fabulous brand-new book "radicals resistance and revenge, the plot to remake america" also with me chris hahn former aide defender of chuck schumer and progressive podcast. judge, congrats on the book. love to have me on the podcast
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today but the communists upsets bernie. he's obsessed with the communist regime. and the top of the 2020 democrat heap so what does that tell us? >> what it tells us number one, there are a lot of young radicals who have been educated by radical professors who are actually buying into this stuff. the truth is, he loves vince weiner left socialism until that went to hell in a handbasket. he wants to bring it here. the amazing thing, he was the first democrat socialist to run for president but now all 20 or whatever number is left, they want to implement socialist policies and free health care, free everything. basic income. they are absolutely convinced in the end of the rich will pay for it but this guy cannot do basic math which is no surprise since he never had a real job. and they can't possibly pay for any of the stuff. the bottom line with
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bernie sanders is, there is no such thing as democrat socialism unless it is just socialism for the democrats. you know, maybe they will buy into it but america will not buy into it. >> laura: chris, do you agree that china's approach and bernie was saying they are bernie approach to reducing poverty is something that we in the united states should admire and perhaps even emulate? >> no, i don't. and i think the united states needs with a level, clear voice address china's human rights violations, especially if they act negatively in hong kong in the coming days and weeks. i have not seen that from this administration. as for socialists and i heard the argument, judge jeanine pirro talking about that. i can think of nothing more socialist than a president telling u.s. companies where they can or cannot do business. that is the definition of
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intervening in the marketplace. something bernie has never been able to accomplish in his life. if the president ever uses that law and that is there to stop terrorism, not a trade war, but if the president uses that law with multiple collapsed him he should be careful. >> laura: what do you call, chris, by the way, china's rampant and deadly exportation of the substances that go to make the most deadly of opioids, fentanyl, going through mexico coming to the united states. that is kind of a weapon of mass destruction is it not? they know what they are doing, killing tens of thousands of americans. with the internal component and its arriving in the united states. with the idea china is cheating come i think trump is making an offhand comment they are, pretty deadly. >> you know what, laura i think we should be tough with china. you are absolutely right. the president telling where they
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can or cannot do business socialism, communism, >> laura: he is a socialist. >> he is not a capitalist. he absolutely is not. >> laura: jeanine. >> the bottom line china is conducting business in a way, chris, that is hurting americans. when fentanyl and when it comes to this country and killing the americans. >> laura: where is bernie on this, where the heck is bernie about this? he is focusing on to help poverty and look at what they have done and they've done more than anybody else. >> you know what, we are in violent agreement on china. >> laura: bernie, bernie is like the roads are nice there, but come on. stay right there, judge jeanine and chris. time for my ankle part 2 a ocs climate change. >> i have some bad news for you, aoc has insomnia. and she thinks this one thing
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should keep you up as well so. >> you know mom is on vacation, i woke up in the middle of the night at 3:30 in the morning just concerned about climate change. >> laura: i have a question, does that boxed mac and cheese that she was making come with a tinfoil hat? like bernie with his comments about the chinese, aoc's late night musing the true agenda of the climate change crew. >> this is not about just putting over people's roads but changing the consumption. this is about living our whole life in a way that is more sustainable and inhumane. we are not trying to into cows and plane travel, but we need to change our lives. >> laura: there you have it. as i told you part 1 of the
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angle, this isn't about science. it's not about facts. this is really about government controlling almost every aspect of your life. but the liberals will not change their lifestyle under the system. they will not change their lifestyle one iota. in any socialist today the very rich way of the top and the stooges and government dictate the terms for everybody else. then there is puny, beleaguered middle-class, and the rest are the poor people. leonardo dicaprio, he is still going to do movie shoots on a g5. >> you think our economy overhauling 2d carbonized mp the planet will be expensive? try not organizing the economy and allowing sea level to rise every coastal city to go underwater every midwestern city experiencing drought on a level that we have not seen.
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that is going to be way more expensive. >> laura: that means obama's will be way out of their house in martha's vineyard all's well, wow! don't sweat the $93 trillion price tag for the green new deal. it will practically pay for itself. now, where have we heard that before? and that is the angle part 2. all right, back with judge jeanine pirro and chris hahn, judge, your take on the late night mac and cheese musings of aoc. i mean, i don't know, did she have on makeup? she looked good and very excited about, you know, this big power grab for the american people. >> i can even focus on what the woman looks like. i'm so stunned just listening to what she's saying. but listen, here's the bottom line. isn't she the one that said the cities will be melting and fall into the ocean and the ocean
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will be destroyed in 12 years. so why spend $93 billion on the economy, hell. >> laura: trail yen, jeanine, trillion. >> there's another piece of this thing. basically she sang the insects will come out and kill us, well, the glaciers will not melt until we are underwater so what is she worried about? the amazing part of this thing is when she came out with this $93 trillion deal to destroy the economy, net zero admissions and only net zero because the cows have largely lent and fluctuating where whatever, and then she says the next day, you know what, we really don't need to eat hamburgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. >> laura: chris. >> you're not going to tell me what to eat. >> laura: chris it is a hard sell to tell people, you have to lower your standard of living. you have to radically alter the way you move in the way you live
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because i'm telling you, nebraska is going to be in severe drought. the east coast of the united states underwater. i just think nobody will sign onto radically altering their life because the rich won't. they won't. and neither will aoc much. >> well, you know what, i have less concern what a first-year congresswoman says then what the president of the united states who skipped the climate change meeting after the g7. and climate change, which really there is a problem affecting this climate. maybe her ideas are not the ideas that we will go with, but we have to start working at it. the president seems to deny and we are wasting time. that is why he will be gone in a year and a half. >> laura: chris why do all your answers come back to donald trump? we are talking about aoc, weco duke, a conspiracy that we are dealing with here. >> she's a first-term congresswoman. >> laura: so what she's in
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congress. don't write her off. >> let them put it out there. >> laura: guys come okay. >> an individual member of congress to put out ideas and that's what she's doing. enter come to add to those ideas and subtract. >> laura: chris you are writing her off. she is the closest to a thought leader in the democratic party today. >> laura, she is the democrat party. >> laura: we've got to go, hold on. time for my angle part 3 i'm okay, something i'm diagnosing as california's fervor. as we have been documenting this week, the human and economic toll of homelessness is overwhelming cities like los angeles. >> you see outside of the back door of the gym, there are really a string of homeless encampments, garbage cover to goods. >> one of my neighbors last year was riding his bike on that bike path over there.
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one of these young kids freaked out stepped off of the grass here, and not to mount. >> laura: raymond arroyo will bring up part 2 of that story tomorrow night and what he saw with his own eyes will shock you. so where is the political will to address this problem? well, democrats nominate every state government. and aggressive policies have only exacerbated the problem. so what is their next big idea and how to solve homelessness? maybe a van and sidewalk camping? no, a van on for. >> there is no necessity to wear for. >> it is one of the most horrific things i've ever witnessed in my life. and i know if any of you have it in front of you, you would make the right choice. >> laura: now i'm a big animal love her and you all know that because i say it all the time,
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but is this the most pressing piece of business before a state official? plus l.a. and san francisco already van the sale of the statewide deal. meanwhile democrats throw more taxpayer money and homelessness to no avail. let's face it, legislative virtue signaling, that is easy. so here's an idea. address the suffering of minks and rabbits after you address the suffering of the actual people, clogging the crosswalks of venice beach. and that is the angle, part 3. how many parts are we going to have on this angle? [laughter] triple the work. and back with me again, judge jeanine pirro. judge come up would you give up your fervor, come on lady, tell us. >> you know what it's so warm with climate change that nobody needs it anymore but i digress. listen here's the bottom line. they have been living in
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la la land on the west coast forever. the fact is, they don't care about typhoid and i wouldn't walk my dog on the streets out there because my dogs are cleaner than the human that they are testing from the homeless people living on the streets. they can't get their priority straits, but that is california. they been a little bit -- and that's all i'm going to say. and not resolving anything. >> laura: chris have you ever been -- have you ever wore a fur coat, be honest, have you ever wore a fur coat. >> i don't even own a fur coat. no, i've never wore a fur coat ever in my life. >> laura: do you have a leather belt on right now? >> i do have a leather belt on right now, but look, i think the problem it's a real problem and well i do think legislators can walk and chew gum at the same time i think that should be a priority for the federal government and california and something that should not be happening in the richest state in the richest country.
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something needs to be done right now. >> laura: it is a shock. they had a press conference about the fervor. i'm not a big fan of the purr, i've got to say. i've worn for but i can live without it. i can live without it, however, you've got real health crisis and raymond arroyo report tomorrow is shocking. i know that they have not seen what he found him venice beach. but guys, great to have your four triple historic triple angle. be sure to pick up janine's amazing new book radical resistance and revenge now. and just hours away from what we are expecting to be the first multiple ig reports an obama era the fbi and the fisa court, now we expect this one too concerned james comey.te rudy giuliani and dan bongino react in moments. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it.
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7:22 pm
>> facts really do matter. to be effective in anything near the long term have to be ethical truth. which is the heart of this country. >> our president must embody respect and adhere to the values and the core of this country. the most important truth. >> i was telling the truth the whole time. i knew i was telling the truth and i think the country knew i was telling the truth. i'm a big believer in the truth. >> laura: you should hide behind those blue curtains. coral woods -- borowitz report and the doj handling of the trump russia probe but still to judge the former fbi director quite partially, here to respond a bombshell -- rudy giuliani, new york city mayor. we did not know borowitz was blocking out a separate report. just on call me like the big book launch so maybe he can do another book tour coming out tomorrow. well, i don't want to oversell
7:23 pm
because i just think i know borowitz, not personally but assistant u.s. attorney and a good one and i hired jim comey so i know jim comey. >> laura: so you are responsible. >> the president always reminds me i'm responsible for jim comey. but the reality is comey's conduct was outrageous for a prosecutor in any decent prosecutor, starting with a completely fixed hillary clinton investigation. that was a sellout, a fix from day 1, a disgrace. and i don't think jay hoover ever did that. i think if you take us through the steele dossier, steel debt affidavits, and steele dossier was validated and putting his ne under oath and straight up perjurer. >> laura: the fisa court -- >> he has been a much jail for much less than that. >> laura: it does not reveal dossier funded by the president's opponent, material fact. >> i was there for the beginning
7:24 pm
of the fisa court. and one of the first. and that is a sacred duty because nobody gets to respond. i did hundreds of affidavits for regular wiretaps, mafia people. someone challenged those eventually in court, but when i did a pfizer affidavit, it was my responsibility for the court. that man lied, straight applied. no way he didn't know the steele dossier was a big phony piece of junk. you read the first three pages if a professional and this is like "national enquirer." >> laura: you wanted it to be true, rudy. so the president would leak it out. >> he knows it's not true. he's like a 3-year-old. that is pure jay hoover. man i've got something on you. >> laura: is as a crime or is it a series of unethical acts? how about a simple one the signature on the fisa affidavit is a crime. >> laura: how was it a crime? >> it's a crime because full
7:25 pm
statement under oath. he signed under perjury. it's a five year statute. how many people did he put in jail for single -- she made a full statement. >> laura: what about the leak of the document. the memo to the file, his own file, he he writes memos and then gives it to his pals, "the new york times." >> the leaking could be more unethical than illegal. i think there was a conspiracy, however, to frame trump. i think there is a conspiracy to frame trump. >> laura: the players were? >> i can't name them yet because they are unidentified but this is a counterintelligence conspiracy feeding information of papadopoulos and then papadopoulos regurgitated to australia ambassador. it involves ukraine. it involves italy. it involves u.k., australia at the bare minimum. who could do that for the cia?
7:26 pm
comey couldn't actually do that. comey could know about it, comey could be part of it, comey could be a player in it but somebody else is the brainchild of this. comey played his part as a liar to the court. there is no confusion about the crime. there is nothing clearer then you are swearing under penalties of perjury, name, james comey paragraph such and such, total like, go to jail. >> laura: he actually tweeted out last night. you might have missed this. he said he will keep speaking out against the president. he said i'd hold a former colleague i'm tired of being a trump critic. he responded with encouraging
7:27 pm
words that apply to all of us, where you see wrong, inequality or justice, speak out because this is your country. he is right, keep speaking out. >> james cardinal comey. >> laura: oh, my god. >> james cardinal comey. what a phony. and a total phony. he will have plenty of opportunities three or four years in a federal prison writing about all this. then we can read about all this. we will have time to reflect. >> laura: explain further. >> not if you put people in jail for perjury. >> laura: but explain for the viewers, rudy what the ig's role is. he can't indict the ig, the ig cannot indict. he can recommend various actions, but it is different. explain that very clearly. >> what he is basically an internal monitor. a person who works for the company to tell you how bad your
7:28 pm
people are in a company but he can't indict anybody. he's very, very valuable. he's been there 35 years, but he can refer to prosecutors. he referred comey for prosecution once. and since the prosecutor the first time, you don't refer for prosecute mission, but i think bill barr gave him a pass. i don't think he gets a second pass. >> laura: i'm skeptical. i'm skeptical about what horowitz. >> how can incredibly stand up in court and processed someone for perjury if you don't process him for perjury. you lose all credibility. >> laura: bernie thank you for being here in d.c. former west wing, larry o'donnell teased a big story. >> the single source has told me that the trump, donald trump's long documents there show that he has cosigners, that is how he was able to obtain those laws. and that the cosigners are
7:29 pm
russian oligarchs. >> what? really? >> laura: even rachel is like, dude, i know you need the ratings but even that is too much for me and all those wild etch-a-sketch crafts that she does. come on, a producer had to do damage control in the morning. maybe it was the west wing script he had. tweeting nbc could not verify any of that. so much for the single source and the single source had not actually seen the bank records. tonight at the top of the show, o'donnell retracted his own thinly sourced dribble. but that's not fake news, right? here now dan bongino secret service agent, contributor of the author of the new book "exonerated "the failed takedown. you would have think they have learned following the last two years of embarrassment but here we are. >> you know, i rarely keep a pen and paper for hits, but i had to
7:30 pm
because i had to keep track of all the stories because someone said to me today, well, this was a big mistake but what evidence do you have to say? this is standard operating procedure. we had the mic plan story, remember instructed to contact the russians during the campaign, false. the don your junior wikileaks story. the back channel called google, what are you talking about? bowls. some -- we had all the stories, foals. the list goes and i had to write them down because i was afraid i witness a few. they are actually a lot more of these but for the fact they are putting out like some isolated incident or some failure is nonsense. >> laura: dan it is a one-off. but the thing about it, look and people make mistakes, honest mistakes or you want a do over. i give people the benefit of the doubt, but i think you are right. there is a pattern and a
7:31 pm
practice. of trying to connect trump to vladimir putin, a liquor. it is all total bunk, false and they stuck with it because i had nothing else except an economy that was rocketing up and they didn't know what to do. so they are obsessed with russia. meanwhile china does whatever it wants to do. they don't spend any time on china. it is really disgusting. it is bad for the country. and it reveals them night after night, day after day. >> and i did not report the story on my show today because i obey the bunching a rule. wait 24 hours for any big anti-trump on shell and both will fizzle out and i'm serious, and you don't humiliate yourself, i refuse. i would not cover the story because i knew, it would be debunked. and you are right mistakes are made by the journalist all the time, but the way to prevent these mistakes and i don't pretend to be a journalist but i'm interested in facts, you
7:32 pm
don't single sourcing story an end then go on a show, all right not that many people watch but whatever come a show and say, hey, listen if this is true, that is really ridiculous. that is not appropriate for cable news channel. >> laura: dan, i love the double boxes and all the drama like, okay. >> i know. >> laura: i'm sorry, i give credit -- >> i was waiting for a soccer red card to throw donald trump. >> laura: i give credit, no, but i give credit to jennifer maddow. maybe women's intuition. >> you saw that? >> laura: this sounds bad but real quick, and 15 what about the ig report and what do you expect? >> well, three quick things. remember comey hit the investigation from trump statements from congress and secondly the leaks could be a big problem. third, i'm hearing an interview in january of one of these russian sources where he was
7:33 pm
entirely discredited and comey went on to continue the investigation anyway. he could be in big trouble. >> laura: dan rattled those off and it's all in the book, i know. , great to see you tonight. coming up john travolta hoops up on another award show fictional first and why "good morning america" host gravel to ballet dancers, raymond arroyo with "seen and unseen." next.
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7:36 pm
>> it is good casting. the academy award winner viola davis who will play mrs. obama. she's around the right age and the acting chops for it. with makeup she might look like michelle obama. look there is a tendency to clam up certain political figures. michelle in a biopic a few years ago, she looks nothing like michelle. felicity jones, ruth bader ginsburg and who might play some of the other first ladies in the show time series? who might hollywood cast say rosalyn carter? >> laura: probably casting come i don't know. someone like -- julianne moore? >> probably. dead ringers. how about hillary clinton? who should play hillary? >> laura: if you are a liberal casting this, someone who looks nothing like her like -- >> that is perfect. >> laura: absolutely perfect. >> once they turn to the first
7:37 pm
lady like laura bush, who might they cast in the showtime series? >> laura: welcome a reading advocate. she's well-liked, a very nice person. >> start at the national book festival. >> laura: start at the national book festival that you are always at. i'm thinking hollywood like kathy griffin? [laughter] >> oh, my gosh, that is probably who they will cast. know my first thought who will bake cast as melania trump? no secret a lot of people don't like the terms. >> laura: she is gorgeous. >> who would you -- speaks several languages, formal model, probably galena dunham. ladies, look. >> laura: these are just -- >> she looks like she has a game show going on in that dress. >> laura: who is that? my guess is the first ladies would fare better. >> laura: you think? how many times has millennia been on a magazine cover?
7:38 pm
one spirit john travolta with another award show. you will remember the music awards, he butchered the name of medina. >> please welcome a talented woman. >> laura: [laughter] >> this week he was at the vmas presenting, watch. >> i shouldn't do this. i would just mispronounce [bleep] [bleep]. queen latifah had to make the announcement because he didn't want to mess up the pronunciation. that did not save him joe biden of hollywood hills and taylor swift won an award for her new album, she took the stage with a team of people at the lgbt friendly video including several drag queens. travolta mistook one of them for taylor swift and handed the award to the drag queen. watch this, look, here we go. that is not her but a drag queen.
7:39 pm
oh, i'm sorry. and imagine how happy, imagine how happy taylor swift must have been to be confused with diana -- >> laura: she would rather go back to kanye west and take that award from her, remember? that was a better deal for for her. raymond you have to remember it all makes sense when travolta's big breakout. >> he decided to do his term paper. [laughter] >> give me a second and i will think of it. [laughter] >> does it have anything to do with history? >> yes, the great french fried -- >> there is a pattern here. >> laura: i have a question did he have a bald cap on? >> no, he had all his hair oh, you mean award show? finally, "good morning america," you have to apologize the response or an innocent story on what william and kate's son prince george will be studying
7:40 pm
including his studies in ballet. >> so happy about the ballet club. prince george, prince williams says george absolutely loves ballet. i have news for you prince william, we will see how long that last. [laughter] >> for that comment spencer was charged with bowling, a link dancers and being insensitive. a series of apologies, including an act of public contrition on oprah where she sat with three males. >> laura: you've got to be kidding me. >> for me the lesson is, it was not my intention but words hurt and it was insensitive and i thank you all for giving me the opportunity to apologize personally to you for you guys coming in here to sit and talk to me and educate me. and again, i'm really sorry. >> apology accepted. absolutely 100%. >> can you believe this.
7:41 pm
this is what politicians would be offended with an ethnic group. >> laura: first of all i was in ballet class for one class and i got kicked out. >> i did it part of my acting training. if you walk around in tights they will razz you. it is not exemplary or email. >> laura: i climbed the ropes. >> this ended with 300 ballet dancers mostly boys joining a class in times square. look at this. i hope she offends a mechanic neck so the boys have to change oil. >> laura: we've got to go. >> you are sorry we are out of time? apology. >> laura: i like the praying motion. he was a victim, may be the first one of the meals also movement. what does he mean by that though? he is here to tell us next.
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do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> laura: more breaking news tonight. an fbi crime lab examining two cobroken cameras outside of the new york city jail cell for -- before jeff epstein died. this comes on the heels of his lawyers, the medical examiner ruling that their client did commit suicide. we have already learned of serious failures at the prison including guards falling asleep on duty and falsifying reports. yesterday, more than a dozen of epstein's alleged victims appeared in court seeking justice. here is what one accuser had to say. >> i feel appropriate
7:45 pm
punishment, absolutely not. and it makes me sick to my stomach the perpetrator is out there and obviously helped him in many ways for a very long time and still out there with no punishment. >> laura: well, what she just said about punishment is interesting. our next guest says he's being unfairly targeted or punished and alan dershowitz, a former lawyer and meredith joins me now, alan, you say that you are a victim of the me too movement can explain. >> well, the evidence is just going to have to judge and show that three years before she falsely accused me, my accuser never heard of me. she hadn't said -- she said she never met me but then she said she saw me once with epstein. she never said that she ever had any contact with me but in fact, she said quite the opposite. and she meets her lawyers and suddenly she for but -- vividly remember she had with me.
7:46 pm
it is totally false. i'm a victim and it's had a terrible impact on me, my family. and the truth is very powerful. there's going to be a trial and i will prove by these emails and by a manuscript she wrote. she wrote a manuscript in which she details the man she had with, a harvard professor named stephen and ni professor. she goes into create detail about the man she had sex with him then she degraff describes me with me and jeff epstein we had business but she didn't have sex with me. it is so clear her lawyers according to her best friend pressured her into naming me because they had a financial stake in this. i have been completely vindicated. >> laura: few and there are other men who say the same thing that their name gets thrown into the mix of whatever allegation, whatever circumstance.
7:47 pm
>> there is a difference. >> laura: i know, but i'm just saying they set up often times is an accusation. and even when it's disapproved later on, that sting is still there. that taint is still there, so where does and unfairly accused person and you can go by in a criminal issue or civil case that is outrageous, where do you go to get your reputation back? >> what you do, what you do is what i'm doing and that is writing a book about guilt by accusation having to fight against false charges. look the me too movement is great. the extent that it really produces justice for men who have abused women and i'm completely for it, but victims can sometimes lie as well. in my case, they have. and i'm going to prove categorically. i will not rest until nobody believes this allegation against me. i'm going to buck the tide and overcome the presumption of guilt. for me, it's not enough to
7:48 pm
presume he innocent and maybe i'm innocent. i have to conclusively prove that i never met this woman, i never saw her, she made up the whole story, and anybody who sees the evidence concludes that. instead of looking forward to a trial where i can prove my own instance. >> laura: allen, but you've got this very big deal lawyer, big, big deal lawyer, david representing her emma correct? so he's presumably -- i know you can represent clients with a shady past, but he presumably has seen the documents. he knows what's out there. what do you say about his own credibility as a member of the bar to represent her? >> sean: well, boys has no credibility. he was involved in "the new york times" trying to harass people against reporting on harvey weinstein and was fired from the times. he had to quit. he has been accused of
7:49 pm
ethical -- on ethical violations more than any other major lawyer in the united states today. in this case, he may be part of the problem p because one of the allegations he may have is perjury on several occasions by pressuring witnesses to light and to make up stories. that is being investigated. and so the fact that he is involved in the case does not increase the credibility of the witnesses, it decreases the credibility of the witnesses. i think in the end a jury and a judge by hearing all the evidence will so conclude. i speak out and people like prince andrew don't speak out and others don't speak out. and other should speak out. >> laura: alan, thank you so much. and beto o'rourke says america is to blame for the drought in guatemala. watch. >> guatemalan official was here to deliver a message to that 200 candidate next. let's take a look at some numbers:
7:50 pm
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call now to learn more. >> laura: this is so good. 2020 democrats beto o'rourke says he found the real culprit behind the plate of central america. are you ready? it is you. >> guatemala suffering one of the greatest droughts in the
7:53 pm
reported history caused not by god or mother nature but by you and me and all of us in our emissions and our actions in the face of the facts and for science and the truth. >> laura: here to react is the secretary of intelligence in guatemala. mr. secretary, what is your reaction? did mother nature have nothing to do with this? it's really our fault? >> hi, laura, first of all, what can i tell you? it is a silly comment to say something like that. obviously, most taken away from the environmental issues that the entire world faces but definitely claiming that the united states is at fault for all that our country faces. that is simply ludicrous. we have two take into account our own responsibilities as country and our people. and so i think such comments really don't add anything to the
7:54 pm
political debate in the united states. >> laura: also, take a listen to what also beto o'rourke claims the u.s. is responsible for in your country and the entire northern triangle, watch. >> people, honduras and guatemala, el salvador reduce violence in their home communities, violence which we are somewhat to blame for. the civil wars we are involved in, the drug trade we facilitated the war on drugs that militarized and hold out civic institutions in their home countries. >> laura: so mr. secretary, is the u.s. responsible for violence in your country? >> no, not at all. to be honest, like i said, this country in each country is responsible for their own people and for their own future, present and past. we have done the straight don't make mistakes in every country has no mistakes. but the country to completely blame what we are facing down here, no, that's not right.
7:55 pm
and i would say that some of the problems we have right now are the fault of socialists who have tried to be pushed on us by democrats in the united states and by other liberal countries. >> laura: how is the u.n. pushing these policies on guatemala? this is a critical point that i think people need to hear. >> well there are many things, for instance, trying to push on to us what they call kind of like a managed judiciary system. you know, we recently were about with the commission with guatemalan on september 3rd, their term will be over. it's not going to be needed at all. during that time a lot of things happen, a lot of bad things happen and the citizens, some good work was done. it started as a good idea, but then it was taken over by
7:56 pm
ideologist. >> laura: well, mr. secretary we need guatemalan to be totally on board with this migration crisis. 115,720 guatemalans were apprehended at the southern border in the fiscal year 2018. just devastating numbers for your country and for our country. so i hope that cooperation will continue and grow. thank you very much for being here tonight. and kirsten gillibrand, the best or the worst for the presidential bid next.
7:57 pm
7:58 pm
7:59 pm
>> laura: it's time for the last bite. it's time to say goodbye -- not to me, sorry, liberals. kirsten gillibrand dropped out of the race today but oh what fun we had along the way. >> the first thing that i'm going to do when i'm president is it i am going to clorox the oval office.
8:00 pm
ending my presidential campaign. >> laura: i don't think we did her justice. we have to do a longer version tomorrow. there's good stuff in there. farewell, senator gillibrand. i can't wait to see whom you endorsed because there are a lot of people who supported you who really want to follow you to the next candidate. shannon bream. the "fox news @ night" team take it from here. >> shannon: the field windows down. thank you very much. we begin with the fox news alert. brand-new policy, a whole lot of confusion about whether children of u.s. military members and diplomats if they are born abroad are automatically u.s. citizens. will be talking to the acting director of u.s. citizenship. ken cuccinelli is here alive. fox news exclusive. democratic capitol hill staffers barred from visiting border facilities after being accused of rude behavior.


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