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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 28, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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♪ >> tucker: good evening to end welcome to tucker carlson tonight. it wasn't even a year ago. it was the middle of the brett kavanaugh support hearings. when the democratic party began an extended lecture on the horrors of sexual assault against women. if you've got 2x chromosomes, leading democrats toldga us agan and again, we are going to protect you from predatory a me. watch this. >> survivors from sexual assault are watching his body of powerful people and what will happen. this toxic culture, this pernicious patriarchy in this country has tohi stop. >> i am angry on behalf of women
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who have been told to sit down and shut up one time too many. >> we need a change in our culture in terms of how men treat women. >> tucker: so those are strong words coming from the party of bill clinton and ted kennedy. do they actually mean any of them? it's pretty easy to find out. how do you treat people you really care about? would you leave your children home alone with the door unlocked? would you invite strangers over to stay with him while you were going? only of cruel and stupid person would do something like a that. democrats are very intent on doing the same thing to our country. they brag about it. >> on day one, i will make sure the number one policies -- -- >> if you could, would you take the wall down to mexico
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yesterday >> offer a home to refugees, that is who wee are. that's part of what we do. >> instead of building a wall or closing the border, we should choose compassion instead of cruelty. >> we welcome refugees and bring people out of the shadows. >> immigration is not a security issue. it is economic and humanitarian at a family issue. >> i think undocumented people need to have a means by which they can be covered when they are sick. this is just common decency. >> tucker: you hear that? immigration is not a security issue. that's what they are demanding you believe. has there ever been a more better life? till after the people of montgomery maryland rights outside of washington, d.c. a teenage girl at knife point. an awful story, but unfortunately it's not uncommon if they are very at least the fifth illegal immigrant arrested for rape in montgomery county
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just this month. five just this month. two of the others are charged with raping an 11-year-old girl. horrifying.are out of this happen? simple, montgomery is a sanctuary for criminal aliens. at the chance for illegal immigrants being deported are essentially zero. the ideologues who let this happen. they are denying it now of course but they absolutely didit it. when it came right down to it,n the safety of their own citizens meant less to them than a chance to posture self-righteously about immigration. they wanted to feel like moral heroes even if it meant the women got raped. itrm immigration judge and resident of the fella for immigration studies joins us tonight. thanks very much for coming on. >> thank you. >> some of the maryland has consistently made the point that we are not cooperating with federal immigration sources. >> the actually double down, thr end of july county executive band ice from coming into the h
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jail, band has officers from communicating with ice and said they were going to honor detainers for criminal aliens in montgomery county jail. >> tucker: five illegal aliens arrested for rape in one month in one county and now they're telling us this policy welcoming illegal aliens to the counter had nothing to do with thiso whatsoever. >> that's complete with false. the fact is that individuals come to counties where they know -- come to locales where they know they are not going to be turned over to ice. montgomery county probably has one of the strongest anti-ice policies that i can think of. if you won't allow ice officials into your jail to talk to criminal aliens? it's ridiculous. >> tucker: so if you'reul the family of one of these victims, do you have a case against the peace running montgomery county? >> unfortunately, you don't. sovereign immunity is going to protect mark eldridge, the account executive and members of the county counsel against any claims like that. they are not responsible for the
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rapes that took place there even though they open the front door and allowed these individuals into their county. >> tucker: in a just world they would pay the price for this. is there any hope at this point -- again, five rapes in a month -- that this policy will change? >> they've actually had to backtrack after the storyis came out about the two aliens who had raped the 11-year-old girl, one multiple times and filled it with a cell phone, so -- but even then they only say they will allow in ice for serious crimes or they will notify ice about serious crimes but even then that definition is not very clear. >> tucker: if you are putting -- this is a rhetorical question, but i think it's important to frame it this way because it's real, if you are putting the safety of your own citizens first, would you adopt this policy? >> network. the fact is most of these people are released back into immigrant communities. if you really care about eoimmigrant communities you woud
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let ice take the alien criminals out of those communities and you would people, keep those people safe. >> tucker: at this point we know that the line we've been fed for the last five years from immigration is not a security issue, illegal immigrants commit fewer crimes, these are all lie lies. do you expect the left to continue to say them even though the data show that they are not true? >> absolutely because they will continue to bury the stories. there is a class issue. a girl at a trailer park in georgetown, if these crimes have taken place in great falls and been committed by united states citizen or a potomac against a housewife, this would be front page crimes, but not in these situations. they want to keep them buried. >> tucker: the same way of 13 targets immigrants. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: senator kirsten gillibrand has announced she was dropping out of the 2020 presidential race.
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>> after more than eight incredible months, amending my presidential campaign. i know this is the result we wanted, we wanted to win this race but it's important to know when it's not your time and to know how you can best serve your community and country. i believe i can best served by helping to unite us to beat donald trump in 2020. >> tucker: so under normal circumstances, that might qualify as a fox news alert but in the case of gillibrand she does not deserve it. she'd never pulled above the margin of error ever, she was looking back perhaps the worst uccandidate ever to run from any party in the history of this country. if she in fact represent of the worst trends of the modern left, all in one package. for starters, she's an other phony, she cares only about accumulate in power for herself. as a congressman she resorted gun rights and fiscal discipline, such wanted to secure the southern border animals immediately after being handed hillary clinton's senate seat, gillibrand dreamed of more, so she lurched far to the
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left on virtually every issue. but it wasn't just that. because she scared them i cared only about power, gillibrand was happy to be friends with bill clinton and harvey weinstein as long as they were useful to her. no matter whatever else you will know michaelll about her but whn it was politically expedient she denounced them, but only when she was certain they wouldn't be useful anymore. she didn't stop there. she also, remember, led the effort to push al franken out of the united states senate though there was no proof he done anything wrong. far be it for us to defend al franken, but it was that unfair, but that's kirsten gillibrand in a nutshell. a pampered hypocrite with no scruples happy to lecture you about your feelings and your privilege. watch this. >> the first thing that i'm going to do when i'm president is i'm going to clorox the oval office. >> many to pass a green new dea deal. this should be our nation's moon shot. >> if we don't take global climate changege seriously, you don't care about the world and the country. if you care about people.
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>> as president of the united states, i wouldn't use the detention system at all. we would be delighted to takete refugee families into cities like buffalo and syracuse and rochester. >> so if your son is 15 years old and smokes pot, he smokes pot just as much as the black boy in his neighborhood and theb latino boy but that black and brown boy is four times more likely to be arrested. that's institutional racism. your son will likely not have good deal with that because he is white. >> tucker: self-righteous, dumb, yeah, that's par for the course here in washington. but the last clip shows why gillibrand stands apart. that was gillibrand, united states senator, lecturing a mother in youngstown, ohio. ever been to youngstown, ohio, ? she was telling her how no matter how much washington abandons her and her entire region two on employment and drug addiction and suicide and
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diabetes, actually that woman should be ashamed of her white privilege. that's kirsten gillibrand in one clip, really the worst candidate ever. good riddance, kirsten gillibrand. associate editor of city journal joins us tonight. seth, you hate to pylon, it takes courage to run for office. i generally sever ties with candidates when they get out, it's painful, itiz stings. in the case of kirsten gillibrand, it can't come a moment too soon. i can't c think of someone more false, nastier, crueler, more self-centered, dumber, can you? >> yeah, mayor de blasio is kind of a close second. >> tucker: [laughs] that's true. >> christian jewell brand has run -- she's a complete hypocrite, as you said. a blue dog democrat. she got high ratings from the nra and then when she became senator, she said that she was embarrassed of her 98% white home district, all these benighted fools and she was glad to embrace the woke philosophy
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of the new left. her senatorial seat was essentially orchestrated by her, close ally, former republican senator elder model. she is very much just a an opportunist. she made a big deal about going on dropping f-bombs about trump every 10 minutes. she's pretty egregious i wouldld say. >> tucker: i guess what bothers me is not -- i want to becausener point on it washington is full of phony people. it's politics, so there's some falseness. there's falseness in television too. i don't want to be self-righteous about it. she's mean. that's what i don't like about her. she's cruel. to lecture that woman in youngstown, ohio, of all places about her privilege, the way she treated al franken, why don't like and don't agree with, i don't like al franken at all, but she was so mean to him. so unfair.
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>> it's outrageous. that she would be the emissary for white women. she would explain to white women whether sons were spared police brutality because of their white privilege, so essentially she campaigned on the message that he liked me and i will make sure your sons get shot. >> tucker: was there anybody in the united states senate -- was anybody for this candidacy? >> i don't think so. apparently her staff was kind of embarrassed and chagrined and kind of keeping this up. i havee to say i did not think that she would drop out before mayor de blasio. it seemed like she had more of claim to the past. but i guess reality intruded. >> tucker: yeah. here i've been beating up her but i do think she's sharper
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than mayor de blasio, not that that is saying too much. the liquid, will she keep her senate seat? you can stay for and it, forever in the senate it even your kirsten gillibrand? >> people have said she could be susceptible to cexandria ocasio-cortez. >> tucker: i would support ocasio-cortez over kirsten gillibrand any day of the the week. >> you may have something there. >> tucker: great to see you. >> thank you. >> tucker: you thank you. we've seen a lot of people, a lot of them associated with the trump campaign, their lives destroyed because they were accused of making false statements to federal investigators. andrew mccabe clearly made a series of salt, claw statements to federal investigators but he's fine. why is that? plus come over at nbc, one of the prime time shows ran a completely bogus story last night. and how the anchor who did it is apologizing. remarkable. that's next. ♪ ♪[upbeat music]
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♪ >> tucker: well, >> tucker: a lot of people push the russia collusion hoax but if you pushed harder or spend more r time pushing it thn former acting fbi director andrew mccabe. thanks in part to his efforts, george papadopoulos and many others had their lives destroyed. some of them were accused of making false statements to federal agents. roger stone faces life in prison for a trial that starts in november for that crime. and scored dell according to an inspector general report even as he was winning effort to destroy the lives of others per line, it andrew mccabe was himself lying. would he get the same treatment that his victims are getting? federal prosecutors are weighing that question right now, and how
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about jim comey? does another inspector general's report about him that also from possible criminal behavior, president of judicial watch, as generally, he joins us how to sort it out. first to the andrew mccabe question. will mccabe face the consequences that so many others have faced for this? >> i don't know. you raised these other folks that were targeted. general flynn was ambushed thanks to andrew mccabe's conduct. he was referred for criminal investigation for april of last year. he's already gotten special treatment in the sense the justice department has been agonizing over whether to follow the leads of the ig report. this guy live three or four times tog. investigators and we just received the documents both under oath and not under oath. it's ahe crime. >> tucker: what happened to
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you or me or her average fox news viewer for doing that same ove thing? would we be getting the same benefit of the doubt he appears to be enjoying? >> general flynn was prosecuted within months. andrew mccabe, they haven't decided whether to prosecute him because according to the near times they are worried they might get a democratic jury here in the district of columbia and they won't get the prosecution. i tell you what, the justice department needs to speed up justice, not in an improper way, justice delayed here suggests there is a double standard that if you're associated with trump world, you get targeted. if your anti-trump, you get protected. >> tucker: is right. on the left more generally, lois lerner walks free. what we know about the comey report? >> he committed to licking documents, fbi files he had on president trump to get a special counsel appointed.
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the ig report was reported that that was wrong, including classified information. he also lacked candor and talk about it with investigators. supposedly the justice department is injected the referral for the prosecution to pursue it. i don't know. if andrew mccabe and james comey both get a lot away with lying, confirmation that the deep state rules. >> tucker: so if you're roger stone under 67 years old and facing life t in prison because you've been accused of lying to investigators not about anything of substance, but just you lied, they claimed, how can you look over at these guys lied in the course of actually wrecking the country and watch them get away and think this is just as? does that work? >> it doesn't work and if i was the president i would be --in
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blame, the rest of them caught up in mueller's web, and we're just talking about relatively minor crimes compared to the coup that took place in the spying on president trump. i understand there's a u.s. -- connecticut and durham that's looking at this, but haven't seen any indications about criminal inquiry about the most significant corruption scandal in american history. the spying on president trump that was illegal. is the ig going to come out on the fisagate report? say there was something improper there and nothing is going to be done again? this is a sign that the justice department has been terribly corrupted and it hasn't been fixed yet by the attorney general. >> tucker: is making a lot of us very cynical unfortunately. great to see you. >> thanks. >> tucker: it's been almost six months since the russia s collusion story was unmasked as
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a hoax. the newsman to filter down. last night lawrence o'donnell ranen the story aboutre president trump's past business dealings. speak of the sort to source as the bank is in possession of loann documents and obtained loans with cosigners and would have not been able to obtain those loans without cosigners. the source close to the bank says that the cosigners of donald trump's deutsche deutsck loans are russian billionaires close to vladimir putin. if true, that would explain every kind word donald trump has ever said about russia and vladimir putin, if true. >> tucker: yeah. that man has a harvard education. did you catch that? of the source, if true. a single unverified source to make a wild accusation -- a truly wild accusation. basically the same standard of the trump was based on.
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now, less than 24 hours later after the threat from the president lawyers, that man had to retract his claim. today he tweeted this. "last night i made an error in judgment by reporting item about there president's finances that didn't go through a rigorous verification and standard process." [laughs] is talking but nbc news, a completely fraudulent news organization -- our rigorous process. excuse me. picking up the quote again. "i shouldn't have reported it and i was wrong, wrong to discuss it on the air. i will address the issue on my show tonight. in other words, please watch! it's unbelievable. so he retracted the story. but of course it wasn't an error and of judgment. there is no rigorous verification process at nbc new nbc news. if there was we wouldn't have had two years of the russia hoax. because this story, the one that they are retracting, has precisely as much evidence to back it up as the rest of the
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stuff they force-fed us for years about russia. unbelievable. how would carr is a radio host and he joins us tonight. how did this story slip through the fine net over there at nbc news? how does this possibly get on the air? >> yeah -- who is in this rigorous verification and standards process? mike barnicle or brian williams? org julie swetnick, the woman who accused brett kavanaugh of doing all those things? these people are like a dog that's been chewing on a bone for weeks and there's no meat left on it but they are still gnawing on it. they can't let go of it. all these people. msnbc, cnn, "the washington post," "the new york times" ," they out to be in some kind of journalistic equivalent of a still, 12-step program in the church apologizing to the person they wrong.
9:26 pm
instead they just called it an item. gait of the crossover with rachel maddow. the lead story. to know what should have been the clue? it's when rachel maddow said to him that's a scenario i've never contemplated. one rachel maddow has never contemplated the scenario, you know you're on various thin ice with the russian hoax. >> tucker: was soun funny as this anchor famously -- he talks about a quite a bit -- a harvard man. in those other people, they are the most impressive specimens that our system produces. does that make you wonder about our system? a little bit? >> is not a journalist. he went to saint sebastian's, which is basically just a little finishing school forward to little boys in the boston suburbs, $48,000 tuition. then he goes to harvard. he didn't work for a newspaper or a locala tv station. he worked for the harvard
9:27 pm
lampoon. he's a dilettante. he has no experience. i thought he was satisfied with being a fake msnbc tough guy like donny deutsch. but now he wants to produce fake news. he's as much a journalist as al sharpton or joy rita. now he's busted. and again, he calls it an item. he did it in the crossover with rachel maddow. that means it's the lead story, the equivalent of the top of the front page with the newspaper. he says if true, if true. you work for print publications, that's the conversation you have with the city editor or the assignment desk. you don't go on live national tv and say "if true." >> tucker: [laughs] that's what i say -- i've never written a lead with that phrase in it. great to see her tonight, thank you for that. >> thanks. >> tucker: new reports tonight say that ilhan omar had an
9:28 pm
affair with someone hired by her campaign. that's what they are saying. the question is, what an arrangement might know mike lik that break laws? we will investigate. plus, the dnc is pulling out all the stops to keep tulsi gabbard off the debate stage. she is back fromro her military- she joins us for an interview just ahead. ♪
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>> tucker: congresswoman ilhan omar is back in the news again in newly released divorce papers, a claim has made that she has had a long-term affair with a political consultant, her political consultant named tim. a new complaint says omar's involvement may have violated campaign finance laws. peter joins us tonight. thanks for coming on.
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>> good evening. >> tucker: typically we don't jump into people's personal lives, but in this specific case you have an allegation that a relationship like this could violate the law. how would that work? >> the problem here is that private actions may have resulted in violations of the law. the federal election campaign act. in this case, you have representative ilhan omar's campaign paying for the travel of a political consultant with which it's alleged that representative omar is having an affair. that opens the possibility that campaign funds aret being used for personal purposes, which is strictly prohibited and its end of the careers of many politicians. it representative duncan hunter, republican from san diego. he may be on his way to jail for using campaign funds for
9:34 pm
personal uses, including facilitating extramarital affairs. >> tucker: interesting. so what wouldat you need to show that? >> well we've asked for an investigation by the federal election commission. these areth violations of the election. if it's willful, it's possibleer it could trigger an investigation by the justice department and we do hope that takes place. but in our complaint we cited two things. number one, the failure to itemize travel by this consultant named tim mynett, the federal election commission's regulation is worth specifically about travel. you have to report as individual disbursements any amount over $200 in the aggregate. your hotel, your airfare, whatever, but omar on her report simply reported lump-sum payments to an llc owned by tim
9:35 pm
mynett, which is a clear violation. that sounds technical and it sounds a little nitpicking, but as an ethics group, we always look for technical violations in hopes of finding out the more serious improper activity that they are calculated to conceal. >> tucker: this stuff hangs on technicalities. if that's what it is. it's an accumulation. so omar, in addition to being, i would say ideologically on the wrong side, seems very sleazy. every time. you press a little bit into a personal can't get a straight answer, quite a bit of deception, that may not even be her real name. she may have married her brother. you have this. as she shed any light on this at all? as she responded to the questions, your questions? >> i understand today that she denied everything and i was curious to us because the violations about reporting the travel, they are straightforward, unambiguous violations in any election law
9:36 pm
expert would tell you that. the more serious matter of whether she was having an affair withff tim mynett and used campaign funds to facilitate his traveling around the country with her, well, we can't state that we know that conclusively, we are saying there's enough enough circumstantial evidence for the sec to launch an finvestigation, and we hope thy do. >> tucker: we willh see. thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> you bet. >> tucker: you'd think the democratic party would be eager to hear more from tulsi gabbard. she is young, she, an iraq war veteran but she stands alone among the democratic candidates and opposing starting wars like iraq or bombing syria. therefore, the democratic party appears eager to sideline her. she has done well in a number of recent goals for the democratic party does not recognize those poles and main use that to keep her off the debate stage next month. congresswoman has completed two weeks of training in the national guard and she joins us
9:37 pm
tonight. thanks very much for joint, going on. >> hello. >> tucker: tell me if i missed stating this, the democratic party -- the dnc is refusing to recognize as valid poles that qualify for the next debate. >> here's a situation, there's a whole bunch of different balls that have come out. the dnc has only recognized some of the them as being qualifying debates.le the whole thing gets confusing and you have to jump way down into the weeds and the numbers and statistics but i think the bigger problem is that the whole process really lacks transparency. people deserve having that transparency because ultimately it's the people who will decide who are democratic nominee will be and ultimately who our next president and commander in chief will be and when you see that lack of transparency, it creates a lack of faiths and trust in e process. and i think this also points to
9:38 pm
a bigger issue and challenge that goes beyond the dnc and party politics, the government itself. there's people who are increasingly losing that faith and trust in the government because they see a lack of transparency there. they say that we don't have a government that is off, buy, and for the people and really what they see is this small group of really powerful political elites, the establishment makine their interests and maintaining that power while the rock stomach rest of us are left outside. the american people are left behind. these of the deeper seated issues i think it's some sort tell mike important thatt we recognize that for me i would -- that will actually fulfill that vision that our founders had for the country of having it government that is truly of, by, and for the people. by making sure they are making
9:39 pm
decisions not based on partisanship, but based on serving their interests. >> tucker: you got sideways with the political establishment last presidential cycle because you didn't jump aboard the hillary clinton express immediately. we learneduently that there was some activity that looked a lot like reagan going on behind the scenes. parties do do this and have for a long time in order to sort of steer one candidate towards victory and hamstring another. are you worried that that could be happening again? >> again, i've got some concerns about the process and i think a lot of them go to that lack of transparency, because when you have transparency, and people are able to say here's the process, here's what's going on. that's not really what we are seeing right now, especially around all these polls on the qualifiers in the nonqualifiers for the debate. for me, i can just say that whether i'm on the debate stage or not i'm going to continue focusing on speaking directly to voters across this country,
9:40 pm
connecting with them, and recognizing that no matter what the powers that be in washington say, the power lies in the hands of the people of this country. all the people of this country and when we exercise our voices, that's how we can really bring about the kind of big systemic change that we need to see it goes s far beyond just the next election. it goes back what i was talking about, actually bringing the voices of the people to the forefront. >> tucker: i booked hope your voices heard. don't agree with everything you say but i think it got really interesting and important views on foreign policy that are underrepresented in washington for reasons that i don't understand. most of the country actually agrees with them but no one in washington does. so i hope that you can tell the country about what you think on thoseop topics. congresswoman thank you for joining us. >> we will continue, thank you. >> tucker: hillary clinton may not be the president but she still played a direct role in the current migrant crisis. she has taken that fact out of the latest edition of her memoir, a story you may not know
9:41 pm
anything about, but it's worth knowing about, the specifics. we will tell it to you next. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: jeffrey epstein of course is dead, but we're still learning learning interesting things about j him. newly surfaced footage shows even more evidence of his lifestyle, beth described may be as trace gallagher has more on trace. >> we scanned more than an hour of video from a 2005 police raid on jeffrey epstein's palm beach oceanfront compound. itit begins with detectives entering the $16.5 million home with guns drawn and reading a search warrant to the house manager. the officers then combed the entire mansion where they come across numerous pictures of young girls in various stages of undress, including a photo of a
9:46 pm
girl who appears to be about 15 in a bikini and another showing a naked girl lying on a beach. it's interesting because there are numerous pictures of epstein's former girlfriend ghislaine maxwell. she's the one that some of the alleged victim orchestrated the ring. the pictures of maxwell range from her lying on the beach to her and jeffrey epstein in what appears to be the white house press briefing room. again, we don't know if any of these photos have been verified, but we do know that jeffrey epstein had long-standing ties to former president bill clinton and between 2001 and 2003, clinton took at least 26 trips on epstein's private plane. quentin says he knew nothing of epstein's crimes. but legal experts say if authorities decide to go after ghislaine maxwell for criminal wrongdoing, she might decide to cut a deal to save herself in exchange for giving up information on the powerful people that epstein surrounded himself with like prince andrew,
9:47 pm
for example, who was seen with epstein even after he was labeled a sex offender and got out of jail. spoon trace, thanks for that. well, we spent a lot of time talk about the crisis of the u.s.-mexico border. not a lot of time talking about why so many migrants are coming up fromm central america. a lot of reasons for it. at one of them involves the former secretary of stateve hillary clinton. way back ten years ago in 2009, the honduran president manwell was overthrown in a coup. ever since then honduras has been 2 in chaos -- we see in the same kind of things happen and a lot of other countries. hillary clinton's connection is this. she was secretary of state when he was overthrown. she defended his ouster in the hardcover version of her memoir called "hard choices." here's the interesting part. she removed that defense from the paperback version. a journalist at the gray zone, recently she interviewed -- she joins us tonight. thanks a lot for cominger on. >> of course, my pleasure. >> tucker: this is one of those stories, and i know
9:48 pm
complex and we don't have a ton of timeon but some went up briey viewers who don't know about it. >> the section of a book, which talked about her role in overseeing that coup in honduras which removed their democratically elected president in 2009 is because she must be quite ashamed of the legacy it left in the country. we're talking about -- and i spoke, as you mentioned on the tenth anniversary of that coup when all u.s. media was talk about the crisis of the border without speaking about the fact that that crisis is directly tied to u.s. foreign policy, specifically u.s. regime change policy, which has resulted in the doubling of poverty in honduras. we are tracking what a country and out which is 5% poverty, about 42% of a country classified as living under extreme poverty, but more than the two men which have succeeded him as president,
9:49 pm
president lobo and current president, who somehow has served two terms despite the fact that honduras' constitution forbids a second term as president, both of those men now stand accused by the u.s. government of funding the presidential campaigns with money made off the drug war. current president specifically is accused of that, but his brother tony hernandez is currently sitting in a u.s. prison celll in miami for his role in the drug trade, someone who was actually signing his initials on bags of cocaine that were being shipped. this president is implicated as a coconspirator by the u.s. government in this case. if he was here in washington yesterday. spoon so i guess what you're saying as it turns out want to dump the old guy you don't necessarily get a better country or betterr leadership. doesn't this evoke memories of what happened in libya with
9:50 pm
muammar qaddafi, overthrown, killed, precipitants the migrant crisis in europe. >> absolute, that is what driving the international migrant crisis and it's something that both parties in his country for some reason support. emigrants and republicans alike. the obama administration and the trump administration both allowing one hand orlando's supported by the u.s. government and that's because both parties answer to a small elite in this country, which actually benefit not only from these countries like honduras being opened up to international corporations, but also benefit from the flood of labor, cheap labor into this country. >> tucker: that's the story right there. i couldn't agree with you more. that's exactly right. a certain class. great to see you tonight. thank you very much.ig >> of course. >> tucker: sean duffy has a safe seat in congress, is
9:51 pm
walking away though. we will tell you why, first interview explaining why he's leaving the u.s. congress after this. is a co - in the last year, there were three victims
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♪ >> tucker: congressman sean duffy has been a frequent guest on this program, represented wisconsin and the congress for close to a decade. he could probably stay there as long as he wants. he is a representative for his state and popular, but duffy come on like a lot of people in washington, believes there something more important than wielding political power: family. he and his wife rachel campos-duffy are expecting their ninth child, announcing it was a girl with the significant medical issues at birth, so the congressman has announced he is resigning from congress next month so he can fully dedicate himself to his family. congressman duffy joins us tonight. congressman, thanks very much for coming on. congratulations on the birth of your ninth child. you are an inspiration to a lot of us. tell us your thinking here. >> our little baby is going to
9:56 pm
be born the middle of october, e is going to need open heart surgery to go in, couple of holes she has in the heart that separate the left and right chamber. i'm not a doctor, but that's what they told me. it's serious stuff, and i need to take a pause. it's a big enough job, rachel is a fox news contributor, i have eight kids at home. contrary to popular belief, the schedule is rigorous. four days in washington, back in your district, dairy breakfast, with your constituents, so i need to take some time and be with my wife and kids. take care of this little one that's going to need more time for me. i didn't die, i'm still around, but i just need to focus on family. and we always say, tucker, you know what? our families come first. even though i love politics, they are first, and if we don't live what we believe, what good are we? so i thought it's a great time from god to say this is too much
9:57 pm
on your plate right now. take a break, find something else with a better schedule, and spend more time with your kids on this new little baby. >> tucker: amen. it's the kind of thing that seems obvious, and yet people don't do it. in fact, it's a joke in washington, i'm leaving to spend more time with my family -- but you actually are. you might be the one guy that is actually doing that. >> tucker, i got to tell you, i'm going to go spend time with my family. that's pretty cheap because everyone says it, i've got to give people more information so they know i have an issue here i have to address. i have a great wife, and she has been in iraq, and we have these complications, every baby we hae had has been a gift from god and come from blessings, and so we take every gift we are given, and this will be a gift, as well, just a little more complication. i'm happy i have eight little kids at home to wrap their loving arms around her, get her healthy, and see what next steps i have in my life. >> tucker: good for you.
9:58 pm
we all get old so fast. on your way out, is there anything you will miss about the congress? >> i like the people. if there really are good people. it's dysfunctional, but it's a good body, the greatest body on earth, i think. and listen, i got to come on your show, one of my great memories as i won the erik wemple mug one time. i will miss being a congressman. leaving, tucker, some people have taken shots at me, but in my community, my district, even democrats who have had harsh words for me, they have been kind to me as i've left, and it shows the kind of people that are willing to set aside politics. we had a congressman, we didn't always agree, but good for him for going home, and it speaks volumes about the people i represent. i'm grateful to all of them, it's been an honor to be there congressman. it's also a greater honor to be there dad. there's 435 members of congress, but only one dad in the duffy household, and so those
9:59 pm
congressmen can do their work, i will do my work. >> tucker: are your kids psyched? >> tucker, i told them i lost my job, they freaked out for a while. we are going to be fine. they are psyched, they want their dad at home. we are going to hockey games, go to baseball practice. i want to see the stuff we so often miss as members of congress. and families do suffer in congress because you are gone. it's a great service to the contrary, but you always have to have that balance in book four signs from gone know my god, and i'm looking forward to seeing more hockey in my life. >> tucker: you can't see this, but as we have been talking, we have put pictures of your family on the screen. i'm looking at them, and i'm thinking, what matters more than that? nothing, and when you are old, you are going to be grateful you did this. anyway, god bless you, congressman. >> god bless you, tucker, thanks for having me. >> tucker: that's what really matters, obviously.
10:00 pm
that's it for us, obviously. we will back tomorrow, 8:00 p.m., they show that it is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. good night from washington, but it's not over. sean hannity live from new york city. >> sean: all right, tucker. you get more vacation than me. that's not fair, i've been here longer. i hope you had a good time with your family, you deserve it. welcome back, and welcome to "hannity." we begin tonight with a fox news alert. we've been telling you that we are expecting the results of four separate federal investigations into the deep state. breaking tonight, according to our sources, the first of those reports is set to be released soon, maybe as early as tomorr tomorrow. the doj inspector general's official findings on james comey are now imminent. and it's not looking good for, whelchel, mr. super patriot, the guy who knows better than us. we are told the report will strongly rebuke the disgraced former fbi director, document his utter lack of candor. that means lying.


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