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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 29, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> i'm into my presidential campaign. >> i don't think we did her justice. we need to do a longer version tomorrow. a lot of good stuff in there. farewell, can't wait to see you you endorse because a lot of people supported you who really want to follow you to the next candidate. shannon bream, take it all from here. >> the field windows down again. fox news alert. a brand-new policy, a whole lot of confusion whether children of us military members and diplomats if born abroad are automatically us citizens, will be acting director of us citizenship is here live to set the record straight. from democratic capitol hill staffers barred from visiting border facilities after being
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accused of lewd behavior, exposing conditions there. tonight fox news is investigating allegations of campaign-finance violations by a member of the progressive squad, congresswoman ilhan omar. shake claims of a hospital forcing a catholic nurse to perform an abortion after she said she was morally opposed. what the hospital said in the trump administration official heading up the office aimed at that, he joins us live. we go to trace gallagher, big move on immigration, the efforts to get a wall built, and the new citizenship policy. what can you tell us? >> the initial announcement which didn't come with a lot of detail had immigration activists pretty worked up because it appeared to smack down
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birthright citizenship saying children, certain government employees and servicemembers born abroad will no longer automatically be considered us citizens. automatically being the keyword. the policy isn't denying citizenship, it is making certain parents go through the process of applying for citizenship but immigration advocates as it raises the prospect of some families could be denied. the alarm bells prompted the acting director of us citizenship and immigration services to say, quote, the policy manual update does not affect who was born a us citizen, period. it only affects children born outside the us and not us citizens. this does not impact birthright citizenship and the policy does appear to be aimed at children of parents who have not lived in the us for many years or who are not us citizens. he went on to say some people are freaking out over nothing. >> we will ask them directly, thank you very much and also before we go another question
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but what about the controversy about the president wanting to build a wall by election and wearying from the white house on that. >> the washington post reporter the president was so eager to complete the ball he directed 8 with faster construction contracts to seize private land if necessary and ignore environmental regulations and also claims the president said he would pardon anyone who breaks laws to get the wall built with white house is the president was joking and he winks when he said it. the president also call the washington post story fake news and tweeted this quoting the wall is going up very fast despite total obstruction by democrats in congress and elsewhere but critics say not a single mile of new border fence has been built which without context is disingenuous because customs and border protection says within 50 miles of new border fence has been built but it was built to replace
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dilapidated and old fencing that illegal immigrants could easily jump or cut with an electric saw and now there are 18 to 25 foot new fences replacing the old. no additional territory is blocked by sensing but there's plenty of new fencing to be found. >> thank you very much. let's go to the source to separate fact from fiction, acting director of citizenship and immigration services joins us live. good to have you back tonight. let's talk about the policy that rolled out today, here's what nancy pelosi had to say in a tweet. servicemembers and diplomats abroad are among our nation's best, yet donald trump is launching an attack on their families putting in doubt the citizenship of their children born overseas, this shameful policy must be reversed immediately so tell us what does the new policy do and not do? >> trace broken down accurately.
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unlike a lot of the reporting that has gone on today. this does not affect the children, whether they be government employees are military members who are us citizens born abroad. the only people this affects are those who are not us citizens when they are born, for instance the child of a mother who marries a servicemember who is a citizen for instance. for that person to become a citizen they need to establish residency in the united states with their us citizens to parent and that happens in the united states. the only thing this policy manual which is just a guideline for the people who work in the office, all it does is put our policy the same as the department of state's policy
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which is consistent with the law and requires residency in the united states as part of the process that already exists for these kids to become citizens. >> anybody who was going to be a citizen blocked from the opportunity to become a citizen under the scenario? >> know. excellent question. jillian: the washington post reporting donald trump so eager to complete hundreds of miles of border fence ahead of the presidential election that he directed aids to fast-track billions of dollars of construction contracts and seize private land and disregard environmental rules according to current and former officials involved with the project and the fact that he was telling people they would be pardoned if they got in trouble for this. the president tweets it is a totally fake news story. >> i have been in many meetings with the president where the subject of the border wall has been discussed.
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he never said anything like that, he wants us to move fast, and he reported a couple weeks ago the president's court victory where department of defense money he tried to utilize because the emergency on the southern border to build the wall was in fact released. he won the case so we do have a second source of funding that is accelerating the pace of wall building rather dramatically and you can expect to see as having built hundreds of miles before the end of next year and also trace's reporting in terms of dealing with new wall where there has been broken down the dilapidated wall. you cannot find a border patrol leader on the border who would tell you these walls are anything short of force
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multipliers. they need the mid-need more of them. we build where they are most needed first. jillian: it was part of the 2016 campaign and there will be a lot of questions about 2020. acting director of citizenship and immigration services, thank you for joining us with more information. the democratic presidential field getting smaller, this time new york senator kirsten gillibrand is dropping out of the race. donald trump's twitter reaction, i'm glad they never found out she was the one i was really afraid of. gillibrand was one of the first democrat to announce a run in one of the democrat who challenged joe biden directly to his face. here is peter doocy with more from the campaign trail. >> reporter: joe biden's white house bid is all about believability. >> we choose truth overlies. >> reporter: the front runner tried to fact check donald trump's claims that the economy is roaring. >> even heritage foundation has pointed out his tax cut did not
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work. >> reporter: the heritage foundation senior policy analyst happened to catch that. >> i was dumbfounded. the tax cuts are working. >> we have biden to clarify. >> they said they talked whether or not it would stimulate the economy significantly. it wasn't. >> reporter: heritage says that's not right either. >> the heritage foundation has been supportive of tax cuts, they are benefiting americans across the country especially if you look at wages. >> think things are not on the minds of many primary voters, they are more worried the election won't be fair. 45% of democrats and 30% of republicans polled by usa today and suffolk university say they will be confident there was something fishy about the election if their candidate loses. that poland the quinnipiac survey find elizabeth warren in second place followed by biden
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who got good news. ' monmouth university today, a concessionaire shocking goal showing biden trailing bernie sanders was an outlier. biden and moran and sanders are three of the 10 democrats poised to debate on a single stage in september. times directly have come up short despite hundreds of thousands of dollars a day and steve bullock also failed to reach the fundraising threshold set by the dnc. >> our rules have ended up less inclusive than the republicans which is unfortunate. >> biden is concentrating on the president more than policy proposals and still sitting on top as the field shrinks around him and gillibrand's departure shows nobody who has called biden out directly like she did on the debate stage has been able to turn their viral moment into voter support. shannon: thank you. mayor pete buttigieg who made the cut in houston throwing his
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weight behind ride share drivers who want to unionize. when asked if that would be to higher fares and possibly move toward automation he said this. >> the only way we are making rides more affordable and accessible is by making other people miserable. something is wrong. >> the comments come a day after ride share drivers blocked market street in san francisco. california assembly bill 5 would make it harder for companies like uber and lift to classify workers and independent contractors. hurricane dorian is heading for florida's coast as it barrels through the caribbean. governor ron desantis declaring a state of emergency. straight to the fox news extreme weather center, we have the newest update. >> hurricane season last 6 months or less but the bulk of that activity happens in this period from august 20th until just around 1 october so we are solidly in the most active
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period of hurricane season and we had this storm moved through in-hospital area in the northeastern caribbean and still held together because it didn't make any direct landfall in puerto rico, didn't have any landmass so it exits to the north of the caribbean really well in fact, the structure of a hurricane that will allow it to strengthen and that is why our forecasting does show the likelihood for this to strengthen to a major hurricane before it makes landfall. that said we do not have amazing skills yet in forecast the intensity of hurricane so there's a lot of variability how this could end up. here you go, that's where the storm is, 90 miles north of san juan, puerto rico. there will be a few more showers but for the most part you are done and we watch the storm continued towards the north and eventually west.
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high-pressure to the north will force it to the west. is at florida, georgia, south carolina? we can't say. it will move to the west and eventually make this little bit of a northerly turn. does that happen to the north in jacksonville or daytona beach and stay across land? potentially it goes across the peninsula and into the gulf where it has a chance to strengthen. most model guidance in better agreement that pulls it out and you see this little turn, could deal with two and falls of the storm over the next eight days or so. we have a long stretch. this is another visualization. you notice both of them in florida. we have lots of time to prepare. looks like something coming to the eastern seaboard. make your plans now and we will know where it will be going. >> listening to experts like you and the governor, thank you.
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you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room.
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>> shannon: "fox news @ night" is investigating new accusations made against one of president trump's top critics. conservative group says minnesota democratic congresswoman, member >> fox news at night investigating new accusations tonight against one of donald trump's top critics. a conservative group says minnesota democratic congresswoman, member of the squad ilhan omar paid $22,000 to cover the travel expenses of the company run by a man she's now accused of having an affair with. as an attorney for her campaign says there's been absolutely no wrongdoing. david front is digging into the details tonight. >> congresswoman omar is fighting back through an
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attorney arguing she did nothing wrong. this is the complaint right here, now in the hands of the federal election commission in and it alleges multiple improprieties. married minnesota congresswoman ilhan omar is accused of having an affair with a married political consultant. the wife of the consultants made the allegation in court paperwork this week, served as an advisor to omar's campaign last year and his wife says he had an affair with the congresswoman. it is money that is the center of this complaint filed wednesday morning with the federal election commission. the national legal and policy center, conservative leaning nonprofit government watchdog argues that she violated a 1971 law. the group alleges omar's campaign paid used the group to cover travel expenses.
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according to the filing elon for congress. the group north of $21,000 for travel from april to june of this year. those expenses were not itemized in the proper way. in an email to fox news, an attorney representing both omar's campaign and the street road quote, any accusation that our clients acted to skirt the law in any way is falls and completely unfounded. the complaint is nothing more than blustering to attempt to create the appearance of legal jeopardy when there is none. parties have at all times complied with federal campaign finance laws. that rule does not allow candidates as to the members of congress to use campaign funds to pay for personal travel. if they do those personal funds must be used to reimburse the campaign. there is supposed to be 6 commissioners as of next week there will only be three. not enough to hold a meeting. they are looking to have more appointed, there are supposed to be 6 and they're only three. as far as actually enforcing rules it is going to be tough to do because they don't have enough people to sit there.
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shannon: as we stand by for the release of the inspector general's report on the origins of the russia probe, new tonight, or for the ig might have another surprise first, reportedly releasing a separate assessment on the actions of james comey specifically with regard to writing and speaking memos that could come quite soon. commerce women omar's alleged campaign-finance violation and a potential new report on james comey let's bring in our legal experts to discuss. former attorney general harry littman and house judiciary committee chairman bob goodlatte, welcome to you both. let's circle back to the ilhan omar case. the congress is a woman facing fec complaint by this group, the attorney representing ilhan for congress, the campaign and the e st. group that is now brought into this, the political consultant, any accusation our client acted to skirt the law is false and completely unfounded. there's nothing untoward, nothing illegal about it.
12:22 am
mister chairman. >> serious allegations but also just that. allegations. they need to be investigated because misuse of campaign funds, such a large amount needs to be taken seriously in the pulmonary work on that can be done by the staff but they have a problem with only three commissioners now. i know the president has nominated one but the senate normally takes up the republican and democratic nominee at the same time so they can get back up to having the forum so they can make decisions about any investigation including this one. >> the congresswoman faced trouble as a state lawmaker found violating state regulations with regard to campaign money and finance and how things are spent, she was order to face a fine, this is a new ballgame, a different federal case.
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>> it is and we want to call a federal case but this is a conservative group who brings complaints. there's nothing in the complaint, the apparent allegations are simply taken from the divorce case from the contractor and there is wrong speculation that if he was her romantic partner she wanted him around not for bona fide political work but to have him around but with no basis whatsoever it seems to me a vehicle to out because of allegations of sexual infidelity and in that sense a speedy document. >> i want to a lightning round, just have a couple minutes but i want to talk about the idea that there is a report coming with regard to james comey, he could be facing we don't know but reports dealing with the memos he authored and leaked. i will start with you and hear a comment from you.
12:24 am
>> they decided to split the report regarding former fbi director comey's leaking of the so-called comey memos to a friend of his which were leaked to the new york times, the fact of the matter is this is the same issue the department of justice already decided not to prosecute mister comey, a bit of irony because that, with regard to the hillary clinton investigation when he held a news conference that he wasn't going to recommend indicting her for violating the espionage act but there's a lot more to this and i find it interesting that mister horowitz with whom i have a great deal of respect decided to split this off. i guess he wants to highlight this investigation and not have it consumed by the larger investigation into whether or not the fisa warrants issued by
12:25 am
the fisa court were appropriate and whether the information provided by the fbi was properly vetted before it was provided to the court. that's a very serious allegation and one that deserves a lot of exposition but that's not the end of it. it goes to the attorney general and john durrant, united states attorney for connecticut and senator lindsey graham, chairman of the senate committee is primed and ready to hold hearings on all of this. >> that is about andrew mccabe, who was acting director of the fbi, deputy director as well and this conversation that he and his legal team have been meeting with us attorneys investigating his case. they say such meetings generally take place when incitement is imminent when the government plans to bring charges. you should expect charges against mccabe any day and if such charges don't happen doesn't mean they weren't
12:26 am
planned but some extrinsic event. we understand it is a last-ditch effort for counsel to head off actual charges coming down the pike. >> you meet with the us attorney, they have taken the next step of meeting with the deputy attorney general which would be the final start. it does seem it is very possible charges against him are imminent. he has been fired and had his pension taken away and the suppose it lack of candor in thing he didn't remember something, which people say all the time. as a matter of discretion it strikes me as a real questionable move because people are going to take it generally is being about reprisals for his role in initiating the investigation against donald trump because the president will clearly be triumphant if the case is indicted. >> and all these investigations,
12:27 am
very high profile cases of people lying to investigators and ended up with serious charges, going to jail, all kinds of things which we will see prosecutors think it is warranted as it moves through the system. great to have you both, thanks for joining us. democratic congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez welcoming the arrival of a teen climate activist to new york, greta sailing across the atlantic in a solar powered boat instead of by air to minimize her carbon footprint. ocasio cortez tweeting we are so proud of you. earlier she said young people like greta are more caring than older people. >> young people are more informed and dynamic than their predecessors. i think they are more sensitive in a positive way in they actually care about other people's experiences. >> she called for school strike
12:28 am
to demand action on climate issues. disturbing details, 11 suspicious death at a hospital, one of them call the homicide, a massive investigation is underway, details next.
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heather: the united auto workers union criticizing federal agents for circling the detroit home connected to union president gary jones was the uaw says it is cooperating with authorities. eight people have given convicted in an investigation of union officials, involving bribes and kickbacks. another mass shooting being planned, 19-year-old paul stabber in north carolina for allegedly plotting to shoot up the school. law enforcement releasing a photo of one of the two weapons allegedly in his position described as a shotgun.
12:33 am
he reportedly had a 9 mm handgun. a possible new victim as investigators in west virginia try to figure out why 11 patients died under suspicious circumstances at the veterans hospital in that state. according to usa today retired air force veteran george case was ruled a homicide. officials say he did not dive natural causes as the family was originally told. doug mcelway has more. >> that the creditor -- first don't know harm but what someone did a va hospital was murder. suspicion arose when authorities asked the daughter of felix mcdermott if they could exhume his body. she agreed. the autopsy revealed someone administer insulin to his abdomen. mcdermott did not have diabetes. it killed him. >> he suffered dementia. the ones i talked to, the ones i have seen, have become traits,
12:34 am
these people were defense was. there was complete system failure that allowed this many to be killed without accountability. >> west virginia senator capital called sickening and troubling. joe manchin was alerted to his death in summer of 2018 that was not told about suspicions of homicide. >> as soon as we found out we took the proper actions. the person is no longer in contact with any patients. that is what we knew. we did not know that there was a homicide connected with this activity. >> there is a person of interest, a hospital spokesman tells fox news, quote, allegations of potential misconduct do not involve any current employees. the inspector general's office in federal law enforcement are investigating. the ig says we can't comment further on those activities.
12:35 am
following reports of poor va care and death during the obama administration progress has been slow. the va is wrecked by a revolving door leadership by secretaries, three serving in an acting capacity. shannon: thank you very much. a teen says theying landed her in the icu. mattie nelson says she vaped every day for years and she felt ill and was later hospitalized and placed in a medically induced coma. she developed pneumonia from glycerin juice. seattle teachers agreed to a double-digit salary increase. the teachers union landing a 3-year deal that could pay more experienced teachers $124,000 by the end of the contract. provisions mandated hiring and retaining of applicants.
12:36 am
the los angeles sheriff's department has three good samaritans to thank, to subdue a homeless man who attacked the deputy. footage shows three men rushing to protect the deputy a fight for his life after the suspect reached for the deputy's gun. he was able to get the suspect's hand off the weapon. a catholic nurse said she was forced to move forward with an abortion, a violation of her religious freedom. the director of the office for health and human services joins us live next. frankly, you're mi. uh... the mobile app makes it easy to manage your policy, even way out here. your marshmallow's... get digital id cards, emergency roadside service, even file a... whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa! oops, that cheeky little thing got away from me. my bad. geico. it's easy to manage your policy whenever, wherever.
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>> shannon: the trump administration putting a hospital in vermont on notice for allegedly forcing a catholic nurse to assist in performing abortion. correspondent garrett tenney has more on the religious disc termination complaint. >> administration officials argue this wasn't a one-time thing and that the university of vermont medical center has repeatedly violated since its
12:41 am
employee civil rights by forcing them to assist in abortion procedures knowing full well it was against their religious or moral beliefs. the deferment of health and human services but the university of vermont medical center on notice today claiming the hospital >> they claim the hospital violated federal law by forcing a nurse to enlist in any h elective abortion procedure over her objections. according to the agency the catholic church made clear she did not want to participate due to her religious beliefs and put her name on a list of those who object to being part of that procedure. despite that in 2018 the nurse was sent to an operating room told it was to assist the woman having a miscarriage. when she walked in the doctor said please don't hate me because the procedure was actually an abortion. the nurse protested and asked for another nurse to take her spot was denied and forced to
12:42 am
participate or lose her job. the medical center claims its own investigation into the allegations determined they were not supported by the facts and we do not disseminate against any employees for exercising their rights toes opt procedure to which they object. this notice of violation is the latest example of the trump administration its efforts to protect religioushe freedom whi the president highlighted throughout his time in office. >> too long the federal government use the power of the state as a weapon against people of faith.le even punishing americans for following their religious beliefs. we will not allow people of faith to be targeted, bullied or silenced any more. >> reporter: in terms of where things go from here, hhs gave vermont medical center 30 days to change its, quote, discriminatory the hospital could lose more than $1 million of federal funding. jillian: thank you.
12:43 am
shannon: this case in vermont the latest example of the trump administration making religious freedom a priority. let's bring in the office for civil rights at the health and human services department. you oversee these cases, thank you for joining us. let me give you a chance to respond. they said, a spokesman believes, flatly deny we schedule any employees to participate in procedures they register objections to and determine if allegations were supported by facts.>> >> you say that in present tense. maybe they are doing that now but that didn't happen in the past. the nurse wanted to save lives and was forced to participate in abortion to take a life. she made her objections known to her bosses in her room under false pretenses and the doctor said don't hate me knowing she objected to participating because that is what it was, and abortion. she said no, she could have been, those other staff to take
12:44 am
her place. it was not an emergency circumstance and she was denied. she was putting an untenable situation. she could have been fired or reported to licensing authorities at lose her career, the incredible crisis of conscience and no one should be put in that and she is guarded not only is it wrong and unjust but against the law and the office of civil rights at hhs is enforcing these laws. you saw the president that the rose garden ceremony, finally going to take religious freedom of conscience seriously and put in the world on notice we are serious starting with hospitals can't coerce nurses into performing abortions.s shannon: many thought this was something else at hhs shouldn't focus on these things. the leader of national health law program, they advocate abortion access, they are highlighting and putting forward cases that achieve the goal that
12:45 am
anybody can refuse to participate in anything in the long-term goal is to get hospitals and other systems to stop providing abortions and gender affirming care. >> this is about following the law congress passed. regardless whether it is a good idea or bad idea the american people have come together to say you can't force people to participate, to pay for abortions, to affirm abortions. this is the normal mainstream view in america that there is room for people to stand up for life and not be forced to violate religious beliefs, that's the law congress has passed and we are enforcing. we are enforcing the law according to statutes. shannon: we were told this was a solution in search of a problem. what can you tell us about similar cases you have gotten? >> skyrocketed, 1.25 complaints
12:46 am
per year. now we see hundreds per year. that shows openness on the part of the civil rightsn office to make sure every civil right is treated with the respect it deserves there's no treatment under conscience under the law and everybody up civil right and the openness and we are open for business and that has given people hope their complaints will be heard, and in the previous cases, the right of conscience, will find indication under the law. shannon: those who worry that situations with emergency care, somebody comes in who is and or lgbt queue or has another issue in somebody doesn't want to treat them that they could turn them away. >> everybody should be treated with respect and we follow the law. we have laws protecting people along the range of protective access and an injunction in place, the us apartment of justice has spoken on what the
12:47 am
law means and it will be decided by the supreme court. we are doing the best of our ability. shannon: we will see how the hospital responds. thank you for coming in. make or break for brexit, boriso johnson moves to suspend parliament. lord john taylor on deck, don't go anywhere. - [narrator] do you have less energy than you used to? after we reach age 40, there's a big drop in our energy level and now you can get it back. jumpstart your heart-healthy energy with the circulation superfood of superbeets by humann.
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>> we've got to bring forward new and important bills and we are going to have a queen >> do it october 14th. shannon: check the scene outside parliament after prime minister boris johnson requested to suspend parliament was approved by the queen. critics say this is a ploy to limit opposition to brexit and that deadline is coming but the new leader in the uk says they are trying to lay out a new legislative agenda. actor hugh grant angry, lashing out, can't read most of that tweet but part of that city will not destroy the freedom my grandfather fought two world wars to defend. let's talk to a member of parliament, john taylor joins us, great to have used her.
12:52 am
let me read you the objections, hugh grant, we are not going to read that, it is too spicy. the house of commons speaker says this represents a constitutional outrage but it is dressed up, blindingly obvious the purpose is to stop parliament debating brexit and performing its duties. how do you respond? >> john is wrong. this is a new government, the prime minister has been in office for one month, the domestic agenda, hospitals and schools, he wants to use 14 october like the state of the union address to announce the domestic agenda. parliament has had three years to debate brexit, plenty of time and we believe the eu on 31 october. we delayed too long, john burke is wrong in the trimester is right.
12:53 am
you know who agrees with the primacy? donald trump, the president of your great country and i trust trump and johnson and not mister berger. >> there are plenty of opponents including jeremy corban who say suspending parliament is not acceptable. what the prime minister is doing as a smash and grab to force through a no deal. there are many starts and stops to come up with a plan for brexit. october 31st is almost here but opponents say there is no way to come to a halt to that and they are worried about ripping the uk out of the eu without a framework in place. are they right? >> we would prefer deal but a bad deal is worse, no deal is fine by me because we are great country, don't have to pay 39 billion pounds the eu wants.
12:54 am
jeremy corban is wrong. we. for 5 days of debating time, that is all. corban has had three years to do something and done nothing whatsoever. he's just delaying the will of the british people, boris johnson is a strong leader who wants us to get on with it so corban is wrong. >> the washington post says outraged lawmakers as it concentrates power in johnson's hands and curtails their ability to force the no deal brexit and suggests johnson's bumbling exterior conceals a ruthless tactician ready to exploit any opening to bring about the split from the eu and consolidate power and those who have not taken him seriously but sounds like estimation by writers of the washington post, may be skilled at beating them at their own game. >> don't people by appearances, boris johnson appears eccentric at times but is a very bright man, very charismatic and has a purpose.
12:55 am
i believe we must have faith, not fear and boris johnson is a leader who has faith, not fear. that's what we need to get out of the eu. >> the deadline is coming october 31st. lord john taylor, thank you for making time at a very early hour in london, we appreciate it. you've got to see this was right before tara's texas wedding, her 102-year-old grandmother was on hospice rest, she had been up to that point traveling. is what the bride did. she had a special visit to have a photo shoot in her wedding dress with her grandmother, she wanted to make sure she would have that experience. tara's grandmother passed away before the wedding but you can see tara revealed special photos of her grandmother on her wedding day to the rest of the family as a surprise.
12:56 am
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>> thursday, august 29th and this is "fox and friends first" was happening at 4:00 on the east coast a fox news alert. hurricane dorian picking up power and speed heading straight for the florida coast. millions prepare for impact. we are tracking the storm. ilhan omar accused of using campaign cash to pay for her alleged affair. this morning her response to the report that is rocking washington.


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