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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 29, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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back, tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m. to the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink good night from washington, d.c., to new york we go, sean hannity is next. >> sean: welcome to "hannity," we begin tonight with a fox news alert. as we have accurately predicted right here on this show the inspector general released the first and what will be a series of reports regarding a variety of topics. today's report as we previously told you, this is the small one, very narrow in scope dealing specifically with only one issue, that is former fbi director jim comey and his memos. in just a moment we will break down all the details and what was a devastating rebuke of the former fbi director. today's narrow report is small in scope, the big report by the
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inspector general on fisa abuse is expected to be detailed, brutal, and devastating in its conclusions. we can tell you, we expect that report to determine that those fisa warrants, the back door spying on the trump campaign transition, then presidency were in fact illegally obtained, that's what we are expecting. remember, comey signed three of the four applications and the original one which was october 2016 but he told trump something else in january. today they released only a narrow sliver of information, it's brutal, a small part of what will be coming in the weeks ahead. it is a stunning and harsh rebuke to the former fbi director but let's be clear, this is exactly what a few weeks ago we told you exactly what it would be, we were not wrong. narrow, limited in scope with
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referrals that the ag has declined to act on. all of this we reported to you weeks ago. tonight, we do know james comey is in fact not the super patriot he claims, we know him to be a leader and a buyer, the inspector general of the department of justice found the disgrace former fbi director set a dangerous example for the 35,000 current fbi employees in today's report was an unprecedented rebuke of an fbi director surrounding his nefarious plot to seek revenge against president trump. if it shows how political he was from the get-go. america's self-proclaimed super patriot is nothing more than a dirty, corrupt former bureaucrat that will be in serious significant legal jeopardy as this all unfolds. after he was fired, he lifted sensitive information and some cases classified government
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memos about conversations he had with the president of the united states and then he stored these documents at his home and leaked these sensitive documents and the contents of them i'm a one of the memos to the press using a close friend as a conduit -- that went to "the new york times." he also used a personal email address to disseminate classified material to his own lawyers, he's supposed to get the approval to the fbi, he didn't get the approval. among the many serious violations, let's go through the list. the inspector general found his retention, handling, dissemination of certain government memos violated the department and fbi policies and his employment agreement. he did not seek authorization before providing sensitive government memos to his attorneys, you're supposed to do that. additionally he didn't seek fbi authorization before providing the contents to the reporter.
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he told the office of the inspector general he didn't notify anyone at the fbi that he was going to share these memos with anyone. he violated applicable policies and his employment agreement by failing to either surrender his copies of the memos to the fbi or to seek authorization to retain them. once he knew the fbi had classified portions of the memo, he failed to immediately the fbi he had previously given a memo to his attorneys. despite knowledge that memos contained classified information, he did not appropriately mark memo three with banners, or classification authority. he violated executive order 13526, and intelligence community apartment and fbi policies governing marking of classified information. he was not authorized to disclose statements he attributed to president trump
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which were relevant to the ongoing investigation. he's also in clear violation of the fbi's three publication review policy -- i can go on and on because this memo went on and on -- there are 79 pages, 79 devastating pages documenting comey's gross misconduct and this is just as i said -- this is one small sliver. this is the tip of the iceberg. today's report is solely and very narrowly focused on his illicit leaking at the mishandling of sensitive government memos. that is a small part of his web of corruption. this is low-hanging fruit if you're looking for the bigger picture, while the attorney general has declined to prosecute what our clear criminal violations, we expect several more bombshell reports in the coming weeks including the big report and as we have
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mentioned the investigation into fisa abuse will likely detail how call me and others committed premeditated fraud against the fisa court. in that case he swore the evidence was verified, that it was corroborated, that it was true and multiple renewals similarly were verified, corroborated, and true. he wanted to request was marked "verified" at the top of the document. it's right there. the evidence was not true, it was not accurate and it was never verified, we have pointed out on this program, we now know it was unverifiable. it's claims it deemed unverifiable and when the fbi got around to looking into the veracity of it, they determined 90 plus percent if not all of it was false. yet the warrant was used as the
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bulk of information to get the warrant against carter page but also a backdoor to spy on the communications of the trump campaign, the trump transition team, and the president. according to legal analyst gregg jarrett, "it can be a felony to conceal relevant information and deceive the fisa court, i have a dozen statutes make it a crime to perpetuate fraud including deprivation of rights, perjury and false statements, you can add to that several obstruction of justice and fraud statutes that all would be applicable." those are devastating charges call me and others could be facing in the coming weeks but that's not all. another massive investigation which i believe will become the biggest part of all of this abuse of power, that surrounds the origins of the witch hunt.
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that probe now being conducted by the attorney general and by john durham is focused on how james comey, how john brennan, james clapper, weaponize the powerful tools of intelligence that we can trust to these brave men and women in our intelligence community and they weaponize them against all things donald trump. whether or not the obama-biden administration, this is going to be the big question in all of this solicited intel agencies to circumvent american law to do the spying that they can't do on the trump campaign or other americans. that would be a serious crime. the bigger issue becomes why did president obama begin a counterintelligence investigation against an incoming president? he will have to answer those questions. there is no counterintelligence campaign, it is never conducted on unless it is a president's, that
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means the president had to have knowledge and we know from the peter strzok-lisa page texting, the white house wanted to be informed every step of the way. you might remember the email from susan rice to herself on the very day of trump's inauguration. she randomly documented a conversation with president obama about the russia witch hunt writing "president obama began the conversation by stressing his continued commitment to ensuring every aspect of this issue is handled by the intelligence and law enforcement communities by the book." wow. the donald trump is being inaugurated as president, that happened weeks ago, why does she feel the need to write that note to self? why did she sent herself a memo on obama's last day and trump's first day? more importantly, obama, biden, rice, lynch, klapper, comey,
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wanted all of these people know about the counterintelligence investigation and when did they know what? what was the justification? as for super patriot of jim comey, he's still living in that alternative reality of his, he's claiming on twitter, today's report totally absolves him of any wrongdoing, just the opposite. he tweeted out "i don't need the public apologies from those who defame to me but a quick message with a "sorry we lied about you would be nice." i have news, while dedicated to his rampant misconduct, read the report, the one that called you and your actions dangerous saying you are a dangerous example for every other fbi employee that worked for you, that's only one small part of the doj's ongoing effort to hold you accountable. by the way, the only thing you should be sorry about is giving
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your best advice, i told you you have the right to remain silent, i told you to exercise that right anything you say or do can overused against you in a court of law. joining us now is the executive vice president of the hill, john solomon. maybe i didn't say it loud enough, i'm pretty good at doing that -- everything that happened today, we reported what happene happened. this would be the first in a series of reports, this is not the pfizer investigation of inspector general horowitz. i felt the wording was frankly devastating. >> today is the vindication of the decision by the trump justice department to fire james comey. he was incapable of following
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his agency rules, this report paints a devastating picture. he put them in a safe, he gave them to his lawyers, one of those were classified when he gave them to the lawyers. he authorized a leak, the only sliver of information that's good as his lawyers didn't leak the classified information to the one reporter they talk to. every other step of the process, james comey was indicted for bad judgment, better activities, bad violations of the fbi code of conduct. i can't remember another time in my 30 years that i saw an fbi director referred for prosecution and called a detriment to his agency the way he was today. it was a bad day for james come james comey. >> sean: i've got to believe the inspector general report, we believe your sources have told you and i know my sources have
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told me, the inspector general has already concluded four applications were obtained illegally, what can you tell us about what will be the big report? >> i think we ought to wait and see what comes out, you never know how these reports will end up when they are written and reviewed. i have been told there is a preponderance of evidence that all four of the fisa warrants were deeply flawed, the representations of information being verified were not and they learned a lot of information from christopher steele about what the fbi knew about the flaws, that may be the headline of that report. christopher steele made the case that what they knew what they were doing was wrong and no one stepped in the way of it. let's see what the ig reports, i think we learned a lot today but it's the first quarter of a long football game. >> sean: today, president trump reacted on twitter to comey's report writing "perhaps never in the
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history of our country has someone been more thoroughly disgraced and excoriated than james comey and they just released inspector general's report. he should be ashamed of himself. no current or former fbi director has been a singular focus of an ig report. jim comey should be ashamed. joining us now with reaction, the president's attorney jay sekulow. there are a lot of different aspects of this, i thought the words were harsh were devastating, this is a tiny sliver, he signed the three of the four fisa warrants, he also in my view was involved in protecting hillary clinton in that investigation. what level he may have and what may be the bar report is anyone's business but i counterintelligence operation has to be started by a president, that would be obama. on all three of those issues, tell us where you come down.
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>> i look at the 70 pages, this is a 70 pages of bad news for james comey. let's start with factual determinations by the office of inspector general, and inspector general that was appointed by president obama. the biggest one, james comey said these were his personal recollections, here's the conclusion of the office of the inspector general. the memos were fbi records, once that determination is made, it puts in play various statute rules and regulations of the department of justice. another conclusion from the report itself, let's use those words. comey did not seek authorization before providing memos two, four, six, and seven to his attorneys. he instructed richman to share contents of memo four but not the memo itself with a reporter from "the new york times," he didn't seek fbi authorization before providing the contents of
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that memo to a reporter. then the conclusion, for the above reasons we concluded the memos are fbi records as defined by statute. his own employment contract because they are official fbi records, he was required to handle the memos in compliance with all applicable fbi policies which he did not. how james comey is considering this a victory -- what's a victory, he barely beats out an indictment, that's a definition of victory? this is the head of the fbi who the inspector general says was a horrible example for the fbi. >> sean: the word was dangerous. >> that's an understatement her here. my friend john solomon said we are in the beginning of the first quarter, we are in the pregame show. here's what everyone has to put in perspective, this was the head of the fbi -- should
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president trump fire james comey? here is a 70 pages reason why. this was not the first time james comey has violated rules, regulations of the department of justice, we've already had reports on that. should the president have fired him? 70 pages laid out here, number two. this is serious investigations going on, how this whole thing started -- remember, james comey's leak is what appointed appointed bob mueller. we just saw last month, the charade of that hearing, that was going to be the crescendo of the entire russia collusion nonsense. you saw it play out in living color, everybody's room, the people that washed it and what did you see? they had nothing because there was nothing there. now we have the report that the
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guy in charge of the fbi was violating its policies and rules and regulations, that is not something james comey should be celebrating, he should be embarrassed. >> sean: thank you for joining us. joining us with more is fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett, tom fitton, and former u.s. attorney joe digenova, former deputy assistant attorney general victoria toensing. let me start with you, there's different buckets here. your reaction to the report today, there is no counterintelligence investigation one of the president of united states approval, walk us through those three areas. >> we learned what we already knew, jim comey is a liar and he violated the law. if there is no question about it. if we know the warrants were
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illegally obtained, there will be no prosecutions, the report was held up. the they are going to do the same thing on the pfizer reports. when all is said and done, when you get to the end of the road, the issue is susan rice's january 20th 2018 email where she outlines in great detail how president obama knew about, authorize, and instructed people to "operate by the book" in a counterintelligence operation against candidate trump, president-elect trump, and president trump. i want to know when is barack obama going to be interviewed by john durham and the fbi. >> sean: do you believe that will happen? >> i believe it will. there is no way you can finish this investigation without
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interviewing the former president of the united states. the national security advisor said he was at the head of it. >> it's a ten oh a 1,001. lemme take the politics and the special counsel world out of this, what james comey has said, this was the new rule that he thinks is fine. if an fbi agent takes evidence to a prosecutor and says i think you should start an investigation and the prosecutor says i'm not going to pursue this, the fbi agent is allowed to go to the local media and the leak something so public pressure is put on the prosecutor -- that is exactly what happened and comey says that's fine and dandy. >> sean: gregg jarrett to. >> this was a denunciation of james comey for abusing his
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position of power, stealing government documents, giving a classified document to unauthorized people who didn't have security clearance, mismarking deliberately classified documents, the list goes on and on. he should have been prosecuted for stealing government documents under criminal code is 641 and four mishandling classified documents under the espionage act because he kept a classified document in his home, not an authorized place and he gave them to people without security clearance. if you or i did that, we would be indicted, we would be hauled off. >> sean: they determined the spies of warrants were obtained illegally, those that signed it and we now know the bulk of the information used in the application was in fact unverifiable and we found out the fbi determined over 90% of
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it was garbage, is that a crime? >> it's six different potential felonies. concealing evidence to judges is not only deprivation of rights, it's a fraud, its conspiracy, it's a false statement commits perjury, its obstruction of justice, take your pick. >> this report is important because it outlines the criminal conspiracy against president trump. he admits he gave president-elect trump a briefing on the dossier to see what he might say because he was investigating him as part of this cross fire hurricane investigation, so this whole russia smear, he was throwing in the president's face to try to get evidence against him. he started creating these fbi files in case he might need to get to them later when he leak them in violation of the law. he leaked the fbi files of
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president trump and it's a terrible mistake by attorney general william barr not to prosecute him for that. it was a poor example he set for the rest of the fbi in doing so but the idea that he wouldn't be prosecuted for doing it, it sends a signal to everyone else if you are politically connected you can get away with it. if i was the president, i would sue comey. >> sean: i think the president should stay out of it, let the attorney general do his job. >> i'm very pleased with the way bill barr is proceeding, he is a giant of an intellect and he has honor and integrity -- she's the new robert jackson of the department of justice. if there are prosecutable cases he will bring them. >> sean: do you believe there are? >> not this one, it wasn't. >> sean: thank you both.
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when we come back, james comey was just rebuked by the former deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, congressman devin nunes, congressman mark meadows and john radcliffe, they know this story better than anybody, that is next straight ahead. it's powerful, fda-approved to relieve moderate pain, yet non-addictive and gentle on the body. salonpas. it's good medicine. hisamitsu.
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♪ >> i'm trace gallagher in los angeles, an investigation into billionaire jeffrey epstein's inner circle sheds disturbing new details about his alleged crimes against teenage girls, "the new york times" reveals federal authorities have been refocusing their probe since his suicide in a manhattan jail cell earlier this month. the investigation reportedly targets more than a half dozen employees, girl friends and associates whom prosecutors say helped lure young girls into his
6:28 pm
orbit. authorities are said to be considering firing sex trafficking or coconspirator charges against some of the associates, since his death a number of his alleged victims have gone public with detailed accounts of how they say he sexually abused them, their attorney's vow they will get justice in court. when news breaks out, will break in. i'm trace gallagher, back to sean hannity. >> sean: now former deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, he is taking aim at disgraced former fbi director james comey tweeting out the following. it's important to follow established policies and procedures especially when the stakes are high. we should be most on guard when we believe that our own uncomfortable circumstances justify ignoring principles respected by our predecessors. citing his june 2018 letter. here now with reaction we have
6:29 pm
congressman john ratcliffe, congressman devin nunes, congressman mark meadows. let me start with an overview, your reaction to today and what is coming. >> today was a bad day for james comey, only in washington, d.c., can you have 70 plus pages of bad news and expect an apology. here we are today with not only the director of the fbi willfully and deliberately breaking protocol, we now understand why peter strzok and andrew mccabe thought what they were doing was okay. i can tell you the inspector general's report and the john durham report coming out will be more than this and this was not a good day for the fbi's former director. >> sean: let me go to you congressman devin nunes, you've done a lot of work here and as we have been discussing, you can't have a counterintelligence investigation unless there's a president that has authorized it
6:30 pm
and is informed about it, that brings all of this into the office of barack obama. what questions -- do you believe he needs to be question, number two, why did they have a counterintelligence investigation into an incoming president and number three, what do you believe we are going to learn when the big pfizer report comes out especially if the ig concludes that these warrants were obtained illegally? >> for a long time i have been hesitant to get too far out in front of the ig's capabilities. i believe what today is is another example of a building block. it's an important information, specifically the house intelligence committee republicans have referred to the department of justice criminal referrals based on conspiracy. gregg jarrett ran through a number of what those conspiracies, what laws were broken under that conspiracy so i don't have to go back through
6:31 pm
that. with that said, looking at this what we now know today? a very important piece of evidence that was lost a lot of people. james comey brief to the congress in early july of 2017, he then went to brief president-elect trump. the inspector general found that he was acting as part of the investigation. he was involved in the investigation, followed up with that scum of the cross fire hurricane team that was running an investigation of the president and his team, they determined the classification of this. very important piece of evidence that would build into the conspiracy complaint that we have sent to the department of justice. >> sean: john ratcliffe, it was pointed out to me by jason chaffetz that it was you who first said there is on top of the phis application, the word "verified," is that true?
6:32 pm
>> it's true. one of the points that your viewers need to take away from today is something folks haven't talked about. i know they aren't going to read the whole ig report but they can go to page six of the conclusions of the inspector general and it tells you everything you need to know about jim comey and every decision he made throughout all of his investigations. the obama appointed inspector general watchdog said that jim comey did one thing any fbi agent much less in fbi director should never do witches allow their personal opinions, animus, and desires to influence official conduct. he promised us he never did that put on page 60 the inspector general found he engaged in the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information in order to achieve a personally desired outcome. that outcome was to get a special counsel to stop
6:33 pm
donald trump. it calls into question all of the actions and all of the decisions made throughout his tenure. >> sean: this is such a narrow sliver of what will be a cascading amount of information coming in. to stay with you, we now know the inspector general, his big report that is coming on isa abuse, we know the information from the report sitting right there and from the grassley-graham report, the information was the dirty dossier that james comey in particular in the fbi and doj were warned on multiple occasions that he had a political agenda, hillary paid for it to none of it is verifie verified. the top of the application says it's verified, you go with unverifiable information, does that to you mean perjury,
6:34 pm
premeditated fraud, denying constitutional rights of other citizens, obstruction of justice, to all of those laws come into play based upon your knowledge of phis applications? >> i think anyone that worked on and signed off on those applications is going to get tremendous scrutiny and should for that reason. the dossier was front and center in that phis application. beyond that and back to jim comey and some of the decisions that were made, information that was not in there that i have seen, exculpatory information that was not presented to the court and the court should have been allowed to look at -- the dossier as bad as it was, at least the judges were able to look at it and determine the sufficiency of that evidence. the bigger problem for a lot of folks is there is exculpatory information that wasn't presented to the court. >> sean: a little birdie's beginning to tell me i might be
6:35 pm
over another target mark, that is apparently the fbi may have treated hillary clinton on the issue of russian interference into her campaign, they didn't treat her campaign the way they treated donald trump. does that sound like something that's over the target to you? >> i think you are over the target, there's always two different standards, one for the well-connected and one for the rest of us. one of the interesting points and john ratcliffe just pointed this out is when you look at the information not included -- here's what we have to look at in today's reporting. we we know george papadopoulos wasn't working out so they moved onto the dossier. we know in october 2016, they knew they had credibility problems with what we now know as the steele dossier. so they embarked on the economy dossier dossier which is part of
6:36 pm
the memos, they didn't tell the president when they were briefing him, they didn't tell him the dnc paid for it. they didn't tell him christopher steele had credibility problems, at it was what was into the memos concerning to me. i believe they are trying to get information and trap the president-elect at the trump tower. >> sean: it's important that our country know this. without you three, jim jordan, and a few others, you wouldn't be here today. you guys have been dogged and diligent and committed in getting to the truth and you have been getting there slowly. senator lindsey graham just sent a letter to the attorney general about the documents he would like to be declassified as it relates to pfizer. mike huckabee, andy mccarthy next.
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>> sean: earlier today, senator lindsey graham submitted a letter to attorney general william barr requested that the classification of specific documents relating to the pfizer process as it was applied to carter page and of course a backdoor into all things trump world. you can see them on the side of your screen, take a close look at all of it -- here with reaction, author of the brand-new book, fox news
6:40 pm
contributor andy mccarthy and former arkansas governor mike huckabee. i may get your action to all of today's events. this is a very narrow sliver but when the inspector general reports that those fisa warrants were illegally obtained and applications had unverified, uncorroborated information as to the bulk of information, doesn't that sound to you like a setup? >> i think it does. the tragedy is this could go all the way up to the top, let's hope it doesn't. i think that would be sad for the country that a sitting president and the top lieutenants -- >> sean: you're talking about president obama. >> i'm talking about president obama, absolutely would actually target a candidate for president, a president-elect and someone who became president and would use all of the intelligence and
6:41 pm
law enforcement apparatus to try to overturn or prevent an election. this is the kind of stuff of banana republics, not the united states of america. i want to say with jim comey out there doing high fives celebrating himself, i want to know who's going to apologize to general flynn? to george papadopoulos, to roger stone? who is going to issue them an apology? it ought to be starting with james comey. >> sean: let me go to andy mccarthy, the title of your book says it all. you are the one who has brought into focus there is never a counterintelligence investigation, there's always the president's counterintelligence investigation. we have a rigged investigation into hillary, evidence was overwhelming incontrovertible, then we have the fisa abuse scandal, they never verified what was in those investigations, then you have the counterintelligence investigations, you say clearly that had to be barack obama's
6:42 pm
and lisa struck peter strzok a. speak i've tried to distinguish between counterintelligence investigations and criminal investigations, they are done to vindicate the rule of law and court proceedings and judicial cases, prosecutions. the only reason we do counterintelligence is to support the president's constitutional mission to protect the united states from foreign threats. i agree with my friend governor huckabee, this is very alarming in the sense that it could have gone to the top. i think there is no question it went to the top. the question is that they have a good faith reason for crediting this investigation. >> sean: it sounds like when
6:43 pm
they finally got around to verifying the dirty dossier, they said we don't see any of this -- the title of your book is a ball of collusion, the plot to recollection and destroy a president. do you believe that happened from the upper levels, upper echelon in our justice department, within the former administration and within our intelligence community? do you believe that will all be proven? >> it couldn't have happened without it, let me just turn it around and say what if it were really true that we had a presidential candidate who was an agent of a foreign power? a hostile foreign power? what would be more crazy than if the president didn't know about that? of course he had to know about that. >> andy mccarthy has done all of us a great favor by the facts and details of his book. what he just said is the single most important thing i've heard in a long time.
6:44 pm
it had to have been done, if they thought president trump was a russian agent but the fact that we know that he wasn't somebody has to come clean and explain why did you ever think he was, what is the basis of that? >> sean: obama considering it's his counterintelligence investigation? >> all of the people who worked for him. >> sean: today is a sliver, this is just a very narrow part, this is about to blow wide open, thank you both. when we come back, lawrence o'donnell tried to walk back his outrageous lie about president trump, trump organization are still taking legal action, dan bongino and geraldo rivera -- not a good day again, another biden disaster, we'll play it.
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>> sean: we have been exposing night after night after night the media mob continues to put out fake news narratives over facts, this has gone on now for two and half years, don't expect it to change, they hate trump, they have a psychotic rage, they don't seem to be capable of stopping themselves. latest example, lawrence o'donnell apologizes after pushing a fake russia conspiracy exposing how low the media mob will sink who the president. the totally inaccurate report is no different from the horrible, corrupt, fraudulent fake news that i've had to put up with for years. on fake news cnn, today they had a guest saying donald trump has
6:50 pm
killed millions more than mao and stalin. you two gotten a big fight on this show this week, i hope you settled your differences. you are going to celebrate 50 years, some of the best reporting you have ever did was in willowbrook in new york, you've done other things phenomenal as a war correspondent. can you imagine two and a half years, 99% of the media going with these lies, conspiracy theories, missing the biggest abuse of power, what are they going to say, hannity was right? i'm not gonna wait for help to freeze over but we were right on every aspect of this. >> i used to think it was just that president trump got the worst press of any president in history, even worse than
6:51 pm
andrew johnson or richard nixon. then i used to think everything he said was being construed in the most evil way possible. with lawrence o'donnell, it's something else. he told a lie about the president of the united states that if true would have made russia gate legit. he told the lie that deutsche bank lent trump the money only after russian oligarchs cosigned president trump's loan, this was when he was a businessman before he held office. if indeed -- he even said so. if indeed, the oligarchs had cosigned his loan that would give him an motive to betray america because the oligarchs -- they told the most fundamental lie, eric trump is right. the trump organization and indeed the president's family have to draw the line in the
6:52 pm
sand here, they have to stop this, there has to be massive slander and libel suit against lawrence o'donnell who knew what he was doing. >> sean: we have a great ensemble cast here who has worked so hard on this story including both of you and i look back at richard jewell, he said you're the only one who didn't. and uva, we have cambridge police, we have the kid with the magda had, nobody in the media d bet obama, nobody would tell of his failed record, nobody but a few of us thought he could win the election in 2016 -- they always get it wrong. just like "the new york times" said it got tricky, the tricky part is they screwed it up and want to apologize and fix it.
6:53 pm
now they are going to move on to the next conspiracy. >> we have a rule, it started as a joke, we used to call it the bungee no rule. wait 24 hours before reporting an anti-trump story. i didn't report on this story yesterday because i do it was going to be demoted as a hoax. this be what i've done it every i come across every t, we have not gone with stories that we knew were true before we had the right corroboration. otherwise -- forget it, i would be fired a long time ago. >> they have a rule in every media but fox news, anything you have to say against the president, the more negative, the better, let's go with it, there is a suspension of all the rules, a suspension of the code of honor, suspension of the need
6:54 pm
to be factually correct. i just arrived by boat on martha's vineyard, presidents clinton and obama are both here. >> sean: what a life, we don't want to hear this. >> i think you do, i bet bill clinton is smiling the james comey has had his chops busted by the inspector general. >> meanwhile i'm down a hurricane zone in florida. i'm putting shutters on my hous house. >> sean: when we come back, sleepy, creepy, crazy uncle joe biden makes another massive blunder on the campaign trail, this time he got his facts mixed up about a war, we'll show you next. beep goes off ]
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>> creepy, crazy uncle joe is under fire tonight for apparently telling a false war story about a 2008 trip to afghanistan. let's take a look. >> pinning medals on, silver stars on, soldiers in the upper konar valley, young navy captain, navy, navy, up in the mountains in the konar valley of afghanistan. they're behind a forward operating base, behind these great big barriers on top of the mountain in a little cove in a god-forsake country. one of his buddies got shot, fell down a ravine about 60 feet. the four-star general asked me
6:59 pm
would i go up to the fob. this guy climbed in the ravine, carried the guy out of the fire. the general wanted me to pin the silver star on him. i got up there, god's truth, i my word as a biden. he said i don't want the damn thing. do not put it on me, sir, please, sir. do not do that. he died. he died. >> sean: according to "the washington post," quote, almost every detail in that story appears to be incorrect. because biden apparently never pipped this -- pinned this hero soldier with the high honor. biden jumbled elements of three actual events into one story and confused it with the pinning of an army staff sergeant on a different occasion. wow. that's not good. all right, we'll never be the destroy, rage, psychotic hate
7:00 pm
trump media mob. let your heart not be troubled because lara ingraham is next. have a great night. >> laura: i'm lara ingraham, this is the ingraham angle from another busy washington tonight. molly hemingway, jason chafis will take you inside the doj the inspector general's damning report on jim comey and revealing important new detail, a lot of people are missing it. also, the man who first hired comey in government, rudy giuliani, yes, he's responsible, is here with a fiery response. and perhaps a ting of regret. plus, a man who served at the highest levels of the fbi with comey is now calling for the former director to apologize to the men and women of the bureau. his emotional plea later. and in the latest installment of our raymond on t


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