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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 30, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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have great labor day weekend. stay safe our friends in florida. it looks like it will be a bad storm. we're praying for you. don't take any chances. have a great weekend. >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. hurricane dorian strengthens to an extremely dangerous category four storm and it's threatening first the bahamas with huge triple overhead storm surge and then potentially nearly the entire state of florida. some are playing politics with the storm tonight as the president vows we're ready. in minutes you'll hear from a pilot who is preparing to fly into the heart of the storm to get data that will help forecasters. he's live with us and huge breaking news from california. acquitted of homicide charges after admitting he fired the gun that killed her, wraps up another legal victory and appeals court tossing his conviction in the charges against him. we'll explain what just happened
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and what comes next. and former national security adviser three star general michael flynn going on offense against former special counsel robert mueller. why federal prosecutors should be held in contempt. hello and welcome. we' i'm shannon bream. we're keeping track of presidential preparations but first we go to florida in advance of hurricane dorian. good evening, jeff. yeah, the mood around here at least on the east coast of florida along the coast seems to be really getting serious. here in cocoa beach where we are, which is just east of the orlando area, things are getting very quiet. in fact, very strange for this time of year because it is summer and there are a lot of families out here vacationing. those families seem to be rerouting those trips or leaving early trying to get ahead of
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this hurricane that's barreling towards florida. locals here who call this area home also seem to be listening to what first responders and emergency officials are saying, and we're seeing that around town. some of the footage that we're watching, you're seen stores up and down the street either being boarded up or are already boarded up in preparation for the storm to possibly make landfall in the next day or two. some of those stores are still open. some of the stores are running low on supplies. a lot of people out here hearing the reports on tv and radio and heading to the store to stock up on water, food, and when we went to a few of those stores you could tell shelves were low. there were still supplies but just not the selection would you normally see. the gas station here up and down the coast. we're hearing of multiple gas stations running low on fuel or even hearing about price gouging in some cases. all of this is causing the people who call florida home to
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take this storm very seriously. >> better to be safe than sorry. >> get it better. >> i was born down here, you know. i could stay but i like leaving now. why sit here and beat yourself up? i want to fill up my tank so that when it's time to go i'll go. >> now, for some of those folks, that time to possibly be getting out is fast approaching. at least two counties here in florida have issued mandatory evacuation orders and we could be hearing about more of those evacuation orders as this very unpredictable storm, strong storm, continues its path towards florida. >> shannon: thank you. all 67 florida counties in a state of emergency tonight due to the sheer size of the approaching storm. forecasting the exact track of hurricane dorian has proven problematic thus far. that's where meteorologist adam -- comes in tonight.
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good evening. >> yeah, this has been a challenging storm to forecast so far. the one thing that hasn't been challenging is just how strong it's been, how strong it's going to become. it's going over some very warm water and intensifying, gusts up to 615 miles per hour with consistent winds of 140. this is a powerful storm working its way toward the florida coast over the next couple of days. it's going to slow down over the next couple of days also. currently moving to the west at about 10 miles per hour. i'll put it into motion for you. we're expecting by monday morning, very early in the morning, late sunday night to be running over the bahama islands. the northern bahamas and then right up to the coast. we just got brand-new track here in the last couple of minutes. we're beginning to get a better idea of perhaps where this storm will turn. it's still a wide cone of uncertainty but we're getting more of a turn up the eastern coast, once it does so, again, that taking place monday into tuesday and then continuing to run up the coast.
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here's our forecast models. putting it into motion. by and large, a pretty good idea of where this goes. it runs over the bahamas. more and more staying out over the atlantic. still running inland. at this point we don't have any of these running into the gulf of mexico. as we get closer and closer to this event we'll get a better idea of what will happen. we know it will be a huge storm and will cause some issues. still waiting to see what the track will be. >> we'll stay tuned. thank you. the president is on high alert tonight. cancelling his scheduled trip to poland to spend the weekend at camp david where he'll be monitoring preparations for the landfall of hurricane dorian. good evening, kristen. >> good evening, shannon. this hurricane is becoming quite personal for president trump. he calls florida his second home. owns four properties on the state's east coast including the winter white house and he was
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asked about it as he was leaving the white house for camp david just a few hours ago. president trump: it looks like mar-a-lago is dead center but mar-a-lago can handle itself. it's a very powerful place. the thing i'm worried about is the state of florida, because this hurricane is looking like -- this could be a record-setting hurricane. >> president trump is at camp david. the white house says the homeland security advisor will be giving him regular updates and when the president returns to washington sunday morning he says he'll go straight to fema's headquarters. already fema is setting up a staging center in south carolina and an incident response center at the air force base in alabama. 70 truck loads of relief supplies are heading to maxwell and millions of liters of water are being sent into the hurricane zone. fema says it's ready and has plenty of money but democrats say the agency has been weakened by the president. right in the middle of hurricane season. 2020 contender beta o'roark with
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storms on the horizon, president moved $150 million from fema to ice. another concern, when this hurricane hits there will be no senate confirmed administrator to oversee the relief efforts. today president trump said he's not worry about it. president trump: it gives you great flexibility that you don't have with permanents so i'm with the word acting. i can leave it as acting for a long period of time. >> there is also an acting homeland security secretary so there are a lot of new people in charge of these disaster relief efforts and shannon, dorian will be their first big test. >> shannon: it continues to grow. >> it really does. >> shannon: thank you. florida governor ron desantis
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urging residents to prepare for many days without power and other essentials. >> this is potentially a multiday event, where it will churn slowly across the state. >> joining us now florida republican congressman -- welcome, gentlemen. >> colonel, i want to start with you, i want to read something from colorado state meteorologist philip -- he tweets this, hurricane dorian is now forecast by the national hurricane center to have maximum winds of 125 miles per hour as it approaches the florida coast. if this forecast verifies it would be the strongest hurricane to hit the florida east coast since andrew in 1992. andrew had maximum winds up to 165 miles per hour. you, sir, are one of the brave ones who fly into the storm so you can get data and we can have a better idea of what's coming. you're preparing to do that with this storm. tell us what that's like. >> well, it's just another day in the office for me, shannon.
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tomorrow, i'll treat it no different than i do any other storm flight that i've flown over the past 20 years. the crews are well prepared. the aircraft are in incredible shape thanks to the people in biloxi, mississippi so i'm just going to get a good night's sleep. we get alerted at noon tomorrow. we'll take off about 3:15 local here in biloxi, mississippi, and just head out to the storm environment and do what we always do. so to us it's really no different than any other flight. >> shannon: colonel, we're very thank you for you and your crew and for folks who have been out there so forecasters can get a better look of what's coming towards us. in the meantime, congressman, i want to ask you about what kristen touched on. some people are already making this political. one of your fellow congressmen down there in florida, congressman darren soto out of orlando is quited as saying it's
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shortsighted and destructive for dhs to fleece fema ahead of hurricane season. our researchers pointed out that president obama did the same thing, moving fema funds in august for needs at the board that were overwhelming at the time. how worried are you that this becomes political at a time when the people of your state have other things to worry about? >> look, i think it's sad that folks are trying to politicize this. of course, the president can move funds around. i'm absolutely confident in governor desantis's leadership, who has been all over the state from miami to jacksonville. the president, i want to give him a lot of credit for declaring this a federal emergency when the storm is still well offshore, which means fema, the department of drpgs, the active duty military, the entire federal government can be moving those assets soon, and it also gives the locals, which this is important, local officials the confidence that they can spend their funds out of their budget and later be
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reimbursed by fema. you know, i love how the colonel makes it seem like his job is so easy, you know. i also want to give a lot of kudos to the florida national guard. they have units, shannon, that are just coming back from overseas. just coming in from training, and they don't even get to go home. they don't get to take care of their own businesses or board up their homes. they are going right out to take care of us which, my hat is off to them. i want to say other thing, to folks, the floridians in my district and in so many others do not try to guess where this storm is going. everyone needs to prepare now. if you're a little too overprepared that's okay. but this thing is dangerous, and we have to be ready. floridians are resilient and i have no doubt they will be. >> shannon: i remember all the times as a kid filling the bathtub up with worater. i'm already talking with my
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family about what they are going to do. colonel, i want to ask you as you get ready to head into the storm tomorrow what kinds of data will but able to gather that could give a better gauge for what to expect with this storm? >> the most important thing that we collect, and that's when we take the vertical measurements inside this storm environment, it's measuring temperature, pressure, winds and humidity about every 10 feet. the most important thing we do is we extract the lowest center of pressure of the storm and we establish that by latitude and longitude so we can pinpoint exactly where the heart of the storm is, where that center of circulation is. from that, scientists and forecasters at the national hurricane center, which they are the experts, they are able to give us a very forecast of where the storm is going to make landfall. >> shannon: they need your data to do it so colonel, our thanks and our prayers to you and your team, your crew, and all the folks who are brave enough to take on that assignment, and
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congressman, we know you'll be work around the clock as your colleagues on both sides of the aisle are doing in in florida. >> the only conviction against a man who admitted firing the shot that killed her is thrown out by a california court. what happens next to this man who has already been deported five times. ♪ limu emu & doug hour 36 in the stakeout. as soon as the homeowners arrive, we'll inform them that liberty mutual customizes home insurance, so they'll only pay for what they need. your turn to keep watch, limu. wake me up if you see anything. [ snoring ] [ loud squawking and siren blaring ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert on several stories involving sanctuary cities. breaking news in the kate steinle case. shocking turn of events against an illegal immigrant who admits he shot the gun that killed her. he was convicted of a gun charge which has just been tossed out. that's coming up in a moment but
8:18 pm
first, a fifth illegal immigrants in one county in maryland has been charged with sexual abuse, all these cases coming in the last month. here's the story. >> montgomery county, maryland, is a liberal stronghold of over a million people. the council and executive are all democrats who shun the labor of being a sanctuary jurisdiction but who pride themselves on welcoming immigrants regardless of their legal status. that sensibility is being challenged by disgruntledle citizens after the arrest of 21-year-old guzman who is accused of sexually abusing a 12 year old girl and her brother. he's the latest of six illegal immigrants to be arrested in maryland accused of sexual abuse or rape in the last several weeks. >> we don't interact with ice. contact them, nor do we ask any of our residents in montgomery county about their immigration status in the united states. >> one community activist has written members of maryland's congressional delegation and the county leadership expressing a
8:19 pm
con concern. "this is outrageous and unacceptable. we as montgomery county citizens and taxpayers, are fed up." >> should they have to tell the federal authorities that they are releasing an illegal immigrant before they do it? >> yeah, for public safety reasons. if it's just a person they picked up off the street which tends to happen sometimes, i don't think the public needs to necessity about that. >> earlier this summer, mark el rich signed an executive order barring ice from nonpublic areas of the montgomery county jail effectively preventing ice from interviewing illegal immigrants. he's further likened the trump administration policies to terrorism. to take the city civilian population, he said and subject them to constant fear, that's terrorism. and in its basic form. >> shannon? >> shannon: thank you. a california appeals court throwing out the only state
8:20 pm
conviction against jose inez garcia-zarate, who has been at the center of the kate steinle case that sparked the controversy. steinle was walking on a pier in san francisco in july 2015 when she was hit by a bullet. authorities accused garcia of murder. his defense claimed he picked up a gun that happened to be wrapped in a 2. shirt and fired it accidentally. jose inez garcia-zarate was in the u.s. illegally at the time of the shooting and had reportedly been deported back to mexico numerous times in the past. tonight a state appeals court overturned his conviction on the gun charge all because of instructions that were or were not given to the jury. what comes next? let's talk about it with democratic strategist kevin walling and the executive director of turning point usa. welcome to you both. >> i want to read some of the reporting from cbs san francisco talking about the judge's decision or the court's decision saying the first district court of appeals, and this is a state court in california, overturned the gun conviction because the
8:21 pm
judge failed to give the jury the option of acquitting garcia on the theory he only possessed the weapon for a moment. jose inez garcia-zarate said he unwittingly picked up the gun wrapped in a t-shirt and it fired accidentally. charlie? >> look, if you actually read the defense, i just find it so hard to believe that he just happened to find this gun. irregardless of that i think first we just have to look at one of the bigger points, this individual was deported five times. five times. and if he was not in the country, kate steinle would still be live and it's just a horrible reminder and my heart goes out to all the angel moms and families out there that have experienced so many crimes for people that should never have been in the country at all. look, there is another opportunity to retry this case again and let's see if the district attorney and the prosecution will continue to do that i doubt that they will have the political will because this is just such a hotly contested issue. it involves immigration and
8:22 pm
different topics. gun laws as well and i just don't know if they will have the political will and i think this is a total miscarriage of justice through and through. >> shannon: we're told the san francisco district attorney is considering options because it will be up to them whether they go back to this again. the attorney representing garcia on the gun charge said this. prosecution does have the prerogative of going again. it will be a big potential decision on what they are going to do, and, kevin, you heard charlie outline several of the things that are involved here. you've got gun issues. you've got immigration. you've got sanctuary cities. do you think, especially in california, that authorities there will actually want to retry this case? what happens next? >> i sure hope so, shannon. i know there is also a federal tract involved as well. federal officials also handling this because as you rightly pointed out at the outset, this individual was deported five
8:23 pm
times, has been convicted of seven felonies. >> shannon: prior felonies. >> during his time in the country so there is no reason, as i agree with charlie, he should never have been in this country and kate would still be alive. i actually agree with secretary hillary clinton during the campaign who said this is a problem that the city of san francisco released him to the public. that should never have happened, and what we need to do is push for comprehensive immigration reform so we've got more agents on the borders, so we have nor detention facility support, so something like this never happens again where this guy is released into the general public. >> shannon: you mentioned the federal tract as well. now in january, he's still facing federal gun charges and charges being in the country illegally. that's a completely separate trial. here's what his attorney said about that back in january. remember, he was acquitted on charges of killing her, of anything related to homicide, but then the federal gun charges kicked in.
8:24 pm
here's what his attorney said then. >> it's rarely done. for the federal government to come back two years later and say, oh, by the way, we're going to charge you with federal gun possession because the jury acquitted you, because the president was upset with the verdict, it's unprecedented. >> shannon: his attorney suggesting it's all political. >> yeah, i don't buy that for a minute. look, somebody, an individual is dead. someone is dead. so it doesn't matter the time period, it doesn't matter what they think the political motivations are. they are trying to overly politicize this to try to win points in the media and try to make this more bind binary. they agree this is a total miscarriage of justice. i will ashgdd, however, maybe w need a barrier or a wall on the southern border and the border patrol is asking for it to make the job easier so individuals like this can't come into the
8:25 pm
country repeatedly. obviously the current status quo is not working with a porous border, that allow him to come in. five illegal entries into the united states. kate steinle would be alive if we had our act together at the board and i'm glad the president is doing what he can to solve this issue. >> shannon: we'll watch to see if they try him again and the guns and federal charges in january that trial coming up. kevin and charlie, thank you both. >> shannon have a good holiday weekend. >> shannon: you, too. up next, a very high-profile twitter hack, michael flynn declares war on the special counsel's team. her attorney speaks out. hear what she's saying tonight next. making it easy to switch and save hundreds? oh yeah, sure. um. you don't know my name, do you? (laughs nervously) of course i know your name.
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8:30 pm
held in contempt for allegedly suppressing materials that might have led him to rethink his guilty plea before it was too late. flynn's attorney says the former three star general was the target of a smear campaign by the intelligence community. >> i certainly have concerns about the way that it's all proceeded and how it began, and just the way it's been developed and handled all along with significant suppression of exculpatory information that anyone should have been informed of immediately upon its discovery and he clearly was not. >> shannon: seeking a security clearance so she can see the materials herself and says she's looking forward to the next inspector general report which she believes could be very helpful to flynn's defense. the official account of twitter c.e.o. jack dorsey is secure once again tonight following a hack tonight, when somebody used to it send racist and vulgar
8:31 pm
tweets to his followers. >> this was a big deal when this happened. twitter says its company systems were not compromised but it's compromised multiple times a day, however, when it happens to someone prominent like jack dorsi things get taken care of at a rapt pace. >> the mac behind twitter has four million followers and it appears someone took over his account, a tweet praising nazi germany, others used the "n" word, one indicated there was a bomb at twitter headquarters. the communication quickly took over the boss's account and they are looking into how this happened and whether it might have been an inside job but if jack dorsi's account can be compromised what does that mean for a man who communicates his message to the american peel you will. times per day through tweets. donald trump has more than 63 million followers on twitter. the president doesn't just tweet for fun. he sets policy and makes
8:32 pm
significant announcements through a single tweet and from what we know the president tweets all by himself. what if someone or a group took over the president's account and made a statement about the impending hurricane or an announcement on china tariffs. the stock market could see immediate action. president trump addressed the twitter hack earlier this evening. president trump: i hope they aren't hacking my account, but actually, if they do, they won't learn too much more than i put out, right? it shouldn't be too bad. >> well, i heard from a tech expert who says the president's twitter account is really a jewel for someone hoping to get access. so far it's remained without any compromises compromises, but episodes like this make peep think twice. >> shannon: i saw questions -- >> i still have not solved that. anyway, david, thank you, we're
8:33 pm
getting word that the man who shot robert f. kennedy has been 125bd by a person in state prison. sirhan sirhan accused of shooting him after he declared victory was hospitalized in stable condition after today's attack in pri. we'll keep you updated as we learn more. this is a fox news alert. we're getting word of a shooting after a football game in mobile, alabama. we're hearing about 10 people ages 15-18 have been wounded. local news reports say there was a fight in the stands before the shooting. again, we're tracking that down trying to get more details and we'll let you know about that shooting in alabama as soon as we can. deadly red light crashes on the rise. that leads tonight's real news roundup, according to triple-a, deaths caused by drivers running red lights are at a 10-year high. it also finds at least two people are killed every day on u.s. roads as a result of drivers who run red lights. distracted driving including texting and cell phone use
8:34 pm
likely a major contributor. pennsylvania man losing his bid to have a disorderly conduct charge overturned for making a gun gesture with his hand. a neighbor reportedly feeling extremely threatened by the hand gesture and the superior court in lancaster county ruled the gesture recklessly risked provoking a dangerous alter indication. a new survey reveals shifting democrats among democrats when it comes to limits on abortion. survey finds 82% of democrats now say abortion should be legal in all or most cases. that's up 20 points from the 2007 survey. in hong kong millions of protestors are being warned to stay home. the police promising more arrests. what president trump is telling the protestors tonight. stay tuned. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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my message for them is they have a very strong point of view. i don't think anybody has ever seen marches of two million people. i think in hong kong we're going to be learning a lot over the next two to three days. >> shannon: tensions remain high in hong kong as warnings from police won't shut them down. joining to us discuss the latest developments in the region, director at the hudson institute, michael, good to have you back with us. i know you've been discussing with the president what's going on in china, the tariffs escalation what can you tell us publicly about those conversations? >> i'm just an outside adviser. what you might call a friend, an admirer of the president and especially his strategy towards china. the kinds of things he's doing should have been done 30 years ago. hong kong, he's not directly intervening, he's saying we'll learn a lot more over the next 2-3 days. that's a reference to the cancellation of the
8:40 pm
demonstration, the arrest of joshua wong and what looks like the potential for a crackdown. so if that happens, of course, it greatly complicates the trade talks the president has already said so these two situations are linked, hong kong and whether or not the chinese delegation comes here in a couple of weeks to have the 13th, what i call the 13th round of the trade talks. >> shannon: joshua wong, we had on a few days ago, a couple of weeks ago here. shortly before he was arrested. then we got word he's been arrested. out again. some of the protestors say, the reporting is that activists say this is all an attempt to intimidate protestors ahead of another week of demonstrations. they also say it won't work. so we're hearing from a lot of these folks. tomorrow's protests have been declared illegal and the police are saying we'll arrest you if you show up but there have been massive numbers that have been willing to take to the streets every weekend. what's your prediction for how this ends? >> i don't know.
8:41 pm
i think the president is right. we're going to learn a lot in the next two to three days. there has been an interesting reuters report from several chinese officials that china and president xi himself is really behind what carry lamb is doing in hong kong. she apparently has zero flexibility to meet the students' five demands. one of those demands is probably the most important. that's for direct election of the leader of hong kong. you might think that's outrageous or how dare they do that in a communist country but china agreed back in 1990 that the ultimate game is to have free election of the leader of hong kong. so china has already agreed to that. and the connection with the trade talks is we don't want them to be able, in the trade talks to make a promise and then not keep it so it's got to be legally binding, and i think that's what's holding the chinese back. that's why they reneged in may. the president basically punished them for that. if the talks get restarted now that's a lot of really important
8:42 pm
progress. and i hope america's farmers are backing him because the chinese has already said it's the farmers who will try to manipulate. >> shannon: we've heard from some of them on the show as well, saying, we're nervous in the short term. we have to make plans. we have to plant crops. we have to invest in things and equipment and all kinds of things, they are nervous but many of them are saying we're trying to stick with him because in the long run we know it will pay off potentially. that's what they are hoping and for decade they feel like now one has stuck up for them but they realize it may cause pain in the short term. >> there was an interesting poll the white house seems to have, that's come out today or tomorrow, that 67% of farmers, american farmers, when they are asked, would you vote for president trump today, they say yes. so the farmers appear to be patriotic and they are not kind of working for china. they are look for a long term solution which is what the president wants as well. >> shannon: so quickly let me ask you, as we watched, the sun is up, it's daytime in hong
8:43 pm
kong, as things play out this weekend, if china does in any way move in for any kind of more serious crackdown, we know that lots of troops are in the area and along the border as well, what should the u.s. do or not do? this isn't our fight but the people of hong kong are calling out to us looking for support? >> yes, two things. the first is, we don't want to be the so-called black hand who instigates violence, then triggers chinese intervention. on the other hand, there will be an automatic international reaction, i think, as happened 30 years ago. that the parliaments and members of congress, in 50 countries will slap really severe sanctions on china to punish them for hong kong. >> shannon: we'll watch this weekend as we know you will, too. michael, always good to have you. night court convenes next. a college professor fighting for his reputation saying university officials who promised to protect him did nothing to shut down false allegations so is the school liable?
8:44 pm
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. two suspects are reportedly in custody at a high school football game in mobile. we're told that 10 people ages
8:48 pm
15-18 have been wounded. witnesses say there was a fight in the stands before the shooting. two suspects in custody. we'll keep you updated as we learn more. >> shannon: it's time for night court. we pass no judgment on these stories, brent them to you, the jury, for consideration. in connecticut, a wesleyan university is suing the school for failing to protect him from slanderous and vicious personal attacks that labeled him a sex offender when there has never actually been a complaint or charge filed against him on that front. here to discuss it, two attorneys. great to have you both with us tonight. >> good to see you, shannon. >> shannon: let's start with exhibit a. the professor says students have the right to say i'm a terrible teacher that right does not extend to calling me a criminal.
8:49 pm
he says he happened upon a demonstration at one point years ago when they were calling out more attention to sex assaults. he tried to defend a couple of people who were innocent so they then started putting his name and face on posters all over campus calling him a sex offender. he said the school promised to track this down and help him out and hold students accountable and they didn't so now he's suing. >> you know, there is no question here that the students' actions were completely reprehensible. this is something as a former professor myself, i understand the pain of having basically -- students can put whatever they want and it goes into your faculty file but they are anonymous so when it comes to this professor as mad, upset and as frustrated as he is, for him to sue the university an basically say that there was a breach of contract as his main complaint here and that somehow the students were agents of the university that were -- that the university is now responsible for their conduct, that doesn't make sense. and the university even according to his own amended
8:50 pm
complaint that he filed, the professor does acknowledge the university took action to try to identify these students. they tried to take some disciplinary action, and often, he isn't going to know as the victim what happens to students and since the university hasn't actually responded here, we don't know what action if any has been taken against the students because that's more like an hr file where the professor wouldn't know that. but here i think that it's reasonable that the university did everything they could because let's also remember students do have a right to free speech, i think it goes beyond that line but that doesn't make the university responsible to the professor under a handbook code where it's not an agent of the university. >> he says that, he claims that there were students who were questioned, and he wants to know the results of the questioning. their suggestion that there is a video, too, on campus that might help to identify these people and he's not been able to get any of that but the university is pushing back saying, in their memo of law in support of that motion to strike, saying the
8:51 pm
cause of action for defamation requires these four things, a false statement of fact, unprivileged publication of the statement and publication caused by negligent or intentional conduct and injury to reputation. he says there is not a single allegation, the university says, that wesleyan or any of their agts made a false statement of facts regarding plaintiff. so it may be a terrible case but the school says we're not responsible. >> let's start talking about how outrageous is what this school did. first, the president, and provost, who were also accused of being sexual predators, with a number of other professors did absolutely nothing to do a competent investigation and when they found out certain individuals who were involved, they took no action against them and said, you know what? we don't think what they are doing is really that bad so what the complaint says is that these students were using school facilities, copy machines, the university knew who some of these individuals were, and did nothing about it, so in essence, they were co-conspirators, if
8:52 pm
you will in this defamation and the school should be ashamed of themselves for what they did to the reputation of this person for which none of this information is credible with regard to calling him a sexual foreign, just a group of students who decided to prey upon this particular guy and the school did nothing to stop it and that's the basis of this complaint. >> exhibit c, the university president, in the professor's complaint he says that michael -- emailed him about the poster saying this is outrageous. we'll do our best to put a stop to it and hold those responsible accountable. a quick final word from you and then to bob to close it out. >> the university doesn't owe a duty of a breach of contract to the professor for student conduct. all they can do is make sure that they abide by the student conduct code and to hold accountable to the best of their ability the students, and so i think the professor here, as upset as he is as terrible as the situation is he's going after the wrong defendant. >> quickly, bob. >> the school has a policy that
8:53 pm
these these educators are not to be harassed, their personal dignity not attacked and president said we're going to do everything we can because we know these are false allegations and then turned around at the end of the day and said they are not doing anything about it. >> shannon: bob and jenna, you made your arguments. thank you very much. >> tonight, there is a nationwide shortage of police officers. one think tank says 66% of 400 police departments survey showed a decrease in the number of applicants and that's sparking real-life emergency shortages. here's the story from minneapolis. >> in minneapolis, where tension between the police and public are running high the city is also battling a crippling officer shortage. over the past year, the department was unable to immediately send send a squad car to over 6,000 prior one
8:54 pm
emergencies, which are stabbings, shots fighter an sexual assaults. including an officer facing imminent death and a baby not breathing. >> to have to look someone in the eye and tell them we were unable to get there because we do not have enough resources, it's unacceptable. >> this restaurant owner says the city's politics are interfering with good policing. >> it takes the cops 10-15 minutes and that can happen within two blocks of the precinct. >> minneapolis grew by 50,000 people over the past decade but the police force stayed at 880 officers. the chief is asking for 400 additional officers by 2025. so far, mayor proposed just 14. >> one council member says the city is investing in and diversifying its force. >> you can't walk around with the same broken apartment since the 1950's. >> nationwide there has been a decline of 150,000 officers since the year 2000. departments are now struggling
8:55 pm
to attract applicants in large part because of what they say is a nationwide narrative against the profession. in minneapolis, despite a glaring crisis, some city council members argue the city should not hire one more officer. instead, fund alternative public safety programs. >> we're thankful that the information is out in the open. we would rather have a truthful conversation than pretend like this isn't hang. >> compared with similar size cities, minneapolis actually has more officers than omaha and oakland but about a hundred less than st. louis and a thousand fewer than milwaukee. >> shannon: thank you. dramatic body cam footage capturing the blazing inferno. two police officers try to save a woman from a death trap in barrow county, georgia. she was lying down inside her car almost as if she had given up. the fire got so intense the tires on the vehicle exploded
8:56 pm
but the officers kept breaking their way in and just as there was break in the smoke the officers and the woman emerged almost totally unharmed. you're real live heroes. that's it for us tonight v. great holiday weekend. great presentation, tim. could you email me the part about geico making it easy to switch and save hundreds? oh yeah, sure. um. you don't know my name, do you? (laughs nervously) of course i know your name. i just get you mixed up with the other guy. what's his name? what's your name? switch to geico®. you could save 15% or more on car insurance. could you just tell me? i want this to be over.
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>> good evening and welcome to a special campus craziness edition of tucker carl son tonight. more than 50% of kids aged 18 to 24 view socialism favorably. it's easy to make fun of this but isntead, it's worth asking why? why are so many young people the majority, giving up oniv american free enterprise? is it possible universities are to blame? it's not just that they have far left professors, it's also


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