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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 31, 2019 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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the case. continuing to follow dorian a category 4 storm, it's tilted slightly eastward and another story to pass along to you, ruth bader ginsburg feeling better, no plans to retire. fox continues. >> and there is the latest track of hurricane dorian, putting the entire southeast, from florida up to the carolinas on high alert. right now bracing for hurricane dorian. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington, i'm leland vittert. a couple of hours ago we got an update from the national hurricane center. it certainly got better, then it got worse as we looked at things. >> yes, encouraging sign for florida, but still that cone of uncertainty is so massive right now. i'm kristin fisher, the slow-moving storm dumping rain in the bahamas as it inches to the united states. and it's shifting east and adam
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klotz is in the weather center with the latest. adam, what's it looking like now? >> (inaudible) >> give you a little idea of what we're talking about. he maybe tried to turn his microphone on. the storm as you can see is 400 miles or so to the east of west palm beach, florida. what adam is going to be talking about here is the track and the track has moved a little to the east and turned up north. so whereas a couple of hours ago, it looked like it was just going to slam into that area north of west palm beach, brevard county, florida, somewhere along the space coast, it now appears that the track of the storm is turning a little bit east and then north. so you can see that curve up in which would go up along the
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florida coast, past jacksonville, savannah and all the way back into the carolinas. adam. >> leland, do you have me? >> one thing to make a difference here in the storm, the national hurricane center is the dirty side of the storm. at least appears as they will stay away from landfall. >> hey there, leland. i was following along with you, getting my mic worked out here. the storm is tracking and the worst side is always on the eastern side of the storms and it looks more and more like that's going to stay out to sea. a big storm either way. and winds 150 miles gusting up to 185 miles. you see the defined eyewall and that's how powerful the storm is. i'll show you the forecast, as it continues to drift more and more to the east and the center of circulation closer and closer to the bahamas. as it moves, it's going to stay a powerful storm over the bahamas. some folks there may be in
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trouble. we are beginning to see an earlier turn. and before we saw this running into the center of florida before make the turn. the cone of uncertainty is along the coast. but more and more is up the coast and up to the north and all of a sudden, areas in georgia, south carolina, north caroli carolina, there's uncertainty, right along the coastline is a possibility. it's going to be a big storm. the euro and ones we look at the most more recently they've shown the setup along the coast so still heavy rain and wind, but maybe a little better situation than we thought 24 hours ago. >> certainly for florida. now georgia and south carolina having to watch this closely. >> adam, a quick second. we still have adam with us.
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as you look at the storm and the way it's tracking, does it get better from here or worse from here? there had been talk a couple of days ago about the north and east. is the possibility more north and east or the bad contingency of it turn back still alive? >> there's a possibility that it could turn back, but we look at trends with hurricane forecasting. what has been the trend in model runs? it's trending farther away from the coast of florida and that's good news. obviously it's not good news if you live along this area, even trending farther east, may be trending farther out to sea so i would say that's positive. >> thanks, adam. >> with that we turn down to the coast of florida, delray beach, florida and there is griff jenkins on the beach, if you didn't know there was a hurricane 400 miles away, you would think it's a nice day.
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>> that's right, you wouldn't know. although that cat 4 storm is 400 miles off the coast. people are out here just like any other day where they're getting in this case, perhaps, they thought would be their last bit of sunshine, we will see. but it's the message from the officials, leland, here, that is be vigilant because just because the cone isn't on you doesn't mean you're out of danger and it's a multiple combination of, of course, flooding that could occur here, there are king tides, only once in the summer is happens. it's the highest tides of the year and waterways are at a high level and they were concerned about flooding before. and the mayor tells me if it slows and sits off the coast and brings excessive rain, they will be impacted. take you to some of the people here, ron is here with his family visiting down. ron, tell me, as you get the news that it may not be coming your way, are you worried?
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and what were your plans in the beginning? >> we, some people thought they might have to get out, a flight out sooner which was very difficult to do. we're driving. we were actually going to head to the west coast of florida. so-- >> and where is home for the family? >> well, we're in ma summerset mass and chris is san francisco, so-- >> and if this storm moves up the coast and you've got to get a massachusetts and you're driving. what are you going to do? >> probably stop at different places along the way and see what happens. >> chris, let me ask you, what are your thoughts on this storm and what are your plans? >> i am flying out of fort lauderdale and i'm just enjoying that it's getting delayed because i didn't know if my flight was going to take off back to san francisco and my wife is out there with my daughter and probably didn't love the idea of it being two, three more days before i got
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home. >> you get the sense that people are not as worried as 48 hours ago? >> totally, totally. it seems it's slowing down and going up the coast. i don't know if the locals were as worried as us tourists were. >> thank you very much. so that's the scene. as you know, tourists down here a little concerned and the residents breathing a sigh of relief, but the officials saying be vigilant. you're not out of the woods yet. >> we keep hearing that and keep watching. griff, thanks so much. our best to you and your crew the next couple of days, kristin. >> joining us with more insight is florida congresswoman and house infrastructure committee, congresswoman frederica williams. i'd like to start with the latest track from the national weather service, obviously great news for a lot of your constituents, miami and broward counties. they're not out of the woods
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yet, still in the cone of uncertainty. what is your advice for them? >> well, this is a very dangerous storm and uncertainty still remains and it's travelling slow, even though it's turning to the north and curving off shore, we're going to get wind gusts and we're going to get tropical force winds and heavy rain and we'll get flooding and for sure we're going to get power outages. so, we're asking everybody to stay calm, be vigilant. we're not out of the woods yet because, remember when irma came through, it was not supposed to hit south florida, but it did. so we're still watching. we're praying for the west and preparing for the worst. >> congresswoman, you are on the transportation and infrastructure committee. i'm curious when you have to deal with the mass evacuations
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you'll likely see along the east coast, what are the problem areas you're concerned about in terms of infrastructure along the east coast? >> well, we are concerned about bridges and we're concerned about sea level rise and we're concerned about sand erosion and we're concerned about losing our trees and we're concerned about the weak structure that we still have in place and that's why we're fighting so hard to get an infrastructure plan in place so that we can take care of some of these inconsistencies. >> because fema is preparing for multiple inconsistencies, but we're just -- we can't do everything, we have to improve our infrastructure. >> you know, floridians are a hearty bunch. they're no strangers to hurricanes and when they see a
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track favorably for them they may think that they can stay and wait it out and may not be that big of a deal for them. what would you say to counter that thinking? >> i say be prepared. we're going to have power outages, we're going to have flooding, and we have vulnerable populations. we have nursing homes, remember, in the heart of my district two years ago we lost many people in nursing homes because of power outages, and the government did put in place a law that requires them to have generators and be prepared for power outages, but that's our biggest concern. we have a lot of trees in florida, a lot of foliage that will fall on power lines and cars, outages. the trees will block the highways and streets, and we'll have a lot of flooding. >> yes. >> so even though the hurricane may not hit us directly, we will
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still be in trouble. >> well, congresswoman thank you for taking the time to talk with us, and stay safe the next few days. >> thank you, thank you. >> with that we bring in republican illinois congressman member of the house foreign affairs committee. nice to see you, congressman. when we think about the storms and we watch south florida mobilize and in terms of moving men and equipment and food and everything else into in area afternoons? >> yes, obviously the priority is the homeland so whatever resources we need and this is where the national guard, the air guard, the army national guard play a solid role. if you think about, for instance, puerto rico, you had to take a lot of people from the mainland to go to puerto rico.
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and once you got there, with the infrastructure, there was a huge difficulty. any v, yes, but national guard and reserve troops involved. >> everyone flying in, the hurricane hunters as well, something you do everyone. real quick, do you have -- do you feel like at hurricane katrina, now there's a doomsday with the storms. you never want to say that it's not going to happen, but it turns east. is there a fear in congress and other places every storm is going to be the big one, you've got to get ready, cancel school, flights canceled, airports shut down that it becomes a little too routine? >> it does and this is a fine line. i don't think there's really a scientific answer to it, but you want people to be prepared and if you don't express, hey, this
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is serious, people stay home and have hurricane parties and get caught like what happened in louisiana they didn't leave or didn't even see the significance of the storm until it was too late. but you also, there is a significant economic impact when ever basically a state shuts down because something is coming and we hope and pray this thing turns north, obviously, but the question, do people get tired of that? i don't think there's an answer, but we have to be careful every day when we do that. >> yeah, the risk and fear of complacency. turn back to when you're headed back to washington. hurricane or not. everybody is coming back to town. your take aways for what we should look for for the next three months or so? >> you'll have to ask nancy pelosi. the first is that we finish the budget stuff. we have the topline budget agreement, but again, i think they'll pivot to the election, the whole year has been passing
9:14 am
messaging bills for democrats or trying to put republicans in a bad position so they can run about them. i hope she puts basically usc mchm on the table. if she's concerned. put the usm c. -- usmca on. and they've got it pin her down. >> you had a big summer, an engagement. an offer to officiate. any news you want to share. >> i'm getting married in february to sophia. she's fantastic. and mccarthy will not be officiating, we'll get a real passer in and not kevin mccarthy, even though i love him. >> the response from kevin mccarthy on twitter.
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congratulations. >> take care. >> supreme court justice rude bader ginsburg speaking out in public about her health for the first time it was announced she underwent treatment for a malignant pancreatic tumor. she spoke out at the national book festival in washington. take a listen. >> first, this audience can see that i am alive. [laughte [laughter]. [applaus [applause] >> and i'm on my way to being very well. >> well, no one will doubt that she is a fighter, for what she believes in and her health. >> really, and the determination is impressive when you see it and inspiring.
9:16 am
you have to -- you cannot think about how or underestimate, i should say, how many people were watching this from a political lens, and what this means for the next year and couple months before the election. >> how could you not? and especially during a time when the supreme court has been under so much transformation. there's been so much turnover. now everybody watches now justice ginsburg does in the present day. >> and tim made the point in his book, no single bigger issue in 2016 to get voters out. we'll see if that holds true in 2020. >> protesters in hong kong clash with police and lighting barricades and their own umbrellas on fire in the street. a report on that next. ok everyone! our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein
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this is xfinity x1. featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote. streaming services without changing passwords and input. live sports - with real-time stats and scores. access to the most 4k content. and your movies and shows to go. the best tv experience is the best tv value. xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> protesters in lohong kong a marching, this is the third consecutive weekend of pro democr democracy protests and hi, jonathan. >> it's been an intense day of violent confrontation on the streets of hong kong.
9:21 am
tens of thousands turning out to march in demonstrations at the hong kong authorities have dechaired it unlawful. that didn't matter to all of those protesters who were on the streets. it all started out peacefully enough, but that did not last long. just a few moments ago, the clashes began in earnest. up there, you can see the hong kong police position and that's the position from which they are firing tear gas into the clouds down here. it's now hanging thick over all of us. this is the usual time of the day when these clashes do become more serious, as we get closer to sunset. it's beginning now, again, the tear gas comes from up on top. a lot of tear gas cannisters are picked up by the protesters and they're throwing them back over the wall into what is right here, the central government headquarters.
9:22 am
headquarters. >> and then, as the hong kong police tried to force those protesters away from that central government building, they fired volley after volley of tear gas. they brought in the water cannon. they pulled those water cannons with blue dye at one point. that not only helps push the protesters back, but marks them so they can be rounded up by the police more easily at a later stage. then the protesters, as they withdrew from the government building, they started building barricades and they set fires and still, the police moved forward trying to clear them out. it's now, as we go just after midnight, sunday here in hong kong, a quieter, more calm situation, but it remains very volatile, kristin, and we are hearing a great deal of rumors that tomorrow there may be another attempt by these
9:23 am
protesters to once again shut down the airport. all of tease demonstrations may have been declared illegal, unlawful, by the hong kong authorities. the hong kong authorities may have rammed it up and charged several of the leader activists. but the message from the protesters is clear today, we are not backing down. kristin: incredible, that this has been going on for 13 weeks. jonathan hunt, stay safe out there. leland: and this is so much. now, the hong kong playing so much to president trump's policies towards china and he says the next round of tariffs on chinese goods will go into effect tomorrow. evidently the trade talks between washington and beijing will resume sometime next month. garrett tenney live from the white house as we're learning about the administration's strategy. >> good to be with you. the talks are expected to resume
9:24 am
next month, the could he word s is. and the latest shot in the arm with the latest round of the tariffs to take effect. starting tomorrow the u.s. will select tariffs on 110 billion in goods. clothing, smart watches, sporting goods as well as meat and dairy products. for the first time since the trade dispute started a year ago, folks at home may start to feel impact to their wallets. a lot of u.s. companies say with the latest round of tariffs, they will be forced to pass along higher costs to customer. as president trump left the white house, he defended the trafrs and says many companies are using tariffs as an excuse for poor performance. >> a lot of badly-run companies are trying to blame tariffs. in other words, if they're running badly and having a bad quarter or just unlucky in some
9:25 am
ways. they're likely to blame the tariffs. it's not the tariffs, it's called bad management. >> china says it will respond to these latest tariffs with additional tariffs of its own on u.s. goods, but despite the ongoing increase in tensions, both sides say they are hopeful to reach a deal between the standoff in the two largest economies. >> first, the economic teams of both sides had been ineffective communication. second, we hope the u.s. will take concrete actions with sincerity and meet china halfway and meet on the basis of equality and respect. >> based on what we're hearing, those talks are not closer to a deal. both sides are confident it will happen, but the real question is when. there's a growing possibility that these grade tensions in no deal could extend until after the 2020 election. as chinese people to way too
9:26 am
sleep. and if they would have a better shot with an administration. >> and garrett tenney there on the lawn. white house, thank you for that. for more insight how this affects americans. we bring in former new york times author, the book "beaten down, worked up," steven, welcome. and those were voters in pennsylvania, ohio, michigan, wisconsin that flipped for president trump in 2016. are they still in with him as they have brought back jobs-- >> some are supporting him, some are on the fence. in wisconsin things are turning against him, according to polls. i think on one hand, you know,
9:27 am
workers are, consumers are happy that he's standing up to china. now there's rising tariffs. workers aren't sure whether president trump is handling things as best as he might. >> when you think about blue color workers and the tariffs have winners and losers without question. explain to us, how good has the administration been at having the tariffs help the workers that president trump needs based on geography and then also for tech, the industries that the chinese and others are retaliating against. >> president trump worked hard to raise tariffs to help the steel industry and then you hear from the auto industry, the machine industry, plant industry, saying that's hurting us and jobs are getting lost. >> i used to cover for the new york times and when the united
9:28 am
states would take on a power like china. it would make sure getting our allies, and president trump has made it much harder for the united states to win because he's going it alone against china. >> when you think about the union workers and blue collar labor force. is there a willingness now to look towards a republican party candidate post-trump 2016 that may not have existed in the '80s, '90s, early 2000's? >> i think that president trump's success in winning the blue collar workers, opens the door somewhat to some of the voters voting republican. again, however, in this election when i said, the democratic candidates are fighting harder than they have for decades to try to woo back the blue collar voters. >> i promise we didn't plan it that way. speaking of the democratic candidates, we have bernie
9:29 am
sanders and we'll get your reaction on the other side. >> the future of the american middle class depends upon our abilities to grow the trade union movement in this country. >> in the first four years of a sanders administration, we're going to double the number of workers in unions in america. >> do blue collar workers net-net now look towards unions as their saving grace? or as we see the uaw leadership raided by the fbi, et cetera, et cetera, perhaps they say i just want companies to treat me better and i don't need a union to do it? >> your saving grace is a big turn, but i think a lot of workers are looking towards the union because they feel the system is rigged. just as many voted for donald trump, they feel it's rigged because they're looking toward union and they see record corporate profits and wages are going nowhere, ceo pay rising 10-fold in the past four decades while worker pay has hardly
9:30 am
crept upward. so they see a new poll-- gallup released a pole, for the union it's highest in 50 years. another big story found that nearly 50% would not vote to join a union. so there's increased interest in unions right now. >> more on that from steven greenhouse, new york times. good to see you and appreciate you coming in on labor day weekend. all the best. chris in. kristin: thousands of travelers are facing delays due to hurricane dorian. back on the ground at new york's busiest airport, new york's laguardia. >> of course there's a lot of anxiety on one of the biggest holiday travel weekends of the year. and they're travelling by air just as dorian is making landfall. we'll show you what areas might be impacted the most and how the
9:31 am
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>> and a fox news alert. it's already saturday night in paris. at least one person is dead, six other injured in a small scale knife attack in france. you can see south of paris, one attacker had a life and the second a skewer. one arrested and that second attacker still on the run. the incident has not yet been named a terrorist attack. we've got a producer there in france working on this. our london bureau making calls and bringing you updates as they happen. the end of the french vacation season there wrapping up. kristin: yeah, and you know, we're issues so cautious to say whether anything is a terrorist attack or not-- >> there's not a lot ever people running around with knives and screwers on a saturday night that mean well. kristin: you think for the
9:36 am
tourists and the locals-- >> a big vacation season and a lot of americans there as well. we are going to put up now the track of hurricane dorian, which is what had a lot of tourists down in florida are watching, shall we say intently right there. it's about 450 miles east of west palm beach, florida. and you and i have been talking. the last update was an hour and a half ago. things look better now, or they do look better now than 25 hours ago. >> they look better for florida, but perhaps worse for georgia, south carolina. >> sure. >> we know that hurricane dorian will likely weaken by the time it were to make landfall if it makes landfall in georgia or south carolina, but a huge hurricane nonetheless. if you're in florida right now i would have to be happy with the latest from the national hurricane center. leland: the point, we've seen
9:37 am
long gas lines in florida, stories of gas supplies running low. right now you're starting to see the influx and inflow of the pre-positioned supply by home depot, costco, et cetera, and you have to think some are headed to the carolinas and georgia. kristin: many people would prefer to spend their holiday in boats and on the beach and it's affecting hundreds of flights by dorian this weekend. airports in harm's way are determining when to shut down altogether. including in florida, grounding all flights by monday. hi. >> yeah, orlando was the first airport to make that call. even before some of the more coastal airports like miami, tampa and fort lauderdale. but as dorian tracks northward,
9:38 am
we can expect a lot more changes and that's going to translate to a lot more red on the board. surprising for a hurricane incoming right now, it's pretty clear on the arrival side and the departures out of laguardia running on time. just two flights are running slightly behind schedule and we're talking about a couple of minutes. if you come over this way with me. it's not the scene you would expect to see as a hurricane is approaching land. especially on one of the busiest holiday weekends for travel. flight aware website is showing plenty of activity in the skies right now. nationwide there are about 200 cancellations and about 600 delays in the u.s. the worst hit airport is dallas, which is far out of reach of the storm. some florida airports are warning travelers things are about to get bad. miami, and others they encourage you to check the airlines before
9:39 am
you go. and the airports do have the final say when it stop operations altogether. travelers we talked to are on edge and especially the people who have homes in the path of the storm and aren't there right now to take care of business. >> just going to pray that it will go away. >> i have lots of concerns right now. i'm really stressed out. >> i'm going home a couple of days earlier. my pets are there, we don't know if i can kweet a flight back. >> a 4% increase from last year at this point. several airlines have issued waivers for change fees and delta for pets. and lifting travel restrictions for unaccompanied minors. a lot is going to change before dorian makes landfall and anybody travelling over the holiday weekend is likely to
9:40 am
feel some impact. kristin: some like delta are adding flights out of florida to get people out of harm's way, leland. leland: federal appeals courts say that travelers, those travelling any day, suing over mistreatment by tsa and the judges said that tsa agents can act like law enforcement officers, including when they conduct invasive searches. a federal law lets them sue over officers who conduct searches and arrest people and thus, the tsa. now on the hook. kristin: new fallout from the latest biden campaign blunder. will it make a difference to the upcoming debate? nce themed fu♪ ♪ at progressive park! children: yeah!
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>> it's labor day weekend. we'll wait for the candidates on labor day. in the meantime, joe biden doubling down in the wake of the latest gaffe, defending a war story he told on the campaign trail even after "the washington post" pointed out, well, several inaccuracies, with the vice-president's quote i don't know what the problem is. we'll bring in mike, i know you love to rip on biden about these things. it's not proof that joe biden has developed an issue with old age. he's always done these kinds of things. what's wrong now? >> you could blame it on old gauge, but this is joe biden's hallmark for decades. he has no record for the truth. in 1988 he had to drop out of the presidential race pause he lied about his law school record and it's not just the aggrandizing lies we expect of politicians. he tells lies about others, even
9:46 am
the worse in 1972, joe biden's wife and daughter were killed. leland: michael, one can reasonably agree that the standard in politics from 1988 when biden dropped out of the race is slightly different. we have a president with his own unique relationship with the truth and with statements as well. so, does biden get a lot more leeway now than he did back then? >> well, this is why i mentioned his wife and daughter because of course, politicians lie and president trump will sometimes exaggerate reality and this has been a hallmark of his brand for decades, let's put it that way. in 1972 joe biden's wife and daughter were tragically killed in the car accident and an awful defense the police concluded that the other driver was innocent, it weighed on this other driver curtis dunn until his death in 1999 and almost immediately after his death he started smearing this man as a
9:47 am
drunk driver, and he was called out in 2010. this is a man who simply has no record for the truth. if you're going to run against trump on the campaign line, when you look at joe biden, hardly a worst candidate to put up against president trump on that argument. leland: as we look at the debate stage, that president trump is a liar, in their words, and they want him out. biden, buttigieg, klobuchar, o'rourke, yang, castro. we know what you think of castro's candidacy as significant as what you had for breakfast today. but any until dinner tonight? >> inle you mentioned it, i forgot that julian castro was running in this race. dropping out of gillibrand tells us something, not that she was
9:48 am
ever a serious candidate, it tells which are doing well and which are not. gillibrand was classly contrived candidate and the same could be said of joe biden or kamala harris. leland: wasn't she the one who was going to tell what white privilege was and explain to suburban moms what that was and voted for trump incorrectly? >> exactly, she was going to use her white privilege to tell about white privilege. knocked out of the race. bernie sanders or elizabeth warren whatever you want to say about them, they've stayed true to their beliefs. they may do better in the race. leland: it will be fascinating to see this on stage. michael's podcast, wherever you can describe. good to see you, buddy. >> good to see you, leland.
9:49 am
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simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. >> a california state appeals
9:53 am
court has thrown out the sole conviction against the undocumented immigrant who shot and killed kate steinle on the san francisco waterfront in 2015. the latest from los angeles. >> hi, kristin. well, repeat offender jose garcia serratte was deported five times when he picked up a gun and killed a san francisco woman walking with her dad. he claimed it was an accident that he unwittingly picked up the gun wrapped in a t-shirt and it fired, ricochetting off the concrete hitting kate steinle in the back. he was acquitted of murder, but convicted on one charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm. california's district of appeal did not give the option of acquitting him on the theory he possessed the weapon for only a
9:54 am
second. public defender says that this means he was given a fair trial. we were entitled to the instruction and we had it. we thought he would have been acquitted had the jury been skrukted this this way so this is great phiing for us. before the shooting, immigration customs and enforcement asked them to tell the release day so ice could pick him up. san francisco's sanctuary city policy barred them from acting. and ken cuccinelli tweeted, kate steinley was killed because san francisco proclaimed itself a sanctuary city. this defies safety and human decency. no justice. >> and prosecutors considered charging him on the single gun
9:55 am
possession count. he's not out walking free, he's still facing related federal gun charges. kristin. >> leland. leland: live pictures now as we watch the track of hurricane dorian. ellison barber inside that cone of uncertainty. hi, ellison. >> hey, leland. has that hurricane shifts and as the forecast starts to change, some are headed to the beach instead of the store. officials are trying to convince them to keep preparing and expect the worst. geico makes it easy to get help when i need it. with licensed agents available 24-7, it's not just easy. it's having-jerome-bettis- on-your-flag-football-team easy. go get 'em, bus! ohhhh! [laughing] c'mon bus, c'mon! hey, wait, wait, wait! hey man, i got your flag!
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9:59 am
leland: live pictures of leon, france, heavy police presence where they are on the scene of knife attack, one person death and 6 injured, one person apprehended, a second on the run. as of now, the incident has not been named a terror attack, but certainly that's something that the police there are going to have to look into, we will keep you informed. ♪ >> preparations are under way in the southeast of hurricane dorian inches towards landfall, welcome to america's news headquarters from washington, i'm kristin fisher. leland: hurricane forced winds will reach florida and continue
10:00 am
to slow down, i'm leland vittert, we bring adam klotz where is storm is and where it's headed. >> it's a slow-moving storm, at this point moving 8 miles an hour, huge storm, massive storm, current category 5 at 150 miles an hour, gusting to 85 miles an hour, when you look at the storm you look at defined eye wall, the thing that's hard to track where exactly it's going to head, we continue to get updated models that are drifting the thing further to the east which could be good news for folks across florida, here is our forecast track, running into the bahamas, at this point cone of uncertainty are clear, areas like miami or south florida, you see this turn in central florida and you run up the coast, this is taking ewe -- you from
10:01 am
tuesday morning, category 3, wednesday morning all the way up to carolinas near carolina coast, that's taking you all the way through thursday now falling to category 2 storm, there's still a lot of indecision with this, that's a big cone of uncertainty, so this could still run up into florida and run right up the coastline but now entirely possible that this stays off the coast, now a storm of that magnitude just off the coast could still do a lot of damage, you could city pay attention and i will leave you with forecast models, some running in the carolinas, tuesday and wednesday. leland: next update in a couple of hours, thank you, sir.
10:02 am
>> dorian inching its way forward, sunshine state braces for the heavy winds and rain, ellison barber on the ground in miami with more, ellison, i know it has to be tough for folks to heed the warnings and stay off the beach when it looks as pretty as it does where you are. >> as the forecast has moved, cone of concern seems like it's not going to be an issue for this area for miami, more and more people seem to be heading to the beach instead of going to the store, they are breathing a sigh of relief, you can see they do have the high hazard flags out here, if you look further down the beach, people pretty much as far as the eye can see, yesterday there was more activity, more preparations, but as the forecast has changed people seem to be going about their weekend, their lives as normal, heading down to the beach and enjoying the weather while they can, but local officials are telling people they need to keep preparing for the storm and to expect the
10:03 am
worst because the past, the situation that's coming, all of it is still up in the air. >> overnight projections for hurricane dorian's path shifted slightly to the north, however, it is still expected to be a powerful hurricane north of us. while this is good news for miami-dade county, it's still way too early to let our guard down. small changes in trajectory could have major impact because some parts of miami-dade are out of the cone, does not mean that we will not have hazardous weather. >> yesterday people were rushing to fill up cars cars with gas, grabbing propane tanks, generators, plywood and preparing for the storm. >> the gas station is full and stuff like that, like this is real, this is real deal. >> i'm worried but there's nowhere to go. >> i'm pretty familiar with hurricanes. >> i'm leave to go my brother's
10:04 am
house, he's more towards the west. hoping for the best. >> just start going to the stores because this gets crazy and grab whatever you can before they fly off the shelf. >> more than half of the gas stations in the miami ft. lauderdale palm beach area ran out of gas, that according to app gasbuddy, the highway patrol in florida would help escort fuel trucks into areas like miami overnight so they could get more fuel before the storm hits, if people need to evacuate, they want to evacuate they k a lot of gas station where is we saw them run out of gas yesterday, kristin, they got some gas in last night but the fuel trucks making it in to get more gas but today the lines have not been nearly as long in the miami area as we saw yesterday. >> that's good news. ellison barber, thank you. leland. leland: we move a little inland, not much for how much florida is
10:05 am
preparing for dorian, mayor suárez, appreciate you taking the time, you've got to have, the pressure has to be off a little bit here. >> we definitely woke up to good news that the storm seem to be taking northerly trajectory just like we woke up to good news this morning we are hoping that the trend continues and we don't wake up to bad news tomorrow. we have seen a lot of the storms over the course of the years have a very, very funky trajectory, so we are remaining vigilant, even if it doesn't become as hurricane-wind effect, we we are likely to see tropical storm conditions which do present flooding concerns for the city, we deal with flooding issues on intense rainy day already and we are spending hundreds of millions of dollars in infrastructure to become resilient for the next few generations. leland: i'm going to share that line funky trajectory with meteorologists and see -- brings
10:06 am
up an interesting point, look, we will get to it in a minute, what ellison said in terms of the reply of fuel, food, et cetera that needed to come in before a storm came in, that's there, if people want to go out and get the stuff right now they still can, correct? >> yeah, what we are doing now a funky trajectory, technical term, we have a bunch of supplies, we have obviously we are distributing sand up until 8:00 p.m. at two of our parks, we are collecting and distributing ice and water which will do not only before but after storm if there's any power outages which we are prepared. leland: we are watching video of people who have taken days off work, businesses have closed, people spend thousands of dollars buying food and water and generators, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, do you worry that in the effort for everybody to be prepared that if you have a couple of these that miss,
10:07 am
that the next time when it's real people that are like i've heard this before, 3 days, they have no idea what they are talking about, they are funky trajectories and i will wait and perhaps ringing alarm bells so early is not a good idea? >> the reason it doesn't happen is we have grown up with hurricanes, i remember andrew in 1992, there wasn't a big hurricane before that, it was a devastating hurricane with winds of 200 miles an hour, what we saw then with irma was very unpredictable storm that grew and shrunk in terms of intensity, dumped a ton of water, we've got 6 to 8-foot storm surges, i think our residents are sufficiently traumatized by these events to really take them seriously, it is a sigh of relief when they miss. leland: fair point, mayor, thoughts and prayers with you
10:08 am
and i know the thoughts and prayers of those in miami with your fellow floridans further north who probably will get more of this and we will keep watching the funky trajectory. >> by the way, we are here to support them as well, contact with the mayors of orlando, tampa, jacksonville and be supporting of them. leland: nothing brings people together especially floridans like a hurricane in terms of bringing out the best in them, thank you, sir, we appreciate it. >> you got it. leland: all right, this is an important one, in addition to all the tools that officials use to track hurricanes, there's also an unofficial scale that is used and this is true, it is called the waffle-house scale, fema officials say whether the restaurant is open, closed or serving in limited menu is pretty good indicater how bad the area was damaged by the storm, waffle house first ones to close and first ones to open and covered many hurricanes. my hat is off to those at waffle
10:09 am
house, there's nothing like 3 days of a hurricane and then a warm waffle house meal, what the employees do and the company does to be able to come back from hurricanes and feed not only the citizens but the first responders and the police is nothing short of heroic. hats are off to you, waffle house. >> if fema is saying this is -- leland: there you go. they call around. what's funny is the time that waffle house opens fema can't find out because the phones don't work and that has happened and i've been to waffle houses that are open and fema can't call. >> several democratic candidates on the road this weekend making case to voters ahead of next next democratic debate, not everyone hitting the campaign trail will be on the stage, one of the candidates who did not make the cut for upcoming debate in houston, congressman and 2020 contender tim ryan, congressman, it's been a tough week for the campaign, you didn't make the debate in houston and we learned
10:10 am
that your national organization director jump today opponents, andrew yang, what is your plan to try to capture some momentum which has alluded you so far in this race? >> well, i will say that we have a lot of momentum going, we have landed some very, very significant endorsements in south carolina, we actually have joe biden's former state director, state cochair came on board with us a week or so ago, deputy campaign person came on board, brandon brown represented fletcher smith, we just landed pastor richburg out of colombia who was joe biden's lead faith base person in south carolina, so we are pulling more endorsements in the next few days, more announced next week in south carolina, we have key endorsements in new hampshire with dan o'neil, tim baines,
10:11 am
taking longer and we want to be on the debate stage but we are getting the job done and people are looking for alternatives and just getting to know me, if you want to help out go to timryan .com. >> you said in the interview that the race hasn't started yet, if you use that logic, do you think that kirsten gillibrand dropped out of the race too soon? >> well, everybody has to make the decision for themselves but i got in this race in april knowing that we were going to be in it for the long run and no arbitrary metrics about debates or anything else will stop me from moving forward, we have a message around growing the economy and trying to help the bottom 75% of the people in the
10:12 am
country, i want us to get away from talking about just 15-dollar an hour jobs, we need to be the party of 30, 40, 50-dollar an hour of jobs in new building, building electric vehicles, building wind, building solar, we can help farmers in rural areas talking and moving to sustainable farming system where farmers are making profits, no one is talking about this but me and so when we get that out there people resinate with the campaign and they want to come on board, we have the agenda to transform. i'm in this for the long haul, once people get to know me they will say, hey, it's the guy from ohio that can win, michigan, wisconsin and beat donald trump. >> you have been advocate for labor union workers and you got into a dispute with senator bernie sanders about this topic whether or not medicare for all is good for labor workers and one of the big viral moments to
10:13 am
have last debate in detroit, i want to play a clip of it and get your reaction on the other side. >> medicare for all is comprehensive because it's all health care needs for senior citizens, it will finally improve dental care, hearing aids and eyeglasses, second of all -- >> you don't know that, bernie. >> i do know, i wrote the damn bill. >> senator does not know the union contracts in the united states, the only thing they have is possibly really good health care and the democratic message is going to be we will go in and the only thing you have left we will take it and we will do better. >> after that, you got some major pushback from union leaders, a lot of them said that medicare for all would be good for members and this is a constituency that you really need. >> conflict within unions themselves and i will say that bernie sanders after that went back and amended his proposal to
10:14 am
make sure that there was some consideration for unions, so i think it took a couple of weeks but he finally came around on that and all i'm saying is we need to be about the business of getting people affordable, accessible health care and we need to make sure that pharmaceutical companies aren't blinding this people blind when it comes to opioids and people cutting pills in half, that's what the democrats should be for, we should not be for what several of the candidates are talking about and that's forcing people away from their private insurance, we can have a public option, we can lower medicare to 50 and allow people to buy in, we can allow small businesses to buy into the medicare program, but we should not be about telling people who have private insurance that they really like that we will take it away from them, i'm not for that, i don't think it's a good policy and i don't think it's good politics, if people are looking for a voice that's different, tim ryan for, send me 10 bucks, let's keep the campaign going and bring the country together, it's time to heal and
10:15 am
have some rational positions and that's what i'm offering. >> well, congressman, i know that -- that issue right there is really at the crux what the democratic party is trying to debate right now and the fight for the soul of the party, congressman, best luck going forward. and we will have -- >> a thousand bucks, whatever they want. [laughter] >> browns ticket, i don't know. >> thanks so much, congressman. we will have much more on the state of the workforce tomorrow on fox news sunday, this labor day weekend, chris wallace with exclusive interview with president take a look at listings for channel. tune into media buzz tomorrow at 11:00 eastern howard kurtz talk about coverage of president trump at g7 and much more. leland: big stuff, ruth bader ginsburg addressing her health on stage in washington as she spoke to 19th annual library of congress national book festival,
10:16 am
mark meredith. hard to understate for implications as ruth bader ginsburg was talking. >> ruth bader ginsburg made public appearance this week after supreme court said earlier this month that 87-year-old completed radiation treatment for malignant tumor on pancreas, ginsburg spoke at national book festival in washington, d.c., says she's looking forward to the court's next term and spoke openly about her held amid the recent surgeries. >> so the audience can see that i am alive. [laughter] [cheers and applause] >> and i am on my way to being
10:17 am
very well. >> a lot of applause there, ginsburg was asked about how she's able to keep well in such a demanding job and if she's planning to retire any time soon. >> i love my job, it's the best and the hardest job that i have ever had. it has kept me going through four cancer battles instead of concentrating on my eighth, i just know that -- >> justice ginsburg received standing ovation when she received law degree from buffalo law school, spoke about career of equal right activists and status as pop culture icon, beyond wildest imagination she would be so admired. she was the second female justice to be appointed to the court and while ginsburg said she has no plans to step down
10:18 am
any time soon her health is closely watched by so many people as changes could mean significant impact on the makeup of the supreme court. a lot of people like you said are always watching. >> tim alberta made the new point of trump era that the supreme court was so important to conservative voters and getting them out to the poll, we will see if that holds true in 2020. good to see you. >> president trump denying u.s. involvement in apparent explosion in space center, sending iran, quote, best wishes and good luck in determining what happens. not sure how the u.s. got the photo but reporters told he had the absolute right to release it. >> robert f. kennedy's assassin
10:19 am
recuperating after stabbing the president. the summer that changed america, received the death penalty but had the commuted, life in prison when california abolished capital punishment in 1972. >> protests taking to the street in uk today angry over boris johnson proposal to suspend parliament, we will take a closer look, plus we will remember the beloved tv icons valerie harper, that's next. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome.
10:20 am
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it's all on your schedule. awesome. now all you have to do is move...that thing. [ sigh ] introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. >> protests in the streets of london today as bem straiters speak out against uk prime minister boris johnson unprecedented proposal to suspend british parliament until october 14th as the country prepares to leave the european union, here to discuss director of heritage foundation margaret thatcher, neil, this has been a turbulent week for the united kingdom, were you surprised by the move by boris johnson, the new prime minister to take the step of us pending parliament
10:24 am
weeks before critical vote? >> boris johnson has pledged to deliver and that's exactly what he's doing right now. historical precedent for it, not a constitutional crisis and this is something that the queen has requested at the request of the british government. >> here is what some opponents are saying, is speaker, commons called outranking and coup and do they have a point or off base? >> i think they are off base and
10:25 am
this being a historical reaction from opponents of brexit and let's face it, the speaker of the house of commons, jeremy corbyn and financial times, it's not surprise to see this kind of really over the top completely hysterical reaction who oppose and deliver the will of the american people. democracy in practice here and boris johnson is basically pledging to deliver the outcome of a democratic referendum, biggest vote in british democratic history here and this is right way forward. >> in doing this, critics would say folks that would like to stay in the european union, you know, they essentially argue that by suspending parliament it is limiting their ability to have a real debate or figure out a way to get out of european union with the deal.
10:26 am
>> yeah, so parliament has extensive debated brexit now for several years and also nearly 500 pm's voted for britain to leave the european union and so parliament has already endorsed a brexit and basically the british government today is fulfilling the wishes, parliament here but still you still have the remainders who are trying to stop brexit at any possible cost here, at the end of the day this is all about democracy, it's about british self-determination, decide their own future on the world stage and that's what will happen on october 31st. >> and so if that does happen, what does it mean for the united states, bring it home for us? >> i think brexit will be great for the united states, the
10:27 am
u.s.-uk free trade agreement, special relationship, brexit is all about freedom on both sides of the atlantic, great day for britain but also for the united states as well and for the american people. >> fascinating stuff, you know something that president trump wants, thank you. leland. >> the best friend i ever had. i don't know what i would have done without you. >> i'm going to miss you so much, you just don't know, i'm really going to miss you. >> i just knocked my salad on the floor. leland: classic tv lovers mourning the loss of mary richards, later her own sitcom last her battle with brain cancer friday, character roda and then went onto a long career in tv, film and theater, her friend and former mtm costar
10:28 am
tweeted her brilliance burst through and shined its light upon all of us, good night, beautiful, i will see you soon, valerie harper was 80 year's old run with us on a john deere 1 series tractor. beacuse changing your attachments, should be as easy as... what about this? changing your plans. yeah. run with us. search "john deere 1 series" for more.
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guarantee? (splash) carl, can you remind me what you've invested my money in? it's complicated. are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is being managed? if not, talk to schwab. a modern approach to wealth management. leland: hurricane dorian still on the move, although slower than before, federal response teams gearing up for the storm as it inches ever closer to the southeast of the united states and with that we bring in fema's deputy administrator for resilience daniel, good to see you, sir, appreciate it. is -- as this track keeps changing, does this present problem for you, now it may landfall in georgia or south carolina. >> thank you, for having me, we are shifting resources as the track shifts, as this moves
10:33 am
forward and moves up the coast we are too moving our resources off the coast, i will tell you the biggest challenge is making sure that americans are remaining vigilant, we need floridans to remain vigilant, now we need georgia, south carolina, north carolina, the residents of those states also to be looking at taking their preparedness actions. leland: is there a danger though a few days out and the alarm bells ring, this is going to be the big one coming for south florida and south florida is out of the cone and mercifully it's going to be fine it looks like, is there danger that americans don't remain vigilant and maybe it's going to hit us, maybe it's not, they don't really know. >> well, frankly every american should be prepared for the risks that they face and florida gets hit with a lot of hurricanes, so being prepared now for this hurricane or future hurricanes is best practice, so make sure you got your food and your water and your medicine but also make sure you're financially prepared, this would be guyed
10:34 am
opportunity for everyone in america and especially those in these potential impact areas to put some cash on hand, make sure you have cash that you can use in an emergency, make sure you have the proper insurance coverage, home owners or renter's insurance as well as flood insurance which is not covered by your home owner's policy. leland: as we were watching the video of people loading up with water and generators and propane tanks and, et cetera, we always hear a couple of days before the storm that everything is running low, there's no gas, there's no groceries, et cetera, a day or two before the storm, cosco, wal-mart, grocery stores have been able to resupply, how is that timeline working, are you guys being able to shrink that time frame that people are out of supplies? >> well, certainly we are monitoring that just as a lot of people are, the states obviously are monitoring the supplies that they are seeing and the supply chains in the private sector, we don't control those and the state doesn't control those,
10:35 am
it's important to be aware of that to see where we can provide support n florida that's with fuel, as this goes up the east coast i would hope that those people in georgia, south carolina, and north carolina are going and getting those supplies, are filling up cars with fuel so we don't see the rushes. >> yeah, well, certainly seems to happen every storm we appreciate it sir, long couple of weeks ahead of you with whatever dorian does, we appreciate you taking time with us. >> thank you. >> all the best, kristin. >> a shrinking demg critic presidential field with 3 candidates quitting the race this week but others are prepare to go face off in the upcoming debate in houston, for more on this panel and founder of ceo and blueprint strategy and former senior adviser antjuan seawright and johanna, let's start with front runner, joe biden, another gaffe on the campaign trail, this week,
10:36 am
wasn't this week on the trail but it was first reported this week in the washington post, i'm sure you've seen it but just in case let's play the clip. >> this guy climbed down the ravine carried the guy on the back and fire and the general wanted me to pin the silver star on him, i got up there and said god truth is my word, stood his attention, i went to pin, i don't want the damn thing. >> the problem is that he got the location wrong, the time wrong, seems to be one more gaffe in a history of gaffes for the vice president but i'm curious, antjuan, i will start with you, do you think voters really care about this or is the media making it bigger than it should be? >> in the age where donald trump is the leader of the free world and here is a president who has
10:37 am
given some 12,000 lies, i think it is i think to one of the publications for the post or the times, i don't think it matters, do i think the media is reading too much into this, we have seen the blue twitter marks by this because there was some truth by the officer and the soldier who the vp speaks of but if you look at what happened in south carolina where i'm from, where i am now and the vp was here a few days ago, the voters in south carolina could give two flying cats what the media relates about joe biden, a lot of stuff is baked in on who joe biden is. he becomes even stronger. >> well, we will see and johana i would like to get your take, this plays into the president's playbook saying the vice president's mental fitness isn't what it used to be. >> i don't think you can make that argument, i mean with joe biden he has been on the scene
10:38 am
for so long as you even mentioned yourself is kind of known for some of the gaffes and i think he's lovable because of it, i would say, you know, when it comes to -- to any campaign that's grueling, i remember when president obama misspoke and said he had been to maybe 58 or 59 states, i mean, president trump said that he implied frederick douglas a former slave was still alive, like things happen and i think that the american public is more concerned about the economy, how democrats are going to bring about prosperity for them and i don't think that this one story is going to lead the news cycle for too long. >> things happen but happen for joe biden a bit more than some of the other candidates. antjuan, jump in. >> yeah, that's true, but here is what you also have to remember, the reason people love joe biden is because he's authentic, he's genuine and he has love and affection that relates to people and, remember, i always remind people that
10:39 am
electability first start with connectivity and if you are an everyday person and you step outside of the washington bubble you will know sometimes i forget certain things and so this is normal, this is part of being a human and that's why joe biden is so relatable to everyday people and that's why the polls reflect his relatability. >> all right, the two of you are in agreement on that, but i want to turn to the debate, 10 candidates have qualified for next debate in houston, but one of the congressmen that we just had congressman, one of the candidates that did not -- do you think that somebody, it is only beginning, johana. >> we are down one debate, down spiritual leader, now probably
10:40 am
more interesting for the american viewers and i think americans are inundated and they only have so many hours in the day so democrats need to prioritize the voices that are connecting with people, you know, if you're still in this race because of you're in it for yourself and not for the american people, you should really reconsider how you should help the democratic party. >> all right, antjuan, johana, i have to leave it there, thank you so much. >> thanks. >> tariffs on billions of dollars of chinese goods go into effect tomorrow, even as president trump says that takes with beijing will are -- resume, what does it mean for your wallet, we will tell you when we come back. [farmers bell]
10:41 am
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leland: using teargas and water cannons to crack down on protestors, 13th consecutive week of antigovernment
10:45 am
demonstrations, jonathan huntand his team there in the protests, this as billions of dollars of tariffs go into effect tomorrow and president trump says it's keeping beijing on carrying out harsher crack-downs. >> handle in human face, i do believe because what i'm doing with trade, that's very much keeping down the temperature in hong kong. >> with that we bring in senior fellow and director of chinese strategist michael, good to see you, sir, boy, what we heard from the president was not a full-throated support for democratic protestors in saying we are not going to tolerate a crack-down like what we saw in square. >> that's right, he's not inserting the united states power into the hong kong situation, he's talking about humane solution. leland: that could mean not running over people with tanks. >> the problem with instigating
10:46 am
riots is that chinese come and kill students, they go to plan b leland: there were so many including president trump that criticized over and over again the obama administration for not supporting the green protesters in iran, that was a hostile regime to the united states, the president has been making the point that the chinese regime, why don't we support protestors who are standing up to them. >> he and his team avoided the word using enemy about china, you talk about trade dispute and the key thing on hong kong -- leland: if you listen to the pentagon the pentagon says they are hostile to the united states. >> no, not at all. the pentagon continues to ask and turned down last week to have navy ship visit, pentagon has friendship outstretch today china. the term you're thinking term
10:47 am
strategic competitor. [laughter] leland: okay. >> but what you see happening is link between president's treatment in violence. automatic reaction for 50 democratic countries around the world, he's not being pessimistic, frankly really the tail linked extremely important is the british in 1984 signed an agreement, they called treaty with the chinese, hong kong stays the same, you elect the leader directly, never happened. recently under president obama then under president trump chinese backed out, no, the treaty is historic, we are not going to observe it anymore. leland: who would have ever thought the chinese would break their word on something? >> this was international law. the declaration was filed as treaty by the british. leland: we only have 60 seconds here, does the president have to make a choice with deal with the
10:48 am
chinese and protestors' vision of what hong kong needs to look like? >> no, not at all, there's a parallel approach that the chinese need to abide by the declaration back in '84 in hong kong. that's all protestors are asking for and chinese need to come to the table with us and agree that the 150 page draft they said was fine with them that's legally binding, that's the real hang-up, they are doing to president trump what they did to the british. it's not really binding anymore. leland: right, so 15 seconds or less, how do you force the chinese to live up to their deals? >> well, there has to be incentive for china and in the case of tariffs and the trade, there's escalations. leland: we appreciate it, thank you very much, sir. kristin. >> and families across the country gear up to travel for labor day weekend, we will bring
10:49 am
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>> on this labor day weekend aaa are warning that cars are twice
10:53 am
as likely to be stranned on roadside. lesson it is chance of a breakdown. for more on this and what you can do to stay safe on the road lieutenant colonel and author of roadside survivor road thinker. >> the first thing to think about tires, tires are so prevalent, blowouts are underinflation is the root cause of almost all blowouts. and so keeping your tires with the correct pressure is huge, check the labels on the driver's door jam of your car, look what the title pressure should be, check it with simple gauge and then make any corrections using a 12-volt air compressor, when it comes time to changing the tire you need to remove the love nuts. came with the car, has leverage on it. some folks like to put it on here and step on this to get more leverage, that's not good
10:54 am
because they can pop off and hit you, this is beater, -- better, this is a cheater bar, over the handle and quadruples your leverage. another way to use as leverage to get the last quarter inch elevation of spare tire when you will put it back on the car, more often than not when the car cuts off and not due to gas likely due to a loose battery, if you can wiggle it with your finger, then it's loose, these are tight, here is the key, combination wrench tighten it down. you can't tighten and if it's still loose you can stick paper clip, sometimes after you add gloom -- gallon of gas, i
10:55 am
stand on the car, and lock the car, we have just scratched the surface here, if you want more check out roadside survival. leland: life skill, indeed. >> do you know thousand change a tire? >> no. that's why i don't a car. all right, caught on camera. the fishermen could use some help. there's the shark trying to take a bite, well, not quite like jaws, jaws did it better, the group noticed shark, boat drifting near humpback whale. remarkably calm for a shark being that close. >> the amount of great white
10:56 am
shark warnings -- leland: i was just in -- [laughter] >> some of us who are working, you know. >> you'll be on vacation very soon, before we go, i have to let you know it is this guy's birth leland vittert and i have to say that your hair does not look a day older than 21, 25. i don't know about the rest of you. [laughter] leland: it'll be a lot older after mountains of sugar, there have been multiple deliveries of doughnuts and cupcakes here, i'm happy that i made it through on the sugar high, thank you very much. >> happy birthday. >> thank you very much, news continues with mike emmanuel and laura ingle from new york. ♪
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mike: hurricane dorian's track is shifting as the storm continues to gather strength with winds now up to 150 miles per hour. the latest forecast showing dorian potentially remaining off of florida's coast and moving towards georgia and the carolinas but nothing is certain as millions are sticking to the plan. it is boast to be prepared. hello. welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm mike emmanuel. laura: i'm laura ingel. plenty of people are in the midst of preparations as the sunshine state remains in the so-called cone of uncertainty given the storm's shifting path. the governor is warning people not to make any


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