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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  September 4, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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the carolinas. we have been very well prepared, according fully with the states. a lot of predeployed assets ready to come in and respond after the storm hits. we are also repositioning some of the assets further south in central florida. we are ready for this storm, mr. president. fema and partners supporting the states have been doing a tremendous job. we are on our toes, looking forward to responding effectively. >> president trump: that's great. i think we want to also say we were really well prepared in puerto rico, and we got lucky in puerto rico where it missed it. by quite a bit, actually. we were ready in case. tremendous supplies, people, a lot of things going on in puerto rico. they were very happy. it worked out very well. the optimum. because they didn't get hit. but it took a different path and it hit the bahamas very hard. again, we are working with the government of the bahamas. at the request.
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we have a lot of people helping, and we have most importantly the united states coast guard, which has done so incredibly well in ♪ texas and florida. and in puerto rico in the last ♪ hurricane, the last big one. admiral, if you could say a few words? thank you. applebee's handcrafted burgers >> we are ready, domestically, now starting at $7.99. from florida up to the carolinas now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood for the coast guard part of the dhs/fema team. we are ready to roll there. in the bahamas it's been >> harris: dorian moving up the challenging. the abaco island, in the northeast, it reached the united states east coast, and bahamas on monday. this is a live look right now on the right side of your screen, first, helicopters got in there. atlantic beach, florida. you can see the strong surf. we have rescued probably 50 folks to date. we are just starting to get a and the main concern with this storm, if it hits the u.s., is sight picture on grand bahama island and freeport, the center that storm surge. and perhaps it's coordinating of gravity population wise in the northern bahamas. with tidal flows. today we will start to have a so we are watching and fuller picture. that's the region where it anticipating. dorian sat for almost 36 or 48 you heard the president a short time ago. hours and pounded the region. he was flanked by his emergency we suspect the impacts to be response team, saying that they severe, sir. we are rendering life-saving support, humanitarian assistance. will be getting preparations in we are working with the office
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of foreign disasters and that place until this beast moves out the lead agency here, on to sea, but that florida got a providing urgent support, cbp, break, and they are blessed. now the carolinas will face the storm, so on, so forth. air marine counterparts are there with helicopters. we're on it, tracking it and we will see where this goes in we'll keep you up to date. the next 24 hours and we might we're also on this story today. the deadly boat fire off the get additional support from dod, that maybe warranted, sir. coast of california. authorities now have recovered >> president trump: will you 33 of the 34 victims who use some of the spice in florida, and even puerto rico, two areas that will definitely perished. the coast guard released some get hit? if you look from north carolina, chilling new footage of fire south carolina, georgia? engulfing the boat while passengers were sleeping below deck. william la jeuness is in santa >> the office under a i.d. has a warehouse in south florida. barbara. we are working on an air bridge william? >> reporter: well, harris, as of supplies into the bahamas, a you said, all but one victim maritime bridge, which is counting right now, sir. recovered. the media challenge is trying to because we haven't got into freeport, grand bahama salvage the boat. it's in 65 feet deep of water. it's inverted, compromised hull. there are no airports paired the airports are underwater, and not they want to bring it up without accessible from roads breaking it apart or losing aid has got to get up network in place to start disputing supplies, sir. evidence. we are working diligently with we had two fbi dive teams here. our partners on that and trying we all know they are conducting to bring some relief to the
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bahamas, sir. >> president trump: the other investigations, interviews, if problem is we don't know how you will, with crew members, hard south carolina and boat yesterday and today we're told. north carolina, georgia to an of course, the ntsb is here extent, could be -- to a big trying to figure out what extent, we don't know yet. happened. i want to show you something. we don't know that hurricane is you see this boat behind me? turning, i guess. admiral, would you legacy this is a near carbon copy of something about that? the boat that sunk. >> certainly, mr. president. okay? it's critical. you see three levels. secretary mcaleenan discuss the heavy rainfall in the the top level, the crews prophet quarters were on the top level in front of the bridge. hurricane force winds. second floor is the galley and another aspect that will make it troublesome is the duration. the dining area as well. it will be yet another two days then, of course, below deck is before it would clear the where these individuals, 34 north carolina coast. on its current track, there's a passengers and one crew member potential for landfall. were sleeping. even without landfall, the heavy what's critical here, according to the sheriff, the fire began rain that is going to impact south carolina and north carolina is coming right on the second floor. on top of areas that were somehow they were not able to damaged in hurricanes matthew in get out from the bottom through 2016 and hurricane florence in number one. 2018. so fema is well prepared for what they are calling response there's an escape hatch in the on top of recovery. rear. there's also a very narrow stair these are communities, families, case in the front. who have already been affected the guys on the top were not able to access the fire ebbing by previous hurricane seasons. >> president trump: that's pretty amazing. this is the original path, stingishers or any other fire control equipment to allegedly everybody thought this was about put those out.
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a 95% probability. we did speak to ntsb. and it turned out to be not that bad. we also spoke to an expert who it turned out to be a path going up the coast. said there's a lot of stuff on board these dive boats, oxygen, we will see where that happens. there's even a chance that it propane, nitrox, which are all could start going further right, highly flammable. that could happen for that would here's a sound byte. really be luck. >> there's a lot of flammables but we certainly got lucky in florida, now if you could get on the boat. every boat fire that i have ever lucky in georgia. seen or heard of, if it's not if you look at south carolina, contained almost immediately, it north carolina, it could even extend beyond that. spreads quickly to the entire we are talking about virginia. boat. there's literally no place to hard to believe. go. we will see what happens. >> reporter: so the challenge that is a very erratic, very today is coming up with a slow, very powerful hurricane. salvage plan for that hull out there, as well as conducting the it has built up tremendous water, water supply like if you autopsies. >> harris: thank you very much. i want to bring in allen deihl have seen. texas has had something similar where the water was tremendous. the water dump was tremendous. human factors investigator. interesting to get your we have that here. perspective today. again, it looks like florida is thank you for joining me. first of all, let's talk about a going to be in fantastic shape by comparison to what we human factor of being trapped on thought. we hope there was going to be a direct hit. that boat. you just heard william la we were thinking in terms of hurricane andrew for many years ago, where it went through the jeunesse up top couldn't even get to the second level to get middle of miami. the fire extinguisher. that was a disaster. >> that's always a problem. of course, even if they had fire
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we are very happy so far, about florida. we will see what how it comes with respect to other states. extinguishers they probably wouldn't have had any protective it is starting to move up along the coast. equipment. with all those rubberized it's a little bit further away. i think we would have projected, products you are quickly going right now, but it could rapidly to be filled with smoke, carbon turn left or west. we hope that doesn't happen. monoxide and cyanide gas. we don't know if, in fact, the we are very well-prepared, fire was associated with the everyone has been incredible. i have actually peter gaynor on boat equipment. for all we know, it could have been a cell phone or i pad that the phone listening to what we are saying. peter? do you have anything you would burst into flame on a wet suit, like to add? >> yes, sir. which are plastic or rubber. sorry i couldn't be there with there's a lot of details. you today. they'll need to recover the more than two weeks ago, our wreckage. the safety board will be looking very carefully at the entire picture. >> harris: have you ever had to look into something like this guidance was a big response. that's under water? we are ready to go today. because they were talking about how, even yesterday they had to really, this is a whole government effort. federal resources are positioned suspend the search because the throughout many states, and we are ready to respond to any -- boat wasn't stablized underneath response for multiple states or the water under the current. a single event. >> i worked on aircraft again, we follow what is going accidents that involved on up the coast. we will continue to do that submerged equipment.
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it does add to the challenge of until dorian is not a threat. just to give you a quick not losing any vital information overview of some of these resources in the field right when you raise the wreckage. now, 4,000 federal responders so it's going to be a challenge are deployed. to get all of the wreckage out. that does not include the 6,000 like i said, we don't even know if the fire started from a boat national guardsmen that have been mobilized. component, like a battery we also have american red cross generator or wiring, or something a passenger may have had aboard the boat. >> harris: when you describe those chemicals, i don't know stations, 55,000 potential that -- i didn't know exactly evacuees, and 40,000 line workers that are ready to do how much would be on a boat. restoration of electrical lines. so then i start to think, safety regulations and that whole we are ready to go. thing. i would think at the ntsb, they again, we will follow dorian up the coast until it is not a would go through some sort of threat to the u.s. safety on a regular basis, right? thank you, sir. >> president trump: great job. a look at that. tell your people at fema, fantastic job. >> well, they're going to be we will hold it to the very end, looking at the coast guard regulations and depending on okay? we will hold congratulations to what they find from the physical the end. but we are very well-prepared evidence, they'll look at the for north carolina, design of the boat, the design south carolina, georgia, and of the equipment. again we are helping the bahamas also the training of the crew at the request of the government members and whether or not they of the bahamas. okay? thank you all very much. need protective breathing equipment for crew members. of course, the other issue, was
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>> reporter: there was concern there anybody standing watch in last week about reprogramming the middle of the night? i'm not personally familiar with the regulations, but you see, $115 million from the fema disaster relief fund based the coast guard regulations will budget to this crisis on the also be investigated by the border. are you still comfortable with safety board, as well as the that? >> president trump: first of all, we are using much less here training and the briefing of the than we anticipated. passengers. we thought this was going to be obviously, none of these passengers survived, so we'll a direct -- originally this was going to be a direct hit into have to talk to other people miami. aboard previous cruises. it will be a detailed we would have been satisfied, anyway. no, we need help on the border. investigation, to be sure, harris. >> harris: no doubt. the numbers are really good. conception was very popular. i want to think again the rob lowe even weighed in on country of mexico. they have 25,000 soldiers right this, said he had been on it and now protecting our border. they have done a fantastic job. sends his condolences to those so we appreciate that very much. left behind. alan diehl with me, formerly of the ntsb. mexico has never helped us on thank you for your time and the border, and they are now. expertise. you've been watching 25,000 soldiers. you may want to talk about the "outnumbered overtime." thank you for being with me. numbers, they are down half, i here's dana. guess. do you want to mention that? >> dana: hurricane dorian >> yes, we are compiling the lashing the florida coast after august numbers now. crushing the bahamas where a we will release them early next major rescue effort is under week. we are looking at a reduction of way. entire neighborhoods flattened, over 50% from may until today, a no power, food or running water.
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continued partnership with mexico. i just got back, mr. president, we're just starting to hear stories of desperation of tens from el salvador last week or recite a new agreement to of thousands of survivors continue to work together on needing help. migration. to be are getting a lot of hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the partnership from the countries in the region. with your leadership. daily briefing." again, enhancing your security of the border. at least seven deaths now >> president trump: on the wall is being built. confirmed in the bahamas as it's going up rapidly. i guess it's -- most of you have hurricane dorian crawls north, storm surge warning now in been able to see, we are effect from north of port building very large sections of canaveral, florida, all the way up to the north wall. carolina/virginia border. president trump getting an update earlier on the storm. a big factor was we just won the big supreme court case, as you know. we are building in different >> we certainly got lucky in florida. now if we can get lucky in sections, different section simultaneously. we think by the end of next year, which will be sometime after the election, we think we are going to have close to 500 miles of wall. which will be complete. that will be what we wanted to do, about 500 miles that takes care of all the areas we wanted, including some of them marginal areas we didn't necessarily need but we could have gotten it done we were looking to do about
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500 miles. we should have it almost completed if not complete by the end of next year. so we are looking for to that. >> reporter: about reprogramming -- can we ask, what you told them? >> president trump: i didn't tell them anything. the secretary of defense spoke with members of congress and explained it to them. i think he felt very good about it. he feels that the national security problem. i do, too. it is, when you have thousands of people trying to rush our country. i think that's national security. when you have drugs pouring into our country, i view that as national security. he had very good conversations with various members of congres congress. >> reporter: if this storm stays on track along georgia and carolina, what do you have in place to help them if there is devastation? >> president trump: good question. we are very well-prepared for the pair last time, if you remember, when it hits mexico
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beach we wiped out a large farm areas. not only florida, but in alabama and georgia. what we did was we were able to help the farmers a lot. as you know, we sent aid to the farmers. they lost their crops, in some cases they lost almost everything. we were able to help them get back on their feet. we will be doing the same thing now. you will have probably some farms up along the coast, and we are going to be able to go in with the secretary of agriculture. we have a lot of money because of the tariffs we have taken in. we've taken in many billions of dollars of tariffs from china. and we will have a lot of money to be helping our farmers along the coast, if they get hit. they may not get hit. there's a real chance this could bear out the other way. but there's a chance to go straight or left. if it goes left, that's even a different subject. but our farmers will be helped. it depends what you are talking
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about. it depends who is hit, which state's heads, we don't know. we can predict the path. so far, the predicting has been very tough with this particular hurricane. we have -- we have taken in tens of billions of dollars in tariffs from china. prices have not gone up, or they've gone up very little. china has paid for most of that, and i say paid for all of it. china has had the worst year they've had in 57 years. this is the worst year they've had in 57 years. and they want to make a deal. we will see what happens. in the meantime, we're taking a lot of money. we hadn't taken tense in central china. it was the other way round. they took from us, we never took from them. now we are taking from them. we will see it happens. we have a lot of money to help our farmers. last year i give the farmer $16 billion out of tariffs. the year before that -- because they were targeted by china. the year before that i gave our farmers $12 billion. but we figured that, i said, "how badly have our farmers been
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hit from china?" i was told the right to the tune of $16 billion. i made that up, dollar for dollar, to the farmers. they are where years. they also know we have to do this with china. we can't let this go on. they were taking out $500 billion a year out of this country, including intellectual property theft, which was rampant. so our farmers will be helped. nobody that we have done more for than our farmers. and they understand, you have to win the war. this is a trademark, trade battle. you can call it anything you want to. and this should have been done by presidents before me, not just president obama. this should have been done by president bush, president clinton, it should have been done along time ago. china has been absolutely the world trade organization has been a disaster for united states. china has taken advantage of it
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and us. and it's not happening anymore. with the farmers have been taken care of. $16,000,000,000.12 billion each year. okay? thank you. >> reporter: [indistinct] >> president trump: who is? >> reporter: huawei. you have any comment on that? >> president trump: 's initial sticker to concern. it's a big concern of our military, our intelligence agencies. we are not doing business with huawei. it will stop almost distinctly in a very short period of time. we will see what happens with respect to china. but huawei has not been a player we want to discuss. we want to talk about right now. we will not be doing business with huawei. we'll do our own business. you know, the old-fashioned way. we will do it right from within the united states, which is what i've wanted to do for a long time. speaking of tariffs, there are no tariffs if you want to build or make these products in the united states.
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there are none whatsoever. people are coming back now to the united states. in large numbers. >> reporter: the vice premier of china, did you approve that meeting connect was it helpful? >> president trump: i proved and my people approved it. china asked for the meeting. they have a lot of respect for senator daines and senator perdue. so do i, they're friends of mine. they are great senators doing a fantastic job. i knew about the meeting. i approved of the meeting. we really have bipartisan support. if you look at it, and this part is very serious, we are not playing games. that was the message given by senator perdue and senator danes. it was given strongly. they have my permission. they also spoke to ambassador robert lighthizer and secretary mnuchin about the trip before they went there. they told me the attitude of
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china. basically, they said that china would like to do something. i know they like to do something. they are having their worst year in many decades, as i said. they have a supply chain that's being fractured and broken. which is very bad for them. they've lost 3 million jobs, and the jobs are moving to vietnam and other places, including the united states, by the way. some people are just making the product here. but they're moving all over asia and some here. if i were china, i would want to make a deal. i can't tell you, but i would want to make a deal. we will see if we can do a real deal. not a fake deal. like the fake media. a real deal, okay? what else? again, i guess you would call it a british protectorate, but i will do a lot. we have a call. we are waiting for the call, a lot of trouble with the
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telephones over there, as you can imagine, from the prior minister. we are helping a lot. the admiral just said, we are sending a lot of resources over there to help people on the humanitarian basis. but i would do that if we think it's appropriate. i would stop it. >> mr. president, we had the prime minister on board a coast guard aircraft. many folks coming to get the picture. we couldn't access parts but we are working very closely with the government of the bahamas to help them understand the extent of the damage. >> president trump: they've got a situation in the bahamas like if you have seen before, it's a tough thing. >> reporter: [indistinct] dealing particularly with syria. there was something about how this might be part of a precursor of your talks with
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president ronnie. >> president trump: we will see what happens. they want to talk. they want to make a deal. iran is not the same country it was two and half years ago. that, i can tell you. getting to be three years. hard to believe. we've been here almost three years now. i've been saying two and half years and it's almost three, getting very close. but iran is not the same country. when i came into office, iran was absolutely a terrorist organization. from a posture 14 to '18, sites of confliction. they were behind every one of them. now you are not hearing so much about that. we will see what happens. look, iran is a country with tremendous potential. we are not looking for regime change. they have schmidt's potential and i think they are going to want to take advantage of that potential. i really believe that. i think north korea is a country with tremendous potential and they are going to want to take advantage of it. we will see what happens. but iran has tremendous potential, and i can't imagine
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they are going to want to go through what they are going to have to go through if they want to do the hard way. we will see what happens. >> reporter: they will all be at the general assembly later this month in new york. could it potentially happen then? >> president trump: well, i don't know. i very much appreciate president macron. his involvement. but we are not dealing through president macron. people are dealing with it directly. we don't have to go through another country. we have had a lot of help, if you want it come from japan. japan is one of their -- possibly their biggest buyer of oil. they have a big relationship, that's prime minister abe. but we don't need anybody to deal. we can deal directly if we want. but other countries are offering help. they would like to see it straightened out. but they also agree with me, we had a great g7, and they all agree, no nuclear weapons for iran. they all agree. no nuclear weapons for iran. >> reporter: the iranians have
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said they don't want to talk to the u.s. until the u.s. rejoins the jcpoa. >> president trump: that is not their last statement, actually. but they did say it in a different forum. they said that until we do certain other things like drop sanctions, that's not happening. that won't be happening. they didn't say it quite the way you said it, but they said it with the same end result and that won't happen. >> is it possible -- [indistinct] >> president trump: sure, anything is possible. they would like to be able to solve the problem. they've got a big problem. they are getting killed financially. their inflation is at a number that few people have ever seen inflation at. it's a very sad situation. they could solve it very quickly. we could solve it in 24 hours. but we will see what happens. >> reporter: [indistinct]
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>> president trump: i can only say this -- when you hear that they've had their worst year and over half a century, the worst year they've had that anyone can even remember, but over 50 years. over half a century. i would think it would want to solve the problem. people have no idea -- you know, we have created tremendous wealth in this country. in our country, since i've been elected. well over $12 trillion. they've lost probably $20 trillion. when i assumed office, had my opponent won, within two years -- maybe less -- china would have been a bigger economy than the united states. would have been bigger. now we are so far ahead of them that'll take them years to catch up. if we always have competent people sitting here, they will never be able to catch us. we have a springboard. it's amazing what happened. if i wanted to do nothing with
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china, my stock market and our stock market would be 10,000 points higher than it is right now. but somebody had to do this. to me, this is much more important than the economy. somebody had to do this. we had to do it with china. it had to be done. and i'm not even talking about. the economically. i'm talking about in other ways, also. it was out of control. and they were out of control. so we will see what happens. if they want to make a deal, they will make a deal. if they don't, that's fine. but i can tell you, having one of the worst -- i guess the worst on record. and they want to make a deal. if i were them, i would want to make a deal, too. but we will see what happens. okay? anything else? >> reporter: the situation in london with boris johnson -- >> president trump: boris is a friend of mine, and he's going at it. there's no question about it. i watched him this morning. he's in there fighting. he knows how to win. boris knows how to win.
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don't worry about him. he's going to be okay. he's also got -- you know, they have a big stake in the bahamas. when he mentioned that, they have a very big stake in the bahamas. i know they have one ship on its way, had a hard time getting there with the weather. but it's on its way and they have a lot of people over there. so they have a big stake. >> reporter: what was the rationale for rolling back the regulations on energy-efficient light bulbs? >> president trump: on what? >> reporter: energy-efficient light bulbs. >> president trump: we will give you a report on that. we are doing a report on all of that. but there's a good rationale when you hear. it's not worth it. for the little they save, and what people are going through, it's not worth it. and price was another thing. same thing with cars. in california they have a standard where the cars are going to have to be much more expensive and won't be as good. so we are giving an option to car companies to create a better car for less money. meaning, less money to the consumer. so if the consumer can save $3,000 on a car and have a very
10:23 am
energy-efficient car, but not energy-efficient so that the car doesn't work well -- which is happening -- we are giving them a tremendous option. if they want the option. we are giving it to the consumer, but we are giving it to the car companies to pass along. we will see how that one works. we are doing a lot of that. we want to make it good for the consumer. if you want to build a less-expensive car that's better, we like that. >> reporter: [indistinct] >> president trump: we done a great job with drugs generally, but is a tremendous worldwide problem. but we've done a very good job with opioids and getting fewer people to use them and prescribed them. we are about 17% down from a little more than a year ago. that's a big number, when you think 17%.
10:24 am
but we are about 17% down. one of the things we are doing is we are funding different projects where we come up with a painkiller that is not addictive. you have people go into a hospital with a broken arm, they come out, they are drug addicts after three days. the opioid stuff is bad. when they get used to but, once they get hooked it's very hard, hard thing to get off of. we are down 17%. we are going to be doing a conference today, as you know. we will talk a little bit about it. but we have worked very hard on opioids and all of the problems they are causing. tremendous problems. okay? putter [indistinct] >> president trump: thank you, everybody. >> harris: hearing a lot from president trump today as he opens it up to cameras. his briefing on hurricane dorian, from his emergency response team. you see them there gathered for moments ago in the oval office.
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we know that our own u.s. coast guard has been called in to carry out search and rescue operations in the bahamas. the president had a map out at one point, as you may have been watching alongside with me, just showing. we've got it on our screen now. the graphic form, just showing the path of the storm now. his emergency team leadership is saying that they will stay with their preparations up along our east coast, just for the storm surge, the heavy rain that is forecast in parts of south carolina, and georgia. and to keep a watch on that until this beast goes out to sea. there are two parts of the story the president was just giving us. that's the local part, the united states part, and how prepared we are. really, how blessed florida in particular was but missing the brunt of this. however, the other side of the story is the bahamas. we will need our help. the you heard them talking about england sending a ship. about the british that island.
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abaco and grand bahamas, they've got a vested interest there with their people. so they are going. in the meantime, our u.s. coast guard is helping out. fox news has obtained some brand-new video. take a look at this -- before and after satellite images, here is grand bahama island before the storm. and here is grand bahama island after the storm. landscape changing. the red cross estimates half the homes, 13,000, here and nearby abaco island are either destroyed or damaged. steve harrigan is part of our team on the ground for the c the capital city of nassau. >> we've been watching helicopters arrive here when after another. ambulances early this morning. diabetics, people have broken an arm or leg, rescued by u.s. coast at helicopters or customs and border patrol helicopters.
10:27 am
they must give at least 60 people this morning alone. now we are seeing survivors coming out, and they really have just horrendous tales. one woman use the word apocalyptic." it really sounds like tales out of a horror movie, with the roof blowing off, the walls closing in, and the water rising. you have these women with their children, grandparents, it just sounds awful as they are moving one by one to relative safety. when you look at the aerial footage of abaco island and grand bahama, you can see more than 15,000 homes destroyed. people here who just got off those helicopters say everything is gone. either destroyed or under water. and some real concern, too, about looting. woman explain to me a short time ago, people are hungry. they are taking what they can get from stores. certainly a worrisome stint of lawlessness, chaos, and people in real need of help on those islands. harris, back to you.
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>> harris: steve, thank you so much for talking a little bit about what is happening there behind you. we can see the ambulance right there. i want to go back to that video, though. this is something fox news has obtained that gives us a different perspective on what that storm did. i mean, obliteration in some areas. of the bahamas today. i've done a little looking at i'm wondering what you are finding from the people there. you and officials are saying 62,000 people will need drinking water. 60,000 people need food. there is no refrigeration. you mentioned the diabetics, the medication, insulin in most cases has to be refrigerated. this is no humanitarian crisis playing out in an area that is paradise. speak about site. people on dialysis, certainly it's the hardest-hits. it is startling to see those images of entire neighborhoods either wiped out or underwater.
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one factor comp getting everything, this storm not only had 185-mile-per-hour winds, but it also dumped rain. that means the main airport in freeport is 6 feet under water right now. that is comforting rescue efforts. all bcs helicopters, no fix-wings planes to carry the heavy loads back and forth yet, harris. >> harris: the demon has been water. satellite imagery can show places like that much. you were in haiti right after the earthquake. of course, it was the earth breaking apart. it was different. but as you look at this, you have seen so much in your reporting across the world, steve. what comes to mind? >> i think haiti is the comparison that comes to mind. when you did see some of those neighborhoods, especially flying in, initially it looked like just doll houses and someone took their foot and kicked all the roofs out. complete destruction.
10:30 am
or you get entire neighborhoods wiped off the mat. that's what we are seeing in this aerial footage of abaco island and grand bahama island. 2.5 days of intense category 5 winds, 185 miles per hour. you can see the physical devastation right off the bat. but what these people have gone through will only really know in a few days. there is some getting off the helicopters, stunned throughout the country. this is life and death for let people. they're staggering into safety now, harris. >> harris: this grew to a cat 5 so quickly. where do you go on an island? six u.s. coast guard helicopters doing that hard work you are talking about, operating out of the navy's atlantic undersea test and evacuation center in the bahamas. landing and taking off from nassau, where are steve harrigan is there to tell us the story. of course, these incredible pictures from the bahamas.
10:31 am
the kind of devastation, it's heartbreaking. but there is help on the way, and certainly prayers. steve, thank you. we will come back to you as the story warrants throughout the time that you are there. we will move on now. to politics. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the ball is in the president's court when it comes to gun control. that is prompting at least 12020 democratic candidate for president to say it's becoming a game of whack a mole between top senate republican and the white house. another major retailer is weighing in on the gun debate, by doing something with its customers and their guns. ♪
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10:36 am
own hand. target, aaa, starbucks on the list of corporations asking people to leave their guns outside. meanwhile, walmart has become the latest retail giant to limit gun and ammunition sales in its stores. several other companies have taken similar steps in recent years. dreaming now is a former army sniper, constitutional law professor and cofounder of mayday safety. great to have you today. let's get started with where we are in open carry. can you pop up that map of the united states? walmart, kroger, and other companies potentially coming on board with this, reportedly. you will have to see. more than half the country, you can openly carry a handgun and not need a license or a permit to do that. are they leaving a lot of customers on the table? >> they sure are, and that's their choice. it is their right to do what they want to do.
10:37 am
i hope we agree on that. there are a private establishment, they can do what they want. they are stopping off a lot of people from having access to their stores. they are stopping out a lot of people from being able to protect themselves. the vast majority of places that are targets of mass shootings are gun-free zones. if you want your establish but to be potential target for mass shootings, make it a gun-free zone. the more they are entering on that, the more it scares me. >> harris: i have the from walmart, it broke during this hour yesterday. i was reading parts of it. it talks about el paso, obviously, the shooting of the walmart there. previous to that, in mississippi a few days before, there was an employee-on-employee shooting, as well. they are responding, potentially lawsuit. they are responding to a lot of things corporately, as you say. but the bigger picture, what are they not selling now? the ammo, the guns. are they losing money in terms of making those restrictions? >> definitely.
10:38 am
walmart has a 20% market share of ammunition in the united states. that's huge for one retailer. they are going to lose a lot of a lot of money for they also might gain money. my problem is not that they are doing it, i respect actually that they have a belief in their following through with it. good for them. i think they're wrong, and though. i think it would have an effect at all. i think telling someone they can't carry a gun openly in the story is the same us and you can't shoplift. the people that are going to obey that are you and me. people who are not going to obey that aren't going to obey that, so it doesn't matter. >> harris: you know it's interesting, right when you set down during the commercial i want to tell my audience this, . he said, "and what they are not selling it wasn't selling well anyway." >> i thought that was interesting. although i respect them having a belief in following through, i have to wonder why they aren't following through while the way. my cell and ammunition? as a matter of fact, the one they are not selling is the weakest ammunition. the most powerful, arguably the
10:39 am
most lethal munitions are still selling. so what are the only stopping these handgun cartridges and once was riffle caliber? i thought about it. in the industries, those calibers are below commodity. nobody can make money on those pay the cost and the demand are too low. having ulcers of stars stomach story having a problem. walmart selling it the cheapest, it's convenient to me that the calibers that aren't selling very well of the ones they're getting rid of. they said, "it's wrong for us to sell that ammo," than they would have stopped yesterday. but they are not doing that. they're selling out of the rest of their current inventory and is not ordering more from their suppliers. if selling a belief is evil, then why are you waking up tomorrow and selling a bullet? >> harris: ryan, in some areas of my family, we call that "shady." [laughter] in all sincerity, why wouldn't you just take it all off the market? >> exactly right. either you believe it or you don't. you don't even have to say is to keep the store safer. you can say that they don't like
10:40 am
being part of the industry. >> harris: is there some sort of political thing going on, where it sounds good to be able to -- like kroger telling people not to openly carry in their stores? they are asking them? it's the law and 31 states. >> of course it is. absolutely, of course it is. it's just something popular right now. look how fast we went from a couple years ago saying, "oh, you crazy conservative people, no one is trying to take your guns away." look at the news now. we have joe biden and beto o'rourke look at cameras and saying, "absolutely, we are taking your guns away." it's an emotional decision popular with a lot of people who don't understand the issue. >> harris: one thing is for sure, without a lot of mass shootings. it's heartbreaking. getting to the answers is super important. >> we agree. >> harris: ryan, thank you. come back anytime. we watched together as president trump talked about building the wall. 500 miles by next year. as speaker of the house nancy pelosi vows a fight over
10:41 am
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10:45 am
now protecting our border. they have done a fantastic job. so we appreciate that very much. we think by the end of next year, which will be sometime right after the election, actually, we think we will have close to 500 miles of wall complete. >> harris: from watching this hour, that was the president a few moments ago talking about the wall construction on our southern border. this, as the trump administration is moving forward with plans to divert $3.6 billion for military construction projects for the wall. house speaker nancy pelosi says that move will make americans less secure, and is going to fight it in court. i want to bring in mark morgan, acting customs and border protection commissioner. good to see you today, thanks for being with me. does moving money for military construction for the mall make us less safe? >> i can't speak on behalf of secretary of defense with respect to military operations,p commissioner i can tell you absolutely that every mile of
10:46 am
wall that is built makes this country more safe. when the president first took office, he asked the wet dominic experts of cbp, border patrol, what do you need? he asked the experts. the men and women risking their lives on the front line our southwest border. "what is one element you need? do you need that while?" and they said, "yes, we need that multi-layered strategy for infrastructure, technology, and personnel." this president has delivered. >> harris: you talked about the secretary of defense, mark esper. i would think that if there were a problem with this -- and i know that he in fact called speaker pelosi to lay out the details -- he would speak up on it. so my next question is, what happens over the next year? the president's promising 500 miles. is he going to get this wall? >> absolutely. we are working every day with the engineers executing building this wall with respect to our
10:47 am
operation requirements. they are doing a fantastic job. to date, over 62 miles. averaging a mile a week. that is increasing every single week. we are continuing to build a strategic location along the southwest border, harris. right now, it looks like we can conceive of the space we are going to get close by the editor 20. >> harris: real quickly -- this is part of the strap and falling. i'm very familiar with nogales because i've a home in arizona. i'm curious, other areas that need restoration another part of this? i will move on quickly. >> here's what we have to keep in mind. i like the word "restoration. i think there's a false narrative out there when they say no new wall has been built. i can guarantee you, every mile of wall that has been built is a new wall. it's got infrastructure, it's got technology, it has lighting, access roads. some of the barriers that were there were ineffective,
10:48 am
dilapidated. this is a new wall. nogales is just one area. >> harris: thank you for that. it is part of the story we watch here on "outnumbered." i want to move onto this tough topic today. according to the associated press, the government, a watchdog report found that migrant children separated from their parents at the border suffered ptsd and other serious mental health problems. what are you saying about that today, this watchdog group? >> i just learned about the report. i haven't had time to read it. but harris, this is what i would say --dash we add cbp, border patrol, we said from day one that our facility -- children should not be in our facility. they were never designed for children. they are designed for adults. to be operated, process, and removed quickly back to the country if they are here illegally. we've been screening. that's when we have congress for a very long time to pass the supplement so they could give the children of her custody. we really shouldn't be here. here's where congress has
10:49 am
failed. without them, we've begged them to address the loopholes in the legislation that makes us hold these children and not be able to send them back. >> harris: wow. congress has failed. i hear it over and over again. mark morgan, thank you for your time today. >> you bet. thanks, harris. >> harris: authorities are covering additional bodies from the underwater wreckage after a deadly boat fire off the southern california coast is now revealed. 34 people killed, now 33 of them recovered. tough work. where the investigation goes from here, and the challenges authorities may face dealing with such unique circumstances. . wait...and the hottest taqueria? and the hottest...what are those? oh, pierogis? and this is the averys wondering if eating out is eating into saving for their first home.
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