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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 5, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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winds. >> incredible. you are a unique fellow, still keeping track of dorian. still a category 2 storm, still hugging the coast and taking its sweet time doing whatever it is going to do, which is a lot. here comes "the five." ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone, i am dana perino, jedediah, jesse watters, it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." ♪ >> dana: the war on meat, plastic straw man, these are the extreme 2020 ideas democrats are proposing. check out some of their old statements. speak of this u.n. report, 11 years that we have left. >> do you ban plastic straws? >> i think you should, yeah. >> people say we are going to be okay if the vast majority of the
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population was vegetarian immediately. >> this is on par with world war ii. >> dana: but the most controversial moment of the night coming from bernie sanders with this answer about cutting global population growth to fight global warming. >> in mexico city agreement which he denies aid to those organizations around the world that allow women to have abortions or even get involved in birth control, to me, is a totally absurd. i think especially in poor countries around the world, where women do not necessarily want to have large numbers of babies, and where they can have the opportunity through birth control to control the number of kids they have. something i very, very strongly supported. >> dana: let me phrase the question he got from the audience. the planet cannot sustain this growth, talking about human population. i realize this is a poisonous topic for politicians but it's crucial to face. empowering women and educating everyone on the need to curb population growth seems
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reasonable. she asks if anyone would be courageous enough to say so. bernie sanders said what he thought. jesse? >> jesse: amazingly stupid. thank you to cnn for this content that we will mock. and i would like to thank cnn for asking some of these front runner specific questions which they actually answered. for instance, would you like to ban the combustion engine? yes. natural gas drilling? yes. would you like to ban coal? yes. goodbye pennsylvania, goodbye michigan, goodbye ohio. but it goes, gets better. would you like to ban offshore drilling? yes. goodbye florida, goodbye any chance you will ever have. but it does get better. would you like to ban factory farming? yes. goodbye iowa, goodbye wisconsin. the answers were stupid and the questions were amazing for republicans, and everyone should
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thank cnn. the fact that they actually got on there and said depopulation control is crazy. that is what they do in communist china. it's a discredited theory. in fact, the shooter in the last two mass shootings, he has ascribed to that philosophy. now they are also saying we should start eating less meat. get out of my kitchen. what is this? get off of my ranch. all of these ideas are just going to make everyone's lives miserable. they are going to cost trillions of dollars, and they are not going to change the earth's temperature 1 degree. >> dana: that is a very good point and if you take all the things they talked about, most of the things would actually increase in emissions of greenhouse gases, including if you want to do away with nuclear. you were shaking their heads at the bernie sanders line. >> of course bernie is going to take this question, i will say it! come on, we want to help you kill your children. it's crazy. seven hours of this on cnn?
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seven hours? it's like cnn is a restaurant that the mafia bought and they are burning it down for the insurance money. i don't know what their ratings were like. the future seems so bleak. could it sound any worse? we all need to be vegetarians living like it's world war ii, drinking out of straws that don't work. give me trump every day of the week. make america great again. i don't want to live in this bleak -- it's like "the hunger games." >> dana: do you want to hear about the hurricane connection? >> juan: i want to comment on the whole thing because i find this such a distortion. i can't believe the things jesse says like they are attributed they didn't say these things. then michael says, oh, kill babies. nobody said anything like that! >> jesse: he says he wants to ban the combustion engine and eliminate coal-fired power plants.
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>> juan: here is the heart of the response coming from this table, the democrats want to control you, they want to take away your straws! they don't want you to eat meat! oh, my gosh. to me, it's mind-boggling. one, democrats have ideas. a boy, republicans have no ideas when it comes to dealing with climate control. so republicans say, that idea is ridiculous! democrats say, let's talk about this. guess what, overwhelmingly, 80% plus of democrats and 60% of independents say climate change is a big issue. we want to deal with it. it's an emergency. so here are some of these ideas. none of these ideas are radical, by the way. >> jesse: banning factory farming is not radical? >> juan: you would be surprised at how many farmers say that factory farming is not efficient. >> jesse: joe biden says he wants to get rid of every single -- >> juan: you can shout and
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keep talking over me -- you just talk, talk, talk. keep talking but go talk to farmers, and they say they prefer there would be less of that factor, big corporate farming. >> jedediah: you think all the things jesse said sounded crazy, he repeated all the things they said. ban plastic straws -- >> juan: what is so radical about blanding plastic straws? >> jedediah: he's talking about american taxpayer abortion not only in the united states but elsewhere. >> juan: it is illegal under the mexico city agreement. what you get his democratic president, i'm going back here to clinton and obama both said no to it. it's not a new idea. bush put it back, but it's never been about abortion. it's about birth control. >> you don't think talking about people to convert to veganism, k
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bringing up abortion in a conversation about population control or banning fracking and plastic straws. none of this sounds extreme to you at all? >> juan: he didn't bring up abortion, he brought up birth control. >> jedediah: you are the audience for this. there is an audience for this. >> juan: huge! yes! >> jedediah: right now, it's sounding so extreme. >> juan: i'm not extreme. it's not extreme. >> jedediah: it doesn't sound extreme to a lot of the country. that's scary. >> jesse: do you think banning the internal combustion engine is a radical idea? >> juan: yeah. >> jesse: that is what joe biden just said! he said he wants to eliminate it in his first term! >> juan: this is so obvious, i don't -- what he wants to do is have less reliance. in other words, go towards -- the idea that you want to have a real discussion about climate
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change is scary to you because it shows you have no ideas. i heard you say florida, oh, florida's gone. guess what, the governor republican of florida says he doesn't want offshore drilling. >> dana: okay, we have a fox news alert, dorian grinds up the east coast. high winds, potentially life-threatening storm surge. charleston, south carolina, with the latest. >> the eye of the storm is up to 50 miles offshore to our north, but we are feeling that wind. in charleston harbor we've been getting gusted, but we not too far from here. a 92-mile-an-hour gust and in the center of the storm, the winds are moving at 110 miles an hour. we are beginning to see a little bit of damage from the wind. some of the siding off the side of our hotel and a gutter
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actually got ripped off in that wind. there is a piece of it stuck in the tree up there. if you look out into the harbor, pan all the way to the other side, you can see that those sailboats are really rocking back and forth. this is the scene out here for most of the day. just seeing bands of weather come through. at some point you couldn't see the other side of the harbor or that bridge, and we are getting some pictures in of damage on the other side of the islands, downed branches and things like that. surprisingly this has not brought the high storm surge we were expecting. we were looking at four to 7 feet and a lot of flooding. luckily we haven't gotten those big floodwaters but we have seen some damage from the win and downed power lines. customers without power. so the restoration effort is going to be the biggest impact from the storm here. >> dana: jackie in charleston,
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glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. >> joe biden still dealing with the recent gaffe on the campaign trail. the leading democrat trying to laugh them off when being pressed by stephen colbert. >> are you going nuts? [laughter] >> the reason i came on "the jimmy kimmel show" is because i'm not. [laughter] >> any gaffe that i have made, and i have made gaffe like every politician i know has, have been
2:15 pm
not about a substantive issue. >> juan: gaffes are not the only issue biden is dealing with. he is facing scrutiny from being off his game while talking about climate change. take a look. >> tomorrow you are hosting a high dollar fund-raiser hosted by a coal executive. >> the fact of the matter is we make up 50% of the problem here the rest of the world makes up 85% of the problem. >> that is one of the things president trump has said about the climate change accord. >> juan: we have a moment here, jedediah, you look at him on stephen colbert and i think the guy is a very likable. charming, even. i think a lot of people want him to do well and i think he did do well on stephen colbert. but he gets in the town hall and people are like, what is going on? >> jedediah: i agree he has a likable quality and oddly enough, his gaffes are even likable because he is such a charming guy. i think he is a storyteller. he's not somebody that is terribly committed to facts.
2:16 pm
admittedly, a couple of his quotes, "the essence of it is absolutely true." what does that mean, the essence of a cosmic the details aren't relevant when the point i was making was absolutely accurate. he says he is not a man of detail about the way he tells the story makes him very relatable, i agree. the bigger issue is in these debates. he looks like, for some reason, i don't know. like he hadn't studied that question we just asked of him. although the one we just showed was like a set up a question. i'm not saying it was, but that was like a question that was targeted right at him to throw him off. i think often times when he looks at this stage, he is trying to figure out, what am i doing here? how did this all get like this? when he and president obama were just a short time ago in power, and now they are sounding like a real, hard-core moderates compared to these people. he's got to be looking around saying, this is all a little too kooky. where are all the sane people? he probably doesn't know how to sort out and what to do about
2:17 pm
it. it >> juan: i think jedediah makes a really interesting point from my perspective so i will pe a question to you in those terms. i didn't think he did all that well at the town hall because he comes across as moderate, to use jedediah's word. while people like elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, they come across as passionate, they are selling solutions to climate change, they are invested in this and he comes across like, here is an idea that i'm thinking about this and we don't need the details because generally, we are thinking about it. >> jesse: he can be moderate and also passionate, but he doesn't have that combination beer the guy who asked that question is so scary. if i saw him on the street i would run the other way. his eyes, he had a terrifying vibe about him. put that kid on a list. [laughter] at this point, biden is only making news for gaffes. he is in a gaffe straitjacket and he can't get out of it. it looks like the last time he
2:18 pm
has ever really made news besides the gaffes were getting knocked out by kamala harris and by inappropriately touching people. that has been the entire, what, six months since he launched. >> juan: but he held that lead. >> jesse: i agree, but i think that speaks to the weakness of the field. he wants to get rid of the internal combustion engine and his eyeball was all bloodied up and he spent 20 minutes on stephen colbert, which he comes across as likable but he was just defending sloppiness. now he is lowering expectations and said, i can still get the nomination if i lose new hampshire and iowa. in the last 40 years, the only democrat to do that and still get the nomination was bill clinton. joe biden is nowhere near as politically talented as bill clinton. >> jedediah: did you learn that on the tucker carlson show last night? >> jesse: i was not watching tucker, forgive me, talker. >> juan: some of that i think i'm expectations are too high
2:19 pm
for us to win everything. iowa, new hampshire. >> dana: it's hard to beat the front runner for 18 months, and he is a shaky front runner, i think, but despite the big lead, the media is now accentuating everything that happens to be part of one of the narratives that he is too old, or too many gaffes, or the positions are too moderate. everything he does because nobody else is really making news. you get some news. bernie sanders is basically talking about abortion for population control. i guess you could make news like that and if i were the speed bn campaign i would say go ahead. the elizabeth warren and bernie sanders alliance is going to attack biden together or attack each other because these two groups need to come together to get behind one nominee, whoever that nominee is going to be. i don't know if it will happen next week but that is what i'm going to watch for. i'm sure it will attack on positions like those scary kid.
2:20 pm
reverse identity politics. >> juan: michael, jesse picked up on this thing about his eyes seeming to fill with blood and i think to myself, gosh, somebody had a blood vessel break. >> jedediah: it happens to every human. >> juan: it happens to human beings, but now it is like evidence he is too old? what do you think? >> michael: it feels like he is redlining. like his brain is working so hard, scrambling to get so much information from every hard drive that there are pieces that are just going to go. he is a likable guy, a likable guy, but the democratic party cruise ship has sailed without him. they are all in a liberal, get rid of the combustion engine town. the whole thing, the set up question from colbert. every writer that prepared that and then you'll say, jimmy kimmel. they are all in the back light, please don't mess it up! >> dana: did he mess it up?
2:21 pm
>> michael: he got through. it's like walking your crazy uncle who had some great days and really did some good stuff and you are like, you got a little bit of gravy. just leave him alone. joe should just -- he should just take a knee. he >> juan: a name >> juan: he is beating trump and every single poll. after calling the nra to rustic terrorists, california officials now unveiling even more controversial new policies. we will have some details for you when "the five" comes right back. every american wants their dollars to work as hard as they do. however, since 2000, the buying power of the dollar has dropped by over 31% - that means the dollar is only worth about 68¢ now... compared to 2000. had you owned gold, your value would have increased by over 400%. and owning gold is easy...
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great! here you go... well, it does need to be a vehicle. but - i need this out of my house. (vo) with fair, transparent value for every trade-in... enterprise makes it easy. ♪ >> california is embracing even more far left policies. yesterday we told you about san francisco labeling the nra a
2:26 pm
domestic terrorist organization. state lawmakers pushing a bill that would ban schools from suspending disruptive students who defied teachers. gavin newsom signing a bill that makes it legal for citizens to refuse to help police officers make an arrest and all of this is happening while san francisco has revealed nearly 4,000 people in the city are homeless, addicted to drugs, and mentally ill. michael, i got to ask. you are a resident of california, what is going on in california? los angeles, san francisco, there's a party are so warped. >> michael: as a resident of california i would like to formally apologize. this is the biggest train wreck ever and when you see this, a lot of people just despise politics and politicians and this is one of the real reasons why. my neighborhood in l.a. is going downhill fast. there's mentally ill people, there is homeless, there is syringes. you have to be very, very
2:27 pm
careful. for them to focus on this of all things. no, don't help a cop make an arrest. that is just madness. oh, but it is a law from a bygone era. where are you even looking into that? why are you spending a moment and not worrying about mental health and helping the homeless? i guess this is a law from 1872 where some poor soul couldn't put together a policy so he was like, i'm going to find you $1,000. who is not going to help a cop? shame on california. they have a budget surplus, that is the other thing gavin newsom is bragging about. a budget surplus. well, spend some money, dude. find your wallet. help these poor souls. >> jedediah: i always think of california being a perfect example of liberal policy gone wrong. whatever is not working, why doesn't that cause the voters to change their mind and say, you know what, let's change direction and put someone in here who is going to do
2:28 pm
something different in terms of leadership? >> jesse: you would have to ask a california voter. i think you should start running for office over in california. i don't even know, do republicans run for office in california? maybe they are not even on the ballot. if you see the letter are, they start melting down. they can't even consider voting for a republican. right now, just nonsense. if you have a student in a class and being disruptive, not only is he not learning but the rest of the students are learning and that creates chaos in the classroom and all the kids come out and they matriculate, basically hell raising zombies who are idiots, then the police are going to have to arrest them later. i would disagree on this issue with the police. i would help the police and i hope everyone would help the police, but let's say for instance, my buddy defending his girlfriends honor at a bar, dr. brandt, the cops come in, and they asked me to help arrest my buddy who was just trying
2:29 pm
to, you know, hit a bully in the job. i'm not helping! if i don't help they are going to press charges? i don't like that. >> jedediah: why would you put something forth that would incentivize people do not want to help police officers and law enforcement? why would you do that? before it's not about that. this is an old law from the 1800s. by the way, it was about principally hitting slaves. they wanted citizens to help them catch slaves. to me, you've got a situation where you've got michael again pointed out, a very prosperous state with a budget surplus at a time where a lot of states don't have budget surpluses. i think if it was an independent country it would be like the second or third wealthiest country in the world. great weather, so it is wonderful on many levels. when michael is talking about the homeless, syringes, i think, manson was back there in the
2:30 pm
'70s doing crazy stuff in california. california is an edgy place. >> jesse: so it's not as bad as manson? >> juan: i just thought it was funny when you said that -- >> michael: i have a lovely apartment on the ranch. >> juan: manson on one side, o.j. on the other. i mean, it's california appeared to me, california is trying to address issues and other people, especially republicans, they don't even want to think about it, they don't even want to talk about it. >> juan: they are addressing don't help cops. >> jedediah: they have a surplus so why is this homeless crisis going on as it is customer if they have the money why aren't they allocating funds to deal with the problem? >> dana: you can have the money but not the will. you can have policies that might work. i'm a very good name dropper, i was just telling karl rove that.
2:31 pm
[laughter] that was actually a joke from 41, believe it or not. >> juan: another one! >> michael: she's hitting for the cycle! >> dana: anyway, you can have the money but you don't have the will. the thing is, fox news, we could talk about this but if the people in california are demanding it, i guess the governor doesn't feel like they needed. i imagine they probably are doing something but i just want to say one thing about the teachers. leadership is about backing up your people. even when sometimes there are tough decisions. but you have to have the ability to tell your teachers, do your job, we will take care of it. you've got your back. basically what they've done is authorize lawlessness in the classroom. >> jedediah: they've done in charter schools, too. charter schools are supposed to be about not having top-down order. the charter schools are saying, no you don't trust the superintendent, the principals, the teachers. it's scary. >> juan: there is an ongoing
2:32 pm
problem with racial disparity in student discipline, and they are trying to fix it. how do we in fact try to keep kids in school? how do we make it so more kids graduate and don't drop out. is that a bad goal? >> jesse: but when the teacher says shut up and sit down and they keep standing up and running around and you can't have a consequence to that -- >> juan: of course, but there are other -- there are other ways to deal with it. there is not just one way, which is the highway. >> dana: but you can't empower bad behavior in schools -- >> michael: a great way to keep kids in school, for britain to kick them out -- >> dana: while how he is responding to the latest liberal insanity. that is coming up.
2:33 pm
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2:37 pm
unleashing on hollywood and slamming debra messing on twitter, saying that actress debra messing is in hot water, she wants to create a black list of trump supporters and being accused of a mccarthy supporter. if roseanne barr said what she did, even being on a much higher rated show, she would've been thrown off television. will fake news abc allow a mccarthy star to continue? but debra messing isn't the only outrages to example. anti-trump comedian jim carrey smearing another high-profile republican by tweeting 10,000 gun deaths in 2019 and the year is far from over. what osama bin laden did to us was terrible but he doesn't hold a candle to mitch mcconnell. wow. and barbra streisand wants to
2:38 pm
abolish the antiquated electoral college. claims its and assault on our democratic principles. just so we all know, debra messing was pushing out a tweet that said that a black vote for trump is mental illness. that was what trump was referring to. not a good week for messing. >> jedediah: and it's only a four day work week. it's of the third day of a four day work week. she gave her number out, she can't even use her phone anymore. and everybody now is like, "the mess" for messing. you can't say he wasn't counter punching. >> jesse: that's right, he didn't start it. how do you feel about hollywood? they put their foot in their mouth constantly and we make fun of them? >> juan: make fun of them? let's go down the list, the electoral college is a bad idea says barbra streisand. and you think, what?
2:39 pm
why is anybody -- >> dana: why is it all of a sudden a bad idea? >> juan: one man, one vote. why should my vote mean more if i live somewhere else? it's not radical -- >> jesse: you don't believe in a -- >> juan: no, i'm speaking to your suggestion that barbra streisand is off the ranch for saying this. jim carrey, what did he say? >> jesse: he said osama bin laden was not as bad as mitch mcconnell. >> juan: this is the guy you call cocaine mage? i stood up for you, mage! but let's just say, mitch mcconnell has been blocking everything. not only blocking our efforts to stop russian interference in the upcoming election, but he also said he will not do anything unless trump agrees to some steps with regards to background checks, closing private sale loopholes, gun show loopholes.
2:40 pm
10,000 gun deaths in the country. >> dana: but, comparing them to be in worse a week before the 9/11 anniversary? >> juan: i know you're sensitive about the timing but 10,000 gun deaths in this country only this year? come on. >> jedediah: but the insanity of these hollywood statements, you have to know, this is completely unhinged insanity. these people are single-handedly going to be responsible for trump's reelection. this stuff is so unhinged but hollywood was one of the reasons he won the last time because people can't stand the stuff around the country. they feel like celebrities are completely out of touch. they speak this nonsense over and over. trump should let them talk as much as they want. every time they open their mouth and say something unhinged, that is another vote for trump. another person empowered to get out there and vote for him. >> jesse: would he think about the new nickname "the mess"
2:41 pm
messing? >> juan: it's hilarious. listen, trump is amazing with this stuff. we have to realize, we are living in the golden age of politics. it's not going to get this good again. he's driving these people off the edge. literally. jim carrey is gone. that dude is gone. >> jesse: there are some other stuff he is doing. >> michael: i don't know, it's weird. it's like he is doing a character he should've done on "in living color." the crazy painter communist guy who can't stand republicans. >> jesse: juan, we are going to give you one more chance to condemn jim carrey. for the third time, please, condemn jim carrey for comparing our majority leader to osama bin laden. now compare, saying he is worse. >> juan: first of all, what was that about? >> jesse: i think he is on something. i cannot prove that. have you seen his paintings? >> juan: yeah, yeah.
2:42 pm
look, again, i just don't understand why mitch mcconnell wouldn't exert some authority to deal with -- >> jesse: are you not going to condemn -- >> juan: it's the truth. to be when he says he needs to know what the president is willing to sign. that is not an unreasonable request. >> juan: we are in an emergency situation with gun violence. >> dana: it's not unreasonable to make the president of the united states to take a stand. >> juan: and has he done it? no. he says, i'm not doing anything because trump is not doing anything? but pressure and force him to sign a bill if you're mitch mcconnell. >> jesse: dan is right, you're wrong. up next, a major league soccer team upset over fans waving the betsy ross flag and calling it a symbol for hate groups. wow. or child. or other child. or their new friend. or your giant nephews
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♪ >> michael: a new betsy ross flag controversy. a major league soccer team telling a couple they can no longer waive their flag because it has become a symbol for hate groups. at the club in salt lake security told the fans to leave the flag at home or face rejection. the couple says they understand the policy but now fears threats
2:47 pm
of violence on social media. oh, no. whatever shall we do? first of all, why did the american flag ever become a symbol of hatred? and a soccer team, they should be happy two people are there. >> jesse: obama in his inauguration had the symbol in the back when he was being inaugurated. in his address to the country. then betsy, what is with betsy? this is a war on women. someone have to mike has to step up and defend. a statement right now, it's a hoax. he started this thing, it is not a symbol of racism, is there anything more white sounding than a soccer club in utah? who was offended? >> jedediah: i talked to jason, a radio host in seattle, and he said that one of the things that is happening is that
2:48 pm
major league soccer is trying to gain an audience. a lot of the fan clubs are very progressive and because they are very progressive and trying to build up a fan base they try to crack down on anything that might be offensive. i think one of their lines for the utah team is that anything that could possibly may be possibly be deemed offensive. how are you supposed to meet that standard? the other thing is, the seattle and portland, they are seeing these altered antifa flags and the authorities aren't doing anything about it so there you have it. >> michael: barbra streisand wants a mob rule. whoever gets the most votes wins. no more electoral college. >> juan: that is called democracy. >> michael: majority, thank you. >> jedediah: like the founding fathers. >> jesse: when you vote for governor --
2:49 pm
>> michael: you want that in your politics but not in your sporting events? two people bought brought a fla soccer game, two people are offended by it. two or three people are offended, so these people, it seems upside down to me. >> juan: you keep saying of flag, but it is a betsy ross flag. the pittsburgh synagogue shooting, i could go on. guess what, they used the betsy ross flag. >> jesse: no they don't. >> juan: yes, they do. pepe the frog is not a big deal -- and then, wait, he's been adopted by the white nationalist, maybe we should be aware of it? is this a different era? it was a different era. not like we have now. let me just say if this is a matter of rest, we've got infestation.
2:50 pm
>> dana: every time somebody crazy or malicious decides to pick up some item from our country's history we are supposed to know deemed that item unfavorable and offensive to everyone? >> juan: we have to be aware if you are at a public event and you say, i see a lot of betsy ross flags, i don't think -- guess what, it would mean something to me. >> jesse: stop it! you are not offended by the betsy ross flag! get out of bed! you weren't offended until this whole controversy started >> juan: colin kaepernick nike, which took a big stand. they are ridiculous, ridiculous. >> dana: they made their shoes in the first place because they thought they were cool and that they were going to sell. >> juan: then they discovered it was offensive. >> dana: it is not enforceable because what offends you is different from what offends me. if you were going to go into any sports arena anywhere and say, let's get rid of anything that is offensive, what does that mean? >> juan: if there was a
2:51 pm
swastika right there -- >> jesse: it is an american flag. >> juan: there are symbols we can all agree are offensive. >> jesse: this is the big argument, i'm sitting here in the middle of it. we've got one more thing coming up next. we trust usaa more than any other company out there. they give us excellent customer service, every time.
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♪ >> time now for "one more thing." jesse? >> it's time for jessie's feeding frenzy. ♪ you know what i really love? i love cheese balls. do you love cheese balls? >> my sister angie loves them so much. >> the best part is the little powder that you get on your fingers and then you lick it
2:56 pm
off. while we now have the cheese powder itself brought to you by planters. and you can sprinkle it on whatever you want. check this out, you could sprinkle it on pasta or maybe a taco, and maybe some popcorn. let's try this out. i'm going to try some. >> hostile though? >> it is very orange and it does have a warning that says, wear white at your own risk. >> that's wonderful. >> you know that color reminds me of somebody. [laughter] >> good one. i'll be on tucker carlson doing the news quiz tonight so tune in for that. >> also, on tucker tonight, it's bill de blasio. >> the mayor of new york has decided to return to the city of new york. >> he set taller than you i think. check out the interview. i'll go next.
2:57 pm
there was an international flight and it was delayed because of a no-show. imagine if greg gutfeld will hear, he would be furious. so there was a passenger on the claim and he took matters into his own hands and flew the plane himself. michael bradley is actually an off-duty pilot and when he found out about the delay he called the airline and said, can i fill in? >> i would very much like to go on a holiday, but as you can see, they are ready to go. 38 seconds later, he calls me back and says, please, please pretty please can you fly the airplane. >> so basically he volunteered and the airline would like to thank michael for that. >> australians, the crazy people. >> we also have a brand-new edition of dana perino's book club. it's such a good mystery. that's all i have. i had so much to say there.
2:58 pm
>> okay, big night for nfl fans tonight, it's the bears against the packers, opening night. the season starts though with an act of charity from packers quarterback aaron rodgers. he donated 375 football helmets to california high school students who had their seasons ruined by wildfires last year. rogers played football at one of the schools, pleasant valley high school in california. he's an investor in the company that makes the helmets and they are rated as the safest helmets by the nfl and the players association. tonight we have a special message for aaron rodgers from the students. >> thank you, erin! >> i'm no green bay packers fan, but that is a winning play by aaron rodgers. go aaron rodgers. >> thank you aaron rodgers.
2:59 pm
[laughs] >> that wasn't the drama club was it? >> first of all i want to think everyone at "the five" for having me out, and everything behind the scenes. i wanted to do a really fun one. greg always does animals, so it had to be animal themed and this made me happy today. this little chimpanzee at the miami zoo. look how happy, that is pure joy. i'm jealous of whoever is swinging that little guy around. i would do that every day. >> he wants to do it again. >> i'm usually only that happy when i'm on stage with my comedy to her, "freedom to laugh." >> everybody should look at that tour. jedediah? >> i have a first day of school photo that will melt your heart from the royal family.
3:00 pm
the little princess joining her brother prince george. and if you were wondering, charlotte's classmates will not be calling hirsch princess charlotte in school, she will be called charlotte cambridge. >> al all right, thank you. up next, bret baier. >> bret: the on-again off-again trade talks with china are back on again in the markets react. hurricane dorian get stronger and targets the carolinas and we will get the latest. and how bad is the present crisis for britain's prime minister? vice president pence gives him a pep talk. this is "special report." ♪ >> bret: a good evening and welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. peace talks are back on to address the increasingly expensive trade war between the two largest


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