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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 9, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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moment. a pit bull owner attempts to cut her nails. the performance now going viral. i love dogs very much. rob: very dramatic. i can't deal with this anymore. jillian: have a good day. ♪ ♪ beautiful morning ♪ i think i'll go outside a while ♪ brian: one way to approach monelsd. beautiful morning. steve: it is a beautiful morning. our friends the rascals performed outside. brian: as opposed to the little rascals. great great great word rascals. steve: anyway, it is beautiful morning. thank you for joining us live from new york. it's "fox & friends" three hours starting right now with a fox news alert. and you saw the president tweet on friday. he called off talks with the taliban. apparently he had invited
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them to camp david. they were supposed to be there yesterday. he said he was canceling it because 12 people were killed in an explosion. the tall within a was behind. including an american. sergeant first class ellis ortiz killed on thursday. you look at what the taliban was doing on thursday, that's what they have done during the entire year of negotiations. you have to have peace if you are talking about peace. they have not played by the game rules. ainsley: ellisor 'tis was 24 years old and killed by a car bomber. >> the president tweeted about this and said i immediatelily called off the meeting and called off peace negotiations what kind of people would kill so many in order to seemingly strengthen their bargaining position? brian: a lot of the people were nervous dealing with the taliban. steve: because we didn't know. he invited them. brian: even prior to the stunning announcement that they were coming to camp david in sunday. they weren't en route but
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ready to go. they had already celebrated they had slaved the soviet union and the empire. leaving with the tail between their legs. take on the afghanistan to he had wouldn't sit down and talk with after cutting out will the framework with us they were supposed to sit down with the sitting elected government with afghanistan. the president called it off. as he said along the way and said on the radio a couple weeks ago. i haven't signed off on anything. ambassador khalilzad is coming back with a deal for me and i'm going to take a look at it. as it started coming closer he wasn't happy with it. ambassador called back. so far no future talks scheduled. secretary of state mike pompeo scrambled on saturday to do the sunday shows. listen. >> we have made real progress but in the end taliban overreached. they forgot that america is always going to protect its interest. you know the history of camp david. lots of bad folks have come through that place. lots of peace negotiations
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taking place. you don't get to negotiate with good guys. the reasonable you are in negotiations to end wars, to end conflict. to say end violence and reduce risk to the american people. almost always because the person across the table from me isn't exactly the finest. steve: former defense secretary james mattis was with us last week. you know, behind the scenes stories are that they did not always agree on things, but they do agree on the can 1e8 labor relation, here he is. >> in this case, with this group, i think you want to verify then trust. we have asked them, demanded that they break with al qaeda sings the bush administration. they refused to do so. so, i think secretary pompeo saying go back to first principles is exactly the right thing to do. ainsley: so when i first heard that he was talking about sitting down put taliban. steve: at camp david. ainsley: at camp david thinking wait a minute, they are horrific people, they are evil. how do you try to change someone's ideology and their
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belief in god. how is the president going to do that? this is what our president does he sits down with the bad guys. steve: diplomacy. ainsley: north korea he wanted to sit down with the president of iran ruiny. this is how he negotiates deals. then think about the left. think about what they've done. you have biden when he was with president obama, president obama wanted to bribe the mullahs of iran. and that's how he handled his negotiations. which one is better? as a -- from a personal point of view i do think if i sat down with somebody who tried to change my beliefs that wouldn't happen. no one is going to change my belief in god. brian: the taliban believes it is their islamic duty to protect isis and al qaeda no matter what they say. their religion prevents them from doing anything differential. number two is pretty clear after speaking with a member of the state department yesterday that before the taliban even did the deal, even if the president said i met with them yesterday and here's the meeting and here's the picture of us all shaking hands, they would
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have to sit down and do this horrible thing of negotiating with women. they would have to technically and fully. steve: the taliban. brian: the taliban would have to acknowledge the exist tension of the sitting afghan government. if they want to run for election they have to run for election and denounce violence. those three things were too big a mountain for them to even climb. the president saw what they did and way they acted. he also said keep in mind, too. it's not just them killing our guys. we have been killing thousands of them in response to the violence that they perpetrated on us along the way. everybody wants this war toned. as general mattis told us on this couch or downstairs they get a vote. the enemy gets a vote, too. they weren't going to stop. we still have troops in korea and we still have an opportunity to keep peace in there by our presence. the same thing with afghanistan. we are not fighting every day. our presence allows us to stop build buildings from
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falling in manhattan and the pentagon. ainsley: we said we would not abandon ship. 14,000 troops the president is talking about bringing home 5,000 troops. steve: bringing it down to 8600 or something like that. we get it. the president made a campaign promise he would get us out of afghanistan. but, when you look at the political peril for the president, it would be much worse for the united states to pull out and then for the government of afghanistan to fall and for them to recreate a sanctuary there and then whatever goodwill he has built up with the american public over what he did to isis in syria, that would just be negated. it would just disappear. ainsley: it's tough. it's tricky because you want to bring our troops home because they are moms, they are dads. they have family here. if it's not necessary, bring them home. but you right. all of that work to fix the terrorism problem over there and then to abandon ship and
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then the terrorism problems continue would be a disaster. brian: true, ainsley. meanwhile 6 minutes after the hour. the other problem we have here is illegal immigrants creating havoc in this country especially the sanctuary city, state of maryland where we understand there has been a plethora of killings from the illegal immigrants. now we find out something about these illegals. six of the last seven are members of ms-13. in fact, six of the seven that killed the 21-year-old daniel elvardo were members of that gang. steve: apparently last week 21-year-old cuellar was murdered it. sounded like a cross-town gang thing. it was the 18th street gang vs. ms-13 gang. of the six of the seven, were in the country illegally and members of ms-13. and apparently ice has now issued six immigrant
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detainers, however, they are not getting out of jail. there is no bail. and they do face a life in prison. ainsley: yeah. unbelievable. they allegedly killed him with sharp objects. they stabbed him to death as he was walking outside. brian: they get you they are going to brutalize you. 900 cross the southwest border. members of ms-13 about 10,000 reeking havoc in this country right now. that's why the president targeted them. meanwhile, more to talk about. including the agenda of congress as they come back after their six weeks sabbatical. ainsley: impeachment? brian: can you believe this. ainsley: i know, impeachment, gun control and the wall. coming back from six weeks today. steve: the first thing they have got to do is talk about funding the government because between now and october 1st, there are 16 business days where they could actually get something done. it sounds like the democrats want to pass continuing resolution, c.r. the republicans would like to
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start working on 12 different appropriation bills to fund the government through 2020. right there the two parties are at loggerheads. you want to just kick the can down to christmas or do you want to try to do it the way we used to do it. brian: the usmca is also up. it's up to nancy pelosi now to take it up. she is alienating a lot of people in the midwest which her party plans on winning over if she says this deal is going to be too good for the president. and also there is a sense out there that the president and nancy pelosi agree on one thing, reducing the cost of drugs. and to take on big pharma and to reduce the cost of drugs, the government could negotiate like all of us do on our cars and houses to get the drug prices down. big pharma doesn't want it to happen. the president does. and nancy pelosi does. the question is can they put politics aside and risk giving both democrats and republican as win? i think we could win once in a while as the american people. we all want reduced cost of drugs and take on big pharma because big pharma is one
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vote. the american people are 300 million strong whether have you monday can afford it now or can't afford it now you can relate to big drug cost. steve: the big question is will they put party politics aside a year before an election. does nancy pelosi want donald trump to be able to say in the american people your insulin is cheaper because i fought for you. brian: maybe he could say we. i worked with nancy pelosi. steve: it's been a while since anybody said "we" in washington. ainsley: you bring up a serious issue there are people who have to choose whether or not they are going to feed their family or they are going to stay alive and buy their medicine. brian: right. steve: a lot on the plated of congress. brian: even if you have great insurance. look at how much your insurance paid and you can't believe it. good i don' i don't have to pay. your rates go up because your insurance has to pay too much for drugs. ainsley: people sicker 15, 16, 20 mills a day it gets expensive. steve: congress has a lot to
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do. back at 9:00 a.m. cover it in the meantime. jillian joins us. jillian: good morning. brian: great job on the hurricane. jillian: thank you so much. let's talk about the fox news alert. an urgent rescue everett is underway to save four crew members trapped inside a cargo ship. the south korean ship caught fire. rescued 20 other crew members by helicopter but can't get inside to save the others. the ship twice as long as a football field was carrying cars to baltimore. also breaking right now, 44 people now confirmed dead in the bahamas. after hurricane dorian battered the islands one week ago. that number will likely rise. dozens of rescue and recovery crews are heading there. the u.n. confirms more than 70,000 people need shelter. ellison barber will join us live with more on those relief efforts in just a few minutes. today president trump heads to north carolina to rally voters ahead of a special house election tomorrow. the president will stump for
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republican dan bishop who he campaigned with in july. bishop is running against democrat dan mccready in the state's ninth district. the state was vacated after a state board found evidence of voter fraud by a republican campaign worker in last year's election. and the new nfl season is underway. the patriots unveiling their sixth super bowl banner before playing the steelers. ♪ >> a snap. and wide, wide open. big night for him. touchdown. jillian: tom brady throwing three touchdowns patsd win 33-3. the jaguars losing their game against the chiefs and new quarterback nic foals breaking his collarbone getting hit while making a touchdown. and beckham makes cleveland browns review wearing a watch worth $350,000. the browns lost to the
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titans 43-13. the giants beat the rest skins. steve: the watch cost more than a lot of people's houses. ainsley: what kind of watch is that. brian: expensive. jillian: i looked it up. richie something. i never heard of it. i don't have a watch that much. steve: nobody does. brian: the browns run out of time to win they lost. they play the jets next week, i think. steve: thanks, jillian. brian: our top story. president trump calls off key talks with the taliban. of the challenge of the peace process coming 14 years ago. what's next? he will talk about it. biopharmaceutical researchers.
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brian: a fox news alert that we began the show with 10 minutes ago. president trump cancels a secret meeting with the taliban. it was going to take place yesterday at camp david after he says the group claimed responsibility for an attack that killed 11, including miner soldiers. bodies came over over the weekend. is peace on the table? author of brand new book the force, the will he again jerry special ops movement and world war ii's mission impossible. saul david,. >> thank you. brian: did the president make the right move calling the meeting off. >> he did make the right move. talks are the only way i feel to solve the problem in
3:18 am
the long term. the only alternative for that is you say indefinitely is which unacceptable or leave the of a began devices to its own devices and that's also unacceptable. brian: you say president presence in south korea it. took a long time for this to become democratic principles rights and believes. it took a while. could you imagine what that region would be like without our presence? in there we are not necessarily building up the afghan government as much as we are watching our own backs from terror. >> yeah. absolutely right. there needs to be guarantees during these negotiations that what is left behind is a secure situation. a situation in which the taliban have renownszed violence them selves and which they themselves enter some kind of peaceful political process. and if you don't have those guarantees there is always the possibility that america and the rest of the coalition forces will return. brian: we know without an answer to pakistan's taliban where they get trained and armed and funded there is no
3:19 am
long-term solution. in your book, people got accustomed to special forces. let's talk about world war ii special forces. what was their role on d-day. >> the first special service force, the force that is the story of my book was the first one created in 1942. the original idea is to drop them behind enemy lines as well-trained elite unit that can carry out the sort of operation that normal con vengszal forces can't do. i would aliken it to a scalpel compared to a bludgeon. this is the start of special forces. we are used to you using them all over the world today. america has special forces something like 70 countries. in d-day they play an absolutely crucial role in preparing the ground. brian: 70% took casualties did you talk to survivors one was a canadian. >> jack call hill 19 at the time. he was the last man who actually took part in this operation was to capture a
3:20 am
mountain in southern italy. almost impossible task. it had been attempted before by conventional forces. they had lost huge casualties. the question is can this special force led by kalhill and others. steve. brian: he lost his life but you talked to his nephew. >> he showed me this picture and said you are not going to believe this story. his can yo uncle sent this picte by the person i folk to mother. this is a picture belief as a toddler. this is a lovely picture of him. he kept it in his helmet. it was supposed to be good luck for the soldier. of course, he ends up losing his life. the registration the people find this helmet and return it to the nephew many years later. i got it from him. brian: if you love the seals, green berets and special ops. you will love this book "the force." congratulations. >> thank you so much.
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♪ brian: back now with a fox news alert. you have more emergency rescue teams landing in the bahamas this morning as we learn now 44 people are now dead in the wake of hurricane dorian. ellison barber is live in nassau this morning with the latest recovery efforts. hi, ellison. >> hey, brian, yes. we have heard from a lot of people in places like grand bahama and the abaco islands where they are still trapped. we have met family members here in nassau who are looking for people that they haven't heard from in days. there was one woman we met when we made it to grand bahama this weekend. she said she, her husband,
3:25 am
and her sister had to crawl into the roof of their house when the storm hit in order to survive. >> husband says they crawled up on this here, what was a sink turned upside down now. can see the sink bowl on the ground. he used his hand to push her and her sister up on foot so they could get up on top of these two by fours and sit for 8 hours they called up in here and sat in the ceiling up here. the ceiling over the living room right over here and waited. they said that the water was so high their feet touched the water. this is a house that is at least 10 feet tall inside. their feet dangling in the water. renee says when morning came after sitting there for 8 hours she could hear someone calling her name saying hey, is anyone okay? it was her cousin. she said it was the sweetest sound she ever heard someone calling her name to check if
3:26 am
they were okay and in the morning to know that they were alive. and that woman who lived in that home renee cooper she'd said in order to get out to safety after she heard heard her cousin screaming for her she and others neighbors made a human chain to get to another home and to get to safety. >> two guys came to the rescue. >> and you held hands in a chain to get across. >> um-huh, yes. so strong. >> i guess reality is just now setting new testament i'm still traumatized. >> we are here in an area where there is a nonprofit mercemergency shelter. making food to get to evacuee survivors who have made it to nassau. they have also been going to granelsd baum trying to set up water filtration systems so the people like renee
3:27 am
cooper still trapped with her family so they can have consistent access to clean water, brian? brian: huge challenges remain. ellison, thanks so much. steve, ainsley? steve: all right, brian. thank you. it's a bitter bill to swallow. medical debt now the leading cause of bankruptcy here in the united states with one in five americans now in collections because of it. and with 21% of medical care reportedly deemed unnecessary, overtreatment is a really big problem. ainsley: it is a grim reality. and our next guest has exposed it in his new book dr. mattemarty makary. he is close with president trump and that administration because is he advising them on healthcare policies. he is the author of this book "the price we pay" what broke american healthcare and how to fix it. he joins us now. thank you for being with us. >> great to be with you both. ainsley: steve forbes says this is an amazing book.
3:28 am
a must read for every american. we mustable aware of what is happening to the medical system. >> i love the movie big short it created lit reas around the banking industry. i wanted to create the book literacy around healthcare. everyone should know the basics of the business of medicine. and right now it's a price gouging and predatory billing is now threatening the great public trust in the medical profession. people at home sick and scared to go to the doc. we have hospitals violating that public trust by overcharging patients. so we can do better. and we need basic price transparency. we also need people to be educated to ask when this go to their doc. steve: what to ask now when to the doctor. >> medical secret is bills are negotiable before during and after care there is a lot can i do. steve: i am going to go into the doctor for a strep talk can i talk to them ahead of time. >> you absolutely can we are trying to get doctors
3:29 am
involved. in billing process. look if your patient has been price gouged and even sued to have their wages began issued in as we found in doing the research. we want the docs engaged. we want community members talking to hospital board members and saying hey, hospitals should not be suing low income patients and garnishing their wages. you know, if you go to buy a flight on expedia or kayak and there were no prices, you would say this is crazy. everyone is getting price gouged by billing after the flight. steve: sure. >> yet, you know, airlines could argue that we can't give you a price. we don't know if you will consume a beverage. ainsley: my mother is sick she went through stroke two years ago. i have been awakened to what's really happening it. goes back to your doctor. we went to one place not good healthcare treatment. i felt like it was a business. all they wanted to do is charge and charge and charge and not care for her. we go to another place where we meet that amazing doctor. and we make sure his team rallies around my mother to
3:30 am
save her life it. goes back to care. how do you train these hospitals and doctors to not look at the bottom line but to look at the patient, a life? >> we have good people working in a bad system. most of the hospital leaders i know and almost every doctor i know went in to medicine for good reasons. and what's happened is we have inherited this broken system where this game of inflating prices for insurance companies and then offering big discounts to groups selectively has resulted in every day americans being the casualty. a lot of stakeholders are making a lot of money in healthcare except for one, the patient. and i can't just show up and mow your lawn and send you a bill for $4,000. there has got to be some contract. there has got to be some civility. people need to note basics of what to do. steve: there is a new jonsz hopkins study that comes out tomorrow and you have a preview of it. >> 48% of all federal spend would he go found in our hopkins study goes to healthcare in all of its hidden forms.
3:31 am
steve: 48%. half. >> it's almost half of all federal spending. and people have to realize it's not just medicare and medicare. it's also half of social security checks are used now for co-pace and deductibles. the military has its own healthcare system. the v.a. health system is 4% of the budget and interest on healthcare debt. completely out of control and money games are threatening. ainsley: your neighbor is in big time debt she had a bruise and $4,000 bill because of an x-ray. you helped the president sign that executive order. you were standing next to him when he did that for price transparency that at a will be implemented in a year. steve: the name of the book is "the price we pay." ainsley: thank you. steve: you know rahm emanuel was president obama's former chief of staff. now rahm emanuel is blasting medicare for all that the democrats are pushing.
3:32 am
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seriously? but zerowater- let me guess. zero? yup, that's how i know it is the purest-tasting water. i need to find the receipt for that. oh yeah, you do. ainsley: surprising young baseball players with sandwiches supposed to be sold out. he had connections. steve: he did. the squad honored at the governor's mansion in louisiana after becoming the first team from that state to win in williamsport last week. and if you remember, if you are wondering what the connection is. popeye's and i look at wick peedia, i'm positive about it. nobody ever makes anything up on that. [laughter]
3:36 am
steve: popeye's was started in 1972 in new orleans. ainsley: in new orleans. brian: by popeye the sailor. ainsley: olive oil gets all the credit. it was the spinach, not the chicken. brian: it was crazy. ainsley: brutus liked olive oil? brian: was it brutus? bluto. steve: the strong guy. anyway. congratulations for the team for getting that special treat. brian: i always liked them over the blue outfits over the white outfits. ainsley: white means home team. you can wear white if you are home. brian: that's a good point. ainsley: hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. jillian: following a number of stories. the fbi served a search warrant the company that owns the boat burned in the massive california fire killed 34 people. agents are looking for
3:37 am
training, safety, and maintenance records. they also combed through two other company boats. the boat caught fire on scuba diving trip last week. none of the passengers made it out alive. five crew members escaped. a safety warning issued at a major university after a man allegedly with a hand drawn uber sign tries to lure a girl into his car. the ohio state university student says the driver pulled up to her off campus sunday afternoon. he drove off after she refused to get in the car. campus police now urging students to walk with friends or co-workers and keep all doors locked. defund ice, that's the demand from dozens of people this week. >> we need to come together to change this policy that keeps hurting so many families. jillian: protesters rallying outside of one of its facilities in aurora, colorado, kicking off a week of action against the group. this facility made headlines in july when protesters cheered as the american flag was raised.
3:38 am
so here's a question. what would you do if a bank accidently deposited hundred hundreds of thousands of dollars into your account? >> look at my pocket. look. a year's salary right here. do you know what i told them? fun coupons. jillian: police say a bank teller mistakingly deposited $120,000 into a pennsylvania couple's account. that couple allegedly spent the cash that giant shopping spree buying four wheelers, a camper and a race car. they four facing felony theft charges, forced to pay back more than $107,000. rob and i were talking about this in a commercial break 5:00 a.m. show. you have to give the money back right, it's not their money. they knew it wasn't their money. ainsley: they are going to trace the money back and ask for it. steve: look, it says we have $100,000 in our bank. let's spend it. we don't know where it came from. let's jewels spinsd it.
3:39 am
jillian: rob's point is it's the bank's fault. ainsley: i'm sure that teller got fired. brian: let's find out what dan bongino would do. fox news contributor and former secret service agent. he can't hold a job. author of spy gate the attempted sabotage of dodged j. trump. if we put 100,000ness your account. >> steve: by mistake. brian: would you spend it or give it back? >> of course you give it back. how wish do you have to be to have a 6 figure deposited in your account and not think it's a mistake. if you are worth a couple million you may not know the difference. have you to be legitimately witch to think that's not a mistake. ainsley: what if they are like 20 it's a little different. >> emotionally about they were about 6 or 7 apparently that was a really stupid decision brian thanks for joining us. thanks for catching up with us. see you next week. i'm only kidding.
3:40 am
steve: the democrats are for the most part the people who want to be the next president of the united states on the democratic side are all in for medicare for all. but rahm emanuel, who was president obama's chief of staff and is currently -- or was the mayor of chicago, he says that is a loser. listen to this. >> we have taken a position so far and the candidates have through the process a few have not about on basically medicare for all which is we are going to eliminate 150 million people's healthcare and provide healthcare for people that just come over the border. that is untenable foble position for the general election. it is reckless. you don't have to take a position to win the primary and you basically literally hindering yourself for the general election. steve: he says you don't have to take the position to win the primary. that's the position a lot of them are taking in the primary. >> gosh, you know, me agreeing with rahm emanuel. this is one -- you may have to get the youtube of this and broadcast this everywhere. to the democrats who watch the show. listen to rahm emanuel. is he absolutely right.
3:41 am
guys, ainsley, there is only two ways to allocate scarce resources, right? all resources are scarce. the very bedrock of economics is the allocation of scarce resources a doctor's time and hospital beds are scarce resources. you can either price them or you can ration them. when you wipe out the price signal. which government healthcare does. have you number two, which is rationing. that's the only way. it is axiomatic. is totally logical. you will win the nobel prize from economics this point on every sing yield year if anyone in the listening audit yengsz can tell me a third way to allocate scarce resources like a doctor's time and hospitals. there isn't one. you will have rationing like have you in the united kingdom and other single pair healthcare systems as well. the other probable you have too as well. they have had those systems so long over there a lot of people alive don't know any different. the people in the united states do. if you rip that away from
3:42 am
them, their free market healthcare now and their choices and you instill a rationing system, rahm emanuel is right it. will be economic and political suicide for the democrat party. brian: so, remember, the last time they had a debate they weren't targeting trump as much as they were president obama and he was the former chief of staff. they say medicare for all is a death sentence. he says he traveled around and he talked to people. they said why are democrats going to take my healthcare auto way? they say the polls show the democrats have a 36% advantage over republicans when it comes to healthcare. so there is an opportunity, there is a gap there the republicans have got to fill. and the democrats are rushing to help them fill it. >> yeah. well, brian, this is because the media is not telling the truth about what medicare for all the democrats' healthcare plan really are if the media were to actually do their job and tell people, you understand, right, that medicare for all means the medicare you have now, it really means medicare for none. because the medicare you have now is done and over. that's finished. also those union -- imagine the unions, the local three
3:43 am
guys, the steam mitters, the tin knockers, the carpenter, the truckers who for years negotiated -- they forfeited wages, right? to get these healthcare plans. imagine them finding out that's all gone you are going to get on a gompleted run plan. good luck with that. brian: good luck on the union vote. steve: they have a big debate this week in houston. let's see if it comes up. ainsley: the president has a rally tonight in north carolina. great to see you. >> see you next week. steve: meanwhile, as college students go back to campuses across the country over the next couple of weeks and this week as well. the president of wesleyan university has a message for students. don't dismiss safe spaces. ainsley: a former dean and current professor they had something to say about that and that professor and dean he is on deck. brian: could you make this louder? ♪ ♪ molly: my np spends a lot of time
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3:47 am
steve: the president of wesleyan university in connecticut pushing safe spaces on college campuses. ainsley: president michael roth wrote this "new york times" op-ed titled don't dismiss safe spaces. brian: our next guest says it's all an empty platitude. the former dean of yale law school and the author of "assault on american exlenses if the anthony joins us now. anthony, safe spaces, they say, give people a chance to get confidence in themselves and beliefs without getting attacked. what could possibly be wrong with that? >> well, there is nothing wrong with it if you mean physical safety. of course, students on a college campus ought to be physically safe. the problem is that idea has been extended to emotional threats and -- and that really threatens the very heart of the he had carriage enterprise. the minute you say that students should be insulated from any words or challenges
3:48 am
that upset them, cause them to feel less worthy in their own eyes, you shut the conversation down and you make it impossible for all the students to engage in the collective pursuit of the truth. that's what's happening on our campuses today. steve: unfortunately, it seems like the students are insulated from a diversity of political differences. it seems like everybody is reading out of the same hymnal, doesn't it. >> i think the problem is. this the identity politics, which is such a scourge in our society at large has really infected our campuses in a bad way. so, students come in to their class discussions thinking of themselves principally as members of a particular group. and not so much as individuals trying to make up their minds for them selves. and that's true regardless of the political views with which they start. college should be the time in their lives when they have a chance to put -- when
3:49 am
they are really required to put all of their beliefs out in the open where they can subject them to scrutiny and tough testing. and the more they identify as a member of this group or that party or this faction, the less likely that is to happen. ainsley: yeah. people are so worried about hurting someone's feelings. the pc culture tiptoeing around everyone. thank you for being with us and weighing in on this issue. >> thank you very much. brian: and writing about it. in all truth, a friend of mine's son went to school and after the college, after trump got elected, they had -- go to this room and hug a puppy. they had a shelter drop off puppies so they could relax and hug puppy. steve: they needed a safe space. ainsley: if you need to do that you probably need to go back home and avoid college. brian: or at least commute. ainsley: come on. 49 minutes after the top of the hour. a former victoria secret model left the runway to follow her faith and now she
3:50 am
is starring in a new movie. >> my mother keeps running away. my daughter is getting married and i literally just started my dream job. i mean, it's a lot. brian: here why the scripts are so inspiring to her. "fox & friends," that's our logo ♪ as long as you can keep the faith ♪ hoping love will lead the way.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
my mother keeps running away i literally just started my dream job. i mean, it's a lot. >> isn't it gorgeous? >> auer next guest gave up modeling career to pursue her christian faith and she is doing so in a new
3:54 am
christian film called catching faith 2 the first one was very successful. she is an actress and producer nicole weeder and she joins us now hey nicole. >> thank you so much for having me it's so exciting. >exciting. ainsley: how did you leave this lucrative career victoria secret model, maxim model maybe a ton of money why did you leave that for jesus. >> the modeling industry wasn't as cracked up as. it i was october find and it was hurting mize self-esteem and it was harmful and i realized i wanted more for my life and how did you find jesus. >> i was at low point in my life and friend told me about jesus. i wanted to give my life to him. once dierks all of these amazing things happened and god is so wonderful and amazing. ainsley: first movie did you so well. tell us about it. tell us about the second movie and how we can watch it and what the movie is about. >> i'm so excited about
3:55 am
this. in the movie i play a wedding planner. faith based film. a family that sticks together through trials. i feel like a lot of people can relate. to say the movies is available ought walmart and amazon and target and, yeah. ainsley: there is such a need for this. interviewing people chris-based, faith based family friendly films and they are very successful at the box office. why is that? what does our country need right now? >> i feel like the country needs a lot more wholesome messages. good old fashioned values there are so many harmful movies not inspiring so i feel like the country is hungry for quality content that they can watch with the whole family. ainsley: we love a movie about weddings. wedding planners. >> totally. ainsley: tell us about the movie. >> the woman getting married to the love of her life. also about a mom who is trying to keep it all together because her mother is struggling with dementia. i feel like a lot of parents can relate to that with taking care of their mother
3:56 am
or father. ainsley: she is dealing with the mother-in-law. >> yes. exactly. yeah. they are kind of rivals. it's a fen my. ainsley: mother-in-law is trying to plan the wedding wedding planner is in between. >> i bridge the gap between the frenemy and mom. it's inspiring movie. i hope everyone can get it. ainsley: our viewers are so great and family friendly. come on to talk about books. they want to buy it and support the people we have on. people living wonderful messages. god bless you. i applaud you for what you are doing. thank you for teaching little girls it's not how we look on the outside it's what we are on the inside and what our hearts are. >> absolutely. god loves us so much. ainsley: he loves us all no matter what we look like on the outside. thanks nicole. catching faith 2 amazon, walmart and support her. god bless. >> thank you. ainsley: we have dr. oz, congressman jim jordan and patriots tight end general benjn
3:57 am
watson. great guy. they are all coming up. ♪ ♪ stop struggling to clean tough messes with sprays. try clean freak! it has three times the cleaning power to dissolve kitchen grease on contact. it works great on bathtubs. and even stainless steel. try clean freak from mr. clean.
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doug, where do we get a replacement chili pepper bulb? so we'll design the insurance solution that fits your business. it's a very niche bulb. it's a specialty bulb. ♪ let's get it started ♪ let's get it started in here ♪ let's get it started ♪ steve: we got it started in here an hour ago. so we are just getting it restarted for another hour. ainsley: where was that song an hour ago. brian: a lot of people getting started now. just got dressed and shaving. steve: not necessarily, brian. a lot of people don't have to go anywhere sitting at home in pajamas. brian: on monday? ainsley: how do they pay the bills? if they are retired, yeah. steve: a lot of people are retired. ainsley: if you are retired you still get up at 7:00 a.m. steve: some get up at 4:00 a.m. and get a start on the
4:01 am
day. brian: thank you for whatever you are doing. act like we have never done this before every hour a little different. start with a fox news alert. the taliban issuing new -- trump administration officially calls off peace talks. ainsley: comes after president trump cancelled that secret meeting with leaders from the terror group at camp david. steve: we didn't know anything about it until friday. kevin corke joins us on this monday morning with white house reaction and reaction from lawmakers they were out and about yesterday and kevin has a roundup. >> this is one of the great things about having this. you learn about things off the record and sometimes you hear rumors when this didn't happen. president made it clear there will be no negotiations about all the relevant parties at the table. to hear the secretary of state mike pompeo tell it called to cancel that camp david meeting came from the very top. >> president trump ultimately made the decision he said i want to talk to the president.
4:02 am
i want to talk to the taliban negotiators and look them in the eye and see if we can get to the final outcome that we needed so we could sign off on the deal. you know the history of camp david. lots of bad folks have come through that place. lots of peace negotiations taken place. >> that is secretary of state "fox news sunday" with chris wallace. the issue is, at least for the president. in addition for getting the afghan government and taliban to get to the table. ongoing violence uses a means of negotiation is a nonstarter and the taliban says they are going to keep right on doing that let me share support of a statement from the taliban spokesperson. this will lead to more losses to the u.s. its credibility will be affected. its anti-peace stance will be exposed to world. losses to lives and assets will increase. but you made an important point, guys. lawmakers on capitol hill were full some in their support for the president's idea of canceling this camp david meeting. liz cheney on twitter saying. this the rep from the great state of wyoming. camp david is where
4:03 am
american's leaders met toe plan our supported by the taliban killed 3,000 americans on 9/11. no member of the taliban should set foot there ever. the taliban still harbors al qaeda. the president is right to end the talks. that from liz cheney. we have a medal you have valor event coming up later on today at 11:00. we will have more on that throughout the day. we will hear from mad dog mattis in our next hour but for now back to you. steve: kevin corke north lawn of the white house regarding the taliban and negotiations. you can't have a peaceful negotiation which f. one side doesn't believe in peace. brian: as mike pompeo said as he was on all the sunday shows, look, you don't negotiate with people you like traditionally. people didn't like the idea like liz cheney and maybe you going to camp david with the taliban especially a few days from 9/11. ainsley: it seems different. i know the president loves to negotiate. did he with north korea. he wants to with iran's
4:04 am
president rooney. in this situation it's so hard to wrap your mind around it to sit down with a terrorist organization that chops people's heads off, that hates you because you don't agree with their faith and what they think that god is telling them to do. so, how does -- how the president -- to change someone's ideology, to change their religion is something that is different than negotiating with another country over trade or bringing, you know, individuals back that have died like in nort north korea. the president does things differently. he likes to sit down and negotiate. the taliban. a lot of people scratching their heads. people in his party mike pompeo thought it was a good idea to meet with him. and liz cheney saying camp david where american leaders met to plan our response after al qaeda. it's very divisive. but, nonetheless, the president is not going to sit down with them. he wants to bring home 5,000 american troops over the next five months. there are 14,000 over there. so some still will remain and he has given the president of afghanistan his
4:05 am
word that we will not abandon ship. brian: khalilzad is coming back. we do not know about the drawdown. the president said i'm going to bring some people home. 135 days, bring down 500 troops down to 4,600. we don't know what he is going t to do now. steve: will they restart the talks we don't know. stay tuned for that one of the things the president said when he was campaigning for president, i'm going to bring people back from afghanistan that was a campaign promise. he would like to make good on that. meanwhile as you looked at 2020 you have all these democrats. a number of them are saying medicare for all is how we fix the problem with healthcare in this country. rahm emanuel, who was the chief of staff for barack obama, of course, behind obamacare so that's part of his legacy. he says the democrats are out of their minds to think that medicare for all is going to work. watch. >> we have taken a position so and the candidates have through the process.
4:06 am
a few have not. about on basically medicare for all, which is we are going to eliminate 150 people's healthcare and provide healthcare for people that come over the border. that is untenable position for the general election. it is reckless as it relates to and you don't have to take the position to win the primary and you are basically literally hindering your sufficiently for the general election. brian: right. rahm emanuel famously is the one that told barack obama don't do obamacare. we have much more to do. and he went ahead and did it anyway. he wedged it through on using nancy pelosi's leadership. remember when scott brown got elected and senator kennedy had passed away and he had gotten that seat there was a time limit to it. rahm emanuel is like a lot of previous democrats who said why are we talking about getting prisoners to vote? why are we talking about free college? why are we talking about decriminalized. steve: healthcare for illegal aliens. brian: it makes to sense why did you spend all you're time ridiculing president obama. ainsley: is he a republican now? brian: he is the way
4:07 am
democrats used to be. a suttlez difference between parties. ainsley: going against the entire democratic field now. dan bongino says i can't believe i'm saying this but i agree with rahm emanuel. listen. >> the very bedrock of economics is the allocation you have scarce resources a doctor's time and hospital beds are cares resources. you will get rationing like have you in the united kingdom and other single pair healthcare systems now. the problem you will have too as well is they have had those systems so long over there a lot of people alive don't know any different. the people in the united states do. if you rip that away from them. their free market healthcare now and their choices and you instale rationing system, rawrm rahm emanuel is right political suicide for the democratic party. steve: well, let's see how big it is on thursday when the democrats have their next debate in houston there will now be 11 because tom steyer apparently qualified yesterday. brian: not for this week but for the third debate. ainsley: right. brian: we don't have a
4:08 am
successful a block without talking a little bit about hollywood, right? ainsley: our viewers like to know what's happening there. steve: a listers. brian: thanks to debra a mess messing president trump referred to twitter. wanted to find out who was going to beverly hills fund raiser and backed up by her co-star on will and grace. yeah i want to see that list too who is going there. among the people who blew that up whoopi goldberg this story line did not stop. ainsley: christie alli tweeted this out i refuse to be support of the hollywood blank who can't see that not working with republicans is as stupid and nasty as refusing to work with business with gay people penal. stop acting above the fray ya damn hypocrites. we are the same species. ainsley: i can't believe i had to read that. that's not the way i talk. steve: she did get reaction to that and she doubled down
4:09 am
from wichita kansas. she wrote i don't like people deciding who to black ball in the workplace or who not to serving stay restaurant. i don't think so it's fair i think it's bigotry. what do you think about tha that? >> you know my theory the will and grace condemnation of the beverly hills fund raiser was a breaking point. people saying this is getting so out of hand just because you don't agree with someone politically it doesn't mean they are horrible people. i think the new thing is going to be being accepting and talking. i mean, the mayor of chicago invited ted cruz to come over and talk about the problems. and then you see my idol melissa milano is going to speak to ted cruz about the way forward on guns. this is the new trend. joe and i are speaking now. ainsley: hats offer to those in hollywood. many if they announce they're conservative or support a conservative then they don't get jobs.
4:10 am
i think it's wonderful that they are doing that i think this is what makes america wonderful. we get to choose what we want to do. if you want to -- people are banning chick-fil-a. you like the chicken sand sphwhich go get it. you don't have to support every political move at every restaurant or business if you don't want to shop there the beauty of america is you don't have to get that chicken sandwich. steve: as we have heard so many people have chronicled there does seem to be this tds thing trump derangement syndrome. anybody who is behind them they ostracized. hey, you be quiet about that. brian: right. steve: everybody is dug in right now. brian: they did this one study. combine all the polls. who do you agree with? most people said they agree with me on everything. congratulations to everybody. ainsley: remember when you didn't talk about politics. i'm in the nail salon and i hear ladies talk about president trump. i'm getting my teeth cleaned and i hear the lady in the
4:11 am
next room everyone is talking about this now. jillian: it's everywhere. brian: you have a lot of appointments. steve: look rat your nails very nice. brian: the chiropractor. ainsley: winter is in the air a darker color. jillian: start with this headline we are following now. it's a fox news alert. urgent rescue underway to save four crew members trapped for 24 hours inside a cargo ship. the south korean ship catching fire after it flipped over off the coast of georgia. the coast guard rescuing 20 other crew members by helicopters but can't get inside to save the others. the ship twice as long as a football field was carrying cars to baltimore. also breaking right now. 44 people now confirmed dead in the bahamas after hurricane dorian battered the island one week ago. that number will likely rise. dozens of rescue and recovery crews are heading there the u.n. confirms more than 70,000 people need shelter. an entire airline essentially shut down over a massive worker strike.
4:12 am
british airways telling passengers not to show up at the airport as pilots walk off the job in the u.k. those pilots are striking for 48 hours, demand ago pay raise. nearly all flights have been cancelled. both sides say they are ready for more negotiations but haven't set a date for new talks. 2020 hopeful andrew yang taking his campaign to new heights quite literally. the democratic presidential candidate crowd surfing with supporters in california. watch this. ♪ [chanting andrew yang] [cheers] [. >> after the campaign event, the businessman tweeting, quote: haven't crowd surfed in a while #yang, yang. ainsley: i mean dancing, like partying. steve: he would like to give everybody a thousand dollars a month. brian: i would carry him off
4:13 am
too if he would give me $1,000 a month. ainsley: good policies or not seems like a fun guy. brian: all he had to do was keep himself stiff. ainsley: he was doing. this. brian: if you have ever done that i would just like to know if it hurts. ainsley: if they don't catch you it does. i have done it. brian: video cummings up next hour. ainsley: 13 minutes after the top of the hour. brian: as attacks mount against our police officers, recruiting facing problems. our safety is at risk. his solutions coming your way. ♪ ♪ this is the family who wanted to connect... and find inspiration in new places. leading them to discover: we're woven together by the moments we share.
4:14 am
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4:18 am
solution. here is the author of that found former superintendent of chief boston police department and managing editor of crawl dannielynn ski. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> when you went through the academy, it was quite a different story. everybody it seemed, wanted to be a scope. >> there were 15,000 applications i went. in 2,000 applications to get 180 recruits to the academy. a lot of people wanted to be cops. that has changed for sure. >> steve: it has. why? >> i think society and police officers. police officers are demonized before anyone has a chance to see the facts. you see a youtube video which shows four minutes of an encounter. doesn't show the 8 minutes before hand and everyone is criticizing them from community residents to community leadership. who wants to go around all day with an iphone in your face telling you are doing things wrong. you are not doing things right. that being said, we have got
4:19 am
to hold counts accountable and opportunity change the way we criewted and bring people into the business and change our work environment to get more people engaged with us. steve: big question is do millennials want to become law enforcement? >> i find the new employees aren't looking for a 32 year commitment to a company or to a job. they are looking for different life challenges. so changing the thought that we are going to have you for the entire 32 years to maybe we are going to get you five years you will move on and do something else. maybe you want to try fire fighting. maybe you want to try accounting. taking a professional who is well-qualified and letting them invest some years of service into us is probably the way we have to look at it with the new employee pool we have. steve: you are suggesting maybe a short-term contracts with police officers that would be one thing where you don't have to stay in the force for over 30 years to get your pension. or you combine the police and the fire and the emts
4:20 am
under one -- essentially one super department so that you get a call and somebody from there goes. >> i think can you do that in some of the smaller agencies with the call volume not so much. police and fire are often at the scenes, working the same scenes crashes and fires. so the opportunity to getting firefighters out of the firehouse into police cars. when we lose numbers of police officers we are going to go away from the community policing. when we stop doing community policing and respond to 911 calls, we will lose further trust with the community. our safety and security has been shown to be best when we can community police our neighborhoods, get out of the police cars. and engage the community and deal with problem solving. we don't have the numbers to fill those opportunities they will be running from call to call and deal with crises after they get started. steve: let's see what happens. we are at a tipping point. daniel space linskey thank you for your service and
4:21 am
being here today. >> thank you for having me, steve. steve: what do you think about that? the battle between big telling tech and big government time for companies to take responsibility and take a look brad smith is here live. ♪ ♪ let it roll ♪ down the highway ♪ let it roll ♪th down the highway billions of mouths.
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i decided that i wanted to go for electrical engineering and you need to go to college for that. if i didn't have internet in the home i would have to give up more time with my kids. which is the main reason i left the military. everybody wants more for their kids, but i feel like with my kids, they measurably get more than i ever got. and i get to do that. i get to provide that for them. ♪ ♪ >> hello. ainsley: time now for news by the numbers. first $91 million. that is how much it, chapter 2, raked in during its opening weekend at the box office. second highest opening ever for a horror film.
4:25 am
only trailing the first "it" movie. remember that one with the clowns? all right. next, $5 million. that is how much money is a teacher won in an ohio lottery drawing. she says that she is still planning on working at least for now but told her husband that he can retire. that's a nice thing to do. finally $38,000. that is how much gerri willis and the fox news team raised for breast cancer research by participating in new york city's race for the cure. the fox business anchor has been a supporter for that cause when she was diagnosed with stage 3 lobe larr breast cancer. she fought it, she is back. she is amazing and raising a lot of money for sure. brian: major companies bike google and facebook at the center of multiple firearm firem and cyber crime. steve: you will remember google facing backlash over their refusal to work with
4:26 am
the pentagon. where should the lines be drawn when it comes to cooperation with the government? ainsley: in the new book it's called tools and weapons. microsoft president brad smith says it is time for big tech to take responsibility. brian: here with more is microsoft president brad smith. brad, thanks so much for being here. congratulations on the book. >> thank you. brian: what do you mean take responsibility? where maybe have big tech shirked the responsibility? >> well, technology is changing the world in ways that are good but also challenging. we have to grapple with the problems as well as the opportunities. when we think about people being left behind in rural communities because they lack access to broad band or lack access to the skills of tomorrow or addressing privacy, we in the tech sector have to do more. that's the only way we are going to be able to work with people across the country to solve this problem. ainsley: how do you reach those people that aren't reaching you? >> i think it starts with going to people where they are. we have gone out to rural counties across this country. we have worked to collect more data about who has
4:27 am
broad band and who doesn't. we brought new wireless technologies to people. the story we share in the book is really something about the lives of people in these rural towns and what a difference broad band can make when it reaches them. it's like the electricity of the 21st century. as a country, we can learn from the past. we brought electricity to every corner of the country. we brought the telephone to every home in america. we need to do that with broad band as well. steve: what do you make of it sounds like some antitrust investigations are going on starting across the country with a number of states attorney generals and things looking into big tech, particularly, you know, google, you facebook, stuff like that. that's something microsoft has already been through. as you well know. but, a lot of people say, you know, a lot of these big tech companies just have so much power over how they can influence the people who use the tools. >> it's a good question. and, you know, we learn from this as a company.
4:28 am
at microsoft, going through these antitrust issues in the 1990s. it's one of the stories we shared. and what we fundamentally learned is that when you have that kind of role in the world. have you got to develop the ability to look in the mirror and see not what you want to see in yourself but understand what others see in you as well. brian: so we like voice technology hey, great. telling google to open up, you tell. this buff we don't want you listening to our conversations it turns out you are. we like the fact that you could maybe -- maybe we would be able to track our kids. we don't want you tracking our kids. so where are the ethics with these big companies? >> i think that it's one of the most important questions of our time. and i think you are right to frame it that way. and i think it fundamentally asks us to do two things. one, how do we instill ethical principles in the companies that are creating these technologies? how do we build that into everything we do. but it also goes to how we protect people's privacy
4:29 am
here and around the world. there's a lot for us to learn from how privacy has gone wrong in countries like nazi, germany or under communist germany. we share the story of seeing what it meant to the people who were imprisoned there. and then we talk about the people who are bringing privacy protection to the united states. people wants all the benefits that the internet has to offer. but they deserve the kind of protection, i think you described. steve: right. because people don't want to think that -- additionally, in addition to privacy concerns. they don't want to think that the big company they use has any sort of bias. they want to -- and you are talking about ethics. you want to think that when i use one of your products, bing is your search engine, it's not going to try to influence me in any way. >> i think that's right. i think that what we want as a community of people across this country is to get the best out of technology, but thought be diverted, threatened, or, you know, misused our selves. we don't want to become the
4:30 am
product. and instead, you know, we want to be the user. and i think specifically what that means is we need to protect against bias. we also need to protect against disinformation. we need to protect our election systems. we spend time in the book talking about what we should worry about for 2020. we need to protect our voting systems and make sure none of success subjected to bias whether it comes from a company or from a foreign -- brian: you talk about making a collision o coalition of the . at the top of these companies is not great values and ethics we are all screwed. so, please, talk to your compatriots. steve: i don't think microsoft is the problem. ainsley: definitely so many opportunities but lots of challenges with that hopefully we will figure that all out. only time will tell. this is his book. congratulations. called "tools and weapons." pick it up on zahn or any local bookstore.
4:31 am
>> please, go. buy his book on amazon. steve: yes, exactly. microsoft, he is the president of microsoft. >> thank you very much. ainsley: speaking of big tech, imagine driving down the road and seeing this the driver using auto pilot caught on camera asleep at the wheel. look at that. brian: this sour future. brad, help us with this ♪ ♪ would you let it ride ♪ biopharmaceutical researchers.
4:32 am
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ainsley: it is a very, very special newest nebraska of the fox family noelleaj hall and his wife nicole. brian: noel was born yesterday even. we need a second source. she is 20 inches long. ainsley: oh my gosh. they met here on "fox &
4:35 am
friends" and you might remember aj asked nicole to marry him in that bile board on in the middle of times square and that proposal went viral. steve: it did. remember this? there they were. they were walking through and she was there and families were there and it was amazing. congratulations. ainsley: i'm so happy for them. brian: aj. started and interned here. steve: that's right. brian: so technically we have to raise the baby along with him. steve: i think they are going to take over. ainsley: like in church when they get baptized everyone stands up and says we agree to raise him and her in christ. ainsley: we agree to help you a.j. brian is going to put your child through college. steve: it takes a village, a morning show. brian: see those bands on friday concert series. ainsley: aj. coordinates all of that congratulations we love you both. brian: after the birth it gets so easy. ainsley: after three months.
4:36 am
won't sleep for three months. brian: where does he get the instructions? steve: it's a lifelong process. it's an adventure. it starts now. jillian joins us with a recap of a rough weekend in maryland. ainsley: that' jillian: that's right. congrats a.j. we love him so much. many congrats. it was another violent weekend. seven people shot in the city. two of them killed. all of the victims in their 20's and 30's. baltimore has the highest homicide rate among major u.s. cities. this year alone, there have been at least 240 reported homicides. baltimore is on pace to have over 300 murders for a fifth straight year. watch this. terrified passengers running off a plane after an emergency landing. all 103 passengers and five crew members evacuating the cayman airways flight after pilots were alerted to smoke in the cargo hold. the pilots diverting the
4:37 am
plane to orlando. it was heading to new york from the cayman islands. passengers booked on a new flighted for today. it's unclear what caused smoke in the cargo hold. look at this. a driver appears to be sleeping behind the wheel and the man who shot this couldn't believe his eyes. >> i thought i saw somebody asleep at the wheel but i wasn't sure. so i did a double take and sure enough there was a guy with his between his legs completely passed out. i had never seen something so bizarre. i was like is that even possible? >> wow, a witness allegedly catching the sleeping driver in a tesla model x in boston. the car comes equipped with an auto pilot feature. but drivers are supposed to be awake. this just weeks after another tesla driver was caught sound asleep in the driver's seat in los angeles. that is a scary sight to see, brian. brian: absolutely. you know what's also scary what's happening in afghanistan. in a fox news alert president trump scrapping peace talks with the taliban that was supposed to happen
4:38 am
yesterday. annual attack killed an american soldier on thursday and 11 others is a peace deal off the table or just off for now? let's ask our military panel gop congressman and green beret served in afghanistan michael waltz is with us. lieutenant general richard newton is here and assistant vice chief of staff and former deputy commanding general of u.s. forces in afghanistan brigadier general anthony tata. let's start with you general tata, the president saying -- bringing all sides to camp david. are you okay with that. >> i'm fine with it, brian. i don't think the parents of the next soldier killed in afghanistan are going to care if the president tried to reach a peace deal in camp david or in oman or wherever. they just want their soldiers home. and it's time for us to get out of afghanistan. we have been there 18 years. we have accomplished the mission that we were sent over to there to accomplish and that is to deny sanctuary to terrorists to conduct attacks against the united states.
4:39 am
that was the original intent of the mission and i don't think it matters where that deal is reached or signed. and i think it's time to bring our troops home. brian: so the tariffs are going to leave when we leave? >> you know, brian, nobody gave, you know, two hoots when the president obama gave billions of dollars to iran, the number one state sponsor of terror and, you know, president trump has been very clear from the outset that he wants to find a solution to afghanistan and -- on the campaign trail he was clear about this. since he has been in office. this has been a focus of his. brian: okay. all right. >> finding a deal is the right thing. steve: good, congressman waltz? >> yeah. well, brian, i gave two hoots when obama gave billions of dollars to iran. i also gave two hoots when obama pulled us out of iraq too soon and then we got isis.
4:40 am
i think your question is right. the terrorists aren't going to leave just because we decided we have been there too long. i agree with the frustration. we have been there a long time. it's been costly. it's been difficult. but at the end of the day we have to keep our foot on the neck of these terrorist groups. if this government in afghanistan dissent greats because we strike a deal that is -- that makes the situation worse, then auto divide will reconstitute. isis already is reconstituting in afghanistan. they will strike the homeland again. it will be that much more expensive nut long run. so i applaud the president from walking away of what i thought would be a very bad deal. brian: general, no branch has been more taxed than the air force. you are a lieutenant general there talking to the taliban, not many people are upset by that but the way to get out would be the challenge. >> brian, again, i applaud the president and the administration for engaging in these peace talks up to this point. i also salute the president for backing off of what was
4:41 am
going to be the sunday talks. but you, again, we need to be able to first and foremost put our u.s. national security interests at front and center that is negotiating but negotiating a deal through strength. former secretary of state mattis said over the weekend that remember back in the cold war days we would go trust but verify secretary mattis said if we are going to embark on a deal with the taliban we verify and then trust. i think it's in the best interest of the united states. i do not believe, however, that we withdraw our combat forces, much like president obama did in iraq. and it's been reported at least to my sources we gold 14,000 or so supposedly down to 8500. again, we have to maintain our strength. it is a national security interest to us to continue the fight wherever the war on terror takes us. the president is on a right path to draw a framework that can go for a broader political solution all the
4:42 am
while maintaining combat capability in the region. brian: general there is concern got left at the altar and the taliban was prematurely celebrating the dethroning of another super power that they are going to up the violence. we that be your concern if you were on the ground? general tata? >> tony, go ahead and take that. >> sure, yeah. there is more than one general here. so, my concern is that we leave a stay behind force over the horizon force at bagram and can't harr. to me this is what a peace deal looks like a quick reaction force that can continue to deny sanctuary to terrorists. the taliban is not going to go anywhere. they have been there for decades. so we will have to continue to deal with this. but it's in our national interests to keep a presence in afghanistan because have you got pakistan, india on one side. you have iran on the other
4:43 am
side. it's good for us to be there. we just need to disengage from this civil war that -- it will happen. michael is exactly right. the taliban aren't going anywhere. but, we don't need our troops on the ground anymore there, other than to accomplish our own strategic interests. we are not there for nation-building. brian: thanks so much. congressman, we will have you back later in the week. appreciate it? >> thanks, brian. brian: breaking news rolling with it didn't know anything about. it was supposed to happen at camp david on sunday. back to capitol hill after six weeks off. what are democrats focused on? impeachment. congressman doug collins says it will go nowhere. he is walking this direction. ♪ ♪ out in the country. ♪ one horse towns ♪ that one?! no!
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♪ ♪ ains the democrats democrat-led house judiciary committee planning to vote on a resolution for impeachment proceedings against president trump. here to react is congressman doug collins, ranking member of the house judiciary committee. good morning to you, congressman. >> good morning. good to be here. ainsley: good to see you here. jerry nadler is pushing this and the vote could happen as early as wednesday. >> it is. i think, again, what we are finding out from chairman nadler is he is trying to pull a fast one on the american people again. they know they don't have the votes to go for a full impeachment inquiry which is what the house rules require. they are going to try to change our rules and really sad because what they are trying to look it more impeachment like. make it look like they promised their base because they have been out promising they would get this. the sat part about it is they want people to believe something that is not true. they want to continue to put a false narrative out there. really my concern is when does it cross the line of being a house judiciary committee and being part of the dnc campaign operation for next year.
4:48 am
ainsley: they know it's not going to happen. then why would they do this? just so when the election rolls around they can say we tried. he almost was impeached? is that the what the goal. >> really sad too. look at what they're doing. become a pitiful scene. they have actually filed court papers earlier this year about a month or so ago in the mcgahn case to get him to testify. they said that if they could handle grand jury information and all this kind of testimony it would come back and be secure. actually from what we are finding out in the resolution now going to address the policies for handling grand jury. in essence my opinion they owe the court an apology because they did not be truthful if anywhere filings. we pointed that out. ainsley: what do your constituents say so frustrating to the american people. we look at washington and see they are pushing impeachment and know things that can't get through. why not focus on the things that really matter to the american people. >> it frankly is a hatred of this president. they hate donald trump. since november 2016 they have do everything they can to portray him as a bad person that shouldn't be
4:49 am
elected. we have economy. they can be working on stuff like immigration. we can be working on intellectual property issues like we have with china. we could be working on the trade agreements with mexico and and. ainsley: exactly. >> instead we are chasing these rabbits to please a vocal minority of their base because they want to prove they are tough on this president. testified, i just wish the chairman would be the chairman and let's work together, find those ways. we understand we are going to disagree. quit going after the president. ainsley: election is around the corner. the people have a voice. we will see if it's working or not. >> i agree with you. good to be here. ainsley: good to see you. vaping epidemic surging nationwide. five deaths now being linked to lung damage and hundreds of other people are getting sick. dr. oz is here with the warning signs you need to look out for coming up next ♪ let it go ♪ ♪ congestion and pressure? go to the pharmacy counter for powerful... claritin-d. while the leading allergy spray is indicated for 6 symptoms...
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4:53 am
♪ steve: all right. there is a new warning about vaping as the number of case involving serious breathing issues now hitting 450 including as many as five deaths in the united states. here to weigh in is the host of the dr. oz show our friend dr. mehmet oz. good morning to you. >> big problem. steve: no kidding, getting worse. >> the cdc says they are recommending folks think about not vaping but a lot of others have gotten a lot more aggressive about it. go back and see why everyone is panicked about. this five deaths are problematic. found out in time to be saved. something happens in the lungs destroy the lungs. it's not the nicotine videotaping marijuana vaping not true. those pictures you are looking at there doesn't happen overnight. you videotape, the pneumonia, the fat something
4:54 am
in the inhaling could be vitamin e as at a time in somas is i at atime in some acee grease coats the inside of your lungs. once they are coated with grease. we don't know what's in vaping products come in from other countries pool. very many felt safer than cigarettes. i have got to say the stiff san francisco banned vaping. they don't let you buy videotaping products. brian: michigan no more flares. >> no more flavor videotapes. a lot of folks first recommendation i told my family this. don't videotape until we figure out what this is this is a really big problem. we can't save you even if we know what you have got. steve: just don't videotape. >> i do admit it's better than smoking a cigarette for therapeutic pursuances medical marijuana some people need it. i just can't give you recommendations. i dos for reasons we don't understand. ainsley: i know have you
4:55 am
emotional announce today too. >> i do. thanks for talking about this problem. my mom who i love dearly is 80 years old was just diagnosed with alzheimer's. and i have got a lot of guilt over the diagnosis because i'm a doctor who talks about it a lot in the show. and that beautiful come is starting to forget simple things like our fourth grand child was born this month and my mom had trouble placing that all. i wouldn't normally talk about this excepts 6 million people in america with alzheimer's. 16 million people taking care of them. it's becoming a massive problem in this nation where it's an issue of trust. trust is knowing what to do and then doing the right thing. let's do the right thing for their parents. haven't diagnosed the problem in a timely fashion we don't have chance. i can tell you if you hear my voice right now there is a one in four chance have you the gene i have predispose to you al hirms one of the most common conditions. big belly. small brain. leads directl directly to cognie function. lose weight. cholesterol issues are not just problems for your heart. they are problems for your brain and problems in ways
4:56 am
you don't know. every woman pregnant right now ought to start preventative work for her child. the earlier you intervene on the child less of a chance have a problem older age. when we have a population where some of us are already at risk and some many want nice long lives we don't want a nation of alzheimer's patients. brian: real quick, what's the progress on horizon in this disease? >> we are making some progress with new drugs. that's not where the solution is going to be. the solution is going to be preventing the problem. if you die with alzheimer's from a car accident when you are 97 who cares. that's how we will win the battle delaying onset that most of us can live long lines. we don't want 60, 70, 80-year-olds walking around with alzheimer's. steve: i'm sure you will this season. bernie sanders, talk about healthcare. this will be a great show. tune in to the dr. oz show everywhere. ainsley: sorry about your mom. god bless you. steve: congressman jim jordan joining us. also patriots tight end benjamin watson and michelle
4:57 am
malkin all live here in the next hour of "fox & friends" ♪ ♪ like it like that ♪ like that ♪ . . ♪
4:58 am
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♪ brian: john rich's place in nashville and his friends. ainsley: i remember when he was really young. he in nashville in a bar now? brian: is a grownup. steve: graduated from college. brian: they were hanging out. all the floors were packed. it was fantastic. >>most popular kid in his gripe. i know you're friends with john rich. can you get us in the bar. brian: john rich, he bought them
5:01 am
a round. he actually wasn't there because, he does have pictures of himself. that is the good thing about owning your place. you have life-sized pictures of yourself. broadway, across the street is luke bryan. ainsley: on broadway, all the celebrities, all famous singers have their own bar. steve: kid rock's place is across the street. we did a live show from there. i don't know if you remember. brian: yeah. steve: washington, d.c. getting back to action today. they're back from recess. a busy day. we'll talk to all sorts of experts at this hour. ainsley: congress is back in session. jim jordan with a rally in north carolina. this is a fox news alert. the taliban issuing new threats of bloodshed after the trump administration officially calls off peace talks. steve: it comes after president trump canceled friday night a secret meeting that was supposed to happen with members of the taliban at camp david. supposed to happen.
5:02 am
it did not. brian: kevin corke from washington with the reaction from lawmakers. reporter: the message to taliban leaders, it is fairly simple, end the violence. failing that, no talks, no progress, absolutely no peace. president talked about it on twitter. he can wrap this up fairly succinctly. he said something fairly important in a tweet over the weekend what kind of people will kill so many in order to seemingly strengthen their bargaining position. if that doesn't says it all. the taliban wanted that is to have the meetings. that all could have happened over at camp david but continued violence, guys, the worse, the threat of violence by the taliban, that killed any chance of having that meeting. former defense secretary jim mattis for his part thinks the president made the right call. >> this case, with this group you want to verify, then trust. we've asked them, demanded that they break with al qaeda since the bush administration.
5:03 am
they have refused to do so. so i think secretary pompeo saying go back to first principles is exactly the right thing to do. reporter: "mad dog" mattis over the weekend. meanwhile the taliban continues to warn of more attack on america and american assets. let me share part of a statement from the taliban. this will lead to more losses to the u.s. is credibility will be affected. it as anti-peace stance will be exposed and losses to lives and assets will be increased. american lawmakers on capitol hill, completely, a great many back the president's decision. among them adam kinzinger. adam from illinois. never should leaders after terrorist organization, that hasn't renounced 9/11 and continues in evil be allowed in our great country, never, in all caps, full stop. medal of honor event at the
5:04 am
white house. a big rally in the tarheel state of north carolina. looking forward to that back to you. steve: kevin corke. that's right, the president is going down to north carolina. there is big congressional election for a seat. ainsley: vice president is taking this seriously. brian: where do you go from here. nobody wants to dominate afghanistan. we don't want to control afghanistan. we want to stop the next terror attack. basically as the president said couple weeks ago, the harvard of terror. we had a military panel on earlier talk about where we go from hire. the president didn't say we're done, we're done for now. watch. >> we need to be able to first and foremost put our u.s. national security interests at front and center. that is negotiating but negotiating a deal through strength. >> the terrorists aren't going to leave because we decided we've been there too long. if this government in afghanistan disintegrates because we strike a deal that
5:05 am
makes the situation worse, then al qaeda will reconstitute, isis already is reconstituting. >> the taliban will not go anywhere. they have been there for decades. we'll have to continue to deal with this. it is in our national interests to keep a presence in afghanistan. brian: taliban is not popular with afghanistan people. 80% reject them. in their statement in july with respect to women, the group says they are not giving any rights and privileges about western culture, no more 24 hour music, no more songs, no more obscene dramas and movies. if you had a generation of schooling of women and a chance at a degree of freedom, do you want to give that all away for those principles. ainsley: the president of afghanistan talked to our president. they have a commitment to each other we will not pull out all troops and leave you high and dry. how do you sit down with the taliban to talk them into your
5:06 am
way of life or see your side. brian: we don't. >> it is impossible. steve: you're negotiating with terrorists. >> the president wants to -- brian: we don't want to the taliban to agree with us on anything. we want them to renounce terror, be part of the afghanistan political process. not blow up people not wearing -- ainsley: i agree with sitting down with leader of north korea and leader of iran. when you sit down with a group does what they do, chopping people's heads off because they believe god wants them to do that, hard to change their ideology or religion or faith. if someone told me you don't believe in jesus. you can't change me. brian: we're not looking to get them off their faith. that was al qaeda doing beheading. denounce al qaeda and isis which is taken root there again. ainsley: is that possible? brian: they have to do it, they have to give more than lip service for it. if you listen to general mattis and in his book no way he believes they will do that.
5:07 am
steve: will the president call them to invite them back? stay tuned. an hour ago we had a great guest, daniel linsky, the superintendent of the police commission in boston and he has written a op-ed, our safety threadens because too few people want to be cops. here is how to solve the problem. he was talking about how, we all know with the cell phones, things like that, he said that a, cops have been so afraid to do their job. they have been demonized by media for a variety of things. he says it is hard these days to get millenials actually be interested in joining the force because they want a job that they take for a couple years. they don't want to work 30 years until they get a pension. the paradigm has changed when it comes to police. ainsley: when we were at the convention in philadelphia i remember a cop telling me takes the uniform off leaving the office. he doesn't want anyone to see him and target them. people throwing milk at officers and water at officers and
5:08 am
buckets at officer. i took heart on friday, had our panel downstairs, look at that video, so hard to watch. they were first-responders. they said it had not happened to them. they didn't know anyone it happened to. even though i ace problem, even though it's a problem i'm praying to god it is not as big of a problem as we might think. when you see the videos. steve: here he is, how troublesome it is they cannot recruit new people to join the force. >> police officers are demonized before anyone has a chance to see the facts. you see a youtube video which shows four minutes of encounter. doesn't show eight minutes beforehand. everyone is criticizing them from community residents to political leadership. who wants to go around all day with iphone in your face, telling you do things right, not doing things right. our safety and security is best when community police our neighborhoods, get out of the police cars, engage with the community, deal with problem
5:09 am
solving. if we take cops out of the street, we don't have numbers to fill those opportunities they are running from call to call, dealing with crisis after they started. brian: that is totally true. the thing is, it is security and there is supposed to be a reward for working to keep the our streets safe. i think that comes from political leaders. i think that would be the best thing to happen. ainsley: de blasio had stood up this is uncalled for, we're going to arrest you. brian: exactly. steve: if you were watching mark levin's program over the weekend, you saw dr. robert epstein, a research school gift at the american institute for behavioral research. he did a study where he was able to monitor the search engine results for 95 people across 24 states. he looked at google, bing and yahoo! google as it turns out had a particular political bias, trying to influence people toward voting for hillary clinton. he said bing and yahoo! did not. he calculated that the shift
5:10 am
resulted in between 2.6 million and 10 million votes for hillary clinton. huge. brian: here is how he went through it. >> if google search results, for any reason are biased to favor one candidate or one party, it can shift millions of votes. doesn't matter an employee or an executive at google did this deliberately, the algorithm alone a computer program could be doing this. and it will still affect the outcome of elections. we found a very dramatic pro-hillary clinton bias on google but not the other search engines. and in all 10 search positions on the first page of search results, that is quite dramatic. ainsley: that might make people change their search engines. he searched all the others there was no bias. we had brad smith on, president of microsoft, his search engine
5:11 am
is bing that man did not find bias. this is what brad smith had to say. >> we need to protect our voting systems and we need to make sure that none of us is subjected to bias. what we want as a community of people across this country is to get the best out of technology but not be diverted, threatened or misused ourselves. we don't want to many about the product and instead, we want to be the user. and i think specifically what that means is we need to protect against bias. we also need to protect against disinformation. we need to protect our election systems. steve: he is right about all that stuff. when you use a search engine you figure the result is going to be fair and balanced. no bias. according to dr. epstein apparently not. brian: there is a bipartisan, bipartisan push this congressional session to have these heads of these agencies, of these companies front and
5:12 am
center this fall. ainsley: that is such a big story. so many of you -- steve: 10 million votes. 10 million votes. that particular researcher actually supported hillary clinton and reported that. brian: yeah. meanwhile my vote to toss to jillian. are you guys with me? ainsley: i'll vote. brian: unanimous. steve: i nodded. jillian: let's start off with a fox news alert. an urgent rescue mission to rescue 24 crewmembers in a car go ship. it flipped over the coast of georgia. they rescueded some but can't get to the others. it was carrying cars to baltimore. we'll keep you updated. breaking right now, 44 people now confirmed dead in the bahamas after hurricane dorian battered the islands one week ago. that number will likely rise. dozen of rescue and recovery
5:13 am
crews are heading there. the u.n. confirms more than 70,000 people need shelter. alex trebek's is back, "jeopardy"'s 36th season premiers today. after the iconic host shared an update on his battle against stage four pancreatic cancer. >> i've bonn through a lot of chemotherapy. thankfully that is now over. i'm on the mend and that is all i can hope for right now. jillian: this season will feature the show's 8,000th episode and tournament of champions. it includes the return of james holzhauer who took the game by storm with his 32 game win streak. steve: incredible after the year he has had. thanks, jillian. congress is back to work after a six week recess. what is on the agenda? brian: congressman jim jordan weighs in.
5:14 am
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♪ steve: u.s. congress back from summer recess. top agenda item for democrats, impeachment. here to weigh in republican
5:18 am
congressman jim jordan from the house judiciary committee, joins us from our nation's capitol. good morning to you. >> good to be with you,. steve: steve what has jerry nadler got on his agenda? >> who knows. we haven't seen the resolution but they say they will vote on something this week. look, the michael cohen hearing didn't work out the way they wanted. the john dean hearing didn't work out the way they wanted and of course the bob mueller hearing and that investigation didn't work out the way they wanted that doesn't stop them. they will continue to push this ridiculous impeachment narrative, at cost, one of the first things you learn in college economics class 101 opportunity cost. when they focus on warrantless impeachment inquiry you don't get thing done we need to be doing like fixing the border situation. fixing intellectual property theft of china. things we're supposed to deal with on the judiciary committee. frankly, steve, why don't we have michael horowitz in for a hearing? he issued a scathing report about jim comey, the fbi
5:19 am
director. nothing is scheduled to bring in mr. horowitz to answer our questions. steve: what you're say is the democrats are intent, trying to formalize some impeachment investigation, the republicans on the judiciary committee will be doing the people's business, is that what you're saying? >> we would love to. we don't get to schedule the hearings. you're exactly right. when you're solely focused on going after the president you can't do what is best for the country. that is the problem with the democrats. this horowitz thing, jim comey did, he is the guy solely responsible for putting the country through three years of this saga we have lived through. jim comey started the trump russia investigation, jim comey is the guy who put peter strzok, this guy with a bias against the president, the guy who ran the clinton investigation, put him in charge. jim comey is responsible for the dozen yay being used to get a warrant to spy on fellow american citizen. jim comey is the guy who leaked the information to "the new york times" through his
5:20 am
friend to get a special counsel in the first place. he created this whole darn mess. we're not bringing him after a scathing report from michael horowitz? we'll not bring in inspector general to answer questions? they're focused on impeachment they're missing important things we should be addressing. steve: maybe once all the reports are out maybe then mr. horowitz will stop by. jim, a lot of people want to know what happened exactly? there are so many stories floating around, we need some finality to it. >> you know what people want to know? they want to know when someone is going to jail. that is the question i'm, people going through a airport walk up to me when is someone going to jail for wrongdoing that took place duke the trump investigation or the clinton investigation? that question i get all the time. you can't get to the bottom of that without getting all the information out there. what better opportunity then to bring the inspector general to answer questions. steve: jim jordan, thank you
5:21 am
from the great state of ohio. >> thank you. steve: the biggest story in football, antonio brown is on the patriots. will ben watson give up his number 84 for him? we'll talk to him next. saturdays happen.
5:22 am
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>> back now with quick international headlines with a fox news alert. british prime minister boris johnson suspending parliament amid a heated debate over brexit. all business will be halted for five weeks. the move comes after a bill was passed to require johnson to have an extension if a deal is not reached to leave the eu by the end of october. a green slime is taking over beaches in france that could kill sunbathers in seconds. six beaches are shut down.
5:25 am
scientists say it is caused bit over fertileization in nearby fields. they could sufficient irunconsciousness or cardiac arrest. ainsley. ainsley: antonio brown is leaving the oakland raiders to join the new england patriots. steve: he doesn't have a new number. he has worn 84 for his entire career. currently that number belongs to veteran tight end, our next guest, number 84, ben watson. brian: will he give it up? we'll ask him. good thing we can ask him, we don't have to call him. he is here. author of, under our skin. ben watson new england patriots. >> already teammates. already teammates. brian: he is officially signed and officially in. >> the deal is officially in. he couldn't be in the office. he is probably in the office today. ainsley: what do you think about what he did? he went on social media, saying he was fined, not able to play, then he, i'm free.
5:26 am
>> there was a lot of theater. definitely a lot of theater. i met antonio before. don't know him very well. he is obviously once in a generation type talent. somebody that will add tremendously to the team. also someone who is very colorful and does a lot of different things, definitely. brian: a lot of theater. bill belichick, will he like that? >> obviously we signed him. steve: can he continue with the social media stuff. >> coach says he will do what is best for the team. he does what is best for the team. the organization felt like on tone yo could help us. he is a player that can help anybody. brian: will you give up your number if asked? >> i've been asked that a lot. the reason why i took 84. i've been an 82 when i left new england. 82, the number i was drafted. when i was with the patriots before. the number i finish the circle in. that being said, mr. kraft, the owner owns all the numbers. i was told very early on in my career by a very wise veteran
5:27 am
we're all renting those lockers. so it is not my decision basically about the number. i don't own the number. we'll see what happens with the number. brian: you would give it to him? >> it is not my request. i would love to keep the number. that is my point. i love to keep the number. i don't own anything in the building. >> i like your attitude. >> you have to have that type of an attitude, you have to, once everyone on the team is gone there will be more people that play there. ainsley: how does that work? why can't they find a number no one is using? steve: you can't go into triple digits. >> of course not. brian: what if antonio tries to tape one of bill belichick locker room talks, private conversations he has done with two separate coaches what would bill belichick do? >> i don't think he will do that i will just leave it at that. when you come into the building, look, we have a tremendous tradition in new england. there is obviously a certain patriot way people talk about. you see guys come in.
5:28 am
they give up lot of things for the betterment of the team. there is a cult you are there i think lends to guys bending in, doing what is best, as you can see, this organization has the proof. steve: one of your other teammates drew brees in the news. >> participated in bring your bible to school day, encouraged kids to do that. got a lot of criticism for that. what is your reaction. >> my reaction the article was misleading and mischaracterization and of drew. it was slander rouse. it was stop lying with those sorts of labels, talk about bring your bibles, this is religious liberty right, a right we enjoy, encouraging kids to do that is something possible. ainsley: how did they lie? what did they say? >> labeling focus on the family as anti-gay, anti-non-discrime names. it's a shame in this country right now where if you adhere to certain biblical beliefs we have a right to choose what religion
5:29 am
we adhere to, you're labeled as anti. what focus on the family upholds marriage. family is basic building block of society. they are labeled anti by other people. that there is an agenda there. that upset me. steve: people that missed drew brees's reaction, here it is. >> i would like to set the record straight. i live by two very simple christian fundamentals, that is love the lord with all your heart, mine and soul and lob your neighbor and yourself. the fact these rumors have been spread about me are completely untrue. what i did was i film ad video recently that was encouraging kids to bring their bibles to school for national bring your bible to school day. brian: what will resonate, ben, his response, or the attack? what will last? >> i think what will last is that children have been encouraged by drew brees, one of their heroes to bring bibles to school, not only bring bibles to school but not only tell people about their faith. this back and forth will not end
5:30 am
anytime soon. incumbent people who are attacked people in the religious community, we're being attacked as anti, maybe we need to love more, express our beliefs in a way not condemning more. we need to reach out to prove these things are not true. steve: working on a new pro-life documentary? >> pro-life documentary. working our way through the fall. we've seen legislation and my journey kind of understanding where the sides are coming from. we're compiling a great compilation of different voices from the sphere of law, education, politics, history, goes on, giving a robust view of what, where we are right now and what may happen if we don't deal with this. ainsley: what is your advice to an 18-year-old who gets pregnant, wants a future to go to college, wants to have that experience what do you say to them. >> those are tough situations. life is always important. there is dignity and sayingty in
5:31 am
every life. our goal to encourage young women, young men to stand in the gap, stand for life. also to challenge those who are on this pro-life, pro-choice side meet somewhere with empathy and understanding, stop, condemning each side so much vitriol going back and forth there is a wide gap. before the fall will release next year. kind of my journey about abortion in america. it is tough topic to deal with. one i believe we have to. we're at a tipping point in this country. brian: on another note as favor, ask you get back to the locker room, could you ask the patriots let somebody else win this year. >> no way. maybe next year. we'll see. brian: thank you very much. good luck to you. next on our show, an inside look at the border you will not see anywhere else. ainsley: michelle malkin investigates coming up next. ♪
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♪ steve: fox flag on avenue of the americas. ainsley: isn't that beautiful? brian: i should mention earlier that, my son not only went to john rich's complaint he went to the -- who wrote that song. which is great. steve: meanwhile look who is joining us, she has come out -- >> descended from the mountaintop, yeah. steve: michelle malkin, author of open borders, inc., who is
5:36 am
funding america's destruction. good book. glad to have you. >> grad to be back. brian: finding out what is going on the border, we're saying poverty in the triangle countries. you think there is something else? >> there are global financiers that are spread not just here in america, everywhere from the united nations to the vatican. steve: who are they? >> i name all of them in the book. what fueled me over the last year to put together nearly 500 pages with 1600 footnotes and multiple appendices is, everyone asks who is it, where is it coming from? and the first half of the book talks about all of the foreign enemies that are colluding to undermine american sovereignty. of course all the domestic forces within the united states who are sabotaging our will when it comes to enforcing strictly immigration law. all of these forces are the same forces that are aligned in the anti-trump resistance and boy,
5:37 am
is our president up against a lot because, as i have always exposed and all of my work dating back to "invasion" from 2002 it is both idealogical parts of the spectrum. it would be one thing if it was easy to say -- steve: what do you mean both? >> one thing easy to say if it was george soros. there is entire chapter, about him supporting illegal alien lawyers lobby. you hear about all the people come out of the woodwork to support illegal alien rights. brian: who is paying them. >> not just soros, the problem is, some cases these are tax-exempt, non-profit charities. everybody is talking about maryland, right? i am a refugee from montgomery county, maryland. montgomery county, baltimore county for years are infested by soros-funded groups. they are tax-exempt groups we fund. it is so key people that
5:38 am
understand the billions of dollars that are being funneled of hard-earned tax paying american citizens, money, to fund these illegal alien groups that turn around and sue us because they're not getting tax subsidized abortions or -- ainsley: sad if you look at statistics who are arrested. recently in baltimore county, seven people arrested. allegedly part of a gang. six of the seven here illegally from el salvador, one was from mexico. >> right. ainsley: they were arrested for attacking someone, killing a someone with a knife, several knives from a rival gang. this is who in our country the president wants to stop. not mom and dad trying to have a better life for their kid. in my opinion, let's do it the right way. these are the people he is trying to avoid coming into the country. >> we need to shut off all the magnets. we need to start targeting groups undermining the laws in places likes montgomery county
5:39 am
and baltimore county. casade maryland in 2017 received 400,000 from george soros's open society institute. which is a tax-exempt, quote, unquote charity. when you have, are basically human smugglers and human traffickers that pose as charities. they go around and undermine the support for the american and women who put their lives on the line to enforce the law. where do you think this abolish i.c.e. movement comes from? it is funded by all of these left-wing groups for the last 30 to 40 years have been lobbying for illegal alien amnesty. why? because they believe it is going to result, many of them say, explicitly now, democratic presidential candidates who understand what their goal is not just to undermine the borders and block president trump but to secure a permanent ruling majority. steve: michelle, if they get a tax benefit, because they have been able to justify look, we're
5:40 am
a charity because of this? >> i would like for congress to start investigating many of these groups. what you have in europe is understanding particularly in italy of these non-governmental organizations which collude with human schmuck letters. they make billions of dollars in profit. i think in particular, there should be criminal prosecutions for groups like the one in a record can, colorado, laid siege to the i.c.e. detention facility there. you saw it in july. the pictures and videos were all over fox news. they yanked the american flag down. they raised the mexican flag. they put a defaced "blue lives matter" flag. that is criminal trespassing, there hasn't been a single prosecution. steve: a group was a charity? >> yes. all of these groups, they lay there in wait for, for events like this. you know what i did on labor day? i had a stand with i.c.e. rally. 200 patriots from colorado came out on their day off to do
5:41 am
something nobody else had done which is to show public support for men and women. they're being docked. there are professors in universities, sponsor companies like microsoft, i even asked microsoft employees in the book, do you support the doxxing of federal employees? one of these microsoft professors done that here in new york city. they didn't even bother to come up with an answer. well, we can get back to you on that. we have to hold the companies accountable for left-wing groups. brian: president is getting on top of that. 55,000, which is still ridiculous, apprehensions. we don't know who we missed as opposed to 144,000. the president said heck with congress. i will do everything on my own. >> he had to unilaterally. he has plenary powers to do so so he should do so. another thing very important, not just the southern border. it is comprehensive. what we had last friday was hysteria from the "new york times," bashing our president because he is
5:42 am
rethinking the entire refugee resettlement racket. this is part of the u.n. agenda. under obama, those numbers exploded to close to 100,000 people that we were bringing in with very little vetting. today i'm breaking a story on 60 refugee jihadis we let in came here to stab, plot and bomb americans under the guise of compassion. only somebody like president trump had the courage to say, you know what? we need to freeze that. that is the proposal on the table this week. again, who is paying for this? guess what? you and me. steve: read all about it. book comes out tomorrow. you can preorder it today. open borders inc. thank you, michelle malkin. ainsley: congratulations, michelle. teaching moment going viral. a man asking a cop to pull over his teenage son. why? dad and son are here to talk about the lesson coming up.
5:43 am
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♪ jillian: welcome back. a times square elmo character busted for allegedly groping a 14-year-old girl. he inappropriately touched girl while she posed for a photo with him and her parents. the 54-year-old denied the act. and was released until the next court date. wilson high school in alabama are taking doors off boys bathroom stalls. students were sneaking off to vape. one boy even passed out. some parents call the move excessive. this comes as the cdc investigates at least 450 cases of vaping related illnesses
5:47 am
nationwide and at least five deaths. steve? steve: jillian, thank you. fox news alert. an urgent rescue effort underway to save four crewmembers trapped for 24 hours inside of that tipped over cargo ship. brian: the coast guard is saving 20 other crewmembers by helicopter but they can't get inside to save the others. >>ed to pyro joins us from the studio with the latest on the stranded men. reporter: rescue teams near st. simpsons island, georgia, hope to get inside of the ship after conditions yesterday proved too dangerous. they rescued the crewmembers off the golden way, considering of the south koreans and filipinos. the cause of the accident was under investigation. the representative from the hyundai which runs shipping for hyundai motors, there was internal fire which could not be controlled which led the boat to capsize. the port of brunswick, closed. this port one of busiest car
5:48 am
terminals for importing and exporting vehicles, moving more than 600,000 cars and heavy machinery this past year. the 660-foot long ship capsized had 442 cars on board was on the way to baltimore. no official estimate of the financial loss has been released. if the 4200 cars are destroyed the loss could range from 65 million to more than $125 million, based upon average prices of various hyundai models. that doesn't include lost revenue at the port while rescue efforts are underway. that is all secondary as the fight to save the four trapped crewmembers continues. steve, ainsley, brian. steve: desperate situation there, st. simons sound in georgia. ainsley: thank you, todd. a teachable moment has gone viral. a father asking an officer to pull over his teenaged son. that father and his son are here live to talk about the lesson coming up next. brian: i would personally like to check in with bill hemmer to find out what he planned this
5:49 am
monday. >> big week, guys, really big week. breaking overnight, more on the massive rescue operation you mentioned off the coast of georgia. updates on that. congress is back. house republican leader kevin mccarthy back on the priorities. trump rally in north carolina. critical race tomorrow. we'll tell you about that. the bahamas reveal even more destruction by the day, stunning. join us in moments, kicking off a brand new week in ten minutes. ♪ no matter when you retire, your income doesn't have to. see how lincoln can help ensure you still have income every month of your retirement, guaranteed, at
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♪ ainsley: talk about a teachable moment, a new jersey dad going viral after asking a local police officer to pull over his son. steve: wait the dad asked him to pull over the son? that's right, the father was teaching his 16-year-old how to drive in an empty parking lot,
5:53 am
when his son spot ad cop car and got a little nervous. that is when dad decided to teach his son a valuable lesson. ainsley: here with more the new jersey dad, former police officer himself, scott harrell and his son jason. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having us out. ainsley: dad, explained what happened. >> i took my son out. he turned 16. he was excited. i decided to give him a surprise. i took him out to a local parking lot. i said hey, time for you to get behind the wheel. he was excited a little nervous but did very well. started driving some laps. after third or fourth lap he noticed, i noticed him get a little nervous. i said, what's wrong? dad, look there is police officer just pulled into the lot. steve: jason, what did you think was going to happen? you do not have a license? you do not have a permit. you were just in a car with your dad driving illegally? >> yeah. when i saw the cop, i'm like, oh, no, i'm going to get in
5:54 am
trouble. this is bad. i don't want to us get in trouble. i'm a trainee learning how to drive. steve: what did you do? >> i told my father, dad, there's a cop. he is like, well, calm down, son, calm down, son. do your laps. i continued. and then long story short he asked me to pull over in front of the cop. he told me to stay. then he went out and started talking. steve: you got out of the car, talked to the officer? >> i introduced myself to the officer. my son didn't hear the covers. i'm sure he thought making sure everything is okay. after i introduced myself i asked the officer, if you're not too busy, would you mind doing me a favor? what? would you mind pulling over my son. he looked at me like i had three heads for a moment. he said, what? it would be a great teachable moment. when my son saw you he is a little nervous. what we do in our household, when you're afraid of something we confront it. i didn't want my son because he
5:55 am
saw a police officer to be nervous, to be scared. you know they're there to help. they're there to do their job. there is no reason for to us put up a level of fear just on sight. steve: right. >> i would rather take him through the experience when i'm there with him as opposed to have aing terrifying moment when he is pulled over for the first time which i know is how i felt. steve: sure. ainsley: what is your message to the people that are watching, are nervous when they get around police officers or watch the video of people throwing milk and water and water bucket, what is your message to the folks that are watching that might say that, that's justified? they're in a neighborhood, they feel like there are some bad apples out there? >> one of reasons why i put this post out there, i'm thankful it went viral is because, there is more good news that should spread than bad. i mean, yes, we do see it out there that all these bad interactions between officers and young people like my son but everybody's a human being.
5:56 am
steve: sure. this was a good reaction. jason, real quickly what did the police officer say to you? >> when he pulled me over, of course i'm panicking and he said, hello, sir, can i have your license and registration? i'm, dad, i don't have a license and registration? we're in trouble. and, and you know told me, your license is covered and stuff. it turned out from being almost bad point to a good point. and it was -- >> learned how to respect police officers. your dad did as well. >> the officer was a wonderful man. i hope i get to see him again. that was it. steve: jason, scott, thank you very much for sharing your teaching moment. >> thank you. >> scott, thank you for your service. sa thank you. >> more "fox & friends" moments away.
5:57 am
all day strong.
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5:59 am
>> that will wrap it up from
6:00 am
new york city. go to fox nation for the "after the show show". you'll have a choice, fox nation for radio or for you guys. >> bill: all right. good morning, everybody. the taliban threatening more violence after president trump cancels peace talks over the weekend. where does it leave his effort to end america's longest war? we have a packed three hours for you and welcome. i'm bill hemmer live in new york city. >> heather: i'm heather childress in for sandra smith. the white house called off the planned secret meeting with the taliban after a suicide bombing killed an american solder and at least 10 other people. this happened in kabul last week. as democrats and even some republicans slammed the decision to invite taliban leaders to camp david for talks just days before september 11th. >> bill: the secretary of state mike pompeo on "fox news sunday".


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