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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 18, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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thank you so much for joining us. "fox and friends first" continues now. goodbye. >> are you the hitman, the bagman, the lookout for all of the above? >> i think i am the good-looking man. i am happy with what i have written but you're welcome to read it if you like. heather: wednesday, september 18th, a fiery 5 hours on democrats kickoff their impeachment investigation. putting on a show republicans say stay tuned for the fisa findings. donald trump is riding a record waiver cash across california in day 2 of his fundraising blitz. rob: all that glitters did not gold in the golden state. tebo. heather: you can help the former nfl player for their special
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day, "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ we didn't start the fire ♪ it was always burning since the world's been turning ♪ we didn't start the fire ♪ we didn't light it but we are trying to fight it ♪ carley: look at that, still dark in the big apple because it is 5:00 in the morning. you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. rob: we didn't start the fire. carley: billy joel's birthday yesterday. happy birthday. rob: thanks for starting the day with us. fireworks lie on capitol hill as the democrat impeachment investigation into donald trump
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hits the left against corey lewandowski. carley: before my campaign manager going toe to toe in a testy hearing. griff jenkins live as lawmakers are calling on corey lewandowski to be held in contempt of congress. he was in rare form yesterday. >> reporter: no shortage of exciting moments, the first witness was uncooperative. refusing to ben's to democrats will at times citing executive privilege, resulting in holding corey lewandowski in contempt. >> there is a far more troubling level of contempt and that is donald trump's role in your refusal to answer questions. >> reporter: democrats hammered him over the mueller report and obstruction of justice. >> you follow their instructions and doing what they thought you would do. you are a loyal soldier. >> you should be here to be telling the truth.
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the truth will set you free. >> the fake russia collusion narrative is the greatest crime committed against the american people in our generation if not ever. >> reporter: republicans defended him calling a show and calling out chairman nadler for not bringing michael horowitz before the committee on his report regarding fisa abuses. >> i asked the chairman when we might have an opportunity to question mister horowitz. he said i don't know. i haven't thought about that. of course you haven't thought about that. you are too busy trying to impeach the president. >> reporter: the president was watching, beautiful opening statement by corey lewandowski, one of three witnesses subpoenaed. former white house deputy chief of staff rick dearborn did not appear at the direction of the white house. unclear whether there will be additional hearings but if they do, it will be as exciting as this one.
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rob: a draft of the ig report was turned over to the doj last week, which is why house republicans are enraged michael horwitz is missing from the witness list. carley: lindsey graham says his findings could be instrumental in restoring rule of law. >> here's what i want you to know. every american should be concerned that the department of justice and fbi knew the source of the document had a bias and they did nothing to ensure the document was reliable if not reliable to this day and if the court doesn't clear this up and take corrective action, why do you expect people in the future to be deterred. if the courts doesn't hold those who live to the court accountable, we missed a great opportunity to restore the rule of law. kim jong un million document reviewed and the hundred witnesses interviewed, no word
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what the republic will see michael horwitz's report. carley: new york times reporter to reveal a new misconduct claim against brett kavanaugh. speaking out, the women grilled on the view over why they left out key details from their book in the controversial piece. >> during the editing process there was oversight and key detail about the fact the woman herself told friends she doesn't remember it and has not wanted to talk about it, got cut, they took out the whole thing. >> removing her name to protect her, make sure they were defending people to their door. we took out the fact that she didn't remember it. >> senator kamala harris is pressuring chairman jerry nadler to create a task force aimed at looking into impeaching brett kavanaugh. rob: iranian leaders warning the us against any attacks following
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recent strikes on two major saudi oil facilities. iran denies any involvement, won't be limited to its source. this as mike pompeo heads to saudi arabia for a full assessment of strikes. the us team is on the ground gathering forensic evidence. the president butting heads with lindsey graham, the senator criticizing the president for his approach to iran tweeting it is a sign of weakness, the president firing back it was a sign of strength, some people just don't understand. carley: a major democratic donor arrested overnight charged with running a drug den in a hollywood home. accused of injecting a man with so much myth he overdosed and almost died. the victim calling 911 after they refused to help him, after two other men died from mass overdoses at buck's home on separate occasions, charges were
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never filed. the latest death in 2018 sparking protesters calling for buck's arrest. he will be arraigned today. but has committed thousands of dollars to democratic candidates including hillary clinton. a man with a criminal record charged with murder in the death of an alabama police officer. police say luther bernard watkins junior shot be officer in the face as he tried to serve an arrest warrant. >> a very very sad and alarming situation, something we see every single day. carley: you leave behind two.a fiancé. the 30th officer killed in the line of duty this year. rob: and snowden being sued over his new book, the lawsuit claiming the former contractor violated nondisclosure agreements by not having the nsa and cia review the memoir.
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snowden fearing it would not be examined in good faith. the lawsuit wants the federal government to take any of the profits made by snowden. carley: tropical depression im d imelda making landfall in freeport, texas. rob: the houston area bracing for what could be life-threatening flash flooding, dumping more than 4 inches of rain in some areas. carley: strong winds coming ashore battering allison and kicking up fierce waves in the gulf, this is one of 3 major storms brewing in the atlantic. rob: janice dean is live tracking it all, kind of busy in the tropics. >> absolutely. it became a tropical storm and the depression, doesn't matter if it has been named or what is it is going to bring a ton of rain to an area that doesn't
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need to see anymore rain coming in and around the houston area this area of low pressure is a depression now. it is not moving very quickly. it will bring in some cases two feet of rain in these honorable areas. flood advisories are up, watches and morning, in the bay city area. look at one of the computer models, over 18 inches of rain for these areas that were flooded with harvey. a lot of people on edge. we hope the storm moves a little more northward but the bottom line is it will dump a lot of rain in a short time. this is hurricane humberto, category 3 major hurricane, we have hurricane watches and warnings, even though this will move west of bermuda it is a large storm so they will feel impact. then we have this tropical depression that will probably become a tropical storm. as you can see, moving close to
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the bahamas, the southeast coast. most reliable computer models have it moving out to see but we have to watch this because we are days away. a lot to talk about in the tropics. you never know what they are going to do. intensity forecasting is one of the hardest things in meteorology. even tropical storm imelda was the depression and the storm and made landfall yesterday. >> donald trump continuing his fundraising push in california expected to attend a private fundraiser in la today before heading to san diego to visit the southern border. it comes as the rnc will have a record-setting august raising $24 million with $54 million total cash on hand. that is a big number.
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is replaced by daniel jones, sixth overall this year. manning could be traded to another team. 11 minutes after the hour. a number of 2020 candidates backing impeachment push against brett kavanaugh despite the latest bombshell piece leaving out key details. >> i knew there were credible allegations that should have been investigated that were not. >> liz harrington says it is a glimpse of what the future could be like with a democrat in the white house. he will explain next.
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passenger light on. it even fights...fighting. innovation that keeps people together. the 2020 glc. lease the glc 300 suv for just $479 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. >> deeply disturbing that someone in the high court of the land could have these allegations in this is why i filed the resolution to initiate an impeachment inquiry. >> brett kavanaugh lied under oath which is a crime. he should step down be impeached. >> a part of that hearing, a sham process. i call for impeachment. heather: democrats pushing to impeach brett kavanaugh despite a major clarification to the new york times report that served as the basis for their calls. rob: our next guest synthesis
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securing reelection for the president and this morning liz harrington joins us to explain how she think that will happen. the big clarification is the victim doesn't recall this. will that change the narrative from the left at this point? >> it is a minor detail that there is no victim in this case. here we have an unverified salacious allegation put forward by a biased source, a clinton attorney and used to call for political witchhunts and calls for impeachment. if all this sounds familiar it should because it is what happened when democrat in the obama administration did to donald trump and his campaign with the russia collusion hoax. that is why i am saying you cannot afford democrats back in power. this is what they use, the finished allegations, baseless smears against a republican, throw out the presumption of
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innocence and use it to attack their political opponents was we can't let them get power because they will use this. heather: the same day iona presley filed an impeachment resolution against brett kavanaugh the house judiciary committee began its impeachment investigation into donald trump with its first hearing, seems like democrats really want to impeach somebody, just have to figure out who is going to be. >> exactly, they don't know what they are doing and the judiciary committee but the problem is they are rewriting history. a year later this allegation was so flimsy and in the new york times passed on it at the time and now they are putting out as gospel truth when it is a complete lie, uncorroborated against brett kavanaugh. they are rewriting what happened in that case and smeared an innocent man to derail his nomination and rewriting what happened in the mueller report.
2:18 am
a few months later they refused to accept the conclusion that there is no conspiracy, no collusion, no obstruction, nothing happened, the president was not a russian asset like the media and the democrats hysterically claimed. they are rewriting history before our eyes when it comes to the mueller investigation and rewriting history here when it comes to brett kavanaugh. it is shameful for these democrats that are running for office to use a smear that even the new york times is attempting to backtrack. rob: six of the ten 2020 democrats are supporting impeachment at this point. tom stier making the 7, didn't make the stage. the co-authors on exactly how, critical information on the victim not remembering this, did not make the story. >> we have her name at times doesn't usually include the name of the victim. in this case they felt it was
2:19 am
probably better to remember and in removing her name they removed the other reference to the fact that she didn't know. rob: do you believe this was a simple editing mistake they could ever move the name and taken out a critical piece of information? the best journalists out there they say. >> a loose term, journalists these days. it is unbelievable. the fact is they knew they weren't supposed to out this person because she says she was not a victim but they are painting her as a victim and that is not true, and editing mistake, they went on in pr, supposing journalists outed this woman, used her name and proceeded to blame her and say she doesn't remember because she was too drunk. it is absolutely appalling that these journalists, just social justice democrat activists at this point, absolutely appalling, the president is right, people need to be fired.
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heather: you could say this woman doesn't remember the story and not include her name, it seems there is no excuse. >> too close to call, benjamin netanyahu and his challenger are neck and neck in the second national election this year, what the prime minister just said about the deadlock. juan guaido carley: the new concoction taking the internet by storm. look at that. something great from mr. clean. stop struggling to clean tough messes with sprays. try clean freak! it has three times the cleaning power of the leading spray to dissolve kitchen grease on contact. and it's great for bathrooms! just keep pumping the power nozzle to release a continuous burst of mist and make quick work of big jobs. it even works on stainless steel. it cuts through 100% of dirt, grease and grime.
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rob: we are entering day 3 of
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the general motors strike, facing major obstacles as it tries to negotiate an agreement with the workers union. carley: tracy carrasco with more on the talks. >> reporter: these talks are ongoing. yesterday there was progress, now there are reports that the major sticking point is the company's use of temporary workers as bargaining goes on. automakers looking to increase the number of low-cost temporary workers which would allow them to get rid of temporary workers when production slows down. gm workers not happy about that because they say these positions could go to full-time workers. another thing going on yesterday, gm cut the health benefits, insurance paying for those, for 49,000 workers and right now they are eligible for benefits through cobra which the union will be covering. we are watching this carefully. shares of gm were down on monday, yesterday recovering a little bit up by 3. now looking to lower the
2:25 am
premarket. carley: we have popeyes, chick-fil-a. >> the internet has moved on from the popeyes chicken sandwich. kfc not to be outdone. they are done with this chicken sandwich, a chicken fillet sandwich between the two glazed donuts. kentucky fried chicken and donuts sandwich. you are not that brave you can get a doughnut on the side in addition to it if you are looking to cut back, you can add that to your chicken fillet but they are testing this in virginia, norfolk, virginia and pittsburgh they are thinking of a nationwide rollout. rob: at what point do we say something? it is obscene. it is not even a doughnut cut in
2:26 am
half with a chicken. it looks good but i wouldn't eat it. carley: tim tebo and his fiancée asking your help before they tie the not. >> this is the list right now. >> give us some ideas. carley: users chipping in with tie the tivo or tim takes a need for danny. i love that. the athlete and formulas universe got engaged on the tebo family farm. they have to use that. it is 26 minutes after the hour. ms 13 gang member accused of kidnapping and beating a high school student. how can we put a end to this
2:27 am
violent gang? fulfilling the president's agenda will make all the difference. >> we truth truth over fact. you have people like margaret -- bills that the president, the future president here. rob: another day, another gaffe for joe biden but this one might be the one to beat. 's latest blunder botched big factor about the country he wants to lead coming up. ♪ because changing your attachments... whether it's for this job... this job... or even this job... should be as easy as... ♪ what about this? changing your plans. nothing runs like a deere™. yeah. run with us. search "john deere 1 series" for more. get your 1 series for just $99 dollars a month at your john deere dealer.
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why accept it frompt an incompyour allergy pills?e else. flonase sensimist. nothing stronger. nothing gentler. nothing lasts longer. flonase sensimist. 24 hour non-drowsy allergy relief carley: overnight donald trump condemns the taliban's latest round of violence doubling down on his decision not to negotiate until the tax stopped. 30 people died in two suicide bombings, the president called on talks with the taliban
2:31 am
earlier this month. rob: new misconduct claim against brett cavanagh, new york times reporter speaking out to cohost of the view that leading out the key details from that book in the article was just an oversight. the controversial piece forcing many democrats to push for brett kavanaugh's impeachment. carley: the canadian mom charged in the college admission scandal arrested in spain accused of paying $400,000 to get her son into ucla as a soccer recruit even though he didn't play competitively. the attorney's office trying to extradite her. rob: michael horowitz will testify on investigating the investigators. the oversight hearing comes days after the promise of justice inspector general completed the fisa probe. david bruno joined us to weigh in on what will come forward in the investigation.
2:32 am
>> attorney general william barr has the ability to read act and declassify on orders from the president. i don't know how much we will learn about that. what is more fair game is the mccabe ag reported the comey ag report. rob: they are examining potential fisa abuses by the agency. a woman charged in connection to a missing connecticut mom is doing court today, the girlfriend of fotis dulos whose girlfriend jennifer has not been seen since may, he cleaned the truck after jennifer went missing because her body was inside it. they both pleaded not guilty to evidence tampering and hindering prosecution in the case, her body is not yet been found. carley: there is no clear winner in his recollection overnight.
2:33 am
benjamin netanyahu greeting supporters at a rally after exit polls show his opponent leading the race. netanyahu telling supporters he will not make conclusions until official results are out. the second round of national elections were ordered in israel after netanyahu won in april, forming a coalition government to back him. andrew mccabe blasts the doj's criminal probe vowing not to take a deal. >> absolutely not under any circumstance come i never miss let anybody about anything and i will not stand up and claim to have done something i didn't do. >> the with attorney recommended criminal charges against the deputy director over alleged media abuse. and illegal immigrant charged with kidnapping and assault of a teen who refused to join the ms 13 gang. rob: the suspect was deported from this country before.
2:34 am
how did he get back across the border to commit this crime? carley: the former acting ice director has thoughts on this. we have seen stories like this before. what is your reaction? >> this is why we need strong borders and an immigration system with integrity. that means resources, personnel, technology and infrastructure that includes a wall. if you move out on an agenda like that like the president asked for, action plans are available at cvp and fund enforcement, cooperate with local jurisdictions and work to remove these threats from the community. rob: the charges against this young man, aggravated kidnapping, 3 counts of assault with a deadly weapon, four counts of possession of a controlled substance, cocaine and marijuana, drug paraphernalia and when you hear
2:35 am
people say if you're illegal in the country and commit a crime you should just go through the justice process like every other citizen, what do you think? >> that's crazy. this is a real threat. ms 13 poses a threat to many communities in the united states was having strong border and cooperation in jurisdictions to get them removed from this country, if you do the report, this kid came into the country when he was 14 years old which means he came alone, sent by his parents a little came with the family and was released and ran into the hands of ms 13 or came as a gang member and is preying on the community lives in. carley: this happened in nashville. the mayor of nashville is trying to turn the city into a sanctuary city. if that were to happen this 18-year-old would have been released into the community. >> jurisdictions need to cooperate with ice.
2:36 am
someone who comes into the country illegally and goes on to commit other crimes is a danger to the community. they are not looking at this the right way, not trying to protect people. rob: a dangerous time to be a member of ice and working border patrol and security is being boosted. a lot of violence we've seen at these facilities. let's get a from the homeland security secretary, law enforcement partners coming under evermore violent assault for doing their jobs, directed professionals at the protective service with presenting a detailed plan for securing all our ice facilities nationwide. how sad to see this as necessary. >> these men and women take an oath to protect us, they go out each day to protect the homeland. they should not have to watch their back from people who want to protest or harm them or radical ideas, hats off to the secretary for putting plans in
2:37 am
place but this shouldn't be, these folks are authorized by congress to do the job they do and shouldn't be up for debate whether they should be there or not. the first amendment gives people the ability to petition their government to peacefully assemble and protest against ideas but these men and women shouldn't be singled out for the job they do. they do a job we asked them to do to protect us. carley: there have been a few attacks recently, including a molotov cocktail in florida, and attack in texas where an ice officer was shot at. in washington, and antifa member tried to bring down a facility. more than 50% of border patrol members and 24% of ice agents are latinos. in many cases these activists are attacking the very group of people they say they want to protect. >> it is crazy. these people go out every day to protect us and they shouldn't
2:38 am
have to be put upon like this. they have a job to do and we should support them. they are heroes. rob: how much blamed you put on rhetoric by the squad and candidates running for 2020. it is like they incentivize people to take out their aggressions on law enforcement in general. >> people should think about what they say especially in public, when they have a stage of the legislature or politics. they authorize this agency to exist after 9/11 because we were doing an inadequate job-related immigration enforcement in the united states. if taken an oath to protect us. they should not be vilified. they should be recognized for what they do to protect us all. carley: donald trump in the midst of a multimillion dollar fundraising blitz in california but there was no welcome wagon.
2:39 am
>> stay out of our way, the california continue not just to survive but thrive. rob: hot topic with mixed reaction is the president tries to bring solutions to the golden state.
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rob: the president on a $15 million fundraising push in california working to win over support while addressing issues like homelessness and a mission's. carley: mixed reaction from the deep blue state. >> reporter: the president has visited san francisco bay area is his first since taking office. white house officials kept the location tightlipped. in the democratic stronghold protesters gathered along the motorcade route as a baby balloon is seen flying overhead.
2:43 am
governor gavin newsom pushing back on the president's visit. >> stay out of our way, the california continue not to survive but thrive despite the head winds and everything you are doing to put sand in the gears of our success. >> reporter: the mayor of los angeles wants to put politics aside to end the city's homelessness epidemic. >> i want to talk tohe had come understand and to hear the challenges we face and ways washington dc, instead of demonizing us, might come and help us. it is time to pause politics and not demonize americans on the streets. this is your watch, this is our watch from our time to do something. >> reporter: this is the are in c is expected to announce a record-setting august raising nearly $24 million with $54 million cash on hand. chairwoman rhonda mcdaniels thinking democrats, thanks to
2:44 am
boycotts from hollywood liberals, the rnc's fundraising hit record levels in august between the president after competence and grassroots infrastructure, republicans are going to be unstoppable in 2020. donald trump is expected to attend a private fundraiser in la before heading to san diego to visit the southern border. a busy trip to the golden state. rob: when you try to suppress something it does the opposite. carley: joe biden makes another gaffe, the former vice president suggesting his child tax credit plan would put more women back to work than there are citizens in the united states. >> why in god's name couldn't we provide an $8000 tax credit for everybody who has childcare costs? it would put 720 million women back in the workforce.
2:45 am
>> the front runner marked the idea of having a tax rate for a racehorse and not one for having children but according to the u.s. census there are 330 million people living in the country. rob: mayor bill diblasio can't find support in the city runs. the mayor polling at 0% among democrats and the new siena college poll of new yorkers. the survey online most national polls, joe biden, elizabeth morning bernie sanders at the top. this constitution week, colleges under fire for not providing required course on the constitution. rob: at a time when anti-american settlement on college campuses appears to be spreading like wildfire this is unacceptable. we talk about it next.
2:46 am
carley: brian kilmeade will tell us about "fox and friends". >> we will discuss this in the break. corey lewandowski will join us live. we saw him for 5 hours yesterday and we will find out what it was like being in the line of fire. it was one of the most predictable knockouts since the dolphins lined up against the patriots. mark meadows and jim jordan will be talking about the rudderless democrat in their quest to impeach the united states president. ben shapiro good friend opinion or two. mariano rivera just received the medal of freedom honor against the ultimate honor, coming back on our show and talking about it. the owner of the houston rockets, i hope we can fit it into 3 hours. we will tell them to stay in bed
2:47 am
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rob: the university of south carolina refusing to comply with a state law mandating a course on the u.s. constitution must be taken. they say it is over lack of funds. carley: students can take classes like running for anime and tailgating 101.
2:51 am
the editor in chief of college reform, cabot phillips, what is your take on this thing? >> reporter: the university is a we don't have enough money and a special course on bellydancing, people are more interested in that one. i think there's a reason to say we have this law to make sure we are teaching elements of our history. we know that appreciation of our constitution doesn't come naturally. it is not innately born within people. it must be taught. it is fair for people to wonder why that is not being mandated when there's a state law to require it and they are coming out and saying we offer freshman history courses and the constitution is covered in those but this law is meant to prevent a revisionist form of history being taught. it is easy to neglect things are if you have a biased idea what the constitution is, we have specific thoughts to make sure that can't happen. it for stated this law and enforced that we would have more
2:52 am
informed voting base and electorate and people coming out of our colleges with true appreciation how exceptional our nation's values. rob: state law mandated you have to take a course on the constitution, they are not doing that but they offer courses on the constitution. let's get a response from the college libertarian president. in today's political climate we need more people to understand the importance and mechanics of the democratic system, not to fund such a class could prevent students having that opportunity. they do have these classes but don't mandate that you take him. >> the law says students are mandated to take one before graduating. that is the part where people are getting upset. if this is a one off thing it wouldn't be a big deal but this is a growing trend. i've been on college campuses and seen firsthand how it is almost highbrow, intellectual to be anti-american we have seen professors for the constitution in class and administrators,
2:53 am
passing the constitution out without -- we see more universities neglecting to teach it as a required part of the graduation plan. it is a growing trend and given the state of our country, how few people, one in 3 people can name a single freedom listed in the first amendment, this is a time in our history is more important than ever to remind people of our founding documents. carley: there is lack of patriotism among young people. do you think there's less emphasis on what makes our country great and the founding documents our country is founded on? >> that is a big part of it. i went around columbia university with a $100 the lancet can you name the freedoms of the first amendment and not a single person was able to name all of them. you can't expect people to know all 27 amendments, that is not fair.
2:54 am
it rob: two or three. >> they can name all 3 branches of government. i think also -- every country has what we have, you think every country has those things listed as a god-given protected rights, you do neglect to appreciate how exceptional. rob: let's jump in with a statement from the vice chair, the part of political science, there are other departments in the college of arts and sciences that offer courses on the constitution. they have the courses but are not being mandated, appreciate it, we will be right back. . oh! oh! oh!
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rob: time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. we start with the good. blood hounds from a finding autistic boy. 3-year-old getting lost in the woods near his home. canines findi hours. deputies carrying him out of the woods and into his mother's arms. carley: amazing. news reporter going viral for all the wrong reasons. >> we tried to reach out to the man who died in this pursuit. they were unavailable for comment. carley: the man's family i'm sure she meant. rob: she meant to say the family. carley: this comment is never come the los angeles reporter tweeting i left out the word family not even realizing it. >> finally the ugly. match made in heaven pizza hut adding a stuffed cheez-it to their menu. inside a cheese baked crust. also get pep ronny. the snack targeting college
2:59 am
kids, of course. it's available nationwide for a limited time. carley: that's such a perfect transition because we are getting ready to pig out right here. rob: that makes this look healthy. carley: national cheeseburger day. rob: bacon cheeseburger. janice: one of my favorite hollywoods oholidays of all tim. >> thank you. >> are they double? >> bacon nature. appears tor. two patties. i don't have to speak but i think i'm just going to eat. rob: tastes like wendy's. been a long time since i had a wendy's cheeseburger. carley: much better than gamecocks mollie day.
3:00 am
i have a fact when do you think it was first created. >> 1926. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ i saw her face ♪ now i'm a believer ♪ ♪ ainsley: they sound just like them. steve: welcome aboard. it's already wednesday. brian: i know. ainsley: middle of the week. brian: almost friday. steve: i know. ainsley: already wednesday, brian. steve: just starting the day. welcome aboard. if you saw corey lewandowski yesterday. ainsley: five hours of


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