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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  September 19, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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with african-american voters. to that point, i think she's still second. >> harris: we know the lost of the whip, james clyburn and his wife. we know you're close to that family. >> thanks for that, harris. >> harris: i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: the canadian prime minister set to talk after a video surfaced showing the prime minister wearing black face. he is about to speak for the first time since this new video is rocking his re-election campaign. two other images of him in dark makeup have come to light. the prime minister apologizing after the first photo came out calling it a dumb thing to do. laura ingall is here to address the growing controversial before it catches up. >> reporter: this has been a very busy day and very fast moving 24 hours. we're going to have to wait and see what the canadian prime
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minister has to say about this third instance where his own political party confirmed, is justin trudeau wearing black face. we have a video that surfaced today. it was obtained by global news, which allegedly shows trudeau in the early 1990s. it is unclear where the video was taken. it shows a man covered in black makeup wearing a wig waving his arms around. "time" magazine covered a photo from the west.gray academy 2001, 2002 photo book as he was portrayed at an arabian nights party wearing brown face. trudeau not only admitted it was him, but all admitted to wearing black face for a tall len show once in high school. trudeau is out campaigning today and he spoke to reporters last night about all of this. >> i'm going to be asking canadians to forgive me for what i did.
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i shouldn't have done that. i take responsibility for it. it was a dumb thing to do. i'm disappointed in myself. i'm pissed off at myself for having done it. but i did it and i apologize for it. >> reporter: the most recent polling in canada, we checked this out, done before the scandal broke, shows trudeau was at the top of the list with the current political party leader. time will tell if that will hold. dana. >> dana: what about this election that's coming up? his opponents, do they think this is where it came from? >> lot of people are speaking out as several people have spoken out, including the leader of the new democratic party, who is calling for some answers here and another member as well. listen to this. >> simply ask if there are other instances where he engaged in this type of behavior? he indicated there was only one other incident. i am deeply troubled by what this means for canada.
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that young kids are going to see not just one or two, but multiple images of the prime minister mocking reality. this is so hurtful to so many canadi canadians. >> reporter: in terms of where the whole story came from in the first place, what we had read earlier in a published report, it was somebody who went to school with justin trudeau who tipped the media off with that year book photo. we'll hear what he has to say and hopefully get it to you live. >> dana: thank you very much. another big story. new details emerging on an explosive report regarding an urgent whistle blower complaint. it involving president trump's communication with a foreign leader. the inspector general agreeing to testify behind closed doors to the house intel committee and president trump firing back denying he did anything wrong. chief intelligence reporter catherine herridge has more. this story broke last night.
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it's kind of confusing. >> reporter: good afternoon. the intelligence community's inspector general is a person who oversees whistle blower complaints and he arrived on capitol hill this morning for a closed door session. fox can confirm there is a whistle blower complaint, but the inspector general told lawmakers that his boss, the acting director of national intelligence, advised him not to share the information with lawmakers. i think it's worth noting that even after this three-hour session, chairman of the committee, adam schiff told reporters that he still had no confirmation about the substance of this whistleblower complaint and whether, in fact, it does involve a phone call with the president, a promise and a foreign leader. today's closed door session with the inspector general really sets the table for public testimony next week from the acting director of national intelligence. there is a legal argument over whether maguire can share intelligence that involves executive branch communications. schiff said the justice department is involved.
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>> whether this is pressure by the white house or whether this is the director of national intelligence feeling he is straight jacketed by this opinion by the department of justice. whether the department of justice is coordinating these activities. we don't know. >> reporter: well, the intelligence community watch dog briefed lawmakers, president trump dismissed the allegations calling it, quote, another fake news story and, quote, if anyone is dumb enough to believe i would say something inappropriate, i would only do what is right anyway and only do good for the usa. but the minority leader all told reporters this morning that he believes the president has a point. >> i know the media always wants to rush when they think something is sensationalist. nine times out of ten we find out a lot of that is not true. i think "the new york times" experienced that just in the
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last week. this is not something i can see the president doing. i would, instead of jump to conclusions, actually get the facts first. >> reporter: couple final points. you know from your time in the white house these private phone calls really aren't all that private. there are a lot of people on these calls. there's a transcript. i would note that after there were issues with leaked transcripts in the administration, there were restrictions put on who received those transcripts. so, if it's a transcript or access to the call itself, this really speaks to a very small circle of people within the intelligence community and also someone, as you would recognize, would be quite senior making this complain. >> dana: this is fascinating. thank you very much. michael allen served on the national security council under president obama. i'm alarmed by this. i understand there's an attorney general, there's a process that can go through this. what do you make of this? >> first of all, listen.
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the president has got to have the right to communications without being fearful that the national security council at the white house or someone detailed there. perhaps some intelligence community is later going to go to congress with it or otherwise disseminate that information so broadly that it becomes common that it's leaked to the news media. i mean, i think we have to start there as our first set of principles. there's been a lot of things the president needs to be able to confidentially talk through and at the same time, have confidential communications with foreign leaders. so i'm upset also this is even out there in the first place. >> dana: because you also understand legislative affairs and you work that angle. tell me about the process here. adam schiff, they have this hearing today, the secretary-general basically said nothing, because he was instructed to say nothing. no one really knows. i am not going to speculate on
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what it could be, whether it is an urgent matter, as some have said, or whether it could be a miscommunication or a misunderstanding. what's the role the legislative branch has. >> it's complicated to have created tension the legislative branch, the executive branch. i also worked for the house intelligence committee, says they have a right to be fully and currently informed of all intelligence information and through the years they have installed voter calls, as you know, inspectors-general across the executive branch whose role it is to find and ferret out waste, fraud and abuse and the rest. in this instance, the ig is coming to the congress, which is a process we want to be able to have, but it depends on the types of information that they're conveying to the congress. if it's presidential communications, that arguably should not be in the bucket of
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things that are delivered up to the congress. we have to decide whether this is intelligence information. >> dana: before it gets partisan, i probably spoke too soon. a former president obama administration spokesman said this, all the nightmare scenarios that could come of an urgent whistleblower complaint, it has to be alarming. before everybody jumps to conclusions, we should try to figure out can they allow the inspector general to do the process. we are talking about intelligence here. the president has to be able to talk to world leaders and he
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knows. other people are possibly listening on the phone. that's not a surprise. intelligence and national security deliberations themselves. it's one of the most core functions world wide and to make sure they get the best information to the president of the united states. we've got to safe guard this and go about this deliberately and not jump to conclusion and not revive the russia investigation under a new issue or umbrella. >> dana: michael allen, pleasure to have you on the show, thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: keeping an eye on winnipeg where the canadian president is set to speak. we will bring you the news. first family drama in hollywood. back street boy nick carter taking out a restraining against his brother, aaron. now new claims of abuse from his younger brother, too. there are three words when you live with migraine... "i am here."
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tkp the canadian prime minister set to speak. he's going to speak. singer aaron kaert surrendered two fire arms. this comes after nick carter took out a restraining order claiming that aaron threatened to kill his pregnant wife. joining us from our los angeles bureau with details is christina coleman. christina? >> hi, dana. well, there is a lot of family drama going on here. as for the guns, aaron carter said they did take their guns because of the restraining order. he said the assault rifles are
11:16 am
for when he's on the road doing concerts. as for this on going dispute with his family, allegations were on family claiming -- there were all claims that he threatened to kill nick carter. he said i will shut down all cyber bullies. i have freedom of speech. he said, i'm not this angel. i'm gonna kill my sister in law? he got a restraining order because of his brother's increasingly alarming behavior, but aaron says he is mentally stable even though he went on the show "the doctors" and said he has a multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia and is manic depressive. his brother nick said he isn't buying it.
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he said he was left with no choice but to get a restraining order. he said he hopes they get the help he needs. in 2017 he was busted on dui and marijuana charges in georgia. now, even though carter turned over his assault. >> dana: thank you for the report. the canadian prime minister is speaking. we will have it for you. beto is not budging on his promise to take back guns. karl rove is here to discuss it next. i'm your cat. ever since you brought me home, that day. i've been plotting to destroy you. sizing you up... calculating your every move. you think this is love? this is a billion years of tiger dna just ready to pounce. and if you have the wrong home insurance coverage,
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>> dana: the canadian prime minister set to speak after a video showed with him wearing black face. >> are you, in fact, in favor of gun confiscation? >> yes when it comes to ar-15's and ak-47s, weapons designed for use in the military. but when it comes to fire arms used for hunting or self-defense, the answer is no. and i don't want you or anyone else to get into the fear mongering that some are fallen prey to, saying the government is gonna come and take all of
11:22 am
your guns. >> dana: beto o'rourke commenting on comments about taking away guns. today he sent out an e-mail noting the comments of charles schumer and said, i don't know of any other democrat who says it better than beto o'rourke. a fox news contributor who knows beto o'rourke and his politics better. has he become a man on an island? >> i think so. look, it got him headlines. it has not moved him in the polls. it is unlikely to move him in the polls. it, frankly, is in my opinion the wrong way to go. he's saying because they look dangerous, they ought to be confiscated. is he going to require people to show up and surrender and in
11:23 am
return they'll receive payment from the government. the national sporting foundation said it's the most popular rifle in america. it's a semiautomatic, which means when you pull the trigger and each time you pull the trigger it shoots rounds. if they look dangerous and they're semiautomatic, what happens if they don't look dangerous, if they look like a more conventional rifle but still are semiautomatics? are we all going to have to surrender our semiautomatic hunting rifles as well? the powerfulness of the horror that happened in el paso should cause us to do something, but 30,000 people died last year died because of gun shot wounds. 20,000 died because of suicides. 1 half of 1% died in a mass
11:24 am
shooting. we got 10 million gun owners, up to 10 million, who owned that particular rifle. because of those 11, we're going to penalize 10 million people. >> dana: president trump was talking about this. >> part of the problem that we have is because of beto o'rourke's comments. all of the republicans and some democrats are now afraid to do anything. lot of people think this is just way of taking away guns. that's not good. i am a very strong believer in the 2nd amendment. >> dana: what do you make of that, that perhaps beto o'rourke's tactic has pushed democrats to a point where they might not even be able to get something out of president trump because republicans will be so skeptical of the ultimate goal?
11:25 am
>> look, there is a desire to do things. for example, red flag laws. i think there's a growing sense that the government has to have greater ability to deal with mental illness and prohibit their access to guns. the gun in the el paso massacre brought in essence from a street vendor where people don't have to go from a background check. if the shooter in el paso would have had to go through a background check, he wouldn't have passed. he already failed once. there are things both parties could focus on solving, only if they are looking at things that will have an impact rather than go for the showy thing. if we're establishing if a gun looks dangerous, it has the same characteristics as a gun that doesn't look dangerous, then we're gonna confiscate one and not put the other at risk and we're going to somehow get up to
11:26 am
10 million people to surrender their weapons because we think it looks dangerous while someone el may have a weapon that doesn't, quote, look like a military style weapon. this is a dead end. we oug to be focused on doing things that will have an impact, that we can find a consensus about and move from there. >> dana: maybe it's such an outliar that it does do something. karl rove, thank you. hope you have a good afternoon. thank you. >> thank you, dana. >> dana: president trump asked a federal judge to block an effort by new york prosecutors to obtain his tax returns. they subpoenaed the president's accounting firm for eight year of state and federal return. john roberts is live at the white house. john? >> reporter: i'll tell you, this is going on for a long long time now. the manhattan district attorney
11:27 am
is just the latest trying to get his hands on the president's tax returns. he subpoenaed for eight years of president's tax returns. and now the president going to court to try to block the release of these tax returns. they are arguing to this court that the subpoenas from the manhattan d.a.'s office amount to a criminal investigation of the president and, therefore, contravene that a president cannot face criminal charges. because the subpoena attempts to criminally investigate a sitting president, it is unconstitutional. this court should declare it invalid and enjoy its enforcement until the president is no longer in office. the manhattan district attorney is not saying much about this today. quote, we have received the
11:28 am
plaintiff's complaint and will reply to it in court. we will have no further comment as this process unfolds in court. they were contacted by fox news and it is sticking by the statement that it issued earlier this week when news of the subpoenas first broke saying, quote, masars usa will fully comply with its legal obligations. we believe strongly in the ethical and professional rules and regulations that govern our industry and firm policy and goals we do not comment on work that we conduct for our clients. this is the third case that's out there. the other two are the house government oversight and reform committee. they subpoenaed mazars earlier this year, looking for a similar treasure trove of tax documents from the president. that case is now before the d.c. court of appeals. no decision has been rendered by that court yet. we do not know the timing of
11:29 am
when a decision may come. the other is a subpoena from the house financial services and intelligence committees to deutsche bank and capital one bank looking for years of the president's financial records. that is tied up in the 2nd circuit court of appeals. there's a lot that's out there, dana. if the dam breaks on one of these, bar the door. >> dana: we appreciate you keeping track of all the different pieces. >> reporter: there's a reason i didn't go to law school. maybe i should have. >> dana: medical school was on your list. i know you, john roberts. thank you very much. vaping related illnesses on the rise across the country. what the cdc is saying about the cause. a plane emergency in the south right now, some forced from their homes. gold has stood the test of time.
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>> dana: cdc just releasing brand new numbers on nationwide vaping crisis with a total of 130 people aflicked with lung illnesses. the exact cause of the breathing problems still remains a mystery. jonathan serre is live in atlanta. >> reporter: many cases the patients are either too ill or too reluctant to speak with investigators about what these products contained and how they were using them, and that makes this investigation difficult. >> as of now, there has been no consistent single product, either e-cigarette product or vaping product definitively associated with these illnesses, but in many, and now probably most cases, they are associated
11:35 am
with the inlayings of thc. >> reporter: the public health concerns go beyond active vaping. new research shows the number of u.s. middle and high school students exposed to second hand e-cigarette smoke increased from roughly one in four in 2016 to one in three in 2018. >> second hand exposures are indicative of people being around others who are vaping and modelling that behaeufrb haeufrb kwror -- behavior. >> reporter: several health officials say vaping is never a good idea for nonsmokers because they contain high levels of nicotine which is highly addictive. for adults using e-cigarettes to quit smoking, the cdc said you should not go back to using regular cigarettes. instead, talk to your doctor about alternatives. as a result of increasing public
11:36 am
health concerns, networks are pulling cigarette advertising. these include warner immediate kwrarbg the parent company of cnn, as well as cbs and viacom. fox news channel does not and will not as a matter of policy air any vaping advertisements. this week, dana, michigan and new york imposed bans on flavored e-cigarettes for years, public health officials have been warning that these flavored e-cigarette products are especially appealing to kids. dana? >> dana: right. fox news has not either. does not, will not, has not. thank you very much. joining me is official of the national product association. i want to get your take on this. do you think the government is trying to solve the wrong problem here? >> in a lot of ways. they had the authority to go pwafrd actors.
11:37 am
we have to wait for the cdc investigation. they can go after, it seems like there's counterfeiting products involved. at the same time, they need to work on a regulatory track to responsible manufacturers who make products in real facilities instead of making products in bat tubs where who knows what kind of chemicals are being put in them. >> dana: in jonathan's rorbgt that was the first time i heard this big concern about aerosol exposure. is that something people should be more concerned about when it comes to vaping? >> we have to see with the cdc, how that whole thing plays out. we don't have a lot of the information. the fda is our front line against public health crisis. in this case they seem to be behind the eight ball and late to the game. >> dana: you had the approval. people have been using e-cigarettes. i understand they don't want youth to do it, but it has helped adults get off
11:38 am
cigarettes. now you have these recent deaths. there have been deaths, two in california and then across the country. we don't know where this is possibly coming from, counterfeits. what we do know is people want to get these product. if the fda is not allowing them to be sold, are more counterfeits more likely? >> i think three things need to happen. fda has to go after the bad actors. throw the book at them. they have the authority to do that. two, fast track a regulatory scheme so responsible manufacturers can get to market and get responsible products to market where you don't have issues with faulty product. three, the most important, do as much as can be done to get these products out of the hands of children, whether that's information campaign, psa's, what have you. that's really critical. >> dana: what about the thc piece. so many people who have fallen ill don't want to talk to
11:39 am
investigators about what might have been in them. >> yeah. i think the thc piece is big. we're seeing marijuana everywhere. again, it goes to the fda not doing its job. cannabis oil is out there, even commonly used in vaping. it's the same issue. it's completely unregulated. but you can go to the store and buy it. really, the front line has to step up on this. >> dana: all right. we appreciate you coming on and helping us think it through. thank you. fox news alert. flooding in south texas after remnants of tropical storm imelda pounded the area with two feet of rain. some are calling it worse than hurricane harvey. flood warnings in effect and road conditions are so bad, first responders are having trouble getting to people. there have been some dramatic rescues including a hospital
11:40 am
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>> good afternoon from the fox newsdesk. in the next hour we'll have the latest call out from a whistle blower who reportedly claims president trump made a promise to a world leader. the complaint determined to be credible and urgent. it's supposed to go to congress, but it hasn't. and the president is now responding on twitter. plus, major e-cigarette bust. investigators seizing hundreds of cartridges, possibly linked
11:45 am
to vaping deaths across the country. >> dana: all right. as promised canadian prime minister justin trudeau speaking. let's listen in. >> what i did hurt them, hurt people who shouldn't have to face intolerance and discrimination because of their identity. this is something i deeply regret. regardless of context, it is always unacceptable because of the deep history of black face. i should have understood that then and i never should have done it.
11:46 am
[ speaking in french canadian ] >> dana: you're listening to speaker trudeau. he's speaking french right now. he came out to talk about this brown face video that surfaced earlier today. he said he hurt people. he deeply regrets it. doesn't sound though that he is going to take any other action except for apologizing for that. there were multiple incidents of this brown face that he is going to have to take some questions on. we'll see if they're in english or french. >> when we asked you if the picture that emerged in "the times" report if this was the only one. you said it was the only one. we've since learned thereof at least a third incident. exactly how many times have you darkened your skin with makeup
11:47 am
in an act that you have, yourself, described as racist? >> i shared the moments that i recollected, but i recognize that it is something absolutely unacceptable to do. i appreciate calling it makeup. it is just not right. it is something that people who live with the kind of discrimination that far too many people do because of the color of their skin or their history or their origin or their language or their religion face on a regular basis. and i didn't see that from the layers of privilege that i have. and for that i am deeply sorry and i apologize. [ speaking french ] prime minister trudeau,
11:48 am
apparently he'll do english and french for all of his answers. he was asked how many times have you worn -- blackened your face with makeup. he said unacceptable to do. it was not makeup, it was black face. he said people who live with discrimination every day, that he hurt them, that he didn't understand the layers of privilege that he has. john roberts is live at the white house. john, if you can help me out. he's going back and forth from english to french. >> reporter: two official languages in canada. he'll probably take the next question in english, if you want to listen in. >> we would look at every step of the way. i think examining the case by case situation, examining the actions that someone has taken. i am certainly conscious that in my political career, as a leader and, indeed, as prime minister, i have taken many actions to
11:49 am
fight against racism, to fight against intolerance, to fight against anti-black racism specifically. to recognize unconscious bias, systemic discrimination that exists in canada and elsewhere. to work, to overcome things that people live with in a way so many of us simply cannot unor appreciate, the microaggressions being faced. even though we've moved forward in significant ways as a government, what i did, the choices i made, hurt people, hurt people who thought i was an ally. i am an ally. but this is something that, obviously, i deeply regret and i never should have done. >> more than three times? >> mr. trudeau, yesterday you said you didn't realize in 2001
11:50 am
that it was wrong to put on brown face. but now you do realize it is wrong. i'm wondering when it dawned on you that it is wrong? >> i think it's difficult to become someone where you spend as much time as you do working hard to get to know a community like the community i have the honor of representing, canada, where there is an extraordinary diversity, extraordinary challenges and, yes, extraordinary intolerance even in a city like montreal, that people live with every day. as i have learned, to not just represent people, to fight for them, to make this a better commune and a better society. i have learned every day that it is unacceptable to engage in this sort of behavior.
11:51 am
>> dana: he's speaking in french. he insists his government has taken many actions. he uses lots of worsed about the unconscious bias, discrimination. he recognizes intersectionality in the midst of that. he's taking questions now from reporters who are saying, okay, how many times exactly have you worn black face? he's saying that it's inappropriate, but it does not seem he is going to resign. john roberts, you're live at the white house. we'll bring you in here. >> reporter: the thing with justin trudeau here is, the entire time he's been in office, he was elected as a member of canadian parliament back in 2000. he was son of the prime minister, elliott trudeau, one of canada's most famous prime
11:52 am
ministers. as for this idea of privilege comes from that. he's up for re-election in october. i think the 21st is the election day there in canada. and ever since he was elected, actually the platform that he ran on was as a champion of multiculturalism and diversity. >> dana: john, he is taking another question in english. let's listen in. >> -- were to declare this had happened. >> quite frankly i was embarrassed. it was not something that represents the person i have become, the leader i try to be, and it was really embarrassing. >> dana: we are back here. we are going to keep john roberts at the white house. let's bring in juan williams, co-host of "the five."
11:53 am
we've been waiting for this all hour. juan, this is pretty explosive there in canada. they're right ahead of an election. he's saying he knows that he hurt people. he deeply regrets it. what do you think about his political position? >> he clearly has been a multicall cultural candidate. the big distinction in my mind is an american, comparison to the governor of virginia, appeared in black face. he didn't even acknowledge he was in the picture. we still don't know for certain because he's never claimed i did it. where as trudeau is saying, yes, i did it, and he's trying to take responsibility and to say he has sufficient wearness of what this signifies in terms of the history of mockery and disdain from, you know, the privileged population towards minorities. >> dana: is he speaking english
11:54 am
now? >> -- discrimination every single day. i have always acknowledged that i come from privilege. now i need to acknowledge that comes with a massive blind spot. i have dedicated my leadership and my service to canada. this has been a personally, a moment where i have had to reflect on the practice, wanting to go good, wanting to do better, simply isn't good enough. you have to take responsibility for mistakes that hurt people who thought i was an ally. who, hopefully, many of them still consider me an ally, even though this was a terrible mistake
11:55 am
>> dana: what do you think about that? justin trudeau taking a different tactic. >> he certainly is doing the thing that he needs to do, which is to fess up, to offer an apology. i think he just said he came from a place of privilege and that comes with a massive blind spot. we'll see if voters buy that. privilege doesn't necessarily mean you don't know right from wrong. certainly, if you look in virginia, the governor refused to even admit it. that seems to be okay with the locals. >> dana: what will be different? >> i think the drum for his removal would have lasted longer. there was a call by democratic politicians in the press. people are just happy with him being a democrat, it would have lasted a lot longer. i think we ought to say if you do this sort of thing, you
11:56 am
probably aren't fit for public service. >> dana: let's bring in laura ingall. you've been listening in. what do you think? >> i haven't been able to gauge as to how many times in the past this happened. there were heated questions from the press. in 2001 he wore brown face during an arabian nights party. >> dana: can i pause you there? he is speaking in english now. >> when we recognize, we reflect on mistakes we made in the past. we're always going to be asking, why did we do that? why did we think it was okay? why did we think it was a good idea at the time? it wasn't a good idea. it was a terrible idea. something that minimizes and shows a reality i have not had to live with, of being discriminated against, of being marginalized, of being judged for the color of my skin, for my
11:57 am
language, my background. i come from a place of privilege. and i have endeavored in my life to put the advantages and the opportunities that i have been given to serve this country. and i have to recognize that i let a lot of people down. it was bad choice. i am here to ask for forgiveness. >> dana: all right. let's bring you back in here. you were saying he hasn't been able to account for the number of times he's done this. >> he's been asked all day long, just how many times did this happen? he said just the other night that it happened twice that he recalls. then there was a video that surfaced today that we obtained from global news. the first time was 2001, the arabian nights party where he was a teacher, 29 years old. he put on the brown face at that
11:58 am
party. in high school he admitted putting on black face performing a jamaican folk song. he admitted to that. but what he didn't say was there was another incident in early 1990s where he is seen in black face raising his hands, at some kind of rally. not clear where that video was taken. here's the main question. how many more videos? how many more pictures? how many more incidents are there? that's what the press is trying to get him to answer now. >> dana: do we still have john roberts with us at that time white house? one thing i was going to ask, juan, how will this play out on the world stage? we have the domestic incident here in the united states and now it looks like opposition research done by his opponents and they're going to try to derail his candidacy. >> canada is one of the most diverse societies in the world. i don't think they match us here in the united states. but they are increasingly
11:59 am
diverse. they just recently elected a bahamian. so much antagonism towards people moving up from the southern countries to the north, the immigration issue and the populism. this could resonate with people, saying we need to check ourselves, maybe some of the attitudes present in terms of how we treat people of different color. >> dana: what would you say, steven, in terms of people that maybe they had done such things in the past, whether democrat or republican. if you have a political future in mind, do you try to get out in front of them? >> at the very least, you're better doing that so it doesn't hit you in the face when you're running for office and to make amends of the past. as juan said, there's generational issues. society is changing in many ways for the better. but it's just as important to hit these things head on rather than having to deal with it as the prime minister is trying to erase his past behavior. >> dana: he was supposed to
12:00 pm
start speaking at 2:15. he was about 40 minutes late. they are figuring out what they were going to say. taking some questions in english and then he's speaking in french. we'll give to it shep now. >> shepard: continuing coverage as the canadian prime minister justin trudeau apologizes for images surfacing of him in black face at a 2001 arabian nights costume party and now at two other events. he says he's sorry, embarrassed and he didn't realize the pain that it causes people of color when people of privilege wear black face. the questions are continuing in english. let's listen. actually, still in french. he's alternating as canadian politicians almost always do. this is surfacing at a very difficult time for the canadian prime minister as national elections are just weeks away.


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