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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  September 21, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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disbram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember, i'm watt teres and this is my world. ♪ judge jeanine: hello. well come to "justice." we can't be stopped. you helped make this show all number one last weekend and i thank you for that. but tonight the train keeps rolling with a jam-packed show featuring house minority leader kevin mccarthy, republican congressman mark meadows, cory lecoreylewandowski, charlie kirl joining me loif. whistle-blowers, wit hunts and more. first whereby my opening statement. when does it epped. how long will this go on?
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the radical left's assault on justice brett kavanaugh has no limits. where truth has no meaning, it's not even relevant as the radical left continues to resist and shut us down by taking away our first amendment free speech rights, by preventing us from speaking at universities and colleges, by antifa, a bunch of cowards in ninja outfits and masks who beat us down while police are ordered to stand down and watch by liberal mayors and chief executives. the lies and baseless accusations with which the radical left continues to resist a supreme court justice which is then littered on the pages of the "the new york times" is shocking. the time standards don't even pass the basic standards of a high school newspaper. as if brett kavanaugh, the closest thing to an altar boy
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i've seen in adult male, didn't already go through hell, already go through a public flogging after he was nominated to become a supreme court justice. here we're doing the same thing all over again. one year later. and the response by the left, it's even nuttier than before. take a listen to this from last year's hearing. >> not only to be heard but to be believed. >> i just want to say to the men in this country, just shut up and step up. do the right thing. judge jeanine: and this united states senator supposedly went to law school but clearly skipped the class on presumption of innocence. forget a trial, due process or even a hearing. the constitution be damned. all women need to be believed, period. well i've spent my career prosecuting crime and i've long fought for a level playing field, particularly for women. the often sigh leapt and
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forgotten victims of crime. i started the first domestic violence unit in a prosecutor's office in the nation in the late '70s. as district attorney i created and fully supported a sex crimes bureau. my cre crew said for crusade fod children existed before it was vogue. before there was me too, there was me. i respect facts, i know the law and i understand what's at stake here. the constitutional rights of all americans are etched in stone and no vengeful radical trying to resist the constitution, the presumption of innocence, the bill of rights is going to change the fundamental and judicial system in this country. and along with them, the "the new york times" runs a high profile story attacking kavanaugh without even talking to the alleged accuser, only talking to friends who say she remembers nothing and doesn't
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recall anything. and furthermore, wants no part of any of this. so how does this turn into a "the new york times" story. tell me! well, we'll start with the democrat clinton lawyer named max diier who defended bill clinton when brett kavanaugh was the lead prosecutor in the clinton impeachment case. no victim, no witnesses, a partisan accuser and it's time for brett kavanaugh to be flogged again. and the democrats' course of impeachment calls bell low through the halls of congress. >> deeply disturbing that someone on the highest court of the land could have this many allegations and this is why i filed the resolution to initiate an impeachment inquiry. judge jeanine: the "the new york times," that famous gray lady who must be losing her marbles says it all with their correction, an earlier version of the article did not include
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one element. you mean the one where the woman declined to be interviewed and her friends say she doesn't recall the supposed incident? you mean that one is the one that you left out? i am tired of the dismissal of the fundamental rules of our justice system. when it comes to republicans and conservatives. apparently members of congress don't care about this. they automatically believe a man is guilty if he's a republican or a conservative. these people are desperate to win at all costs and they have no feelings about taking down a man and his family. my friends, truth and justice don't change depending on political parties. women are to be believed when they come forward and sound credible. believability does not depend on the complainants politics. and all men accused have the
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right to be cloaked in the presumption of innocence unless and until the proof beyond a reasonable doubt shadows that presumption and it matter not what your politics are. i fear for lady justice. i fear for our bedrock constitutional rules that have made america what ronald reagan called the city on the hill. the radical left is doing everything they can to tear down that beautiful city. and that's my open. let me know what you think on my facebook and twitter, #judge jeanine. i want to talk about all of this with my first guest tonight but first i want to talk about the whistle-blower business that's making headlines. joe biden addressing the issue today by trying to show how tough he is, pivoting from his questionable dealings with u
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iranian officials to blasting president trump. take a listen. >> here's what i know. i know trump -- the investigation. he's violated every basic -- judge jeanine: but here's tough guy biden from about a year and a half ago bragging about ordering ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor who happened to be investigating a company on which biden's son served as a board member. >> i went over, i guess, the 12th, 13th time to kiev and i was supposed to announce that there's another billion dollar loan guarantee. and i had gotten a commitment from po por poroshenko that thed take action against the prosecutor and they didn't. i said no, i'm not going -- we're not going to give you the billion dollars. if the prosecutor is not fired,
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we're not giving you the money. well son of a bitch got fired. judge jeanine: let's talk about this with republican congressman mark meadows. okay, congressman. the issue seems to be that biden pressured ukrainian officials to fire the prosecutor investigating his son's business in the ukraine where it'sist mated he made millions in a business in which he has no expertise or training. so when he's asked in the initial part of that sound, you know, whether or not he talked to his son about doing business in the ukraine, the answer is no. his own son answered in a new yorker piece, and i think we have a full screen of it, and he said that he had spoken to his father, as hunter recalled, his father discussed ba ris mo, that company with him just once, dad said, i hope you know what you're doing and i said i do. so right on its face joe biden either didn't recollect or
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intentionally misled or lied by saying he never spoke to his son about the ukraine and the business there. but more significant, the interview with joe biden kind of takes a victory lap and says hey, look, i got the prosecutor fired because i was withholding billions from the ukraine. what's your take on that? >> well my take on that is exactly the kind of thing that they've been accusing president trump of all along. can you imagine if the prosecutor in ukraine, if his name was bob mueller, what would have happened. oh, my gosh, i mean, everything would have gone -- i want to talk about ukraine. you know, the democrats have really walked into it. because i can tell you that the investigation with regards to joe biden's son and also the investigation in terms of other dnc operatives working in the ukraine happened months ago. we've been following this, i've been working on this since back
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in may. so i can tell you, this is just not a russian hoax. that is a ukrainian hoax pep and and it's not by a legitimate whistle plower. there's reports out the there that the whistle-blower didn't learn about any of this on the job. actually it was hearsay. and so when you start to look at the blot tom lin bottom line of, one, it does need to be investigated. i'm calling on my democratic colleagues, let's look at it. and i think at the end of the day joe biden will be the one left with egg on his face. judge jeanine: while we talk about the democrats trying to get information of this whistle-blower and going after the president, it appears that the democrats may be hoisted on their own given the fact that if you want to talk about ukraine, if that is indeed the conversation that the whizzer whistle-blower is talking about, there's nothing more corrupt
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than withholding money in an effort to get a prosecutor to drop an investigation. and my sources are telling me that not only did he not give that money, joe biden, hour taxpayer money until the prosecutor was fired, but he had a hand in saying who the second prosecutor was. let me ask you this. if the president and rudy giuliani has talked about this. in the president had a conversation into whether or not joe biden leveraged american money to stop a ukrainian investigation, wouldn't that be a legitimate ask slorntion as ls there's no mention of money, no quid pro quo, no direction as to how it should end up? doesn't a president have a right to ask that question? >> certainly he has the right to ask that question, as long as he doesn't do what joe biden did, which says we're going to hold some money unless you have a particular type of action -- you know, listen. there have been rumors about this for a long time.
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obviously joe biden is even bragging about the fact that he used leverage on american taxpayer dollars. but more importantly than that, when we start to see the connection between ukraine -- and what we have now is a new government in ukraine. so all of the sudden the protections are falling apart. the president is right to ask about it. certainly -- if he did. here's the thing. you know, we don't even know what the conversation was all about. and i believe -- in fact, i have a strong belief, informed belief that indeed nothing inappropriate happened. and i can tell you here tonight that what we're going to do is get to the bottom of it. you know, there's another person, judge, and i know that perhaps we're not prepared to go here, but there was also a dnc operative, mr. what lew pa, that was paid in $2,016 to work with ukraine. now know what they said she was doing?
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working on a women's outreach in ukraine. maybe that's why hillary clinton lost wisconsin and lost pennsylvania because they were working on women's outreach in a foreign country. judge jeanine: but you know what? this is eerily like russia when they want to accuse the president -- and they are starting to do that, doing something wrong with the ukraine, it's like a boomerang. it comes back and hits them. hillary with the ukraine, joe biden and his son. his son had no expertise in energy making millions. and then in china, the reports are he made a billion dollars working in china? the chinese are not stupid. they are not stupid people. and for them to pay that kind of money -- in fact i was reading in "the new yorker" article that there was an individual that joe biden, hunter biden, his son was involved with who wanted to meet joe biden. and then hunter went with his father and joe biden and introduced his father, the vice
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president, to this asian partner who ultimately was arrested for corruption. and the partner's soash dwrait waassociate wasarrested for cor. this is dirty, dirty, dirty. in the end when everything comes up, if biden did play a central role in the energy policy in the ukraine and he's not going to try to turn the this around on donald trump, that's the biggest mistake of his life right now. >> judge, here's the interesting thing. i don't want to improperly accuse people of improper behavior. but adam schiff and his colleagues continue to spin the narrative over and over again of which they're guilty of. they'll accuse the president of colluding with rawsh sha. the only people that worked with with the russians was the dnc. i would think that the only people that actually worked with the ukrainians is that same group, the democrats and the
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hillary clinton campaign. and i think you'll see that. i welcome us looking at it. hopefully adam schiff and i can bring in and subpoena so people to really get to the bottom of this. at the end of the day it will not be pretty for them. judge jeanine: the week started out with the left's plot against the supreme court with brett kavanaugh and then we're ending up with another plot against president trump. and nothing much changes in washington, does it? >> well, they keep doing it. you know, they're trying to throw every accusation at the president and his team as much as they possibly can because they really have nothing. and they think if they keep going one after another after another that eventually the american people will side with them. the exact opposite is happening. the exact opposite is happening. judge jeanine: we'll see. congressman mark meadows thanks for being with us this evening. and the chaos on the hill continued this week with the first of the dems faux
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impeachment hearings. >> virtually every committee and virtually every investigation. >> you followed their instructions and you're doing what they thought you would do. you are a loyal soldier. >> the president cannot hide behind you any longer. you should be here to be telling the truth. the truth will set you free. >> i'd be happy to answer your question or you can have a conversation with yourself but if you'd like to ask me a question. >> i'm going to continue. this is a house judiciary. >> i think this fake russian collusion narrative is the greatest crime committed against the american people. this is a president dually elected by the american people and members of certain bodies refuse to accept those election reports. judge jeanine: corey lewandowski at the center of it all joins me now. it's the first hearing of the fall by the congressional
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committee here, their alleged impeachment effort. nont know what this one in particular was. was it a good idea -- two questions. was it a good idea for them to start with you number one and describe the hearing in one word. >> i think it was a great idea because hopefully i set the tone to remind the american people there was no collusion, there was no obstruction and we already knew that. and for one word, chaos. judge jeanine: i would have said the exact same thing. all you have to do is listen to that and listen to what was going on there. i mean, look, this is serious stuff. i mean, you're sworn to tell the truth. you're under oath. people are gunning for you. they're trying to get you to say something and trip you up which would affect the president, affect you. i mean were you a little nervous, a little concerned? >> well, of course, judge. and you have to remember, i spent countless hours preparing. because when any american
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citizen is subpoenaed before congress, they need to take that seriously. but what we saw immediately upon this committee hearing starting, they never wanted to find out the truth. they know the truth. the truth was in the mueller report that said no o obstructi. they wanted to call me names, they wanted to attack this president and they want to try to make a narrative that we need to impeach the president. if the president is guilty of a crime, it's of putting america first and that's the only crime this president is guilty of. judge jeanine: let me ask you, you any, if you heard the previous segment with congressman mark meadows. with the democrats now trying to make something out of this alleged whistle-blower and this conversation the president may have had that we don't even know, but it appears it may have been about the president of ukraine. i understand there with 25 people on any given phone call with the president from this country and the other country. the president isn't the kind of guy who is going to say
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something untoward is me on a conversation like that? >> of course not. joe biden admitted this publicly many times. he was proud of the fact that he pressured members of the ukraine to stop this investigation so his son could make money. our president didn't do anything of the sort. and the difference now is the media doesn't like the fact that they can't get the donald trump when it became the collusion narrative, the obstruction narrative or the impeachment narrative. now they want to go after him on this. these people are unhinged. when they say this is what joe biden did, they say there's nothing to to see there. jiend didn't do anything wrong. but donald trump had a conversation which was completely appropriate and now they're saying this is the impeachable defense. these people have trump derangement syndrome. judge jeanine: i'm going to say quickly nadler came out and said lewandowski's own conduct provided evidence of obstruction. that poor man sees obstruction everywhere. i don't know if they read the mueller report or not.
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corey lewandowski, thanks for being with us tonight. >> thank you, judge. judge jeanine: house minority leader kevin mccarthy weighs in on the whizzer blower scandal involved joe biden and the president and more. "justice" is back in a moment. with discounts on car insurance. -what? ♪ -or maybe he didn't know. ♪ [ chuckles ] i'm done with this class. -you're not even enrolled in this class. -i know. i'm supposed to be in ceramics. do you know -- -room 303. -oh. thank you. -yeah. -good luck, everybody.
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judge jeanine: welcome back to "justice" on this busy night of news. earlier i spoke with white house minority leader kevin mccarthyant the whistle-blower accusations, crazy impeachment hearings and more. thanks for being with us tonight. i want to start with this talk about the whistle-blower and the democrats falling over each other to get in front of a
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camera over something that no one knows what it involves. can you explain it to us? >> no one has seen the complaint. nobody knows who the whistle-blower is. is this a person that's upset because they've been fired. it's irresponsible of the media to run with something. the "the new york times" found that when they ran with something without all of the facts. and really when you think about this, this looks like a lot about the hoax stuff before that they tried to bring up with this president. this president should have a relationship with other leaders around the world. that's the responsibility of the president. but what the media should start looking at, remember what joe biden said and what joe biden did with ukraine. judge jeanine: yeah. >> withheld money to get a prosecutor fired in a place that you wonder what his son was doing. judge jeanine: yeah. so his son wouldn't be kb continue to be investigated. but right now you know know any more than that, what the substance of this alleged whistle-blower complaint is? >> i don't know the motive, i
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don't know the person or the complaint, the substance. all we know is the media is trying to drive something. judge jeanine: here we go again. speaking of that, let's talk about the democrats efforts to impeach. they started with cory le corey lewandowski. that felled flat. >> that backfired on them. they had a conference after that with where the speaker was upset with nadler. democrats are wondering why nadler is staying as chair of this committee. you've got a crisis at the border, you've got inspector general reports come in that they're not bringing inspector whhorowitz in. he's got tech companies. he's not overseeing that. all of these things that have jurisdiction with this committee, nadler is doing nothing but creating an imaginary impeachment that is going nowhere. judge jeanine: i doubt it's bringing any votes to the left behind the fact that are so many more issues which brings us to
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california. what is going on with the homelessness, san francisco, with diseases. what happened. what's going on there? >> well, what happened is democrats took over california. they did prop 47, prop 57 and public low 109 where they decriminalized heroin, cocaine, let people out of prison early and put them out on the streets. now we have medieval diseases we have not seen in decades. and these are diseases that are moved by infecte infected fleasd rats. now people many who work in city hall are getting these diseases based upon the number of homelessness. and you have a ninth circuit court that made decisions like the jones act where you can't remove somebody from the street to give them treatment without a bed. you've got to give them a three-day notice before you take the tent cities away. judge jeanine: you've got to give them a three-day notice before you move them in what if
6:27 pm
they move down the street? how do you know if it's the same guy. >> that's the problem. there is one person who has a common sense conservative view, the mayor of san diego, kevin fawk. anfaulconer. he's taken the veterans, found jobs for them. done a wrap around with health care. but l.a. and san francisco run by the socialist democrats has gotten worse. they're losing convention. judge jeanine: someone sent me a photo of a man defecating in on a street in front of people sitting at a restaurant. i can't fathom that is happening. but when you talk about all of these propositions, you know, with people being let out of jail. but the idea of leprosy, what is this come from? >> this comes from the lack of cleanliness. this comes from the sanitation and others. imagine this. san francisco, silicon valley,
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technology was pretty much created, they now have apps to show you where people have defecated around the city. that is what this has come to and it's because of the democratic policies that have allowed this. before, when we analyze this -- and i did a big homeless conference in my own community to get people together to solve the problem and i brought the san diego mayor up there. he's handling this correctly. but the number one thing you have to find, they're addicted to drugs. you've got to get them treatment. or it's mental illness. many times before when you did not decriminalize heroin and cocaine, people were going to the local jail but they were getting treatment at the same time. now we're putting them back on the street and now they're causing problems with crime, taking over cities and now our own health is in jeopardy. judge jeanine: congressman, thank you for being with us. good luck on that one. >> thank you, judge. you got a great new book. judge jeanine: thank you.
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tom fitton and charlie kirk still ahead. but next i'm the whistle-blower. kind of. i'll be a referee as the panel debates the latest screams for impeachment next.
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. lye from america's news headquarters. senator cory booker's presidential campaign manager warning that the new jersey democrat could soon drop out of the 2020 race if it does not get a fund-raising boost soon. in a memo to staff booker's campaign manager said that they must raise an additional $1.7 million by the end of the third quarter. which is just ten days away. or the campaign will not have a quote legitimate long term path forward. a who's who of washington gathering to pay tribute to legendary journalist cokie roberts. she passed away on thursday.
6:33 pm
a mass was held today in washington, d.c. nancy pelosi delivered the eulogy calling robert as national treasure. roberts is survived by her husband and her two children and six grandkids. back to "justice." if you're looking to trump, trump is doing this because he knows i'll beat him like a drum and he's using an abuse of power and every element of the presidency to try to do something to smear me. judge jeanine: that's former vice president joe biden blasting the president once again today, trying to deflect from his own shady dealings with ukrainian officials on behalf of his son. my panel is here and fired up to jump right into the debate. stephanie hamill and chris hawn.
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how long has it been since you've been in aid. >> a long time. judge jeanine: we're taking that out. i'm sick of reading that. you've got joe biden. he's going to beat the president like a drum. now i just looked it up during the break. i remember last year he said if he was in high school with the president he'd beat him up -- beat the hell out of him if they were in high school. and then i remember him saying a couple of years ago he's going to buy a shotgun and fire a shotgun from his porch. has this guy got male issues? chris? >> i think he was talking about in an election he would beat him like a drum. judge jeanine: what about the other two? >> i don't like -- look, i never like it when anybody threatens violence in a political campaign. i think we should all talk about issues and move on from there and never threaten physical violence against our opponent innocentsor people who support r
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opponents. it's time to grow up and not do that. but if it's true, it shows that the president is very much afraid of joe biden and he should be. judge jeanine: should joe biden be afraid of the fact that he himself admitted to pressuring the president of the ukraine and leveraging our money to make sure a prosecutor investigating his son and his son's company was taken off and then he was proud of it? that's not too smart. >> so, joe biden wasn't the only one pressuring to get rid of that prosecutor. in fact the entire international community wu because that prosecutor would not prosecute the former leaders crimes -- judge jeanine: that's not the issue. >> hold on a second. judge jeanine: that's not the issue. the issue is his leveraging our money to get it done and his son was to benefit that.
6:36 pm
go ahead, stephanie. >> no. >> yeah. and the person that was fired for investigating his son was fired several hours after that because the ukraine was so worried about not getting the funds. if we want to talk about obstruction of justice, we have it on videotape. you played it earlier in your segment of joe biden saying exactly what he did. but everyone seems to be looking the other way. the media are looking the other way. the democrats pretend it didn't happen. the things they're accusing president trump of are totally absurd. off of anonymous sources and hearsay and all of these other things. what i know today is that the deep state is alive and well. that's why we're hearing these leaks. if president trump did have a conversation with the ukrainian president and suggested maybe if there was some sort of wrongdoing it should be looked into, there's nothing wrong with that. there was no quid pro quo. what's the issue. on the other hand we have joe biden's son hunter who was collecting millions of dollars and appointed to this position for a natural energy and
6:37 pm
ukrainian issues when he's not an expert in that? come on, chris. i know you're smarter than this. >> so, stephanie -- first of all, this prosecutor that was filed never was investigating hunter biden. judge jeanine: really? you know that, chris? >> yes, i do. judge jeanine: oh, really? >> we all know that. those are the facts. judge jeanine: based on what. >> i don't know what facts you're reading. >> even if you believe all of that, everything that the right is putting out about hunter biden and joe biden, even if you believe that, there was an inspector general who deemed a whistle-blower complaint to be urgent and credible. that inspector general was appointed by the trump administration. judge jeanine: okay. >> congress is entitled to hear that complaint. mccarthy was just on he's part of the gang of eight. he should be saying why aren't i seeing something i'm entitled to. this is obstruction of congress and if the president did what we're hearing he did, that is bad, that is wrong and he will be impeached for it.
6:38 pm
judge jeanine: the president has every right to ask another president to look into alleged corruption as long as there's no money passing hands. >> no. judge jeanine: let me finish. longs i as long asas long as tho quo. cut it out. go ahead. it's not your turn. go ahead, stephanie. >> i was going to say, if twhruz no wrongdoing there, why did hunter biden just excuse himself from his position right before biden announced for president? i mean, it's pretty obvious that there was something going on there. so the democrats love investigations so much, they should look into this. >> you know what? judge jeanine: go ahead, chris. >> if you want to play that game, why doesn't the president release the transcript so we can all read it. if leif there's no wrongdoing t, we will be shocked and you will not be able to defend him jj after two and a half year you were russia, russia and now it's
6:39 pm
ukraine. and you are going to lose in 2020. >> whistle-blower suddenly. judge jeanine: yeah. all right. let's talk about my favorite presidential candidate within bill deblasio. i am holding up in front of you the new york post, the front page. bill deblasio's presidential campaign dead of ego induced psychosis. the body has been in ri rigor mortis for some time. he died doing what he loved best. being as far away from new york city as possible. i could go on and on. in lieu of flowers, deblasio asked for do nations to his slush fund. a lot of money on the democrats' side these days they're being accused of. but i have to ask you. who do you think in the end is going to be the candidate? chris, go ahead. >> well, it's going to be warren orthopaedior widen right binde n
6:40 pm
happen. there's room for butte tej or bernie sanders to come back. as for deblasio, i rarely agree with the president but he was right when he said he had one advantage, height. judge jeanine: you want to add anything? >> de blasio is going back to his three-hour workouts. maybe he'll take a helicopter from brooklyn so he doesn't have to deal with transportation. and then he's going to hang out in his mansion that has three walls. judge jeanine: i guess they're all against them unless it's for them. thanks. tom fitton of judicial watch with new information. stay here. he joins me next. biopharmaceutical researchers.
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judge jeanine: outrage tonight 0 over the dems ridiculous whistle-blower witch hunt to try to take down president trump. when the real story as we've been telling you is former vice president's biden's conflicting response to this ukraine controversy involving his son hunter. joining me now, judicial watch totom fitton. all right, tom, has judicial watch ever been involved in seeking any information as it relates to ukraine and the obama administration to start with the very general question? >> oh, yeah, we have four pending but as per erbil, the state department has been slow walking or slow walling or ignoring our requests for information. what i think is interesting is that you have three understand
6:45 pm
stances of the clinton operation, the dnc, through the dmc, you have -- asking ukraine for help during the election. you had the ukrainian government release information on the president's campaign manager magically in may of 2016 during the election. judge jeanine: manafort. >> after pressure from the obama administration. judge jeanine: right. >> that needs to be investigated. and then of course you have biden's direct intervention in the ukrainian government that had the happy coincidence of protecting his son from any serious investigation at least in the ukraine. you have the ukrainian intervention in our elections last term, in 2016, and the president is right to be asking if indeed he did, that that be investigated at least by the ukrainian government. judge jeanine: well, not only is he -- he does have that right, if there is corruption going on at our end, i mean we need to know about it, certainly, and he has a right to ask about it. but you know, the hypocrisy is
6:46 pm
so apparent. i want you to listen to this sound from barack obama. >> my last election -- judge jeanine: as the democrats continue, and they will not stop until they find out what the essence of this whistle-blower complaint is, after all these years, have we ever found out what barack obama was talking about in that off-mic moment when he promised vladimir putin, through one of his agents, that he would certainly have more flexibility after the election? i mean i didn't see republicans running for hearings to try to find out what was going on. why -- i'm not going to get on the republicans right now, and i could because i don't think they fight as well as the democrats do. but you know, that's pretty
6:47 pm
significant. and at the same time we still don't know what that was about, do we? >> no, we don't have the details about it. and this really isn't about what president trump did, per se. this is just the next phase of the coup. you have someone in the president spying on the president or passing along rumors they're hearing as a result of their work and they tn abusing the law, the whistle-blower statute to pretend the president is involved in an act of something required by the whistle-blower law to be exposed. in fact what they're trying to do is freeze the president from being able to have any communications with foreign leaders for fear of it being leaked improperly through this process. this is not only damaging to the president personally, but it's an attack on the presidency and our ability to conduct foreign policy. look, this transcript, i can see
6:48 pm
why there would be pressure to release it. but if it's released, what is every other foreign leader going to think when they talk to the president, that their communications are going to be out there for the world to see. this is a real effort to, again, make sure the president can't be president. and it's a coup by any other name. judge jeanine: the radicals continue to resist and the revenge is stunning. everyone around joe biden was apparently, according to the new yorker article, horrified by what was going on with his son and having these dealings in china and ukraine but they were afraid to talk to him. do you know why? >> because biden's son. that's why it was inappropriate for him to be involved in this money -- in these money laundering operations abroad. let's be clear here. the chinese were taking care of someone they thought was influential in the united states government by giving cash to his son. the same with the ukrainians.
6:49 pm
hunter biden wasn't invited because of his business acumen to join these boards. it was because of his connections. judge jeanine: thank you very much, tom. charlie kirk is standing by live, next.
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for people with parkinson's, some neurons change their tune, causing uncontrollable tremors. now, abbott technology can target those exact neurons. restoring control and harmony, once thought to belost forever. the most personal technology is technology with the power to change your life. session but with all of the ridiculous liberal marches and rally that kids are being permitted to skip school for, you wouldn't know it. we're talking grade school, young children too young to understand that they're literally being indock nateed by the left. the host of the new podcast charlie kirk joins me now with more. charlie, i want to talk about
6:53 pm
this climate change rally. apparently there are a million kids who were able to opt out of school and, you know, protest and show their support for climate change. and i don't know if any republican issues that they're allowed to leave school for and show their support for. is this just me being skewed or is this realistic? >> you're totally correct. and so new york city alone, the students, given off this last friday to go protest against the climate. first thought. it's not a protest if the authorities are giving you permission to go do this. and the word protest means there might be disciplinary action taken against you for standing what you believe in. the new york city example is so egregious. 84 cities in the city of new york are deemed failing by the
6:54 pm
state standard. that's 14% of black kids in the public school system in new york city are proficient of reading at grade level and they've been given signs to 0 protest. some of them can't read the signs that are being given to them because the teachers are not doing their job. could you imagine if these kids wanted to protest the schools that are failing them and the public sector teacher unions failing them. they would be called truant. this is allowe allowed tunecy. the left always needs controversy and chaos so they can divide us to get themselves more power. judge jeanine: you know, as i go around talking about radicals resistance and revenge, people say where did it start. i say, you know, it's not just colleges, high school and middle school, but now i'm finding out it's even in grammar school. we have photos of children who are actually -- i believe it's in california, who are actually
6:55 pm
kindergarten age who were going out there protesting the whole school is protesting the president, and demanding that the president close the camps. and we have sound where these kids are actually saying, you know, take the wall down brick by brick. and the president is keeping kids in camps. and these kids are five years old. they're in kindergarten. they have no way of understanding the issue but they are being indoctrinated. why is it that this is happening and why aren't people on the right -- i mean you're in the universities, charlie. why isn't there an effort at least by school boards or people to get involved in school board elections to make sure that people are being taught at least american history and supporting the constitution? >> it's so critical. and, judge, right here and right now there should be a call for a national school board movement for decent minded common sense american to take back their local schools. it is unbelievable that's
6:56 pm
happening. and what we do at turning point usa is focus on high school and college campuses. we're finding it hit people at five, six and seven years old. the textbooks are misrepresenting american history. and the left are creating a generation of activists, not a generation of decent people. its not about teaching values or morals or the history of the country, it's teaching anger not gratitude to be in america. they're creating an angry generation despite how good things are. judge jeanine: isn't that the truth. charlie kirk thanks for being with us. always lovely listening to you. and we'll be right back. bl
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finally, if you're fed up with the radicals resisting the president, it's time to buy my book. it's a must read in this crazy world of radical liberals trying to remake america everyday and take down the president. we are trying to remake the
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supreme court by getting brett kavanaugh impeached. this community knows no end. i'm advocating for truth, justice and the american way. >> we are stopping at the moon. the moon is a launching pad. that's why we are stopping at the moon. [laughter] will be doing the moon but really we will do mars. [laughter] >> i can see it now, mars. [laughter] all right, another banner week for the media. if by banner you mean stupid.


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