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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  September 22, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> i am jon scott, a slightly extended version of "the fox report," update on president trump across country travels today, preparing to head to new york city after visiting two world leaders in two se separate states. president just wrapped up a tour with a ought of australian manug plant in ohio with the prime minister of australia. before that he was in texas with india's prime minister. he is now in ohio now with more, mark. >> good evening, it felt like a
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scacampaign rally, it was interesting to watch, the crowd cheered for australian investment here in u.s. i am in a warehouse of a new paper mill, about an hour north of dayton, ohio. is it to open in a couple weeks, president and australia prime minister came here to show this is what happens when australia investment plays out in united states, president trump had nothing but praise for australia as well as the prime minister, saying that u.s. knows no greater ally, this is a relationship that continues to benefit both countries, this is all part of australian prime minister's visit to the united states, you are seeing video of president on tour of this paper mill, he was the here the last 45 minutes on this tour. president also talking to the crowd, saying he was to glad to hear so many veterans had a chance to get hired with the
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company, australia prime minister had nothing but parade are in presiden-- praise for pr, saying this was an opportunity for both countries to benefit. no doubt ohio will be a very important part of president's 2020 strategy, not surprising we'll see more events like this tonight. >> i was in ohio on the 2016 electstion. ohio has an almost unblemished record in picking the winner in presidential elections. president trump would like to pick up as many votes in that pivotal state as he can, part of the the reason he is there. >> absolutely, this is not his first visit to ohio since taking office, this is a dozen now, the crowd here today, not a surprise of a very -- was they very pro-trump crowd, making our way around town there were a lot of trump maga hats, and flags, and
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president remarked to say he was amazed how many hats were out. and he asked do you people see this as keep america great or make america great. it did not have the flair of 2020. instead focusing on the present, australia to make sure there are investment here in u.s. is part of a strategy as they expand business. fascinating to see the end of the visit with the australian prime minister, they have had nothing but great things to say about each other. >> thank you, mark. and there are plenty more on the big story lines in the white house. coming up, next on "fox news sunday." chief white house correspondent john roberts is in for chris wallace, he will speak with president's rudy guliani about
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the whistle-blower controversy involving ukraine. and situation with iran. tensions running very high with that country. democratic senator, ben carden of maryland sits down, on "fox news sunday." that is going to fill up the rest of this hour. that is how "fox reports" this sunday, i am jon scott, thank you for joining us, we will now join "fox news sunday."
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does that demand a military response? president trump would like to have a diplomatic solution. that is what we've been aiming for, for over two years now with stronger antions that hav -- sat have been put in place. so they can get the regime to cease behaving in a way. >> there are reports this morning that houthi militants in yemen have warn both saudi arabia and united states that iran may be plan another attack
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in saudi arabia, is that true? >> i have seen that reporting, i will not talk about american intelligence and what we know. we concerned that iran will continue to behave in the way it has for 40 years, it did so before the jcpoa, and they continue to act in ways that are consistent with our obligation, i am here this week with united nations. whole world understands that iran is the bad actor. the evil force the in the region, i hope this week here in new york the whole world will come together to convince the iranian leadership this dedave -- behavior is unacceptable. john: that will be a handful, yes. >> this is the world's responsibility to respond from these state on state acts of war. that took place in saudi arabia this past week.
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john: if iran were to launch in middle of this another attack against the saudi arabia, wouldu u.s. have any other option but to respond militarily. >> unlike the previous administration, we do our best to talk about what we'll do, but american people and iranian people should know, america is ready to respond in america's nationanational interest. >> many military and foreign policy experts, believe in calling off the retaliatory strike in response to drone shoot down, the president signals to iran there are no consequences for its malign activities. >> there have been consequences, real consequences irk the iranian economy will shrink between 10 and 15% in the year in front of us, we took a handful of actions, some of
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which i cannot talk about. there were consequences. the iranians are not looking for a green light, they have behaved poorly for 40 years, not the case any particular response has allowed the iranians to think they have freedom to move about the cabin. the leadership understands that president trump will take appropriate acted and imposeapprop aappropriate costs. john: you mentioned that sanctions, that president trump put on iran on friday, he said they were sanctions at highest level, if they don't work, what is next, what is left. >> well, they are working. toughest of the sanctions, essential ban on the iran i can't ability to tell crude oil in -- >> i mean if they don't work to bring iran to the table? >> secretary said friday night, we're prepared to ways that are
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necessary to achieve the outcome that president trump is clear in laying out, we want iran to behave like a normal nation. john: mr. secretary, is it possible if there were a retaliatory military strike against iran it would be able to be contained? or would it, a warned erupted to all out conflict in the middle east, could involve israel. >> we're aware of was risks, that is why we want to resolve this in i way that does not resort to kinetic acted. as for za -- i don't know why anyone listens to him, we need to make sure we got right thing, to protect, secure america, do our best to provide resources to emirates and saudis. and when we do those things, i
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am confident we'll have set the conditions for deterrents, if that should continue to fail i am confidence president trump will take actions that are necessary. john: let's switch to this whistle-blower complaint. we still don't en the substance, but it seems to revolve around a july 25 conversation that president had with icrannian ukn president. we heard reports from "wall street journal" that report asked the president of ukraine about 8 times to have ukraine work with his attorney rudy julian to investigate joe biden and his son hunter biden in the ukrainian gas company, in your mind is that a proper conversation. >> i was asking me, i have seen wanting and have not i don't
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know if it has any foundation. i have watched president engage with uraniu urain-- ukrainian l. the people could fight back against the over taking of sight of ukrainian. the previous administration allowed vladimir putin to take one fifth of the country. we'll see the ukrainian president this week. i hope that if vice president biden engaged in behavior that was inappropiate, a conflict of interest or allowed something to take place that interfered with elections, i hope we do get to the bottom of that. john: i assume that have you seep a transcript of telephone call that president had with ukraine president. should a transcript be released. >> i will leave that to the
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white house, they are private conversations between world leaders, it is not often they are released. john: i assume have you seen the transcript, is it as described in "wall street journal"? >> i have not seen the "wall street journal" piece, there is a lot going on in the world. john: right, the whistle-blower complaint reportedly alleges a quid pro quo or promise made to a foreign leader, "wall street journal" reports this was no evidence of a quid pro quo in the call. was there a qui quid pro quo, a request to investigate biden and or his son. >> i have watched this president evaluate how, when to extent we should provide support to ukraine. we have been at center of that. those they have been 100%
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appropriate and lawful and ensuring that american text payers were protected. we got good outcomes in ukraine when we used american tax dollars to support ukrainian leadership, every time. john: if there was a quid pro quo, would there be a problem. >> you are asking me to give a legal analysis on a hypothetical report i have not seen, come on. john: if an american leader says something to a foreign leader, we might do this for that, is that a problem. >> -- it is my duty to protect america. by making sure when foreign assistance is provided to country, that america benefits from that, it is appropriate to make sure that american taxpayers dollars are used appropriately. john: do you believe there should be an investigation into
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hunter biden's involvement? j? >> i will leave that to others. if it is justifiable. john: before we go. are you ruling out a run for senate from kansas next year in. >> i said the same thing for a long time. as long as president trump has me as secretary of state, that is what i'm going to continue to do. john: i am sure he would like that, do you still haves on spirations. -- a as aspiration. john: thank you. next week coming up president trump's personal attorney, rudy guliani is joining us live in washington on that whistle-blower complaint, as impeachment talk amplifies. ty m customizes your car insurance,
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reports of a whistle-blower complaint, claims that president urged ukrainian president to investigate son of former vice president joe biden. to talk more about this about this rudy guliani welcome back. >> how are you? >> thank you for joining us. let's clear something up. this exchange between you and chris cuomo on cnn in which you appeared to first say you didn't ask ukraine to investigate joe biden or his son then you seemed to change your mind. >> did you ask ukraine to investigate joe biden? >> no, actually -- >> you never asked anything
4:19 pm
about hunter biden. >> i asked to get to bottom of how it was the that would dismiss the case. >> you did ask. >>.>> of course i and. >> no was wrong, i corrected it immediately. i corrected it before he corrected if. the . they are trying to say, i went for a political mission to get joe biden in trouble. ridiculous. i went there as a lawyer defending his client. i have known about this for 5 months, i've been trying to get people to cover this for 5 months. talk about this ukrainian collusion, large, and
4:20 pm
significant and proven with hillary clinton. and ambassador. with an fbi agent who is now been hired by george soros who is funding a lot. when biden got prosecutor fired, new prosecutor who biden approved, you don't get to approve a prosecutor in a foreign country, unless something fishy is going on, new prosecutor dropped case not just on biden's kid but the company he worked for, that was done as a matter of record in october of 2016, after he got tanked, and he also dropped case on george soros company, an tax -- they were producing false information about trump biden. fusion gps there was, listen to nelly ohr's testimony, saying there was a lot of contact between democrats and the ukraine. i have all of the contact -- why have all contacts, when it comes
4:21 pm
out we look at china and 1.5 billion that the biden family took out of china, that guy was negotiating for us, it will be bigger than spiro agnew. john: you went there to investigate alleged ukrainian interference. >> i -- i -- >> when did it morph to an investigation of joe biden and hunter biden. when it is appropriate? >> you characterize it. john: that is the way it appears. >> no, it does not. that is how pro-biden media lines it up. someone said, this i this is in. -- between you and your client. because biden had the guy fired.
4:22 pm
his statement on record, laze press could go read it. there are 3 videotapes on record. available on here nobody has covered for 5 months, this town protects joe biden. family has been taking money from his public was on the for years, 1.5 billion from china, our vice president, is supposed to be impartially, and independently negotiating for us. and the kid he takes him on air force 2 to china. john: in 2013. >> the kid unfortunately is a drug addict, china did not give 1.5 billion to his kid biden's kid, a recovering drug addict, carries stepson -- kerry's stepson and "whitey" bulger's nephew, look it up. john: this is a company called
4:23 pm
rosemont -- let me come back. >> for a second, white "whitey" bulger's nephew, from china that does not shock you. john: lit me stop for a second, we're throwing a lot of ukrainian names that people don't know. victor shoc shokan . there was some allegations that there was some monkey business with bar is ma. joe biden went to ukraine. in 2016. and said i am going to with hole more than a billion in loan gore guarantees unless you fire this prosecutor. >> i said i'm telling you, you are not getting a billion, i'm going to be leaving here, i think 6 hours, we're living in 6 hours, prosecute ser no prosecu,
4:24 pm
you are not getting money. johnmoney. >> they said he needs to go. he needs to go. >> what does it matter if the son is under investigation, he did not disclose that. does it not strike you as strange he would tell that story, and not say his son's company was major defend int. do you know why he was fired? do you know how the kid was paid 3 million from ukraine to latvia, to cyprus, to ros rosem. i have record, gave him all
4:25 pm
information but two people, hunter biden, and john kerry's stepson, i am sorry, john kerry's speech righter, th writo is best friend of his stepson. he went over their got him fired, next day, people showed up. and they started working on getting case for the kid dismissed as well as face for soros, that brings me into it. you said i went there to get dirt on joe biden, do you know what i find out about joe biden. i told my colleague, they are going to cover this up, too bad biden is involved, i have a night straight case of ukrainian collusion, the minute i say biden, washington press corps will go nuts. john: now you are stray -- >> i am straying to what is wrong with us today. john: we need to point out that
4:26 pm
prosecutor appoints after shokanwas fired, resurrected, and found that hunter biden was paid millions but said that the board of barisma was able to pay a board member whatever they wanted. >> so distorted. john: just a fact. >> he is the prosecutor that biden put in, there is a newspaper article where biden approves him, that does not strike you assed on odd? >> did you bother to look. >> one another point. >> no, let me finish. this is unfair. these are very important things that have been covered for years to protect slimy joe. reality, is there are three other prosecutor, you have to do go on-line, 3 others. that say, that this is done to get rid of biden to cover-up
4:27 pm
hunter and cover-up soros. one is constant koliag,and shokan, the three were officials, one is still an official of the ukrainian government, you could listen to them on tape telling, that they may all be lying. john: one more point. >> biden's chosen prosecutor. john: okay, you made that point, one more. >> you find out there is great deal of suspicion. john: i don' joe biden yesterdad he never discussed overseas business with his son. >> do you believe that. >> do you believe that. >> i am flying my son to china, how long is that flight? john: a while. >> 15 hours. on air force 2, i'm going to negotiate with chinese to help america, my son is going there to negotiate to help biden
4:28 pm
family, when he comes back, 8 days later, the kid gets a billion dollars in his ridiculous private equity fund. someone cone neckeconnected to f u.s. and biggest gangster in america, the son does not say to him, i got a billion dollars, by the way, joe said it -- contradicted by the son, the son said, i talked to my father about it. their was an international dees december 9, raising hell thered by en biden's son being on most corrupt company board of ukraine and how strange it looks. was he doing business in venezuela. you tell me that vice president of united states, was their for
4:29 pm
8 years, his son is taking millions from some adversary of the u.s. >> i'm saying we have to go. >> this only time i get to point out a large scandal, it is your job, not just fine, i am defendeds my client. client. >> we're out. john: >> we know of w.h.o. two, a cont with ukraine and china, since joe says. not selling swamp media on fact he did not know, joe, how many more conflicts are there? venezuela? cuba? russia. john: we have to leave it mr. mayor. >> those people. john: we're out of time, but we'll keep looking into this. >> it will get bigger and bigger and everything i say, i can prove. john: rudy thank you. >> take me on. >> appreciate it. john: coming up reaction to president's iran policy with top
4:30 pm
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islamic regime said it is ready for any scenario. joining me in washington. welcome back. >> john great to be with you. john: u.s. sending more troops and defensive weapon to saudi arabia and united emirates to counter the threat from iran. your thoughts? >> this is a dangerous situation, there could be a miscalculation, temperature could not be hotter between united states and iran. our job is to isolate iran. iran is the bad actor. what president needs to do is get international coalition to
4:34 pm
continue to work gains iran's support of terrorism. challenge. we're having difficulty with our european allies to get type of support we need, but we have to isolate iran. john: there are reports from houthis to saudi arabia and to united states, i don't know if you saw my question to secretary of state, that iran is planning another attack in saudi arabia. if iran were in the middle of this, launch another attack at saudi arabia, would that demand a military response? >> there is not a military solution to the problem of iran. we need to make diplomacy work. clearly there could be a miscalculation, we is to defend ourselves, butt buty. >> if would be disastrous if we got into a fight war in iran. it would have consequences throughout the region, not in
4:35 pm
our national security interest. john: we have u.s. ramping up sanctions to iran, withdrawing from the jcpoa, which you yourself did not vote for. iran is countering shooting the drones, and launching missiles at oil facilities. they are in a shoo shooting war. if you let someone fire at you and yo you don't shoot back, are you not showing weakness. >> there were conversations with european about strengthening santions again iran for nonnuclear violations, we could have had that international support, tighten the economic pressure but still stay within the nuclear agreement. by pulling out. it is the view of europe this is an american problem rather then international. john: you know argument this president said, it covers
4:36 pm
nuclear but a sunset clause of a decade. does not do anything to rein in iran's malign activities. i point out you yourself did not vote for jcpoa . so why stay in a bad deal? >> i agree with that analysis, the way to fix it, to work with europe, our partners to deal with the nonnuclear vi violatio. make sure they stay in compliance with the nuclear obligations, they were in compliance with. but bottom line, we made -- isolated united states rather than isolating iran, and iran is the bad actor, no question. we don't know what they are going to do. but we need support of our international partners. john: how serious is iran about the jcpoa, u.s. pulled out, and there are still 5 signatures to
4:37 pm
it, but they are still violating the agreement. >> we know that u.s. sanction is having a major impact in their economy. causing them to roy calculate. >> mr. moment president trump says he is showing restraint. pointing fingers at iran, president saying, i will sa sit back and see how it plays out. >> i think that strong person's approach and the thing that does show strong would be showing a little bit of restraint. much easier to do it the other way. much easier. and iran knows if they misbehave they or borrowed time. >> have you president aides saying, act of war, iran is responsible. and president saying i'm waiting and seeing, leaving the door
4:38 pm
open to negotiation. could that be a good strategy? >> i don't think if it is an important week with most wol wod leaders meeting in new york. i hope we can get that type of unity with international community in regards to iran. so that the military options not the right option, i agree with secretary pompeo diplomacy should be the way. i agree. hopefully this week we could get type of support in new york to make a difference in calculation by iran, so they stop the horrible things. what they are doing is horrible. john: switch to the intelligence committee inspector general whistle whoer report, "wall street journal" reports that president had a conversation with ukrainian president. to work with julian to look into
4:39 pm
biden. saying, i know what the conversation was about, i think there was no pressure. you have democrats on one side call for president t president's impeachment, and ukrainian president saying i do not see pressure. >> we need to understand what happened. john: nobody made a connection about aid. >> there have been some reports there were 250 million held off. >> i think people have connected dots but nothing to back it up. >> let's find out. let's have transparency, we could find that out. information about the phone calls to be released. then we could see. but president chosen to date to not release it. these are serious allegations,
4:40 pm
let's find out. i don't want to reach a conclusion, i am suggesting to you, an allegation that president used his political office for partisan reasons we need to get to the facts. john: is there a case to be made to large an vis investigation te biden's involvement with ukraine. >> somebody ought to look into joe biden's statement. it was disgraceful he talked about billions of dollars he is not giving to a certain country unless a certain prosecutor is taken off the case. >> not one single credible outlet has given any credibility to his assertion. i have no comment but that president -- >> a lot of credible news
4:41 pm
organizations have been looking into their. the reporter in may, said friday, this could be a significant issue for joe biden. >> i know what happened in 2015 with the prosecutor. international community needed that prosecutor to live, congress wanted that prosecutor to leave. corruption was center problem we had with ukraine, maintaining our coalition against russia -- that was a policy that we wanted to implement. joe biden's issue has been looked at for a long time. findings there is no improper involvement. >> you don't want to prejudge the situation with the president and whistle-blower. a lot of your democratic colleagues are making a leap to impeachment. >> i think you need to get the
4:42 pm
facts. impeachment process is a way in which congress exercises its responsibility of checks and balances in our system. john: senator cardin thank you. >> thank you. john: coming up next, we bring in sunday group. ♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a drifter i was-- ♪ born to walk alone! ...barb! you left me hangin' on the high harmony there. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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call, visit, or go to zelensky. >> what would be consequence of a military strike to iran now. john: top diplomats in a war of words this week.
4:46 pm
time for your sunday group. are we going to war with iran. >> judging from your conversation with secretary pompeo, i would say not. i think odds are against us taking military action. john: he backed away from the strike, does that mean he cannot take military action? >> no, he could take military act at any time. we're seeing that mcmum mcmaximm pressure campaign from trump administration has met maximum resistance from iranian regime. that status quo, something that president prefers to all out
4:47 pm
war. john: kon congress says he has o come to congress for authization. >> i am a purest on this stuff, i think you should go to congress, unless it is in responses to an immediate, urgent national security thing. , congress has the sole authority to authorize war. it is anyone's guess. >> i think based on your question, there is no real end game in sight. we know that president does not want war. but he has also said we're locked and loaded. incredible for me to hear he is waiting for guidance from the saudis, i don't know if the saudis are reliable and
4:48 pm
trustworthy regime, they kill american journalists, 9/11 not to be forgotten. john: the united states sold saudi arabia. president made a big deal of it. >> we'll find out, making this justure to saudi arabia with limited deployment. saudi arabia has a lot of defensive abilities, provided by u.s. helped by united states. >> i think that key point is iran has denied responsibility. but we have no reason to trust that they are not responsible, at least supporting the hoo houi rebels. but we're trying to get out of afghanistan. there is no appetite in this country for starting another war without a clear end game in in sight. >> president's policy reflects that attitude.
4:49 pm
>> united states guaranteed free flow of oil from persian gulf. john: president trump leaving for houston, said this about his conversation with zelensky -- july 25. >> conversation that his with president of ukraine was perfe perfect. people better find out what these people are that are trying to subvert our country, here we go again. these are bad people, but conversation i had with the president of ukraine was absolutely a 10. john: a 10. is there anything wrong with president saying to president of the ukraine, why don't you work with rudy guliani and investigate what ties joe biden and00 ar hunter biden have.
4:50 pm
>> yes, it is soli soliciting hp from a foreign country for a campaign. >> people who -- president trump has some weird messaging on this on one hand he said fake news, on other hand he said he was spied on, that would suggest that allegations are true, rudy guliani takes break in he is a political hit man. and spend next 7 minutes as biggest political hit man they have seen. it could all be true. if president of united states tried to bind national security based on his own partisan self interest, that would be very bad. people would say he is justin
4:51 pm
interested in corruption. >> washington examiner had an article this morning suggesting that whistle-blower did not have first hand knowledge of this. but if you investigating the president, should you not also investigate the person who might become president? >> a lot of conversations in washington have begun with the word if. we don't know. i think advocates of impeachment in this case, carry a heavy burden. with russia investigation there was a lot of misreporting, when mueller report came out it did not provide data that democrats wanted to impeach. and all of these charges, have ilillustrated have a potential o boomerang on democratic party. john: juan. you heard ben cardin say he does
4:52 pm
not want to prejudge. you have other democrats not even waiting for evidence to look at reporting saying impeach him. off with his head, should they not wait? do they not have a responsibility to wait until we get facts. >> >> everyone should wait, but remember there is no reason to wait on transcript. if as president describes it nothing on toward took place. why is this that administration -- to obstruct congress. john: not the transcript but the complaint. >> the whole thing, transcript goes beyond the complaint. but idea this administration has through justice department stopped what is the law. the law says that if you have answer -- urgent come blaipt co. they would transfer to that
4:53 pm
congress, it not going on. >> it is a murky constitutional issue. >> one democrat we have not heard from calling for impeachment, speaker nancy pelosi, she set a standard we need to hear republicans be outraged not just democrats. john: should the transcript be released. >> i think they should release it. there is an issue of executive privilege. which also needs -- >> if this was obama, house republicans would have -- >> we have to go, thank you, juan. >> see you next sunday. >> coming up next, power player of the week, denzel washington, and club he said made him the man he is today. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> it's where i learned so many
4:57 pm
life lessons. just thinking i was having fun. chris: denzel washington is talking about the girls and boys clubs of america. they provide afterschool programs for 4 million young people and in the process changed lives. he was in washington last fall for the annual dinner. >> i remember that first day how special they made me feel. chris: and to honor the youth of the year. he has been going to his club since he was 6. >> i was a wild one. i had a lot of energy. chris: he remembers when a new kid came in and started running faster. one of his mentors took him aside. >> he said he had natural ability but his natural ability would only take him so far.
4:58 pm
so i applied that to my career when i started acting in college. chris: he won the first of his two oscars for his role in "glory." about an african-american it in unit in the civil war. for more than 30 years he has played a series of indelible characters. >> to protect the sheep you have got to catch the wolf. >> i was hoping to make $650 on broadway one day. and i did. chris: your father was a preacher and i read at various points in your life you thought about becoming a preacher. >> yes. it was possibl -- was. you never see a u-haul behind a
4:59 pm
hearse. so whatever you have to be you can got to deal with it here. chris: the kid are less likely to do drugs and volunteer more. maliki started his own program to improving reading. denzel washington says that's the real message here. >> we are bombarded so much with negative news, uncan feel like what's the use. but listening to these young people saying we are going to change it, we are going to do something about it. that's inspiring. reporter: chris asked denzel where he seize himself at this stage in his career and he said he uses his stuntmen more than he used to. chris is back next weekend.
5:00 pm
we'll see you next "fox news sunday." >> this hour -- >> maybe we'll all have wires coming out of our bodies one day. >> this is potentially saving people's lives? >> yes. maria: to transportation. to protecting our troops. >> i don't want the kill decision to be made by a sleep-deprived 19-year-old kid. maria: but what could it mean for humanity and is a.i. dangerous in the wrong hands. >> the political military version of a.i. is on the horizon. maria: when you hear the word artificial intelligence, what comes to mind.
5:01 pm
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