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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  September 22, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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as president of the united states. this is been so edifying and so enjoyable. dan bongino, god bless you. >> thank you. mark: don't forget that book, exonerated, i will see you next time on "life, liberty and levin". >> thanks, guys, have a great day. maria: good sunday morning, everybody, welcome, president trump speaking out short time ago on two breaking stories this morning, the fallout over the whistleblower complaint as acting intel chief now getting set to testify in capitol hill in the coming days, tensions with iran ahead of un assembly gathering in new york, join me ahead in sunday morning futures to react to all of that, senator lindsey graham, he will be here, the top republican on the house intelligence committee also here, congressman devin nunes joining me momentarily, also with me retired four-star general jack keane, preview of my special report on artificial intelligence, airs tonight at
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8:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news channel, all the stories coming up right here on sunday morning futures. ♪ maria: breaking news this morning, president trump hitting back at democratic front runner joe biden amid controversy over a whistleblower complaint, multiple outlets it was prompted by july phone call where the president asked the president of ukraine to investigate biden's son, here is the president a while ago before heading to houston later today for an event with the indian prime minister. >> that call was a great call, a perfect call, what wasn't perfect the horrible thing that joe biden said and now he made a lie that he never spoke to his son, i mean, give me a break, he's already said he spoke to his son and now he said yesterday firmly, who wouldn't speak to your son, of course,
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you spoke to your son, he made the mistake of saying he never spoke to his son, he spoke to his son, more importantly what he said about the billions of dollars that he wouldn't give them unless they fired prosecutor and then he bragged about how they fired the prosecutor and they got the money. maria: here is former vice president joe biden said yesterday while on the campaign trail in iowa. >> how many times have you spoken to your about overseas business dealings? >> i've never spoken to my son about overseas dealings. >> here is what i know, i know trump deserves to be investigated, he's violated every basic norm of a president, you should be asking him the question, why is he on the phone with a foreign leader trying to intimidate a foreign leader if that's what happened, that appears what happened, you should be looking at trump, trump know is doing this because
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he knowsly beat him like a drum, he's using this to smear this. ask the right question. maria: after the houston event today the president will head to ohio to tour manufacturing plant before ending his day in new york city ahead of his appearance at the un general assembly, looming large at this year's session trump administration announcing deployment of additional troops of saudi arabia and united emirates following attacks on saudi oil facilities, the u.s. blames iran and says its seeking prosecution, the leader rules out talks with the united states, president trump is not ready to go that far, watch this. >> nothing is ever off the table but i have no intention of meeting with iran. that doesn't mean it doesn't
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happen, i'm a flexible person, but we have no intention, it's not set up. >> a lot to talk about right now with the man of the four, he's the republican senator from south carolina, lindsey graham, the chairman of the senate judiciary committee and sit at senate appropriation's, foreign relations and budget committee, always pleasure to have you. >> thank you. maria: first list talk ukraine for a moment, does the president have to worry about when he has phone call? >> can you imagine future presidents having a phone call with a foreign leader and winds up going to congress, if that's not executive privilege moment i don't know, what would be, so the foreign minister of the ukraine said there's no pressure, they got the money, nothing has happened, but here is something that really did surprise me, joe biden said everybody has looked at this and found nothing, who is everybody, nobody has looked at the ukraine , nobody has looked at the role that ukraine played in
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2016 election, do you think the media in america would look at it and report on it if there was something bad for the bidens or they unduly interfered in 2016 election. here is what i'm calling for, calling for somebody in the justice department to look at all things ukraine, we looked at all things russia and trump, his family, everything about his family, everything transaction between the trump campaign and russia, now is time to see whether or not ukrainians released information regarding manafort, what relationships if any did the biden world have with the ukraine, what role did the ukraine play in 2016 election, so nobody has looked at this but somebody should so i'm hoping that the department of justice will look at the biden-ukraine connection that we looked at connection. can you imagine it was the trump
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family doing business like this? i like joe biden, i like him allot but you can't have it both ways here. they have done everything but turned the trump world upside down. when it comes to this president, there's no rules including a phone call. everything is fair game when it comes to trump, there are no privileges, so what i'm asking for is for us to take some time and effort to look at what the ukraine may have done in the 2016 election, what role if any did the bidens have with ukraine, was it proper or was it not, i promise you the american media is not going to look at it, i'm hoping the department of justice will do for the biden-ukraine connection would do for the trump-russia connection. maria: the american media is trying to turn what was a biden scandal into a trump scandal. >> i hope mr. barr doesn't allow that to happen, there's enough smoke here, there's enough concern about did the ukraine dump information into the american political system, legally system regarding manafort and others, was there
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relationship between the vice president's family and the ukraine business world that was inappropriate, i don't know, somebody other than me needs to look at it and i sure as hell don't trust the media to get to the bottom of it. maria: i want to move onto iran but you have important meetings today. >> yeah. maria: you'll be meeting with mr. erdogan and leadership of pakistan, anything that you want to tell us about upcoming meetings, what you would like to see? >> yeah, turkey is an important ally, they activate 400 that they bought from the russians, i hope we can find alternative to 400, we need turkey to stabilize syria, help us stabilize syria, i would like to get them back in f-35 program, they're strategic ally, so i'm going to meet with president erdogan to make sure we can salvage the republican that's very important. you want indoor in afghanistan, so do i, it will never end without pakistan, pakistan has put pressure on the taliban and
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if they keep putting pressure on taliban, there's no longer sanctuaries in pakistan, it would make it hard for taliban to keep war in pakistan. free trade agreement with united states and can you -- turkey and afghanistan can bring them on our side. maria: let's talk iran for a moment, we know at this point that it didn't look like based on the fingerprint that it was the houthi rebels in terms of hitting the saudi arabian oil fields, what kind of response do you want to see from the united states? >> one that will restore -- restore the relationship on our terms, restore the terms, the iotola is a religious nazi, when he says death to israel, he means, iranian religion is run
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by extremists, take over middest religiously and economically, they're bad people, they shoot their own people down in the streets to maintain power, so don't miss underestimate who we are dealing with here, this is not about oil, it is about nuclear weapons, trump has done more to punish iran since any president since reagan, attack on saudi arabia is act of war, if we give them in a pass everybody believe in the region that iranians will break out and get nuclear weapon and arabs will buy one and you will have nuclear middle east if you don't stop iran now. what did iranians do, they attacked ships, reagan attacked them, he shot up a couple of platforms and shot we are anian -- iranian vessels, sanctions are not enough, i give the president a ton of credit for taking iran on, it's a defining moment in presidency, if the
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iranians do not change behavior and do not get put back in a box, a matter of time that they will break out and have nuclear weapon and changes the world. maria: that changes everything, the sanctions have been debilitating, i spoke with vice president, he said it's working, listen to what he said, i have to get your reaction. >> maximum pressure campaign is working, the iranian economy is literally collapsing, the activities in the region regarding oil tankers, their support for houthis and support for terrorism are all evidence of increasing desperation by the iranians. maria: increasing desperation, senator, you want one step further, what kind of military move do you want to see? are we going to war with iran? >> if there's all-out war with iran, we will win it. what did reagan do when iran do, he hit oil platforms, we need to
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target them militarily. here is the point, the maximum pressure campaign has crippled the economy but iranians would eat grass if that's what it took to reach their goal and middle east dominance and one day have nuclear weapon, why they struck pipelines, why they now attacked largest oil field in the world under pressure, they are trying to break the will of the region, the europeans are worthless when it comes to iran, arabs don't have the capability, israel has to attack iran, but iran would welcome attack to israel but fear the united states, i don't want war with iran but i want them to stop, the only way to stop is to pay a price and the only price they'll pay lose ability and deliver message to iranian iatola that on trump's
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watch they will not mess the middle east. maria: what's the story in europe because the president has tried hard for europeans to understand the severity of the problem, europe wants to buy gas or oil from iran? >> trump has put cut off that, if you do business with iran, you can't do business with us. maria: exactly. >> why did the president get out of the nuclear agreement, terrible deal, $150 billion to a a religious nazi who didn't take the money to do better, he has plan for middle east, we shouldn't be part of that plant, i don't want russia, china controlling the middle east, i want the sunnies aligned with israel, the bottom line the iranian regime will test the president and the europeans and the moment of testing, this is what i'd like to see happen, i
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would like to see trump do to iranians what reagan did, they know they will lose it, if we don't stop them now, all bets are off in terms of future misbehavior and they believe that the united states will not act, they can get a nuclear weapon and that's where they are headed. maria: i have to get your take on the justice kavanaugh controversy and when will we see michael horowitz report, let's slip a short break, much more ahead, investigating the investigators and legislative agenda, gun, immigration, trade deals, china, devin nunes and retired four-star general, follow me at twitter at maria follow me at twitter at maria bartiromo, senator lindsey when we started our business
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maria: welcome back, congress moving forward with jam-packed agenda, immigration, gun reform, but the president suggested that democrats are too busy investigating him to strike any deal. >> if congress would ever get back to work, we could work something but congress is doing all of the nonsense, garbage that they are doing and i tell you what, they don't have any time, the democrats in congress are doing nothing, i tell you what, they are going to lose the election, you know why because they are not doing anything. maria: back now with senator lindsey graham, what is likely in terms of legislative agenda? >> hoping to get the government funded and the president restored military, we need a budget deal, i have legislation that would change our laws, asylum laws are being abused, mitch mcconnell i hope would bring it up, i don't think it will pass but we need to define difference between us and
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democrats in terms of changing laws. maria: things have improved because of méxico and guatemala. >> because of president trump. if you told me president trump can get army deployed i wouldn't have believed it. the democratic party need to help the president like méxico is helping the president, anyway, guns, maybe, i'm hoping we can expand background checks in a reasonable way that we give grants to cops to state that is have red flag laws to keep hands out of dangers people, those are two things we might be able to do, we are very close, hope to get it over the line. maria: i don't understand why immigration can't get that done, when we first took the show to the border -- >> it's not a manufactured crisis. democrats in 2014 voted for $40 billion to secure the border, now they won't vote for a penny because -- they want him to lose more than they want the country to win and when it comes to immigration they change their
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positions just because of president trump, they're not going to give him a win, to is emergency declaration bill to build the wall will be challenged again, i hope we can allow the president to use the money we need to build the wall, the laws need to change, if you put one foot in the united states and have asylum and never show up, i want to change the law, change it like the agreement with the other countries, the bottom line here, when it comes to trump, there are no rules and they want him to lose and it's sad. maria: that's what happened in terms of the brett kavanaugh debate and once again the justice kavanaugh's character is coming up, the accuser as friend could not remember anything that had actually happened and they will put this in the story. >> this is not a book being written, another effort to destroy a good man, i feel so bad for bret and amy, who in the world would write a book and in the book allege sexual assault
11:20 pm
by sitting member of the supreme court and never asked victim is it true, a heresay story when you go to alleged victim she says i don't recall the event but it's in a book, the book is designed to intimidate judge kavanaugh, justice kavanaugh and continue narrative that will destroy this man's life and send shot to every conservative nominee, if you come here we are going to try to destroy your life, we need to push back on all fronts, i will do everything i can to push back on all fronts. maria: just so you know, justice ruth bader ginsburg actually defended brett kavanaugh, she was speaking recently and she said that he's a very decent man, this is an important endorsement from -- from ruth bader ginsburg who calls herself a flaming feminist and -- and who calls herself a liberal judge on the court, and he's defending him. >> they are trying to intimidate conservative judges, would-be appointees, they are trying to take people out of the game because they are showing them what your life would be like, what they have done to bret is
11:21 pm
unconscionable, the book is outrageous, it's a complete false lie like everything else around the accusations against judge kavanaugh, but it's done for a purpose, to destroy him and discourage others from going down the road of being a judge. maria: yeah, not only that, but this follows two years of us talking about collusion which was also not true, so again, it's just ideologies that are willing to throw out everything we deem important as americans due process. >> no rules when it comes to everything trump, no presumption of innocence, no executive privilege, doesn't matter if it's true or not, reported, write it, then try to verify it later, i've never seen anything like it since i've been in congress. maria: we want to take a break, you told me on the program months ago, you were going to do deep dive into the fisa abuse, michael horowitz has report in hands of william barr, also whistleblower's complaints about president trump's conversation with ukrainian leader and on the 2020 democratic trail, this is
11:22 pm
the acting intelligence chief set to testify before lawmakers in the coming days, one of those lawmakers will be congressman devin nunes is here first on the devin nunes is here first on the latest there, stay with
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don't miss out on this limited time offer. call 1-800-501-6000 today. maria: welcome back i'm back with senator lindsay graham, now we know ma michael horowitz reported on fisa abuse, when do you expect the public will see it and what do you expect in terms of wrongdoing here? >> probably in october, number one goal to declassify as much as possible so you can see what really happened, the applications for warrant, i want those declassified, all the conversations about you shouldn't trust steele, i want them to come out so the public can see, the department of justice and the fbi will notice
11:26 pm
christopher steele was unreliable person, really hated trump, had a political bias. also i want you to see to the extent that dossier has been verified, hasn't been verified to this day. then we will ask questions, how could the court issue a warrant based on a political document unverified to this day and what happens to the people who mislead the court? the fisa court is an important court but it's -- if a court doesn't take this seriously, the question for me who will, oh what's do you do to cops that mislead a court, take information that's unverified coming from a politically biased person and you spend no effort to verify it and use it for a warrant 4 times, if somebody is not punished here they'll be no deterrence and will happen again and again. maria: never mind nadler's impeachment circus, house oversight committee spoke to
11:27 pm
michael horowitz, waiting for all of his reports to come out and yet nobody covers horowitz when he's actually testifying in front of oversight subcommittee, will they'll be accountability is what the viewers want to know? >> if you're looking for the american media to call it fair, you're looking in the wrong place, mccabe is one of the architects, he's in cnn, he was one of the guys that was architect of counterintelligence investigation and the fisa warrant application and he's on tv supposedly being a fair neutral observer about the department of justice. when it comes to trump, everything is upside down, i can promise you as chairman of judiciary committee in the senate, mr. horowitz will come before the country for as long as necessary under oath and tell us every detail about what he found. maria: once you get the horowitz report would you call to michael horowitz to speak in front of the committee?
11:28 pm
>> absolutely, i want to explain how did it and i want to declassify all information possible to let you see what went in the report and i will start calling people. this is a big deal. if a court was fed bad information by bad cops, department of justice who had a political agenda to get a warrant against american citizen and we do nothing about it, we are encouraging the breakdown of rule of law, somebody needs to be punished for misleading the court, lying to the court, the counter intelligence investigation, why did they not tell president trump they had concerns about people on the campaign working with russia, the point of the counter intelligence investigation is to protect the target of the foreign influence, they told dianne feinstein, the fbi did that the chinese employee of hers may be working with chinese government and she fired him, they never warned this president, i think they were misusing the counterintelligence investigation and did the president of the united states
11:29 pm
know that the fbi and the department of justice were investigating the republican nominee for president and if he did, what did he do about it? maria: all questions around that, by the way, every time i ask anybody who is the architect of this they point to cia, i'm wondering -- >> stay tune. maria: let me end our interview on where we began, you made breaking news a minute ago, you are calling for a probe by the doj into all things ukraine. >> yeah, i want the department of justice to appoint somebody to look at the role the ukraine played if any in the 2016 elections, there are a lot of allegations out there how ukraine fed information maybe to the democrats, the department of justice against trump campaign managers and others, and i think it's fair after what the trumps have gone through regarding russia that somebody looked at the connection of the bidens -- while the vice president was a sitting vice president, the biden connection to the ukraine through his son, you can't have it one way, you can't look at
11:30 pm
one family and not the other, i don't trust the media to do this, i'm hoping somebody in the department of justice will appoint and investigator to look at all things ukraine like we looked at all things russia. maria: now, by the way, before you go, iran, you and the president had a back and forth, you were on twitter, he said no, this is the way we reacted was -- showed strength. >> let me talk about that, when the president decided not to attack based on iran shooting our drone down, i actually supported that, because he believed that if i hit a radar site and killed 150 iranians, it's going to put the iotola in the spot and we were talking about unmanned drone, i thought it was a level of restrain that i respected, the problem is iranians took it differently, i think president trump has been strong on china, strong on isis, strong on north korea, strong on iran, but the iranians are acting out in a very dangerous way, by attacking the saudi arabian oil field they've
11:31 pm
attacked the world economy, it is in our national security interest to protect middle east energy supplies even though we are less dependent, it is in our national security interest to protect the navigation of the seas and this is a rogue regime, these people have religious mission,st that's going to put the middle east in uproar and open up pandora's box, deterrence do to iran now what reagan did to them in the 80's when they acted up, you will deterrence, mr. president, they will not get in all-out war with the united states because that would be the end of their regime, so now is the time to send a signal to iran that's unmistakenable and reset the world before it's too late. maria: we will have to hear some conclusion of this fairly, the president has to make a decision soon. >> reagan waited a couple of weeks, building the coalition is a good thing, taking the case to the un is a good thing and
11:32 pm
making sure everybody knows it's the iranians, once said and done they can't be confused about who we are, mr. president. maria: senator, good to have you, quick break and then you, quick break and then congressman devin the weather's perfect... family is all together and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake. whoa! it's pure gold. we're gonna be rich... we're gonna be rich! it only gets better when you switch and save with geico.
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maria: welcome back, joseph mcguire to testify before house intel committee next week, on the whistleblower complaint refusing to hand over to lawmakers, sparked by july phone call by president trump and president of ukraine.
11:36 pm
the wall street journal is reporting that the president repeatedly asked ukrainian counterpart to investigate joe biden's son. joining us right now republican congressman from california devin nunes, he's the ranking member to have house intel committee, also sits in house ways and means committee, thank you so much for joining us, they'll be there, ranking member of intel, what are you expecting from joseph mcguire? >> most people believe because it was a privileged conversation that the president had with another foreign leader which is historically we've never received. now, i'm all for receiving privileged conversations that our leaders are having with foreign leaders as long as we are going to get all the conversations that happened between vice president biden and the ukrainians, barack obama and putin, barack obama and all the other world leaders, so this really opens pandora's box, if it's going to be game for the
11:37 pm
legislative branch of government to get all privileged conversation that is our leaders v needs to be more than president trump. get all the conversation that is our leaders have with foreign leader. maria: once again, you put on msnbc b or cnn and it's all about this once again, the media is all over this as if the president did something improper, did the president do something improper? >> this has the hallmarks to have russia hoax, it's same -- let's go through it. something leaks out that there's something bad that happened, goes to same reporters that report on it, the same exact reporters that reported on the russia hoax report on it, then you move forward and what happens, then there's -- then supposedly they testify the night before they testify, this whistleblower who supposedly doesn't want anybody to know who the person is or what information they have, well, it's spilled all over the pages to have washington post the day before the ic or -- for the
11:38 pm
icig, the inspector general comes in and briefs us. maria: yeah. >> so this is -- looks like -- whoever came up with the scheme, looks like it was somebody trying to deflect what biden did back in 2015, okay, he's definitely got some questions that he needs to answer as to what -- what was he doing talking to the ukrainian leadership at the time when his son had contract, we want to get to the bottom of that also, so the scheme seemed to have back-fired on biden, biden is dropping on the polls and could be the end. maria: tough subject for biden to go to and son took plane trip on his plane, vice president's plane to go to china and got billion dollars from chinese government? >> the left knows that biden's son is problem for him, when hillary clinton was running the
11:39 pm
stories first originated, first originated back when hillary clinton was trying to make sure that biden didn't get in the case. so now that these have been resurrected, i don't know who came up with the scheme, maybe whistleblower is not partisan, we want to hear from the whistleblower, but it sure looks like the scheme backfired, like i said, i think this is the end of biden's campaign. maria: end of his campaign. >> i really do. not that he's still formidable, he has block of support, his lead is basically down to 0, if you look what happened in iowa now, looks like elizabeth warren is in the lead. maria: your colleagues on the left, alexandria ocasio-cortez is tweeting out, at this point the bigger national scandal is the democratic's party refusal to impeach president trump, just seems like everything that comes out they continue to move toward any pursuing of impeachment and they're not looking at the real
11:40 pm
wrongdoing which we have been covering for 2 years, what happened at fisa court. what do you make of the aoc's tweet? >> she was put by the socialist, beat a sitting democrat in new york city, she was a socialist, what do socialists do? they want full control, they want one-party control, so the only way to get one-party control right now to impeach the president, so that's what they are trying to do, so the more i think that they're out there promoting this kind of craziness and silliness, i think the more the american people will be put off and i think the higher likelihood that president trump is reelected. maria: meanwhile i mentioned in the last half an hour with senator graham that there's op-ed from kim strassel, horowitz speaks and horowitz testifying and not a word about it, what can you tell us about the fisa abuse and when we will see report on abuse on fisa? >> you have the comey report, now you this report that horowitz is coming out with, i
11:41 pm
hear that it's very lengthy, everybody forgets this is, you know, we were the ones who first -- the house intelligence committee republicans are the ones that brought this to everyone's attention and then this is what got horowitz investigating the fisa abuse. we have determined that there was fisa abuse, the question is does horowitz come up with new evidence, more evidence that can then be used by the u.s. attorney in connecticut, durham, who has been put in place by attorney general barr to come up with answers to questions that mueller, you know, mueller never finished the report, so many people that we don't know about with mueller that -- that we need durham to not only get to the bottom of tell us exactly what happened and then horowitz should have evidence that can then be use today build criminal cases against people who lie to the fisa court. that's what we really want to
11:42 pm
see. the american people aren't going to have trust in these intelligence agencies until someone is put in jail. i just came back -- i did an event out in missouri for congresswoman billy long, the question that i get, i'm going through airports at events, speaking publicly, everybody wants to know the same thing, when is somebody going to pay the price, are you really going to have a fisa court that operates like this, i don't think so. look, the fisa court has a responsibility too, so i hope that, it will take dur ma'am long to do investigation but you know who can do something right now, the fisa court, once they get evidence that he's going to provide, the fisa court needs to step in and hold some of the lawyers in contempt because that -- that will get action quick. people will start to talk. maria: short break, but you also have breaking news this morning you've pinpointed an individual, we have done a lot about him, congressman nunes and then
11:43 pm
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maria: i'm back with house intel ranking member devin nunes and congressman, you moment ago discussed we have breaking news, what was that? >> well, few weeks ago general flynn's lawyer filed in court some very surprising claims, made surprising claims, some of which we didn't know, some which we were familiar with, remember we talked on the show about joseph, the professor, diplomat who is kind of like the forest gump figure, he shows up everywhere, he was was the one that originally talk today -- talked to papadopoulos. supposedly, this is what we have been told. general flynn's lawyer filed in court that when general flynn was at the -- the now infamous rt event where general flynn
11:47 pm
went to russia even though he told the u.s. government i'm going to russia, speak at this event, have a dinner, be with putin, well, guess who was at the dinner according to general flynn's lawyers, joseph. that's what i say, how does this guy show up in late 2015 and then just happens to talk to papadopoulos a few minutes later, happens to be close to british intelligence, happens to be close to christopher steele, london center for international law. remember, mueller stopped short of calling a russia agent, what we know he's probably not a russian agent, the question who was he working for, it's almost impossible that somebody like this showed up in front of flynn and in front of papadopoulos and then goes missing, nobody knows who the hell he is and nobody can find him, this is back to the last segment, this is what
11:48 pm
we hoped attorney general barr along with the u.s. attorney in connecticut durham will get to the bottom it. this is a guy -- maria: if we find out that misfot, this is the guy that told emails that russia has, if he's not russian agent and we find out he's working with intel, we know that they tried to frame donald trump? >> that's correct, he's at the heart of all of this, why couldn't mueller with $30 million and he can find out who misfet is? we think that that's true now with the evidence that we've seen. maria: yeah. >> how is it that mueller spent all this money and never finds this out when this is a person that supposedly knows about hillary clinton's emails. none of this makes any sense. maria: before we go, i know you're suing twitter, tulsi gabbard suing google.
11:49 pm
>> we are hopeful that the judge, this is in court and decided this week, we hope that the case moves forward, twitter cannot continue to create content and decide who gets to see that content, it's happening to conservatives on a daily basis and, look, these tech oligarchs are dangerous for oligarchs are dangerous for democracy, they have to be rein.
11:50 pm
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maria: welcome back, all eyes on the showdown between the united states and iran in the wake of attacks on saudi oil facility, i want to bring in retired four-star general jack keane, fox news sen or strategic analyst, general, always a pleasure to see you, thanks for being here. >> great to be here, maria. maria: your reaction, what should be the u.s.' response?
11:53 pm
>> first we have to recognize of what the significance of what this is, this is attack on world economy, they are trying to push us into global recession by spiking oil prices, the means to do that are the saudi oil fields, while saudi is involved here, this is not all about saudi, this is about the world economy and that is a huge big deal, the iranians will keep coming, maria, they will not stop here unless we stop them, we are on two parallel paths, we are escalating economically through sanctions and they are escalating ce -- kinetically. attacking pump lines, pump stations, now oil fields, they will keep increasing that i can -- kinetic escalation. maria: here is wall street
11:54 pm
journal op-ed, the u.s. should focus on sanctions while letting the saudis cope can any spillovers, are you also calling for something more than just deeper sanctions? >> that analysis, it's not just saudi problem, it's a world problem, i totally agree with going to the un, declassify the evidence, identify iran and what they are truly doing and what is likely to happen down the road and further isolate iran politically diplomatically and economically and then build the coalition to respond, if we are going to stop iran, military response that attacks them in terms of military capability, revolutionary guard, we can be selective about it and also
11:55 pm
economic targets in terms of oil production, distribution and storage, they -- we must impose significant enough costs, maria, for them to consider, well, we are not going to do that again because we know what the united states will do, they'll take down more of our capability and push us into a much more serious situation at home and they do not want that. maria: do we need a global alliance, one of the issues that it's dicey whether the europeans are with us in the united states, so i wonder what you think in terms of rounding up an alliance before anything more significant in terms of the response. >> well, i think that's exactly what the administration is doing, now, most nations, i think will go along and condemn iran for the behavior and we can sighs late them diplomatically and most country will not sanction iran and less will be involved in any type of military action, but that shouldn't deter us, can we build a coalition of
11:56 pm
those who would be willing to support a limited military strike, yes, i think we will do that. i think that secretary pompeo and the president will be about doing just that business itself but this is u.s. national interest, maria, since the end of world war ii, the united states has had a national interest to maintain the middle east oil flow in support of the stable world economy, that is the issue. >> yeah, that is the issue and today the u.s. is much stronger given the fact that the trump administration has in fact, encouraged the opening to make the u.s. much more energy independent, general, great to see you this morning, thanks very much. >> good talking to you, maria. maria: very important comments from general jack keane, joining me this evening special presentation on artificial intelligence, 8:00 p.m. eastern tonight for artificial intelligence, the coming revolution, join us this evening right here on fox news, then i will be again tomorrow morning
11:57 pm
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>> the hearing turns into a debacle and excampaign taking lumps for lying to the media. >> i have no obligation to have a candid conversation to have with the media. >> my interview with corey lewandowski likely candidate coming up. some calling it fake news and witch hunt and saying he did nothing wrong, the the press overreacting without all the facts? new york city times


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