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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 23, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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private schools and home schooling in this country. you heard it here first. we are out of time this evening unfortunately. but the good news is, we'll bee back tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. the sworn enemy of lying smugness, and groupthink. sean hannity is buckled up in new york city.he spoke to the vt today. >> sean: thank you. great show as always. tonight we have to start with something you are rarely ever going to see on this program. we need to thank the mainstream media mob in their latest rage filled psychotic effort to smear president trump. they accidentally did his campaign and frankly the country at huge fact,, the mea unintentionally stumbled upon our serious credible claims of corruption surrounding the president's 2020 opponent. that would be sleepy creepy crazy uncle joe. we are going to go chapter and verse very slowly.
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you will understand it. it gets a little complicated but we've got the timeline down perfectly. the story they won't tell you in the media. the real corrupt dealings, the ause of power by joe biden, member of his family, and how they became incredibly wealthy during his time in the obama administration, cashing in on his name and contacts. and we are going to also lay it out step-by-step so maybe even the media mob, if they pay close enough attention, maybe they'll learn something for once. it all started last week reports surfaced about thisg unnamed whistle-blower, who was accusing president trump of making and elicit unknown promise to ukraine's presidentd. the media jumped rushed to judgment again claiming that president trump well, he wanted ukraine to dig up dirt on joe biden. we witness to h the level of hysteria that he was reporting. we have seen this now for over three years. and now that the russia, russia russia, impeachment impeachment, impeachment
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collusion, collusion failed, well, now they are accusing president trump of colluding with the ukraine. we know from john sullivan ukraine admits to helping hillary clinton. but theit media mob, they only care about interference in our elections if they can use it to bludgeonon trump. they cared about russia andrusse but not the dossier. many in the media mob predicting this will be the end of the trump administration. they been predicting that for years. as it turns out, though so-called "whistle-blower"wasn'. whoops. this was not the first to have information. this was hearsay. look at this. even fake news cnn buried in a report they did over the weekend, the following line. "the whistle-blower didn't have correct knowledge of communications."that's called ht
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means, yeah, who knows what this person heard. meanwhile, the ukrainian foreign minister, president denied that trump put pressure on the ukrainian president. denied it. flat-out quid pro quo. according to "the washington post," eo offered. catherine. >> they fell fox news the whistle-blower did not have firsthand knowledge of the conversation between president trump and the adding the complaint made clear the whistle-blower did not have direct knowledge of the july phone call. that matters, because typically multiple u.s. officials are on these calls with the president indicating the whistle-blower was not one of is unclel on takenned the tran script, learned about the call or learned about it another way. after consulting with the justice department, the top lawyer for the acting director joe maguire said the complaint
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was not standard.did not immedie notification of urgent, and congressional notification was not required. today, speaking to reporters at the u.n., president trump went on the offensive. >> did you tell the ukrainianled only if they investigated joe biden and his son? >> president trump: no, i didn', i didn't. joe biden said about his son. joe biden, it's a very dishonest he did. >> a separate source told fox news that it weakens the complaint, but does not necessarily undercut all the complaints. >> all right. tonight, we will be joined by mark levin, trey gowdy, mike pence all weighing in tonight, alongpe with john solomon and peter schweizer. they have written and investigated this extensively. it's pretty clear, the media's four day anti-trump binge was yet another false, totally
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misguided, and as usual, they got it all wrong moment. but, despite so much terribleres and misplaced his officer i can't, we got a big thanks to the media mob. they've highlighted joe biden and the country of ukraine. biden's conduct is now rightly in the comeman devs weekend,d, this may be the end of joe biden's campaign. let's take a look. >> the left knows that biden's sonn is a problem for him. this is why when hillary clinton was running, these stories first originated back one hillary clinton was trying to make sure that biden didn't get into the that these han resurrected, i don't know who came up withthy is a whistleblower, is not a partisan we want to hear from the whistleblower but it sure looks likee the scheme backfired and it looks like this is the end of bead biden's campaign.
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>> end of his campaign? >> i really do. >> sean: the congressman is right. joe biden and his family should be very worried tonight. let's pay very close attention here, because here is what we know. thanks to the investigative work of reporter, john solomon, we can i look out a very damning timeline. we start in 2014. this is when president obama appointed him to leave theed a s iefforts in ukraine. april, 2014, biden's son scored a lucrative position on board a gas company. according to numerous reports he had zero experience in the energy industry. zero experience in the oil and gas sector. zero experience in the country of ukraine.gyct but this giant ukrainian oil and gas company reportedly shelledo,
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more than $3 million total to biden's private equity firm during this time. a year later, in november 2015, joe biden was advised, get this by "the new york times," that his son was under investigation by ukraine authorities, oh-oh. and, in december of 2015, joe biden made his first request to fire the prosecutor, leading an investigation into the oil company, the oil company, burisma holdings, that his son hunter was doing business with and making his son kind of wealthy, filthy rich, it looks like a classic scheme to me. in march 2016, according to the investigative reporting vice president biden, he knew
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this prosecutor was investigating his son and was about to conduct an interview and request that hunter biden ask questions about what it was that he was doing with this company that he was investigating.r so what did then vice president biden do? he actually leveraged $1 billion, your tax dollars, u.s. aid, $1 billion, taxpayer dollars, and forced him to fire this prosecutor. we know this happens, because biden couldn't help but brag about it on camera. we've got the tape..ut >> were not going to give you the billion dollars.he said, yoo authority, you're not the president. i said, i tell i'm telling you.. you are not getting the billion dollars. you're not getting the money.we. if the prosecutor is not fired, you're not getting the money. well [bleep], he got fired.
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>> he's not fired, you're not getting the money. why would he demand that a ukrainian prosecutor be fired and leverage our tax dollars to insist on the firing? that's a little odd, don't you think? now, it is u.s. law that all federal officials avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest when they are conducting u.s. foreign policy. clearly, this was of no concernt to sleepy, creepy, crazy. sleezy, uncle joe, 30330. apparently not concerning to the media mob either. we know where they stand on these things. they are notot doing their very best to cover for the ailing 2020 contenderis that is now sen the latest iowa poll. in fact, after running wild with the russia collusion hoax, two and a half plus years,lies, mis, propaganda, conspiracy theories and a hoax, they haven't learnee a thing, because the media mob is now telling you that any accusation of biden's wrongdoing is a conspiracy theory. no, that would be a lie. take a look. >> what actually happened with the bidens in ukraine?
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we'll fact check the conspiracy theory. >> trump making a wholly unsub stash yeted claim when he allegedcription by the bidens. there is no evidence of any wrongdoing. >> president trump has repeatedly suggested without evidence that joe biden used his vp position to pressure ukraine to fire the country's top prosecutor.ed >> there is no proof whatsoever that joe biden did anything wrong oros that hunter biden did anything wrong. it doesn't look great? it doesn't look great, but there's no evidence therethese h occurring. >> this could end up being like the 2020 versionof birtherism. oh, joe biden did something wrong in ukraine. >> sean: actually, the proof is in biden's own words that he can't find any evidence that he knew anything about oil, gaseney did they pay him millions of dollars. i guess they didn't see the tape of biden bragging about getting the ukrainian prosecutor fired
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by leveraging our tax dollars. and, by the way, where i grew up that kind of sounds like either you do what i say, it kind of sounds like a blackmail sort of thing, but that's where i grew up. i won't to use that phrase. maybe they just don't care because it doesn't fit their psychotic,rt rage, trump-hating narrative. peter asked biden. he had an opportunity to ask him a question about this conflict in the ukraine. there was one angry uncle joe 30330. he was not happy about peter's question.takes much take a look. >> mr. vice president, how many times have you ever spoken to your son and his dealings? >> i've never spoken to my sona. you should be looking at trump.e knows i'll beat him like a drum. he is using the abuse of power and every element of the presidency to try to do something to smearar me. everybody looked at it and said there's nothing there. ask the right questions. >> sean: ask the right
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questions.s. i say, "bingo" peter doocy. becaise why?s the abuse of poi y would a vice president of the united states of america be demanding that some ukrainian prosecutor be fired or he's going to take $1 billion in your tax dollars home with him and you got six hours to do it. wow. what biden said there is not true. as a matter of fact, that also, that statement of peter doocy is an outright lie. in july, he told new yorker magazine that he has in fact spoken with his son about his ukrainian business deals. oops. having a hard time keepingg the story's hard to kee. the left accuses president trump of a quid pro quo with ukraine.e president biden issuing the
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billion-dollar quid pro quo. the left spends in circles about a a mere allegation.of the presd the.ofucrane, one they barely yawn when president obama says, "tell vladimir that i will have more flexibility after the election." don't tell the american people.e is, don't tell the people, though. we have it on tape. two plus years, the left freaking out about trump-russia collusion. it didn't work out that way, did it? but we actually have tape of collusion, someone who thinks he's talking to a russian and has dirt on donald trump. there he is, the cowardly schiff who is caught on tapetrying to h some russian negotiators. what is the nature? did vladimir see them? does vladimir have them? vladimir sees picturesnaked tru, we got the tape.
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>> also, she met with trump, also known as a person with a strange reputation. >> how do you spell her name? >> olga -- >> what's the nature of the compromise. >> well, there were pictures of naked trump. >> so, putin was made aware of the availability of the compromising material? >> yes, of course. >> thank you very much. we'll be back in touch with you to our staff to make arrangements to obtain these materials for our committee and for the fbi. i appreciate you reaching out to us. >> sean: pictures of naked trump. they don't exist. just like the dossier was full of know, people urinata bed. when the fbi finally got around to verifying the dirty dossier that hillary paid for, yeah from the beginning, none of it was true. the left also accused the trump campaign of working with russia to spread misinformation. hillary's bought and paid for
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dirty dossierwas prolife rated . michael isacoff and david left wing hacks that spit any propaganda that's handed to them.and information from the d. likely disinformation from the get-go. late in the game, "the new york times" caught up with us, finally admitting that. andply according to a brand-new article from john solomon, in 2016, dnc contractors, theyattef ukraine to trash trump's oneni time campain managers. they also try to get the ukrainian embassy to dig up dirt. they recognize that they were improper efforts.
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ukrainian prosecutors even tried to hand over evidence to engage in election interference with a foreign country.but were initiay by the doj. i would like to see those. by the way, while election interference and the mob it doesn't particularly care welcome of course not.even if tg wrong. it's only one term for something wrong. no doubt democrats will be set up to their old tricks in 2020. after all, yeah, joe 30330 does have some very close ties to ukraine. unfortunately for biden, if congressman nunez is correct,bie finish line as the nominee. by the way, we haven't even mentioned hunter biden's trip with his father to china. billion. was $1.5 here with more reaction from the government accountability institute, he wrote about it in his best-selling book, "senior-" john, i'll throw it to you first. anything that i've said here and
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anything in my timeline that you see is off, wrong, incorrect. or is that all verified and on the record?? >> john: it appeared accurate everything you've said tonight for my reporting. let me add a new fact that i just learned tonight. while talking to seniorfodiplomn europe,s, i learned that on april 22, 2014, less than three weeks before the holdings announced that hunter biden was joining their board, vice president biden met with the president of ukraine. in that meeting, according to a transcript, which i obtained tonight, he wanted to expandnate help of americans coming to the country.y. he set up the exact scenario that hunter biden just a few weeks earlier cashed in on. >> sean: whoa. this takes things to a whole new level. he's basically doing the bidding for his own son's wealth creation. maybe even his son would share with his father. >> john: those are the questions that ukrainians are
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trying to answer in 2016 before the prosecutor was fired. they never got to the bottom of that. but i do think that the evidence that the ukrainians t possess is sitting there to be handled from the justice department who could pick that up tomorrow. >> you also broke the story how ukraine wanted to get us specific informationabout the dl committee, the democrats, looking for ukraine to help interfere in the 2016 elections. tell us about that. >> yes, the former ambassador to ukraine, excuse me, the former ambassador to the united states told me on the record, in a statement that in the spring, a contractor came to him and asked him to do two things. one, to turn over anyintelligenr intelligence files linking donald trump on paul man for the to russia -- than mc manafort .
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two, ukraine's president came to visit united states later in the year in the middle of the election, they wanted him to make a statement. >> sean: wait a minute. so the democrats were looking to get the ukrainians to interfere in our elections. they want to give us that information. allfe right. peter, let me go to you, if i may.o you wrote "secret empires."fill' heard from john, and you might want to add a little color to the story, which is 6 hunter biden takes a trip to asia with his father. and about 14 days after, he is doing a billion-dollar deal in private equity, and he has no background history with china or private equity, does he? >> peter: yeah, that's right, sean. i mean, what you see here is a pattern that emerged during the obama administration. joe biden became point person to two countries in particular. ukraine and china. in both cases, his son cashed in.
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ukraine we've talked about, he was basically getting $83,000 per month as part of his consulting fee for burisma, this corrupt energy company in china. he travels with his father in december aboard air force 2 while his father is meeting with chinese officials. hunter biden is doing we don't know what, but the evidence becomes clear because ten days after they return to washington, his small boutique investment firm gets a $1 billion deal. that's $1 billion with a "b." it later expanded to $1.5 billion.that is a deal no one ea china. g, d, bank of measure, nobody.
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goldman sachs, bank of america.. >> can you confirm that he had no prior experience with ukraine, oil, gas, or energy? did he have any experience with china? i would think that goldman sachs or one of the big banks would probably be a better candidate. [laughs] >> peter: yeah, i think they would, sean. no background in china. very limited. it was a hedge fund he wasas involved in with his uncle james biden that ended up with massive lawsuits with allegations of fraud. any experience he has isprivates certainly not the type of the chinese are interested in. the bottom line here is that wed china, which we have paper trails. this is not like the russian dossier, where somebody sort of sad this is what happens. we have the financial records that hunter biden got from ukraine.e. john has the ledger from burisma itself. >> peter: i don't mean to interrupt.
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i'm running out of time. you spoke to the prosecutor that was fired, correct? >> john: yes. he said just before he was fired, he was about to interview hunter biden. >> sean: he wanted to question hunter biden. >> yes. >> that's when daddy stepped in. >> that's correct. >> sean: by the way, john, we will have you back tomorrow. when we come back, we'll have rudy giuliani, the great one john levine and an exclusive interview with vice president pence, all happening right here tonight. big night. stay with us.
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>> sean: now the democrats are fueling more impeachment hysteria. we got him. again. again. except, it's blowing up in their face. it's taken three years to get to the truth. it's putting the pressure squarely on nancy pelosi. here with the reaction. fox news contributor, guy as a prosecutor never lost a single case. congressman, tell me, walk me through this. you are prosecuting this case against joe biden, how hard would it be? >> i don't know. i mean, the best tool a prosecutor has is the ability to
10:27 pm
cross-examine witnesses.and no i couldn't use anonymous reporters in a courtroom and every witness he called was cross-examined. reporters do whatever they do. i need to eyeball the witness and judge credibility. here's what my fellow citizens believe. if you are going to investigate oneed fact pattern, you need to identify a nearly identical fact pattern. what they don't like is the duplicity.of always looking at n bus having the tendency to ignore, look, you just played the clip. the president of theunited state more flexibility if he won a second term. i never heard for a call of what he meant by that or the conversation.the the duplicity is what drove me out of politics. look, no offense to your previous guests. they're reporters. i'm not. i need to cross-examine people. >> sean: the thing i need to understand is when you have the
10:28 pm
vice president of the united states saying, you've got six hours. you either fire that prosecutor or i'm not giving you your billion dollars. they are our billion dollars. now why would a vice president of the united states of american, congressman gowdy, why would a vice president ever want a ukraine prosecutor fired? why? because john solomon talk to the prosecutor. he said that he knew that his son was under investigation by the prosecutor. "the new york times" tipped him off to that. >> trey: but, i would want to question joe biden.oyou would we meant. but you would also want to cross-examine the one from ukraine. the curse of being a lawyer is you really don't believe anybody.until you have' examinem and cross-examined them and looked for corroboration.
10:29 pm
the seam fact patterns should be vested with the same vigor. >> that won't happen. >> you know what it will happen when your viewers and others demand that it happen. he spent eight years covering for barack obama and did everything in his power to protect hillary clinton. all of sudden, now, is a fan of transparency.i hope my fellow cn see through the duplicity of a guy like adam. >> sean: and the guy thought he was colluding with the russias, what is the nature of the compromise? naked pictures of donald trump. of course. thank you, congressman. former new york city mayor, rudy giuliani. so good to see you. let's talk. you've been involved. let's first confirm john solomon's report. you didn't get involved in this on your own. should our department ask you to go on a mission? > rudy: they did.
10:30 pm
the state department called me and asked me if i i would take the callhe was numbe. he talked with him. he gavect me enormously importat facts. unlike the media, fake news, i wasn't operating on my own.i wat of the state department. i have to tell you, sean, i knew this back in november. somebody came to me and told me this entire fact pattern back in november.i think i told new jan. >> sean: you told me, yes. r >> rudy: i told you that biden was involved in very, very horrible corruption. shocking to me. >> sean: what do you think of that tape? >> i know people have a hard time you know, i'm a republican. republican vice president of the united states selling out the country in this way. using his office for money. agnuw got thrown out of office
10:31 pm
for $10,000. this is billions. this guy was collecting millions. he is negotiating with china? and the kid gets 1.5 billion? i don't want to pick on the kid, but if you have $1.5 billion to a guy they got thrown out of the military for drug addiction just a couple of days before.ut >> pleat throw a couple of facts at you. >> you give a drug addict 1.5 billion unless you are atrying to bribe his father. >> no background in our crane, no background in oil and gas or energy. no background in private equity. >> china is not stupid. you know the three partners in the firm? he got thrown out of the military for being a drug addict. his stepson.whitey bull jer's n.
10:32 pm
if thatt doesn't stand out to you. whitey bull whitey bulger? why is he involved in this? this stinks to high heaven. it's a disgrace. it will be one of the great american scandals when it's eventually uncovered. it's not just ukraine. it's ukraine and china. and they cash in. you can't escape a pattern. and sean, i told you this was going to happen. >> sean: you did. >> rudy: it's going to get much worse. i guarantee it. >> sean: i guarantee it.inor >> there is plenty more evidence. there's documents. there's tapes.6 there is a compy laundered transaction. the money went from ukraine to latvia to cyprus to the u.s. i will add to what my friend john solomon said. another reason why the prosecutor got in trouble washef money laundering. clear money laundering. that's what drug dealers do.i i.
10:33 pm
they use cyprus a lot. why does this kid get paid?you ? you get paid by wire or by check. i get paid by wire. >> they take out all of my taxes. >> my money doesn't go to latvi, cyprus, the u.s., unless you are doing money laundering, which is a federal crime.except if it's je biden's son because they have the hillary clinton bill clinton onimmunity from this corrupt prs corps. >> sean: let's look at what biden bragged about. i told him, you've got six hours. six hours. you areol not getting the billie nearly stupidest thing. what he did, when i saw that, when i saw that i said i always knew you were stupid, i didn't realize he was that stupid. pause of the fact pattern that was below that, you keep your mouth shut about it.
10:34 pm
there are documents. there is a paper trail. there's a money trail. there is $1.5 billion from china. and this idiot is breaking about getting a guy thrown out because he's got some kind of hero complex. it's the same as a couple of his other fantasies. i don't know what's wrong with him. this was a sellout of the office of the vice president of the united states. if president trump had not pushed, he would not be a good president. >> sean: address this. you're the president's lawyer. >> rudy: jow biden is no longer just a candidatefor the of the . he's a vice president of the united states who had his family use his office to sell out america. he's a disgrace. >> sean: the president did noth. >> no. the original story was that president trump told
10:35 pm
president zelinski, i'm not , going to give you2 up 200 mild until you investigate joe biden. two days later, the false report, the false reporters and the line whistle-blowers. >> sean: second hand, blew back on them.correction. mention of $250 million. no quid pro mention of m. -- aid. and then, on the other side, the president and his foreign minister has said that it was completely appropriate. there was no pressure. for any crime to be committed the victim has to be --- >> sean: pressured. >> has to be him. has to feel -- when i prosecuted extortion, one of the things i ead to show was you felt threatened. el you didn't feel threatened it doesn't matterif adam schiff, you have to be threatened. no crime, no wrongdoing. not only that, it would beincono
10:36 pm
not demand an investigation of a vice president taking down billions of dollars from the president of the united states. this makes spiro agnuw look like an angel. and a small 46 time criminal. >> sean: thank you for being with us. join ns now, the author of "the new york times" number one best seller, 16 straight weeks on the list. i call him the great one host of life, liberty. by the way, he will have peter spicer for a full hour on the show. your take. >> my take is the biden family is corrupt. my take is that joe biden obstructed justice. you want to find obstruction. there it was. my take is that he blackmailed that government to get that prosecutorer removed. and not just to protect his son but to protect his future run for president of the united states. and you have a massive democrat scandal here. that's why the media are conducting themselves the way they are.
10:37 pm
that's why the democrats are trying to turn this inside out. they want to attack trump, but it won't work. you see, trump came into office a very, very rich man, and he'll leave office a very, very rich man.k. joe biden came into office a very poor man. he left office a very rich man.. look of the media have covered this. first, we heard that trump pressured ukrainian president to investigate joe and hunter biden and held up military aid.then t, whole. "the wall street journal" says well, not exactly.they wanted tn but there was no quid pro quo. then, we get the whistle-blower complaint being withheld from congress.nancy pelosi is happy t that, that's great. that takes us to impeachment territory. justice department and the dni say, no.then we find out, there is no whistle-blower. there some guy who heard something or read something but wasn't in on the president's conversation. by the way, i am sick and tired
10:38 pm
tof this president's conversations with foreign leaders been leaked to the media and democrats on capitol hill.if those happening to president obama or any other president. our president has to be able toe without this kind of tyranny taking place. now, ukraine, through their foreign minister, denies that trump pressured them. but it doesn't fit their narrative. now, let's take a look at what took place with biden. by the way, we need a special counsel. i have an idea. we should appoint a special counsel and make sure all the assistant special councils either donated to the trumpcampe trump cam bains -- campaign because only then will we have an honest investigation. make sure the issue of really thick report. that's what they ought to do. this is april 16th, 2014, devin
10:39 pm
archer, hunter biden's business partner, made a private visit for a meeting with the vice president biden. five days later, biden landed for a series of high-level meetings with officials. soon thereafter, the u.s. and the international monetary fund pumped more than a billion dollars into the ukrainian economy. the next day, a public announcement that archer had been asked to join the board of burisma. hunter biden has no background in energy, nor background and anything really, other than being the son of a vice president and other things of that sort. now, that's exhibit one. exhibit t two. this is from the "washington examiner." john kerry's stepson. oh, it was precious to see him john kerry on sunday attacking trump, defending biden. after his business partner hunter biden caught a deal with and oligarch owned ukrainian gas
10:40 pm
company in 2014, the one we just mentioned. an email released to the washington examiner showed that biden's decision to joined the board sparked immediate concern with his inner circle about the political optics. biden's father, joe,was vice pry concerned at this point. we have our friend, john solomon. biden had made no mention of his son and his 2018 speech.he says. hunter biden's report to theboad everybody knew... it in other words, everybody knew it. now, i could go on and on and on. buty here's the deal. here's my problem. do you know that the republicans controlled the senate? senate do you know that we control the intelligence committee? are you not chairman of the hydiciary committee? then why aren't you issuing subpoenas like elijah cummings? why aren't you issuing subpoenas like jerry nadler and all the rest of them? why aren't you getting to the bottom of this? you have real live corruption obstruction, blackmail.that's w.
10:41 pm
wait until we get to china. $1.5 billion. i don't care what the media thinks! see that over my shoulder? unfreedom of the press.we know s ideology. the truth shall set us free. i understand what the democrats are doing in the house. i understand. they want to destroy the president.they are using their s as opposition research. they're circling the wagons. they are trying to immunize biden. what's going on in the republican senate? subpoenas. under oath testimonies. why don't you issue subpoenas for the biden accounts like they do with trump?or calling his ace they do with trump. hunter biden, we can't touch him.but don junior, kushner and ivanka? they are free game? hell, no. we should turn the script. here's the difference. biden is corrupt. trump is not. >> sean: and i'd like to know what did barack obama know about all of this.and when.
10:42 pm
great one, right it. sunday nights, full hour. life, liberty. up next, my exclusive interview. vice president pence weighs in on this very thing. discusses biden, the family dealings, ukraine, china, and the controversy over the whistle-blower. cyeah, that was, had second hand until investigation.
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>> sean: just sat down with vice president mike pence in new york to discuss all the controversy over the so-called whistle-blowerthat didn't hear d than complaint. we talked a lot about it.we wilw
10:48 pm
night. we also talked about the call with president trump. here's what he had to say. >> sean: let's follow this ukraine thing. it's like manna from heaven. we are now discovering the whistle-blower, it was not first-handng knowledge. even the media is now reporting in some places that there was no quid pro quo. what can you tell us? >> vice president pence: well, here we go again. the assume the worst media. takes one report, runs with it. democrats on capitol hill immediately start to denounce the president before anybody has the facts. look, the president has been very clear oner this. he made a congratulatory call to president zelinski after his election, which was a landslide was belt and largely anticorruption campaign. the president spoke to him about our concern, investing hundreds and millions of american
10:49 pm
dollars. president trump made it clear that we've got to see reforms. we've got to see honesty in government. his congratulatory call was all about that. he mentioned vice president biden and his son and the context of us wanting to see honest government. that's exactly what the american taxpayer would expect. >> sean: here you have, maybe you can put some could be text, the former vice president biden bragging on tape, "you are not getting $1 billion. you either fire the prosecutor. why would the vice presidentwann of a b, they fired him, bragging almost. why would a vice president of the united states america want a ukrainian prosecutor fired? what conceivable reason would that be? >> vice president pence: yes, it's really remarkable that everything that the media wants
10:50 pm
to assume about the president's phone call in july went.what bia in january 2018, he said that when he was vice president of the united states, he had a quid pro quo. he said to ukrainian officials you will not get american aid unless you fire a prosecutor.ane investigating a company that his son was on the board of, making a lot of money. >> sean: he's making a lot of money. apparently with no backgroundin. >> vice president pence: the peoplees deserve to know. to have a vice president threatening, that's the quid pro quo. as theo. president said in his conversation that everyone is very interested in now, his conversation with president zelinski, that he spoke about congratulations. he spoke about our support for the ukraine. he spoke about our concern about
10:51 pm
corruption. but there was no quid pro quo. if people want to see a quid pro quo, they just want to see the tape of president bidenexplainio withhold over a billion dollars of taxpayer dollars. >> sean: athletic me, i would say blackmail. am i wrong on that? >> vice president pence: sean i can tell you, this is a country that was overrun by russia.. it's a country that is still at war.russia takes the crimea ande province, they still have, we believe, russian elements there. they are trying to literally tear the ukraine apart. for vice president biden, whogwn that refused to give military aid to ukraine, to threaten what remained of that aid unless they responded to his demand about firing a prosecutor, who among other things was investigating the company his son served on the board of. look, the american people just deserve to know the facts. what they can be confident of is that, throughout this process, that all of our administrationc,
10:52 pm
the president's conversation,my, were all based upon proper considerations of how we support ukraine, how we support their efforts to end an era of corruption in their government and advance the interest of their sovereignty. the american people have a right to know inm what happened. they have a right to know what happened in 2016, and they have a right to know what the circumstances were around having a sitting vice president threaten to withhold american aid. look, again, the ironic thing is that everything that our critics in the media are leveling at this president from this phone call.and leveling at the administration. everything the democrats on capitol hill are running off and describing, president joere bidn bragged about, which is quid pro quo.withholding american aid in
10:53 pm
exchange for a specific action. >> sean: wouldn't it help theprd he release the transcript? >> vice president pence: that would be a decision for the president to make.that would bed act. p it is so important that the president of the united states can have conversations with leaders around the world that are candid, that are open. and for leaders to be concerned in the future that a conversation with the president might make its way into the public would undermine the ability of the president to have those discussions in the future. so i know the president would like to do it. i know he's looking at all the circumstances around it. but the american people can be confident in this can congratulatory call, that the president spoke about issues that are of
10:54 pm
interest to american taxpayers. there was no quid pro quo. >> sean: was no quid proro quo. now tomorrow, we focus in on this veryro specific issue. we had a wide range of topics.w0 democrats, the new green deal, and how do we deal with this escalating situation. how we dealt with iran. i asked him the one thing that maybe people don't know about president trump that he could tell us as vice president. as we continue.te
10:55 pm
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>> sean: we have a lot of ground to cover for the rest of the week. we will have part two of vice president pence, and we will be all over the story. nobody else in the media will cover it. n why would a vice president of the united states of america ever demand that a ukrainian prosecutor be fired or he's
11:00 pm
going to withhold a billion dollars? we are not the media mob, we are not corrupt, we don't lie, we are not propagandists like they are. we will never be the destroy trump media. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham takes it from here. laura? n >> laura: hannity, that was just common practice. the entire global community wanted that prosecutor fired. didn't you get that memo?that's' saying. -- they're >> sean: it just so happened to be like wanting to interview hunter biden and let me leverage.then i will be stupid , and only sleepy creepy crazy joe 30330 could do this and then oh, let mes brag about -- >> laura: l it's so stupid. it's like obvious. >> sean: we've been on this story, we've exposed this story. we've talked about it, you've talked about it. >> laura: we have literally been talking about the story for at least two years so this -- none of this surprised me. fantastic show. s


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