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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  September 29, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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reporter: house democrats ramping up their push for impeachment of president trump. they are subpoenaing secretary of state mike pompeo. the whistleblower complaint on the the administration's. president trump is blasting the administration as presidential harassment. planning hearings and depositions even as congress heads home on a two-week recess. we are learning the u.s. envoy for ukraine has resigned. the whistleblower complaint accuses him of trying to contain
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the damage from rudy giuliani's outreach to the ukranian government. we begin with mark meredith reporting live from the white house. reporter: president trump had some tough words for democrats. they are launching an inquiry into past conversations with the president of the ukraine. the president released a twitter video to supporters and made it clear he's ready to fight. president trump: what's going on now is the single biggest scam in the history of the american politics. they are trying to stop me because i am fighting for you. and i will never let that happen. >> reporter: the president on twitter called the ongoing impeachment inquiry presidential harassment. democrats said they are doing their best to hold the president
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accountable after an intelligence whistleblower filed a complaint. >> it's national security for our country. the president of the united states is being disloyal to his oath of office. jeopardizing our national security. and jeopardizing the integrity of our elections. reporter: the president still tweet being this, calling it a witch hunt. lawmakers are asked to reveal more records on how records are kept. the whistleblower said he thought the president was trying to quote shock down the records of the call. but the white house says this is common practice. >> when i handled seattle phone calls of the president with leaders.
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we put them into a top secret code system. i don't see any difference from what this alleged whistleblower is claiming. i don't think there is any change? reporter: attorney general bill barr is said to be angry and frustrated that his name has been brought into this. he has not reached out to ukraine to discuss joe biden. the president is still tweet being this at this hour at 6:00. jon: three house committees subpoenaed secretary of state mike pompeo. lucas come lynn somebody explains. >> next friday is the deadline for secretary pompeo to turn over those documents. five depositions have been scheduled with state department officials who have knowledge of the president's call with ukraine.
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the letter says in part quote it's become clear that multiple state department officials have direct knowledge of the subject matter of the impeachment inquiry. many democrats are pushing hard for impeachment. >> i do believe this was an inflection point, a tipping point for many. we have 220-plus democrats supportive of full impeachment inquiry. that's bigger than the investigative committees and bigger than our caucus. this is about the american people. >> if there is something there we need to investigate, we have been investigating. but to go into a full-blown impeachment is going to accomplish unfortunately certain goals i don't think are desirable. reporter: house democrats are also taking aim sat rudy giuliani.
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he was cite in the subpoena to secretary pompeo. quote, mr. giuliani's public statements raised more questions about the state department's involvement to press the ukraine to interfere in the 2020 election. >> i see a conversation that covers a wide variety of issues and i don't see anything impeachable in here and i don't see a quid pro quo. it was a normal conversation you would expect between the leader of our nation and the leader of the ukraine nation. reporter: jeff flake says 35 gop senators would vote for impeachment if they could do so in secret. jon: iran is slamming u.s. for blocking its foreign minister
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from visiting an iranian diplomat in a hospital in new york city. >> mohammed zarif was denied access to visit one of his country's officials being treated in the hospital. he was limited to traveling within a 6-block radius from where the gathering was taking place. the restrictions imposed by the u.s. state department. iran called the decision inhumane. while the administration said the visit could only take place if an american citizen was freed from iran. speaking to local media, earn visor said his country would catch president trump and put him on trial for his treatment of iran. iran did release a british flagged oil taker after it was held for two months.
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according to numerous western governments, including the united states, it was iran that launched cruise missiles and drones to attack a saudi oil plants. the iranians denied having anything to do with the attacks. iranian president hassan rouhani said this. >> i told leaders when you accuse a country of something, you know what it means. it means chaos and triggering crisis and fire in the region. they had no answer. >> as the region continues to be filled with uncertainty. they are setting a missile defense system in an effort to help counter iranian aggression. jon: syria is demanding the immediate withdrawal of american and turkish troops. >> any forces operating in our
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territories without our authorization are occupying forces and must withdraw immediately. should they refuse, we have the right to take any and all counter measures authorized under international law. jon: there are nearly 1,000 u.s. troops in syria. president trump sent mixed messages on the matter. first ordering a complete withdrawal and leaving a few remnants of troops behind to hunt down isis. one impact of how i.c.e. uses data bases and the other impact, migrant families. >> city was a rough day for the administration's immigration policies. one was to get rid of the flores agreement. the administration announced plans to replace flores with new
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policies. they would allow children and families to be held indefinitely waiting for their immigration hearings. hear is how it was presented at the time. >> at the heart of this rule are two core principles. families should remain together during immigration proceedings. and conditions for housing should be appropriate. reporter: the judge wrote that officials can't ignore the dictates of the consent decree because they don't agree with its approach as a matter of policy. immigration rights groups argued and the judge agreed that sighs * shouldn't be allowed to rely on data bases because they often obtain errors and incomplete
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information. responding to the judge who overturned the flores agreement case, the white house said for 2 1/2 years the administration has worked to restore faith null imposition of the laws enacted by congress. rounding out the immigration setbacks friday a federal judge issued a federal injunction on another policy aimed at fast-track deportation. the justice department is expected to appeal each of the ruling. jon: a texas community is in mourning after a member of the police for was ambushed and killed. he was conducting a traffic stop near houston yesterday. police say he turned his back -- when he turned walk back to his car the driver got out and shot him twice from behind. the 42-year-old deputy became
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the department's first 60s officefirst sikhofficer when hee staff. he represented our community with pride and he was respected by all. jon: a candlelight vigil was held last night to honor him. the trial of amber guyger resumed today. the 31-year-old accused of killing her neighbor, a man whose apartment she says she mistook for her own when she entered it last year. on the witness stand she apologized for killing jong but said she feared for her safety. reporter: what defense attorneys call a tragic mistake have
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forever changed the lives of amber guyger and a mother who had to bury her son. she said she wishes she was the one who died that night. >> every single day i think i don't deserve to be with my family and friends. i wish he woul would have kille. i never wanted to take an innocent person's life. i am so sorry. >> today was the 6th day of the trial. the defense called a texas ranger to the stand. he explained someone in a high-stress situation can experience tunnel vision and might not hear things as they normally would. prosecutors say guyger was
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distracted that night. that she was sending sexual messages to a man and parked on the wrong floor in the parking garage. she was trained a non-lethal way for dealing with a possible burglar like retreating. instead she went into the apartment alone. she was grilled on whether she was focused on trying to save him after she shot him. >> did you perform cpr on mr. jong? >> no. i tried to do a little cpr. >> i had to keep getting up to see where i was at. reporter: his mother says she wants justice. she describes her son as a fun-loving person and loved to sing in church.
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jon: five people were shot and killed outside a shopping mall. officers responded to a loitering complaint after a liquor store employee complained that a man refused to leave. we'll bring you new details as they become available. authorities in canada said the two fugitives wanted pore killing left behind videos admitting to the killing before they shot themselves to death. they taped their confessions without giving a motive or expressing remorse, according to the royal canadian mounted police. tens of thousands rallying in the streets of hong kong today
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marking five years since the umbrella movement that called for democratic reforms. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot joins us live from hong kong. >> it's a quiet sunday morning in hong kong. but it was anything but on saturday night. first there was a big rally. then violence, then the police crackdown. take a look at a little bit of what we saw. >> authorities using a water truck to come out to try to disperse crowds. beyond there, the chinese military. but the protesters are fighting back. throwing rocks, throwing sticks, determined. all of this was happening on the anniversary of that umbrella movement. that movement pretty much peaceful. but this has become more violent
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by the week. they don't want any violence here to overshadow the fess it in beijing. in fact saturday night we saw a much tougher approach from the police. they acted early to break up violent actions. even targeting we in the media at the site of the demonstrations and away from it. we saw searches at bus stops and shopping areas trying to get people off the treats before they cause more problems in the weeks and months ahead. these pro-democracy demonstrations have been going on for four months now. we were here at the beginning and saw it beginning to change, tracking into violence, but also some success as well. at the rally saturday night the slogan was, we are back. it's unclear if the authorities
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tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. jon: the democratic impeachment inquiry dominating the conversation on the campaign trail. frontrunner joe biden finds himself at the center of it all following the revelations that president trump asked the ukrainian president to investigate biden and his son. reporter: jon, some candidate who support the impeachment
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inquiry. they are trying to walk a careful line between impeachment and the issues. andrew yang warned that any time they talk about president trump it's in his words a victory for donald trump. vice president joe biden told a crowd of supporters in nevada, the president likes distraction. >> he wants to hijack the election so we won't focus on your lives, healthcare, gun violence, climate change, immigration. all the things that i think are the reason why at its core above everything else, why he no longer deserves to be president of the united states of america. reporter: elizabeth warren and amy klobuchar are set to speak at a forum hosted by the largest
2:27 am
private sector union. warren is reminding voters of that now. >> i called for impeachment then because i believed it was clear the president had broken the law. he's willing to reach out to a foreign government and ask them to interfere in our election. that's illegal. >> warren is one of three candidates to speak at the forum tomorrow. >> this is not just their fight. it's our fight. it's not just one company. it's a nation. we have to get this country back on track. >> factory, blue collar union workers helped president trump narrowly win the state of
2:28 am
wisconsin in 2013. berke is trying to convince them that the president has not fulfilled the promises he made to union workers. jon: ellison barber, thank you. >> the focus for the public is the fact that the president of the united states used taxpayer dollars to shake down the leader of another country for his own political gain. the rest of it is ancillary, that is to say, it shows how wrong they thought it was so they would move it. jon: house speaker nancy pelosi says the democrats must keep their focus on the president's phone call with the president of ukraine as they move quickly on
2:29 am
impeachment. melanie, nancy pelosi said she is ready to launch an official impeachment inquiry, but that's not really a lot different from what she was doing before, was it? >> that's right. there is a feeling on capitol hill that everything changed this week and nothing changed at all. democrats are proceeding with investigations into the president. they were trying to go down the path of impeachment. it's not clear if and when they will draft articles of impeachment. they are sort of shooting before the thanksgiving recess. but this is a huge step for nancy pelosi who long resifted calling for this for her to come out and admit this. democrats are hitting the gas pedal on their impeachment probe. they will depose state department officials. they will be hauling in other
2:30 am
witnesses for closed door briefings. >> she may be reading the polls. according to "politico" poll, back in september only about a third of americans supported the idea of impeaching the president, september 22 was that date. now the number is up to 43%. and the yeses and the nos are evenly tide. 14% of people don't have an opinion on that. apparently nancy pelosi is paying attention to what the polls are saying. >> she is paying attention to the polls and the polls of her caucus. what moved pelosi this week is moderate and centrist democrats on the front lines in competitive districts came out in favor of impeachment. these polls show the nation is still fiercely divided.
2:31 am
it doesn't mean the public is there yet. democrats have their work cut out for them. they need to convince the public that this is the right path to go down. they are moving quickly and there could be backlash if they don't take their time to lay out the case to the public. they could be seen that they are rushing to judgment before they have the facts. that's a concern the vulnerable democrats brought up to nancy pelosi in private meetings. that's the challenge and balance you will see democrat leadership try to strike. jon: she is walking a tightrope without a net, isn't she. >> it's a risky move for democrats. no one knows what impact this will have on 2020. the front-line democrats, there are 1 of them that haven't -- there are 12 of them that haven't come out in favor of impeachment.
2:32 am
democrats and independents who might disagree with the president's actions, even they are wary of going down this impeachment path it's a bruising, ugly path that's sure to dominate the rest of the year on capitol hill and it's unclear whether any other legislation can get done. jon: when are you charred nixon was impeached, the vote was put to the floor of the full house and only 4 voted no. there is no full house vote scheduled as far as i know. does nancy pelosi have to get a vote of every single member of the house, a full-house vote if she wants to get this train rolling? >> she would have to bring it to the floor if she wants the whole house to vote on it. but i think it's the point of no return for democrats. they launched a normal inquiry.
2:33 am
i think they will put it to a vote. and i think it will be divide fierce live along party lines. even republicans who came out and said they are concerned with the call with ukraine, and uncomfortable with the president's actions. none of them have come out in support of impeachment. so this is another reason why a lot of democrats are wary of going through a fight like this. it will be divisive, it will divide the nation and the congress as well. jon: the canada-mexico trade deal for instance. >> that needs to get through congress. they need to fund the government. they also want to pass a prescription drug bill where it's thought to be one of the few areas of bipartisanship that can get done. you can pretty much kiss that good-bye if they are going to impeach the president. i don't think democrats are
2:34 am
going to work with the president. i think legislative action will come to a grinding halt. that's another reason why democrats want to work on this quickly and wrap it up. jon: it will be a fascinating week ahead. the politics of impeachment could have a major eke on next year's congressional elections. reporter: when former president bill clinton was impeached he was two years into his second term. >> i want to say to the american people how profoundly sorry i am. >> the same with former president richard nixon when he resigned in 1974. >> i'm not a crook. >> but president trump is in the middle of his reelection campaign. his campaign manager predicted it will embolden trump
2:35 am
supporters and create a land slide for the president. >> if you are a trump supporter you are irredeemable, you are deplorable, around racist. now your patriotism is questioned. if an institutionalized way for democrats to grab them by the ankle and take them down -- reporter: a backlash at the polls is part of the reason speaker pelosi waited this long to formalize the investigation. but democrats say there is plenty of time before election day. >> the considerations should be about protect and honoring the constitution of the united states. reporter: speaker pelosi is focused on keeping her majority in the house. a republican resigned, democrats enlarged their majority in the house and senate and a democrat
2:36 am
won the next presidential election. jimmy carter. after republicans failed to impeach clinton, the democrats picked up five seats in the house. >> i know how it turned out for us in 1998. people understood clinton for who he was, and they felt that wheat overreached. we took sob something that was private and made it public. all i can tell my democratic friends is you are going down a dangerous road here. reporter: the republican national committee said they raised $5 million in the 24 hours since nancy pelosi announced the impeachment probe. jon: officials are closing in on jon: officials are closing in on a lung illness that killed 10 fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with.
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jon: washington is the latest state looking to block the sale of flavored vaping products. 13 people are now confirmed to have died in the u.s. from lung-related illnesses. the cdc investigated 800 other cases. reporter: this is happening at a hospital in north carolina is confirming a 14th vaping-related death. the cdc has not updated their numbers. but they are telling people to stop using vaping products, especially those with thc. the 8006, 1,300 people have
2:42 am
died. 500 of the patients became ill. 3/4 of them used vaping product containing thc and the others were using exclusively thc products. jay inslee is calling on an emergency ban and draft legislation to permanently ban flavored products. >> no federal government or state government or local government have tested these products to give you any assurance they are safe. i will tell you if i had a loved one, i would tell them you are playing dice with your lungs using these products. reporter: the cdc has not been
2:43 am
able to identify one vaping device or product. but dank vape was used most of frequently. they are prepackaged cartridges. the gentlemen freshic brand that doesn't tie back to one store or distributor. most of people bought them on the streets. they are not sure if they are thc or another thickening agent that is causing the lung illness. initial symptoms include chest pain and shortness of breath. jon: a texas law allowing farmers to grow hem' also appears to have decriminalized pot. >> texas is predominantly conservative, and traditionally they have been opposed to this kind of reform.
2:44 am
>> texans for responsible marijuana policy. they have been trying to decriminalize marijuana for the last five years. a tall order given the state's long tradition of law and order and joy drug politics. governor greg abbott signed a law allowing texas farmers to grow hem' for industrial uses. that created a problem in austin because some texas crime labs can't distinguish between legal hem' and illegal marijuana. they are shocked by the mistake. >> they have given all the republican opposition. all of a sudden marijuana seems
2:45 am
decriminalized anybody anybody trying. reporter: district attorneys say they will no longer prosecute marijuana cases. effectively decriminalizing pot for a third of texas residents. governor abbott recently released a letter signed by the republican lieutenant governor, the republican attorney general and the republican speaker of the house, reiterating that marijuana is still against the law in texas and the new hemp law does not change that fact. but to heather it changes everything. >> this is a big step to decriminalization. >> this is a step toward more sensible policies and less fear of cannabis. reporter: she says the rest of the state will surely follow. in austin, douglas kennedy, fox news. jon: some terrifying moments
2:46 am
when an elk attacks a group of tourists. how they managed to escape from the charging [ orchestral music playing ] mom you've got to get yourself a new car. i wish i could save faster. you're making good choices. you'll get there. ♪ were you going to tell me about this? i know i can't afford to go. i still have this car so you can afford to go. i am so proud of you. thanks. principal. we can help you plan for that. start today at
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jon: two people are injured after a bull elk charges a woman
2:50 am
in estes park in the rocky mountains. >> oh, my gosh. somebody help. jon: a woman reported a woman trying to defend herself after being charged by an elk. a parks employee drove its car between the woman and the car. it struck the car then moved on. life-threatening conditions in montana after a major storm is expected to move into the region. chris? >> we are talking about a big storm across the northwest. we are even look at potential record snows for the month of september. we have winter storm warnings
2:51 am
across western zones of montana toward idaho and the northwest. and toward washington state where several inches of snow could be impacting this region. futurecast brings in that weather for us as we roll forward. let's show you some of the snow amounts through monday morning. look at this. we are talking about snow upward of 36 inches. 48 inches in some of the higher spots. impressive snow as the cold air comes down from canada. it will dig in and bring with it a taste of winter for sure. even blizzard-like conditions for some spots. where does this go for september? we could be seeing some of the snowiest weather for the month of september. 1934, could we beat that in great falls? it's a possibility.
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[♪] jon: a wedding to remember for a couple who found love in a "philadelphia" nursing home. bruce gordon has their story. reporter: the woman in the makeup chair at the chapel nursing home is patricia pugh.
2:56 am
>> how are you feeling on your big day? reporter: pat was widow nearly a decade ago. simmons is divorced. here is eddie proposing to vap in june not long after they locked eyes at the bingo game. >> he said i'm eddie. be my wife. reporter: that's a bold move. >> i said okay, i'm yours. reporter: she said she resigned herself to being alone in her golden years. >> the lord sent somebody. reporter: surrounded by fellow residents the love birds exchanged vows and rings, pledge
2:57 am
their lifelong love however long that lasts. >> it's hard to describe. >> i love you and she said i love you too. you can't ask for more than that. reporter: they would not share with me their post-reception plans. they may be a combined 165 years old. but some things are better left to the imagination. pat's late husband used to work at the post office in philadelphia. turns out eddie, her new husband knew him and used to work with him. small world. on a day like this, a beautiful world.
2:58 am
jon: a bridesmaid catches the bouquet at a wedding, and her boyfriend runs away. he gets in his truck and drives off. the couple had been together for five years. the video was captions, always a bridesmaid, never a bride. i'm jon scott, thank you for watching. see you have again tomorrow. [national anthem]
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[national anthem]
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