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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  September 29, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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pete: do not miss it, the first-ever fox nation patriot awards november 6th. go to awards. ed: it's going to be awesome. pete: hey, who wants these? ♪ ♪ maria: this sunday morning, thanks so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo. house democrats accelerating their impeachment inquiry of president trump. they want documents related to ukraine, but the president's conversation with ukraine's president. one of the people mentioned in that conversation, my first guest this morning, rudy giuliani, the president's personal attorney. then we will hear exclusively from ranking member doug collins along with committee member mike turner. the two are weighing in on the impeachment push, the ukraine controversy and whether there's
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a chance for bipartisanship on legislative issues that matter to the american people. also with us this morning, a former attorney general, michael mukasey is here. he will join us on speaker pelosi's claims that attorney general barr has, quote, won rogue. then -- gone rogue. then a very rare and unique interview on the tensions between the u.s. and iran. right now, right here, "sunday morning futures." ♪ ♪ maria: as democrats accelerate their impeachment inquiry, we are getting new reaction this morning from the two people squaring off at the center of it all, president trump and house speaker nancy pelosi. the president put out a video message on twitter arguing that the whole thing is politically motivated. watch. >> greatest scam in the history of american politics. the democrats want to take away
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your guns, they want to take away your health care, they want to take away your vote, they want to take away your freedom, they want to take away your judges. they want to take away everything. we can never let this happen. we're fighting to drain the swamp, and that's exactly what i'm doing. and you see why we have to do it, because our country is at stake like never before. maria: meanwhile, speaker pelosi is dismissing the possible electoral consequences for democrats. she says her party must move forward even if it means losing the house in 2020. watch this. >> people say you have to take a political risk doing that. that doesn't matter. that doesn't matter. because we cannot have a president of the united states undermining his oath of office, his loyalty is to his oath of office. undermining our national security and undermining the integrity of our elections.
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maria: the um peachment inquiry was, of course, sparked by a whistleblower complaint concerning president trump's july phone call with the president of ukraine. a white house transcript shows the president asking the ukrainian leader to investigate joe biden and his son. the president urged ukraine to work with his personal attorney, rudy giuliani, on the matter. joining me right now to give us his first reaction to all of this is rudy giuliani, former new york city mayor. mr. mayor, it's good to see you this morning. >> and former u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york who investigated many corruption cases, democrats and republicans. i didn't have this handle that exists now which is you only investigate republicans. these things that are alleged by joe biden, you change the name to trump, is there any fair-minded person in this country that thinks after six months i would be pointing him out, putting him online and the new york times and washington post won't have made a major scandal out of this? if you think that, you're not
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observing reality. and this is part of the reason for the bitterness and tuition in this country, because americans instinctively cannot abide two different systems of justice. one, if your son is working for a crookinged oligarch in a country you're giving out money and you're the vice president, gets $8 million or he's getting $1.5 billion from china, your name is biden, and if i bring it up, they attack me? the first question is how did you find it, not what is it. maria: i understand what you're saying, and you should know that on this program we have been covering what went on -- >> i'm talking about the overwhelming majority. not a few individuals like you. maria: tell us what your role has been in this ukraine story. is there corruption there and finding out what went on with joe biden. what is your role? >> very simple, i'm a lawyer defending a client. and one of the things you do defending a client is you prove that somebody else did it or there's some other explanation
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for it. then, of course, you pursue that vigorously. they should be applauding me. if i was representing a terrorist or a murderer, they would say, wow, you're one hell of an investigator. you found things that the fbi couldn't find. the fbi could have found them, they went like this. so i was sitting in my office in november, this was dropped on me by ukrainians -- actually, by an american first, two americans, and they told me they couldn't get it to the fbi. they'd been trying for a year. and what this is -- maria: what exactly are you holding? you have an affidavit here. what is it? >> this is not like -- i want to point out the difference. this is not like this ridiculous whistleblower nothing which says i was not a direct witness, and then it says i learned, i heard, i guess, i think. never i know. i have i know. this is an affidavit from the main person involved in this. his name is victor shokin. he was the president-general of the ukraine at the time.
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maria: he's the one biden want withs fired. >> and they say he was corrupt. he was fired for corruption. the reality is he's never been charged with corruption, no charges proven. i've seen the man. he lives in a little home, and he's about 74 years old. if he's corrupt, he wasn't good at it. maria: biden is saying i got him fired. >> but he's not on camera telling the rest of it is which is that before -- maria: you're reading directly from the affidavit. go ahead. >> i'm reading. on several occasions president poroshenko asked me to consider the possibility of winding down the investigative actions in respect to this company, that's biden's son's company, but i refused to close this investigation. therefore, i was forced to leave office under direct and intense pressure from joe biden and the obama administration. in my conversations with poroshenko at the time, he was emphatic that you should cease my investigation regarding biden's company. when i did not, he said that the
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united states, parenthesis via bind, were refusing to release the $1 billion promised to ukraine. he had no choice, therefore, but to ask me to resign. i have a second affidavit from a ukrainian prosecutor, another one, saying that several days later a pr firm and lawyer on behalf of hunter biden came in and began by apologizing for having to exaggerate these claims of corruption about the prosecutor general's office in order to get this guy fired, but now they wanted the biden case to be dismissed. maria: yeah, okay. >> let me tell you what that proves. maria: we've got to get to -- >> biden is lying about the fact that there was no investigation. this is direct proof that there was. i've actually seen the documents. the real shame of this is i put this out six months ago, and the washington press didn't pay attention to it. i denounced it, i talked about it, where's the fbi been for a year and a half, this has been out here. there's two standards here, maria, and that's really the
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deeper question. now, if you want to talk about my role, i am defending a client who was falsely accused of russian collusion. they came to me and said it's really ironic, mr. mayor, that there was no russian collusion. the collusion was in ukraine. maria: yeah. >> it was bought and paid for, done by hillary clinton, the democratic national committee. they told me the person that was the intermediary, i've interviewed -- maria: but if you are president trump's personal attorney, why are you having all of these meetings with ukrainian officials? >> because they had an alternative explanation that cleared my client. that's what you do as a defense attorney. did you ever watch perry mason? let's say i was representing someone for murder and someone came to me and said we really know who did the murder, but the police won't listen to us. maria: yeah. >> i would have to go investigate it myself. because -- and they were also telling me they didn't trust the fbi, which is a shame -- maria: well, congressman devin nuñes joined me on friday on
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"mornings with maria a" on fox business, and he connected the dots in terms of why the president was so interested in getting to the bottom of what went on in ukraine. listen to devin nuñes, he joined me on friday. >> that's number one. number two, people have to understand that the origins of the russia investigation begin in ukraine. okay? now, this is only slightly in the weeds, but i think most of your viewers know fusion gps, the firm that was paid by the democrats to dig up dirt on the trump campaign, most of their dirt, original dirt if you go back to the so-called steele dossiers, comes from ukraine. maria: so if i go back to the actual transport of the call between the -- transcript of the call between the president and the ukraine president, the president says, do me a favor, we want to get to the bottom of this. is that what he's talking about, the 2016 origins of the probe? >> yeah. if you notice, biden is just an afterthought. only four lines on biden, 178
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lines on collusion in general. what i was told was that this collusion began in ukraine, that there is evidence of people in the obama administration telling the ukrainian officials to dig up dirt on trump going back to as early as january 2016. there are witnesses to this. maria: right. >> look, i can't determine if it's true or not. if this isn't investigated, it would be a major scandal. maria: were you working alone, or were you working with others to try to get information on the probe in russia? >> on this particular thing -- maria: in ukraine? >> i wasn't trying to get dirty information on biden. biden was in our way. biden had the prosecutor fired who was investigating the collusion. that prosecutor, the new prosecutor, bought and paid for -- who is corrupt -- dismissed the case on hunter biden and on a company where a lot of the dirty information, including false information,
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came from. and if you think i'm just making this up, the american swamp media avoids the fact that in december of 2018 a ukrainian court found that there was illegal interference in the election. they named the particular parliamentarian who was guilty, and they say it was information illegally given to the hillary clinton campaign. that is a court decision. not rudy giuliani, but a ukrainian court. and i have four more affidavits like this. these are people who want to go under oath that say that false information and dirty information about the trump campaign was given to the american embassy, the democratic national committee, operateoffs for hillary clinton and the new york times. maria: so this goes back to the origins of the russia probe, and the president wanting to know how all of this this started -- >> you are, you are, you are -- maria: getting into -- [inaudible] >> i'm representing you and your
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charge of bank robbery, and somebody comes to me and says, no, no, she didn't do the robbery, they did, but the police have been covering this up and looking at it for a year. what would i do? i'd get the facts first. i'd get them in affidavits not like the whistleblower who doesn't know anymore. i have that many affidavits, and if you want to go find them, google them. i put them online so everybody could be challenged to look at them. maria: look, we all know that president trump that his own approach in doing things. he says what he wants, brings up things that he wants to bring up, but you just said it, you are a former u.s. attorney, you are a former prosecutor, you are a former elected official. what advice are you giving to the president in terms of what he should and should not be saying? you know better in terms of, in terms of -- >> what did he say wrong? maria: well, bringing up joe biden. a lot of people will say it's not ill peach bl, however, it was in bad form for the president to -- >> is it bad form to ask the
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leader of another country to investigate a vice president of the united states -- maria: who is his opponent politically. >> you say that. he's also someone who looks like he may have sold his office in the ukraine, disgraced the united states, made it impossible for us to combat corruption in the united states. how could obama have ever sent biden there to say he's going to take the on corruption in the ukraine when his son is working for one of the most crooked oligarchs in the ukrainesome and doesn't that -- in the ukraine? and doesn't that hurt the relations? i can't help it if biden is a ca candidate for president someday. that doesn't give him immunity from being investigated. maria: there are people on the republican side as well -- >> the republicans -- maria: who say, you know what? here is one right here when you've got senator john kennedy. i wish he would shut the heck up. there are people each on the republican side -- even on the republican side are saying rudy is coming out and putting all of this information out there and rambling interviews and making
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the president, putting him in a bad spot. pompeo is upset with you, apparently. a.g. barr said i should not be lumped into the same situation as the president's personal lawyer. i am the attorney general. is that what's happening? is there a blurring of lines here? >> no there isn't a blurring of lines here. i am representing the president, and i am bringing out facts that the swamp wants to cover up. i knew the moment biden was mentioned that it would be more difficult to do this, because they'd all circle the wagons and try to protect him. the reality is, is the president of the united states hadn't asked for an investigation of this, he would not be doing his job under article ii, is section tree of the constitution -- three of the constitution. just because joe biden is a protected washington creature does not mean that the serious allegations of a pay for play pattern, $8 million to his son from ukraine when he's supposed to be straightening out corruption in ukraine, $1.5
7:15 am
billion from china when he's supposed to be dealing with the islands and tariffs, these are things that relate to the foreign policy of the united states. they relate to the credibility of the united states. and you don't get away with -- maria: hold on. >> -- just because you're a candidate for president. maria: hold that thought. we're going to come right back. more with rudy giuliani when we come back. follow me on twitter and -- you can get a satisfaction guarantee. ♪ you can also wonder why our competitors don't offer that. schwab, a modern approach to wealth management. this is the family who wanted to connect... to go where they could explore and experience adventure in unexpected places... ♪
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maria: welcome back. i am back with president trump's personal attorney, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. there are testimonies that are going to be coming. we know that the democrats are looking for bill barr to recuse himself. they are looking to subpoena, they have subpoenaed secretary of state mike pompeo. have you gotten subpoenaed? are you expecting to testify? what's next? >> i have not been subpoenaed. when i am or if they call me and ask me if i'll testify voluntarily, i'll talk about that with my clientment they treat president trump as if he
7:19 am
has no constitutional rights. i'm his attorney. there's something called attorney/client privilege that has to be considered even if they don't think he should have attorney/client privilege. would i be willing to explain this openly, do did anybody do anything wrong here? absolutely not. the only thing done wrong here is the cover-up of these charges for three years that are very, very serious. these are very serious charges, and they're backed up by sworn affidavits, and they're online. and the washington press corps trying to protect a biden like they protected clinton the, and beyond that the pattern a pattern of pay for play. it includes something very similar to what happened at the clinton foundation which goes to the very core of what did obama know and when did he know it. in december of 2015, "the new york times"es wrote an article, scathing criticism of biden for putting his son in this conflicted position and compromising his ability to deal with corruption. which, by the way, should be a
7:20 am
concern -- wait, wait, should be a concern of a future president. question is when biden and obama saw that article about how the son was pulling down money for the most crooked oligarch in russia, did obama call biden in and say, joe, how could you be doing this? maria: yeah, i understand that. but the reality is that the democrats have the matter in the house. that means they have subpoena power, that means they are running the show. what are you going to do about them? the fact that there was wrongdoing done in early 2016, they don't -- they're refusing to look at. >> it would be nice if i say to my fellow republican, it would be nice instead of attacking me, the messenger, without knowing what really is involved, if you'd give me the benefit of the doubt before you attack me, and you take a look at what i have. maria: right. >> how about, how about don't -- we have hearings? i mean, suppose it was alleged that donald trump jr. got $8
7:21 am
million from a crooked oligarch in ukraine? how long would it take for the democrats to investigate us? and how long would it take for "the washington post" and the new york times to have glaring headlines? until we cure that, we're going to be a divided country. maria: yeah. >> and until our republican friends realize that we're really not in bad faith, that this is really serious and that i am concerned as i have been from the time i was an assistant u.s. attorney, i find the sale of public office to be disgusting. and they weren't hiring hunter biden. there were a hundred reasons why they weren't hiring him including the fact that he's a troubled young man who shouldn't have been put in that position. they were buying joe biden, and if he didn't see that, then he's blind. and if obama didn't deal with it, then he's -- it's not the kind of president donald trump is who takes article ii, section three seriously, and maybe these
7:22 am
republicans should give him and me the benefit of the doubt. maria: quick break, and more with rudy giuliani. congressman dowel cog lins -- doug collins coming up along with congressman mike. turner. stay with us. can you help with these? we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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maria: i'm back with rudy giuliani. did president trump hold back aid to ukraine because he wanted them to investigate joe biden and his son? >> isn't the best answer to that the telephone conversation? although the democrats said that before it came out, and schiff pretended that it did, look at the transcript. is there any mention of military aid? no. did he hold back the aid? no. maria: did you work with other -- >> i have never, in my discussion -- maria: did you work with other lawyers to try to get dirt on
7:26 am
joe biden? >> no. i didn't work with anybody to try to get dirt on joe biden. the dirt on joe biden was handed to me by the ukrainians, amazed that the fbi hadn't asked for this a year earlier, completely shocked and worried that our system of justice was flawed. because joe biden announced it publicly. and if you're a lawyer at all, what joe biden announced was he offered something of value, $1.2 billion loan guarantee, in order to get the prosecutor to take official action -- that's the crime of bribery -- and the motive is if you at least interview the guy to coffer up the -- cover up the case on his son. there were also, by the way, i i believe three other affidavits of different prosecutors, some of them not friendly to this prosecutor -- maria: right. >> saying the same thing. that's what we have investigations for. maria: but, rudy, the bottom line is you're not getting that on the democrat side, and they are in charge. >> i don't care about the
7:27 am
democrats. maria: what do you need to do to get -- >> i care about the american people. maria: but they know what's going on -- >> what am i supposed to do? maria: where are the indictments? where are the prosecutions for the people who actually did wrongdoing in the 2016 elections? >> that's a very good -- maria: have you spoken to bill barr about this? where is it? >> that is a very good question, and that's the question we should keep asking. and the reality is before they start criticizing me, the question should be what have they done about it? where's the republican senate investigating extremely serious charges about the former vice president? who i know is a member of the club, but members of the club don't get to put sons in positions -- put their sons in positions where they make millions and millions and millions where you have to be an idiot not to know the son was trading on the father's public office. maria: yeah. >> that is disgusting. maria: i've been asking the question about china for a long time now, the fact that hunter biden got $1.5 billion from the
7:28 am
bank of china after he took that ride on air force two -- >> now, china i have to say i didn't investigate. i don't have the affidavits. here i have all the proof. maria: yep. >> what i understand about china is he was actually in a partnership with the bank of china and with white key bulger's nephew. if the republicans don't have enough courage to investigate that, we're not really even representing the american people. the overriding reason for doing this is if a vice president did this and compromised us in china and in ukraine -- maria: yep. >> you know, the chinese government knows why they gave the money. they weren't hiring hunter biden's expertise. they were buying joe biden. finish and, by the way, for the price of that, they also got john kerry's stepson. maria: yeah, no, i know china's ways, and we reported that over and over. i understand.
7:29 am
>> because he's one of our guys, he's part of the club. maria: you made your points. rudy giuliani, thank you. >> there's a pattern here of pay for play, and i'm not going to be silent about it because they intimidate me. they can intimidate me all they want, and the reality is -- maria: yeah. >> -- this is because i represent the president of the united states, i want to show that he's innocent. and i have to admit i'm disgusted by what i see, and i'm worried about my country having a double standard. maria: we will leave it there. rued key giuliani, thank you. when we come back, republican doug collins is the ranking member on judiciary. he'll be up next. to geico; to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake. whoa! it's pure gold. we're gonna be rich... we're gonna be rich!
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get real relief with cosentyx. maria: welcome back. house speaker nancy pelosi announcing the start of an impeachment inquiry into whether president trump abused his power when he asked ukraine's president to look into a political rival. joining us now is georgia congressman doug collins, ranking member of the judiciary committee in the house. sir, thanks so much for joining us. >> hey, maria. it's always good to be with you with. maria: you just heard my conversation with rudy giuliani, i hope. give us your reaction to this inquiry into impeachment. >> well, first off, rudy is a passionate defender of this president. he's watched this president be attacked for over three years, and he is presenting that. that's his job. but let me go back to what's going on in the house and where this is at right now. this week we saw a dark day in the house. speaker pelosi abused her oath of office, if you would, by saying an impeachment inquiry
7:34 am
had started and they were sending it to the intelligence committee where you have a gentleman who has a habit of lying about the facts, mr. schiff. they've decided to walk down a path in which they are contrary to american values. they're not going to allow this president to have due process, they're not going to be fair, they're going to ramrod this thing through because -- and i heard a member of house leadership say this morning on another network that he wanted to have an inquiry, but he wasn't ready to vote for impeepment. if they were truly serious, they would bring it to floor, have a vote are, and then the american people would know this was not simply a democrat ramrod of this president. maria: so what does that mean for this impeachment inquiry? where does this go? is the president in jeopardy of being removed from office? >> no, he's not in jeopardy of being removed from office. he's in jeopardy of having to continue the onslaught of lies and attacks and half-truths from a one-sided investigation in the house. this is something from my
7:35 am
position as ranking member of the jewish -- judiciary committee. anytime they've been allowed, we've allowed to have investigations whether it be the mueller report or these ridiculous hearings that chairman nadler's had, it's always shown that the president has done nothing wrong. the collusion was a false narrative, the conspiracies, all these things were false when you actually investigate. so now they decided let's throw that out the window because that's not working. fairness is not working. being on the right side of the american people is not right, so we're just going to ramrod it through. that's what's happening right now. maria: look, i want to ask you about the rules around a whistleblower. we know that in the actual transcript we see that -- and the actual complaint, rather, the whistleblower says i do not have direct knowledge of this. that is in the complaint. but i was told this, and i trust the people who told me. what are the rules around the whistleblower in terms of what that person can charge? >> well, that's what's really
7:36 am
been interesting because we've been finding out that the whistleblower, especially in the intelligence community, rules seem to have been changed from demanding a firsthand account or actual knowledge, firsthand knowledge of the abuse or the misuse of issues in the intelligence community, to now where they can have secondhand information. if you look at the whistleblower report even besides the transcript and everything else, comparing the two is really interesting because it seem to be a very well written document, multisourced. if this were a piece in "the new york times"es or washington post, that might be what you would expect. but you don't expect it in a legal document accusing a president of doing something in an illegal fashion and doing so from secondhand information. now, as we go forward here, is that going to be the fact that's been changed in the intelligence community to where basically anybody can take any report they want to and decide to file a complaint? this is more serious than this. this president and our country deserves better than what we're seeing -- maria: they may deserve better but, congressman, that's not
7:37 am
what's happening. the democrats are in charge, and they are going to be investigating this, and they want the president out of office. what are you going to do about about it as the ranking member of judiciary? >> well, it's been a really interesting week because it seems like the judiciary committee is, again, in this ramrod of speaker pelosi and, you know, frankly, degradation of the house rules. they're saying now, well, we're going to do an inquiry, we're going to keep following the rules, but we're also going to say this, in just the next few weeks i think we're doing to see the inspector general report come out, we're going to concentrate on 40 how this actually got started, hopefully the senate will be, and i know lindsay graham will be doing that. they're rushing to judgment, maria. keep this clearly in mind, they know time is running out, and they're desperate for this president not to win next year. maria: are we going to see indictments, prosecutions of the people who did the wrongdoing coming out of the fisa abuse
7:38 am
story and after the i.g. report? where is the, where is the accountability? >> well, the accountability, i think, is coming. you see all of the major players are continuing to scramble, making up stories on how they were really just doing their job. it sounds similar to, oh, i didn't do anything, don't look over here. i think bill barr, the inspector general are looking into this, and this accountability -- we've been talking about it a lock time. it's time to stop the harassment of this president, it's time for the house to be doing what they need to be doing and that is get back to people's business. maria: congressman, thank you so much. i'm looking forward to having you once again. thanks, sir. >> all right, maria, take care. maria: we are going to be talking with the former attorney general, michael mukasey, about this coming up as well as congressman mike turner, so stay with us on this. meanwhile, a look at iran right now. iran is blasting the united states for restricting the movements of prime minister zarif during his visit to the united nations.
7:39 am
tensions are escalating in the middle east following the strike on the saudi arabian oil facilities. the u.s., saudi arabia and other allies are blaming tehran for that attack and warning for president trump during his address to the general assembly last week, calling on world leaders to act against iran's, quote, blood lust. joining us right now is the former prime minister of qatar, hamad bin al sani. thanks for joining us. do you believe iran is responsible for the attacks on the saudi oil field? >> i don't have the facts of this, but i think all the tension in the region is related to each other. from yemen to lebanon, to syria, to iraq, to the tech between the u.s. and iran, i think -- the tension between the u.s. and iran, i think all of this is related, and there is acts from both sides. maria: if you were to find out definitively that iran was
7:40 am
behind that, would you push back against iran? because we know that one of the issues in terms of qatar and the boycott that we've seen among the gcc countries was because of qatar's support of muslim brotherhood, of iran. >> well, let me tell you one thing. when all this start, the boycotts start against qatar, the siege started, we have no ambassador in tehran, and we have no diplomatic relation with tehran because we were supporting the saudis at that time, and we pulled our ambassador from tehran. so anyone would like to say that we have a different relation with iran that the other neighbors that's part of the lies which they did against qatar, and by no everybody know that. i think there is many gcc countries that have better relations with iran than qatar, especially that we had a major difference with them about syria. but we've always, we've always
7:41 am
have been our opinion in that the problem with iran have to be solved diplomatically and through negotiation between the gcc and iran. i don't think that we should try to see if there is a tension within -- with the united states. i think this tension with the united states seems to me it's an opportunity for the gcc to arrive to a solution with the iranian and that basically no interference on both sides. maria: there is a feeling that the u.s. pulling out of the iran nuclear deal is one of the underpinnings for iran more aggressive provocations. do you believe that to be true? do you blame the united states in any way for iran's provocations because of the pull out of the iran nuclear deal? >> well, i think to pull out of agreement is not, not something
7:42 am
usually respected. because if you are done an agreement with iran, i think both sides have to fulfill their agreement. and we know that united states pull out. and when they pull out, they say why they want to pull out. and i think with the iranians and with their policy -- and we are talking about intelligent people in iran dealing in this matter -- it should be done differently. i think if there is worries with the united states and the ream about some of the points in this agreement, they node to extend -- they need to extend it for a few years. i think that a different approach to the iranians than the approach taken now. maria: give us -- let's put this down. you are not the prime minister of qatar anymore. >> yes. maria: but from your stance in terms of the qatari position with the united states, the qatari position throughout the middle east, what is your stance right now on the united states? >> well, as you know, we always
7:43 am
historically have good relation with the united states. and there is some time when there is a lot of, a lot of mistakes or a lot of wrong information being given to the united states as you say about the islamic brotherhoods or any other stories from our neighbors -- maria: well, do you not support the muslim brotherhood in qatar? >> we did not support them but -- maria: can you say categorically that qataris do not support iran and do not support terrorism? >> first of all, i am not the prime minister of qatar, but i can tell you we did not support any act of terrorism. that is against our principles. and we are small monarchy, and i always say we would like to see a peaceful neighborhood. and for us it's to touch anything against the law or international law is something not accepted and dangerous. maria: so real quick before you go, what is the answer to stabilize the region when you look at egypt, libya, tunisia,
7:44 am
syria, yemen? >> well, i think, first of all, the serious diplomatic dialogue is important. unity of the gcc could have -- and there is no unity now to lead negotiation like what we did with yemen. there was a gcc opinion in that, and there was an initiative from there. our problem now, the gcc is broke down almost, and also we did not have the same understanding or same ideas about how we can tackle the problems in the region. maria: all right. mr. prime minister, it's good to see you again, thanks very much. >> pleasure. maria: we will be right back with former tone general judge michael mukasey.
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maria: welcome back. speaker nancy pelosi slamming attorney general william barr now over the handling of the whistleblower complaint. she says he's, quote,, gone rogue. let's bring in judge michael mukasey. your honor, it is always a pleasure to see you. >> pleasure to see you. maria: thanks so much for joining us. your thoughts and reaction to what nancy pelosi's saying about a. g. barr. >> that's outrageous. he's rogue? the whistleblower complaint is basically a compilation of secondhand information from the press and secondhand information about what the man claims he was told, period. the notion that somehow he didn't handle that properly,
7:49 am
there's a long memo saying, essentially, that the i.g., the inspector general to whom this document was senting has really no obligation to transmit it to congress because he's the inspector general for the intelligence community. and the president is not a member of the intelligence community. finish -- he's not the lone ranger, he is the inspector general for the intelligence community, and he has no jurisdiction to deal with the kinds of issues that this so-called whistleblower was raising. maria: but why would the president say to ukraine president, i'm going to have bill barr call you? you know, even bill barr was upset -- or apparently, reportedly annoyed -- that he was put into, you know, the same bucket as president trump's personal lawyer. >> look, why he said it, i have no idea. but he is known for having occasionally an indiscreet relationship with the english language there's no doubt about that.
7:50 am
but the point is mr. barr never talked to the ukrainians, the president never talked to bill barr about talking to ukrainians. there's a press release from the justice department that came out the same day as the conversation that says that. it says also, by the way, that this matter and the underlying investigation of who provided information to the fbi about manafort and whether any of that was done unlawfully, that's being investigated by john durham. maria: so you're say what the president was trying to do was better understand what was going on in early 2016 when they tried the frame him and why so much information from the dossier was coming from ukraine. >> correct. his first reference in the conversation when he says i need a favor, it wasn't a reference to biden at all, it was a reference to server; i.e., the democratic national committee server and why that wasn't turned over to the fbi and so
7:51 am
on. it had nothing whatever to do with joe biden. maria: all right. we're going to take a short break and then we're going to come back with attorney general michael knew a casey. i've got to get your take on how you see this in terms of did the president do anything wrong? did hunter biden and vice president biden do anything wrong, and what about horowitz and durham? when are we going to see the latest there? so stay with us, more with attorney general michael mukasey next.
7:52 am
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7:54 am
maria: welcome back. as we told you earlier, speaker nancy pelosi slamming attorney general william barr over the handling to have whistleblower complaint. earlier i said -- she says he went rogue. she wants him to recuse himself. should bill barr be recusing himself in all things related to ukraine? >> on what basis? [laughter] i mean, her response is, i
7:55 am
guess, because i said so. the president said in the transcript that he was going to talk to barr, and after the call to ukraine there was a press release issued by the department of justice the same day that the conversation came out saying that the president never talked to barr about the ukraine, that barr never talked to the ukraine about biden or anything else that's the end of it. there is no basis for him recusing himself based on a statement by the president that he was going to talk to him. maria: michael mukasey, you are a voice that is independent and we can trust. did the president do anything wrong here that the american people need to understand? >> wrong meaning illegal? maria: yeah. >> no. he's -- suggesting that he was talking to a foreign leader about getting information that might be useful to him in an election is probably indiscreet. it is not, as far as i know, unlawful under any statute that i'm aware of. maria: what about joe biden? he was vice president, and he did take his son on air force
7:56 am
two. they traveled to china, they, obviously, were in the ukraine. did he do something wrong? >> wrong, unlawful? maria: yeah. >> don't know. depends on what he did. the fact is that his son, apparently, got a job with a ukrainian gas company, a business he knew nothing about with no demonstrable credential other than he was joe biden's son. joe biden also demanded that a prosecutor be fired who was investigating that company. now, whether that was a criminal violation or not is up -- is a matter that needs investigating. certainly, it was indiscreet. maria: i want to get your take on the i. g. report that's coming out soon, but we will have to wait. we are -- lisa jones! lisa: (on phone) hey carl, what are you charging me for online equity trades? (nervous chuckle) lisa: and do i get my fees back if i'm not happy? like a satisfaction guarantee? ugh. schwab!
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>> on the buzzfeed of this sunday, nancy pelosi spurred by reports wall street journal and washington post, launches impeachment investigation as president trump's call to ukraine leader sparks warfare on the air waves. >> my god, it is just flagrantly corrupt. open and obvious abuse of the totality of the united states foreign policy, the media sites growing -- >> if the allegations are true, the country is now in a place they have not seen since watergate. >> forgiven for not understanding why was


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