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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  October 7, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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million viewers. we want to thank our loyal viewers for making this show and network so special and number one. thanks, guys. >> thank you so much. we love you. >> i need another suit. >> be back here tomorrow. >> bill: here we go. breaking news from overnight. american forces in northeastern syria said to be pulling back after orders from the commander-in-chief. president trump tweeting earlier that all sides in the region are left to figure it out. some see it as a major shift in american foreign policy. live at the pentagon in matter of minutes coming up here. first however new details this morning reports that a second whistleblower has come forward claiming to have firsthand knowledge against the -- of the allegations against president trump. we'll sort through it together. brand-new week begins now. after last week who knows what is coming up for the next five days. i hope you had a great weekend. >> sandra: good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith.
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lawyers representing both whistleblowers say the second one has already spoken with the intelligence community inspector general. the white house could be sending a letter to speaker nancy pelosi as soon as today demanding a full house vote on impeachment. >> all of the world knows more about this phone call than the second or first whistleblower. the first whistleblower was hearsay. we now have the transcript. have the speaker of the house nancy pelosi just waited 48 hours we wouldn't be tearing this country apart. they wouldn't be trying to remove this president. people around the president, professionals in the oval office in the situation room are watching what is happening and are finally saying my god, this cannot happen anymore. >> chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live with the latest on capitol hill. take us through it, good morning. >> walk you through it this morning. i want to start with new
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information we have at fox about this friday session with the intelligence community internal watchdog michael atkinson. our sources report he told the committee that he had no independent or firsthand knowledge of the contacts between the whistleblower and the democrat-led house intelligence committee. the whistleblower left that section on the disclosure form blank and atkinson learned about the contact through media reporting. one of the lawyers for the whistleblower confirmed that a second whistleblower has come forward. but that firm has not answered fox's questions about why their client withheld their contact with the democrat-controlled committee from the inspector general and they have not answered questions about whether it was a single contact with the committee or multiple contacts. it goes to the question of coordination. they have not explained any more detail about their client who had a prior work history
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with a prominent current democratic politician. the bottom line is that there really is this 18-day window, a critical period between the president's july 25th phone call with the ukraine leader and the filing of the whistleblower complaint on august 12th. about this contact between the two parties and the individuals who know are the whistleblower, chairman schiff as well as democratic staffers. important to note these are the same group, schiff and staff, who are running the investigation. republicans say this is an inherent conflict. >> we shouldn't have to take adam schiff's word for it with a wordsmith press release or tweet the that there is not much. we don't need to look at that. he needs to be put under oath and answer the question and again that is the reason that he should not be allowed to run the investigation where he and his team are central fact witnesses. >> two final points.
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chairman schiff as the chairman really controls the public release of these transcripts for atkinson and the former special envoy to ukraine, vol ker. republicans are pushing for the public release. they argue they have not been released because they aren't that helpful to the democrats. final point and just stay with me here. so what we know now from atkinson's session on friday is that the preliminary investigation included a handful of witnesses. we're told four including two supervisors for the whistleblower. it's entirely possible this new individual who has come forward is among that pool that was part of the preliminary investigation to determine if the allegations in the claim were credible. >> sandra: catherine herridge on capitol hill for it. >> bill: we're expecting two more closed door interviews this week. the u.s. ambassador to the european union and former u.s.
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ambassador to ukraine. she will appear on friday. the republicans have a big issue with the secrecy on these interviews. >> adam schiff, the person in charge, has made the decision he doesn't want those transcripts would be out there publicly. he made that decision because those transcripts aren't good for the democrats and for the narrative. >> bill: byron york has analysis. good morning to you. impeachment secrecy is the title of your op-ed. you have a problem with the stuff behind closed doors. make your case. >> katherine just reported what happened on the question of michael atkinson on friday. it was held in secret. the volker and atkinson interviews were held in a scif,
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a room that's specially constructed to make sure there can be no electronic penetration of everything and everything remains secret. these are being handled as if they were huge state secrets and nothing that has to be kept secret. what you're hearing republicans say is we shouldn't just have this little leak or that little leak of what took place in these interviews. we should have the entire transcripts released and the future meetings should be held in public so people can see what was said. >> bill: maybe at some point they are in public. what are you afraid of right now if you made these hearings public? >> i don't know. the democrats have said the secrecy is necessary to protect the an imtee of the whistleblower, referring to the first now, now a second one apparently. but the law is not absolute on this. if you look at the law it says the inspector general of the intelligence community shall
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not reveal the identity of the whistleblower unless he believes that disclosure is unavoidable in the course of the investigation. and republicans say look, we're in an impeachment investigation. there can be no matter of public concern higher than an impeachment investigation. this simply cannot remain secret. >> bill: i get the same question you probably get. people want to know how will it end? i think we have the strongest clue over the weekend. here is a spot from mitch mcconnell's facebook page. he said this on saturday. watch here. it's coming. i know it's coming. here we go. ready? mitch mcconnell on saturday from facebook. >> nancy pelosi is in the clutches of a left wing mob. they finally convinced her to impeach the president. all of you know your constitution. the way that impeachment stops is when a senate majority with
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me as majority leader. >> nothing unusual at all about that. >> bill: he has not talked about this with the exception of one interview on cnbc. that's the clearest indication yet that if anybody is on the fence on republicans in the senate he has your back. >> we know that the constitution requires 67 votes in the senate for a president to be convicted and removed from office. and they aren't going to get that if republicans stay united behind the president. this is not all that unusual. back in 1998 when republicans in the house were impeaching bill clinton, a lot of people in the senate said forget it. don't do it. it will die in the senate. there is no way we in the senate will convict bill clinton and remove him from office and it died in the senate. it was spoken of well in advance of the senate trial of bill clinton.
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if house democrats go ahead and actually impeach president trump, we'll hear a lot more about that from the senate this time, too. >> bill: him raising money, reelection battle for next year. he must see what the trump folks are doing in terms of financial -- the money they're raising on their side. kentucky still appears to be a trump state, too. last comment on that. >> well look, these days everybody raises money over everything. and the fact is the polls have shown that republicans are still strongly in favor of the president. they strongly support him and they strongly oppose impeachment. now, the number who favored impeachment used to be 5%. may have doubled to 10%. we're talking about 88 or 90% of republicans opposing impeachment. >> bill: the quote from mcconnell. the way impeachment stops is a senate majority with me as a majority leader. happy monday to you in washington nice to see you.
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>> sandra: fox news alert developing overnight the u.s. beginning to pull troops from northern syria. the white house clearing the way for turkish troops to invade and take control of captured isis fighters. u.s. officials telling fox news the pentagon was completely blind side i had by the move. senator lindsey graham reacting. >> this impulsive decision by the president has undone all the gains we've made. a*rn is lifting their chops. i have a second lease on life if i'm an isis fighter. >> sandra: we're live from the pentagon on these developments this morning. >> there is a lot of disappointment at the pentagon this morning. u.s. officials tell me they were blind-sided by the white house order to pull u.s. forces from northern syria green lighting a turkish invasion and leaving open the potential for the kurds to be slaughtered. the 100 u.s. troops in northern syria have been seen leaving the border area.
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11,000 u.s. backed fighters and most kurds were killed fighting isis in syria in recent years. thousands of isis fighters and families including small children languish in prisons guarded by the kurds in syria. the white house made the announcement. united states armed forces will not be involved in the operation. united states forces having defeated the isis territorial caliphate will no longer be in the immediate area. turkey will be responsible for alliesis fighters in the area. that makes a lot of people nervous. over recent days the kurds strayed their bases on the border because u.s. and turkish force -- turkey's decision to invade will no longer be a part of the security agreement. they said president trump betrayed them. we aren't expecting the u.s. to protect northeast syria but
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people are owed an explanation of the u.s. to fulfill their commitments. president said he would impose a penalty on the nato ally if they attacked the kurd. we will devastate turkey economicically if they hit the kurds. mattis resigned over president trump's decision to pull out troops from there. >> bill: a suspect arrested after four men were killed inside of a bar in the manhunt for a second shooter is underway. what we're learning about a possible motive in that case. >> sandra: talks between the u.s. and china set to restart this week. so are we seeing the outlines of a potential deal? today's headliner, white house economic advisor larry kudlow will be joining us live next hour. >> bill: republicans and the president demanding a full house vote on the impeachment inquiry. so far that vote hasn't
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happened. democratic congresswoman debbie dingell will respond to that coming up next. >> what's wrong here is it's going to destroy this country. it will break the fabric of who we are. they are discrediting democracy. they want to remove somebody from office who is duly elected because they disagree with it. the supplements... the veggies... the water. but i still have recurring constipation, belly pain, straining and bloating. my doctor said i could have a real medical condition called ibs-c. for my recurring constipation and belly pain from ibs-c... i said "yes" to linzess. linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation. linzess is not a laxative. it works differently. it helps relieve belly pain and lets you have more frequent and complete bowel movements. do not give to children less than six. and it should not be given to children six to less than 18. it may harm them. do not take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain. especially with bloody or black stools.
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>> sandra: new developments in the battle over president trump's tax return. the judge agreeing with the prosecutors. they want the documents as part of their probe into hush money payments made to stormy daniels. lawyers for the president say it's politically motivated and have appealed to a higher court. >> in both the bill clinton case and the rich and nixon case there was a clear president. the full house voted and authorized a full impeachment
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inquiry. there is a precedent. >> there is no required under the constitution and no requirement under house rules that that's the procedure that we follow. >> you may not need it but why not do it? >> i'm not troubled by it. but there is no reason to do it. there is no rule that says you have to do it. >> bill: a little bit of democratic reaction over the weekend. unmoved by calls for a vote on the inquiry as republicans work to get them on record regarding president trump and impeachment. michigan democrat debbie dingell, communications committee. thank you for coming back to our program here. you heard it. let's go on the record. take the vote. why has it not happened, congresswoman? >> you know, as some of the other colleagues said there is no requirement that it happen. want to know how i feel? i've been somebody who all summer had a lot of people, move and i'm very concerned and to this moment
6:18 am
that i sit here talking to you about how divided this country is. recent facts of filing the complaint. inspector general finding it was i credible and urgent. i want us to follow the facts. no one is above the law. let's keep getting what the facts are. let's keep getting the knowledge out making as public as we can as much of it. some is classified. not only are we protecting the whistleblower which i think is something that's very important historically in this country. but we also have national security that we are protecting. >> in the past congress has respected that classified material. if democrats say repeatedly they have the votes, why not take the vote? >> you know, i think we may down the road. i have not been there for 10 days. but i also think that what we
6:19 am
have seen now is three branches of government, equal branches of government that have oversight responsibilities. i don't want to put kerosene on fires already out there. let's get the facts. >> bill: there is plenty of kerosene on this one. >> i'm trying to be one of the calm ones. >> bill: there are 31 democrats in your caucus that won in trump districts. if there is so much confidence it makes sense to the american people you go ahead and express the votes and then everyone knows where your caucus stands. is there a suggestion that perhaps you don't have the votes? to do it you don't -- until you do it. you can ask john mccain that at 2:24am when it came to healthcare. >> i have a different question for you. i want to get the truth. i think that is what we have to be careful about doing is getting the truth. that's what i'm focused on and
6:20 am
what these investigations are focused on. i haven't said we need to impeach the president. i'm looking for what the facts are right now and a lot of other people are saying okay, let's get the facts, let's see where those facts lead us, where do we need to go? i think the next few weeks will be tracking what the facts are. when you have somebody say -- if president trump appointed an inspector general say there is a credible threat it is urgent and a threat to our national security. that's my job to protect this country. and the rule of law matters in this country. the rule of law is what makes us who we are in this democracy. >> bill: i heard you say two weeks ago you have been under a lot of pressure. >> i have. >> bill: do you believe that adam schiff has been a straight shooter on this? >> i think he is one of the most decent human beings i know and i think he is playing straight. i think that it was not until he got this most recent
6:21 am
information that he even lifted his profile. he has not been someone out there this summer saying let's go impeach. i think this is a very serious time. most of the people that i know are not taking joy in any of this. this country, read the mueller report, it talks about people like russia trying to divide us as a country. i love this country. i want to keep us together. this is one of the most serious times we face. i'm focused while they're doing their work on drug prescription mark-up next week, getting it cleaned up. >> bill: all very important stuff. >> we have to do both of them. >> bill: i hope you come back. the suggestion that knowing how tender it is. >> everybody should be nervous. this is our country we worried about. >> bill: glad you're feeling
6:22 am
better. >> sandra: major shift in u.s. foreign policy. president trump pulling u.s. troops out of syria. how will it impact the fight against isis? more reaction coming up. sometimes your small screen is your big screen.
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>> a strange twist. a witness in the amber guyger murder trial was found shot dead. joshua brown was found with multiple gunshot wounds in his apartment complex. 28 years old. he lived next door to botham jean. he was the one shot and killed in his apartment by a former dallas police officer who mistook his home for hers. amber guyger was sentenced to 10 years behind bars last week. >> sandra: fox news alert.
6:26 am
president trump pulling u.s. troops out of northern syria ahead of turkey's invasion. the white house getting backlash for the move from kurdish led forces who accuse the u.s. of abandoning them. let's bring in jeremy butler, ceo of iraq and afghanistan veterans of america. your reaction to that news this morning, lindsey graham appeared a short time ago on this network said it's a big win for iran and assad and isis. >> it came as a surprise to everybody. it is not the focal area for us talking about u.s. policy. our members would say this potentially shows a troubling trend of abandoning our allies. those we've worked with and fought alongside the kurdish allies strongly and deeply for the long time. there is a risk here of sending a signal that the u.s. maybe isn't always standing by in the long term with its allies. we have seen that with the interpreters that service members worked with in iraq are
6:27 am
looking to escape the troubles there and want to get u.s. visas. >> sandra: we'll continue to get reaction. the taliban meeting with the u.s. peace envoy for the first time since the canceled camp david visit. few details have emerged from friday's meeting. your thoughts what you were able to take away from what we have learned took place. >> i think it's a continuation of what we heard before. also kind of a surprise to a lot of us that was going on. our members are pretty divided on this issue. a lot are concerned we're talking to the taliban as opposed to the afghan government. we want to make sure conversations are happening there. the poll was strong they're a little concerned we're talking to the taliban. >> sandra: 14,000 troops still in afghanistan today. constant frustration from the president about this. what would you like to see next in terms of u.s. strategy? >> i think i would like to see a much deeper debate, dialogue,
6:28 am
discussion amongst the administration, members of congress, the department of defense, everyone, the public to get a better understanding what our intentions in afghanistan are. what the possible peace plan could look like and what it would mean for the future of afghanistan and the u.s. and allies we're fighting with. >> sandra: you represent the new generation of veterans. i know that you have done a lot when it comes to crisis prevention, the rising suicide rates of our veterans, reforming the v.a.. can you provide us an update where things stand today? is progress being made? >> it does not seem so. new numbers came out from the v.a. and department of defense and suicide numbers and they're going up. you heard about the 20 a day suicides. now it's 21 a day. there are a lot of veterans not getting the connections to the support and services they need. not a lot of them are not connected to the v.a.. there is needs not being met that we can't just look at the
6:29 am
v.a. to solve it. we need a government and society approach. >> sandra: we care about the future of our veterans. the veteran crisis line is 800-273-8255 open 24/7. dial 1 when you call that number if you, friend, or family member. it is there for the veterans who need it. you've been working hard on that. jeremy butler. appreciate your time this morning. thank you. >> bill: sandra, back to the story, the suspect in custody at large after four people killed inside a bar. a manhunt underway in the central part of the country. live report in a moment here. >> sandra: a second whistleblower has now come forward claiming firsthand knowledge of the allegations against president trump. so how will that affect the democrats' push for impeachment? >> there is no difference between the president making the call or the president saying to attorney general barr
6:30 am
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>> monday morning fox news alert. a suspect in custody an manhunt for a second suspect. the men opened fire in a bar. what happened? >> good morning, bill. this happened in kansas city on the kansas side -- two men went into the bar saturday night. had a disagreement with others inside. they left and came back with handguns. according to authorities and witnesses. >> came in the second time. he didn't say nothing. he just walked in and looked for who he was looking for and then just started shooting. >> an estimated 40 people were
6:34 am
inside the bar when this all went down. it is a small space. four people were killed and five injured. the f.b.i. and bureau of alcohol, to be, firearms and explosives. a 23-year-old was arrested sunday. law enforcement continues to search for 30-year-old morales. he is armed and dangerous. the two men are being charged with four counts of first degree murder. >> we do not believe it was random. we believe this was an isolated incident you would call it. we don't feel that these suspects are going to go out and do this again. >> mexico's foreign affairs minister tweeted that two of the killed were mexican nationals victims range in age from mid-20s to late 50s. three were regulars at the bar. >> how can you go into a place
6:35 am
full of people and just start shooting? it's sad. >> bond is set for $1 million for each of the suspects. five people remain in the hospital in stable condition this morning, bill. >> bill: that story from denver. 25 before the hour. >> the reporting that a second whistleblower has come forward or is about to come forward i believe again would be someone who sees wrongdoing, hears wrongdoing and wants to do something about it. >> this person is going to come forward and say yes, the president had this phone call and yes, that's the transcript. why should i care at all what his opinion or judgment of this transcript is? >> lawmakers sounding off as a second whistleblower came forward claiming firsthand of the president's call with ukraine. the white house says it doesn't matter how many whistleblowers come forward adding it doesn't change the fact the president did nothing wrong.
6:36 am
let's bring in sol wisenberg former independent counsel and good morning. as we promise our viewers, we'll help everybody go through all of this. there is a lot to go through. now a second whistleblower has come forward. the question is what does it mean? what are the legal implications for the president considering this clarification from the attorney that represents both whistleblowers. this is mark zaid. he says let me also be clear. although second whistleblower does not possess firsthand knowledge of certain info, there is no legal requirement for any whistleblower to have such knowledge. the law only requires a reasonable belief. so make sense of that for us. >> that sounds new to me because initially i heard that the new whistleblower did have firsthand knowledge. apparently now it's just some firsthand knowledge.
6:37 am
i think the whole business about first or second hand knowledge is irrelevant now because we have a transcript or at least a partial transcript that has been released by the white house and we have a timeline. it is what it is. whatever you make of it, the issue of whistleblowers firsthand and second hand is relevant to the issue of whether or not it should have been leaked in the first place. we have the transcript. so the real issue is. >> sandra: added in a word there. it sounded right to m i said it. they are making the case the second whistleblower coming forward does have firsthand knowledge. was the whistleblower a witness to the first whistleblower? there is a lot of confusion over what firsthand information that whistleblower may or may not have. >> well, i think we're entitled to rely on the plain meaning of the english language and based
6:38 am
upon the attorney's statement, i would think he has firsthand knowledge of the call. but again, i don't see the relevance since the white house itself released the transcript. the question is will this make -- i don't think it makes any difference on the question of the hour, which is will the president be impeached or not? and should he be impeached? is this the kind of -- is this even a crime? even if it is a crime, is it the kind of crime that constituents a high crime or misdemeanor? should the house be moving to impeach the president a year before the election just based upon this one incident? that is really the legal political question of the day. >> sandra: the legal team for the whistleblowers, now we know the team represents both. confirmed to the "washington post" that it's a member of the intelligence community and has spoken to the inspector general. again, the person that claims
6:39 am
to have firsthand knowledge that supports the first whistleblower account. why has there been no official complaint filed? we understand that to be fact at this point. >> i don't know. and again, i don't think that it matters. we have the transcript. the white house didn't have to release that transcript. in fact, that might have turned out to be a strategic or tactical mistake. it is a conversation with a foreign leader. there are a number of people on all sides of the aisle who believe the president had the constitutional right to keep that from being released. but he did. we have the transcript now. whether you believe with the president that it shows something that's perfectly proper or with speaker pelosi who says it shows a violation of the constitution. that's another question. but we have a transcript. so whether it was firsthand or second hand or somebody -- some intelligence mid-level person signed a complaint is irrelevant at this point. >> sandra: sol wisenberg on the
6:40 am
legal implications of that second whistleblower coming forward. appreciate your time this morning, sol. >> bill: thank you, sir. some good series in october. late last night. let's start in st. louis. >> martinez deals. driven into center field. bader can't get it. it is down. one run is in. ortega. adam duvall strikes again. >> bill: cardinals stunned here, two outs in the ninth, braves scored three times to win it 3-1. oh, atlanta up 2 games to one. the dodgers blowing out the nats 10-4. >> sandra: making baseball exciting. >> bill: l.a. also up two games to one. the postseason is really good so far. >> sandra: do they have your attention now? >> bill: a little bit. too much of my time is going to football now. four games together however. we'll get good action on the
6:41 am
diamond. good stuff. >> sandra: yeah. >> i think this is a nightmare for the biden campaign. bernie sanders has a heart attack. nancy pelosi is now trapped. she embarked on impeachment inquiry based on a transcript she hadn't read. >> sandra: he says joe biden will be the biggest loser in the impeachment inquiry and which democrat will benefit the most. maria bartiromo will join us for the first installment on monday's with maria. >> bill: hair-raising scare at a beauty salon. get that? >> sandra: okay. refi now at newday usa with
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>> sandra: a new look for our political coverage. democracy 2020. new developments involving bernie sanders. he is home in vermont resting after suffering from a heart attack. the 78-year-old was hospitalized last week in nevada with chest pains. sanders tweeted he is doing well. no word yet on when he will get back on the campaign trail. he will attend a next debate on october 15th. welcome back, bernie. >> bill: mondays with maria now. house democrats impeachment inquiry moving forward as the former b.p. joe biden battles the fallout from the ukraine matter. senator lindsey graham telling maria this on sunday. >> joe biden, who is leaking holes, campaign is completely imploded. i think he is probably done. the biggest victim of the whistleblower complaint. the biggest beneficiary has been elizabeth warren and donald trump. >> bill: we call this new
6:46 am
segment mornings with maria. graham thinks biden is done. you look at some of the fox polling showing up from south carolina, our poll shows biden gaining, up six points. your take. >> because of the ukraine situation it has put the spotlight on joe biden and his son hunter. whether or not there was actual wrongdoing done. as a result of that i think it raises that question for him everywhere he goes. i'm not sure about these polls. the polls were so wrong in 2016 i look at these polls skepticly. what lindsey graham said yesterday was this past week was the most consequential week for donald trump's reelection campaign that we've seen yet. one, biden has imploded because of these upsets. the polls don't say that. but lindsey graham saying because of the focus on hunter biden and what he may or may not have done. collecting $50,000 a month from ukraine and went with the vice
6:47 am
president to china. 10 days later he got $1 1/2 billion for his hedge fund. that's number one. two, bernie sanders and his heart attack. we wish bernie sanders well. i know he is home resting. it did -- the issue did bring back the issue of age in this election. you can't avoid it knowing that. number three, elizabeth warren seems to be the frontrunner. business is quaking in their boots over elizabeth warren being the frontrunner. you saw what the business round table said a couple months ago, profits are not number one anymore. we know shareholders are our constituents but we aren't going to have profits and shareholder returns as our number one priority. we'll look at other stakeholders like employees and communities. my reaction, sounds like p.r. to me. wait, are you telling me employees and communities you operate in weren't important beforehand? >> bill: really interesting thing to follow based on how people react.
6:48 am
>> congressman andy barr says you are kowtowing to elizabeth warren in to say capitalism is not good. how about defending capitalism like the "wall street journal" did. andy barr kentucky. >> bill: another thing here wisconsin. biden up nine, sanders up five, warren up four. i know what you said about polls. tell me what you think the impact in places like wisconsin could be when you consider trade negotiations will happen again starting on thursday in washington, d.c. the chinese delegation is coming to the u.s. >> right now what the chinese are saying they want to narrow the topics this they're willing to put on the table. they say we'll narrow the number of topics we're willing to discuss. take anything detailing our industrial economy off the table. take intellectual property theft off the table.
6:49 am
president trump won't do that. >> bill: they try to narrow the scope upon which you can negotiate. >> we'll buy more stuff. that won't fly i don't think for this administration. this administration has been adamant looking at the issues that matter to the american people like the theft of intellectual property. the forced transfer of tech noll gaoe. it would change the chinese economy. now chinese companies can no longer steal from the west. they don't want it to be-in-law and they don't want an enforcement mechanism in there if you find out you are cheating there will be consequences. >> bill: we're asking beijing to codify all this. do you believe it's still with us a year from now when we're in the heat of this reelection? >> i think we'll get a trade deal done at some point in my view it happens closer to 2020 than where we are right now. >> bill: thanks, mondays or mornings with maria? how about monday mornings with
6:50 am
maria. >> sandra: love on this week's china trade talks in a bit. is there an outline for a possible deal? larry kudlow will join us live next hour. he is our headliner this morning. >> bill: a woman boards a delta flight with no i.d. and no boarding pass. how did this happen? we have an answer. >> they did a full inspection of the plane with multiple canine dogs. no i.d. or boarding pass but she was allowed on the plane in the first place. what??? no, no no no no. battery power runs out. lifetime retirement income from tiaa doesn't. guaranteed monthly income for life. nooooo!
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> bill: you have your peaceful saturday that turns into a shattering afternoon. here we go, roll it. yep. just came for the manicure. that's what he was looking for. a deer crashed into the window
6:54 am
at new york's long island. a woman was actually injured. she was sitting on the crouch. >> sandra: you have to watch it a couple of times. >> bill: at full speed, whoa. >> sandra: everybody is okay. you have to be prepared for anything. >> bill: you think that deer wanted a pedicure or manicure? what do you think? >> sandra: sit in the chair we'll take care of you. >> bill: some question this morning about kaourt in an orlando international airport after a woman was able to born a delta flight without i.d. or boarding pass. phil keating joining us live from miami. what happened here? >> it's all still a very puzzling mystery how exactly this woman in question got onto that plane and into the airline seat. before that's all resolved delta airlines is apologizing to everybody else who was on the plane for the inconvenience of the three-hour delay. the flight involved was delta flight 1516 scheduled to fly
6:55 am
from orlando to atlanta just after 10:00 a.m. sunday morning. that went down the tubes fast for everyone on board during the boarding process when a properly ticketed passenger got to her assigned seat, revealing that the unticketed passenger was in her seat. the flight attendants tried to figure out the mix-up the woman in question said she threw her ticket away. didn't have any i.d. at all. to prove who she was she offered a selfie of herself on her cell phone. not good enough. the woman was removed from the plane after the pilot called tsa and they removed everybody off the plane. so they could then search the plane with dogs, make sure everything was safe. the plane was eventually cleared. delta airlines as well as the f.b.i. and tsa all investigating. tsa says the woman did make it through the security screening process at the airport. the question is how exactly she then got onto the jet way and
6:56 am
the plane. >> sandra: a lot of questions. phil keating. thank you. >> bill: republicans hitting back at democrats' handling of the whistleblower investigation. >> if you read the entire transcript of the hearings last week again we would end this nightmare one more time. >> bill: the white house republican lawmakers demanding a full vote on impeachment. not happening yet. will democrats give in? the a-team weighs in in a moment. major shift in u.s. foreign policy happened overnight. the white house pulling 1,000 u.s. forces out of northern syria. what happens now in the fight against isis? we'll explore that coming up.
6:57 am
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new pasta and grill combos starting at $9.99. only at applebee's. >> sandra: fox news alert. an abrupt decision to pull u.s. troops if northern syria to make way for a turkish invasion. welcome to a second hour in "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: president trump making the announcement overnight. top pentagon officials telling fox news they were blind-sided by the move. here is lindsey graham a bit earlier on fox. >> the bigger winner of all this will be the iranance. if we abandon them, good luck for getting anyone else to help.
7:01 am
ericans. help the west battle isis in exchange for protection of their people. this was a promise made by president trump and a promise that today according to the white house will not be kept. overnight the administration did confirm following a phone call with turkish president erdogan that turkey will soon attack kurdish forces in syria. president trump has signed off on the withdrawal of u.s. forces in the area meant to prevent such an attack. for the past four years the kurds helped the united states fight isis. they lost more than 11,000 fighters in these battles according to reports. not only are the americans not living up to their end of the bargain, recent security agreements had kurdish forces pull back personnel and equipment from the turkish border. that border will be crossed by turkish forces when they begin the operation. an agreement made between the united states and turk tee create a safe zone for millions of displaced syrians following the fight against isis in the civil war. turkey claims the area they plan to invade will be used in
7:02 am
part to create this safe zone. >> the withdrawal has started as trump stated. now counterparts are carrying out their work and will continue to do so. >> the communications director for turkish president erdogan said any area taken over but the turks in northern syria will have services provided by the turkish government. what does it mean? it means turkey plans to annex parts of a sovereign country, syria, with the support of president trump. >> trey yengst on that. >> sandra: fox news alert. a second whistleblower came forward in the democrats' push for impeachment said to have firsthand knowledge against the president. the white house saying it will not cooperate with any inquiry until there is a full vote by congress. democrats insisting they do not need to hold one. >> speaker pelosi has resisted this notion of a formal vote.
7:03 am
why not follow the precedent and have it? >> there is no requirement for a cosmetic procedural vote. a majority of the house of representatives supports the impeachment inquiry. we're in the midst of one. the speaker made that clear. we'll proceed fairly and comprehensively. speaker has said there is something that that might be considered moving forward and we'll see what happens when we come back on the recess. >> bill: mike emanuel, a new week on the hill. how are you doing monday? good morning. >> good morning to you. republicans continue hammering away at democrats for launching this impeachment probe without a house floor vote. >> nancy pelosi mentioned democracy and the constitution. one of the most democratic things she can do in a democracy is to have the elected representative vote on issues important to the country. so it's imperative that democrats vote to own up articles of impeachment inquiry, not just talk about it. don't hide behind nancy pelosi.
7:04 am
>> democrats jumped on the revelation a second whistleblower has come forward. >> whether they were in the room or had firsthand knowledge or talked to somebody with firsthand knowledge people who were in the very core of all of these events are saying this can't happen anymore. again, the president's problem is not with the democrats or adam schiff but the fact the people around him are saying we can't tolerate this anymore. >> at this point we expect the u.s. ambassador to the e.u. on the hill tomorrow and former ambassador to ukraine is scheduled to appear friday. republicans are trying to keep the heat on house intelligence chairman adam schiff. schiff has been under intense pressure for his depiction of president trump's call during the initial house intelligence hearing and his description of his committee's contact with the whistleblower. >> we shouldn't have to take adam schiff's word for it with a wordsmith press release or tweet. there is not much and we don't really need to look at that.
7:05 am
he needs to be put under oath. he needs to answer the questions. >> things are very quiet in the halls of congress with a vast majority of lawmakers in their districts. plenty of tension as the house committees continue their investigation. >> bill: i want to bring in the a-team. david avella, chairman of gopac. mary anne marsh and chris stirewalt. good a-team on a monday. >> feels good. >> bill: you guys had all weekend to think about this. a few clips we'll play in a moment. val demings was here and debbie dingell. when you try to nail the people down on the vote thing it's squishy. things move here and there. you never get a yes or no. >> they are going to keep as much operational movement that they possibly can. there is no reason for democrats to give up the chip. they don't want to force the
7:06 am
modern suburban democrats into a vote that could be bad for them later. they want to be ready to go. when they do this they'll go into a no-huddle offense. when they go into this they'll have the vote. move to impeachment. they'll impeach the president and it will happen quick. >> sandra: is it okay for the white house to say we won't cooperate until there is a full vote? >> that's never okay. they say that all the time. the politics are the following. democrats keep pushing this. they don't need a vote. the more information that comes out you see the polls go up. on the republican side the reason the republicans are pushing for a vote they want to lock their members in because some of them are getting cold feet. you see romney, collins. five members of the house who have come out and talked about it. herd, -- five of them, another. kinzinger. but by doing so you are are starting to see cracks in the
7:07 am
wall. i think republicans want to lock them in on a vote that makes it harder for them to change their mind when more evidence comes out. david. >> when speaker pelosi sees her moderate democrats won't take a tough vote or willing to take a tough vote and risk losing reelection she will call the vote. she doesn't have that now. you look at polls. independents would prefer that congress focus on issues that matter to them versus this impeachment inquiry. even if they support the impeachment inquiry they would rather see congress get something done for them. the white house strategy that starts this week of sending pence to vulnerable democrat districts in iowa, minnesota, michigan and virginia to keep the pressure on moderate democrats to say is this the path you want to go down? mary anne, i read her column this morning. it is a lot easier reading her column if you want to be grumpy in the morning for god sake.
7:08 am
>> sandra: all roads lead to donald trump as more learn in impeachment inquiry. your point on that? >> look, this is absurd. if you want to know who has the most dirt on joe biden using a foreign country go talk to hillary clinton. you look at what happened with the steele dossier. the democrats have this kind of stuff mastered. let me say one last thing. if somehow an action of the president not knowing his intentions making an impeachable offense. let me ask a question. if we get a trade deal with china is it because donald trump wanted to help his reelection efforts? if somehow we get a deal with usmca if pelosi would allow it to come up for a vote if it happens does it make him focus on 2020 efforts and it's impeachable because he worked with a foreign government to do what americans want that happened in the 2016 elections? >> the point of the piece is pointing to the roger stone trial, which is really probably
7:09 am
going to reveal that trump new much, much more about the russians' efforts in 2016. if that comes out in that trial november 5th in the midst of this it casts so much more doubt on 2016 and 2020. >> bill: they ran that movie three years ago. here is what i believe. i see the smirk. here is what i believe was the sound bite of the weekend. everybody asked you how this is going to end. i think mitch mcconnell told us how it will end. his campaign spot on facebook. >> nancy pelosi is in the clutches of a left wing mob. they finally convinced her to impeach the president. all of you know your constitution. the way that impeachment stops is when the senate majority with me as majority leader. >> bill: the reason why it's so important. he has been rather quiet on this for a week and a half. but that's the clearest sign yet that he will give republicans in the senate, even if they are on the fence ultimately, he will give them a cover. whether the house impeaches trump or not when it goes to
7:10 am
the senate it is not moving forward. >> of course. there is no reason to believe that donald trump will be removed from office. i have never thought that was going to happen. i don't think it is going to happen. it would take republicans have already learned to deal with the unusual nature of the trump presidency, right? and they can deal with this. but this team, this white house team, has to do better for republicans. their messaging has to be better for republicans. you can't have republicans having to go out. look on the sunday shows. good luck, right? they need better messaging and they have to take a page out of the clinton playbook from 1998 which is they've got to let republicans say what the president did was wrong but he didn't deserve to be impeached for it and we have to move to the business of the american people. they have to give him the first part saying what the president did was wrong. they are saying you have to say it was perfect.
7:11 am
>> what the white house has done is raise $120 million in one quarter, continue to put money in the bank so next year when the election starts occurring we have the resources to turn out republican voters, to persuade independent voters. that's the best thing this white house can do. >> what mcconnell does, he saw a 10-point shift in the last two weeks and probably more to come. i understand what he is doing. he is wrong. no one ever tells nancy pelosi what to do ever. but that's what he is trying to do. >> bill: it stops with a senate majority for me as majority leader. >> the more that comes out. people have to choose between the country and constitution and keeping their seat. and that sacrificing our democracy. >> bill: why don't we have these hearings open to the public? >> we will. >> bill: at what point? here is lindsey graham. he is making the case that everybody should hear about it. roll it. >> here is what's going to
7:12 am
happen. if the whistleblower's allegations are turned into an impeachment article it is imperative the whistleblower be in public under oath and cross-examined. nobody in america goes to jail without confronting their accuser. >> there will be hearings held in an expeditious way. the democrats learned their lesson from the russia thing and they'll go fast, not slow. i also want to say public hearings are terrible, terrible, terrible congress cannot anymore manage worthwhile public hearings. when you put the television cameras on these people and you make them ask questions in five-minute increments it's a disaster. >> sandra: then they step out in front of a camera from the closed door session. >> i got it. >> a public hearing, why is it necessary? we have the transcripts and we know exactly what the president said.
7:13 am
you look at the sunday talk shows this week. you have journalists trying to browbeat senators into somehow thinking they have to vote for impeachment. if you looked at the chuck todd interview with ron johnson. ron johnson trying to make a valid point and he gets browbeat by chuck todd that somehow there is an element, those in the media who want the persuade republican senators they have to vote for impeachment and there can't be an alternate view. >> what the first whistleblower said matched the report of the call that donald trump released. they match. now we're about to have a second whistleblower with firsthand information about that same topic. so what is lindsey graham going to say or any other republican going to say when that happens and he confirms it? the facts are the facts are the facts. lindsey graham knows the whistleblower law allows protection of people to bring these claims against more powerful people. that's why we have that law.
7:14 am
otherwise you get browbeaten into either not saying things or risk your life. look what happened to christine blasey ford. she wasn't a whistleblower but didn't want come forward. she got outed and look at her life now. >> she came forward and got to make her case and as the senate then had to cast their vote. and we would be remiss if we didn't note that today is the first day of the supreme court session and it is the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's republican led senate approved a record number of federal judges. >> bill: you are talking about a hurry-up offense, right? for washington it is warp speed. they're already in the hurry-up offense. the question whether or not they get this vote done by thanksgiving, i think it's a wide open issue right now. you have not even heard the defense on behalf of the white house. one more point in all this. why not have the hearings open so that we can make our own
7:15 am
judgments about what they're finding out? there is no record of it, chris. it is lawmakers coming to the microphone and giving their spin be it right or left. >> there is a record for those committees even as they meet without television cameras present. i love television cameras, they're wonderful. thank you for paying my children's tuition but that having been said, this is -- we are early in this process, number one. number two, the whistleblower doesn't matter anymore. the whistleblower is irrelevant. the president said i did it, and then he added china to it, which sort of ob vaoe aits the question. the press needs stuff every day to feed the bulldog. you have to make a living out there and you need something to try to move the story forward. right now it all looks simple. there are enough democrats to vote to impeach the president i'm sure. and they will impeach him on something straight forward. >> bill: you don't know the vote until you take the vote.
7:16 am
>> the process is, if we move forward with articles of impeachment, that's public in congress. if that passes, then you have a trial in the senate we watch all of it. >> every day. >> bill: thank you, chris, every day. >> every day this benefits elizabeth warren. no other presidential candidate-are- >> sandra: are you backing a candidate? >> no, i was early on warren. >> sandra: general motors hitting a roadblock with the auto workers union. what comes next with that? >> bill: trade talks resume this week. larry kudlow is our headliner and tell you what you need to understand as of now coming up. >> president trump: i want to do a trade deal with china. but only if it's good for our country. they are very much coming over next week, as i understand it. i would like to do a trade deal
7:17 am
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plus get instant access to your teams with the power of your voice. that's simple, easy, awesome. say nhl center ice into your voice remote to check out a free preview. don't miss out. >> sandra: all right. taking a look at the dow as we kick off a brand-new week. down about 93 points. investors are focusing on the
7:21 am
u.s./china trade talks set to resume thursday. charles payne is here host of making money on the fox business network. three straight weeks of declines for the u.s. stock market. bullish investors would be looking to put a stop to that. >> after the best first nine months in 20 years. those kind of statistics can go back and forth. some anxiety out there. not just the china trade talks, slowing in manufacturing and some confusion. we get this anxiety every time we get near all time highs, right? there is a lot of anticipation what this trade negotiation is going to bring. one outcome, the talks go well enough president trump delays the october 15th and december 15th tariffs. two, that they go well enough that there is actually some concessions made on both sides or three, that they don't go that well, the new tariffs will still go into effect.
7:22 am
>> sandra: what does the market want to hear from the administration? >> wall street wants it to be over. >> sandra: a deal made ordeal not made? >> they want a deal to be made. not the dark cloud over the investment world. wall street wants is not necessarily what the american public wants. they want fat profit margins. they'll look the other way if it's servants making things in a dark room overseas. wall street wants it for it to be over. president trump is going beyond wall street. >> bill: another year at least. kudlow, he is coming up in 30 minutes. do you have a question for him? >> i love larry kudlow. articulating the message more the administration, that friday's job report was a fantastic report. he will articulate it but i want to hear my members of the party talk about it.
7:23 am
household survey we had 391,000 jobs created last month, 590,000 the month before that. the job report is two sauer vase. establishment and house healed survey. great things going on in the economy never brought up by the mainstream media. the kudlows of the american need to remind america we're doing good and still a great country. >> sandra: he has been out there with that. >> he has. maybe grab a few of his friends. >> sandra: uaw saying the gm labor talks have taken a turn for the worse. >> the union says it's the same offer. it is becoming a real economic story. manufacturing data soft. a lot of it had to do with the midwest. think about 33 plants, 22 distribution, those are all in the midwest and really having an impact. that's why even with some of the data that came out i put an asterisk next to it.
7:24 am
it could be temporary. this is costing both sides a lot of money. some say up to $100 million a day for general motors. i've said from the beginning it will be hard to be in the union member when christmas commercials start coming out. $250 a week. the tensions are rising for both sides. the unions want them to bring some of the manufacturing back from mexico and what they are offering is a counter for this is an investment in electronic vehicles. a poll came out in india over the weekend out of 150 million people in india you know how many want electric vehicles? 8,000. there is no market for it. there isn't. i marvel at the fact all these auto companies want to pump billions into it. without government subsidies there is no market for it. >> bill: vaping. "wall street journal." black-market efforts to combat the crisis. the knockoffss are being knocked off. >> it complicates it.
7:25 am
bad timing two months ago when, stepson opened a vaping shop. he points out the dangers. he has amazing products from well-known manufacturers. he says if you want to take a cartridge and fill it up with something that isn't supposed to go in there. i don't know if it's black-market but people addicted or hooked on something to stop. it doesn't necessarily work. marketing and no marketing. >> sandra: one of the founders of the companies licensed to sell thc cartridges is quoted saying our products are being knocked off all over the country and they can't find the counterfeiters. that is how new we are in all of this. obviously it complicates the health crisis. >> it does. ultimately it's up to the user. if you take a cartridge and
7:26 am
refill it or take a garbage product, you know, it's ultimately up to the users who have to stop using them. the flavored thing is a different discussion. i believe the e-cigarette industry will lose on that because how big the crisis has become. >> bill: thank you, sir. another alert right now. did you hear about this story? key witness in the amber guyger murder trial has been gunned down himself. new details. >> sandra: questioning adam schiff is the right person to run the house impeachment inquiry. one republican said schiff should be a fact witness in the whistleblower investigation. >> we're finding out the person in charge of running this investigation lied to everyone about his contact with the whistleblower and helped start the process. this is as unfair as you can possibly imagine.
7:27 am
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
>> i think the office on the
7:31 am
basis of this impeachment deserves to know what type of contact there was between adam schiff and his team and this whistleblower and needs to be put under oath and answer the questions and again, that is the reason that he should not be allowed to run the investigation where he and his team are central fact witnesses. >> bill: that's john ratcliffe. republican from texas and member of the intel committee hitting back at adam schiff for his handling of the inquiry. bring back tom dupree, good morning to you. welcome back. you know the criticism that's going back toward adam schiff's direction. what do you make of it? has he been a straight shooter? >> one of the fundamental constitutional guarantees is that you have a disinterested prosecutor overseeing any sort of criminal inquiry or prosecution. if you have a prosecutor who is personally involved in the case, a fact witness, who is biased or who does not have disinterest, then they shouldn't be in that position
7:32 am
to begin with. i think it's very fair to look at what adam schiff's role in this has been. whether or not he has personally developed facts that would be relevant to the inquiry and if so whether it's appropriate to have him serve in this role. >> sandra: should he be running that investigation based on what we know today? >> it raises questions let me put it that way. nancy pelosi literally has hundreds of people to choose from in terms of who in the house would head up this inquiry. she chose adam schiff. it was interesting that she did that. she by passed many other people including congressman nadler and chose adam schiff to do it. i don't think adam schiff fits anyone's model of a true disinterested prosecutor given his role to date. >> bill: friday afternoon, republicans continue the president's strategy of deflection by making the absurd claim because a whistleblower contacted the committee seeking guidance the committee cannot conduct an investigation into the complaint. if that were true, no whistleblower could contact congress and no committee could
7:33 am
conduct an investigation. your read on that. >> i'm not quite sure that's the argument being made. i think if in fact all he did was a passive recipient as his role in committee chairman it's one thing. if he did something else. if he helped frame the complaint, if he met with the whistleblower outside of the official committee structure, that would be very different. it would be a situation where he is ingesting himself as a fact witness into this matter. >> sandra: want to ask you about lindsey graham over the weekend on sunday morning futures with maria making the case he wants a special counsel to look into joe biden. here is the senator. >> there is a political article, "politico" article january 2017, maria, that suggests the dnc was receiving help from the ukraine. we need a special counsel to look if the dnc was working with people inside the ukraine and the bidens and whether or not they violated the law outside of politics.
7:34 am
>> sandra: your reaction. >> one thing i agree with the senator on. i don't think rudy giuliani is the best person to conduct the investigation. whether it's better to have the investigation be carried out by the justice department or special counsel. the danger of appointing a special counsel. that person is outside the ordinary command and control structure of the justice department. we've seen over history not just bob mueller but going to white water and iran contra take on a life of their own. before bringing in someone else to conduct that investigation. >> bill: do you see how it ends? mitch mcconnell gave us a good clue over the weekend. the way impeachment stops is a senate majority with me as majority leader. >> those are extremely strong words and look, the fact is our framers made the bar extremely high to remove a president from
7:35 am
office. it requires a 2/3 vote of the senate. when you have mitch mcconnell, who is backed by a bull washing of republican senators saying it won't happen on our watch difficult to see how this dynamic changes absent a cataclysm. i think his words are well worth listening to. >> sandra: thanks, tom. >> bill: another alert here. days after the dallas police officer amber guyger was convicted of her neighbor a key witness is also dead. joshua brown was found shot in the parking lot of that apartment complex on friday night. stacy stiegel pieces it together live in dallas. >> the city is promising a full and transparent investigation here. the mayor of dallas asking the public to avoid speculation as to whether the 28-year-old was targeted because of the testimony he gave from the
7:36 am
witness stand just two weeks ago in the amber guyger murder trial. it was about 11 days oh so when he tearfully told jurors how he heard his neighbor singing gospel music every morning. brown lived across from his apartment when a dallas cop mistook his apartment for her own shooting and killing him. he was home that night and heard everything. now investigators say someone gund him down friday night. joshua brown was getting out of his own apartment at a different apartment complex where he lived. someone drove up. opened fire and sped away. detectives have no suspects. we know he was reluctant to take the stand in the first place because of ongoing beefs he had. >> he did have some enemies. less than a year ago he was shot someone close to him in proximity was killed during
7:37 am
that incident. he held a concern for the past year that the person who shot him would want to come back and finish the job. >> jean's mother saying that her son's case showed the dallas police department is not capable of handling certain investigations, bill. we'll keep you posted. >> bill: what a twist in that story from dallas. thank you. fresh round of trade talks with china begin this week aimed at easing tensions between the world's two biggest economies. is a deal now on track? this man knows, it's larry kudlow and he is our headliner and he will be live next.
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>> sandra: the white house renewing its push for a trade deal with china. both sides returning to the negotiating table later this week with plenty to discuss. let's bring in our headliner, white house economic advisor larry kudlow. good morning to you and welcome back to "america's newsroom."
7:42 am
>> thank you, sandra. >> sandra: all right. so the meeting will happen later this week, thursday, just announced. what progress do you expect to be made? i know you promised some positive surprises this week. are you as optimistic as you were on friday about that? >> actually as we speak you and i, the deputy level meeting is taking place today and tomorrow to work out -- work on the agenda. look, i don't want to predict. that's never a good thing. i'm just saying our side will be interested what china will bring with on thursday and friday. we'll see what they bring. >> bill: china apparently is reluctant to agree on the main demands that your side has made. industrial policy, government
7:43 am
subsidies. putting the stuff into law. how do you get beijing to codify rules that you may support but there is no chance that they would change their government to get behind it? >> well again let's see what they bring. this has been a long process. i've been here a couple of years and this thing has been going on. we were pretty close, or closer, maybe 90% home last may and then the talks fell apart. the chinese pulled back. that was most disappointing. the president was dissatisfied with that part of the process. on the other hand, recently some of the statements coming out of beijing have been a little more positive. they've been in the market buying some agriculture commodities from the u.s. soybeans, pork and wheat and other things. that's a good sign. the mood music, the psychology seems to be a little better. let's see what they come up with. we are open to looking at whatever they have for us. >> sandra: that's the concern
7:44 am
on wall street how broad based a deal would eventually be if it were to get done? you know the uncertainty is out there, larry. we had charles payne on from fbn telling us that uncertainty is a big thing for these markets right now. there has been three straight weeks of declines for the u.s. stock market. he says deal or no deal they need some certainty. do you think any certainty comes from this week and those talks? >> it's possible. i don't want to predikt. the u.s. economy is in pretty good shapes. a good jobs number, 181,000 with revisions on the payrolls. households were close to 400,000. those are great numbers. 3 1/2% unemployment rate is a 50-year low. i understand people watching the trade talks very carefully. but the economy is in pretty darn good shape. and i want to make one point. i hear this all the time that
7:45 am
it is only affecting the top rungs of the income ladder. my paul steve moore put out a piece in the journal not too long ago. average real median income. the middle of the middle, $65,000 a year, up $4100 in a couple of years under president trump. and then again almost $3,000 family married filing jointly on the tax cut. people are prospering across the board. actually the lowest rungs are showing the highest wage increases. and so i think the economy is in pretty good shape. i think some folks have lost sight of that. >> sandra: are you concerned about the slowdown in manufacturing? >> i am. we're looking at that carefully. some things are beyond our control. the boeing problem. they stopped producing airplanes for a while. there is a gm strike with uaw. those things are not helping.
7:46 am
europe in a recession, particularly germany. we have lost a lot of manufacturing exports to the eurozone countries and especially germany. in fact, really the usa is the only economy worldwide that's growing. i think that's a problem we would love to sell manufacturers, we're the most competitive in the world. unfortunately we aren't getting growth. as i have spoken and the president has spoken to the leaders at the u.n. and the g-7 and so forth. why don't you folks cut taxes and roll back regulations and open up your energy sector as we have and help us on the effort to lower trading barriers? i need the rest of the world to pick up their game. so far they haven't. but look, here in the u.s. consumers are doing very well. it is a very strong movement up in housing because of low interest rates. starts, sales, pending sales. that may be a leading indicator
7:47 am
that the whole economy is picking up steam. >> bill: the impeachment deal. is it having any impact what you're trying to do with the chinese? >> i don't think so. not at all. >> bill: with regard to tokyo, a deal with japan. we'll get an announcement this afternoon. how will that help the concerns you just raised about either the manufacturing sector, some of the weaknesses that you might see here at home? >> we're going to sign a deal this afternoon with japan. that's a very big thing. we've been working on that for over a year. they are opening up their agriculture. we're opening up industrial commodities outside of the car business. a lot of breakthroughs for the u.s. on e-commerce, a huge deal. it shows you that trading policies can work and the president is hanging in there to get the trade barriers down. let's not forget usmca. that's pending. i know there is impeachment fireworks on the hill but i
7:48 am
believe the case is so strong for usmca. farmers benefit, manufacturing, auto workers benefit. new economy benefits from intellectual property protection and digital and financial services. that's a huge thing. we are making progress on trade. and we will see what our chinese friends have to offer later in the week. it is possible -- it is possible that some additional progress will be made with china towards the end of the week. >> sandra: third base that u.s./japan trade agreement will be signed in the roosevelt room. final question, larry. based on everything we just discussed, what does that imply for the possibility or the need for an interest rate cut end of month? >> well, i think the federal reserve -- the markets are signaling the fed will cut their target rate at least one more time and probably two more times. that is a view we hold and president has been very clear
7:49 am
on that. let's get rid of any obstacles to economic growth, okay? i can't control europe, i can't control other parts of the world. our own central bank could give us an insurance policy and remove an obstacle to growth. i think they will. the markets are signaling that. and of course the markets are always right. >> bill: larry, we have to run. are you okay if you don't have a china deal going into the heat of an election one year from now? >> i'm not going to speculate on any of that. we want to see what they bring to the table this week, bill. that's the key point. and we will respond. >> bill: are you negotiating? you seemed hesitant to say what your expectations are. >> i never predict. the president will decide. he said he wants to make a deal. it has to be a great deal for america. >> sandra: you don't go to a negotiating table without an expectation what the other side is bringing. what is your expectation for
7:50 am
what they will bring? >> we're open to whatever they may bring. we will be open to it short-term, long term. we'll be open to it. the president has to defend the american economy. he said he will make a deal but it has to be a right deal for america. so let's see what happens. i'm open minded about this and i want you to be open minded also. >> bill: we will. larry, come back soon. larry kudlow on the north lawn. speaking of the chinese, capitol hill is calling out the nba accusing the league of kowtowing to china. the single tweet that sparked the controversy. that's coming up. every american wants their dollars
7:51 am
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7:54 am
>> bill: lawmakers accused the league of kowtowing to beijing. the gm of the houston rockets supported the protestors in hong kong. the league responded saying the tweet was regrettable and deeply offended fans in china. good morning to you. >> the offended state of our world. everybody is offended. a lot of trouble for owe fending somebody. the general manager of the houston rock erts, considered by some the best gm in the nba tweeted fight for freedom, stand with hong kong.
7:55 am
so the nba, a 1.5 billion streaming deal with china over the next five years to grow its business globally more in china and has a strong relationship. the nba says we have a problem and a new owner who is chinese of the brooklyn nets. a lot of people saying it's terrible. oh, is this just about business? a lot of politicians on both sides of the aisle, both sides are coming out and saying this is horrible. nba players are encouraged to voice their thoughts and opinions about social justice matters here in the united states but god forbid you say something like this outside? >> bill: cruz says a life long rockets fan i was proud to see the gm saying the repressive. now the nba is shamefully retreating. >> it comes down to money. that's what i believe here.
7:56 am
the 1.5 billion. o'rourke saying the only thing the nba should be apologizing for is their blatant participation of profits over human rights. chuck schumer weighing in against it. marco rubio sounding off. people on both sides of the united states and nba fans are now weighing in. people should be so scared to say what you think you can say. >> bill: it's what you get for standing up for democracy. you get a deleted tweet. thank you. see you soon, okay? >> happy monday. >> sandra: fox news alert. major change in u.s. foreign policy after president trump decides to withdraw u.s. troops in northern syria. fresh reaction. ay. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at
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that made it so real for me, it wasn't just a story anymore. bring your family history to life like never before. get started for free at >> sandra: fox news alert the white house pulling hundreds of american troops from northern syria clearing the way for a turkish invasion. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning to you, smitty. that move drawing fire from both sides of the aisle. critics say the decision to stand aside as turkish forceers go into syria will put kurdish fighters in danger. >> sandra: stephanie grisham u.s. forces will be involved in
8:01 am
the --- the pentagon with the continued reaction to all of this. jennifer, good morning. >> good morning. the president's top military advisor, the chairman of the joint chiefs and defense secretary say they were not blind-sided by the white house decision but i've spoken with multiple other top u.s. military commanders and senior defense officials who oversaw the tough fight against isis in syria and the consensus among those military commanders is unanimous. shock, disappointment and a feeling of being completely blind-sided by the president's decision to pull u.s. forces back from northern syria, green lighting a turkish invasion and leaving open the potential for a slaughter of the kurds who helped the u.s. military defeat isis. already the roughly 100 u.s. troops in northern syria who were keeping the peace with the turks have been seen leaving the border area. kurdish fighters are guarding nearly 10,000 isis fighters including 2,000 foreign
8:02 am
fighters at a prison in eastern syria. u.s. commanders believe the kurdish guards will abandon their posts allowing the isis fighters to escape. president trump tweeted one reason he made the decision is european allies would not repatriate the prisoners. there was a negotiated agreement with the trump administration. they did it because u.s. and turkish forceers agreed to patrol the area together. a spokesman for the militia said president trump stabbed them in the back and betrayed them. we don't expect the u.s. to protect northeast syria but people are owed an explanation. destruction of fortifications and failure of u.s. to fulfill their commitments. former defense secretary jim mattis you will remember resigned last december over the president's talk of pulling u.s. forces out of syria. there are about 1,000 forces there right now.
8:03 am
it will be interesting to see the response from top commanders in the coming days. >> sandra: reaction still pouring in. >> bill: reports about a second whistleblower coming forward claiming to have firsthand knowledge of the president's dealings with ukraine as we learn what happened behind closed doors with the inspector general from last week, chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge keeping track of all that today. good morning. >> good morning. over the weekend the lawyer who represents the whistleblower mark zaid confirmed on twitter another whistleblower have come forward and they said that whistleblower had direct knowledge but didn't offer more specifics. what we know through our reporting at fox news is that the inspector general for the intelligence community michael atkinson told house members behind closed doors friday that the preliminary investigation into the complaint included at least four individuals, two supervisors for the whistleblower as well as another individual who was
8:04 am
described as having more direct knowledge of the transcript or the handling of the transcript. it is entirely possible the second whistleblower is among that preliminary investigation. we also learned from atkinson that the whistleblower did not disclose to him that he had the prior contact with the house intelligence committee led by the democratic chairman adam schiff. he told lawmakers the whistleblower left that section of the disclosure blank and that atkinson had no individual or direct knowledge of these contacts himself. he actually learned about it from the media. and that matters because we have this critical 18-day window between the president's phone call with ukrainian leader on july 25th and the official filing of the whistleblower complaint on august 12th. and the question is what were the contacts? were they single contact, multiple contacts which goes to the question of coordination. the group that has that answer is the chairman of the committee and the staff and they also are the ones who are
8:05 am
running this investigation. as you can imagine, there is a political split among the committee members as to whether this is significant. listen. >> we shouldn't have to take adam schiff's word for it with a wordsmith press release or tweet. there is not much and we don't really need to look at that. he needs to be put under oath and answer the questions and again that is the reason that he should not be allowed to run the investigation where he and his team are central fact witnesses. >> any reasonable observer would understand it is an absurd defense of the president who now has involved not just ukraine but russia and invited china. >> two final issues. at any time today the white house could send a letter to the house speaker nancy pelosi calling on her to call a formal impeachment vote in the house. this would pave the way for some level of white house cooperation because the republicans say in that format
8:06 am
or that formula, they have certain rights to call witnesses themselves. and the final point about the whistleblower's law firm has been quite responsive to our questions but when we asked them friday about why their client did not disclose the contact with the democrats on the committee, to the inspector general, they were silent. they were also silent on the information that we have that the whistleblower has this prior work history with a current prominent democratic politician, bill. >> bill: catherine herridge tracking all that. >> sandra: let's bring in bill mcgurn from the "wall street journal" and former speech writer. first off the second whistleblower, what do we know and need to know. >> we don't know anything yet. we get reports -- the first i read about it is "the new york times." we have to go through a process. look, the process doesn't seem designed to get the truth, right? we're told we'll have -- this
8:07 am
was launched before mrs. pelosi saw the first transcript of the first whistleblower's complaint. now they're saying we want to have a vote by the end of the year. we didn't have a vote on the impeachment. so that means republicans don't have certain rights that the minority had in the clinton impeachment and nixon impeachment. it just doesn't look like an effort to get to the truth. >> sandra: i'm sure you caught the sunday shows over the weekend. in this instance congressman jim jordan takes on the outrage over president trump calling on outside governments to investigate the bidens in this case china. here is jim jordan. >> i wish there would be the same outrage for this -- for what the president said about china, the same out rage there was when we saw when the clinton campaign and the democrat national committee hired a foreigner who worked with russians to dig up dirt on the president, put it in a
8:08 am
document that was given to the department of justice, and then the f.b.i. used that document to go to a secret court to spy on the trump campaign. >> sandra: seems to be calling out a double standard how democrats are treating this president in this instance. >> right. there is a clear double standard. the process of impeachment has been very irregular. not designed to go to get to the truth. it is designed to get the president. look, with one year out if the president is as bad as the democrats say he is, he should be easy to beat at the polls. they don't seem confident. now i would go further than congressman jordan in this sense. i wish the president didn't call on china to investigate joe biden and so forth. i don't think he helped his case by doing that. >> sandra: a piece of the hill this morning. anxious gop tread carefully with trump defense. republicans don't want to get on the bad side of the president, a powerhouse within the party. but they also recognize a danger in speaking out too forcefully in defense of the
8:09 am
president. >> they want to see. none of this is designed to seem to get us to the truth, right? if you are going to get to the truth, you know, when chairman convened the impeachment inquiry against nixon he had a lot of bipartisan support and went through the path to figure out the history. what the precedent was. that's all gone. >> sandra: over the weekend lindsey graham making the case if you keep moving forward, bring it up for a full vote. democrats should. he makes the case here. >> nancy pelosi mentioned democracy and the constitution. one of the most democratic things she can do in a democracy is to have the elected representatives vote on issues important to the country. so it's imperative that democrats vote to open up articles of impeachment inquiry, not just talk about it. don't hide behind nancy pelosi. it's very important that the house vote on whether or not we should go forward on impeachment.
8:10 am
that's the democratic way of doing business. >> sandra: will they? >> i don't think they will. they don't want the accountability. senator graham is exactly right. this impeachment is about getting a president but also about getting to the truth and having accountability for the people that are impeaching him. this is all done to have it tried in the press, have stuff leaked. i don't think people have confidence in the program. it will be a partisan impeachment. >> sandra: you are reminding me it's that time of the year, bill mcgurn. >> sorry. >> sandra: we'll give you chance to catch your breathe. >> bill: >> we're not seeing procedure or fairness. a very partisan impeachment. >> sandra: bill mcgurn, appreciate it. >> bill: in a moment hong kong protests taking a violent turn.
8:11 am
so there are thousands marching defying a new ban on facemasks. how hong kong's government is responding. >> sandra: some republicans blasting reports of a second whistleblower coming forward on ukraine as democrats ramp up their impeachment talk. >> what's wrong here is it's going to destroy this country. it will break the fabric of who we are. they are discrediting democracy. they are not impeaching the president. they want to remove somebody from office duly elected because they disagree with it. [ tires screech ] mom, you've got to get yourself a new car. the car's fine. [ car horn honks ] i wish i could save faster. you're making good choices. you'll get there. got it? yeah. ♪
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8:15 am
>> breaking developments in the battle over the president's tax returns. a federal appeals court grants the president's motion for a stay in the subpoena for the returns only hours before a federal judge ruled for the prosecutors who were looking for eight years of tax documents as part of their investigation into these so-called hush money payments to stormy daniels. for now it's a stay. that's where we are. 15 past the hour. >> sandra: now a new second whistleblower has come forward regarding president trump's dealings with ukraine claiming to have first-hand knowledge of the events that took place. the attorney representing the whistleblower tweeting i can confirm the report of a second whistleblower being represented by our legal team. they also made a protected disclosure under the law and cannot be retaliated against. this whistleblower has first-hand knowledge. joining us now is judge andrew
8:16 am
napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst and host of the liberty file. thank you for being here. second whistleblower as we heard from bill mcgurn. there is a whole lot we don't know about the new whistleblower that has come forward. you make the case that he has or she has informly notified the inspector general. a formal complaint hasn't been filed. >> if a formal complaint has been filed we don't know about it. it appears from the language used. you quoted some of it from the lawyer as though a formal complaint was not filed but rather a verbal notification and interview was given and the inspector general has taken that as if it were a formal complaint. who is this person and what does he know? we don't know. but we do know if you read the letter of the whistleblower number one, he refers to it's hard to decide how many, two or
8:17 am
three sources in the white house with firsthand knowledge. it is not unlikely that whistleblower number two is one of those two or three sources. if it is, the intelligence committee and inspector general have to hear from him forth with. they have to hear from him if he will corroborate what the first whistleblower says which is that there was a debate in the white house as to whether or not the president should even ask the president of ukraine for this favor. >> sandra: at what point do we need to hear from them? >> i don't know the answer to that. this is an atypical investigation. this is not the same as when the f.b.i. investigates a bank robbery or an act of terrorism. bits and pieces of information come into investigators often in disjointd and illogical fashion. when it comes in they compare it with what they know. who is the prosecutor? the democrats on the house
8:18 am
intelligence committee constitute the prosecutorial arm at the house of representatives at this point. if there is a vote on impeachment it would move to the judiciary committee. right now the investigative team are the investigators for the democrats and house intelligence committee and the prosecutors, i'm saying it with air quotes. they're acting in this capacity which is perfectly lawful under the constitution are the members of the committee who believe that the president has committed an impeachable offense. >> sandra: lindsey graham said the whistleblowers should publicly testifying this they move forward with impeachment. >> the type of whistleblower. the public testimony wouldn't reveal their face or voice. how public would it be? senator graham -- i share his desire to want to know what they are going to say and have them say it under oath -- he would run into federal laws that protect their faces and their voices. >> sandra: so final question,
8:19 am
adam schiff, you talk about the intelligence committee leading this investigation. the president makes the case adam schiff is all politics with adam schiff. is he capable of leading a fair investigation? >> well, he is a graduate of stanford university and harvard law school. on its face he is capable. he is a zealot. he believes that the president is guilty of an impeachable offense and will look for evidence to fortify that belief. that's how all prosecutors behave. if the prosecutor doesn't believe the target is guilty they should close the case and move on to something else. >> sandra: judge, thank you for joining us on "america's newsroom." >> bill: nice to see you again. president trump announcing u.s. troops will leave northeastern syria clearing the way for the possibility of a turkish invasion. that move facing backlash on the hill and the administration's reasoning will follow next. >> this is going to lead to the reemergence of isis and the biggest winner of all this will
8:20 am
be the iranians. with va mortgage rates near record lows,
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>> sandra: two protestors charged with the ban on facemasks. police responded by unleashing tear gas and bat ons as they charged the crowds. the protests have been on going for six months. >> bill: president trump says he will pull u.s. troops out of northeastern syria saying turkey will invade and take control of the captured isis fighters there. u.s. officials telling fox news the pentagon was blind-sided by the move. the white house facing backlash. i want to bring in retired four star general jack keane. good morning. the president tweeting on this
8:24 am
as well. i'll bring you that in a moment. did you see this coming, general? >> not at all. there was serious negotiations going on in terms how to establish the safe zone. the turks wanted 30 kilometers. the kurds wanted five. we were doing joint patrols together. the kurds were removing fortifications. process was not going as fast as erdogan wanted. i believe he has thrown his weight around here with the white house and administration to make this process go faster. obviously he is going to make it go very quick now given what he is doing. >> bill: do you support this move or not? >> no, one word that describes it for me, betrayal. and i think it's a strategic blunder that will have significant implications. just hold onto this thought for a second. we went into eastern syria to defeat isis. syrian democratic forces, the kurds were a part of had 60,000 ground troops. we provided 2,000 to help them. it took us two years.
8:25 am
we fought every day to defeat isis, the syrian kurds who we're talking about here lost over 11,000 in that fight. now we're trying to keep our foot on their throat so they don't reemerge in eastern syria and they're already showing activity. how can we possibly walk away from them? >> bill: here is a tweet seconds ago. the president writes i was elected on getting us out of these endless wars where our great military function for people who don't like the usa. they're unhappy at this move, russia and china, because they like seeing us bogged down and spending big dollars to do so. when i took over our military was depleted. stronger than ever before. the endless wars are ending. we'll be focused on the big picture knowing we can always go back and blast, end tweet. react to that. >> i understand about endless wars. this is not about a war.
8:26 am
this is about how do you manage the peace? how do you manage post conflict? that's what this issue is. we have two national interests there. one do not permit isis to reemerge, number one, two, do not permit iran to take over all of syria and therefore be able to encroach on israel. listen, wars have endings clearly but it is the peace you have to put as much effort into winning as well. look what happened when we pulled out of iraq. bush handed a victory to president obama. obama walked away as he was fed up with it. we lost that peace and found ourselves embroiled in a much larger conflict after that. that was tragic. >> bill: two specific questions on this. what do you anticipate to be the fallout from this decision? >> if this stand as it is the syrian kurds will have no choice. think about this. here comes the turkish proxies
8:27 am
followed by air power. the united states has said we aren't going to do it. they'll go to the assad regime and get russian air power, iranian proxies to defend them and pro-regime forces, the russians and iranians will own eastern syria. that's what we're giving up when we fought so hard to strap -- stabilize this decision. >> bill: why do you think he made the decisions? we get in these things and never get out of them. what do you think of that from a military standpoint? >> i take it at face value. he is frustrated being involved in these things and in his mind they seem to be endless. foreign policy and international relations, they are challenging. and at times very messy and certainly complicated. look, we stayed post world war ii in europe as a complicated
8:28 am
situation with the soviet union and we're still in korea with our troops as a complicated situation. post conflict. it takes presence and involvement to make certain things don't get worse as a result of your decisions. which i think is the danger here. >> bill: general, thank you so much. let's continue this very soon, okay? >> glad to do so. >> bill: jack keane in washington >> sandra: one republican challenging president trump for the 2020 nomination now says he may end up voting for him. mark sandford will join us live. >> bill: witnesses describing what happened in a shooting before the bullets started flying in kansas city. >> he just walked in and found who he was looking for and just started shooting. without my medication, my small tremors would be extreme.
8:29 am
8:30 am
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8:31 am
>> as we arrived a lot of
8:32 am
people were still inside the bar trying to exit, running out. inside we located four hispanic males, one of them is late 50s, one is mid 30s, two are in their mid 20s inside the bar deceased. outside the bar we had five other victims that all sustained gunshot wounds. >> sandra: kansas city police describing the scene at a bar where four people shot and killed and fiving injured over the weekend. one suspected arrested in on the run. we are live in denver. >> we want to give folks watching a look at the suspects. police are asking for your help. 23-year-old altore was arrested sunday. there is a manhunt underway for 30-year-old hugo morales. he is armed and they consider him to be dangerous. kansas city police say two men
8:33 am
went into the bar on saturday night and had some kind of disagreement with others inside. then they left and according to police and witnesses the two men came back, entered through the back door with handguns. >> i seen him coming and i said -- i had a bad vibe. >> gunshots and everything and i didn't come back up and so i heard a cop radio in the bar. >> an estimated 40 people were inside the bar when it all went down. it is not a large establishment so those inside describe the chaotic and smoke-filled scene as people attempted to escape. the tbi and others are part of the investigation team. four people were killed in the shooting. mexico's foreign affairs minister tweeted that two of the victims were mexican nationals. as you heard their changes are mid-20s to late 50s. three were regulars at the bar. >> we do not believe it's
8:34 am
random. we believe it is an isolated incident i guess you would call it. we don't feel that these suspects are going to go out and do this again. >> earlier you heard police talking about the five people who were found shot outside of the bar. they were sent to the hospital. two of them have been released. all of them in fair condition. the suspects in this case are facing four counts of first degree murder and $1 million bond each. >> sandra: thank you from denver. >> republican party has -- members of the congress both senate and house are holding back because they're terrified of what will happen to any one of them. our foreign policy is a shambles in my humble judgment. i see things happening that are hard to understand. this is not the way the country is supposed to run and congress is one of the institutions that should be doing something about
8:35 am
this. >> bill: colin powell speaking about the state of the republican party. mark sanford challenging president trump for the republican nomination. he knows it's a fight. mark sanford is with me now. good morning and thanks for coming back here. are you -- you are watching all this stuff outside of d.c. are you curious to know what is up with joe biden and his son hunter and ukraine or china? >> of course. you know, what is going on there is the proverbial swamp. it is all that irks most normal people about what they don't like about washington, d.c. the fact that somebody's son, daughter, relative, friend ends up with a plum assignment or a plum paying position because of where dad happens to be is everything that is wrong with washington, d.c. >> bill: i saw an interview over the weekend that you were
8:36 am
asked whether or not you would vote for the president. what are you trying to figure out in your own head on that? >> i'm trying to be open. you know, our founding fathers gave us a reason-based public. what i have said over and over again is i'm a conservative republican. the default position for me is to vote for president trump because his issue set is a lot closer than where the democrats come. the likely outcome i will get beat. i'm trying to ray awareness and a conversation on the debt and deficits and government spending and how we'll go over the cliff and certainly the democrats aren't talking about it. the republicans aren't, either. he is stacking up numbers there. what i'm saying is i believe i'll vote for president trump. that's my default. but we're at the front end of an impeachment inquiry. i don't know where it goes. i say we ought to follow the process where it does or doesn't go.
8:37 am
i believe in innocence until proven guilty. >> bill: what i said i'm an issue guy. you just referred to that. i don't know. it leaves the door open for the possibility you would vote for him despite your disagreements. >> correct. >> bill: i want to -- did you see the mitch mcconnell piece that came out over the weekend? he has a campaign spot about the impeachment battle. i think this is the key line, the critical line what the senate majority leader said for the first time over the past two weeks or so let's say. roll this here. >> nancy pelosi is in the clutches of a left wing mob and all of you know your constitution, the way that impeachment stops is when the senate majority with me as majority leader. >> bill: he is running for reelection. you are well aware of that. he put down the marker in that statement. if the house moves ahead and gets a favorable vote on impeachment it goes nowhere in
8:38 am
the senate. >> which is what i've said all along. i was in a debate yesterday with joe walsh, my primary competitors are saying the president is treasonous, crayy stuff. i've said look, i don't know what you're after. if you are an impeachment it is not going anywhere in the senate. if you want to condemn the action if that can be proven there was wrongdoing there, censure it. impeachment is going nowhere. whether it's mitch saying that or anybody who has observed the political activity what might or might not happen in the senate would come to the same conclusion. >> bill: do you think house democrats are burning their wheels or what? >> my point yesterday as i was trying to walk through knit a debate yesterday morning. this thing mathematically is going nowhere in the senate. therefore, the question and david brooks wrote an excellent column a week ago. do we really want to put our
8:39 am
country through all the back and forth and as a consequence eliminate the national debate that takes place every four years? it is an important debate whether you're republican, democrat, independent where we go next on the country. what democrats stand for, what republicans stand for. what we value as americans. all that will go out the window if we move forward with the impeachment. >> bill: are they clouding the issues by having too much focus on this? >> i said it's crazy. you are dead right. i think it play into the president's hand. it will be a contest of personalities, donald trump versus jerry nadler and nancy pelosi. i mean, for the heartland of america that movie plays to trump's side rather than jerry nadler's side. i think it is destructive. >> bill: do you see donald trump losing to elizabeth warren or bernie sanders?
8:40 am
do you see that as a possibility in 2020? >> i don't know. i don't know. it's an eternity as you well know between here and next november in the world of politics. i think it will be driven by the economy. >> bill: policies are night and day between those campaigns. >> totally. but i think people vote their pocketbook. i'm worried about this economy and what comes next and the degree republicans get blamed for the downturn. >> bill: thank you for your time. back home in charleston, south carolina. thank you for coming back. we'll speak again. >> sandra: a little girl with cerebral palsy taking her first steps. the 6-year-old from austin, texas, walking for the first time without the help of a walker or her braces. big smils all around. her mother capturing that moment on camera. >> bill: a key witness, shot
8:41 am
and killed after the verdict comes in. >> it's important for the city of dallas and dallas police department, the mayor's office to get to the bottom of what happened and put away any speculation.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> sandra: police investigating the murder of a key witness in the trial of a former dallas police officer joshua brown shot dead outside an apartment building friday night. what do we know about this man who was just shot and killed who was also a witness during this big case? >> he was expected to be the key witness in the civil case against the dallas police department. of course a lot of people have questions that he was shot right after his testimony. there is more to the story we know. we know joshua brown is his name. a witness against the police officer who shot and killed
8:45 am
jean and been shot in a prior incident where he was shot and someone near him was shot. he has been victim to violence before and he was afraid of being victim to violence in general. we know that in that past case where he was shot he refused to testify because he was afraid of retaliation. so the bottom line here is that we cannot speculate what or who was responsible for this shooting. we need more information and the investigators need to be able to do their job. >> sandra: multiple gunshot wounds. 28 years old. he lived across the hallway from botham jean's apartment where the person now charged with murder, the female officer shot him dead thinking it was her apartment. there is a stay of an execution of a jewish man after something was revealed about the judge. what happened here? >> a fascinating situation. the man on death row was one of
8:46 am
the texas seven. seven people on death row for having shot a police officer. four of them were executed. one killed himself and two remaining on death row. this man is jewish and he alleges that the judge against him was an anti-semite and also prejudiced against latinos. some of the other defendants executed were latinos. because of this the case has been brought back to the trial court to determine whether or not that prejudice and bigotry impacted the trial. under the sixth amendment we're entitled to an impartial jury. of course, the supreme court has interpreted the constitution to say that we are. if this judge had the amount of prejudice that has been stated by friends of his, by people who worked for him, it is quite certain to me that this case will be overturned. >> sandra: the judge is accused of racist language against him. now this member of the texas seven wants a new trial. is that a possibility? >> first they have to determine
8:47 am
whether or not his conviction was due or had anything to do with the bias of the judge. hard to parse that out. there is enough evidence we've seen of the bias of the judge i do think he will get a new trial. when he gets a new trial we'll see what happens. he has been on death row for many years. he was already in jail when he broke out of jail back at the time of the alleged murder for beating a child. he is not a good guy. but at the same time he certainly doesn't deserve to be the victim of the kind of prejudice we're talking about. >> sandra: how do you do a deep dive on the judge and his past words? >> here there is a lot of evidence. a person who used to work with him and be friends with him who have come forward and said he specifically said anti-latino things and anti-jewish things about these particular defendants. huge evidence. there is also more circumstantial evidence. he had a living trust his own children would not get any of his money unless they married someone of the same race and different sex than they were.
8:48 am
>> sandra: a lot they can dig into there. we'll see where it goes and have you back when we know more. heather hanson, thank you. >> bill: the fire crews responding to raging blazes in california. the fires spreading to 500 acres. which way will this goes as the sun comes up on the west coast? a live report in a moment coming up next. >> burning bad. i was watching it come over the hillside. quite scary. a worry out here all the time. l mortgage rates have dropped to near record lows. refi now at newday usa with no income verification, no appraisal, and no points. x? this is the family who wanted to connect... to go where they could explore and experience adventure in unexpected places... ♪ who were inspired by different cultures ♪ and found that the past can create new memories...
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>> coming up on "outnumbered." the white house will send vice president pence out to target pro-impeachment democrats in house districts where the president won. all of this amid word a group backed by speaker pelosi plans blitz ads to defend vulnerable
8:52 am
seats. what does it mean for 2020? >> democrats will launch an impeachment task force, can hollywood help them appeal to voters? all that plus our guy in the middle. "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. >> the wind has picked up coming from the east and blew it down slope toward the city of american canyon. >> bill: northern california, napa, yosemite. residents evacuated. utility company shut down power as a preventive measure. how is it now and how does the forecast look today? >> two different wildfires that crews are working to contain. the biggest one what is being called the american fire mostly a grass fire that's burning in the hills of napa county. so far it's spread to more than 500 acres and 60% contained. this fire started initially
8:53 am
only at 30 acres and grew to more than 100 in just hours. and that's what firefighters and folks who live in the area are worried about going forward especially with conditions in that particular stretch of california being so dry and windy. >> it's like a worry out here all the time. burning bad. i was watching it come over the hillside. it was quite scary. they cut a line down there and i felt a lot better. >> due to the increased risk of fires, power company pg&e has chosen to shut off power to more than 10,000 customers in northern california. it's impacted communities like paradise, california, that just a year ago were devastated by deadly wildfires. we're keeping an eye on another
8:54 am
fire near yosemite. >> sandra: box office records shattered with the joker opening this weekend. how the controversy surrounding its release may have generated a lot of the buzz. at humana, we believe your healthcare should evolve with you. and part of that evolution means choosing the right medicare plan for you. humana can help. with original medicare, you're covered for hospital stays and doctor office
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>> bill: that there is a clip from "the joker," which opened this weekend and made a ton of money. and i-popping $93 million debut, carley shimkus has more here in new york. hey, carley! >> good morning, or good afternoon. is it afternoon? i don't even know yet. last night just about. the movie made $234 million worldwide, which is the biggest opening for a movie in the month of october ever. as for the controversy, this movie tells the origin story of
8:58 am
the joker. in this story, the joker turns into this murderous psychopath after a bunch of bad things happen to him when he's growing up. some critics felt like it give a sympathetic view of mass murderers. because of that controversy, the fbi revealed that there were multiple threats made online to movie theaters in new york and l.a. so security was there. in 2012, the shooting in aurora, colorado, happened during another batman movie, at midnight screening of "the dark knight rises." because of all those things, a lot of people repair the surprises movie did so well >> bill: a lot of money. carley shimkus look at that here in new york. how about this? check it out. ♪ >> good morning, welcome to fox news channel.
8:59 am
>> sandra: the "newsroom news vault" opening right here on us! fox news channel making its debut on this date in 1996, only 17 million households could watch fnc back then. but we quickly change the face of cable news with our style, becoming number one in the readings less than six years in. but it all started 23 years ago today! >> bill: blow out the candles, happy birthday to us! >> sandra: happy birthday! >> bill: america has never looked back. think about home, in the office, on your mobile device, wherever you watch. thank you so much for your loyalty and your viewership and that you trust us for bringing the news each and every day, especially for the three hour nine to noon marathon. >> sandra: a fox news has the most loyal viewers and we thank you for that. turning every day, three hours a day, and that is it for us on this monday morning. thanks for starting your week. >> bill: how was your weekend, was it okay? we haven't had time to catch up it. it's only monday. we can do that.
9:00 am
>> sandra: we will see you tomorrow morning. "outnumbered" starts right now. speaking to fox news alert , new action as a second whistleblower comes forward claiming to have firsthand knowledge of some of the allegations of the ukraine call controversy. that, according to the original whistleblower's attorney, saying his new client have also spoken with the counterintelligence community inspector general. president trump treating his critics have had to go to the bench to bring in a new whistleblower after the first one was very wrong about has called with the presidents. while bookers lawmakers are divided over this new developing. >> with additional facts and then the additional whistleblower, that has frozen a lot of republicans in place out of fear they don't know what is going to drop next. i think it gives added urgency to the beach and inquiry. >> it does not matter


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