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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 8, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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revealed defenders of the president. is crazy statement by donald trump. >> a bipartisan solution? >> it was like a trump inspired insect drone better than her dance. that is all-time we have tonight. shannon bream and the fox news at 19 have it all. >> doesn't matter how hard you concentrate when something like that is buzzing around your face. none in studio here tonight. we are starting with a fox news alert, donald trump with his america first policymaking the controversial decision to pull us troops back from northern syria as a second. comes forward claiming to have first-hand knowledge of the ukrainian phone call. he released details of the call,
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democrats, what he thinks is pushing him to victory. protesters mark the anniversary of brett kavanaugh's confirmation by calling for him to be impeached, the sights and sounds of the protest. later the acting homeland security secretary shouted down and forced offstage by leftist protesters who say he doesn't deserve to be heard at all. public debate on fox news at night. here is the latest from donald trump on a military move that is getting plenty of bipartisan blowback. >> reporter: the us military is on the move in northeast syria, american troops withdrawing from the syrian turkish border region at donald trump's direction as turkish forces and gear up,
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donald trump is indeed heard by major back lash on both sides of the aisle accusing him of abandoning america's longtime military ally the kurds saying and the america's war is a commitment he made to the american people. convening his top military advisers he insists the time for american soldiers to return home is yesterday. >> we been in syria for a long time and it was supposed to be a short hit. >> he said he's fed up with the washington establishment moving the goal posts. >> maybe could stay longer. may be we could bring our people back home from these endless wars. we are not fighting, we are policing to a large extent. >> reporter: despite biting produces him from foreign policymakers including lindsey graham and mitch mcconnell the president is getting some backing from rand paul who argue
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the us can't police the world in perpetuity. the president is fighting battles on multiple fronts also taking on the impeachment inquiry by doubling down on counterattacks. >> this is a scam by democrats to try to win an election they are not going to win in 2020. all you have to do is look at the polls. we won on the mueller scam that lasted for 2 years. we had a few days of peace and all of a sudden they came up with this one but it is part of my life. >> eager to push the envelope the president turning the tables on congressional investigators tweeting nervous nancy every bit as guilty as adam schiff for high crimes and misdemeanors and even treason. i guess that means they along with all those that colluded with the must be immediately impeached. administration insiders tell fox news all eyes are on donald
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trump's cabinet to see any daylight between top officials and the president emerge over the latest move in the syria. only a few months ago trump's previous defense of terry jim mattis resigned in protest over disagreement on the same issue. with bipartisan pressure on the president tonight, pulling back troops in syria let's turn to mike lee, great to have you with us. let's talk about what your gop colleagues have to say. i want to cite a couple of them, lindsey graham, by abandoning the most dangerous signals america is an unreliable ally and just a matter of time before china, russia, iran and north korea act in a dangerous way.
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they have been warriors and brothers who battled along the way, potus is right to end the endless wars, turks wiping out the kurds, not an acceptable outcome for that. that said you support the president's decision. >> i support the decision, he did the right thing. should not be difficult to take us out of a war zone. what we have to be thanking him for doing this, some of my colleagues in the senate, republicans or democrats over disagreement with that they should bring forward a proposal to declare war, we've been there without a declaration of military force. we shouldn't do this without buy-in from the american people following the prescribed constitutional for, donald trump recognizes there is no declaration of war. shannon: what do you say to the kurds and other groups who may see the us as an unreliable
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partner in things like fighting isis? >> my hope is this will cause congress to take its role more seriously. congress spent decades relinquishing the war power that belongs to congress, and congress if it feels the need to be there, needs to authorize use of military force with regard to the kurds or anywhere else where force might be necessary and the legislative muscle starts to atrophy, one of the many reasons i am pleased. shannon: there are reports, but he'll talking about democrats masking the identity of the whistleblower including conversations or testimony with lawmakers talking about having them be off-site, behind a screen and all kinds of things. what is your hope for lawmakers getting to hear from one or both
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of the whistleblowers, what are your questions for them? will we see the underlying paperwork they would've filed? >> one of the first things i want to ask is what do they personally know as compared to what they are hearing from others but what i want to do is compare that to the transcript of the phone call we have been given based on the transcript we have been given. i don't see anything that is impeachment worthy, nothing that indicates donald trump didn't run. what it indicates he succeeded where the obama administration tried and failed for several years to encourage the ukrainian government to get serious about corruption and investigate this corrupt energy company. shannon: we are told of a number of gop senators had their way, if there was a secret vote on impeachment they might vote the president out of office, others saying publicly there's chatter
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that others might be willing to rally against the president. what is your reaction to that is the gop member of the senate? >> whoever made that statement that somehow there's a massive swarm of republican senators itching to remove the president that is nonsense, science-fiction paranoid fantasy. it simply isn't true, not backed up by anything i have seen and i've had a number of conversations, i'm not going to speak for any one of them. it is incorrect to say there's a groundswell of support of any size among senate republicans. shannon: thank you, good to see you. a second whistleblower complaining firsthand knowledge of the ukrainian president, doesn't matter with a summary in the public sphere and brand-new details about what the original whistleblower reportedly
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withheld from the inspector general filed in the complaint. scoop. >> behind closed doors, sources close to the matter told fox news that intelligence community watchdog michael atkinson pulled lawmakers all he knew about the whistle-blowers contact was >> the whistleblowers's contacts with adam schiff came through the media. atkinson did not know how many times was a blower contacted schiff's committee between the president's july 25th phone call and august 12th when the complaint was filed. republicans said adam schiff's team can fill in the gap. >> the president attempting to remove from office on the basis of this impeachment, deserves to know what type of contact that is. >> the call to the ukrainian leaders more than a process issue. >> a security risk by trying to use it against american
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citizens. >> on twitter the whistleblower at legal team confirmed a second intelligence official came forward with direct knowledge of alleged misconduct by the president, quote, second the floor does possess firsthand knowledge of certain info. there is no legal requirement for any whistleblower to have such knowledge, only requires reasonable -- a letter from diplomatic officials including harsh critics of the president said whistleblower followed the rules, all-americans should be united and demanding all branches of the government in all outlets of our media protect this whistleblower and his or her identity. the republican chairman of the senate judiciary committee lay down a marker. >> what i'm going to insist upon is a whistleblower, one or 2, they come forward under oath, testifies to the public and judge their credibility. >> former special envoy to ukraine was interviewed last week, resigned from the mccain institute saying equipment rest becoming a distraction from the
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conference and continued probably institute. fox news can confirm on july 26th, one day after the president's phone call with ukrainian leader the first whistleblower wrote a 2 page single spaced memo to themselves using dramatic language, the whistleblower says a white house official, quote, described the line -- i $25 crazy, frightening and completely lacking in substance related to national security, this turning dramatic language are worth contrasting with the now public transcripts of a. shannon: donald trump and mike pence are planning to hold a rally in minneapolis thursday but there could be a kink in the plan. the campaign says the democratic mayor of minneapolis to hold the trump campaign responsible for security costs rather than the secret service. the campaign says the city is pushing trump numbers, trump supporters say it is an effort
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to shut down the president's most popular events, getting on the road for campaign rallies. they are threatening legal action. meanwhile the minneapolis police union is talking trump t-shirts online to benefit the police union. i democrats efforts to impeach the president or will it backfire? karl rove, thanks for joining us tonight. you heard if you heard likely a couple minutes ago shooting down, making no pretense about it that as far as he can tell there is no talk of gop senators coming together to gang up and vote out the president should the house impeach him. what do you make of that chatter? do you think there's something to it? >> i think it may be a desperate desire part of some democrats and commentators to see it happen but i've been talking to members of the senate and i see 0 chance knowing what we know today that senate republicans are going to provide 20 votes to
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impeach and remove the president from office. i would not be surprised on the final senate vote if there weren't as many democrats or more democrats voting in support of keeping the president in office then there are republicans who would vote to remove. shannon: there are a lot of steps before we get to that scenario. politicos talking about the vice president going out and targeting and campaigning in these places where string districts, democrats won, seat held by a republican. of the president wants to make vulnerable house democrats pay for impeachment democrats.out a similar case during the house gop led -- they suffered in the midterm election using congressional seats. a dozen people, how tough a spot are they in as the speaker moves forward. >> there were seats previously held by republicans, 31 of them
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in district donald trump carey, 19 in district he carried with four points or more. not an accident that 10 of those 19 democrats in more heavily probed district have yet to endorse the inquiry. this is a useful thing to do but what ultimately will matter is how this issue gets resolved, republican didn't get a lot of traction in the early part of impeachment, the issue had been will substantially resolved. mike pence is the right messenger because the right message is not angry and harsh, the one that is sorrowful and shaking their head at what the democrats are doing to our country, mike pence will be particularly effective to deliver that message. >> democrats are hoping not. is looking for the democratic congressional campaign committee says every stop mike pence makes you will have to answer for his own role in the growing scandal and any candidate who is still willing to appear publicly with
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mike pence will have made it clear they accept the trump administration's wholesale eagerness to betray the office of the american president. your response? >> this is a kind of over-the-top rhetoric for democrats that is going to blow up in their face, the president is trying to do what, betray the country, as i recall what this had to do, would you look into the issue of the server, would you allow my guys, meaning the trump -- the attorney general of the united states and the very respected independent prosecutor from connecticut to look at the server that the ukrainians that was in ukraine that may have been used by the russians to steal hillary clinton's emails, would you look into this biden thing, democrats really say it is a betrayal of our country to raise questions about whether joe biden was aware of the apparent conflict of interest that existed when he went to ukraine elected them on corruption when his son was serving on the board of a
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suspect uranium company. >> you know what they say. that is completely debunked and there is no merit to it. >> is not debunked, we know for a fact that he was on the board of a company that was stinky and we know that company was a source of concern to the ukrainians and the only reason they hired joe biden and devon archer, a close compatriot of the then secretary of state john kerry was that the natural gas company burisma, what better way to protect yourself and to get the longtime confidant of the secretary of state and some of the vice president of the united states neither of whom had experience in ukraine, neither knew anything about the natural gas business. i used to spend time in the former soviet union, i oversaw a radio free europe and radio liberty and in the aftermath of
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the fall of the iron curtain this is what people in central europe and russia did in order to protect themselves, they hired americans to be in very visible positions just like paul manafort was hired by some of the ukrainian oligarchs, vladimir putin's man in ukraine. some things that have been alleged that are not true but we know the vice president of the united states went to that ukrainians on corruption when his son was on the board of a company that was suspect. >> a handful of them digging into this and a handful of others asking for questions so we will see. great to have you. new trade talks kicking off in washington with a mixture of promise and peril. the commerce department adding 20 chinese companies to it so call into the list meaning once a goes into effect no us company can do business with them.
12:18 am
many of the companies have been implicated against china's muslim minority groups, joe biden's son hunter has a stake in one of the newly named companies. also tonight the wall street journal reporting reason for optimism as trade talks get started, beijing has been buying up american soybeans again, largest purchases in a year. soybean seals are often seen as a barometer of the health of the us china trading relationship. soaring the numbers in the federal budget office, the cbo projected deficit for fiscal 2019 to hit $984 billion, up 26% from last year. expert say the main drivers are the atlantic spending programs, medicare, medicaid and social security. protesters mark one year since brett kavanaugh's confirmation by demanding his impeachment. what is really going on? co-author of justice on file about the confirmation battle joins us live next.
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>> acting homeland security secretary drowned out and forced walk off stage after being shouted down by protesters and integration conference who says he has no right to speak on the issue. trace gallagher breaking down what happened here. >> this is an annual conference being held at georgetown university law center, acting homeland security secretary was set to speak when protesters who carried sign saying haters normal began chanting and shouting. listen to this. >> what do we do? fight back! standup fight back! >> the acting secretary tried repeatedly to restart his
12:24 am
remarks and pretty much got the same shot down. former immigration and naturalization commissioner tried her best to get the protesters to stop. invoking the argument nothing is accomplished without robust exchange of ideas, let the man talk. she implored him to try again. he did. it didn't work. >> we will give it one more shot. as a career law enforcement professional i dedicated my career to protecting the rights of free speech and all the values we hold dear in america from all threats. >> if indeed the third time is the charm it was up to andrew sully of the education policy institute, a nonpartisan think tank. >> we are robbing time from law. go of questions and answers. we will have a chance to
12:25 am
question him including people who disagree with him. >> reporter: despite the fact that most activists would not sit or quiet down, he said his goodbye and literally had 1 foot out the door, he turned around and gave it one more try. >> to talk about some of the fundamental issues we face with the current legal framework and ability to address large-scale immigration. >> children are fight back. >> the secretary gets an a for effort and later issued a statement on what he would have said had he been allowed. >> all right. thank you. dozens of protesters at the supreme court marking one year since brett kavanaugh's confirmation. member of the squad iona presley and one of his the producers
12:26 am
joined activists, but backed off the most serious allegations against the supreme court justice after they were widely questioned. on sunday protesters had this chant. >> impeach the mother [bleep] >> joining me co-author of justice on trial, all about the brett kavanaugh confirmation, great to have you with us tonight. julie sweat neck was there, she talked about gang rape and all kinds of things became to be questions. you did so much in-depth research on this. what happened with her allegations and is she the best person to be protesting? >> he was seen as one of the people who hurt because of making people allegations, her allegations were so over the top, she herself backed off, she told nbc she knew -- they love
12:27 am
their uniforms, georgetown didn't even have uniforms, the story doesn't hold up. he has been referred to the terms of justice with michael avenatti for investigation of criminal charges carrying a 5-year felony. we will see if anything comes of that but i don't think she is the best messenger for attempt to criticize brett kavanaugh. shannon: the point of many protesters is he never faced a real investigation. a pro-choice group, they railroaded brett kavanaugh through a sham confirmation with no actual investigation into his background. we are to reclaim the court and say again investigate brett kavanaugh. what will it take? >> we had a year to look into these, there are people doing this.
12:28 am
no new information has come out that corroborates any of these allegations, these are people frustrated with the results of the vote, they were not able to block him and they want to go back and relitigate that or it is a attempt to continue to threaten brett kavanaugh and the other justices, people who may be on the shortlist saying you're not safe even once you're on the court and if you don't vote the way we want, he is a principled original constitutionalist. and just like christine ford's lawyer saying they want to put an asterisk next to his name. >> this court, we covered it, taking up the abortion case out of louisiana, they are saying that was why brett kavanaugh was put on the course, he is there to dismantle real the weight and that makes him -- >> they attacked him specifically for this reason.
12:29 am
lawyer saying it is there to discredit any decision he makes on abortion. interesting that was a motivating factor. the bottom line, his job is to apply the law as it stands and surprised the court in picking up the case. in the women's health case they had a narrow fact-based decision. anytime the court does that, they check that one issue off but leave the door open when something happens, they have to look at it. shannon: and end up with the decision on the abortion case in june of next year. we will be watching. why boris johnson is ready to call out donald trump. that story next. (engines rev) with dodge power dollars buy any challenger, charger, or durango and get ten bucks cash allowance for every one horsepower.
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>> shannon: british prime mr. boris johnson says he is prepared to personally speak to president trump tonight about a case involving an american >> boris johnson is prepared to speak to donald trump about a case involving an american diplomat's white who lived the
12:34 am
united kingdom after becoming a suspect in a fatal car crash. the richardson has the latest from the start department. >> reporter: the highest level of the bridge government pushing the trump administration to revoke the in the unity of an american diplomat's wife and for her to return to the united kingdom after her alleged involvement in a fatal accident. >> i do not think it can be right to use to put a community for this type of purpose and i hope they will engage properly with the laws that were carried out in this country. >> harry done says he was killed in august on his motorcycle when the wife of an american diplomat
12:35 am
was driving on the wrong side of the road. local police say they are treating a 42 year mac american woman is a suspect and she fully cooperated at the time of the accident. police say she told him she had no plans to leave the uk in the near future and she took off. >> such a dishonorable thing to do to just leave and go back and abscond back to her own country. what we found out after she had gone we knew we had a fight on our hands. >> under the vienna convention diplomats and their families are immune from criminal prosecution in the country they are serving in unless the government they represent waves that immunity in response. the state department spokesperson says any questions regarding waiver of the immunity with regard to our diplomats and their family members overseas in a case like this receives intense attention and senior levels and are considered carefully given the global impact of such decisions. immunity is rarely waived. the state department says mike pompeo spoke with his british counterpart about this among other issues though offered no further details.
12:36 am
shannon: new documents debunk elizabeth ford's claim that pregnancy costs. the latest on the policy from china topping where in the world. adams will be speaking to kyoto news in tokyo responding to an executive at the houston rockets, caused a firestorm when he expressed support for pro-democracy demonstrators in hong kong. he supports free speech but, quote, i accept it is the chinese government and chinese business's right to react. for my longtime experience in the nba it will take time to heal some of these issues. south park creators send an apology after china band their episode banned in china. there twitter account saying like the nba we welcome the chinese sensors into our homes and into our hearts. we too love money more than freedom and democracy. vo: epcll main types of chronic hep c.
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>> sha >> he will beat donald trump like a drum next november, former vp ramping up his rhetoric fighting off a surging elizabeth lauren but her speeches under new scrutiny, the latest from the campaign trail with an update. good to see you tonight. >> this is a story she has shared at multiple campaign events that is a young teacher she was fired for being pregnant but some researched video. to suggest that is not what happened at all. >> by the end of the first school year i was quite visibly pregnant and the principal did what principles did in those days, wished me luck and hired someone else the job. >> that is the story of us before installing today but an interview in 2007 before she was in public office she told a very different story. >> i didn't have the education courses so i was on emergency
12:42 am
certificate and i went back to graduate school and took up a full courses in education and said i don't think this is going to work out for me and i was pregnant with my first baby so i had a baby and stayed home for a couple years. >> documents obtained by the washington freebie can show lauren resigned from a teaching position in 1971. according to minutes from the board of education meeting that year, in april the board approved the contract for warren to return but in june it accepted her resignation with regret. warren's campaign has not responded based on her apology to or. joe biden is not apologizing for his son's ties to a gas company in ukraine which is under scrutiny in an op-ed over the weekend, democratic front runner on the attack addressing donald trump directly you won't destroy me and you won't destroy my family.
12:43 am
in 2020 i intend to beat you like a drum. in the past hour elizabeth warren said she's standing by her account she has been sharing on the campaign trail of her firing saying the change is because when she became elected she had to open up about some things in her past and the story is one of them saying she needed to be more open about why she was fired and she stands by the fact that she was fired, two retired teachers say that is the way things worked at the time but a marked departure. >> documents use cited as well. >> a great deal of political pressure by the family's business dealings, senator sanders recovering from heart attack and senator warren possibly caught in misconstruing what happened. another line of attacks on donald trump. >> i did the pocahontas thing, i had her really hard and looked
12:44 am
like she was down and out but that was too long ago. i should have waited. we will revise it. where does the party go from here. contributing editor kathy a room. and murdoch, great to have you with us tonight. political writing about the story of his before and is telling about leaving teaching saying of trump can convince swing voters that lauren is a member of the academic elite, rigged the system to benefit herself brett velicovich what is now warren's main strength into a fatal weakness. can meet and that disadvantage so if she does become the nominee? >> i think he can. i don't know if this one issue will win or lose the election for elizabeth lauren but interesting to me she is caught in a contradiction of her original story and the new stories and just different but it creates the idea that she's a victim of sexism and victim of
12:45 am
discrimination and all that and appears to be something that is possibly inaccurate in a way that tension into a victim. that is an interesting thing. >> you saw the documents, we also have washington beacons saying they approved a second contract for a young elizabeth one, documents show contradicting her repeated claims that she was asked not to return to teaching because she was visibly president pregnant. how big a problem this is become because there are women out there who have faced similar circumstances what she is alleging and really suffered these consequences. does it listen what they have gone through they feel she's not telling the truth about what happened to her. >> i don't think so. a little known fact. i am a certified teacher. i can go in the classroom anytime i need to because i keep my certification up. i left teaching and i can give 20 reasons why i left teaching.
12:46 am
i would never say what the principal did but i do have stories like that. there are many stories about principals saying things that are inappropriate and when you leave teaching you don't want to focus on that, you don't want to bring it out. i don't think she's necessarily lying about what happened. maybe she should have said it from the start but i can understand as a teacher you don't want to go that route. teachers are not paid the same, men and women are not paid on the same scale. i'm not thinking she is lying on this. shannon: people will decide for themselves. i want you to weigh on something, the president will continue to bring up questions about hunter biden's business dealings with ukraine and china. the former campaign manager for
12:47 am
the obama campaign says he should use this moment, i don't understand how years handling. >> i would think biden should be out defending himself answering questions. where is senator biden? usually he would have cameras in his driveway. >> i am sad he is off message but this is typical donald trump to get someone off message. i wish biden did not have to defend himself and he is defending himself and not very well. >> he should have known this was coming and had a different response. the story is not over. great to have you both. freshman congresswoman alano are
12:48 am
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♪ shannon: night course, on the
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docket tonight, members of the squad had another layer to their complicated storytelling people magazine a spokesperson for representative ilhan omar, years of speculation and innuendo, political opponents in the media, quote, took a significant toll. family law and defense attorney in the washington times legal affairs reporter, great to have you both with us. minneapolis says the divorce papers filed on her 37th birthday cited irretrievable breakdown with a man with whom she has been romantically involved since 2002, it was filed a month after a woman in washington dc accused her husband of having an affair with omar. it is going to get public, they just wanted to but it seems there is no other option at this point. >> anytime a public figure filed for divorce in the press fix it up, it is public. that is just the way it is. one of the things she is claiming is the demise of her marriage as a result of the
12:53 am
publicity in the press, sorry, but that doesn't fly. that is a coward's way out. of her affair is secondary to the press making it public i don't think so. if she misses in her own bed she needs to sleep in it. shannon: we have this divorce proceeding with a man who has done campaign work with her, soon-to-be ex-wife, don't know where they are in the divorce, that they were having an affair and that is why her marriage is breaking up meaning the other woman and the man allegedly involved. minneapolis star tribune notes her silence on details of public persona, there are details about the affair, throughout all her public persona has been informed by her biography is refugee overcome racial barriers but she insisted on silence in some details. there is a lot there.
12:54 am
>> there's a lot there and i know we have seen the last humans questions for the congresswoman as she has been walking on the street, she has remained silent. i do think eventually there's going to be more questions when this divorce happens later this month. it is an interesting situation, she did have to speak out about her marriage and her history, she had been married before and divorced and that came up in 2016 when she was in politics in minnesota. this is something that followed her. they did separate in march, before the public information came out from the wonderful's wife who said they were engaged in an alleged affair. i don't think this is going away. we are little about her marriage is for several years now. >> they have 3 children involved and asked privacy for their families as they go through this. is that a fair request?
12:55 am
>> it is a fair request. the court will look at the ability of the parents to do what is in the best interest of the children so that is not going to be something the court is going to flaunt. they have a custody evaluation. will it be confidential? the issue is what is in the best interests of the children and how to protect the children and that is the mandate, unless there is something really and toward in her -- he is requesting joined custody. one of the concerns would be the death threats she has been getting or has gotten. if the court determines that to be a viable threat. >> a quick final word before we get caught off. >> i totally agree, safety and the other hurdle is how often she does travel. that was a point that was made that she's constantly flying
12:56 am
especially the point that she has to do fundraisers. >> when you are remember of congress. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. plants capture co2. what if other kinds of plants captured it too? if these industrial plants had technology that captured carbon like trees we could help lower emissions. carbon capture is important technology - and experts agree. that's why we're working on ways to improve it. so plants... can be a little more... like plants. ♪
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your job isn't doing hard work...'s making them do hard work... ...and getting paid for it. (vo) snap and sort your expenses to save over $4,600 at tax time. quickbooks. backing you. >> fully understand but i campaigned on the fact that i was going to bring our soldiers home and bring them home as rapidly as possible. >> it is tuesday, october 8th. happening right now at 4:00 on the east coast it is time, donald trump making his case for moving us troops from syria which could pave the way for an invasion by turkey but what does it mean for the middle east in the future of isis. change i don't even have a bible and i


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