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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 9, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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he remains with me. he is lying, delusional of both. maybe there does need to be a rematch. obviously i can beat him again. >> she is doing her best to cling to relevancy. get the scoobymobile ready. shannon bream and the fox news at night team take it from here. shannon: we begin with a fox news alert. the white house fighting back sending a scathing letter to house democrats making it clear donald trump has no plans to comply with what they are calling an illegitimate and unconstitutional impeachment inquiry telling the speaker to keep a vote on it. she is warning the president you will be held accountable. a fox news exclusive tonight, we're learning more about john duramax investigation into the origins of the mueller probe. a new twist on what we may learn and when. a fox news at night exclusive,
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peter navarro drops in, a big week for negotiations with china. a big deadline is looming and democrats will be to blame of the new trade deal with mexico and canada falls apart. what is the status right now? we've got fox news coverage for you tonight. katherine herridge on deck with the latest in the partisan fight over witnesses including the whistleblower but we start with jillian turner as the white house throws down the gauntlet on the democrats growing list of demands. >> reporter: breaking tonight the white house declaring all out war on house democrats investigating donald trump as part of their impeachment inquiry. white house counsel sending a scathing letter to nancy pelosi and the chairman of the intel, foreign affairs and oversight committee, he first lays out all their reasons for denying documents and witnesses subpoenaed so far, then drops this bomb at the bottom of page 2, quote, donald trump and his
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administration reject your unconstitutional efforts to overturn the democratic process. in order to fulfill his duties to the american people, the constitution, the executive branch and all future occupants of the office of the presidency donald trump and his administration cannot participate in your partisan and unconstitutional inquiry under these circumstances. the heart of the complaint is sweeping. house democrats are violating the constitution and all precedents set during past impeachment procedures but it also personal. tonight both the letter and donald trump's team are singling out adam schiff. >> you have a chairman of the committee who to the american people, he said he hadn't talked to the whistleblower when in fact he had. a chairman of the committee reading fake testimony to the american people. >> democrats are outraged, nancy pelosi saying the white house
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should be warned that continued efforts to hide the truth of the president's abuse of power from the american people will be regarded as further evidence of obstruction. fox news is learning an investigation into the origins of the russia probe is heating up. john durham is looking at alleged surveillance of the trump campaign, beefing up his operation getting agents to his team and this timeline, he is looking back as recently as 2017 when donald trump was already in office and robert mueller was named special counsel. fox news learns from a senior administration source that one element of the 2-year long probe will soon be made public. the justice department inspector general report on the origins of the russia probe is expected in just a couple weeks. shannon: that is coming in the world is watching. the state department puts the
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brakes on the man who interview nikki ambassador made claims democrats are throwing out the role and constitutional protection. katherine marriage as that part of the story tonight. >> reporter: 90 minutes before the ambassador was set to square off over ukraine democrats said they learned the state department pulled the plug. >> the president and secretary of state are seeking actions that prevent us from getting the facts. >> his name appears as a key figure in the president's dealings with ukraine after the july 25th phone call with its newly elected president and taking conversations about the allegations off-line and push back against claims the us was tied to investigation into corruption allegations against the bidens, top us democrat to ukraine, it is crazy to withhold security assistance for help
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with a political campaign, some replying the president has been crystal-clear no quid pro quo of any kind. in a statement, his attorney says the impact can be resolved quickly, quote, he stands ready to testify on short notice whenever he's permitted to appear. nancy pelosi weighing in shifted not take reporter questions after the fresh allegations. >> the ambassador has text messages or emails on a personal device and the state department is withholding those messages as well. >> as the evidence unfolds, what time is it time to say yes or no to proceed. >> republicans it back. >> what we see is a kangaroo court. >> they criticize policy for avoiding a full house vote that would give both parties legal tools. >> there is not been a vote to lunch and impeachment inquiry because the minority does not have any rights for subpoenas. >> republicans:democrats to increase last rates 10 skips
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from michael atkinson, the watchdog was never told that was a blower's contact with shiplap staff and special envoy to ukraine kurt voelker. >> the full text of ambassador voelker's testimony last week would've exonerated this president, let's release it. >> house democrats are considering extraordinary steps to protect the whistleblower's identity if they testify including masking their voice and of securing their face. >> amid the impeachment your the chairman of the senate judiciary committee lindsey graham is offering rudy giuliani a chance to talk directly to lawmakers. chuck schumer says sure giuliani can testify but only under oath. great to have you with us tonight. let's start with that. diane feinstein of the senate judiciary says i welcome the opportunity to question rudy
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giuliani under oath about his role in seeking ukrainian government assistance to investigate one of the president's political rivals. >> it would be great to have rudy giuliani testify in front of the senate judiciary committee although senator feinstein appears confused about what is involved. the -- donald trump and rudy giuliani are very much hoping to bring to light how ukraine meddled in the 2016 election on behalf of hillary clinton. you had democratic operatives working with ukrainian government officials to help hillary clinton's campaign and that has been admitted to by ukrainian officials and many people in ukraine were involved in this russia hoax, the idea that donald trump was a traitor who colluded with russia in the 2016 election which brings us to the much more important point which is the senate judiciary committee should be having a lot more people than just rudy
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giuliani testifying including so many people who were involved in the department of justice and fbi investigation of the trump campaign and it is very odd that lindsey graham and other committees haven't been doing more on that front. >> after the committees and democratic leaders have been doing more, wanting to talk to other witnesses, the white house had this blasting letter to the democrat leaders, the council to the president writing everything they are doing, what they call a fake impeachment inquiry because there is no violate the constitution, the rule of law and every past precedent, given your inquiry lacks a legitimate constitutional foundation in for intense of fairness or even the most elementary due process protections we cannot be expected to participate in and saying the president can't cross-examine a witnesses or get documents or evidence. why don't they just take a vote and make it legitimate in the white house's eyes, take that away from the white house and make it a formal proceeding? >> i think you and anyone who has a little understanding of how the constitution works, how
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the impeachment process works, all those trial activities the president's lawyers wrote in that letter happens in the senate after an impeachment by the house and it is also very clear when you look at this letter that came out of the white house that this is a political argument. every legal analysis i have read, i talked to lawyers who are experts on this say there is no legal argument in this letter. whether it is lindsey graham in the senate or the white house, trying everything they can to shutdown what is a valid investigation into what i hope every single american whether you are a trump supporter or a democrat or you voted for hillary in 2016 would understand russia, ukraine, china, no foreign government has any
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business in our democracy. no business doing what russia did, do what the president has asked ukraine to do, doing what we heard him say on national television asking china to do. we do have to get to this point. nancy pelosi tried her damnedest not to get too impeachment. i have been proud because many times in my life to be a democrat but i am particularly proud of democrats now because even in the face of when impeachment was something that was going to be a political risk that was changing because now you are seeing polls move very fast, republicans calling for the president to be impeached. shannon: i want you to reply to the reporting by byron york that the inspector general told folks behind closed doors that not only was the original
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whistleblower a registered democrat, but he had a significant -- one of the presidential candidates currently trying to challenge donald trump inaccurate selection. >> we knew there were multiple reasons the inspector general thought the whistleblower had partisan bias and it couldn't be just that he was registered democrat. learning that he had professional ties to one of the candidates is important but also reason to believe the whistleblower wasn't just blowing whistle is repeating hearsay. he got a lot wrong with what he claimed about this phone call and this is the problem with the impeachment inquiry. we already have the phone call. we can read it. we don't need whistleblowers. we don't need to hear about it. the -- shannon: there's a big effort to get testimony directly from this whistleblower. everyone in dc hopes that happens, we get more answers. >> we deserve that testimony and the evidence to be protected that he has.
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shannon: a fox news alert, turkey reinforcing the border with syria as it prepares to launch an offensive against kurdish fighters. they have been us allies in the fight against isis, warned about the president's plans to pull us troops out of the region. donald trump has written turkey with sanctions if it does attack the kurds. the united auto workers accusing general motors of selling out american workers in favor of foreign labor. a new letter, negotiations and going on for 23rd day saying we have openly told gm we do not see a solid commitment to this talented and skilled workforce that is made them billions of dollars in profits. we made it clear there is no job security for us when gm products are made in other countries for the purpose of selling them here in the usa. a fox news at night exclusive. amid trade talks with us and china, growing war of words days
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away from new round of tariffs. peter navarro joins us next.
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that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. ♪ >> shannon: the backlash against the nba for apologizing over one of its executive publicly supporting shannon: backlash against the nba for apologizing for one of his executives supporting pro-democracy protesters in hong kong comes at the same time the trump administration is taking a hard line against beijing's human rights abuses, the nba hopes to get back into the good graces, they are playing hardball. trace gallagher has the latest. >> reporter: the same lead that bullet all-star game out of charlotte because of transgender bathroom the land band the word owner because it is racially insensitive is struggling to come up with a consistent stance on how to respond to the china controversy which began when the
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general manager tweeted fight for freedom, stand with hong kong. not surprisingly the tweet was condemned by china and the chinese basketball association, more surprisingly it was knocked down by rockets owner and trump supporter who said he doesn't speak for his team. rockets star james harden and others also apologize that it first the nba issued a statement saying that tweet was, quote, regrettable but that infuriated many in the us including politicians on both sides of the aisle who said there is no need to apologize for supporting democracy. today, nba commissioner adam silver said he supports freedom of expression for his employees. >> i am sympathetic to our interests here and our partners who are upset and i don't think
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it is inconsistent on the one hand to be sympathetic to them. at the same time stand by our principles. >> steve kerr who is very anti-trump is outspoken on politics, took a pass on commenting about china which led one financial analyst to chime in with this. >> it is hilarious, the faustian bargain with the devil with the chinese communist party, how much of your morality, how much of your values are you willing to compromise for money. >> china state run tv network is suspending coverage of this week's game between china between the lakers and brooklyn mets. a chinese shoe company and phone company have suspended their deal and through it all the us government believes this what you are about to see is authentic video of muslim minority groups being detained and abused by the chinese
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government. in response the us has blacklisted some chinese companies leading donald trump to tempt down expectations for the us china trade talks. shannon: we are tracking them, thank you. a fox news at night exclusive. high-level trade talks with china taking place in washington as the deadline for new tariffs is looming. white house director of the office of trade and manufacturing policy peter navarro, a couple big trade deals you hope are coming but we start with china. seeing essentially they are not happy about this new blacklist which is viewed as separate from the trade talks but essentially saying they aren't sure something is getting done this week. what are your biggest concerns about getting something substantive done this week?
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>> for anybody watching this show, double entendre, i'm talking about the bigger one. the 7 deadly sins are what this is about, what donald trump is fighting for, standing up for china and it is the cyberintrusions into our business network, intellectual property theft, technology transfer, dumping of product putting out jobs, currency manipulation and the thing that is really important, fentanyl and opioids that kill 100 people by the end of this day, 50,000 by the end of the year. those are the verticals that were in the original deal last may that the chinese -- walked away from that. shannon: better heavy list to get those things done and with them morning, one headline, temporary optimism for trade deal, china pouring cold water on hopes for a trade deal
12:22 am
signaling and retaliate against us threats, the chinese more foreign ministry spokesman saying we urge the us to immediately >> terminal logically, this is not a trade war or even a trade deal. what it really is is the chinese engaging in tweet 7 deadly structural sins and for this to have a good result for the people of america which donald trump insists on requires a fundamental restructuring of the chinese economy in a way that would benefit the globe. it is unfortunate the chinese backed away from that because that deal would not just have been good for america but for china, europe, the rest of the world. you hear a lot of rhetoric. i have two's, one is ambassador
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lighthizer negotiating behind closed doors. the second is if you hear anything that is not from named sources it is probably fake news or propaganda. shannon: you had a spirited conversation on another network about a couple things this president has been too easy when it comes to hong kong. do you think this president wants to be tougher on those issues and he has had a lot of backlash for publicly asking them to look into joe biden. >> let's say the hong kong issue, the president has been perfect in his tone and manner on hong kong, he signals in a measured way the chinese there needs to be a peaceful outcome. at the same time mike pompeo has been very eloquent not just about hong kong but about what he calls the worst human rights
12:24 am
abuse in a century against the ethnic minorities. there is 2 million people there in concentration camps. i think this administration has been very strong with respect to that in the appropriate way. shannon: public calls to investigate biden. should we be asking communist nations to do that? >> it is clear to me there are some issues related to the bidens. this is not my lane. what i try to do is create, have the president create good jobs and good wages for men and women, i am proud of this president, 6 million jobs, half 1 million manufacturing jobs. when these questions come up there is no one piece of advice, listen to the signal, ignore the noise. there is something good and noble about what the president is doing. i urge people when they hear the
12:25 am
word impeachment and other things, listen to the signal, ignore the noise. >> the trade deal where trying to get with china, with canada, with mexico, a headline from the washington examiner, house democrats meeting with the president to get this done, the headline says democrats report little progress following mexico trip. we know they are pressing for guarantees on labor laws and environmental protection and without that they will not take this to a vote. they control the house floor. >> the fact of the matter is the us mca is more important than the china deal. we have twice as much trade with canada and mexico and more importantly we have 5 times more experts than canada and mexico. canada, mexico, us mca is more important and the vision of us mca is to restore north america
12:26 am
as a manufacturing hub of the world with the us epicenter. nancy pelosi has the ability to make that vision happen. he has a choice. if she fails it will be a failure of the political process. it will be an economic catastrophe. i'm looking at capitol hill right now. that will be her legacy one way or the other. shannon: there's plenty of bipartisan will to get this done. >> we don't have much time left, only a few days left, she needs to get off the dime. shannon: good to talk with you. shannon: the trump campaign says the democratic mayor of minneapolis is trying to sabotage a rally set for thursday night, the latest twist in the showdown next. - [male narrator] the following
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standing by her claim pregnancy discrimination and being pushed out of her first teaching job despite growing questions about her seemingly conflicting version of that story. >> doesn't matter what the term is, the job that was mine, that i had been hired for for the next year was taken away when they knew i was pregnant. >> just to be clear, they were not incorrect to say that you were fired. >> i don't know what else you would call it. >> worn facing new questions about that part of her stumps speech after 2007 interview resurfaced in which she said she left the job after realizing the education courses she needed to take were not working out for her. 12 immigrants poured over the border into the us. julian castro, have been sent back to mexico. the immigrants say as members of the lgbt community they are
12:32 am
endangering mexico and have been stuck there waiting under the trump administration's, quote, remain in mexico policy. hillary clinton admonishing donald trump on twitter today after he mocked her and urged her to run again in 2020, quote, don't tempt me, do your job. that was after the president tweeted she could join the presidential race once again only if she explained what he calls all of her high crimes and misdemeanors. donald trump's keep america great rally will go on as scheduled in minneapolis this week after his campaign threatened to sue the venue they lost in over a massive security bill. the new battle for the democratic minneapolis mayor, garrett tenney is here to unravel the story. >> a lot of back and forth between these two but not just donald trump who isn't happy with the mayor, police officers in his own skater accusing him of playing politics and using the police to take a jab at the commander-in-chief.
12:33 am
the day after the trump campaign announced a rally in minneapolis the city's police chief announced a new policy barring off-duty officers from appearing in uniform at political rallies or events. the head of the city's police unions at the time he is no coincidence and city leaders are playing politics and trying to buoy the president because they are worried he could flip the historically blue state in 2020. >> if you look in the past when bill clinton appeared here they directed our officers to be behind them in the backdrop and made sure they had a diverse looking crew of uniformed officers behind bill clinton when he was here and this is the opposite with donald trump coming. >> reporter: the chief says the new rule has been under consideration for a year to ensure the police department isn't politicized. mayor fred who approved the new policy hasn't made his disdain for the president to secret repeatedly saying donald trump isn't welcome here. >> we have all seen the rhetoric
12:34 am
pushed out at these trump campaign rallies. it is hateful, it is divisive, we do not welcome that kind of rhetoric in minneapolis. >> minneapolis is dealing with a crippling police shortage that was highlighted by a pair brutal robberies caught on video last month showing mobs beating innocent bystanders in broad daylight. the police chief has requested 400 additional officers by 2025 and so far the mayor has proposed hiring just 14. in response to the new policy the police union is now selling red cops for trump t-shirts which they are encouraging off-duty officers to where on thursday and those shirts are selling fast. they sold out a couple times and they had to place additional orders.
12:35 am
shannon: the fbi's is a california prison inmate is the deadliest known serial killer in the station's history. the number of murders linked to samuel little is staggering. jonathan hunt has more from los angeles. >> pulled to the water. >> reporter: samuel little confessing to one of 93 murders across 19 states over a 35 year period from 1970-2005. 50 of the murders verified by the fbi and agents say they believe all samuel little's confession. the video text painted a chilling portrait of the most prolific serial killer in american history. >> left the body underwater. little, seen here leaving a texas court last november
12:36 am
targeted vulnerable women, sometimes prostitutes or drug addicts, usually strangling them. it took until 2014 for him to be convicted of murder and he is now serving three life sentences for the killings of three women in los angeles in the 1980s. bizarrely he sketched or painted his victims and as the fbi tries to piece together his movements and verify all the murders they have released some of those sketches of women little claims to have killed as well as details about where he met them. fbi analyst said in a statement, quote, the fbi believes it is important to seek justice for each victim, to close every case possible. the flood of confessions from little came as a result of the words of a texas ranger who specializes in cold cases and began interviewing little around 18 months ago. >> jonathan hunt, thank you.
12:37 am
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>> shannon: fox news lame exclusively tonight that the u.s. attorney inv >> fox news learning exclusively the us attorney investigating the origin of mueller is russia probe is expanding the scope probing much wider timeline than previously known and separately we could have the ig report as soon as next week. for acting attorney general with more. cell in the washington post, the same people who were outraged at trump's efforts to discredit the mueller probe are doing the same thing to the durham probe. they need to hear their own advice, stop criticizing the investigation, let follow the fact wherever they lead. if there's no wrongdoing there's nothing to worry about. >> i expect john durham is part
12:42 am
of an exceptional task of us attorneys this administration has put in place and i have heard his scope is expanded not only in the timeline but his staff is increased, that tells me one thing and that is they found something that will take more time and attention than they thought, or documents, more witnesses or bigger case than originally expected. the durum investigation, they are not going to talk about it. build bar is working on this probe by all accounts, determined to get to the bottom of this, and give a full report to the american people. shannon: i want to play something the speaker said about this a few days ago. >> let me ask you about the attorney general. >> he has gone rogue. where they are going is a cover-up of the cover-up and
12:43 am
that is very sad. to have a justice department go rogue, they have been for a while. shannon: up across typical legal lines? >> absolutely not. from everything reported based on my experience in the department of justice there's a lot of questions that need to be answered. a lot of unusual activities that need to be revealed and it is fascinating nancy pelosi somehow is just running a communications operation right now, sending messaging to fellow democrats so they can spread it around the country because that is all it is, the house and nancy pelosi leading it. to say the attorney general of the united states who has come back to serve his country, has somehow gone rogue is an outrageous statement. >> we are getting reporting from jake gibson who covers the justice department and bret baer, they are reporting durum
12:44 am
probe and the fact that the man who ended up being robert mueller, within days of that time they say he was actually interviewing for the job as fbi director knowing he could also be in line to become special counsel. here's what he said back in july when asked about it. >> my understanding i was not applying for the job, i was asked to give my input on what it would take to do the job which triggered the interview you are talking about. >> you don't recall on may 16, 2016, that you interviewed with the president regarding the fbi director job? >> i interviewed with the president, it was about the job, not about me applying for the job. >> your statement here today is you didn't interview to apply for the fbi director job? >> correct. >> john dowd said this was the most dishonorable conduct i have ever witnessed, pretending he
12:45 am
wasn't up for the job, at the same time he knew possibly he would end up being special counsel. >> four days before being appointed special counsel he and rob were having a conversation about his appointment, the day before he knew he was possibly going to be appointed special counsel, he said he wasn't interviewing for a job which is a strange way to say it but when he was appointed special counsel he was in the running so it is really unequal and anyone around their understand he was on the list of people being considered to be fbi director. shannon: another interesting development. the supreme court clashes over the media, the word sex, justice gore such is the key vote in a landmark case, i will bring it to you next. i am royalty of racing,
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shannon: it appears supreme court justices are divided over ideological lines whether a federal civil rights law extends to lgbt q employees when talking about job dissemination, kicking off its fall term with a hot button issue.
12:50 am
the supreme court today tackled a trio of cases that had the potential to reshape federal employment law as it has existed since the civil rights act was passed in 1964. the text of the law prevents employers from discriminating on the basis of sex was legal advocates have argued that means women and men cannot be treated differently with regard to the majority of employment decisions. progressives say the word sex should extend to gender identity and sexual orientation. jerry bomb stock lost his job for being gay, argues the law's protection should be expanded. >> we are talking about millions and millions of people that go to work every day fearful for being fired for who they are and that is wrong. >> the court seemed evenly divided with justice alito questioning whether adopting a broader view of the law is the proper role for the judiciary.
12:51 am
of the court take this up and interprets this 1964 statute to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation we will be acting exactly like a legislature. sonja said mayor said even though congress acted decades ago what was happening in 2019 falls under the law's protections. at what point does the court say congress cares about this? it is clear what happening fits those words. one of today's defendants runs a funeral home his grandfather started and says former employee stevens was let go for failing to follow the dress code not because stevens, born biologically male decided to transition to female. >> the aclu is trying to use my grandfather's family businesses upon to achieve a larger political goal. >> we will have to wait for a decision that will come between now and next june. what role could neil gorsuch play in this? turned to richard fowler and concerned women for america. good to have you here tonight.
12:52 am
the aclu is very involved in this case. david cold who argued the case in the lgbt community has won hard-fought protections in court before and we hope the justices will not turn back the clock on equality and justice, no one should be fired because of who they are. what is the argument against that? >> there is in tonight went against that. this is a much broader issue. standing outside the supreme court today were women's, conservative women, the women's liberation front self identified radical feminists who are concerned about changing the definition of what sex is, that it broadens it and creates consequences was the question is what happens to women in their safe spaces, domestic violence shelters, locker rooms, women who are incarcerated. if we do away with recognizing biology, men and women there are wide reaching consequences for women across the spectrum and that is why you saw the left and
12:53 am
the right, 16 attorney generals with deep concerns. >> interesting to see the left and right unite on that part of the conversation saying women fought for all kinds of things like title ix and that came up today, justice ginsburg even brought that up. talking about all the potential ramifications of this case and the fact that people who are born biologically male who are competing on women's teams and women's sports, people raising concerns about what that does long-term to women and the rights they fought for. >> this case is totally about employment. title vii, we have already seen protections for lgbt q folks and there is a social upheaval, women's private spaces are being violated but let's be very clear that what this law is about is not discrimination against people based on sex.
12:54 am
a violent man, i am fired because i date a man or woman data manager doesn't get 5 means being discriminated against because i'm a man so you can't take sex out of sexual orientation which is the argument made by the plaintiff in this case and it speaks to what our country looks like, 25 states of put in protections for lgbt q folks and protecting them. >> that is why a number of justices raised the question that okay things have changed over time and the law was was passed in 1964 couldn't have foreseen what we have now. congress has been presented numerous times, they could have modified this to specifically include gender identity or sexual orientation so this is a job for congress and not the courts. >> it is the job of congress to make this decision and not something with judicial fiat but women are being hurt and we have two cases pending, one from california and one from alaska because they are being heard in domestic violence shelters in which men are in their spaces sexually harassing them.
12:55 am
>> we should protect against that. the broad stretch of transgender focus want to go to work and be paid. the courts of intervened anytime there's orbit discrimination, brown versus board and levy versus virginia. another case records have to intervene to stop discrimination against trans people, gay people, lesbian and bisexual people. >> he said it is a close case so we watch is vote and all the others. thank you both. yesterday i had the honor of joining the bipartisan washington dc group global win alongside honorary cochair senator shelley capital. this is about encouraging your woman to excel academic, physical fitness and trying to boost their self-confidence too. the middle school girls we met in west virginia were amazing, the committee pledged to do something new and great in their lives, the bipartisan lawmakers backing these efforts like senator capital and all these
12:56 am
students, all of you a lot of fun to meet you. i hope this pledges you wrote yesterday you will find the courage to step up and do that. you have every reason to be confident in yourself. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, i am shannon bream.
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chopsticks wasabi and soy! comin' in a little hot. it only gets better when you switch and save with geico. heather: it is wednesday, october 9th. on the east coast a fox news alert. on the brink of invasion turkish forces lining the northern syrian border and could wage war at any moment. the surging threat after the us shocked our allies by withdrawing troops from the region. tensions between china and the nba at a breaking point, the league scrambling to rebound after the general manager praised anti-communist protests. the major event in shanghai canceled overnight as several teams are e


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