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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 22, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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vacuum in the back, hallelujah! get 0% financing for 60 months plus $2,250 total bonus cash on the 2019 chrysler pacifica. >> it is tuesday, october 22nd is happening right now at 4:00 am an emotional tribute. and army general struggles to hold back tears as he identifies 3 soldiers killed in a train accident over the weekend. >> hard enough when it is one soldier but when you lose 3 at one time the pain is amplified. >> what we just learned about the horrific crash that took their lives plus cracking down on corruption. >> i would like the attorney general to find out what is
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going on because if we are investigating corruption. >> donald from want answers and is putting the attorney general on the case. why he says william barr needs to investigate hillary clinton's ties to ukraine. using someone else's network account. you may have to buy your own. >> "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> producers are killing it with the music this week. selena gomez. todd: i like selena gomez was i will not file a complaint.
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you are watching "fox and friends first". carley: thanks for starting the day with us. donald trump urges lawmakers to stand up to democrats as the doj is urged to get the bottom of the steel dossier once and for all. >> griff jenkins has more on the call to root out corruption. good morning. >> that was in a wide-ranging interview with sean hannity, acknowledging that volodymyr zelinsky raised concerns about corruption, and urged attorney general william barr to investigate. >> you are about ukraine and you have been hearing about it. i heard clinton was involved. i heard they got somebody) -- the fake dossier. was in out of ukraine. all the things that happened and i assume the attorney general, i would like the attorney general to find out what is going on
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because we are investigating corruption. >> the president called on his fellow republicans to band together and fight harder defending him against democrats impeachment effort singling out the first year peace and are willing to vote in favor of impeachment. >> the republicans should get tougher. i think the democrats are not good politicians. i think they have lousy policy but you don't have the mitt romneys of the world that will go against the party. you have -- they stick together. i respect that. >> a gop resolution to censure the intel committee chairman adam schiff effectively blocking up, it will be set of house republicans where they found a lack the courage to confront the most dangerous and unethical president in american history, they consoled themselves by attacking those who did. on the hill today the next few witnesses, bill taylor testifies he is expected to address allegations of a quid pro quo.
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>> thank you, we appreciate it. >> house democrats continue their impeachment push but mostly behind closed doors. >> marco rubio says no matter the ultimate outcome a trial would inflict serious damage on the country. >> i think impeachment and removal of a president is one of the most extraordinary things anybody could do. it would be the most important vote any of us will ever take because you are literally say we will cancel the results of a valid democratic election and doing it less the near from a new election in which all this information will be out there and i'm still shocked how people take that lightly and throw it around. something that way needs to be used sparingly, it is traumatic for the country. we saw the brett kavanaugh thing, this will be that times 100 in terms of the trauma and divisiveness it will cause. it is an extraordinary measure that hurts the country no matter what the outcome. >> 229 members of the house said
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they would support impeachment including one republican. >> donald trump and bernie sanders standing together in a rare moment of agreement, the two rivals defending 2020 hopeful congresswoman tulsi gabbard after hillary clinton suggested she was a russian asset. >> this is all a phony scam and then you have hillary clinton saying two days ago tulsi gabbard is a russian asset and jill stein is a russian agent. i said wait a minute. it took me 2 and half years. i wish you had said that earlier because people would've realize she's crazy. >> senator sanders tweeting tulsi gabbard has put her life on the line to defend this country. people can disagree on issues but it is outrageous for anyone to suggest tulsi is a foreign asset. gabbard said she's open to a face-to-face meeting with
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clinton. >> mike pence and joe biden going head to head on trade writing i know pennsylvania and pennsylvanians will not be fooled by blind promotional trump's irresponsible trade war. mike pence heading back while speaking to manufacturing workers in biden's home state. >> pennsylvanians will not be fooled. they know the us mca is a win for pennsylvania and a win for america and it is time you got on board. >> sources telling fox news the us mca deal is backed by boeing. many issues remain unsolved, donald trump will speak at a conference in pittsburgh tomorrow focusing on michelle energy industry and jobs. >> finding a new location for the g7 summit will be a huge expense. that's the word from donald trump after he withdrew his
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offer to host the event for free at his daughter resort. >> is also speaking about his choice to pull troops out of syria. kevin cork has more from the white house. >> the trump administration confronts rising tensions across the middle east. and attempts to navigate us troop movement in the region from iraq to saudi arabia to syria where just last week mike pence and secretary of state mike pompeo negotiate a positive hostilities between the turks and kurdish forces, an area vacated by the americans. >> we had to stay in the middle east for the rest of humanity, the rest of civilization, to protect -- never said that. we have protected them. we have taken very good care of them. >> the cease-fire by a thread in syria, the president's shift in policy has placated some critics who were worried his strategy was doomed to fail.
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>> withhold judgment as to what is going to happen in syria until it is all in. i'm increasingly optimistic that we can have some historic solution in syria that has eluded us for years if we play our cards right. >> reservations about the president's foreign-policy come on intense bipartisan criticism over the decision to host the summit in miami, a move he says would have cost the american taxpayer nothing. >> i was willing to do this for free, would have been the greatest g7 ever. we will look at other locations. i don't think it will be as exciting, it will cost the country a fortune because it is very expensive. >> white house source told me it focuses on the american people and if that is what it takes he is willing to change his mind from time to time. >> people in the south picking
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up the pieces after deadly storms lead widespread damage. look at this birdseye view from dallas where an ef 3 tornado touched down. the national weather service to confirm wents top 140 mph, three schools were wiped out and will not be able to open for the rest of the school year. four people were killed during the storm in arkansas and oklahoma. evacuation orders are lifted after wildfires close in on multimillion dollar homes in california. people running for their lives as the raging fire races towards the oceanview homes in los angeles. more than 300 firefighters tackle the beast saving 6 homes. at least two people were injured. stars like sophia ritchie sharing photos from the wealthy area. this is home to celebrities like reese witherspoon and matt damon. >> donald trump congratulating
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justin trudeau for winning a second term overnight tweeting i look forward to working with you towards the betterment of both our countries. trudeau being conservative challenger, trudeau at liberal party keeping its power in a narrow election when but as a minority government. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu fails to form a government plunging his country into political uncertainty. now is centrist rival will try as netanyahu tries to secure a deal. the israeli president giving a deadline of 28 days. if he fails israel could hold an unprecedented third election. >> former white house press secretary sean spicer survived another week of dancing with the stars. ♪
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>> dancing the viennese waltz. carley: i love a good the in use waltz. he dedicated a performance to his wife of 15 years and handed her a giant bouquet of roses at the end of the day. look at that. >> 11 minutes after the hour. does hillary clinton have ties to ukraine. donald trump wants to find out. >> i heard clinton was involved. they got somebody who wrote the fake dossier. i would like the attorney general to find out what is going on. >> what could happen to hillary clinton if something is uncovered? >> and alice says there could be serious consequences and she joined us next.
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>> you have been hearing about it. i heard clinton was involved, i heard they got somebody who wrote the fake dossier, all the things that happen. i would like the attorney general to find out what is going on. we are investigating corruption. >> donald trump calling for william barr to investigate ties between hillary clinton, the steel dossier and ukraine. what could happen to the failed presidential candidate if a potential crime is uncovered? >> jenna ellis, you just heard the president linking three things together, hillary clinton, the steel dossier and ukraine. what is your reaction? >> it is about time. i think everyone who understood that hillary was probably at least suspicious of corruption are not really sure what happened with the steel dossier advertised to the mueller reported everything that happened leading up to the 2016 presidential election this is something all-americans have been waiting for, what actually happened.
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for william barr to be investigating this is entirely proper and every american whether you are republican, democratic or independent should want the us government to make sure we are investigating potential instances of corruption because equal protection under the law means nobody, even if you are hillary clinton gets away with anything and even if you're hillary clinton, we have to make sure there's fundamental fairness but for donald trump to specifically task attorney general william barr with this is for all americans saying we have been wanting to know this since 2016. >> the present talking about steel dossier, ukraine and hillary clinton specifically what do you think is going to be investigated and what do you think is going to be found? >> attorney general william barr is a career prosecutor, someone
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who has held this office before, he knows how to investigate this very ethically and within the parameters of his office, i don't think he's going to overprosecute this but he will find the truth, fact-finding and looking for the truth is important here, we will get some answers. i hope we will get some answers and it hillary clinton's found to have committed corruption which is not just common usage term, it has specific legal definition and that is the category of crime that violate public trust and are unethical and have specific legal consequences we could see hillary clinton indicted and if she faces trial, if she's prosecuted and has a conviction or other type of plea bargain we could see hillary clinton face jail time so that is on the table here and i think that is something some of us thought would never happen but here i think we are going to see william barr get to the truth and that is what everyone should want to be uncovered, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. >> that will wake up, critics say this is totally unfounded,
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he's just trying to distract from allegations of his own corruption regarding the call with the ukrainian president. >> multiple investigation can certainly go on simultaneously. democrats will make that a talking point, this is something now that the mueller investigation has been closed this could have gone on simultaneously but now that it is been sufficiently put to rest this is the perfect time for william barr to be tasked with looking at corruption and the president of the united states should be looking at potential instances of corruption on former united states officials, election interference, something that should matter because every american constitutional he should be for free and fair elections to make sure our vote is not undermined and people in public trust don't violate that.
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>> fascinating to see how this dovetails with the john durham investigation and the inspector general report. it will be a fascinating time in our country. thank you so much. >> 18 minutes after the hour. do you spend more time on your phone the user with your kids? todd: 70% are addicted to their phones. what every parent needs to know. next. - [female narrator] right now, in the former soviet union, there are thousands of jewish holocaust survivors trapped in relentless poverty. there's no heat, no electricity, no running water. they're cold, hungry, and sick and they're suffering. and dying. needlessly. - christians and jews together stand obedient to god to listen to his word.
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the spirit of unity commands god's blessing to fall upon his children. - [male narrator] please visit our website or call the number on your screen right now. for just $25, you can help us rush an emergency survival package to a desperate holocaust survivor before it's too late. call the number on your screen.
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wthat's why xfinity hasu made taking your internetself. and tv with you a breeze. really? yup. you can transfer your service online in about a minute. you can do that? yeah. and with two-hour service appointment windows, it's all on your schedule. awesome. so while moving may still come with its share of headaches... no kidding. we're doing all we can to make moving simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. >> sports headlines beginning with football. the team falling 33-02 the new england patriots.
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watching the nationals trying to win their first ever title, looking to win their second world series in the past 3 years, first pitch from houston, 8:08 eastern. jillian will be there and the regular-season gets off tonight without the number one draft pick, diane williamson will be out after major knee surgery. pelicans taste the toronto raptors, he and paul george and anthony davis will debut as the clippers against the lakers in los angeles. carley: 70% of parents say they feel addicted to their phones according to a new survey. parents that they spent just as much time with their kids as they do on their phones so what kind of impact could this have on their children. child and adolescents expert darby fox joins us.
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they say they feel addicted to their phone. that is scary but not surprising. >> it's not surprising and it will definitely have an impact, already has an impact on kids. it's very hard when you are always on your phone or distracted to actually be paying attention to what they are saying what they need. >> you think parents constantly scrolling on their phone or could be playing with their kids, even other children are young they notice that. >> they absolutely notice that especially if you think of going to the playground or the park, usually you're pushing your kids or watching them go down the slide you are engaging in some way but if you've got the phone out your letting them do their thing and i just standing there, it is like you are a body. >> the results revealed parents spend 2 hours and 17 minutes on their phone per day and 2 hours
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and 41 minutes of quality time with their kids and that is a 20 minute difference. i could also see this setting a bad example for children as well when parents are saying get off their phone when they are constantly on there's. >> first thing they say as you get closer to adolescence is you do it, why can't i and that is the same with any parenting. it's more about what you do than what you say. that is a dangerous precedent. >> any parent listening who says this is me, i may have to cut back on using my cell phone what advice would you give them? >> be a little more mindful of it and think about certain times of the day that you could have that ruled that you're not going to be on your phone when your first up with your kids, you are playing with them or making breakfast, getting them off to school, you don't need to look at your phone or when you pick
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them up after school lots of kids are pretty excited when they get in the car and ready to go home to the next activity, get off the bus, make it a habit that you don't pick up the phone and the same thing during meal time, especially older kids, everybody in the middle of the table or when you go to a restaurant a great policy to have. >> everybody of your screen. >> kids are like sponges who pick up on these things so it is better parenting if you do spend time off your phone even though it could be a sacrifice for the parents, that is the way we should be doing things, we really appreciate it. send us your comments, do you think you spend too much time on your phone? let us know on facebook, twitter and instagram. we want to hear from you. the time is 26 minutes after the hour. and i'm a general breaking down as he mourns 3 of his soldiers killed in a training exercise. >> when you lose 3 at one time the pain is amplified.
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>> more on those fallen heroes in the accident that took their lives. latino businesses are thriving under donald trump's economy, how big a factor will this be in 2020? next guest says more hispanics will see democrats as a threat.
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>> look at out of headlines donald trump urging the doj to get to the bottom of the steel dossier once and for all calling on william barr to look at ukraine's potential involvement in producing the dossier at house democrats blog a vote to censure congressman and of chef over his handling of impeachment inquiry. >> the us cease-fire deal with turkey expires today. curtis fighters in syria have 12
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hours before strikes can restart. donald trump is defending his decision to withdraw us troops saying we've been there for too long, the senate foreign relations committee will hold a hearing today on the turkey syria conflict. todd: boris johnson launching a final bid to force a new brexit vote pushing members of parliament to support his deal, many say that's not enough time to analyze the 110 page deal. the deadline to leave the eu is halloween. carley: three army soldiers killed in a training exercise including 18-year-old veteran and two infantry men. and emotional army general holding back tears identifying both men. >> it is harder to lose one soldier. when you lose 3 at one time the pain is amplified. >> corporal thomas walker of ohio, brian jenkins of florida
1:32 am
and private first class antonio garcia of arizona died when their bradley fighting vehicle like the one you see here went off a bridge and flipped over in the water in georgia. three other soldiers are recovering from injuries. a memorial service will be held in their honor at a later date. the illegal immigrant charged with murdering molly tibbetts is due back in court today. attorneys want his confession thrown out. they claim police did not explain his miranda rights. tibbetts, university of iowa student disappeared in july 2018 after going for a run. her body was found in a cornfield a month later. rivera's trial is scheduled to start in february. the justice department could soon restart its practice of collecting dna from migrants, a proposed rule would allow the homeland security department to
1:33 am
collect samples from detained illegal immigrants. the doj calls the move a major step for law enforcement claiming it can save lives and help catch criminals. the decision follows a watchdog report that cbp failed to comply with the original law from 2015. actress lori laughlin's daughters are no longer enrolled at usc. the school making that confirmation as she and her husband away trial in the college admission scandal. they pleaded not guilty to paying half $1 million get their daughters into school and four other parents accused in the same scam just charged -- changed their pleas to guilty. that include the mom who unloaded about helping her daughter cheat on the sats. it's not even halloween but the most iconic christmas tree in the world is already picked out. the rockefeller christmas tree will come from a farm in upstate new york.
1:34 am
the norway spruce will be cut down next month and decorated with more than 50,000 lights in new york city. we don't know exactly how tall it is. >> check out our social media. speaking of business it is booming for hispanic and latino businesses in donald trump's economy. a new study, look at this, revenue up 46% year over year from last year. as those revenues rise and latinos say this is the american dream. joining me to weigh in president of the job creators network alfredo ortiz. thank you for being here. you saw the numbers, 46%. >> that is above not only 50% incredible but last year was 25%. we are talking 50% gain over 25%
1:35 am
gains are really unbelievable and that is the trump economy helping latinos out, they are just booming across the board. >> how is the trump economy helping specifically latinos. >> the tax cut and the dropping regulations and red tape that has benefited the hispanics overall. there one of the most entrepreneurial groups out there over any other demographic, the ones that open up small businesses first and foremost and it is unbelievable and that is going through the entire hispanic household, poverty rates at record lows, unemployment at the lowest ever among hispanics, home ownership among hispanics representing two thirds of home ownership last year due to hispanics -- they are doing great under the trump economy. todd: you mentioned unemployment and poverty rate, 59% unemployment, for latinos, you
1:36 am
told our producers hispanics would be the first casualties in a written into a democrat control economy. why? >> when you look at what they are proposing their proposing everything that will take away what has helped the trump economy boom which is lower tax environment and less red tape. what democrats are promising are higher taxes and more red tape, more government and that is the last thing small businesses and latinos across the country need is when you look at the number one issue that is important to hispanics across the board according to a left-leaning organization it is guess what, jobs and the economy. todd: is republican messaging getting through to the latino voter? >> we could do a better job messaging to hispanics and the hispanic voter but the hispanic entrepreneur understands they are the first ones we should be talking with and that will spread through the community but these are unbelievable numbers, hispanics couldn't be doing any better than they are currently
1:37 am
under the trump economy. shannon: we would be naïve to think donald trump and the republicans will get a majority of the latino hispanic vote in 2020 but do you see a time if these economic trends continue is there a time when that flips? and latinos provide a majority of support to the republican party over the democratic party? >> i definitely do. if you look at today approval ratings for donald trump is 51%. this is my own personal call, i think when you wake up on wednesday after election day you will see hispanic vote at
1:38 am
38%-40% for donald trump, being partly responsible mostly responsible for getting donald trump reelected. >> that is 10 percentage points higher than the highs we heard, the 30% number seems high to me, you are saying could be 8 to 10 points higher. >> i think it is. the economy continues to roll for hispanics, thank you. >> we will check with you the first wednesday of november. >> the time is 37 minutes after the hour. another day another democrat begging for the cash to stay in the 2020 race. which candidate needs nearly 1 million bucks or they are out in 10 days? >> i admitted on national tv but you use someone else's netflix? >> i'm not answering that. >> the streaming service may not be so chill about users piggybacking off of friends and family accounts.
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>> welcome back. facebook have a new strategy to combat foreign interference in the 2020 election. the company says it will label content from state-sponsored media outlets and use third-party fact checkers to check the story. mark zuckerberg says hundreds of fake accounts to iran and russia have been removed and in a conference call with reporters zuckerberg admits to giving hiring advice to pete buttigieg. he says it is not an endorsement. >> chuck schumer sounding the alarm the whistleblower's identity may be at risk. in a letter to intelligence officials the senate minority leader writing the president may disclose the whistleblower's identity adding if revealed intelligence leaders must be prepared to protect them from reprisal and threats. donald trump says he wants to know who the whistleblower is, calling that individual or individuals a fruit.
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>> your trip to the drugstore could soon be a thing of the past. >> tracy carrasco from foxbusiness here with the company's teaming up to drop off your drugs with drones. >> it is your medicine. ups has announced a partnership with cvs to make drone deliveries delivering your prescription medication. earlier this month ups became the first drone delivery service to receive full certification from the faa for drone airlines. they are partnering up, unclear when these drone deliveries will start with cvs says this will benefit a lot of their customers in rural areas that these drone deliveries will be able to hold up to 5 pounds, take 10 minutes or so to get you your prescription medication. earlier we saw fedex announced they were working on something similar with walgreens but it will be a while before this becomes mainstream. there are a lot of things the
1:44 am
faa needs to work out but major steps are being taken with drone deliveries. carley: we all know the netflix police coming after todd because he admitted to using his brother's password and the company is cracking down on password sharing. >> you have some time. they are not coming after you just yet but they said in the most recent earnings call this is something they are monitoring, the use of passport sharing, netflix chief brett peters said we've got no big plans at this time in terms of doing something different. they are not making any changes just yet but it is something they are monitoring, perhaps looking at ip addresses, if they are coming from different ip addresses and it is a family account that might be something they crackdown on but it might be difficult for them to do so. you have some time.
1:45 am
>> it would be amazing to see how much money the company would make of they do crackdown because my husband somebody hacked into his netflix and this guy let him use it. me, my husband and john. >> the number of users they would be adding, last quarter they added 7 million, that could double that they are collecting from people who are using it. >> you and i are safe for now. >> he hacked into my husband's account and he just let him use it. the time is 45 after the hour. $300 million in cold hard cash, fundraising numbers reveal donald trump and the rnc have raised more this year than any other president in history. >> how does that play in the 2020 election? gop staff her has a history lesson.
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>> beto o'rourke suggests donald trump is taking orders from moscow. >> from his invitation to russia to become involved in this election to his cover-up of what russia did in this election it seems obvious to me that he's working in the best interest of that country against the best interests of this country. >> o'rourke defendant tulsi gabbard over the weekend after hillary clinton accused her of being a russian asset. >> digging in for julian castro, the democratic presidential candidate tweeting in part this
1:50 am
is a critical moment if my campaign can raise $800,000 by october 31st my campaign will be silenced for good. castro struggled for fundraising months ago. >> the trump campaign making history with a record-breaking fundraising hall of $300 million this year. >> more than enough in the warchest how will this affect the 2020 race. :read is the former campaign manager for senator scott brown and he joins us now. thanks for being here. why do you think specifically this money will give trump such an advantage when in 2016 he didn't need that much money to win? >> it is every campaign manager's worst nightmare to wake up and have your campaign be out of money and have it be all your fault and the reason
1:51 am
that is is a campaign is like any other small business, have to make play role, play benefits, keep the lights on but they also have additional huge costs of getting your message out. the message mattered more than the money but the two are inexorably linked because without any resources you can't get your message out and it will matter in a handful of key states they could determine the election next year. >> in your talking points you admit as a campaign manager running out of money would keep you up at night. you would lose sleep over it. it really is so important and there is no way after the primary the democratic candidate can catch up to $300 million. how much of a leg up does that give donald trump? donald trump lost by a handful of points last time, 40,000 votes but only spent $40,000 last time. i have been told they are prepared to spend $30 million in minnesota next year. that is a huge difference and it
1:52 am
could swing a handful of votes to his column and put estate in his column. when you look at the electoral map, the democrats have been clear they see some states they want to flip. of donald trump flips one on their side the thing is evening. todd: the construction going on in dc. give us a lessening campaign managing, specifically you are on the ground. how will you use this money? give us details, i will spend this on this and this on that? >> look at a map and figure out where can i hire an extra set of door knockers or advertise, or open a new office and on the democratic side pete buttigieg having a moment out there because he hired a lot of people and donors like to see a return on investment. as poll numbers go up dollars
1:53 am
will increase and that is why you see campaign start to flounder it is not only in the message and headlines but the money and they go down hand-in-hand. >> there have been poll numbers showing support for impeachment is growing and many people saw that is a bad sign for donald trump at this unprecedented amount of money tells a different story. >> i think impeachment is having the effect of firing up his base, he wants to make this base election, the other thing we can't discount, campaigns that a but so do party committees. hillary clinton over the last week has been talking about how she inherited bankruptcy. she's right about that. the rnc is outpacing the dnc. whoever their nominee is will inherit an organization that is way behind, and 8:1 different cash on hand and that will provide a lot of infrastructure in the general election that will fuel these campaigns.
1:54 am
>> fascinating to see where these numbers go. thanks for being here. 53 after the hour, parent spending more time on their phones and with the kids, do you use your phone too much? your comments next. >> a mischief maker who ended up in very big trouble. ♪ - in the last year, there were three victims of cybercrime every second. when a criminal has your personal information, they can do all sorts of things in your name. criminals can use ransomware, spyware, or malware to gain access to information like your name, your birthday, and even your social security number. - [announcer] that's why norton and lifelock are now part of one company, providing an all in one membership for your cyber safety that gives you identify theft protection, device security, a vpn for online privacy, and more. and if you have an identity theft problem, we'll work to fix it
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todd: a clemson football player punished for throwing a punch, andrew booth the junior after fighting with the louisville player on the field saturday. booth was ejected from the game and sent home on a bus. jillian: put down the smart phone. a new survey shows on average parents barely spend more time with her kids than on their cell phones. 2000 parents were found kids ages 10 to 18, adult spend on average only 24 more minutes with their kids than they do looking at their phone screen. the survey finding 69% of surveyed parents feel addicted to their mobile device. rob: todd: should you set limits on your screen time? is what people are saying. >> and instagram user said everyone should make a screen time for themselves.
1:59 am
todd: hard to do but yes. carley: helen says i am first to admit but i have good reason. thank you. appreciate it. a miraculous rescue, performing cpr saving a little boy choking on a cracker. concerned mother sobbing in the background. of connections can'e explained except god is real. >> the florida officer was able to revive him. todd: looks exactly like another a-list celebrity but which one? >> i know exactly in a shocking way. >> i don't know. weird, right?
2:00 am
todd: you be the judge. todd: what happens when you leave a toddler alone? carley: he stepped down for a few minutes and came to this was a 3-year-old little girl had down 18 cups of yogurt, keep it on the top shelf. todd: "fox and friends first" continues right now. >> he was one soldier but when you lose three the pain is identified. jillian: an army general holding back tears as he reads the name of three soldiers killed in a training accident. rob: what we heard about the crash that took their lives. >> i heard more about ukraine than you have heard about it. i heard clinton was involved and the attorney general, find out


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