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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 23, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> get out of the way. >> i got to go to work. >> needed to go to work. shannon bream and the fox news in 19, that was in san francisco. >> we have some san francisco news coming up so stay tuned for that. we begin with the fox news alert, closed-door testimony in the impeachment push, democrats say what they heard from the former top us diplomat in ukraine makes their case. one top republican calls it
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laughably overblown and demands the transcript be released immediately. democrat grabbing headlines on the campaign trail isn't even running for president. oppression and of fighting between hillary clinton tell together creating new questions about whether the former presidential nominee is considering another run. and anonymous book by not claiming to be trump administration insider set to be released within weeks reportedly comes from the author of the viral new york times piece entitled i am part of the resistance, inside the trump administration. here how the white house is responding tonight. the man who ran the us embassy in ukraine gives his version of events behind closed doors about the president's dealing with ukrainian president. katherine herridge has more on another secretive hearing on capitol hill. >> the top us diplomat to ukraine came to capitol hill under subpoena today after a
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text message revealed allegations of military aid for political favors, and accusation the trump administration strongly denies. sources familiar with the closed-door session tell fox news william taylor told congressional investigators there were two channels for policymaking on ukraine, one regular and one highly irregular. he described himself as a diplomat and so the regular channel went through traditional state department avenues and be a regular channel went through the president's people naming former special envoy kurt volcker, the president's personal attorney rudy giuliani and energy secretary rick perry. according to prepared remarks taylor explained the significance of donald trump of ukrainian probes into the last presidential election as well as the ukraine energy firmware hunter biden sat on the board, quote, the push to make him of his -- interfere in the election shows how the official policy of the united states was undercut by irregular efforts led by mister giuliani.
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he related secondhand information, a september conversation between donald trump and the administration's point man for the european union, donald trump told the ambassador he was not asking for a quid pro quo but donald trump did insist volodymyr zelinsky go to a microphone and say he is opening an investigation. >> in my 10 short months in congress it is not even noon and my most disturbing day in congress so far. >> reporter: republicans point to the admission that these are the hold on usaid that did not leak until august 29, 5 weeks after the president's phone call with ukrainian leader they say undercut democrat claims of a quid pro quo. with the close of claims republicans accuse their colleagues of unfair tactics. >> democrats will not even allow republicans to have a copy of the transcripts from each of the witnesses we have interviewed. if you want to look at the transcript there has to be a
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democrat staffer. >> fox news can confirm john duramax investigation into the origins of the russia collusion case expanded based on new evidence gathered during a trip to rome with the attorney general william barr, described as very interested to question the former director of national intelligence james clapper and john brennan. >> thank you. democratic congresswoman tulsa gabbard releasing a new campaign video slamming hillary clinton, the latest response to clinton floating a conspiracy theory seamlessly suggesting congresswoman gabbard is a favorite of the russians. trace gallagher reports tonight on how one new site is facing criticism for its coverage.
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>> hillary clinton accused tulsa gabbard of being a russian asset politicians on both sides of the aisle condemned the comments as being baseless, unfounded, inappropriate but according to the new york times clinton wasn't hurling unsubstantiated allegations, instead she's a master troll and this is hillary unplugs quoting for most of her public career mrs. clinton has been constrained by the expectations of her position be it first lady, senator or secretary of state, now after stunning loss in 2016 it seems she finally feels liberated to speak her mind. that characterization by the times ginned up some big-time blowback, fox news senior analyst britt hume wrote, quote, she makes a no evidence charge of treachery against tulsa gabbard and gets a tough piece from the new york times but without some democratic establishment party leaders about the long-term viability of joe biden's campaign and concerned about elizabeth for naps odds in a general election the new york times piece went on
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to paint hillary clinton as apps and phil and saying she, quote, continues to bloom large in the psyche of her party and fueling speculation whether she might want to third run for the white house, the times went on to report that hillary clinton and former new york mayor michael bloomberg have both told people privately in recent weeks that if they thought they could when they would consider entering the primary. most analysts think the only way clinton would jump back in his if joe biden dropped out. a clinton spokesperson accused an analyst and others of reading too much and hillary clinton's statements. it's easy to over prescribe a strategy that every word she utters but it is as simple as that, she's out there telling the truth. so many would debate the telling the truth part. >> the white house says this about the testimony of the top diplomat in ukraine, quote, donald trump has done wrong. this is a coordinated smear
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campaign for far left lawmakers and unelected bureaucrats waging war on the constitution, there was no quid pro quo. political anchor of this report bret baer, author of the brand-new book called 3 days at the brink all about world war ii, and if not for serious discussions and meetings we will talk about it in a minute. all of this unfolding on capitol hill, what do you make of democrats characterization of bill taylor, the top diplomat in ukraine's testimony today. >> to hear democrats on capitol hill they are ecstatic with his testimony. our producer described from behind closed doors the inquiry. we did receive the opening statement which is very long from the acting ambassador to ukraine bill taylor in which he says there were two tracks
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happening with policy when it came to ukraine and tying the investigation to burisma in 2016 seemed in his mind to be tied directly to the conversation of a set up with volodymyr zelinsky and to fund it. the problem is it is behind closed doors. we don't have access to exactly what transpired in the cross-examination and republicans tell the story of not being able to push back on some of the questioning. i think this is potentially a big development but we don't know what we don't know. >> republicans want to the microphone and said that. the whole process is behind closed doors where the vast majority of house members are not allowed to see the transcript or be part of these things so there are calls for it to be more transparent and if democrats are going to get the
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american public on their side and convince them, we see the polls moving, folks on both sides say they think this needs to open up but at some point it would have to before we get to a vote. in the meantime chris wallace had spoken to a well-placed republican who said they put it at 20% the chances that the senate would remove the president were he impeached. i asked senator likely about that last night and here's what he said. >> this is nonsense, science fiction, fantasy. i have great respect for chris wallace. i don't know who he is talking about but whoever is saying this to him is wrong. there is not the support. the reason is the president hasn't done anything impeachable. >> he is right in this case that we haven't seen the articles of impeachment but let's just assume they make this case. it seems like the biggest possibility is the house vote to impeach and the senate does not get to a guilty finding on this trial and they come short and it
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is used as a political cudgel if you will by democrats in the 2020 election against donald trump. senator lee is right as far as counting heads. tough to believe there will be enough republicans but without seeing the articles of impeachment it seems democrats want to focus like a laser on the ukraine phone call and the quid pro quo allegation to make it easy for the american public to understand. shannon: there's a lot of chatter about the potential nominee they may end up with talking about anxious democratic establishment asking is there anybody else, a couple people who are not in the race may change their minds, mrs. clinton and mister bloomberg told people privately that if they thought they could when they would consider entering the primary. any chance hillary clinton takes another run? >> i don't think so. judging by the controversy of what she said about tulsi gabbard over the past couple
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days she is not getting a lot of points even in the democratic party. the other thing is logistics. you have to get on ballots and those deadlines are coming up very shortly. it is interesting to see the new york times piece, john kerry's name mentions. i don't know if john kerry leaked that to the new york times but there is a lot of worry about joe biden as a front runner and you see mayor pete moving up in the polls in iowa. the question is an alternative to elizabeth warren is what the democrats possibly are going to look for. shannon: i want to talk about your book which is out today, 3 days at the brink. we are battling over this book. so many untold stories about what could have happened in world war ii and what did end of happening.
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>> the allies could have lost world war ii and we forget that looking back at history and at this moment november 1943 fdr, churchill and stalin agree to meet in tehran of all places, stalin makes the meeting. after a long journey they get there and agree to plan d day, the biggest battle of the war the changes the course of history. there are a lot of nuggets, it bounces back to how fdr gets to that point. it is chock-full of other books i have written about eisenhower and reagan. >> we wish you the best, congratulations. thanks for joining us. the cease-fire in syria between the turkish military forces and the kurds is holding. it was supposed to expire at 3:00 pm today. vice president mike pence is optimistic because negotiations for a permanent end the turkish
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offensive are ongoing. donald trump is keeping his word to the american people by bringing our troops home. new tonight 6 years into the legal battle over and obamacare mandate it is far from over, the ninth circuit court of appeals blocking the trump administration's efforts to exempt religious organizations from the obamacare mandate that employers must provide cost free birth control to employees, that likely means tonight the little sisters of the poor, the group of nuns who cares for aging people with no financial resources could be forced to take this legal fight back to the us supreme court. pennsylvania lawmakers pushing ahead with the fetal heartbeat bill over objections of the democratic governor. the fetal heartbeat can be detected as early as 6 to 8 weeks. governor tom will vowing to veto the gop bill should it pass tweeting correction, pennsylvania will not be the next state to ban abortion because i will veto this bill. the president said it and today
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♪ >> a lot of people say why lindsey graham i'm aware is >> where is lindsey graham, where is he? he has the senate committee, he could be subpoenaing, demanding to see, doing in the senate what they are doing in the house, he could be doing it to the people that ran this phony investigation and why isn't he doing anything? >> criticism, the gop led panels doing enough in the face of impeachment push.
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senator lindsey graham chairs the committee. what are you doing in the face of people and the president saying he wants the gop to be tougher. >> lindsay came up with one of the first votes, we confirmed a historic number of circuit court judges and district court judges, made great progress, we need to get the president reelected so we can literally transform the article 3 court. on the subject of impeachment the first thing i would like to see and what lindsay talked about is have the house follow the regular order for impeachment the way they did with clinton, the way they did with next. have a minority have the president's counsel present in public forums to go through the allegations they are making
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against the president. if they do that and do it the way they've done it in the past, the republicans are going to have more opportunities in the house and the democrats have more problems building a real case for impeachment against donald trump. >> what power of persuasion to you in the senate have when it comes to the house because house republicans have these concerns and democrats are proceeding as planned. >> that's why lindsay is leaning forward into forcing the issue of you should not go into a secured facility to discuss information that should be in an open hearing but we listen to classified briefings, what they are covering is not the least bit classified a confidential. it should be subject to the light of day and everybody including the president's counsel and republicans to see. we've got to push the process. the american people really understand how this is a kangaroo court at this point. they are picking and choosing what they want to spin out in the president reminds me so much of what i saw with brett kavanaugh.
12:21 am
they will taken they will send the public, the media down these rabbit holes the produce no fruit, they tried to use that to discredit brett kavanaugh and thank goodness i was there on the judiciary committee and get him committed -- confirmed to the supreme court. that is what we are looking for. we are not looking for the games nancy pelosi is playing, the two pieces of information we have today, the transcript, the was a blower complaint, that doesn't rise to the level of impeachment so why would you be afraid to present any other information but for the fact that you have known and that is the position i'm taking at this time. >> there's been a lot of criticism but not a lot is getting done but you have had a hearing about sanctuary cities. i want to sites reporting from charlotte, north carolina. they went through documents, according to the new data, nearly 500 undocumented
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immigrants who have been released, despite a federal detainer include people charged with sex offenses, kidnapping, arson and homicide. that doesn't line up with what we are told about the people who are being released. >> we had a hearing that i was able to preside over that was interesting but the bill we heard today was a bill i am filing later this week that just says if you want to have a sanctuary policy and you release somebody who has been charged with domestic violence, murder, rape, sexual assault, sexual assault of a minor menu refused to cooperate with ice and release them into the community and they create another victim we believe that victim should have a right to sue whatever governmental entity allowed the policy to go into place. what was interesting in the committee today, we got no pushback from democrats on the policy. they wanted to pivot to things that have nothing to do with what we want to do and that is
12:23 am
to provide victims rights for dangerous sensory policies and in north carolina we have a handful of our largest counties that are practicing in this and they are contributors to the 500 people we mentioned in north carolina. that means thousands of people convicted of serious violent crimes are on the streets today because local law enforcement is not cooperating with ice so they can do their job and keep communities safer. >> there's a lot of heat on both sides of that conversation. >> i think we are going to get a good outcome, thank you. >> new york times op-ed, the anonymous author who claims to be a trump administration insider announces a book is on the way, is it a deep state takedown, what we know next. audible reintroduced this whole world to me. so many great stories from amazing people. makes me wanna be better. to connect with stories that i'm listening to- that's inspiration. with audible originals,
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>> anonymous trump official is
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promising and exclusive book about being part of the resistance from inside the white house. jillian turner reports on how the white house is responding. shannon: breaking tonight donald trump will take another reckoning from what he calls the deep state in the form of a tell-all book from one of his own administration officials, the same person who anonymously penned the now infamous column last year, astoundingly and against all odds managed to remain anonymous. the book is called morning and is slated to be released in a couple weeks. the publisher is promising blood, guts and the most revealing look at donald trump from behind-the-scenes that exists to date. the anonymous bomb dropped in the title line. i'm part of the resistance inside the trump administration and got juicier from there, describe the president is impetuous, adversarial, petty and ineffective and claimed his
12:29 am
impulsiveness results in half-baked, ill-informed and reckless decisions that have to be walked back. the white house shrugged off the book, stephanie gratian saying in a statement takes a lot of conviction and bravery to write a whole book anonymously that immigration advisor stephen miller is going much further saying what he calls the permanent government bureaucracy for civil servants dubose a real danger. he says this is a mortal threat to the american system of government. anonymous has always insisted the so-called deep state is a benevolent force. we want the administration to succeed and think many of its policies have already made america safer and more prosperous but we believe our first duty is to this country. anonymous and other journalists defend the existence of the deep state been insisting the trump year it is a necessary force. >> there is a deep state, there
12:30 am
is a bureaucracy pledged to respect the constitution, respect the rule of law. they do not work for the president, they work for the american people. >> also breaking tonight the other's agencies anonymous could be receiving 7 figures as an advance on the book but insist the author is doing any of this for the money. >> they are pledging to give away a lot of that but you and i talked this person will be outed at some point, the biggest parlor game in dc once the book is out. the race will be on. new bribery charges against a dozen parents charged in the college admission scandal including lori laughlin and her husband, accused of bribing employees to facilitate her daughter's admission into the university. 10 parents who confessed early and showed remorse made deals with the government and have been sentenced. all but one were giving prison time ranging from 2 weeks to 5
12:31 am
months. new questions afterward that one of the biggest broadcasting companies in the nation is renewing the contract of its news president after running fair's exclusive the claims he oversaw, quote, a massive breach of journalistic integrity. those are the words of pharaoh's long-term producer who spoke to tucker carlson tonight, garrett tenney has more on the new claims against nbc. >> which mccue urged nbc executives to come clean about why they killed the story at harvey weinstein's alleged sexual assaults but instead they chose to stick with a narrative, he says claiming the story didn't have enough to meet their standards, 6 weeks later ronan pharaoh published in the new yorker and won a pulitzer prize for. mccue says he never got clearances from nbc news's president about why the story was shutdown but hasn't signed the top brass gave in to
12:32 am
pressure from weinstein who was threatening to reveal details about sexual misconduct allegations against matt lauer. >> it is clear to me that we were lied to over and over and it is not right especially coming from the news organization and its corrupt of what they do, the mission is to tell the truth and i think they not only lost sight of it but didn't adhere to their basic prin earlier this year nbc quietly renewed the contract according to a new report by the wall street journal. it is expected take over as chairman of the network after the 2020 election, you cannot understand how oppenheimer still has a job much less a promotion and other folks at nbc are not happy about it either. >> i know employees at nbc are upset about it. i've spoken to many of them. i feel it is rather tone deaf.
12:33 am
it's going to be hard for employees who work at nbc going forward to report on corporate malfeasance elsewhere. >> weinstein didn't only pressure nbc executives to shut down ronan pharaoh's expose, the hollywood producer reportedly attempted to leverage a longtime relationship with hillary clinton, here's pharaoh recounting their experience to bret baer. >> i can't speak to her state of mind. what i can say is she attempted to withdraw from interview she had committed to for which i interviewed every other living secretary of state and before doing so her staff raised concerns i was working on a story about one of her most significant donors. >> nbc has not responded to multiple requests for comment but the network has previously denied its executive block
12:34 am
reporting on weinstein saying -- despite mccue, pharaoh and a number of others claiming everybody at nbc knew about matt lauer's behavior. shannon: ronan pharaoh joins us live on thursday, the journalist behind those bombshell allegations. a number of people in his book are pushing back. they call it a smear so i will ask about that. tune into fox news at night on thursday. why would progressive lawmakers get in the way of a team dedicated to helping the homeless? wire in the world to do a violent night with 16 that is chilean violence rains into the day, started with a modest increase in mass transit fares and protesters are demanding widespread reform plus more protests in lebanon where they
12:35 am
are demanding changes. more violence whipping haiti amid corruption and economic problems and the catalysts hitting the streets of barcelona, leaders getting long prison terms for calling for independence. the dominican republic, the state department of toxicology reports from the mysterious deaths of us tourists show no evidence to contradict the island nation's findings of natural causes. japanese emperor formally declared his ascension to the chrysanthemum throne. the ceremony is the high point of the succession ritual the conferences succession in may after his father abdicated. ♪
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it's a lifelong adventure finding all of these new connections all the time. greater details. richer stories. and now with health insights. get your dna kit at >> shannon: a special group of seattle police officers and community outreach workers called "the navigation team" is working to get homeless people mo >> a special group of seattle police officers and community outreach workers, navigation team is working to get homeless people resources, off the street andre into a shelter but they might not be on the job for long, some progressive city
12:40 am
council members are looking to defend the team entirely. new york city public advocate candidate and fox news contributor jason chaffetz, welcome to you both, good to have you. i want to play something, this is what a lifelong seattle resident has to say about describing the city as it now stands. >> makes me sad for my community. the community is absolutely destroyed. people are outraged i what has been done to our city at the hand of the council. >> police in other community groups working together to get people off the streets but at least one seattle city council member doesn't like with the team is doing saying the humane aspects of the services need to be retained but the bulk of the money used for sweeps is a complete waste of money. we need this to end to end immediately. they say they don't want these people sweeping up people, clearing out incumbents and getting them off the streets.
12:41 am
>> these are said human stories but what is wrong with these socialist type of movement is there trying to go easier and softer, not enforcing the city ordinances, not cleaning up the streets. some people have mental health issues. they need to be separated. there are addiction problems, they need to be separated and dealt with. when our economy is thriving, seattle is thriving, companies like amazon and microsoft and others, there is no reason the situation should be getting worse but that is happening and they have to institute new conservative principles and they would have better success. >> the seattle times said in the first 6 months of 2019 the navigation team addressed 200 unauthorized in cameras around the city, removed 760 tons of garbage, waste and debris and most important the compassionate approach has ensured that 128
12:42 am
people have entered a shelter. the navigation team? >> the reality here, i have to agree with you, seattle is thriving. there is more money being generated out of seattle than most cities in america but there is also the largest income inequality in the country in seattle and a housing crisis in seattle and yes, there is mental illness and people with drug addiction but mostly it is a lot of families who can't afford housing because the average white family and $105,000 a year to the average black family earned only $42,000 a year and with rises in housing costs that includes the homeless crisis so proposals on the table now are more cost-effective and more effective in expanding housing and those are housing first approaches, this is an experiment. the numbers may seem high but are actually pretty low in comparison to the other plans on
12:43 am
the table and she ran on a housing platform, understanding income inequality and they tried and were not effective and one more thing, given i know how much you don't like government interference, this is something that concerns a lot of libertarians because people are being monitored by the government. >> let's take this to san francisco where they have a big homeless problem they are working on but looking at how the money is being spent there's been investigation. san francisco bay homeless spending, in san jose, $14 million is allocated but 2 million spend on direct services, oakland, $24 million advocated, allocated to help the homeless, formerly nondirect less than half of
12:44 am
that on direct services so it doesn't seem just throwing money at this will solve the problem especially money that is getting down to the streets where the people are. >> they have been growing the government bureaucracy sometimes 80% is wasted on administration instead of people on the street helping other people on the streets, enforcing the laws, making sure they don't defecate in front of the businesses, helping businesses, i disagree with the other person speaking here. there are lots of other ways to derive income to people but when you have government controlled, it is wrong. the democrats have been in charge of the city sometimes for decades. it is getting worse. let's try something else. >> heather mcdonald says this,
12:45 am
the city enables the homeless lifestyle, not just drug use, free food, outraged workers hand out beef jerky, crackers and other snacks so what happens with this letter spending? commitment to a single standard of behavior for all and insistence about responsible -- reciprocal responsibilities. >> the final word is we have a housing crisis. cities might be controlled by democrats but the tax cuts have been on the republicans. republicans have given an extra ordinary mountain tax cuts to billionaires in cities like san francisco. we are getting $24 billion to billionaires not even thinking about it, god for bid we have affordable housing for americans who are working. the majority of homeless in america are working. they are not defecating, there might be a couple people doing that but the majority are working. the majority -- the majority are working families. if we didn't have a housing crisis generated by giant real
12:46 am
estate tax cuts we would not be in this situation, we were not in it 30 years ago why are we giving billions of dollars to republican donors getting tax breaks in exchange? >> democrats are in charge in california. shannon: where there is money it is not flowing to people who need it most. whether the cities are run by democrats or republicans i have a lot of questions why the money is not getting to the people in bad circumstances regardless how they got there. good to see you both. the president used the word lynching provoking condemnation from a number of high profile democrats. a video of those critics might surprise you next. s an suv! your family is duckin' and rollin'... while we stowin' and goin' but that's cool, i know for a fact your suv does not suck. and why is that? it aint got that vacuum in the back, whoo! sucking stuff up! what else are we gonna find? we got to go. vacuum in the back, hallelujah!
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>> will be are doing the prosecution but a persecution and it is a political into. >> i will not vote for this lynching in the people's house. i will vote against these resolutions. >> we are taking a step down the road to becoming a political lynch mob. we are going to final rope, find a 3 and ask a bunch of questions later. >> democratic lawmakers describing bill clinton's impeachment proceedings as a lynching, using that terminology
12:51 am
in 1998. democrats are condemning donald trump because he compared this impeachment agree to a, quote, lynching today. let's bring in gianna caldwell. we also uncovered video of this terminology used by senator carrie and vice president biden. tonight joe biden saying this wasn't the right word to use and i'm sorry about that. trump on the other hand chose his words deliberately today and his use of the word lynching and continues to stoke racial divides in the country daily. your reaction to today and the past? >> donald trump should never have used racially insensitive language like that and it digs the painful memories in our nation's history for african-americans but on this other hand when talking about what democrats they decided hypocrisy. we had people like joe biden, wanting to put you all back in
12:52 am
chains from some years ago. we should be intellectually honest, democrats have always used racism as a tool so this is nothing new on their side but i was disappointed to hear donald trump use it. >> everybody should take a moment to visit the lynching museum and see what lynchings really were and the impact they had in this is what -- the name that comes to mind is emmett till was lynched for no reason in particular and his mom said when he was buried in chicago i want my casket open so the world can see what they did to my son and when the president uses terminology in the oval office or the white house for that matter it speaks to a dark history in america and the fact the republican support is like 20 g it is not only problematic but wrong. when a democrat uses the same language it should also be so damned, speaking of the depth of thousands of people of color that will never be able to come back, never be able to be real americans because of what racism and discrimination of lynching has done to them.
12:53 am
shannon: the use of nazi terminology, tom stier, one of the top contenders on democratic side last week in columbus in ohio, and they are not going to hear what you say follows, some terminology, maybe stay away from that. let's talk about elizabeth warren who is searching in the polls but there are concerns and whispers from someone who are worried about that. jennifer ruben says she faces the nagging concern whether she is too far left to prevail in the general election although sanders handed her a gift in declaring, elizabeth is a capitalist through her bones. they are worried about electability in the general. >> they should be. looking at polling there has been a rise of americans who support socialism but you see a
12:54 am
lot of young folks causing this rise. when it comes to folks who actually vote, not young people who don't vote that will be problematic for democrats and you noted when you look at the fact that she hasn't received any endorsements although she is a woman that could clearly clinch the nomination that is problematic when you think that she is not willing to accept big donors dollars. that will be problematic because she doesn't have a donor base of bernie sanders. it will be a big issue and i am sure republicans especially donald trump would love to see her when the nomination. >> and she might, not a lot of confidence in the former vice president. you mentioned the endorsement. missing from elizabeth warren's 20/20 surge, democrat endorsements, the reluctance of democratic lawmakers to embrace miss warren's campaign this deep into the year after she emerged as a leading candidate indicates lingering reservations about her general election prospects and her unique positioning in this race.
12:55 am
>> registering people to vote, and it is not about candidate but change across the country, elizabeth warren is in chicago, they don't want more money, they want a school nurse on the west side of the city and -- already a 60% raise. elizabeth warren is with them because they are fighting for nurses and social workers and that is the fight democrats should be about. how to make sure every kid goes to a high-quality public school and affordable for every american. shannon: we have a midnight hero for you guys. you are looking at jimmy the dog who landed on a narrow ledge in
12:56 am
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