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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX News  October 30, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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bar this year which is pretty good. maybe we should go back there time is a charm? maybe we'll go there i'll take a five on a field trip. thanks for joining us here you have chris wallace. ♪ from the fox news desk in new york city i am chris wallace and we are tracking several big stories. they say they want to resolution, all right. in d.c. lawmakers are meeting right now to decide how to frame a formal vote on the impeachment process to the full house. how they got al-baghdadi, trump information insiders give secret details about the raid that took down the world's most wanted terrorist and we might get a new view of the operation this afternoon. and in california's seamy valley helped firefighters are racing to protect the reagan presidential live very as frames creep closer. >> there will be nobody working here today that's for sure.
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the only people working today a lot of heroic firemen and fire women on the road and in the air. it's as close as this library has come to this kind of danger. this is serious stuff but they seem to be right on top of it. >> chris: fox news reporting starts right now. a wildfire alert. this is the scene in simi valley, california, where a wildfire is closing in on the reagan presidential library. the library's executive director says the flames are wrapping around the building. >> literally has been encircling the library, there's residential communities on both sides and it's formed a half circle around the entire reagan library structure. they are fighting it as best they can. >> chris: we will speak to the director live in a few minutes to get the latest. we are waiting for him an update from fire officials, we will bring that to you when it happens. the fire broke out early this
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morning about 20 miles northwest of los angeles extreme winds reaching 50 miles per hour causing it to spread quickly. fire officials say the flames are threatening thousands of homes and just one of almost a dozen fires burning in the state. william large analysis of the reagan library in simi valley, william. >> i wish i could tell you the fire was basically surrounding the library come i can tell you about the winds up here pretty fierce let me give you the lay of the land. they are of course is the library you have active flames just a moment ago we see the smoke that's been hit by helicopters but as we've moved over to this direction here you can see some hand cruise in the distance, some pumping trucks lined up. they are trying to make sure that embers do not reignite but basically this is become a safe zone so this is already come of this fuel is spent, it's burned that is good. the fire has not moved to the north side of the library. as we move around here i can tell you when i arrived around one hour ago this whole hillside
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was alive with fire and literally two of those sky screens came in and dropped two loads of water and stop the flame right about here 30 or 40 yards wide. this is simi valley, you've got sumac, you've got grasses, you've got scrub oak in the grasses go pretty fast but when i hit some of these bushes which are five or 6 feet tall you can get a pretty good flame. chris. >> chris: william i can see you standing against that wind in the forecasters say those winds are going to die down anytime soon. speak of this is what they call an extreme santa ana where you've basically got these wind sustained over 40 miles an hour gusting even higher than that you've got very low humidity right now it's about 3-5% extremely low. the unusual part of this is how long it supposed to last. usually maybe six hours or a day
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at most, this is scheduled to last through thursday around 6:00 p.m. a power outage is about 60,000 right now, i got an alert on my phone that i'm going to be losing power tonight from about 6:00 p.m.-midnight. as this fire continues to move to the west and to some other areas i think the library itself is going to be safe, they've got a lot of crews appear from l.a. and ventura county. i think it's going to be okay but there are neighborhoods west of me. >> chris: william get out of that wind and stay safe. fire officials in california giving an update on the fire burning near the reagan presidential library let's listen in. >> it as well as ten sentenced inmates come the inmates have been moved to the main jail and ventura. rough geographical area of the evacuations are north of sunset hills in thousand oaks, west of madeira road in simi valley, south of tara in simi valley and pushing into the east city
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limits of moorpark and the santa rosa valley. i encourage everyone to visit d.c. for all current evacuation notices and road closure information. that website also contains information related to 1095 particle mass distribution, school closures shelter locations and current public safety power shut off information. we encouraged him community to heed the evacuation orders and avoid affected areas of possible. for those evacuated and seeking shelter there are space at the thousand oaks community center. thank you. >> good afternoon my name is chad cook i'm the commander for the easy fire and i'm going to give you a quick update on the things we have taken place in their tactics and strategy we are currently using in concert with what the sheriff does talk
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about for our community risk that it's out there. right now the response this morning bright and several agencies to handle the structure thread and the immediate life threat, our plan of action out there to get people out of harm's way initially and protect valuable resources and the structures and infrastructures that surround the communities of wood ranch in the simi valley area, the areas of moorpark, sunset hills, and the city of thousand oaks and several unincorporated areas that surround of the county in the cities that are in there. the fire outflanked us very rapidly today pushed by those 30-40-mile-per-hour winds, we did experience gusts up to 60 miles per hour this morning which made long-range spotting very dangerous and also quickly outpaced the initial attack resources. our fire chief mentioned earlier that we were prepared for this, we had several resources on standby including some of our state cooperators, late goal agencies that were able to send up equipment and we are ready last night with a protected winds. we work closely with the national weather services about
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being prepared for these type events and our action is to stay engaged on the flanks of the fire and keep it within our box. our current box for the incident is the highway 118 court or on the north side, the east side of the fire is the madera road area of simi valley into wood ranch, on the southern end of the fire it is the actual area of madeira road where it comes in the sunset hills boulevard through the 23 core door, and on the far west side we are using the 23 freeway again over to olsen road and up to sunset hills boulevard. we have resources all around currently actively engaged in structure production and life safety measures. we feel we have a good contingency plan in the event fire does cross the 23 freeway and impact the houses in the sunset hill area of thousand oaks. working with the sheriff department our evacuation orders went out rapidly through several meetings not only were we able to get people out of harm's way the evacuation centers proved
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very -- >> chris: you are hearing briefings from local fire and police officials about a fire that is spreading in the simi valley thousand oaks area and threatening not just the reagan library, they've seen an extraordinary picture there but also a lot of folks in that region. let's go now to john high but she's the executive director of the reagan presidential foundation, and institute. john, you look like you've been caught in a fire all day. are you trapped up there right now? can you get out? the fire is supposedly surrounding the library. >> it's been surrounding the library all morning chris. it's been like a war zone here. i think will be able to get out now but there is one way in and one way out of the library. we've been sheltering in place here for several hours but just as you can imagine with these incredible wins just in their
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heroic efforts by the firefighters up in the air and helicopters and dozens of trucks you're on the ground, they did their level best and i think they save the reagan library. >> chris: obviously personnel is the most important people. i know you've got all the museum personnel that didn't even come in this morning, you are out there, but let's talk about the library and its priceless pieces of history and of course it's also a final resting place of president reagan and nancy reagan. is any of that in danger? >> all of what you just described, chris, was in danger all morning. these heroes stop the fires from hitting those national treasures. i stood on the hill with a dozen firemen who literally stopped planes about 100 yards from president and mrs. reagan's gravesite, that shows you just how close they came. the place was really in peril including air force one, the
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famous aircraft that is here, flames came almost up near the building to. >> chris: i want talk about that. there are a lot of places being destroyed and these fires obviously a lot of people's homes but for those of us who knew the reagan's, who admired them and have enjoyed visiting the library multiple times over the years, this feels personal. what are your emotions as you see fires fires in the smoke rushing up close to and perhaps endangering the library? >> this is a national treasure chris. it's a special place. many thousands of people come here each year to pay their respects to president and mrs. reagan. it's the most from the largest most visited presidential library in the united states and it has treasures and at that are just absolutely irreplaceable. the fact that these heroes flew overhead and braved the fires that have literally encircled
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the library all morning it's a testament to what wonderful people these firemen and policemen and first responders are. they saved the reagan library. >> chris: john high bush the emotion is written all of your face. you stay safe and do anything you can to protect that national treasure thank you so much for talking with us. we told you we are covering several stories there is also breaking news from capitol hill, the house rules committee preparing to meet to prepare the resolution outlined in the impeachment inquiry. before that resolution goes to the full house tomorrow. this is more witnesses are appearing for closed-door sessions, state department officials catherine croft and christopher anderson telling lawmakers what they know about the trump administration's dealings with ukraine, more in today's testimony you had to. but first, to our senior producer on capitol hill chad program. chad what happens in this meeting, the rules committee, what are they doing and how does that prepare the resolution for
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a vote on it for tomorrow? >> this is a bit of a different role for the rules committee, what they are actually doing is crafting the resolution itself. what they do is they go through the resolution line by line on what's called here and capitol hill and mark up. what you can anticipate is to have republican members try to offer amendments and alterations to this text that we got yesterday about 24 hours ago to try and give themselves more rights in committee and subpoena witnesses and also to provide legal protection for the president. this will be in the house for tomorrow. that's going to be the first official time they are going to move this processed on the train tracks here about nine: ten. this will move out of the rules committee later today. democrats have a big super committee on this committee since they are the majority. you always kind of tilt the scales towards the majority party specifically in the rules committee and there won't be any changes made to this resolution when they laid out later this afternoon. >> let's look forward to the
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vote on the final resolution, the resolution that will do what a lot of republicans have complained about, a full house vote to empower this impeachment proceeding. there seems to be no question that this is going to pass but how many democrats may vote against the impeachment resolution and how many republicans may vote for it? >> my calculation is that there are 228 yeses and 448 members of the house right now excluding katie hill the democrat from california who has formally resigned as of this moment. i would look in particular of collin peterson, a democrat from minnesota, he won reelection the past two cycles with 52% of the vote, president trump carried his district by a staggering 31 points, i would also look at some freshman members just bantered from new jersey, also anthony brindisi from new york state. >> chris: chad thank you let's cut from you outside the hearing let's go inside the hearing
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room. this is the house rules committee and this is where they are discussing the rule that will put this resolution to formally empower the impeachment proceedings. you see in the left of their tom cole is the top republican on the rules committee let's listen in. >> i want to state for the record that if we talk about process, we ought to respect the constitutional authority of the house of representatives. in this white house and it's one of the reasons why we are here as obstructed our investigation, ignored our duly authorized subpoenas, withheld key documents, prevented witnesses from testifying, and intimidated witnesses. they tried to disparage members of congress who are trying to fulfill their responsibilities under the constitution of the united states. i will for the record say article one of the constitution gives the right to investigate the president and we are taking responsibility seriously and that's what this resolution proves. the measure before the committee
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is age 660 directing certain committees to continue their ongoing investigations as part of the existing inquiry as to whether sufficient grounds exist for the house of representatives to exercise its constitutional power to impeach donald john trump president of the united states of america and other purposes. without objection the resolution is considered red and will be open for amendment at any point. are there any amendments to the resolution? the gentleman from georgia mr. woodall. to speak or are we going to have an opportunity to read through the resolution and ask questions? >> if you want -- >> i don't want to read it but for the purpose of having it on the record i did have some questions about the text and how it was drafted, white was drafted in certain ways i know on the budget committee we go through line by line we don't do it original jurisdiction here. >> we can go through line by line if you like. >> would there be counsel
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available to answer questions about the draft? >> we can do that. this is not a hearing we can go through line by line and you can offer your amendments and we can have a discussion based on your concerns. i assume you have amendments. >> i do have amendments -- >> yes he would. >> i am burdened by being primarily a rules committee member and we don't do it original jurisdiction come in my time on the budget committee we would read through the budget line by line -- >> chris: you know how you say you don't want to see how the sausage is made because that will turn you off sausage forever, what you are watching us how the sausage is made and a somebody who covered the house for a few years i can tell you they will argue about this rule for hours, well into the night they will end up passing it because the democrats have a super majority on this committee and the resolution basically is drafted by the democrats come i
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may be exactly as drafted by the democrats will be going to the floor and will be voted on tomorrow and they will have the vote on the resolution. chad pergram, our senior producer on senior hell let me bring you back again because one of the things the democrats, or the republicans are saying is that they have not had due process here. not due process for themselves, not due process for the president, democrats say this will provide that due process. as i was reading it this morning, chad, it seems that the only time the president and his counsel gets involved is when this finally gets to the judiciary committee for articles of impeachment. maybe i'm wrong about this and i'm sure you will correct me of done it before, but is it true that when you have these public hearings with these key witnesses before the intelligence committee this resolution does not provide for the white house or its counsel to have any role? >> you are absolutely right. this resolution and is a little bit different in the way we have seen other impeachment process
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resolutions because it gives extra muscle to the intelligence committee. public hearings and chris you are absolutely right, they may never get the public hearings before the judiciary committee, ultimately the judiciary committee will right articles of impeachment if it gets to that point, but those rights are given to the president and the minority really don't have been until they get to that stage. if you go back and look at the impeachment of president clinton in 1998 you had ken starr the independent counsel deliver testimony and then you have david kendall who was president clinton's attorney in the judiciary committee actually pose questions to ken starr. in this case if president trump took his counsel down to the judiciary committee who would question? that's the problem republicans have here. i want to point out one thing just to be clear, they are not actually writing a rule today. usually what happens with the rules committee as they do that come they establish the parameters to how they would handle the debate on the floor tomorrow. this is a direct mark up to the
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resolution, rarely does it up in that way and the rules committee but they are going to take that directly from the rules committee and put that on the floor tomorrow morning. >> chris: chad gets much of what you're saying for me is for all the efforts by democrats to say this should answer all of the white house's complaints, clearly the white house is not going to be satisfied with this and president trump and his supporters will have plenty to talk about while the democrats proceed. chad pergram thanks so much. as i say we are coming a lot of action on the west house and also on capitol hill, morneau and lawmakers interviewing to state witnesses behind closed doors in the impeachment inquiry. in her opening statement one of those officials says she was told president trump personally ordered a hold on crucial military aid to ukraine but the trump administration did not give her a reason that she heard. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel reporting live from capitol hill on that story. >> chris good afternoon while you're watching the sausage making an uppercase l there is also a second state department
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official at this hour giving her deposition behind closed doors. her name is catherine croft and in her opening statement obtained by fox news she worries about, expresses concern that former lobbyist bob livingston was trying to have the former top diplomat in ukraine moved from her post. it was not clear to me at the time or now at whose direction or at whose direction mr. livingston was seeking the removal of ambassador jovanovich. the other statement officials giving a statement earlier today, anderson told lawmakers former law advisor john bolton had concerns about rudy giulia giuliani's role in the proceedings. he also supported increased senior white house engagement however he cautioned that mr. giuliani was a key voice with the president on ukraine which could be an obstacle to increased white house engagement. to be clear, we've only obtained the opening statement of these
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officials, we don't know what's being said and the other hours of testimony. chris. >> chris: mike, it seems that both sides are trying to protect certain key figures in this investigation, is that right? >> exactly right. for republicans, they're trying to protect president trump. >> i think both the process and the substance back up the fact that number one, the president didn't do anything wrong. he engaged in the conversation to congratulate the ukraine president for a selection on a platform of rooting out corruption. in fact president trump is tasked by law to make sure that any foreign aid that goes to a country has to come with a sort of occasion that they are rooting out corruption. >> we really have to see the reports from the committee. at this point the judiciary is receiving information from the committees so once we see that i think you will have a better
12:22 pm
sense but obviously the obstruction is a big factor here in terms of this ukraine investigation. >> chris: the people who potentially right articles of impeachment are waiting on paperwork themselves. >> chris: thank you. i had the full senate will be talking after we get right back to this.
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>> chris: breaking news and a live look at capitol hill where the trump administration's briefing the entire senate on syria and also the raid that killed the leader of isis. house lawmakers received their briefing earlier this afternoon. all this comes as our kurdish allies accused turkey of starting a in syria and as russian troops move into areas the kurds and u.s. special forces abandon after president trump give this a order to withdraw.
12:27 pm
benjamin hall is on the ground in northern syria all week and the joins us now from iran. benjamin. >> high chris. just as you said what we have seen this all these world powers of clay. turkey, russia, the syrian government, around, all jostling for position where the u.s. pulled out and in the middle of it, the kurds. we've spent quite a bit of time with them. just yesterday it seemed to get worse when a russian patrol was attacked, we are not sure by whom. the cease-fires hanging by a thread and right in the middle of this we had found an american trying to help on the front lines. take a look. >> the fighting was close and we put her in her vehicle and got her out of here. >> day free bank and its volunteer group have been here since the turkish invasion is. to speak of this of the blood of kurds on my shoulders and the attack is not stopped they are coming. >> eubank and his team operate
12:28 pm
under fire day in and day out putting his own life at risk to rescue and treat others evacuating whoever he can. >> i think the part as part of this mission has been the u.s. betrayal of these people. we are responsible for the unleashing of evil violence that is come in. ethnic cleansing. you stay as a christian kurd you're dad. please change this, it is not too late. >> chris: it's hard to know what's going to happen next but certainly all these powers are g closer to one another. what we are gathering is the kurds are pulling back but president air to one of turkey says they aren't. he will continue to wipe out the terrorist threat. i think the coming days will tell whether or not this will escalate or it will settle down under russian the confliction channels. >> chris: benjamin hall reporting live from iraq thank you. we're joined now by
12:29 pm
general jack keane he's a fox news strategic analyst and former u.s. army vice chief of staff. you've had a couple of days to assess this red, to learn more from your sources what stands out for you? how did this expand on the special operations playbook? >> it's had a profound impact mainly because of what al-baghdadi represented. it will in fact financing as well but just five years ago he stormed onto the world stage within terrorist army of 40,000 and attacked a prominent country, iraq, after having put together a safe haven in syria declared a caliphate in an islamic states. he achieved it and as a result of that, it spread to 30, 40 countries, he conducted dozens of attacks, he attacked nine nato countries multiple times.
12:30 pm
he is an iconic spiritual leader, the loss is significant, the movement will continue as long as young people still want to join his fanatical movement and they are motivated motivated by his political religious ideology. >> chris: the kurds say it was their informant who was a key member of the al-baghdadi inner circle who provided really the most important information. where he was gonna be come the layout of the compound that he was in, first of all from the best of your knowledge one, is that true? two, to the degree that it is true with us pulling back and separating from the kurds and are we not going to lose that key source of intelligence that was so vital to this one? >> you put your finger on the value of actually putting people on the ground and what it means to intelligence gathering. human intelligence is critical end of this very reliable. i don't know if it's true or n not, i will take general maslin and his word that they did have a role to play here, he said quite a bit. the good news i think is that there has been a modification of
12:31 pm
the u.s. position. we are moving troops back into eastern syria. i think these two missions there, one is the stated want to make sure the oil fields don't fall into the iranians hands, and to go to retain the insurgence of isis. by having some americans on the ground with the syrian democratic forces come across, it enables us to control the airspace and if we control the airspace then we can prevent the iranians from doing what they want to do it also help with contending isis. >> chris: one final question, the kurds say that they have now pulled back from this 20-mile save zone and the turks and the russians say they are now going to patrol this area around the border. the kurds are going to be out of it. what does that do if that is the case? >> neither one of those are accurate. general maslin and his people are saying they pulled back, but they haven't. the russians are saying they
12:32 pm
have pulled back but they haven't. the russians don't have the force there to do anything about it to be frank about it. it is disturbing, the assad regime is putting close to the border and they are restoring their control of a border that they haven't had control of an eight years. the russians have a symbolic presence in that area patrolling up and down with a russian flag flying in a way that the u.s. used to do. that is disturbing. >> chris: general keane think you always great to hear your insights. we are still tracking this wildfire that's burning up and down california. one of them threatening the reagan presidential library. we will go back alive to see me valley latest that is next to near record lows. the newday team is working overtime so every veteran can save $2000 a year. p@wri @ if you have moderate to thsevere rheumatoid arthritis, month after month,
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12:37 pm
of the reagan presidential foundation and institute and he thinks firefighters have saved the reagan presidential library that was surrounded by the fire but officials say it is still threatening thousands of homes in simi valley. christina coleman is at the library, what is the situation now? >> right now there are helicopters circling the building. i can hear one, maybe my photographer can get some video of it. they have been circling this building for hours just doing these water drops and trying to control these flames and put out the fire and as you mentioned the library is okay. it is not damaged. the firefighters worked quickly and faster protect this property and make sure that nobody got hurt. this fire is called the easy fire, it's burned about 1800 acres since it started six hours ago. it's not contained this point and it has threatened to 6500
12:38 pm
structures including the reagan library is the fire burned on the hillsides of simi valley. men the tory evacuations for this area. many roads are blocked off in this area is these strong santa ana winds whipped through these hills causing dangerous fire conditions. the flames also came close to multimillion dollar homes in simi valley. many people own horses out here and they were able to get them to the ventura count county fairgrounds for safety. but again, this is very much an evolving situation because these strong winds are expected to continue and there is a lot of hot spots out here. my photographer might be able to show you come you can see some of the smoke out there. one of the main concerns, these smoldering embers. it only takes a moment for them to flare up and with these strong santa ana winds, some of them blowing wind gusts up to 6g winds can carry the smoldering
12:39 pm
embers very far and only it takes seconds for another fire to break out so that is very much a concern at this point. >> chris: christina with these fires raging across california, northern california which we will talk about them in a moment, and southern california, is the governor seeking federal assistance? >> he is. the governor was able to secure a fema grant and he has also announced a program for $75 million for state and local governments to help mitigate the cost o of those power shutdowns. so many of these utility companies shutting down power just trying to protect the residents of making sure none of these power lines are hit and could result in another flareup and another wildfire. >> chris: christina coleman of the reagan library where things looked to have settled down at least a bit. christine thanks so much for your reporting all day. let's bring in ventura county fire chief michael lorenzen. chief, understandably because of
12:40 pm
this place is a national treasure we've been focusing on the library but what is the fire situation across simi valley, across the entire county? >> we still of the winds and it's very tentative out there, we have a lot of resources coming and we're trying to defend and protect structures and keep evacuating citizens in front of the fire. it's gonna be a big challenge for the next one to four hours. >> chris: give us a sense. how strong of the winds right now? what is the prospect for the winds over the next 24 hours? >> the winds right now are stronger than they have been in the last two major fires that destroyed thousands of homes. we've got significant winds and there are fires through guarding throughout california so it is a resource jailed on top of that. >> chris: how would you compare, a lot of us watched on tv last year, how would you compare the fire situation so far this year to last year?
12:41 pm
>> it's been a moderate fire season so far but these wind conditions are more significant than we have seen in may be my career, the opportunity is still there after seven years of draft to have devastating fires. this one, the easy fire, i don't believe it's going to be one of those but it still has a significant threat. >> chris: give us a sense, it seems unimaginable. fighting a fire is tough enough but when you've got winds whipping it in unpredicted directions, what is the challenge for crews and how did they contain these fires with those winds? >> that's the challenge, you almost can't contain them when you have winds of almost 40 miles per hour. it's purely trying to vote and then containment comes after mother nature homes town and lets us get a handle on it. with the winds blowing as hard as they are, containment is very
12:42 pm
hard. >> chris: ventura county fire chief mark lorentz and thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us. best wishes to you and all of your crews out there in the fire. >> thank you so much chris. >> chris: crews in northern california say they have made some progress in fighting a fire in one country but not before it burned almost 100 homes. dan springer reporting live from helzberg california, that is in sonoma county north of san francisco. dan. >> hey chris, the conditions here have improved dramatically. winds are down, containment jumped to 30% that is double from what it was yesterday and work crews from pgd have been given the all clear to come in and start to restore power. last nights wind event was not nearly as strong or as bad as predicted but there still was one structure destroyed, this was a learning center that wind up in flames with 5,000 firefighters in the areas, they easily knocked it down and monitored for other flareups that really would have never
12:43 pm
happened. today the scene is very different. fire still burns in remote areas but where people live it's mop up and cleanup work. 6300 personnel and contractors were expecting 32,000 miles of electric system so the utility can soon restore power to everyone. there are still around 900,000 people without electricity, many of them have been out since saturday. tens of thousands are also still a mandatory evacuation and it is wearing on people. >> my older brother sleeps up here before i go to work my younger brother, my dad and little baby, my cat and i do. and then here is where the 6-month-old sleeps with my mom right now. both of my grandma sleeps off this couch the pulls off the bed. >> very tight quarters. we were told by officials that some evacuees should be allowed back home today but we are not being told how many are where they will be allowed to go back
12:44 pm
home to chris. >> chris: dan springer reporting from sonoma county in northern california thank you for that. to new york city chief medical examiners, one current in one form or, looked at the autopsy report for convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein but they have very different conclusions about how the millionaire died so where do we go from here? that's coming up applause ] thank you. it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. i love you! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ billions of problems. sore gums? bleeding gums? painful flossing? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath healthy gums oral rinse fights gingivitis and plaque and prevents gum disease for 24 hours. so you can... breathe easy, there's therabreath at walmart.
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>> chris: place in california are searching for a gunman who opened fired at a halloween house party killing three people and hurting nine others. it happened in long beach just south of los angeles, the police chief describing the scene is horrific with blood everywhere. investigators say they don't know if the shooter was acting alone but that he shot at people from an alley behind the hall. there were about 30 people at the party, no word yet on a motive. the death of millionaire and convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein was likely a homicide and not a suicide. that's according to dr. michael barden of former new york city chief medical examiner who has worked on a number of high-profile crimes. he's investigated cases involving o.j. simpson, president kennedy,
12:49 pm
martin luther king, and do england page star aaron hernandez. >> there are three fractures in the hyoid come of the thyroid cartilage that are very unusual for suicide and more indicativef strangulation. in fact at the time of the autopsy the doctor of the autopsy wasn't, didn't think there was enough information to say suicide so she put pending further study. >> back in august the current chief medical examiner ruled out foul play and said epstein hanged himself but dr. bought inside epstein's brother hired him to look into the autopsy and that at steen's family still waiting for evidence from the scene including dna samples. ryan young is reporting live from our new york city newsroom with more. >> renowned pathologist michael barden was hired by jeffrey epstein's brother mark to observe this autopsy. he now says there is three
12:50 pm
pieces of evidence that said he did not die by suicide but instead was murdered. first the bone breaks. we just received brand-new never before seen images of epstein's autopsy that shows three fractures in his neck. one in the hyoid bone and two in epstein's thyroid. next there's hemorrhaging in epstein's eyes and face and a deep mark was found around the middle of epstein's neck, all of this suggest according to dr. bodden that he died of strangulation. dr. bodden is now calling for further testing. >> they took fingernail clippings to see if there's anybody else's dna on it and that hasn't been released. neither has the information but whose dnas on the ligature. the ligature was made out of torn strips of orange sheets. whoever made it had to have a lot of dna on it. >> in a statement today new york
12:51 pm
chief medical examiner reaffirmed her findings that he died and his team sell. we stand by that original medical investigation it was thorough and complete there is no reason for a second medical investigation by our office. as you mentioned, chris, dr. bodden a fox news contributor is helped in several high-profile cases. he says this morning he has never seen these types of breaks in his 50 year career. >> chris: brian why would epstein's family lawyers, why would they have any interest in making the case that this was a homicide and not a suicide? >> we spoke to some experts who theorized that if they can make the case that this was a homicide and not a suicide that experts suggest that his brother mark could make millions of dollars. >> they can sue the federal government for the death of their client and then they can also collect on life insurance policies that are there. i'm not aware of any life insurance policy that doesn't contain a specific exclusion for
12:52 pm
suicide. >> remember alleged victims are filing lawsuits against epstein's half a billion dollar estate by making a case for homicide the lawyers could drag out litigation in attempt to shield some of that money from alleged victims. chris. >> chris: brian think he was a winner-take-all in the world series tonight on fox. the washington nationals, yes our gnats, force a game seven after beating the houston astros last night we will get a live report from houston coming up. there's a power in listening;
12:53 pm
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12:57 pm
maid park in houston, home of the astros. game seven just after 8:00 p.m. eastern only on fox. jeff paul is reporting live from outside the ballpark in houston. jeff, must be pretty exciting right now. >> very exciting. the fans are starting to show up here. both sides, nats fans and astros fans wearing jackets. it's a historic night recordless of the teams. only the 40th team that there will be a game seven in the world series. the road teams have a very slight advantage winning 20 of those games, 19 games going to the home team. so far as you mentioned, the home team has not won in their own stadium. astros fans hope that changes tonight. the fans are cautious optimism among negativity amonday fans. they don't know what will happen. astros fans feel good about a
12:58 pm
home game. they couldn't finish last night. nationals fans say they're worried about the opposing team being fired up against losing last night and will win tonight. >> i have a bad feeling about tonight. but they came in and took care of business last night. i don't know. something lucky in the air. >> feel like he got it. i know every time i got the magic in the air tonight, i mean, i'm nervous but excited nervous. not in a bad way. >> for those fans that have put off buying tickets and want to go to the historic game seven, prepare to pay. go on websites like stubhub. the standing room only tickets hovering $350. behind-the-plate tickets, $12,000. chris? >> chris: that's a little rich. on fox, it's all free. jeff, there was a controversial play in last night's game. people are still talking about
12:59 pm
trey turner returning down first base. he was called out because he interfered with the throw. the umpire will get some extra attention tonight. >> yeah, if you're a nats fan, you'll be watching the officiating tonight, the umpires very closely because of what happened last night. led to the ejection of the coach for the nationals. trey turner was returning to first base. if you talk to the fans, they can't see how he could have moved away from the ball. his focus wasn't on the ball. it was getting to the base. but didn't end up mattering too much because the nats got their bats going hot and really hitting them hard out there. 7-2. but tonight it could be different because it is game seven after all. chris? >> chris: well, i'll be watching. i'm a nats fan. thank you.
1:00 pm
my first time here in the news deck. a couple of bumps along the way. it's harder than it looks. i thought awhile this is it. i'll be back tomorrow. see how it goes then. "your world" with neil cavuto is up next. >> neil: well, thank you, mr. wallace. i'm neil cavuto, this is "your world." grab it while you can. if you're looking to refinance a home you're in or buy a new one or get a car lone, your ship has come in presumably for the last time. i got cheaper today. however, if you have a savings account or a cd, you're not going to like this news. your rate of return already paltry just got paltrier. and therein lies the rub of a federal reserve cutting the rates again. the third time they have done so this year and maybe the last time it does so this year and into next year. markets were sprinting ahead on


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