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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 1, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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a very friendly farewell to our producer who is moving to nashville. lovely working with you. rob: miss you willie, one less guy on this show now. very few to begin with. carley: very heavy women staffed show. rob: bye. ♪ coming to your city ♪ going to play our guitars ♪ and sing you a country song ♪ brian: they are not coming, are. they he has arrived. john rich is arriving in the city. he is going to be on our show today. steve: he is. he is going to be on our show. john rich is going to be talking about the patriot awards next week down in florida which we are very excited about. ainsley: we are so excited to meet all of y'all coming down there to fort lauderdale on november 6th. steve: saint pete. ainsley: saint pete, not fort lauderdale. it is november 1st. hope you had a great
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halloween last night. it's over. check that box. focus on impeachment because that's what the talk is on the hill down in d.c. brian: minority whip steve scalise. called this impeachment soviet style inquisition. talk about what he means by that what this whole thing looks like when we begin the impeachment proceedings. steve: it's not very legal. it's political. geraldo rivera and judge jeanine are going to be dropping by as well. so thank you very much for joining us on this very busy friday starting with this. after passing that resolution yesterday to establish essentially the blueprint of the impeachment inquiry going forward. house democrats are promising to be transparent. that's what they are saying in public. ainsley: the vote pretty much going along party lines with only a few exceptions. brian: two democrats couldn't go along with it. griff jenkins live in washington as the republicans slam the entire process. griff? griff: good morning, brian, ainsley, and steve. let history show 232 to 19 of. ainsley as you mentioned
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nearly perfectly divided advance the impeachment inquiry process. democrats went on the record. listen. >> it's about the truth. it's about the constitution. we will do so in a way that brings people together that is healing rather than dividing. >> because it is our duty, and because no one is above the law. >> history is testing us. there are no kings or queens in america. that is what separates this country from so many other nations. griff: republicans put on a united front, not a single g.o.p. member backing the resolution. >> not only did every single republican reject the soviet style impeachment process but we were even joined by democrats who couldn't stand it anymore. >> we believe in the rule of law. but unfortunately, in nancy's house, we do not. >> trying to put a ribbon on a sham process doesn't make it any less of a sham. >> two democrats across the
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aisle jeff van drew from new jersey and bret peterson from minnesota: testifying behind closed doors contradicting testimony from previous witnesses in his opening statement leaked to fox news, he says of the july 25th ukraine call that he was personally on, quote: i want to be clear i was not concerned that anything illegal was discussed. and when the fight, guys, gets to the house judiciary committee where, remember, articles of impeachment will have to be written, ranking republican doug collins is challenging adam schiff to appear to answer questions about his interactions with the whistleblower. meanwhile, the president heads to tupelo, mississippi tonight, so i guess we will hear a lot more about this, guys? steve: i got a feeling. griff, thank you very much. we have a pretty good idea what was in the resolution. we telling you about it. essentially what it will do. the democrats are talking about they are going to be much more open. it's going to be an open
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operation. it does authorize the house intel committee to release the transcripts. keep in mind, adam schiff gets to pick what transcripts and what parts of it are released. so they will be cher were picking. there is no obligation that they actually release anything. and the other thing is the republicans can call witnesses going forward, but the democrats can veto. so don't look for us seeing the whistleblower. i mean the republicans could call the whistleblower or hunter biden, but then the democrats would say no, no, no, no. ainsley: doug collins says i want to ask adam schiff. he needs to be our first witness. he needs to answer every question. we need to find out who is the whistleblower. steve: that would be must see tv. brian: if you want to be ken starr. do what ken starr did show up and tell us what this thing is all about. the other thing and there is some diverting opinions about what's going to be happening. if, for example, they don't release the morrison
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transcripts from yesterday. steve: they get to cherry pick. brian: don't release sundayland'sondland's transcripm two weeks ago. the whistleblower is not on everybody's person to question list knowing even in the statement from the inspector general that that whistleblower has a horse in this race democratic background leading democratic candidate. beginning to get word of the name but not going to use it here. if you look at this process and you say is it fair? the main thing the democrats want is fair. steve: right. brian: if it's fair it is to their advantage. steve: they say they want fair. ainsley: fair? brian: if these things happen, they lose the american public, and then they are looking at a disaster within a year. steve: just look at the resolution, the deck is completely stacked against the republicans rush limbaugh said that. watch this. >> the democrats have
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nothing to figure out. they are making it up. it is fully, wholly manufactured. there is nothing about any of this. these allegations about trump is illegitimate. democrats so immersed in this that they couldn't care less about the american people. they couldn't care less for the next year about the status of healthcare, prescription drug prices, anything. education, open border, couldn't care less. they have broomed it all. they have set it all aside. going to get trump. ainsley: basically comes down to when you read the transcript of what that conversation was, do you believe that there was quid pro quo? there are a lot of people in this country, that's why as nancy pelosi said in march and we will talk about this, it will divide the country if we go for impeachment that's not bipartisan. that's what's happening. some people believe there was no quid pro quo. other people read that conversation and states that there was. it has to be overwhelming.
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and it has to be something that's illegal. you have some of these ambassadors, some of these diplomats, some of the transcripts have been leaked out. you have mr. morrison yesterday saying he didn't think there was anything illegal in that conversation. had you others heard that same conversation that were on the call that thought there was. it's an opinion. steve: that's why the opinion wants to do a fire side chat. ainsley: he wants to read the whole transcript to america like fdr. steve: and then i did. brian: get jimmy carter's sweater and it will be interesting. steve: or fdr's. nancy pelosi looked at the political winds and she knew if they were to start an impeachment proceeding in the house, if they didn't have bipartisan support, in the senate, they would not -- you know, it would be futile. so anyway she was realistic then. but, keep in mind, things have changed politically. ainsley: what did she say in march? steve: i'm glad you asked on the 11th day of march 2019. i'm not for impeachment. impeachment is so divisive to the country unless there
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is something so compelling and overwhelming and here is the important word bipartisan, i don't think we should go down that path because it divides the country. he's just not worth it. that's what she said then. here she is last night on tv. >> well, i think what's important, the most important thing for the american people to realize and understand is no one is above the law. we don't want to impeach a president. we don't want the reality that a president has done something that is in violation of the constitution. but this was something that you could not ignore. brian: could not ignore. brian: i love this statement, no one is above the law. nobody wants to impeach a president. there is not one democrat that could pass a lie detector test and make that statement. steve: they wanted to impeach him on the first day. brian: basically high fiving on the floor. tell the american people how serious you are about impeachment and how reluctant you are to go through with it go to a comedy show late night in
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new york city rather than pass spending bills. steve: i didn't hear anybody laughing. brian: they are laughing and clapping. less been b. comedy but more anti-trump pep rally. ainsley: nancy pelosi said back in march you have to have bipartisan support in order to impeach a president. did that happen yesterday? steve: no. every republican voted against it. 232 democrats were for it. 196 were against it. now, when you -- keep that number up for just a second. when the house voted on -- put the number up again for a moment. thank you very much. when the house voted for impeachment for nixon, it was 410 to 4. when the house voted on impeachment for bill clinton, 31 democrats were in support. yesterday, every republican was against it, even the retiring members of congress, however, two democrats joined the republicans. they were from trump districts but they said
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nope, not on board with that. ainsley: jeff van drew a democrat from new jersey. he has been skeptical of this from the very beginning. he comes from a red district. is he obviously a democrat now. collin peterson a democrat from minnesota. he comes from a district where trump won by 31 points. brian: knowing there is a back stop 51 senators going to kick this to the curb and you need 67. meanwhile, a lot of people say and people like -- have written books called deep state. i can think of a couple of them jason chaffetz number one. other people say there is not such a thing as a deep state. not only is there a deep state according to john mclaughlin who headed up the cia. he thinks the deep state is the mvp of this process. listen to this and hold on to something tight. >> you have to agree that now. >> oh, totally. >> the impeachment inquiry is underway. sparked by a complaint from
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someone within the intelligence community. feeds the president concern and often used term about a deep state being there to take him out. >> thank god for the deep state. [laughter] steve: thank god for the deep state. brian: do you understand what he is saying? he is saying thank god for the institutions to one end the elected officials which are the people speaking up saying who should be in power. thank goodness for the people unelected rising up and telling you where the country should go. that is obscene. steve: he went on to say praising the intel community. he said it's one of the few institutions in washington that is not in a chain of command that makes or implements policy. it's whole job is to speak the truth it's engraved in the marble in the lobby. let's hope they do. let's hope they speak the truth. ainsley: hosted by george mason university. joined by andrew mccabe and john brennan. brian: it's their version of the truth over the people that were put in power to
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implement policy. so we just believe that the cia, the fbi, and all those at the top are going to tell us what the truth is? that is incredibly unacceptable. ainsley: hold on, buckle up, here we go. steve: they are really good at keeping secrets. brian: john brennan is going to be asked about those secrets very shortly. steve: we will see what happens. 6:12 here in new york city. carley: we are going to start with a wildfire alert. brand new fire sparking overnight north of los angeles. it scorched 5,000 acres so far. and it's still expanding. there are currently 12 active wildfires across the state. we now know a car chase sparked a massive fire in san bernardino. our live report in a few minutes. also breaking overnight. a 7-year-old girl is rushed to the hospital when she is shot in the neck while trick
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or treating. watch as people run from gunshots in broad daylight in chicago. [gunfire] the girl is in critical condition. the man who was targeted is expected to survive. president trump is heading to mississippi today for a keep america great rally. the president set to fire up supporters ahead of tuesday's gubernatorial election. he will be stumping for republican candidate lieutenant governor tate reeves. he is facing off against democrat jim hood the state's attorney general. phil bryant can't run again because of term limits. so the president will be holding a fiery rally in mississippi. steve: you can count on it. he has plenty to talk about. thanks, carley. ainsley: all right. president trump's judicial nominee choking back tears amid criticism from the left. >> did you say that you wouldn't be fair to members of the lgbtq community. >> no, i did not say that all people are created in the image of god.
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that you hear the good news from real people... like us. i'm daniel. i'm casey. i'm julio. only chevy has earned j.d. power dependability awards across cars, trucks and suvs. four years in a row. ♪ ♪ >> did you say that you wouldn't be fair to members of the lgbtq community. >> no, i did not say that.
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i do not believe that. it is a fundamental belief of mine that all people are created in the image of god. they should all be treated with dignity and respect. brian: wow, president trump's nominee for the ninth circuit of appeals lawrence van dyke brought to tears during a senate hearing after criticism that he wouldn't be fair to the lgbtq community. our next van dyke defends his character the left has again deployed lies and smears to destroy a nominee. here with the first liberty institute high ram sasser. why. >> he was representing the aclu of texas fighting for free speech. when we were down in mississippi, and we were representing an african-american church alongside the obama administration fighting
3:19 am
against discrimination against them. so when the left comes through the aba to come and do this kind of smear attack on lawrence van dyke after the service that he has provided across all kinds of political spectrums and for all kinds of different people, is an absolute outrage. and then to say that he agreed with that, to say that he agreed with those smears is just a bald faced lie. there is nothing that we can do other than fighting against them and saying you know what? we are not going to take that kind of stuff anymore. we're not going to listen to those kind of attacks. brian: you want you to hear and respond to the american bar association letter. here's an excerpt from it about him. some interviewees raised concerns about whether mr. van dyke would be fair to persons who are gay, lesbian, or otherwise part of the lgbtq community. mr. van dyke would not say affirmatively that he would be fair to any litigant before him, notably members of that community. what's your reaction to that? >> that is an obvious, outright lie.
3:20 am
and it's shameful that this investigation was led by an attorney who had donated to a political opponent of lawrence van dyke when he ran for office in montana. you know, here's the thing. the left has never stopped this tactic, since it worked against judge bourque. they tried it against clarence thomas. they went after brett kavanaugh in the same way. the reason why they keep doing it is some conservatives get weak and they back off. this is the time we have to draw a line in the sand and say these kinds of lies, we're not going to run away. we're not going to come screaming. we're not going to hide. we are going to stand strong and ignore these kind of smears. brian: hiram, let me ask you something. when there is a mistakwhen there democrats dig in. always famously liberal. that's been whittled away. what would van dyke do on the ninth district court as
3:21 am
a conservative? he would have a big impact, wouldn't he? >> well, not only would very a big impact but do you know what he would also be? he would be fair to everybody. he would be fair to everybody. and the american bar association, they know that. and the fact that they lied about him and then lied about him saying that he wouldn't be fair, that's an absolute outrage. and they are desperate. they are scared. and just because, just because lawrence van dyke has had a strong commitment to the constitution, here they are coming and attacking him. we can't back down now. because if we aut do, back down it will come again and again and again. brian: all right. when is the vote? >> the vote -- hopefully he will get a vote at the tend of the year. we will have to see on the senate schedule. brian: hiram going to bat for someone that he knows professionally on his character. thanks so much, hiram. >> thanks for having me, brian. brian: new warning for pregnant women how a popular
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watch the dropped dimes, monster blocks, and showstopping dunks. plus get instant access to your teams with the power of your voice. that's simple, easy, awesome. say nba league pass into your voice remote to upgrade for a great low price - or go online today. steve: right now we have some quick friday morning november 1st headlines for you. a new permitless carry law takes effect in oklahoma today. people under 21 years of age can carry a gun without a permit, license, training or background state. state democrats filed an emergency motion to stop the new rules but the request was denied by oklahoma's supreme court. also happening today stronger beer going on sale in the state of utah. grocery stores, gas stations and bars can now sell beer containing 4% alcohol. that's new for them.
3:26 am
previous limit was 3.2 beer. it's the first change to the state's beer alcohol limit since the end of prohibition. all right. there you go. ainsley? ainsley: thank you, steve. a new health warning for moms to be, exposure to the popular pain medicine acetaminophen may increase a child's risk for getting adhd or autism according to this new study from john hopkins university. here with more is fox news medical contributor dr. nicole saphier and also a mother of three. hey, nicole. >> good morning. ainsley: this is pretty scary when i was pregnant they said you can have tylenol which is acetaminophen. what do you say. >> this study that just came out just owes to a growing body of evidence that shows maybe we should air on the side of caution when using aceitacetaminophen commonly knon as tylenol. link of it adhd and autism spectrum disorders this stud from prospective cohort.
3:27 am
took core blood from a thousand samples and tested it for acetaminophen and it turned out two to four times more likely to have adhd or autism if they tested positive for it. there does seem to be a link there. there are some flaws in the study in the sense that they didn't correct for other factors, environmental, genetics and other medications that that fetus may have been exposed to in utero. however, when it comes to taking any sort of medication during pregnancy, we should also err on the side of caution. do things under the guidance of a physician and we shouldn't be popping it like it's candy. nothing is without risk. ainsley: you are okay if get a headache one time during your pregnancy and take tylenol. >> obviously please take doctor if you are increased risk for autism or adhd in your children. consider not doing it. if you have a headache try other means of reducing the pain from your headache instead of tylenol. some pain is okay in life. we don't need to be at zero pain level throughout our entire life. so, if you have a headache,
3:28 am
you know, turn out the lights, try to relax. drink more water. exercise, meditate. do what you can, if you absolutely need to take something, make sure your doctor is okay with it and still consider taking tylenol. ainsley: two thirds of american women have taking tylenol during pregnancy. the silver lining is they are trying to figure out what causes autism and adhd. moms were so scared about the vaccine told back in the 1980s, don't smoke and drink while you are pregnant. they are trying to figure out links. >> we should not. having a mother overweight or having diabetes that is also directly linked to having autistic child. with americans growing obesity epidemic, that's really something we need to focus on, too. so, we're not going to find the one link that causes autism or adhd. it's multifact toler. it's genetics, behavioral, and environmental. we have to make sure that we are treating our bodies
3:29 am
as -- as possible. ainsley: you are right. we can have a headache. i have never had a migraine thank the good lord. but i could live with a small little headache, yeah, you are right, to protects my baby. that's good advice. what else is acetaminophen in i know it's in tylenol what else. >> a are the of the overcounter stuff excedrin, vicodin, hopefully you are not taking vicodin pregnant. oxycodone. a lot of your directed headache medicines look at it will have caffeine and acetaminophen. ainsley: what if you took it before you try to get pregnant does it stay in the body. >> the study showed those that had it had the late trimester the third try metster more of an effect. to be honest we don't know. the brain is developing the entire time. third trimester more susceptible to be damaged by taking medications. that's what the study those who had it later on had the increased risk. ainsley: dr. saphier, thank you. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: a new clue from bill clinton that is raising
3:30 am
some eyebrows about hillary clinton's potential 2020 ambitions. should we expect 2016 all over again? diamond and silk have something to say about that. they are going to join us live next. ♪ run around and desert you ♪ never going to make you cry ♪ never going to say goodbye ♪ never going to tell a lie ♪ and hurt you ♪ (logo whooshes) (logo chiming)
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>> i'm the only one not running for anything ever. she may or may not run for anything. i can't legally run for president again. steve: she may or may not run. hmmm. let's talk to donald trum to did silk. joining us from diamond and silk headquarters. good morning ladies. >> good morning. steve: according to hillary's husband she may or may not run. what do you think? >> first of all, i don't think that the american people want to vote for someone that has it on their
3:34 am
bucket list to be president. when the american people view hillary clinton, they view her as a crook, a liar, and a thief because she stole the nomination from bernie sanders. >> that's right. >> i think that it's time for hillary clinton to go away. go somewhere in silence and sit down. even members of her own party want her to go away. i don't think she needs to run but if she insists, she is going to get beat badly again. brian: i don't know, look at that field. no one has emerged. people start looking at their record and they get shot down. steve: not only that but hillary clinton won the popular vote last time. brian: i heard. steve: she said she can beat donald trump. >> she is delusional. you have to the to remember the last time president trump beat her like a drum, this time he will play her like a fiddle if she choose to jump in. ainsley: okay what could you say about al sharpton and the ceo of facebook mark
3:35 am
zuckerberg they are going to meet next week. al sharpton says he wants to discuss urgent voter suppression and civil rights concerns on that social platform. >> you know what? where was al sharpton and his concerns when things were being pushed about russia collusion and there was no russia collusion with the trump campaign. where was he at then? when we talk about voter suppression, when we see these advocates and civil rights leaders trying to silence people or trying to interfere with people's first amendment right which is freedom of speech and they are try to decide who we need to vote for instead of letting the voters decide that's voter suppression. >> that's right. >> it looks like al sharpton and the left is trying to put in voter suppression because they don't have the advertising dollars to pay for ads. >> that's right. >> they are trying to bully these social media platforms to stop politicians from promoting their ads. >> what's really infuriating is the fact that they feel like we are not intelligent
3:36 am
enough to make our own decision. look, just display all of the options that we have and let us decide for ourself. we now have our own minds. we can think for ourselves. >> we have our own mouth. we can speak for ourself. we don't need al sharpton and other black leaders, these other groups deciding who we need to vote for. >> right. steve: ladies, before you go, what did you think about the big vote in the house yesterday about the impeachment blueprint going forward? >> i think that nancy pelosi is very sad. you know the state of california is on fire. she needs to be worried about that instead of trying to impeach a duly elected president that's making america great again and got this country thriving again. >> and trying to impeach him because they know they can't beat him. >> she had to go to new york city right down the street and do a late night show. she probably took the shuttle. ainsley: you know what's funny, she represents california. the president is moving out of new york because the taxes are so high. he is going down to florida. that's going to be his legal residence. did you hear about that? >> i heard about that.
3:37 am
good for -- you know good for president trump. i cringe when i look at the left and all of the shenanigans that they are doing in this country it. is going to rip this country apart. this is what they want? let the voters decide. >> that's right. if we think our president did something wrong, the voters won't vote for him. >> that's right. >> let the voters decide instead of you trying to decide for us who we need to vote for because you don't like him because of your own political bias. >> that's right. steve: we see them every friday here on "fox & friends." you can see them every day on fox nation. diamond and silk. thank you very much. ainsley: they are going to florida with us next week. steve: see you down in florida. ainsley: see you, ladies. have a great weekend. brian: carley shimkus has been working 100 hours a day and continues to work for us now with breaking news. carley: got big news from the campaign trail and a fox news alert. 2020 hopeful elizabeth warren's medicare for awful plan exclusively obtained by fox news. the proposed government-run healthcare system would cost $52 trillion. her campaign claims they will not need any middle
3:38 am
class tax hikes. bernie sanders has released a similar plan. but it's only predicted to cost $32 trillion. two people are dead after a plane crashes along a busy road. you can see flames coming from the small jet after it clips the top of an suv. and smashed into a pole in owe callla, florida. the plane was trying to make an emergency landing for a mechanical issue. this is the third deadly plane crash this week. two people were killed in atlanta on wednesday. and a pilot died when a plane crashed into a new jersey home on tuesday. you can now get free advice from amanda knox. she has just been tapped to write a new column called ask amanda knox at a local seattle newspaper. people are invited to submit questions on love, life, and suffering. 2009 knox and then boyfriend convicted of killing her roommate in italy. she was acquitted and
3:39 am
released in 2011. a teacher lead students in a thrilling halloween performance. watch this. ♪ this is thriller ♪ thriller night ♪ carley: thriller dance at a michigan high school now going viral. check out those moves, guys. ♪ brian: is that like a fame school? is that one of those fame schools where they dance to class and stuff or just a normal school? carley, would you pursue that story? carley: i'm on the case. ainsley: they can all dance really well. the jerking of the -- [laughter] steve: looks just like the video did back in the day. ainsley: end of that video so jerry when his eyes were red. steve: so appropriate for halloween. brian: at that point we thought he was normal. steve: go out to fox square halloween night. when we came in this
3:40 am
morning. janice: dance? steve: we still saw people in costumes this morning: i don't think she is listening. she is dancing. janice: what was that about costume? brian: you ought to do passive listening. you know roughly what we are talking about. janice: i do. that's a very good pointed. i just have a vegas idea of you who yo --vague idea how youe talking to me. ainsley: different party every night. different costume. face-painting. janice: telling me i have to do a bit of weather. can i do that right now? brian: passive listen. janice: passive listening, a cold front moved through. look how cold we are talking about the eastern third of the country. we had hundreds of report of severe weather including wind damage. we have trees on the ground all up and down the east coast. power still out for many people. this front is pushing through. it's going to be offshore still going to see the potential for very gusty winds across the northeast. travel conditions are going to be affected. by the way the producer said make sure you have a map telling everyone that we are turning the clocks back one
3:41 am
hour to 2:00 a.m. there is your daylight savings time map this morning because this is thriller. steve: did you hear anything? brian: i wasn't paying attention. i was kind of listening, not really. ainsley: i don't know what she is doing. brian: why was she dancing? steve: thanks, janice. meanwhile, 19 minutes before the top of the hour. a massive new wildfire erupting in california overnight burning thousands of erics in hours. we're live on the ground coming up next. ainsley: california's governor gavin newsom blaming climate change. the next guest says it's a people problem. the reality check coming up next. doug, doug!
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3:45 am
[inaudible] empire. s that i where we find ray bogan. ray, are things getting any better today? >> ainsley and brian good morning to you. things are getting better with the wind. it's dying down a little bit. we can give you update on that fire just north of los angeles. it is now 8300 acres and 0 percent contained they call it the maria fire. dealing with single digit humidity and strong wind gust difficult situation. firefighter say this fire is going to run out of fuel and have a maximum burn of 12,000 acres. they also say the santa ana winds that are fueling it will die down by midday. >> at this time our efforts are evacuations getting close into the structures providing defense where we can. second to that will be perimeter control. >> firefighters will also using helicopters but multiple times this morning they have had to stop flying because people are using
3:46 am
drones to take pictures. >> this created quite a dangerous situation. it's not only illegal but hampers our fire fighting efforts. so, please anyone in the area with a desire to do such a thing refrain from doing so. let us get our airborne assets. in. >> in sonoma county the kincade fire has burned 77,000 acres. it's now at 65% containment. officials are allowing thousands of evacuees to return home. >> neighbors that are back now, we all hugged each other. we are happy to see our homes and each other safe and sound. we were sitting at the edges of our seat, wondering if we would have homes to come back to. >> this home you see behind me is one of six that was destroyed yesterday during the hillside fire. there are 850,000 residents in los angeles and ventura counties that are still under a critical fire weather warning. brian and ainsley, back to
3:47 am
you. ainsley: thank you, ray. brian: 14 minutes before the top of the hour. let's go down to steve. steve: let's continue to talk about the fire. good afternoon newsom claims climate change current state of the fires out in california. >> it's more than just climate change. and it is climate change. but it's more than that. it relates to pg&e. it's about dog eat dog capitalism. meeting climate change. it's about corporate greed meeting climate change. steve: okay. that's his opinion. but our next guest has reality check writing in a new "new york post" op-ed, quote: mismanagement, stubbornness have set california ablaze. here with more is "new york post" writer and columnist miranda divine. good morning. >> good morning, steve. steve: as you look what's going on out in california you see pacific gas and electric which is their equipment has caused a number of these fires. they are really in a bind. the legislature has asked them to do so many things,
3:48 am
that's what we wind up with. what's going on right now. >> that's right. you have these democratic regimes who desperately want to be seen as, you know, pure on climate change. so, what they do is they force all their ideology on to the electricity generator. so they have to have 60% renewables by 2030. they have to compensate low income people because, of course now california has some of the highest electricity prices in the state -- in the country. and they are just piled on top of green deal. that these this poor company has to try and satisfy the masters on. and in the end, they go broke. and they are being sued by people who were damaged from the last fires last year. and then this year now they are just preemptively turning off the electricity. so you have got the largest state in the country, the seventh biggest economy in
3:49 am
the world is like a third world country with no, you know, no power. and it's ablaze. steve: and the company is going bankrupt and they're turning off the juice and now noble is going to pay them because they've are turning off the juice. >> absolutely. steve: president trump tweeted this back in 2018. he said there is no reason for these massive deadly and costly forest fires in california except that forest management is so poor. explain that. because it all has to do with the environmentalists. >> it does. they treat every tree as sacred. whereas in previous times the native americans used to burn off the forest quite regularly. and that's healthy. those trees are used to be burned out. but now every tree has to stay. so they all get sickly, they are all crammed in together. and they don't have. steve: it's tinder. >> exactly. so much fuel on the ground they become these incredible explosive fires instead of just going through as every wildfire expert does and burn regularly to keep it
3:50 am
under control. steve: the irony regarding greenhouse gases and these wildfires, what's happening? >> the carbon emissions are from the wildfires are the equivalent of the entire carbon emissions from the entire state for the entire year. steve: so it backfired? >> it backfires but they don't care because what they do is they say we told you climate change was going to cause cataclysmic fires and look what's happened. they are like the arsonist coming back and admiring the handiwork. steve: my goodness. something to read about in the new york miranda. thank you very much. >> thanks, steve. steve: still ahead on this friday an army green beret receives medal of honor for incredible service in afghanistan. he will join us live for first tv interview since the ceremony coming up in the next hour. plus, apple has brand new air pods officially on sale. are they worth $250? that's $125 per ear? kurt the cyberguy is here with his review coming up next.
3:51 am
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3:54 am
ainsley: apple air pod pro. people out the door to get their hands on the $249 headphones. steve: that's a lot. is it worth the price? brian: i will take it from here. kurt knutsson has been trying out a pair all week long on our dime. is it worth it, kurt? >> it was your dime so sure it's worth it. case is larger. the air pods pro-that they're called inside also seem at first a little bit bigger but they are actually a little bit smaller in the stem. so these go unlike the original air pods that were all plastic. these are a silicon tip on
3:55 am
them and have a genius thing. these are noise canceling now. genius thing about these which is you put them in when you first get them and they have a fit test. so you just go on your phone it has a microphone on the inside and two microphones on the outside and it can hear what your ear is hearing. steve: what. >> knows whether you are get the right fit. brian: does it know what i'm thinking. >> i'm sorry, what? >> the fidelity is incredible. sounds great $259 price tag. i think they hit the sweet spot with it. if you look at the market of noise counts canceling headsets north of $300 over the ear. are they as good as the bose over the ear headsets? no. did i use them to fall asleep on an airplane and sleep the entire journey? yes. ainsley: if you are a woman, they don't mess up your hair. the bose headphones go all the way over it. >> see what's important for girls like you. steve: those do cancel
3:56 am
everything out. i could still kind of hear you talking. >> what? steve: you are missing one from the other ear it? >> has an excellent thing inside of it called transparency so instead of noise canceling you turn it on and it amplifies the ambient noise around you. for example you are on a scooter and traffic not hear what's around you. ainsley: if you do not have them at home i highly encourage you to get them. walking around the apartment talking to my dad on my phone and i'm walking around doing things because i have my ear phones in there and chatting. i don't have to hold the phone. steve: i'm losing one. >> shake test first pair shake it,will it fall out. it won't. these stay in a lot better on the airplane, also, never fell out of my ear. brian: if you go on a tromp lien, things like that they are not going to fall out. >> it's on your dime, you want to buy me a trampoline. brian: i will buy you a trampoline. >> i like it, brian. good for a friday. ainsley: good for a treadmill. big show still ahead. tammy bruce, the house minority whip, steve
3:57 am
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♪ broadway on my studly roy. girls say save a horse ♪ ride a cowboy. brian: can't be a big and rich conayg the song. it's the rocks sane of big and rich. steve steve the reason we are playing it is john rich is going to join us in half an hour. he will be part of our fox nation show next week down in saint pete in florida. ainsley: he has the best personality. i love him. steve: he is great. ainsley: created risky with his grandmother what's it called. redneck rivera. brian: story grandmother likes whiskey and he created it steve probably her recipe. brian: i met the guy who came up with his whiskey. very interesting.
4:01 am
democrat led house set up the rules for impeachment and impeachment inquiry. steve: democrats now steaming forward with what they say will be a transparent process. that's what they keep saying. now it's all open. but is it? >> kristin fisher joins us live from the white house this morning. hey, kristin. >> hey, guys, good morning. even after yesterday's historic vote in the house. president trump remains defiant, signaling that he likely will not cooperate with the impeachment proceedings. but he does want more americans to hear what exactly was said on that call: in an interview with the washington examiner last night he proposed perhaps somewhat new, somewhat old way of doing things. he told the examiner, quote: at some point i'm going to sit down, perhaps as a fire side chat like what f.d.r. did on live television and i will read the transcript of the call because people have to hear it. when you read it, it's a straight call. democrats say that couldn't be further from the truth and they, too. want more americans to hear their side as the
4:02 am
impeachment proceedings move to the public. republicans argue that yesterday's vote will not make that process any more legitimate. >> it's about the truth. it's about the constitution. we will do so in a way that brings people together that is healing, rather than dividing. >> trying to put a ribbon on a sham process doesn't make it any less of a sham. >> not only did every single republican reject the soviet style impeachment process, but we were even joined by democrats who couldn't stand it anymore. two. >> democrats crossed the aisle. everybody else voted party lines. while that was happening though, another witness was testifying behind closed doors. that's him right there tim morrison a former national security council advisor. in his opening statement which fox -- capitol hill correspondent mike emanuel was able to review, he said, quote: i want to be clear. i was not concerned that anything illegal was discussed. but, he also testified that
4:03 am
he did see signs of a quid pro quo and was worried details could leak, become public and be damaging to u.s. and u.s. foreign policy. guys? brian: kristin, thanks so much. he did talk about having two tracks and did discuss things to bill taylor. his story didn't exactly match what bill taylor said. ainsley: they all have different opinions about what was said in that conversation. everyone does. i mean, you have a lot of people that support the president that read that conversation. they don't think there was quid pro quo. steve: well, what we did see yesterday with that vote, every republican voted against it. two democrats got on board with the republicans said they couldn't go with it. nonetheless, this is going to be the blueprint of what happens going forward. so, right now, essentially adam schiff is the quarterback he is going to put together final report anyone tell and hand it over, perhaps, to the house judiciary committee and
4:04 am
jerry nadler. and republican from georgia, doug collins says if that happens. do you know ohio would like to ask as the first witness, i'm going to call 345 man adam schiff up and ask him all sorts of stuff he doesn't want to answer right now. listen. >> come to the judiciary committee. be the first witness and take every question asked of you. [applause] starting with your own involvement with the whistleblower. folks, this ain't over. get ready the cloud that is dropping will be dropping on their heads because process matters and substance will always win out in the end and this president has nothing to worry about on substance. ainsley: he wants to know the connection between schiff and the whistleblower to find out if there is one. brian: there is no timetable either. adam schiff has done some interviews. he's going to offer those transcripts up. steve, you say not all the three-point shot is going to get out. steve: he gets to pick. brian: whenever those
4:05 am
transcripts go out some of those people be recalled again to answer in public. going to be very curious to see if adam schiff is going to shut people down in public like did he in private when they brought up things about who this whistleblower is. when they brought up things about how much coordination was done between his committee and him because if these things happen, and the transcripts are only partially released that will build the narrative that people aren't going to pay attention to this process because they can't possibly be fair, ken starr weighed in. >> i think there is a very strong argument. it's not going to happen, but that it should happen. the house has total power. you just can't stop the house from doing what it wants to do. his relationship specifically, martha, with the whistleblower where there seems to be a conflict that he had no relationship, he, being the chairman, chairman schiff, and then, well, maybe he did. and perhaps that whistleblower came in a very disorderly way to the house
4:06 am
of representatives, rather than going through the chain of command and going to the inspector general that's all very questionable. steve: it is. democrats are saying going forward we have to keep it secret right now. essentially like grand jury. and then we're are going to give over this thing and you will know everything. just be patient. ainsley: all of the democrats were on board with this. and -- except for two. those two democrats that come from red territories. one guy, the guy from minnesota, collin peterson, he came from a place where trump won that area by 31 pointsdz he is the guy on the right. jeff van drew on the left from new jersey. very skeptical of this he and congressman petersen say not going to work. without the support from the senate republicans this is a mistake. steve: nancy pelosi, we played that soundbite in the last hour. she said in march you can't really have impeachment unless it's bipartisan. the vote yesterday was not
4:07 am
bipartisan. except in opposition. and we talked about this earlier when they voted in the house for articles of impeachment regarding richard nixon, it was 410 to 4. that is partisan. -- bipartisan. ainsley: what about bill clinton. steve: 31 democrats were for that so that was bipartisan. the vote yesterday not bipartisan. brian: the president talked to byron york yesterday at the white house, "the washington examiner." one thing byron york made clear the president is not happy but he said during the whole thing he thinks he did absolutely nothing wrong and nothing wrong with that phone call. that goes to the theme of telling the republicans defend me. not just on process. but on substance. meanwhile, let's change gears a little bit. senator ron johnson, who is as mild manner as it gets. successful businessman, two term senator in wisconsin, now wants a request from the obama library for some transcripts. and some emails that show
4:08 am
the interaction between hillary clinton and president obama some using their private addresses. ainsley: he wants all of their emails. brian: can he get them. i guess pays admission and goes to the library access to them. he filed a freedom of information request on that. he is pursuing this mainly because of what has already come up about peter strzok, lisa page, james comey and andy mccabe. steve: in particular, he wants all the communications that -- from her server when she was in enemy territory, essentially. ainsley: overseas. steve: and what was revealed is one of the texts from peter strzok regarding something about the chief of staff james rybicki. and it goes like this. jim, rybicki the chief of staff in doj. i have the potus, hillary rodham clinton emails director comey, it is believed there, requested at the end of the briefing
4:09 am
yesterday. i hesitate to leave them. please let me know a convenient time to drop them off. in other words, the department of justice has got the emails because he just said i got them right here. but, the national archives is now being asked for them because the department of justice said to ron johnson who requested these earlier, they said, you know what? there are other departments involved so we can't give them to you going this way. which is ironic on the statement day that they voted for the house impeachment, now the senate is striking back. ainsley: do you think he will get them? steve: no. brian: i guess we will see. 9 minutes after the hour. i guess we should go to tom fitton. tom fitton seems to get everything that he eventually requests. let's talk about the president of the united states. it looks like when he gets out in one year or five years, he is not coming back to new york city. ainsley: bye-bye big apple. brian: he sees the way he is being investigated, prosecuted and treated.
4:10 am
ainsley: you pay an extra 4% if you live in the city. steve: president was tweeting a lot yesterday. he said 1600 pennsylvania avenue the white house is a place i have come to love and will stay for hopefully another five years as we make america great. but my family and i will be making palm beach, florida, our permanent residence. i cherish new york and the people of new york and always will, but, unfortunately, despite the fact that i pay million of dollars in city, state and local taxes each year. i have have been treated very badly by the political leaders of both the city and state. ainsley: i'm sure he gets taxed a lot because sea billionaire. brian: wouldn't you think we would vote in new york city paying taxes in new york city. ainsley: you aren't paying taxes. brian: i pay a city tax. ainsley: because you work in new york city. steve: because you live in new york state. brian: i bay city tax even though i don't live in the city. steve: because i live in new jersey i don't have to. brian: really?
4:11 am
ainsley: are you sure? brian: i know. believe me. all right. so, by the way andrew cuomo said something really nice he said good riddance. ainsley: not like donald trump paid taxes here anyway. he is all yours, florida. bill de blasio our people of florida outruns his past. steve: think about it. where would you rather live new york city or palm beach, florida? hello. brian: good side to everything. steve: hello. brian: people in new york city like donald trump that you want here because he builds towers. he has jobs. he rebuilds ice rinks. he creates commerce and industry. so i don't think you should be saying good riddance to people who want to build here that's just me. steve: they just don't like him and now he is going to be gone. ainsley: carley shimkus has more headlines for us. carley: we are going to turn to a wildfire alert. brand new fire sparking overnight north of los angeles. it scorched 5,000 acres so
4:12 am
far. and it's still expanding. there are currently 12 active wildfires across the state. and we now know a car chase sparked a massive fire in san bernardino. it is now 90% contained. for the first time in two weeks, class will be in session in chicago today. the teacher's union reaching a deal with the city after the 11 day walkout. their new contract includes pay raises, limiting class sizes and more support staff at every school. five additional school days will now be added to the year to make up for lost time. patriots' quarterback tom brady feels the force on halloween. the mvp dressing up as a storm trooper writing on instagram thursday practice notes. brady did not practice, refused to take off storm trooper helmet. brady also trolled peyton manning after finding this skelton dressefinding thisskele.
4:13 am
getting old peyton. the rivalry continues. steve: i have a feeling we will see lots of costumes today on instagram. ainsley: i just decided after reading that i'm moving to connecticut or new jersey. steve: move to florida they don't have any stated tax. ainsley: then i wouldn't have a job. how why pay my bills? steve: good point. democratic congresswoman katie hill leaves office after slamming her colleagues on the way out. >> i am leaving now because of a double standard. i'm leaving because i didn't want to be peddled by papers and blogs and websites used by shameless operatives for the dirtiest gutter politics that i have ever seen. brian: really? that's pointing the blame at somebody else. tammy bruce is here to weigh in. steve: good morning. ainsley: hey, tammy. ♪ goodbye to you ♪ goodbye to you ♪ imagine a world where
4:14 am
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4:18 am
farewell speech delivering resignation on republicans and the double standard as well. ainsley: the california democrat stepping down amid agencies improper relationship with a congressional staffer. brian: here to react is fox news contributor and fox nation host tammy bruce. tammy, i'm wondering, is she right to blame others? [laughter] >> no. it is the opposite of what she should be doing. look, we have been advocating for equality forever. right? that includes taking responsibility for your own actions. this is an issue of character and judgment or the lack thereof. i have been watching this unfold. it's fascinating and very frustrating because we tell people that women can handle power. and that we are as good as men in what we can accomplish. but the spectrum is across the board, right? we can be as good and as inventive and fabulous as men and we also have -- we can be as bad and awful as men. and that is part of asking for equality and expecting it. the turn to blame others for your own actions is abhorrent and it sends a
4:19 am
message to cast yourself as a victim. my goodness. now, look, i live minority unusual life as a sexual minority. this is not about being a puritan or we don't like she what she is doing in her personal life. the fact of the matter is though she ran for office. she ran for office being against justice kavanaugh and being, you know, all of that and here we find that she makes a decision and she has admitted to a relationship with a campaign staffer, another woman. and where photographs are taken. this is the issue, again, judgment and character. there is an allegation she is having an affair with a congressional staffer. she has denied that but nancy pelosi put out her own announcement saying that this young woman was going to be resigning and that she, you know, made errors in judgment. so, i mean, that's what the ethics. she was facing an ethics investigation based on the allegation internally. brian: matt gates said he should be left alone she is a republican. >> i like congressman gaetz
4:20 am
and he said -- he defended her saying she was being treated differently because she is dirchted. different. i argue she isn't. the stereotype that we are out of control that we live differently, that we are them foe maniacs and sleep with anybody. it's a different way of life. that's a lifetime achievement it's untrue. and that, in fact, she is actually very much like the people in congress. because there is a lack of judgment and a lack of character in that organization. she is not different. and she says there is a double standard. ask al from franken about the double standard. if we are going to hold certain men accountable for their behavior we should hold women accountable for that behavior as well. ainsley: the problem is she is having a relationship alleged whether i a subordinate. she can have sex with anyone, you are not supposed to do that. >> it was a campaign subordinate. 22-year-old. a woman who said it was toxic in the end of you who that all unfolded. and so she has admitted to
4:21 am
that. said it was inappropriate and apologized. so this is -- this is a whole dynamic about the ethics investigation. what's appropriate but also what you tell your constituents when you are running for office. and this mythology that either women or people who are gay are different and have to be having a different standard, that's not true. we should reject it. steve: let's see what happens to that seat now. all right. >> yes, indeed. thank you. ainsley: thank you, tammy. brian: 19 minutes before the bottom of the hour and almost 8:00. still ahead, this green beret fought up a frozen mountain. he just received the medal of honor from president trump. steve: that hero joins us live exclusively on "fox & friends" ♪ ♪ (dramatic orchestra)
4:22 am
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4:25 am
ainsley: it is time for news by the numbers. first $52 trillion. get that in your head. that is the price tag for 2020 hopeful elizabeth warren's medicare for all plan over the next decade. the proposal exclusively obtained by fox news includes several new taxes to fund the program. the campaign claims that the middle class will not see tax hikes. senator bernie sanders has a similar plan, but his is predicted to only cost $32 trillion. next, $210 million. that is the street value of crystal meth found in sir watch shah hot sauce bottles. the 786 bottles were shipped from the united states daylight savings time ends
4:26 am
at 2:00 a.m. eastern on sunday. if you have a cell phone though it changes it for you. you don't have to worry about it. steve: that's why they call it a smart phone. meanwhile president trump awarding the highest military honor to a hero green beret. master sergeant matthew williams earning the medal of honor after fighting his way up a frozen mountain and through enemy fire to rescue four wounded soldiers during a gun fight in afghanistan. >> matt raced back into battle, putting his own life in great peril to save his comrades. matt's incredible heroism helped ensure that not a single american soldier died. brian: wow, joining us right now on his first live tv interview to talk about what brought him to that moment and what is he doing now and the first interview since the white house ceremony yesterday medal of honor recipient army master sergeant matthew williams. sergeant, thanks so much for joining us.
4:27 am
congratulations for what's around your neck. would you mind recounting that day, that time and that mission. you were after maybe the most lethal killer in hirk noter and his troops. had to go into a frozen area to go get him. >> first of all, thanks for having me, i really appreciate. ainsley: thank you day started off early morning on board our shinnick helicopters commands dough counterparts. made our way up to the valley where we were going to conduct our raid on high value target. realized they were unable to land so we started by exiting helicopters about 10 feet above the ground into a jagged rockie river bottom. from there we moved forward through the valley to make
4:28 am
our assault made it almost to the mouth of the village ands that where, you know, the fire erupted and kind of took over and we pretty much immediately took two casualties right away. ron, who previously wore the medal of honor. scott ford and myself fought our way up to assess the situation, get the medic ready to treat the wounded see if we could continue our mission or what we needed to do from there. shortly thereafter, excuse me. steve: go ahead. continue, sir. >> sorry. shortly thereafter we took two more casualties and our mission immediately changed to saving our brothers and finding a way to get everybody off that mountain safely. brian: you helped get four critically wounded fellow soldiers out of there, too. and you had to do it by scaling one of the -- a
4:29 am
cliff to get there, correct? >> yes, sir, that's correct. at one point myself and seth howard, our team sniper we knew we couldn't make it back up the way it had gone before. the enemy had had that position pinned down, so we had to hand over hand scale a cliff laterally to get to a small outcropping to finally reach the wounded. ainsley: matthew, that just shows how strong you are and you are out there fighting for our country. i'm looking at you. i see all of the accolades that you have earned fighting for our country and many of us don't know what they're all for. i look at you and know i'm safe at night. i thank you. i thank god for that what was it like when you met the president when he put the meddle of honor around your neck. >> thank you, ma'am. overwhelming to say least. and extremely humbling. it's a great honor and really it's an honor for the whole entire attachment 03866. it's a testament to the
4:30 am
capabilities and what the u.s. special forces, specifically the green berets are capable of. steve: and you are active duty. you are going back to work. aren't you? >> yes, sir. that's the plan. i'm hoping to be back on monday. steve: back to fort bragg? >> than that's correct. steve: how great was it to be in the east room of the white house not only receiving this great honor for your heroism but to be surrounded by your team and your family and all the people who, you know, made that day possible? they were all there to watch that. >> >> yes, that's definitely one of the best parts is having everybody together. reuniting with the team and having family and friends, you know, join me for this moment is extremely special. brian: 2005 you said you want to join and you were convinced green beret is the way to go. you have done the uniform so proud. thanks so much for joining us and sharing your story, sergeant. ainsley: god bless you. >> thank you very much.
4:31 am
steve: thank you, sir. ainsley: special man. brian: that is a hero right there. steve: john rich, is in the studio. he is actually at fox nation. we are fox nation. brian: folds of honor benefits. good to see you again ♪ come along ♪ chevy's the only brand...
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work can be closer to home... pay more... make us proud. careerbuilder. work can work. find your work at ♪ shut up about politics ♪ ain't nothing but a big pile of dirty tricks ♪ tired of all the fighting and the fit ♪ shut up about politics ♪ ainsley: that is awesome. john rich is one half of country duo big and rich and game changing artist with his hit song shut up about politics. steve: that's right. all the proceeds from that song going to folds of honor to help provide scholarships
4:35 am
for military families. brian: this morning john rich is stopping by the curvey couch. is he already here before he heads to florida for the fox nation patriot awards. good see it you again. >> good to see you. steve: we were talking about your whiskey earlier. >> i came up with this idea we call it the 2020 survival kit. steve: available everywhere. >> a bottle of redneck rivera and bonus bottle of granny rich reserve. granny rich is no doubt watching this morning. can i read you the back of the box? brian: please do. >> face it, america, you are going to need, this whether you are a democrat, republican, or independent, one thing for sure in 2020 you are going to need a drink. [laughter] ainsley: amen. >> redneck store locater on the front page nationwide right now. ainsley: your grandmother does what i used to do, put a little bit of alcohol. >> she is a sipper. ainsley: in a juice glass. >> since world war ii. tiny migrant caravan jar. steve: what time does she start working. >> after work. she still runs her own business. she will be 88 in february.
4:36 am
she is a seamstress. runs her own business by herself. lives by herself. drives herself. gets home from work. has a little bit of redneck rivera. watches wheel of fortune, mash reruns. steve: you will be at the first ever patriot awards next week in florida. >> excited to be there. i'm bringing my guitar. brian: bring the whiskey. >> i will be signing bottles i think on the red carpet. signing bottles of whiskey. i will be able to sing god bless america which someone of my favorite songs and be able to lead everybody in that song. brian: i think it's just about sold out right now, right? you can still get tickets. ainsley: we were sold out and found a way to get a few more tickets. we wanted to offer that up to our viewers. because they are so loyal. brian: if you can't be there live go -- we stream it on it will be all this stuff unscripted. we don't know exactly what's going to happen. if you go there, also have book signings there and signing your alcohol. >> you are going to do a push up contest with sean hannity, right?
4:37 am
brian: i would do that if i can get sean to make the trip. steve: are you astounded at the popularity and the notoriety of that song you did with "the five." >> i was, tweavment gutfeld act. gutfeld and i wrote the song how people feel no matter if they're democrat or republican. that's the point of redneck rivera whiskey. shut up for a moment and have a t cocktail. steve: one song in number for a while. >> number one for awhile. folds of honor. i always wear their t-shirt. 10% goes to folds of honor. 60 college grants off redneck rivera. brian: help our country and have a drink. >> that's right. chill out and help the country all at the same time. brian: go visit your place in broadway in nashville. >> thank you for dropping by the other day. i don't know if you know mr. kilmeade calls me up and says law doing hanging out at home. i have two hours before i'm
4:38 am
going to the airport. come out by the house. brian: great. >> becoming a thing. we are actually buddies now. brian: get voice mail and be able to go. absolutely. ainsley: were you sober when you caught that plane? brian: i was i played clarinet in junior high school and he is good at music too. steve: would you ever put a clarinet on your album. >> hank jr. had a couple clair nets so if it's good enough for hank. ainsley: remember if you forgot instrument had to borrow one soak that reed. steve: see you next week in florida. >> thanks for having me on. america get your 2020 survival kit. you are going to need it. ainsley: thanks, john. steve: 21 minutes before the top of the hour. carley is joining us with headlines. carley: good morning, guys. hey, john. start with a controversial story. a top prosecutor blasting a north carolina sheriff for releasing an illegal immigrant and convicted child molester despite an ice detainer. andrew murray says the
4:39 am
decision to free marvin orlando tores was a dangerous move. >> the people of buncombe county and everyone in this country deserve a lawful immigration system that keeps us safe and serves on our. i call on the sheriff to stop needlessly putting the lives at risk of law enforcement officers and the people of buncombe. >> tores is now back in ice custody. the fbi is searching for three suspects who robbed an armored truck in broad daylight. this surveillance video shows the masked men ambushed the driver outside a colorado bank. one of them, there you go, holds him at gunpoint as the other two grab bags of cash. it's unclear how much money was stolen. there is a $2,000 reward now out for information. a discrimination claim against a christian owned print shop that refused to make a pride t-shirt is
4:40 am
dropped. kentucky court dismissing the case. advocacy brought the lawsuit lacked the legal standing to do so because they weren't specifically the ones affected. the business owner says he didn't print the shirts because it went against his faith. all right, guys. those are your headlines. steve: all right. thank you very much. brian: meanwhile, 20 minutes before the top of the hour. turning now to extreme weather. back-to-back snow storms are slamming colorado. ainsley: denver getting more than a foot already as the state sees its snowest october since 2009. steve: janice dean has been talking about the cold weather out in the middle and she joins us right now from fox square. janice? janice: john rich is not going to introduce me is on the couch? steve: hold on a second. brian: just say go to janice. >> and now go to janice for the great weather report. what's it going to be like, janice? janice: fantastic. >> there is weather coming to your city. [laughter] janice: yeah, that's what i'm talking about john rich. you know what? mostly sunny sky here in new
4:41 am
york city. let's take a look at the maps because we did have a very big cold front that moved through. we actually have freeze warnings in effect all the way down to the gulf coast. tennessee, kentucky, we have got temperatures in the 30's. so that, my friends is, a pretty big cold front. with that we had hundreds of reports, storm reports mostly wind damage across the mid-atlantic and the northeast. we have tornado watches yesterday. hopefully all the trick-or-treaters were safe indoors the areas where we needed them to be in doors. last 24 hours. a little bit of lake-effect snow across the great lakes. good news across california winds start to calm down today and better forecast ahead for the firefighters. doing great work. i love you john rich. >> thank you, janice, i love you, too. steve: john, thank you very much. >> thank you, guys. appreciate it. brian: look at this. congressman steve scalise blasting the impeachment
4:42 am
resolution. ainsley: look at that sign. brian: soviet style probe. the congressman says american people deserve better. he joins us live next. ♪ ♪ ♪ this, and even this. but i don't have to clean this, because the self-cleaning brush roll removes hair while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans now cleans itself. (burke) at fso we know how to we'vcover almost, (bert) even an accident brought to you by the number one! (count) i know i left it in here somewhere...ah ha! my monocle. ah, that's one. one lens! ah, ah, ah! [thunder crashing]
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♪ brian: as house democrats pass resolution on impeachment rules. steny hoyer vows the process will be transparent. >> this is going to be due process. it's going to be fair. it will be a forum in which the president is given the opportunity to call witnesses, to cross-examine, to have his representatives present. and i am surprised that the republicans say they are not going to vote for a resolution that, in effect, gives them what they asked for. brian: so if i'm watching that i say this seems like a
4:46 am
fair process. bring in some reality. white house minority whip congressman steve scalise who is very fired up yesterday. is steny hoyer telling the truth and, if he is, what's the problem? >> well, good morning, brian. and frankly, if you read the resolution, it allows, first of all, for adam schiff to continue going on behind closed doors. building this false narrative where they leak out certain things to try to mislead people. you talk to people that were in the room and you get a completely different response. and oh you, by the way, over 75% of the voting members of congress are not allowed in that room. most of the american people don't know what's going on in that room. so, they continue that process. and then even if it goes to the judiciary committee, which we don't know if it will. the chairman has full discretion to deny, to veto witnesses, veto power by the chairman. never has happened before. didn't happen under clinton, didn't happen under nixon. and even the president's legal counsel by the way,
4:47 am
brian, the chairman has the discretion to kick the president's legal counsel out of the room. if you want to call that a fair process, again, i equate it to soviet style justice because maybe in the soviet union they have a one sided closed doors behind closed doors secret impeachment process. this is the united states of america. we deserve better than. this our justice system works a lot different than this. brian: congressman, explain this to me though, we know behind closed doors now. and we know behind closed doors adam schiff has said to witnesses you don't have to answer his or her question. you don't have to -- jump in there can he still do that, number one, and number two, i know he is reject witnesses but is everyone going to get a chance to question and challenge? >> well, so far we don't have any assurance of that. and, in fact, as you mentioned, just this week adam schiff directed witness, one of the witnesses to not answer questions. there were certain questions that were asked by republicans on the
4:48 am
committee. so, adam schiff still holds full control over directing the witness who can and can't ask certain questions. again, that's unprecedented. but even the transcripts. look, we had an amendment yesterday they shot down every republican amendment they didn't want to work in a bipartisan way. we had an amendment saying all the transcripts should be released to the public. they rejected even that amendment. as can you see just how one-sided this is. i would like to ask any member of the committee, anybody who voted for that resolution yesterday if they were falsely accused of a crime would they want to subject themselves to those kind of unfair rules and processes. we don't just have to talk about process but that really matters a lot. brian: right. >> when you talk about what the president said, the president released the transcript of the call. we have all these hearings about what other people might have thought of the transcript and in many cases people with a political bias against the president. president trump released the call between him and zelensky and even zelensky said there was no pressure
4:49 am
on the call. there was no quid pro quo. so that's the genesis of this with the whistleblower. brian: morrison for example yesterday said i didn't have a problem with how things took place but he did think they were on two separate diplomatic tracks between rudy giuliani and sondland and the others. having said that he had no problem with the call. he said the transcript was very accurate what he remembered took place. so here's my question to you. do you believe the speaker when she says i'm approaching this very somberly, prayerfully. i watched it go to the show talk somberly to get cheers and applause. what's her remind set? >> we know from day one, the day that donald trump put his hand on the bible to take the oath of office they wanted to impeach him. there were democrats in leadership in congress who said they wanted to impeach him. without any facts. there never any high crimes and misdemeanors. there still by the way never
4:50 am
any high crime and misdemeanor they laid out. it's a hope they had the whole mueller investigation where they hoped they would find something and they didn't. there were no charges because there was no collusion or obstruction. and so they keep going on. they hoped that there was quid pro quo but then the president released the transcript and there was no quid pro quo. instead of moving on and dealing with things like lowering drug prices, like paying our troops, making sure they have the tools they need, the democrats won't bring those bills to the floor because they are infatuated with you impeaching the president afraid think will get reelected. >> guess what you vote on aid to the ukraine. $200 million didn't get voted on. how concerned are you with the ukraine if you won't take up this action but had you to go do stephen colbert last night. steve scalise, thanks so much. >> great to be with you. thanks. brian: meanwhile a victory straight ahead free speech on one campus. university of michigan ditching bias response team. one student says the school
4:51 am
has a lot of work to do to make everyone's voice heard.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
steve: the university of michigan saying goodbye to its bias response team in a victory for free speech on college campus. ainsley: that's right. it went all the way to the courts. the sixth circuit of appeals judge saying the very name bias response team suggest that the accused student's actions have been prejudged to be biased. steve: here to discuss we have campus reform correspondent and student at the university of michigan, austin mcintosh. austin, good morning to you. >> hi, austin. steve: how are you doing. >> great. explain what was going on apparently they had a speech police department if somebody said hey, that person hurt my feelings, they would go and investigate them, right?
4:55 am
>> that's basically it. it was pretty much campus police -- not campus police but language police that would, if somebody found something hateful or if they understood it as hate speech or offensive, then they could report you and you could face punishment from some bureaucracy from the college. ainsley: so how did that work out. >> well, it didn't -- so far it's been disbanded which is awesome for us. the leadership institute campus reform has reported on lots of different events like this. different organizations. cracking down on college students on campuses, just for, you know, talking about the conservative values, conservative ideals. you know, i have a personal experience like this. like last week i was attacked on our campus for just being a conservative. i was tabling with an organization and we were attacked by one of my classmates nonetheless which is pretty crazy, yeah, so the campuses aren't doing a whole lot to protect freedom of speech either. steve: not just hurt feelings if somebody alleged
4:56 am
they did something inappropriate, language wise. the university of michigan put this out. this settlement makes had t. abundantly clear the lawsuit was unnecessary. having rus debate on all sides of an issue has been a hallmark. thought will continue to flourish on our campus. so they have gotten rid of this bias police there. but there are 200 college campuses that still have units like that, right? >> um-huh, yes. yes. so, and i think those inhibit our freedom of speech. if you look at the college campus climate and you see how these organizations crack down on freedom of speech, it's pretty sad. i think that these organizations and these bias response teams create an environment where, you know, these colleges with their liberal bias they live in this liberal bubble and when you bring in your conservative morals and values, it pops and people get upset. it's sad to see.
4:57 am
steve: thank you very much for joining us live. ainsley: more fox and friends straight ahead. . . maria ramirez? hi. maria ramirez! mom! maria! maria ramirez... mcdonald's is committing 150 million dollars in tuition assistance, education, and career advising programs... prof: maria ramirez mom and dad: maria ramirez!!! to help more employees achieve their dreams.
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♪ steve: friday, november 1st. that means it is my daughter mary's birday. happy birthday, mary doocy. brian: what do you get daughter this age? does she register anywhere? steve: we had a party down in washington, d.c., she had a bunch of her favorite friends. ainsley: we won't say her age, happy birthday, mary doocy. your daddy loves you a lot. steve: and? ainsley: hayden's birthday is coming up. steve: we're so glad. ainsley: we are so glad you were born, sweetheart. brian: joining someone a lot older than mary.
5:01 am
geraldo rivera is here. ainsley: when is your birthday? >> july 4th, 1943. i love the doose sy family. they are wonderful, real example of way family should be. so proud the way the family grew up. happy birthday, mary. steve: let's talk what yesterday in the house. ultimately 332 democrats voted to go forward with the blueprint on impeachment. they are saying that it is very open and transparent but geraldo from your lawyer's seat, is it? >> grotesquely unfair and divisive. even "new york times" got it right. fractured house, bitter vote. this is absolutely the way this went down yesterday. the speaker of the house, the democrats, have crafted an impeachment which is inherently divisive and made it so very
5:02 am
unfair as to enrage republicans and other fair-minded people. you cannot have a process where in the speaker, running the event gets to say the other side what witnesses they can call, has veto power over those witnesses and over any kind of subpoenas. if for instance, they wanted to call chairman schiff to ask him about his relationship with the so-called whistleblower. they can object, object to any witness they wanted, democrats can, curtail the republican presentation, frustrate them, it is so deeply and fundamentally unfair. i predict it will lead to the kind of tea party uprising we saw in 2009 and 2010. it will, it will divide this country along partisan lines in a way we have heretofore never seen. i do not believe it will result in justice. ainsley: that is what
5:03 am
nancy pelosi said, back in march, a lot of people were pleased to hear her say that. it needs to be bipartisan, if not our country will fall apart and be divided. i'm not for impeachment. impeachment is so divisive in the country, unless there is something so compelling and overwhelming left-hand bipartisan i don't think we should go down that path it will divide the country. he is not worth it. this is what she is saying now. listen. >> i think what is important, the most important thing for the american people to realize and understand this, no one is above the law. we don't want to impeach a president. we don't want the reality that a president has done something that is in violation of the constitution, this was something that you could not ignore. brian: really? ainsley: it wasn't bipartisan geraldo at all. no republicans voted for it. two democrats actually broke ranks with nancy pelosi and
5:04 am
voted against it. >> i was proud that no republican broke ranks but, listen to what she said about nobody is above the law. the president is certainly not above the law, but neither is he beneath the law. the president, you know they say that, the republicans only argue process. yes it is process. it is due process. the president deserves the same kind of fairness as any other defendant in the similar situation. you know the polls in this case are right. they show a substantial majority of the american people are against this process. or they're against the removing the president from office. let's go through this process but make it a fair process. the house will vote. i think that is a foreordained conclusion. they wanted to impeach this man from the second they were elected. they are filling a self-fulfilling prophecy. he will be impeached by the house of representatives after a
5:05 am
very, very tumultuous period. it will be a catastrophic leading into the holidays. it will overflow into next year's elections. the, the primary in iowa is right around the corner. i think that it will be a mess a big mess. brian: geraldo, if this is deemed unfair to the president, it will decide the house perhaps. the senate definitely and the white house for certain. we, it doesn't even matter what those democratic candidates are doing now. it all depends on this. this will suck the oxygen out of everything. we'll see what takes place of the because for those predicting republicans would jump ship on this unorthodox candidate who became president were flat-out wrong. as david brooks of "the new york times" said, in washington you get the sense republicans might be breaking. outside washington nobody gets the sense that republicans are breaking. and the sad thing is, most people doing analysis, never get
5:06 am
outside of washington. >> i think, brian will be a tremendous catalyst for the people supporting the president. i think it will be a great fund-raising mechanism for the president. i think it will solidify the republican party like never before. it will attract suburban independents that live in neighborhoods like my own t snowed last night. you understand why the president wants to leave new york and move to mar-a-lago. i really do believe this will have a terrific ricochet effect on democrats. they have no idea, sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for. they wished for this from the very beginning. now they brought it about in such a divisive way, such parochial, such preordained, such a partisan way, i think it will rebound in favor of the president. you're right. steve: geraldo, you touched on it. cover of "the new york post."
5:07 am
ny see-ya. the president says after he leasts the -- leaves the white house. he will be living in mar-a-lago. he follows other problem men people leaving florida, texas. brian: ohio,. >> ohio. as well. taxes here are killers. >> snowbirds don't have to be wealthy. it is common phenomenon. head up the station wagon every october to head down to the winter homes. he doesn't have to load up a station wag gone. he has given me a tour of mar-a-lago. not exactly a beach bungalow. he and the first lady, very elegant and historic residence. some say the nicest house, home in america. he has been really foully treated in the city of my birth. i love new york. so does the president.
5:08 am
we both grew up there. it is a wonderful, wonderful city but he has been so cruelly treated. the district attorney is hounding him. the mayor is constantly on him. you have all the different committees that are seeking not only his taxes but to disrupt his businesses be a so forth. it is hostile environment. very obviously very liberal environment. washington and new york, he gets booed in new york or washington but i assure you, if showed up in cleveland he would be cheered. brian: in houston he would have been cheered. meanwhile, according to the governor, he says good riddance. not like donald trump paid taxes here anyway. all yours, florida. i have news for you, when you build a tower, when you rebuild a golf course, build a bunch of hotels, when you are begged by mayor bloomberg to refurbish a golf course, he is a builder and job creator. you pay taxes to build a building. you hire all these contractors to do everything big and small
5:09 am
on all these structures. the last thing new york needs is someone like trump to leave with all of his ambitions in manhattan. ainsley: i wonder if the rest of the family will leave too? will he take his business with him? brian: i'm sure they're gone too. >> i'm not sure about don, jr. but we'll see. trump has had a lasting imprint on new york. when i met him he had just taken over over the commodore hotel on east 42nd street. it was a magnet for hookers, rapists. it was 42nd street was wrecking it and converted it grand hyatt hotel. he made 20 million on it, great for himself. he resurrected that time square neighborhood. he did the skating rink and apartments on the west side one which i lived in. the golf course you mentioned in the bronx. not to mention trump tower.
5:10 am
he had extremely positive, and hotels. he had extremely positive effect on new york, new york will miss him. they will still have trump to kick around at least on tv. brian: he will be down in palm beach after the white house, building towers there. steve: geraldo, have a great weekend. ainsley: carley is standing by with headlines. carley: straight to a fox news alert. a 7-year-old girl is rushed to the hospital when she is shot in the neck while trick-or-treating. watch as people run from gunshots in broad daylight in chicago. [gunfire] that little girl is in critical condition. a man who police say was targeted is expected to survive. "the chicago sun-times" reports at least one person died and three others were injured in shootings around the city on halloween. breaking right now, four people are dead after a shooting breaks out at a halloween party
5:11 am
overnight. investigators are at a house 15 minutes outside of berkeley, california. the homeowner confirms he rented out the house for a private party on airbnb. this shooting comes days after three people were shot and killed at a halloween party in long beach, california. that gunman is still on the run. senior homeland security official is getting a big promotion. "politico" reports president trump will tap chad wolf as acting dhs secretary. right now wolf leads the department's policy office. he was previously a top aide to former secretary kirstjen nielsen. currently acting secretary kevin mcaleenan was set to step down yesterday will stay until november 7th to insure a smooth transition. the washington nationals get a hero's welcome home as world series champions. [cheering]
5:12 am
there will be a celebratory parade down constitution avenue tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. besting houston astros on wednesday, beating them 6-2. the team's first ever world series title. now that they won. maybe washington will get along. brian: they will be partying together in the streets. steve: 100%. bipart sawn partying. brand new wildfire scorch los angeles. of the fire is getting bigger. we have a live report from california next. brian: the cost of elizabeth warren's "medicare for all" plan revealed. it is not that expensive. $52 trillion. ainsley: that -- brian: i have that with me. stuart varney will sound off. we couldn't get stuart walking up the steps. we took a good picture. i like that picture.
5:13 am
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5:16 am
brian: back with a wildfire alert. brand new fire sparking los angeles right now. it is scorching 5000 acres. it is still growing. ainsley: a car chase actually sparked a massive fire. that one in san bernardino.
5:17 am
steve: we fine ray boeing begin. what about the weather today? are things getting better. reporter: good morning to you. firefighters say cold weather and lighter wind are helping them out. the fire burning north of los angeles it it is now the maria fire. it hit 8,000 acres and zero containment. the firefighters think it will run out of fuel to burn and hit a max burn of 12,000 acres. the santa anna winds fueling it will subside by midday. >> our efforts are evacuations getting close to structures, providing structures where we can. second to that is perimeter control. reporter: firefighters are using helicopters but they had to stop flying multiple times this morning because people were flying drones to take pictures. >> this created quite a dangerous situation.
5:18 am
not only illegal, but it hampers our firefighting efforts. the desire to do such a thing, refrain from doing so. get airborne assets in. reporter: in sonoma county the kincade fire burned at 77,000-acres. it is 65% containment. officials allow some residents there to return homes. >> neighbors backed hugged each other. they are happy to see our homes and each other, safe and sound. we were sitting at the edges of our seats, wondering if we would have homes to come back to. reporter: this home behind me is one of six destroyed yesterday in the hillside fire. the residents in san bernanadino have been allowed to come back home but 850,000 resident in los angeles and ventura counties are still under critical fire weather warning.
5:19 am
steve, ainsley, brian, back to you. steve: steve bogan in san bernardino. brian: a former acting cia direct is praising how it got started. >> use a term about a deep state to take him out. >> thank god for the deep state. steve: judge jeanine is here to react to that. she is coming up next friday on "fox & friends" on friday. ♪ (dramatic orchestra)
5:20 am
5:21 am
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5:22 am
♪ >> i do agree now the impeachment inquiry is underway
5:23 am
sparked by a complaint from someone in the intelligence community. it feeds the president's concern and uses term about a deep state being there to take him out. >> thank god for the deep state. ainsley: former acting cia director john mclaughlin, going on the record, praising the deep state's role prompting the impeachment inquiry into president trump. steve: with reaction is the host of "justice with judge jeanine," author of the new book, radicals, resistence and revenge. jeanine pirro. we heard there was no such thing as a deep state or maybe he is joking. >> he is not joking at all. what is interesting, when i had my last book on "the view," there was blow up with whoopi goldberg what makes you think there is even a deep state? they were laughing about it. the truth is there is one.
5:24 am
they're making a joke. you have someone connected to the cia in there intentionally put in there, he is an obama holdover and his job is to create some of a complaint so that they can start an impeachment -- steve: talking about the whistleblower? >> talking about the whistleblower whose name we apparently can't say, we know connected to brennan, liar, susan rice, a whole lot of them, obama holdover, worked with biden. russia didn't work. after two years fracturing the country. russia didn't work. now it is ukraine. the truth if you don't agree with the president's policy on ukraine, elect somebody else. this is not a high crime or a misdemeanor. and they're high-fiving each other over the fact, thank god there is a deep state. yeah, we have a reason to impeach him now. brian: these people stay, elected officials come in and out and they feel like they know more. they know what is right, what is wrong, and they're proud of it.
5:25 am
you saw it in a hope setting. >> not only are they proud of it, they believe that they have the right to run this country. and that is what you saw with james comey, the fbi, the doj, and the fisa warrant. they didn't care about the law, the constitution or anything else that they're talking about now. you know, we're preyful about this impeachment. that is bunch of nonsense. what they care about is maintaining power. power is the only thing that matters. they're talking about maintaining their power irrespective of who is sitting in the oval office. their arrogance is beyond anything we could imagine. ainsley: same thing when nancy pelosi said this is solemn, this is serious, i'm sad, i'm prayerful about this. i would buy that if you hadn't been talking about impeachment, all democrats have been talking about impeachment from day one. >> are you kidding? they were high-fiving each other when they got out of camera
5:26 am
range. you remember maxine waters, impeach 45. the day after he was elected. i'm saying to myself, impeach him for what? the american people have had it. you know what, republicans thank god they all stood together. two democrats didn't go with it. they will not allow the president to have his counsel whenever he wants there. brian: until the third phrase. >> it is kangaroo court. brian: judiciary committee. >> what does that mean? what does that mean? brian: you're the legal expert. i don't know. >> they're making rules up as they go along. that is the pathetic, loads to talk about this weekend. brian: she was yelling at me, right? ainsley: she is yelling about what is happening. >> talk to me. brian: i always say you're yelling and you always say you're not. steve: thank you, judge. breaking news on the other side of this timeout. brian: we do? >> we do.
5:27 am
the october jobs number will come out at 8:30. we'll bring you the numbers. are they going to be good or bad? stuart varney will give us instant analysis coming up next. ♪. chevy's the only brand... to earn j.d. power dependability awards... across cars... trucks... and suvs. four years in a row. since more than 32,000 real people... just like me. and me. and me. took the survey that decided these awards. it was only right that you hear the good news from real people... like us. i'm daniel.
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work is worth it. work can be closer to home... pay more... make us proud. careerbuilder. work can work. find your work at ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert right now. we're awaiting october jobs numbers just released. it is 8:30. we should get it any second. >> experts were predicting 89,000 jobs may have been added next month. brian: unemployment rate was projected 3.6%. keep in mind. stuart varney is here. he got the numbers on "varney & company" nine to noon. >> that is a good number. 128 jobs created last month. bear in mind, please,
5:31 am
general motors, 46,000 workers were on strike precisely the time this report was being compiled. so you can add on 50 or 60,000 people to that 128,000 number. there were also workers furloughed at suppliers. add on some more to this. i think we got a pretty good number right here. what is the rate? did you get that yet? brian: we don't have it yet. >> i'm looking. steve: 3.6. it is up a bit. >> fully employed economy. only tipped up fraction, 3.5%, historic low to 3.6%. that is good number. lots of jobs being created. i am waiting on wage number. see if i can get that for you. wages are rising about a 3% clipper year that is a strong rate. i would expect the numbers to show about the same thing. i'm waiting for the official report. year on year plus 3%. there you go. so fully employed economy. unemployment rate figured up only a tiny fraction.
5:32 am
lots of new jobs created. wages still gaining a lot of ground. brian: what about jobs participation rate? still in 60s? >> don't know yet. brian: people long term unemployed off the bench will be key, right? >> yes. you have got to get those people who are not in the labor force. you have got to bring them into a job. there is lots of jobs going begging. you have to offer good wages, good conditions to get them back n that will be very important number. haven't got that yet. >> if you're on strike you're not considered employed? >> some workers were furloughed. when the unemappointment report was compiled, they would have been fur lowed. they will show up some way in these numbers. good report. it is strong. steve: the fact it beat expectations with 128,000. i have a feeling the president will probably tweeting about this three, two, one. >> give you 30 seconds. brian: probably got numbers earlier. stuart, couple things.
5:33 am
we watched the market rise as president talked about an incremental deal with china as they try to pick a new location for it. then the impeachment goes down which is pure politics. what does it do -- you're a money guy. you're on fox business. you see the politics suck the money out of people's pockets yesterday. what do you think about when that happens? >> wall street investors, middle america, totally ignoring this impeachment drive. it has no impact on the stock market, in my opinion, no impact whatsoever. brian: market tanked when this went down. >> the market dipped when there were bad numbers on manufacturing. that is when the market dipped. when the actually vote was taken, it was a yes vote to proceed with impeachment drive the market turned around a little, it ended up down but not down as it was with the manufacturing numbers. ainsley: what are you taking from that? >> most americans do not care about impeachment. wall street doesn't care. he will not be removed from office this. is pure political strategy, dividing the nation.
5:34 am
wall street doesn't care. steve: what would wall street do if elizabeth warren were elected president? because the cost of her "medicare for all" -- ladies and gentlemen, she is outdone bernie sanders. she says her plan would cost $52 trillion. we can hardly wait to see the details. she says no middle class taxes will go up. ainsley: bernie's 30 trillion? >> 39. brian: we can't buy greenland. >> wait a second, $52 trillion over 10 years. do you realize right now all the taxation, that goes to the treasury is just 4 trillion a year? elizabeth warren proposes to spend 52 trillion over 10 years for "medicare for all." the numbers do not add up. there is no way you can avoid taxing middle america if you want to do that. steve: i have a detail you asked for earlier. you were curious what wages would rise. wages rise 3% from a year earlier. >> strong rate continues.
5:35 am
ainsley: what about the new poll, read you this, "new york times" with new poll with sienna college. the poll says in iowa, look at this, biden is fourth. elizabeth warren number one, sanders buttigieg all ahead. steve: within margin of error. >> joe biden has significant problems. not raising money. brian: 9 million. >> these are the earl caucus and primary states. if he doesn't do well in the very early going, pinning all hopes on california on super tuesday. brian: he keeps hiding his candidacy. let's go to something else i think is a bigger deal. that is the president of the united states says i'm pulling my roots out of new york city. >> isn't that great? i think it is fantastic, what is your reaction? >> leave, mr. trump, please, leave behind the 9% tax rate that new york state charges. leave behind the 4% tax rate that new york city charges. leave behind the 16% estate tax
5:36 am
new york charges. go to tax-free florida, please. go. in my opinion. ainsley: you know what brian said earlier? i thought when you move out to long island you don't pay city tax. brian still pays city tax living on long island. brian: i should be able to vote here. we'll talk about that in a second. he invests in new york. he builds towers, rinks, golf courses hotel. they say good riddance. do they understand you need donald trumps to get jobs, hire contractors, architects? >> no they hate him. they hate him with a passion. raw emotion. good riddance. we don't care who you are. don't care how much money you bring to the city. what drive ambition. we hate you. please leave. ainsley: shows you the divide in our country. >> it is pathetic ainsley, that is what it is. pathetic. steve: you can no longer deduct state and local taxes home mortgage, stuff like that, he is making the case just not worth
5:37 am
living in those states. >> why am i still working in new york city and living in new jersey? steve too i'm the same guy. >> poor me. ainsley: people used to joke about it, why you are living here, we love the city. people are starting to think about it. this sends a strong message. >> i know a ton of people who keep a daily log of exactly where they are any one moment so they're in new york city, new york state too many days. brian: like your buddy derek jeter. made it on the yankees that his residence was in florida. >> do you blame him? you need better accountant. brian: absolutely. do you know carley shimkus. >> i will segue to carley shimkus. ainsley: she is more than a news reader a wonderful person. carley: you guys are the best. ainsley: read the teleprompter, carley. carley: hear you guys. turn to headlines.
5:38 am
a big one, isis names a new successor after confirming the death of abu bakr al-baghdadi. the isis leader was killed during a u.s.-led raid in syria. the terror group issued a new warning that the group is expanding to the west. most americans think president trump should get credit for taking baghdadi down. "abc news/washington post poll," say 54% the pretty deserves some credit for his death. officers rush to a shooting seen, watch this. [siren] >> holy [bleep] carley: don't want to see that. a cop car colliding with another driver passing through an intersection in washington, d.c. no one was seriously hurt. get free advice from amanda knox. she has been tapped to write a
5:39 am
new column ask amanda knox at a local seattle newspaper. they are invited to submit yes, sir on life love and suffering. knox and her boyfriend were accused of killing her roommate in italy. she was acquitted in 20072007. amanda knox giving advice. steve: janice dean gives advice on fox square talking to folks. janice: wear a jacket for the cold weather. where are you from? >> orlando, florida. janice: are you happy to be on "fox & friends"? [cheering] we love you fox news from south carolina, wyoming, fox an friend fans we love it. what a great day to be outside. by the way, fall back this weekend, all right? daylight saving. a big marathon here. big new york city marathon happening on sunday. weather should be nice.
5:40 am
24 hour change across the eastern third of the country. we'll see the cold front move through. better conditions with all those wind reports last night. did you feel the wind last night? >> yes. janice: happy friday. thank you all for coming to "fox & friends." can i have a big hug? yes? okay, line up for free hugs on "fox & friends." ainsley: i want to meet people from south carolina. i want to meet all of them. come over here. i can run down during the commercial. brian: meanwhile fiery exchange on capitol hill over president trump's immigration policies, leading to this outrageous smear. >> you will pursue this heinous white supremacist ideology. >> i'm not a white supremacist nor is the president. steve: mr. cuccinelli didn't back down. he is coming up next. ♪
5:41 am
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♪. >> quick headlines. mcdonald's is bringing friday chicken to breakfast. leaked internal documents reveal a new chicken mcgriddle and mcmuffin. the launch expected to compete with wendy's new chicken sandwich next year. chicken for breakfast is already available at chik-fil-a depending on the day. the company sent an email about national chicken sandwich day, but uh-oh, the holiday falls on a sunday when the chain is closed. chik-fil-a says, this is awkward. popeye's chiming in seriously. you all good? the chicken wars, guys, oh, boy, they continue. ainsley: love that it is so secretive. steve: carley, thank you. the white house report he had lid naming homeland security official chad wolf as next acting department of homeland
5:45 am
security secretary. ainsley: but our next guest is also rumored to be in the running for that job. brian: joining us acting director of the u.s. citizenship and immigrations services ken cuccinelli. >> good morning. brian: do you believe you're still up for the job. >> i don't have a belief on that front. i just keep doing mine in the face of some people who would rather we are not as successful as we've been all through the summer with the president's leadership. ainsley: are you referring to debbie wasserman-schultz by chance. >> a good chunk of congress. she is among them, yeah. in that category. steve: you were appearing before her committee a couple days ago. she and democrats had a lot of question about the immigration policy. we want to play a little snippet. you were there live. for the folks at home who missed it. here is debbie wasserman-schultz versus mr. cuccinelli in congress. >> demonstrated that you will pursue this heinous white supremacist ideology at all costs. >> after declaring that i am not
5:46 am
a white supremacist as you alluded did. >> you have -- >> nor is the president. >> okay. >> and. >> facts matter. >> yes they do. truth -- >> why i'm stating them here. >> you are certainly not. >> please answer the question. >> you are certainly cloaked in legislative privilege means you can get away with not telling the truth. steve: politician can say things because they are protected. however, you are as somebody who is serving in the public interests, you have to give facts. >> i'm under oath and she is literally protected to lie by what is called the speech and debate clause of the constitution. i'm not even sure she is aware of it but it allows legislators for good policy reasons to be able to say anything. to leave them uninhibited. i don't think the founders are ever intended to be shield for lying and trying to plant narratives out in the public and that is what she was doing. you know, she makes her speech.
5:47 am
she wasn't at much of the committee hearing. she came in, laid on her sneers, both me and the president all completely false. wasn't there much longer, got on her broom and left t was a fly-by for her to get a little sound bite. it wasn't substantive. people need to realize that is what is going on in the congressional hearings. they have not interest in the truth. ainsley: she didn't want you to interrupt her. rules prevent her from doing that she is smearing your reputation and character saying something you don't feel like it is true. you have to defend yourself. >> when you listen to the whole five minutes, the chairman interrupts me interrupting her, says the witness will get a chance to answer. schultz said you will get to answer later. but she controls the time. if i just stuck to their rules, she says, she has this phrase, that no normal humans understand. i give back my time. that means she is cutting off
5:48 am
not just herself but the witness. from answering or frankly, countering her allegations. steve: you have to sit there and take it. >> that is what they want you to do, why i was interrupting. it is the only opportunity you get to address the subject and smears. brian: subject is held up in some cases by the wall money. you're getting wall money anyway. building miles of wall anyway. how much do you need new money this year and how far should the president go with this. >> the president put himself in a great position in terms of building the wall. the congressional, you know, smash-up over the continuing resolution that is going to end up sometime in november, maybe into december, depending won't affect wall building because the money is already there we'll get through this without a problem. the wall building will continue at a torrid pace that we have reached now, that we, that the president won the suit with the dod money, the department of
5:49 am
defense money. so they're building in parallel with the border patrol which is really accelerated our capacity to add wall to strategic points of the border. as agents tell you it makes them safer and makes americans safer. steve: we yield back our time. >> good to see y'all. ainsley: we heard of the hero dog who helped take down isis chief baghdadi. he is not the only k-9 hero in the field. brian: up next we hear how dogs like these are trained to help our heroes. ♪. nyquil severe gives you powerful relief for your worst cold and flu symptoms, on sunday night and every night.
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5:53 am
taxes to pay for it. plus the house passing impeachment resolution almost entirely along party lines yesterday. how is the president responding this morning? brand new jobs report just out. what it reveals about the strength of the u.s. economy. join bill and me live from "america's newsroom," friday morning, folks. we'll see you top of the hour. steve: thank you. brian: america's good boy is getting an invite to the white house. the heroic dog credited with helping take down al-baghdadi expected to return to the u.s. next week. ainsley: today we're seeing what these k-9s can actually do. this dog is scout. and he has faced off against isis fighters. he has been shot at. even held a terrorist at bay. good boy. brian: look at that. steve: with more, marine veteran and missionary, victor marks. >> good morning. steve: we're noticing a trend,
5:54 am
this particular breed of dog is number one used by a lot of military. the belgian malimois. >> because of their intelligence, training ability, the level of training by special operations forces it is constant, it is intense, so the professionals just like their colleagues they work with. so it is not, i don't recommend people buying a belgian without proper breeding and training. she is from baden k-9. steve: she is shaking because it is cold or on tv? >> she is looking for threats. she is focused in -- ainsley: why is there on a table? >> easier for us to tell about her. brian: can you talk to us some of the training they do and way you keep her active. >> first it has to be the breeding. training is all the basics. because if you can't control a dog, main thing their attention. they have to have focus or they won't be able to do the commands. steve: we know that dog that is
5:55 am
unnamed but we've seen a picture, chased baghdadi into a dead end tunnel. now you got an assistant who will assist us right to show what it is like for a controlled bite, correct? >> correct. steve: explain. >> the focused intensity. ainsley: she is ready. >> let's go. brian: we were going to have brian do it but thought better. >> watch, watch. good scout. ainsley: whoa! >> scout. out. plus. steve: what was magic word to get her to stop. >> peanut butter. steve: what about the cones. >> the training you have to control to walk through and again they're always looking for, get up. they're always looking for that threat. brian: wow. >> but the word, what is amazing
5:56 am
because she faced isis fighters, within two hours later she is helping kids that recover. that is what our organization does. steve: would you do a full attack as well? >> if y'all like to see one. watch. steve: there is the guy down there. >> he is the threat. we won't let him. watch, watch. watch. ainsley: this dog is protecting me, yes, sir. he is going to protect me. >> take, take. good take. good take. good, good. steve: that is amazing. all the training comes into that. thanks for joining us. >> let's go, scout. steve: round of applause, folks. we'll be right back. [cheering] ainsley: whoa. f advil.
5:57 am
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$0 deductibles, and $0 premiums? if not, maybe it's not the right fit. does it include dental and vision coverage? if not, maybe there's a better fit for you. call health markets now or visit for your free fitscore. compare thousands of medicare plans with all of these benefits and more. they work to help you and they do it all for free. ♪ healthmarkets only healthmarkets has the free fitscore. call the number on your screen call healthmarkets now >> tonight the pre-release. two appearances, i'll be in
6:00 am
dayton, ohio and then elkhart, indiana on saturday with katie pavlich. thanks for watching. see you. >> bill: fox news alert now. the economy is on fire. the october jobs number just out. it shows solid growth. we added 128,000 jobs last month which is much higher than expected. you had a labor strike as well. unemployment ticking up 3.6% still near a 50-year low. we'll likely hear from the president. he tweeted a moment ago. he has a rally later tonight in mississippi. the revision for the two months higher also. first, however, here is another number for you, $52 trillion is how much senator elizabeth warren's medicare for all plan will cost. good morning, everybody. i'm bill hemmer. you


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