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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 3, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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college students seem to support the activists according to a poll by the college polls. paul: unbelievable. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel. thanks to all of you for ♪ ♪ ♪ arthel: after his overnight trip to new york continuing to call the impeachment process a scam as the white house says it is prepared to defend the president during public hearings, hello, everyone, i'm arthel neville, brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. eric: hello, arthel. thank you for joining us, i'm eric sean, more administration officials are scheduled to testify this week behind closed doors as the democrats forge ahead with inquiry, this after the official house vote that was mostly divided along party lines. >> the whistleblower should be revealed because the whistleblower gave false
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stories, come people would call it a fraud, i won't go that far but when i read it closely, i probably would. but the whistleblower should be revealed. >> the republican party has now fully given itself over to being a personality cult for donald trump. so very sadly unlike the nixon or the clinton investigations, this is going to continue to break down a long partisan lines, doesn't need to be that way and shouldn't be that way, but my republican colleagues are unwilling to look at the facts here. eric: we have team live fox news coverage for you with the latest developments, garrett tenney in washington bureau but we will given with david, outside the white house in north lawn. >> hi, eric, 2 minutes after president trump deplaned from marine one he walked over to cameras waiting for him and raged against democrats, house speaker nancy pelosi and the entire impeachment process. he if i understand himself talking about impeachment a lot more these days, pretty much every time he's in front of a
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camera and this was no exception. the president defended his phone call with ukrainian president zelenzky from july 25th and despite the fact that he wants to know the io tenio of whistleblower, trump today as he said in the past, he called that phone call a, quote, perfect call, back in washington specifically on capitol hill the president continues to call out not only pelosi but also house intelligence chairman adam schiff, he also called for that whistleblower not only to come forward but to answer questions. there are whistleblower protections but the president believes his team has a right to hear directly from the whistleblower and pose those questions, something not on the radar around the country, on this date in november possibility of government shutdown, last year in december lasted into early 2019, democrats on capitol hill have said they are concerned that the president would shut down the government if he gets too upset about impeachment, well, i asked
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president trump this very item today on the south lawn. >> we will see what happens, the democrats only -- i call them the do-nothing democrats, they are doing nothing, they are note getting usmca done, everybody wants it, even the democrats want it, they are not getting anything done. >> are you committed to no government shutdown? >> it depends on the negotiations, i wouldn't commit with anything, depends on the negotiations. >> the president has been on campaign trail, he mentioned impeachment at his rallies, using it as a way to rally his base for the election which is one year from today, eric. eric: pretty amazing, one year to the day, thank you. arthel: other end to pennsylvania avenue where house democrats are georgia up for another busy week in capitol hill lining up more witnesses in impeachment inquiry, garrett
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tenney following this part of the story, garrett. >> arthel, t important to remember that the house approved the rules for impeachment inquiry without a single republican vote, republicans are continuing to criticize the process arguing it's not fair and that they still do not have the amount of power that they'd like to subpoena witnesses. >> adam schiff gets to call the witnesses he wants and republicans have to submit list to get approval and you can try to put a ribbon on process but that doesn't make it less of a sham, any less unfair and less partisan. >> democrats are pointing out that this is the way the house works with the majority party holding the decision-making power. on fox news sunday number 2 democrat on house intelligence committee said they will begin to hold public hear negotiation the next few weeks and expects republicans will focus more on attacking witnesses than trying to find answers.
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>> american people will see despite what kellyanne conway see, they will see the president's defenders, mark meadows, hammering the witnesses in the closed hearings and their lawyers, by the way, so what the american people will see a process afforded same amount of time and access to witnesses to the republicans as was afforded to the democrats. >> one witness the president and allies have been push to go hear from is the whistleblower who filed complaint about call and today the whistleblower's have offered to ask questions under oath. being a whistleblower is not a partisan job nor impeachment objective, that's not our role, we have offered to devin nunes opportunity for minority to submit through legal team written questions to whistleblower, questions cannot seek identifying info regarding
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which will not provide or otherwise be inappropriate, we will ensure timely answers, and you may remember last month chairman adam schiff changed his tune on, this given all the testimony congress has heard about ukraine call, it wasn't necessary to hear from the whistleblower who wasn't on the call to start with, at this point, it is not clear if republicans will take the whistleblower up on their offer, arthel. arthel: garrett tenny, thank you. we are pick eric: new poll asking if president trump should be removed from office, mark meredith has details. >> half of the country feels president trump should be impeached and removed from office, but those numbers are down slightly from early october, when registered voters were asked about impeachment, 49 supported impeachment and removal from office, the number is down from 51% a few weeks ago, 4% say the house should impeach but the president should
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remain in office, 41% say trump how old not be impeached, the president senior adviser say majority of voters do not support the house's efforts. >> this is as nancy pelosi pledged and promised, chris, overwhelmingly bipartisan, move toward impeachment supported by the public. >> called the impeachment inquiry a witch hunt, the majority of voters found sob valid inquiry, 52% found legitimate and 39% called it bogus, the poll was taken days before the house vote today approve formalizing the impeachment inquiry, sunday marks one year until the 220 general election and latest poll shows the president has long way to go to convince voters he's doing a good job in office, right now the data shows 57% of registered voters disapprove of the president's job performance compare today 42% that approve, fewer americans approve of performance now with the impeachment inyeary underway than they did in september, on
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friday president trump celebrated administration's accomplishments and pointed to latest jobs report showing employers adding 128,000 jobs in october as proof he should not be impeached, our poll found 49% of registered voters do approve the way the president is handling the economy, eric. eric: thanks so much, arthel. arthel: now to california wild fires, after days of red flag warnings, dying winds are enabling firefighters get upper hand over wild fires, in the northern part of the state, the kincaid fire is now more than 70% contained but not before burning 77,000 acres and destroying 350 structures. in southern california evacuations have been lifted in ventura county where the maria fire has burned nearly 10,000 acres, firefighters say that blaze is now 50% contained.
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eric: tomorrow marks 40 years of siege of embassy in iran. four decades on the diplomatic divide continues to raise tensions in the middle east with iotola claiming u.s. aggression towards iran has only grown, quote, wilder and more flagrant he says over the years, tray yngst in the middle with more, hi, trey. >> as tensions do continue with the united states and iran tomorrow, the world will mark 40th anniversary of the iran hostage crisis, iran's supreme leader spoke to group of students in a speech that was aired on state television, the iotola doubled down on iran's commitment not to engage with talks with the united states, negotiations about iran's nuclear program amid heavier by the americans will not solve iran's problems. >> for the other side getting iran to sit at the negotiating
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table and accept talks means bringing the islamic republic to its knows, they want to -- knees and they want to prove that they can make iran come to its knees and -- >> standoff began when angry group of protestors stormed about relations taking 66 people hostage, ultimately 52 americans were held there for 444 days, decades later amid a number filled with iranian backed attacks on western oil infrastructure the iranians targeting the largest oil field and resurgence of nuclear program, the world is watching closely, the relationship between washington and tehran, as for iranian tension in the middle east, multiple fires to gaza, further highlight it is threat that allies face in the
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region when it comes to iran and iran proxies. eric: i will be speaking with retired u.s. navy bob wells, iran, still the number one on the terrorism list. arthel. arthel: smugglers are reportedly breaking through the president's border wall and according to new report they are doing it in a very simple way. here is the president's reaction .
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♪ ♪ >> we have a very powerful wall but no matter howie:erful -- we have a lot of people watching, you know, cutting is one thing but easily fixed, one of the reasons we did tit way we did it it's easily fixed to put back in, we have a very powerful wall. arthel: president trump defending his southern border wall after smugglers reportedly cut through it with hand saws, this could cause border funding hurdles in the federal budget which expires in just a few weeks. philip is here, national politics correspondent for real clear politics, first of all, what's your reporting on the breach? >> so what i think is most important to remember that we all get caught up in questions
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about impeachment, ukraine, russia, but if you remember back in 2016 this was the central issue for president trump, it was the border wall, and i think that his supporters based off of the conversations that i've had with them at rallies and so on and so forth, they understand that a permanent structure is not impenetrable despite the president's own rhetoric, i think that what they are more focused on is the fact that the federal government is taking seriously what is happening on the southern border right now. arthel: let's listen to the president in phoenix on august 31st, 2016. >> on day one we will begin working on an impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful southern border wall. arthel: to the present day if the president's border can actually be breached with -- would the american people support shutting down the
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federal government for wall funding? >> this is in -- not a complete border wall, replacement where there was border security in place, if you look at the actual numbers not as much of the quote, unquote, wall that the president once has been put in place, that said we know that the president speaks with and own supporters let him get away with that, i don't think we will see any type of face erosion because the border wall is not as strong as he wants. to your point, i think that that does make it more difficult for him to force in capitol hill in defense of the wall when democratic opponents can say, well, your wall doesn't even work. >> if not the wall, could impeachment get to go yes on a budget that's to the satisfaction of the president
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and the democrats? >> certainly could, if you remember the president's best argument going is 2020s that the economy is going well and at this point we've seen this administration blink several times when it comes to government shutdowns and so this close to the election i think that the odds are against that, but with this president, of course, we never say never. arthel: we know the government shutdown is not good for the people, that said, who would bear the political backlash of shutdown in 3 weeks more the president or democratic leaders? >> and the president here, he has control of the senate, the house is against him at this point, this is really an exercise and who can give their argument better, who can frame the debate in the way that actually benefits them, it's completely unclear at this point, but i do not think that based off of what i've been hearing from my sources and the people that i've been talking to, a shutdown is eminent in the way that it was before, but,
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again, if president trump wants to make a stand here, 100 days outside of first democratic primary and caucuses, well, then it's possible that he forces the issue. he's looking at the market, seen gdp is up and unemployment is down and at this point he does not want to rock the boat but, again, we will have to watch closely because this is if nothing else a president who -- who shoots from the hip. arthel: he does, any thoughts about this coming week? >> i think that what we are going to see is that the president is again going to argue that impeachment is a witch hunt, i think that he's going to call all of the proceedings a sham and it's really going to put a lot of pressure on republicans who up to this point have been making argument about the process, they have been saying that the democrats have been unfair to them by not giving them subpoena power and not enabling them as
1:20 pm
the minority party and now that there's actually been a vote in the house i think what's going to be interesting is seeing house republicans seeing their argument shift from one that has to do with process, seeing it shift more to an argument about the actual allegations about what happened on that call with ukrainian president. arthel: thank you very much, we will leave it there. take care. >> thank you, ma'am. eric: president trump's impeachment inquiry moves to next phase, chad explains how a trial on the senate might work. >> the constitution says little about how the senate conducts impeachment trial, article 1, section 6 of the constitution says the senate has sole power to try impeachments, two-thirds vote to convict. >> under the impeachment rules of the senate we will take the matter up, the chief justice will be in the chair, we intend to do our constitutional
1:21 pm
responsibility. >> but on cnbc mcconnell took a different tacts. >> i would have no choice but to take it up, how long you're on it is a whole different matter. >> i've covered mitch mcconnell for a long time, i've learned to parse his language, he usually says exactly what he means, the senate would have to take up articles of impeachment but nobodies for how long, consider this. >> impeachment rule one says the senate, quote, shalim immediately inform the house that it's ready to receive the articles, that involves the vote, the house sends over articles along with team of managers, house members that serve as prosecutors, senate impeachment rule 2 says recognizes the impeachment managers and articles shall be exited, that means the senate reads impeachment article out loud on the floor. mcconnell says how long, 51
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votes are required to dismiss the charges. legendary west virginia robert burr tried to dismiss the charges and failed on roll call vote, then senate majority leader got all 100 senators together in old senate chamber to establish ground rules for clinton's trial. senators decide today stick with the person's agreement despite effort to short circuit the trial, it's hard to imagine how all 10 senators could agree on special arrangements for a possible trial of president trump in today's super charge atmosphere, the senate has never terminated an impeachment trial before its conclusion but in 2009 the senate flushed articles of impeachment for federal judge kent, senate never conducted a trial, impeachment trial ends with a vote, all 100 senators rise and vote verbally from their desk when their name is
1:23 pm
called in alphabetical order, 67 yeas to convict and remove official from office. were the senate will at least have to take it up but what happens after presenting the articles of impeachment is far from clear. on capitol hill chad. arthel: we are exactly one year until the 2020 election, now democrat democratic presidential candidate focused on iowa where mayor pete buttigieg has momentum, next who is on top in a brand-new fox news
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>> it matters how presidential leadership sets the tone, it's not about pretend to go agree on stuff, it's not about watering down our values, it is about a sense of regard from where people are coming from and the job of the president is to call all americans into the future. arthel: we are less than 100 days out from the iowa caucus, first real test of 2020
1:28 pm
democratic primary and presidential hopefuls like pete buttigieg are there urging for support, this comes as brand-new fox news national poll shows former vice president joe biden with a 10-point lead over senator elizabeth warren. kristina coleman has more now from west coast bureau. >> well, the trio of democratic front runners, former vice president joe biden and senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are all on the campaign trail today, a new fox news poll biden leads nomination race and beats president trump by 11 points in a matchup, biden bashed the nra as campaign event in sterling, virginia and called trump's administration corrupt, the new fox news poll shows mayor pete buttigieg gaining momentum over senator kamala harris and coming in fourth behind the trio of democratic front runners, pete buttigieg is on bus tour in iowa, he just spoke to voters and explained
1:29 pm
how he's ready to go up against trump. >> i'm happy to have a debate over the difference between his approach to being called to serve in the military and mine, there's a lot of tough talk and chest-pumping and all that sort of thing but it's not the same through strength, there's more to strength and toughness than that kind of thing, reach toughness is standing by your word, real toughness is standing by your friends and ally. >> snl kicked off show with spoof of warren addressing former texas congressman beto o'rourke giving up presidential bid. >> first i would like to pull one out for beto o'rourke who ran out of the race, thank you so much for running a great campaign and sticking around long enough to call me punitive. [laughter] >> let me know how my dust tastes all right.
1:30 pm
>> despite the efforts of all of the candidates, the fox news poll show that is many democratic primary voters wish they had other options for candidates even though they still have 16 presidential hopefuls in the race down from 17 candidates in july, arthel. arthel: kristina coleman, thank you. >> every day for different occasions they are coming and from the factories, universities, from the schools, the different -- from the armed forces and they will come and to america -- [inaudible] >> and kind of rhetoric. eric: they are still chanting death to america, iranian journalist looking back at when he covered the iranian hostage crisis in tehran, began 40 years ago tomorrow after iranian students stormed embassy and holding diplomats.
1:31 pm
held hostage for 44 days, november 4th, 1979 until january 20th, 1981, the very moment ronald reagan was inaugurated as president, four decades on diplomatic tensions with iran remain fracture and iran continues to be number one on the state department list of state sponsors of terrorism, let's look back now, retired u.s. navy bob wells, national security adviser to vice president dick cheney, bob, it's gotten worse since then, now guides the regime, some of the young students run the control, what have we learned in this time? >> we've learned that iran is going to be continued challenge to the united states ever since the hostage crisis as preview just provided, it really was a point of departure for traditional diplomacy, we have revolutionary iran now, eric, many of those protestors are now
1:32 pm
in the government of iran, still revolutionary iran that continue to frustrate the community, flout international norms and the united states is looking at it from the universery time to how to actually deal with the revolutionary, when is iran returning to be a national state and we have a dialogue, that's yet to be seen. eric: do you think that's even possible that they can return to peaceful international community of nations that respect the human dignity and not human suffering and executing their opposition? >> at this point with this particular government especially with iotola as well as regardless of what the foreign minister or president rouhani says, iotola has a vote and it's in their constitution as well
1:33 pm
ever since they established iranian constitution, in terms of returning to normal diplomatic discourse, the united states and iran are still going remain at loggerheads and i think the twilight war as it's been termed, the cold war with iran will continue to persist and we need to strength defenses an anticipate where you will have revolutionary zeal and persian gulf and other places in the middle east where we have interest. eric: they still are number one in state sponsor list, the annual list came out on friday and take a look at what they say about iran, quote, iran remain it is world's worst state sponsor of terrorism, the regime spent $1 billion a year, a billion dollars a year to support terrorist groups that serve proxies and the iranian government maintains robust cyber program and sponsored cyber attacks against foreign government and private sector entities, supporting terrorist
1:34 pm
plots to attack iranian and several countries and continental europe, they are attacking the tankers, they are also, they shot down our drone, they also had assassination plots in europe against the largest opposition group, the national council of resistance of iran as well as a plot here in our country to blow up restaurant in georgetown to try and kill the saudi arabian ambassador, you're talking about a country that uses diplomats as assassins and terrorists, how can they ever change unless the regime change? >> it speaks for itself with regard to the report and all the elements of their actual conduct, the regime needs to change, needs to be a democracy in terms of the iranian people and has to change its constitution to do that, once upon a time back in 1906 they did have a democratically elected government and constitution that represented the will of the iranian people
1:35 pm
not shiite-led bureaucracy that's presently constituted. going forward we have to think of ways to remove the risk from terrorist activities and needs closer look, the anniversary tomorrow really is important for people that forget where we have come since the iranian revolution in 1978 and 1979 when the hostage crisis took place. it's still the same, it's still frustrating the united states, it's still frustrating the world community, you mentioned the different terrorist activities, you know, look at hezbollah and lebanon, look at stability inside of iraq, look at the houthi support with arm's transfers into northern yemen, look at the eastern persian gulf, look at the conduct in persian gulf during my experience during tanker wars looking at the risk that iran and the iranian -- eric: yeah, still continues and continues with demonstrations inside iran
1:36 pm
and against it from opposition. the leader to have largest opposition group of the national council of resistance of iran and what they want. >> experience have proven that, the regime cannot be reformed, the ultimate solution to end the regime, crime in iran and terrorism -- [inaudible] eric: can the people iran overthrow that regime finally? >> it's happened before, if you recall the iranian revolution, looking at the people of iran, are some of the most intelligent, empire, artists, they have the capability to think through what is a better governance, better quality life for their people, they have to think about how the government can transform either within
1:37 pm
itself so that the president can shape that particular interest for iranian people but it'll have to be a governmental change, the current regime came to power through revolution, you'll probably have to have counterrevolution that supports the will of the iranian people and they have to do it themselves certainly with moral support but also with the support of the world community. >> and there are those that are hoping for just that, captain bob wells as always, thank you. >> thank you very much, eric. arthel: as the house impeachment inquiry moves forward, lawmakers to speak with former national security adviser john bolton, subpoenas plays out in several courtrooms, our legal team weighss in with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast...
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>> as the house impeachment moves forward democratic investigators are seeking testimony from former national security adviser john bolton, the fox news sources confirm mr. bolton is not willing to appear voluntarily with his attorney saying he's awaiting a subpoena before he appears, this as judges are already considering a couple of cases where the administration is contesting congressional subpoenas in the impeachment inquiry. let's bring in legal panel now, alex, he's here partner and criminal defense and litigationtorian, also with us is chris, he is a former assistant attorney general with new york state attorney general's office and former senior investigative counsel on the house committee of oversight and reform, thanks to both of you for being here. alex, you are first, by the way and where does the power lie, congressional subpoenas or executive privilege? >> well, you know, this is an interesting issue, it hasn't come up really that much, two cases pending before the district court in dc but 15
1:43 pm
individuals have already testified and that tells you that at least for that 15 they felt like they needed to or wanted to testify to congress, there hasn't been a bigger fight that maybe we might expect, in terms of who has the power ultimately, most of the people who have been called to testify will be forced to testify, impeachment is a constitution power, vested with the house and then ultimately the trial in the senate and the judges will want that evidence to come before congress. arthel: chris, the democrats can choose to subpoena or not to subpoena, should the democrats call on all of republicans' witnesses? >> well, i think if they want this to be perceived as a fair process then -- i think the democrats are going to make the mistake if they don't allow the republicans to call their own witnesses because ultimately if he is impeached this goes to the senate as i i think alex just mentioned and then the senators are going to sit in judgment and just like in a trial, for example, of criminal trial, you -- the prosecutors have to
1:44 pm
disclose evidence and the more you want to get at trump, the more a fairer investigation, none of the democrats should interfere with the republicans calling their witnesses. arthel: alex, how would you characterize john booton to be? >> if he does testify and i expect he will, it's going to be one to have most important witnesses in this process, john bolton has austereling conservative record, i don't think anybody would suggest for a minute that he's aligned with democrats and if he says things that's critical of president trump, after essentially auditioning for the job to be national security adviser the testimony can be damaging, so far interesting about the testimony is then national security bolton was very concerned about this trade, this quid pro quo and i think he's going to give some republican senators pause if they believe
1:45 pm
they can stick with this, oh, well, it's not that big a deal, we will let the president, didn't succeed anyway. his testimony will be critical. arthel: chris, who has the stronger legal position going into, this is a big week, president trump supporters or those who want to impeach him? >> well, i think with respect to the subpoenas ultimately the power of congress to subpoena is well established and hard to overcome and in terms of getting people to have to appear before congress, i think the subpoena power will prevail, however, if it comes to this, no matter whether you're subpoenaed or not or force today actually show up, no american can be forced to testify, they want to invoke fifth amendment rights and even before we get there, there's a legitimate argument to be made at least that up to a certain point about different privileges executive privilege and others that they will assert. arthel: how much, chris, how much will the details and
1:46 pm
legalese and, you know, the appeals and waiting for court decisions, how much of all of that will bog this entire process? >> well, it's definitely going to bog it down, the question is for how long and if there are this many witnesses and if the white house is going to resist subpoenas, then each one of them will have to be fought out at least for a while, but ultimately and i agree with what alex is suggesting before, ultimately the back and forth on the subpoenas will be resolved and then it's going to be up to the house to vote one way or the other and the process will go on from there but you can't stop it altogether. >> alex, final thoughts from you? >> i think this week will be really important, there's a few witnesses left, bolton will be critical and the white house lawyer john isenburg is going to be critical. you will see them move into a different phase and trying to sell this to the public and this is going to get before the
1:47 pm
senate quicker than we expect. arthel: okay, you said it, we heard alex little say it right here, we will be -- we will call you back and see if your prediction comes to pass, alex little and chris, thanks to both of you. >> take care. arthel: you too. eric: time to break out winter clothes, it's expected to get pretty cold in some parts of the country, we will tell grow the chilly air will hit your part of the country, look at the map. this was a good idea. shhhh. i'm being quiet. you're breathing on me! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. let's go to the cemetery!
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♪ ♪ ♪ arthel: less than 2 weeks after breaking his pelvis during a fall, former president jimmy carter was back in church this morning teaching sunday school, this is video by the way if you're watching, the 95-year-old gave a 45-minute lesson on life after death, more than 400 people were on hand, mr. carter is the oldest former american president ever. and has been -- was living and has been teaching bible lessons since he was in his teens. eric: god bless him, keep on going. well, now that november is here, chillier weather coming our way and getting colder, look at the blue if you're watching on the map, take a look at what your area will look like, i'm joined with
1:52 pm
accuweather senior meteorologist lauren branson. >> hey, eric, you have all of that right, you to go out west before you run into that milder air, that's exactly where we will start you out, first in northwest, snowy divide montana into northern wyoming in the next couple of days, a few rounds of snowfall, take a look at monday highs, temperatures in the upper 30's, weak onshore flow across california which is great for firefighters, overall reducing our fire danger going forward this week, temperatures will remain quite toasty especially inland with widespread highs in the 70's, comfortably warm across lone star state into new mexico, chillier air continues to erode, high of 83 in san angelo, houston to dallas with high of 74, the same cannot be said for the upper great lakes and
1:53 pm
midwest region, true taste of winter will get underway, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday all the way into saturday, mother nature will unleash the gates of the arctic, if you will, we will talk about high temperatures you will commonly see in december, take a look at monday forecast highs, 41 in minneapolis with snow showers, snow with high of 39, 33 in bismarck, partly sunny, high pressure in control throughout northeast region, we are definitely on the cool side for this time of year, widespread highs in the 50's by monday. heading into early monday several weather alerts are in place, we are talking about your early monday morning temperatures and below freezing for the southeast, eric, back to you. >> all right, lauren, thanks so much, arthel. >> more than 50,000 runners brave the new york city marathon, up next find out how fast the winners ran,
1:54 pm
20.62 miles.
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1:58 pm
>> this event is in its 49th year. over a million spectators. counter terrorism forces had to make sure this race was not threatened after the u.s. military forces took out the top isis lieutenant. new york intelligence officials say since this past spring there have been 40 isis propaganda posters featuring new york targets. but these security operations were in place before the death of al-baghdadi. police are use drones this year to give a birds eye view. they are also patrolling the
1:59 pm
waterways. >> we are also laser focused on preventing attacks by those already in the united states. people inspired by foreign terrorists what we all the home grown violent extremists. they are often inspired by foreign ideologies, and self-radicalized online. reporter: on the westside highway in 2017. flips stymied bombles in 2017 and 2018. but it's still going on behind me. arthel: eric, you grew up
2:00 pm
watching the marathon. you can see with jackie, it's still on. it's a great thing of human endurance. arthel: i enjoyed it as well. test sea levels can't price soon enough. this week began with a hero dog chasing the theist users of isis, title to his own death. german shepherds.


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