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tv   Fox Nation American Patriots  FOX News  November 3, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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for us, everything good about the game. >> mike thank you for joining us. my little friend here, thank you, havek a great week, we'll see you next "fox news sunday." ♪ i'm abby hornacek. welcome to "fox nation"'s american patriots month we're giving you a look at all original content you could see on fox nation in november, they honor our country, the values it is built on and heroes to protect it, if you seen up to fox nation now you will see it all, including great from the start. >> i realize how much i love history. >> he makes his path come to life. >> i can relate to george washington's bravery. i look at mount rushmore, what
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they knew is what you should understand. >> it is brian kilmeade like you have never seen before. >> to give you detail, live this stuff. >> america great from the start, streef istream is live saturdayr 16 on "fox nation." >> a sneak peak of america great from the start, brian kilmeade steps off the couch to bring his commentary to the life stage and provide his perspective on some of america's most influential figures, he will join me from his studio to tell us more about it brian, i saw you an hour ago, now are in radio, then do stuff on the weekends for other shows, you can tell me about america great from the start. >> thank you, i am lucky enough to do about a year and a half ago they asked me to do a series, what made america great, i am able to did these features, i have the easy part, abby, we have great producers they come in you write stand ups, you have
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a vision. they lineup the interviews, they edit, we to the half hour to 45 minute documentaries, they are well received, but i wanted to talk about my history books in a conversational setting, i always belt bad when i go to bookstores and people lineup, and they want to talk to you. you feel bad, if i talk to this person for 45 seconds and this person for a minute 10, the people will be waiting longer, i said when i do an event where the book comes with it i talk about it all and answer questions in the end. we got some theaters and people came in. to george washington secret six. and andrew jackson the miracle of new orleans, now sam houston, the alamo avengers, mutual fundu
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history -- through history in a conversational way. and. and learn about sports like you, i put that together with product value and powerpoints, they were kind enough at "fox nation" to say what if we stream it we met, we thought let's make it a live show, every show is different. sometimes things go wrong like this television, i get to talk about america, the country, not perfect but drying t trying to e to tell story. >> and what made america great? >> we'll end up by january we'll be done with 21 episodes. >> 21. >> this season we're going to look at teddy roosevelt, and sag -- hill just refurbished, his home they reconfigured everything by his writings, they had photography then, you see
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bear skin, each one has a story and lions nailed to the wall, and a sickly kid with asthma ends up a powerful engages president. you also have a situation we're looking to do a bunch more including maybe the washington monument this year. and we have a lot going on. it will be a big year, with 6 new episodes 21 by january. >> we cannot wait, i know viewers feel the same way, brian, i know you had a little bit of time, i'll let you get back, you can see america great from the start and what made america great only on "fox nation," soundsly you need to sign up. >> we love to accelerat sell cey here at fox nation and celebrate our veteran, pete hegseth with his story modern day warriors.
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>> guys like you have been a part of mission like the one that killeddal ba al-baghdadi. >> we thought that chances of dying were high. >> to say you are not scared, you are lying. >> you are going out every night know you face an imminent threat. >> with me host now host of ford ern warriors, and pete hegseth. there are a few on the app already but what about the new season. >> each one is special with new dynamics, new personalities, in this case with you two navy seals, one is eddie gallagher, the country knows his case. the president chimed in. and then you have a green beret and an army ranger around a table, this is moments after we learn that a al-baghdadi was
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killed, i realize i am sitting in this room with these guys, and you are flying low over the earth, in enemy territory hoping you don't get shot at. i said when are you on? when is the moment that switch flips, they said two minute call, you are two minutes out, you get caught calls to go out but it may be called back. we try to take you in modern wars behind the scenes, at the table with guys, they are having a conversation about what it like to be on a mission, how do you transition home when you have been a part of the elite units, you and are back home and skills don't translate immediately. and you have a suicide issue
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among vets, these are issues that americans need to hear about. >> you ask them what veteran's day means to them, what does it mean to you, you also served. >> elevating, thanks those who have given so much, that table points out, making sure you thank the family, wives, husbands, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers, who serve i alongside those who give so much. when you are home have you no control, you are waiting and wanting that person to come home, the other one, that was mentioned take e extra time to thank a vietnam vet. >> right. >> they deserve more emphasis in thanks to veteran's day. they also emphasize, do the civic ritual, go to the parade, holhold the event, kids learn f,
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that they recognize what we revere. that reveres the flag and the country. it is an important moment to pay attention to. >> sounds like there is a lot to learn, we'r we're look toward ts one. pete, you are so good at this, you were explaining awhile back how to download "fox nation." >> you know this better, we know all about fox nation, but the question i get, still, what is fox nation, i love fox news but what is fox nation. >> a members only streaming subscription service for fox news most passionate fans, you need to subscribe to get the content. you can watch on your phone, on the computer, on any tv device that is a smart tv, does not have to be on your laptop or your phone, can be on your
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ipad any platform you have, you can access with fox nation, great part is when a show ends at fox news, the show is over, but when a show en -- ends on "fox nation" it lives forever, you get thousands of contend, not just live shows, the documentaries, that live. and series that go on and on like modern warriors, if you loved what you watch, you can go back and watch other two episodes. the content is a quality you can trust, this is fox news level content on "fox nation," you know not some rinky drink outfit are you getting great stuff, you get more of the personality you know and love, if you want to see more of brian kilmeade or more of tomi lahren tom or or anyone you watch ono channel, you will soone seen by personal.
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the ride to work stove that stuff that do you abby. you know in the backseat or front seat. >> without make up on. >> and really hearing about their daily life. which is cool in that case, if you want additional live programs, also you can get that on "fox nation," an update on your phone says right now this show is happening on "fox nation," click, you get it. you get a chance to get the stuff you like when you want it if you are into live content. stuff like stew varney, my take, and keeping up after the show, you want to be alerted, gout live in rea real-time like watcg channel. but cool thing is not just live stuff but also documentary, some stuff that brian kilmeade does with what made america great is
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history, and crime stuff, breaking down stuff, and then the events, you emceed one in arizona, we did. a special up to hall town hall,. we have patriot awards coming up, if you a member of "fox nation," you get an opportunity to meet, get an autograph, photo, but it is really a members only deal, patriot awards happening shortly it is soldout, with a couple thousand people giving walker the patriotic awards. where with you get all this? 1 yoonce you download it, pretty much everywhere, apple tv, roku, google chrome, the worldwide web. >> everywhere. >> xbox 1 and android. if you don't have something on
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that list you are living in 1990 or refuse to engage with the modern world. and you get it at touch of a button from an app, a phone, pad, and our tv. and cool thing that people sign up right now we give a donation a portion of it, donation to of honor, in a support families of fallen, sign up for fox nation right now, a portion of what you give will go to that great charity, you will get access to the great content. it should not be confusing any more. i love -- to say, hollywood creates tons of content, you expn hollywood is fulyou andyouf liberals and leftists, if you love america, a kirk a whic chra patriot whatever you are, you want manage that up lifts our kaupry, yo country, you will fit
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at "fox nation." >> i am already a member of fox nation. thank you. >> fox nation has a lot to offer with the shows that pay tribute to our value, patriots and places that make this country great, i have been exploring someplaces in my "fox nation" show, parked, a sneak peak from season 2. >> i stood on launchpad i wanted most intense zip line experience possible. >> here we go. ♪ >> that was first look at season two of parked, coming to you soon on fox nation, join me, explore some of the most iconic landmarks in imagine america.
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>> and first offer patriot awards, honoring some of america's heros with fox nation posto hosts and surprise special guests, i will fill you in on details. stick around. >> fox nation, celebrate american patriots this november, streaming service celebrating this country by telling stories of our citizens who fought for freedoms we enjoy, and first ever fox nation patriot awards, fox pays tribute to the best of the this country. shows, and hidden in dep documentaries, see you there >> we like to say we stand on the shoulders of giants. ♪ >> that is why we're marines.
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>> my hometown where i grew up, it is pouring. they say it is good luck on your wedding day, maybe it is good luck for my first assignment with "fox nation." >> oh, still gives me anxiety. >> you know you ask people, what is one food you could eat for your life, i would say pizza, there are two pizza places in down that i love, let's go. >> welcome back to fox nation's american patriots month, a sneak peak of dale live of our newest "fox nation" host casey. i want to officially enter en -- introduce you to my new colleague, casey welcome to family. >> thank you, i have been in and out of city, meeting people
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today, next week, we go to st. pete, i am from a small town in pennsylvania. yeng ling brewery in my hometown, my grandparents live there my parent's generation. my grandma was first to graduate the high school there in the 50s, it is my heart beat, my touch stoin, it was really important to take you on the journwe me. we'll have more on that. abby: this is your first time living in new york. >> a big city, i went to school at villanova, i started working in philadelphia. >> you mentioned and pete
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hegseth mentioned patriot awards we'll be there on the red carpet, for those who don't know. can you tell us what it is about. >> hearing that is my first assignment is an honor in itself. like i said, like a fox family reunion, everyone heading to st. pete. you look at name, patriot, what is a patriot? someone that vigorously defends their country, the patriot awards is shining a spotlight on people who did defend our country, with our military veterans and first responders, then we have every day heroes. you know, maybe a little boy with flags or a restaurant, a mission barbecue in south florida, i have eaten there, they play the national a anthem every day at noon, it is a chance for them to shine, and get praise and acknowledgment that maybe they don't get every day. that is what we're trying to put
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back into society. abby: you mentioned that little boy sills flags, 14 years old, charlie heck, we have a clip from his story. >> a lot of people have fought and died for our country, in combat, and flying the american flag is a good way to respect them. >> not a lot of people were flying american flags. we're trying to get people to hang or fly more american flags outside their houses to inspire patriotism and say thank you to people who give back. >> how do you inspire people to put out a flag, it you can throw them a discount on one. >> i didn't expect anyone to take me seriously, i was very surprised that this many people actually went to lowe's and
5:23 pm
bought a flag, there were maybe 5 flags before i came out, now there pretty much a flag on every house. >> we 100% support military, anything i could do to help this kid, no question. >> a young man doing a good cause, something that makes everyone feel good. >> charlie's father is a commander in u.s. navy, that is where he beliefs that charle chs appreciation comes from. >> i could not be more proud of charlie and his project, as a officer in navy who would not be proud of their son going door-to-door asking people to put up american flags. >> he understands that he's to be a part of a project bigger than himself. and that is just to me the step one in make of a patriot. >> i don't think of myself as much of a hero.
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>hero. abby: incredible, a touching story from a little boy, 14 years old, and saying, these people do not have enough american flags in the neighborhood. now they say, almost every house has one. and i can barely contain my excitement, i am presents his award, i can not wait, charlie heck will be there, you can tell us who else? >> i mentioned mission barbecue, a fox family reunion, pete hegseth, diamond & silk, i am so, sited to meet. and tomi lahren i believe she is doing a book signing. it is going to be crazy, book signing, and meet and greets uhave you red carpets, and you know the event itself, you are going to have a huge opportunity to get to meet your favorite fox folks, everyone from "fox & friends," and brian, an ainsley, and brian doocy. >> great. >> we're all looking forward to introducing you.
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and against welcome to the family. >> thank you. >> we'll have a good thyme. >> yes. we want to keep showing you all of this month's exclusive shows and documentaries, dedicated to our patriots, a sneak peak of the real marines hosted by rick leventhal. >> we stand on shoulders of giants. >> band of brothers is not just a cliche. >> we never knew where the ambush was going to come from, the lead humvee hit an iud . >> we believe in a mission, we believe in each other, it is really out of a love for country. >> that toll does it take. >> it takes a toll, but that is why we're marines. >> have you started your freestylfreetrial on "fox natio?
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right now is the time. with your favorite fox news personalities, exclusive series, specials and documentaries that entertain and inform, go now, you go tote watch the exclusive shows. >> it the fox nation patriot awards november 6, stories of america's great patriots, honor their divisio devotion to our c. celebrate with them, while they receive the recognition they deserve, and raising money. for the found doing doing. -- foundation and don't miss a single moment, sign up now. what's on my christmas wishlist?
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>> good evening live from america's news headquarters, whistleblower who shed light to president trump's wall with president of ukraine is open to written questions from house republicans according to their lawyer, the lawyer said that whistleblower will answer questions and writing under oath and penalty of perjury but the person's identity will not be released.
5:31 pm
>> meanwhile mcdonald's chief executive officer, fired for having a consensual relationship with an employee, company forbids america manager forbids managers from having pro romantic relationships with employees or former employees. have a good night. >> it was really simple. back then. it was just, did you your job that was your life. >> i have one mission to keep my gear operational, keep my operational, and keep ou keep o- keep you on the air. >> a weird war to explain to people who were not there, if you drive to 13 in place, and he you don't get blown up on the way. >> dot get down over there.
5:32 pm
>> that is the moment that stuck with people, you show the terror of the moment. steve harrigan fox news in afghanistan. >> welcome back to "fox nation" a america patriot month, a preview of embedded in harm's way. if you sign up now you can watch it on "fox nation" this week. steesteve harrigan and his fears cameraman joel, report from afghanistan. >> can you tell viewers why you were there? >> i was there working for another network. and they let my contract expire, fox needed someone in the area, they hired me on the ground, i had never seen fox before working for them, which was a whole new arrangement. i was on my own for a while.
5:33 pm
abby: you show up on northern afghanistan border, you meet the man you are spending next few months with what were your first impressions of your cameraman joel ma fagan. >> you have to admire someone like that from iowa, in the marines, they give him 50,000 and a huge edit deck and said go find harrigan in afghanistan, he did it there were not a lot of people willing to just leave their lives and do that, and do it is a lone. -- it alone. it showed his ability to manager a foreign, dangerous culture, you have to respect him, i respected him for coming. abby: you mention that toughness. that is something you have to have took what was your experience like. >> you know. it is a weird thing to book back on, we hashed it out over what it was like to spend 3 or 4 months together, a lot of that
5:34 pm
time in a cave in a war zone, it sounds bad on surface. but we look back at some moments sweetly, when all you have to worry about is your job, you do things like i remember taking a shower over a hole, we put a door over a hole and poured a bucket of water over our heads there is something beautiful about living simply. abby: there was any down time or was it action. >> there say lot of down time, we lived either in a dirt forth fort or a cave, he is a good listener. the unusual thing, in start of the war you could live with afghan, when you needed a place to stay you could knock on a door, as the door went on that changed. by end of the war i was in a million dollar u.s. vehicle looking at people through a slit
5:35 pm
without that conact. when wars go on for a long time, they change, people can become brutal it gets more dangerous, at start of the war you could be with people, by the end you could not be near them. abby: what would you say is biggest thing you learned from going to afghanistan? >> you know you need an exit strategy, if you go into something, you need to figure out, how you be out, 19 years later, we're still in there, taliban is coming back, if you told me that 19 years ago, i had so much optimism, i thought okay we'll pave the road, asphalt, internet is the be great. it didn't happen. abby: steve thank you so much for taking us inside such a unique experience. we appreciate that. >> thank you very much. abby: to see embedded in harm's way this week, download fox
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nation app on your smartphone or streaming device, if you do, you will get to see this. ♪ >> not a hell of a lot in philosophy in combat, you do what you have to do. abby: that was a clip from mountain warriors, untold story of winter army, find out howing what tag mountain drops fought for democracy in face of evil. in italian during world war ii. >> the time is now, you can join today at, a
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perfect companion to fox news, with your favorite fox news personalities like you have never seen us before, we go outside of studio, take you across the country, and beyond headlines, join today at, start watching the exclusive shows, take a look. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> president clinton did not tell the truth to the american people. >> clinton lea lied oath under a federal. >>j. >> this was an unhappy duty that befell us. >> and america media attacked the people that told the truth about him. where an american icon uses the latest hr tools
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5:42 pm
who serve our country and stay true to the values of our nation, if you are a fox nation member you can see all of pay pt patriotic programs, here is the look inside riddle, the search for james h haffa. ♪ >> it was the beginning of the greatest mystery in american history, the day jimmy haffa disappeared. >> james hoffa sr. last seen alive at this restaurant. >> fbi believes that most likely place where haffa was buried is here. in 1975 was known as miss gatto's dump. >> i am in my office, i am on
5:43 pm
facebook there is a message from jr., i was really holy moly. >> do you know where jimmy haffa is buried? >> absolutely. abby: got the goose bumps, a clip from season 2 of riddle, the search for james r hal haffa coming to fox nation, eric is is here with me. you put one season on the app then you got new information, how do you get the tips. >> it is amazing story. first episode of riddle, focuses on the claim of said he killed haffa in a house in detroit, we found a flood pattern that matched that. they got a sample of a drop of
5:44 pm
flood, that was not haffa's. because of fox nation, and owned the. >> bear with me. authorities believe that half was killed in detroit, in a house in detroit. transported to new jersey. murders by new jersey crew. his body brought to new jersey believed to put in the dump. philip tell us in "fox nation" show he knows who killed haffa. it was number one suspect that the feds have said, they believe killed halfa. that he knows where haffa was reburied.
5:45 pm
one of the guys flipped and gave up information to fbi. what would you do? >> i would move the body. >> that is what they did. phil ci said his father told him before he passed away where the body is buried, he will not reveal it publicly, in our investigation we found out where we believe where it is, we will show it to you, we're working with great -- who is the pop haffa coul expert in the countre came up with the same address, you will see that in show of where the body is buried hopefully. >> we will not see you out in middle of night digging it up. >> i can not do that, this is for authorities to handle, haffa
5:46 pm
family, they want closure. they want to know the truth. the way to get truth is to have people who know to come out and speak like phil, and relaying when his father told him, and also, i think it would be great if the president of united states released the haffa file. abby: that would be great. >> the truth of what happened to jimmy haffa is in fbi files, they should be released to so we know who killed jimmy half is, is named in the files. >> you mentioned that next step is the sworn affidavit what is that process like. >> he -- phil goes to a lawyer, and gives a sworn affidavit, this is the truth. and that would be give prosecutors probable cause to go initiate a dig. hopefully that will be next step, 1 prosecutor weigh his evidence and his stor to other
5:47 pm
evidence we're developing that could likely happen. abby: and eric, thank you for your insight, i know you are such an incredible journalist to keep uncovering these details from this old story, and we're very much looking performance to see where he is buried, hopefully that gets the ball rolls. >> nation -- we all deserve to know the truth. >> we do. >> and fox nation it is continuing. abby: it is, thank you so much. >> you can see season 2 of riddle, search for james r haffa on "fox nation," only if you sign up. a inside look at gang life. the new battle for chicago, hear true stories of de desperation d hope. >> you can be any of us, walking down street, not gang affiliated, you would get shot for no reason.
5:48 pm
>> yeah, i got shot both times. >> >> he lived . >> told very well by giano caldwell, the my bat hel battler chicago on "fox nation" this month. look at what else is coming out this november after this.
5:49 pm
>> have you starred your free trial of fox nation. it features your favorite fox news personalities like never before, we take you across the studio, with series could and documentaries that will entertain and inform you, join today at fox to watch the exclusive shows, take a look. >> this is a sexual predator that targeted young women, for his own sexual pleasure. >> a man of complete mystery. >> it was that level of secrecy thathat enabled him to become a notorious predator. we chose eleanor.
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abby: welcome back to fact fox nation's american patriot month, we want to continue to give you an exclusive look at all of the original shows you can continue to see on "fox nation" in november, take a look. ♪ >> i can't wait, i am so excit
5:54 pm
excited. >> in the middle of the street. >> the holy day here in afghanistan, but no one seems to paying that any mind. >> you spent 4 years in the marine corps. >> eve events full. >> jimmy hoffa is missing. >> do you know where jimmy hoffa is buried in? >> we demonstrated that an american regiment could do something like this. >> stop being a victim, stop going about to i was there and i was, that see yourself as an american. >> guys like have you been a parts of a mission like that killed al-baghdadi. >> i went to pakistan we thought that chance of dying was high, saying i'm not scared you are lying. >> right. >> what is wrong with you?
5:55 pm
>> san jacinto, a battlefield. >> the most lopsided victory in american history. >> the beauty when we're embedded with american troops,. i have one mission, keep my gear operational, keep me operational and keep out air. >> we're at hot springs in arkansas. >> a little confidence booster. > saturdays happen. pain happens. aleve it. aleve is proven stronger and longer on pain than tylenol.
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welcome back to fox nation american patrons my. if you want to keep celebrating our nation's heroes, sign up for fox nation right now. if you do you can see all your favorite personalities and a ton of original content you won't find anywhere else.
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plus signing up is easier than you think. get your smart phone or streaming device, go to the app store or fox nation and follow the simple instructions. then watch us anytime, anywhere. thank you for watching. have a great night. good evening and welcome to the next revolution. i'm steve hilton. this is the home of positive populism. always pro america. with me live in new york, melissa, lawrence and lisa boot booth. there they are and here we go. this week the democrats made it official. they finally took a vote on their partisan impeachment and prove just how partisan it really is with not a single republican in favor but as many pointed out, the vote doesn't make this legitimate. in fact it's the exact opposite. republicans focus on


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