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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 4, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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jillian: patriots fan adds injury to insult. his team lost 20 to 37 to the rafnsz. that looks like it hurt. jillian: it did. rob: baltimore beats the patriots. who knew? see you later. jillian: have a good day. ♪ ♪ ♪ let's go ♪ steve: let's go. it's monday. how did we wind up in november? we are in the month of thanksgiving already. and watch you are watching "fox & friends" hour one. brian: celebrating halloween tough to get over. ainsley: craving candy corn this morning any left over. brian: no expiration date because it's not really food. open the bag and close it. it's just as stale. steve: a lot of people like candy corn. ainsley: we have a huge show for you today. brian: we have a fox news alert.
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texas is cleaning up homeless camp right now in the capital city of austin as liberal as it gets in texas. steve: state agencies have moved in after the governor gave local leaders more than a month to come up with a solution to fix the homeless crisis in austin. ainsley: aishah has any is live there in texas where the clean up is now underway. >> that's right. good morning to you steve, brian and ainsley. the cleanup got underway just about an hour ago. we were able to capture video for you. we saw crews out and about escorted by police cleaning up the trash using leaf blowers and a street sweeper. the second part we believe will be to pack up the folks living here as the state steps in and frustration mounts over how the city is handling this crisis. >> we drove in austin and under the underpass we saw a whole tent city. why does that even exist? >> i have literally seen people urinating and
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defecating on this sidewalk right here. right there. >> it's not a good look four austin. >> it's thought. it's not. >> just look at the numbers here homelessness growing in homelessness 5 percent from last year. governor greg abbott warning city leaders to straighten things up. but now he is just stepping. in this morning crews will clear away the homeless encampments across town there are a lot of them. the governor says he will not allow to austin to turn into cities like san francisco or l.a. one man i talked to living under the same overpass for three years. he told me, you know what? i'm just going to move to another spot because austin is too good to give up. >> people come from all over the country to come to austin because it's famous. this is a famous place to live on the streets. everybody knows, man, you want to live on the streets go to austin. >> why. >> you don't have to buy food. everybody feeds you. they give you money. you can party.
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it's a blast, man. >> meantime the mayor here, mayor adler is focused on housing these folks instead of removing them from their encampments which, again, could start as soon as the sun comes up. back to you. steve: all right. now, aishah sharks the reason the governor is now squaring off against the very progressive city of austin is because they have a law in austin where if it's f. it's a public place you can camp or sleep there any time you want. >> they can have tents. steve: yeah. >> exactly. that's why why a lot of people who live here saw this even more visible because as soon as it happened, people just brought their tents in. and you could see it everywhere. brian: here's what's important, to talk to the people. don't talk in generalities. find out why they are there some of them are chootion to be there. steve: like that guy. brian: some mental illness or drug issues. very small percentage because they can't afford housing.
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that was a long time the consensus thought for a while. we have got to start diving into. this thank you so much. ainsley: james dickey texas state g.o.p. chairman he had this analysis about the homeless problem. listen. >> i think the governor is absolutely right. the mayor adler went to san francisco and seattle to try to figure out how to better work with the homeless and better handle the homeless situation and that's like trying to go to venezuela to look for good policy. it is absolutely crazy. that leftist continually believe that if they -- if they just someone with a bigger heart tries the same failed policy over and over again that things will get better, but they don't get better. they get worse. steve: apparently what they are doing is they are not asking people to permanently leave the location, just get out of way while we clean it up. if there is something like there is a mattress there
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for health reasons they will cart it off, otherwise leave everybody's stuff there. ainsley: people are going to the bathroom in public areas. and blocking the entrances to their businesses. steve: how did we get to this state affecting so many cities. brian brian local politicians less ideological because they have to do what's practical for the people. and further up the wire until they get to washington. that's when it becomes extremely partisan traditionally. continues to be liberal bastion in one of the fastest growing states in the country, texas, why don't these politicians pivot and say hey, i tried this, but this is more practical. there is not going to be a political price to pay locally. that's what they say about texas. even the democrats tend to be more moderate. ainsley: instead of allowing them to stay there, pick them up, move them to a shelter get on with their life and help them to figure out how they can make money instead of just allowing them to be there. they're human beings. take care of them. steve: they throw a lot of money at it. i don't see how they can
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think it's working out safely. meanwhile, let's pivot to washington, d.c. the democrats, if you are watching over the wookdz, the democrats are all about impeachment. and this particular impeachment push all started with that whistleblower who talked about how he had heard about a phone call the president made to the president of ukraine. and it was quid pro quo and promises were made and then it was revealed he hadn't actually heard it. and then we heard from adam schiff we are working out deals to bring the whistleblower here. that fell apart. and then the whistleblower kind of -- we didn't hear about him for a while. and now his attorney is making a deal with republicans in congress. do you know what? we're going to bypass adam schiff. you don't think it's safe with adam schiff we are going to bypass and talk to you directly, republicans. ainsley: we will answer written questions directly. brian: we have offered both committees, majority and minority to have whistleblower answer questions in writing under oath and penalty of perjury.
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obviously per house rules g.o.p. is bewould be to dems. we are not. doesn't want anything about his personal background and talk about -- we believe it's a he because "new york times" identified it. what he, his background he will just tell you what he heard from other people. to me, this seems to be an attempt to dominate the sunday shows and change the narrative. it's hard for me to believe republicans would be interested in written questions. ainsley: the whistleblower's attorney goes on to say he doesn't want his identity released because of the safety and what might happen to his family. but then the president is calling for the whistleblower's identity to be revealed and jim jordan said that you can't ignite an impeachment effort and never account for your actions. he said it won't provide sufficient opportunites to probably all the facts in cross-examination if we just let him answer questions. we need to see his face. we need to see his expressions. steve: exactly. jim jordan has already said it's not going to work out. >> but he said this about
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whether or not the whistleblower will testify. six weeks ago adam schiff said we need to hear from the whistleblower. we need to have him come testify. schiff has since changed. now he says we don't need to hear from the whistleblower. what has happened in that time frame that changed the chairman's mind? only one thing. we learned that adam schiff's staff had met with the whistleblower and adam schiff didn't tell us. but, again, i think the american people have a right to know who the individual is who started this whole thing. 63 million people voted for donald trump in 2016, they have a right to know what this is all based on and what the democrats are doing. brian: find out the point of view and the background. that factors into the validity of it. the democratic argument is wait a second. this thing has been validated by other people. we assume because they are not allowed behind closed doors. also push back on what they are saying and overarching situation is the republicans accord ing to "the washington post and i don't think it's very much denied. why don't we take a
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different tactic. how about i listened to the phone call. i don't love it but it's not impeachable. steve: some say that. brian: you have the whistleblower number one. number two is a fair process and number three is by the way you can analyze as much as you want. this is not impeachment-worthy. polls show the public is getting behind the president the further this gets and less behind the process. steve: it looks so partisan, particularly to the president. he said if shifty adam schiff who is a corrupt politician, who fraud lengthily made up what i said on the call, we remember that from his appearance in front of his committee, if he is allowed to release transcripts of the never trumpers and others that are and were interviewed, he will change the words that were said to suit the dems' purposes. republicans should give their own transcripts of the interviews to contrast schiff's manipulated propaganda. house republicans have nothing to do with shifty's
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rendition of those interviews. is he a proven liar actor and freak. the one who should be impeached. he also said of the whistleblower, that he regarded that person as an arm of the democrat party. and there are all sorts of stories out there. there have been some online stories that have identified who they think the whistleblower is and i think the president has probably read some of that stuff and thinks is that true? ainsley: the president is worried that adam schiff is going tree lease transcripts and is he going to change the wording. he says he wants the republicans to release their own transcripts. when i talks about the never trumpers last week. there was a deposition with lieutenant colonel alexander vinman and he says he is a never trumper. brian brian joe dunford everyone expects him former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. he says he is a guy just doing his job a confidential loyal officer. going after the character doesn't work. can you say there is more coming out on him. let's find out. one person's opinion.
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it's not the president's opinion and not the ambassador of the you were mean union and kurt volker's opinion. there is all sides. one of the worse things democrats could do for their own cause is to release partial transcripts. steve: that's what's going on right now because the democrats have all of the cards stacked against the republicans and the president and it's just the way congress works. it's the way they have done it for years. and now the democrats are in charge and they're the benefactors. ainsley: reporters hit the street and asked about it saying this is a waste of time. because the house is going to do what they're going to do. the senate is going to do what they are going to do. the president is still going to be in office. brines brian 89% of the democrats approve the impeachment inquiry. i guess it's who you talk to. his approval numbers haven't bundle. thbudged.what they're effectivey doing if you believe the democrats and republicans is nothing is getting done. spending bills aren't
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getting passed. trade agreements aren't being loadin looked at. ainsley: people voted on their congressman to go into washington and get things done. people are guess frught straight with this. they are tired of the impeachment inquiry. steve: this particular congress was elected to a democratic majority because they said we are going to fix healthcare. they haven't done anything about it. one year from now people are going to be voting on did they get me anything done? meanwhile, we got something done. jillian has returned from the road. ainsley: welcome back. jillian: good morning morning. >> i got 17 hours in one night. actually a record. flush let's get you caught up on some of the news we are following. start with a fox news alert now. an urgent manhunt is underway for two escaped inmates in california. san degree and jonathan were both behind bars on murder charges. the sheriff's office is trying to figure out how they broke out of the high security facility in the town of salinas. there is a $5,000 reward for information leading to their arrest. president trump takes aim at
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california governor gavin newsom as wildfires rage across his state. the president slamming the democrat for doing a, quote, terrible job of forest management while threatening to cut off federal funding for wildfires. newsom firing back tweeting, quote: you don't believe in climate change, you are excused from this conversation. after scorching thousands of erics, the wildfires are mostly under control. experts warn hot and dry weather could elevate the fire risk this week. keep you updated on both of those headlines. steve steve good news is under control. thank you, jillian. brian: meanwhile, 13 minutes after the hour. police department banned from displaying the thin blue line flag, why? it's just two divisive. local sheriff outraged by the county's decision. his message coming up next. most? what's on my christmas wish list?
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any public space within the police department. ainsley: so here to react is the sheriff of a neighboring county, frederick county in maryland, chuck jenkins. sheriff, thanks for being with us. what's your reaction? >> i'm outraged. it's disgraceful and disrespectful. the county executive has become an embarrassment to montgomery county. shows a total lack of regard for the sheriff's department and totally outrageous. steve: governor of your state, larry hogan who is a republican in part. i'm offended and disgusted. i have attended the funerals of fallen law officers across our state and i take time to thank them every day for their dedicated service and sacrifice. i strongly call on mr. elrich. he is the guy who said couldn't display it, to immediately reverse this terrible decision and to apologize to the police and the citizens of montgomery county. well, that's what the governor says. but what are the chances
3:19 am
plaintiff elrich apologizing, sheriff? >> i think very little chance. i think mr. elrich, the county executive, has showed his total lack of regard and respect, again. you can see a pattern here with recently declaring montgomery county a sanctuary county. now this step by him. this shows his pattern of what he will be as a county executive. he has put the county citizens at risk. he has put them in danger. this is just another move. it's really foolish. ainsley: what's the reaction from the police officers that work in that county or the deputies? >> you know, montgomery county police there is quite a few that live in frederick county which we border montgomery county to the north. i know quite few of them. morale is not good down there for a number of reasons. now i can only imagine it's a lot worse. steve: this county executive mr. elrich doesn't like that particular flag. when you look at that flag, with the blue line, what do you see? >> i see the dedication of the job that men and women do in law enforcement every day by going out there and,
3:20 am
you know, sometimes putting their lives at risk. they are dedicated. they are committed. let me tell you something, mr. elrich doesn't like anything about america, i don't believe. steve: what do you mean? >> i mean, listen, again, i go back to the fact that he has no respect for what law enforcement does. this thin blue line is the difference between a civilized society and total chaos. and he has no regard for that whatsoever. ainsley: so interesting. so bizarre. i can't believe we have come to this place in our country. it's an american flag, american and women have died for that that support the police. >> absolutely. he could have been a leader in his community by allowing this to be displayed and encourage the public to support police. instead he has tore down any chance of that. ainsley: he is allowing the -- the fire department is allowed to keep their flag with the red thin line because they haven't been taken over by the white nationalists. >> you know. that, again, that's another argument of the liberal left to try to drive a wedge
3:21 am
between law enforcement and the general public. ainsley: all right. sheriff. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: god bless you for your work. he helped take down the world's most wanted terrorist cornering al-baghdadi. it's it time a dog should receive the purple heart. a panel is going to weigh in on that coming up next ♪ and the eagle flies. ♪ you don't let a cold ruin your day. you take dayquil severe liquicaps and crush it. dayquil severe. the daytime, coughing, aching, stuffy-head, fever, sore throat, power through your day, medicine. make family-sized meals fast, and because it's a ninja foodi, it can do things no other oven can, like flip away. the ninja foodi air fry oven, the oven that crisps and flips away.
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ainsley: we are back with quick headlines. hundreds of inmates will walk free. oklahoma releasing 450 low risk offenders from prison in the largest come moon
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station in the state's history. comes as oklahoma reclassified low level drugs and property crimes down to misdemeanors. 900 inmates in new york city jails could be let out before christmas. according to the "new york post," governor andrew cuomo will authorize the move before a new bail reform law takes affect next year. and new york mayor bill de blasio will reportedly offer accused criminals free baseball tickets? movie passes and gift cards tone courage them to show up in court. brian? brian: thanks, ainsley. dog who helped take isis leader al-baghdadi is set to return to the u.s. this week for a visit to the white house. despite the fact that military working dogs are not eligible, veterans are now calling for the canine, who was injured in the raid, to receive the purple heart. for example, here to here to discuss lieutenant colonel and purple heart recipient daniel gad candidate for
3:26 am
virginia. officer who serves in iraq done braymer and miles. miles, start with you yes or no, should he. >> yes, firmly believe that. brian: why? >> this is a relationship between the men and the dog. the dog is part of the team. already, if you go -- i know 75th s ranger regiment when the dogs expire, when they die overseas in combat, they are memorialized right next to the rangers that have passed on as well. this would just be official. the guys who i have talked to still in, guys who are outside. they are all for this. brian: interesting. don, for you. this really strikes home because you are a recipient. one of the hero dogs who lost his handler down range are you also in the category of yes. >> absolutely. as myles said they are part of the team. and oftentimes they save some lives.
3:27 am
they should be treated and honored with the same respect as the troops that they work with without them, there would be a lot more casualties. >> and daniel, you are a purple heart recipient. you believe you have a message for the president, right? >> i do have a message for the president. mr. president, if you are watching this morning. i brought one of my own purple hearts to present to the dog if you would like me to do so or if you would like me to give this to you, i can these dogs are heroic. they are part of a heroic mission. so, absolutely, if they are wounded in action i think it's totally fine to present a purple heart and you know the handler will have that as something that he can have forever. the dog obviously doesn't care. but they are a heroic part of the team and we should honor them for sure. brian: myles, what about the men or women who put them in the position to be heros? >> they have a special relationship. they also believe as well that they should be honored. they are already honored if
3:28 am
they do pass on or if they are injured. again, this is just something that everybody is for. it should have been done a long time ago. brian: is this exceptional dog or more of what they are normally like out in battle. >> no. these dogs, each one is so unique and, you know, i mean each one of them has their own characteristics. just like the soldiers and marines they work with. they have a personality. so, you know, treat this dog as the hero that he is. there has been a precedence. we have given medals and recognition to dogs before. so, why we are not doing it now is something we should consider. brian: daniel, finally, mocking the president because he retweeted a picture of a medal going around a dog's neck and took it from another honor recipient. what's your take on that. >> i think it's ridiculous. more of an attack on the president. that's the wrong approach. these dogs are heroic. the president's instincts
3:29 am
are right and right on the purple heart medal it says the president of the united states. if the white house says -- i'm sorry, if the pentagon says that he can't do it, guess what, he is the president he can and should do it. absolutely, yes. brian: george washington's idea and i think it was a good one the whole purple heart thing. i definitely salute those who serve. guys, thanks so much for joining us. we will see your perspective later on in the week. >> you got it. brian: 31 minutes before the top of the hour. they came here illegally, so what do we owe them if they are separated at the border? mayor pete thinks we owe them a lot. how about healthcare for free? plus mike huckabee is going to be here live. nfler book. best wide receiver ever jerry ris and veteran and former usc fighter tim kennedy all here on the next hour of "fox & friends." as a family, we always fly emirates.
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♪ if i had to start again with just my children and my wife ♪ i thank my lucky stars ♪ to be living here today ♪ 'cause the flag still stands for freedom ♪ and they can't take that away ♪ and i'm proud. ainsley: this is your shot
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of the morning. a texas high school football team is going viral for honoring military and police officers. steve: you can see every player walk down the bleaches carrying the flag in the city. brian: lee greenwood's god bless the u.s.a. you hear that a lot on this show playing in the background. video seen 1 million times online. >> how great is that. steve: let's wait until the end of the song ♪ god bless the u.s.a. ♪ brian: there you go. ainsley: god bless the u.s.a. brian: arguably you could say that texas is as patriotic as any state in the union. and tomorrow will be my release of sam houston and the alamo avengers. my fourth history book. i have been working on it for the last two years. hour special on the 17th at 8:00. tomorrow you can actually get this book. and i think, guys, most people know the alamo, almost every american knows the alamo. you don't know what happened before. very few know what happened after and what a titanic
3:35 am
unthinkable victory it was it wasn't until fox nation asked me to go out and do a feature on the alamo. i realized there is part of this story is not well-known and i could probably plow this ground. steve: because we -- i have been to the alamo a million times. you are absolutely right. it was -- didn't end well for the men who were there that day. but there were two other battles as well that figure into this story. brian: just picture this. up until 1820 it was basically open land. the apaches and command comanch. i want to work out a deal. bring some american families here and we can stay and be part of spain. well spain loses control to mexico and our people continue to flourish. there were more americans in mexico in 10 years than the spanish put there in 300 years. and when they tried to take the liberty and freedom away from the americans who were texans at the time, that's when they stood up and they
3:36 am
had to fight for their freedom that's what really took place. after two small victories is it was time to defend the alamo. of the way they fought and the way they lives. and what they did over 13 days set up sam houston's army for the ultimate success. the first thing you just saw was the alamo. steve you referred to the goliad. this is a a museum is that still stands. drone shots we took. we had 400 guys there. ainsley: where is that located? >> that is located two hours away from the alamo. they were going to come and help out the alamo. at the last minute west point drop out says you know what? we are never going to get there sam houston says get out. you will not be able to defend it. steve: the alamo. brian: hesitate. caught in the middle. will cut a deal. promised freedom if they promised not to fight. instead they were all gunned down in cold blood. sam houston took the ultimate victory and two people that helped us out with the special that really understood this story
3:37 am
general stanley mcchrystal himself as a little kid he had alamo set. he was obsessed with this. he met us there and douglas brinkley. they talk about sam houston and the courage that was seen throughout this fight for free dom. >> courage is something that's different in every person. but most people are not courageous alone. you get courage from the people you are around. if the people around you show optimism, if they show steadfastness, it's contagious. you don't want to let your comrades down. >> had pneumonia. he was in bad shape. he wanted to be one of the men to stayed. he is showed the courage to stay for the volunteers to stay. and even though he has to be in bed a lot. he can't walk. he is dizzy. his fortitude of fight never left him. brian: three of the most famous people in the country and left the country to go to texas. davy crockett, william berry travis and jim buoyy. the way they fought 180 guys up to 3,000. and not only did they die.
3:38 am
their bodies were piled and burned. and they wanted to get the texans to quit. have you met a texan? they don't quit. they double down and triple down setting up the ultimate victory. it's in sam houston the alamo avengers. steve: sounds like a great book. so much stuff people have not heard before. ainsley: as a child you learn all these stories and davy crockett. if you actually get a chance to go to the alamo it's interesting to stand there on those grounds and know that all happened so long ago. brian: and george p. bush is helping to rebuild the entire foot print. ainsley: it's 135ur8 that you anticipated. brian: the church is where davy crockett was ultimately killed or caught and then killed. but tomorrow it officially is out. this special is going to be next sunday on the 17th. but this weekend i'm going to be going from st. petersburg fox nation on friday i will be in tulsa, oklahoma. and then i will be there in the morning doing the radio show and then over to the bookstore at noon and then over to oklahoma city the
3:39 am
full circle on saturday in wichita falls, texas. should be a fun drive and then they lee lock wood library in waco, texas and come back here monday. steve: fantastic. ainsley: patriot awards down in florida? brian: be signing the patriot awards, too. steve: that's great. congratulations. ainsley: book comes out tomorrow. brian: yes. steve: all right. very good. 21 minutes now before the top of the hour. and jillian joins us with a police search. jillian: that's right. good morning. police are searching for a person of interest in connection with with the deaths of a couple found buried on a beach in texas. james and michelle butler's bodies were found last week on padre island, texas. nearly three weeks after they disappeared on a cross-country road trip. police say the unidentified person of interest was spotted driving the couple's rv across the border into mexico. 2020 candidate pete buttigieg has blasted family separation on the border before but now the indiana mayor is taking it one step
3:40 am
further. listen to this. >> the united states owes something to the kids in that situation. we need to make sure that they have compensation. >> buttigieg speaking to iowa voters did not specify what the compensation would be that he was referencing after implementing a zero tolerance policy. introduced steps over the summer to allow families to stay together. the aclu estimates 5500 migrant children were separated from their parents. take a look at your screen. this was pretty crazy. a massive stream of water pours out of a skyscraper in philadelphia. you can see the water gushing out of the building nearly 1,000 feet off the ground. this is liberty one. witnesses say it lasted about five minutes it. as reportedly part of a fire safety test. a lot of people were like what is happening? now this story. microsoft considering giving employees three day weekends. annual experiment in japan finds four day work weeks boosts productivity by
3:41 am
nearly 40%. the company says the change forces employees to use their time more efficiently. the study found workers took 25% fewer days off per month. including less sick time. it also cut down on resources like paper and electricity. curious to hear what people have to say about that. i think a lot of people would be in favor. brian: want to try it? let's do a four day workweek. ainsley: no news. brian: do the friday show thursday. steve: i know janice dean is 100 percent behind this idea. ainsley: chose the wrong profession. janice: i love the idea. i know this young monday with a filled in for me. >> knox eton. did you take a day off school. >> yes, ma'am. janice: do you need me to write a note. >> no. janice: well i can if you want me to. 6:30 in the morning. we had a beautiful weekend here in new york city. temperatures are a little bit cool. and we could get our first taste of snowflakes later on this week. we are looking at the potential for showers, a few
3:42 am
know flakes across the great lakes and northern plains. this is not a big storm system, but it is the beginning of several cold fronts bringing artic air central u.s. down towards the southeast this week. wave to steve, ainsley and brian, my friends. thank you for coming so early. ainsley: tell knox his mom is doing an excellent job. he had beautiful manners. japan january you have wonderful manners my friend. thank you for coming. happy monday. ainsley: what is it really like inside president trump's white house. next guest spent two years with the trump family. says forget what you think you know. the real stories are even better. ♪ ♪
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3:46 am
steve: president trump's white house has long been discussion for tell-all books. writers claiming everything from chaos i administration to fear. is any of it true? our next guest interviewed the trump family for two years now. now is he separating fact from fiction in the upcoming book inside trump's white house, the real story of his presidency. here with a preview of his upcoming book is presidential historian doug doug wead, good morning to you. >> good morning,. steve: steve we have heard stories from these anonymous stories. >> i like to read them, too. i just want to make sure they are true. steve: right. how many of them are? >> not very many. most of them were totally false. but the true stories are better why that why make them ?
3:47 am
steve: exactly right. we will go through some stories and you tell us whether they are true or not. first one is that the president and first lady are estranged. true or false? >> totally false. steve: where did that come from? >> they are a couple. she is so dignified and handels herself with such grace. in every conversation he brings up melania. melania, this melania that once there is a story in the book where she is under attack for no other reason than just pure jealousy and she is hurt and they are having dinner with the family and president with puffed up importance says melania, honey, i bet you are really glad i took you on this adventure you are first lady and she says oh yeah, thank you very, very much. another scene in the book where the secret service sits her down to explain to her that her husband is going to go into a combat zone to degrees the troops. she says i'm going. she said no only twice in american history has a first lady gone into combat zone.
3:48 am
weeks to prepare. if my husband is in danger, i will share the danger. so on christmas night they fly out together to be with the troops. steve: i had not heard that story. that's great. also, what about the story out there that karl rove and manafort and kellyanne conway picked mike pence as vice president? >> yeah. their besthere are best-sellings based on that. steve: the answer is false? >> that's false. i was talking to eric when story broke. do you want to heart real story why dad picked? i said oh yeah. at the capitol grill restaurant conrad hotel with eric and his dad. and the two pence, karen and mike pence and later donald trump pulled his son aside in the corridor outside their bedrooms he said you get ivanka and jared and don, get them in here tomorrow right away. it was that conversation which i describe in the book inside trump's white house.
3:49 am
steve: one other one you could tell us whether or not it's true, tiffany trump, his daughter, not supportive of her daughter's campaign. you say that's false. >> that's false. she loves her father. she loves the campaign. he loves her. she is in law school and will campaign on the weekends but thought during the week. she goes to the white house every weekend. loves to see barron is her buddy, plays soccer. she told me a great story. had the only interview with tiffany since her father became president, she said that when they went to see the queen in buckingham palace you see them walk in with these beautiful gowns. she said there was no carriage and six white horses to take them. there was no motorcade. so they got a bus van. the kind of bus that takes you to your car at avis rental at the airport buckingham palace, please. okay. steve: not exactly a fairy tale arrival. one other thing that you do discuss is the fact that
3:50 am
even though the president has been there for three years, in the white house there are people who are 100 percent behind the president and there are people 100 percent behind protecting the country from the president. >> yeah. you are exactly right. my best interview, steve, were with jared and ivanka. they are brilliant. and of no bitterness, very analytical. jared, i asked jared, what's it like in here with the staff? he said there are two kind of staffers. those that want to join trump in saving the world and those who want to save the world from trump. he said we are trying to get a loyal staff that will stick together, but the instate who believes, who marches to their own beat is hard to change. steve: i think the president would like a list of those people. the new book is coming out soon it's called "inside trump's white house, a real story of his presidency." when it s. it coming out?
3:51 am
>> november 26th. steve. thank you, steve. steve: fox nation that you hear a lot about is growing. the newest member of the fox family joins us live on the couch. meet kacie mcdonnell. that's her. ♪ let's get it started ♪ let's get it started in here 25 cent boneless wings at applebee's. get 'em while they're hot. when did you see the sign? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah, now business is rolling in. get started at
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3:54 am
ainsley: fox nation is growing and so are the number of people you will see on the streaming service. brian: we hired the mass scott. no we haven't. we hired other one. kacie mcdonnell. thank you. you went to villanova. >> i went to villanova. have a i was able to cover the 2016 and 2018 men's national championships both in texas.
3:55 am
it was amazing incredible. ainsley: that's great. tell us about yourself. where did you grow up. >> i grew up in potsville, pennsylvania. small town if you have had a yuengling beer. ainsley: 99-calories and so good. >> have you tried the chocolate one? >> no hershey's beer and smells like chocolate world. the whole ride smells and that's what the beer smells like. ainsley: my hotel had chocolate shampoo. we need to get more of that. ainsley: more about you. steve: that's right. so you are coming to fox nation. >> yes. i was in boston before this working for new england sports network. i don't want to say good luck. i got villanova to the championship. red sox won. mets or yankees depending which side you are on. steve: new team is fox nation. >> new team is fox nation. tampa saint pete coming up on wednesday night. >> leaving tomorrow. i have not packed yet. we need to discuss outfits
3:56 am
coming up next. just, you know, getting back to being serious. my first assignment being the patriot awards is just humbling and it's such an honor and i know i went through the -- i have gone through the list of all the people being honored and all the people receiving awards that night. and i actually eat at mission barbecue so often in south florida. my boyfriend is from down there. that is our absolute favorite football food. then you see the takeout bag and it says thank you to our veterans and did you go in and at noon they play the national anthem. steve: every day. >> little boy with his flags. story after story. ainsley: they come on the show a lot. >> that shakes you and makes you think wow there is a lot of good being done. brian: you will be doing the sports and lifestyle stuff on fox nation. >> i pitched a few things for some sports series. we will see what comes down. ainsley: our world is so small and we have heard wonderful things but, casey. we are so proud you are. steve: welcome to the family. >> thank you so much. steve: if you don't have fox nation yet go to
3:57 am
so you can stream kacie. ainsley: maybe after the patriot awards we will is have a yuengling. >> we will. brian: thanks casey. the ninja foodi air fry oven, the oven that crisps and flips away. [ mu[ sfx: slow down ]which continues throughout spot. ] ♪ [ sfx: speed up to reach 7 kilometers per hour ] ♪ i wanted more that's why i've got the power of 1 2 3 medicines with trelegy. the only fda-approved 3-in-1 copd treatment. ♪ trelegy. the power of 1-2-3. ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 trelegy. with trelegy and the power of 1 2 3, i'm breathing better.
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it offers head-up display. chevy silverado hd. wow, that's dialed in. i can still keep my eyes on the road. my truck doesn't have that. it offers an optional technology package with up to 15 different camera views. that's quality picture. it even offers one enhanced view that makes your trailer appear invisible - to help you see what's behind you.
4:00 am
oh, wow! which in this case happens to be the competition - since they don't offer the same amount of cameras as the silverado. literally in the rear-view. where they should be. ♪ ♪ what's your name, little girl. steve: lynyrd skynyrd we will be talking to him about a movie coming up this hour. brian: the crowd compassion. we know when they're here. ainsley: biggest crowd outside it. is 7:00 here on the east coast. we hope have you had a great weekend. dozens of supporters are lining up for president trump's rally tonight in kentucky. steve: actually, i think they started lining up a couple of days ago. the president will be in that state stumping for matt bevin. back in washington the president is calling for the whistleblower's identity to be revealed.
4:01 am
ellison barber joins us live from the north lawn of the white house as the administration criticizes the impeachment hearings. ellison, the president and his team say they're secret and not fair. >> that's right. so closed door hearings. they are not abnormal. they have happened in other profile situation like the republican led benghazi hearings. since the impeachment inquiry began white house officials have consistently criticized them. house democrats are preparing to make the transcripts from those closed door hearings public. republicans own version. he wants the whistleblower's identity to be made public. listen here. >> the whistleblower should be revealed. the whistleblower give false stories. some people would call it a fraud. i won't go that far but when i read it closely i probably would. but the whistleblower should be revealed. >> the whistleblower's
4:02 am
attorney pushing back on that idea in a series of tweets saying this, quote: our legal team offered the g.o.p. direct opportunity to ask written questions of the whistleblower. recent g.o.p. messaging led by president trump has been to highlight original whistleblower and demand disclosure of identity. despite long standing policy to protect whistleblower especially their anonymity, mark zaid says the g.o.p. has sought to expose our client's jeopardy which could jeopardize safety. being a whistleblower is not a partisan job nor impeachment objective that is not our role. we have offered to devin nun anywise, ranking member opportunity for minority to submit through legal team written questions to the whistleblower. questions cannot seek identifying info, regarding which we will not provide or otherwise be inappropriate, we will ensure timelyanswers. we stand ready to cooperate and ensure facts rather than partisanship dictates any process involving the whistleblower there are a lot of high profile
4:03 am
testimony expected or not happening at least scheduled for this week so this back and forth, steve, ainsley, and brian is certainly far from over. steve: no kidding. ellison, thank you very much. let's dial in dan bongino. he joins us from time to time. fox news contributor, former secret service guy former secret service cop down in will palm beach, florida. republicans, you can bypass adam schiff because you don't think it's fair. you think it's all in secret. you can ask him questions. that person questions directly. and he will answer anything except things about their identity. brian: in writing. steve: is that fair? >> no, it's not fair, guys. listen, there is no whistleblower. there is clearly based on the evidence someone with an agenda against donald trump. when i say he is no whistleblower. i get it a lot of liberals, of course, that cringe oh my gosh you can't say that a whistleblower means you are blowing the whistle on something, correct? i'm not crazy. you are blowing the whistle
4:04 am
on something. what they were allegedly blowing the whistle on didn't happen. steve, it's not like they. steve: we didn't know that in the beginning, dan. >> we know it now, okay. it's not that the like whistleblower blew the whistleblower on donald trump robbing a bank and donald trump didn't rob the bank. no bank was robbed. we have the transcript of the call where the whistleblower supposedly blew the whistle on a deal that never happened. you know, kellyanne conway was on another network this weekend. and did what i think was terrific. she has the transcripts. she hands it over to the host can you please circle the illicit deal? you understand there is no deal. there is no whistleblower. brian: you know what this seems to be. this seems to be something that comes up in oversight. it's the reason why you vote or don't vote for somebody. i don't like his foreign policy. i don't like the way he treats other leaders. then you say he is not my guy or not my woman. i'm not going to vote. this doesn't seem impeachable. i even watch exasperated
4:05 am
chuck todd say you didn't get any republican support. i thought nancy pelosi said bipartisan only. only way move forward. are we really doing this? >> let me just make one correction in here. yes, you are right. it was bipartisan support, brian, against it. two democrats voted against it. there was bipartisan support against impeachment. in what had to be a massive face plant for nancy pelosi. what an embarrassing moment. you are telling me out of this massive house. this body of representatives. representing nearly 700,000 americans, these 400-plus members. you couldn't get one republican to agree with you that the president committed a high crime and misdemeanor, treason or bribery? not one? but you could get two democrats to agree it didn't happen? and you want to overturn the votes of 60-plus million americans on a charge you couldn't get one republican to agree with you on? guys, this is insane. there is no whistleblower. okay? can i just make one more
4:06 am
point on this? i have been arguing with democrats on this network for 8 years now. they love to lose you in b.s. it's a great tactic. they will argue 3 plus 3 equals 7. we have the transcript there was no whistle to blow. there was no deal. this is all a farce and no republican should forget that. ainsley: adam schiff says he has a list. list of impeachable is growing. the president continues to target public servants including those served their country in combat with baseless attack. efforts to intimidate or threaten witnesses will further build the case for obstruction, itself an impeachable offense. your thoughts? >> the list of adam schiff lies is growing, ainsley. why does anybody take this clown seriously? he has been lying for three years. nothing he has told the american public has been true. he insisted he had evidence of collusion that nobody on god's green earth has yet to
4:07 am
uncover despite multi-million-dollar investigations and the full power of the u.s. government. he has been lying to people. he has been selectively leaking information, again, about collusion hoax part two, this alleged ukrainian deal that never happened. why does anybody take adam schiff seriously? he clearly has some kind of agenda and personal vendetta against the president. he has become a joke and a laughing stock. why would anybody take this seriously? where is the critical media supposed to be doing basic journalism trying to nail adam schiff down on basic facts? hey, listen, adam, you told us collusion was real, it wasn't. now you told us about this deal but we have the transcript. sir, the deal is not there. where exactly are we going with this? again, i can't figure out why anyone takes this guy seriously. he is a documented liar. steve: stay tuned. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about this. regarding your background in law enforcement. in maryland, apparently one of those thin blue line flag was presented and the county executive for montgomery
4:08 am
county, which is a sanctuary county, mark elrich said this: that flag symbolized -- provides a symbol of support to some but it is a symbol of dismissiveness to others. because it is divisive, the flag will not be posted at the fifth district in maryland nor any public space within the police department. and then you had larry hogan who is the governor of that state, he said i'm offended and disgusted that county executive mark elrich has prohibited montgomery county police officers have displaying a thin blue line american flag. it was made for them by a father and his young son in honor of national first responders day and he goes on to say other things. dan, what do you think of this? >> you negotiation steve, got the holidays coming up. thanksgiving, christmas, obviously holidays mean a lot to many americans. you will have these tables set up for thanksgiving, parents, daughters, sons, going to sit there. there is going to be an empty seat. that empty seat in way too many households across america is a heroic man or
4:09 am
woman who put a badge on their chest. went out one day doing a public service for very little money. no recognition. probably getting abused by politicians and public officials all the time. and they never came home that night. they never came home. they left everything on the field for you, to keep your streets safe. that's what that symbol means to the police officers who got this beautiful flag, the thin blue line flag. the fact that a couple of social justice warrior, you know, marshmallow eating snugy wearing twitter warriors seem to find offense in everything, including tell tubby episodes and don't like the thin blue line flag, and the county executive took that down. slapping in the face the heroic men and women who put that badge -- i mean slapping them in the face. not literally but closely slapping them in the face by ordering that taken down. larry hogan and i have had our disagreements. we go way back. i ran in maryland. imintimately familiar with maryland politics.
4:10 am
larry hogan did the right thing and deserves credit for this. mark elrich is a disgrace. this guy is one of the reasons by the way that montgomery county residents are living in droves and moving into frederick county and the surrounding counties in maryland to get away from this guy and his radical liberal policies that have been going on in montgomery county before mark but gotten worse. this is certainly a new low in a county in maryland that is used to lows. i mean, this is really a national disgrace. brian: we had protest new york city backed up by aoc over the weekend. democrats are making this clear, i don't know how law enforcement votes for a democrat when every politician when they get a chance to grab a podium seems to be ripping on them or doing things like this. >> yeah. i mean look at it. you brought up new york. the garbage all over the police cars, people spray painting police cars. you just nailed it. i don't know. i don't know how with a straight face you can look america in the eye as a
4:11 am
democrat right now and say you are on the side put the badge on their chest trying to do the right thing. i don't know how you say that with a straight face anymore. and there are some democrats left who do -- there are some. very few. the radical left has taken over the democrat party and law enforcement is going to suffer because of it. ainsley: dan, good to talk to you. brian: see you wednesday at the patriot awards and maybe thursday. >> yeah. it's going to be fun. looking forward to it. see you guys there. ainsley: 11 minutes after the top of the hour. jillian has headlines. jillian: we begin with a fox news alert. right now a manhunt underaway for two escaped inmates from california. they were both accused of murder. the monterey county sheriff's office trying to figure out how they broke out of the high security facility. there's a $5,000 reward for information leading to their arrest. breaking overnight, a small plane crash lands in an industrial plaza and everyone on board survives. the small plane going down in dorl, florida in miami-dade county. police say it hit psalm
4:12 am
delivery truck before stopping 20 yards away from a lake no. one seriously hurt. it's unclear what made the plane come down. overnight apple releases comprehensive new plan to address the housing crisis in california. $2.5 billion will go towards affordable housing investment and mortgage assistance funds. ceo tim cook says, quote, we feel a profound civic responsibility to ensure it remains a vibrant place where people can live, have a family and contribute to the community. apple is committed to being part of the solution. let's talk football. the ravens pull off upset to end the patriots undefeated season. >> he is going to -- he is. in touchdown. jillian: lemar jackson three touchdowns baltimore's 37-24 win.
4:13 am
miami dolphins ending winless season beating the jets 26-18. the eagles shut down the bears' offense in 22-14 win. the browns lose to the broncos 24-19. but they made headlines at halftime. yeah, that catch. they did make headlines at halftime because of this. do you see it on your screen right here. the nfl ordering odell beckham jr. and landry to change their custom cleats or they would be benched. the nfl says both players violated the league's uniform policy. brian: did i voice technology research when you said sorry, joel, you didn't mean it. joel, she did not mean she was sorry. congratulations dolphin fans. >> they are sorry. brian: they are sorry. steve: thank you very much. a story we have been following, military heroes accused of war crimes under fire from the very government they volunteered to serve. we just learned the president is about to take action in three cases. it's a "fox & friends"
4:14 am
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4:18 am
push gearing up for more testimony although all four requests by -- to the white house for people to show up are going to be ignored and pushed aside. next guest says time to get ready for the chapter for the impeachment inquiry. joining us is andy mccarthy ball of collusion. andy, what do you mean sneaky? it's front and center in a couple of weeks. what's sneaky? >> well, i think what i'm referring, to brian, is the fact that they are going to issue this report, resolution doesn't just open up the process to the public or publicize the stuff that's gone on behind closed doors up to this point. what it does is it calls for adam schiff who runs the intelligence committee to write a report transmitting the findings and recommendations of his investigation to the judiciary committee. brian: nadler. >> handle the next phase of impeachment. right.
4:19 am
what i think is we all want to see the underlying reports. we should have been able to see this testimony up until now. this is the most important issue our political community deals with. it's the people's business. and it ought to be done in public. there's no reason this should be done behind closed doors. so the clamor here is why don't we have the underlying materials? i think their plan is to take whatever of the underlying testimony that they have had up until now. whatever they are going to give us of that. and they are going to append it to schiff's report. and they are going to hope that what happens, you know, between that and coordinating it with the media, that the public will basically read schiff's report and not the hundreds of pages of underlying testimony. brian: right. but if they only release portions of the interviews that were behind closed doors, right there, republicans have won the argument. >> i think so. look, brian, this is a political process impeachment as we have said
4:20 am
again and again is always political. if the democrats want this to be taken seriously, they have to open up the process, be transparent and afford the president and the minority due process. if they don't, then the process is still a kangaroo court. they can pass all the resolutions that they want. this is the public's business and there is no reason this should be being done behind closed doors. brian: andy what you know other than the phone call. rudy was doing this and that. having said that does this rise to impeachment for you? >> it does not, brian. but i think that if the president wants to effectively defend himself, what he needs to do is get beyond, you know, talking about quid pro quos and talking about the conversation being perfect and explain why this is not impeachable under the circumstances. i think as long as he freezes his defense by saying this thing was perfect. then they are not going to make the main defense which is that it's not
4:21 am
impeachable. brian: which the "the washington post" says republican also start to shift to this week. read his column thanks, andy. >> thanks, brian. brian: you are welcome. dangers could have on wall street if they win the white house. the founder of t.d. trade weighs in. oh, wow. you two are going to have such a great trip. thanks to you, we will. this is why voya helps reach today's goals... ...all while helping you to and through retirement. can you help with these? we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... voya. helping you to and through retirement. seaonly abreva cany to help sget rid of it in... little as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. abreva starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. abreva acts on it. so you can too. >> tech: so you think this chip is nothing to worry about? well at safelite, we know sooner or later every chip will crack. these friends were on a trip
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here, hello! starts with -hi!mple... how can i help? a data plan for everyone. everyone? everyone. let's send to everyone! [ camera clicking ] wifi up there? -ahhh. sure, why not? how'd he get out?! a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. ainsley: this is a fox news alert right now. texas is cleaning up homeless camps in the capitol hill of austin. you can see it there. state agencies are moving in after the governor gave local leaders more than a month to come up with another solution. aishah hasny is live in austin where the cleanup is now under underway. >> this is going to be a huge undertaking for the
4:25 am
state because there are the shelters are full. and people on the ground are telling me they are just sick of this. >> i think our city council and mayor are a bunch of idiots. >> they need to help themselves as much as we need to help them. >> we are spending money to deal with it, but it's not -- it's not affecting the problem. >> it is a problem. look at the numbers here. homelessness is growing in austin. up 5% from last year. governor greg abbott warned the city to straighten things up. now he is stepping. in he will not allow austin to turn into a city like san francisco or even l.a. this morning, texdot crews clear away encampments under overpasses all across town. one man ohio spoke to yesterday who has been living under the same overpass for three years now
4:26 am
you know, usually when they do, this when the city comes over and tries to move them. he just comes back to the same spot. this time though with the state involved, he said, he is not sure he is going to be able to do that. >> we are not quite at the scope, at that level. always been at a city level. the mayor griping to the chief of police, clean it up. tired of hearing all the complas and do it come back the next day like nothing ever happened. >> yeah. and coming back to the same spot will be more difficult because the governor says is he going to continue doing this on a weekly basis. ainsley: okay. thank you so much for that report, aishah. steve, down to you with a very special guest. steve: indeed. thanks, ainsley. repealing president trump's tax cuts has become a rallying cry among many 2020 hopefuls. >> i'm going to start by reversing the trump tax cuts. >> rolling back the corporate trump tax cut rated cut. >> we are going to rescind, rescind those tax breaks as
4:27 am
soon as we get into office. steve: okay. some experts warn such a move could have catastrophic effects on the economy and crash the stock market. somebody who knows all about the stock market is tr.t.d. rah mayor tradameritrade founde. the harder you work the luckier you get. mr. joe rickets joins us live here in the studio. good morning, joe. >> good morning, steve. >> i realize the democrats have god to draw a line between themselves and donald trump is getting rid of tax cuts a good idea. >> probably not at the current time. at some point in time taxes are going to have to change. when you have in such a hot market for so long chances are somewhere along the line you are closer to a recession then more upside and that's the wrong time to be talking about taking away taxes. steve: why do taxes have to change. a lot of people say they are too high right now. i know they are progressive where the super rich guys pay more than the people at the other end of the food
4:28 am
chain. >> oh boy. steve: i guess you are one of the super rich guys. [laughter] >> taxes are critically important to the welfare of the economy. so i think the thing is you always have to look at first is what's the rate of our gross national product have increase year to year. we need 3% a year just to absorb the new people coming into the market. so, if you have only got a 2% increase in gross national product, you don't want to raise taxes. if you have a 3.5%, 4%, that's the time to raise taxes. steve: so you are looking at the metrics. let's talk a little bit about your book "the harder you work, the luckier you get." you were a part-time janitor. you borrowed 12,500 bucks. and i don't know why anybody would put money into your brokerage firm as a former part time janitor but they did. >> they did, yeah. four of us decided to do it. big risk. but one of the reasons i did write the book was to encourage entrepreneurs to do the things that they
4:29 am
think might be impossible and let them know how hard it can be and what kind of rewards can be there. but, we could see that if customers just wanted to place a trade and pay only for the execution that there would probably be a big enough market to support our costs and we were more than right. >> but you made some mistakes along the way. >> oh, my goodness, yes. mistakes are better than going to college. get ahead in life. skip college, open your own business and make mistakes. you will learn from those more than what you will learn from college. steve: what do you mean the harder you work the luckier you get? >> we would work so long at a particular issue or market approach and think oh my gosh, this is just not working and then bingo it catches. oh, that was a piece of luck. so, things happen well if you continue to work hard. they may not happen the way you want but you get good
4:30 am
results. steve: you are a guy who believes in the free enterprise. >> i love it. free enterprise system and i have had thousands of employees be able to buy houses, buy cars, send their kids to college, become productive members of the community. steve: joe, you know, at the same time, there are a lot of people who are running for president who are advocating, you know, for whatever reason, you are in a tough straight, we're going to help you out and we are going to give you as much stuff as we can. >> you know, back in the 1930s argentina had a large irgross national product than the united states. steve: argentinargentina. >> they elected a so socialist government and they haven't been able to pay their bills ever since. steve: joe rickets the founder of ameritrade thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. steve: christmas is coming early for hundreds of accused criminals.
4:31 am
they are getting out of jail early and could wind up with free baseball tickets as well. we will explain that. it's a head scratcher. and it's a story we have been following. military heroes convicted of war crimes coming under fire from the very government they swore to serve. pete hegseth has exclusive details coming up next. most? i recently spoke to a group of students about being a scientist at 3m. i wanted them to know that innovation is not just about that one 'a-ha' moment.
4:32 am
science is a process. it takes time, dedication. it's a journey. we're constantly asking ourselves, 'how can we do things better and better?' what we make has to work. we strive to protect you. at 3m, we're in pursuit of solutions that make people's lives better.
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(danny) at 3m, we're in after a long day of hard work... have to do more work? (vo) automatically sort your expenses and save over 40 hours a month. (danny) every day you're nearly fried to a crisp, professionally! (vo) you earned it, we're here to make sure you get it. quickbooks. backing you. ♪ steve: we have a fox news alert. it's a story we have been following from the beginning. military heroes accused or convicted of war crimes under fire from the very government they volunteered to serve. ainsley: now in a "fox & friends" exclusive, pete hegseth reveals action about to be taken in the cases of army first lieutenant clint lawrence. army green beret major matt goal stein and navy seal chief eddie gallagher. brian: pete hegseth joins us now update on the couch.
4:35 am
colonel lorenz is something colonel west has been pushing for. pete: a lot of people have been pushing for thflt members of military, members of congress and members of the media and others. these are cases i followed closely i was able to confirm yesterday from the president of the united states himself commander-in-chief that action is imminent especially on the two case of clint lawrence and matt golsteyn and restoring the rank of eddie gallagher. they are trying to bust him down. brian: they did. pete: they did. take away his try jent as well. we did criminal justice reform. military justice reform is what is needed next. this president recognizes the injustice of you train someone to go and fight and kill the enemy. then they kill the enemy the way someone doesn't like, and we put them in jail or throw the book at them in clint lorance's case he has been in jail seven years, 12 more at leavenworth if nothing is done. veterans day coming up, action is imminent at the presidential level. i can confirm that the president will be speaking to the army secretary about this because boast lorance
4:36 am
and golsteyn are soldiers in the army. it doesn't have to be a pardon or commutation it. could be. pardons or commutation imply have you guilt have you done something wrong. the president has a commander-in-chief has a lot of latitude under the uniform code of military justice to dismiss a case or change a sentence and from what i understand, that is likely what will happen here shortly. ainsley: for people aren't familiar with these cases, what did each of them do. pete: clint lorance a brand new platoon leader in afghanistan. leading platoon on second day he is charged. previously people have been killed by suicide bombers on motorcycle. three men on motorcycles approach his platoon not with a politic second to decide. brian: they did not stop. pete: they did not stop when told to stop. split second clint lorance orders his men to fire on the motorcycle. he is charged with murder because there is no weapons found on those individuals. later on through forensics they identify at these two of these guys were taliban
4:37 am
bomb makers. ainsley: isn't motorcycle considered. >> it's a tactic the taliban had used to run at platoons, get close, blow yourself up and kill americans. they are still use it's today. in fact the platoon leader in that area was killed months later by the same tactic. even though they have more evidence the army has squashed it. he is leavenworth. the president reviewing that case and matt golsteyn case we knew that was under active review. in this case again killing the enemy on the battlefield, someone who with american blood on their hands. he had been cleared by the army once already. because he gave an interview and talked publicly about it, he was honest with the cia. they reopened the case and now they are throwing the back at him again. a lot of this is obama era rules of engage 789 that were used that president trump is now changing and saying i'm not going to do this to war fighters. steve: if the president changes something and you are pretty cryptic about what that might be. he has a myriad of things he
4:38 am
has at his disposal, if he changes it, who is going to be upset? pete: a lot of traditional army establishment types who are more wedded to the uniform code of military justice or the process or to the lawyers or to the way we have always done things than the fidelity to the war fighter. the president looks at it through that lens. a simple lens, an important one the way i look at it especially how we crucial isis. we train these guys, they're the best of the best. unleash them to go kill them. if they make one tiny mistake in the split of battle or something goes wrong, then a lawyer in the pentagon, based on some rules that were written in an air conditioned offices mopped morning quarterback them and say you know what? that deserves 20 or 25 or 30 years to life. there sorry cases. these are just the ones we have gone as public as we can with. the president believes it should be commanders on the ground making these decisions and ultimately the benefit of the doubt should go to the guys pulling the trigger who we ask them to go. especially when they are killing, i mean, basically
4:39 am
if someone views the killing as politically incorrect or not absolutely textbook then they go away. what happens to our guys on the battlefield? what does the enemy do to us? if they capture us they chop our heads off do. they have any rules in the way they fight against us they hide amongst women and children. that's not what we are talking about in these cases. we are talking about war fighters who deserve real justifiable. ainsley: when will this happen? pete: i'm told before veterans day. they have their own deep state plenty of lawyers in there. have to fight about that. the fact it's coming out publicly. steve: have we heard from the families. >> i have subpoena to all of the brothers, mothers and lawyers of these groups. there is a lot of optimism. brian: they know something is active. pete: they have known the cases were under review to hear that hey action is imminent at the presidential level but you don't want to get anybody's hopes up. this has been a long process. matt golsteyn they have been coming after him 10 years at his family, his kids, his
4:40 am
employer. the commanders in these places are -- they just put the screws to these guys and treat them like second class citizens while the process is going on. it would be great to see eddie gallagher's rank's restored as well. ainsley: hard when you hear about prisoners being released and that's fine when you hear about stories of men and women who have fought for our country and they are behind bars they made split section decisions. pete: berg dal coming to the white house everything is fine. negotiate taliban members who we are now negotiating with. dumb. steve: pete, thank you very much. brian: great job. ainsley: jillian is over there with headlines for us. jillian: good morning, pete. pete: good morning, how are you? jillian: story we are following. pregnant woman in florida uses ar-15 to shoot and kill a home intruder. police say she pulled out the legal weapon when two masked invaders pistol whipped her husband and grabbed her 11-year-old
4:41 am
daughter. investigators believe the couple was targeted at their home southeast of tampa. they are still looking for a second suspect. mom's baby is due next month. as 2020 hopeful joe biden seems to be losing momentum, his campaign is down playing the iowa caucus. his campaign manager tells the "wall street journal," quote: i think we are the only ones who don't have to win iowa, honestly, because our strength is the fact that we have a broad and diverse coalition. a recent "new york times" poll shows biden in fourth place in the hawkeye stated. iowa's february caucus is the first nominating contest in the 2020 race. actor shil labeouf thanks a police officer for arresting him. the actor says the officer, quote: changed his life. labeouf was arrested in 2017 for being drunk in public in georgia. he used his court-ordered rehab to get sober and write the script he was honored for at last night's awards. his new movie premiers
4:42 am
friday. the department of defense praising a college football team for honoring veterans with special helmets. each one bears the photo of a player's family member who served. the department tweeting, quote: so awesome to see northwest missouri state university student athletes and bear cat equipment honoring military service. the bearcats debuted the helmets this saturday and by the way won their game 79-0. steve: so far no complaints, right? >> not that i have seen. brian: if you want to help recruiting, you show respect to the military like that. that's one of the best things you can do. jillian: absolutely. brian: meanwhile janice dean oftentimes pays attentions to my tosses i will keep this generic. janice: what's your name? >> lewis. janice: where are you from. >> i'm from arizona. janice: do you have a special birthday message. >> to why knownna. she is going to turn 100. janice: happy birthday, wynona. are you going to do a
4:43 am
birthday dance for her? [cheers] janice: that was so amazing. potential for showers and thunderstorms and maybe some snow in the forecast. all right. thank you all for coming. hi, what's your name real quick? >> gum drum. thank you for coming to fox square. wave to steve, ainsley and brian. brian: going to be hard topping that one, janice. all right. see you later. meanwhile. 17 minutes before the top of the hour. christmas is coming early for hundreds of accused criminals. they are getting out of jail and free baseball tickets. we'll explain. try to. ♪ ♪ my moderate to severe crohn's disease. then i realized something was missing... me. my symptoms were keeping me from being there. so, i talked to my doctor
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[whistles] >> sandy? >> tell me about it, stud. jillian: never gets old. time for news by the numbers. we begin with $400,000. that's how much olivia newton john's leather outfit from the movi grease sold for: next $29 million. that's how much terminator dark fate made at the weekend box office it. kicked joker from the top spot but the film is still on pace for 120-million-dollar loss. and finally 101. that's how many years a shipwreck has been stuck at niagara falls until a halloween storm pushed it more than 150 feet downstream. it's now near the fall's edge. pete, send it to you. steve: the question is what happens next. christmas could come early for hundreds of inmates here at new york city. ainsley: according to the
4:48 am
"new york post." governor andrew cuomo wants to release 900 people from jail before new bail reform rules take effect. brian: all right. rob schmitt joins us live from fox square as we learned mayor de blasio wants to reward criminals with free stuff as well. rob? rob: it's quite a story, guys. free mets tickets, movie tickets. gift cards, offered to accused criminals if they show up for their court date after being released to await trial on no bond. that is the latest move from new york mayor democrat bill de blasio. this all started, of course, with new york's new bail reform bill signed by governor cuomo which essentially ends the cash bail system for many misdemeanors, even many felonies. now if you are arrested in new york there is a chance you will be released and told when to come back for trial even for crimes like criminal negligent homicide and aggravated assault on a child, that according to the "new york post." this law goes into effect january 1st. that's not soon enough for cuomo who was eager to
4:49 am
release 900 suspected criminals arrested this year who are in jail right now awaiting trial. de blasio hoping to ease the public's concerns by offering suspected criminals freebies to things like tickets to baseball games, to mets games, to keep them on the straight and narrow while they are out on bail and entice them to show up for trial. proponents of governor cuomo's bail say money should not be a factor and somebody getting out of jail. the rich shunting the only ones to awaited outside of jail. the threat of loss of bail money is a major factor in whether or not a suspected criminal shows up for trial. but the big story this morning is mets tickets just for showing up for trial if you get arrested for doing something wrong. brian: also goes to shows you the mets picked great manager not be able to give away those tickets. rob: not giving them yankees tickets. only mets tickets which is the funniest part about it. ainsley: i can't believe that i should 23409 not be surprised. brian: you shouldn't.
4:50 am
ainsley: president trump greeted by a huge crowd as he entered saturday's ufc match in new york city. brian: former ufc fighter tim kennedy will join us live next to call out the media for their coverage. there is a lot to this story. ♪ yes, you, ♪ shook me all night long ♪ u symptoms fast. device: (sneezes) theraflu. the power is in your hands.
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4:54 am
who are you calling out about the coverage regarding the president at madison square garden? >> everybody. so i had a ton of friends at the fights. i had -- i was fortunate enough to meet president trump in 2016 right before he was elected. when i was getting ready to fight at madison square gardens and. what you saw on every single outlet was boos and people complaining and it was projected and it was presented as if it was this horrific event that he attended these fights. is he a fight fan. he loves fighting. and if you don't think one of the fighters that was there pretty excited that the president of the united states was in attendance, like you are wrong. steve steve there were boos. >> there were some. in manhattan, if you are looking for accurate swath
4:55 am
population of the country. manhattan is not it. 70% democratic. and it is -- it's not like you are in texas or kentucky and lexington where he is about to speak. it is primarily a blue state. especially that city. and even there he is being cheered. like huge applause. there were boos but they were pumped he was there. brian: it proves he doesn't have thin-skin. he knew it would be a mix. new york city come down dramatic walk. in dana white loves him. said it was uproarous and loud. it's not cheering or booing. it's just this loud noise that just gives you a sense of something big is going to happen. that's what trump wanted with that walk-in. too simple to say boos or cheers. >> yeah it. is very an electric thing to be there in attendance to be
4:56 am
at fights. to have the president of the united states, the leader of the free world come in there. you know, and the title they were fighting for was the bmf title. the toughest dude in the whole entire world. two incredible fighters and trump, you know, he definitely brings out electricity in people. both good, some bad. you know, far right, far left. middle, everybody gets excited when he is there. what that response looked like, you never know. but at the fight it was electric. brian: right. you look over and see the president. you know it matters. i'm at the event it matters. i'm in the fight that matters. and you are at madison square gardens world's most famous arena. too simple to say thumbs up or thumbs down. >> no. like all things with this president, it's complex. brian: combustible. all right. thanks, tim. ainsley: i guess if you are going to go to a place where not everyone gets along go to a fight. brian: there was a time when 48 states banned it and now every state is it clamoring
4:57 am
to get it. steve: president went to it. ainsley: loved it. steve: jay rice and mike huckabee joins us live. brian: lynn night olynyrd skynys the road for tour. he joins us next. do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. . .
4:58 am
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5:00 am
♪ ♪ "sweet home alabama" steve: one of the songs of all time. sweet home alabama. we're plying that because we have the lead singer of lynn mid skynyrd, johnny van zant and ricky medlock. on thursday with a one night only movie. all about the story of lynn mid skynyrd. what a story. oh, my goodness they will will be us this hour.
5:01 am
ainsley: if ever gone to a southern school during football season, they play that song, everybody goes crazy. brian: especially alabama. ainsley: every southern state. brian: there was a movie sweet home alabama. ainsley: that was a great movie. which guy should she speak. they were both handsome. dr. dreamy. he is, josh. steve: we didn't see the movie. ainsley: you have to watch it. steve: based on the song, based on the band, joining us live. brian: go see the movie. texas is cleaning up homeless camps in the city of austin. steve: governor gave local leaders a month to fix it. that is what they're starting today. ainsley: austin, texas where the clean up is starting.
5:02 am
hi. reporter: they were starting to sweep up the trash around the area. we're waiting for crews to come back, to move some of the tents out of the way. we've seen a few people pick up their own tents, take them away, walk them away before the state crews even show up. this will be such a huge undertaking. because of the tents you see behind me under the overpass, they go on for miles all over the city. they're everywhere across this town. people here on the frowned tell me they're fed up with this. >> we drove into austin. on underpass, saw a whole tent city. why does that even exist? >> i seen people urine nating and deaf indicating on this side walk. right here. >> it is not a good look for austin. reporter: it is not. it's a big problem. homelessness growing in austin, up 5% from last year.
5:03 am
the governor, greg abbott warned city leaders to straighten up. he said he will not allow austin to turn into san francisco or l.a. this morning the texdot crews will clear away homeless encampments all over town. one man we talked to, living under the same overpass for three years. he told me will move to another spot across town. because austin is too good to give up. >> people come from all over the country to come to austin because it is famous. this is a famous place to live on the streets. everybody knows. you want to live on the streets, go to austin. reporter: why? >> you don't have to buy food. they give you money. you can party. it is a blast. reporter: not sure if the plan will work this time around. the governor says he makes sure this happens weekly. this cleanup happens weekly until it is feign alley over.
5:04 am
back to you guys. steve: who when that is. thank you very much. they have been posting little bulletins underneath the overpasses, go to one of three sanctioned shelters for shelter. unfortunately they're all full. ainsley: a lot of liberal cities doing that. pandering them to parking lots to sleep or places they can go shoot up safely and don't get reported. brian: look what happened in texas, look what happened in chicago. look at what happened in austin. everyone moving out of high-taxed states going to texas because opportunity it provides. voters say, case in point. this is what i believe, this is what's happening. when it comes to practically serving those in the commune, are you helping taxpayers by opening up the doors to people who clearly have myriad of issues and are coming to live on your streets because of weather,
5:05 am
because you permit it? steve: austin is certainly many would describe the most liberal big city down in texas. brian: as everyone would. steve: talk a little bit impeachment. democrats will try to interview more people behind closed doors. yesterday the attorney of the whistle-blower, still don't know the identity, came out months ago, look, i hear, i heard that the president was on the phone with president of ukraine, and he, made a promise, extraordinary promise. it was quid pro quo. we fast forwarded, sounded like adam schiff would have the whistleblower appear. protect his or her identity. that went away the president wound up giving out the transcript. we all read it. ainsley: now the whistle-blower's attorney said my client will answer written questions submitted by the republicans but doesn't want him or her identity released.
5:06 am
we think it's a man. "new york times." brian: his identity will not be released written questions. this will get everybody talking. in honesty, be a whistleblower have your identity protected what the law says, what he says, has to be done in an exchange. whatever they answer the follow up question has to be there. now -- steve: that is hard when it is all written. brian: republicans, this is pretty much a head fake for republicans. if they take this, they will realize answer questions the way he answers no ability to see body language, tone, eye contact, follow up questions that took place. what they will try to do, the whistle-blower booked all the other guests, i know of other people heard it first-hand. that is everything to do with the guest list behind closed doors with the adam schiff. steve: during the closed-door stuff anecdotally the
5:07 am
whistleblower's name couple up several times. the republicans are trying to peach together patchwork to find out who the people are. the president last hour tweeted out regarding the whistle-blower, the whistle-blower gave false conversation with corrupt politician schiff. he must be brought forward to testify. whiten answers are acceptable. where is the second whistle-blower? he disappeared after i released the transcript. does even exist? where is the inform can't? con. brian: he says not allowing people to defend him because the transcript does have enough for supporters and detractors in it. you need someone to expand. other people said i had a problem with the july, for second week in july conversation. it is not just about july 25th. the big speculation over the
5:08 am
weekend time for republicans hey, didn't love the call, maybe shouldn't have happened but it is not impeachable. they don't necessarily think more than 2016 investigation. go make the case that ukraine played a role in 2016. joe biden, i'm trying to stop joe biden. ainsley: democrats were not counting on the president releasing the conversation. bottom line. we all read it. dan bongino reacted earlier in the show. listen. >> what they were allegedly blowing the whistle on didn't happen. not the whistle-blower blew the whistle on donald trump robbed the bank. no bank was robbed. we have the transcript of a whistle-blower blew the whistle he deal that never happened. you want to overturn 60 million votes to americans not on one charge you couldn't get one republican to agree on. steve: whistle-blower's attorney
5:09 am
saying we will bypass adam schiff answer questions directly of the republicans. that the republican campaigns say it is all in secret. the deck is stacked against the president. that means, that argument is working because now the whistle-blower's attorney, saying what? we are, we're not trying to keep any secrets? any questions that you have are fair we will answer them but they have to be written down. ainsley: i think this will backfire on the democrats. if the election were tomorrow i feel like -- steve: you know why? yesterday on "meet the press" they sent reporters and producers out to talk to people in early primary states what think about what is going on in washington and the impeachment. this is on nbc. "meet the press." what do the people say? roll the tape. >> i think it's a waste of time. they're a bunch of little kids fighting and not accomplishing what the hell they are elected for. >> we have a system of checks and balances. the way it should work the house
5:10 am
and senate do what set out in the constitution. >> i read the document. there was absolutely nothing concerning to me from one president to another. [inaudible] steve: opinions of people not on the east coast and the west coast. those are people in minnesota and new hampshire and south carolina. brian: i just think that numbers too show, in "wall street journal/nbc" poll more republicans are in support of the president. actually up in support and less say impeached today than three two weeks ago. we are three weeks. there is supposed to be shakiness under the republican support. none of that is happening. it's a partisan investigation. the president's approval rating exactly where it always was, 45%. >> president releasing the transcript. we all read it. we have our opinions about it. if he hadn't done that we would have felt differently. steve: we heard quid proquote.
5:11 am
regarding the polls. president made the argument three years ago, remember when every poll got it wrong with donald trump. do you regard these polls accurate? that is a big question. brian: go ahead. ainsley: some polls have biden leading. iowa poll he is number four. brian: biden, sanders, warren beat president by nine polls. i'm not sure that is accurate. we don't need accuracy on jillian. jillian: you you were starting that. i was wonder wondering where you were going. jillian: two inmates are being sought in california. the sheriff's office are trying to figure out how they broke out of a high security facility in salinas. there is 5,000-dollar reward
5:12 am
information leading to their arrest. iran announces violations of the 2015 nuclear deal on the 40th anniversary of the u.s. embassy crisis. iran is testing a nuclear prototype designed to be 50 times faster what it is allowed, calling it a direct result of president trump's withdrawal from the deal. anti-american demonstrators shout quote "death to america" near the former u.s. embassy where the 44 day hostage crisis began in 1979. a small plane crashes into industrial plaza and everyone survives. it went down in doral, florida. it hit a amazon delivery truck 20 yards before it hit a lake. president responding to a story about a horse named
5:13 am
kofifi. in the breeders race. covfeee urging followers to figure it out. ainsley: is it kovf. fe. brian: sean spicer amongst us we know what it means. that was his explanation. no way. steve: little ominous what the -- ainsley: i appreciate you bringing that back, jillian. brian: she has left. steve: elizabeth warren's "medicare for all" plan could cost 2 million people their jobs. don't worry. she has a plan for that. >> some of the people currently working in health insurance will work in other parts of insurance. and life insurance and auto insurance. brian: yeah and car and auto.
5:14 am
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5:18 am
look at this. look at this. first off, right, we're going to cut military spending. so immediately dead in the water. so we're talking trillions. you know, when the numbers are this big, they're just pretend. you want to see the math? i'll show you. look at this here. yeah. [laughter]. do you understand this? i do. i could explain it to but would die. steve: this weekend even "saturday night live" went after elizabeth warren for her 52 trillion-dollar "medicare for all" plan. part of the plan would allow health care workers to go to work for auto or life insurance companies when they lose their jobs. but would that actually work. here to weigh in, former ceo of cke restaurants, the author of the capitalist comeback, andy puzder. good morning to you. >> good to be here, steve, thank you. steve: if she lost "saturday
5:19 am
night live," that is not a good plan. >> that wasn't her? she should lose them. her plan is ridiculous. it is fantasy. you couldn't pass it. if it passed it would tank the economy. it is absurd. steve 52 trillion over 10 years. estimates say two million people could lose jobs. figuring out other places for people to lose their job, car and life insurance. >> don't seem to understand how interrelated economy is. destroying two million job, destroys just more than 2 million. that doesn't count the jobs she will destroy when eliminates fracking. takes focus off domestic energy. there is so much about the plan would be so devastating for the american people. i think people are smart enough to know that the "saturday night live" people certainly are. >> they know funny on friday 830
5:20 am
in the morning we were talking about the october jobs numbers. 128,000 jobs were added in october. the unemployment rate, ticked up a little to 3.6%. those, those are really good numbers for this time of year. >> not only that. there were 95,000 jobs added for august and september. the total increase for october was 225,000 jobs. this is tremendous number. you got to remember, there were 45,000 jobs that were lost during the gm strike. those will come back in november. so, this is rally amazing numbers. of course, all of everything, says they beat expectations. you hear they beat expectations so often, so redundant with the release of data. >> democrats are in a pickle. when they run against good economic numbers. what do they come back with. what did you do over the last three, four years? we launched impeachment probe of the president.
5:21 am
>> they're in the polls. analysis based on financial status of how the election will come out. moody's analytics, mark zandi at moody's analytics, big warren supporter, helped her with the health care plan. if economy stays the way it is trump wins. democrats know that. they know they're in trouble. they know there was nobody on the debate stage that could beat president trump with a good economy. so we're talking impeachment. steve: interesting. >> that is all they have left. steve: interesting times. >> interesting times. steve: andy, thanks for being here. ncaa cleared college athletes, some to get paid? what does jerry rice think about that? one of the greatest football players of all time, joins us on "fox & friends." ♪
5:22 am
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♪ >> every time you step on the field you have to play the game with energy, emotion and excitement. energy, emotion, excitement. one play at a time. you don't know what play will be most important play in the game. it will be the defining moment for the game. maybe for your season. maybe for your run. to start your streak. and the most important thing, man, play for each other. brian: he went to purdue. he is getting that team fired up drew brees back in action returned to alma mater to pump them up for the game he played for them '97 to 2,000. it speech worked. jerry rice is pumped up watching
5:26 am
it. five time super bowl champ and went to the pro bowl anytime he wanted. >> drew brees bottom the team all fired up. they won the football game. brian: he like you, played into list late '30s. >> i was very fortunate to play the game such a long time. i loved playing football. brian: couple things. there is story, high school football team, won 70-0. the coach got suspended. 70-0. should he have? >> it is all about response man ship. there is time you take starters out. you put the nonstarters in. brian: if the game is still a wide gap, nothing you can do about it? >> yeah. so it is one of those things, it is all about the respect of the game. brian: next topic. last week they announced, ncc will do something to let players profit from the name and fame. in college football. does it concern you? where do you stand.
5:27 am
>> it is long overdue. student athletes can get a job. they can make money. don't see why players can't do the same thing. brian: a guy like you not well-known out of high school. theth grade. your mom allowed you to play football. you cut school one day. >> playing a little hooky. having fun. brian: they saw the speed, got away, you got the yourself on the football field. >> i was able to go on, become a starter on my high school team. it was amazing. because you know, i became part of that team. i was able to do some great things. brian: but still, one-aa. >> yes. brian: little by little, as great as you are, does it bother you, or hearten you people look at your work ethic more than your numbers? >> no. i really, it was all about my work ethic. you know, i was not the greatest football player but i was going to out work you. that is something that my parents instilled in me. to go out there and earn
5:28 am
everything, give it 100%. brian: that is why you got what you got? >> yes. brian: america's game. you said in researching this, you had no idea how far football has come. what stood out? >> just everything. blacks, being involved in. the first black was kenny washington. then pollard. then bob marshall. and also what would it, felt like to have played for lombardi? i had the greatest coach ever, bill walsh. you know. brian: inverse of lombardi? >> yeah. then, you know the greatest quarterback. what would it have been like to play for johnny unitas? there is lot of history in that book. one of those books tell you a lot of stories. you know, people don't realize, football survived the great depression. brian: yeah. >> and world war ii. brian: for longest time college
5:29 am
was bigger. you look at the game. so violent, teddy roosevelt said i would ban it. so far the biggest sport in our country. no question about it, spreading globally. were people concerned and people about head injuries. do you feel pun intended the envelope is nfl is tack tackling this? >> they came out with a new helmet to also protect players. you notice that whenever a player get hit or something like that, they take his helmet. take him into the tent. so much better now because back in the day we didn't have all of that. we just went out there and we played. if you had a hit or something like that, they asked you, do you remember that play? what you had for breakfast? if you answered all those questions, you were right back on the football field. brian: we need jerry rice back out there. i don't want to ask him too many questions. he might not go out.
5:30 am
you're heartened by the success of 49ers. >> yes. i'm very excited about that. brian: john len much done a great job. it is called america's game. the nfl at 100. to understand how great the game is. understand where is came from. that is what book does. it is fantastic. >> that is what the book is about. i'm glad to have the opportunity to bring this to the people, with my writer randy williams. brian: randy williams. absolutely. jerry, couldn't pick a better person. >> appreciate it. brian: great to see you. you better start aging. i'm. >> i'm fired up. brian: no kidding. apple drops $2 million to help the homeless crisis in california. we're covering it. maryland -- governor mike huckabee sounds off. ♪ when did you see the sign?
5:31 am
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removes hair while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans now cleans itself. ainsley: overnight, apple announces a comprehensive new plan to address the housing crisis in california. steve: fox business correspondent susan li with how much the company is shelling out. susan, it's a big number. reporter: big number. $2.5 billion. almost twice as much as google and facebook pledged earlier this year. what apple wants to do with the money. it's a big number. it is pushing out a lot of middle class citizens that can't afford to live in the bay area with influx of highly paid tech companies and zoning laws. there is less housing development and land available. 2 1/2 approximately. one billion dollars for shovel-ready projects. guest the units up and ready. billion dollars force first-responders. service providers they think needs a lot of people.
5:35 am
steve: isn't this the job of government than private companies? reporter: they are working with california as part of 2.5 billion. i asked them, are you getting tax breaks. no, we're not. i was first person asked about that. they hadn't been asked about it. when you make $86 billion in sales one quarter. $2.5 billion, tax breaks doesn't move noodle. brian: tim cook said this or tim apple. long before we carried technology in our pockets apple called this region home. with he feel a profound civic responsibility to insure it remains a vibrant people where people can live, have a family, contribute to the community. affordable housing means. when things fall out of reach for too many. we know the course is unstainable. apple is committed to being part of the solution. you know, build housing keep
5:36 am
taxes high, it is still unaffordable. reporter: 3 1/2 million is the shortage of housing because of influx and growth of the tech boom in the region. apple committing $300 million in land s that enough right now to satisfy those looking for homes that can't afford them? some would say, even if it is 2 1/2 billion, billion here, billion there still falls farther short. brian: good news for the economy. china, looks like a deal could becoming. reporter: you were on top of this, brian. brian: make the announcement in iowa. reporter: that would be exciting i think. brian: i'm sorry. i have to toss to jillian. i will help you later. >> thank you, susan. jillian is behind you with more head lanes for us. jillian: good morning to you. police are searching for a person of interest in connection with the deaths of a couple found buried on a beach in texas. james and michelle butler's bodies were found last week on padre island, texas. a family member said they were
5:37 am
traveling around the country for than a year. the unidentify person of interest was found driving the couple's rv across the border into mexico. pete buttigieg blasted family separation on the border before. but now the indiana mayor is taking it one step further. listen to this. >> united states owes something to the kids in that situation. we need to make sure that they have compensation. jillian: buttigieg speaking to iowa voters did not special fay what the compensation would be after implementing a zero tolerance policy. the trump administration introduced steps over the summer to allow families to stay together. the aclu estimates 5500 migrant children were separated from their parents. look at your screen. a massive stream of water pours out of a skyscraper, literally right on to the ground below. you see the water gushing out of the building in philadelphia, 1000 feet off the ground. witnesses say it lasted about five minutes.
5:38 am
it was reportedly part of an annual fire safety test. can you imagine walking down the street and seeing all of that water. ainsley: feeling it on top of you. steve: looks like a mistake. brian: no mistake booking governor mike huckabee. former governor of arkansas, former gop candidate. he cannot hold a job. a lot of former. thanks, governors. can we bring you to the police story the banning of the thin blue line flag. you're a governor. you were a chief executive. is that okay with you? >> no, it isn't. i say that with all respect to my former friend brian kilmeade. first of all this is a terrible tragedy for the simple reason it does two horrible things. one it shows incredible disrespeak to a little boy who thought he was showing respect with his father to the police department which all of us should do. what a great lesson to teach the kid. but the second strategy this empowers the movement that hates
5:39 am
police, that hates law enforcement. the ones that throw eggs and water and dumps garbage on police cars. what kind of society do we want to live in where lawlessness is elevated and celebrated and the people who enforce the law are completely vilified? this is a tragedy. the consequences of this for a long time coming are disasterous steve: governor, montgomery county, maryland, is north of washington, d.c. it's a very progressive county and sanctuary county. i have a feeling if you took a poll of the people of montgomery county, a majority would say we support the police? >> well of course they would. steve. the fact is when people have a crime in their neighborhood or on their own property, who do they call? do they call this county executive? does he come to deal with it? no. the police do. i think maybe what this county executive needs to do is do ride alongs with the local cops.
5:40 am
nothing better to understand what the police officers are up against if you do some ride alongs. i would love to ask him, have you sat with the cops in their cars, taking the 11-7 shift? if you haven't, get off your rear end from your nicely appointed office, ride around with the cops, see if you could handle it. my guess he would not. ainsley: a lot of 2020 democrats are talking about "medicare for all." elizabeth warren releases the plan. the cost will be $52 trillion. steve: i heard gazillion. ainsley: nancy pelosi was asked about this on friday, here is what she had to say. >> i'm not a big plan for "medicare for all." i welcome the debate. i think we should have health care for all. i think affordable care benefit is better than the medicare benefit. ainsley: this is what she said in 1993. >> as i have said before, i hope
5:41 am
that this plan, when i say hope, i mean i will join with my colleagues here working to see the plan the congress passes contains as many of the provisions of single-payer as possible. that it does not foreclose on eventual single-payer, that is does not throw up obstacles to easily establishing their own single-payer. ainsley: governor, why did she change her tune? >> we could say maybe she has gotten smarter in the 26 years since 1993. i don't know if that is it, or doesn't want to go along with the loony left in her party basically running things. the ones pushing for "medicare for all," even when they put at price tag, they do it with a straight face. $52 trillion? the entire federal budget is actually less than that on a per year basis. brian: mostly middle class people, mostly middle class people work in the health care
5:42 am
professions and insurance professions. they're basically told, go, find community college to learn to do something else. nobody wants this. they're trying to emulate bernie sanders rather than barack obama. who by the way obamacare is kind of pushing you towards a single-payer, how did that happen? sanders has pushed all these people into these projects? >> a lot of these younger people grew up without any personal frame of reference to the cold war, to what really socialism and communism is all about. and they think it is just a wonderful thing. and the fact is our school system doesn't teach truth about both america as well as about socialism this is the result. what a shame? mike huckabee, joining us from the panhandle of the beautiful state of florida. thank you very much. brian: thanks, governor. >> you bet. steve: new york leaders celebrate president trump's decision to leave the state. our next guest calls out their
5:43 am
hostility and says they are missing out on an opportunity. brian: it's simple. ♪
5:44 am
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start taking advantage of all the benefits... of the only medicare advantage plans with the aarp name. we make it easy to enroll, too. so call unitedhealthcare or go online today. [sfx: mnemonic] ♪ ainsley: president trump changing his official residency to florida, claiming city and state leaders have treated him
5:47 am
very badly. in responses as if on cue, those leaders proving his point. new york city mayor bill de blasio tweeting, our deepest condolences to the good people of florida as trump tries to out run his past and future. good riddance. not like he paid taxes here anyway. good luck, florida. fox news contributor and "new york post" columnist, michael good man, also a new york city resident. i read your op-ed. it was excellent. you said the president deserves respect. >> you can disagree with the president without expressing hate. this is what a lot of this is about the. new york city mayors worked with republican presidents. they worked with republican legislators. republican mayors of new york, have worked with democratic presidents, rudy giuliani, helped bill clinton pass the crime bill in 1994.
5:48 am
he endorsed mario cuomo for governor in 1994. now you have this group of democrats in the new york, who look like the republicans must be treated as satan. they attack mercilessly. this is prior to impeachment. this is been since day one of the trump presidency. he is a fellow new yorker. look, history the last new yorker in the white house was fdr. here you have a opportunity. donald trump loves new york. every time you talk to him about new york, how is my new york? he loves the city, he loves the state. ainsley: he built a lot of it. >> yes. he was raised here. his family spent all the time building new york. now they treat him like he is some kind of alien creature. they have gotten nothing out of him. new york city, new york state made no effort to lobby him on anything. they don't speak to him. only of him in the most vial
5:49 am
terms. who are they hurting? people of new york. ainsley: it is sad. if he wanted to go down to a restaurant in the west village would be booed or kicked out of the it. >> he grew up here. he was part of the fabric of new york. andrew cuomo says he was never a part of new york. quite the contrary he was very much new york. maybe a different new york than where andrew cuomo was. it used to be a big enough new york for everybody. somehow donald trump is not good for new york? this is not good for thinking about our city and our country. ainsley: if you want to read it, "new york post".com. michael, thank you. good to see you. they're a southern rock band legend, they're hitting screen. lynryd skynyrd is here to talk about it. bill hemmer. >> a couple ledge cents.
5:50 am
there is news from the whistleblower. what you need to know. where we stand. when will the hearings be public? will anyone show up today? great line up in and all that. is "medicare for all" fantasy talk? join sandra and me in minutes for america's news recommend, moments away. ♪
5:51 am
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♪ sweet home alabama steve: one of those things you have to sing along to, because we awe know the words. legendary southern rock ban lynryd skynyrd has been singing the songs about the southland more than 40 years. ainsley: i know. brian: now he is sick of it.
5:54 am
ainsley: epic farewell tour to the big screen for only one night. ♪ lord help me, i can't change brian: joining us now, the people behind the voice. johnny van zant and ricky medlock is here. welcome. >> good to see you. brian: why now? you sound as good as ever. why now? >> gary had some heart trouble. and, we wanted to go out with our boots on. not just one day be playing, okay, that's it, folks. ainsley: how is gary doing? >> he is doing great. they're out in wyoming. >> jackson hole, wyoming. ricky and me are here talking about the concert. steve: one night only. thursday. filmed in front of 50,000 people in jacksonville. >> hometown of lynryd skynyrd. brian: fill at wokb is also
5:55 am
there. why was it important to play there. >> that is where the ban started out. ricky and myself were all born there. everybody. it is funny. people think skynyrd is from alabama. the song sweet home alabama. loved alabama but from jacksonville. ainsley: what gave you the idea to do the movie? >> actually, management came up with this whole concept. and, came to the band about it. and said you know, playing jacksonville at the stadium along with a lot of other bands would probably be a great way to do the movie, the shoot. it was shot with 16 cameras. we walked out and there was over 50,000. as i stood there looking at it, oh, my god. this is, this is awesome. steve: some people until they see the movie probably didn't realize, they don't know the story. they don't know about the plane crash. >> yeah. it is amazing. there is whole new generation.
5:56 am
we have a song, skynyrd nation. three generations. now we're really four. it is amazing. brian: the one we imported are from canada. only with music in your background. >> did you miss me on tour? singing back up? >> i did. janice: summer concert. it was a bucket list to sing back up. >> all of sudden she is there and she is gone. janice: you have to come back and i go on tour with you. one of the greatest moments of my life. thank you for giving it to me. >> we had fun. brian: tickets november 7th, fairwell concert. of the fathom ainsley: guys, such a pleasure. >> jacksonville, we're still working. steve: talk to you in the "after the show show." ♪
5:57 am
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