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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 7, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> good morning, thursday, november 7th. happening right now at 4 am on the east coast rest in peace, women and children murdered by mexican drug cartel will be laid to rest today. the americans now believe to have been targeted in that violent ambush, what will it take for mexico's president to take action. we are live with the latest and his sidesteps to the cartel crisis. and game changer, public impeachment hearing set for next week as donald trump unleashes on democrats over a brand-new whistleblower bombshell.
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>> democrats must be accountable for their hoaxes and crimes. was a lower's attorney said in 2017. >> who is the first and what will it mean for donald trump and 2020? >> big trophies given to actors who play heroes on tv. tonight we honor the real heroes. >> honoring the brave at the first-ever fox nation patriot award show. "fox and friends first" starts right now.
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>> all about american pride last night with the first-ever sold out patriot award show presented to you from fox nation and fox news, thank you for joining us, much more on that coming up, you are watching "fox and friends first," thank you for starting the day with us. let's begin with this fox news alert, public impeachment hearings are set to begin next week. republicans fight to unmask the whistleblower who triggered the entire process. we are learning their attorney in the meantime was actually calling for impeachment back in 2017. todd pyro is in studio with what we can expect. >> first up on wednesday william taylor, the top us diplomat in ukraine expected to echo his close hearing testimony portions
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of which, i became increasingly concerned that our relationship with ukraine was being fundamentally undermined by an irregular informal channel of us policies in the making and the withholding of vital security assistance for domestic political reasons. taylor will be followed by george tents, deputy assistant secretary of state for european and eurasian affairs and the former ambassador to ukraine marie yavanovitch as they reaffirm was a lower protection say it is a system that needs to be refined, introducing legislation that would allow for donald trump to face the whistleblower. of a congressional republicans like devon nunez saying there's a lot more to the democrats not wanting the whistleblower's identity revealed. >> over this whistleblower is must be an extreme partisan with lots of problems with their story. that's why the whistleblower is not coming forward. >> adding fuel to that fire
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tweets from the whistleblower's attorney including this one from 2017 hashtag who has started as one falls two more will take their place, hashtag rebellion hashtag impeachment referring to administration employees who defied the white house and take a look at this showing this picture documents from previous presidential impeachment setting next up donald trump. adding that the crew would occur in many steps and we will get rid of him, a reference to donald trump. >> very interesting when all those previous tweets did breaking yesterday, much more to come on it. some more on this sad story, funerals begin today for the nine americans killed by a drug cartel in mexico. their family tells fox news that they believe the gunmen targeted the women and children. griff jenkins joins us live from washington as family and friends
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head to mexico to lay their loved ones to rest. >> a caravan of a different kind made its way through mexico, hundreds of mourners arriving at the mormon enclave under protection from mexican security. headed to funerals for the 9 american slotted on monday, many getting a firsthand look at the carnage unfolding at the hands of vicious drug cartel gunmen as questions on who is responsible for the bloodshed, the mexican president suggested the victims were caught in a fight between warring factions of the similar cartel in sonora and the warez cartel from jew all but family members of the victims say it was a deliberate attack. >> it was on purpose, it wasn't an accident. they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, we don't believe that is the truth. they knew who they were attacking when they attacked.
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>> this is donald trump can lawmakers in washington pushing for more involvement in the fight against cartel saying the us is ready to resist, he says war is not an option, holding onto his policy of hugs, not bullets when cartel violence is worse than it has ever been, mexico on track to exceed 32,000 murders this year topping last year's record but there was a miracle, baby faith reunited with her folder found in a bullet ridden suv 11 hours after the massacre. as for that arrest mexican authorities now say they don't believe the suspect was directly involved in the attack. >> that is a miracle that one little baby survived. i hadn't heard about that. thank you so much. back at home, a new clue in the search for the missing
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stepdaughter of the usc fighter, police releasing these surveillance pictures of a person and interest in alabama. the man is a convenience store. that is where atatiana jefferson was last seen two weeks ago. blanchard is believed to be a victim of foul play based on evidence they found inside. hundreds of people attending a church vigil overnight praying for her safe return. 13-year-old murder suspects who escaped custody gets turned in by his mom. the boy identified as jericho escaped from a holding room after a court hearing in north carolina. police say he took off while wearing leg restraints and no shoes. jericho was charged in the death of two brothers last month. 's mom called the cops when he showed up at a family member's house last night. on to the election, donald trump
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rally support in louisiana. >> you cannot afford 4 more years of this far left travesty. it is time to replace your failed governor john bell edwards with eddie rispoli who is going to do an incredible job. >> they are head to head in the latest polls, runoff election is next week. to kentucky, kentucky governor matt bevan calling for a re-canvassing of votes claiming voter fraud may have played a role in his very close election. >> we want the people of kentucky to have absolute confidence that their votes were counted as they should have been counted. >> an unofficial count shows the gop incumbent more than 5000
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votes behind his democratic challenger. bevan's remarks come days after donald trump visited the bluegrass state to rally for republicans. and officially canvas will take place next thursday. honoring every day american heroes fox nation holding its inaugural patriot awards show with mike pence surprise the sold-out crowd. live in st. petersburg, florida, good morning. >> good morning. what is left of the red carpet here is set up this morning, a sold-out crowd and it was a moving, beautiful night to be part of. let's show you what the night was about. mike pence giving a video message to a lot of the folks here, pete hegseth on stage. it was a beautiful night. the vice president touched on the work our patriot to do every single day including the isis raid we talked about a few weeks ago and the support he and the president continue to give to our military, our veterans and how important it is to make a difference in the lives of our
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heroes. listen to the vice president. >> donald trump and i are proud to stand with all the men and women who wear the uniform of the united states, proud to stand with our first responders and generations of americans who have gone before them serving our country. >> a great message from the vice president and the reason we are all here, the heroes, the awards given out on stage, the men and women who sacrificed everything for us and people who stand up for them and their communities, that includes a 14-year-old boy spreading patriotism throughout his community going door-to-door giving flags for what you are seeing on screen, a wife and kids his husband is a police officer in florida, also deployed overseas right now and among many other heroes in the crowd, someone iran 31 marathons in 31 days in 31 cities.
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meet rob jones. >> if i hadn't been wounded i might have been killed the next day by a sniper's bullet or stepped on another ied and been killed. what i have done is accept whatever situation i have and moith what i can affect and that is what i'm going to do now. >> the work they do is just incredible, to protect us every single day and the ultimate patriot, one of our friends on "fox and friends" colonel dan bruni from folds of honor was given an award as well. he does so much good for so many people and all the proceeds of this event do go to folds of honor. it is the first and i'm sure it will not be the last. shannon: a huge crowd, we will talk to rob jones later in the show and you will be back as well. the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour, the first public impeachment hearing is
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just 6 days away. >> those open hearings will be an opportunity for the american people to evaluate the witnesses for themselves and also learn firsthand about the facts of the president's misconduct. >> a top diplomat to ukraine will be first to testify but public hearings are not transparent enough, he joins us live with what else democrats need to do before us a swing and a miss, the ride fail going viral. chevy silverado hd. it offers head-up display. wow, that's dialed in. i can still keep my eyes on the road. my truck doesn't have that. it offers an optional technology package with up to 15 different camera views. that's quality picture. it even offers one enhanced view that makes your trailer appear invisible - to help you see what's behind you. oh, wow! which in this case happens to be the competition - since they don't offer the same amount of cameras as the silverado. literally in the rear-view. where they should be. ♪
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>> we begin open hearings in the impeachment agree next week. those open hearings will be an opportunity for the american people to evaluate the witnesses for themselves and also learn firsthand about the fact of the president's misconduct. >> fox news alert, americans will finally get their first real look at the democrats impeachment inquiry next week.
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house until chair adam schiff announcing three key witnesses will testify in public hearings as newly unearthed tweets show one of the attorneys for the was lower had been pushing for impeachment for years. a senior legal fellow at the heritage foundation joins me to break it down. thank you for joining us, we always appreciate it. let's look at the schedule. so far, the open impeachment hearings, wednesday, november 15th, george kent and william taylor and marie yavanovitch. tell us the significance of these folks and why in this order? >> these are all diplomats who have apparently complained about the way the president was conducting diplomatic relations with ukraine. the last one, kim jong un --
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yavanovitch complained that she was 5. it is the president, not the state department that sets our foreign policy and the fact they may disagree with the way he conducted foreign-policy is not in impeachable offense. it is the president who has complete authority over foreign policy, not these diplomats. as for the ambassador complaining that she was fired, ambassadors under the constitution serve at the pleasure of the president and they can be fired for no reason or any reason. now impeachable offense. >> when it comes to witnesses and the order of the witnesses are we going to hear from everyone including those who backed up the president and his team that says there was no quid pro quo? >> doesn't sound like it. it seems as if adam schiff is settings this up reminiscent of the kind of show trials the
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soviet union ran in the 1930s. we've not had adequate disclosure. we still don't know and haven't seen the transcripts of all the witnesses questions in secret, the republicans have not been given the ability to completely cross-examine all of those witnesses. there has been no disclosure by adam schiff, of all his prior contact with these witnesses and/or the whistleblower and most importantly we still don't know who the whistleblower is which is very important to his credibility. that is a key issue and that still has not been disclosed. shannon: something we know that started to be released yesterday on twitter, one of the whistleblower's attorneys has been calling for this coup for years going back to 2017 at least. we can bring up those tweets people can see right there, one which we got earlier, two more
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will take their place, rebellion, impeachment, scary, we will get rid of him, the country is strong enough to survive even him and his supporters, we have 2 and the last one says amaga get rid of donald trump. what does that show you? >> that is really shocking and appalling. the lawyer for this supposedly whistleblower was talking about a coup d'état in the united states, something that has never happened in our history. this raises substantial questions about the credibility of not just the suppose it whistleblower but the entire process because clearly his lawyer two years ago was involved in trying to plan getting rid of the duly elected president of the united states. that is just shocking. >> some legislators call for his name to be released.
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why haven't they just released it? >> i don't understand why they haven't. legislators on the floor of the house for the floor of the senate are covered by the constitution speech and debate clause and they can do it. if i was a member of congress i would do it because it is essential to a real investigation of what is going on here. shannon: i knew you would know the answer to that. we appreciate you joining us as always. looking forward to next week. goodbye. the va is struggling to fill 50,000 open jobs. a prime example of socialized healthcare gone wrong is this. what will happen if medicare for all becomes the law of the land. joey jones says that would make things worse and he joins us live with a solution.
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heather: the da is struggling to fill a whopping 49,000 job openings nationwide blaming salary caps and government regulation but as a glaring example of socialized healthcare gone wrong in the us is this what our future will look like if medicare for all becomes law? retired us marine corps tech and fox news contributor joey jones was here to weigh in. thanks for joining us so early, we appreciate it as always. as we begin let's look at this. 96% of va facilities reported at least one severe occupational shortage. we mentioned a couple reasons behind this. what is your take on what is
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causing it and what needs to be done? >> the problem with the va right now is according to this report they can't hire people because they can't find talent and they can't afford the talent that will apply at the va. the democrats would look at this and say we need to send millions more taxpayer dollars to the va budget but the problem is a bureaucrat in dc can't arbitrarily write up a salary position at the va because there is no competition for revenue, no competition -- the private healthcare industry can set things due to quality and care, talent of individuals working there and most importantly to get customers to come back and choose them over any of the competition. the va doesn't have that and that is one of the biggest problems with the antiquated healthcare system and if you move to medicare for all and expand healthcare from the
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single-payer perspective that is exactly what would happen. he would have a bureaucrat in dc deciding what summit to get paid and what healthcare is with us because the free market, the best thing that could happen to healthcare prices would be to have more honest and overall more health insurance companies and healthcare providers and in my town in georgia that is what we have and there isn't a healthcare provider here in georgia that isn't better than the va option. shannon: competition and more people are may be starting to see the same viewpoint, medicare for all support has dropped slightly from october 2019, it is now 51%, the most recent drop compared to march 2018 where the high was that 59%. why do you think people are beginning to recognize it? because more of the candidates themselves, potential nominees on the democratic side are talking about medicare for all and we can bring that up, the
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difference between sanders and warren. >> when you have someone like elizabeth warren come up with this arbitrary trillions of dollars number and joe biden hits her and bernie's binders -- bernie sanders responded elizabeth says it is that big number, actually much bigger, we will raise your taxes to do it people start to second-guess. when it no longer sound like a free gift and sound like a financial burden through taxes people start to rethink. when the economy is doing so well and there are more primary care physicians, more medical facilities being built in small towns, prices have the opportunity to go down if the government will allow it. that's not to say the government doesn't have a place in regulating some things but one of the worst things to ever happen to healthcare prices is for the government to be involved to chalk up their prices just to get what they need from the government and all
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the different health insurance options the government pays for already. the more people have information, the more the candidates talk about trillions of dollars in higher taxes the more they will research and decide for a better path. shannon: people definitely deserve good affordable healthcare but especially our veterans. we need to take better care of them. 39% of the 140 facilities have severe shortages in 20 different occupations including psychiatry. 85 different facilities reported a shortage in that area as well. >> someone using the va healthcare system i can tell you it is entire straits. there are individual hot pockets around the world and around the country where a va facility may be running well, usually where the population isn't that great with the funding is big. all that to say when the va does function well it is incredibly expensive but for places like
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atlanta, georgia this va is on life support, they are closing down sections, turning off phones. so for me to drive 34 miles to have someone at the va look at me and say you don't have legs, we should buy you legs, that is terrible and that is where we are and that comes from regulation but the regulation comes from the va not doing its job. >> people need to pay attention to what you are saying. thank you so much for joining us sorry to cut you off. the time is almost half past the top of the hour and while democrats are trying to distract with the impeachment insanity donald trump marks a major milestone on the bench. >> the system has been under relentless attack by left-wing activists. they want to impose a judicial decree what they failed to win at the ballot box.
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>> 150 judges appointed since the president took office. why our next guest says this is another promise kept by the president that will shutdown the left. ♪ taking care of business ♪ working overtime
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jillian: welcome back to half past the top of the hour. a fox news alert, open impeachment hearings begin next wednesday. former ambassador to ukraine william taylor will be the first witness to testify, he had concerns about the us holding security assistance to ukraine for political reasons was a funeral for the 9 americans killed by a mexican drug cartel. they will be buried in a mountainous area in mexico. the gunmen shot and killed 20 mothers and 6 children in their car during an ambush. mike pence in new hampshire today filing the trump pence
1:34 am
2020 ticket for the first in the nation's primary. speaking of the president, donald trump rallying support for gubernatorial candidate eddie riskone. >> great to be, american patriots. bill: it is another huge rally. >> reporter: the president knows how to pack a rally is hoping to convince voters, louisiana republicans tried to unseat democratic governor john bell edwards. >> edwards is a complete disaster for the state of louisiana. you cannot afford four more years of this far left travesty. it is time to replace failed
1:35 am
governor john bell edwards with eddie riskone. >> reporter: donald trump tweeting a few hours later urging people to get out and vote saying find your polling location and vote for your next louisiana governor. early voting opens soon. even though this is a state trump won by 20 percentage points in 2016 a recent poll has edwards up by two points was one of the biggest moment of the night came when the cast of "duck dynasty" took the stage to throw their support behind riskone. >> if you are pro-god and pro-american and pro-good and pro-duckhunting that is all i want. >> reporter: the president plans to attend the alabama football game.
1:36 am
and any organizations that engage in disruptive behavior will be removed for the remainder of the season. louisiana's gubernatorial election. >> lsu and alabama big games. as democrats hone in on impeachment donald trump with his historic judicial overhaul confirming 158 judges since taking office. >> my administration and republicans in congress have confirmed, in terms of i would like to say quality and quantity, we are going to be number one together restoring american freedom. heather: the spokesman gail
1:37 am
trotter, thanks, we appreciate it. we heard the president talking about the numbers so people can see, two supreme court, 44 for the us court of appeal and 112 in district courts and specialty courts, 158. it is historic. >> donald trump delivered on his promise and continues to deliver the promise of appointing judges to the federal bench. making up new laws as they go again and donald trump has appointed right minded judges even in the face of the left continuing to chase this impeachment fantasy since donald trump's first day in office. as an example of the seismic change we are seeing, once they
1:38 am
are confirmed by the senate to the ninth circuit, we will see more than one third of the active judges on the ninth circuit being donald trump's appointees. he has had so much success, confirming these judges, outpaced the last three administrations in terms of judges nominated and confirmed. heather: a comparison between donald trump and obama and his appointment. the third year in office, you can see the comparison. donald trump far more. this is a legacy that will last beyond this administration. >> reporter: it should be donald trump's greatest legacy to have judges who aren't trying to put their personal policy preferences into the law but are applying the law and respecting the judiciary has a special role in the government, they are not supposed to be a
1:39 am
superlegislature trying to pass laws but instead applying the law and these are high-quality judges that donald trump is nominated and it helps all-americans and we see this as an effect, and donald trump has already flipped the third circuit and soon the second circuit and 11th circuit should be flipped as well. heather: the efforts that have been put in place. what they are doing in terms of stalling these nominations and not getting them through. >> we saw a reprehensible act by the american bar association. they had an 11th hour negative rating on one of donald trump's nominees and it was foolish here say and anonymous sources. it was the latest smear attack by the left to derail donald
1:40 am
trump delivering on the promise to the american people. heather: in the ninth circuit nominee. thank you for joining us, appreciate your time. tulsi gabbard going head to head with joy beheart. >> russian assets, trojan horse. >> a useful idiot. bill: how the 2020 candidate put the hosts in place. a swing and a miss. the epic ride fail that is going viral. ♪ if you have medicare, listen up.
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call right now. having helped enroll people in millions of policies with an a plus customer satisfaction rating, you can trust healthmarkets. don't assume that your plan is still the right fit. the health markets fitscore makes it easy to find the right medicare plan for you. healthmarkets doesn't just work for one insurance company. they work to help you and they do it all for free. ♪ your insurance market place, healthmarkets ♪ there may be medicare benefits and savings you're missing out on only healthmarkets has the free fitscore call the number on your screen before the deadline call healthmarkets now heather: police detective shot the drug raid will be taken off of life support. the date in, ohio police
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department, he will not survive his injuries and will become an organ donor. detective del rio was shot in the face twice trying to serve a warrant. the suspected shooter under arrest. detective del rio serve the department for 30 years, a father and grandfather. a backlash on an article about a family murdered by drug cartel in mexico, the paper first publishing the story with the headline reading, quote, us victims in mexico in the massacre were tied to family with a long history of violence. the article said some victims belonged to a prominent mormon family linked to killings in the us and mexico. several people online calling the headline disgraceful causing the paper to change the headline to, quote, massacre of us citizens aims spotlight at mormon community with deep roots in mexico.
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and to camp or sleep on the street approving the fired up crowd. [chanting] >> protesters say the ban criminalizes the homeless population. those violating the law, $1000 or put in jail for 6 months. tulsi gabbard paying attention when the view host joy bayheart said this. >> i don't say tulsi is an agent, i just think she could be a useful idiot the way trump is a useful idiot for the russians. heather: the congress one confronting her during an appearance on the show. >> some of you have accused me of being a traitor to my country, a russian assets, trojan horse. or a useful idiot.
1:46 am
>> that is a russian term. franklin graham find you refreshing. he doesn't find me refreshing. richard spencer, the white nationalist leader said he could vote for you. >> this is why i am here. you and other people continue to spread these innuendos that have nothing to do with who i am. heather: gabbard reject the idea she would run as a third-party candidate. chris -- christmas is coming early for starbucks fans, if you are flying with a new holiday cup, flying alaska airlines that will let you bored early. all you need to do is hold one at the gate even if it is empty. look at the cups right there. customers will find these at their seats. the new cups are at their stores nationwide today. the airline promotion ends sunday. these cups tend to be controversial.
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15 minutes until the top of the hour and fox nation honors the best and brave at the first-ever patriot award show. >> trying to clear a danger area. and an ied found me first. bill: the most patriot award went to our next guest. rob jones tells us his story coming up. ♪ won't forget the men who died ♪ who gave that life to me ♪ i gladly stand up next to you
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>> tonight's most valuable patriot award goes to marine corps sergeant. heather: a night dedicated to
1:51 am
honoring our heroes, rob jones given the most valuable patriot award at fox nation's annual patriot award showing this morning he joins us live from st. petersburg, florida with his reaction to mvp of the night. congratulations for your award and lets us know what it meant to you to get that award last night. >> it is an incredible honor to be in the conversation for an award for most vulnerable patriot. a lot of people i would've given the award to but i appreciate the compliment. heather: you were a combat engineer in the marine corps. share with everyone at home a little more about your story. >> i was a combat engineer finding ieds and searching for areas we fight had ieds and then. i went to afghanistan on july 22, 2010, i was in the
1:52 am
process of those duties when i stepped on an ied and had amputations. heather: before that you receive a bronze medal in rowing at the 2012 paralympic games and also run 31 marathons as well. >> correct. after my recovery at walter reed in summer of 2011 i took up sports, went to the paralympics in 2012 and won a bronze medal, followed up by riding my bike across the country in 2013, raised money and awareness about veteran charities and in 2017, i ran 31 marathons in 31 days in 31 cities raising money for veteran charities and creating a story about a veteran that went overseas, experienced trauma and came back and used it. the 20 it is amazing. when i talk to veterans like you, you say it so matter-of-factly like it is no
1:53 am
big deal and we could all do it. in no way am i telling you i could possibly do that. you are such a hero and such an inspiration for so many people. is that the response you get when you present your story and talk to people? >> yes. that is the response i hear a lot. you could do it if you had a good selfless reason for doing it like i had which was to help my fellow veterans and i really think you could do it and i don't do these things to be called a hero. but i really appreciate it when people do call me a hero. heather: you do it to inspire others as well, right? >> yes, ma'am. i'm here to create a story people can use in their own lives, veterans and civilians and whoever. heather: you definitely deserve the award from last night. a final word about the importance of being a patriot and how they can be a patriot in their own way, not necessarily being able to do the great things you have been able to do.
1:54 am
>> i would define being a patriot is somebody that works for others in your community and family and their country and help other people to experience their own version of the american dream and that is what i am doing now. heather: your service does not end. thank you for joining us. that is the point of the patriot awards and we will have more in the years ahead. thank you for your service. we will be right back.
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heather: and vietnam veteran and my 11 he received a posthumous award of the presidential citizens medal, donald trump will honor him at the white house, the vice president of security for morgan stanley helped 2700 people escape the towers before he was killed in that attack. the british war hero earned a purple heart and silverstar for his service in vietnam. a city is looking for new ways to honor a civil rights hero after martin luther king's name is trip from a street sign. a kansas city overwhelmingly voted in favor of changing martin luther king blvd. back to its former name. it was dedicated to doctor king a few months ago. critics say the city council did
1:59 am
it illegally and paseo holds historical value in kansas city. now it is time for the good, the bad and the ugly. the good, this dad got into the spirit. ♪ heather: you see him in making his daughter's every move on the football field. she taught him of the routine so he could perform in the bleachers, good job. the bad. remember this guy? the new jersey man who dumped ice on his office floor and pretended to slip and fall to get insurance money just got sentenced to probation and community service. he pleaded guilty to insurance fraud. finally the ugly. two girls flying into a metal ladder.
2:00 am
>> oh my gosh. [bleep] heather: the worker stumbled into the latter before being knocked to the ground. that had to hurt. thank you for joining us as always. "fox and friends first" starts now, goodbye. rob: november 7th, the families of 9 americans gunned down by mexican drug cartel believe it was a targeted attack. jillian: through the or a miracle story of survival. we have the latest on the investigation into the massacre plus political bias in black and white. anti-trump tweets posted by the whistleblower's attorney surface. rob: as the impeachment fight it into the public arena how does this affect the democrats case? >> not just honoring 6 patriots but following the example of


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