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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX News  November 7, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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to 1:00 eastern happening after fox and friends. in the meantime, shannon bream is next with brand-new details on the transcripts that may be coming out. check it out. >> shannon: breaking news right now from the fox news desk at an all transcript from a key witness in the impeachment inquiry just released a couple of minutes ago. house democrats just released a closed-door interview from state department official george canned and sources have said it includes a bombshell. i am shannon bream and new york digging through it right now, fox news journalist combing through 355 pages of the testimony. we will be bringing the key parts all throughout this coming hour. this is another player in the impeachment inquiry talks to house lawmakers again today in private. today's witnesses jennifer williams whose details from the state department of vice president national security advisor. a trump administration official tells mike emanuel that williams was on maccallum and
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president trump in ukraine's president. has repeatedly said it was a perfect call and that he's done nothing wrong. we have fox coverage. mike emanuel live on capitol hill but first, gillian turner reporting live. >> chairman adam schiff just released that transcript of george kent's testimony as you mention from a 350 pages long about 5 minutes ago. we have a team on the ground here going through it quickly. going to tell you what we do know about his testimony before even opening this transcript. according to sources familiar with the testimony he gave for ten hours behind closed doors to the intelligence committee, he raised red flags about how the trump administration was managing u.s. foreign policy towards ukraine. and that he began doing so over six months ago. they also say he flagged to rudy giuliani's role in conducting official u.s. policy towards ukraine despite the fact that
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rudy giuliani was not a government official at the time. i'm going to read you an excerpt from the chairman of the committees managing the impeachment investigation. they sent a letter just now sort of cover page letter to accompany this transcript from kent. and so from the chairman of the intelligence foreign affairs and oversight committee, they write "the testimony of deputy assistant secretary of state george kent strongly corroborates testimony from numerous other witnesses. mr. kent affirms that he and his colleagues recognize the impropriety of pressuring ukrainian officials to take politically motivated investigations to help president trump's reelection prospects in 2020. i can tell you we know from our sources here on capitol hill one of the primary purposes that the investigators feel can testimony observed was to back up testimony that had been given by
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fiona hill. fiona hill used to be president trump's top in-house advisor of the white house on russia and europe. we are going to continue going through all of these pages now and we will bring you the highlights and things that jump out to us as being key as we get them. >> shannon: trying to read through it here too while breaking the story, interesting that last night an attorney spoke up and said perspective of the he had given that they were fabricated conversations and that she never had coffee with him. took about one instance where they have coffee or drinks. so they were a number of witnesses and the legal counsel going back and forth over what is accurate. five people see something and they can describe it five different ways and in this case, it is one that is an potentially international significance. we will let you get back to work as we continue to comb through it. thank you. to congressional correspondent mike emanuel reporting live from capitol hill with more as we go through this testimony.
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>> good morning to you, the star witness of today was supposed to be for me national security advisor john bolton, but bolton declined to come to capitol hill to testify in this impeachment inquiry. a house intelligence committee officials saying the committee would welcome his deposition but his attorney has told lawmakers he would take it to court if he was subpoenaed. the concern for house intelligence is any court fight would tie things up for months. meanwhile, the star witness called to testify tomorrow is also not expected to appear. white house and acting chief of staff mick mulvaney has been asked to give a deposition behind closed doors. republicans close to the white house say they don't blame his reluctance about participating in this probe. >> i don't trust the process and that the houses being fair. that he wants to call witnesses on his behalf, i hope you will have a chance to do that in the house mother inquiry is going on. it's been done differently in the house than any time in the history of the country because they want to get trump and they are not looking for the truth.
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>> today, the senate democratic leader suggested republicans are getting desperate. >> they are reaching as far as they can because they know the facts at least as we have heard from the house if they do. but the facts are so damning about what the president did. >> on that, the two parties are quite likely to disagree. >> shannon: so what have we learned about republican request to hear from the whistle-blower himself or herself directly? >> that's absolutely right, that is something house republicans want to see happen as they head into a new public phase of this impeachment inquiry. republican congressman jim jordan of ohio sources say once had to have the chairman of house intelligence adam schiff call the whistle-blower appeared to capitol hill to testify in the impeachment probe. meanwhile, the whistle-blower's attorney has taken some heat for a january 2017 tweet, who has started. the first of many steps, hashtag
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rebellion, hashtag impeachment will follow ultimately. telling fox news "those tweets were reflective and repeated the sentiments of millions of people. i was referring to a completely lawful process. what president trump would likely face for stepping over the line and practically whatever would happen would come about as a result of lawyers. they added the coup comment refers to those inside the administration who he said were basically looking to keep the president following the letter of the law. >> shannon: very busy day there. thank you for weighing in. i'm a senior producer for capitol hill, you have been instrumental in combing through each of these is they have gone public, each of the transcripts and there are many things we are seeing. >> a couple of things i will point to be here. the first of them looking at this here. there was one section here where
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again, this is george kent, the state department official who raised red flags about the ukraine policy and the involvement of rudy giuliani in ukraine. here is a quote from kent. at one point, we had been carrying on a campaign for several months full of lies and incorrect information about the ambassador. so this is a continuation of his campaign of lies. as i go through the first couple of pages of this, one thing that jumps out at me here is that they say they were early efforts to try to undermine the ambassador. these are the associates of rudy giuliani and they were trying to "impugn her loyalty," and a name we have heard rattled around about this is former republican congressman. for the first time, we have seen pete sessions name pop up in this transcript from george kent
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here. kent says there was a campaign of slander from rudy giuliani and he felt he had been cut off from the process pertaining to ukraine hook and his position that the state department was the kind of manage policy in that part of the world and he said that basically, the ambassador to the european union and rick perry, the energy secretary took over ukraine policy at that point. so those of the first three or four major takeaways that we get there and notably, the involvement at least according to george kent of pete sessions and talking about these two giuliani associates. >> shannon: they are in the headlines for a lot of reasons that are not pleasant for them. but they are going to turn up in many of these conversations. i want to ask you about this as well. 1 of our fantastic producers is combing through this as well. he notes that republican congressman lee belden asked kent about whether or not he had direct knowledge. you have firsthand knowledge of
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united states aid to ukraine ever being connected to the opening of a new investigation? his reply on the transcript shows i do not have direct knowledge, no. your thoughts? >> this is where republicans, gives you an insight into what their defense is here. number one, who had direct custody of information on the telephone call that the president had with the leader and also, did they definitively see a quid pro quo? this is why tomorrow we don't think he is coming but the acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney has been summoned for an appearance before the intelligence committee because mick mulvaney came out a few weeks ago at a press conference on the white house briefing room and said there was a quid pro quo. and he dialed it back and that's why some here on capitol hill on both sides of the aisle said you can't put the genie back in the bottle. had that been put to rest have those words not come out of mick mulvaney's mouth? the administration and certainly republicans on capitol hill who try to defend the president would've felt they were on the former turf. that is the problem, but that
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goes to the essence of this because had they not tilted in that direction, that keeps the issue of quid pro quo alive and again, looking at who was on the phone call. the other thing here to watch it sometime between now and saturday morning specifically 11:20 saturday morning, republicans supposedly are going to have to submit their list of witnesses to adam schiff, the chair of the judiciary committee as to who they want at those two hearings next week, wednesday and friday. under the agreement they have 72 hours from the announcement of those hearings yesterday. so they get to provide witnesses i spoke with, one republican sourced earlier today who said they were still going through the list. one person they might want to have is kurt volker of the special envoy to ukraine. some people have said they might try to question the whistle-blower or even adam schiff but again, adam schiff the chair of the committee based on that resolution passed by the house of representatives last week, he has veto power over this and the
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other unresolved question is whether or not they can put jim jordan, republican congressman from ohio on the intelligence committee. he has been in the room for most of these closed-door depositions but he is not a member of the intelligence committee. the two hearings next week that are open are by the intelligence committee and so republicans have to see if they can stall him on that committee. they would have to take one of their own off but because it is a select committee, nancy pelosi the speaker of the house has veto power. i am told they don't think she would veto in this sense but the republicans are trying to put their best match up on the field to match up against the democrats during those hearings next week. >> shannon: i noticed in the letter that went out from the house until chairman last night, he gave three very specific parameters of the republicans to say if you're going after this, they have to meet these three criteria or else we are not going to consider them as valuable or worthy as being part of this process. that certainly put some guard rails on the selections that republicans would like to make it as you said, if he has gotten veto power, it's hard to imagine
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their most favored witnesses will get a chance in the spotlight. >> how do democrats finesse this? on one hand, they've been criticized about being heavy-handed in creating this process, so if they start to veto witnesses, does that backfire on democrats and play out in the court of public opinion where it appears they are being too heavy-handed. by the same token, they passed that resolution last week for house speaker nancy pelosi saying for a long time they didn't have to have a resolution like that but to use your term, it gives democrats an advantage in the process. who can be called and what committee members are going to be there limiting this to the intelligence committee trying to get the best match up on the field has but democrats are trying to do. i had one senior republican say to me yesterday that the reason that republicans on the intel committee are not as strong as because they do most of their work in private that's why there get jim jordan back onto the intelligence committee. >> shannon: stick with us, we always appreciate your insight and getting through this stuff
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and learning important things very quickly. thank you. want to turn back to gillian turner reporting live on capitol hill as we dig through. >> we told you we would bring you breaking key highlights from this testimony as we got it so here we go. we have two for you right now. first up, learning that george kent told congressional investigators he had no knowledge of what the democrats are calling a quid pro quo. that is president trump's pressuring of ukraine, president trump's alleged threats to withhold military aid from ukraine in exchange for getting ukraine to investigate joe biden. so congressman lee belden enclosed door testimony asked george camps do you have any knowledge of it ever being connected to the opening of a new investigation? kent replies i do not have direct knowledge. important they are in the sense that kent is assistant secretary
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of state, sort of a mid-level advisor so clearly whatever was going on didn't trickle down to him. the next thing we are going to bring you, ken says he learned in february about rudy giuliani's involvement policy from a ukrainian official. says giving a meeting and a ukrainian official let him know that the prosecutor general of ukraine had made a private trip to new york in which he met rudy giuliani. he said he didn't know what the purpose was. he also said the purpose of the trip for the campaign was to grow mud. he asked mud at who? and he said a lot of people. towards you and towards others. so we are figuring out here that george kent knew rudy giuliani was involved in this campaign to oust her as long as of nine months ago. >> shannon: gillian turner
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live on the hill paid we will continue digging through this brand-new release. we are continuing to pour over these transcripts. facts and coverage continues ahead and president trump ordered to pay millions of dollars and we will explain why. your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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medical costs, so call now! and see why a medicare supplement plan from a company like humana, just might be the answer. >> shannon: we are continuing to dig through the new transcript just released in the impeachment inquiry. we are going to go to capitol hill as soon as things pop up. but first a judge in new york ordering trump to pay $2 million to settle a lawsuit claimed he misused his charitable foundation for political and business interests. they have called the lawsuit politically motivated. john roberts reporting live for us, good afternoon i was going to say still evening, it is still daytime. >> the attorney general of new york state and the trump foundation, the president being ordered to pay $2 million out of his own pocket to a group of charities for misusing the trip foundation for political
12:20 pm
purposes as they found the trump foundation officially closed on december 18th 2018. the court pointed specifically to a fund-raiser for the president had on january 272016 in iowa to benefit veterans charities. he remember the president held that event rather than appearing at a fox news political debate. the court ruled the fund-raiser was actually a campaign event and out of trump foundation event. in addition to the $2 million he has to pay as part of the settlement, president trump admits to personally using funds, agrees to restrictions on future charitable service, must report any new charitable activity to new york's attorney general and there must be mandatory training on charitable operations for donald trump jr., ivanka trump, and eric trump. new york attorney general letitia james saying the trump foundation has shut down funds that were illegally misused for being restored. the president will be subject to ongoing supervision by my office as they had to undergo compulsory training to ensure
12:21 pm
this type of illegal activity never takes place again. the court had criticized the trump foundation for giving his campaign full control of the nearly $3 million that was raised during that charitable event back in 2016. saying mr. trump campaign rather than a foundation plan to organize the fund-raiser directed the timing and amount to recipients of the foundation's grants to charitable organizations supporting military veterans. i got a statement from the trump foundation spokesman saying "the trump foundation is pleased to donate an additional $2 million following the 2016 presidential election. the trump foundation publicly announced its intention to voluntarily dissolve and distribute all of its remaining funds to charity. unfortunately, that donation was delayed due to the attorney general's politically motivated lawsuit. not that this matter is concluded, the trump foundation is proud to make this additional contribution. >> shannon: all right, john roberts live at the white house. thank you. let's turn back to our senior
12:22 pm
producer for capitol hill digging through the transcript, the latest one from george kent and one interesting thing is they were two tracks it seems were running policy with regard to ukraine and also it seems that a number of these witnesses while they have had questions and some of them concerned about what was going on, it seems they are pinning most of this on rudy giuliani and not directly on the president. what you find in? >> that is something i was told was a bit of a strategy by the democrats here to try to undercut rudy giuliani and we saw that in the transcripts the last couple of days to build that case against rudy giuliani and that is something we saw a very prevalent in the testimony here from george kent. a couple of things that i have seen here just in the past couple of minutes and again going through this in real time here. bill taylor who is the acting ambassador to the ukraine told kent that an advisor to the president of ukraine was uncomfortable with investigations and how this was
12:23 pm
being handled and then went and told taylor that they shouldn't be doing this as u.s. policy. the other thing that we have seen in here is munich are expecting his transcript as early as tomorrow. he came back to the capital today to review his transcript that they do so that there is nothing that shows up in the transcript that might reveal classified information or classified programs and went to kent here and said that he could not share information about the details of the phone call that president trump had with the president of ukraine. and kent said i could hear that there was a hesitancy in his voice. now what we are getting here and this is something that republicans are probably going to seize on is that it is interpretation. we have people who start to flag this. there was concern about the phone call, there was concern by the whistle-blower, but it is up to interpretation and republicans are going to say wait a minute, this is how you
12:24 pm
felt about that. some people might point out that if you are feeling those things, the problem something that's wrong, something we hear here in washington that if you're going up to an ethical line that just doesn't feel right, perhaps you shouldn't go there. so that is something that these officials who were connected and seeing what was going on with policy towards ukraine or being apprised at least around the periphery of the telephone call between the president and a great leader of ukraine. republicans again will counter with that defense and say they may not have had direct custody of the information or they don't really know what the policy was and that was not the case and they would try to use that line of attack to say these are based on feelings and interpretation. >> shannon: that is a theme we've seen. of all the reactions of these various behind the scenes definition. . will get back to you, thank you very much. let's check back with gillian turner live on capitol hill. >> is we are continuing to read
12:25 pm
through this, we found on page 77 of these transcripts of familiar face brought back to the floor which is paul manafort. president trump's former campaign advisor. he has been under a lot of hot water lately because of his lobbying work that he did in ukraine and work that he did here in the united states on behalf of ukraine in this deposition asked directly about his role, how the ukrainian government viewed paul manafort and whether there was any pushback in terms of the work that he was doing and i'm going to read you what he says. george kent says i think it would be accurate to say given what president did to the country which was loot tens of billions of dollars that there were many ukrainians who impart blamed paul manafort for that success. because he proves to be a brilliant political technologist and giving her advice that helped him win the presidency. he is then asked do you think
12:26 pm
people in the united states supporters of president trump saw this information come out of ukraine may have wondered if this was an effort to attack the president or when he was counse counsel? so all of this again goes on rambling for quite a while. at the point here is that congressional investigators are really trying to zero in about the role of paul manafort. this is new. we have not seen them do this with other witnesses. another thing to point out is george kent told the investigators that it was mick mulvaney that president trump's direction that ordered a security assistance hold on all of the military aid, hundreds of millions of dollars of military aid to ukraine. so in this testimony, he has asked was there any discussion of the meeting at the level on july 8th about any sort of freeze of the security assistance to ukraine? kent says yes.
12:27 pm
he goes on to say it was described as a hold, not a freeze. he then says mick mulvaney, the acting chief of staff told us at the direction of the president he had put a hold on all security assistance to ukraine. so the chain of command laid out by kent in that scenario goes from president trump to acting chief of staff mick mulvaney. this is part of the reason why the investigators and the democrats here are so eager to speak to mick mulvaney tomorrow. they have summoned him but no indications. >> shannon: wouldn't that be an interesting development? >> i can't imagine how crazy they would go if he did show up. >> shannon: it would definitely rile a lot of people up, so we will see because in this new cycle, you shouldn't be surprised by anything. thank you very much for digging in. our breaking news coverage continues ahead, also all knew this afternoon, i'll speak with
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>> shannon: fox news reporting rolling on them. she met a guy on tender but never left his house to live in a cop say he was back on the active meeting new with his dead hookup still in his home. the heartbreak and hopeful smile, an infant who survived the massacre is back home with her dad as hundreds gathered to honor family members who were shot and burned alive. and of course, reading through hundreds of pages of the newly released transcript of the impeachment inquiry. we'll have new updates as soon as we get them but first, really special story to share with you. the son died from sudden cardiac arrest when he was just seven years old.
12:33 pm
weeks earlier, his doctor had said he was healthy after a routine check out but in 2010, his heart stopped while he was working on a puzzle. found him lying on the floor of their home and now says wants to make sure this never happens to anyone else. in 2013, she cofounded aidan's heart foundation, an organization which provided 800 free heart screenings for kids and infants in pennsylvania. nearly two dozen of those screenings have found conditions that could cause sudden cardiac arrest for it has also teamed up with the peyton walker foundation, another organization working to prevent sudden cardiac arrest trying to pass a law that would encourage parents to get their kids at screens during physicals that i have to get before things like participating in school sports. kristy silva joins us live. it's an honor to have you with us. i can't imagine as a parent what a shock it must've done for you, just had a physical and you had no indication there was a problem. >> no family history, the doctor gave him a high five essay left
12:34 pm
his visit. unfortunately, it was the only six weeks later that he collapsed and died. >> shannon: what did you find? and i'm sure those days that must've followed just trying to find answers in the middle of that. >> i had never heard of it honestly and when i did the research to try to find out what it was and what causes it, i was astounded that sudden cardiac arrest wrecks about 9,000 children every year. one out of every 300 children has an undetected heart condition that could possibly cause cardiac arrest. >> shannon: are there things in the moment that have happened that someone around can do to try to preserve their life? >> absolutely. we teach life-saving skills throughout the foundation. about 80% of the public is not trained, doesn't know how to stabilize very simple easy skill so we feel very passionate that teaching kids and teaching
12:35 pm
parents who can be bystanders at sporting events for kids can be the first ones to start cpr immediately, apply the eeg and of course the very first thing would be to call 911. >> shannon: so what is your best advice to parents, grandparents, guardians of these kiddos, what should they ask for, anything extra when they have one of these regular physicals or screenings? >> parents should really be attuned to their families health history, cardiac death or events under age 50 in the family is something that really needs to be paid attention to and follow through with. parent should also listen to their children about how they feel when they run. do they feel like their heart is beating quickly, do they faint? that can be a sign that something is wrong with the heart. they need to listen to their kids and see how they feel, not just fill out a participation form. >> shannon: i know you said you think aiden is working through you and you are doing something amazing taking a
12:36 pm
tragedy that most of us could never imagine in using it to save other lives and help other families. tell us about him. >> he was one in a million. i know we all feel like that our kids are. he was extremely sweet, he was a very good caretaker to his little brother and that's how i feel like he is still taking care of kids. working through me through the foundation. >> shannon: has a very busy full life and with the foundation as well, tell us about the opportunities for people to find your web site or other ways. >> people can go to we are a member organization of parent heart watch. you can find out where you can have your children's heart screen to the local community. >> shannon: that could be life-saving advice, you are out there using your pain to do so much good for others and we know you've already had hundreds of these screenings. so i know there have been lives directly impacted already because of what was found in the
12:37 pm
screenings so we thank you so much for the work that you were doing and god bless you. aiden's heart foundation is based in central county pennsylvania, you can get more information aiden's also a member of the organization of parent heart watch, a national group working to prevent child sudden cardiac arrest. we will be right back. for the t. employees need more than just a paycheck. you definitely want to take advantage of all the benefits you can get. 2/3 of employees said that the workplace is an important source for personal savings and protection solutions. the workplace should be a source of financial security. keeping your people happy is what keeps your people. that's financial wellness. put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential. some farms grow food. this one grows fuel. ♪ exxonmobil is growing algae for biofuels.
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>> shannon: we are waiting to see if there's any reaction from the white house for the release of the latest transcript of the closed-door hearing this time of george cabot, a state department official. we are digging through it and see what the white house has to say in twitter may be the first place we get it. let's go back to gillian turner now who is reporting live through the whole thing. i understand you have dug up among other things some information about something that nobody had heard of and headlines all the time now, what can you tell us? >> that's why i wanted to flag it for you. we're hearing a lot in the headlines lately about charisma holding this, it's a company that has been on the firing line for president trump from lots of republicans here on the hill. they are upset about the fact that a former biden sons had a beefy paycheck to do so while joe biden was serving as a
12:42 pm
vice president. in this newly released testimony now, we are getting some insight into how the company itself is viewed in the ukraine so i'm going to redo that now. this is what kent said. he said the company which is actually a major player thanks to all the licenses he granted to himself when he was a minister, a reference to the former minister of ecology in ukraine is a serious gas producer but the reputation in the industry as a company that throws elbows and uses political strings with a legitimate company but it does not have a good reputation in ukraine. he is asked because i had a history of corruption because it has a history of not just competing on quality of service. is that a euphemism for activities? he says he was the minister and he granted himself licenses to explore. but you're agreeing with me, right? and finally, kent says yes. so essentially admitting to congressional investigators that
12:43 pm
charisma is not a company that has been on the up and up not viewed favorably inside ukraine by the ukrainian public. >> shannon: great nuggets you are pulling out there. also doing the same thing our senior producer on capitol hill. what have you got? >> three or four other nuggets, this is from george kent again, he says that rudy giuliani was almost unmissable in mid-march and he ramped up his twitter feed focused on ukraine at that point. democratic illinois representatives as a senior member of the intelligence committee. he asked the question to george kent why was ambassador recalled? and he said that the prosecutor vowed revenge to provide information in hopes of her removal. there's also a section here where they're talking about they were working actively to try to undermine and met with pete
12:44 pm
sessions, former republican congressman from texas and then wrote a letter impugning the integrity. and then here's another interesting part of the transcript we have just come across here. george kent is talking about the ambassador to the european union. he said that he talk to president trump and trump one of the ukrainian leader to go to the microphones and do nothing but order investigations of biden and clinton. we don't know if that means both biden's, hunter and vice president biden, so that's an interesting thing there in terms of what george kent was saying but they're going to say this is based on interpretations and what people thought was going on. may be the truth and it may not be. >> shannon: thank you very much. one of the fbi's most wanted fugitives may be ready to give himself up. investigators say he ran a phony car dealership in new jersey scamming customers and banks out
12:45 pm
of more than a million dollars. he has apparently been hiding out in another country for years. years. now he tells fox news he is tired of running and wants to stay on trial in the united states. here with details of this jewelry that has blown up. >> it is such a crazy one. he went from the real housewives of new jersey to the fbi's most wanted list and that's a big change especially for his wife and daughters who were on the run with him. investigators say he scammed super rich customers of his new jersey car dealership getting them to sign off on loans price higher than some houses but for some sales, he allegedly didn't have the car title and for others, he never handed over the car leaving them empty-handed but still responsible for payment. a grand jury indicted him for swindling $1.7 million from one inc. in 2015 but investigators found at least 75 more alleged victims and after he disappeared, the fbi placed a $20,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. through his attorney, we are able to talk to him.
12:46 pm
>> i'm waving a flag and saying i'm a fugitive from justice, you have an indictment against me, let me surrender and i have one condition. i am not asking for anything else. i just want say safe passage for my wife and kids. >> there is actually nothing preventing them from returning. prosecutors let them fly back to america as part of the surrender, they would serve that fine. has not been to school or a doctor or five years on the run, but he thinks prosecutors might take the deal because they can't reach him. >> shannon: what are prosecutors now saying that this overture from him? >> they wouldn't respond to questions on an ongoing case but we talk to one prosecutor who was in the same office unrelated to this case and he said it seems pretty unlikely, it is not the governments job to give a free ride to a fugitives family, not only could it send the message to other defendants, but it would be bad now trying this
12:47 pm
case and the media. plus the government is not responsible for the wife and kids wrapping up that fine. take a listen. >> he has created this issue, this quagmire and he is now looking for the department of justice to fix that for him and i think that is where the difficulty in this issue is. >> so if he is caught, tried, and convicted, he faces up to 100 years. >> shannon: for years on the run with a family in tow can take a toll. thank you, good to see you. we will have more on the newly released impeachment transcript right after this. imagine a disease is caused by too much of a bad protein,
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12:52 pm
producer for capitol hill. and again, more and more about how they were different tracks in different groups pursuing u.s. policy with respect to ukraine, some in the state department payroll and some of them not. >> when we went through the bill taylor transcript yesterday, he talked repeatedly about irregular channels and this is something that george kent and his transcript today alludes to. he was supposed to be in charge of foreign policy for that part of the word. that they had the three amigos were in charge of ukraine and by the three amigos, he means energy secretary rick perry, the ambassador to the european union and then the special envoy to ukraine and this is where george kent felt that he had been cut out of the picture here. he says after he attacked me as well as the ambassador and the entire embassy in his late may interview, i was told to keep my head down and keep a low profile in ukraine.
12:53 pm
this is where democrats might try to do some gymnastics and say we had strange things going on here with unique channels being created and different people being in charge of foreign policy, but can they connect that to a quid pro quo and can they connect that to me impeachment? that's going to be one of the major questions but they're going to point to that as evidence, that is going to be the key if they can actually say having such an irregular channel and having people who moving in this extracurricular fashion, that is going to be the question next week and the public hearin hearing. >> shannon: hundreds of people heading to a town in northern mexico for the funerals of nine americans including six children killed in an ambush this week. mexican soldiers regarding the entrance to that. the casket of a mother and her two sons, mexican officials say gunmen opened fire on a group of
12:54 pm
suvs on monday ambushing three mothers and their children to all of u.s. citizens. we are now seeing the moments the father was reunited with his 7-month-old baby who survived the gruesome attack. relatives say they think the baby's mother died trying to protect this little baby. putting her on the floor of the suv and bullets flew all around them. a man accused of murdering his tender date was back on the dating app to arrange another meet up while the 22-year-old's body was still on the floor of his apartment. prosecutors told the court in new zealand today from x6 england was backpacking around the world went on a date with a man met on tender when new visiting last december. visitors safe wrinkled her but they say she died during consensual. the suspect has pleaded not guilty. reporting live on what's happening in court. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. one of the prosecutors in this case told the jury that only two
12:55 pm
people know happened. one of them cannot tell them. ad the other truth. where authorities would say they were the last killed her ending up at their apartment when they had a sexual encounter. claims victim requested strangulation. >> died as a result of what they consensually engaged in during their time together. in acts designed to enhance pleasure went wrong. >> as you can see, his face is not being identified. his actions do not reflect his accidental death saying of the
12:56 pm
accused went back on tender to set up another date while her body was still in his apartment. and this. >> he took seven intimate photos of the body. to be perfectly clear on this, she was actually dead at this point. >> investigators say they bought a suitcase in which they folded the body and dumped it in the national park. and went to great lengths they say to clean up blood in the apartment. >> shannon: what else do we know about the suspect? >> you can't see his face because that is by order of the court and there aren't a lot of details but one woman did take the stand to say that she also went on a date with the same man after connecting on tender and that she had to play dead after he tried to stop her from breathing. her parents were also in court today listening to the testimony including text that they say they sent to a friend the night she was killed.
12:57 pm
>> i am on a date with a guy who was a manager at the oil compan company. we are getting smashed. i clicked with him so well. >> this is a case that has rock new zealand over the past year. >> shannon: i can't imagine. thank you. hundreds of people lining up for hours to get a crack at chris brown's wardrobe. is day of his yard sale in california near l.a. came overnight. the grammy award-winning singer announcing tens of thousands of social media followers this week. according to brown's post, he is selling significantly marked down high-end items. chief correspondent jonathan hunt reporting live from the yard sale. however the lines >> what better way than to spend nine hours of an 80-degree southern california day then waiting in line to buy some
12:58 pm
secondhand clothing? that is what hundreds have been doing today. as we swing back to the right, that is the rest of it. it goes about 200 yards up the hill here, shannon. several hundred hundred people. another 10 or so people in the end of the line. there were rummaging through chris brown's used clothes. a bunch of tents set up outside the stars home. we spoke to those who have been shopping and they seem pretty happy. >> it is just so much to choose from. you don't know what to grab weather at his shoes, clothes, pants, shirts. you've got suits. so much stuff, and makes it really hard. i got overwhelmed, so i just grabbed what i thought i liked, and i got out of there. >> i was here yesterday at 8:00 in the morning and i had to come back and i was here at 7:00 a.m.
12:59 pm
>> it certainly was worth the wait in your eyes. >> everyone loves him, and i love ice cream too. they are getting ice cream. everybody is happy today at chris brown's house. >> shannon: is it about money? does he need the cash? >> i don't think that chris brown needs the money but he has advertised it pretty well on instagram. he posted a tweet as well about the sale giving his address and at the time and place. he's also said that he's going to give some of the prophets to charities. we do not have any word on whether one of those charities might be a bond that helps victims of domestic abuse. the fans don't care about that. they want some shoes. >> shannon: i will be watching your twitter feed to see what you purchase. jonathan hunt, thank you. we will keep digging through the transcript. state department officials who
1:00 pm
have testified during the impeachment inquiry. and the dow looks like it's flirting with a new high. who better to dig into that than our own financial expert right here on fox business network. "your world" with neil cavuto is next. >> neil: thank you, shannon. china and the u.s. may be moving to rollback tariffs even though that was disputed later in the day. rolling to record highs. the dow and s&p record there. if you want to know what dictates world series moves, it has everything to do with trade and zilch to do with, well, impeachment. stocks were losing some of their gains earlier on a report that everyone is not exactly everyone when it comes to getting rid of these tariffs or taxes on some goods here. we are kind of confused on this. by and large, the tariffs are going to go.


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