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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 8, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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drunk. one of them had to share a ride with the bird. >> called chicken sandwich. he is boxed in between you. jillian: chicken taken to. anna: mall shelter. have a good day. todd: bye, bye, everybody. ♪ it's the good morning ♪ brand new day note this morning ♪ nothing on my way ♪ good morning ♪ ♪ steve: live from new york city it's friday, november 8th, good morning, tgif. thank goodness it's fox. brian is out with his book promoting across the country. big best seller already in the place. the host of the fox nation patriot awards mr. pete hegseth. pete: did you amazing job. when you went on stage you were in the wrong location. ainsley: got on stage will steve was on this side of me
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and brian. i had to switch it. steve: the person staging it person over here had the trophy we were out of position. ainsley: sorry about that. pete: it was a needed event. thank you everyone who came out. steve: ran into a lot of people at the airport. they either saw the livestream on fox nation or they watched our post game show yesterday. just absolutely loved the way we saluted all the patriots. >> really good fun to stand on stage and see all of those first responders, people who fought for our country. it was nice. steve: meanwhile, the headline here in new york city, ka bloom mike wall bloomberg is about to people down to alabama to start gathering signatures so he would qualify for the primary there it sounds like he wants to run for president because he thinks, first of all, joe biden is weak and bernie sanders and elizabeth warren can't win.
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ainsley: deadline is today to file for the alabama primary. the democratic primary which happens in march. the deadline is today. he went down there. sent his staffers to get 500 signatures so he can put his name in the hat. some of his staffers said he is not sure if he is definitely going to run. at least now he has to do it today in alabama. pete: why is he doing this? consider the field. that's what his team is looking at. here is a more recent poll of who should bed democratic party's 2020 presidential nominee. this is from hill harris poll. look at those numbers. very flat across the board. joe biden's numbers have dropped. that's the lowest numbers they have been at 26%. warren and sanders basically neck and neck 15% and same with harris and buttigieg at 6%. 16% that silhouetted figure on the right there unsure. so a ton of people this late in the game if you think about how late it is don't know where to go. ainsley: his top advisor howard wilson he spoke to some supporters he feels his boss is ideal candidate when
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you look at that field concerned about the current candidates and he said they are not well-positioned to beat donald trump. steve: think about it. the democrats didn't think that michael bloomberg, who can self-finance his own campaign, he has millions, although elizabeth warren we're going to talk about how she would like a lot of his doe. democrats didn't think he would enter unless joe biden's floundered and here is a red hot alert. he is a floundering. he has problems with the hunter biden's question. he has all sorts of problems answering questions. pete: not raising money. steve: he could be too moderate for the democrats until the general election. people are looking for somebody to pull them way to the left. juan williams very llweleyn realistic about the idea behind mr. bloomberg might running for president. here's what he said last night. >> >> there is no other reason for michael bloomberg to take this step other than his perception is joe biden is stumbling, uncertain on the stage and having trouble raising money. he thinks there is space in
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the middle of a democratic primary right now that he, michael bloomberg, can claim. this is a really, you know, i read this afternoon somebody said it was a seismic event for the democratic race. and i think it could be potentially. ainsley: is he a centrist. he could give those candidates a run for his money. he is a centrist. he has been a republican. he has been an independent. now is he running as a democrat. he had that soda tax. take your guns away. all those progressives are going to love that he might be the best candidate. he built his business from scratch. pete: he is not interesting. anyone who has seen michael bloomberg speak. ainsley: a lot of people don't like this president because he is too interesting. pete: super poring mike bloomberg people know him when he lived in new york city and was mayor. informally reached out to dozens of bloomberg staffers, company named after him, and asked if he thought he should run, this is from the actual article
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itself from 2018. we asked dozen of bloomberg staffers if they want him to run in 2020. only one said yes. steve: well, apparently a lot of them were reluctant to go on the record so they didn't really answer. nonetheless, if only one was willing. ainsley: worried about their jobs. they don't want him to run for president because then -- pete: saying there is no one else is not a good rationale for candidacy. especially when the party has been pulled to the left. he has done a few things, take away your guns, nanny state stuff. otherwise, there is no reason why a progressive leftist democratic is going to like michael bloomberg. ainsley: boonders was responding on twitter and you mentioned elizabeth warren. tell us what she said. steve: listen, because she knows that michael bloomberg is super wealthy and she has that ultra billionaire tax. welcome to the race, michael bloomberg, if you are looking for policy plans it will make a huge difference for working people and very popular, start here.
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it's a calculator for billionaires. ainsley: pretty clever. steve: are you a billionaire yes or no. ainsley: i clicked yes even though i'm not. steve: you would have had to put in a number. ainsley: wow you have a lot of money. steve: if you click you no i'm not gives you a slate of different billionaires. click on michael bloomberg worth $52 billion, turns out according to elizabeth warren's calculator, he would have to pay up on her calculator something like $3 billion every year because he is that rich. steve: that's not income. that's just wealth. ainsley: when i clicked wealth bill gates came up. michael bloomberg. bill gates is worth 107 billion. 4.6. and mike bloomberg 52 billion. 3.1. pete: that's what makes her plan different and extreme it's confiscation. wealth tax on the money you have in the bank every year.
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ainsley: i didn't think about that that's in addition to the taxes you already pay. steve: it's after income. okay, look at this, i have got all that money. we want it. pete: she sees them in scrooge mcduck's vault. that money can't be in there. we have to take some coins out. steve: according to her website elizabeth warren, tax would cover universal healthcare, schools, forgive student loan death, college and medicare for all. ainsley: a lot of americans don't care. let the billionaires pay because i'm not one of them. steve: on this friday morning, there was one person who was saying oh, he is going to run? that messes up my plan. pete: who might that be? steve: would that be hillary clinton? pete: no. i think it's the president of the united states. steve: are you kidding? one billionaire from new york after another. pete: that's true. they are out there and running for office. a guy you know who had a big job in the current administration, at the beginning was one of the first supporters of the president of the united
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states was on tucker carlson's show last night saying he is running for the u.s. senate, jeff sessions. watch. >> it's not my seat in the senate, but i believe i have something to give. i have some convictions that i think need to be pushed. we need to get some republicans moving. they haven't been pushing hard enough to advance the trump agenda. and so that's what i look forward to doing and i think i can contribute to that. steve: what's going to happen? we have heard of the president of the united states rail against jeff sessions because he was attorney general. he had to recuse himself, which led to the witch-hunt as the president said. so, if, you know, mr. sessions winds up squaring off against doug jones, who won in an upset down in alabama in last time around will the president campaign for him because he is probably real steamed at him. ainsley: you brought up a
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good point. a lot of people want a african-american face. someone else. maybe it is doug jones because they feel like jeff sessions already had his time. steve: doug jones is a democrat and jeff sessions is a republican. and alabama is a republican state. but, for the president who is transactional, you know, he is a businessman, he might not like jeff sessions. he might hate his guts. at the same time he might need him. pete: look at him and say listen, could be a good u.s. senator. steve: going to put that on a bumper sticker. ainsley: there have been people who think about the last election. is he friends with a lot of the the people he ran against and on stage talking negatively about them. pete: transactional. ainsley: the party is more important than the republicans. party more important than the president. steve: he is still steamed. wouldn't you be? pete: with the video he put out too. the ousted u.s. ambassador to ukraine meet with a democratic staffer over ukraine-related questions.
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steve: an email coming just two days after the whistleblower complaint was filed. is it related? ainsley: griff jenkins joins us live from washington with more on this fox news exclusive report. hey, griff. griff: yeah, hey, ainsley, steve and pete. the only news wasn't jeff sessions coming out, a week from today republicans are going to have a lot of questions for yavanovich. the emails show she contradicted herself over communication with the democratic staffer ukraine related oversight. denying it. now, look, on august 14th, two days after the whistleblower files that complaint, the democratic staffer wrote this to yavovonich i would appreciate the ground few pieces with you some of which are quite delegate, time sensitive and thus we want to make sure we get them right. yavonovich who says she did not respond to this email appears to have written back personal email on august 15th. thanks for reaching out and congratulations on your new
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book. i would love to reconnect and look forward to tha chatting with you. also testifying public next week career diplomat george kent will be asked about his testimony. president trump wanted to hear three words from the ukraine president quote investigations biden and clinton this as congressman jim jordan says he intends to call the whistleblower to testify saying he or she should be made to account for their actions but democrats disagree. and in just a few hours, guys, we will find out whether or not the president's acting chief of staff, mic mulvaney who has has been subpoenaed to give a deposition will indeed show up don't hold your breath. sources tell us it's highly unlikely we will see him. steve: thank you very much. mark levin took a look at all of this stuff regarding this email back and forth on the private account. he had this observation last night with sean hannity. >> who he has ever heard of a whistleblower who is somebody backed by the establishment. normally you have a whistleblower who challenging the
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establishment, challenging the system. you have the entire establishment, the media, the democrat party. part of the republican party in the senate backing a whistleblower. i have really never seen anything like this. it's bizarre. the reason have you whistleblower protections because the whistleblower is going against the system. in this case we have the president going against the system and the whistleblower going against the president of the united states. steve: never thought about it like that. pete: a great way to put it. maybe the actual whistleblower is the president of the united states who went to washington, d.c. to disrupt the status quo in the establishment. steve: is he a disrupter. pete: maybe is he blowing the whistle in all of washington. this has been a sham. this guy is a leaker with an agenda. gets the title of whistleblower because he seems legitimate. steve: in the beginning, the story that was out there was extraordinary. this whistleblower heard about quid pro quo, the president made a promise. as it turns out, according to the president's team. that never happened. pete: dropped a transcript.
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ainsley: all back from florida. jillian: i got a couple hours of sleep. police in florida just arrested a man wanting in the killing of a stepdaughter. caught on camera at the same alabama convenience store where ayanna blanchard went is he already facing murder and kidnapping charges in another case. police believe she was the victim of foul play based on evidence found inside her car. an employee is dead in nearly a dozen people are rushed to the hospital after a chemical incident at a buffalo wild wings. first responders in massachusetts blame a cleaning agent in the kitchen area. the man who died was trying to get it out of the restaurant after the worker who mixed the chemicals got sick. the restaurant was evacuated. and an investigation is underway. right now secretary of state mike pompeo is in germany commemorating the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. just moments ago pompeo delivered a speech on how
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the u.s. helped defeat communism in europe. stressing the importance of freedom. >> as we celebrate, as we take this victory lap, we must also recognize that freedom is never guaranteed. we spoke to this. it doesn't just happen. it's up to us to secure our freedom and our future together. >> later hold a news conference with german chancellor angela merkel. a look at your headlines, back to you. >> busy friday. steve: final farewell to the nine americans killed in car till ambush down in mexico as families demand answers. what happened? ainsley: a family attorney joins us to reveal the unreported motive behind the massacre. that's next. (client's voice) remember that degree you got in taxation? (danny) of course you don't because you didn't! your job isn't doing hard work...
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diarrhea, nausea, trouble sleeping, and tiredness. so much goes into who i am and hope to be. ask your doctor if starting hiv treatment with dovato is right for you. steve: heart wrenching scene as funeral services start in mexico for the victims of the cartel killings that took the lives of nine americans including six children earlier this week mexican authorities say group likely attacked the group by mistake. next guest doesn't think that's right. he represents one of the family members and thinks the families were intentionally targeted. joining us with more is former u.s. attorney for utah brett tollman who represents frank la baron whose two wifes and cousins were killed in that ambush. good morning. >> good morning. steve: you have been a friend of the la baron family for a number of years. when the mexican government
3:19 am
came out and said yeah, probably mistaken identity. they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. you say that's not right. >> it's not right. i spoke with frank. we go back many years and i asked him what is the basis for this and was it mistaken identity? he said absolutely not. he said that the cartels have wielded a lot of power there this family is hard-working. they are dual citizenship, they are americans down in mexico. they do have resources. they were tired of being abused. their children have been kidnapped. and so they made a conscious decision that they would not give in to these terrorists. that they would resist them and it was that resistance and defiance that the cartels took issue with. and that's why you saw what happened. steve: just out of curiosity, if you are a family down living in cartel country, how would you protect yourself? i mean, what did they do down there to, you know, if they are going to stand up to the cartel, they have got to do something to make sure this doesn't happen. >> that's right.
3:20 am
you know, frank is a product of this family, and he will describe this family as hard-working, down to earth, very grounded people. so what they did was a very practical decision. they all agreed that if a child was kidnapped, they knew that the mexican government was not going to assist them against the cartels, so they would form literally their own militia and go in and try to forcibly retrieve their children at times. they took on the cartel because they didn't have the help of the government. they didn't have enough protection. and they didn't want to -- they didn't want to negotiate with terrorists because they knew if they did they would suffer more kidnappings or more atrocities. so that's why they took the approach they did. that's why this clash was not mistaken identity. steve: clearly the mexican government doesn't want to do anything about this because they -- they have tried to fight the cartels before and the cartel always wins. frank, what do you want this administration, the federal government of the united
3:21 am
states, to do? >> well, i want the white house, which i think is looking at it closely. i want them to understand that this organization is a terrorist organization. we need to designate as fto. a terrorist organization that then we ask congress to authorize use of military force against. that's the way you take on this cartel. when i was u.s. attorney, for example, we tried to prosecute our way out of it. you can't do it. steve: so don't treat them as a drug cartel. treat them as a terrorist organization. >> that's right. that's what they're. and now the world sees it tragically. steve: all right. let's see what happens. brett tollman, representing the family. thank you for joining us from utah. >> thank you. steve: all right. 6:21 now in new york city. coming up, two racing boats, look at that flip over and crash at the same time. dramatic moments caught on camera. we will tell you what happened next.
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president trump is heading to the lsu alabama game number one and number two. nick saban's coach says he is honored so everyone can just enjoy the game but not make it political. ♪ ♪ do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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3:26 am
buttigieg, joe biden, pete buttigieg elizabeth warren and bernie sanders have accepted $26,000 this year alone. 40 people have died so far from vaping-related illnesses nationwide according to the government. ainsley? ainsley: thank you, steve. nick saban is not only gearing up for saturday's big game against lsu will you also a special appearance from president trump. saban saying, quote: it is an honor. i think the president of the united states would be interested enough to come to the game. i'm sure we will do everything we can to welcome him. so can politics be put aside so that everyone can just enjoy the game and have fun? here to discuss is former super bowl champ burgess owens. hey, burgess, good to see you. >> hey, ainsley, good to talk with you. looking forward to it for sure. ainsley: what do you think about this. >> i think it is time to look at those things that actually allow us to come together. that's what i think is going to bring our country to where we need to be. sports used to be that place. we would come and enjoy the game no matter what side of the aisle you were on, you
3:27 am
root for your team. find those common bonds that allow us to come together as a nation. ainsley: went to the world series and audience mixed reaction some boos. but we are talking about washington, d.c. was playing in that. i'm sure he got a lot of support from houston. but, and then he went to the match, the ufc match in new york there were a few boos there, too. talking about new yorkers. now is he going to trump territory going to tuscaloosa. what do you think the reaction will be? >> i think it will be positive. this is the whole thing. what is happening is president trump is resonating throughout our country, particularly those, the heart and soul. those just out there working hard. those that are not so focused on personalities but trying to look at results. and our country is getting great results. as a black american i'm excited about the results that president trump has given to us. my whole team, very simply, any friend of the black community is a friend of mine. the way our community is coming around right now with jobs and lowest poverty
3:28 am
levels, highest employment, not only highest employment but entrepreneurships this is what we are after. at the end of the day our country is going to come together and start to win and feel positive about our future. ainsley: you had a big week this week. you announce you had you were running for utah's fourth congressional district. why do you want to run for congress. >> very simply i want to bring our country together. i grew up in the deep south. i have never seen our country have so much divisiveness. booker t. washington, head, heart, hands, and home. education, that's god, industry, and it's family. and i think our country really comes together, no matter what side of the aisle we are on. republicans, independents or democrat. and i think as we get together and focus on that, we will defeat the marxist, socialist ideologies actually undermining our country at this point. i'm excited about representing a great state and helping our great country. he. ainsley: you just mentioned god and the dynasty guys were on stage with him in louisiana with the president. all i want to do is somebody who is not going to take god
3:29 am
away and my guns away and duck hunting away. you are a devout mormon, how important is faith in your state. >> faith is important across the country. our country began on the jude deo christian values that allows us actually to embrace everything and everyone. we are a country of tolerance and for us to know that we have a god in heaven that guides and directs us allows us to serve each other, follo fall in love with each other and look at as he does from the outside in. a state of all faiths. we love the fact of serving each other and, again, embracing the american way. we're going to do a good job here and hopefully take those values back to our great d.c. and make the changes we can make there. ainsley: a lot of people would love that thanks so much, burgess owens, thanks for being with us. >> you are welcome, ainsley. take care. ainsley: is can yea west planning to take over the white house? what he just revealed about his plans to run for office
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go on with your bad self. you may pay as little as zero dollars for botox®. ask your doctor about botox® for chronic migraine. you got this. >> when i run for president in 2024. [laughter] >> we are going to definitely what's y'all laughing at. [laughter] >> when i run for president in 2024 we would have created so many jobs -- steve: i think he is shocked that kanye west, yesterday, at the fast company festival here in new york. i think he was shocked when people laughed when he said when i run for president, you know, next time around, because he really means it. pete: um-huh. he released i think it was his ninth album and it was his ninth album to be released at number one on the charts. this guy is as big of a star in the music industry as we have in this country. ainsley: if you listen to his latest music, his new
3:34 am
record, it is unbelievable. it's great. the messages are beautiful. he is a strong christian. that's definitely evident in each of the songs. he would get the support of the black community. when the president our current president announced he was running a lot of people laughed, too. pete: that's a great point. they did. steve: at the same point when he was in the oval office and wearing the maga hat and he took a lot of criticism for that nonetheless, he has thought a lot about it. here he is another soundbite where he is talking about bringing jobs back. there he is right there. and, remember, he took -- he answered questions. it was freewheeling as the press took these pictures. and he took a lot of criticism for it. but, here he is yesterday talking about, you know, if he were president, he would bring jobs back. right now all he can really control is his company called yeasy. this is what he said about jobs and hills company. >> yeasy is going into innovation and we moved the headquarters to cody
3:35 am
wyoming. we have 4,000-acre ranch and a couple other properties out there we're going to be farming and going seed to sow and have our own cotton farm and our own hemp farm and leaf farm so we can see every element we are bringing within the next two years. we are -- our goal is to bring the manufacturing back to america, south america and north america and bring it back stayed side and also present jobs for people back here. steve: so he has a plan. ainsley: it's a winning message. i have this place in wyoming, and i'm going to grow my hemp there. to make my apparel. it's all here in america. creating jobs. pete: he has 100 percent name i.d. he is saying 2024 because he obviously supports, has supported big aspects of this president's agenda. ainsley: is he a free-thinker. you pointed out that picture in the oval office the video. when i put this hat on it makes me feel like superman.
3:36 am
people like him who have been liberated through the president's challenge of the status quo to think more freely, ask the big questions that aren't being asked. and be aggressive about it. and look, when he first came out with his new album, i think it's called jesus is king, i kind of wondered is this a pr stunt? is this real? a lot of people looked at it and said i don't know how to take this guy because is he such a performer. but you can see the depth of authenticity of who he is and what he believes. ainsley: 1,000 came to christ at his last performance. pete: he is doing more and more. it's a real authentic thing you can tell. people had to get a sense over time. but if he continues to do that and is thoughtful and intentional about what he wants to do. he is going to be the kind of person that as you said the media laughs at. elites laugh at but gets a last laugh when americans resonate. steve: would he run as a republican, as a democrat or as an independent.
3:37 am
if he ran, you know, regardless of you who he ran, let's say he ran as an independent, would donald trump support him after he supported donald trump? pete: all depends on what the field of 2024 looks like. ainsley: he probably would be more of an independent, but then you don't have the backing of the democratic party or the republican party and all that money behind you. pete: not going to be the democratic party. how could it be? steve: email us what you think about kanye west. jillian joins us. jillian: houston man tried to claim he shot his wife while sleep walking but the jury didn't buy it. just convicted of murder and could spend the rest of his life in prison. he was married to his wife debra for 35 years before he killed her in 2014. motive still unknown. one of their children testified that he had threatened to kill her mother so many times she was no longer afraid when he said it. weigh now know hundreds of americans' identitie identitiese
3:38 am
stolen by illegal immigrants caught by ice. shocking statistic while defending august immigration raid in mississippi. >> there are 400 stolen ids of the employees. law abiding citizens, they sold the ids of 400 u.s. citizens. jillian: that special agent challenging lawmakers at a hearing on the raids. a dramatic boat racing crash caught on camera. watch this. jillian: that is scary. two boats flipping over and slamming the water at the same time. it happened at the race world offshore key west championships. the racers on board the boats were hurt but will be okay. and take a look at your screen, because this little boy wants to be just like his firefighter father. check it out. >> and in 23, responding to a fire.
3:39 am
start compression. give him a breath. jillian: that's 3-year-old ashur learning cpr outside his house in florida. his parents set up the drill after the toddler got upset that he couldn't go on real emergency call with dad. ainsley: that's adorable. steve: he didn't just put out the fire. he saved a life. jillian: yes, he did. steve: just like bad dad. thank you, jillian. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. janice dean not exactly the same weather we had yesterday in florida. janice: this time 24 hours ago it was like 74 degrees. ainsley: don't you like it. i like the clean crisp air. the snow is coming. janice: no. steve: it's cold. janice: i like a slow progress into it. not just like a 35-degree drop. ainsley: is it going to snow today? everyone is asking. janice: no. so we're good. in terms of snow systems
3:40 am
next couple of days and over the weekend quiet. because we have cold air on the move and storm system that moves in next week could mean accumulating snow. show you how cold it is right now. 33 in new york city. 17 in chicago. 15 in minneapolis. so minneapolis is saying come on, new york. hold my beer. past 24 hours here we have the showers and thunderstorms along this front. we did have some snow across the interior northeast and we certainly could see some accumulating snow over parts of the great lakes this weekend. but quiet for now. as we get into next week, so here's our temperatures friday. these are our daytime highs as we get into saturday. we have that artic plunge moving in on sunday. you can see how the temperatures drop. we are going to have freeze warnings all the way down towards the gulf coast. there is tuesday. so you can see where those temperatures are very cold. so any kind of storm system that develops over that cold air mass we could see the potential for snow. stay tuned for that here is the forecast today. fairly quiet.
3:41 am
mostly sunny skies in new york city. next week, as it gets colder. we will have to stay tuned. ainsley: what a tease. you will let us know after the weekend. steve: why aren't we in florida again? janice: i don't know, steve. pete: we had the couch all set up there. all the cameras were there. janice: what happened? why couldn't we have stayed there friday into the weekend? pete: one more day. steve: one guy behind you. janice: hi, what's your name real quick? >> daniel. janice: where are you from. >> nashville, tennessee. janice: cold out here. >> cold in nashville too today. janice: thanks for coming to "fox & friends." can i have a hug? >> sure. janice: excellent. pete: one guy even if you don't have a sign you might get on. pete: story we first broke here on "fox & friends." president trump could take action to help three military heroes charged with war crimes. the pentagon doesn't want the president to get involved. that's next. biopharmaceutical researchers.
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jillian: good friday morning. welcome back. quick headlines, the nra drops a lawsuit over terrorist label in san francisco. the group claimed the city violated its free speech rights when it adopted a policy limiting companies from doing business with the organization. the nra declaring victory saying in part, quote: the city beat a hasty retreat and backed down from its wildly illegal blacklisting scheme. in texas governor greg be a abby: bottom is turning five acres into a camp site austin. early this week the governor growing effort to get the homeless off the streets and clean up the mess left behind. pete? pete: thank you, jillian. secretary of defense mark he is officer is now urging president trump not to intervene in the cases of three military heroes
3:46 am
accused or convicted of war crimes. so-called war crimes. the news comes after our exclusive story on monday revealing that the president would soon take action on the cases of army first lieutenant clint lorance, matt golsteyn and navy seal chief eddie gallagher. here to discuss is former navy seal erik prince. eric, thanks for being here this morning. we reported this on monday. the president wants to, is committed to taking action in these cases. >> yep. pete: by the next day the pentagon had reacted. here is a quote to an article responding to what the pentagon saw on fox. the report on fox surprised top pentagon officials and galvanized officials to take swift action to head off the president. why are they so resistant to what the president is doing. >> they forget who the commander-in-chief is it's absolutely his right to review overreach and micromanagement of troops in combat. used to be you send troops in camera 10 different cameras and drones and all
3:47 am
these layers of bureaucracy overseeing them causing people to make split second life-changing decisions. and, you know, if we are going to entrust. if we are going to ask our soldiers to go into battle, give them the right equipment, the right training and send them to do their jobs, of course there has to be accountability, you still, after 18 years of endless war, you can't drop a bomb in contact without a whole bunch of lawyers approving each and every bomb. terrible way to wage war. the president is right to review these things and forgetting hot commander-in-chief is. pete: commander-in-chief also gets to set how many layers you have. meaning the rules of edge engagement. a lot of these guys fighting under rules of engagement, heavily restricted. and then somebody in an air conditioned office in washington, d.c. second guesses them you talk about over zealous prosecutors and lawyers in this case, too. >> absolutely. i think it's another reform the president could make insist that all these jags have to go on so many combat patrols. pete: meaning army lawyers. >> exactly.
3:48 am
pete: should be out there seeing it. let them smell the cordite and seat blast effects of an ied or ambush or the casualties that inevitably result from too restrictive rules. pete: your believe is that, sure, the pentagon is going to say this that the president should stick to his guns these guys have been improperly pushed. >> the pentagon has had its way in a very bureaucratic approach for 18 years. the president is right to end these endless wars. he is right to call them on what's been a largely a failed policy where we spend hundreds of billions of dollars and wasting good american blood and treasure. pete: you've seen these cases personally as the founder of blackwater in one case in particular raven 23. four guys in jail right now for up to years. >> fourth time of being prosecuted. thrown out for prosecutorial misconduct. hung jury. it's been -- you know, when the federal government comes after you and these poor guys, whether it's the military case or civilian case, when you hav unrelenting
3:49 am
pressure from the federal government eventually they can get a conviction. president in the case of military guys coming after them and after them and after them. eddie gallagher after not guilty and everything else, still get him o on posing with a dead terrorist. pete: bomb makers, army tries to cover it up to keep the prosecution. why that motivation. >> maybe those prosecutors get to write on fitness report some prosecutions they get to be promoted instead of making them behave as one of the team. pete: eddie gallagher still got awards for it. president had to take those away. >> i'm sure that hurt a few of the eagle go notice pentagon. pete: turns out it's not egos it's having the backs of the guys who do our bidding. thanks. >> you got it. pete: one sheriff's department added in god we trust decals to patrol cars.
3:50 am
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♪ steve: listen to this. an atheist group is calling for a florida sheriff's department to remove that decal that says "in god we trust"from police cars. pete: the freedom from religion foundation, an organization named after a misunderstanding of our constitution, quotes this: it is frightening and politically dubious for the local police department to announce to citizens that officers rely on the judgment of a deity rather than on the judgment of the law. ainsley: brevard county sheriff wayne ivy defends the motto and he joins us now. good morning, sheriff.
3:54 am
>> good morning, how are you doing? ainsley: we are doing great. you told our producers that they had a better chance of me weighing waking up thin than they do of me taking off the motto off of our cars. >> yeah. i think we can all see that didn't happen. [laughter] ainsley: first of all, you look great. and i'm glad that you are keeping this motto on the car. that's awesome. but what was your reaction when you -- you knew this was going to happen. didn't you? >> we did. and our team didn't make this team in a vacuum. we made it with the thought of representing our community, our country, our, you know, agency and all the proud things that the men and women of our agency do. so, you know, we knew there might be this type of reaction from some. but, you know, i personally believe that our country is at a tipping point. and if strong patriotic americans don't start standing up for the principles of this great country, woul would are going to lose this great country. right thing to do and we're standing by it. steve: there are people in the country who do not
3:55 am
believe in god as you know. that's their point. they say in order to protect the conscience of all citizens, but by the act of you keeping those decals on the cars, and the vehicles, sheriff, are you inviting a lawsuit or getting hauled into court over this? >> no. you know, the courts have held very clearly that the use of this motto. i mean this is the state of florida's adopted motto. when you are this motto it's not a religious endorsement. it's actually a very patriotic and at times ceremonial statement. so, you know, we wanted, as i said, to represent our community. we have the space shuttle on our car because we are on the space coast. our great american flag is on our car now. our badge to represent our agency. and our motto. so, you know, the courts have held and we're very comfortable in the fact that we're moving forward in placing these. one of the questions that came up is what is it going to cost the taxpayers? it's not because actually
3:56 am
a.g. hirs who is a local businessman in our community is paying for all of the decals as they are being placed on our vehicles. ainsley: that's nice. pete: i'm not sure how the freedom from religion foundation raises money since every dollar they receive has in god we trust on it. >> that's exactly right. pete: last time i checked it was freedom of religion not freedom from religion. >> that's exactly right. i didn't wake up thin this morning but did i wake up very proud to be an american and protect the principles of our great country. we are going to keep going as we are. and they can do whatever they do, and as i tell everybody, when you call 911, we don't ask you what political party you are affiliated with we don't ask you if you believe in god or if you don't. we ask you where you are at so we can come save your life. steve: you are down in florida where we were yesterday where we had the beautiful patriot awards. thank you for getting up on this friday. ainsley: and god bless you. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: we have a big show still ahead, tom cotton, ed
3:57 am
henry, geraldo rivera, judge jeanine and terry bradshaw. they are all here live ♪ ♪ what's on my christmas wish list?
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so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room. ♪ steve: this sounds like action news. doesn't it? steve: it is friday, november 8th, 2019. you are watching "fox & friends." live from new york city. and we looked at the white house. why? because michael bloomberg, who is the number one choice of judge judy to be president, apparently is thinking about doing it. ainsley: he listened to her. steve: thank you very much, peter hegseth. ainsley: according to results he has dispatched his staffers down to alabama because today is the deadline if you want to get in the primaries. the democratic primary down there which happens in march. steve: here's the thing about him.
4:01 am
he has billions and billions and billions of dollars. ainsley: and built it from scratch. steve: he could buy every tv commercial on every tv station in every primary state from now until 2025. pete: doesn't mean it will make him interesting. so that's his challenge. what is the rationale for a michael bloomberg candidacy? he was a republican turned -- no he was a democrat turned republican turned independent turned democrat now? steve: is he a bostonian turned new yorker. pete: whatever. he has made a pile of money. looking out at this field of democrats in 2020 and saying i just don't see it. which we have heard in reporting that the donors are saying is there somebody else out there? here's the most recent of who democrats prefer nationwide. joe biden's number dipped even mother to 26%. warren and sanders neck and neck. second tier of candidates kamala harris and pete buttigieg. black silhouetted guy or gal
4:02 am
16% of undecided that he is looking at as well as the soft numbers for everybody. ainsley: howard wolf his top advisor and he is a hillary clinton guy. he said his boss, talking about bloomberg, is the ideal candidate to take on president trump. he said because we are so concerned about this current field we don't think that any of them are in a position to win. steve: and you looked at the joe biden numbers in the beginning were like, wow, why didn't he run last time? he would have eaten donald trump. to your point, pete, the numbers have soft. the questions about hunter biden and joe's inability to really catch fire out on the trail. so people are going, you know, michael bloomberg, hillary clinton has suggested, won't get in unless he stumbles. he is tumbling. they also are very realistic. elizabeth warren, who leads in a unof in polls cannot be elected, the party elders feel. so michael bloomberg has, look, he has got a polling unit, they know exactly how people in the primary states, the early primary states feel.
4:03 am
if they didn't somehow endorse the idea of bloom getting in. i'm not saying he could possibly win. i'm saying if they don't endorse of the idea of him getting in running, he wouldn't be running. ainsley: i first heard he was interested. i thought well, a lot of people don't like the current administration because they think that he tweets too much. and, you know, the country was ready for a change. and that's why he was elected. but now the country, many people in the country are saying he is too much. and they do like boring. they want someone who is going to be more presidential. i'm not saying that, you know, that i feel that way because there are a lot of middle america loves president trump. but there are people in new york and people in california that would love to see a michael bloomberg get in because is he a centrist. but he also wanted that soda tax. pete: nanny stater. ainsley: exactly. he wants to take away your guns, which joe biden probably doesn't. but then have you progressives that do. pete: steve, you can have an army of polsters. if you don't have the voters. you don't have anything. steve: but that's why you run a bunch of tv commercials. >> peter doocy was talking
4:04 am
with a guy out in iowa who is 85 years old. a marine vet has been watching all the tv commercials. do you know who he likes the most? tom steyer. pete: because tom steyer is on tv. steve: he buys all the commercials. pete: the fox news poll came out recently asked this very interesting question. potential candidates in the democratic race who could get in? and these three names have been floated. michelle obama, hillary clinton, and michael bloomberg. if they got into the democratic race, would you vote for them? look at that put it up if you would one more time again. look at the number for michael bloomberg. ainsley: that was shocking to me. pete: 6%. ainsley: you think people just outside of new york don't know him? steve: the big number is on the lower right hand part 32% would never vote for michael bloomberg. so going in, a third of the country would never vote. ainsley: i don't know a lot of people know about him. if they are on the debate stage of course they would say michelle obama she is so
4:05 am
well-loved by democrats and name recognition. bloomberg, people don't know enough about him. pete: we are also in a progressive left wing moment on that field. try to deny it old line of the democratic party, the energy is with an elizabeth warren or a bernie sanders. it's joe biden just has name i.d. that's why he stuck around as lonas long as he has. bloomberg going to change that dynamic? steve: bernie sanders and elizabeth warren have never run anything. michael bloomberg not only ran the city of new york as mayor, but he also built a billion-dollar industry known as so, you know, he would have that on his resume. he was mayor here in new york city. we have dispatched todd piro out to the streets of new york city. todd: hi, guys. steve: to take the pulse of the people. we know it's chilly and not many people out there. see if you can get an opinion on it, todd. todd: let's do. let's meet some people. hi. what's your name. >> pat. >> what do you think of
4:06 am
michael bloomberg running for president. >> he made a mess of new york. what would he do? todd: you think he made a mess of new york. interesting. harsh words from pat. how about you, sir, what's your name. >> blake. todd: what do you think about michael bloomberg potentially running for president? >> the only reason he is running because biden might choke. that's what i think. todd: your name, ma'am? >> dinel that. todd: what do you think about michael bloomberg potentially running for the highest office in the land? >> i agree with him. he is only doing it because of biden. we know who is going to win? todd: i'm sorry, who is going to win in your estimated opinion? >> trump. he has done a lot for the economy. done a lot for small businesses. he has done everything he possibly can without the congress stopping him doing things. but they need to get back to work. trump has done a lot. look at how much stuff he has had thrown at him. no other president in our country has ever had to take all the stuff that they are doing right now to him. so, i'm all for trump. todd: all right. there you go. breakfast with friends live from the streets of new york city without breakfast. guys, back to you.
4:07 am
steve: all right. so they are unanimous. nobody thinks it's a good idea. ainsley: they are saying what his top advisor is saying. only reason he is doing this he doesn't think anyone in the democratic field can win. pete: you can't buy energy. tom steyer bought a lot as you said he is still not above 3, 4% in any of these early states. what makes you believe that michael bloomberg, let's say he does better because he was the mayor and people know him a little bit more. 7%, 8%, 9%. he only ends up playing spoiler or taking from joe biden if the point is to get past the leftist as well. it is a mess on the democrat side right now. only headed to another debate stage where they will go at each other even more. steve: they are trying to figure it out. keep you posted on that. meanwhile the ousted u.s. ambassador to ukraine agrees to meet with the democratic staffer over ukraine-related questions. ainsley: the email coming just two days after the whistleblower's complaint was filed. pete: interesting timing. griff jenkins joins us live from washington with more on the fox news exclusive report.
4:08 am
griff? griff: good morning, pete, ainsley and steve. former ambassador yovanovich is going to face some cuff questions today according to emails obtained by "tucker carlson tonight." may have contradicted herself ukraine related oversight under oath she denied responding to this email on august 14th. keep in mind this is two days after the whistleblower filed that complaint. the democrat staffer wrote, quote: i would appreciate the chance to ground truth a few pieces of information with you. some of which are quite delicate, time-sensitive and thus we want to make sure we get them right. yovanovich, who testified that she did not respond to the staffer appears to have written back the next day on august 15th using a personal email writing, quote: thanks for reaching out and congratulations on your new job. i would love to reconnect and look forward to chatting with you. also testifying publicly next week career diplomat george kent who will be asked about his testimony that president trump wanted to hear three words from the ukrainian president, quote: investigations biden and clinton. this all comes as
4:09 am
congressman jim jordan indicates he wants the whistleblower to be called to testify saying he or she should account for their actions. democrats who would have to approve it, disagree. >> the whistleblower needs to remain protected. should not be hauled in front of congress because, frankly, that's what whistleblower protection statutes are there for. >> now, in just two hours, under two hours, the president's acting chief of staff mic mulvaney has been subpoenaed to give a closed door deposition. but don't hold your breath. sources tell us it's highly unlikely he will appear. pete, ainsley, steve. steve: you are right about that. griff, thank you very much. pete: i think as you watch this and pull back from it, how many times are we hearing about staffers and certain committees. communicating with ambassadors or other people or so-called whistleblowers and we are always finding out later on a day later, two days later, a week later, that they knew more than they let on they knew to begin with. which is what gives people the sense that there is some -- either whether you call it a conspiracy or coordination. whatever you want to call it
4:10 am
behind the scenes going on against this president. it's not just oh, shucks, someone gave me a whistleblower report now. i'm so patriotic i have got to bring it to the american people. steve: that makes the point that there have been a number of books written about the deep state and how the deep state is out to get this president and will stop at nothing. ainsley: mark levin was on with sean hannity and he made a great point. listen. >> who has ever heard of a whistleblower who is someone who is backed by the establishment? you know, normally you have a whistleblower who is challenging the establishment, challenging the system. you have the entire establishment, the media, the democrat party, part of the republican party in the senate backing a whistleblower. i really have never seen anything like this. it's really bizarre. the reason you have whistleblower protections is because the whistleblower is going against the system. in this case we have the president going against the system and the whistleblower going against the president of the united states. steve: you know. pete: that's a great point. steve: when they start these open hearings next wednesday, jim jordan wants the whistleblower to be
4:11 am
called as a witness because they have put out these three questions. and while they would -- on their face seem to exclude calling in hunter biden, so some have suggested they were trying to protect the bidens, the way they have tailored those three questions, they apply completely to the whistleblower. the only person on capitol hill who knows hot whistleblower is sounds like -- although the whistleblower attorney has said that the only person who knows the identity are members of the intel community, the ig department. ainsley: he gets paid to say that. pete: they are successfully gaming the types of questions that can be asked of all the witnesses. steve: right, absolutely. pete: democrats can overrule republicans on. steve: sorry, number two doesn't apply. pete: out of line. in my mind, what the real whistleblower here is the president of the united states who is elected to disrupt. he has thrown the flag, blown the whistle on the swamp and said the way you are doing business is not advancing the interest of the american people. and mark levin puts that on a bow as he often does, so nicely by saying if you are
4:12 am
blowing the whistle and everyone inside agrees with you, you are not actually blowing the whistle. you are singing with the chorus, that's precisely what's happened. ainsley: let us know what you think friends at meantime hand it over to jillian who has more headlines. jillian: start with fox news alert on this friday. a man wanted in the kidnapping of a ufc murder stepdaughter arrested overnight. caught on same alabama convenience store where blanchard went missing two weeks ago. already facing kidnapping and attempted murder charges in another case. police believe amy a was the victim of foul play based on the evidence found inside her car. the ninth and final victim of the mexican drug cartel max kerr will be laid to rest today. christina langford was traveling with her american family when they came under fire on monday. earlier we spoke to former u.s. attorney for utah brett tollman. he says the massacre wasn't just a case of mistaken identity. >> they were tired of being abused. their children had been kidnapped.
4:13 am
so they made a conscious decision that they would not give in to these terrorists, that they would resist them and it was that resistance and defiance that the cartels took issue with. and that's why you saw what happened. jillian: yesterday hundreds attended funerals for the eight other victims. the president's re-election campaign launching a new effort to connect with veterans. fox news can exclusively report the planned veterans for trump coalition will highlight the president's reforms at the v.a. and record-lovern-low loverne unemployment. 48% saying he has made the military stronger. >> talking point. pete: strong case. speaking of not strong cases, adam schiff unveiling new rules for the impeachment hearings. now republicans will have to prove why their witnesses are relevant. steve: they have to be on those three questions.
4:14 am
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steve: well, that man right there house intel committee chair adam schiff ramping up his impeachment inquiry by issuing a new set of rules. pete: in a letter to the republican minority schiff unveils a list of questions that g.o.p. witnesses must answer in order to be considered relevant to impeachment hearing. is this another way to restrict republicans in this impeachment process? steve: it looks like it to us. what's it look like to senate intel committee member and arkansas senator tom cotton who joins us right now from d.c.? senator, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve, good morning, pete, good morning, ainsley. steve: it sounds like adam schiff is just trying to tie the hands of the republicans so that they can only ask a certain number of witnesses to come up and sit before the committee. >> yeah, steve. it looks like shifty adam schiff has gone from having a starr chamber or kangaroo court in secret last month to having public show trials next week. these say that the republicans can only have witnesses if they will play into his story line.
4:19 am
nothing that would actually portray what truly happened. certainly nothing that would allow the calling of what may be the most important witnesses in this matter, hunter biden to explain what he was doing for ukrainian oligarch under investigation for 50 to $80,000 a month or for that matter joe biden to explain why he didn't recuse himself from all matters related to ukraine given this obvious conflict of interest with his son. pete: senator, do you think that's what it is all about, someone like hunter biden not being called to the stand? protecting him? >> i think shifty adam schiff and nancy pelosi are going the extra mile to protect joe biden. you know, nancy pelosi has started to intimate that she is worried that radical left wingers like bernie sanders or elizabeth warren may win the presidential nomination. that leaves all the chips left on joe biden and his faltering campaign. i can't imagine that she wants to see joe biden or hunter biden called to account for this obvious conflict of interest during the obama era.
4:20 am
steve: well, you know, in reading the three questions, senator, maybe you wouldn't be able to call joe biden or hunter biden but they would be able to call the whistleblower. and i know some republicans have wanted to hear from the whistleblower anyway. any possibility that adam schiff would say, you know what? you are right. that person does qualify under my rules. >> would adam schiff say that? no. of course not, steve. even if he did qualify under those rules as written. look, our whistleblower protection statutes are designed to protect government employees from retaliation at work from reporting misconduct in their agency or their department. they are not allowed -- they are not there to allow to you launch impeachment proceedings against the president of the united states while colluding with democratic operatives in congress and throughout the government. pete: doesn't feel like since it's gone public it's gotten any better. senator tom cotton thank you very much for your time.
4:21 am
we appreciate it. >> thank you all. steve: meanwhile, president trump set to launch a new campaign initiative today focusing on black voters. will his promises made, promises kept slogan get new supporters on board? pete: a member of that brand new coalition joins us live coming up next ♪ my baby is american-made ♪ steven could only imaginem 24hr to trenjoying a spicy taco.burn, now, his world explodes with flavor. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day all-night protection. can you imagine 24-hours without heartburn?
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hey. ♪hey. you must be steven's phone. now you can take control of your home wifi and get a notification the instant someone new joins your network... only with xfinity xfi. download the xfi app today. ♪ ♪ >> now it's time for your news by the numbers for this friday, first number is 96, that's how many sears and kmart stores will close starting next month. parent company announcing down sizing after buying the brands out of bankruptcy earlier this year. only 182 stores will remain
4:25 am
open in the united states. next, 502. that's how many books former nbc analyst mark halperin has sold how to beat trump america's top political strategist what it will take was released on october 29th. the publisher blames sluggish sales on the cancel culture halperin was fired from nbc. finally three, that's how many toys are being inducted into the national toy hall of fame. match book cars, coloring books and magic gathering cards all make the cut. ainsley: they won't be in the serious catalog. we miss it. president trump is set to depart the white house this morning heading to atlanta where he will launch a new campaign outreach initiative focusing on black voters. despite winning only 8% of the black vote back in 2016, the campaign believes that president trump's performance in office will inspire black voters to choose him in 2020. joining us now to discuss is a board member of the new
4:26 am
black voices for trump coalition, david harris jr. good morning to you, david. >> good morning, ainsley. how are you this morning? ainsley: i'm great. you are launching this initiative in atlanta today. tell me why you wanted to be a board member. >> well, i am not supposed to announce exactly what my role at this time yet because the launch hasn't happened yet. i'm excited to be a part of this coalition. i'm excited because what the president has done and is doing for the black community is so underrated. gets down played every turn by the liberal media. they don't want to focus on any of its successes. even on my ride into this studio this morning, a black gentleman was my driver. and i asked him if he knew about some of the amazing things that the president has done like the $360 million that he signed into law for hbcus 14% increase over anything in history. he had no idea. i talked about black unemployment. had he known that black
4:27 am
unemployment hit historic low in our country last year? it's never been below 7% in our country. and underneath donald trump's administration it's been under 7% for 17 consecutive months currently at 5.9%. most black americans don't know because the liberal media doesn't want them to hear. and we are dedicated to bring the truth to the people in a very strategic way with digital media and social media, something that's never been done before. it's truly unprecedented. ainsley: how do you plan on getting that message out then if the liberal media won't have you on? >> well, we have got very strategic ways that we are going to be reaching the people all across the country. we are comprised of law enforcement officers, healthcare professionals, business owners, activists, all members of the black community that have been successful in helping their communities get better for a better and brighter future generations to come. so we're going to be really strategic about it. ainsley: the president, i know touts his economy at all the rallies in january
4:28 am
of 2017 right before he was elected the black unemployment rate in the community was 7.7. now it's 5.4. we did want to ask you also about kanye west because he was here in new york. he was on stage and he made this surprise appearance and he said he is going to run for president in 2024. what's your reaction? >> you know, i just absolutely love everything i'm seeing from kanye. i truly believe that he has had a saul to paul moment. i had one of those encounters that changed me from night to day overnight. and people saw the difference. people are seeing that difference in kanye. i believe there is a spiritual awakening that is taking place. his last event 6,000 people, 1,000 gave their lives to jesus. i think that's absolutely amazing. ainsley: isn't that amazing. >> he is what we need as a country, the black community. you know what? i appreciate what kanye is doing and what i believe god is doing through kanye. i'm excited to see what's in store for him. ainsley: i know what you are talking about saul to paul moment. saul was a murderers,
4:29 am
murdered lots of christians became so influential in the bible in jesus' life. thank you so much for joining us. i wish you all the best. keep us posted on how things work. >> absolutely. will do. thank you so much. ainsley: thank you. good luck today. jeff sessions is officially running for his old senate seat. he hopes president trump will support him. will that happen? ed henry is here to weigh in coming up next. ♪ ♪ we put our hands up ♪ like the ceiling can't hold us ♪ like the ceiling can't hold us ♪ fastsigns designed new directional signage. ...and got them back on track. get started at
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if you have a skin infection. side effects may include allergic reactions, injection site pain, headache, eyebrow, eyelid drooping, and eyelid swelling. tell your doctor about your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications including botulinum toxins as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. so, give that just saw a puppy look. and whatever that look is. look like you... with fewer lines. see results at >> i did the thing i had to do under the rules of the department of justice. the senior advisors told me that this is what the rules required. the regulations required and i read them and i don't think there was any out for me. but i know how painful it was for the president. the whole thing was very painful for him, and he saw this as a pivotal moment. but painful and prolonged as it was, it did clear him of
4:33 am
russian collusion and i'm certainly glad that finally happened. steve: okay. the news is, as of last night on tucker carlson, that man, former attorney general, former alabama senator wants his old job back. ed henry joins us right now. ed: good morning. steve: the president was really mad at him. ed: he was. steve: we know that mitch mcconnell and the president both said to him don't do it. ed: right. steve: now he is going to do it. ed: now if he can win the president -- steve: there are five republican notice primary. ed: big primary. it's going to be hard for him to make it. a lot of people in the trump campaign think he wasn't a trump supporter. i have a story for you he actually was trump before there was trump in terms of being for cracking down on illegal immigration and all these populist issues. i covered president obama. and when he got reelected, a lot of republicans thought mitt romney was going to win in 2012. he didn't. after the election i got a call from a republican senator jeff sessions said he wanted to have breakfast with me in washington.
4:34 am
sat down. i didn't know what it was about, ed, he felt like he and his colleagues needed to find a new bright light in the party who wars going to take it back for the republicans. started sketching out focused on populist issues and cracking down on illegal immigration. he sketched out for me jeff sessions you know when i knew that romney was going to lose that story about all those houses he had. walls that the turning point? he said no. session said when i saw that he had an elevator for his cars in one of those homes, he said there is not a lot of people in alabama who have an elevator for their car. here's my point. at that breakfast, it was me, senator sessions and his staffer, steven miller, where do you know him? he is now one of president trump's right arms at the white house. so people forget that jeff sessions was conservative before it was cool. steve: but here's the thing. that is light years before he had to recuse himself and then that recusal subjected the president to what he calls to. ed: bad moment. steve: the president does not like him for that.
4:35 am
ed: but if he wins, he will be one of the president's bigger supporters in the president is my point. ainsley: is this about legacy? his reputation is different now. when he went into the white house it was one way. ed: correct. i covered the senate for a long, long time. jeff sessions when they tallied up the vote every session was the second or third most conservative senator every time. he had this sterling reputation on the right. it was marred by his fights with president trump. i think he wants to rewrite what the ending on his political career is. steve: but the problem is the president has been very vocal over the last number of years about jeff sessions. whoever he is running against is simply going to get the videotape recorder out and snip up where the president says jeff sessions is an embarrassment. he does not have a clue. and that will be very damaging. ed: going to be a problem for him. on the other hand, jeff sessions vape where he was before the wall before a whole best of your knowledge of other people are. ainsley: depends who runs
4:36 am
against him if another young republican runs against him very well liked. ed: the president would rather jeff sessions who he doesn't like than doug jones the democrat who took this seat. important if he gets reelected. we will be on this weekend together. pete: before we get to that stay on the senate there was a meeting between the president and mitch mcconnell about impeachment plan. what do you know about that? ed: well, look, i spoke to one of the president's advisors who gave me some insight that he hadn't heard before that mitch mcconnell and the president spoke in privately about how a senate impeachment trial may work out. bottom line is that mitch mcconnell said mr. president i don't think the votes are going to be there to remove from you office. you have got to do two things though, one, work for senators like lisa murkowski. got to work with lisa murkowski swing voter not always there for the president. work on energy and other things. nothing to do with ukraine. focus on substance, number one. and number two, i'm told that mcconnell told the president do not attack individual senators like you did with romney. there are going to be jurors. and they may say things
4:37 am
publicly about the ukraine call that you don't like, mr. president. but mcconnell said take it a little bit. we will see whether the president can do that. ainsley: do you think he will? ed: in the end mcconnell's point was they may want to let some steam out i don't like all of this and show they are being fair and impartial in the end they are not going to vote to remove you. that's the bottom line that mcconnell has told the president i'm told privately, you can survive a trial but you have got to do it that way and have you got to let this play out. ainsley: it's hard to give the president advice like that because is he commander-in-chief. ed: didn't take it when it comes to mitt romney. when romney fired back on ukraine he fired back. steve: to you with are going to be on the couch tomorrow. ed: 6:00 a.m. starting on saturday i will have a show noon eastern to 1:00. saturday and sunday. >> we are doing this starting now going right up until next year's election. there is a lot of news to cover. a lot of politics. in fact, we are going to have a supporter of the president who is going to announce on our show that she is getting in to a big race for congress. taking on a.
4:38 am
steve: you are a little too cryptic. ed: a little bit of news. you have to watch saturday at noon and pete did a great job on the patriot awards. so i got him a little present. there is a fox fan named rebecca backer who sent me a tie for the fourth of july you liked it so much i asked her to do one for me. she also sent me a surprise for ainsley. she painted this for ainsley. it was hayden's birthday this week? ainsley: yes it was. ed: check this out. you will not believe this. she painted that bag for you. ainsley: oh my word. that is so beautiful. does she know -- okay, my grandfather, when he was an avid golfer. he saw monarch butterflies on the golf course all the time he said every time you see a monarch butterfly i want you to think of me. we have all seen them at our weddings. ed: bible verse over here and she wanted that for his birthday. ainsley: this is from a picture we took. we went to. anna: mall farm here and she was holding the ferrets or whatever they were. and i posted that picture on
4:39 am
social media. ed: i hope. >> child's guard green god commits me here ever this day be at my side to light and guard to rule and guide. hayden. that's so sweet. ed: happy birthday, hayden. i have aggressive looking -- i think if anybody can pull it off. it's an army veteran like pete. pete: we might have to try that tomorrow. congratulations by the way. saturday and sunday at noon after "fox & friends." pete: not leaving us on the weekend either. ed: i forgot to get steve a present. i'm sorry. steve: i will see you next week. ed: i will get you a present and get jillian a present because she has the headlines. ainsley: what is her name, we need to thank her. isn't this beautiful? rebecca backer. i love it. thank you. jillian: admire that because that is definitely something to be admired. let's get you caught up on your stories you are following. including this a california sheriff blames the governor's policies for a deputy's killing. two illegal immigrants are charged in the death of
4:40 am
deputy brian ishmael who was shot while investigating a marijuana theft. the sheriff says gavin newsom's sanctuary and marijuana policies contributed to the tragedy. >> if you allow criminally minded illegal aliens to infiltrate our communities, with more protections than our average citizens, they will take advantage of that and victimize our communities. jillian: he is also slamming newsroom for missing the -- newr missing the deputy's funeral. a judge rejects a convicted killer's appeal who argued he life sentence when he momentarily died. benjamin shriver rushed to the hospital after developing septic poisoning iowa prison in 2014. doctors had to perform life-saving surgery to revive him. he filed an appeal 2018 staying he was sentenced to life behind bars not to life plus one day. the court dismissed his q tell us what you think about
4:41 am
that. we telling you about mayor de blasio's plan about giving criminals movie and mets tickets. according to the post de blasio wanted to give cell phones and metro cards away. also get gift cards to places like applebee's and dunkin' donuts. teacher apologizing for a controversial homework assignment. the pennsylvania educator writing goat president trump is tryinwrite writing president trump is trying to take control of the united states. you have to pretend to be a refugee leave your home never to return. she also told students to pack a bag. the district superintendent says the teacher has realized it was a, quote, huge error, and they have called parents to apologize. that's a look at your headlines. send it back to you. pete: that is a crazy story. jillian: a lot of them are crazy. which one are you talking about. pete: the last one. steve: teacher called every parent individually to say that was a bad idea. pete: i think the problem was that teacher thought it was a good idea in the first
4:42 am
place. steve: oh, boy. out on the streets of new york city and janice has got some folks where they are huddle ling because it's chilly. janice: it is a little chilly are you guys cold? >> yes. janice: but warm hearts. right over here where are you from. >> pennsylvania. >> what's your names? >> pat. >> thank you so much for coming. >> south carolina, dianna and blake. janice: it's your anniversary. what's the secret? >> understanding, of course. janice: understanding, of course. i like it. are you livin'ing, sean? take a look at the map, we will show you how cold it is. there is your forecast today. i just want to show you what's going to happen over the next couple of days into saturday and sunday and tuesday. that's cold air that's going to sink southward across cross the mississippi and tennessee valley. any moisture that could get in there could mean some snow in the forecast keep that in mind. not too much going on across the country, which we will take. say hi to steve, and ainsley and pete, everybody.
4:43 am
[cheers] steve: there you go. thanks for stopping by. for sure. pete: always come by. 48th and sixth avenue. steve: crossroads of the world. pete: that's right. forget the sat and act. university of california may end admissions testing all together. they say it discriminates against minorities. steve: michael loftus lives in california, and he probably thinks this is a crazy idea. you will hear him say it's a crazy idea after this break. ainsley: hey, how are you? good to see you. ♪ ♪ i'm ládeia, and there's more to me than hiv.
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4:47 am
steve: let's talk to comedian and founder of the now world famous loftus party, michael loftus live in new york. so, michael. >> yeah. steve: they say that, you know what? you know, discriminatory, let's get rid of it. it's going it make life easier for a lot of people. >> how is knowledge discriminatory? that's what i don't understand about this whole story. you either know things or you don't. there's no discrimination in. it's nothere. it's not 2 plus 2 equals 5. pete: other aspects on this show where math is deemed racist. where does it end? >> that just makes my head hurt. i don't see how math can be racist at all. like that's the great thing. i grew up watching "star trek" it's just like, you know, it's the science of numbers. that's how they are trying to communicate. i don't see this at all. and i'm going to be mad because i studied. i studied really hard to do lousy on the sat. right? i was scrambling to break.
4:48 am
pete: you were like 1600 score? >> no. no. i don't even know if that's a good score. [laughter] ainsley: that's the student that might benefit from this the student who is not a good test taker. i'm playing devil's advocate. not a good test taker but you are a good student and study and do well on the tests and have a's and b's then you get accepted to the university. >> that's how it should be. if you do well on the test. this whole i don't do well on tests i wish i would have known that was an excuse. i really wish i would have known. i could have gone to my old man i guess i just don't do well on test. it's the system, dad. ainsley: raising a child that you know is not going to do well on the sat or act. they struggle with that you can help them with their homework. you can help them study for the test and get good grades. >> how many exceptions do we have to make? ainsley: i know. >> i can't go to work and show up at fox and go i guess i just don't do well at work. what are you going to do?
4:49 am
change the building and the whole pay structure. steve: not everybody has to go to college. we have had mike rowe on this program a million times. there are great jobs that nobody's doing in this country and so we have to bring, you know, find other ways to do it. >> yeah. steve: there is an op-ed regarding this in the "wall street journal." they wrote: if they scrape testing, california policymakers will effectively be announcing instead of addressing the failures that have left so many students with diminished opportunity they chose to look away. >> listen, the school systems in california are horrible. i mean, they are horrible. the kids that are coming out of the l.a., unified whatever school system, they are not crushing it. steve: the public schools? >> oh, yeah. their test scores are not good at all. they are not preparing kids for college beyeney meany mine mow. ainsley: change sat scores. >> how mad is lower lawful this morninlaughlin ispent mone?
4:50 am
millers hilarious. pete: get rid of the standards and everything is okay. >> severing okay and lower the standards for college and we'll be just a nation of just full on morons. just a full on idiots. steve: ainsley, he is going to steal your joke. >> i'm telling that one tonight. how mad is lori loughlin? steve: we reached out of to the university of california for a statement. we have not heard back yet. ainsley: i did -- i should have told him that in the commercial break so he could use it. [laughter] steve: michael, thank you very much. >> thank you have a great morning. pete: stories from the battlefield that you may have read about. but fox nation is taking you to the front lines of the brand new show, a look at real marines coming up next. >> we never knew where the ambush was going to come from. you are walking down a city that could come from any window. the whole thing would be over in three minutes. it was incredibly violent. - [narrator] meet the ninja foodi air fry oven.
4:51 am
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♪ >> for us, ramadi was sort of like a fist fight in a phone booth. we never knew where the ambush was going to come from. you are walking down a city. it could come from any window. and they could hit you from the window small arms and rbg trash. the building the whole thing would be over in three minutes. it was incredibly violent and it wasn't a lot you could do about it. ainsley: their stories from the battlefield that you have read about. now fox nation is taking you to the front lines with the american heroes who were there in the new show called real marines. pete: joining us now host of real marines fox news correspondent rick
4:55 am
leventhal. >> amazing to be called a host of something. thank you very much. great to be here. pete: you are taking individual stories going in-depth with those marines and telling them the way they deserve to be told. >> yeah. we wanted to give them a chance to talk about what they experienced when they were overseas in battle. and we have met and talked to a number of very heroic people who spent months and months, if not more than a year overseas on multiple occasions in some of the most dangerous places on earth. and the first piece that we did was with general roger turner who is the commanding general of twenty-nine palms in california where they train all these marines for combat overseas and he talked a lot about what they trained for. but he was there he was in helmand province in 2004 to 2006 -- i'm sorry, in iraq in ramadi and fallujah in 2004 to 2006 and then in helmand province after that. and i talked to him about some of the most difficult challenges they faced. and here's what he told me. >> guys were tested. i wonder how that affected.
4:56 am
the thing that kept you going there was the amazing cohesion. there was literally no other place they would have rather been in that unit at that time at that place. we believe in our mission and we believed in each other. so it was an amazing experience, even though there was hard times when we suffered losses and casualties. steve: that's great. >> yeah. he supervises a lot of the training that these marines go through. we talk about that as well in that particular piece. but we also interviewed captain john branson who was also in ramadi in 2003 and also went to helmand province. and he was fascinating when he talked about the poppy industry and how that funds the taliban and fuels the fight but how they couldn't eliminate all the poppies because they can't destroy the local economy. steve: it looks terrific. the only place to see it is on fox nation. for every new subscription fox nation through veterans day, monday, we will donate $5 to folds of honor.
4:57 am
rick, thank you very much. ainsley: thank you, rick. >> pleasure to be here. ainsley: thank you for reminding us what our soldiers go through on a daily basis. >> my pleasure. steve: coming up, we will talk to geraldo rivera about michael bloomberg. he wants to be president. ainsley: so does kanye. . .
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
♪ steve: live from new york city and washington, d.c., it is "fox & friends" for this friday in november. joining us on the curvy couch, came all the way from cleveland, ohio, and he left his glasses at home. geraldo rivera with, where did you get those? >> cvs. 17 bucks. boutique. but i can't see. i can see a major. steve: can you read this? >> kalboom. three terms mayor here, filthy rich, $51 billion.
5:01 am
$51 billion. imagine having 51 piles of million dollars each. that is how much money he can have. he can buy an organization. steve: he has one. >> people forget he had a tough time winning the third term. first of all he had to rig the city council, it was term limits here. so he bought that their term. and he spent lavishly, living on upper east side, get glossy pamphlets, five bucks each, probably to every tenant in the building when he was running. he is a great guy. he is a moderate. now he is democrat. he was republican when he was mayor. democrat living in boston. that schizophrenia might hurt him. i don't know if joe biden moderate supporters, that would be target audience would jump ship from the vice president to mayor bloomberg. he is interesting, great guy.
5:02 am
mix it you will. we'll see with alabama says. pete: you think this is more than a vanity project? do you think he see as path to winning the nomination, if he is more moderate, wants to come after your guns and all that? the party is not where he is. he is law and order mayor here. that is certainly not where the democrat party is now. how does it mix up the race, does he have a semblance of a chance. >> iowa, they have been working iowa so long, intimately, so vigorously, candidates already announced, the question how many are left. he will not get into iowa. won't get into new hampshire i think. new hampshire filing deadline was last week, isn't it? now alabama, which is not early primary state. that is kind of a litmus test. the question you ask is there a path? that is a pragmatic question. i don't know. steve: doesn't it have to do with the fact that the party elders feel that elizabeth warren cannot win and joe biden
5:03 am
is the best chance in the general and he is stumbling? >> you're absolutely right. elizabeth warren, bernie sanders. you see surveys. pete buttigieg, joe biden is fourth, the survey i saw in iowa. things are looking pretty grim for the democrats. elizabeth warren with "medicare for all," and you know all of these other programs. bernie sanders wants open borders and so forth. it is going to be very difficult. it would seem to me, unless the president is mortally injured by the impeachment stuff, that there is no democrat currently in the field that has, in major's words a path to victory. so bloomberg mixing it up, let him throw the dice. it is chump change. makes tom steyer billionaire in the race a pauper. >> they're taking gloves off, going after each other within the party the democratic candidates. they will hammer him what he said about the "me too" movement. he told "the new york times" i don't know how true all of this
5:04 am
is, disputing credibility of women. he had a hard time winning third race in new york because of stop-and-frisk thing. they will hammer him for that too. >> stop-and-frisk, i was supporter of it. i do believe that is what helped turn the city around, to become the safest big city in the country, maybe the safest big city on earth. he did, as administrator, as a leader he was inspirational. he was excellent. you have to go back to the harsh pragmatics of it. is there a path he can succeed? would be very difficult. >> michael bloomberg has something nobody else does, and that is "judge judy." >> or if he gets judge jeanine then he can -- steve: she is coming up. >> believe me, she will not be for him i predict. say one thing about -- there is no doubt but that these democrats in the field now are
5:05 am
very wounded in a sense. their positions will not appeal to the general electorate. steve: how will we pay for that? >> how will you pay for that? $20 trillion added to the budget is ridiculous. pete: bernie sanders announced his immigration plan break up of i.c.e. and cpb. he want a moratorium on deportations. end i.c.e. raids. all internal enforcement. contrast the position the president has taken. i want people to come here legally, if you don't come here legally, especially if you're a criminal, we don't support sanctuary cities and we'll crack down on that. is bernie sanders running -- is there a serious position to take? >> this is where you and i -- pete: we don't agree. >> i think harsh enforcement of otherwise law-abiding, undocumented immigrants is great
5:06 am
recipe for people to hate i.c.e. have resentment. for people to tremendous sympathy. the raid happened down south where they arrested poultry processing workers, 700 of them. pete: steelen identities. >> i get to the stolen identities. it's a horrible job. can't get american citizens to fill the jobs. meatpacking, foultry processing -- steve: they had a jobs fair hundreds of people showed up for the job. >> i wonder how many of them were citizens? s in you pay 25 bucks an hour, pay friday chicken at a restaurant 45, 50 bucks, they are part of the industry for decades. total hypocrisy. pete: we don't need to get in an immigration debate because we disagree. the reality is this message generally speaking, abolishing i.c.e., if he is one of the front-runners of the democratic party, is that a smart position to take? >> you and i will agree.
5:07 am
there is a very small sliver of the american people who are in favor of open borders. who are in favor of the abolition of all enforcement. who are in favor of the, you know, come on america, is open, it is a country of immigrants. if you get here you're welcoming. that is devastatingly negative position for democrats to take because the american people will not accept it. what they want, i believe, is a reasoned, compassionate approach. no cruelty. no separation of families, like poultry raid we're talking about. on the first day of school, steve. so you have children go to school. and their dads who have been working there for 15 years, get arrested for deportation. 12-year-old comes home from school, there is no parent there. no wonder they mate i.c.e. pete: so many others live in country -- of course you can. >> poultry processes. these are not stick up people. pete: where does geraldo rivera decide someone's illegal enough?
5:08 am
>> if you have a crime. easily. pete: i'm friendly illegal. >> if you have a felony charge you're out of here. pete: that is not what the sanctuary cities are doing. >> these children are citizens. the parents are being deported on first day of school. you wonder why people hate i.c.e.? steve: geraldo you made a great point earlier talking about for a very long time people have worked in these jobs because the companies, it looks like looked the other way. all those stolen identities, you know, people would show a social security number, or something like, that does not sync up. >> i'm so glad you brought up stolen identities, this is the most underreported aspect of illegal immigration. they steal social card. steve: messes up people's time. >> sometimes 100 use the same social security number. the employer deducts payroll tax from everyone of those, steve, everyone of the paychecks, because he is required, the
5:09 am
employer, everyone of those workers is paying into the social security fund with absolutely no expectation they will ever get anything out when they're 65. pete: cheating the system. >> illegal immigrants, so-called, are supporting the social security system. they are keeping it afloat to the tune of billions of dollars. ainsley: you're sure? >> i am positive -- ainsley: chicken processing -- pete: benevolent defrauding? >> it is the other side of the story, pete. the other side of the story. it is not, these people are not blood-sucking users of american services. these are people who are law-abiding, they have been in these communities for decades and they pay their taxes and they get no benefits. steve: when you were the victim of identity theft, it takes years to undo that? >> i agree with that, that it takes years to do that. but i want people to know the money paying in, money donating to americans. ainsley: everyone has a heart
5:10 am
for individuals. >> you have the biggest heart in the whole business. this guy i'm not so sure [laughter]. pete: rule of law. ainsley: why don't they just apply for citizenship? why don't they do it the right way? >> it is difficult, they have no priority. i do agree with this, my constituency as i have made it my crusade is for those who are already here. like the dreamers. ainsley: i get that. >> they were brought here as small children. now they're 25 years old. steve: president trump tried to make a deal with the democrats. >> i agree, i have urged him to in debate about it. ainsley: he said he would and democrats didn't pass it. >> i agree with everybody, i want this president, when you see the angry republican ads about the election, i want the president rather to emphasize the compassionate aspects, like say, i'm going to be you know, i will be compassionate with these dreamers. i have reduced unemployment among minorities. most active civil rights person
5:11 am
ever in the oval office look what i have done for all these poor people. that is the president i want -- pete: on behalf of taxpayers, citizens who play by the rules. steve: we'll end it right now. ainsley: hug it out. hug it out. >> if you like these, they're at department store near you. i have eight pair in cleveland. steve: look behind you. >> i can't see with these glasses. jillian: geraldo, good to see you. l's begin with a fox news alert. a man wanted in the kidnapping of ufc fighter's stepdaughter is arrested in florida. he was caught on camera at the same alabama convenience store where blanchard went missing two weeks ago. he is facing kidnapping, attempted murder charges. they believe she was victim of foul play based on evidence found inside of her car.
5:12 am
a dozen people are rushed to a hospital after a chemical incident at a buffalo wild wings. first-responders blame a cleaning agent in the kitchen air. the man who died was trying to get it out of the restaurant after the worker who mixed the chemicals got sick. the restaurant was evacuated. an investigation is underway. president trump pushes for whistle-blower to be identified, his daughter and senior advisor says it is not relevant. >> i don't view the whistleblower as, it shouldn't be a substantive part of the conversation because this is a third party who was not privy to the call and did not have first-hand information. jillian: comes as a main witness in the case, former ambassador marie yovanovitch. tucker carlson says he contacted a democratic aide to the class which appears to contradict testimony in front after house
5:13 am
panel. interesting development there. steve: president trump honoring the victims of communism during a powerful event at the white house. ainsley: our next guest fled north korea and met with the president. she joins us with a lesson on freedom that everyone needs to hear. ♪.
5:14 am
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5:17 am
♪. steve: white house yesterday honoring victims of communism, remembering more than 100 million people who died from oppressive regimes. the ceremony coming days before the 30th anniversary of the falling of the berlin wall. in a statement president trump said, quote democracy and the rule of law will always triumph over oppression and tyranny. we must resolve always to safeguard cherished liberties that foster peace and unleash unparalleled prosperity. joining us is a north korean defector who attended white house victims of communism event yesterday. grace cho. she joins us live from d.c. good morning to you. >> good morning. well, it was a very unforgettable event yesterday
5:18 am
meeting with president trump and meaningful and grateful meeting with him. well, i would like to credit, well i would like pleasure with united states to live as a free person and stand her to share my story. steve: that's right. grace, tell us your story. tell us the story you told the president yesterday about your life in north korea and your family? >> i am the victim of communism from north korea. so i shared my family's story. i witnessed three members of my family members, passed away by starvation. my father he passed away by forced, by the government. so i shared that to him witness to him. steve: what was the president's
5:19 am
message about communism? >> his message was, well, he concerned about the communism and we delivered it that communism should not exist in this world. so i really appreciate that he recognized this november 7th as the communism day. steve: right, exactly. so grace, your father died fleeing north korea. you had siblings who died from starvation being in north korea. you and your mother were able to come to the united states. how has your life changed since you have gotten here? >> after i got to america, my life completely changed as a free person. before, if i imagine, if i was in north korea i probably already died by starvation but now i am a college student and i have a dream. and i would like to say out to
5:20 am
the world that communism life is horrible and that system should not exist. so my, right now free girl in college girl and i can speak out whatever is necessary. so i feel very grateful to america to grant us the freedom. steve: grace, what are you studying in college? >> i'm studying interior design at seattle pacific university. steve: good for you. living your dream. not possible in north korea but possible in america. thanks for joining us today. >> thank you. steve: 8:20 in new york city. jeff sessions announced he is running for his ol' senate seat and michael bloomberg might be running for president. how will they impact 2020? judge jeanine is here. there she is. she will sound off as only judge jeanine can. ♪.
5:21 am
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and through retirement. thbecause with nband after thleague pass on xfinityr. you can watch the out of market games you want- all season long. and with the all-new xfinity sports zone, you get everything nba all in one place- even notifications about your favorite teams. watch the dropped dimes, monster blocks, and showstopping dunks.
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plus get instant access to your teams with the power of your voice. that's simple, easy, awesome. say nba league pass into your voice remote to upgrade for a great low price - or go online today. ♪. ainsley: here are quick 2020 headlines. 20 to hopeful pete buttigieg is promising free college tuition for people make less than $100,000 a year. he plans to pay for his multitrillion dollar plan by taxing the 1%. elizabeth warren presidential campaign unveils a new tool for richest americans. the site says some billionaires seem confused how much they would pay under elizabeth's ultramillionaire tax. don't worry. now we have calculate for for that too. under her plan warren would tax 2% on households with a net worth of 50 million to
5:25 am
$1 billion. 3% for, for those with a net worth above one billion dollars. steve: that's right. it is not on income. it is on what you have got in the bank. former attorney general jeff sessions announced he is running for the senate down in alabama. >> i believe i have something give. i have some convictions that i think need to be pushed. we need to get some republicans moving. they haven't been pushing hard enough to advance the trump agenda. so that is what i look forward to doing. i think i can contribute to that. steve: here with reaction, the host of "justice with judge jeanine," the author of the new book. "radicals, resistence and revenge." judge jeanine pirro. >> good morning. steve: he was attorney general after he ran for senate. now he wants the senate seat back. the president of the united states is furious at him because he recused himself because of russia investigation.
5:26 am
the president said i had three years of hell with the witch-hunt and jeff sessions is responsible. how will the president react to jeff sessions running for senate? >> i don't know how -- i haven't spoken with the president about it, but this is the only thing i'm worried about. first of all this guy has a primary to begin with. he has to win the primary first. steve: there are four other republicans running. >> exactly. there are four other republicans running. he said he was the attorney general but i don't think anybody knows it. he was hiding under his desk most of the time. as he said on tucker, i was told i should recuse myself. you're an independent thinker. eric holder didn't recuse himself. loretta lynch met with bill clinton. she didn't recuse himself. this guy decides he has to recuse himself. he has to get out there to make a decision for himself. i honestly, for all the president went through, for those three years or 2 1/2 years, whatever it was, because
5:27 am
he did not have an attorney general at his side, when i read that jeff sessions says something like, he says, i'm hoping that the president is going to warm up to me, are you kidding? are you kidding? first of all you have got to win. secondly, what makes you think he should warm up to you, given your experience there? the fact that you were never an attorney general. pete: fair point. it was interesting interview. if you watch him he reiterated i was for the president before anybody else was. >> that is why he got the job. pete: i would be a reliable vote in the senate. put me back in that spot to be an agent. if jeff sessions nominee and democrat, seems like an easy choice? >> it is an easy choice. you certainly need to have people on the team when you want legislation, you have an agenda. look, people of alabama will decide that. no one else. you know, i will tell you, that is the height of chutzpah for this guy to say i think the
5:28 am
president will warm up to me. i hope he doesn't recuse himself from the race at some point. ainsley: he could sit with the president at the lsu-alabama game. >> yeah. ainsley: what do you think of about michael bloomberg. he is preparing to jump in the race it seems? >> he is preparing. he thought about it before. it will be very interesting. today is sign deadline for alabama so he can be i guess the march 20 primary. this guy has an interesting background. he was a democrat, then he was a republican, then he was a democrat. the way he is stands on certain issues. he is for stop-and-frisk. at the same time he is for gun control. he has got a lot of issues he will have to work out with democrats. he will be the target of elizabeth warren and bernie sanders who believe in the wealth tax, have a calculator for people like him, who are billionaires. i don't know that the public warms up to him. he is not a warm kind of guy.
5:29 am
steve: he has billions of dollars. he can buy a lot of tv commercials. speaking of tv, you are a tv judge. another tv judge, "judge judy" announced she likes the guy. >> that is great for her and for him. i'm happy for them. they will make a great couple. i don't know what to tell you. at the end of the day, he has to be in a position where he is of the people. i think the blow is to joe biden. i think joe biden, wait a minute. everybody has been saying i got -- ainsley: what about kanye west. he will get in at 2024. >> that is another interesting one. everybody is running. you should run for president. ainsley: no, thank you. pete: talk about him taking joe biden. party elders as you said steve, someone like elizabeth warren could not get elected. if bloomberg takes from biden, how does that make any sense? >> if you put in bloomberg, the truth is the guy is too far
5:30 am
right for them. it is not going to work. steve: you are in early. you will be up late tonight on this friday. you're hosting "the ingraham angle" here on the fox news channel. >> tonight at 10:00. i've got my show tomorrow night. we have one of the attorneys for the, for one of the victims of jeffrey epstein will be on. so it will be a good show tomorrow night. steve: they are all good shows. >> thank you, guys. ainsley: we love you. pete: appreciate it. president trump heading to the lsu-alabama game. the crimson tide is doing the best to keep politics out of it. ainsley: hall-of-famer, louisiana native, terry bradshaw is here to react to it. steve: there he is. ♪. now that dream is a reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day,
5:31 am
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[cheering] pete: it is your non-shot of the morning? this kid's half-court shot could not have gone any worse. ainsley: did it hit someone? steve: student through the ball over the basket into the crowd, nearly knocking person out who was watching the game who had no idea. ainsley: if he made the shot at abilene christian university, he would have won $1000. wasn't even close. steve: immediate analysis. we bring in terry bradshaw. >> break that down for you. steve: will do. >> we were doing a show in charlotte for the panthers. i always get throw the football. this lady said, fire it in here, bradshaw, played semipro.
5:35 am
her husband said, throw it in there. she can handle it. she shattered her nose. we all ran down there we settled. ainsley: my goodness. >> on thursday, on thursday nights, here, now i just, just nice and easy. steve: i've seen you out in the building. >> i don't throw it hard. ainsley: that was her husband's fault. he encouraged you. >> he probably wanted me to hit a little harder. steve: president going to the big football game this weekend? number one, number two, lau-al gam. nick saban said he is honored. >> president of the united states. louisiana tech playing northwestern for the homecoming. the president is coming, are you kidding me?
5:36 am
you separate it, in office that is so awesome. ainsley: who will win that game? >> lsu is. as a matter of fact i had a dream, get this, i had a dream for whatever reason, i didn't go to lsu. i had a dream lsu won that football game. pete: that is the analysis? >> yeah. isn't that the best? [laughter]. pete: i had a vision. >> yeah. pete: not to get hung up on policies of it, president goes to the ufc fights or at the world series how we can get to the point to honor the office without politics? >> i think you have to. i don't talk politics. only thing i notice in the political environment today. maybe it started a few years ago before, it is really right and it is really left. it is angry, ugly and hostile. i have never seen this in this country. ainsley: he will probably get a good reception. much better than he got in the
5:37 am
new york at the match, boxing. >> ufc. ainsley: or world series with washington nationals. >> i thank you, hats off to him for having the guts to get in there and do it. you have to simply respect the office of the president of the united states. boy, when you do it, look at it like that, that is pretty incredible thing to have him go to that game. steve: speaking of games -- pete: doing fox sunday from west point. >> isn't that amazing? pete: tell us about it. >> we do this every veterans's day. we go somewhere. last year we finished where somewhere down in georgia, alabama, i have forgotten about that. where are we going next year? we all said west point. let's go to west point. everybody said, west point? why not. the oldest military fortress or whatever -- steve: two days before veterans day. >> how cool is that. we'll go there today.
5:38 am
i will go. howie and i are speaking to the cadets at lunch. which will be cool. they don't know this, i'm going to sing a little something they will sing with me. ainsley: what will you sing? >> i can't tell you what i will sing. i have to learn it on my phone. i have actually studied all about west point. i know how it got its name. i know why it got its name. who read it. nobody at fox, i'm only one i'm sure of it. ainsley: tell us one thing that you learned about west point. >> it was put on the west bank of the hudson river and put there because it was perfect place to ambush whoever it came. it made a west turn and it is narrow, would make it hard for the ships to come in and attack us. steve: how about that great big chain. >> 150-ton chain. steve: it is official he studied. >> and macarthur was the one that said after world war i, the reason we have cadets are in
5:39 am
such great shape, he knew after world war i, he saw the strenuous demands of the human body and he said every cadet is an athlete. that is how we got all our great athletes. pete: you talked at lunch. >> yeah. pete: did you talk about the famous dining hall? everyone eats at same time. there is massive operation. there are tables and people -- >> 4,000 cadets will be there today eating. ainsley: they will be so excited to see you. >> i don't know about that. i tell you one thing. i can't wait to get there i can't wait to get there. steve: right up the river. >> about a 90 minute drive. i will be singing. that is it for me. i know how this works. i've been sitting downstairs watching them come in. steve: you know, we got to do the plug for you. we're going to talk a little bit about the games this sunday, jets versus giants at 1:00. who do you like? >> neither. i don't like either one of them. i'm disappointed in the jets the
5:40 am
way they have gone backwards with that quarterback and gase. i have serious doubts about him as the head coach. the kid jones on other side i like him a lot. pete: lose to the dolphins if you're the jets. that is tough. >> cardinals and bucs. cardinals are fun to watch. short quarterback, kyle letter murray for the cardinals. bucks desperate for a win. they will get that one. ainsley: falcons, saints. >> who? ainsley: falcons saints. where are you from? ainsley: south carolina. >> south carolina girl. gamecock. saints are at home. they got that. pete: rams versus steelers. >> rams are not as good as they were last year. pittsburgh is playing really good defense. of course i'm going to peck my team, pittsburgh. at home. steve: panthers and the packers?
5:41 am
>> okay. quarterback at carolina, if he can take care of business up in green bay. i think cam newton will be moved out of carolina. they may be hard to beat. green bay was horrible last week, horrible. since i love ron rivera the coach, i will go with carolina in upset. maybe not an upset. pete: if that happened, my vikings would be tied for first place in the nfc north. what do you think? >> you will get your heart broken sometime this year. pete: every year. every year. steve: terry, great having you. >> that is it for me. steve: a lot of people don't realize this studio is time-share. thursday night your crew comes in. >> we take it over. up here. i'm down there. we throw the football around. it is pretty cool. ainsley: i like your boots. >> thank you. ainsley: those are pretty. >> do a show in vegas now and
5:42 am
wear my boots. i got my fancy jackets and pants. steve: high-roller outfit. >> you know what i do? i dress like freddy mercury. 71-year-old freddy mercury. 60 pounds out of shape. steve: you're a champion. >> got it. you will hear about the singing today. it will be good. steve: is it a song we are familiar with? >> no. no. but the cadets will. when they hear me start this song, i promise you they will jump in, it will be great. going to be fun. ainsley: i'm glad you're going there. >> going to be good. have you been there? ainsley: yes, i have. so beautiful the right there on the hudson. steve: great to go to the games. i took my son years ago t was a lot of fun. >> tomorrow, umass playing army on the field the forgot about that. steve: the greaterry bradshaw.
5:43 am
>> give it up right here. steve: we love you. >> good to see all of you. i guess that's it. see you later. back to politics. steve: that's right. she is the main witness in the democrats impeachment probe but new email raising new questions about her testimony. did she lie under oath? we're live in washington coming up next. ♪. to the outside world, you look good,
5:44 am
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advantage plan, you could get all that coverage plus part d prescription drug benefits. you get all this coverage for as low as a $0 monthly plan premium in many areas. and humana has a large network of doctors and hospitals, so call or go online today. find out if your doctor is part of the humana network and get your free decision guide. discover how an all-in-one humana medicare advantage plan could save you money. there is no obligation, so call or go online right now. ♪. steve: that woman, ousted u.s. ambassador to ukraine apparently agreed to meet with a democratic staffer over what are referred to as ukraine-related questions. ainsley: the email coming two days after the whistleblower's complaint was filed. pete: griff jenkins joins us live from washington with more on the fox news exclusive
5:47 am
report. griff? reporter: good morning, guys. former ambassador yovanovitch will face really tough questions exactly one week from today. according to emails obtained by "tucker carlson tonight," appears she may have cricked herself over communication with the staffer under oath. yovanovitch denied responding to email on august 14th. keep in mind it was two days after the whistle-blower filed a complaint. the staffer wrote i would appreciate a chance to ground truth a few pieces ins some of which are quite delicate and time sensitive. we want to get it right. yovanovitch said she did not respond to the staffer appears to written back on the next day, august 15th, using personal email. thanks for reaching out. congratulations on your new job. i would love to reconnect and look forward to chatting with you. we'll see what she has to say. testifying publicly next week career diplomat george kent who
5:48 am
will be asked about his testimony, that president trump wanted to hear three words from the ukrainian president, investigations of biden and clinton. he or she should be held account for actions, democrat would have to approve it don't agree. >> the whistleblower needs to remain protected, should not be hauled in front of congress because frankly that is what whistle blower protection statutes are there for. reporter: 12 minutes, it will be all eyes on the hill because the president's acting chief of staff, mick mulvaney who was subpoenaed last night to give a closed-door deposition tells fox news, mulvaney sources tell fox news it is highly unlikely he will appear. that will certainly be a lot of what is coming in the next hour or so, guys. steve: could be looking at an empty chair. griff, thank you very much. pete: a former all-pro nfl player turned pro magician.
5:49 am
what tricks does he have for? that is coming up next. >> really great show. welcome back. you dice weren't out late that night, were you? pete: not at all. steve: bill put on the microphone. >> you think so. it is right here. steve: they got the wrong one turned up. >> are we good? great weekend guys. who had contact with him, when it comes to the whistle-blower, it comes here at fox. get out the billionaire calculator. could be another democrat in the race. art laffer tackles that. what would you do about the homeless crisis. think about that? fall of the berlin wall 30 years later what ronald reagan met for the historic event. we're live in berlin with a special guest. join sandra and me in ten minutes. see you at the top of the hour.
5:50 am
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pete: you might know him as an nfl all-pro or magician who made finals of "america's got talent." you may not know about the extraordinary life of john boren bows. ainsley: john dorenbos joins us now. ainsley: y'all have known each other a long time. >> he played in philly forever. ainsley: did you interview him. >> yeah. jillian: first question is about your book. life is magic. not about magic. i know your story i interviewed you. we talked about it. go back to 12 years old where
5:54 am
your story really begins. >> when i was 12 years old, i came home learned my dad murdered my mother. he was sentenced to second-degree murder. he got 13 years. my sister and i went through foster home. most intense therapy you can imagine. we eventually moved in with my aunt. the book is about my journey. believe it or not, all things i learned in sports, that helped with the real world and reality. it's a book on forgiveness. moments before i had my daughter five months ago i went and saw my dad first 26 years. i wanted to relive the relationship, to find any motivation i could to be a motivation for my daughter be to a better husband and father. ainsley: what did you say to him. >> five 1/2 hours. it was most intense conversation. it was superficial. the emotion in the moment, right? i would ask a few questions. it would get deflected. >> he never apologized? >> did. he apologized for causing pain. ainsley: okay. >> i think what i learned for
5:55 am
me, and what i say in my book, forgiveness i learned is not about the other person. not about winning or losing. not about one upping, keeping score. has nothing to do with that person for me, right? about letting go of the past. coming full circle. having closure. okay with my life. steve: one of the ways you did learn to cope aside from your career, magic. >> these guys right here. i'm 12 years old. i learned how to shuffle cards. sound and click was it for me. the world disappeared when i was a kid. every time i shuffled i was a kid. still to this day when i do card stuff. steve: show us. >> this is deck. in new deck order. get a shot of that. steve: brand new. >> brand new deck in two order. sake, ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 7, 8, 10. i want you to shuffle those up. ainsley: okay. i remember doing this as a kid. >> shuffle them up. see what you got. >> i need it.
5:56 am
jillian: the short stack. >> you're good. put your hand flat. okay? so this right here this, is the order that you stacked, that you shuffled the cards in right here. ainsley: okay. >> okay. i will spread this out, do it quick. yell out the word stop. ainsley: stop. >> right here, boom. we'll take this card right here. four of diamonds. we'll reverse it. stick these in your hand just like this. let's go that way. you got a five. they're still in order. all you got to do get on the same page with yourself and world. you shuffled the five. i thought i would find a five. what is your next one? ainsley: an eight. >> an eight. >> look at that there is eight. my ace. >> you are good. how did you do this. >> there is the 3. hold on reversed one card only. what is it? you flipped over a four. i thought i would flip over my four. it is right there. there is the 2, there is seven,
5:57 am
life is magic. ainsley: so much more to your story. including heart surgery. it is all in here. >> more "fox & friends." removes hair while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans now cleans itself. you have power over pain, so the whole world looks different. the unbeatable strength of advil. what pain? there's a company that's talked than me: jd power.people 448,134 to be exact. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people."
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6:00 am
>> that's it for today. join pete tomorrow. see you monday. >> bill: breaking news from the hill now. mick mulvaney is the democrat's target acting white house chief of staff. overnight he was subpoenaed to testify. you almost made it. you're that close, america. welcome afford for the three-hour tour. >> sandra: ifm owe sandra smith. democrats not expected to challenge mulvaney in court instead using it as evidence of what they are calling white house obstruction. meanwhile fox news obtaining exclusive emails between former ukraine ambassador marie yovanovitch and a democratic


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