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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 9, 2019 9:00am-11:00am PST

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schiff have allowed the list, kurt volker, former envoy will be at the public hearings, we shall see. no doubt my buddy ed henry on husband brand new show will be exploring that. ♪ >> and welcome to a brand new hour of america's news headquarters, everyone. i'm ed henry, my privilege to be broadcasting in fox news's global headquarters to unveil a new show. saturday and sunday, bring you the news, tell it straight. hear from all voices like we report, you decide. you may have heard that and it's needed now more than ever when we have developments around the world and america, headed to what we like to call democracy 2020. we'll hear live from a democratic presidential candidate in moments. and we're marking the 30th anniversary of the fall of the
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berlin wall. who will forget the words of president ronald reagan, telling gorbachev, tear down that wall. a rally cry that led to america's victory over communism. we'll explore the gipper's legacy with one of his former aides. and trump will head to alabama after the landmark anniversary of his historic win. in the form of impeachment hearings, if the president weighs in we'll go to the white house live. as we get a first look at a list of names that republicans want to testify in the public hearings this week. hunter biden, the whistleblower who led to this whole situation. chief among the witnesses they want to hear from. we have the story covered from all angles. former assistant watergate assistant will join us. a political panel standing by.
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first over to lucas from washington with a list of the republicans. >> good morning, and congratulations on your new show. hunter biden, the republicans are calling a wish list of witnesses they want to see testify in the open when the public hearings are on capitol hill. in a scathing letter to house intelligence committee chairman, adam sniff, devin nunes wrote, americans see through this, to provide transparency to an otherwise opaque and unfair process, among the potential witnesses in addition to hunter biden, devon archer, from the ukrainian energy holding company critics say hunter biden didn't
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know anything about it when he received the lucrative seat on the board when his father was vice-president. and from opposition research firm was on there, too. adam schiff alone gets to decide to can come to the hearing on wednesday. >> we didn't put down the names of people that they want to talk to, and this is just another example to the american people, they can call in whoever they want. they didn't have to submit a list to us, did they? >> next week's hearings will be the first dealing with impeachment since november of 1998 when the house prepared articles of impeachment for former president bill clinton. democrats are unlikely to approve the republican's list of witnesses. so far there's been no public comment from hunter biden. >> we're lucky to have you bring in a strong start. and former special assistant to the u.s. attorney general, he
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joins us, john. >> congratulations on your new show. ed: appreciate you coming on. i want to talk about this list that devin nunes and the republicans put out, we first broke it on fox and friends. what stands out to you about the list? we flashed a poll about impeachment that we'll get to in a moment. one thing that stands out. we'll go through a point by point. hunter biden is on the list and seems he's an important witness. >> what stands out none of them will get to testify. the 80 million, you know what that number represents. ed: no. >> when john dean testified in watergate hearing. it's estimated over five days, 80 million people watched. this is not lost on the minority, majority or the president. this is a huge media event which is going to give you every opportunity to shape public opinion. these people are not testifying. ed: to your point, i speak with andy mccarthy, fox news contributor, former prosecutor himself. he thinks this is going to be the impeachment show more than
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anything. and he specifically had another idea for republicans, which is the idea of maybe having some of the witnesses read the script that adam schiff made up at the beginning of this and say, you were on the call. did that happen as adam schiff said it? >> that would be a good technique in a courtroom. the trouble to me is the-- this is already a foregone conclusion. the inquiry, they've already decided they're going to impeach the president and now they're just justifying it and it's dead in arrival in the senate and what's the point. ed: let's start with the whistleblower, we don't know the identity, we have reports, they haven't been confirmed who the whistleblower is. the whistleblower's attorney says they want to make sure that he or show is safe and republicans want to talk to the whistleblower and other intelligence agents who spoke to the whistleblower. at the top, the democrats are likely going to veto all of
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those folks. so i thought the whistleblower started this off and the president made a fair point, why can't he face his accuser? >> fairness doesn't matter. creating transparency, republicans have a submit a written request, show the relevance and it's up to the chairman. so, fairness doesn't matter. ed: okay, if we were getting into fairness -- and i gets your point that the democrats may not want to be fair, but if this is going to be a serious process, wouldn't it be fair to bring in hunter biden? because the president, part of his defense has been that in the call with the ukrainian leader back in july when he was talking about corruption, he wanted generally to go after corruption in ukraine, but specifically with unt hunter biden, making over $80,000 a month. maybe there was nothing wrong about you on the other hand we simply don't know. >> the democrats' position is going to be, was there an impeachable offense? if you have a defense, that's what the senate is for.
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that's what the trial is all about. that's the analogy to the prosecutor. i think it's a false analogy, but that's going to be their position. ed: what do you see that is similar is the last question, to watergate. and what is dramatically different. you talked about how 80 million people were watching john dean. the way it's splintered now, it's unlikely you'll captivate like that. what is the difference. >> alexander hamilton warned that impeachment should not be partisan. this could not be mo more partisan. in watergate, it was a bipartisan issue. president nixon lost the support of the republicans. here, it would require 20 senators, republican senators to break ranks. it's just not happening. ed: all right, john, that's why we brought him in for his sharp legal analysis. we'll have you back in the days ahead. >> thanks. ed: the hearing is getting underway removing the veil of secrecy that enshrouded much of this process. democrats released a new batch
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of transcripts from witnesses who appeared behind closed doors. the president stepped up his criticism of the process. >> they shouldn't be having public hearings, it's a hoax. this is just like the russian witch hunt, this is a continuation. this is like the fake dossier, just like everything else. these are crooked people. they lost an election and they lost it big. ed: and let's bring in our political panel. connie mack, former from florida, adjunct professor at george washington school of government and joe ruben former assistant secretary of state under president obama, now president of the washington strategy group. appreciate you both coming in. >> thank you very much, ed. thanks for having us and congratulations. ed: appreciate it. good to have you both. congressman mack, i want to start with you. the president said to a gaggle of reporters yesterday and we may hear from him live in a few moments and we'll go to the white house if that happens. he went on to say he doesn't think there should be public hearings. congressman mack, i thought it was the republicans and your party that's been saying you
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want more transparency, you want this out in the public and now the president is saying he doesn't even want hearings. >> i think what people realize and the president realizes is this is really a kangaroo court. you've got a setup on the democrats' said where they control the levers and they're only going to let one message out. i mean, they've come up with terms for this-- these hearings that make it almost impossible for the republicans to even put up a fight and that's what they've tried to do is take everything away from the republicans to be able to get a message out and put it all -- this is all about getting the people of the country to support impeachment. that's what these hearings are about for the democrats. they're trying to sell a point. they're not actually trying to determine whether or not there should be impeachment. ed: let's get joe ruben in on that. if as a former obama official,
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as you heard from jon sale, watergate you had some reaching across the aisle. some bipartisanship. why have democrats failed in the early stages at least to get some semblance of bipartisan here? >> ed, i wished that we did have republicans reaching out and saying, yes, they do believe that it's a danger for the american president to use taxpayer dollars to extort a foreign ally to spy essentially on and dig up dirt on presidential candidate who he's competing with. this is a problem. and frankly, this process, it's legitimate. right now what the white house is doing is continually moving the goal post. first no quid pro quo and that was found and then was private hearings are bad, need them in public and that's no good. ed: okay. >> one thing the white house isn't doing is engaging on the substantial. ed: i didn't want to cut you off. i want to stop you on the extort
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and spy part. the transcript of the phone call suggests it's not as perfect as the president says, but for you to say that the president was extorting a governor leader and somehow spying, how do you back that up? >> the extortion he essentially went to the president of ukraine and said, if you don't provide for me dirt on joe biden and that's through a back channel, a shadow foreign policy, then i'm not going to provide you with military aid to defends your country under attack by russia right now. that's extortion and using our tax dollars to do that for his own personal political benefit. that's why this is problematic and why republicans aren't defending that action. they're using other arguments. ed: go ahead. >> ed, yeah, i apologize, joel, what you just said is just not accurate. that is not what the conversation was. you know, this is according to--
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this is a talking point that the left want to put forward beau that's not what happened and the reason that you put the house twisting and turning the way they are, the democrats, is because they're having a hard time to keep that narrative together. so you know, it's really an opportunity for republicans, if they can get-- continue to shine the light on that this is a sham hearing anyway. ed: okay. >> but those talking points just, they're just not accurate. ed: gentlemen, i've got two minutes. i want to give you a fair crack at 2020. if you want to talk more about impeachment, this is an open session and i want everybody to be heard. joel, you used to work in the obama administration and a lot of people thought that joe biden was going to seal this up. michael bloomberg saying i'm thinking that i'm getting in. >> it's a signal na mike bloomberg said to joe biden he wasn't going to run and now he's concerned. the problem for him, there's not a lot of space in this primary
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for him to take votes from the progressive wing, so he may under up undermining biden more aggressively. and mention with the congressman in his response on impeachment, that's all in the sworn testimony that was in private over the past couple of weeks. and everything as i said. so we'll see it come out next week in the public hearing. ed: some of those officials, joel, as you know have said, i heard from this other official who heard from this official something that's third or fourth hand. and other parts of it, firsthand. congressman mack, i want to give you the last word. are republicans sort of licking their chops at the idea that maybe bloomberg is getting in because he fathers that elizabeth warren or someone on the hard will evident is going to get the nomination? >> i think that's true. and i think it shows how weak the current field is it that now bloomberg feels he can get in the race and have an opportunity. a lot of the left are really trying to dump on his campaign before it even really starts. and usually that happens when people are fearful that they're
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going to -- that the person could get some momentum. he's going to shine a light on the weaknesses of all the other candidates and the fact that he's getting in now showed, i think, that biden is no longer seen as the threat that he once was. ed: yeah, news week and a columnist at washington post are also suggesting that maybe another former obama official in eric holder may get into the race as well. joel, it's interesting for your side. we'll have you back. congressman mack, always interesting to talk to you. >> thank you very much. ed: if mike bloomberg does formally enter the race, does it spell trouble for joe biden? we'll talk to one of the more moderate democrats, presidential candidates, john delaney, a former congressman from maryland. he joins us coming up. all right, it was one of the most iconic moments of the 20th
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century. berlin wall falling 30 years ago today, marking the end of communism, and in the german capital, you see that marking a pivotal moment. the wall was built between east and west germany. ed: who can forget the quote by president reagan, mr. gorbachev, tear down that wall. and former reagan assistant talking about ronald reagan's lega legacy. we're awaiting potential remarks for president trump as he leaves the white house for alabama. we'll see what he has to say framing the upcoming hearings, impeachment hearings on the hill, plus the president making his pitch to african-american voters in atlanta yesterday hoping to boost his support for 2020. >> the republican party was the original home of african-americans and now
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african-americans are returning. it was 100-year trip if you think about it. ed: can he make inroads with this key voting block? i'll be talking with kimberly with her thoughts on that, she's a black conservative and she has a big announcement, and we'll get the scoop on fox rbs or tota? eh, not enough fiber. chocolate would be good. snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. glucerna. everyday progress. when i switched to geico. and this is how it made me feel.
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>> when i ran for office three years ago i looked at the bleak, dismal record of the democrat party and asked the african-american community, what the hell do you have to lose? right? what do you have to lose? we've done more for african-americans in three years than the broken washington establishment has done in more than 30 years. [applause] >> president trump of course just yesterday making his pitch to african-american voters in atlanta, as he launched a new initiative to court voters in the african-american community. the president touting gains under his watch, including very low unemployment hoping to garner more support from the important voting block in 2020. joining me now kimberly, a republican strategist. >> good to see you.
9:21 am
ed: as we mention the low unemployment. and the rhetoric is going to repel african-americans in 2020. >> people get mad we're talking about the unemployment numbers. that's important because that means freedom, we're taking control of our own narrative. people are tired of this. democrats vote against things that-- we hear about global warming, and everything, but helping the neighborhoods. ed: he thinks that the democrats care more about illegal immigrants and he's stood up, accurate to say they've stood up and democratic candidates and raised their hands that they want health care for illegal immigrants, but went on to say they care more about illegal immigrants than black voters, how do you back that up? >> that's true. i did the video and we see the living conditions in baltimore
9:22 am
and here we're talking about the living conditions in the southern border and those are better than some in west baltimore. it has to stop and end. we're americans and we helped build this country. ed: democrats would argue, separating families as was the policy at the border wouldn't be great conditions for families and that's one of the issues they're upset about when you say that the conditions at the border are better. >> well, they talk about the families. how about family structure in the black community? how many-- like trump reduces prisoner reform and this is getting black fathers back in the home. they should be celebrating that. all we hear about is illegal immigrants. ed: we've seen some of the citizens at the white house and the president highlighting their stories. >> absolutely. ed: a moment ago you mentioned the videos you posted in july, you were on fox and friends and you spoke about poor living conditions where you live in baltimore. at that time congressman elijah cummings was the congressman there and he's since passed away
9:23 am
always in our thoughts and prayers. vice-president pence was at the funeral. and you wrote vote for trump, what do you have to lose, quoting 2016 and remember best unemployment numbers. >> are you in. >> we're in, we're doing it, i'm filing, i'm excited. you know. we need changes, we need changes not just in baltimore, but on capitol hill. i mean, you look at what's going on down there. first of all, they're not getting any work done if we're going to be honest. we need stronger republican voices against socialism, against the squad, against, you know, or just helping with his policies and draining the swamp and i think, honestly, the american people need stronger voices on transparency, within congress, or even, i want to push term limits. i have to be honest. ed: so let's break it down.
9:24 am
before we get into your candidacy. >> yes. ed: there were some including congressman cummings, at the president pointing out a rat infested neighborhood and with a not. you said, look, i live there, and people may not like it, but we need to clean it up. is that your campaign about? >> there are people taking me around in their areas and showing me. what he tweeted actually, he just repeated what one of the young ladies said in my video. she was living in this the situation with her child. it's absolutely rat infested. there's documentaries on it. former mayor pugh talked about it. for everyone to say it's a racist thing to say, infested, he's literally repeating what everyone has been saying for years. ed: of all races. >> yes. ed: do you hope to have the support of the president? a special election is in april after a democrat and republican nominee. you're running in the primary
9:25 am
and mayor cummings widow may get in. baltimore has been run by democrats for a long time. how do you break that democratic power structure. >> it's going to be tough. i need help from anyone and everyone that can possibly help me. it's going to be an uphill battle. a lot of people said, are you crazy? i'm a person going to knock on every day and shake every hand and listen to everyone in the community and figure out what to do to make a difference. i just hold your audience, everyone could maybe go to my website and it's live now, kim k for 22512, kim k. i'm-- >> you sound like-- >> i said it better than he did. ed: thank you very much. >> thank you. ed: we'll follow your campaign and a lot of campaigns as we head democracy 2020 as we call it. and missing in iran for 12 years. tehran making a stunning
9:26 am
acknowledgment about the fate of robert levinson. that development still ahead. plus, a major turning point in history, talking about it all morning, the berlin wall falling 30 years ago today. how president reagan's famous declaration helped to make it happen.
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hey! my focus is on the road, and that's saving me cash with drivewise. who's the dummy now? whoof! whoof! so get allstate where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. sorry! he's a baby! >> news alert. force first time iran acknowledging a court case involving fbi's robert levinson. what happened, his whereabouts. >> ryan. >> yeah, a lot of questions, ed. what we do know is that in a filing to the united nations, iran has acknowledged, revealed that there is an ongoing case involving robert levinson in iran's revolutionary court. they did not elaborate at all beyond that, but that in itself
9:31 am
is a significant change in the messaging that we have been getting from iran for these last 12 years since he disappeared, that simply, they don't know where he is. he's not being held in that country. now, iran's revolutionary court typically handles espionage cases and the westerners involved in the cases are often find guilty and used as bargaining chips. the trump administration says they've raised the reward for $25 million. in a washington post editorial, jason, who spent more than a year in iran called this disclosure from iran a ray of light and it said it may be a hint from the iranians that they are prepared to do a deal. if true, he says levinson may be the longest held congresssionaling in u.s. history. getting back to what we don't know. we don't know for a fact that levinson is in iran. we don't know what the case is,
9:32 am
that he's involved in, what the substance of that case is. we don't know if he's alive. the video we've been showing you is the only video shown of him shot in 2011 and in it you can hear him complaining about his health. what we also can tell you though, that his family says they have every reason to believe that he's alive and delighted that the trump administration this last week as shown such an interest in bringing him home. ed: important details we'll stay on top of. appreciate you coming on. >> if you seek liberalization, come here to this gate. mr. gorbachev, open this gate. mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall! (cheer (cheers) >> who can forget that. president reagan speaking those
9:33 am
famous words at brandonberg gate two years before the fall of the berlin wall. today marks 30 years since that barrier came down and freedom was finally let in. right now on the left of your screen, you're looking live at the ceremony that's happening underway in berlin. the chancellor angela merkel and others were there, and as well as the secretary of state from the united states. i'm joined by a former assistant to president reagan, "the president will see you now, stories and lessons", peggy, thank you for coming in. >> thanks for having me and congratulations on the new show. ed: appreciate it. bottom line from me, when you hear those words from president reagan, it puts chills through you, what he said to gorbachev. >> it does. for him it was a culmination of fighting from communism back when he was president of the screen actors guild he was concerned about the red scare in hollywood. we remember the words at the
9:34 am
berlin wall. prior to that he was calling soviet union an evil empire, destined for the ash heap of history. while it made many people nervous, they were instead calling the soviet system a giant misunderstanding. he believed it was the foundation between good and evil and right and wrong and aren't we glad he boldly proclaimed those words at that gate that day. ed: when you look at your book, lessons learned from president reagan, you learned upclose working for him, what do you think we should be thinking about 30 years later? >> well, he always said that freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. it's not handed to our children in a bloodstream, but it must be fought for and defended and protected by every generation. so i think today he would celebrate this incredible moment, but also would be mindful to remind us that it's something we need to be diligent about. we know that the world is a dangerous place. he believed in peace through
9:35 am
strength. that was militarily, it was also economically. and he also believed in strength of messaging, which he showed time and time again. he also believes in the power of optimism. he believed that it was a cold war that could be won and he was hoping to win it without firing a single shot and he did. >> yeah, and if you think about the world as we see it now, with the threats we still have from north korea to iran which we were reporting on. what do you think that president trump would be thinking of if he would survey the global stage right now? >> well, he always believed in face-to-face diplomacy. so he believed it was vital to get face-to-face with these leaders and believed there was nothing that couldn't be solved if two people sat across the table with each other. even though he believed the cold war would be won, i think he would be surprised how quickly it was won. it was long and hard fought and he tried to reach out to
9:36 am
brezhnev, and andropov who all died in office and how the warm fire in geneva that would thaw. ed: and president trump has a doctrine and an election coming up, but what are the lessons from the reagan doctrine that you think are important for this president? >> reagan the strategy, we win, they lose, but he surrounded with himself with strength in allies as well. looked to margaret thatcher and pope john pall ii allies in putting pressure on communism all over the world and he looked to people, people once they got a taste of freedom they couldn't help, but want more. and that's the real lessen. he knew capitalism and communism
9:37 am
couldn't co-exist side by side. so ultimately capitalism and freedom had to prevail. ed: you had a chance to be at his elbow. the book is "the president will see you now", thanks for coming in. breaking news, the president just spoke to reporters. we're going to go there. there's a tape of that and we'll turn it in a minute. and in the meantime, bloomberg bloomberg a first step to enter the race for the white house. and the impact on the democratic field. a fox poll shows more than two-thirds of democratic primary voters are happy with their choices, at least that's what they say. presidential candidate john delaney joins me live from the campaign trail. congressman, appreciate you coming in. >> thanks, ed, congratulations on the show. ed: i appreciate it and i want to in advance advise if i interrupt you to go to the president of the united states. he just spoke to reporters, it was brief, we want to hear from him and we'll give you a chance
9:38 am
to react to him. in the meantime. >> bloomberg bloomberg is ceptionly saying you and joe biden trying to get the moderate lane, that bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are nailing that down. what say you? >> i think we're reading too much into this this. bloomberg bloomberg may have woken up. >> he's a business leader and philanthropist and wants to run for president. bloomberg is data driven and most democratic primary voters most people in the country are looking for people who had business experience and experience actually serving as an elected official. that's a really powerful combination, you've had experience leading in public service, but you also understand how the economy works. and let's face it, the economy is the most important issue for
9:39 am
pretty much every american. so, i don't think we should read too much into his analysis of of the field. we might have woken up one day, heck, i've always wanted to do this, you only have one life and he obviously can do it, unlimited financial resources sos' going to jump in the race. ed: to your point, congressman, if you've got 40 or 50 billion dollars you might wake up and say all kinds of things, might want to buy or jump in the presidential race, i'll take your point. big picture i was in miami for the first debate for the democrats and i remember you telling me, ed, this is not going for fly tore the democratic party to go to the voters next november with the idea you're going to destruct the private health industry. i think those were your words essentially and yet, here we are and elizabeth warren is pushing ahead gaining in the polls, has a lot of money and not only wants to spend $52 trillion on medicare for all, but she essentially wants to blow up that private health insurance industry that you said democrats can't do.
9:40 am
>> well, it's such a crazy idea, ed because we have a problem with our health care system. we have about, now, 10 to 20% of this country who is uninsured or underinsured. we should fix that problem which i'm proposing to do by giving those folks health care, but we shouldn't disrupt the rest of the health care marketplace. health care is one fifth of our economy. what she's basically saying we're going to throw out 80, 90% of the health care system to fix the 10 or 20% that doesn't work. i'm for fixing what's broken and keeping what's working and i think that's the way most common sense americans are. if you've done something in your life other than be in politics, that's the way you think about the world because you have to actually live in the real world. and you have to get that. imagine having a college-- i was in a couple of colleges in south carolina, said to one of the university professors, imagine if you had a problem with one of your departments and your solution is to level the whole college and start from scratch.
9:41 am
that's not how you fix things. you've got a problem with the department, you focus on that and that's the way we should be thinking about health care. ed: i want to hear you out, congressman. i guess my broader question, you and i were having this same conversation in miami at the first debate in june. and yet the energy and excitement for the democratic party still seems to be for you're wrong and they're right, that they want to destroy the private health industry, what's not breaking through for you and more moderate democrats. >> be careful not to listen to the loudest voices in the room and i think we've got a lot of those voices coming out. and we're going to see what people really think in a couple of months when we have the iowa caucus and the new hampshire primary. in those states voters really start dialing in these last couple of months and i'm a huge optimist. i'm optimistic for our country. you mentioned president reagan earlier his optimism. this is a magnificent country.
9:42 am
we have every advantage any nation could possibly want to have. what we don't have is a functioning government where our leaders get together and solve problems. we can fix health care in this country, but you don't fix health care by throwing the whole system out and i think most democrats are going to get behind that. ed: and congressman, i want to be fair to you on another point. you were saying, michael bloomberg may have had a thought about getting in. fox news poll i want to show it to you. if this person got into the democratic race you would definitely vote for them or never vote for them. michelle obama 50%. hillary clinton 27%. michael bloomberg 6%. late october. only 6% of democratic primary voters that we talked to in october want michael bloomberg so he's going to have a high hurdle to clear? >> again, ed. none of these-- no disrespect to your poll or any other poll. i was just reading about john
9:43 am
mccain's campaign in 2008. i just got off the plane, he laid off the staff and focused on new hampshire and wasn't doing great in the polls. things change in all of these races. you know, it's great to folks on the horse race because that's an easy thing for people to focus on pt at the end of the day, politics is like the world, it's like life, things change and michael bloomberg is a very, very intelligent and data driven individual i'm sure whatever decision he's looking at, he's making it in clear-eyed way. ed: and same for john kerry and all of a sudden he was the iowa democratic nominee. >> and most of those folks, i'm still paying attention and listening and i think that optimism will kind of win the day at the end of the day. there's a lot of negativity in the democratic primary like the country is terrible, all of that stuff. i don't believe that. ed: got to go congressman, but you're making an important point we should never forget. let the voters actually weigh in
9:44 am
not just the pundits and not just the polls. congressman, we'll have you back soon. >> thanks. ed: we're awaiting the comments from president trump. we'll have that after the break. . however, since 2000, the buying power of the dollar has dropped by over 31% - that means the dollar is only worth about 68¢ now compared to 2000. had you owned gold, your value would have increased over 400% and owning gold is easy... with rosland capital - a trusted leader in helping people acquire precious metals. gold bullion, lady liberty gold and silver proofs, and our premium coins, can help you preserve your wealth. call rosland capital at 800-630-8900 to receive your free rosland guide to gold, gold & precious metals ira and silver brochures. with rosland, there are no hassles, no gimmicks, and we have the fastest shipping around. dollar down. gold up. pretty clear. make gold your new standard. call rosland capital today at 800-630-8900.
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>> well, as promised, president of the united states heading to tuscaloosa, alabama for that big alabama-lsu football game and also will then be headed here to new york city and sleeping at trump tower for a couple nights and monday veterans day parade, kicking it off, a speech at the new york economic club on tuesday as well. talk about the economy and one of the big issues headed to 2020 maybe designed to keep the focus a little bit off of what's happening wednesday, those impeachment hearings that officially kickoff. guess what? the president basically talked about all of that a moment ago. watch. >> stock market hit an all-time high yesterday, the country is doing really well, the witch hunt continues, a lot of witch
9:49 am
hunt continues, the republicans have never been so united and i think the people of our country have never been so united. we're going to alabama, we are going to watch the alabama game versus lsu, two great teams, i think it's going to be very interesting and on monday we have a very big parade in new york so that will be good. have a good time. strongest economy we've ever had, number one. thank you. ed: let's not forget it was short and sweet, but he's up for election so you don't want to pick sides between louisiana and alabama. he said two great teams. i bet there are a lot of countries that are going to pick sides and an it's big game deciding to is going for the national championship. the president mentioning the stock market doing well, something he wants to hit because of the gains on his watch and going off what he calls a witch hunt. you see marine one, it looks like the president has now landed at joint base andrews. that was a tape from a moment
9:50 am
ago at the white house and that's now the president live at joint base andrews. we'll stay here for a moment because he'll be getting off and then of course, walking with the first lady, we expect, over to air force one. again, he'll be headed to alabama first for the alabama-lsu game this afternoon. and then he will be heading here to new york city, sleeping in his own bed at trump tower. here he is emerging. president of the united states. he will salute and now walking over to air force one. so we'll leave you on this picture as we talk about some other big stories coming up. the ride is on right now ahead of veterans today. veterans joining former president george w. bush on the wounded warrior 100k bike ride. we have a live report out of texas on what the former president is up to. that is next. mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need.
9:51 am
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>> well, guess what? the president speaking to reporters once again, here he is. >> and tuesday, monday is a holiday, tuesday we have a transcript very important, and gladly given. there's never been a president
9:55 am
so transparent. this is a witch hunt at the highest level and it's so bad for our country. but here is the deal, read the transcript, you'll see the call. now i'll give you a second transcript because i actually had two calls with the president of ukraine. so you'll read the you'll tell me if you think there's anything wrong with but never in history has anybody gone through this. it's a witch hunt and it should never happen to another president. thank you, thank you. >> well, here you go. the president was talking u.s.-china while we were in the break hopeful of a day, but ahead of the hearings on wednesday he's going to release a second transcript of a second phone call that he had with the ukrainian president. he had alluded to that possibly yesterday in a gaggle with reporters. there it is, breaking news and we'll be covering that all
9:56 am
afternoon. this show will be back noon eastern on sunday. we'll be here. quickly i want to go to my colleague marc siegel. we teased that he's down in texas with george w. bush. in 30 seconds, tell us about the ride. >> ed, it's a beautiful ride today. 100 riders and 40 are wounded warriors, they're coming back and getting on the bike and they have kind of a group therapy session going on and they ride in formation and riding with their former commander-in-chief. he's an inspiration to them and all told, this is a paradigm for the rest of society on our veterans, back on the bike and back to society. ed: we'll hear more from you. it's a great thing the former president is doing. we'll see you tomorrow at noon eastern. ok everyone! our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition... for strength and energy!
9:57 am
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10:00 am
♪ ♪ >> republicans sending letter to house intel committee, adam schiff naming the witnesses that they would like to to testify as part of inquiry. busy day here, i'm leland vittert, you look at the list it is a wish list. [laughter] gillian: it is, indeed, a wish list. leland: not necessarily what you're going to get. gillian: a lot of hope, not necessarily -- great to be with you, great to be with you, i'm
10:01 am
gillian turner, the letter that has the wish list, you know, contained inside of it first retained by fox news, lists 8 specific people, democrats will get a say, leland, they have to approve any number of these people before they actually get to the public hearings, so they will have a say here, it's far from clear any of these people will actually materialize. leland: democrats don't get a say, they get veto power. gillian: exactly. for more details lucas, what are you finding? >> at the top of the list former vice president's son hunter biden followed by the anonymous whistleblower, witnesses gop want testify out in open on wednesday and scathing letter that democratic chairman house intelligence committee adam schiff, top republican on the committee devin nunes called the democrats impeachment inquire opaque and unfair, in addition,
10:02 am
hunter biden, nunes wants to hear from devin archer, ukrainian energy company critics say hunter biden joined because his dad was the vice president at the time without much knowledge ukraine energy sector paying $50,000 a month. adam schiff approves he can come out wednesday. >> we didn't really want to put down names of people that they were going to call anyway, we know they will coming up. this is just another example to the american people they can call in whoever they want, they didn't have to submit a list to us today, no. >> we want the public to see everything that we saw except for tinny bits of classified information. we want to refute republicans that said there was anything untoward.
10:03 am
>> the public hearings the first dealing with impeachment inquiry since november of 1998, that's when gop-led house prepared articles of impeachment for former president bill clinton. democrats unlikely to prove any of the republicans list of witnesses, gillian, so far no public comment from hunter biden. gillian. gillian: well, we will all eagerly stand by, waiting a commenting, lucas, let us know if you get one, thank you. leland: president trump heading to alabama today for the alabama lasu game but did sound pretty confident about impeachment. hi, ellison. >> president trump came out of the white house, he made a brief statement to reporters and did not take any questions, he ignored shouted questions about whether or not he believed hunter biden should testify, he then took marine one to joint base andrews an spoke to reporters traveling with him on marine one, on the tarmac just
10:04 am
before boarding and made a little bit of news, he said that he will release the transcript or some sort of transcript for that second phone call he had with the ukrainian president, he says that will be released on tuesday, in terms of impeachment, though, he has no issue with the impeachment proceeding moving public, public testimonies happening as they are scheduled for this womaning week, he said his position he simply does not think impeachment should happen at all. a number of white house officials defied congressional subpoenas this week, the most recent acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney, scheduled to testify but did not show up. the no-shoes in their view at least that president trump or the white house is trying to obstruct congress, the president told reporters on the south lawn yesterday, he does not want to give credibility to what he sees as a corrupt witch hunt.
10:05 am
>> except one thing, it validates a corrupt investigation, adam schiff is a corrupt politician. he's as corrupt as you'll ever see. >> john bolton did not show up for his interview on thursday, bolton and former deputy cooper have asked the courts to weigh whether or not they should deaf white house orders and testify as the legislative branch wants them to, the former trump adviser is willing to talk only if the courts approve instead of wait to go see what a judge would say house democrats with drew subpoenas in letter to house general counsel, bolton's attorney says he's dismay by the house's decision and leaving behind valuable information. bolton the letter says was personally involved in many events, meetings and conversations about which you have received testimony as well relevant meetings and conversations that have not yet been discussed in the testimony
10:06 am
thus far, democrats leading the inquiry said bolton were going to courts in an effort to delay and obstruct potentially obstruct their investigatory actions so far. leland: the letter worth reading in its entirety, ellison barber at the white house, ellison, thank you. gillian. gil fill now let's bring in republican james comer, one of the 3 committees overseeing impeachment inquiry, sir, great to have you with us, thanks for your time, so you heard what my colleague ellison just reported that excerpts from john bolton's attorney, letter they sent yesterday, why doesn't president trump want his own former national security adviser to testify? >> well, this who process is a sham, i agree with what president trump said, the president is not allowed to have his own counsel in there, i think that adam schiff has
10:07 am
created a situation where the american people have lost complete confidence in this impeachment process being a fair process and if adam schiff wants to have a fair process, then he needs to do this transparently. >> but, sir -- >> needs to let the president have his own counsel. gillian: respectfully i asked you about john bolton, what could go wrong about having him testify to the committee behind closed doors, he was a tremendous ally of the president, he joined the federal government to specifically work on his team, carry out national security vision, what's the harm in having him talk to the committee, wouldn't it help the president? >> well, i think that right now the president has zero confidence in this being a fair trial. if it were a fair trial i believe president trump would welcome john bolton coming to testify. gillian: what about the other folks on this list, we have this witness wish list, it's got 8 people on it, the first person
10:08 am
is hunter biden, what are the chances you think that you guys are going to be able to get him? >> well, if they really want to have a fair process and want the american people to have confidence in this impeachment inquiry, then they would let hunter biden come before congress to testify because when i traveled kentucky, the biggest question i get from people in kentucky is what about hunter biden in this. the mind set among a lot of people in america, 50%, the only corruption coming out of the transcript is the potential corruption by hunter biden. it's certainly conflict of interest to have a vice president's son with no background in the energy industry profiting at such a large amount from a company that he has no background in and they haven't been transparent in why exactly hunter biden was a member of that board of directors and why he was getting paid such a large salary.
10:09 am
gillian: the obvious fact here is that hunter biden is also a democrat, he worked pretty close to his father at times on his presidential campaign, so why do you want the american people to hear from another democrat who is going to be very critical of president trump, very critical of this entire administration and obviously going to look defend him as much as possible, don't you want to get people on the witness stand who are on your own side? >> i do. there have been some people that have been deposed that have given very favorable testimony for president trump. gillian: yeah, he's on the list. >> right. we need the american people to see that a lot of people that were in the room that were in the no, a lot of people that have made accusations, they weren't on the phone call, they weren't in the room, they are just repeating hearsay, but the people that were in the room, on the call believe that there was certainly no quid pro quo on
10:10 am
behalf of the president and that the president was simply doing what a president should do ensuring that if we are going to give hard-earned morn dollars to a foreign country in terms of foreign aid that country needs to eliminate corruption and if you look at the hunter biden situation, there's potential corruption there when you go back to -- remembering the things that joe biden tried to get the ukrainian government to do to look the other way. gillian: all right. >> i think that, you know, certainly the american people want to see hunter biden and i think the american people would like to hear what john bolton has to say as well. gillian: what about the letter that devin nunes wrote to adam schiff, he wants chairman to sit for a deposition, what are you hoping to get from schiff, that you haven't -- he's been talking to reporters every single day. >> he as been talking to the reporters but if you go back to what adam schiff said initially,
10:11 am
he didn't know who the whistleblower was, we suspect that there has been a relationship and conversations between -- gillian: well, sir, that's a stretch, we know for a fact according to multiple witnesses' testimony also according to schiff and staff have not spoken to whistleblower, a staffer for schiff spoke to whistleblower. >> something that adam schiff should be required to talk about under oath in the light of day so that's something that would make the process more fair, a lot of americans believe that this is a political witch hunt, a lot of americans believe and rightly so that the mueller report was unfounded political witch hunt h. gillian: sir, we are coming up against hard break, we have to leave it there, thank you, sir, for your time today, we really appreciate it, we will have you back soon. >> thank you very much. gillian: leland.
10:12 am
leland: great conversation there, let's get on who from the administration will and will not testify with former senior counsel to homeland security, litigation department kevin, good to have you, back, sir. all right, you put up the letter that ellison barber was talking about from john bolton's attorney chuck cooper, the pertinent situation here is that bolton has a recollection of events, meetings and conversations, many relevant meetings and conversation that is have not yet been discussed in the testimonies thus far. you followed the logic out from that, conceivably if that was exculpatory in some way, the president would want him to testify to that? >> leland, thanks for having me on, he might. every president since george washington has asserted executive privilege in some instances and every congress since first congress has issued subpoenas, so what i think ambassador bolton and lawyer have done here is very smart in seeking declaratory judgment from the court in seeing whose
10:13 am
interest should win out, the interest of the executive or the legislature, we don't know what ambassador bolton is going to say, presumably president trump would want him to testify. leland: it's worth reading the letter for yourself because you can read it both ways, somebody who wants to testify or doesn't want to testify, what's the law in this, though, if i'm a private citizen and i'm out of government service as john bolton is, can the white house stop me from testifying? >> they really can't stop him, they can try to get the courts to quash the subpoena but if ambassador bolton decides to testify, as long as he doesn't reveal classified information in public forum, as practical matter there's nothing that can be done to him. leland: the difference would be something like mick mulvaney who is part of lawsuit, said he was going to come and let everybody there at 9:00 a.m., one minute
10:14 am
before we have immunity and privilege here. how is it different for somebody who is a current member of government? >> certainly if he defied the president and decide today testify over his wishes he'd be fired presumably, but beyond that there's really not that much to get done to him if he decides to tell his part of the story. leland: it can take months, years, even to get a hearing, is that what's going to happen here? >> i don't think so. back in 1974 when the supreme court was asked to decide the united states versus nixon case, the supreme court was able to decide that in 3 weeks in unanimously ruled against president nixon, the courts can handle this quickly if they want here and judge lion, he's been moving it out on pretty expedited basis. leland: anything to read into who the judge is and past rulings and leanings?
10:15 am
>> no, very well-respected judge. i wouldn't read too much into it other than he's very experienced jurist. leland: is this -- where does this work in terms of the law? you think about something the bush v. gore case where it became the supreme court making the decision, impeachment isn't necessarily a legal fight and it's not necessarily entirely a political fight. >> exactly right, half man, half best, eventually the house and the senate are going to do what they wish to do as politicians, what the courts are really going decide whether subpoenas are enforced. leland: if we put it right now to you looking at the supreme court, does gorsuch and kavanaugh change? >> in united states v. nixon you had folks associated with the republican party and president nixon but the decision came out against him.
10:16 am
i think the justices kavanaugh and gorsuch probably believe in strong executive branch but the executive branch and finally so far in these cases is making pretty extraordinary claims. so i wouldn't want to think that justice kavanaugh or gorsuch are automatically going to be ruling in favor of the trump administration. leland: appreciate it as as always, kevin. there's a lot more to talk about impeachment, chris wallace interviewsviews with two member offense the house intelligence committee, will huld from texas and maloney, howard kurtz talks impeachment with stephanie grhisham. gillian: kristina lankford johnson was shot twice in the heart after jumping from her vehicle, waving her hand in the
10:17 am
air to show she was not a threat, the burial today comes just a day after 5 other victims were laid to rest yesterday. that's ramida miller and four of her children, miller and children were killed by cartel criminals who shot them dead in suv on dirt road near u.s.-méxico border. leland: you know what the video is called on our computer system? cold people and that is because time to get out the hats and gloves in many parts of the people, dc included, adam klotz is not cold, he's inside, but ready to tell you how cold it would be, hi, adam. >> hey, it's going to get colder, don't put hats and gloves, this is looking into the week ahead, the entire country getting down into the teens and 20's, i will have all details on the frigid forecast after the
10:18 am
break. 49 - nothing! woo! itso chantix can help you quit slow turkey. along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting. chantix reduces the urge so when the day arrives, you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye.
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when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. stop chantix and get help right away if you have changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking, or life-threatening allergic and skin reactions. decrease alcohol use. use caution driving or operating machinery. tell your doctor if you've had mental health problems. the most common side effect is nausea. quit smoking slow turkey. talk to your doctor about chantix.
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10:21 am
leland: hundreds as you can see gathering northern california to honor the 85 victims who died in campfire, friday marked 1 year since the deadliest fire in california history swept through the town of paradise, still hundreds of people are out of their homes a year later.
10:22 am
19,000 structures destroyed, the california governor proclaimed the one-year anniversary of the campfire to be california resilience day. gillian: millions of americans across the northeast dealing with freezing temperatures this weekend even though it's only the beginning of november, i object. meteorologist adam klotz is in the extreme weather center with today's forecast, adam, i don't know if dc is quite freezing but definitely feels like it, i hope you're doing better in new york. >> it's really cold in dc, really cold across the northeast as you said, unfortunately this is the beginning, i will have more bad news for you in just a minute, these are the temperatures we are talking about here, mid-30's in detroit stretching down to pittsburgh, right and down the coast, 40-degrees here in new york city, but really this is only limited to the northeast at this point, so if you live back in the middle of the country, maybe enjoying really nice weather, 70-degrees in rapid city, big pile of warm air in the middle of the country that
10:23 am
will not last, there's another round of very cold, very arctic weather that's on the way, this is our forecast, some of the deep arctic canadian colds that you typically see and as you run through time frame from today into sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday, you start to see the air mass dip down into portion it was united states and the numbers drop rapidly as it happens, so here is your forecast at highs for today, you get into sunday and start to see some of the colder air falling in, forecasted highs, spots get to go 20-degrees, this settles a whole lot further on monday the same is true on tuesday. same also true on wednesday, and again, these are daytime highs over the next couple of days, if you start to look at early morning lows you see how cold it really gets, lows monday morning and plenty of places in the upper plains getting down into single digits, this does fall deeper into the continental united states by tuesday, tuesday morning a very large area where you're talking about spots into the teens only and then by wednesday morning pretty much the entire eastern half of
10:24 am
the country is going to be at freezing or below. so unfortunately more cold weather is headed your way. gillian: well, thanks for nothing. [laughter] leland: adam, a lot this time of year. gillian: we will check back with you later in the hour even though we don't want to. leland: can't wait, moving on, centers for disease control named vitamin acetate as culprit and found in lung samples of 29 people who got sick, garrett tenney with more on this and where vitamin acetate is found on the pods, hi, garrett. >> leland, good afternoon to you, after 8 months of searching health officials are calling this a breakthrough, oily substance found in foods in skin care products but also often now being used to dilute the liquid in vaping products that contain thc, the component of marijuana,
10:25 am
well, vitamin, when heated and inhaled may interfere with normal lung function, despite the new findings, health officials still aren't ruling out the possibility that other ingredients could also be responsible for this outbreak. >> now that we found vitamin acetate in the lung, in the lung fluid, this is really going to help us narrow the investigation and move it forward. there's more testing that needs to be done and this was only the first set of samples that they received. >> nationwide the outbreak of vaping-related lung injuries has claimed 39 lives and sickened more than 2,000 people according to cdc, most of the victims are in their teens and early 20's, in response on friday president trump said his administration plans to announce new vaping regulations this next week. >> we have to take care of our kids most importantly so we will
10:26 am
have an age limit of 21 or so, but we will be coming out with something next week very important on vaping, we are talking about the age, we are talking about flavors, we are also talking about keeping people working. >> a few months ago president trump suggested that flavors other than tobacco and menthyl would be banned but he has received a lot of pushback from the vaping industry and you can see right now outside of the white house where hundreds of people are rallying to protest a ban on flavors, so at this points the not clear if the administration will include that measure in its proposal next week, leland. leland: noteworthy of the people getting sick in vitamin acetate products that have thc as opposed to the ones that have nicotine, gillian. gillian: 2020 presidential congressman bernie sanders and alexandria ocasio-cortez holding another rally together this afternoon, they're not the only
10:27 am
ones hitting the campaign trail this weekend. what the democrats are up to next. biopharmaceutical researchers.
10:28 am
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10:31 am
gillian: 2020 democratic presidential cant dale bernie sanders campaigning out in iowa, holding a pair of rallies with congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez in the early voting state, christina coleman has all the details for you, what do you have? >> hi, gillian, well, about 2400 people reportedly filled the community college arena to hear aoc endorse the self-proclaimed socialist bernie sanders, the first of at least 3 stops they have in iowa together this weekend, sanders and aoc will hold a climate crisis summit in des moines later today, meantime the black vote is a hot topic right now in the campaign trail after president trump yesterday unveiled plan to court african-american voters with a
10:32 am
black for trump initiative. recent wall street journal democratic front runner biden as top choice for 49% of african american democrats, as of now no one democratic candidate has overwhelming support from black voters in early swing states, south bend, indiana mayor pete buttigieg beating kamala harris in latest polls coming in fourth behind the party's top 3 front runners commenting today on black voices for trump campaign initiative which aimed to tout improvement that has made in communities, black unemployment rate which is down since trump took office but pete buttigieg says that's not enough. >> that doesn't mean that this president is -- [inaudible] >> on the contrary, we have seen more and more hate crimes in this country and the president seems to think because unemployment rates are low --
10:33 am
>> billionaire and former new york city mayor mike bloomberg disrupting the presidential field, he filed paperwork and qualified for the alabama primary yesterday afternoon. bloomberg reportedly was concerned about the steadiness of biden's campaign and rise of senator warren but biden indicated that he would be fine with bloomberg going for a presidential bid saying that he welcomes him into the race, now as for president trump he says he's confident he could beat bloomberg referring to him as little michael and saying he doesn't have the magic to do well, gillian. gillian: kristina, thank you for that. we will check back with you next hour, leland. leland: panel is hear, progressive talk radio show robert and democratic strategist blake joining us from little rock, blake, i was about to say thanks for turning yourself from arkansas razor backs, i feel like i'm doing you a favor.
10:34 am
there you go. real quick, either you fellows think michael bloomberg changes anything, yes or no? >> no, not at all -- i think what bloomberg does is he -- he wants to shape the conversation, as far as electoral threat i don't think so. >> do you agree with that? >> i totally agree when you're polling at 2 or 3% in iowa, it's not a factor. [laughter] leland: there we go. >> 2 for leland, oh my, okay. leland: we might find something that you guys disagree in sound bites, take a listen to bernie sanders and his new campaign trail partners. >> who is ready for the revolution? [cheers and applause] >> tonight and this campaign and everything that we are here to talk about tonight is actually not about bernie and it's not about me, we are here to talk
10:35 am
about you. that's what this is about. that's what a political revolution is about, it's about being seen and seeing each other. >> what the political revolution means is that we are ending politics as usual. leland: robert, you know any swing vote who is are interested in revolutions? >> the thing about a revolution is you go 360-degrees to end up in the exact same spot. [laughter] >> you keep talking about a political revolution, you want to maintain things exactly as they are right now. what bernie sanders and aoc and others of the party need to understand is the people who will decide the election are worried about bread and butter, kitchen-table issues, a case out in illinois where a black family discriminated against and asked to leave a restaurant because of their race, that brings up question of -- leland: nobody -- >> we need -- leland: nobody is saying that's right, nobody is
10:36 am
campaigning on that, they haven't been since the 60's, when you talk about bread and butter issues and kitchen-table issues, people are talking about what happens in the schools, whether or not they will get job training, et cetera, listen to joe biden going back and forth on this issue about elizabeth warren. >> if you don't agree with elizabeth warren, you must somehow be -- be not a democrat, you must somehow be corrupt, you must not be a smart as she, it's not who we are, elitist attitude about you are either my way or the highway, you must know what you're talk about if you disagree. >> i wasn't referring to elizabeth warren as being elitist -- leland: okay, we can believe the second sound bite or lying ears, was he onto something with the first sound bite? >> yeah, i think in certain regards, leland, this is more of a reaction to the bernie bro
10:37 am
sentiment which it really is, in their line of thinking it is my way or the highway and -- and i don't know that it's necessarily is effective with warren because i think there's a lot more nuance, but warren is certainly his most formidable challenger at this point and bernie is not and i think he's got to -- he's trying to link the two, whether it's necessarily accurate really isn't the point, i think the point is to try and make warren and bernie to be this sort of iceberg like they're inmobile, people who refuse to accept the nuance and compromise of politics that win presidential elections. leland: you have said the most interesting things in the network, whether it's accurate or not is not important. >> we live in the age of donald trump, i think -- leland: fair point.
10:38 am
>> we certainly understand that accuratery has fallen by the wayside, i think what i was trying to say, leland, is i don't -- i don't think that warren supporters are necessarily as immobile as the bernie -- leland: that's an interesting point in terms of policy, et cetera, robert, robert this to you, christina coleman talking about pete buttigieg in rise in the polls in iowa, et cetera, we are not really seeing anyone go after him in the way of circular firing squad that biden was describing between bernie, warren and himself, does that give him a lane? >> i think it absolutely gives pete buttigieg lane, he has money to last all the way through the end, we have seen beto o'rourke and other campaigns begging for the funds needed to continue, pete buttigieg has the money and infrastructure in place so he can stay as he thinks -- he will stay under the radar and fight
10:39 am
this out to the convention, that's lane to victory. leland: wow, he seems to be hitting accelerator, interesting report where pete buttigieg's money is coming from, traditional democratic candidates who are not as happy about that perhaps as we just heard you talk about. thank you, appreciate it, blake, we will let you get back to razerback's game or get beat. thank you, sir, gillian. gillian: well, for the first time now iran's regime is talking about american hostages they've been holding in their country, some of them for years, the government now admitting there is an ongoing court case concerning retired fbi agent rob levinson has been held captive in iran illegally since 2007, ryan has the scoop on where the court case is headed, ryan, is this potential good news for
10:40 am
levanton? >> it's potentially good news, look, this is a very mysterious case, let's talk about what we do know. in a filing to the united nations iran has revealed that there is an open case in iran's revolutionary court involving robert levinson, they do not elaborate at all beyond that, that in itself is a significant shift from the iranians in terms of what they said about this, in the past they have said they know nothing about the whereabouts and they are not holding him. now the revolutionary court referred to in the filing typically handles espionage cases and the westerners that are tried in those courts often end up as bargaining chips, we also know that this week the trump administration raised the rewarded for information that would lead to levanson's safe return to $25 million, in a washington post editorial that appeared yesterday, jason who himself spent more than a year and a half in jail in iran,
10:41 am
tehran's disclosure is hint that iran is prepared to make a deal. we don't know anything about the case involving him and we don't even know for certain he is alive. the only pictures and video of him are from 2011 and in that video he can reportedly be heard complaining about his health. if he is alive he would be the longest-held hostage in u.s. history and he would be 71 years old. levanson's family say they have every reason to believe he's alive and the trump administration is taking interest in bringing him home, thank you. gillian: ryan, there's the big question, you know, if levinson is alive and is, indeed, in iran as his family and a whole slew iranian experts believe he is, is the trump administration open to the idea of cutting some kind of a deal based on what
10:42 am
president trump has said in the past seems like unfortunately probably not, ryan, thanks for that. leland. leland: all right, new exhibits coming to the 9/11 memorial museum next week, rick levanthol with a look right after the break there's a company that's talked to even more real people
10:43 am
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gillian: new addition is coming to george h.w. bush library, 4141 george h.w. bush locomotive, it's in college station, texas, the paint scheme on the train you saw a moment ago is based on air force one, it's got lettering that reads george bush 41 and the plan is to have it moved to the library some time next year, everybody is very excited, look at the
10:47 am
team. ♪ ♪ leland: september 11th, memorial museum in manhattan unveiling a new exhibit focusing on the man responsible for bringing down the twin towers, multimedia installation that debuts next week, rick levanthal with a review. >> for nearly 10 years after 9/11 attacks u.s. military special ops and federal agents tracked and battled al-qaeda search forking the master mind osama bin laden and a new exhibit inside the national september 12009 memorial and museum unveils artifacts and details never seen or heard, shares insights of men and women who conducted the operation, how they narrowed the search and eventually killed him. >> for anybody who has even the least interest in how intelligence, law enforcement and military professionals go about their work in clandestine circumstances of extraordinary risk, we have the people who had
10:48 am
to face challenges and those risks talking about what it was, how they did it, what they faced and why they were willing to take those risks. >> the exhibit chronicles the breakthrough finding bin laden's courier, and strategies of attack, there are vests worn and bomb-sniffing dog during raid and cam corder seized after bin laden was taken down. >> to hear firsthand accounts from the seal team of the raid and what they were seeing or hearing, it's an important story. >> one of the final argument facts on the display is the glory board signed by 300 law enforcement agents and government workers assigned in fbi's office in kabul, afghanistan, only one asked name to be obscured for security
10:49 am
reasons, the rest were okay with it in the pride they took because of successful mission. in manhattan, rick levanthal. leland: house devin nunes calling adam schiff to be exposed. his response after the break. saturdays happen.
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♪ ♪ ♪ leland: fox news alert just in the past couple of minutes, juice intelligence committee adam schiff has responded to the congressional republican's list of request of witnesses, gillian, we were talking abit as perhaps a wish list and now we know it is just that. this is from schiff, the committee is evaluating the minority's request and give it due consideration to witnesses within the scope of impeachment inquiry as ordered by the house, the inquiry is not and will not serve, however, as vehicle to undertake the same shams' investigation in biden and ukrainian -- ukraine to conduct for his personal political benefit or facilitate the president's effort to threaten, intimidate and retaliate against the whistleblower who courageously raised the initial alarm. so it seems like they are setting up to say, no to hunter biden which was at the top of the republican's wish list, then also say no to the whistleblower
10:54 am
and anybody that the whistleblower talked to, noteworthy -- gillian: schiff said he didn't want to hear from the whistleblower behind closed doors. put the whistleblower on the list for public testimony from the republicans' perspective. leland: you have been covering minute by minute, the change in narrative from schiff has been amazing, back in september he said whistleblower will testify very soon. gillian: he did, what schiff has said is his narrative is changing because he's now moved into this mode where he's trying to protect the whistleblower from being publicly exploited. this whistleblower has now become a political pond that's getting bounced around between the two sides, everybody rushing to identify -- in washington? leland: it comes to both sides trying to play the game of what witnesses will show up, whether it is john bolton and mick mulvaney that the democrats want, whether it's the whistleblower and hunter biden,
10:55 am
the republicans wants. eric talking now about what it means when the president won't allow members of his staff to show up, take a listen. >> the president has had an opportunity to allow witnesses to come who who could save him or provide exonerating evidence, any time he blocks someone and they don't come in we conclusion there's guilt there. gillian: the flip side to that is essentially what congressman mark meadows told me earlier in the week which was basically the people to try and request the president's chief of staff, the president's national security adviser, you know, back when republicans were in the majority, he said can you imagine if we had subpoenaed susan rice or -- any one of -- valerie jared, david axelrod. the president's inner circle of right-hand advisers, the whole thing they say is just crazy, so this is, you know, eric
10:56 am
responding to that. out of the committee, schiff's committee, we regret bolton's decision not to appear but we have no interest in allowing the administration to play with us in the courts for months. this, leland, the new strategy going forward. leland: there's an important point here and that is in the united states in a trial, there's a right to a fifth amendment privilege and there is in any trial the judge says, you cannot read into the fact that a defendant did not testify against him, we will be right back, more on what schiff is having to say in a moment. our members shop a little differently. so we reward every purchase . let's see what kate sent.
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>> how intelligence chairman adam schiff responding to house republicans. they sent a list earlier this morning that names eight witnesses they would like to testify in the new phase of the impeachment probe which kicks off next week. that is those public hearings that are right now the most hotly anticipated event in wash son. if you could buy tickets they would cost $15,000. welcome back to the second hour starting right now live from washington. i'm gillian turner. it's great to be with you. leland: you've had a busy


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