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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  November 10, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PST

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♪ ♪ emily: gone a that come out dancing. griff: i said i want to be on the broadcast when jed has her baby. the condition was i don't do the pain simulator. ed: i said to witness, buddy. griff: we asked the experience joel has in delivering babies --
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jedediah: we've got two days to the due date, can and last time you wrote me and said i hope to see you again before baby. ed: happy birthday to u.s. marine corps. jedediah: yes, amazing. griff: are fleeing a u.s. nearly a week after the attack. jedediah: uprooting to arizona. ed: all right, live with more on their journey. >> reporter: 18 vehicles carrying around 1 is 00 americans -- 100 americans just crossed into arizona on saturday is. those families had been living in mexico, the same mormon community still grieving the massacre of six american women and three children in mexico last week. the victims were riding in a caravan of suvs when drug
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cartel gunmen opened fire on them in an ambush attack before lighting one of the cars on fire. people had recently been thinking about moving because of the cartel activity in the area, but monday's tragedy, that was the final straw. another relative echoed that. he said this: we are never coming back here again, this is the biggest gathering there will ever be here again, of course, referring to that funeral. guys, even more residents are planning to depart in the coming days. ed: ashley, thank you. i interviewed chris meyer yesterday, his son died one year ago this week. dangerous. and the president has been talking about this for a long time, laughed at by democrats, oh, this is an exaggeration what's happening. then we see this tragedy with a utah family -- griff: well, yeah. and, you know, we're going to
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talk to mark morgan because it's not just this horrific massacre, but a month ago we had the cartels it is executing 14 mexican police officers, we had a city where "el chapo"'s son was turned loose. it's a big, big story. jedediah: i'm looking forward to hearing what our role is going to be and also the mexican government, will they cooperate -- ed: important to today on top of that. wednesday, the start of those impeachment hearings, the hot tv lights will be all over it. the president yesterday indicating he may preempt the show by on tuesday releasing another transcript of a second phone call he had with the ukrainian president. the one in late july has been the focus of the impeachment inquiry, the president said he had a second call and that there was nothing wrong, and he's ready to be transparent. watch. >> read the transcript.
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it's all about the transcript. half the people -- i never even heard of some of these people. now they want to have a transcript of the other call, the second call, and i'm willing to provide that. we'll probably give it to you on tuesday you'll see the call. now i'll give you a second transcript because i actually had two calls with the president of ukraine. so you'll read the second, and you'll tell me if you think there's anything wrong with it. but never in history has anybody gone through this. it's a witch hunt, and it should never happen to another president. jedediah: yeah. the best thing he can do, in my opinion, is to release everything, because at this point it's not going to stop. i said from the beginning cooperate because you always look like you have nothing to hide when you're willing to put everything on the table and let democrats be not transparent let them the ones that look like it, and president trump will look like someone who's following
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protocol and willing to puerto stuff out there. that's the way he wins, in my opinion. griff: it goes a long way, remember, republicans have been upset about transparency as we get ready to hear from these witnesses from behind closed doors. were there things going on that the american people didn't know about? we're going to find out. this is obviously -- ed: yesterday the news was republicans wanting to put their witnesses out. a they want hunter biden and others to make this a fair investigation, not just looking at the president. but already adam schiff rejecting basically all those republican witnesses out of hand. i'm going to have devin nuñes noon today, the live eastern on my show to see what republicans plan to do heading into these hearings. in the meantime, the president yesterday remember all the big deal that the mainstream media made about the world series and the booing, then the president
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went to ufc fight. yesterday -- alabama/lsu, on the ground, the president and the first lady. there is no doubt that when you go to heart of the country, the president is well received. jedediah: it is amazing. it is a huge contrast. and the media, you know, had to acknowledge this in large part. they come out and say, listen, these are people who in large part do support the president. in fact, other networks talk to football fans about the impeachment probe. let's listen to what they had to say. >> i don't think he's been treated -- >> no, no, i don't. when the man try to help the country -- [inaudible] ain't no perfect president. so everybody got their cause, but i think he's been treated badly. >> can i ask you what you think
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of all the impeachment stuff going on in washington in. >> i think it's ridiculous, i think it's unfair, and i wish they would focus on getting stuff done rather than harassing the president. griff: now, that's significant. i watched the game last night, talked to a couple, he was tattooed up and down his arms, this is what he had to say, you know, i've worked so hard for what i've got, and i don't want to give it up. we'll see. jedediah: this is what i say when i talk about how this is a story that the media in d.c. loves politicians in new york. we love this story about impeachment, bum when you talk to people who are actually out there, i don't know that they're following the probe. i don't know that's on the forefront of their minds. what they really see in large part are the issues that affect them day-to-day, so i think it's interesting they got these
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responses. it may have been surprising for them because you don't get outside of the bubble and talk to people about their priorities. ed: interesting that the couple saying, hey, we don't want to be taxed to death. we've got a future, we want to be able to save. jamie dimon is pushing back against elizabeth warren and all the taxes she wantses. when you hear about $52 trillion for medicare for all, you're going to have to come after the middle class as well. well, jamie dimon is pushing back not just on elizabeth warren, but aoc and others. he says they're vilifying not necessarily people who are rich, but people who are successful. watch. >> i think you should vilify nazis but not people who have worked hard to accomplish things.
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i think it's american society which is attacking the each other all the time. i understand that a person is going to be a target in this day and age, but the notion that i'm not a patriot, that's just dead can wrong. jedediah: you're going to see so many business leaders come out and speak in ways like this because they realize if there is a fundamental transformation that a lot of these people want, they would not have been able to is have launched the success that they've achieved. you're going to hear a lot of this coming forward, i believe. griff: listen, we are about to commemorate veterans day tomorrow. it's all a very important part of what this 2020 legend p is going to lay bare. ed: yeah. s which is why sanders or warren as the democratic nominee, some of those business leaders on the
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sideline say, you know what? i'm not voting democrat. that's what the president wants. jedediah: that's right. do you think business leaders are going to be speaking out more against socialist policies in order to, you know, make a better opportunity for those that will come forward next? let us know what you think. we're going to check out some headlines for you now. six people, including two infants and two officers, are hit in a hurt and run. chicago police say a driver in a bmw sideswiped an unmarked police car. none of the injuries are believed to be life threatening. the driver is still on the run. and a u.s. airman missing in the gulf of mexico is identified.
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the lsu/alabama game lives up to the hype. griff: the tigers take down the crimson tide in a 46-41 shootout. we'll have more later today. minnesota beat penn state, and clemson might return to the top four after steam. [roll rolling nc state. and baylor winning 29-23 in triple overtime. wow. those are your headlines. that lsu/alabama game, by the
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way, people are going to be talking about all day because at halftime lsu was way up -- ed: yeah, we were talking about it. took an epic nap yesterday, slept through the whole thing. [laughter] ahead of veterans day, we are honoring two heroes who paid the ultimate price. griff: their families here to share their story of sacrifice. that's coming up. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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♪ ♪ griff: as we prepare to honor our nation's heros, this morning we bring you the story of two marines that made the ultimate sacrifice to our nation. travis manion died in iraq in 2007. in 2010, first lieutenant robert kelly died after stepping on an ied in afghanistan. now their families are coming together sharing their journey
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after unimaginable loss. it's all in the poignant book, knock at the door. joining me now, two of the three co-authors, ryan, travis manion's sister, and heather kelly, wife of rob. the book is about how you move on. >> yeah. you know, nine years after losing rob and getting my knock at the door, you know, it's been hard at the beginning, of course, but nine years out feeling just so proud of rob and his sacrifice and the strength that he had has helped power me. griff: and, ryan, you know, full disclosure, i've run marathon with you guys. you ran the 10k, heather, and
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i've been honored to be a part of father-in-law heroes. why did you write this book? >> we wrote this book to share our story, to share our journey, but we also wrote this book not just for the military community, we wrote this book because this story responds to everyone. the knock at the door is something that we're all going to get. we're all going to be faced with challenges whether it's a cancer diagnosis, the loss of a job, a divorce. all of us are going to face adversity in our life, and we wanted to share our story to share how we worked through our knock at the door and hope that it can help others. griff: you write in your book in the introduction about doing grief right. what do you mean? [laughter] >> well, you know, it's been 12 years since the loss of travis, and there are thing that is all of us, amy, heather and i, there are things that we were faced with that we didn't do right.
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and it's taken us years to reflect, but there's a way to take a loss and turn it into manager positive. into something positive and be purposeful about it. and that's really what we've done. griff: heather, when we talk about properly honoring our american heroes, it's a heavy thing, and we're going to be doing that tomorrow. but yet with you guys and what you're writing in this book, there's really inspiration. it's almost uplifting. >> yeah. i i hope it humanizes them, you know? they're american father-in-law heroes, but -- fallen heroes, but i hope as we tell their stories and how our lives and stories intersect that people can see that it's america's story. griff: i've had the honor of walking with you in section 60 of arlington national cemetery, you write now to go and visit it's not as sad. it's something that really gives you a purpose.
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on veterans day, just tomorrow, what is your message, ryan? >> i think my message is to take inspiration from these men and women, those who didn't make it back and those who did, and use their example of service and leadership as an example to live better lives and to be the best version of yourself today. griff: the travis manion logo is, if not me then who, travis' words and, of course, rob, the same sentiment. what would you say to young people thinking about getting in and serving? >> i mean, i think it's an amazing duty to serve your country in that way, and it takes a special breed of person to do it. so if they're willing to step up, we're proud to support them. griff: by the way, it's the marine corps' birthday, want to
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wish them a happy birthday? >> always. the daughter and sister of a marine, the few, the proud -- griffin give there's something in here for everybody. thank you very much. turning to capitol hill, adam schiff issuing subpoenas in his subpoena push, but it was a different story two yearses ago. the hypocrisy coming up. biopharmaceutical researchers.
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xfinity customer service simple, easy, awesome. not my thing. ♪ jedediah: quick headlines for you beginning with a fox news alert. iran claims it has uncovered an oil field contain thing more than 50 million barrel withs of oil. the announcement coming as iran struggles to sell oil amid top
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u.s. sanctions and overnight the u.s. and north korea back at the negotiation table. the u.s. is actively asking north korea to return for talks before the year-end deadline. president trump and north korean leader kim jong un did not reach a full denuclearization agreement earlier this year or in any of their previous meetings. ed? ed: well, we were with talking about this earlier, football fans, as the lsu/alabama game greeting president trump with big, big cheers and applause in tuscaloosa yesterday. [cheers and applause] well, todd was live at the wave restaurant with reaction from those fans. good morning, todd. we were just playing a clip from cnn where some to have tail item gating fans were saying -- tailgating fans were saying they're tired of impeachment. >> reporter: and we received
3:25 am
the same reaction. obviously, alabama is a red state. it is going to be a lot different than the reception the president received in new york and in washington d.c. but when you spoke to these individuals, they were so excited about two things yesterday. one, the biggest game of the year so far won by lsu and that amazing quarterback. and, of course, the president's arrival. ♪ ♪ >> we got our winner for 2020, trump, and today you've got the national football game. >> i think it shows how important and how big our school is. >> as retired navy, what does it mean to have the president come to this game? >> i think it's a good thing for alabama. >> we can come together, no matter what we feel. >> at the end of the day. what do you make of the controversy about him coming -- >> i mean, roll tide.
3:26 am
he's a bama pharynx right in. >> whether you're fan, right in. >> i think we can respect the office of the president while continuing to support his policies. >> a lot of us don't support him. >> i don't know much about football, but i know it's the game of the century. >> i think it's so cool, yeah, i went to a football game with president trump. [cheers and applause] >> what did you think about that raucous reaction that the president got? >> oh, i thought it was amazing. it makes me proud to be from alabama. >> alabama loves trump. >> what'd you make of today's game? >> a lot of back and forth,
3:27 am
wasn't near as good as i'd hoped. >> win or lose are, we lost, but it was a great football game. >> reporter: all right. and coming up throughout the course of the morning, we're here all morning long in tuscaloosa talking to voters about the issues, obviously, the big game and, of course, the president's appearance. i do have to say the thing that that stood out the most to me throughout yesterday is you had ls, and bama, two teams that don't like each other, but the fans were united in that parking lot, in the stands, wherever the tailgates were, they were so kind to each other. it was just a beautiful spirit of unity, and we can only hope that continues for our nation. ed: yeah. maybe they'll move it to the swamp sometime. we shall see. griff: don't be field, todd, they hate each other. [laughter]
3:28 am
ed: all right, todd, good job. on capitol hill, meanwhile, adam schiff issuing subpoenas in his impeachment push and not really letting republicans do the same. but it was the much different story two years ago. guess what? we checked the facts. not so good for the chairman. ♪ ♪ ladies and gentlemen, your attention please. geico would like to take a moment to say thank you to our military service members at home and abroad for all their hard work and sacrifice. we all sleep easier knowing you're out there keeping us safe. and on a personal note... sfx: jet engines ... i just needed to get that off my chest. thank you.
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geico: proudly supporting the military for over 75 years.
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♪ ♪ ed: it's your shot of the morning, 30-year high school reunion. it was great fun to catch up with them. but i learned a lot, i'm old -- [laughter] it's great to have so many old friends, and they were all asking about my sister colleen. when we had the surgeries this summer, every one of my high school classmates kevin on social media were very, very special. i'm still not drinking because of the surgery. it was fun to go to a reunion when everyone's drunk and you're not. griff: i think you're burying the lead. we also have uncovered your high school yearbook fee -- photo.
3:33 am
jedediah: you haven't changed a bit. to me, it really looks like you. i would totally know that was ed. i totally see it. more serious. you preparing for -- griff: bow ties and pocket squares -- [laughter] ed: it was great to see old friends. jedediah: does it feel weird? i've never been to a high school reunion. ed: yeah. also because you're trying to remember names. jedediah: right! [laughter] ed: just cull everybody buddy. griff: turning on your headlines, buffalo wild wings has reopened, the manager at the massachusetts store was killed after an employee accidentally mixed a bleach-based cleaner with a previously filled acid-based cleaner. of ryan died after breathing the fumes, family and friends leaving behind flowers at the restaurant. first responders airlift a man
3:34 am
after an alligator attack in florida. police say he was hunting in a swamp when a gator bit him in the leg. another man pulled him to safety and called 931. his condition is unknown. and congress can sometimes feel like high school, but now actual high schoolers are teaching about the constitution. students argued all sides trying to convince classmates, most were against impeachment, but the debate remained civil. >> they did an awesome job. these kids give me hope every day in our future. griff: the teacher encourages others to tackle controversial issues. as loan as you keep it -- can long as you keep it under control. and the original marlboro man has died.
3:35 am
he never actually smoked. he stopped doing the ads after realizing he was setting a bad example for his kids. ed: do you think they paid him some ridiculously low fee? jedediah: i'm sure he made money, but that's interesting that he didn't smoke. did you know that, rick? rick: i didn't know. at least all of us knew who the marlboro man was. [laughter] we're just right at that -- ten years or later -- ed: pete thinks he is the marlboro -- jedediah: i think he would know that. rick: all right, guys. a lot happening in weather this week. we have a few bouts of really cold air, in fact, we're going to see record breaking cold for this time of week. this cold front went through florida, down across parts of cuba. not often do you get cold front seat that go that are -- fronts that go that far south.
3:36 am
that right there is that next batch of cold air. temps just into the 20 right now. 30 degrees in minneapolis this morning as you're waking up, and you're much cooler than you were. we're much warmer across a lot of the east than yesterday, so today's going to feel a little bit better. that cold air on its way. farr go, 20 degrees. tomorrow, 14. we start to see the cold air diving farther south. and then wednesday, guys, we're going to be lucky if we get above freezing here. full-on winter here already. jedediah: wow. house republicans want hunter biden and the whistleblower who helped launch the impeachment inquiry as witnesses this week
3:37 am
on capitol hill. ed: robert charles, secretary of state under president george w. bush. good morning, sir. >> good morning. ed: we're here with give, and it's funny because this witness let's comes out, and among others, he wants hunter biden. it seems like hunter biden would be material to all of this when on the phone call we see in the transcript when the president's asking about corruption, we're trying to find out whether hunter biden was part of that or not. >> yeah, you're absolutely right. these are important witnesses, and it's supposed to be a bipartisan process p. you would assume the chairman would allow all of them to come forward. to the republicans could establish he was involved in any probable cause over there or that his father knew he was involved in that, that stets up a basis, quite frankly, under
3:38 am
the ukraine/u.s. treaty e that we ratified in 2000, the second big witness i think that's important are any witnesses that really relate to the criminal origins of the russia collusion probe. and, you know, like nelly other and only of those that have been named. at the end of the day, if they can do that, it kicks the legs out from underneath an obstruction article. these are important witnesses. and as far as the whistleblower, you know, the whistleblower made himself or herself a material witness. we node to know, the american people need to know who did he coordinate with, what were his motivations, this really just a political act. jedediah: check out this portion of a letter from representative adam schiff to representative devin nuñes. it reads: the impeachment inquiry will not serve as a vehicle to carry out the same
3:39 am
sham investigations into the bidens or debunked conspiracy that president trump pressed ukraine to conduct for his personal political benefit. what do you make of that statement? >> i begin to my more and more of george orwell. the sham, in my opinion, is this whole idea of an impeachment being used for political purposes. again, i come back to basics. if you can establish there was any claim for criminal activity going on between hunter biden, joe biden and that country, it doesn't matter whether he's running for king or president, if he's cometted criminal acts, we have a right, the justice department has a right to get that information. and, frankly, the congress should want that information. when it comes to the other side of this, if you can show that, again, that it was a criminal underpinning because of abuse of the fisa process or because of release of information, then, you know, these are all material
3:40 am
witnesses. and i think that statement sort of turn the world on its head. griff: well, robert, obviously chairman schiff is blocking these witnesses, but if you look back two years ago, schiff of had a very different opinion of things, he was disturbed by subpoenas issued by republicans. listen to what he had to say. >> i don't really understand what they hope to accomplish from this, but i am disturbed at this quite evident double standard of subpoenaing agents for public effect. i think that's really what was designed here rather than in the story purpose. invest story. griff: very interesting when he's in the minority. what do you make of it? >> well, consistency is not mr. schiff's strong suit, and i think that's obvious. the sad part is having one part of an -- having run part of -- the first, you know, condemning fact is that the democrats have chosen to run this through the
3:41 am
intelligence committee. there's no excuse for that. the intelligence committee was established for investigations of the cia and fbi specifically in the mid '70s x ironically, those are the two parties they're not investigating. and to throw the cloak of secrecy over an impeachment with intelligence and then to sort of selectively bring witnesses out and decline to allow republican to bring their witnesses forward, it really makes a ham of the process. the sham is not allowing those material witnesses to testify. ed: all right, robert charles, we appreciate your insight this morning. meanwhile, a major medical breakthrough. new evidence shows vitamin e oil may be to blame for the deadly vaping outbrake that has now claimed -- outbreak that has now claimed 40 lives. >> tech: so you think this chip is nothing to worry about?
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♪ ♪ ed: good morning again. you might think cyber monday is the world's busiest online monday, but actually tomorrow is the busiest say is, singles day. more than 200,000 brands are offering big discounts to a projected 500 million shoppers. the 24-hour shopping frenzy is held each year on november 11th as part of a student-led movement to celebrate being single. now you know. and beware, a shocking study says it's unsafe to drink water and wash hands on nearly all u.s. airlines. researchers at hunter college say spirit jetblue, uh-oh, have the unhealthiest water onboard flights. alaska air and allegiant ranked the best. jedediah: the vaping illness that killed 40 people, cdc
3:46 am
officials have identified vitamin e acetate in the lung fluid of dozens of people. so what do we know about the substance, and what does that mean for people who are still vaping? joining us now to discuss, dr. melody. welcome to the show. when i heard this, you know, vitamin e is a up element that a lot of people -- is a supplement that a lot of people take. >> it all that started four months ago, and we had our first case where when we did analysis at the department of health in new york, they found out that the cartridge, it was a fake thc cartridge which was cut with vitamin e acetate. so because it was the first time, we said maybe it is just a coincidence. but since then ed had four
3:47 am
patients, out of four patients total of three were able to bring us the cartridges, and we send them for analysis to department of health, and they all came back vitamin e acetate. so it is this vitamin e that is in oil, and it is not supposed to be inhaled. yes, you can digest it and yes, you can put it on your skin, but it should not be inhaled because the boiling point of vitamin e is around 360 degrees fahrenheit, and once it vaporizes, it quickly comes back to its original oil form when it is in the lungs. jedediah: so what does it do? what it actually doing in your lungs? >> so what especially does is it blocks the oxygenation, it cause almost your airways and it's
3:48 am
causing inflammation because it doesn't belong there. it's a lipid, so it can give you -- [inaudible] if. jedediah: wow. >> yes. i mean, we still have a lot to learn and investigate and do research on -- jedediah: let me ask you this, there, because it said that 82% of the samples also contained thc. so my mind immediately goes to, okay, 40 do we know it's the vitamin e? could it be the combination of both? is there certainty that vitamin e is the culprit here? enter it seems like it is the culprit because it is, there are people out there doing different can type of i would imagine cartridges, and some of them may be actually regulated. in certain states thc, cannabis,
3:49 am
is legal. so if they are using those, we don't see any -- at least to my knowledge, all the patients i had used fake cartridge in new york. so therefore, we are leaning towards vitamin e at this point. it's not just the thc. jedediah: well, thanks so much for being here. we're going to continue to follow it. a coffee business booming under the trump economy. the cofounders share their success story and the difference they have made for vets everywhere. coming up next.
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♪ ♪ jedediah: small businesses getting a major boost under president trump's economy x veteran-focused businesses are no exception. ed: a new company called scars and stripes coffee launched with the goal of selling american-made coffee to help empower veterans to build their own businesses. griff: and joining us now are the company's founders, chad watts and lieutenant colonel brad dean. thanks for joining us. first of all, why'd you do in this. >> identify got to -- i've got to tell you, it's divinely inspired by christ jesus, and that's what we wanted to do to give back. i basically loved veterans. i'm not a veteran myself, but i just admired admired them. and the brotherhood they had, the sisterhood is so unique. so i wanted to build something that perhaps we could get these
3:54 am
veterans back together more often. i'm a sale ises guy. the there a way we could get -- is there a way we could get veterans back together. and that's my buddy, brad dean. ed: and, brad, thank you for your service, and at a time when small businesses are doing well in this economy, talk about starting a business in this economy what it's like give back to veterans. >> absolutely. i'm currently in the war college, and they let me come out this week and talk about the coffee. what veterans miss the cam camaraderie. if we can just find a purpose to get these people back together again and build up the teams, and basically, getting them out and getting them around other veterans. jedediah: how does it work in term of veterans that may be watching and may want to get
3:55 am
involved? how does the process work? >> you simply come to the web site, verify that you are a veteran, and then you put on the team. as you advance in rank, you become a squad with leader. as you advance in rank, you actually get control of a team or, say, empower a team, and so the coolest part about this one of the things as a squad leader, you're9 can accountable for ten team members. every week we have you our -- or
3:56 am
mission. number two, buy manager today. empower one of our team leaders to get back involved, right? get back in the fight. you can do this. america, you are the oxygen, we are the fuel. please give us the oxygen we need. >> thanks for being here. jedediah: a wounded veteran getting a new --
3:57 am
ed: our own buddy pete hegseth was there. he tells us all about it live when he joins us next. ♪ - [woman] with my shark, i deep clean messes like this, this, and even this. but i don't have to clean this, because the self-cleaning brush roll
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ muck. ♪ ♪
4:01 am
jedediah: it is amazing. that is the quantico marine corps band to help celebrate the marine corps' 244th birthday. griff: absolutely. a couple of great patriots in the tongue tavern in philadelphia, and we are honoring them today. ed: maybe they'll serenade a new baby. [laughter] jedediah: it's amazing when you see that patriotism, it always almost brings me to tears. it's just to beautiful to have them here. we've had so many instances where we've had bands on the square to celebrate. people at home, do you almost cry? i certainly do. ed: we are honored to have them here as we celebrate veterans day all day long. the president is going to be
4:02 am
kicking off the parade in new york city. but we also have the honor of our buddy pete. we are missing him today, but he is out in las vegas for a very good cause. he helped present a wounded hero with a well-earned reward. griff: right. giving a motorized track chair to isaac malone. jedediah: the independence fund has now given more than 2400 track chairs. let's bring in pete from las vegas. pete, how you are doing? ed: good morning. >> morning, guys. jedediah: you're going good work. absolutely. ed, i didn't wear a tie today because i figured you'd steal it. [laughter] no, listen, it was an amazing night. isaac malone -- by the way, shout-out to the marine corps -- he was on stage with florida georgia line, but even greater was there were three dozen wounded vets in the crowd at the show, and they're here for a great cause, and that's why i'm
4:03 am
here. them and their spouses are here for the entire weekend sponsored by the venetian resort. it's just a weekend of gratitude where these wounded vets who have given so much to our country got a weekend where they can take in a concert like that, and they were all in the stands watching that, but they're also going to have 2-3 day of vip treatment, and it really the folks at venetian have done a great job literally rolling out the red carpet to make sure they and their families understand how grateful our nation is. i've had the chance to go across the country with different efforts, and to be here in las vegas with those vets last night was super cool and a reminder of how many people from coast to coast love our vets and support them. ed: absolutely. and we're grateful for your service to our great nation as well. pete, we want you to sick around, because we've got a whole lot of news to coffer as well. the president down the street at
4:04 am
trump tower, but he's got something else on his mind, which is wednesday, big kickoff in washington, the open, public hearings, if you will, into this impeachment inquiry. the president said yesterday maybe he's got a little surprise for democrats, he's going to release something. watch. >> read the transcript. it's all about the transcriptor. half these people, i never even heard of some of these people. i don't know who they are. and by the way, it's all thirdhand knowledge. but regardless of what anyone says, read the transcript. now they want to have a transcript of the orr call, the second call, and i'm willing to provide that. we'll probably give it to you on tuesday. ed: so the president said, look, i had nothing to hide, now i had a second call be the i yahoo! crane january president, have at it. -- ukrainian president. >> that's been his defense from the very beginning, and rightfully so. the democrats are trying to hide behind closed doors, behind
4:05 am
so-called whistleblowers who frame the discussion. and the president has said i'm just going to release the transcriptses, i'm going to will let you read for yours with, so here we are with an entire industry. it was in the basement of the capitolling now it's going public. all based on a reality that never came through which there was no quid pro quo if, ultimately, no investigation, politically motivated investigation. i think this is the smart move. it's the right move. it's the follow on to the great reporting you did, ed, of who do the republicans want to call. go on the offense, make them answer questions and makesome something the public is exposed to. i'm standing to the a venetian, but i can see right across the street is the mirage, and guess what in. [laughter] that's what the democrats want. they've created a mirage of what
4:06 am
exists in this big, giant scandal. and the more he can lay out the truth, the more he exposes that. jedediah: adam schiff trying to stop republicans from calling their witnesses, a reminder of that witness list, hunter biden and his business partners, a former dnc staffer, the whistleblower, nelly oher. what do you make of that? >> again, i likened it to a wwe match. it's not a fair fight if only one side gets to pick who's on the field. i'll stick with vegas analogies. there's a long-running show here called the blue man group. they're putting on a show, and they're orchestrating it bayed on a script they want to write, based on characters they're putting on the field. if you're not going to let the
4:07 am
republicans' counsel, a republican representative at least bring their case,s this is not an inquiry, this is an inquisition. and that is precisely what the president is facing right now. griff: here's ultimately what schiff says, quote: the impeachment inquiry and the committee will not seven as vehicle for any member to carry out the same sham investigations into the binds or debunk conspiracies about 20 service u.s. election interference. let's not forget that it is the approval of schiff for these witnesses. it was voted on in a resolution. >> yeah, of course. so, i mean, i think -- by the way, one of the clip i love that you guys played earlier on in the show was the clip that went to the football game like we did
4:08 am
yesterday, the big lsu game, and they asks attendees what they thought, and everyone said of course they're treating the president unfairly, of course they're gaming it for their own benefit. that's very detrimental to a public trial. impeachment is a political tool. if you have not convinced the american people that your cause is righteous or at least above board, then it become very problematic. and they already have a weakened presidential field. if you're putting adam schiff on the field in a big game and he's ultimately -- [inaudible] and they don't like the product they see on the field, it's going to hurt them. ed: we're talking about practice, he say. that's an old clip are. [laughter] there's a serious story we want to get to. first responders under attack. assaults up on emts, paramed igs and firefighters up 36% in the last year alone in knight. we got it on the wall there.
4:09 am
46 attacks in 2019 on these first responders. pete p obviously, on veterans day we're talking about our military heroes, but the men and women who also puerto on uniforms in neighborhoods across the country every day, they should be able to help save people without fear of attack. >> boy, isn't that the truth s. and you know what it always comes down to? the leadership matters. the mayors and the courage and the way they view a particular municipality or town, that's why primaries can be so different from city to city. in new york city, you have mayor de blasio who ran a vanity campaign for president of the united states. when he comes back home, he's looking cops in the face who are being hue hue mill ited -- humiliated. and they're not able to step up to it because they're worried if they're caught on camera,
4:10 am
ultimately, the benefit of the doubt will not be given to them. let's bring it back to the military, ultimately someone in an air-conditioned office throws them under the bus. it's the same principle in policing. if you don't believe your mayor will have your back when you make a tough call, you're going to say why would i put my career and life on the line for someone who's going to use me as a pawn later on? it's the opposite of what giuliani did with the broken windows theory where he said even a small infraction will be enforced. if you can jump a fare, any other petty crime is now fair game. the police say i don't want any part of it, i'm just going to do the mayor crimes, and then the social fabric starts to tear apart. ed: pete, i'm just discan
4:11 am
appointed you doesn't work in circumstance desow solo -- desew lay. >> thank you very much. jedediah: we're going to turn to some headlines for you now. the family of nine americans killed by cartel gunmen in mexico head to arizona nearly a week after the attack. an system-car caravan carrying 10members. drug consider cartel gunmen shot and killed nine american in an ambush attack. bernie sanders and congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez taking aim at billionaire michael boom berg. aoc joining sanders on the campaign trail in iowa. [applause] >> there are folks that are trying to completely are purchase our political system running as republicans and now tossing in their hats as democrats. >> michael bloomberg and other billionaires, sorry.
4:12 am
ya ain't gone that buy this election sphwhriep. jedediah: i told you it was coming. the former new york mayor file to run for president in alabama's democratic primary. bloomberg has not officially announced his candidacy. and declaring climate strike as 2019's word of the year. colin says the word was first registered in 2013. other words in the running included deep state and influencer. that's a big one. ed: yeah, that's cool, but climate strike is more of a phrase -- jed influencer, i would have thought. they make big bucks. griff: all right. well, a maryland community rallying behind its police department after the county executive banned a thin blue line display. our next joins with us after the
4:13 am
break. ed: but first, the marine or corps band -- marine corps band performing live in the square. muck pleasure snuck pleasure ♪ ♪ ♪ 't easy. 12 hours? 20 dogs? where's your belly rubs? after a day of chasing dogs you shouldn't have to chase down payments. (vo) send invoices and accept payments to get paid twice as fast. (danny) it's time to get yours! (vo) quickbooks. backing you.
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in a country that fosters innovation here, they find breakthroughs... like a way to fight cancer by arming a patient's own t-cells... because it's not just about the next breakthrough... it's all the ones after that. ♪ ♪ >> they don't know it's a thin blue line flag, that's why i feel for the officers, but i've got to make sure that people don't think we're taking sides in this very unfortunate situation. ed: that is the maryland executive who banned the thin
4:17 am
blue line flag from a police station. he's not back down. but guess that? neither are supporters. people pass out those flags right outside the police station in defiance. our next guest helped lead that effort, retired nypd detective rob o'donnell. good morning, sir. >> good morning, ed. ed: i las vegas in month -- i live in montgomery countith, maryland. when i says a flag that symbolizes america but also represents the thin blue line and standing up for men and women of blue is dismissive and divisive. >> it just shows the ignorance at the helm. the blue line flag, it would have taken him five minutes to do research if say here's what it stands for. if it was appropriated in these handful, half dozen events
4:18 am
nationwide that we have no control over doesn't discredit the six decades of this flag. ed: montgomery county is a place where we've been covering multiple sexual assaults in recent months by immigrants. they're also dealing with the fact that it's a sanctuary county. so you're trying to stand up for these officers. and it seems like the county executive is pushing you away. >>-a manufactured crisis on the county executive's behalf. he could have easily told this command put it in a nonpublic area, but he came out with a public statement because he wanted to have that bell whistle to, you know, to his progressive followers that are anti-police and get that,up you, momentum going for him -- you know, to create that divisiveness. we could have easily went to his office or home and protested. we went to the precinct, the
4:19 am
district where this happened to hoe support, so give out 100 blue line flags to nonany on or off-duty member that came by. ed: amazing. >> the outpouring was unbelievable. the men and women of all demographics came out, thanked us and were extremely appreciative. ed: well, you should be thanked. your group is brothers before otherred. it's a nonprofit. sir, we appreciate your service. >> thank you very much, ed. ed: in the meantime, a roaring crowd welcoming president trump and first lady melania trump at the lsu/alabama game. we talked to veterans about what the game meant to them. that is next. ♪ ♪ it's time for the veterans day sale on the
4:20 am
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♪ ♪ griff: time now for your news by the numbers. first, $46,000, that's how much this snow crab sold for, nicknamed five shining star was sold at a japanese auction. the price tag more than doubling the previous world record. next, is 115 feet, that's how tall with world east largest live cut christmas tree now stands with over 18,000 lights and also holds over 10,000 ornaments. finally, 50 years, that's how long sesame treat has been on the air. the children's show first aired in 1969, more than 650 celebrities have made best
4:24 am
appearances. how about that? [cheers and applause] football fans at the alabama/lsu game greeted president trump with huge cheers and applause in tuscaloosa yesterday. listen. [cheers and applause] jedediah: todd was there, and he is live at the waysider restaurant in tuscaloosa, alabama, with reaction from those fans. >> reporter: hey, guys. going into a game like this, i knew the game was going to be amazing, i had a hunch the tailgating was going to be off the charts, and the president's approval was going to be hyped. college football, the uniquely american sport of college football mean to our veterans both now and when they're fighting. take a listen. when you're overseas defending the our nation, how important is a day like this in your mind to
4:25 am
get you home to that job to save our country? >> we'd wake up at three, four in the morning to watch college football. >> all my guys watching gails and watches tv -- games and watching tv -- >> knowing that this life is going on back here gives you the strength. >> carry on with football games. >> we all serve for a common purpose, and that's so everyone can live freely. >> we're brothers, we always will be are, and we appreciate trump coming down and supporting. >> one of the individuals told us he was involved in 29 ied blast. not one, not two, but 29. my yaw hit the floor when i heard that. it was is powerful. especially on this veterans day weekend. you realize the sacrifices these individuals make and how important college football is to them. that was awesome. with that, the let's get to you are guests here. gayle, when we were chat, you
4:26 am
made a really good point. >> well, i merely said you can't win 'em all, you know? you're going to have an opportunity to put that behind you and go on, you know? everybody can't win -- >> reporter: but you don't kill the opponent. >> that's right. you don't kill the opponent, you just wait til the next time and then maybe you'll win. >> reporter: along those line, you say the impeachment inquiry isly ridiculous. >> because simply because trump won, and their candidate didn't win. so they keep trying to divide the country, but we are not dividing. you can see that. like you said at the ball game yesterday. that's our opponent, but we're not going to kill them because we didn't win. >> reporter: what do you think of adam schiff signaling that he's not going to let the
4:27 am
republicans calm the witness -- call the witnesses they want to call? >> that's ridiculous. trump has a right to defend himself. and a trial without jury or, you know, this is not the soviet union, this is america. >> gayle, thank you. >> and that's the way we do it. >> reporter: fred, what did you think of the response to the president at yesterday's game? >> well, of course, i expected the response that he gave us. -good for him to be in tuscaloosa with our people and be in the south, and he likes the south x the south likes him. and so it's going to be a big role in how this thing plays out, the um peachment process. >> reporter: fred, gayle, thank you very much. checking in from the waysider. ed: todd, nice job. jedediah: thanks. a decorated navy seal who
4:28 am
thought he couldn't get a job as a firefighter will likely be able to fight fires after all. coming up next. griff: but first here is the quantico marine corps band performing "shut up and dance" on fox square: ♪ ♪ great presentation, tim. could you email me the part about geico making it easy to switch and save hundreds? oh yeah, sure. um. you don't know my name, do you? (laughs nervously) of course i know your name. i just get you mixed up with the other guy. what's his name? what's your name? switch to geico®. you could save 15% or more on car insurance. could you just tell me? i want this to be over.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:33 am
♪ ed: wow. the quantico marine corps band. there are people across 39th street, and tourists stopped to stand at anticipation. that's quite beautiful -- at attention. jedediah: today it is our honor to celebrate them as the marine corps turns 244 years old. ed: here to do the honors,
4:34 am
gentlemen, it's awe-inspiring to see the whole group here. happy birthday. >> thank you very much. it's an absolutely honor to be here with you this morning, to share the tradition of the marine corps birthday with america. griff: cutting the cake a very important tradition. >> so we are symbolizing the passing froms from oldest to the youngest marine the experience, the knowledge and the nurturing that happenings in generations of marines. ed: who's the youngest? enter so i was born in 1971, and i've got a 25 years of service. what a great decision it was to join the marine corps can and all the friends and colleagues that i've had. ed: sir? >> so i was born in 1998, i'm 213 years old, and i've been -- 21 years old x. this tradition
4:35 am
symbolizes passing traditions there one generation to another. and i love the marine corps because of that. griff: sergeant, what do you hope to accomplish in your career? >> i hope to do at least 20 years. i'm not sure if i want to commission, but i plan on staying in, for sure, or and if i stay enlisted, i'd like to be a first sergeant,er gent may finish sergeant major someday. ed: thank you for putting together this wonderful cake to share with everybody out here on fox square. in the meantime, we also have dr. see bell down in texas with push. griff: leading our wounded heroes on a bike ride for yesterday's annual 100k ride. jedediah: he spoke to former president george w. bush, and he joins us now. doctor? >> good morning.
4:36 am
good morning from waco. it was a very inspiring ride completed yesterday, and it was a hundred riders and 40 vets, honoring their service with president, the former commander in chief, president bush. i spoke to president bush about the courage of the vets and one in particular, one veteran in particular, a war hero who was one of the youngest navy if flyers in history. take a look. i want to ohioan a veteran with veteran day coming up. he was a navy pilot, joined at the age of 18. >> thank you. i think i know when you're referring to. i am a very fortunate son to have had him as a dad. obviously, many fond memories of george h.w. bush who was a role model and gave me unconditional love. i admire them. these are people who volunteer and face the danger x they don't
4:37 am
complain. typical of somebody who gets hurt to say put me back in. in she goes. >> that's colonel patty he's talking to who literally had her leg amputated and went back into the war after that. what a hero. now, i also spoke to abby who's a chief in the u.s. navy who has suffered from post-traumatic stress for many years. he actually stared down rocket fire every single day in iraq and stare down a suicide bomber. let's hear what she had to say about the bike ride. >> the ride was such an incredibly rewarding experience. there was so much camaraderie, so much teamwork. it just was wonderful to see so many people who have been wounded in war persevere whether they lost a limb, whether it's an invisible wound. i think it shows other veterans
4:38 am
you can adapt and overcome your wounds if you really rely on your community because it takes courage to ask for help, to admit it and say, you know what in the stigma may be there, but my health is more important to me at the end of the day. >> this is not about president bush. the ride was about the veterans on veterans day weekend. we honor our heros. back to you. ed: it's become an annual tradition not just for president bush, but for "fox & friends" and for you. we salute you for all you've done as well. dr. siegel, thank you. that's really cool. let's turn to some headlines now. schools in florida could be stocking up to antidote to fight against opiate overdoses. if the bill passes, each school would have the option of purchasing it or not. a woman and her boyfriend now charged with murdering a
4:39 am
college student. jordan jones and barron brantley accused of killing alexis crawford. jones and crawford were roommates at an atlanta the university. jones led police to where the body was. today new york state officially opening the door for more active duty military members to become firefighters here in new york city. governor andrew cuomo signing a bill that change the maximum age to start with the fdny from 36 to 37. the new law clears the way for a decorated navy seal to join by missing the application by six months. now he'll get to continue his service. a pair of college basketball players sink an insane trick shot in practice. you're not going to believe it. watch. >> no [bleep] way.
4:40 am
[inaudible conversations] >> [bleep] no. ed: all kinds of things. players didn't let the ball hit the ground while kicking it down the court soccer style. i'm not surprised they threw a couple of f-bombs. all right, rick, i know you're coordinated -- rick: that was a basketball, not a soccer ball? jedediah: could you to that, flick. rick: i mean, no. that was amazing. [laughter] there's so much going on, winter is coming way too soon, in fact, some of the coldest air weave seen this time of year. that's the cold air that's going to sink down this week across parts of the southern plains and towards southeast. it will moderate a little bit, but it will be cold.
4:41 am
this is the precipitation that we're going to see over the next week, a little bit in the southwest, some in the southeast, but mostly the snow from places like chicago, towards detroit, buffalo and bigger snowfall throughout ther into sections of the northeast. coastal areas all the way down towards d.c., i think we're going talk about talking rain, maybe a few snowflakes at the end of this storm through tuesday. tomorrow 27 for a high in deaths, so cold aeroon the march. back that f to you inside. ed: baby's first snow. jedediah: i like snow. yea, makes me excited. christmas. [laughter] i-give kanye west travels the country holding gospel services
4:42 am
. . . that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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♪ ♪ ed: good morning again. president trump reportedly wants to award a purple heart to the military dog wounded in that raid on the isis leader. he is exploring a way to honor conan and his handlers. the president previously hinted that he was coming to a white houser ceremony. toking was a key part of the finish or the dog was a key part of the raid. and this good girl gets her own spot in the school yearbook. tasha sitting nice and tall at an arkansas elementary school where he helps a fifth grader who suffers from seizures. kanye west has been focusing on faith.
4:46 am
>> serving god and everything i can do is my job, that's why i'm here, that's why i'm on the planet, is to be in service, in fear, love and service to god. griff: well, prior to his chart-topping jesus is king album, kanye west launch his sunday service where he travels across the country performing alongside a choir. give give joining us now is fox news contributor father jonathan morris who will be attending today. this is something i think a lot of people would love to be at. >> i was laughing to myself as i was coming over to studio here in lang he thinking a year ago i never would have thought i would be going the a kanye west sunday service. but i'm so excited to be doing this, because i respect kanye for his ability to take his creativity and unite it with his
4:47 am
faith so they invited me to -- they gave me vip passes to go and be part of the service, and i have an open mind. it's going to be held at the forum here in los angeles, and it has a seating capacity of 17,33100 people -- 7,100 people -- i think it's a positive thing for christianity. griff: jonathan, the you're obviously very familiar with the challenge of getting younger people to witness the miracle of faith. maybe kanye is that vehicle to really get them to pay attention? do you think this'll be successful? >> well, i'm, again, keeping open mind because i've never experienced it myself. but everything i've seen, i've liked. maybe this is a launching pad. it's not a place where going to mature their faith and spirituality, but maybe it's a launching pad into something
4:48 am
else. kanye's gotsen a lot of criticism for, first of all, his support of some of trump's policies, but then for doing this and seeing, hey, you're mixing faith and politics and art. what's wrong with that in that's called the human experience. we all have a mix of all of that in us, and kanye is unafraid to at least share it, and this is exciting. jedediah: if nothing else, i think he gets people thinking about religion, and that's good for everyone. >> yeah. i'll be doing martha maccallum's show, the show that sent me out here, so monday night i'm going to be sharing interviews i do there from the service, from the sunday service. is pretty exciting. jedediah: we're looking forward to it. philadelphia give jonathan, are you concerned that because kanye is an artist and he is in hollywood and has had a colorful past that it could be a negative thing in the end? >> you know, we'll see, but i think we should give people the
4:49 am
benefit of the doubt. i'm more concerned that jed tie ya's going to give birth -- [laughter] jedediah: listen, go and enjoy the service and report back. and i did not know you had the connections. now that i know -- >> jedediah, real quickly, what am i supposed to wear to a kanye west sunday service? eve got the suit, i've got jeans on -- jedediah: i think you hook great. you've not to keep it fashionable. if it's sunny out there are, get a pair of shades. report back. griff: yeah, that's great. very hip. [laughter] griff: well, i.c.e. outraged. an american county releases an illegal immigrant despite an i.c.e. detainer. we've got more, stay tuned. it's time for the veterans day sale on the
4:50 am
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♪ ♪ jedediah: this morning i.c.e. is blasting officialses in a maryland county for releasing an illegal immigrant accused of a horrific crime against a child despite an i.c.e. detainer issued against him. griff: in a statement, i.c.e. says: ed: this is at least the tenth illel immigrant accused of sexual assault, tenth, in this county alone, since july with. this is unbelievable. it comes as the county executive quietly rolled back portions of his ban of cooperating with i.c.e. officials. here to react, emily compagno. good morning. of. >> good morning.
4:54 am
this case disturbing on so many levels. he's alleged of inappropriately touching a young girl. he also acted in a local youth ministry of a local church, and police believe there could be many victims. the second thing that's so disturbing the month come arely county officials actually said they would start cooperating. so i.c.e. was operating under the assumption they would comply. of after in that county executive said we actually is have no detainer policy. but he has been letting i.c.e. come coto select portions of the -- tom. griff: let me show you what the public information officer for montgomery county said about this. he said, quote9: when individuals are finished processing for release, we follow the decision of the attorney general that we can't hold an individual for any
4:55 am
reason once they have been clear ared for release. that is what happened to this case. to your point, it is a debate in jurisdictions around the country that if they are prone to reoffend in egregious way, that they should try can and cooperate with federal officials. do you see that changing? >> i hope so. and i have to tell you, obviously, i'm an attorney. sure, we hook at law, but the whole point of these laws and us as citizens having feat in public safety that you have to operate with common sense. and ultimately, if there are dangerous criminals, if there is an allegation of multiple victims, how is that serving any of us in how does that enable us to have any faith in the system? i do hope 1 is 00 president that -- 3100% that the federal laws can trump these policy that are doing no good and only end dangering locals there. jedediah: i allegation hear from people who -- i always hear from people who aren't in the legal
4:56 am
need saying how does this happen? it just seem like complete lawlessness across the board. >> it does and, honestfully, it is. remember that case out of san jose, california, a family was murdered, so there is no defense to this. people are dying. crimes are being committed. and ultimately, it's literally a lack of compliance. ed: great job, as always. >> thank you. ed: mark morgan, david webb, maria bartiromo all join us live. jedediah: but first, here is the quantico marine corps band performing live for us on fox square for the marine corps' 244th birthday. ♪ ♪
4:57 am
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about nuplazid. ♪ ed: quantico marine corps band performing stars and stripes forever, of course, celebrating the marine corps's 244th birthday as well as veterans day weekend here. you have a specialed before at home as well. griff: i do. it's my daughter's 14th birthday birthday. mckenzie, happy birthday out there. i remember when i was working with colonel oliver north and mckenzie said, oh, this is going to be a good kid, born on the marine corps birthday. jedediah: not a bad group to be sharing your birthday with.
5:01 am
we'll be sharing with you music, and it's just amazing. brought to you national anthem last hour. ed: people in 6th avenue were standing in place hand on heart. they didn't even know it was going to happen and they heard it and that was wonderful to see that respect for the flag and for our nation. jedediah: and an honor for us to have them here. to some politics. all eyes on capitol hill this week as the first public hearings are set to begin in the impeachment inquiry against president ed: tensions of course already high as lawmakers fight over which witnesses will be allowed to speak. griff: mark meredith is live in our nation's capital. >> good morning. lawmakers as you mentioned have a busy week ahead of them. they're scheduled to hold the first public hearings tied to the impeachment inquiry. this is some republican house members, though, have requested additional witnesses come forward and testify. now, on wednesday, the intelligence committee is going to hear from william taylor. he's the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine and george kent, a deputy assistant secretary. now, on friday the hearings will
5:02 am
continue with expected testimony from maria yovanovitch who is the former ambassador to ukraine ukraine. yesterday congressman devin nunes the ranking member on the intelligence committee sent a letter requesting testimony from several people including hunter biden, david hale, the under undersecretary of state for political affairs, and from the whistleblower who first alleged president trump behaved improperly while speaking by phone with ukraine's president. now, democrats say they're considering which of those requests they're going to grant. president trump continues to call the inquiry a witch hunt. the president told reporters on saturday he has plans to release a transcript from another past call with ukraine's president. >> we have another transcript coming out which is very important. they asked for it, and i gladly give it. there's never been a president who's been so transport. this is a witch hunt. >> the president says the additional transcript of his conversation with ukraine's leader is likely to come out
5:03 am
either monday or tuesday. ed, jed and griff a busy day this week in washington. ed: thank you. interesting because the president may be counter counterprogramming a little bit what's going to happen wednesday with those live hearings everyone will be focused on. on tuesday he's here in tuesday giving a bug speech to the new york economic club, allows him to tout the stock market, the economic gains, unemployment. other things that will be part of his case for reelection in 2010 and then also he's indicating on tuesday the president wants to release the transcript of the second phone call with the ukrainian leader saying i'm being transparent and there's no "there" there. jedediah: i think he should just comply with the investigation, should just release as much as he can but not necessarily linger on and talk about it. he should talk about the issues. say, "oh, sure. you want this information? sure. let's talk about the economy, immigration." so that those running now will be focused on issues. they're focused on impeachment 24/7, seven days a week. people are going to have be inspired to go out and vote.
5:04 am
griff: we're talking about the unfair process and the president president's leading the charge to rally republicans and conservatives to push back. the president's son, donald trump jr. speaking out about the inquiry and conservatives fighting back. listen. >> you know, the impeachment probe right now, guess what? that started on november 9th, 2016. whatever they can do to backfill it. they couldn't get my father, they would have loved to have taken me down. and i just remember going through it. you know, it took me maybe 41 years to realize i was a lot more like my father than anyone would have called before that, including ourselves. but you put us in that corner and we fight back. we push back hard. i mean, i certainly did that during the probe. my father certainly does that. and i think it's been a great thing in the sense that it's shown conservatives that you can actually fight back. you don't just have to turn the other cheek. griff: you can see more of that interview tonight at eight p.m., a new time for life, liberty, and leaven, 8 p.m. jedediah: don jr. has been doing intense interviews out there.
5:05 am
he is certainly not backing down down. powerful interview, looking forward to seeing this tonight. ed: he's got the new book "triggered" out there and he's talking about the president counterpunching and not backing down. jedediah: he's doing a lot of counterpunching on his own. ed: and look the president remember took some heat at the world series game in washington, the swamp, if you will, there's a whole lot of democrats in the democratic steady. the president yesterday went to the lsu-alabama game down there in tuscaloosa, and the reception was a whole lot warmer. jedediah: you can hear the crowd cheering for the president and for melania trump at that game. and you know what's interesting for me is that another network, cnn, was talking to football fans about the impeachment probe and i have a sense that they may have been surprised by what people had to say. let's take a listen. >> no, i don't. when the man's trying to help
5:06 am
the country and trying to find a situation to throw out his character to help the country, ain't no perfect president. so everybody got they claws. but i think he been treated badly. reporter: can i ask what you think of all the impeachment stuff going on in washington? >> i think it's ridiculous, unfair, and i wish they would focused on getting stuff done instead of harassing the president. ed: get stuff done. gen said a -- jed said a moment ago like focus on the economy maybe. jedediah: i think people are starting to notice there was an agenda to get rid of this president on day one which really removed any credibility from anything that came thereafter because they said, "well, you decided you didn't like this guy before you even had information that should make you inform that decision. so it's interesting to see, and i think that when you talk to people around the country they're not talking about impeachment. they are talking about issues, and there is this typical disconnect between the voters and the people that are following this and having dinner table conversations and the media who cover the story. ed: like the whistleblower's
5:07 am
lawyer with that tweet from 2017 cnn's going to help us and all that, that does look like what donald trump jr. was talking about. griff: what's interesting, though, is this is not a battleground state of, you know, iowa, new hampshire, pennsylvania, ohio. this is tuscaloosa, alabama. what did you think you were going to find when you went there? but certainly a little bit of affirmation from folks that believe that president trump has done good things for the country has listened to the economy, has given opportunities where some were not available. and it's fascinating, too, we talked a little about this before, we want to talk about it again, j.p. morgan chairman and c.e.o., jamie dimon, a very successful billionaire is starting to push back in the interview he was doing saying that, you know, you can't just vilify people simply for success success. griff: yeah. it's -- ed: yeah, it's interesting because michael bloomberg now looks like he's getting into the race. he's a billionaire, maybe that plays into elizabeth warren's claim. we heard a.o.c., you see here there in the picture campaigning
5:08 am
for bernie sanders in iowa yesterday saying people like michael bloomberg -- she didn't name him, i believe, but people are trying to get in now and buy this. that plays into the populism that sanders and warren are trying to tap into but it's interesting that someone like jamie dimon who is not clearly a democrat or republican, he's going to listen listen to all sides is maybe playing to what michael bloomberg is saying is that if the democrats go too far left they're going to go off the cliff and that's what president trump is hoping, that it's sanders or warren as the democratic nominee. and jamie dimon is on this television program saying that he's tired of people being vilified not just because they're rich but because they succeeded in america. watch. >> you know, most people, not all of them, should vilify nazis but you should vilify people worked hard to accomplish things so my comment is i think in american society we're attacking people all the time. a person is going to be a target in this day and age of certain politicians and stuff like that, but the notion that i'm not a
5:09 am
patriot or that somebody's -- that's just dead wrong. ed: and people like him who are at the top of the economic scale are tired of being punished for being successful. you know what? people in the middle class are tired about it as well because they know it's not just jamie dimon and michael bloomberg who are going to pay more in taxes. the middle class is going to pay more taxes if someone like elizabeth warren is elected and has a medicare for all plan that costs -- guess what? -- $52 trillion. there's only so much rich peopl. griff: it's not going to cost the middle class a penny, by the way, . jedediah: not just people born with a silver spoon, they're attacking people who started at the bottom and climbed their way up. so many people around the country, entrepreneurs, very successful now, have plenty of money but they worked so hard to get there and i hate to break it to a lot of these democrats, they, too, are successful. elizabeth warren, bernie sanders these people have been a success as well as. so should they now criminalize their own success and say i'm part of the problem? you should be glorifying that. this is still america, as far as i'm concerned, and we should be rooting for people to make successes and to climb those
5:10 am
ladders. griff: jamie dimon is really positioning this as the democrats are saying that success is a sin, and he's saying that is a bad message to send. jedediah: it sure is. ed: and bernie sanders has been in public life for a long time, and he's got three homes and he's a millionaire. jedediah: he's vilifying people that have the same success that he has. a headline now, beginning with a fox news alert. live pictures on the cheats of hong kong. a 24th straight weekend of pro- pro-democracy protests. there are reports of protesters vandalizing a train station and police firing tear gas to break up rallies. it's unclear if anyone is hurt in this latest round of violence violence. yesterday seven pro-democrat lawmakers were detained. and another studio evacuated as crews battle an intense brush fire in hollywood. more than 30 acres were consumed by flames. smoke could be seen billowing near the famous hollywood sign. one first responder was hurt.
5:11 am
no buildings have been damaged, and crews have been able to contain the fire. an age limit for buying electronic cigarettes could go up. president trump says his administration is putting the finishing touches on a plan that would raise the age limit from 18 to 21 for e-cigs. it would require congressional approval. more than a third of u.s. states have already raised the legal age to buy tobacco or vaping products to 21. it is officially christmas in new york city. crews putting up the massive christmas tree outside rockefeller center. the 77-foot, 12 ton tree is a norway spruce from florida, it's estimated to be between 70 and 75 years old. the tree will be lit during a special ceremony next ed: saw it yesterday, got pictures -- jedediah: is it a good one? ed: so much better with the lights and the decorations. jedediah: and the tree lighting ceremony in new york is always amazing. griff: start of christmas. ed: we got a whole lot more
5:12 am
coming up within 2020 democrats piling onto their promises for free stuff. >> i'm proposing that we make college tuition and public colleges free for anybody from a family earning less than a hundred thousand dollars. griff: so what does this show about? mayor pete, our next set, proves he's no... ♪ when you shop with wayfair,
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>> i believe that we should make college free for anyone where income would be a barrier. and the math we're doing is that we could do 80% of people would
5:16 am
pay nothing at all. >> i'm proposing that we make college stution in public colleges free for anybody from a family earning less than a hundred thousand dollars. ed: democratic hopeful pete buttigieg promising free college to families earning less than a hundred thousand bucks a year. jedediah: it's all part of his multitrillion-dollar economic plan which our next guest proves he is no moderate. griff: radio talk show host tony koetz joins us. come on, you say buttigieg is not the moderate? >> no, he's not the moderate. there's nothing moderate about him. the only difference as we discussed many times between him and elizabeth warren or bernie sanders is the speed by which they get to their final destination. he was talking about free college for people who make less than a hundred thousand a year. a few months ago in one of the debates where everybody was speaking spanish, maybe somebody lost it in translation, but he's always wanted this but he hasn't
5:17 am
paid attention to university of wisconsin free beacon did a great whiteup on this a free college makes it worse for -- 86% of the families in america. it's not a great policy. it is a great policy if you say, let's help out the middle class, let's not do free college for everybody 'cause that helps the billionaires. let me show -- it hurts the middle class too. jedediah: he's not a moderate if you look across spectrum at everyone if you include republicans and whatnot but this stage he is a moderate compared to the likes of bernie sanders, for example, who wants no cap whatsoever on free college and compared to those who are saying oh, guess what? your private insurance, i don't care about that. he's out there saying, well, maybe there should be a role for people to have their private insurance. does he not stand out as a moderate on this debate stage? >> no, because he's not not allowed to change the definitions of words. he may have a lot of skills, he may be able to speak multiple languages but he can't change the definition of words. if you want to give free college
5:18 am
to people who make less than a hundred thousand a year and then reduced under 150,000 a year he doesn't even get into how people will manipulate their own incomes to be able to take advantage of things which is a terrible idea, and there is no difference in the end goal. he doesn't want medicare for all all; right? he wants medicare for all who want it. the end goal is still government run health care. that's not a moderate position. obamacare was never the moderate position. it is a far-left, progressive position. and it can't be just reframed as moderate because bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are in this race. ed: tony, let's play word association then. i'll give you a word. bloomberg. all of a sudden trying to shake things up. buttigieg may not be a moderate as you suggest but was trying for the moderate lane as was joe biden. now michael bloomberg says i'm kind of worried this party's going too far to the left. how does he change the dynamics of this race if he officially gets in? >> oh, i think he does a lot, and i think part of the reason he's in this race is because joe biden can't carry the balance to
5:19 am
the end zone. he cannot win this game, and he's an opportunity, figures i've got $53 billion and nothing to lose. i'm not busy. i'll get in and try and have some fun. but when you dig into bloomberg positions again this is somebody who thinks an assault weapon is something that can hold a lot of bullets and shoot fast. there's no understanding of even the concept to which they speak. but he will get people to listen to him because the way he goes about an approach -- and this is what works for pete buttigieg -- the way he engages a conversation is refreshing when you've got bernie sanders screaming at you "get off my lawn" and elizabeth warren lying to you and telling you how she's not going to raise taxes when you know she's lying. she has a better chance of proving herself native american than proving that she won't raise taxes on the middle class. griff: tony, listen. we have another debate coming up in about ten days with democrats democrats. we'll see if buttigieg changes his tune. thanks, tony. jedediah: news alert. families of nine americans killed by a drug cartel are fleeing mexico and heading to
5:20 am
the u.s. griff: we'll ask acting cpb commissioner about the cartel and keeping the border safe coming up. ♪ spread a little love today ♪ spread a little love my-y way ♪ ♪ spread a little something to remember ♪ philadelphia cream cheese. made with fresh milk and real cream makes your recipes their holiday favourites. the holidays are made with philly.
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ed: quick headlines. president trump will honor congressional gold medals approximate, dorothy vaughan, and mary jackson paved the way for women in stem careers by playing pivotal roles during the space race. and the u.s. army reserve is partnering with the smithsonian to revive the monuments, the cultural preservation force dating back to world war ii. unlike the original squad which recovered five million pieces of art stolen by the nazis, the new
5:24 am
team will help protect and rebuild cultural sites in various war zones. the new force starts training in march. griff? griff: a fox news alert. the families of nine americans killed by cartel gunmen in mexico fleeing to the u.s. nearly a week after the attack about a hundred americans crossing into arizona yesterday, following the massacre of six american women and three children last week. acting c.b.p. commissioner mark morgan joins us with an update. good morning, mr. commissioner. we're seeing these mormon families fleeing. they're living about 70 miles south into mexico. they're getting out because of the threat to the cartels. how concerned should we be about this? >> gruff, extremely concerned. and this is what in the law enforcement community having saying for a very long time. what's happening on the southwest border is not just humanitarian crisis. it's that plus a national security crisis. this should be an alarm for every american citizen that the cartels in mexico are alive and well, and they represent a
5:25 am
national security crisis to this country every single day. last year c.b.p. seized 705,000 pounds of drugs, 3,000 weapons, 16,000 criminal illegal aliens and 1200 gang members. that is a negative impact to our public safety every single day at the hands of these cartels. griff: commissioner, the president, president trump is calling for waging a war on the cartels down there. we saw last month police executed, we saw el chapeau, the drug lord's son, being released at the hands of pressure from the cartels and now this mormon horrific massacre. is it time for a war on these cartels? >> it's time for us to look at this from a united states government approach just like we do the same level of commitment and veracity as we do in counterterrorism and cyber in this country. we need to come together. we need to come together as a united states government and put maximum pressure on these cartels to take them out of
5:26 am
business. they are impacting the national security of this country every single day. griff, that's why i say, every town, city, and state is a border town, city, and state. what happens at the southwest border, what crosses into our country impacts every single major metropolitan city in this country, and the american people need to realize that. griff: i want to ask you, mark, we have some of the 2020 candidates on the campaign trail talking about drastic changes in immigration policy. listen. >> on our first day in office we will restore the legal status of the 1.8 million young people eligible for the daca program and the i.c.e. raids that are terrorizing communities. >> i am open to suspending deportations, particularly as a way to push congress. griff: mark, i want to be careful not to drag you into the politics of a presidential race,
5:27 am
but when you look at halting deportations, abolishing i.c.e., what is the impact these policy changes will have? >> yeah, as a law enforcement official i'm not going to talk about special candidates' viewpoints. what i will tell your listeners any policy that removes incentives decriminalizes the legal entryin this country is going to make this country less safe. we just talked about the cartels cartels. the cartels are exploiting the humanitarian crisis every single day. this will absolutely concrete more incentive -- the crisis that we just experienced, we're going to experience crisis 2.0 on the humanitarian side and the cartels once again will exploit the loopholes created by de deincentivizing that. the rule of law will go out the window, we'll have no integrity in the system, and will absolutely negatively impact the public safety of this country, absolutely. griff: a last fast question, commissioner. we've seen california where i
5:28 am
was in avalon 2, the detention there in california, moving to kick privately funded centers out but i.c.e. wanting to not cooperate. what is your reaction? >> look. if you actually have been to these centers, they are professionally run, they provide a absolutely increased level of care that's commensurate with the people that are in there custody. i just simply disagree with that perspective. griff: commissioner mark morgan, acting commissioner, thank you very much for taking time, sir. >> you bet. thank you. griff: all right turkey's invading a new jersey neighborhood, breaking windows and attacking residents. now one major league player is blasting the democratic governor for the intrusion. but first, here is the quantico marine corps band performing " "country roads" on fox square. ♪ country roads, take me home to the place i belong
5:29 am
♪ west virginia ♪ mountain mama ♪ take me home country roads ♪ go get 'em, bus! ohhhh! [laughing] c'mon bus, c'mon! hey, wait, wait, wait! hey man, i got your flag! i got your flag, man! i got your flag! it's geico easy. with licensed agents available 24/7. 49 - nothing! woo!
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♪ >> care a lot about how coming out of the military means you're somehow damaged goods.
5:33 am
i believe that people coming home from combat can actually have gone through posttraumatic growth. and probably the most important thing we can do is provide jobs for those who get out of the military. ed: there's retired general james mattis, former secretary standing up for veterans. another who does the same himself, our friend pete hegseth out in vegas this morning honoring some wonderful vets for a terrific cause. good morning, pete. pete: good morning, guys. i'm sorry to not be with you, but if i had to be somewhere else it would be here in las vegas at the venetian resort because we have a chance, we're hosting three dozen wounded vets and their spouses for a what is called the salute our troops. and the point is to show the appreciation of a grateful nation. and they've got a whole weekend where they've got vip access and great meals and you're playing now sound from the florida george line concert last night
5:34 am
where they all went, and it really is the gratitude of people saying let's put you up in one of the greatest hotels on earth, one of the largest complexes here on earth, the venetian in las vegas, give you the best possible treatment and we're working with great groups, helping a hero, home for our troops and the independence fund which was here last night. so if i can't be with you, i'm here with these great elevates, an you did initiative, an awesome weekend, and we've got great events in store for them, some of which they don't even know about yet. jedediah: tonight you have a special on fox news. can you tell us a little bit about it? pete: yeah, really excited about tonight, 10 p.m. on the fox news channel, the latest edition of modern warriors. and if you guys have seen previous editions which are on fox nation, we sit down over a dinner table and have a very candid, behind the scenes conversation. if you've ever wondered what special operators are thinking, what's going through their head on high stakes missions, this is the kind of thing you're going to want to see in honor veterans day. we had two great navy s.e.a.l.s,
5:35 am
rob o'neal, the guy that shot bin laden, eddie gallagher who's been in the news recently the chafe and then an army ranger matt best and a green beret scott mann. and these guys let it all out. we sit down right after the al- al-baghdadi raid that killed the leader of isis. i said you guys have been on helicopters minutes out. what are you thinking? what goes through your head? when is it go time? here's a portion of the clip from "modern warriors." pete: guys like you have been a part of missions just like the one that killed al-baghdadi. take our viewers inside the team room as you're planning. >> it's one of the situations where you have the plan, you know what could happen potentially, all the contingencies, but instead of handshake you get a hug from your brothers. what an opportunity to go after this guy, to fly with all your brothers in this area after the head of isis. >> just the stakes are a little higher and we get super amped up about that because essentially we get to go practice and do our job which is why we signed up
5:36 am
for the military, to kill terrorists that want to kill our families. the success is phenomenal, and these guys are heroes and we should all be very reverent of them. griff: pete, i want to get quickly to eddie gallagher; right? we got to sit on the couch, you talking to eddie gallagher, all throughout his ordeal and he was talking about last year's vet's day special in a very different place. tell me about that. pete: boy, i'm telling you, this moment in the special blew my mind because i didn't see it coming, you'll hear in the clip. eddie gallagher action may be imminent for his chase and clint lorance's case, we don't know what will happen next necessarily and then, but eddie gallagher last year, think about it, last year this time vet's day, this is where he was. watch. >> eddie, i can't help but i think that last veterans day you probably had a much different viewer.
5:37 am
>> actually, yeah, watching this show in prison, when you had everybody else on, yeah. >> unbelievable. i did not run that question by you before i asked it so you literally did a modern warriors special here on veterans day. you were in prison for your life your reputation. how do you reflect then on veterans day today? >> no matter what the situation i was in this past year and, you know, the -- as frustrating and tragic as it was, it's not going to take away from how i feel about being a veteran and how i feel about, you know, our military. pete: you know, these guys love their country. they serve for a reason just like the warriors we have here in las vegas for this weekend. they would do it all over again. so if you like what you saw, you're going to love it tonight on the fox news channel at 10 o'clock. there's also a director's cut, sometimes vets go off color, can't put it on the main channel
5:38 am
channel; so if you go to fox nation there's an extended version where you'll hear even more and if you download fox nation -- and it's good stuff, i'm telling you -- if you download fox nation by tomorrow, it goes to a great cause and you'll see content like this on fox nation. jedediah: thanks, pete. looking forward to it. ed: a when a a week, started with patriot awards down in florida for fox nation and now with this veterans special tomorrow night on fox news channel at 10 p.m. eastern. first responders after an alligator attack in florida. police say he was hunting in a swamp when a gator believed to be about ten feet long bit him in the leg. another man pulled him to safety in a boat and called 911. authorities are calling the bite pretty substantial. his condition at this hour unknown. we now know the fatal flaw behind a self-describing union theory hit and killed a woman last year. the ntsb revealing the car could not recognize pedestrians unless
5:39 am
they were near crucifix because the woman was jaywalking, the car could not predict her movements and stop in time. ooh. she was hit at 40 miles per hour while walking her bike across the street in arizona. uber claims the issue is now fixed. >> and baseball star tom frazier calling fowl you might say on new jersey's wild turkey problem problem. he says they've come close to harming his family. wow, the mets third baseman tweeting at new jersey's governor writing "animal control needs to step up and move these animals asap. state wildlife control needs to figure it out. what's it going to take?" the turkeys as we reported yesterday have been causing chaos, breaking windows, attacking residents. animal control says it doesn't have the licenses to actually trap the wildlife. remember we had a woman yesterday saying "get on outta here." americans are stressed and a new study reveals what's causing the
5:40 am
most anxiety. according to the american psychological association survey mass shootings top the list followed by health care, coming in third, yes, the 2020 election election. when it comes to politics, democrats tend to be a bit more tense. wonder why. 71% of democrats say they're stressed thinking about 2020 compared to just 48% of republicans. so do you think those 71% of democrats a little nervous that president trump might get reelected? jedediah: maybe they could reveal the stress by actually talking about the issues. just a suggestion. ed: rick? out on fox square, how are you? good morning, sir. >> i'm good. there's stress behind me because i'm blocking them. so your friends want to see you on tv, you've called your family here's your shot. do you see yourself? >> yes. >> what's your name? >> aiden. >> take a look at weather. maps somehow what's going on this morning. it's warmer than it was.
5:41 am
everybody out here says it's not as bad as it was. it's not going to last. it's going to get a lot colder in fact across east for this coming week but it is a little bit better. beautiful day across parts of texas and pretty much everybody a lot dryer than we've been the last few days and we've snow moving in across the northern rockies, the northern plains, that's the colder air that's beginning to dive down it happen take a look at tomorrow, the temperatures really plummet across parts of the central plains and by the time we get to tuesday and wednesday it moves across much of the east. we'll be looking at temperatures well below freezing, talking about the end of growing season which is a bummer for many people. back to you. griff: thank you. ed: a roaring crowd welcoming president trump and first lady melania at the lsu-alabama game. to do pyrois having breakfast with friends to talk about it. hello, tuscaloosa. ♪
5:42 am
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♪ griff: time now for some quick sports headlines. a pro golfer is disqualified from an event because, get this, he ran out of golf balls. eddie perpell hit at least four shots into the water on the fourth hole during the third round of the turkish airlines happened. the first-time it's happened on the european tour since 1994. college number 17 minnesota, the golden gophers stays un unbeaten beating number 4 penn state 31-26. number 5, clemson, is looking to get into the top four after steamrolling n.c. state 55-10. and finally with president trump watching the lsu-alabama game, it lived up to the hype, the second ranked tigers take town the third ranked crimson tide 46 46-41. ed? ed: in fact football ganz, griff at that alabama-lsu game greeted the president with big cheers
5:46 am
and applause in tuscaloosa. watch this. [loud applause] griff: wow. todd piro was there, live at the wayside restaurant in tuscaloosa alabama, with reaction from those fans, todd. what's going on? >> good morning, everybody. we were told yesterday that if alabama lost, this place would be like a morgue; so i was a little bit worried this morning when i saw the score 46-41, but i got to say, we got sam amazing reactions, some amazing energy here tomorrow, we're going to get it started with tammy. first time all day i got her name. what did you think of the reaction to the president's arrival at yesterday's game? >> i was proud of the local people, showing respect for our president, even with our differences, we should show respect for the office and come together and not be disrespect disrespectful or ugly. reporter: you told me, though, this is what the south does. what do you mean by that? >> we show respect to our opponent, even if we have
5:47 am
differences, my neighbor and i don't have the same political views, but we love each other and get to go and have a good time. >> you say impeachment is a waste of time. why? >> it's not going to go anywhere anywhere. congress needs to get together and do the work of the people instead of this waste of time. it's going to die in the senate anyway so we we wasting all this time and money. >> you said specifically you want them to focus on issues like health care. do you have a particular reason? >> i spent $38,000 out of pocket last year on out-of-pocket health care costs, and it only cost me 8,000 before obamacare passed; so we need to to do something about it. it's taking money out of people people's pockets. >> thank you for your time. cammie wants to remind the nation that the last two bama national titles were won in one- one-loss seasons. now we go to to karin. you say politicians should follow the lead of the sports world and in the words of the great bear brighten known to folks here, act like you've been there before? what do you mean? >> well, he didn't like showboating, if you made a touchdown or if you won, be a gentleman about it. if you lose and in competition
5:48 am
you'll always lose at some point act like you've been there before, too, and show respect to your opponent. and -- well, triumph in disaster treat those two just the same. >> thank you so much. and finally your husband, jim, you say this impeachment inquiry is not the american way wiretap why? >> 'cause america is all about fair play. it's a one-sided deal. the republicans don't have a say-so in any of the rules and regulations that they pass up there, and i think we need to get out and show them who's boss and vote republican next time. >> and finally, jim is a marine. we want to thank him for his service on this veterans day weekend. want to know what your wife meant when she said you're also a veteran of domestic wars. >> yes, 25 years. we're down to three fights a day day. [laughter] reporter: here we go, jim taking us home, back to new york. >> i win. reporter: karin wins. ed: todd, i've always thought
5:49 am
you were unbiased, but it looks like you're wearing a shirt that matches the late, great bear brighten's hat. are you picking sides? reporter: incorrect. there is some lsu blue in here, there is some lsu blue, there's some maroon or whatever the color of alabama is, but, oh, god, crimson tide. all right. make up for it, just say roll tide quickly. [loud cheer] ed: alabama still in the hunt for the national championship despite that loss. griff: this ford f-150 has traveled across the country. now it's making its final stop at fox square before going home with a veteran. ed: the quantico marine corps band performing "doing what you
5:50 am
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♪ this ford f-150 truck has traveled across the country collecting thousands of signatures from americans who love and support our military. jedediah: now it's making its final stop of the 10th annual high five score on fox square before going home with veteran jack gill. ed: jack joins us now along with colonel george fullysome, board member david webb from fox nation. how does it feel, first of all, to get this truck that means so much? >> i tell you i feel grateful to be living in a kind and generous nation. i like to thank john for all
5:54 am
he's -- effort he's put into it, i'd like to thank the purple heart chapter of my local chapter, sioux falls chapter, 55 5553 for nominating me for this. i'd like to thank the veterans across the country, those who are serving and the veterans and their families. ed: let's not forget to thank you for your service, first of all. jedediah: absolutely. >> my ho.or ed: talk a little bit about how this all comes together. this is remarkable. >> well, it's a labor of love, and i really need to thank the american people, everybody across our great country for making this possible. i'm not a wealthy man. i rely on the generosity of americans. i rely on your generosity in getting the word out, and that's all i have to say. i'm at a loss for words i guess which is unusual but i'd like to give this to -- this is it.
5:55 am
here's your title, here's your bill of sale. ed: thank you, john. (applause) >> let me show you something guys especially on the marine corps birthday it's a real honor to do this. by the way, i can't forget, my mother's birthday the same day as the corps, john knows that one but jack, i just got one thing to say. the marines we're always taking care of our brothers and it's good to take care of the army. >> thank you, sir. >> always a pleasure. we're stepping it up. this charity and i'm proud to sit on the board now for almost an decade, our next step is the dunham house. we take care of our combat warriors who are wounded with t. t.b.i. injuries. we're building the dunham house for them. top five charity, four star rated, the dunham house. it's in nebraska. go to
5:56 am
it's all up there for you. griff: why are you doing this, david? >> as john said, it's love. it's a promise this president lincoln but it's a promise that the american people keep. my dad, i'm wearing his flag, two tours in vietnam, and he got me involved in this as a young child, understanding what it meant to him, to his fellow veterans, my uncles, when to uncles who served as well, and it's really about family. let's not forget the military families. we take care of the families, when america goes to war, our families go to war as well, and that's important. griff: you can go to, thank you for your service. jedediah: and also this truck, with all the signatures on it saying thank you, absolutely amazing to see in person. i haven't yet, but i hope to. griff: you sign it, we'll take it out. we've got former nfl player jack brewer coming up. stay tuned, sign that truck. ed: thank you. jedediah: it's great.
5:57 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ jedediah: amazing. they have been on fox square all morning to help us celebrate the marine corps' 244 want birthday. they have been playing and making us smile and people outside in new york city go crazy. phenomenal. griff: to the shores of tripoli. never gets old.
6:01 am
unbelievable. glad they are here with us. ed: we are kicking off, obviously, veterans day which will be tomorrow. a big special show tomorrow as well. we have been talking about it all morning. we are also setting up a big week for the president. the impeachment hearings go public, finally. that's on wednesday. the public here in new york city right now. and on his way to the alabama-lsu football game before he made it to new york. he told reporters that maybe ahead of the hearings he is going it counter program a little bit by releasing another transcript of another call with the ukrainian leader and maybe undermine the hearing a little bit. watch. >> read the transcript. it's all about the transcript. they are having people i never even heard of some of these people. i don't know who they are. now, they want to have a transcript of the other call. the second call. i'm willing to provide it. i will give it to you tuesday. now i will give you a second transcript. because i actually had two calls with the president of ukraine. so, you will read the second call and you will tell me if
6:02 am
you think there is anything wrong with it. but, never in history, has anybody gone through this it's a witch-hunt and it should never happen to another president. griff: all this comes, by the way, when we are expecting to hear from some of the witnesses the republicans want to call. we saw the list yesterday that at least 14 people. that the republicans want to call from hunter biden to devin archer, to nellie ohr going all the way back. turns out that chairman of the intelligence committee adam schiff, who voted on the resolution to allow them to call these witnesses said i don't think we are going to get to them. ed: he has veto power that's one of the things the republicans are mad about. jedediah: president trump said here is the original transcript. the first transcript. now we got another one come out looking very transparent. you have that contrast with adam schiff saying we don't want to hear from these people. great parallel from the president. if i were him release as much information as possible. and shift over and focus on
6:03 am
the issues. look like the democrats look like they have had an agenda to get rid of this president on day one and not complying with the process because are they afraid of what those witnesses might a? griff: adam schiff put into ranking member devin nunes saying the impeachment inquiry and the committee will not serve as vehicles for any member to carry out the same sham investigations into the bidens or bebunked conspiracies about 2016 u.s.s. election interference that president trump pressed ukraine to conduct for his personal political benefit. ed: how can it not be relevant to call hunter biden. when the president, part of his whole reasoning here in the context of the first transcript of the call that we saw. we haven't seen the second one yet, was asking the ukrainian leader to investigate corruption. yes, the name of joe biden was invoked. came up during the call, but, in general, the president was saying there is a lot of corruption in ukraine. i want to make sure before we give this aid, millions and millions of dollars coming from u.s. taxpayers that you are actually cracking down on this.
6:04 am
now, did hunter biden do anything wrong? we simply don't know. did he earn that over $80,000 a month. obviously the president has suggested there was corruption. why not call hunter biden and show this is a fair investigation that is looking at all sides? and so, the other -- one of the other big witnesses that devin nunes and the republicans want is the whistleblower. the whistleblower kicked this whole thing off. we had a guest on earlier saying this is obviously material to the investigation. so the bottom line is how can you have a fair, thorough investigation that the american people can consider bipartisan or nonpartisan at least you call some, not all but at loos some of the republican witnesses? jedediah: how do you redeem any credibility on your case by saying i want to get to the bottotothe bottom of someth. inquiry to begin with. either you want to get to the bottom of it or you don't. or create a native without getting to the bottom of anything. you can't talk about the issues bift over to the issues when you are not trying to solve anything. the good news is that the american people are very consciencconscious of this.
6:05 am
if nothing else, american voters like transparency from their elected leaders. if there is lots of transparency on the left they will see it. griff: going to be a big week. we will see what happens. turning now to a fox news alert. the families of 9/11 americans killed by cartel government in mexico fleeing to the u.s. a week after the attack. jedediah: they are uprooting their community in mexico to arizona. ed: our correspondent mark meredith joins us with more on their journey. good morning, mark. >> about 100 members of the mormon community have left their homes in northern mexico to flee violence from drug cartels who have been operating in the region. their move comes less than a week after horrific ambush killed nine americans including three women and six children. drug cartels who operate in the region have been blamed for that brutal attack. funerals author those killed began on thursday and continued over the weekend. following the funerals a group of mormons traveled in a large caravan. relative of one of the victims told the associated press the move is not easy for this community, which
6:06 am
has called northern mexico home for more than 50 years. he said, quote, the assets they have acquired down there are tremendous and to have to up and leave from one day to the next and leave all that behind, there is definitely a lot of sad people here. the a.p. reports most of those families traveled to phoenix and tucson on saturday. guys, it's unclear where they are going to settle down in the long term. back to you guys. ed: back to mark mayor death in washington. griff: it wasn't just this massacre. if you look back to last month there is a rise in violence. chapo's son being forced released froreleased from prisoe of violence. mark halperin responding to homark morgan responded.>> happr is humanitarian crisis it's that plus a national security crisis. it's time for us to look at this from a united states government approach just like we do the same level of commitment and veracity as we do our efforts against
6:07 am
counter-terrorism and signner this country. wthis -- cyber in this country. we need to come together as united states government and put maximum pressure on these cartels to take them out of business. they are impacting the national security of this country every single day. what happens at the southwest border? what crosses into our country impacts every single major metropolitan city in this country. the american people need to realize that. ed: remember when the democratic leadership said manufactured crisis? jedediah: interesting parallel. you have the president in 2016 talking about immigration. putting immigration on the forefront as a national security issue like really no one has done before. making that a priority. and then you have the parallel of democrats sitting under the talking about spending deportations. it's a manufactured crisis as you said before this is an issue also deeply concerning to some americans because of the potential violence coming across the border. because of the human trafficking and drug trafficking because of what is going on in mexico with these drug cartels. this is another issue where the president has shown
6:08 am
really strong leadership and democrats politically are going to have a hard time combating that. griff: more than 33,000 people were murdered in mexico last year. it was a record. they are on pace of 5% this year to top that. ed: another initiative from the president has been talking about how there are inner cities that have been abandoned by politicians over the years. big cities like baltimore, atlanta. the president on friday was in atlanta to reaching tout african-american voters ahead of the 2020 election. one of those stood up support of the president kimberly klacik based in baltimore. you remember on "fox & friends" over the summer she spoke out and brought us some of the videos that she had filmed herself near where she lives in inner city baltimore. where there were rather. rats. homes destroyed. trash everywhere. and local officials she claimed like congressman elijah cummings weren't doing enough. elijah couples has obviously since passed away. both administration officials like vice president pence, democratic lawmakers went to his funeral, honored his
6:09 am
service. this vehicle needs to be. kimberly klacik was on fox yesterday saying she is running for cummings seat in congress. watch. >> i'm excited. you know. we need changes. we need changes not just in baltimore but on capitol hill. i mean, look at what's going on down there, first of all, they are not getting any work done if we are going to be honest. also, we need stronger republican voices against socialism, against the squad, against, you know, just helping with his policies and draining the swamp. and i think, honestly, the american people need stronger voices on transparency within congress. griff: that's going to be a real david and goliath race because cummings wife is dna chairman of the democrats in maryland. we will see what happens. what's interesting was after her announcement, a little later in the day, we got a tweet from a cnn contributor april reince how know has been at the white house and
6:10 am
she has weighed in from time to time. this is the woman who created all the controversy that made donald trump go after rep cummings in baltimore. cummings never got over the attack on him in the city. it is all because of her. jedediah: the question is should she have tweeted that and waited in that respect. curious to what viewers think what do you think of her commentary. what do you think of klacik's run and the comments she made and her approach to crime and approach to policy would actually be following in elijah cummings is it footsteps? ed: putting stop medicine up. may not have liked she exposed real problems in that district. she pointed out and president trump tweeted about her appearance on "fox & friends" that brought a lot of national attention. kimberly klacik brought us that news yesterday on the program anchor 12 noon eastern on saturday and sunday america's news headquarters. today we are going to have as our exclusive guest devin nunes. he will be previewing the big impeachment hearings. don't miss it coming up this
6:11 am
afternoon. jedediah: we will turn to headlines this afternoon hour. a fox news alert. 24th straight weekend of pro-democracy protests in hong kong there are reports of protesters vandalize ago train station and police firing tear gas to break up rallies. it's unclear if anyone was hurt in this latest round of violence. yesterday, seven pro-democracy lawmakers were detained. and the u.s. airman missing in the gulf of mexico is identified. air force combat controller went missing after unplanned water landing. the air force calling it a tragic loss for the squadron. search efforts are ongoing in the golf after he jumped out of the plane wearing training exercise hurlburtfield. 2020 hopeful bernie sanders and alexandria ocasio-cortez taking aim at billionaire michael bloomberg. aoc joining sanders on the campaign trail in iowa. >> there are folks that are trying to completely purchase our political system, running as
6:12 am
republicans and now tossing in heir hats as democrats. >> michael bloomberg and other billionaires: sorry, you ain't going to buy this election. jedediah: the former new york mayor filed to run for president in alabama's democratic primary. bloomberg is considering entering the crowded race but not officially anittany lionsed his candidacy. he was getting a little beat-up. i called it billionaire going to get the billionaire beat up by warren and sanders and aoc. i knew it was coming. griff: giuliani skipped the early states and didn't work. we will find out. nine americans, including children, killed by mexican drug cartel. our next guest says it is time to designate cartels as terrorist organizations. what do you think? that's coming up. about making choices.
6:13 am
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6:16 am
families are to the u.s. after fear a drug cartel left them 100 miles from the arizona border. our next guest is calling for cartels to be designated as foreign terrorist organizations. chip roy joins us now. congressman, thanks for being here. so, can you talk to us. >> good morning. jedediah: good morning to you. can you tell us what that would accomplish to designate these cartels as foreign terrorist organizations. >> president trump was right back in february to say he was seriously considering designating these dangerous cartels as foreign terrorist organizations. i introduced in march calling on the state department to do it. critically important for the regions you all have been discussing this morning. we have a fire going on in backyard just across the rio grande river in mexico. we have chapo's son getting released because of pressure cartel on the mexican authorities. 13 mexican police getting gunned down and killed by mexican authorities because they were daring to push back on the cartels. we have 26 people in a bar
6:17 am
where the exits were shut down and lit on fire. we have bodies being put in as you wilsulfuric acid. these are the tactics of dangerous organizations that are targeting and terrorizing mexican citizens and americans as we are now seeing with these unfortunate nine dead americans, including three women and six children and it's absolutely appalling what's going on. this is something we can target and address. mark morgan, a friend of mine over there, working hard with border patrol was right in your previous segment. saying that we need to treat these organizations cartels as the terrorist organizations they are. because it would give our law enforcement and intelligence communities the tools we need to target them. anybody providing material support to them. we can take them out. it would limit their travel ability. it would limit their immigration ability it. would give our law enforcement personnel the tools to be able to target and take out these dangerous
6:18 am
organizations who are terrorizing americans and mexicans alike. jedediah: president trump tweeted on this on tuesday saying this is the time for mexico with the help of the united states to wage war on the drug cartels and wipe them off the face of the earth. we merely await a call from your great new president. so, what should the role of mexico and the mexican government be here? do they want our cooperation? what should our involvement be? talk about that potential collaboration and what it would mean? >> well, it's been great collaborating with mexican authorities to try to target and stop some of the flow coming across our border coming in from the northern triangle and that's been relatively successful in the last couple of months. what's happening is because the cartels profit making $100 million a week, the cartel moving through people through mccallen texas. they make millio million dollara dollars of a week moving people not drugs. they will continue to put pressure on these authorities in mexico. so, i think we need to act somewhat regardless of what
6:19 am
the mexican authorities are doing in order to target stopping these organizations who are harming our national security interests. we can do it in cop setter with the mexican authorities. but they are under fire. we have gotten these illicit organizations. who are using their power to taser people in mexico and authorities in mexico and in the process undermining our national security. i frankly am tired of bureaucrats in the state department sitting around waiting while the president seems to get it. the president seems to get that we need to recognize them as terrorist organizations but he has to have the white house and the state department actually refusing to do it. my question to the state department is why. if tom is a level four state as declared by the state department, saying that no american should travel there, literally across the rio grande river, what's holding the state department back from recognizing that the cartels, the gulf cartels or the any of the dangerous cartels should be recognized as the terrorist
6:20 am
organizations that they're. i think we should get behind the president in what we are trying to do to stop these dangerous cartels. jedediah: congressman, thanks for being here today and weighing in. we appreciate your input. thanks so much. >> thank you. jedediah: one of the americans' favorite fast time is fumbling. why are players not playing football like they used. to say how can we fix it. that's coming up next. most? ♪
6:21 am
6:22 am
6:23 am
6:24 am
jedediah: we are back with a look at west point fox sports honoring our heroes this veterans day weekend a special edition of nfl sunday coming live this morning from the u.s. military academy, more than 1,000 cadets are expected to take part in the two hour free game show starting at 11:00 a.m. eastern on fox. don't miss it. over to you, griff. griff: the country's most popular sport participation in youth football leagues is dropping over the last decade. number of playing tackle football fallen over 10%. ed: former nfl player jack brewer joins us now to react. good morning, jack. >> >> good morning, guys. ed: how do you address the idea look there are helmets that can keep the young men and some cases girls want to play as well safe. how do you balance all of that? >> it's tough. you know, i have been coaching football and playing football all my life. and so, you know, the sport has done so much for me and
6:25 am
my family. i have to be real about it. and i don't allow my 7-year-old son to play tackle football. the head injuries you cannot deny those that get on tv and try to deny the concerns about head injuries in football usually are probably working for the league or getting paid money for doing it. they can't be sincere. you know, a lot of the head injuries in football don't just come from when your helmet hits another helmets. it comes from when you hit the ground. and as we all know the ground doesn't move. so, when you have a kid whose brain is still developing, i just don't feel like it's smart to put them in football. and if they have to play football, let them start when they are 14, 15 years old. griff: jack, what is the solution though because withdrawal participation hurts the formative years of join flag football.
6:26 am
you know, we talk about tackle football rates declining i think is 10%. but flag football rates have increased over 30% over that period of time. that's because the game is a great game. you can get out there. you have opportunity to learn plays. it's probably the most complex game in the world team sport in the world. and so, football is good for america. football is good for youth. let them play flag football while they are developing. if they are good enough to play tackle football once they get 14 or 15 years old. let them step into that the game is changing anyway. you can't hit quarterbacks anymore. there is no more helmet to helmet. the game is getting closer and closer to flag any way. let them develop through that. ed: the president was at that big lsu, alabama game yesterday. there was a lot of to do within the mainstream media about some of the booing for the president at the world series in very democratic washington. but i guess when you get
6:27 am
into sec country it's a different story, sir. >> yeah. that's it. you are the only station that's covering it. and that's why i stopped watching the others. the sad thing about it is across our country, you know, african-americans, hispanic americans, there are so many racial groups all they have looping on their tv is cnn and msnbc and show them that what happened at games like the baseball games, but president trump was welcome with open arms. god bless america. is he working for this country. and i love to see that. >> all right. all right, jack. thank you very much. i give you 10 seconds a big prediction of any kind in the nfl today? >> hey, somebody has to win. i'm hoping my giants bring it home. ed: calling us the toilet bowl here in new york because neither team is very good. >> i can't say that. ed: i said that for you. jp morgan ceo slamming democrats for demonizing, not just rich people but people who succeed. >> we shouldn't vilify
6:28 am
people who have worked hard to accomplish things. i think it's american society which is attacking each other all the time. griff: maria bartiromo is here to react coming up next. you definitely want to take advantage of all the benefits you can get. 2/3 of employees said that the workplace is an important source for personal savings and protection solutions. the workplace should be a source of financial security. keeping your people happy is what keeps your people. that's financial wellness. put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential.
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♪ >> most people, not all of them. vilify nazis, but you shouldn't vilify people who have worked hard to accomplish things. i think american society which is attacking each other all the time. i understand that a person
6:32 am
who succeeds target of certain politicians and stuff like that. the notion that i'm not a patriot or -- that's just dead wrong. ed: jp morgan ceo calling out vilifying. not just the rich but people who accomplish something. here is maria bartiromo. he and others are fed up with the rhetoric. >> they are. this is america. the place where we are supposed to understand the american dream. so what should we understand now that, yeah, you can have the american dream until you reach the highest of the high, then you have to stop. the dumbest thing i ever heard from bernie sanders was when he said no billionaire should be allowed in america. really? what should we do have all the billionaires go to china or russia. more billionaires in china than america. >> it's so absurd. if you look at that op-ed in the journal last week how elizabeth warren has wrecked the left, you really know a lot about what is behind this because elizabeth
6:33 am
warren comes out and tries to one-up aoc, one-up bernie sanders and in doing so vilified anybody who wants to follow the american dream and work as hard as they can to achieve great success. and i agree with jamie dimon. griff: she weighed in on whether or not billionaires should even exist. listen to this. >> bernie sanders says there should be no billionaires. do you agree with that? >> no. >> why not? >> look. somebody has a great idea, and they follow it through and they work hard and they building is, good for them. here's my view. you make it to the top, to the tip top, then the answer is pay a wealth tax, so that we can invest and create opportunities for everyone else. ed: she wants billionaires because she wants to tax them. jedediah: give all your money back.
6:34 am
griff: take something out of your bank account that's a wealth tax. >> one word for that, griff, the word is confiscation. that's what that is wealth tax confiscation. it's not worked in europe and not going to work here. the billionaires that i know and speak with all the time, they are not afraid to pay more in taxes. they will happily pay more in taxes. but when you come up to the fact that then you want to keep taxing and keep taxing. it's a slippery slope. and then start counting their dollars. that's what bill gates said last week. by the way, when you talk about all these pie in the sky ideas like the green new deal. like medicare for all that's cost not guilty trillions of dollars. medicare for all more than $50 trillion, the math doesn't make sense. it doesn't add up that you just going to tax 70,000 people or the ones at the tippy top to pay that tax. you won't pay for those ideas. you will have to tax the middle class. elizabeth warren, please start admitting it. please just recognize that we all are on to this and we recognize the taxes are going to have to go up for everybody in order to pay
6:35 am
for these ideas. people just want hun else in city. jedediah: i think a lot of entrepreneurs are going to hear this madness and secretly go out and vote for president trump. you know what? these democrats are fundamentally transform this country my kids and grand kids won't be able to reach the heights that i did. >> spot on. bingo, jed. bottom line, rich people, and i have had a few of them come over to me maria, don't tell anyone but here's the fact if elizabeth warren is the nominee i will have to vote for donald trump. and that's what i'm going to do. because it could not be more different capitalism vs. socialism. we're going to talk about that this morning on the futures. we have a big show coming up. we will talk with senator lindsey graham chairman of the senate judiciary committee. a lot of people know who is he going to call down to testify? he is the chairman of the committee. he has subpoena power. is he going to call hunter biden down? we're going to ask him that this morning. kevin mccarthy is going to break news. congressman and the house minority leader is basically making big moves ahead of those public hearings next week putting jim jordan in there. talking about who else is
6:36 am
going to be in there. plus, we want to get the democrats' view of michael bloomberg. we are talking with mark penn. mark penn called it on this program on the sunday morning futures months ago. he said mike bloomberg will enter the race. how the democratic party is going to view michael bloomberg. you see how the moderates before didn't get past blue. remember ryan; we will talk mike bloomberg as well. griff: turning now with headlines. iran claims uncovered oil field with more than 50 million barrels of oil. the president rouhani says the new oil could boost his country's reserves by a third. a woman and her boyfriend now charged with murdering a college student. jordan jones and barron brantley now in custody accused of killing college student alexa crawford jones. they were roommates at atlanta university. police say jones led them to
6:37 am
where the body was. police also confirmed crawford accused brantley of sexual assault just days before she went missing. a florida could soon be stocking up on opioid overdoses. considering a bill to allow schools to purchase naloxone. revive people who stop breathing because of a overdose. each school could decide purchasing it or not. deputies go above and beyond the call of duty to help a disabled veteran. deputies spotted him as he set out on 100 miles walk to doctor's appointment all while carrying his oxygen tank. look at that there. the deputies drove them to the county line where the next county's deputy keep the caravan moving. four counties in all teeming up to get him there and back. the gulf war son who hasn't seen him in several years saw the story on facebook and hopes to reconnect. those are your headlines.
6:38 am
ed: wonderful stop. rick is out on fox square. rick: we have a great crowd out here. welcome. you saw a bunch of marines and you stopped. >> hopefully you do when you see a bunch of marines. rick: show you the weather map. cold way up to the north. some of that cold is coming down to the south. feels like minus one right now in fargo. that's the leading edge of the front. coming along with some snow. that's going to be the cold air mass dive down across the lower 48 next couple of days. pretty dry today. in fact, pretty nice day across much of the south. there is the snow you see across the northern rockies. across areas of north dakota, south dakota right now. that front is going to pull down to the south and as it does, we will see a few flakes falling across parts of the south by the time we get towards tuesday. maybe a few flakes across parts of tennessee and kentucky and virginia. heaviest of the snow is going to be across far interior sections of the northeast and i think all the coastal big cities are going to be looking at just rain. maybe a few flakes falling at the storm sunday night
6:39 am
into tuesday. right now a lot warmer than you were yesterday. see the oranges, temps around 10 to 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. enjoy it because that cold air is on the way it. will be here by the time we get to tomorrow, the cold air all the way down to the south. 35 degrees for a high in amarillo, tomorrow. by tuesday that cold air moves even towards new orleans. 47 for a high. and wednesday the coldest one across the mid-atlantic to northeast. thanks, back inside. ed: he has a big crowd out there. bigger crowd alabama welcome the president trump and first lady at the alabama. todd piro there for all the excitement. now having breakfast with friends to talk about it. touchdown. jedediah: first, here is the marine corps band performing live on the fox square note who am i to disagree ♪ i traveled the world and the seven seas ♪ everybody's looking for something ♪ sweet dreams are made of
6:40 am
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6:44 am
todd, how is it going? todd: i think we can all safely say by all i mean everybody in the nation that there is no chance i'm going to replace the lsu running back any time soon or the alabama running back. they both did pretty well yesterday and these fines are going to do pretty well right now. you said the president got an alabama welcome. what does that mean? >> well, the president has a lot of supporters here in alabama. i think he got the welcome he deserved yesterday. todd: you called the impeachment inquiry a backup plan. why? >> i mean, the democratic party started with the mueller investigation. when that failed they moved over to impeachment. the mueller investigation took almost two years of taxpayer dollars and impeachment inquiry is going to end the same way. this is a backup. todd: thank you. george, a registered independent. what is your take on the impeachment inquiry. >> well, the constitution is quite clear so i think we will follow the process. i don't think it will succeed though. todd: but you have a hope for the nation. what is that? >> i'm tired of the politics. i'm tired of democrats vs. plucks. i want things to be solved in a productive way. >> understood.
6:45 am
george, thank you. now we are going to go over to swish. i don't have time to explain what the name swish means nor did they offer to tell me what swish means. we are going to dive right in here. swish, what do you think about the impeachment inquiry? >> not a whole lot. i think it's a huge waste of our time and our money and i think it's all a set-up. todd: all right. how would you describe the reaction to president trump yesterday at the game? >> it was awesome. we were sitting right below him in the press box. and it was an awesome reception. one that he greatly deserves. todd: swish, thank you. finally, karen, what was your reaction to the president? >> i thought it was great. inside and outside. there was a lot of excitement. todd: what do you think about impeachment? >> i think it's a waste of time. waste of our money. finally, you have a message you want to send to the nation. >> i do. todd: please. >> go tigers] boos] [boos] >> represent alabama watch what the lsu fan does.
6:46 am
♪ that said. they were very civil during the game and before the game yesterday. now it's getting ugly. we have got to go. ed: todd, you just ruined the breakfast of a lot of people. [cheers] >> a lot of alabama folks. todd: get loud. griff: i don't know if he is going to get out of there live. jedediah: always count on todd. ed: our coverage continues. griff: navy veteran's special performance. here he is. ♪ ♪ because i'm a warrior inside ♪ month after month i'm doing it all. the supplements... the veggies... the water. but i still have recurring constipation, belly pain, straining and bloating.
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♪ ♪ jedediah: a navy veteran dedicated his entire career to honoring military veterans and first responders. griff: now he is here to pay tribute and help honor heroes ahead of veterans day. ed: here to perform warrior inside is dave beret. welcome. >> thank you for having me what a blessing and honor to be in your presence today. semper fi and happy birthday to my brothers. i was shout out to the war lords. all right? >> ed: you have a special promotion where you have the cd here if you go to the website talk to us about whooping do. >> grave from now until thanksgiving. purchase one of the t-shirts and you eve have one of the special t-shirts. these are logo t-shirts.
6:51 am
never surrender. griff: got mya album. free cd autographed for any purchase of a t-shirt or cd hand a cd over to a veteran from now until thanksgiving and say thank you with something personal. it fits the profile. griff: what are you going to play for us today? >> song warrior inside. remember their brothers and sisters who didn't come home to honor the oath that they swore and then to continue in service in their life so they can be proud of what they have done. ed: sometimes when they come home as you know it's not an easy transition. what's your message before we play that song about that transition? just remember if you have served this country fire police, military spawrnsd. if you served deep down inside of you that oath is for life and you need to remember that there is a
6:52 am
warrior deep down inside of you no matter where you are in your life today. griff: take us into it will you? >> you got it ♪ ♪ all that i am ♪ some of my best years ♪ washed away in blood and guts and tears ♪ probably drank a thousand beers ♪ those who care ♪ but if i'm still breathing ♪ when i'm still in this
6:53 am
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6:54 am
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>> we have two special birthdays today. >> pete and mckenzie, we want to wish mckenzie happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> live audience here tomorrow for "fox & friends" for veterans, all branches, we want to honor them, it's going to be terrific and you don't want to miss it. >> yes, i surely will be watching and this is my last day here. i want to give everybody a big kiss, i will be back. i will miss you. [laughter] >> tune in. >> noon eastern, devin nunes on, exclusive for sunday, he will be talking all about previewing wednesday's big hearing, impeachment inquiry goes public, done forget about the show tomorrow, veterans, live audience, it'll be awesome.
7:00 am
>> you have a show to do. >> i'm going to go to sleep. [laughter] >> going back to the couch. >> thanks for tuning everyone. bye. ♪ maria: good sunday morning, thank you so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, joining me on sunday morning futures, committee chairman lindsey graham, senate republican are preparing for inevitable impeachment trial, kevin mccarthy on what to expect when democrats make impeachment public this week. house republicans have their own witness wish list that includes the whistleblower, will they get a chance to get questions answered and how is leader of the gop reforming the intel committee ahead of all of this, also with us this morning p


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