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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  November 10, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PST

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howie: on the buzzfeed of the sunday, stephanie standing live for her first appearance on the program as the democrats prepare to put the impeachment show in a public stage the press pounces on trump ambassador gordon sonland changing his testimony and the white house dismisses many witnesses as bias. >> sonland rattling trump world, striking at the heart of trump's impeachment defense. >> after a few weeks, i don't know, reading press reports about what the witnesses are saying, oh, yes, i do remember now, there was actually a quid pro quo that i personally delivered to ukrainian government. >> he was offering something called an opinion to the
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ukrainians about why military was held up. are the democrats comfortable imimpeaching -- impeachment on assumed secondhand facts? >> i feel like the democrats had the american people's attention for a second and totally lost it and now no one cares about the pain happens. sonland, that's not breaking aleve it. with aleve pm. through. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid. >> are these administration and the 12-hour pain relieving strength of aleve. witnesses as damaging as the pundits believe? so...magic mornings happen. what about republicans pushing for hunter biden to testify? there's a better choice. aleve pm. rand paul demands that the media out the whistleblower but the media are shielding his identity. >> i say to the media, do your job and print his name. >> insisting that cia officer will be identified and wouldn't be unethical to publish name. abc anchor caught on tape saying her network caved to pressure.
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>> first i was told who is jeffrey epstein, it's a stupid story. >> abc staffer who wound up getting fired for leaking the tape says she didn't do it, i'm howard kurtz and this is media buzz. ♪ >> as democrats on the hill gear up for public impeachment hearings this week, president trump is again denouncing the process and the press. >> joe biden is a crook, he's a 100% crooked and the fake news which is you and you, you don't want to do anything about it. the crooked media have launched the derange delusional, destructional and hyperpartisan impeachment witch hunt. ♪ >> joining us from new york, ♪ stephanie, white house press ♪ howie: president trump is telling reporters that the whistleblower who kicked off the secretary, welcome. ukraine investigation is a fake
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and like republican allies >> thank you for having me. insist cia officer should be publicly identified. the president as we just heard the crooked media have launched >> so the whistle browser a the delusional deranged disgrace to our country, a impeachment witch hunt, is he saying that the whole house disgrace and the whistleblower investigate exists because of because of that should be the media? revealed. >> i think the media has done a i say tonight to the media, do lot to help promote it and your job and print his name. promote what the dems are doing and -- and they're ignoring key parts. >> rand paul is going to berate the media to refuse to name the i mean, they won't acknowledge person that he should be willing that a lot of the things that to name as well. are being put out there are selectively leaked and i also >> i have to tell you what he did was small and cowardly. mind it interesting that it just came out, though, the lawyer for the whistleblower on day one of >> i don't understand what the president taking office was preventses you and be protected from all kinds of things and talking about a coup and was giving the speech -- saying that we are going to take him down. >> i can and i may but i can do it right now if i want, nothing stops me, other than that i i don't understand why we are don't want to make it about the not talk about that, the lawyer for the whistleblower, think about that has said openly that this president should not be in office and he did that in one individual. january 2017. howie: right. beverly, former television selective leaking, we've talked producer and former state about that in the program and will change to some extent when department official under it's in front of television cameras, why the president calling whistleblower fake and why is he insisting that the
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whistleblower's identity made public when that could send hillary clinton. maybe you think he's a partisan, chilly message to other hack or never trumper but as i government officials who may want to expose corruption said to stephanie, won't it send without being exposed to future whistleblowers if this themselves? >> well, i would say this, whistleblower protections are person can be outed and that important, but you can want just might be true in a democratic not question the motivation of this whistleblower and it is administration? >> people should be concerned in shown now that adam schiff spoke protecting people that are in with this whistleblower, again, public news. the hiring of an attorney who has actively and publicly gone after this president, having the title whistleblower put upon you no question that it's in the public interest and we are not doesn't mean that you should -- seeing concern that the media has for the whistleblower that shouldn't have scrutiny as to they have had for other people, what your motives are so i'm you had cnn and grandmother, starting to wonder myself, you know, who is this person, who is throwing her in the front lawn, this person who purports to want to help the country but won't talk to anybody but the dems, you have had the new york city, that's concerning. cia station chief in iran, you howie: we do know it is a cia don't see concern when it officer who was assigned for a doesn't match their political motivation and, of course, adam time to the white house. schiff demanded that the the president says in talking to reporters that the democrats are whistleblower testify in the have basically rounded up a bunch of people who don't like precise moment when it was him and made them witnesses in the closed-door impeachment hearings but some are his revealed. >> the whistleblower had spoken
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to -- >> that's not a good look. appointees and describing howie: if rand paul wants to ukraine matter and obviously to oust the whistleblower and can tell the truth before congress, do so on the floor, why hasn't it done, why ask the press to do so are they all biased? >> i don't think that the bias is the question, i think that this is all their own dirty work? speculation, this is all their own interpretation of what the >> he's a weak man and wants somebody else to do his dirty president said, but the president being the most work. transparent president in history howie: i don't know who it is, many journalists don't know who released a transcript so that it is would face political the american people can make up blowback and it's easier if the their own minds and at the bottom of this whole thing is the american people who voted the president into office, who press does it. have the right to look at this transcript, who will see that he >> i could say why hasn't fox done it and the federalists have did absolutely nothing wrong, the president just said done it? yesterday he's hoping to get the >> it's a thing i don't get -- second transcript released. >> the president is saying -- again, this president is absolutely transparent in that >> hold on. there was nothing that he did that was wrong. >> the media is not doing its job, how are you guys exempt there's nothing wrong with from that? wanting to ensure a country is not corrupt before we send our >> "the new york times" did all but reveal his name in hard-working taxpayer dollars to september. howie: new york times was the another country. first to half-out the whistleblower saying he's a cia officer assigned to the white >> right. >> he makes no secret of that house.
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and talks about it with many, >> real clear investigations has many countries and not ukraine. identified eric as howie: you are right they whistleblower, it's already out haven't talked directly with the there, we could be talking about this reporting and talking about president and describing whether that's accurate conversations with rudy giuliani reporting or not and i feel confused why we are pretending and others. -- howie: i want to clarify that republicans make out yesterday that's -- wanting hunter biden to be put on the witness list for >> that might be the first time impeachment hearings, does the that the name has been mentioned president believe that the on fox news and not fox news former vice president joe biden's son should testify? reporter. >> the president spoke quite strongly yesterday to the press howie: i don't know whether this on his way out to marine one, is actually the person or not the american people should be and i don't want to speculate about that. concerned that when there's a but there have been a few conservative outlets an politician, biden, vice president biden at the time in commentators who have floated office, his son was potentially that name and is this an effort to have it oozed in the profiting off of that, so he -- mainstream media? i'm sure would enjoy seeing them up there and i would love to >> i think there have been a lot hear what hunter biden has to of speculation, you ewe -- say, absolutely. youtube and facebook, i've heard the name before, a lot of people >> so the white house is saying that hunter biden should testify, white house is agreeing with congressional republicans that they should put him up have. there? >> i'm agreeing agreeing agreeid should we hear about frit rand happen. howie: you put out a statement, let me read it, coordinating paul. >> it's up to them but this is
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smear campaign from radical an impeachment process which is unlike the bureaucrats waging a political process, not a war on the constitution, why criminal trial, different protections for people in this would you say radical situation and i do think that bureaucrats, why would we think that's being reported on taylor and the others are occasion incorrectly. radicals? >> there are a lot of people in this government, you to remember >> clearly wrong before quasi the government is huge and there are a lot of people in this media corporations, government and this has been proven over and over again, i would point you to the anonymous media-related outlets to talk book that's coming out, there about what's been reported out are people working inside our there. it has been reported. government actively against the president of the united states, that's what i'm mentioning, it has been reported. that's something that should concern this country, it's not okay and i will continue to put statements out saying just that. >> he's not only talking to cnn or msnbc or new york times, he's howie: all right. now, the president is known to talking to fox news, he's be blunt in his language, he talking to federalists, he's took some flag from the talking to the wall street president when he referred to journal, why haven't those because he wants the liberal media as he calls it to do the never-trumpers as human scum and dirty work, there's a reason why you took heat for defending that, any second thoughts? he's trying to avoid it. >> no, i don't have any second thoughts, it's funny that i would get criticized for doing whatever sense the media has responsibility to do it the my job, i support the president entire media is not doing. and i speak for the president and i will support the things that he said. >> it should be everybody, we are talking somebody who set off impeachment and the idea that the public doesn't have an
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i'm not sure why i got criticized for it and my own interest of knowing about the personal belief, i don't think people should be working within individual, what his ties are with the biden family and our government that are actively trying to work for the president history in -- that have done so much in the country, the man has had so many results and he's continuing to [inaudible conversations] work despite all of this sham, i howie: let me jump in. would also want to remind people >> he also supposedly works with that we could go into a the cia which means he works for government shutdown in the next gina haspel, gina haspel is couple of weeks and that's president's choice at the cia. because democrats won't work, so i do standby my language, i don't think it's okay for howie: i have to break this up. anybody in my government to be i have to break this up because working against our government i have a question for beverly. and our american people. the whistleblower's lawyers that identifying any suspected name howie: all right, i've known donald trump hins 1987 when his first book came out and he's can place at harm, serious risk right that largely he got press and desperation to reflect from as businessman and avalanche negative coverage since the day complaint. i understand the whistleblower he got into the race, but when may be effective target depending on who it is. the president of the united states talks about the corrupt media, you deal with journalists all of the time in this job, do never claimed to have firsthand you believe that all of the journalists who are talking and knowledge, why does the house or writing and reporting on donald trump are corrupt? media need whistleblower at this >> i'm not going to use all, i think that's a little bit too salute, i think that there are point? some good journalists out there but i will say that journalism >> that's because as molly just said started with the
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today has turn into advocacy whistleblower, thirdhand information, i think what we journalism and that's detriment will hear from jim jordan who will be doing questioning in to the american people, american people get their news, they want to turn on the news and they intelligence committee whether want to get an honest accounting or not anybody had firsthand of what is happening in the information and tried to cloud country and that's not is what the testimony, i think the is happening right now. narrative that we will be hearing is whether or not you can even look at small individuals like this things like the game yesterday, whistleblower actually had any we had reporters saying the president got booed, i was in firsthand knowledge. the stadium and that crowd went >> the question is ambassador sonland and bill taylor and both crazy and when you talk about of those are donald trump picks. al-baghdadi was taken down, we had some people saying saying te was this religious cleric, they >> schiff demand the whistleblower testimony until they found out they coordinated won't give him a fair shake, with the staff. excuse me. howie: i have to get a break, claiming he had no firsthand information. [laughter] >> i have to say tough reporting is okay, that's fine with us but mike bloomberg may get into the it's got to be fair and it is race and the pundits at least in not fair across the line for new york can't contain their excitement. this president. up next first grappling with howie: press uses made up sources when the sources are not news today, house republicans wanting hunter biden to testify. named, do you believe the sources are made up as opposed to the sources could be wrong or out of context or whatever?
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>> i will tell you this, i get hundreds of emails a day and i have reporters telling me i've got this anonymous source that's telling me x, y or z and i ♪ always say to them i will go on ♪ the record and tell you it's absolutely not true and they will just say to me we standby our sources, that's concerning to me when somebody like me will put my name to something to say that a source is wrong or just absolutely wrong, that's not okay. >> are you at least quoted in the story? >> half of the time. half of the time, not always. >> okay. >> one of the publications says democracy dies in the darkness and what i've noticed in the last couple of months especially that only matters when it comes to the president, they're fine with all the closed doors hearings on the hill and somebody writing an anonymous book, you know, the rules seem to change for this president. howie: that's the washington post logo in case people are not familiar, the daily press briefings are a thing of the past and when you first took the job you weren't much on tv at the beginning and you took heat
8:11 am
from the press for not having visible enough, you sometimes feel that the flak that you get in the job, that you're following being treated as a symbol as opposed to as a person? >> definitely evitable and i knew from my predecessors sean and sarah it would be a tough job to take and that's okay, i made it very clear that i wanted to get to know my team, you have to remember i have 3 roles in the white house, i wanted to see if there would need to be any restructuring and so i did that and needed to take time and i had an illness in my family that has been taking up a lot of my time, i've had to fly across the country quite often and so when people say i'm, you know, disappearing or i pop my head every so often is i like everybody have life issues to deal with and doing the best i can. absolutely. howie: when you first were
8:12 am
appointed some reporters dug into your difficulties that you might have, did that surprise you to get that kind of scrutiny? >> no, because they have done this to every person in our administration, you look at somebody like kavanaugh and the things that they did to him, i was expecting, we've all made mistakes in our lives, they've done it to everybody unfortunately who has worked for this president, he's got great people around him and so it is what it is. howie: just a few seconds, do you think they'll ever be if not a truce maybe a cease fire between the president and the press and both sides are dug out now? >> i think if the press can admit that he does a few things right, then perhaps we can have more of a dialogue but for now that sunt seem to be the case. howie: thank you very much for joining us, hope you'll come back. >> good to see you.
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howie: we were talking that the ♪ whistleblower should be outed ♪ howard: house republicans and abc's amy caught on camera generated big headlines yesterday by unveiling a list of witnesses they want summonedded to the imetch -- impeachment hearings. molly, washington post says this about hunter biden, republicans want to publicly question him to ripping company on epstein's divert the conversation away from questions about trump's behavior to allegations only tangentially related to the case, meaning biden's and also 2016 election interference. that's the initial take. >> well, yeah. that's very detention -- defensible. the entire original phone call that set off this swire drama was -- this entire drama was that vice president joe biden, a current presidential candidate, but he's a previous vice president who had a lot of responsibility for ukraine, this is very relevant to whether what president trump was saying was okay or not okay. is it okay to be concerned about
8:14 am
corruption in the past versus whether it was trying to affect the forthcoming election. this is very relevant, and hunter biden did get a lot of money -- howard: yes, those are the facts. >> and that relationship was used to affect u.s. policy, and these are important things. howard: beverly, the press is already saying adam schiff will say no to this, and the gop will accuse the democrats of running a one-sided hearing. >> yeah. it's all a strategy by the republicans. i think it's a smart strategy to put hunter biden out there to show that this has been very partisan. and, of course, if you think there is an issue with what frump did, you have to have an issue with what joe biden did as well. so they're keeping this in the news cycle. also once again the whistleblower, the republicans wanting him to come forward, he was on that list as well, and adam schiff is likely to say no to that as well. i think it's going to come down to a transparency argument. howard: you worked in the state
8:15 am
department in the last administration. new york times says the following: rarely has the state department been in revolt against the president in believing that policy was hijacked by partisan politics. but that enables president trump to e say, no, no, no, they're being partisan, and they're just people who don't like my policy on ukraine or anything else on the foreign front. >> well, first, donald trump doesn't need anyone's excuse to say it, he says it east way. the people at the state department, most of them joined at some point when president bush might have been president. or president clinton or the first president bush. some of them have been there as far back as nixon. they didn't join up to thwart donald trump. and they often carry out policies they don't agree with. you think that the bulk of the state department agreed with invading iraq? yet thousands of foreign service officers went and served in iraq and afghanistan. my point being what they are seeing and what they are saying is about breaking the law.
8:16 am
they are expressing concerns about how this aid was held up i. and it's been reported today that the president's defense said eventually the aid was released. it was released because the state department did it because they felt they had no basis to hold it back anymore. howard: but the times says they're at the center of a revolt and does that rather approvingly. >> the entire debate is about who gets to set foreign policy, is it the people by elections or is it bureaucracy? some people think the bureaucracy e gets to dictate foreign policy over the will of the people -- [inaudible conversations] >> yeah, actually, there are many people including the president's own ambassador and the president's own envoy to ukraine. howard: i've got to get a break. ahead, cbs fires a staffer who had worked at abc and is denying that she leaked an embarrassing tape. but first, with all the leaks,
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♪ howard: as house democrats ramp up for the start of public impeachment hearings on wednesday, president trump used a session with reporters to offer around sweeping dismissal of the witnesses. >> so what they do is they go all over washington. let's find ten people that hate president trump the most, and let's put 'em up there. howard: mollie hemingway, there's clearly a clash over the media saying these diplomats and officials and former officials testifying, some appointed by trump, are supporters of trump and the president is saying they're never trumpers. >> having a bunch of people testify about how that made them feel might be interesting, but we already have the underlying
8:21 am
information so we could make our own decision. whether or not they were appointed because this administration has done a very bad job with picking people to fill slots, how they feel about him is relevant also and that's coming out. howard: also are the media building these people up? who ever heard of vindland before? >> statistically, you know, 55-60% probably don't like donald trump, but they haven't liked him for three years. there's no reason you would say someone concocted this. to go back to what molly said, this was not a transcript, it was a rough transcript, and one of the witnesses said that what he wanted in was not allowed in -- howard: yeah. >> but, yes, the administration has picked some pretty bad people. ambassador sonland raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for donald trump in 2016.
8:22 am
this is not, no matter what he says -- i've never met the guy -- >> say he was very helpful to president trump -- >> not so much. [laughter] howard: well, perhaps until the testimony. but look, "the washington post" reported this week, and i awe lewded to this -- alluded to this earlier, that the president had asked the attorney general to hold a press conference hearing him, and the attorney general declined. mary barron, the executive editor, said this was a repugnant attempt to intimidate and harass his staff. >> the president's had a long standing feud jeff bezos, so he has this battle with him. what i think is fascinating is the media have reported for months that attorney general barr is pretty much the puppet of the president. that's how they've categorized him. anybody who knows him know he's a duty first guy, bet yet the story wasn't about the facts even if true, that the attorney
8:23 am
general marches by his own set of rules. howard: i want to move on here because as you know, the media reported republican complaints about the hearings, closed door, they haven't had a chance, selective leaking, and they have a solid case on some of this. with public hearings now started, won't the press be forced to cover how each side handles the questioning and witnesses and their credibility? >> probably not. howard: everyone in america will be able to see for themselves. >> we saw with the mueller report it came out, it didn't do what people were hoping, they had televised hearings. unfortunately for democrats, those hearings didn't go well for them, so i think it'll be interesting -- we already know what was said in 8-10 is hours of depositions through selective leaks, then we saw the transcripts finish. howard: and that's my full question for you philippe, we know that rued did giuliani -- rudy giuliani was a hand grenade. it's been leaked out, rehashed, analyzed, so to be sure, won't
8:24 am
the media be left without a lot of new bombshellses because of the leaks? is. >> well, no, i don't think so because people might ask different questions. also the 8-10 hours that was spent behind closed doors, 4-5 of those hours were the republicans seeming to try to find the name out of the whistleblower so they could out it elsewhere. but the truth of the matter is if we didn't do this, the republicans would say, well, why can't we say what's public? i think this is the opportunity for the republicans to question him. there's a reason why jim jordan has been moved over to the intelligence committee, because apparently they believe that jim jordan and others on the committee can say question to vind maryland, to ambassador, to bill taylor, what do you think about this? i would think the republicans would absolutely welcome this. >> this whole week is going to be about public perception -- >> i'd be careful what you can ask for. howard: maybe it will be good for the american people to finally see and hear from and make their own judgments about
8:25 am
people's credibility. what about the president saying the press, the crooked media have launched the impeachment, which he calls deranged, delusional and disruptive. i didn't know that we get to do that. >> he's going to continue to make those types of claims. i think republicans have taken a different narrative. it's not impeachable, i say you let the public hearing go. the media, they don't like what is said, if they don't like it, they're going, it's going to turn to whether there was obstruction -- >> the media have chosen to become partisan activists. they have cleary been pushing impeachment for a very long time in part to make up for the fact that they were beclowned with the russia hoax. this is not good because an impeachment process needs to have some kind of credibility. the two main cheerleaders are people like schiff and the media that, through their own behavior in the last few years, made their reputations -- howard: we will see when the
8:26 am
television lights go on. molly, beverly, philippe, thanks very much for joining us. after the break, a possible mike bloomberg presidential run are, what does that say about the democratic field? charlie gasparino is on deck. ♪ ♪ like blind spot detection, back up camera... [kristen gasps] (employee) because you never know what might be behind you. (kristen bell) does the sloth come standard? (kristen bell vo) looking to buy? enterprise makes it easy. when youyou spend lessfair, and get way more. so you can bring your vision to life and save in more ways than one. for small prices, you can build big dreams, spend less, get way more. shop everything home at
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8:30 am
a tizzy about how the foreman new york mayor could shake up the race. -- former. >> the one thing you can't argue about bloomberg in any way is confidence with a capital c. and i think that is the secret sauce. particularly you go against donald trump. >> what did i tell you? they're freak out, the democratic party! the media is salivating over a boom -- bloomberg/trump matchup. howard: joining us now, charlie gasparino. you reported a month ago that bloomberg hadn't closed the door on a possible candidacy, and he was a very good mayor of new york city, but the pundits especially in new york where you were were flipping out. aren't they greatly overestimating the chances of this guy, particularly now says he's going to skip the first four states, aren't they acting like he's going to completely shake up the race when that may not be? >> yeah. well, first off, i want to say
8:31 am
lydia moynihan, my price, had a big role in that scoop. we reported that he maintained his campaign office, and he was still polling. listen, there's two ways of looking at this. number one, in a general election he could match up very well against donald trump -- howard: billionaire versus billionaire. >> right. and he's got 20 billion liquid. donald trump's going to raise a lot of money, but he doesn't have that money. getting the nomination, there's not a direct path. it's not going to be easy. i mean, you know, you've seen, there's 17 people out there, there's joe biden for all his negatives still command, you know, still looks like he's leading in national polls. he's going to do very well in the south. mike bloomberg is a billionaire, he can buy the race, there's no doubt about that. you know, you can -- howard: well, i don't think. i disagree with you because i know a lot of people who have spent a lot of money. he could spend many of his billions and still can't get enough votes. he's 77, he's not a great
8:32 am
orator, or he can't run givens wall street, and he was a republican mayor of new york city -- >> he was a democrat before that, just so you know. howard: i know. look, he obviously has concluded that maybe joe biden is going to collapse, he wants to fill the moderate role, but he could end up with 5% of the race, but i'm not seeing much media skepticism here about the mayor with. >> listen, i think the media breaks down in three ways on this. the mainstream media, we like horse races. clearly, we want him in there spending a lot of money so we can report about this. the left-wingers, well, you know, they're talking about how this is a billionaire going to buy the race. realize "the new york times" editorial page. right-wingers, look at "the wall street journal" ed editorial page. this is going to bring more transparency to the race where we'll really underscore how crazy elizabeth warren's economic policies particularly are. so that's where this thing breaks out. to to of course the media is
8:33 am
going to say run, mike, run. but again, the nomination's going to be difficult. i get that. if joe biden does fail though, he will spend a lot of money exposing the craziness of the economic policies of elizabeth warren, and that could galvanize a big portion of the democratic electorate -- howard: yeah. i still think it's tough to skip iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, etc. also makes me think the media have been saying, look, look at all these polls, biden, buttigieg, warren with, they all beat trump in a hypothetical matchup, but now it's kind of been exposed that the democratic donor class thinks this is the weak field and that's why bloomberg thinks he's got a shot. >> right. they also think that elizabeth warren can't win. i mean -- howard: a general election, you mean. >> yes. yes, i meant to say that, yes. they think she can win the nomination. but they're worried about that because, listen, bill gates, why is bill dates out there criticizing -- gates criticizing elizabeth warren?
8:34 am
because he fears she's going to bring this country not just to the left like barack obama, but she's going to introduce this country to socialism that we haven't seen since -- howard: charlie, i've got half a minute. what about the impact on bloomberg news, major organization, which basically has the policy of not covering what bloomberg does, but you can't do that if he's running for president. >> yeah. i did some reporting on that a few months ago when it first looked like he was running. the reporters think they're going to sell it. a lot of reporters think they're going to sell it. and when i ran that by the bloomberg people, they wouldn't deny it. i mean sell the news portion. howard: all right. charlie gasparino, thanks so much for joining us. >> anytime, pal. howard: still to come, the amy rohrbach tape, why didn't the network run the tape of an ex-staffer? tells the megyn kelly she didn't do it.
8:35 am
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♪ ♪ howard: amy robach was caught on a hot mic expressing frustration that her network refused to run her interview with virginia roberts jeff i, an accuser of the late predator jeffrey epstein. >> first of all, i was told no one knows who that is, this is a stupid story. howard: she said there were threats from buckinghaming palace and the story was, quote, quashed. as for the accuser -- >> she's been heighting for 12 years, we convinced her to talk to us. it was unbelievable, what we had. clinton, we had everything. i freaking had all of it. i'm so pissed right now. howard: and there's been plenty
8:39 am
of fallout. joining us now, kat timpf, fox news contributor. so 2007 that jeffrey -- given that jeffrey epstein was one of the world's great monsters, was abc too timid in retrospect in not running it? >> absolutely, yes. and their statement that they released saying the reason they didn't release it was because they didn't have corroboration or it didn't meet their editorial standards, i can't believe that this has not been a bigger deal because that statement is b.s.. abc went full on to the story of michael avenatti's client accusing brett kavanaugh of doing all these exyulely deviant things owl for her to say, whoops, i actually didn't know him at all. where was your corroboration concerns on that one, abc? theythey are just so full of something that i cannot say on tv. howard: thank you for censoring yourself there. amy proback said i was caught in
8:40 am
a or private moment, i was upset. now, i spoke to a senior abc news executive who said amy robach doesn't know all the fact s. we were going to report on her positions of bill clinton and prince andrew, but that it was taken out of court records before they aired, and they didn't feel they had the cooperation, and finally the executive said, yeah, the network could have run with her other allegationings about epstein. remember, she was 17 when this all started, but gma lost interest when it couldn't name the big celebrities. >> listen, the statement doesn't make any sense when you see some of the other stories that they've run about brett kavanaugh. there was no corroboration there or someone not even knowing the guy would have certainly come out if they had made that effort. so i'm not making any judgment, i'm just asking abc to please stop lying to me because it's a slap in the face to all of us and particularly to epstein's
8:41 am
victims. 40. howard: this video was made public by project veritas, i've been critical in the path -- >> i have as well. howard: i've confirmed that abc told cbs where this woman now works, former abc staffer, ashley bianco, that she had electronically accessed that tape of amy proback which later -- can amy robach which wound up in the hands of project veritas. megyn kelly spoke to her about her role in this whole matter. >> i wasn't even given the professional courtesy e to defend myself, you know? if i didn't know what i'd been accused of. it was, you know, humiliating, devastating. everyone in the office was freaked out by what she was saying. i did it just for office gossip. howard: she says, yeah, i clipped it, but i didn't leak it to anybody outside of abc. >> right. well, she's saying she didn't leak it, and project veritas is
8:42 am
also saying that she was, in fact, not the leaker. so i don't know for sure, but i do know that also on top of everything else they've done wrong, if they fired the wrong person, i certainly hope that she sues them and that we all shame them for just completely making a disaster out of this entire thing. howard: just briefly, the leaker according to project veritas put out a statement apologizing to amy robach but saying this has spun into a mission to seek and destroy. in short, it's a mess, kat. >> yeah, it is. it absolutely is, and it's certainly not fair, and i would just like to see some honesty from abc, because this is a serious issue, and there's a a lot at stake here. howard: these are difficult judgment calls, it's easy to look back when we know now all the terrible things that jeffrey epstein did. when you've got to make a judgment and you're facing legal threats, it can be a difficult call to news organizations. but to have somebody on camera, not anonymous source, i just
8:43 am
think that was a story that was ripe to be broadcast. thank you so much, kat, great to see you. and that is it for this edition of "mediabuzz." check out my podcast, "mediabuzz" meter, fox news or on your amazon device. we hope you also like our facebook page, i post my daily columns and original other stuff and continue the conversation on twitter @howard kurtz. talk about my interview with the white house press secretary, we're happy to have that, the only person who was ott out there the for the white house. join us next sunday at 11 eastern for the latest buzz. ? oh yeah. how do you kind of buy a new car? it's used. it's for mikey. you know he's gonna have girls in that car. yeah. he's gonna have two of them. great benefits for veterans
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kick off the holidays with huge savings from bass pro shops and cabela's. like white river back yard throw blankets for under $25. a cabela's deluxe tackle bag for under $30. plus free 2 day shipping. ♪ ♪ >> good afternoon. breaking this hour, democrat jackie speier declared this morning she already believes president trump broke the law raising fresh questions about whether democrats are going to give the president a fair shake
8:47 am
in those hearings that begin wednesday. while house republican leader kevin mccarthy just told my colleague maria bartiromo he believes this entire investigation is part of what he called a, quote-unquote, calculated coup against the president. strong words this morning. new signs both sides are digging in. hello, i'm ed henry, welcome to "america's news headquarters" from new york. also breaking today, democratic
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