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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 11, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PST

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>> bill: big moment today. president trump speaks at the 100th opening ceremony of the new york city veterans day parade in new york. the first president to take part in that event ever. >> bill: good morning on this veterans day. i'm bill hemmer live in new york city. congratulations, well done. >> sandra: mainly the ukraine whistleblower whose testimony is says is unnecessary. >> bill: democrats pushing back on the call for hunter biden. here is lindsey graham. >> bill: it is impossible to conduct an impeachment inquiry when the chief complaining witness is unknown to the president. >> i would love to hear what hunter biden has to say. >> sandra: we're live in washington with the latest. >> >> out of the 14 witnesses republicans wanted to testify only a handful are expected to be approved by democrats. they wanted to hear from hunter biden and provide context on the kind -- democrats argue it isn't relevant to the impeachment inquiry saying that the president withheld military aid for investigations into his political rival. >> the president of the united states demanding, extorting a vul near able country to do his political bidding and go after his opponent has nothing to do with joe biden executing the foreign policy of the united states and what in the did is wrong and impeachable. >> democrats are expected to approve several witnesses who
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have already testified behind closed doors, former national security official kurt volker and state department official david hale. republicans argue by blocking their other witnesses democrats are further exposing the impeachment inquiry as a partisan effort to remove president trump from office regardless of what the facts may be. >> we still aren't seeing the minority rights we should and still aren't seeing the president get the representation that he should have and the media and democrats keep going -- they want to talk substance and not process. process matters here. >> in terms of timing there is still a lot that's unclear. at some point adam schiff will announce which republican witnesses will be allowed to testify, if any. he could announce public hearings for additional witnesses and we're still expecting a number of transcripts from the closed door depositions to be released. there is a lot that could
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happen between now and wednesday when the public hearings are set to begin. >> sandra: that's for sure. thank you. >> bill: we're ready for surprises, aren't we? want to bring in andy mccarthy, former assistant u.s. attorney. author of the book wall of collusion. good morning. i want to frame this segment the following way. democrats first and then republicans. for democrats to make the hearings a success this week what do they need to do? >> bill, i think what they need to do is try to keep the focus tightly on the president's behavior and specifically those of his emissaries in ukraine and try to make all of it about whether there was this alternative pipeline of u.s. policy that was aimed not toward the betterment of u.s./ukraine relations in the national interest, but in trying to improve president trump's fortunes in terms of the 2020 campaign. >> bill: we'll watch that.
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what do republicans need to do to make it a success do you think? >> well, they have a tough row to hoe. it is a proceeding run by the democrats and they don't have much in the way of rights to block that. so they should try to use that to their advantage. they want to show people that adam schiff, who is front and center here, is not really an honest broker. he is a partisan so they want to make him as much of the focus as they can. and most importantly, bill, they want to show that they have an alternative version of events or at least a context in which to understand the activities of president trump that the democrats want to focus on. they want to put these in context and show there was corruption for the president to be worried about. they want to show there was a ukraine angle in terms of the trump/russia investigation, the 2016 election. so they want to argue that all that stuff needs to come in and they want to force schiff to
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suppress their effort to raise it so that highlights their point of view that this is not a fair proceeding. >> bill: if each side does your job by the end of the week we'll run ourselves in a circle. let's see if that's the case. you wrote a piece that i want to put on the screen. the whistleblower and the president's right to defense. he might be wiser not to. lindsey graham on the whistleblower from over the weekend said the following. >> they don't call the whistleblower in the house, this thing is dead on arrival in the senate. the only way you can fairly deal with this issue is for us to find out who the whistleblower is. no american can be accused of a crime based on an anonymous allegation. the whistleblower is foundational to what they're doing in the house. the fact they don't want to call him tells you everything you need to know about how valid this effort is to impeach the president. >> bill: you know the
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whistleblower's name was on the request list that came out on saturday. what does that tell you, andy? >> well, obviously they want to go there, bill. one of the reasons they want to go there. part of the president's defense is that there has been a coordinated effort between leading democrats and their operatives inside the intelligence community since the president darkened the doorstep of the oval office three years ago to shorten his presidency, oust him if possible and hamstring him in pursuing his agenda. they want to show that this whistleblower is part of that coordinated effort and i think that's a key part of the president's defense. to the extent that senator graham is saying that the president is entitled to his defense in the impeachment proceedings he is right about that. >> bill: cross examination will be critical. political process in the house. hakeem jeffries tweeted this.
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house republican cover-up caucus wants sham witnesses to testify. my two cents get lost all in caps. garrett tenney mentioned the possibility of surprises. i don't know if you anticipate some. maybe tomorrow when the president says he might release the first transcript of the first phone call with ukrainian president from april. smart idea or not, andy? >> i don't know. i think, bill, part of the democrats' theory here is that the president promised the ukrainian president a meeting at the white house, which is what came up in that initial conversation. and that is part of what the democrats allege is the quid pro quo. that the president refused to grant that meeting until the ukrainians agreed to conduct these investigations. i don't know how much that would help, but we'll see how it goes. >> bill: throw it all in the bucket and see what we get. andy mccarthy our lead-off guest for this week on this veterans day. thank you, andy. >> sandra: president trump set to kick off the veteran's day
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parade in new york city this morning as he becomes the first president to attend the parade. he will be making a speech a short time from now in madison square park in lower manhattan. meanwhile vice president mike pence will head to arlington national cemetery a short time from now to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. we're live at the vietnam veterans memorial. >> good morning. spectacular day here in washington, d.c. the trees behind me full different colors for autumn. you know this memorial very famously opened in 1982. hundreds come here every day, if not thousands per week to honor our nation's veterans from all different branches of service. no exception today. people honoring those who passed away in the vietnam war and also those who served in the vietnam war. i want to put up graphics to show you a little bit about this separate memorial. it lists the names by date of
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casualty of americans who gave their lives. it was dedicated, sandra, on november 10th, 1982. has names of military personnel wounded in vietnam between 1957 and 1975 and ultimately died. 160 medal of honor recipients, a total of 1421 designs. final design selected, an undergraduate of yale. each one, 246 feet 8 inches long. a beautiful day here at the vietnam wall and we'll hear stories and bring them to you later. >> sandra: the sun is shining. thank you. >> bill: beautiful day out there as we gather as a country. big old red, white and blue hug for us today on this veterans day. we'll take you live in new york city next hour. a big parade in new york city. we have it every year. the president never attends. today he will be there and you'll see it live.
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we have this. a grieving father speaking out for the first time since the deadly ambush in mexico. >> not only have i lost a wife and two children, but i'm having to move the rest of my family with really no place to go at this point. >> bill: 100 members of the mormon community leaving northern mexico. they said they would stay. that's not the case as the story changes again today. >> sandra: bombshell new allegations from former u.n. ambassador nikki haley. why she says members of the president's inner circle were trying to undermine him. >> bill: and billionaire mike bloomberg made a move for a potential white house run. what the left is saying about that. byron york will tell you about that. >> they're not going to buy
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this election by spending millions of dollars. those days are gone. wow!
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>> there are folks trying to completely purchase our political system, running as republicans and now tossing in their hats as democrats in the field as well. but what we're here to say is in a democracy it shouldn't matter how many money you have.
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>> tonight we say to michael bloomberg and other billionaires. sorry, you aren't going to buy this election. >> bill: that was part of the scene from iowa over the weekend. alexandria ocasio-cortez and bernie sanders blasting the former new york city mayor michael bloomberg as he considers a run for the white house. byron york from "the washington examiner" and hello to you, sir, blue on blue crime, right. ? ocasio-cortez and bernie star in their own iowa buddy movie. he is 78, she is 30. they make a good pair when it comes to their progressive ideas. are they effective? >> they are with their own supporters. what you just saw there was this reaction to michael bloomberg saying he might -- is going to enter the race. they've been campaigning for a long time against one new york billionaire in the form of president trump. now another one in the form of michael bloomberg decides to
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get in as a democrat. bloomberg has long said that he would not enter the campaign. now apparently he has decided to do that and the reason is he doesn't believe that any of the three or four frontrunners, that is biden, warren, sanders or even pete buttigieg can beat president trump. and michael bloomberg can do what he wants. he has so much money, he is so rich that he can self-finance his entire campaign. he does not have to ask a single donor for a penny. and that gives you a lot of freedom in the world of politics. >> bill: $50 billion plus, right? here is michael goodwin's headline. bloomberg is the great centrist hope. i don't know how to skip iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and others tried and failed
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miserably and early. >> we have seen this with other parties as well in previous elections. primary campaign starts, there is a big field, party leaders say this is great, our candidates are so great it is like an embarrassment of riches. six months later they're saying isn't there somebody who can come in and save us from all of this? so there is a group of candidates who have been campaigning for six months who have made the long march through iowa, new hampshire and south carolina and they aren't going to go away. they don't believe and a lot of party leaders say someone can walz in and i'm rich and be able to enter this race. on the other hand, there are weaknesses at the top of the democratic party where candidates have embraced super progressive positions like medicare for all, like free college, like a wealth tax,
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like open borders and there are worries that in a general election one-on-one against president trump these candidates cannot win. >> bill: more to come on that. i want to get your thought on this. you wrote a big piece about it last week. i don't know if you saw karl rove and chris wallace on "fox news sunday". he was talking about the amount of lethal aid that has gone to ukraine under this administrations that was rebuffed with blankets under the obama administration. >> they haven't allowed of the president any of the rights granted to clinton or president nixon during their impeachment. i love the fact that the democrats are now decrying the president's decision not to move lethal aid rapidly to ukraine. the previous administration, democratic, did nothing to send lethal aid to ukraine. >> bill: he is talking about anti-tank missiles so effective in ukraine and used them during the soviet war with afghanistan
6:20 am
in the 1980s that turned the tide for that war. i would imagine we'll hear more about that in week. your feeling on that, byron? >> the democrats' impeachment depositions, a number of state department figures whose testimony was portrayed as being anti-trump all said that ukraine policy under trump has been better than it was under obama and the big reason for that was the decision to supply these javelin anti-tank missiles that are so needed to resist the russians that obama would not allow. >> bill: more to come. thank you, byron, nice to see you in washington 20 past the hour now. >> sandra: it was a horrifying crash in new jersey as a car plows into a building there killing two people. we'll tell you how and why that happened. and bernie sanders champion of medicare for all having a tough time trying to explain his plan to a veteran. it is monday and that means it is time for maria bartiromo to join us.
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>> bill: two people are dead
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when their speeding car hit an apartment building hitting the second floor. the red car hitting the office building. the driver lost control. hit a median. it went into the air. smashing and poking a hole through the building. both men in their 20s were pronounced dead at the scene. >> sandra: bernie sanders support medicare for aisle but struggling to answer an iowa veterans question after pointing out a problem in the single payer system. >> i don't want to see anybody in the room wait like that because of a single payer system. >> it is a social -- >> it is a government-run program. >> that's different than a single payer system. >> who is paying the bill? >> in the case of the v.a. the government is paying 100% of the bill. i'm the former chairman on the committee of veterans affairs.
6:26 am
>> there is a failure there. >> sandra: time for mondays with maria and she is here as bernie sanders this morning unveiled his $62 billion plan to expand and fix the v.a.. he was challenged by that veteran in the room. >> he was challenged. there is no at way to look at medicare for all. it is a single payer system. one payer, that's the government. this has so many holes in it not just for the cost. you talk about trillions of dollars in cost, $50 trillion to pay for medicare for all which will mean that everybody's taxes will go up. more importantly it does away with the private insurance industry. so that's right now 180 million people get their insurance from the private sector. that's going to go away and mean job cuts and the cost is really the headline here. it will cost so much that he is going to have to raise taxes on everybody. not just the rich. >> sandra: you had the v.a. secretary on this morning talking about the success of the v.a. and success of
6:27 am
veterans under the current president. >> this is the first president in post world war ii history whoever made veterans the centerpiece first of his campaign and then of his administration. we now have, thanks to this president and thanks to choice, the highest veteran satisfaction rate in our history. we're sitting at 89.7%. >> sandra: important interview you had with the v.a. secretary important. >> it is important to look wrat the v.a. is today than a year ago. disarray, veterans not getting treated properly within healthcare institutions and so we have seen a big improvement here at the v.a.. i want to stress to our audience, we're a few days away from the budget agreement and the government potentially not being funded. the military lives life from c.r. to c.r. continuing resolution to continuing resolution because congress gets politics involved in whether or not they'll allocate money to the defense
6:28 am
of our kun traoe. it is outrageous and absurd. why don't you just allocate the money to the budget and allow veterans and the military to continue doing what they do best, keeping us safe. >> sandra: an important conversation this morning on veterans day. you also had a mark penn on your show yesterday. formerly of the hillary clinton camp talking about joe biden being a weak frontrunner for democrats. >> biden is a frontrunner but a weak frontrunner. a lot of the other candidates are too far to the left. i think michael bloomberg saw that opportunity and made a pretty intelligent decision. for him it is now or never in terms of running for president. why not get in and shake up the democratic party? >> sandra: what did that tell you? >> just the fact that bloomberg is entering tells you he views joe biden as weak. because bloomberg said for months going into this that i'm not going to get in unless i see an opening. i'm not going to get in unless a see a moderate not doing as well as he could be doing.
6:29 am
joe biden is supposed to be the moderate. i have questions about that. i don't think he is very moderate. the fact that michael bloomberg gets in tells you he thinks joe biden is failing. >> sandra: are you hearing that he will for sure? >> the news that we got out of alabama suggests that he will get in. he did give the democrats $110 million at the end of last year. remember that one? he could help them win the majority in the house and he was successful in doing so. >> sandra: we'll see you the rest of the week in fbn. >> bill: 9:30 in new york. another stop story today. nikki haley's bomb schell claim that two leading white house advisors try to undermine president trump. mike huckabee will take that on coming up next. >> do you think ultimately the president will be impeached and removed from office? >> no, on what? you'll impeach a president for asking for a favor that didn't happen and giving money and it wasn't withheld?
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6:34 am
haley says she was offended that they tried to enlist her in the effort. >> instead of saying that to me, they should have been saying that to the president. not asking me to join them on their side bar plan. it should have been go tell the president what your differences are and quit if you don't like what he is doing. but to undermine a president is really a very dangerous thing. >> sandra: let's bring mike huckabee fox news contributor. good morning to you. some very strong revelations from nikki haley in this new book. she uses examples of two disagreements she had with the president and she took them directly to president trump when she had that. >> and that's exactly what a person should do if they have a disagreement with the president of the united states and they work for the president. i've got nothing but great respect for john kelly. he earned four stars on his shoulder and i have nothing but respect for that but there is
6:35 am
something about nikki haley. i totally agree with you and applaud her for her candor but insight into something simple. nikki haley had something they didn't. maybe that's why she understood it. she had been elected to something. she had been governor, she knew what it was like to have been elected by the people. she recognized that that is the calling and that when someone serves at the pleasure of the elected person, it is not their job to arrogantly assume that they know more than he does, that their opinions are more right than his is. and i think for rex tillerson and general kelly to suggest that somehow they had the right to go around the elected president for his own benefit. that's insulting, it is arrogant, it is just plain outconstitution nallly wrong. >> john kelly responded to haley's claim in the book and said if by resistance and stalling she means putting a staff process in place to insure the president knew all
6:36 am
the pros and cons of what policy decision he might be contemplating so he could make an informed decision then guilty as charged. what did you think when you saw that by john kelly? >> well, it was about as good a response as he could give. i love john kelly and one of the great human beings i've ever met. have nothing but regard and respect for him. in this case, though, i think he was wrong. the reason he was wrong is because as chief of staff, it is his job to directly confront the president but then it's his job to either accept that the president didn't take his advice or he always has the right to resign and say mr. president, in light of this i can't serve you. but he doesn't have the right to undermine the very person that he is there to serve. it is his job to help carry out the policies of the president not to change the policies of the president. he may not like them, he may not agree with them. he has the right to leave. he does not have the right to act like he got elected when in fact he didn't.
6:37 am
donald trump got elected and it is his policies that matter. >> sandra: these are brand-new revelations by nikki haley in this new book. what do you think her goal is by putting this out here, governor? >> i think she is telling the story, a good story that she has. she served this president very admirably and i think one of the things nickey is pointing out is that as a former chief executive she understood there was a role she could play in going directly to the president and expressing her views. which she did on more than one occasion. she didn't make a press conference and wave flags about it. but once she presented it she accepted his response, whatever that was, and she went back to work. that's how it is supposed to work. i think nikki haley really did hers quite well by telling the story in the way he did. rex tiller son was never elected. the problem with him.
6:38 am
he had run a big corporation, went into the state as if he ran the state department and his ideas were what mattered. he had a hard time accepted he worked at the pleasure of the president. it was not his policies that were supposed to be instituted, it was the presidents. >> sandra: interesting stuff. she said it is about her experience in life and government. a lot coming out of that. a lot will come from this week as we enter a brand-new week and the impeachment proceedings by democrats. we know that now key witnesses by republicans are being called for. we're already seeing efforts by democrats to refuse or resist those witnesses. what do you expect will come of the first week of these public hearings that democrats are holding, governor? >> what i expect is an enormous level of showboating from the camera hungry adam schiff and his colleagues who will try to present that somehow they have uncovered the greatest scandal in the world when they're doing
6:39 am
is covering up the greatest scandal that ever was. this is truly about a conspiracy, attempted coup and cove-up on the part of the establishment washington people and actors scared to death that dump got elected and likely could be reelected and will be unless they find a phony reason to come up with an impeachment hoax. i wish the american people would take a step back regardless of their affiliations and ask themselves is this a fair process when the president cannot get his own witnesses and his side of the story told? and even hard core democrats ought to be afraid of a process in which only one side gets to tell a story. that is not very american. >> sandra: notably one of the biggest witnesses that republicans have put on that list is the ukraine whistleblower. democratic rep eric swalwell responding to that list from the g.o.p. with this.
6:40 am
>> well, as chairman schiff has said we won't go back in time and revisit conspiracy theories implicated. i don't see the relevance with the biden: witnesses have been asked about them and said vice president biden conducted himself with integrity. >> sandra: you reference the gop witnesses as revisiting conspiracy theories. >> somebody showed the tape of biden telling the ukrainians if they didn't fire a prosecutor in six hours the money was off the table and he was boasting about it in a forum publicly. show him the tape and tell me there is not something to investigate. swalwell is totally off the cracker on this one. his cheese has fallen to the floor. >> sandra: governor mike huckabee we appreciate your time this morning. thank you for kicking off the week with us.
6:41 am
>> thank you. congratulations to the tigers. >> sandra: go tigers. they won, by the way, bill. >> bill: they did. >> sandra: you were very gracious. >> bill: he was a great game, right? >> sandra: absolutely. >> bill: this was a great game. heavy weight battle in dallas. cowboys and vikings. cousins, two touchdowns. kyle rudolph a proud graduate from cincinnati high school. cowboys down four. a hail mary going deep for the win. here we go in dallas. it's picked off. minnesota wins the game 28-24 on the road. good game last night and good games all around over the weekend. good ones on saturday. bengals looked so good on sunday. they were miserable, miserable. 0-9. >> sandra: veterans day.
6:42 am
supporting veterans isn't just a one day thing. debra bonacasa's husband was killed in the line of duty. debra and tunnel to towers ceo frank siller will be our headliners this morning. >> bill: president trump making history in new york. the first time a president attended the new york city veterans day parade. a big deal in new york. tens of thousands of people up and down fifth avenue. we look at how veterans have fared under his leadership with the veterans of america president. jeremy butler and he is our guest next. >> i think everybody who is here and across this country for what you do, this country couldn't do anything without veterans. i suffered with psoriasis for so long.
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>> mentioned this last hour. next hour you'll see president trump become the first american president to attend the new york city veterans day parade. he will make a speech and kick off the event moments from now. you'll see it live here there manhattan. jeremy butler is the president of the iraq and afghanistan veterans of america. a great organization. you guys have done such great work for the men and women who served our country and continue to. what does today mean to you? >> it means a lot. a chance to not only honor all of those who served in uniform and many that continue to serve in uniform but as the head of ieva and someone that
6:47 am
represents hundreds of thousands of those who served it is a chance to focus on the work that needs to be done. we want to focus on the unmet needs. >> bill: here is what the administration said they've acome nrishd for veterans so far. lowest veteran unemployment since 2000. increased v.a. spending, military pay and defense budget every year. expanded private healthcare options, created the v.a. accountability office and established 24 hour v.a. hotline. how much has that helped? >> to be honest i would say it's a start but we have a long way to go. it isn't a partisan statement it is a fact. serving veterans and meeting their needs hasn't just cropped up recently. the biggest focus is on suicide. we have a suicide crisis being unmet. the numbers are going in the wrong direction. people hear 20 a day. it has gone up to 21 a day. we need more focus on that and more discussion about the mental health needs of those who serve and more resources
6:48 am
they can turn to to get help. >> bill: an important message. i hope you can drive it home in washington did you find the suicides from iraq or afghanistan or are you stretching back to the days of vietnam? >> exactly. that's exactly the case. there is a misconception that the suicide crisis is based around those that have recently deployed and deployed. suicide and mental health issues affect anyone regardless of the number of times they deployed. sometimes people haven't deployed suffering from these mental health crisis. we need to broaden the scope. >> bill: is it vietnam or the more recent conflict? >> it is everything. it spans the generations and the service areas and ages of the veterans. it really is an across the board problem. there are a lot of issues within the vietnam veteran area as well. >> bill: you have a lot of contact with them and iraq and afghanistan. others have done great work and the organization they put together in new york and the lobbying they're table do successfully in washington it is so impressive.
6:49 am
isn't it striking the way our vietnam veterans were treated? >> absolutely. >> bill: when you compare that to our veterans of today >> we take so much pride in acknowledging the fact that they were treated horribly and we aren't going to let that haen. that means not only honoring our current era veterans but looking back and realizing the mistakes we made and making sure the vietnam era veterans get the care and treatment we reserve. we respect and support them as well. the biggest is around toxic exposures. agent orange. we continue to fight. just now congress passed and the president signed the bill to extend agent orange help to blue water navy veterans. it took 40 years to get to. >> bill: four decades. >> we don't want the same thing happening to our current crop of veterans. we're looking at burn pits and other things that are killing
6:50 am
americans. >> bill: thank you for bringing that out today. keep doing great work. jeremy butler with us on veterans day. thank you. >> sandra: the gop shaking up its members on the house intelligence committee assigning congressman jim jordan to the panel ahead of the first public impeachment hearings happening this week. the a-team is fired up and they'll join us on that. plus members of a mormon community torn apart by the massacre of nine women and children leaving mexico for the u.s. as the victims' loved ones speak out on those murders. >> i believe in forgiveness but i also believe in justice. forgiveness doesn't rob justice. you don't get justice too much in mexico.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> sandra: fox news alert in the wake of a massacre in
6:54 am
northern mexico. members of a mormon community arriving in arizona after leaving their homes and more family members are speaking out about those murders. william la jeunesse has more from our west coast bureau this morning. >> the question is do they go back? if you knew nothing is likely stopping this from happening again, do you stay and fight in mexico or seek safety in the u.s. the attack that killed three mothers and six children happened a week ago today. the last victim laid to rest on saturday. sunday roughly 100 mormons said goodbye to sonora with all they could carry in pickup trucks to arizona where they face the decision to make a new life there or go back to mexico? where they say corruption, compromises public safety and justice is an illusion.
6:55 am
[inaudible] >> motivation for the ambush remains a mystery. police have no suspect but believes cartel members miss took the suvs for another cartel. others think it was intentional. >> right now i have a very angry heart as we're coming out of this with much rage because i'm mexican. i'm not going to leave my land just because they said they are going to come and kill me. let them come. >> the ambush comes as mexico becomes more unstable. 10 bodies discovered this weekend south of tucson in the resort city of rocky point. in chihuahua the city, 38 homicides in 30 hours. in juarez south of el paso 16 vehicles and buses set on fire to stop a prison raid. mexico says it will allow the f.b.i. to assist in the investigation in the attack on
6:56 am
the mormon families. >> sandra: william la jeunesse, thank you. >> bill: thank you, william. impeachment probe kicking into high gear this week. democrats rejecting some witnesses republicans want including the whistleblower. our a-team is fired up. we're keeping a big eye on two very important events honoring the brave men and women who served our country on this veterans day today. >> the military crushes adolescents and we make men and women and we can bear the responsibility of the entire nation. we do it every day. look at these men and women and this is why we're free. [ dramatic music ] you have a brother in the second battalion? yes sir. they're walking into a trap. you're good with maps, that true? good enough sir. your orders are to deliver a message calling off tomorrow morning's attack. if you fail, we will lose sixteen hundred men. [ dramatic music ]
6:57 am
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one call to newday usa can save you $2,000 every year. >> sandra: president trump making history at this hour. we will honor our nation's veterans today. moments from now the president will attend the new york city veterans day parade. the president and first lady are scheduled to leave trump tower in the next few moments. the president is set to speak at the opening ceremony in lower manhattan. welcome back to our second hour inside "america's newsroom" this morning. it is veterans day. thank you to all our veterans out there. >> bill: special day. i'm bill hemmer. good morning at home or at work on your mobile device. madison square park, new york city. the president arrives for a
7:01 am
wreath laying ceremony and delivering remarks for the 100th annual veterans day parade. rick leventhal has a preview as we get set for that arrival. good morning to you. >> i'm terrific. good morning to both of you. music play behind me in the park where v.i.p.s have taken their seat and heavy security in place, including think plexiglas on the stage where the president is expected to make his remarks 30 minutes from now. this day is all about honoring the service and sacrifice of our u.s. military and there will be some 25,000 expected to march up fifth avenue today including active duty, veterans, supporters and high school bands from across the country honoring the 42 million who served since the american revolution and 19 million veterans living today. three medal of honor recipients.
7:02 am
the honorary grand marshal is the david berger. >> what your message to america today? >> the message to america? for a moment just pause, think of what veterans have done for this country, what they're doing right now. and when you see one, share their hand, tell them thank you for your service. thank their family for their service. the one day when we pause to tell them thanks for guarding the gates. >> the president will lay a wreath at the eternal light memorial on this 100th veterans day celebration in new york city and the parade will make its way from fifth avenue. by our offices there at 1211. >> bill: back with you later this hour. >> sandra: thanks, rick. >> bill: what will likely be the biggest story of the week,
7:03 am
public impeachment hearings will begin. the republicans think schiff will shut out requests of witnesses, hunter biden and the whistleblower. new reaction from the white house and a democrat on the house intelligence committee. >> there are public hearings starting this week but clearly they aren't going to be public. we don't get to have anybody from our side out there to tell our side of the story. >> what happened was without question in my mind as someone who sat in the rooms and listened to these witnesses is the american people will soon have an opportunity to do was extortion. >> bill: mike emanuel live to kick off a brand-new week as we get ready, good morning. >> good morning. this is the start of a huge week in this impeachment probe as gop lawmakers wait to see if democrats will accept some witnesses they want. among the people that republicans would like to testify publicly david hale, undersecretary of state for
7:04 am
political affairs. tim morrison, on the national security council. kurt volker the special envoy to ukraine. the initial blower who brought forth the complaint about the phone call to ukraine and hunter biden the former vice president's son who sat on the board of burisma holdings. chairman schiff saying having the whistleblower testify would be redundant and unnecessary and no interest in sham investigations into the bidens. a key white house ally continues to take aim at schiff. >> the whole thing is being driven by a partisan adam schiff. the president's counsel is shut out. we've never done impeachment this way. i think the whole thing is illegitimate. if you do not inquire as to why hunter -- what role hunter biden had in getting the prosecutor fired, then you are really not looking at all things ukraine. >> new york house democrats says he has an open mind
7:05 am
bringing some of those people in for interviews. >> i think we will end up calling some of the witnesses on this list. my test is do these witnesses have important information, knowledge or evidence about the president's conduct? and if it passes that test, then we should call them, sure. >> on this veterans day federal holiday it's quiet on capitol hill for the moment. things will certainly heat up here tomorrow. >> bill: thank you, mike emanuel watching that from the hill. >> sandra: let's bring in our "america's newsroom" a-team. david avella, the chairman of gopac. jeanne zaino, and tom bevan, co-founder and publisher of real clear politics. sounds like we had mike emanuel there. good morning. thank you to our veterans and we bring them along for a week where we'll be saluting them and turn our focus to these public hearings and the impeachment probe.
7:06 am
what do you expect from them? >> we'll see. it seems like things will heat up th. is what america wanted and deserved. we want to have these hearings be public. that's what republicans have wanted. what they want are other witnesses to be called. we just heard the report. they won't get the witnesses they want. they won't get hunter biden or the whistleblower. but this is one -- the beltway is going to be absolutely obsessed over this story not just starting on wednesday but for the coming weeks. the question is how much the public will tune in and how much they'll care ultimately and whether this drives public opinion in any way from where it is now. >> this is a make or break week really, i think, for the democrats on this. if they don't, to tom's point, start to really change opinion particularly among independents and moderates and maybe bring along some republicans with something new i think it will be tough for them to move this forward in any way seen as
7:07 am
nonpartisan. this must be a bipartisan effort. if it's not it will be dead on arrival in the senate. >> democratic-led investigation with no star witness, no one that can testify credibly with a smoking gun that provides clear evidence that a crime was committed. and yet the media in many ways already has the story written just as they did with the mueller investigation. and they are going to go 0 for 2 on the trumped up investigations about the president. and you know what's sad is going to happen. the media next day will say what's the next investigation on trump? >> bill: perhaps. my sense is, tom, looking at the history and resume of these witnesses. they could be effective and tell a story that could look very damping to -- daming to the white house. i looked at the three two on wednesday, one on friday.
7:08 am
remember the summer of 1987? iran contra, little known marine by the name of oliver north raised his right hand. i would make a case the first words that he spoke that day ended the argument. took away a lot of the argument on behalf of democrats. if you have such a compelling character in front of a hearing like this you can sway a lot of people. the question will then be how much can republicans present a different side of that story? and if both sides are effective, democrats and republicans, we probably walked ourselves in a circle this week. what do you think? >> i agree with that analysis completely. we've already got some republicans. you showed lindsey graham saying it is illegitimate from the start. one of the things republicans complained about the testimony that has been offered to this point behind closed doors contained exculpatory information and testimony from these witnesses. but we never saw it. it was only one side of it was
7:09 am
leaked out. republicans will have their chance to get that information out and make their side of the case with these witnesses in public. to your point, if they're compelling and credible and if republicans can craft the narrative that defends trump it is hard to see how most people have already taken sides on this issue. hard to see -- >> bill: it is almost like you fight to a draw. >> sandra: stephanie grisham went on with howie kurtz over the weekend on "media buzz" and made the case no matter what happens the president is not getting a fair shake in all this. here is stephanie grisham. >> i think journalism today has turned into advocacy journalism. that's to the detriment of the american people. it is really unfortunate they won't get him a fair shake. i have to say tough reporting is okay, that's fine with us. but it has to be fair. >> sandra: will it be? >> i do think that the media's number one interest is to drive
7:10 am
ratings. so that is going to be what they are after. so any controversy like this, this is going to be the story of the week. it really depends on how these witnesses turn out. i would just say all three of them will be compelling but i'm not sure that's enough to change minds because yes, the ambassador may not have wanted to be fired but the truth is that's not unconstitutional or illegal. so i think they will be compelling. but does it rise to the level of an impeachable offense is a far different bar. >> bill: part of this cross examination will highlight what the administration has done on behalf of ukraine not done in the previous administration. karl rove talked about that on "fox news sunday". got hot. here is rove. watch. >> i love the fact that the democrats are now decrying the president's decision not to move aid lethal aid rapidly to ukraine. the previous administration, democratic administration did
7:11 am
nothing to send lethal aid to ukraine. the non-lethal aid they refused to fly in because they didn't want u.s. military presence in ukraine. they dropped them off in poland and citizens had to take that non-lethal aid, put it in the back of their vehicles and trucks and convey it to ukraine. this president had the guts to give ukrainians the lethal aid needed to stave off the russian attempt to subvert that country. >> it is shocking the way the democrats want to cover up what the bidens may or may not have done. and it is why senator lindsey graham needs to own up a senate-led investigation so we get a full, accurate picture. and the witnesses that schiff will not allow to happen on the house side we as americans could get to hear it by senate-led investigation. as this week goes on hopefully senator graham will decide he wants to have an investigation so americans get a full story. i'm writing an op-ed about it
7:12 am
if you want to read it. >> sandra: meanwhile when you go back to some of the moves the gop has made in anticipation of this week some gymnastics were done to get jim jordan onto the committee, the intel committee. kevin mccarthy was on with maria bartiromo for 12 minutes yesterday. here he is defending that move. >> they made the intel committee the impeachment committee. they controlled it even more making adam schiff the fact witness, the prosecutor, the judge and jury. jim jordan has been in all these depositions and has been part of it. so we wanted to add him for the short time the intel committee becomes the impeachment committee. >> it makes perfect sense if you're a republican. house republican to get one of your guys, one of your best spokesmen and defenders on that committee because as mccarthy said he has been in all these closed door hearings, seen and
7:13 am
heard it all. he will be able to make a much more effective case on behalf of the president and against some of these witnesses than the average committee member that he replaced. >> bill: one topic, the president is rolling toward the location in new york city. that's forthcoming. want to touch on the story with nikki haley. she has a book out now. viewers will hear a lot about this. part of it she writes the following. kelly and tillerson confided in me when they resisted the president they were trying to save the country. it was their decisions, not the presidents, that were in the best interests of america. the president didn't know what he was do, end quote. here she is on 60 minutes from last night. >> tillerson said the reason he resisted the president's decisions was because if he didn't, people would die. >> instead of saying that to me they should have been saying that to the president. if you don't like what he is doing. but to undermine a president is really a very dangerous thing.
7:14 am
and it goes against the constitution and it goes against what the american people want. it was offensive. >> bill: you'll hear more about this. >> i think it ex -- explains a lot. tillerson no comment to nikki haley's allegations. she does have a point. >> all former officials of the administration and what's relevant to american's today is the current team on the same page? whether it's pompeo who seems to be completely in line with the president. now you have a new incoming secretary of energy who is very close with pompeo and with the president. so foreign policy now the defense department with esper in line. so that is what's relevant to americans today is that this team is on the same page. >> sandra: we're anticipating the president. final thought. >> interesting president trump supported nikki haley's book. she has no reason to be lying. >> sandra: she said in the book she had disagreements with in
7:15 am
the as well but took them directly to him. we'll leave it there. thank you. >> bill: thank you all. an ugly day in hong kong. day of rage. anger and violence in the streets. police opening fire sparking chaos and new protests yet again. details from overseas on that coming up. >> sandra: honoring america's veterans and remembering those who died on the field of battle. president trump on his way right now with the first lady to kick off new york city's 100th annual veterans day parade. first a very special message from this gold star family. straight ahead.
7:16 am
7:17 am
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7:20 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. dramatic video captures the escalating violence continuing to plague hong kong. a pro-democracy protestor shot at close range by police there. a counter protestor set on fire. senior foreign affairs correspondent has the latest from our london bureau this morning. greg. >> we were in hong kong throughout the summer. we watched protests get nasty there. guess what? they got nastier, a policeman wrestling with one protestors and when another approached shooting him at point blank range seriously injuring him. he is in the hospital and the man upset about protests who was set on fire. it set up a new round of clashes across hong kong with pro-democracy protesting battling police. a young man in a protest last
7:21 am
week was injured himself has died and fueling the flames literally. for her part the hong kong chief executive carrie lam said she wouldn't give in to the demands of the protestors. officials would spare no effort to crush the unrest. there are a local elections planned in hong kong later this month. it was thought perhaps they could calm things down with an effort towards democracy. now there is word they could be canceled and that would set off even more unrest. >> sandra: greg palkot from london. thank you. >> bill: back in new york. here we go. we're waiting for the president to arrive. he arrived a moment ago and speaking any moment in new york city. our next guest today is a u.s. air force veteran who lost her husband, lewis, in 2015 only four days before christmas. it happened in a terrorist suicide bombing in afghanistan that killed him and five others. debra bonacasa and her daughter
7:22 am
lily are with us in new york. the latest recipient of the home star family home program and here with frank siller to helped make it possible. he is the ceo for tunnel to towers. frank, we've known each other a long time. to meet lily, what a great day to meet you and a great welcome to our program and debra, hello to you. tell us about lewis. >> louie was larger than life even though he was a few inches taller than me. he was just an amazing family man. one of his proudest moments was becoming a dad. he took a lot of pride in his military career. >> he would take a lot of pride to see you, lily. what does it mean to feel the support of this foundation and learn it would be able to pay off your mortgage? >> gosh, it is very humbling
7:23 am
and we are truly grateful that frank and tunnel 2 towers is able to do it for us. such an enormous financial relief to help us. it will be such -- i don't know, such an amazing thing for us. >> sandra: it's great. >> bill: you changed lives and you've done it again. >> we're trying to. we didn't pay it off yet. that's what we're doing today. we want everyone to go to tunnel to and donate $11 a month. we want to make sure this great gold star family has their house paid off by christmas. tunnel to $11 a month can change the world. we gave away a smart home earlier this morning for our countries most catastrophically injured service members. we do that all over the country. i think we have to have a contract with america, with our veterans and thank you for your service. that when they go and serve their country and give their kids a kiss goodbye, that's
7:24 am
what your dad did when he went to serve which is country and they don't come home. that should be our contract to america to take care of these families. for $11 a month we could pay off every gold star family's home who died for our country. >> sandra: we should say thank you every day of the year that we show our gratitude and thanks. >> yes, not just for today but every day and such an honor to be here to represent the veterans and thank you for having us. >> bill: today is a more special day when we look at the parade that will go through fifth avenue in new york. 25,000, 30,000 people lined up and down fifth avenue. a big deal for our city. the fact the president is here today makes it more important. you just lost another brother. >> my oldest brother. russ, he passed away a couple of days ago. the spiritual leader for the foundation and the one that came up with our let us do good.
7:25 am
while we're here let us do good. the whole organization is a cornerstone foundation and ask everybody to join us, our family is asking for prayers that we keep the strength and keep this foundation going to help these great americans. i didn't really want to be here today -- my brother was such a force in our lives. but he would be upset with me if we weren't here helping these great americans. steven. they are up there looking down now. buck up, you have to make sure you get this done. so if we could come together as americans to take care of these great families you would be honoring my family and my brothers for sure. >> sandra: what do you think louie would think of the help and support you're receiving? >> he would be so happy. and grateful just for the support that everybody is giving us. it's just thank you. >> bill: quite an honor every time we get a chance to meet with the people that frank represents and you guys are wonderful to come in here and spend time with us. lily, how are you doing?
7:26 am
>> i'm doing good. >> bill: what does today mean to you, lily? >> it means everything that my dad has done for me and for our whole family. it is just a lot. i really appreciate it. >> bill: it's a remarkable legacy. remember that, okay, lily? got it. >> you are special, lily. >> bill: thank you, lily and debra. frank, my best to you. tunnel to we'll raise money for you. >> let's give them a christmas present and have their mortgage paid off by christmas. >> sandra: thank you for being here. >> bill: 26 past. >> sandra: we mentioned at this hour, thank you to you as well, lily. president trump will be taking part in the new york city annual veterans day parade. the 100th of that. any moment he will be at the podium addressing new york city. our live coverage of that continues. we'll be right back. ws, i want to tell as many veterans as possible about newday's va streamline refi. it's the closest thing to automatic savings
7:27 am
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do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> sandra: a big day to look back and remember our country's veterans. two big events we're waiting on now as we honor our nation's veteran. president trump addressing the opening ceremony of the new york city veterans day parade making history as the first sitting president to take part in that event. it is in its 100th year. >> bill: president set to lay a wreath at the flagstaff memorial in new york city. at the top of the hour around 11:00 a.m. the vice president mike pence is at the tomb of
7:32 am
the unknowns, arlington national cemetery. we'll cover both of them for you. rick leventhal picks up our coverage at madison square park in new york city. i have not seen until yesterday that enormous american flag that is flying on the park down there. >> yeah. it is beautiful and hard to miss. we can't really show it to you because of the cameras and light poles in the way. to our right where the president will lay a wreath in a little bit. they're playing the hail to the chief. president trump apparently. i'll let this go live as he takes the stage.
7:33 am
>> president trump: thank you very much and thank you for your tremendous support of this wonderful parade. today we come together as one nation to salute the veterans of the united states armed forces, the greatest warriors to ever walk the face of the earth. our veterans risked everything for us. now it is our duty to serve and protect them every single day of our lives. it is truly an honor to come back to new york city right here at madison square park to be the first president ever to attend america's parade. [cheering and applause] to every veteran here with us
7:34 am
and to the thousands preparing to march on 5th avenue it will be really something. to the 18 million veterans across our country, the first lady and i have come to express the everlasting love and loyalty of 327 million americans. i want to recognize department of veterans affairs deputy secretary james burn for joining us. thank you, james. thank you, james. [applause] a great job. pleased to report that our administration and all of the work that we've done, the veterans satisfaction with the v.a. is at 90%. the highest rate ever recorded in the history of this particular program. that's awfully good. we're very proud of you and the secretary. thank you very much. great job. [applause] also with us is new york city mayor bill deblasio. thank you very much, mr. mayor,
7:35 am
thank you. along with many other distinguished guests. thanks as well to everyone at the united war veterans council for putting on this incredible event, including bill white, doug mcgou juan and marine vietnam veteran vince mcgowan. thank each of you and all the supporters whose generosity make this parade possible. tremendous amounts of work has been done and tremendous amounts of money has been donated and we appreciate it and we appreciate stanley. we're very glad to be joined as well by the honorary grand marshal of the parade. marine corps general berger and troy black. thank you very much. let us also show our profound
7:36 am
appreciation to the 2019 grand marshals of the parade who have served in world war ii, korea, vietnam, the gulf war, and iraq. this morning as more than 30,000 patriotic americans line the streets of manhattan, we carry on a noble tradition that began one century ago. in 1919, the people of this city filled block after block to welcome home general pershing and his 25,000 american soldiers after victory in world war i. just a few years before, many of those soldiers had boarded ships at hoboken port. more than 116,000 americans made the ultimate sacrifice in that war. at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918,
7:37 am
the armistice was declared, the war had come to an end, and the allies achieved a great, great victory. every year since, on november 11th, we have shared our nation's deepest praise and gratitude to every citizen who has worn the uniform of the american army, navy, air force, coast guard, and marines. we are profoundly moved to have with us veterans of world war ii, including one of the grand marshals, woody williams. thank you, woody. [applause] thank you very much, woody. to each veteran of the war, the glory of your deeds will only grow greater with time. this city is graced by your presence. this nation is forever in your debt, and we thank you all.
7:38 am
we're also pleased to be joined by veterans of the korean war, the vietnam war, the gulf war, and the war on terror. you are the reason our hearts swell with pride, our foes tremble with fear and our nation thrives in freedom. will you please stand so we can honor your heroic service, please? [applause] thank you very much. thank you all. each year this parade highlights one branch of our military. this year we honor the elite masters of air, land, and sea, the legendary leathernecks, the feared devil dogs, the first to flight, the united states marines. let's hear it.
7:39 am
[applause] that's good. yesterday we celebrated the marines 244th birthday. that's pretty good. [applause] the few and the proud are always faithful and they always win. i also want to thank the marine corp law enforcement foundation which provides colorships to children of our fallen heroes. two every gold star family, we will stand by your side forever. it is very fitting that the veterans day parade begins right here in new york city. since the earliest days of our nation, new york has exemplified the american spirit and has been at the heart of our nation's story of daring and defiance.
7:40 am
on july 2, 1776, the british armada sailed into new york harbor numbering more than 400 ships and carrying more than 30,000 men. the british came here to snuff out what they thought was just a minor american revolution. didn't turn out to be that way. but the red coats did know -- what they did know is they were going to have a problem but they didn't know that new york would meet them with the fear some power of american patriots. in world war i new york rejments like harlem hell fighters, the lost battalion and fighting 69th were revered all over the globe. during world war ii 63 million tons of supplies and more than 3 million service members shipped out of new york harbor. on september 11th, 2001 the
7:41 am
whole world saw the horror and responded to america's wicked enemies with unwaiving courage, unbreakable spirit and resolve that is deeper than oceans, fierceer than fires, and stronger than steal. -- steel. last week i awarded the presidential citizens medal to an extraordinary american, rick. he enlisted in the army at the recruiting center in time square. became a great war hero in vietnam and back head of security at morgan stanley in the world trade center. on september 11th he saved 2,700 lives before giving his own. today we are immensely grateful to be joined by rick's son, trevor. thank you, trevor, thank you very much. [applause]
7:42 am
thank you. to trevor and every 9/11 family, we pledge to never, ever forget the towering spirit of strength that we see in this city lives within the heart of every american warrior from the snow of valley forge to the jungles of vietnam, from the forests of bella wood to the beaches of normandy. from the mountains of afghanistan to the deserts of iraq, that spirit has helped our fighters defeat tyrants, conquer fascism, vanquish communism and face down terrorism. just a few weeks ago american special forces raided the isis compound and brought the world's number one terrorist leader to justice.
7:43 am
thanks to american warriors -- abu bakr al-baghdadi is dead, his second in charge is dead, we have our eyes on number three. his reign of terror is over and our enemies are running very, very scared. thank you. thank you. [applause] those who threaten our people don't stand a chance against the righteous might of the american military. in a few weeks we will mark the 75th anniversary of the battle of the bulge, our nation's bloodiest battle of world war ii. more than 47,000 americans were wounded and 19,000 gave their last breath for their country. we are proudly joined today by a veteran of the battle of the bulge, a native new yorker who is 94 years old and still going very, very strong, corporal
7:44 am
jack foye. [applause] you look good, jack. you look good. jack enlisted in the army right out of high school. he fought through brutal months of the campaign in northern france. one christmas eve after marching nearly 100 miles in the snow in subzero temperatures he arrived outside the town of bastogne in belgium. for two weeks he fought under ceaseless artillery fire and pushed the enemy back from a critical road. at one point a mine blew up and it destroyed his vehicle, badly hurting many. he was wounded three times but he kept on fighting. after the allied victory at the battle of the bulge, jack fought for the remaining nine months of the war across the
7:45 am
through the rhine land until he reached the gates of a concentration camp. first nazi camp to be liberated. it was a big, big event. it was number one. as jack has said about the battle of the bulge, when the chips were down and the situation was desperate, the american soldiers stood up to be counted. for a brief moment in history these men held our nation's destiny in their hands. we did not fail. thank you very much, jack. [applause] and corporal foye, we will forever be proud of what you and your fellow soldiers achieved for all of humanity. also here with us today is
7:46 am
lauren matthews. the granddaughter of oh veteran who passed away. roddy never talked about the war, lauren never knew her grandfather's story until she did a school project 10 years ago. roddy was in the 422nd regiment which was overwhelmed when the nazis launched their surprise assault. he and his men fought for three treacherous days before being taken as prisoners of war. after they arrived at a prison camp, the german commander sent an order over the loudspeaker, the jewish american soldiers were all told to step out of line during roll call the next day. knowing the terrible fate that would come to his jewish comrades, roddy immediately said we're not doing that.
7:47 am
he sent orders to have every american step out of line with their jewish brothers in arms. the next morning, 1,292 americans stepped forward. the german commander stormed over to roddy and said they cannot all be jews. roddy stared right back and he said we are all jews here. at that point the german put a gun to roddy's head and demanded you will order the jews to step forward immediately or i will shoot you right now through the head. roddy responded major, you can shoot me but you will have to kill us all. [applause]
7:48 am
the german turned red, got very angry, but put his gun down and walked away. master sergeant edmunds saved 200 jewish americans, soldiers that day. so proud to be jewish and so proud of our country. lauren, thank you for being here today as we remember your grandfather's unbelievable and exceptional valor. lauren, please stand up. thank you very much. [applause] one of the 200 jewish american soldiers who was saved that fateful day is staff sergeant lester tanner, lester is now 96 years old. [applause] and he joins us here. boy, you guys are looking very good, 96.
7:49 am
lester, you are really 96? i don't believe it. you are looking good. thank you very much. thank you also for your very noble service and for sharing this incredible story with the world. thank you very much, lester. the men and women who have doned our nations uniforms are the bravest. and strongest warriors ever to walk on earth. you left your families and fought in faraway lands. you came face-to-face with evil, and you did not back down. you returned home from war and you never forgot your friends who didn't return, including prisoners of war and those missing in action. every day you think of them and pray for them. but your greatest tribute of all is the way you lived your lives in the years since. you raised your families, you endured the wounds of war, and
7:50 am
you endured the pains of that memory. yet you keep going, you keep serving, you keep giving, and you keep loving. you volunteer at your local veterans post and you keep in touch with your battle comrades. you support our gold star families. you take care of our wounded warriors. and you stand alongside of our service members when they return from war. on veterans day our nation rededicates itself to our most solemn duty. while we can never repay our warriors for their boundless service and sacrifice we must uphold with supreme vigilance our sacred obligation to care for those who have borne the battle. in just a minute we will have a moment of silence and we will lay a wreath at the eternal
7:51 am
light monument. as we do, with god as our witness, we pledge to always honor our veterans and pay a mortal tribute to those who have laid down their lives so that we might be free. together we must safeguard what generations of fearless patriots gave everything to secure. we will protect our liberty, uphold our values, and defend our home. we will insure that righteous legacy of america's veterans stands as a testament to this nation from now until the end of time. to every veteran here today and all across our land, you are america's greatest living heroes and we will cherish you now, always, and forever. thank you, god bless our veterans, and god bless america.
7:52 am
thank you. thank you very much. [applause] >> bill: 21 minutes in length. madison square park. a lovely day here in new york city. we'll wait here and watch the wreath laying with the first lady melania here in new york. >> after the wreath is placed there will be a moment of silence followed by a rifle salute and the playing of taps. please rise if you are able and remain standing throughout the ceremony.
7:53 am
[band playing] ♪ [band continues playing] ♪
7:54 am
[band continues playing] ♪
7:55 am
[band continues playing] ♪
7:56 am
[gun salute] [taps being played] ♪
7:57 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, this concludes the centennial wreath laying and visit by the commander-in-chief. please remain standing until the official party departs after which the opening ceremony will continue. >> bill: he said every 9/11 family we pledge never to forget. a few weeks ago al-baghdadi was brought to justice and we have
7:58 am
our eyes on number three >> sandra: we'll stand by your family forever. we come together as one nation the president said to salute our veterans. we're forever in debt to them. he also gave salute to the 244th birthday of the marine corps, marines laid the wreath on the eternal flame monument. two big events. the president kicking off the annual veterans day parade in new york city as we await mike pence to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier in arlington. we are watching from washington, what comes to mind first off. >> you think about the other 18 million brothers and sisters that you have out there and the amazing sacrifices that they've made without ever asking or feel owed anything in return.
7:59 am
it is pretty inspiring. >> sandra: what does it mean to see the president there the first sitting president to ever arrive in new york city for this big veterans day parade and kick it off with a speech as they will now begin their march in new york city, david? >> i think it's great and it should be incumbent on the commander-in-chief. he is in charge of all the military active and he is an executive that sees over all those veterans as well. him showing his support and how seriously he takes this is inspiring and is a responsibility, too. >> bill: there will be tens of thousands of people lining fifth avenue as the parade goes toward manhattan. a beautiful day. remarkable stuff. we're squeezing it in between two big storms. the powers above are working with us here, david, as we wait on the vice president. >> i think it's great. i'm here in d.c. and it's the same sort of day down here and great event going on over at
8:00 am
arlington as well. >> sandra: we were speaking with the head of the iava last hour, iraq, afghanistan veterans association of america. we were going through the number of things the v.a. was getting help for. he agreed with a lot of stuff the administration that's done. suicide and mental health is not getting enough attention. how do you address that on a day like today? >> you start by awareness. the numbers that came out of 2019 report were around 60,000 veteran suicides in the last 10 years. if you think about that number, that's more than are on the vietnam wall. it is amazing. you start with awareness and as more people reach out, do more than say thank you for your service, find out a way to substantively say thank you and reach out and help. if it's in your capacity giving time and money, things like that.
8:01 am
but it starts with awareness. and having the conversation. >> sandra: to that point the president said as we come together as one nation to salute our veterans he went on to say it's our duty to serve and protect our veterans because we have to circle back and we have to protect those who served us so loyally, this country. what more can we be doing for our veterans to support them when they do leave the battlefield? >> i think there are so many ways people can help out. you can help out with -- there are lots of organizations that are out there that you can donate money to. don't just write a check. do research on what that organization is. what have the veterans done? encourage the education and schools for understanding the sacrifices that have been made by the veterans. you can donate your time. nothing is more valuable than time. donate your time to these. if you are a construction worker help build a house and work the tunnel to towers piece. there are lots of ways you can do it.
8:02 am
it is about the outreach and getting actively involved and you can help. >> bill: great thoughts there, david. thank you so much your time. remarkable to see the way we honor our veterans today as opposed to 30 or 40 years ago when the veterans came back from vietnam. it is really a change that is necessary for our american military. thank you for your service. >> thank you, bill. >> bill: nice to see you in washington, d.c. >> sandra: as a president wraps his veterans day speech there in lower manhattan he begins a pivotal week in his presidency with public impeachment hearings beginning wednesday as we begin another hour here of "america's newsroom." it is veterans day. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. the first witnesses will testify on wednesday. a battle gears up over who else we could hear from in this inquiry. republicans want to call hunter biden and the whistleblower, democrats not on board. with the president over the weekend weighing in on all this. first from saturday here is president trump.
8:03 am
>> president trump: i don't care public, they should be public. what i said is very simple. there shouldn't be anything. there shouldn't be impeachment hearings. read the transcript. >> impeachment is like the death penalty for a public official. when you look at the transcript, there is nothing in that transcript that warrants the death penalty for the president. >> my mind is open in terms of the trial. we shouldn't listen to public input on this. this is a trial. and we should look at the evidence and does it rise to the level of high crimes and miss demeanors? >> i think talk about impeachment has been premature. 535 different opinions on what impeachment is. >> bill: john roberts is live from the north lawn. hello, john. chief white house correspondent. good morning. >> good morning. the republicans have listed by name nine witnesses they want to appear. there is also more beginning in public hearings on wednesday. among the people that have been
8:04 am
named on the list they don't use his name but the whistleblower they want to see. hunter biden, devon archer, the fellow burisma board member to biden and co-partner in a private equity firm that hunter biden was with as well. nellie ohr for fusion gps. tim morrison is the person gordon sondland told that aid to -- kurt volker and all witnesses that the whistleblower relied on to put together his or her complaint. one or more of the witnesses will be vetoed by devin schiff. he said having the whistleblower testify would be redundant and unnecessary and he also said he has no interest in sham investigations of the bidens. will hurd who worked at the
8:05 am
c.i.a. for nine years says the identity of the whistleblower should be protected but that there is benefit to hearing from hunter biden. listen here. >> i would love to hear from hunter biden and love to hear from the other americans that served on the board of burisma. i'm curious to know how someone who doesn't have any experience in ukraine or natural gas company gets on the board of a natural gas company in ukraine. >> the press secretary stephanie grisham saying she expects the public hearings to be more of the same of what happened behind closed doors over the past couple of weeks. listen here. >> it is no surprise. there are public hearings starting this week but clearly they won't be public because we don't get to have anybody from our side out there to tell our side of the story. this is going to be more of the same as last week. we don't expect anything different. >> democrats do believe that schiff will allow some of the witnesses republicans want to
8:06 am
call. here is sean patrick maloney. >> i can't speak for the chairman. what i can tell you i think we will end up calling some of the witnesses on that list and here is my test. my test is do these witnesses have important information, knowledge or evidence about the president's conduct? and if it passes that test, then we should call them, sure. >> the president weighing in this morning claiming the democrats have been releasing doctored transcripts. shifty adam schiff will only release doctored transcripts. we haven't seen the documents that are restricted from get this, having a lawyer. republicans should put out their own transcript. schiff must testify why he made up a statement from me and read it to all. mark meadows last week complained the transcripts had been edited. >> bill: john roberts from the north lawn. more now with sandra. >> sandra: let's bring in liz peek and richard fowler.
8:07 am
liz, i'll start with you first. what do you think happens this week? >> well, i think they'll have the open hearings and i think the public is going to elicit a big yawn. i don't hear of any new testimony or facts that will enter the scene. i think the republicans have done a very good job of saying this isn't a fair process. we don't like the way it's being run. but i think also as time goes on and witnesses come forth and we really hear very little to shed more light on the whistleblower's initial gaitions, what are we supposed to get excited about? i don't think the democrats have made a very conclusive case that this possibly mistaken approach by president trump rises to the level of high crimes and miss demeanors and that's what's on the table. >> sandra: republicans are concerned the president won't be able to fairly defend himself in these hearings.
8:08 am
we've seen democrats blocking key witnesses the gop has called forward. will the president get a fair shake in all this? >> i think democrats should allow all the republican witnesses and i think that republicans will get a fair shake. they've gotten a fair shake from the beginning. in every single deposition there has been equal number of republican time and democratic time to answer questions. the public hearing you'll see the same. every member of this committee, democrat or republican will have a chance to question witnesses and ask whether or not the president's call to the ukrainian prime minister was a high crime or misdemeanor. it is unfair to say. we haven't had all the information put out in the public. >> sandra: when you say all witnesses should be allowed to be called forward that the gop wants, does that include the whistleblower? >> the reason why i'm against the whistleblower being called for he put his life on the line or she put their life on the line and followed all the right procedures and the whistleblower's testimony is not necessary because we have
8:09 am
actual folks who were on the call who heard the call first-hand. >> sandra: that doesn't look like it's going to happen. lindsey graham says if the whistleblower is not allowed to testify the whole thing is dead p on arrival in the senate. >> the whistleblower in the house, this thing is dead on arrival in the senate. the whistleblower is foundational to what they're doing in the house. the fact they don't want to call him tells you everything you need to know about how valid this effort is to impeach the president. >> sandra: now to you, liz. >> the point is republicans are saying oats a political process, impeachment is always a political process but generally in the past it's been a bipartisan agreement to move forward with this kind of investigation. that isn't the case here. a very political maneuver kicked off by the whistleblower according to every report has an enormous bias against this president as do a great many of the witnesses that have come
8:10 am
forward. i think lindsey graham is totally right. the whistleblower started this operation in the beginning. adam schiff was dedicated to getting that whistleblower his public moment. we've never seen him. not even allowed to say who he is. the whole thing is kind of a farce. >> attacks against the whistleblower are unfair. not only has the whistleblower's testimony been corroborated but the oig's office who is also appointed by donald trump. this idea and notion to go after the whistleblower without attacking the facts of this investigation is problematic, liz. >> we're not going after him. we need to hear from him what his motivation was. >> sandra: that person hasn't been identified. i want to get the democrat from california here. >> i think the republicans are making an issue of anything that they think will give them some gravitas. the only thing that the
8:11 am
whistleblower can say is that he was told by other people about the phone call. we have the other people coming forward to actually testify. so you have direct evidence not indirect evidence. >> sandra: richard, take that one. >> we have direct evidence. let's hear it and have members of congress have their say. we heard everything the whistleblower was on a flight with joe biden to ukraine. we don't know if that's true. they try to smear the whistleblower. was his call a quid pro quo. if it was does it rise to the level of a high crime for misdemeanor. >> sandra: here we are. just monday morning and it will be a big week with these two hearings happening. i want to call up jeffries. house republican #cover-up caucus wants sham witnesses to testify. my two cents, get lost. >> we go back to the process
8:12 am
you would say but even handedness. i think the american public is sourg on this investigation because in part we had two years of what turned out to be a pretty bogus investigation into the mueller investigation into russian collusion. that turned out to have no there there. i think americans are beginning to think we made an inappropriate ask, the president sets foreign policy and determines what kinds of conversations we have with foreign heads of state. was this appropriate? perhaps not. is it a crime? i don't think so and most americans -- >> sandra: we have a lot more on that this week. i want to go to bernie sanders and aoc, member of the so-called squad throwing his support behind sanders. on word that michael bloomberg could be entering the race they had this to say. >> tonight we say to michael
8:13 am
bloomberg and other billionaires, sorry, you ain't gonna buy this election. [cheering and applause] >> there are folks that are trying to completely purchase our political system, running as republicans and now tossing in their hats as democrats in the field as well. but what we're here to say in a democracy it shouldn't matter how much money you have. >> sandra: all right. we'll have to leave it there. thank you to our debate this morning. we have some live action in arlington with the vice president. thank you to you both. >> bill: live look at arlington national cemetery for the laying of the wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. [band playing national anthem] ♪
8:14 am
♪ ♪
8:15 am
[ceremony continuing without talking] >> present arms. [silence] ]
8:16 am
[drum beating] [taps being played] ♪
8:17 am
>> order, shoulder, arms. [silence]
8:18 am
>> bill: inscribed on that white marble are the following words, here rests in honored glory an american soldier known but to god. the vice president will make his way into the amphitheater where he will deliver a speech on this veterans day moments away. so did you get a new car?
8:19 am
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want to support the veteran community on veterans day buy from their businesses like savannah sauce company. >> i'm so glad you mentioned that. tracy served in the army. thank you for your service. you are the ceo of this company. you said you are super dedicated to the social responsibility of business. how do you feel like your time in the service influenced your company? >> i wanted to give back to fellow veterans and make sure that in every way that i could i could help to take care of veterans past, present and future by helping to build and sustain and furnish tiny homes and communities around the united states. >> does this company give the proceeds then to -- is that something separate you do? >> it does. we also purchase gift cards. we donate water, clothing and food items for homeless veterans. >> that's incredible. thank you so much. i want to talk a little bit
8:25 am
about these sauces. how many do you have? >> 20 different sauces but always doing r & d so it increases almost weekly. >> what is your favorite? >> we have all-natural sauces. everything that goes in them are all natural. the sugar is raw sugar, unprocessed sugar. my favorite would have to be -- let's see. the frog jam. not real frogs in there. big raspberries, oranges and ginger. >> i'm seeing people going to get the hot dogs and putting the sauce on. you are the official taste tester. i want to steal your job. >> my job is to taste a lot of products before they go on the market and give them input on what i think about it. if it's not right i tell them. >> i'll try some a little bit later. maybe right now as we get some hot dogs. i'll save you guys some?
8:26 am
how about that? >> nice job, abby. >> i'll try them all. >> full reviews coming up soon. nice to see you out there. >> sandra: instagram may be picking up the tab on igtv but there is a catch. it stands in stark contrast to facebook's free speech push. we'll go beyond the headlines with joe piscopo on that in just a moment. the white house could release the transcript of a second phone call between the president and the leader of ukraine as early as tomorrow. what that may show and what impact it could have on the impeachment push. >> president trump: you'll read the second and tell me if you think there is anything wrong with it. but never in history has anybody gone through this. it is a witch hunt and it should never happen to another president. with va mortgage rates suddenly dropping to near record lows, my team at newday usa is helping more veterans refinance than ever.
8:27 am
the newday va streamline refi is the reason why. it lets you shortcut the loan process and refinance with no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. one call can save you $2000 every year. call my team at newday usa right now. px]xri g here hold this. follow that spud. [ tires screech ] the big idaho potato truck is touring america telling folks about idaho potatoes. and i want it back. what is it with you and that truck?
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>> sandra: fox news alert now from the middle east. hamas holding a massive military parade in gaza. armed fighters showing off heavy weapons sending a threatening message to israel. trey yengst joins us live from the gaza strip. >> tensions are high between israel and gaza as a cease-fire that was brokered earlier this year continues to unravel. today during a parade the military wing of hamas threatened to destroy the jewish state.
8:32 am
families of hamas and supporters of the group lined the roads in the second largest city and cheered as militants marched by. a song played and said in arabic we'll launch more rockets and engulf israel in flames. in a rare display of force hamas is parading through the streets of gaza with heavy weapons. they want to send a message to israel they are prepared for battle. in the distance you can hear a drone. israel looking to send a message to hamas. they are watching. officials tell fox news they're ready to respond to what they call israeli aggression amid 83 weeks of striking. hundreds of palestinians have been killed and thousands injured. earlier this month a series of rockets were fired into southern israel after a protestor was shot and killed by israeli forces during weekly demonstrations along the border.
8:33 am
the spokesperson for hamas said his men are more prepared than ever to fight israel. >> today we are more powerful with god's willing we will teach this israelis hard lessens in any conflict imposed on us and our people. >> they receive weapons, money and support from the iranian regime. analysts worry it could erupt with iran soon but they wouldn't blindly take orders from the islamic republic. >> sandra: thank you. >> president trump: they want to have a transcript of the other call, the second call. and i'm willing to provide that. we'll probably give it to you on tuesday. they asked for it and i would gladly give it. there has never been a president so transparent. this is a witch hunt at the highest level and so bad for our country. read the second and tell me if you think there is anything wrong with it.
8:34 am
>> bill: it took place in april a few months before the phone call that sparked the impeachment probe. judge napolitano, hello to you, sir. maybe we get that tomorrow. which would be, i guess, significant headline. it could be the day before the hearings. what do you think? >> we don't know what's in it. presumably it is favorable to the president or he wouldn't be offering it. there is a risk to offering it. the risk is the transcripts of these phone calls, the july 25th one which he has already released and now this april one which he has offered to release among the most highly protected conversations that the president has. so protected that a court would never order them released under the executive privilege. his right to speak freely to his counterparts in another country when talking about foreign relations is a higher right than our right to know what he is saying. >> bill: executive privilege.
8:35 am
>> when he waves executive privilege by releasing this transcript and that transcript it waters it down. the courts will say will he assert executive privilege or only when the materials will hurt him? >> if he didn't release the transcript are we looking at hearings or ever? >> i think not. i think he made a mistake in releaseing the transcript. >> bill: the whistleblower could still file the complaint and take it to adam schiff's committee. we might be in the same spot as we were before. the white house thought we're helping our argument here. >> they are hurting their argument whenever they waive a privilege they want to rely on in the future. when you waive a privilege in the court's mind thinking as a judge. you are watering it down and selectively asserting it and selectively waiving it. that's the legal problem. >> bill: let's see if the transcript comes out tomorrow and see what's in it. you have oral arguments in the
8:36 am
u.s. supreme court tomorrow over daca. you have a total of about 660 total active recipients of daca. give me the arguments for and against. >> president obama asked congress to protect the daca folks. threes adults who came here as children. no choice of their own. they are fully americanized president obama argued and productive members of our society. i want to enact a law that prevents me or anyone else from deporting them. congress said no. president obama signed executives orders to protect him. he put in executive orders what congress rejected. president trump resigns an executive order repealing president obama's executive order that he has a right to do. it was challenged in three courts and the president lost in all three courts. that is they prevented him from
8:37 am
enforcing his executive order and required him to enforce president obama's executive order. that's coming to the supreme court tomorrow. the daca people say we came here as children. we are adults. we're fully americanized. it would wrong to accepted us back to a company we know nothing. the president said congress writes the laws, not the president. when president obama wrote his own law i should not be, president trump, required to comply with it. all i want to do is enforce the laws that congress has -- >> bill: his lawyers will say it's my job. >> right. to enforce the law as it was written. >> bill: what do you think they rule? >> i think it's up to the chief justice. i think this is clearly an ideological battle with john roberts in the hot seat in the middle. this is what he gets paid to do. >> bill: 5-4 vote. >> one way or another. >> sandra: fox news alert.
8:38 am
president erdogan sends captured isis fighters back to their home countries. jennifer griffin has more from the pentagon for us this morning. >> turkey says it has begun deporting foreign isis fighters back to their home countries even if in the cases of european fighters those individuals have been stripped of their citizenship. potential flash point for turkey and nato allies. among those deported today according to the turkish foreign ministry is an american isis fighter whose identity hasn't been confirmed. preparations are underway for them to deport others. the chairman of the joint chiefs explained why u.s. forces need to remain in the middle east. >> there are still isis fighters in the region and unless pressure is maintained and attention is maintained on that group, then there is a very real possibility conditions could be reset for reemergence of isis.
8:39 am
the footprint will be small but the objective will remain the same. enduring defeat of isis. >> the turkish interior ministry said turkey wouldn't be a hotel for jihads. most western countries don't want them back. a former british army officer honored by queen elizabeth for his work in syria has been found dead under mysterious circumstances in turkey. the body of him was found after he reportedly fell from his rooftop of his home in istanbul. friends suspect foul play. a number of human rights activists including kurdish journalists in northern syria have been killed since turkey's invasion of syria.
8:40 am
president erdogan will be at the white house wednesday. >> bill: the new credit card from apple under scrutiny saying it discriminates against women. one of the founding members of apple says the algorithm behind it. joe piscopo is going to talk about that coming up. if you live with diabetes, why fingerstick when you can scan? with the freestyle libre 14 day system just scan the sensor with your reader, iphone or android and manage your diabetes. with the freestyle libre 14 day system, a continuous glucose monitor,
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let's change the way we see pv. you track and discuss blood counts with your doctor. but it's just as vital to discuss changing symptoms as well. take notice and take action. discuss counts and symptoms with your doctor. visit >> sandra: it is time to go beyond the headlines where we'll take a break from the fast-moving news cycle each day and dig into something different. bloomberg reporting instagram will begin paying celebrities and influencers for content on igtv but only if they don't post about politics. in a stark contrast to facebook's policies. joining us is radio talk show host joe piscopo, good morning to you and happy veterans day. we'll get something from you on that in a moment. first to this story. no politics and you will get paid. is that fair? >> does it apply to the
8:45 am
russians? if they'll pay you, they'll pay for a post on instagram? come on, i'm ready. >> sandra: you are big on social media. >> if i get paid i love it. it's hypocritical. facebook will let anybody buy anything and also on twitter, can we talk about a twitter? i'm shadow banned and not verified because i support the president they won't verify me. >> sandra: you have asked twitter to verify your account and they will not? >> somebody asked them at the radio station. i'm not going to -- if instagram will pay you, great. i understand not using any kind of political initiative in that regard if they pay you. other than that, you know, hypocritical. facebook lives off that. >> sandra: there is a quote from the bloomberg piece on instagram paying to avoid
8:46 am
politics. anyone who gets instagram money must not include social issues, elections or politics according to a contract to creators and agents. >> this is from bloomberg? bloomberg adhere to these rules himself? he is coming in every which way at us. >> sandra: who knew that credit limits and credit reports were biased according to gender? a tweet from the co-founder of apple himself. the same thing happened to us, referencing a woman getting a lower credit limit than her husband. he says i got ten times the credit limit than his wife. we have no separate bank or credit card accounts or separate assets. hard to get a human for a correction. big tech in 2019. he got ten times the credit limit as his wife and they share the same everything.
8:47 am
>> you know, i'm an apple guy, i'm i pisani but the father of three dates and that's wrong. you can see the disparity. can apple fix the new operating system? now getting into the credit situation. they try to have this with due respect to everybody outside of san francisco at apple. they think like they have this holier than,000 attitude. hip, new, apple. this is wrong. >> sandra: the new apple credit card. much talked about credit card. >> fix the phone and go into the credit world. the operating system has so much glitches. you put the cursor on, you can't do it. this is wrong. it's hypocritical. >> sandra: goldman sachs says it is not happening. they say in all cases we have not and will not make decisions based on factors like gender. that's a spokesperson from the bank. >> i believe new york state is
8:48 am
suing them as well as we speak. that's a good thing, i think. >> sandra: i want to end on veterans day. we have a picture you shared with us. >> i sent it in with the secretary of army ryan mccarthy at west point on saturday. we had a station event at am970, the salem station in new york. ifm owe so proud. i think of my father in the united states army air corp. we had a sergeant on with us and we had a colonel on with us and the whole morning show. we made it up. the parade is coming up. the president of the united states, the first president to kick off the big parade. it is great and something we have to appreciate. we live in the greatest country on planet earth the united states of america to the military in the name of my father, european theater in world war ii, godspeed and god bless our veterans. >> sandra: great to have you here and thanks for sharing the picture as well. >> bill: in a moment fox news
8:49 am
honors the brave men and women serving our country and we're talking to a combat veteran reunited with his friends. how an organization made that happen coming up next.
8:50 am
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8:53 am
>> bill: today we recognize the group that helps create a satisfied retirement for military and working dogs. u.s. army staff sergeant anthony andrews and working dog andy. terrific scene. beautiful dog. how old is andy? >> 11. >> bill: how did you meet? >> bill: stationed together in germany. i was a military police officer and got assigned andy.
8:54 am
we worked law enforcement and served in afghanistan for a little under a year. i went back to germany and i was assigned pcs arizona. andy stayed in germany and i went to arizona to keep working. >> bill: you got reunited in march of this year and representing yourself. you guys are friends for life then, aren't you? >> yeah. >> bill: what did you learn about training dogs that every dog owner needs to know? >> patience and consistency. always have good time with what you do and don't hold anything against the dogs. they are still animals. >> bill: trying to get them to do things you want them to do. does andy still work? >> he does not. he retired in march of this year. >> bill: is he thinking that way a little bit? >> every time we go out somewhere he tries to do his daily job. we were at my grandfather's house when i got back home two weeks ago. i lost the dog and he said he
8:55 am
is upstairs and froze and hasn't moved. there was a gun. he responded to a gun. >> bill: in your grandfather's house. crazy. tell me about mission canine. >> it is an organization that contacts when i found out andy was retiring one of my good friends oscar, his dog retired and got his dog back from alaska. they helped me pay for some medical expenses and his flight. it helps reunite dogs on the military and contract side. >> bill: thanks for your service and for sharing your service. a beautiful dog. glad you guys are back together again, right? cool. andy, you be good. >> can i say thank you to a couple of veterans? first my father who served 20 plus years. thank you to him and then master sergeant cook is a dog handler for 25 years. staff pierce and reiss and the rest of my military working dog community and my family.
8:56 am
>> bill: thank you again. we'll be right back. service people.eterans y some of them are giving their lives right now, today, for the freedoms that we have here in this country. they're willing to do that, so for us, at newday to help those people at this point in time. it's a labor of love, it's a noble service, and that's what we're all about.
8:57 am
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>> good stuff. >> thanks to all our veterans. great dog, by the way. don't mess with andy. >> have a great day, "outnumbered" starts right now. >> melissa: fox news alert, the drama is already building on capitol hill. a top democrat pushing back after house republicans submit their request for witnesses. including hunter biden and the anonymous whistle-blower among others. we are waiting to see house intelligence committee democrats will approve the witnesses. adam schiff, in a letter to the g.o.p. ranking member devin nunes already denying the request for the whistle-blower to testify publicly saying the testimony at this point would be redundant a


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