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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 12, 2019 3:00am-5:59am PST

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sometimes. currently in the democratic but that thing honking at you is going to be even primary. and they are grooming her to worse, i think. be the third party candidate. she's a favorite of the rob: yosef is going to get russians. they have a bunch of sites his butt kicked if he is not and bots and other ways of care unfortunately. this is new york after all. supporting her so far. jillian: thanks for and that's assuming jill watching. rob: "fox & friends" starts stein will give it up, which she might not because she is now. steve: dozens of rockets also a russian asset: yeah, being fired into israel after airstrike killed an she is a russian asset. islamic jihadist leader in i mean, totally. gaza. watch this. brian: david plouffe is astounded. he wouldn't check her. she is not a russian asset. we don't know where jill [explosion] brian: violence escalating of course as benjamin stein can be found. steve: after we heard that netanyahu reveals the everybody said look, she is islamic leader was planning a new attack. suggesting that -- hillary is suggesting that she is a ainsley: trey yingst is live russian asset and that she is being groomed by the in gaza city with more on russians for third-party run the cross city attacks. good morning, trey. in 2020. that is not what hillary >> brian, ainsley, steve, good morning. overnight the israeli clinton's team has been trying to change minds. military assassinated an islamic jihad militant by says she wasn't talking about russians grooming her. the name of baha. that the republicans were yooming her. that' -- grooming her.
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he was firing and ordering the firing of a number of that's how the hillary clinton team is trying to spin that it's not about the rockets into southern israel russians. it's about the republicans, according to the prime minister. he had couple other tacts. they say. ainsley: so she is accusing the republicans of saying that she is helping the russians? all right. benjamin netanyahu spoke in so. israel he said his side steve: no. would not like to see an see brian: we where to find out. steve: hillary is saying that she was talking about how the republicans are escalation that's not going to be what happened. as we are speaking in the grooming her for 2020. distance, there are rockets being intercepted by ainsley: she doesn't like any of this. israel's missile defense it actually made her look system the iron dome. great because she pushed back against hillary. more than 150 rockets were and she is now getting her legal team involved. fired into southern israel. she sent a letter over to one of those rockets very close to where we are hillary's cawmp accusing her standing misfired, slammed of defamation. into a building. she said she is not a the building we are in took russian asset. she is insisting that the shrapnel. take a look at the scene. statement was untrue. here is a quote from that letter. she says besides your [sirens] >> as dozens of rockets are statement, no law enforcement or intelligence fired into southern israel. agencies have claimed, much the israelis are now responding striking targets less presented any evidence inside the gaza strip. just moments ago this that tulsi gabbard is a building was hit. russian asset. there were multiple people the fabricated story is so inside. we have seen a number of improbable that it is injured people come out and they are looking to see actionable as defamation. whether or not anyone is injured or killed inside the this republican, not russian
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building. >> while you were listening spin developed only after to that sound another you realize the defamatory explosion off in the distance as islamic jihad nature of your statement. and therefore your legal continues its barrage of liability as well as the rockets into southern full extent of the public israel. we saw some footage of backlash about your public rocket impacting a highway statement. steve: she talked about near the small israeli town first the russians and now of sderot. saying it was the this is a town along the republicans. israel border. brian: if you watched some of joe biden last night. i did receive a text from an if you senile any of the excerpts clearly he think elizabeth warren is a official. he said quote major threat. is he going after her big time. escalation expected. elizabeth warren comes back -- her camp comes back the factions here vowing to respond to what they call oh yeah joe biden's attack on me sectionist? israeli aggression. again, right now, as we are speaking in the distance, rockets are being fired into joe biden had a problem with southern israel. and the israeli military my way or the highway announced they are hitting attitude that's sexist which is a titanic leap, i think. islamic jihad rocket sites and also militant sites and then you have amy inside the gaza strip right klobuchar going after mayor now will. pete. it's like watching a bar in the background you can fight where everybody is hear ambulances heading to fighting everybody. those sites of the rocket like a smoky and the bandit attacks and also a number of episode people are throwing places that have been hit by plates and glass and you the israeli military. certainly going to see a don't know how are rooting number of developments throughout the day. for. brian, ainsley, steve. steve: i remember smoky and the bandit. steve: so, trey, the rockets plates and glasses? are being fired at this hour brian: infighting after the
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longest time no fighting? where yo you are at in gaza steve: think back to four years ago when it was all toward israel and israel is the republicans. just using the iron dome to i remember a lot of defend themselves or are infighting then. they firing more rockets at brian: i remember donald this hour back at you? trump taking everybody out. >> well, they have just ainsley: you see what's started responding inside happening. they are all trying to make the gaza strip. themselves relevant. so they are striking a they are running with things number of islamic jihad like this. steve: they are all right targets inside gaza with now pretty much it's joe airstrikes. at the same time, we are seeing new rockets being biden -- i was about to say fired from islamic jihad hillary clinton. towards israel. so, clashes are actually ainsley: elizabeth warren. steve: and bernie. taking place as we speak. they keep trading places for first. earlier today the israeli they are all just trying to military was just using get a little ahead. particularly with joe biden. missile defense system the he is in big trouble. iron dome to shoot down more he can't raise money. than 150 rockets fired into that's why bloomberg running southern israel. although this system is very is potentially so bad for him because he can just affected, it does not all of write a check and put the rockets. commercials on every tv we have seen images of station in america forever. roads, buildings and small brian: what does it tell you factories hit inside israel. that devol patrick and so far only minor injuries are being reported. hillary clinton and michael on the gaza side one of those israeli airstrikes bloomberg and eric holder that took place after the are going i'm going to get initial assassination did in. they are saying -- i looked kill annual islamic jihad at this field, i watched it militant that the israeli for five months and there is government and military says no there there. was planning to fire another and you forget about
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analysts. these are fellow candidates rocket into israel. want to put their own time and money in. that's how desperate it must brian: great work. that's a huge message to seem from the inside. ainsley: a lot can happen. iran. steve: be careful, trey. someone will rise to the top. a lot of debates coming up. time to go down off that we will see who is the strongest candidates. roof. ainsley: this is iran backed steve: by virtue of these terror group. other people thinking that israel has taken him out i'm getting. while at the house. in that's means democrats israel says he was a ticking think democrats can't win. bomb. palestinians responded by brian: right. carrying his body through steve: 7:10. almost 7:11 in new york the streets chanting death city. jillian joins us now. to israel. brian: which they do every jillian: good morning to you. day just about. get you caught up with this we will track that it's one story. jordan spoils a terror plot of those days where israel leads the news. targeting american and u.s. and i'm sure that's not going to go away. 4 minutes after the top of diplomat. the hour. the suspects were planning to drive a vehicle into nikki haley will be on 90 their targets at a military minutes. base before attacking with brand new book, very guns and knives. jordan is a u.s. ally and has been targeted by members interesting. it is very specific about of isis and other jihadist groups for years. where she served, where she the suspects behind the differed with the president and where she didn't. latest plot will stand trial one thing about nikki haley, in jordan. a university suspends all 14 if she differed with the president, the president fraternities in the wake of a college student's death. knew about it. she can't say the same thing about john kelly according 19-year-old dylan hernandez was found without a pulse in
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to her and rex tillerson. steve: right. his dorm room at san diego brian: she made that clear and she made it clear again state after attending a frat with sean hannity last night. party. he died a week after being >> this wasn't that these rushed to the hospital. guys thought this was a his cause of death is not rogue president. known. university police say the it was that these guys fraternity may have been involved in possible disagreed with his policy. they disagreed with us getting out of paris climate misconduct. agreement. and extreme weather now. they disagreed with us a brutal winter storm getting out of the iran turning deadly in the deal. they disagreed with moving the embassy from tel aviv to midwest. at least four people killed in car accidents on slick jerusalem. so when the president was roads. in chicago, terrifying charting a different course moments when a plane slid right off an icy runway. and really giving us a strong hand for merck look at this. america and our friends, they just thought he was going in the wrong >> oh. direction. no, no, no. when they sat me down that day, they were attempting to oh. tell me if i would work with hey. them, they were trying to >> i think we landed. save america. steve: so they were trying to save america. >> the landing gear snapping this were trying to recruit on this american airlines flight landing at o'hare her, she says, when the airport. the weather causing more president says something than 1200 flight let's just not do it. cancellations in the city. when you look at what she is just outside of chicago a talking about, we're not school bus flipped over by talking about a rogue strong winds. no one was seriously hurt. president. you know, regarding what the be careful out there. president was doing. the san francisco 49ers are
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they simply disagreed with no longer unbeaten. his point of view. when you disagree with the a wild overtime game against boss' point of view. you tell the boss why you the seattle seahawks ending disagree and if you are not in last-second field goal. on the same page you can leave. for them to, according to her, try to recruit this resistance inside the white house, that is just and seattle has done it. shocking. ainsley: rex tillerson responded to the media basically saying she was not as important as i was. i was in a lot of meetings jillian: what incredible with the president. start though for the 49ers. she was rarely there this is seahawks beating division exactly what he said. rival 27-24. my conversations with the the 49 ersz were the last presidency in the privacy of the oval office were always unbeaten team in the nfl and candid, frank and my they had a chance to win it. recommendations straightforward. rookie chase mclaughlin once the president made a decision, we at the state kicking a field goal in department undertook our overtime it's not even best efforts to implement close. all the way to the left. that decision. and actually ended up in a ambassador haley was rarely a participant in many of my tunnel. many meetings and not in a position to know what i may steve: oops? or may not have said to the jillian: oops is right. president. i continue to be proud of my brian: something about the service and our country's game being played on grass that makes it a little more 69th secretary of state. brian: main problem with real. i like mud. that statement is that we jillian: i agree. heard nikki haley weigh in on these subjects in major brian: considering my addresses and in interviews. brother does turf. so if she is not in these meetings, she is ad-libbing, ainsley: thanksgiving is going to be awkward.
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free-lancing with opinions? she had a direct line to the ainsley: do you know who else loves mud? president. was it rex tillerson who didn't know what nicl nikki haly brian: who? ainsley: pep pa pig. that's where i am now. steve: new fox nation documentary shining a was doing. spotlight on violence. steve: he is only talking about his personal meetings with the president. not talking about anything else. ainsley: correct. steve: talking about when i jean gianno went back to get was with the president, this a firsthand look. never came up. >> the world to see it every ainsley: correct. steve: so it will be day. chicago has been a third world country. interesting. ainsley: i was reading more articles and it went on to say that he did tell the media at no time did i nor to my direct knowledge did anyone else serving along with me take any actions to undermine the president. steve: we need to hear from john f. kelly and we need to hear from the president. before nexium 24hr mark could only imagine... ainsley: what's interesting is rex tillerson didn't a peaceful night sleep without remain. nikki haley has remained an frequent heartburn waking him up. now that dream is a reality. ally of the president. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, brian: kelly said he felt as though the president would all-night protection. have gotten impeached ihave -- n can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? and my side super soft? with the sleep number 360 smart bed you can both impeached if he was there
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adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. meaning a lot of the things the things he thought the so, can it help us fall asleep faster? president's instinct told yes, by gently warming your feet. him to do he would pull back but can it help keep me asleep? from it. absolutely, it intelligently senses your say you are not allowed to do it. movements and automatically adjusts to steve: the way nikki haley keep you both comfortable. described it the two of them will it help me keep up with him? tried to convince her if we yup. don't stop him, people will so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise. prove. die. they didn't agree with the don't miss the final days to save $1,000 on the new paris climate deal. they pulled out of that. they did not agree with the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, now only $1,799. ends sunday. iran deal. the president pulled out of that. ainsley: and moving the embassy. steve: regarding that, haley notes said the sky would fall. take a look the sky has not fell. >> nikki haley is 100 percent exactly is right. the president has a right to surround himself with the people that he wants and they have a responsibility to either support his policies or resign. look, he's the only elected person. nobody elected rex tillerson to anything. and i think his problem was he arrogantly thought that he was going to run foreign
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policy. no, mr. tillerson, you weren't on the ballot. donald trump was. and thank goodness that nikki haley has the clear understanding of the constitutional function of foreign policy under a president. not appointed or employed people within the federal government. brian: remember, gary cohn, he took something off the president desk because he didn't want it. they were pushing back against tariffs, they didn't want it. very interesting at 8:30 when we go to talk to him. one of the biggest mistakes president made taking chris christie's background information and throwing it in the garbage. i know putting indefense cybil. six months of work it seems like he hired a bunch of guys that had their own agenda and he got off to a start in which you have to worry about your own people as well as democrats out there. ainsley: it's one thing to disagree and tell the president you don't agree with this. you are trying to push him in a different direction because you feel like it could be an impeachable offense that john kelly there's a company that's talked than me: jd power.people might have done. different thing to undermine
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448,134 to be exact. the president when you serve at his pleasure. and nikki haley rights in they answered 410 questions in 8 categories her book she said the president later told me i about vehicle quality. and when they were done, have never seen anybody be chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across treated the way rex treated cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. nikki. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say steve: 4:00 this afternoon the university of virginia is going to end 24 hour "thank you, real people." you're welcome. veterans day vigil it we're gonna need a bigger room. started yesterday at 4:00. something they have done over the last 10 years they have ended the 24-hours with a 21 gun salute as is standard in many military operations and commemorations. not going to happen though. because they have decided that according to the president, of uva, jim ryan there are problems with that. ainsley: they said they don't want to cause trauma. they think it will be disruptive to class and it could cause panic when the students hear those shots being fired. brian: exact verbatim essentially that and disrupt classes and, too, unfortunately with gun violence in the u.s., there was some concern it would
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cause a panic if someone heard gunshots on the grounds. brit hume, one of the best tweeters of his generation, weighed in. steve: yep, he said as an alumni of uva i am embarrassed, what >> you say even if you did get the job have you got to get the bus to get to the pantywaists. job. while you are getting to the a viewer comment from randy bus to get the job you can these children are going to have a hard time when they be killed. >> [bleep]. >> public transportation at enter the real world. a bus stop ain't got your ainsley: another tweet from timothy younger generation gun on you out looking for these days needs pacifiers you trying to kill. >> you a new documentary new while they go to college. battle for chicago out today brian: main word is salute 21 gun. on fox nation, our streaming it's a salute. service. our next guest returns to steve: everybody would know his hometown to take an we are going to have this at inside look at the gang life 4:00 in the afternoon. and the state of crime as >> we only do it one time a well as his hope for the year now they are not going to do it. city of chicago. ainsley: i thought about here with more on his this. if you do hear gunshots and interviews is fox news a freshman and not prepared contributor and author of for it. "taken for granted" gianno steve: terrifying. absolutely. ainsley: you might hit the ground. caldwell. >> out today. if you message this the right way and send out steve: congratulations. fliers and tell every >> thank you so much. steve: your hometown of teacher there is going to be chicago you can just be a 21 gun salute on veterans going out sitting on the porch and wind up dead.
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day. happen today at 4:00. >> in 2016 president trump then candidate trump said brian: jillian, you understand, too, comes to you could be walking down campuses they have a way of getting ahold of each other the street and can be shot. people said that isn't true. and informing them if there is a keg party or fraternity that's a lie. there are many people who are examples but they are in and use same text messages. the graveyard right now. 21 gun salute hold your ears. ainsley: gianno, you steve: they only do it once interviewed one of the guys a year. not anymore at uva. in your story is no longer with us. what happened to him? tell us what you think at >> little greg. jillian. i was doing interviews for good morning. laura ingraham's town hall jillian: three taliban in chicago. leaders are being released i met this young man. from custody in afghanistan he seemed likes he could as part of a prisoner swap have hope, he could potentially do great things with his life. he was part of the gang for american hostage. life. i offered him the kevin king and australian opportunity if i were able to get you job when you get weeks are professors at university in afghanistan. out of the life. he said yes. both were abducted at three months later he weighs gunpoint in 2016. killed. afghanistan's president says the swamp will help pave the -- he was way for face-to-face peace killed. talks with the terror group. brian: you brought a clip former president jimmy with you from your special. do you want to set it up or carter admitted to the just roll it? hospital overnight. >> absolutely. this is the new battle for he will undergo brain chicago where i interviewed surgery in atlanta. numerous individuals and it the procedure will reduce was heart-breaking to be honest. pressure caused by bleeding >> i 27 criminals in 93. after recent falls at his home. 95-year-old is the longest living american president in the only difference it is history. he is resting comfortably today is this right here.
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this morning with his wife the world can see it every roselyn by his side. former white house secretary day. chicago been a third world sean spicer takes a final country. >> do you mind if i ask you bow on downing with the what you went to jail for? stars. ♪ >> crack cocaine. >> weed, possession, ♪ why haven't i found delivery, controlled another ♪ your heart is the one to substance. >> do you mind telling us what you did? >> murder. help me out. is that succinct enough? jillian: after nine weeks of >> wow, and the stats are dancing, spicer got the boot. staggering. his argentine tango wasn't enough to get him into the 850 shootings. 420 homicides. semi-finals. you saw it. the president showing did anything surprise you or support tweeting quote a you going in there to show great try by sean spicer. us? >> you know, the people are we are proud of you. so hopeless in chicago. i think about my dear friend whose brother window hill was killed in october. steve: in the beginning thought it wasn't going to and this was a man who was last very long. not involved in any gang ainsley: in the beginning he life. wore ruffles. he got shot seven times trying to put his key in his door on his front porch. everyone wants to know does he get to keep the outfit. ainsley: how do you get out of that. if you are raised in that neighborhood, i feel so brian: next stop big sorry for them because they brother. have to go to the bus stop steve: meanwhile, democrats in washington trying a new and carry a gun? your mom, crack cocaine. strategy ahead of tomorrow's impeachment hearings. >> correct.
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livable to this. hearings -- listen to this. brian: your brother lost in a shooting? >> extortion team. steve: died on memorial day >> president acted 2017. criminally and extorted in >> i write about it in my the way a mob boss would book "taken for granted" my extort somebody. steve: andy mccarthy has rise in politic was very actually prosecuted mob unorthodox. i got involved in politics bosses. he is next. 14 years old one reason only. i was told in order for those who were on drugs to i'm a work in progress. get some help it was the so much goes into who i am. politicians that could do hiv medicine is one part of it. it. so at that particular point, prescription dovato is for adults who are starting i chose to volunteer for my hiv-1 treatment and who aren't resistant to either local adleman i literally of the medicines dolutegravir or lamivudine. dovato has 2 medicines in 1 pill believed i was helping my mother. to help you reach and then stay undetectable. brian: you switched from liberal to conservative. what happened? so your hiv can be controlled with fewer medicines >> you know, it's interesting. once i learned the while taking dovato. distinctions of the two you can take dovato anytime of day political systems, i learned that the ideology of the with food or without. conservative movement, you don't take dovato if you're allergic to any of its talk about lower taxes. you talk about religious ingredients or if you take dofetilide. freedom. you talk about the fact that if you have hepatitis b, i can legitimately be what i it can change during treatment with dovato want to be in spite of the and become harder to treat. your hepatitis b may get worse circumstances. that was something that i had to can a pitted late to. or become life-threatening if you stop taking dovato. i felt it was me. so do not stop dovato i really did. without talking to your doctor. the republican party is all
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about freedom and i talk serious side effects can occur, including allergic reactions, about that in my book "taken for granted" about that liver problems, and liver failure. particular freedom. steve: the president went to life-threatening side effects include lactic acid buildup chicago last week. and the superintendent of and severe liver problems. police did not meet with him. >> and that's another if you have a rash and other symptoms of an allergic reaction, interesting point. you got the politicians in stop taking dovato and get medical help right away. chicago that continue to talk trash about the tell your doctor if you have kidney or liver problems, president, who actually has a heart for chicago. including hepatitis b or c. don't use dovato if you plan to become pregnant brian: right. >> they need to work with or during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy him. brian: great book i got it? since one of its ingredients may harm your unborn baby. >> you endorsed it. brian: how conservatives can your doctor should do a pregnancy test win back when liberalism before starting dovato. use effective birth control while taking dovato. fails. >> thank you so much. the most common side effects are headache, brian: fox nation has already raised $100,000 for diarrhea, nausea, trouble sleeping, and tiredness. folds of honor. gianno, great job. so much goes into who i am i look forward to and hope to be. downloading your show, too. ask your doctor if starting hiv treatment ainsley: proud of you. steve: meanwhile, switching with dovato is right for you. gears, dog the bounty hunter facing a health scare. a potentially deadly condition discovered by dr. oz. dr. oz is here. and what he found really alarmed him. he's coming up next ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ brian: president trump could release the transcript of his first phone call with ukraine as soon as today as democrats in the media call
3:18 am
to reframe the impeachment take away from quid pro quo. they want to switch the words to extortion. let's play with me. >> enough evidence from the depositions that we have done to warrant bringing this forward. evidence of an extortion scheme. >> you can call this extortion, called bribery, it's all the same thing. >> president acted criminally and extorted in the way a mob boss would extort somebody. >> we are actually talking about here is not a businessy latin phrase. it's something a lot simpler, bribery and extortion. brian: it's amazing the way the news media and the democrats are on the same page. the author of collusion joins us now. the ball of collusion, i should say, andy mccarthy, best-selling book leading to the russia investigation. now we need one for the ukraine. are the democrats doing a wise thing jamming extortion down our throats? >> >> every time we -- i think we have gotten to the bottom depths of nonsense in this, brian from, a legal perspective, they sink even lower.
3:19 am
extortion is a domestic criminal law concept. it has no application to foreign relations. right now, take ukraine out of it. right now, we are trying to extort the iranians, we are ♪ ainsley: time now for news by the numbers. first $425,000. that's how much the state of indiana will pay a convicted trying to squeeze them with the president's maximum killer for keeping him in policy better terms. we are looking today israel for exactly why it's so solitary confinement for four years. important to do that. and everybody in the country jay vermilion sued the with a brain hopes the department of corrections president succeeds here. and under state law inmates and if it's extortion, most can spend a maximum of 30 people would say that's days in solitary. better than war. next, $30,000. that's how much a country and the fact of the matter club is telling their waiter is, extortion is a domestic to pay up. the club in new jersey is suing the employee after a criminal law concept where woman sued them for spilling everybody is involved you red wine on her expensive know, under the same rule of law, under the same legal hermes purse that is now authority. in foreign relations, what discontinued. and finally three, that is countries do to each other how many meatless burgers is basically say what do i being tested at burger king. have to do for you or to you the chain rolling out the new items at 180 u.s. to get to you act in a way locations including the that is consistent with what impossible whopper jr.
3:20 am
our interests are. burger and the cheeseburger. brian: so do democrats steve: and it's delicious. i have had it. have -- they have lieutenant ainsley: i haven't had an impossible burger. colonel show up in uniform steve: they are great. and say how disturbed he was meanwhile dog the bounty about this phone call and i hunter facing a new health would argue that they think scare after dr. oz revealed that that's going to be their best witness. the results of a lung scan do the republicans have one? on his program yesterday. >> that's a piece of blood >> yeah. i think the republicans, if clot that is actually inside they could get to, you know, the arteries of your lungs. bide or to nellie ohr, they that's called a pulmonary could open up the avenues of embolism. and the problem with these corruption and also the clots is when they block off collusion between the the arteries, they don't let ukrainians and the democrats in connection with the 2016 any oxygen get through lungs. campaign. >> right. since they are not going to >> there are plenty of folks be allowed to do that i would say two things. who die from these emboli. number one, you play the hand you are dealt. the hand there dealt is adam when you learned about this, what went through your mind? schiff. he is obviously not an >> the first thing i said honest broker. was how do we get rid of he started out these hearings with that this? cockamamie godfather part 4 dine dine duane chapman battling health problems in the wake of his wife beth's wannabe version of the passing this year. trump-zelensky conversation. ainsley: here with more is i would keep bringing it dr. oz host of the dr. oz back to him and making him the focus of the attention show. >> good morning. to show just how unfair this ainsley: did you discover. this the doctors covering.
3:21 am
process is. this he showed up in his own second thing is i was struck life. by your conversation a few bounty hunter literally minutes ago about nikki hunting him. he was the felon. haley, seems to me that i was called, actually i was in los angeles. vindicationman is another and he had signed out of a iteration of the same thing she is talking about what wentsn hospital against medical advice. doctor really bad sign. you are run from the truth. many of us metaphorically do that he was literally doing it. i learned after flying to colorado and taking him by his hand and getting into between secretary tillerson. why he was in the dull drums this is rising up against the only elected official that we elect to make he was in a lot of it policy. you know, i may happen to because of his beloved agree with the policy wife's passing. community on ukraine and on he has a broken heart. the president's views of she was his north star. russia. brian: but you are not the by getting him to realize president. >> right. that knowledge is power. he is the guy who got don't run from information, elected and we elect him to you can learn things you don't want to know. make policy. you can almost address them. brian: right. they couldn't handle it and seeing it at all different he was having chest pain all levels. very interesting. the signs and symptoms of either a heart attack or "ball of collusion" is now this. finally after numerous out. i hope you have gotten sleep efforts. we got the testing. because we will be calling proved what he had. now he is in treatment. you the next few weeks. spoke to him. they say they will be having by the way sends his him impeached by christmas. regards. he has completely changed we will see how that goes. his life. he used to smoke four packs president trump honoring a day of cigarettes. american soldier to ho started when he was age 12. hundreds of jewish american that's part of the reason
3:22 am
his blood was sticky and probably clotted and went to his lungs to cause this life troops. >> soldiers were all told to step out of line. threatening pulmonary blesm. he is down to one pack a he immediately said we are day. i want to make that not doing that. announcement today. brian: that hero's son says steve: down from four to his father was too humble to one. baby steps. even share that story. dr. oz, did not realize one he joins us next. in three people watching right now have prediabetes. you have got a quiz. and people need to take a billions of mouths. look at a chart you have got, right? >> all you have to do is use your fingers. super simple. risk factors. get to five have someone see you. male, get one point for that you are in there. second, your age, if you are 60 or over you get three points. if you are 50 or over two points. if you are 40 or over you get one point. simple. have you had a family history or have you had your gestational diabetes. that gets you one point. are you active? brian are you active? brian: yeah. >> you don't get any points. not active get one point. finally your body type. look at this illustration.
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3:24 am
without struggling. if we don't deal with diabetes. no healthcare plan will work. steve: as simple as going for a walk. >> half an hour a day. if you look around the world where people live a long time. it's not that they do something once a week well. they do something correct small but every single day. brian: take control of your own life. don't have a doctor following around. >> not just medications. all of these will play a role. they can all chip in a little bit. have you got to do the most important thing for yourself. we can't advocate that to somebody else or third party healthcare. brian: we can watch your show and learn a lot. >> yes, you can. brian: thank you, dr. oz. prominent moment on fox square 12 men and women who serve our country serving american citizens. the moment you didn't get to see during the emotional ceremony next. [applause] >> alli ahmed. wilson joseph. where we all wan. but with less carbon footprint. can we have both? at bp, we're working every day
3:25 am
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3:26 am
captured fighters back to their home countries. ask your parkinson's specialist ainsley, steve? about nuplazid. ainsley: thank you, brian. it was an act that defied the nazi regime during world war ii and saved over 200 make family-sized meals fast, and because it's a ninja foodi, lives. steve: u.s. master sergeant it can do things no other oven can, like flip away. refused to leave the side of his jewish american soldiers in a pow camp with a single the ninja foodi air fry oven, the oven that crisps and flips away. phrase "we are all jews here" he said. ainsley: his story highlighted by president trump yesterday at a veterans day parade. >> jewish american soldiers were all told to step out of line during "roll call" the next day. knowing the terrible fate wean air force veteran made of doing what's right,. that would come to his not what's easy. jewish comrades. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out roddy immediately said we are not doing that he sent before he could even inspect the damage. orders to have every that's how you do it right. american step out of line usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with their jewish brothers in arms. with hassle-free claims, he got paid before steve: what an amazing his neighbor even got started. story. here with who are of his because doing right by our members, that's what's right. father's story is his son chris he had mondays, the usaa. what you're made of, we're made for.
3:27 am
senior pastor at the tiny grove baptist church in usaa tennessee and author of the book "no surrender." pastor, good morning to you. >> good morning. it's a joy to be with you. steve: it's an amazing story that we had not heard before. and you hadn't either. the whole time your father was on this earth, he never told you what he did. how did you figure it out? >> yeah, he never mentioned it. and really, all that's been accomplished, the lord has done. i have been providential. i began rereading his diaries when my daughter lauren was attending a college in our local town. welcome to fowler, indiana. she was given a history home to three of bp's wind farms. assignment to pick a family member and do a project on. which, every day, generate enough electricity and her group chose my father. to power over 150,000 homes. and we loaned them the dire and of course, fowler. his. and after they made the at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. short video, it was -- it just inflamed and touched my heart and i said i have got to find out what happened. and that led me to discover an article in the "new york times" about president nixo >> candidates for
3:28 am
naturalization please raise your right hand and repeat nixon, where a former pow after me. with my dad lester tanner without any mental sold his town house to the president in the 1980s. reservation. >> without any mention in that article lester said reservation. >> or purpose of evasion. had it not been for the >> purpose of evasion. bravery of my master seargd >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations. roddie he had mondays. [cheers and applause] i wouldn't have met the president. he saved my life. ♪ i'm proud to be an american ♪ where at least i know i'm free >> my fellow americans we >> my father was master sergeant and assigned to the welcome you into our 422nd regiment. national family. we applaud your devotion to he was captured and became the top-ranking officer in america toand we embrace the wonderful the p.o.w. camp. and when they issued orders future we will have for just the jewish men to together. >> how long have you dreamed fall out the following of this day? morning, he said we are not >> my entire life. >> what does the flag mean doing that he just took to you, sir? command and leadership. >> everything. he knew that his priorities >> welcome to america glad were very clear to him. to have you. he needed to protect his men, defy the enemy, and, ♪ god bless the u.s.a. most of all, honor his god. dad was a man of faith and ♪ he truly was a sincere christian. >> congratulations to our
3:29 am
men we are not doing that and they all stood together as one new citizens. steve: i got so many texts and defied the nazis and and emails from people who said that was the best show you have had on this year. dad -- i love the line that and it was fantastic. lester shared from his if you missed it yesterday heart. he said roddie could no more on veterans day, those 12 now americans had served in have given over any of his our nation's military. men to the nazis than he they were not naturalized could stop breathing. he just couldn't do it. that was my dad. citizens until ken cuccinelli and his crew from ainsley: what was his immigration had the oath of reaction? how did the nazis react to allegiance yesterday and it was super. that. >> major signatureman, he ainsley: all from different countries. the man on the end there reported to general yoddle. from dominican republic. one from china. he reported to all pow jamaica. steve: how about the camps. he was enraged. 91-year-old old you spoke. >> to he was from jamaica. he pulled the gun and he cried. he said i love this country. pressed it to my father's everybody here a long time forehead. he screamed in his face and finally i get to be a said sergeant, you have one citizen. brian: what happened after last chance. you will order the jews to step forward or i will shoot the show show? you right now. and my father didn't blink. >> lee greenwood had lester said he was t-shirts. >> we had this shirt made up unwavering. he said his courage made us brave. for today. important event for citizens who wake so long to become and he said -- your father an american. proud to be an american. spoke very clearly and there you go. brand new shirt for our new
3:30 am
confidently. he said major, you can shoot me, but you will have to kill all of us because we citizens. janice: i'm an immigrant yesterday i was in tears. know who you are and you will stand for war crimes i know what it's like to when we win this war and you come from a different will pay. country and live this american dream. that was a special moment and the major turned white for me yesterday, too. and his arm began to shake, steve: you can buy those t-shirts at lee the one holding the gun. and i really believe that ainsley: he has the best voice. the truth of what dad shared really. he is amazing. sank into his heart. six avenue. words matter. also called avenues of america. words started the holocaust they became citizens right here on national television. and words saved dad and his janice: his song is so men in that camp because he spoke the truth. popular my kids know it by heart "proud to be an steve: what a hero. what a story. you must be so proud. miner." -- an ainsley: look at his picture. >> very proud. >> young man making such american." we have a lot of law enforcement that protects us courageous decisions saving every day. other people's lives. and he has become such good what a handsome man he was. friends of ours over the >> absolutely. years. he told me last month i'm steve: check out the book it really having a hard time, is called "no surrender" ainsley, because my son has decided to be a marine. father and son and extra act and i'm so proud of him. in fact, that was his dream as indicated. he said now my son is living it out. i miss him so much. of heroism that continues on i said it's really been emotional month because my today.
3:31 am
ainsley: where can we watch the documentary? son went to paris island. >> the documentary is i can't see him until december. i can't talk to him. available at film festivals now they are at the letter-writing phase. it's been two or three across the country. weeks. getting ready to release it >> he can't come home for christmas. hopefully in the next few this is what the men and women are doing. months. it will be on tv as well. without their families for a long time. ainsley: the book is called he is really worried about no surrender, the father and his son but proud of him. but he said my daughter just son and act of heroism that had a baby, and she named continues to live on today. the baby wilder rose born on god bless you, pastor. >> thank you. i'm grateful, thrilled, that october 5th. and look at that yesterday, the president shared dad's his daughter sent that story and most of all, picture to jimmy, our honored of my daughter and friend. and it's her baby wearing a lester tanner who i dearly love. marine's hat. and i am appreciative for is that what you would call it a cap, a hat, to honor that and thank you for having me. her brother. steve: you bet. ainsley: you are welcome. steve: thank that class for steve: fantastic. ainsley: isn't that sweet? doing the assign you meant and it changed everything. ainsley: i know. >> fantastic. steve: thank you, sir. steve: saluting. that was great. brian: that's normal paris meanwhile, we have been island. telling you about the new ainsley: it's tough. free speech documentary he said in some of the called no safe spaces. letters at first you could >> makes it difficult for tell his son was struggling and now it's gotten a lot you to learn from other better. jillian: we minard too i heard on our air a lot people. >> diversity of hate, diversity of thought. throughout the day oftentimes you say thank you >> you are not going to for your service you should protect people. say that to family members, the best you can do is to too.
3:32 am
make them strong. that's an example of what they go through. ainsley: it just had its big ainsley: you are right. the family serves, too. red carpet premier. brian: 22 minutes before the top of the hour. tommy loirtypically san francisco has a new district attorney. and he is taking a bold approach to solving the loirn watomi lahren wasthere city's problems. vowing not to prosecute quality of life crimes. like public urination. ainsley: rob schmitt is live in the newsroom with a look at his platform. hey, rob. rob: yeah, pretty far left. san francisco has just elected buoy dean. relatively young man never prosecuted a case. and now he is going to be the district attorney of san francisco. he is already getting blow back for some of his more controversial distances. here are some crimes that buddine will not prosecute. needles on the street not going to prosecute public urination. solicitation of sex. public camping and blocking a sidewalk.
3:33 am
boudin as a remark story david gilbert and cathy boudin banks robbery weather underground. this bank r to two police officers and a security guard being killed. and this is the story that buoboudin motivated him to work on criminal justice reform. he also worked for hugo chavez the dictator of venezuela. one of the many 2020 candidates who are congratulating him for being the new district attorney in san francisco is bernie sanders tweeting out now is the moment to fundamentally transform our racist and broken criminal justice system by ending mass incarceration, the failed war on drugs, and the criminalization of poverty. congratulations chesa boudin on your historic victory. the police union blasting the doctor's office might mejust for a shot.o him saying his policies will but why go back there plague the city and when you can stay home with neulasta® onpro? disseminate public safety. the police department spent
3:34 am
strong chemo can put you a lot of money trying to at risk of serious infection. keep him out of this job. in a key study maybe the furthest left neulasta® reduced the risk of infection from 17% to 1% candidate to take the position is going to be the district attorney in san francisco a city like we a 94% decrease. said already has a number of neulasta® onpro is designed to problems. those problems could be deliver neulasta® the day after chemo and is used by most patients today. exacerbated by a number of these policies. neulasta® is for certain cancer patients receiving people are going to be concerned about that living in san francisco. strong chemotherapy. do not take neulasta® if you're allergic to it steve: let's see what happens. rob, thank you for the update. or neupogen (filgrastim). >> sure. brian: here is jillian with an incomplete dose could increase infection risk. the news. >> good morning to you. ruptured spleen, let's begin with this story sometimes fatal as well as serious lung problems we are following. chap's wifchapo's wife is joinia allergic reactions, kidney injuries and capillary leak syndrome have occurred. reality show as her husband report abdominal or shoulder tip pain, trouble breathing or allergic reactions to your doctor right away. spends life in prison. >> whose attorney are you? and she said i represent a in patients with sickle cell disorders, lady by the name of emma -- serious, sometimes fatal crises can occur. >> wait, hold on. the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. >> chapo's wife. if you'd rather be home >> that's correct. ask your doctor about neulasta® onpro. pay no more than $5 per dose with copay card. jillian: there you have it. - [narrator] forget about vacuuming for up to a month. emma will be featured on vh shark iq robot deep-cleans and empties itself 1's docu series cartel. into a base you can empty once a month. follows the lives of and unlike standard robots that bounce around, prominent cartel leaders.
3:35 am
many slamming the show it cleans row by row. saying it glorifies if it's not a shark, it's just a robot. criminals. amanda knox and lorena bobbitt criminal cases. telling fox 5 d.c. new friendship after participating in a true crime festival together. >> we have a lot in common. >> you are not listening. >> i want your job to be we are women and we can support each other. taken from you. >> a protest turned violent jillian: actually my best friend did that interview. says they are coming together to reclaim their california berkeley. narrative. knox spent four years in [chanting] italian prison before being >> creating atmosphere of fear and repression. acquitted killing roommate. it's going to burst. bobbitt cut off her >> makes it difficult to learn from other people. >> diversity of hate and diversity of thought. >> you are not going to husband's genitals. protect people. found not guilty because of the best you can do is to reason of temporary make them strong. insanity. steve: premier for no safe >> therapy pig cheering up spaces is in holiday. tomi lahren was there. passengers at the san francisco airport. fox nation host. >> have you ever seen a pig she joins us from out west. how was it? >> as we know hollywood is in the airport? >> it's unique, different. the ultimate safe space for liberal thought. my first time actually i was really surprised to petting a pig. see people from both sides >> it's fun.
3:36 am
i got really excited. of the aisle and people from right down the middle that were there to support the >> lee lu breezing through film and the message which is we shouldn't be existing in safe spaces they truly security with hoods and help no one. pilot's cap. ainsley: were there any attention like stitches the protests there? therapy cat at the minneapolis saint paul >> first and foremost it's airport. oh my gosh, i love. over this liberty. free speech. >> teachers have taught ainsley: put the pig in a these kids that anyone who bag under the seat? disagrees with them is hateful. steve: people going hog and once you have that idea wild. ainsley: that was cute with in your mind, you don't have the little girl petting him. to listen to anybody. and once you don't have to ainsley: we are told just at listen to anybody, you don't the airport. have to change your mind. they weren't putting the pig >> somebody who used to be a on the plane. member of the left, the steve: thank you for the thorough report. democrat party, why is a ainsley: we have a fox news film like no safe spaces alert. two hostages including a important. >> woke progressive thing, parent is set to be free it's a mind virus that is after a prisoner swap with just hijacking people. >> i think a lot of people the taliban overnight. don't realize what a threat brian: former special forces free speech is under. >> where do we begin to end says this sets a dangerous precedent. he's on deck. the safe space movement. >> you can't tell everyone in society that they are all special because now you don't have a society. >> when i was your age, there was one given that democrat, republican, left,
3:37 am
right all shared, i don't agree with you, but i will fight for your right to say it. it was like an american motto. and no longer. >> and i have been so upset by the total liberal avalanche that's taken place here so that people that used to preach tolerance always wanted to be tolerant of other people now have become the most intolerant. >> we have to live with republicans and liberals and independents and people who agree with me and don't disagree with me. as long as people are not hurting each other and not inciting violence, we have to have free speech. that's what our country is built on. >> going into 2020 does safe spaces get bigger. >> as long as donald trump is president there will be therapy elephants on airplanes. that's how bad this is going to be. steve: tomi? >> yeah. it's interesting to hear, you know, everyone talking about free speech. that's something that i did hear last night from both sides of the political aisle. you know, from comedians as well there were a lot of comics featured in the film and comics on the red carpet last night which was great
3:38 am
to hear from. they are talking about how their very way of life and how they make a living is under attack safe space cancel culture, the ad boycotts that we're all very aware of. it's time to throw that out the window. we have to get over the fact that the worse thing that can happen to us is being offended by speech. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, once we do that i think our every day can begin with flakes. country is going to be better as a result. ainsley: any protest or anyone there that you were it's a reminder of your struggles with psoriasis. surprised to see? >> no. it was a very cordle evening but what if your psoriasis symptoms and not something you didn't follow you around? usually expect in hollywood. i think the name itself that's why there's ilumya. people have automatic with just 2 doses, reaction to. the notion of safe spaces a majority of people were clear or almost clear. has been glorified especially on college and over time, even more people were clear or almost clear. campuses. i encourage everyone to watch the film, to take note. especially those on college all with dosing 4 times a year... campuses. i think this should be after 2 initial doses. required viewing for a lot of those students who think plus, ilumya was shown to have similar risks of infections that existing in an echo chamber or existing in their compared to placebo. don't use if you are allergic to ilumya snowflake culture is the way to be. or any of its ingredients. definitely not and this film before starting treatment, really shows that. your doctor should check for tuberculosis and infections. brian: maybe we can get after checking there is no need for routine lab monitoring democrats and conservatives and liberals together to say unless your doctor advises it. ilumya may increase your risk of infections
3:39 am
things they disagree with and lower your ability to fight them. maybe that will be something that comes out of. this i hope so, brian. tell your doctor if you have an infection or have symptoms, from your lips to god's or if you plan to or have recently received a vaccine. ears, i hope that's something that will happen as a result. this could be your chance brian: thanks for getting up to leave your psoriasis symptoms behind. with us. we will catch your show on ask your doctor for ilumya today, for a clearer tomorrow. fox nation, no interruption. there you are. ainsley: if you don't have fox nation, go get it. steve: indeed. lots and lots and lots of people subscribed last week to watch the patriot awards. brian: of course, there is a big donation; jillian, have you been watching pete hegseth's announcement that you get money this week donated to folds of honor, $5. jillian: yes. ainsley: the rest of the month now. they extended it. jillian: that's great. get you caught up on other headlines we are following. a college gymnast is dead after injuring her 168 iself inf in a freak accident. slipped and fell from uneven bars in practice. she was rushed to the hospital but passed away two days later. brian: taliban militants custody. she was a junior at southern ordered the release part of connecticut state prisoner swap for american university.
3:40 am
two fast food workers at a hostage. american kevin king and job for refusing to serve weeks are professors at university in afghanistan. those who serve us. i believe it was an american the cashier at cookout in north carolina would not university. gunpoint in 2016. take his order. our next guest calls this a the manager, who was at the restaurant, says she didn't try to fix the situation horribly dangerous because she didn't know why precedent. the cashier refused him special forces sniper tim service in the first place. kennedy. as much as you are glad to see these guys out you worry cookout fired both workers. the general gear bread man about what, tim? >> any time that we start is getting a ginger negotiating with them, it inclusive makeover for christmas. >> target selling what it solidifies them and calls ginger inclusive legitimizes that organization and anything other than one of terror. ginger bred sweater. features a general gear and any time you legitimize a group like that. it just gives them more breagingerbreadperson wearing a leverage. it gives them more power to do more evil. so, it's not going to stop. they are not going to stop kidnapping people or blowing contestant brings alex trebek to tear bias people up or suicide bombings, car bombings. answering a question. >> let's take a look at your response. they will keep doing what did you couple up with the right one? they do which is terror. , no. what is we love you alex. and we have no recourse, that's very kind. once we start giving them thank you. more options in negotiations. brian: only other option would be to find a location and try do rescue operations those types of things you 19195. left with 5 bucks. guys would do right.
3:41 am
he decided to write the message after trebek revealed he was restarting >> why that sounds crazy only limited to this one treatment to pancreatic cancer. option, groups like that to him the message was more only recognize strength. important than money. and when you start giving in to their concessions, ainsley: touching. steve: never seen that amazing. it wasn't in the form of a asking, okay, well, we will question. give you three of your bad brian: they go back. what do they tape like two guys if you give us two of straight weeks and do a our good guys. any time that we do a trade, whole season? i hope he will be able to get through the treatment those terrorists that we and be able to get through give back to them another season. immediately go back to doing steve: he did have another occurrence of it in the last terror bo bergdahl is a month or two. ainsley: as you wake up great example of that the five guys reneg united remember his story life is stated for sergeant bowe precious. it goes by fast. brian: don't have to explain bergdahl went immediately back in the taliban and it to janice dean who is out serving in senior leadership on the remember van da where within that organization so, we are about to get slapped yeah, we have to be always by winter in the face. be in positions of strength janice: this time tomorrow and rescuing is a great 30-degree difference. 50's in the new york. it will be in the 20's option. brian: they were negotiating tomorrow. with ambassador khalilzad hi, how are you doing whaty for the end of the war. your names. >> randy. meanwhile, got to get your janice: where are you from. take on this story, the >> north carolina. >> where are from you. >> seattle. university of virginia wants >> what's your name. president made an >> ray and kim. announcement they are ending
3:42 am
janice: anniversary? the 21 gun salute at the >> 35th anniversary. university that thomas janice: oh my gosh. and what is the secret? jefferson founded. here's the quote. >> low expectations. one is that it would be disruptive to classes and [laughter] janice: i love it. two, and unfortunately, with my whole life low gun violence in the u.s., there was some concern that expectations. means everything else is great. it would cause a panic if take a look at the map. someone heard gunshots on the ground. is this a wise move to end you are beautiful. here is what we are dealing the 21-gun salute? with artic cold front my friends. >> i mean, it's a sad move. temperatures we typically you know, we are in sad see in january and ahead of the cold front that's where times where, you know, we have the warm air. that is about to change. softer times where people we are going to set hundreds of cold weather records as this front moves through. are used to kind, gentle, snow across portions of the ohio and tennessee river with this horrific reality valley as far as south as texas. and some of that is going to that school shootings get in towards the coastal happen. so, i understand the areas of the northeast, decision but it's kind of ironic because the 21-gun maybe here in new york city but, again, the big story is going to be the extremely salute its genesis, its cold temperatures. origin was showing that we can we warm up with a hug, are done with war. right in the naval ships everybody? >> sure. would go out and shoot all janice: come on in. their cannons out in the sea and they had no more rounds. brian: i like to recognize courage when i see it. for a man to be wearing a we are done. we have now disarmed. so the irony is that in giant sweatshirt after the fact, the 21-gun salute is a giants very courageous. demonstration of the end of violence. janice: very courageous. and now we are saying oh,
3:43 am
>> i have got it meet brian. wait, we don't want to do it janice: everyoneay outside reces because we might scare people. i hope that they reconsider weekend. this in the future. janice: would you play it's a beautiful tradition. receiver this weekend for the giants? >> absolutely. brian: right. >> it's a celebrated honor. but, you know, we are in steve: this weekend, he have an excuse. hard times right now where, it was cold. ainsley: i have supported the university of south you know, universities, carolina my entire life. school campuses are scared we haven't always had the all of the time. best record. brian: exactly. brian: right. but those are students. tim, i hear you. thanks so much. these guys get paid to be better than that. great to see you soon. >> absolutely. ainsley: that's true. brian: meanwhile, breaking news from president trump he brian: is he a dual threat will release the transcript this week from his first ufc fighter as well as a phone call with ukraine's special operator. straight ahead, austin, president. what does that mean for the texas, dealing with the impeachment inquiry? homeless crisis. will someone tell the judge city says house something to walk up the stairs? too expensive. our next guest moved to texas to flee problems like steve: hello, judge. this in california. says the problems go much ♪ ♪ deeper than that. ♪ we call it the mother standard of care. it's how we care for our patients- like job. his team at ctca treated his cancer hi honey, we got in early. and side effects. yeah, and we brought steve and mark. so job can stay strong for his family. cancer treatment centers of america.
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we saved a lot on our prescription costs and got extra benefits. how 'bout it, fred. plans change every year. use the new plan finder at . comparing plans really pays. look how much we can save. ainsley: president trump just moments ago making important announcement ahead of tomorrow's impeachment
3:47 am
hearings. steve: in a tweet president >> yeah, we have a homelessness challenge in releases i will be this city like cities do releelsing the transcript of the first and therefore, the across the country. we need to get people into most important phone call homes. with the ukraine president before week's end. steve: in recent interview with fox news, the mayor of brian: hope we checked in with ukraine on that. austin, texas, blamed the city's homelessness problem on fox nation, judge napolitano. on the cost of housing. judge, what do you think can be in this. ainsley: in a new op-ed the >> it's very interesting, next guest says the problem brian, lawyer, legal scholar is much bigger than that pointing to drug addiction kilmeade. and mental illness. you put your finger on it. i hope we checked with steve: public policy ukraine on that. foundation chuck devore this is the most highly joins us now live from austin. protected and secret chuck, good morning to you. >> hey, good to be with you. government has communications from one head of state to another. steve: you know, when the the president will claim city of austin passed that executive privilege on other communications. but the more he releases, law where it was legal to the weaker his claim of sleep on public spots or camp, that just said hey, executive privilege becomes. it's the selective release homeless people, camp on that the courts will say is city hall. it's okay with us. he really serious about and it really exploded, executive privilege. that's one side. that's the legal side. didn't it? on the political side there >> well, it did. is probably language in there that supports the although ironically city hall was the only place they president and that's why he couldn't camp under that new wants to release it. we don't know if he talked to president zelensky and ordinance. the issue we are dealing said, hey, you got a problem with here is one size fits
3:48 am
if i release this? so we don't know what's in all policy called require any there we also don't know if it's an actual literal, sobriety. they didn't require any job making my fingers like court training. they had a problem with stenographers that i lived drugs, prostitution, human with for many years that trafficking. they shut it down last march take down everything even when you sigh they take it because people weren't down. we don't know if it's a exiting the program. they weren't getting any literal transcript or a better. and as a result, we're not summary like the one we saw a few months ago. expecting more from people. ainsley: what do you think we are not giving them any about the timing on this. judge: being brilliant on sort of human dignity. we are not showing timing. steal the thunder from adam compassion because we are expecting they can't do any schiff and company. if it comes out today we better at all. that they are basically will be talking about it going to be unable to tomorrow. if it comes out tomorrow it, support themselves for the rest of their lives. might actually trump, no pun intended, the hearings for steve: but that particular awhile. steve: or if it comes out on political point of view is thursday, it's like that's what we hear a lot from some the new news and it will on the political left. dominate. >> correct. >> well, you are absolutely steve: today, daca for the dreamers goes before the correct. again one of the reasons why supreme court. we need to make sure that we don't have these one size what does that mean? fits all policies that decision will come out before election next year. basically what's old is new >> president obama again. these are just miniature confronted with 700,000 versions of the failed people here illegally now federal housing projects of adults, now fully integrated the past. they are only going to lead to more human misery and
3:49 am
into american society said to congress change the law suffering because we're not so they can stay here. going to be helping people congress said no. so the president wrote his escape their addiction. own executive order. people are homeless because they have a profound steve: which he said he could not do. >> correct. correct. if do you a, b, c, and d. disconnection from family. and there are reasons for good things stay out of that that have to do with jail, get of high school mental illness and addiction. we need to get at the root of the problem. and stop pretending that high housing costs are the reason why people are homeless. that is not the only reason. ainsley: what are the chances though that steve adler, the mayor of boston, will listen to you and city council, all 10 of them are diploma, get a social security number, pay taxes, be a good person, you can all democrats. stay here. that was challenged. looks like nothing might and the president obama change. they believe what they lost. president trump gets elected. believe. he signs an executive order purporting to invalidate it. >> well, there are programs the courts prevent that executive order from being enforced. surrounding austin that are so, president trump says all i want to do is enforce the successful. law. the congress writes the law. you look at the community not the president of the united states. steve: he is right on that. first village, for example. >> he is right. the daca that people say wait a minute, you are going that is privately fund you to deport us to countries we had. it's about 100 people going never knew. to 200 people. we are fully americanized. they help people escape you will have a serious their addictions. radical effect not only on our families but on the ainsley: that's great. economy. this is a very tough case >> they learn how to work and to provide for for the supreme court. and ainsley, you are right. the decision is going to themselves. ainsley: you are on the come down just about the money. you are right. thank you so much for being with us. time of the democratic >> thank you.
3:50 am
national convention at the end of june. steve: all right. meanwhile, fox news alert. brian: story in the "new new tensions erupting in the york times" today one woman, middle east overnight. temporary staffer said i will not do this because i dozens of rockets bombarding don't want to be responsible israel. we have a live report from for all these people being deported. gaza coming up next. and they say that helped the ♪ supreme court's case. going to work against trump with the united explorer card, getting this. i get rewarded wherever i go. >> supreme court as i know some of them are very well going out for a bite. are human beings. but they don't think in the terms of the immediate need. rewarded! they think in the long run. the issue is separation of going new places. powers. does the president write the rewarded! laws or does the congress. under the constitution the anytime. congress does and the rewarded! getting more for getting away. president enforces them. we won't know until june. we just did a lot in the rewarded! past six minutes, kilmeade. learn more at the explorer card dot com. and get... rewarded! brian: good job. >> the giants are off this weekend. steve: very thorough. >> they can't lose. ainsley: she is running for elijah cummings seat on congress the left goes on the attack. steve: kimberly klacik coming up next ♪ ain't no stopping us now
3:51 am
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at the lincoln wish list sales event. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. melissa: right to a fox news alert. smoke billowing into the air back there. steve: the violence coming after a rocket. watch the video. that was the strike. take you out live to look at the destruction left behind in the violence. smoke billowing after a rocket struck a factory in southern israel. there you can see some of the rocket contrails. >> trey aings had t is live in
3:54 am
israel. reporter: they conducted a targeted. the commanderses name, bahaa abu he will -- el ought at that. >> republican kimberly klacik got a lot of he. attention earlier this year we just got back from the when she exposed the location where the assassination conditions in baltimore. took place. now she is running for what we saw there, children from congress in baltimore to the neighborhood, really replace the late congressman rummaging through all of the elijah cummings. here with more on her run is rubble left. part of the house is still republican candidate for standing. maryland's seventh there were islamic jihad congressional district kimberly klacik. hey, kimberly. >> good morning. militants armed with machine ainsley: why do you want to run? >> well, i want to help guns blocking from getting people that are living in these impoverished inside. neighborhoods and some are you could see growthing strewn living in fear. throughout the rubble. this is a neighborhood in the a lot of neighborhoods in west baltimore that want a change and they are eastern part of the gaza strip. welcoming a change. i know it's going to be an uphill battle. i get that i think i can there are many families part of actually do the job. people in the neighborhoods believe that, too. i have been on the ground talking to people. islamic jihad in this area.
3:55 am
ainsley: why do you think you could smell the smoke and that -- let's face it, it's baltimore. powder from the rockets. it's a democratic area. one of those rockets from elijah cummings' wife is now putting her name in the hat. she wants to run, too. islamic jihad misfired. what are your chances, as a the building we were in took republican? >> well, i'm hoping people shrapnel. i want to show you the scene won't really dwell on the there. fact that i'm a republican, take a look. right? i honestly believe in less dozens of rockets were fired government and more into southern israel. the israelis are responding community and power to the striking targets inside of the people. when people understand that gaza strip. this building was hit. they say okay maybe i should listen to what she has to multiple people were inside. say. the people want the same we've seen a number of injured thing that's been going on people come out. for decades. they're looking to see whether of course they will vote for or not anyone is injured or a democrat or someone like killed inside of the building. cummings. i am looking forward to debating a democrat in the we are also getting images from general. there has been so much going the israeli side. on in these neighborhoods, cctv footage shows one of these lack of education, like i said, the crime and rockets hitting a road along the violence. we just hit 295 murders. we are going to hit over 300 israel-gaza border. no one was injured. there are a number of images for the fifth year in a row. there are so many things that need to change in this showing a small factory and hit area. i think people truly believe that. by rockets from the gaza strip. ainsley: you are getting some backlash from the there are mine juror injuries media. april ryan different network you about no deaths in israel. says this is the woman who created all the controversy that made donald trump go in gaza two militants from after representative cummings and baltimore.
3:56 am
islamic jihad were killed by cummings never got over the attack on him and the city. airstrikes from the israeli air force. it is all because of her. they claimed they were trying to what's your response? launch rockets into the distance >> so, i find that crazy and as the israeli air force is ironic. right? targeting islamic jihad when we saw the riots in 2015, even senator bernie positions. sanders said that area the iron dome does continue to looked like a third world inter sent rockets fired into country. we already know that that situation had existed. all i did was to shine a israel. brian, steve, ainsley. little bit more light on it and president trump did it steve: trey, before you go, how as well. so i didn't cause anything. often do you hear missiles launched or some sort of i didn't attack anyone. i just showed what people defensive measures being were dealing with people who don't have a voice. launched? reporter: every few minutes and, you know, for her rockets are fired from the implying that i started it all then people are gaza strip. estimates put the total of messaging me and acting as rockets fired this morning if i had something to do anywhere between 150 and 170 with congressman cummings' rockets. death which is absolutely 60 to 70 rockets rockets were ludicrous. i hope people see how bad i want to help people and i intercepted by israel's defense hope that they want to help system, the iron dome. in some way and donate to throughout the launches the the cause. israeli military occasionally ainsley: okay. responding targeting from well, we wish you all the best, kimberly. reports hitting a missile >> if they want to donate factory where they developed kim k for these rockets underground. ainsley: thank you. a storage facility along the >> thank you.
3:57 am
beach and other militant targets ainsley: coming up nikki in the southern part of the haley, scott walker, newt gingrich and dr. oz. gaza strip. what we're expecting continued they are all here live rocket fire. ♪ every once in a while there is ♪ it's true lull in the fighting. ♪ that's what i like about looks like progress could be you made. ♪ can be tough. ultimately the rockets getting you diet. exercise. fired into southern israel. ♪ of prescription vascepa. brian, answerly,. steve: take cover. ainsley: newt gingrich, fox news contribute to, a write as free proven in multiple clinical trials, newsletter at vascepa, along with diet, is the only prescription epa treatment, good morning to you, mr. speaker. >> good morning. approved by the fda to lower ainsley: tomorrow impeachment very high triglycerides by 33%, inquiry begins. we'll be able to watch it. without raising bad cholesterol. president wants to release the look. it's clear. there's only one prescription first conversation the epa vascepa. transcript. this is what he tweeted this vascepa is not right for everyone. morning. i will release the transcript of do not take vascepa if you are allergic to icosapent ethyl or first, more important phone call with the ukrainian president any inactive ingredient in vascepa. before weeks end. tell your doctor if you are why do you think he is doing allergic to fish or shellfish, this? have liver problems or other >> i think the president's case medical conditions and about is that he has consistently any medications you take, especially those that may
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3:59 am
>> in is new word extortion. quid pro quo is latin. people don't get excited. i'm quoting congressman heinz of connecticut. now they key saying extortion. listen. >> we have enough evidence from the depositions we've done warrant bringing this forward, evidence of a extortion scheme. >> all it extortion, bribery, all the same thing. >> president acted criminally, extorted the way a mob boss would extort somebody. >> we're not talking about a pithy latin phrase. it is something a lot simpler. bribery and extortion. >> outraged. it doesn't add to that. we're extorting iran to do what we want them to do. are we guilty of extortion when it comes to iran? what is your take? >> first of all tells you how carefully organized the news media and democrats are. that they all learned the same word the same morning. second all, my personal view?
4:00 am
all of this is garbage. the idea that a -- remember this president is saying to the ukrainians, help me get to the truth. when did "the new york times" and "washington post" suddenly decide that covering up the truth is a good idea? now this is crazy. and the democrats frankly are ♪ brian: right to a fox news alert. dozens of rockets, you are behaving in a way that is crazy. seeing right now. being fired into israel an historians will look back, they are a airstrike killed will say this whole case was islamic jihadist leader in totally made up. gaza. look. i think that lee smith's book, the plot against the president, [explosion] captures exactly what happened. he worked with devin nunez for ainsley: the violence now two years to develop it. escalating as israeli's prime minister benjamin what is a coup being netanyahu reveals the orchestrated by left-wingers in islamic leader was planning a new attack. the bureaucracy, left-wingers in steve: and that's why they the news media, left-wingers in struck. trey yingst is live in gaza city with more on the the house democrats. historically we see some days cross-border attacks. being crazy. like the salem witch trial. they are shooting rockets from where you are in gaza. there is nothing here. presidents who want to find the they are intercepting some of them with the iron dome. truth have every right to say to israel is shooting some of a foreign government, will you them. help me get to the truth. you are on a building that was just struck. that is what trump was doing.
4:01 am
>> well, that's exactly >> newt, the key is, what you right. just said, a lot of people think the building next to us took a direct impact from a the president should be saying rocket that had misfired. this is about what happened in 2016, not 2020. our building took shrapnel. i'm not going after the no one was injured. candidate. the building next door i'm going after the former almost completely destroyed. vice president who was in charge i want to show you the scene of the ukraine. here right now. because a rocket just got but the president doesn't want them to have that tactic. intercepted as you tossed here to me. he said stick to the transcript. you are going to seat camera it was perfect. pan here across the gaza you're saying bring up the fact city skyline. there were problems in 2016? my cameraman here is going that is different from the to zoom in to some white president. >> well, okay, so i differ from smoke that you see.ry intercepta the president. the point is, this is about the right of a president of the rocket. and we're going to pan up united states to seek the truth. there is nothing in any of these here. that white plume of smoke right there, israeli transcripts where trump is military firing off an iron saying please make up something dome battery, that is their phony. what's the beef? is the beef that we shouldn't missile defense system responsible for intercepting learn if hunter biden was rockets that have been fired from the gaza strip. corrupt? we shouldn't learn if joe biden we did did see 35 minute had corrupt intent? biden is personally on videotape lull into the rockets being being proud of the fact that he fired into southern israel following assassination of threatened to withhold a billion dollars in aid to ukraine if senior islamic jihad commander last night by the they didn't fire this israeli military. prosecutor. a billion dollars. israelis say he was you will not find any place that
4:02 am
responsible for a series of kind of behavior by president rocks fired into israel just last week. we did see a lot of escalation this morning as as a trump. and yet you can't argue biden result. wasn't conflicted. what we are expecting this afternoon is more >> last night nikki haley made a escalation. good point. israeli prime minister she said there was no benjamin netanyahu said his forces do not want to see an quid pro quo. i don't necessarily think we escalation but the factions should ask foreign governments here in gaza have vowed to to investigate americans. respond. americans should be doing the we attended part of the funeral earlier today for investigating and they're not. >> first of all, you have of bahaa abu al-ata, the course you have foreign islamic jihad commander governments investigate if it assassinated overnight. happened on foreign soil. his forces now after the ainsley: that's fair. death of this commander are >> i remember the fight with responds. bill clinton to get them to ask you just heard off in the distance another explosion the saudis to help the fbi after that is a rocket being fired into southern israel. i do want you to take a look a number of americans were killed in khobar towers and the at the scene. earlier today when that rocket misfired right next to our building. saudis wouldn't help. [sirens] director freeh of the fbi coin >> as dozens of rockets are get clinton to call the king of fired into southern israel, saudi arabia to get help. the israelis are now striking ts now we have every right to say inside the gaza strip. to a foreign government help us just moments ago this get to the truth. building was hit. we have no right to say to a there were multiple people inside. foreign government, help us we have seen a numbe create a dishonest frame. that is exactly what the injured or killed inside the democrats were doing in the 2015
4:03 am
building. and 2016. that is why i think the lee smith's book is so important i did receive a text message from a senior hamas official because it shows you, day by that is the group in control day, the real collusion was of the gaza strip. that official saying, quote: "the new york times," "the washington post," the major escalation expected. we have also seen a number democrats, and people like of videos expected from the israeli side of rockets steele, the british agent who wrote a totally dishonest impacting roads, small factories and buildings. document. steve: well the democrats tv there are reports of light show on impeachment starts injuries there but no casualties on the israeli tomorrow morning. side. and right now we are just let's see if it changes getting new information that anybody's mind. newt gingrich. thanks for joining us live. another islamic jihad >> glad to be with you. fighter has been killed by >> speaking of thanking people an israeli airstrike. the vearlsz are now pounding joining us live, i will do the gaza with airstrikes in an same to jillian. attempt to deter jihad from jillian: thank you for being here. i appreciate it every day. firing more rockets into southern israel. that brings the total death overnight jordan foils a terror toll so far this morning to four people. plot targeting american and islamic jihad commander his wife and two militants that israeli diplomats and u.s. soldiers. have tried to fire rockets the suspects were planning to into israel this morning. drive a vehicle into their brian, ainsley, steve. targets at a military base steve: a dangerous situation. trey, since you are in the before attacking with guns and middle east, tell us about how apparently the taliban knives. jordan is a u.s. ally. is planning to release two it has been targeted by members captured american university of isis and other jihadist professors in a prisoner
4:04 am
swap. groups for years. the suspects will stand trial in >> we are getting reports of that this morning, that the taliban may be considering jordan. former president jimmy carter admitted to hospital doing a prisoner swap with the united states. overnight. he will undergo brain surgery in president trump has talked a lot about this issue of atlanta. the procedure will reduce trying to negotiate the pressure caused by bleeding release of americans. after recent falls at his home. this something that we saw he is the longest living the president do whenever he american president in history. freed those three americans he is resting comfortably this from detainment in north morning with his wife rosa lynn korea. by his side. otto warmbier the extreme weather. unfortunate death of that a brutal winner storm turning american citizen. the president still had that commitment to bring him home. dead did i in the midwest. so what we are seeing when four people killed on car it comes to the taliban accidents on slick roads. prisoner swap the united in chicago, terrifying moments states and the president's when a plane slid right off a national security team trying to bring home any icy runway. look at this. americans being held in afghanistan. we have seen peace talks >> oh. throughout the past year between the united states and the taliban, which has >> no, no. certainly been a shift from the obama administration. the former policy of the >> i think we landed. united states was not to negotiate with terrorists. what we are seeing from the jillian: scary moments. trump administration is a negotiation with the taliban the landing gear snapping on in an attempt to bring these american airlines flight landing at o'hare airport. american hostages homes not the weather caused 1200
4:05 am
only in afghanistan but cancellations to the city. certainly other parts of the world. back to you. outside chicago. steve: trey yingst still live on top of a building in school bus flipped over by gaza. thank you very much. strong winds. thankfully no one was seriously be careful. ainsley: both of those men being released we just found hurt. a 101 world war ii veteran this out. gets a chance to step back in i'm sure their families are thrilled they have been held time. bill patton took to the skies in a vintage bomber like the one he captive. professors in american university in kabul abducted flew 78 years ago. at gunpoint. pleading in 2017 with our >> desire to fly i didn't have president to please negotiate with the taliban to release them. until the war came. brian: we will be following so i joined the air corps. a lot of those stories and of course impeachment. other thing brewing that i jillian: he took over the find fascinating is what is happening in 2020 with the cockpit at a world war ii museum democratic field. they are turning on each in minnesota. it is just like he remembered. other rapidly. and, also, looking at the field, if you want to know back to you. ainsley: cool story. what the democrats think about the only democratic field, look who is getting. 101 years owed. steve: a lot of memories. in eric holder is thinking about it. meanwhile what was it like devol patrick is thinking inside of kanye west's services? about it. hillary clinton is thinking about it. tulsi gabbard will have none of it. >> it was transformative. steve: tulsi gabbard took it was a whole new experience. incoming from hillary steve: our friend jonathan clinton about three weeks morris was there. he will tell us what he learned ago when hillary clinton in a podcast -- we played it, about kanye's influence. we are going to play it ainsley: it is not thanksgiving
4:06 am
again -- when she suggested that tulsi gabbard was being groomed by the russians as asse. wisconsin calling the state listen to this and then we capital tree a holiday tree. will tell you how hillary is spinning it and now former wisconsin governor scott walker has a big problem with that. he is on deck. ♪.
4:07 am
4:08 am
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4:10 am
steve: the war on christmas as some referred to it has already started. ainsley: wisconsin's governor reverting back to calling the state christmas tree a holiday tree. the former governor of wisconsin is outraged by this tweeting, this is christmas tree used by people celebrating christmas. this is not a holiday tree. this is menorah candle lit as festival of lights part of hanukkah. this is not a holiday candle holder. steve: the tweets were from former wisconsin governor scott walker who joins us from chicago. >> good morning. great to you with you. steve: in wisconsin it was a holiday tree. it became a christmas tree. now it is back to holiday tree. what happened? >> i declared a christmas tree.
4:11 am
the can't make this up. state agency deals with the agriculture and trade same week it was made to call it holiday tree again, talking about the sale of what? christmas trees. it's a pretty big business. fresh cut christmas trees from wisconsin is some of the best in the world. that is christmas tree. no disrespect to people practice other faiths. christ is in the name of christmas. that is what we're about. as you mentioned, i referenced the menorah which is used during the festival of lights, part of what we traditionally think of hanukkah. that is not a holiday candle holder. we celebrate other faiths as well. why not keep it christmas? that is what it was about. ainsley: when you were governor, you changed it to christmas tree, did anyone come to you say i'm offended? >> no. festival of lights the menorah candle. done it with a group when i was
4:12 am
county official. for eight years as state official. we acknowledged the celebration of the festival of lights. we acknowledged jewish holidays, muslim holidays, behind did you holidays other things that go on. we should do the same with christmas. times people are looking for ways to be offended. ironically the tweet you mentioned got me, i was contacted through several emails from twitter, tell me they investigated that tweet because people complained about it. somehow they were triggered by it. my response was simple. i said merry christmas. steve: there you go. toward the end of the year, people start saying happy holidays. because there are a lot of holidays. you have thanksgiving, christmas, knew year's, other holidays as well. but when you, your point about taking the name christmas off that tree, why, why are they doing that in your estimation? >> it is not only here. it is across the country. being politically correct.
4:13 am
somehow people feel separation of church and state. that is not the case. the constitution made it clear you can't establish a state religion. you can only practice things that regarding christian faith, that would be totally wrong. that is why we don't. we don't distinguish you can only do things that relate to christians. certainly those who are jewish, muslim, hindu, you name it, buddhist, all those things are welcomed not only in wisconsin but across the country. it doesn't mean you can't have any connection to those things t would be like having thanksgiving, forgetting about giving thanks for what we have, our family and friends, those around us. interesting times out there. you combine that with what happened last week with eric holder and in virginia with his efforts to redistrict, a lot of crazy things happening in the world. we need to be thankful going into holiday season and still remember it is a christmas tree. steve: merry tuesday, governor. thank you so much.
4:14 am
ainsley: former u.n. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley is here live coming up. steve: i have a feeling that will make news. the ceo of jpmorgan making a bold statement about the state of the economy. so is he right? that's next. >> the most prosperous economy the world has ever seen and it will be the most prosperous economy the next 100 years. at 'y to make energy that's cleaner and better. and we see possibilities everywhere.
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ainsley: we have quick headlines for you, starting with a fox news alert. these are live pictures from hong kong. pro-democracy protesters and police are clashing in the streets there as demonstrations enter a 24th week. the violence has not flowed since the beginning of june. and mexico announcing an unspecified number of arrests in a drug cartel ambush, that left nine americans dead including those six children. the fbi is now joining in on the
4:18 am
investigation into the killings. steve: steve ainsley, thank you. the ceo of jpmorgan with some powerful words about america's booming economy. watch this. >> you sound pretty optimistic about the economy. >> well i am. this has been the most prosperous economy the world has ever seen. it will be a very prosperous economy for the next 100 years. steve: wow, that sounds unbelievable. here is weigh in the author of the 10-x rule, and manager of cardone capital. next 100 years? >> super-rich are disconnected from the middle class of america. the doesn't matter how great the economy is today or next 100 years, if you don't play by the wealthy rules you will not benefit from the economy. steve: i plays by the wealthy rules? >> he plays by different set of rules middle class america the way i was brought up. steve: explain the difference.
4:19 am
>> middle class america is having trouble getting ahead. they're taught to save money. steve: there is nothing wrong with that. >> there is. banks don't pay you everything. old days cash was king. today cash is trash. you should be invested today. your cash must be invested into the marketplace where it provides you with cash flow, not just cash. steve: right. >> number two, americans today are buying homes that is way to make money. in truth that jamie dimon and his wealthy friends are not buying homes. they're investing in businesses. they invest in businesses. they don't keep cash in the banks. they invest in companies. they spend money to collaborate, network with one another and middle class america is not playing by the same set of rules. steve: once upon a time you used to be able to deduct mortgage interest payments and state and local taxes. now it is capped. so -- >> used to tern 10% on the money
4:20 am
at bank. you earn .0182. it would take 80 years to double your money today. steve: conventional is wisdom, grant, the road to success for young american to go to college. >> yeah. steve: maybe not anymore. >> bad idea for 90% of the people to go to college. i went to college. i'm not bashing college. four to six years, six years, 46% of the people started college still in college paying tuition. the jobs being created today, the new jobs being created today won't even exist by the time somebody gets out. you just gave away four to six years of your life earning income. doesn't make sense. steve: what do you do? >> go into the marketplace to learn skills. steve: graduate from high school. next day you do what. >> do what lebron did. get out of high school. steve: he had a different skillset. >> he was great at one skillset. so you need a skill set that follows money. steve: do you look for something
4:21 am
that interests you? >> i would look for something that pays me. i would follow the money. i would not follow my passions. i would not follow, hey, a what am i good at. what do i like? i would follow the thing, we live on economic planet, it will be harder and harder for everyday people to get by. 76% of americans are living paycheck by paycheck. in a economy wealthy, jamie dimon says economy better than ever, three out of four people are having trouble to pay the bills. steve: something to check out. the 10-x rule. >> thank you very much. steve: have a safe trip to miami. a little different weather. what is it like inside of kanye west's sunday services? jonathan morris was there he well talk about what he learned about kanye's influence coming up. she made a lot of headlines. former u.n. ambassador nikki
4:22 am
haley is live on the couch. you don't want to miss it. ♪. it is nice.
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4:26 am
even more and to use our influence for their benefit. we welcome you as the leader of the palestinian people here today. but i will decline the advice i was recently given by your top negotiator, syed erakat, i will not shut up. rather i will respectfully speak some hard truth. brian: let's bring in nikki haley, the woman you just saw. she is on our couch now. former u.n. ambassador to the united nations, former south carolina governor. author of this new book, with all due respect, defending america with grace. amazing how much happened 2 1/2 years you were there, ambassador, i should say, instead of governor. everyone is focused on the relationship with the president. you guys got along. you understood each other. >> we got along very well. brian: how important was it to accept the job, i need a cabinet position and access to you? were those two of your best
4:27 am
moves? >> it was important for me to set myself up for success, and set himself up for success. i had been a governor. i didn't want to work for someone else. i wanted to make sure we work together. i wanted it to be a cabinet position. i love policy. i was there when he made his decisions. i said i'm not going to be a wall flower or talking head. i need to say what i think. he said exactly why i want to you do this. he was true to his word from the first day to the last. ainsley: the book is full of so many stories, fascinating interesting stories. local news in south carolina. i loved a lot of this. but everyone looking at what you wrote in the first few pages your relationship with rex tillerson and john kelly. how they were telling you to resist the president. john kelly did respond, but so did rex tillerson, rex tillerson said larry were you in many of my many meetings with the president. he denies ever recision the president. he does say at no time did i nor to my direct knowledge anyone
4:28 am
else serving along with me take any actions to undermine the president. he saying you're not telling the truth. >> that is so rex. it is typical. i'm not going to fight over it. if you notice he and kelly, neither one denied sitting me down saying that. i was in multiple national security council meetings where we vetted multiple issues. ask other people in the administration. ask h.r. mcmaster. he knows that it happened. >> were you in many meetings with him? >> of course i was. when you're a cabinet member, you're in cabinet meetings, national security council meetings, oval office meetings. it was constant. brian: the exact quote should read. steve: just a moment. governor, tell us about the circumstances where the two of them it, was just the three of you, you were in a room, in the white house and they told you what? >> i go through in detail in the book but basically we were having a disagreement in the oval office with the president over giving palestinians aid and the agency, it wouldn't reform.
4:29 am
they were continuing to bash us. i was saying you got to pull the aid. there is no reason for us to be doing this. rex disagreed. kelly had his back, the president, we went over it. i talked to the president. he was there, you said you guys go figure this out. so we went into another office within the white house. and they were 20 minutes later coming to see me which i knew they had discussed what they wanted to talk about. then we sat down and they tried to challenge me. i kept giving my remarks why we had to do this, why it was important, why it would strengthen america's hand to do this finally, i think they were exasperated not just by this but my defense of the president getting out of the iran deal. my defense of the president getting out of paris climate agreement. my defense of the president moving the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. that is when they said you don't understand. we're not trying to undermine the president. we're trying to save the country. steve: people will die they
4:30 am
said? >> rex said if i don't do the things i do, people will die. steve: was that a threat? >> it was like moving the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem, did people die? when we got out of the iran deal, did people die? it was overinflating. what you had two unelected people who thought they knew more than the president. they were both patriots. i will say they both love america but they were undermining the president, undermining our constitution. brian: here is what john kelly said in your book. the president didn't know what he was doing, quote, i don't even think he realized what the legislative branch is and members of congress are elected by the people too. what tillerson said exactly get this right, my conversations with the president and privacy in the oval office, recommendations straightforward the once the president made a decision we at the state department undertook best efforts to participate in the decisions. ambassador haley is not in a position to know what i said. you don't know if he called him
4:31 am
a moron. i'm proud of my service as the country's 69th secretary of state. >> brian, why did the president ask me to come in be reinforcement, when rex was stalling getting out of the iran deal, why did i go to vienna and iaea to deal with that? when rex didn't want to move the embassy in tel aviv, why did he go on the record to make sure everyone knew he was totally against it? with palestinian aid, even though president agreed not to i have got aid, rex behave half anyway. brian: 60 billion. >> half anyway. the president was furious because he specifically said we're not going to do that. steve: in the statement ranks rex gave to the "washington post" he is only talking about his meetings with the white house. not meetings -- just three of you were in that one meeting. i know you're calling out john kelly and you're calling out rex tillerson. how many other people in the cabinet were resistant to what this president was trying to do? >> you know, i think what was
4:32 am
alarming for me, the reason why i wrote about this because it was such a big part of my time at the u.n., kind of watching this happen but they were two top officials and -- steve: there were others? >> there were no others that i saw tried to do this. what bothered me so much though i was a governor. i was elected. and if anyone in my cabinet had done that to me, or tried to undermine me, that is incredibly dangerous. here you've got a president who is a disruptor, trying to change the status quo. and they just disagreed with that. what i have said all along is, do what i did whenever i had an issue, sit down with the president, tell him what you think. if you don't like it, leave but don't sit there and stall what he is asking you to do or try and go around what he is asking you to do in the name of you thinking that you know better than the rest of, than the president himself. ainsley: ambassador you talked
4:33 am
about cherkin the ambassador who since died. he said you weren't smart. that you have always been underestimated. clearly you're smart, became governor and then the ambassador. what was that like for you? as a woman who risen up in the ranks, a lot of us who are working and are nice and from south carolina, we are underestimated. people don't think we're smart? >> you know, it wasn't anything new to me. i'm used to being underestimated i appreciate it. it motivates me to be stronger. and i kid with a smile. i know how to be tough. i know how i need to get done. i don't care what people think. i care what people see me do. ainsley: you said you will take names of those who don't. >> and i did. i did. steve: they're in the book. brian: we have excerpts that you wrote about the mia and narrative. we have it on prompter or you have it written. >> many people in the press approved of my remarks because they thought they were in the p.
4:34 am
anytime the press thought i or anyone else in the trump cabinet disagreed with the president, it ran wild with that story. this would not be the last time the media pursued its favored narrative. instead of the more complicated reality. the truth was much different. president obama had talked a tough game but had refused to provide ukraine weapons to fight off russian-backed separatist its. the trump administration did the opposite. brian: right. you even write in page, in the ukraine, you came out and spoke for the ukraine. the united states stands with people of ukraine. united states continues to condemn, call for immediate end to the russian occupation of crimea. you go on to say in your view, the president's words on russia were not tough enough. they were too forgiving. you told him, said that, but his actions were strong. >> that's the key, while he may have been soft in his words that was his style. this is how he disarms people. this is how he works foreign
4:35 am
policy but his actions were so much tougher. look at the relationship he developed with ukraine. he gave them anti-tank ballistic missiles. he helped them with military training. he put sanctions on russia. he expelled diplomats. he strengthened our military and our energy which russia hated. he actually was so much stronger in support of ukraine than president obama ever was. brian: not the narrative we hear. ainsley: ambassador, your dad is from india. i know your parents are lovely. you said when you lived in bamburg south carolina, no one talked to you. you realized y'all were different. your dad wears a turbine. that was a long time ago. you packed up your food, you left the picnic, you knew at that point life might be more challenging for you. what do your parents say when they look at the american dream and you? >> when we were growing up we were the only indian family in the southern town. we weren't white enough to be
4:36 am
white. black enough to be black. people didn't know who we were, why we were there. my mom would always say your job is not to show show them how you're different. your job is to show them how you're similar. brian: wow. >> that lesson from being teased in the playground, played out when i was legislator, governor, ambassador. when you're going against the russians, my job was first tell them what we had in common. get to the solution how we were dealing with it. brian: dealing with the russians, who would deal with you who would play with you on playground. the name of the book. "with all due respect." we're scratching the surface. congratulations, governor/ambassador. look forward to the next chapter. >> great to see you all steve -- steve: see you in four years when you're running for president. >> no, no. >> go tigers. steve: san francisco elected a district attorney who never
4:37 am
prosecuted a case before. how will he clean up the city? wait until you hear his strategy when we come back. back. what is it with you and that truck?
4:38 am
about being a scientist at 3m. i wanted them to know that innovation is not just about that one 'a-ha' moment. science is a process.
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♪. brian: san francisco has a new district attorney. he is taking a bold approach to solve his city's problems. steve: that bold approach includes vowing not to prosecute certain quality of life crimes like, public urination among others. brian: never thought i would see -- ainsley: never thought we would talk about that this morning. "fox & friends first" co-host rob schmitt is live in the newsroom with a look at the platform. >> we talk about san francisco's myriad of problems all the time. they have elected, chesa boudin former public defender declared victory over the weekend. he never prosecuted a case. here is the new da. here are some of the crimes he will not prosecute as da. public urination, solicitation of sex, public camping, blocking
4:41 am
a sidewalk. rather what happened in austin, texas. he wants to end gang enhancement which adds time to a sentence if you're member after gang and commit a crime. he calls that racist. he is the son of david gilbert and kathy boudin. this is interesting backstory. they were members of left-wing group weather underground that did the banks officer in new york, that led to two police officers and security guard being killed. boudin's father who is he close with is still in prison. this story led him to become a crusader for criminal justice reform. boudin also worked for venezuela dictator hugo chavez as a translator. one 2020 democrat congratulating him. he said now is the moment to transform our racist and broken criminal justice system, ending mass incar race, the failed war on drugs, the criminalization of poverty.
4:42 am
congratulations chesa boudin on your historic victory. the president of the san francisco police union which fought hard to stop this is also blasting boudin saying his policies will plague the city and decimate public safety. it's a tremendous story coming out of san francisco, guys. brian: tremendous in all the wrong ways. thanks, rob. steve: a lot of people are scratching their heads. brian: right. holding their nose. ainsley: kanye west sunday service sweeping the nation. our own jonathan morris went to one over the weekend and what he discovered next. brian: first i would like to check in with bill hemmer even if steve and ainsley don't want me to. ainsley: we all wanted to talk to you, bill. >> great show yesterday, on veterans today. ainsley: not today. >> today was great too. you're two for two. brian: you're a nice guy, bill. ainsley: it was special yesterday. >> you're right about that, ainsley, in moments kellyanne conway the day before the house impeachment hearings begin. a long list of questions coming up in a moment. breaking news from the middle east overnight. we're live on the ground after
4:43 am
rockets rain down. an american family desperate to get their father out of iran, their daughter is here to make her case as the president makes his case on the economy today in new york. see you in ten minutes. top of the hour. big three hours coming up then. . this is why voya helps reach today's goals... ...all while helping you to and through retirement. can you help with these? we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... voya. helping you to and through retirement. hi honey, we got in early. yeah, and we brought steve and mark.
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steve: kanye west sunday services performance sparked a spiritual aweakening across the country. our next guest went to find out what all the buzz is about. ainsley: joining us jonathan morris. what was it like? >> it was awesome. i loved it. 17,100 people in the forum the which is known for concerts, in
4:47 am
los angeles, exactly. in this case it was not a concert. it was one part hip-hop concert, maybe two part gospel choir, awesome gospel choir, three parts, actually like a billy graham-style crusade with an all tar call for people to come to christ t was powerful. then a little bit of kanye west mixed in there doing his thing. steve: you talked to some of the folks. here is what they said outside of the service. >> yep. >> i thought it was really transformative. i thought it was, a whole new experience. never really kept like god or religion in mind but i'm going to be more open-minded. i think that is really, key thing bit. >> god can use anything for his good, you know? if this is the atmosphere where you know some people need to be reached, then god will osteite. steve: where some people will be reached. how many people were there to see kanye talk about god, how
4:48 am
many wanted to hear him sing? >> it was fascinating. no i'm here to listen to kanye because it is cheap ticket. tickets are 20 bucks. proceeds go to charity. i have no reason to believe that. people come out differently. one young man, 17 years old we just played, i ask him do you go to church regularly? after he came out. he said i have never walked into a church in my life. ainsley: really? >> what was your experience here? he said, just like we just heard, it was transformative. i now have an open mind about faith. ainsley: so he stands in the middle of that circle. that is his choir. all the flowers down the main floor. people sit in the seats. what was it like for you as a catholic? you are used to formal? >> very different. i went to mass early in the morning in los angeles before i went to this very different. i love my faith tradition. this was inspiring. i think we have to recognize we're in position right now in the united states where 26% of
4:49 am
americans call themselves as not affiliated with any religion, nons they call it. take advantage of anything. ainsley: keep open mind. go. those services are fun. steve: you wrote a lot about it. read about it all on jonathan, thank you very much. >> thanks, guys. steve: more "fox & friends" after this brief time out. ♪. at verizon, we're building the most powerful 5g experience for america. that's why the nfl chose verizon. because they need the massive capacity of 5g with ultra wideband, so more screaming, streaming, posting fans... can experience 5g all at once. this is happening in 13 stadiums all across the country. now if verizon 5g can do this for the nfl... imagine what it can do for you.
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4:53 am
waco and out stepped harry patterson, a decorated vietnam veteran and he said you're going to need my playing. it's fantastic. >> bill: thank you, everybody. a breaking news from the middle east, the violence now escalating there. militants firing dozens of rockets into israel after a senior islamic jihad commander was killed in an israeli air strike. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said the targeted militant leader was planning a new attack. he called a ticking time bomb, a barrage of rockets fired into israel in retaliation. a breaking story developing at this hour, a live report coming up here. first, the u.s. supreme court set to hear arguments in the landmark immigration case. the trump administration trying to make the case that daca should be dropped entirely.
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