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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  November 16, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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this was starbucks sixth roastery location. and that's how fox reports this saturday if november 16th, i'm jon scott thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. ♪ >> hello america i'm mark levin life, liberty, and levin donald trump jr. i don't have to introduce you really. it is a about pleasure. >> we've never met before. we haven't no in person i've been watching far while. >> thank you like wise you've written and unbelievable book triggered how the live thrive on hate and wants to silence us nobody if knows us better than your family. >> yeah. we've been through a lot. i think it was interesting for years people say don you should write the business bock and honestly i was like my father has had that covered but for me over the last few years what i've got to experience if both
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having a -- sort of front row seat to political history, you know getting it to be at least one of the tips of the spear of the greatests political upset ever -- or to also being, you know, the number two subject of the greatest witch hunt ever with the mueller hoax said you know what now to time is write the book i've written over america and written incredible l stuff. see what my father is actually doing and for me as an american, as citizen -- as a father of five young kids, this is my chance to act and top enhelp web and again i don't knw that anyone seen it or had a better or closer look to the hypocrisy of the left probably the media day. >> i suspect not knowing that for most of your life left about, right so forth you're a businessman relatively conservative as a matter of common sense then you hit this pozzed on the left it is kind of changed a little bit. hasn't it? >> it has. listen i think again, i don't
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necessarily come from a conservative background although i've been a conservative a big part of that was having is a mother who grew up in communist and escaped. so when i see some of the sort of mainstream politicians of today talking about the the great virtue of socialism and communism i go back to that and my childhood going over there, every summer with my grandfather who was a blue collar electrician and wanted to make sureci that we, you know, his grandchildren experience that and i think it was a big part of why we don't take things for granted that perhaps we would otherwise, and you know so growing up with that having a grandmother who is 93 -- who didn't lead an easy life this was someone who spent years hiding in basement from nazis growing up and lived through commune fist occupation, you know she calls me to this day mark in tears -- you know, she watches cn rks over there they don't have outlet like this where you may have the qeivetive view point and so -- don you don't understand this
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socialism of thehe economy it sounds so great on paper always free everything is always great you don't understand and you know trust me i don't know. on leading edge of pushing against this nonsense but a woman against that and a in tears for fear of the well being of her children, and you know her grandchildren her great grandchildren it has to tell you somethingg and it is interesting with this socialism communism thing becoming mainstream part of the democrat party it is no 'slonger a fringe element the leading candidates all espouse virtues. if i was ask i go why is it mark that there's if no one. not one person from former, you know, commune fist side of eastern europe from the former soviet union, from communist china let's bring closer to home from venezuela from cuba how come there's no one who has lived there that comes here and says you know what, we've got to bring that experience here it is wonderful it is done incredible things. the democrats will find someone who can vouch for and say anything but they can't find
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someone who lived under systems to bring themm herl, and doesn't that tell us all we need to know? and so while i may be unlikely conservative on paper and the sense that i'm a guy from new york city the son of a billionaire went to ivy league school my experience is throughout life and certainly the experiences i've had over the last few years only solidify my resolve to really fight for conservative values and beliefs. >> your father has been called a blue collar billionaire. >> i coin that mark ten or 15 years ago and i get hell for this back then it wasn't as vicious as it was today but since that and because he's a builder he spent his career building project's hen didn't build, you know, in the confine of theee high office tower surrounded by executives telling him what he want he spent time on the h ground and spent time n construction sites. he spent time request those like blue collar often time you know union -- oftentimes democrat, builders construction workers, he knows
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those people he spoke with them. that's what made him a better builder had he got information from them and yiewt lids that throughout his xreer so fun likely voice to be able to speak to working class america -- he's able to do that because he's been doing it his who whole life he understands those guys and -- >> when you look at the democrat party lineupp none of them have. nothing. you know, they talk in theory not in practice and i think when you look at the successes of his presidency and i talk about this extensively in the book, it has because he's actually done this. he's actually signed the front of the paycheck not just the back he's actually created jobs and i just talking about it in theory but in practice and had people their families -- their livelihoods their well being dependent on his success every day for 40 years. he's actually done it and so when he talks about it, and he
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talked about it on campaign trail, this is what we're going to do and how we're going to achieve x, y, z now we're reaping bents that have and people say well it is just -- it is not he's been doing it his whole life he understands it our political class doesn't. and that's a big problem. our political class are politicians. they've not done these things. they about oftentimes can't releet to people they represent there was a female congresswoman i was talking itt be during midterms. who was hosting seminar wine and cheeseo dinners for other democrats running to teach them how to speak to their stwengt constituency panel like you live there. these are your neighbors and you have to go to someone else and another district to learn about how to speak to your neighbors and yet -- you know, the brash billionaire from new york city is able to just go out there and have that conversation with not the conversation at we get plenty of
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lecturing from other side. but he's actually having that conversation with the hardworking men and women of this country who just want to live their american dream and that makes them a terrible person these days. you know wants to experience the american dream for themselves rather than it be sort of our number one export as a country we've sent that american dream to countries far off when they hate our guts and freedom and hate our religion and values. we've sent them our american dream due to trade practices incompetent politicians just a string of bad decision making from people who are in charge who have noet business being in charge a. with anything -- let alone our country. >> let me ask you this -- when you watch how your father's portrayed -- in the media, 0%, 95% of the media and man you grew up with, and you say blue collar went down on the streets down to the job sites -- not only that he hired
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minorities galore and african-american hispanic asian americans female and so forth and you here think about your father that you know to be dishonest and untrue as imaginable. what does that do to your and the regs of your family. >> and it makes me want to fight that much more. i know it to be nonsense so many of those people say those things it is interesting we have pictures with them over decades hanging out with my father. taking pictures with my father and being at dinners and parties showing up to his office. all of a sudden you become a conservative and -- you know, p all of that is forgotten. you know, that's the reality, i mean, when i hear the stuff if racism it drives me nuts. but the real problem with it is it is sort of become easy button over left can't win an argument. racist -- don't have any facts to back me up racist. you know facts are like left wing crypt tonight but real
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issue is stuff like racism those are problems in our country. it is just not the answer to every argument someone can't win from the the left and that's what it has become and issue with that is it does such a huge disservice marc to those who are afflicted by real racism because now people hear it as like roll your eyes. move on. the people who are actually afflicted are ultimately then ignored because everyone uses it for everything and argument they can't win with facts with reason, or with logic. and that's sort of ain big problem. >> fantastic book. donald trump jr. triggered how the left going to take my glasses off so i can read how the left thrives on hate and wants to silence us. and you've been subjected to this your sister has, your brother has and brother-in-law -- but you've beening dragged in front of congress with, you've been dragged in front of investigative committees if
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behind closed door for the most part. you've had to hire lawyers you've had to spend money on this sort of thing. lots. dozens and dozens of people close to the president of the united states have.e. and to what end for what purpose? >> none. they're trying to, you know, reverse the results of an election that they didn't agree with, though, american people, obviously, agreed. you know, the impeachment probe right now guess what that started on november 9th, 2016. whatever they can do to back fill it. i mean, you saw mueller report again for me about i could write about it extensively in the book because it iss safe to say i was number two target that if they couldn't get my father they would have loved to have taken me down and i just remember going through it and you know, it took me maybe 41 years to realize i was a lot like my father than called before that ourselves and you put us in our corner and we fight back we push back hard. i certainly did that during the
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probe. my father certainly does that, and if i think it has been a great thing and sense that it has shown conservative that you can actually fight back. you don't just have to turn the other cheek. we've done that for 50 years and all of we've done is feed ground to lunatic fringe of the left and for policies so for me it was interesting experience but not just half of government literally trying to throw you in jail for quote unquote treason for taking unsolicited phone cull and other candidate hillary clinton can have a dnc funded operation where they're paying for an operatives to dig up dirt, feed that with fbi leak it to the press use that as a justification to then start a witch hunt bring in robert mueller, obviously, the only brought him because he was former head of the fbi and decorated marine to above reproach and trump cannot possibly attack him and he brings in 19 -- hillary b donors to try to prosecute this nonsense claim
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and this fake dossier. but then you know, they were going to get him finally and going to get trump we're going to put him on the stage. we're going to put him on the stand. and within about o'30 seconds american public realize that this thing was one big joke that they used robert mol or simply because of the kres credential and fact that he was yongd reproach because of his resumés and they realized -- this guy had no idea what he's even talking about within 30 second it was mr. mueller have you actually read the report that bears your name? well -- you know, i don't know that's yongd my purview. that's beyond my pursue and it was a joke and despite media attacks the american people get it and american people see it for what it is and see nonsense. they see the witch hunt. they see the bias. ands. man if they were -- let's call it a better word for it but tv i'll say if they were
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annoyed in 2016 i think they're that much more annoyed in 20 20. when we come back i i want to ask you about about what was it like inn sessions hour and hous at a time folks don't forget most weeknights watch me on levin tv levin tv sign up at 844 levin tv give us a call 844-levin tv or check us out at blaze don't forget to to tell you the truth. if you're an american and not triggered about -- i'll be right back. mbers like m. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started.
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>> don jr. in these close door sessions that you were in about how many hours how many times what are they like? >> numerous times i did about 30 hours total between -- you know congress and senate, and all of the nonsense and you can see it is just -- it is a witch hunt, i mean, you have just such a partisan, you know, hack i remember doing house schiff house intelligence committee and it was funny close to nine hours straight. questioning about a 20 minute
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meeting right and whatever else they could back fill and you know, in 1982 your father as a developer sold a unit in trump tower to, you know, there was a russian buyer there -- you know, as if no i don't know because i was about four. it's, it was nuts but it was what was a most telling was coming out of that interview that one in particular at about 7:00 that night and you know it is supposed to be close door and, obviously, top secret and everything like that and you know getting to read on cnn starting noon in my twitter feed meaning prefer bathroom break this guy -- almost certainly this guy is the guy going out and leaking to cnn exactly what's going on in these close door things and -- it didn't matter to me because it wasn't like there was really going on whole thing was nonsense but it just make you wonder who would ever want to cooperate with these committees to actually try to get to a real answer when you see that kind of partisan nonsense and you see so much of that going on now.
4:19 pm
frankly where, you know, he's allowed to be the judge, jury executioner and he asked the question. if he likes the answer after leading and coaching the witness he will then maybe call that person back toou give that same answer and no other in front of a live committee so that it can appear as though this is a fair process when it'som not so, it s pretty telling for me it was different again because i certainly got some of my father gene about fighting back so even my own lawyers i was vocal l about it on twitter and on tv and you know, i got out there so -- really? here's my text. here's this, here's the dm when they leak the donald trump jr. got wikileaks a week before it was -- no here's the dn here's the date they they literally when handing it to cnn, someone deleted the one i think it was from 14 so you take the one out of 14 and all of a sudden looks like whatever let's call it june 4th instead of june 14th but when
4:20 pm
stuff came out on june 10th, it appears as thoughed i had it six days before rather than four days after the rest of the world and so they created these fake bombshells but many of these stories never even corrected. >> what do you make of the relationship between the media and the democrat party and these democrats on the hill they're like this. >> listen, we all know that media is largely left leaning and has been for decades. the difference now is there's not even a pretense of objectivity they don't even care. i mean and some of those cases like what i'm talking about bombshell cnf we got him. they didn't even correct its there's not even a correction we're used to retraction 2 in the morning where nobody see it is but we can push out of it and many of the bomb shells and if there were five big bombshells i was part of three of them. none of them turn out to be true. but more importantly mark, no one was burned. and low level guy cnn you burn them just to get their
4:21 pm
credibility back say this was the guy that gave it but getting it from a high level source hoping that that guy kongtses to give them stuff but when you have in our, you know, essentially subject matter of three of biggest bombshells of the last year, we cover them in detail in the book but they're all fake news what does that say about the media complex? what does it say about people ability to trust these people? youwi know, you can't even put like a discount factor on it from there weing have to assume at least half it have. it is so asinine and going so far we saw this last week. isisghdadi leader of murderer -- rapist, he's killed and burned journalist alive. pl lit people on fire, i mean, he is according to the washington post an austere
4:22 pm
religious scholar he's a piece of gar garbage and get to murder rapist until paragraph 33 in a glowing expose trying to make this guy human because trump got him and that was his number one target -- think of where we are -- you know my father has gotten, you know, a lot of flak for, you know, asking the question of, you know, is the media are they the enemy of the people? man if you're watching some of these things and you're not wondering in back of your mind i have to wonder -- a little bit like if there's something wrong with you. making it too easy. t the "new york times" fact checking -- fact checking. a meme about a dog -- you know, it wasn't that he was putting congressional and changed to a paw -- you know, metal -- i mean think of the insanity. you know that's going on and there's just example after
4:23 pm
example where there's just no rhyme or reason to it hatred is palpable i think the best example i use because it is not just going after me when i say something or going after my father when he says something. they're going after our supporters. i remember when we launched the campaign back in early summer the 2020 campaign we're down in orlando, 45,000 people show up, two days in advance -- to an arena that holds 25,000 people. 20 thowrk know they're not even getting in. it is hot, humid, thunderstorm is ring not one fern left and it was actually amazing thing i got to introduce the vp who introduced my father. and a i mean, the warmth from just wanted too see it is a political movement like we've never seen, right? it was incredible. i go back and i'm watching tv afterwards and i watch these, you know, elite liberal experts they have not in few years be
4:24 pm
they're experts and on tv. did you see those people? oh -- they were in flip-flop that must be their formal attire. ha-ha it was honestly it was disgusting. the level of hatred and disdain for the hardworking men and women of this country that you see from the liberal elite that you see from their marketing arm het's call it. the mainstream media -- they don't even make bones. mainstream media today is marketing wing of the democrat party. and m they don't even pretend otherwise let me suggest any of them through the examination that you and your family and father have gone through it wasn't do very well. we'll be right back. agious. i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. four years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx.
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janie, come here. check this out. let me see. she looks... kind of like me. yeah. that's because it's your grandma when she was your age.
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oh wow. that's...that's amazing. oh and she was on the debate team. yeah, that's probably why you're the debate queen. - mmhmm. - i'll take that. look at that smile. i have the same dimples as her. yeah. the same placements and everything. unbelievable. live from america news headquarters i'm jon scott, lawmakers spending rare working saturday in washington. mark sandy and official from the federal budget office giving his deposition in the impeach m inquiry into president trump. sandy was involved in key meetings involving nearly 400 million dollar aid package congress had had approved for ukraine it comes on same day as the house intelligence committee released two new transcripts. those from interviews with former national security official tim morrison, and vice president pence's top aid jennifer williams. >> voters in louisiana are in the closing moments if to voting
4:29 pm
for governor john belle edwards hoping to win second term in runoff election running against had him businessman eddy -- president trump has thrown his support behind edwards republican challenger. i'm jon scott, now back to life, liberty, and levin. ♪ the book is trigger fantastic book, i want to ask you a question. when you look at how joe bide and hunter biden are treated when you look at anderson cooper during democrat debate saying nobody has anything and you know, hunter is fine and all of the rest of it. do you ever say -- gee it will be nice to be a democrat just for purposes alone. >> all of the time mark it is funny you know they're not guilty of anything but i was guilty of treason right according to all of those people we were out there doing that so was my father and all of that it was not true but double standard is sickening i always say you media likes to say
4:30 pm
well you're donald trump jr. you have the benefits i go, of course, i do. i've saidut that prefer time i said that on hannity i've said it elsewhere you can't always say it in every interview when you don't have long form. but -- i make no bones about fact that i am where i amm in much part because of my father. and what he's created the difference between me and hunt per biden is -- i didn't do it through my father taxpayer funded office like hundredth per biden with did it as private businesspeople. we were international businesspeople for decades before we got into politics. hunter biden panelically became an international businessman because his father was the vice president of the united states. we gave up doing any new international deals we have a contraction obligation to do what we signed up to a decade ago but we have to stop looking and looking for new deals abroad just to avoid any possible, you
4:31 pm
know, conflict meanwhile hunters around going on air force two to china coming back five days later with 1.5 billion as a journey investor that no one has ever heard of some of the e great investor of the world guy everyone on your show watching would know they names to break into china hunter can in five days for a billion five. media -- we have no problem with this. hunt per biden -- dads in charge of ukraine he's on tape say we're going to stop aid yada we've all seen it. he can get an 83,000 dollar a month job. no show job -- in a language he doesn't speak on a board of an energy company that he knows nothing about energy. no problem -- he can get his first job out of school. working at nba which happens to be largest bank in state of delaware where his father is a senator and signing if favorable legislation it is a wonder how he went through rank so quickly. he then gets on board of am
4:32 pm
track at about 27 because dad takes train it is different when you're using again your dad p taxpayer i am where i am because of my father i make no bones about it.e but we didn't do that under the guys of, you know, i'm a blue collar -- youuun know, hardworking public servant. it is nonsense if i did those things todayay with my father as president, the media qowld have a field day. if i got thrown out of navy for using cocaine, the media qowld have a field day we can go into the personal stuff even further i would rather not because -- ei think the business, you know, corruption side is frankly enough. but i get to hear about the media well no you can't attack him families offlimbs he's a 50-year-old man. family wasn't offlimit when is they were trying to throw me in jail family is not offlimits -- when they attack barron trump at
4:33 pm
a 13 year old and not when they go after my brother on when people spit at him in a restaurant or when my ex-wife opens up and exploding envelope of powder family is not offlimits then. it doesn't even get written up. it is almost like well they're conservative and vocal they'll speak their mind they almost deserve it there's almost hard to say any other way almost like a --ts complicity or acceptance that double standard is truly sickening, and no one is experienced it more than me. i mean, i get to write about it in the the book but literally each and every day there's more and more examples of these sort of things and so -- i think the american people see through it. ting that media has overplayed their hand so often each and every had time they're all in to try to get trump or try to get me or try to -- cancel us you know in today's, you know, cancel culture where everything is you can't have an opinion you certainly can't do that as a son of a rich guy
4:34 pm
certainly not if you're a conservative or he's a the president. i think the american people see through that and while the hatred and disdain is there and we've covered it goes down i have a lot of respect forn those people they see through it in much greater detail than the left would ever credit them for. >> you know there's a lot of children wealthy people were failures. there's a lot of children with wealthy people who aren't thproductive. there's a lot of children of wealthy people to liberal democrats they're not questioned. if coming from us us i've never heard kennedy run for office and be told well you're just a kennedy andd you're just rich because of, you know, what had old man joe sr. did and so -- i've never heard that. but i'll tell you what i think. i think parents raised a hell of a family. >> i appreciate that. because you kids are very loyal you're hardworking. you don't take anything for granted you're well spoken and that's unusual. we'll be right back.
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mark: donald trump jr. the book is triggered excellent book you spent a good amount of time in your book talking about how the democrat party is changed. how is it changed? >> listen, you know it was interesting. youle know, i went to boarding school in central pennsylvania and homeas of fire stone tire in middle of the rust belt and boarding school wasn't one for rich guys. but you know you still spend a lot of time if eighth grade on formative years were spent in rust belt, pennsylvania from the area youen get to know a lot of these people, and a you know as i was on the campaign trail in 2016 as a hunter as an outdoorsman as a competitive shooter, you know i spent so much time in middle america and those were my friends it wasn't here's my coke and buddy from iowa, no it has been sleep on that guy's couch during deer season and you go out there and see people and you see --
4:40 pm
what they've watched for and i used to go around and like don if my grandfather knew i was voting for a republican i would be rolling over in his grave but i get that. i understand the history of the democrat party as working chases and representative. but that's gone, mark. that left so long ago so i start talking to those guyses and okay well -- what would your grandfather think about today's democrat party? and he goes -- oh, my god i go what would he think would your grandfather it was really productive to be talking about, you know, transwomen in sports as a major part of their political platform or, you know, or anything name one thing they've done for working class americans as of late. what are the issues that they're talking it be that really in newer and that's when lightbulb goes off mark and they were like oh, my god and i said chapter in
4:41 pm
the book is basically this is not your grandfather's democrat party. but there is that history, there is that tradition and those people just need a little bit of the hey like wake up your grandfather be rolling over in his grave if he knew what his party stood for today. you know this isn't the party of jfk anymore. jfk would be he would be all a right -- youe. know, according to the let today. i mean, democrat party has been hijacked by radicals, by leftist, but socialist, by -- right. communist. there's not a moderate party anymore it is a radical party. the few moderates that are left no longer have a voice. they get drowned out they get canceled. because that's part of that culture. you can't even be with them 95% of the way if you're not there all the way, they'll eat their own. they'll destroy themselves, i
4:42 pm
mean, one of the example i use in the book that i think is so important you know martina she kale out against sort of the transwomen in sports that's a man that -- is transition to a woman somehow and wants to compete against women. sheow goes this is one of the great female athletes of all time we knew her growing up because she had a similar story to mother escaping communist so we knew her growing up had had a great relationship. our whole lives -- she was a lesbian she's been an advocate for lbgt right for 40 years way before it was cool. she said you know i think this is a little bit nuts ting it is a little too far. and they went after her and destroyed her 40 years of activism for them. wasn't enough -- because she said as a accomplished female athlete she didn't think it would be right for men to compete against women and i said you know, where are the feminist mark. where are the women -- that fought for title nine and
4:43 pm
for equalityt in women sports when i read about every day there's a new transfemale breaking some world record you know taking some young girl who spent her whole life becoming the master of her sport. taking her scholarship, taking her state championship, with taking her world record where are those people? when is enough enough? and that's when i think it drives again the point of sort of theug radicalization of that leftist movement. the goal posts are always moving. you can never be woke enough the second you attain that level of wokeness that is -- today, the next day it's wow not even close you're not with us on this. it is insanity what's interesting about it is, you know, if i post something on twitter or social media you immediately have left bot and i post some of these chample example and even the crazy of the crazy you know what i sort of hate to agree with it but
4:44 pm
like i'm actually with don trump jr. on this saying welcome to american people because other side has gone too far i'm a live and let live kind of guy look at anything i've said about this guy identify whatever you want. but like when you start taking opportunity, you know, from young women i have a two daughters myself. they're both actually looking like they're incredible athletes my 12-year-old really good. i don't her competing against, you know, a 12-year-old boy for a scholarship or whatever it would be. i certainly wouldn't it is not right and we can't even recognize that there are biological differences between men and women as it relates to xettive sports and/or at, you know, elite athletic give me a break. when we come backle i want to ak you about impeachment. ladies and gentlemen, don't forget joinch ugh on levin tv mt weeknights give us a call
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mark: impeachment you know even though media and democrats telegraph this even before your father won the presidency -- pretty shocking what they're -- what had the level they're willing to go down to isn't it? >> not really -- you know at this point with what i've been through -- that i cover thoroughly in the bock i'm not shocked at anything anymore. the reality is this, i've said it a million times impeachment started on november 9, 2016. "the washington post" i believe wrote the article about 19 minutes after my father was sworn in say making the case for impeachment. it'sim just shocking the lengths that they're willing to go to cover it up to hide ptd the process from the people i get to read about democracy die in darkness every day. but they don't seem to have a problem about this process going on in a basement where adam hiv is judge jr. executioner republican aren't allowed to ask the question if they do get a chance or the gull to even team to ask a question he instructs the witnesses to not then answer. then they say well we'll have public inquiry but he's the buy
4:50 pm
who gets to decide who publicly goes soan beyond the coaching le he did for michael cohen and in the past and all of the people any chance to get trump -- no one has a problem with this, mark. no one in the media say -- awe, maybe we should actually make it a fair process. i mean, this is not how the american system works. this is not due process. this h is not if this was going on, in a banana republic, we would be shocked and outraged. what is going on right here in america. in 2019, and a the fact that the silence is deafening, from the media from the left -- you know love to throw around words like democracy and the constitution when it is convenient, though, they don't have any belief mainly on second amendment certainly on the first these days and so many others when is it is not convenient for them. it is truly scary. because this is at best a
4:51 pm
kangaroo court but the fact that it is going and complaisant that is happening just because it is trump and because they know as so many of the leftist fault leaders have said we can't beat him at the ballot box so question need to impeach him. if that doesn't outrage honestly even democrats even leftist and we should make this distinction between leftist and democrats i know plenty of hardingst working and great democrats again those are people left behind but they really have to think and open their eyes for 2020 to look at a either the values that are being truly pushed by the democrat party anymoreei because they're not the same. it is really a leftist party so i don't to insult the hardworking democrats that i do know who do believe in, you know, the value it is that we believe in as americans. it is just that the parties thought leaders no longer believe in those values and it is scary.
4:52 pm
>> tngt it shocking it has to me that the media that went after the father and even though there's scores of reporters there he's disrupting a press conference president say you know what you're out. you have other cnn supporters here -- thatnc same media when adam schf lock it is that vault to door and doesn't allow media in and no law from the media and no complaint from their associations i mean that shows it there. >> it is mentality i speak with guys from turn point usa go on college campuses because -- you know, as my father said you have to be the president of all people and try to bring the message to all a people and you have people that would just show up to try to disrupt how good are your point if you feel you can't even allow others to pex press theirs? how strong must your argument really be and i can assure you for the party that speaks and spends a lot of time talking and preaching tolerance, there'sing nothing and no one less tolerant than a leftist who preaches
4:53 pm
tolerant. it is very much do as i say not as i do, and it is really a scary notion for us to be seeing in this country as father of five young kids, that's sort of totalitarian mentality is truely sickening and it is scary. >> when we come back 2020 -- like to take on 2020. we'll be right back. m searchingo on options trading, and look,o it feels like i'm just wasting time. wasted time is wasted opportunity. >>exactly. that's why td ameritrade designed a first-of-its-kind, personalized education center. see, you just >>oh, this is easy. yeah, and that's >>oh, just what i need. courses on options trading, webcasts, tutorials. yeah. their award-winning content is tailored to fit your investing goals and interests. and it learns with you, so as you become smarter, so do its recommendations. >>so it's like my streaming service. well exactly. well except now, you're binge learning. >>oh, i like that.
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it's versus the other guys.eese (cheering) clearly, velveeta melts creamier here with donald trump the book is how left thrives on hate and wants to silence us excellent, excellent book. so 2020 how do you see this breaking out? what's on winning? >> listen i think he's going to win but you know on paper it is a no-brainer all right all time --. high economy, all time lowest unemployment number for every demographic for african-american for hispanic, for women all time high startup entrepreneurship, there's not a single economic
4:58 pm
metric where we are not better off today mark than we were three years ago. okay, same coulday be said for foreign policy where we're asserting dominance again and america is utilizing lurch and rpghted again because you have a guy that is running on a campaign, and you know, running aa presidency on a promise is made promise kept agenda that is so foreign to everyone. most people are used to this is what i'm going to do and then they do opposite but he's doing all of the thing he said he was going to do. but -- on paper it should be over. but we're not in a fair fight mark. we're not on a level playing field between the media bias between pop culture and hollywood bias between the shadow i banning and all the of the stuff that i get into great length in the book from social media and the censorship all of the things they do to try to oppress my father message to try to silence him. that's what we're up against so again i t believe that americans get it. i believe that the harding working men and women that my father a ran for that he didn't
4:59 pm
need to do he knew and no one needed this job less than him probably it wasn't his term he did it because he was fed up he's been talking about these thingg my pin tweet on twitter was --t him on opera in 286 talking about bad trade policy and incompetent politician he'singad writing all of these wrongs we can keep draining swamp it won't gong easy so they've been there and they don't just give up without a fight. but we need our guys to show up we need them to mobilize we need them to call their friends. get out and vote -- if theob americans who have benefited from this economy and who see what's going on -- if they get out, it is over. they just got to do it and we have to do it against unprecedented income just like my father is winning and getting things done despite unprecedentedd income, those sae voters need to do the same thing they have to get out and ignore that message learn the truth when they do that and vote accordingly we're going keep winning. been a great pleasure. great to be with you.
5:00 pm
god bless you. see you next time on life, liberty, and levin. welcome to waters world, i'm jesse waters i told you so before the public impeachment hear physician i said this on the five -- lev it to democrats to make impeachment bore this is about a transcript of a phone call and household names they haven't heavy hitters wake me up when the big dogs testify in public. other thing is is, no one can find ukraine on a map it is not a sexy scandal russia was sex intrigue with hand cuffs on. it was about a election this has no intrigue whatsoever. and the democrats have failed to deliver any sort of convincing narrative.


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