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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 19, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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maybe he had some neurologic -- i think he is someone who has some neurological issues, which no one has ever really addressed. >> laura: how does ama not reprimand him for that? he hasn't examined trump. maybe it's cardio neurocollusio neurocollusion. let's bring mueller back for no special counsel investigation, these people are embarrassing. it's all the time we have for today shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team have all the days come a very lengthy development. but the best analysis, taking it from here. >> shannon: listen, laura, we have anymore investigations of my doctoral whole beautiful mind things. i can barely -- i manage and what we have now. we cannot add anymore investigations. >> laura: have a great show, shannon. >> shannon: thanks, laura. we begin tonight with a fox news alert. north on impeachment hearings on capitol hill today at 9:00 a.m., ending just a short while ago. key moments, which i benefited most and was up tomorrow? bottom line, the democrats
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persuading america or have they tuned out? later, the prison guards who were supposed to be watching convicted sexual offender jeffrey epstein face present times themselves. the death is the director of imprisoned -- on capitol hill today. jp commerce when doug collins is on deck to join us here. doubling down, demanding answers from abc news about what they learned about epstein's and his victims and why the story -- free speech on college campuses again under fire tonight. this time hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. we begin tonight with correspondent turner at the democrats marathon impeachment hearing in chile and you have tracking every part of this today. >> yes, it's finally over. definitely more of a marathon
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today than a sprint. so day three, public hearings kicked off. it was, like i said, more of a marathon than a sprint. first up, vindman and williams, details to the vice president's office. both won president trump's infamous july 25th call with president dominski of ukraine and both alarmed by what they heard. >> i was concerned by the call. what i heard was inappropriate. >> references to specific individuals and investigations such as former vice president biden and his son struck me as political in nature, given that the former vice president is a political opponent of the president. >> q are republicans pushed back arguing vin vinson bird to the white house chain of command when he sidestepped his boss and took his concerns about the call direct to national security council lawyers. >> you report to tim morrison,
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correct? >> in my life -- >> the correct report is to morrison, correct? >> to clarify, only by advisory capacity i advise up through the chain of command, that's what i do. >> in the chain of command is to morrison to ambassador john bolton, national security advisor to the president of the united states. >> correct. >> do agree the president sets the policy as commander in chief as you testify previously? >> absolutely. >> once again, republican john ratliff wanted -- thought of the actual crime had been committed. >> miss williams, you've never used the word bribery or bribe to explain president trump's conduct, correct? >> no, sir. colonel vinton, you haven't either mexico that's correct. >> current of them and took a lot of folks by surprise when he claimed ukrainian official offered him a job when he was over there for the linsky's inauguration. he also drew applause at one point when he said this is america and here, shannon, right still matters. >> shannon: is unusual because usually they don't allow any reaction in those hearings.
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as was positive. part two this afternoon, kurt volker and tim morrison, what can you tell us about the last half? >> okay, shannon, the republicans showed up this evening really ready to take on the democrats new bribery narrative had on
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sources can result in jeopardizing fbi operations and placing fbi agents, sources, subjects of investigation, and the public in harm's way.
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>> the report made 16 recommendations on how to improve the informant program and the fbi has apparently agreed to implement all of them asap. >> shannon: so trace, shouldn't we or should we read anything with regard to the timing of this report. >> it is interesting that inspector general horowitz is choosing now to kind of released a report on confidential informants. considering his report on the origins of the trump russia probe could drop anytime. a big part of that report will likely focus on the use of confidential informants. primarily christopher steele, whose salacious and unverified dossier was reportedly used by the fbi to help justify surveillance of the trump campaign. christopher steele was a confidential fbi source until the agency dropped him for leaking information to the media, but many believe he remained in contact with the fbi through a back channel. course the g.o.p. chair of the senate judiciary committee lindsey graham at others have suggested the ig probe will
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provide evidence of improper conduct by the fbi in the early stages of the investigation and senator graham has already announced that michael horowitz will testify before his committee on december 11th, meaning the ig report is imminent. her shannon. >> shannon: we are standing by by. i might demonstrations redoubling efforts to get a new north american trade agreement ratified by congress. they would replace the much-maligned nafta deal. president trump blaming house speaker nancy pelosi for holding up the usmc a. >> i pretty good authority on it that she is using usmc a because she doesn't have impeachment votes, so she's using usmc a to get the impeachment vote. >> shannon: pelosi spokesperson responded "as the president well knows, the speaker has been working diligently with his trade representative to advance democrats further down the path, the gas on the usmc a. president's desperate attacks
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aside, this issue is totally separate from the ongoing impeachment inquiry. democrats are pushing for stronger enforcement of environmental and labor standards in order to get them to sign on. today's marathon impeachment areas -- michael horowitz warns the fbi has "numerous issues when it comes to vetting and using secret sources. care to weigh in on both top stories, former deputy assistant attorney generals harry litman and john you, good to see both of you tonight. >> hey, shannon. >> shannon: i want to get about things. let's start with trace of us direct report. "the wall street journal" also talk about this report out from horwitz as we wait for the real report everybody is waiting for from horwitz saying this. tuesday's report found "significant economic weaknesses in the confidential human sources program and for the fbi had not followed guidelines on the scrutiny validation and allocation of sources." john, do you read anything into the timing of this or should we consider it totally separate from what we may get from horwitz and durham on investigation into the
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investigators? >> you could see the timing as being relevant. you could see horwitz saying let's clear the decks, that these other corollary matters out of the way so that we can -- months ago work and concentrate on the fisa report. but also they are interlinked in this respect. part of the fisa inquiry is going to focus on why did the fbi place a lot of credibility in certain confidential informants? most notably christopher steele. also a fellow named helper and give so much credence to them that they went into a fisa court to get surveillance warrant on an ongoing presidential campaign by a major party. if you could see that the fault might have been that while jim comey commander mccabe mccabe, were so excited to get their teeth into these big cases best to get, they weren't taking care of the basic bread and butter everyday business of the fbi, which is to make sure that they are getting reliable authentic information from our informants.
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and by looking at this report, by thinking it's a good thing president trump removes comey and mccabe and his team from office, because they weren't doing the basic job of the fbi because they were so fascinated with investigating the clinton campaign than the trump campaign. >> shannon: harry, quick, for you before we move to impeachment. the fbi acknowledging a response to this report. yet, without some work to do on how we bet and use secret sources. the cut which happens all the time with the ig reports. it's really a dog bites man story. if there is no indication at all, quite the contrary, that is aiming to deal with these special high-level matters that john mentions, it's really about the rank and file in their regular use. so it would be very both improper and surprising somehow this was supposed to be a kind of covert first strike about the investigator reports coming up. >> shannon: okay, now to the impeachment hearings today. it depends on where you're coming from, where you sit watching this thing, maybe how you reacted to it. john davis, cofounder of "the federalist" says this in a
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tweet. that hearing with bend men clearly the intelligence community's patient zero and the latest iteration of democrats anti-trump coo theater could not have gone more poorly for democrats. his testimony was a disaster for impeachment efforts. robert rice, the former secretary of labor under president clinton said this. "take away from today's been been testimony, convince a hero, trump is guilty, impeached by thanksgiving." john, is anyone being persuaded or is this all about where you came into this hearing and what you think about how it's playing out? depends on where you start in trump? >> i agree with that. the polls seem to suggest that people's views are not changing because of the hearings and i don't think actually the hearings are changing the basic facts of the story and i think this is partially because of congressman schiff's choice to leak a lot of the testimony that was taken behind closed doors earlier and so we are not really learning anything new. the fact seem to be the same. the phone call on july 25th with the president of ukraine and president trump hasn't really
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changed in terms of the details and most important, the hearings are going to end soon and you're not going to affect testimony from people who really talk to president trump directly. this is all secondhand information, so the big problems the hearings have that we really need to find out do these facts rise to the level of an offense which is worth removing the president of the united states from his office within a year of an election? so far i haven't seen the democrats present compelling reasons why the answer to that question should be asked. >> shannon: you such a lantern is reporting when this afternoon's witnesses were asked point blank, did you see evidence of bribery. did you see evidence of treason, did you see evidence of quid pro quo? said no to all of those. so where democrats go from here? we have sans lend tomorrow and everybody on both sides of the fence is watching this one. >> yeah, he's in real trouble and may have to take the fifth, but that's a totally misleading sort of snippet. these guys out there for the legal characterization. they and everybody else now, everybody, john is right. if there is no dispute about the
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facts. the facts are it was condition, the release of the aid, on the announcement of an investigatio investigation. that's plenty of quid pro quo. >> shannon: that never happens, gary, we talked about that. if that was the condition, the investigations in the announcements never happened and the aid was released. >> exactly, because the whistle-blower report. in fact, it was being all prepared to go on cnn. as far as bribery for the president to foster misconduct, that's immaterial. in fact they were outed and they had to stop. every witness, shanna, every witness says a, he did it, and be it was inappropriate. when john says there's nothing new, the facts are established and the question is a beach ability. >> shannon: if you mean by did it, you mean a phone call. >> no, no, not -- >> shannon: the quid pro quo, they were asked point blank and said no. >> shannon, they are not lawyers. >> shannon: to morrison as a lawyer. he testified this afternoon. >> everyone said the aid was conditioned on -- and by the
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way, this is the democrats who have been stressing this, if the republicans. the democrats are stressing the facts. everyone says the aid was conditioned on an announcement of investigation by the bidens. what do you call that? >> shannon: that's not what i heard in the testimony today. i think there have been some differing characterizations of that, but again, i think sondland is going to be a big one tomorrow and will continue to debate this, all three of us will be watching that. in many millions more. thank you guys. breaking tonight coming out of elements of the jeffrey epstein case, congress meant doug collins has been demanding answers for months. he joins us on that entity's impeachment hearings next. 5g ex. it's 5g ultra wideband-- --for massive capacity-- --and ultra-fast speeds. almost 2 gigs here in minneapolis. that's 25 times faster than today's network in new york city. so people from midtown manhattan-- --to downtown denver-- --can experience what our 5g can deliver. (woman) and if verizon 5g can deliver performance like this in these places...
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>> shannon: breaking tonight, to manhattan prison guards now looking at possible prison time. the guards who were supposed be
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watching financier and convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein when he allegedly committed suicide, pleaded not guilty to charges of falsifying records. they are out on bond. correspondent brian yanez has more. >> this morning, to correctional officers passed my test with garden jeffrey epstein surrender to the fbi, charged with one count of conspiracy for working together in a cover-up and five counts of falsifying records. new york federal prosecutors alleged both tobin noel and michael thomas falsified documents indicating they were checking on prisoners in the special housing unit the metropolitan correctional center including epstein every 30 minutes as mandated. in reality were not. in fact, according to the indictment, the guards never checked on epstein once in the eight hours between 10:30 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. when epstein's body was discovered in his cell with a noose around his neck. instead of doing their jobs, prosecutors said that guards appeared to be asleep for approximately two hours. sat at their desks, browse the
8:22 pm
internet for furniture sales and benefit websites and moved around the common area while epstein was inside his cell just about 15 feet from the guards desk. lawyer for one of the guards says they are being "scapegoated." >> this incident was a black eye on the entire bureau of prison. >> meantime, today the director of federal bureau of prisons dr. kathleen hossler was grilled on capitol hill. >> has anybody had bop yet been disciplined or terminated for their conduct that led to the jeffrey epstein death? >> we're still waiting for the conclusion of the investigation center. >> we have some bad staff. we want rid of those bad staff who don't do their jobs. we want them gone one way or another, either for prosecution or by termination. >> director sawyer so confirmed the criminal investigation into epstein's death is ongoing. >> the fbi is involved and they are looking criminal enterprise, he asked. >> the director says she has not seen any evidence that indicates epstein was murdered,
8:23 pm
underscoring that point come prosecutors revealed today video surveillance cameras in the mcc captured no one entering epstein's cell the night he died. shannon. >> shannon: brianna's chorus in new york, thank you. revelations from today's testimony by the director of the federal bureau of prisons, you heard they're saying fbi investigators are looking into whether or not a "criminal enterprise may have played a role in epstein's death." comes as key lawmakers double down calling on abc news to answer questions about what it knew about the epstein case, whether they ever contacted authorities and why the story never made air. joining me now, ranking republican member on the house judiciary committee, congressman collins, who has been publicly demanding answers on the epstein case for months now, glad to have with us. >> to with you. >> shannon: you wrote a letter to acting director of the barrel asking for answers by august august 21st. a lot of questions people have about this case. have you got any answers? >> no, we have not gotten questions. this just builds on the problem that we are seeing here. we understand investigations and we understand you to look into it but that's a lot of people
8:24 pm
when you look at this situation and now we see the charges being made against these guards about, you know, being not diligent in their job, falsifying records matches raises raises the question because this looks for such a high-profile case of a known predator, when it was there that everybody knew was in jail to have this actually happen, it really reeks of -- was this just simply a suicide with other things involved here? and i think this is what has to be gotten involved. the black out you spoke of, it was more than a black eye, it was a black mark and effectiveness of the bottom of this. >> shannon: the guards union says simply assigning blame will not correct the staff shortages but this chain of events in place. clear to us that these indictments are a mask to cover up the true issues and really be able to create a narrative that government has taken action. they are not buying it. pick a think about this. they are just pointing at others for their own workers nonability to their jobs. even if he had committed suicide, they didn't do anything for eight hours. they never checked on them, they never did what we are seeing he's being accused here of doing
8:25 pm
every 15 minutes. they are simply here as a unit in protecting their workers, but they really don't have a basis here because what they're seeing here is what would seem allegedly happen, they didn't do their job. that's not being part of a prison guard doing what they're supposed to be. that's not due diligence. this is negligence is what we're looking at here. >> shannon: ongoing investigations of hope we will get a lot more answers because we have questions about exactly what happened there. i want to turn out to the third day of public hearings now and house democrats impeachment push today. i want to play something from lieutenant colonel benjamin, who testified today. >> it was an appropriate, it was improper for the president to request -- to demand an investigation into a political opponent -- opponent. especially a foreign power. >> shannon: okay, so that's his assessment of the phone call the president had with ukraine's president.
8:26 pm
>> colonel inman is pretty amazing. you look at it today, he actually had to go back in and change his resume. he's like on the director -- responsibly for ukraine to the president, he is never talked to the president. it's his job to coordinate stuff, get to the paperwork but i think the thing we are seeing in these hearings over the past three days is what has amazed me. you saw it last week in the hearing with taylor in canton, you're now seeing with benjamin at others. these are career bureaucrats for workers who believe that their experience is what should be paramount, not the president and not the senior advisors who have direct access to ukraine. the direct access to the latest and the president to supposedly not to be set in the policy. for his statement there, that he didn't like what the president did, noticed he never said anything wrong, he said i didn't like this and this is the kind of playground stuff that you say i don't like what susie did to me so i'm going to get her in trouble. this is the problem with the democrats argument. they have nothing of the president did wrong, but we have a policy dispute being broken out here because benjamin's boss mr. morrison and others said there was nothing wrong with this call. the fact that both volker said
8:27 pm
that i had no part in charge of it and that's the part that we're looking for now. the ones were actually having the direct contact so there's no problem. we are taking sideshow people like benjamin and others who just don't like the policy and frankly don't like the president. >> shannon: so will both speak shifted on how side when it comes down to it? because of course articles of impeachment have to go now through your committee, the house judiciary committee. there are 31 democrats we know where -- the won election last time, they were in districts won by president trump in 2016. where did they vote? you have to democrats vote with you against proceeding with this whole thing but you're going to need a lot more votes than that to stop impeachment. >> i think him a look, nancy pelosi is an excellent vote counter and she -- there's going to be a real test of metal, if you would, for these 31 in those districts. we are to have two know what they're going to vote and they're going to stick that way. the rest of them are going to have to go back to the american people, they elected them, and say i voted to overturn 63 million votes for a president of united states based on people who didn't like his policies,
8:28 pm
who didn't like him and when we make our argument as judiciary and we make our case in the intel, this started in november of 2016. we have been hearing impeachment is before the president was ever sworn in. they are seeing this for what this is and that is a vendetta against the president who is doing things that they would wish they could have done like an economy, foreign standing and things like that. this goes back to just a personal preference issue and adam schiff is a more than willing accomplice. >> shannon: we will see a thanksgiving, christmas, and every thing in between i may be beyond that because it's going to be a very busy time for you moving ahead and now as well. thanks for stopping in. >> always good to be here, thanks. >> shannon: 2020 democratic candidates dissent on atlanta for the next debate, a stunning new poll, next. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression.
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the only way to know how much is to get a quote. chances are you'll save time, paperwork, and yes, dollars. when insurance is affordable, it's surprisingly painless. >> shannon: breaking tonight, the israeli military says it is carrying out widescale strikes right now on iranian targets in syria after rockets were fired at goal line. the idea of tweeting tonight it holds the syrian regime responsible for actions that
8:33 pm
happen within syrian territory. the 2020 now and you i will poll showing president trump more popular than ever among republicans. iowa g.o.p. voters also believe the impeachment hearings will make it easier for the president to win reelection. 2020 democrats descending on atlanta, preparing for the next primary debate. it will make your people to judge get the front runner treatment from rivals after searching in iowa and shocking, ten points ahead in new hampshire. correspondent peter doocy has more of what to watch out for tomorrow. >> since the last debate, people to judge became the iowa front runner. which means this time rivals may be gunning for him. >> certainly making sure we're ready for anything that will come. >> the debates matter. just ask amy glover starr, who credits her time in prime time for helping her sneak into the top five of "the des moines register" cnn poll. >> nationwide effort and we couldn't have done it if people hadn't listened to my words and message from that last debate. pick of the most vital moment for many debate so far might belong to kamala harris, who
8:34 pm
initiated a showdown over civil rights with joe biden. >> and that little girl was me. >> since then, she's struggled comes over debate prep looks a little different this time. >> i pray. i pray. [laughs] i believe in the power of prayer. >> was there anything going different, and if you learn from the past debates that could be better? >> i'm going to be present. >> bernie sanders has been present on debate stages since last cycle and this time he's got more individual donations than anyone. more than 4 million and counting grade his campaign manager says "this is what momentum looks like. they got money to spend, so does andrew yang. >> i tell jokes about this. it's like we didn't spend the money because i'm asian, but we just started spending it like a week and a half ago. >> so in this debate, the newcomers gets time to make their move. >> the biggest thing is to point to how democrats -- every time we won in the last 50 years it's
8:35 pm
been a new generation of canada from outside of washington. eco-candidates will have some more elbow room on stage tomorrow because our only ten candidates after federal rourke dropped out until jan castro came up short, but it's possible next month the stage could grow again depending on what happens with michael bloomberg and deval patrick, who are not here. shannon. >> shannon: peter doocy, thank you very much. i do not forget, by the way, to turn into him night for all the post-debate analysis you will need. we've got live extended special coverage like we have for all these debates. 11:00 p.m. all the way until 1:00 a.m. eastern. been here since -- some of the candidates, we will see what happens, but join us. it sounds like legislation that should have bipartisan support, so why is the violence against women act stalled in the senate? senator joni ernst joins us live next. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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>> shannon: unanimously passing a bill reaffirming hong kong's autonomy. the bill, which has to be reconciled with a similar house version requires the u.s. to annually review china's
8:40 pm
treatment of the semiautonomous territory. originally sponsored by republican marco rubio, the senate majority leader is pushing it tonight as a big call to action for the president to take a tougher stand on beijing amid the violent clashes in hong kong. tonight, commerce secretary wilbur ross telling fox news he is fine. he is fine-tuning a trade deal with china. the violence against women act sounds like the legislation that every walton to lawmaker good behind but bipartisan talks in the senate are stalled at the issue heats up on the 2020 campaign trail. so one republican senator is taking matters into her own hands. moving forward with her own bill to reauthorize the law and suggesting politics are getting in the way of funding a variety of programs relating to rape and a mystic it is. it turned me now, joni ernst us again. >> going to be here. >> shannon: so let's talk about this. i know that you were talking -- working, trying to make this a bipartisan measure, that sort of fell apart. here's what the senate minority leader, the top democrat chuck schumer has to say.
8:41 pm
>> senator ernst is simply afraid of the nra. ask senator ernst if she believes that a boyfriend of a woman who has gotten a protection order issued against him should get a gun. senator ernst evidently believes yes. >> shannon: give you a chance to respond to him directly. >> well, again, politics getting involved there on their behalf. but what we are doing in the senate is looking for a bill that will actually move forward if you listen to the press gaggle that they had the other day, they're introducing the house version of the bill, they acknowledge themselves but this bill will never make it through the senate. i have put a lot of time and effort into this bill, working with other members to make sure we have crafted a bill that re-authorizes necessary funding and programs for women, children, families, that need to get away from abusive situations. i am intent on providing those
8:42 pm
resources and finding solutions. >> shannon: it yet, and you've said this is very personal to you in a lot of ways. and it does seem like one of those things that regardless of party, people should be able to get together on. there is some sticking points that apparently are part of this, the issue with guns and potential domestic abusers, protections for the lgbtq community and extending protections to native american communities. democrats are pointing at that as the reason they can't come together with you on something. is there a middle ground there, where can it get together? >> i think there is middle ground and i'm very intent on finding that middle ground and that's what senator feinstein and i are working to achieve and we have spent the past 78 months working forward on this bill to find that middle ground, but unfortunately, leader schumer basically told senator feinstein he will move ahead with the house version of the bill, even knowing that it wouldn't move forward. but i still think if there is a way that we can work together to get this reauthorized, it is very important and as a survivor
8:43 pm
of rate and of domestic violence, i do want to make sure that we are providing resources necessary for those that are going through a very, very difficult time in their lives. >> shannon: well, we will all watch and be chairperson by partisans coming together on that. want to ask you about where we are an impeachment, if this has over to a senate trial arby's league will be a juror there. if there are questions about the number of democratic senators who were out of the trailer would be pulled away. this is how politico describes the reaction, said you were literally dancing a jig and singing pete put a judge is moving ahead. it would be horrible, they say you deadpanned, saying that elizabeth warren and bernie sanders would have to be here, meaning the senate, before the iowa caucuses. they be sitting at the desk. i feel so badly for them. >> i feel so badly. >> shannon: i don't know if you want to dance the jig for us, want to see video of the dancing a jig for just a quick reaction on where we stand. >> truly the iowa caucuses will be occurring at the beginning of february. if impeachment trial the senate
8:44 pm
in january, that will literally tie those democratic senators to their desks, which allows people to judge and joe biden free reign across the state of iowa, shaking a lot of hands and kissing a lot of babies. >> shannon: they're doing really well in the polling there and i know having traveled there that the islands take this very, very seriously and they want to see those folks, so thank you for coming in. keep us updated on the bill. >> thanks, shannon, i certainly will. >> shannon: police making arrests as free speech on college campuses is under fire yet again tonight. this time a group of students in new york shut down conservative economist art laffer's speech moments after it began, or at least attempted to be gone. correspondent tenney has more on the protests. garrett. >> the impetus for this latest controversy was a planned lecture on free enterprise and limited government by famed economist art laffer. a group of students at bingham university new york shut down before it even began. >> we are tired of getting murdered by the administration.
8:45 pm
>> dozens of protesters wearing armbands and masks disrupted the events hosted by the school's young america's foundation's chapter monday night. when officers try to arrest the student with a bullhorn who wanted to prevent laffer from speaking, other protesters formed a human barrier around him and chanted [inaudible] >> laffer was taken off state in the event canceled. two protesters were arrested and school officials said they are incredibly disappointed that the protesters chose instead to it in french on the expressive activity of others and to prevent those who wish to hear the speaker from doing so. the protests weren't unexpected though. just a few days ago, police responded to a confrontation outside of the school's student union when members of the college republicans were surrounded by more than 100 students after setting up a pro-second amendment display. >> i just want to say that president trump is comfortable to do this means that we are not doing enough. >> are they protecting?
8:46 pm
[inaudible] people like you. people like you. >> you know nothing about me. >> your white! >> there is more fallout today. republicans -- cancel the speech he was scheduled to give at the school tonight saying "that campus clearly isn't a suitable place for civil engagement anymore." the one you're attending with the details, thank you. it's free speech under attack? we will have more on the story next with someone who has been there and experienced this on the front lines, the editor in chief of the daily wire. then shapiro joins us live next. ♪ we made usaa insurance for members like martin.
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>> shannon: college. students of big and some university or garrett reporting on us in new york shutting speech by conservative economist art laffer was been awarded a presidential medal of freedom earlier this year. so let's turn to the editor in chief of the daily wire, ben shapiro for more. all right, then, welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> shannon: see you've been in the situations where people don't want you to come, you show up, they cause problems. what do you of this? is free speech on campus legitimately under attack or is that basically fearmongering to cover these incidents that way?
8:51 pm
>> i mean, there's a serious problem and particularly this is true at this particular campus. it really does come down to the administration, not the students. in other words, protesters very often will get away with what they think they can get away with, held a couple of big speeches and venues over the last couple of weeks. and the authorities have done a much better job, that administration has done a much better job of ensuring that if somebody really disrupts the event is enough security there to make sure the person is removed so that everyone else can continue on with the event. in this particular event, it's pretty obvious that the administration decided to let the protesters have their way. that really is the big question. does the of administration decide to kowtow to the hecklers what is it administration standard for free speech and provide enough resources to prevent these events from being shut down. >> shannon: we know two people apparently were arrested in the administration is really pushing back on those things. we're looking into it, we want to know who did what and if they violate policies, they're going to get in trouble. the college describes the situation this way. they say various videos of the incident showed dozens of students yelling at disrupting the lecture, one man with a microphone declaring "we are
8:52 pm
tired of being oppressed and we are tired of getting murdered by this administration, referring to the trump administration." i don't know what is exact grievances are, but it's clear that they don't want to hear from anyone they think is linked to this it administration or anything conservative in nature. >> i mean, these people obvious we hate marginal cuts. i wasn't aware that art laffer was the most controversial member of sort of the trunk coterie, but apparently if you really, really hate differentials in marginal tax rates, than art laffer is her man. he really believe that you're being murdered because art laffer proposed basic notions that if you lower taxes that you will increase government revenue -- i don't know what to tell you. you may need to see her strength. >> shannon: they're not feeling the laffer curve. i want to take her to another controversy, slight electric fillet is changing the group that it donates to. out of the fellowship of christian athletes and a selfish army, which by the way has been taking a beating lately in the mainstream media. this is what the president of aaa says, and chief operating officer, beginning at 2020 the aaa foundation will introduce
8:53 pm
more focused giving approach donating to a smaller number of organizations working exquisitely in the areas of hunger, homelessness, and education. no organization will be excluded from future considerations, faith-based or nonfaith-based. they're trying to tempt him -- which listen, social media has been no more nuggets kind of reaction from people. some are conservative. >> it's completely idiotic. idiotic. the aaa, their gross revenue went from $1 billion in 2001 to $10.5 billion this year and did so despite the fact that the left has been targeting them since 2013 when they found out that dan cathy, was the ceo of tripoli was in favor of traditional marriage. that is not slowed aaa's growth one iota. aaa decided to bow down for the lords of political correctness and then cut christian charities out because most christian charities happen not to support same-sex marriage militantly is pretty astonishing and it's a horrible sign for our control. we are really only going to now eat at restaurants where the activities of the restaurants don't matter, that will serve anybody,, straight, don't
8:54 pm
matter. everybody is happy to eat a chicken sanders, chick-fil-a will serve. the real question is if you're going to start boycotting businesses based on the personal views of the owners of the business, then we are going to end up with basically a two-tiered political system and every aspect of american life in the country can't last that way. if i literally have to check out the political donation record of the restaurant owner reiko to patronize the burger, i don't know how we are going to last as a country this way. >> shannon: have to feel like a pendulum will swing back at one point. true interest, the director of campaign, we are glad lgbtq rights organization says this. in addition to refraining from financially supporting anti-ltv pq organizations, aaa still lacks policies to ensure states workplaces for lgbtq employees and she's unequivocally should speak out against the anti-lgbtq reputation with their brand represents. the left doesn't seems out of five of them of the aaa has made. >> left went up to the
8:55 pm
boy scouts. want to give an inch to the left with regards to your fundament of rentable scum of the left will never stop. if tripoli believes they bought off the left or all of this and at the left is suddenly going to start switching their dollars over from one of restaurants they are neutralizing to aaa, they got another think coming. aaa is not going to win any support of the left and he will lose a lot of support is on the right will feel like they surrendered to nasty cancel culture. >> shannon: only can i get people marketed as arguing over sauce is the best. don't add me on twitter. ben shapiro, always great to have you, thank you so much. >> good to see her. >> shannon: are euros in a car massive scale and brush fires up of animals in harm's way. check this out. this little koala seemed lost in the blazed, actually on fire at one point. this local woman named tony charged into the flames to try to help. if she neatly took off her shirt, she wrapped up this little critter was severely burned. she got him to -- poured water over them, quickly transport a marsupial to a nearby call hospital for treatment. she didn't hesitate when it little guy was in trouble.
8:56 pm
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>> tucker: this is tucker carlson in washington. the impeachment hearings on capitol hill continue as you can see, been going on all day, hours and hours and hours. we have the highlights, going to put into perspective and tell you what it means, if anything, in just a few minutes, but for now, we are going to dip back in just for a >> would you agree that the president has the same obligation as the mayor, as the governor, as a member of congress, to not withhold aid unless he gets an investigation into a political rival, mr. mor >> yes, sir, i would agree with that hypothetical. >> i would a >> we are having a debate here, bo


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